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r gociat.f r..,ve,ler::.;.rr.,ed *s ” an agrre
rf...r.t ro continue the b.rnricr tv.'&ty.”—
'i t- I'OntiniH! a Meaty, wfor two years,
has hud exigence ! I his wil! hardly in
fwer to catch demon atlc gulls. No, the
{ iiniiv ix a! trnty had expired, awl left the
tv, o i ai'ions exac#iy in tin* fame fiiuation as
4 •
th< uvh it never had t xifted ; a new one was
ii,.U i )> rn d umii r the air. piers cf thebe who
1 ad burnt Mr. 1- r in effi v, awl d< ncunced
C id i a! vV.Ti »i i <« u. V. hrnt l ave they
' dm:.• i dlvy hate randc* a 'ruw treaty ex- ;
.i l\ in ft c ioti’t 'rents, i hat’s ah*
. ,_.. . __—
XorA&i 3rn ’ u^cucp
L< VbON, MAY t ».
YclU-rd. y, in the lloufe of Commons,
y. r V ilium Ran Jins, and Mr. AibronCox,
Lhcnus of London, wore put to bar, fertile
j urj oie cf being reprimanded and difehar
• ,*d. lhc Speaker addrcfled them, and
* vberved, that they had undergone an igno
n, nil us piinithim* m, in coniequence of illtir
ii:lieom uvt on the Miildlefcx Ejection, of
w o h they were1 Returning Oilkers. He
then iexited that pan of the report at ihe
ix cef committee wnich charged them with
x ttiptlv giv'pg a colorable majority robir
1 JWnJett. He obftrved that tluy had been
c* n Lied in a prifcti the receptacle for com- i
ipcn male fact rs, over which th.ey had had i
coi troul. Thus they hail furnifhed a mem- |
crahle ex amble example to or hers, r.ot to be ■
; untv of fnnilar mifeondutT. They w ere t
now humbled, and"in coni; puence cf the;
pravtr of their petition, and 1 hewing contri- .
lio.i for their iiLnce, they wire difehar
god on paying thur lecs.Mihey then reti
red. m-*
n nv taon lias been made in tlie Com- |
rnonsj lor the pro luftion <f papers, with a
view to UTKuip.tte the adituniftrution of Earl
St. Vincent, while acting as Firlt Lord of #
the Admicaity.
U c length of the debate in the Iloufe
of Peers on the Catholic Petition prevents
our making 100m for matters of Iris inter
eft. Wc mu ft however ftate one piece of
intelligence of which the public arc not yet
informed, and which is ofthe gr ate ft im
portance. On I hurtdav iaft, about thrre
o’clock, a fp;cial nieffciiger arrived at the
Secretary of State’s (JiHcc, with the treaty
that has been lo long negotiating with the
'\urt of Rchi t, fealt^d and finned in due
ioiln.— i his treaty is offenfive and defen- j
five, an<l feme ot the Northern Powers ei
ther are, or loon will be, parties to it. The
pub.ic may now consider the war as only in
its commencement. [67ar.
__ I
Count Moronzow, the Ruffian Ambaffa
dor at this Ccurt, alio received difpatches
on Thurfday, brought by a Ruffian courier,
of the fame nature as thole alluded to aoovc.
Letters from Conftantinople rf the 1 2th
ult. ftate that a treaty of alliance between i
KuiUa and the Porte is on the eve of con- .
The expedition under the command of
•Sir E\ re Coj*e will confift ofthe Sth, :ift, ,
24th, 32d, 38th, 62 b 22ft, 72d, 81ft,;
and 9:d regiments, which are to rendezvous
at Cork.
According to the latent accounts from j
Portugal that Kingdom continues to enjoy j
the mod perfect neutrality. The depart- i
meat ot comm arcs had ordered a printed
n otice to be ltu*'k upon the Exchange, de
firing the Poituguet'e merchants and fliip- j
owners to provide every fliip and cargo with
the necdTary documents and bills of lading, ;
in order to avoid giving any caufe of fufpi- j
■cion to the Belligerent Powers.
It Is now pofitively aflerted that the Re
public ot Genoa including the Duchies of
Parira and Piacenza, will be united wi h
the Kingdom of Italy. The Queen of Etru- :
¥ i is arrived at Milan, and the marriage
contra61 between her and Prince Eugene j
Eeauharnois is alfo laid to be in a date of
great forwardnefs.
In the ?Ctr nomical world we hive continued dif
eoverics. Another olanet has -been announced. And
- ~ ;l-S other article*we are ro!d that a Ruffian Philo
fopher has propoied to make the Balloon contribute to
the extenfion i>* uflronooiici! knowledge, bv beinnp ca
pable, as he propofes, of supporting a great weight,
and lo of accmodating oilier vers in the upper regions
of the aimofphere. We cannot rt-fufe to repeat what
Biflicp ^ ilk ms is laid to have replied to a Female up
en a timilar project. I hi* worthy man, and amor?
tac founder, of the Royal Society, expreffed his be
l.ti tn.it tome future ilifeoverics would rev?a> to us'
the means ot vAtingthe the higher regions of the at
mo'phere, if not of vititing the moon. The ingenious
I m ay a iked h’m where he would 0 *p upon the wav.
ilc replied, that he slid notexpc;:: that queflion from
a *..r. y who hat! built fo many cafllcs in the air, and
who uouh.Icis ctuld and many of ;he;n to Rnp at.
l**» %•]
JEFFERSON for favour f *l:e
lo Afrjicbufeits needs mud take
A . our, a partita s to cull ;
And though he lit’le thought of vain
!v fancied he had gy? 3 *—«, I;
V.’h/a in fad he’d orfv got r Bull. i
' * * I
}LV i»;-t
W4sii:*NCTeNf June 15.
Will It be believed, that reports are it*
cii dilation,bating it to tc the intention of
certain of tbc den ccrars to let up Albert
Gallatin as candidate for the office cf l’re
fident iA the United States, at the next
nrefidentisd cledicn ? tirange as this may
lound, we have htMrd, it repeated from
ftverah _
V’c have heard a report tilts morning, taint
dilpatches of an nnuiually important nature
»< ni I ov.ifiana, were received yetterday by
our government. What they are lias not
yet tranfpired! per he pi we may be better
aide to inform our readers hereafter.
It is reported, that the Store fhip of the
of the United States, with Pnvifion, &c.
for our little fquadron in the Mediteranean,
has been captured by a Spanilh Privateer.
Altho’ no oilieial accounts have been recei
ved of this unfortunate event, yet there is
too much reaibn to fear that the report is
true, and believed by government, as orders
have been given to prepare immediately a
like quantity, of 11 ores for the ule of our
brave tars in that fea, in order to prevent
their fullering Iron tne want of thofe faid
to be captured.
The democratic Governor of Kewyork
lately directed the Attorney general to prof
ccute a democratic printer iur a libel. 1 he
jwry threw out the bill when prei'emed.
The Legiflature of Rbodeifland, lately in
feffion, have rejected all applications fur new
Mr. Henry Preble, brother to Commo
dore Preble, brings important defpatches
for government, from our Miniller, Mr.
Armflrong, at Paiis.
- - 'MM| |— -
American Indep en dence.
Thofe Citizens of Portland who have fubferibed for
the celebration of the FOURTH OF JULY, are notifi
ed that the Proceflion will be formed at Washington
Hall, oppofitc Cclumhian Hall, at II o'clock, on faid dav,
to proceed to the Rev. Mr. Kellogg's Meeting-IIoufe,
where an Oration will be pronounced by Jamrs D. j|
Hopkins, Lfq.—The proceflion will then return to the j
Hall, where a Dinner w ill be provided for tbofe who >
have fubferibed.
tPY* The iubfeription paper is ftill open at the Maine
Fire and Mtrine Infurance Office.
By order of the Committee. July 2.
From the West-Indies.
The latefi new s from the Weft-Indies, at this port
is by c*pt. Stephenfon, who arrived on Saturday laft,
in 18 days from Martinique. Bv him we have particu
lar accounts of the arrival of the combined French
and Spaniili fleets, w ho had' commenced their offeniive
operations a jainft the Englilh Illands. It appears that
on the 3d ult.the Euglilli fort at Diamond Rock, fur
rer.dered to the French after a very obltinate engage
inent,in which (the French account'' dates the lols of
the Fnglifk at 52 meu killed, and .>5 French. Corob
orarivc news of the above has been received at Nor
In addition to the above,intelligence received byyef
terday’s mail Hates that accounts from Martinico, to the
13th June, have been received at Newyork. They
Hate, that the combined fleet failed from Fort Royal
the 5th Jure, for Gaudaioupe ; and from Guadaloupe, i
on the 8th, for Antigua, as was fuppofed :—The I
two frigates from the Ferrol fquadron had arrived ;
and which hadleft the fquadron at fea ; in a gale of
wind And that no information had been received
at Martinico, of the arrival of a Britifh fleet at Barba
Capt. M’Lellan, alfoarrived at this port from Trini
dad, ftates, that on the arrival of the combined fleets
at Martinique, an embargo had been laid for 3 weeks,
which was taken off in conl'equeuce of favorable re
ports trom the o.her Englifli illands, which account
leernsto con borate the report of Lord Nelfon’s fleet,
with reinforcements from England, having alfo arrived
in tlie itlamls.— T he bofton paper of Saturday lafl, con
tains the following article refpecking Nelsons Fleet.
Capt. Hall, who arrived here, on Thurfday, from
the Medetermuean, informs that he came through the
Streights of Gibraltar, the < th May, in company with
Lord Net ion's fleet of fifteen fail of the line, and par
ted company off Cape St. Vincents, on the 9ih of
May. It this fleet then Hood f.,r the Weft-Indies, it 1
gives it 23 days to arrive at tiarbadocs, tocprrefpond
with the reports, of its arrival .here, the Iff Jtiae.
I ke veil'd, at New-York, from Martinico, con
trad ids the account ol the arrival there of a fecund
French fleet.
We under Hand that Commodore Preble has inftruc
tions to build two final! veffels in this port for the Me
diterranean fervice. Two others are building under
his direction in Xewburvport.
In this town Mr Benjamin Adorns, late of Gorham
“At Fryeburgh, departed this life on the ISth in ft.
of a fcr»fuiout nmj-u-i'Hi Mils FJ'zabith C b:fftttdtn^
aged l'eventeen—daughter of the late Rev. and Hon.
William Fe: 'enden. An aiFcilionate mother—loving
brother and lifter, with a numerous circle cf friends
and acquaintance, mourn the untimely exit cf a youth,
who > profpeiSk was bloom"ug as the rofeto be tmi
nctitly ui'eful. Sue was a poiilh.„ vir. oj \irtue and
rd g on.
“ Q tr cyr» the r.f’t’t faint purfi.e
Through lieu d tetelcr pcs of tears.'*
A*'in ’■ '■) sedk*i.—Wide railing a barn for a Mr.
Silver, in R.i afoftLoa 'F urPay ftfith inft. Mr. Eb
eaeeer CKiues a-ridenta!ly fell from the plate to the
ground, u ;h >v.c. 1 j 1 eer. aid was bruiied in fuch
a maaner, that he died oa . t unlay after. lie va 23
years of^ge.
don, in this ftae, a Mineral fpnug, which h*» ot Lte
vears been touch rcforted to, and is rapidly eucreahng ;
in refutation.-The benefit which has been derived
from it, has induced mar.y to come from a great d
tnnre.— Convenient houfes for bathing, * c. have been ;
creeled, and every attention is paid to ft r lingers sy.o
may vifit the lpring for the recovery of their health.
Saturday, Jane 29.—Arrived brig Jane, capt. Stephen
StephenXon, 18 days from St. Pierres, Martinique.
Sailed in company with the fchr. Sally, capt Jofeph
Tyler, of Newburvport and parted with him in I at.
28, North long. 69, Weft.—Lett at St. Pierres
June 7th, Brig Alert Capt Tilton, of Portfmouth
N. H. to fail in 2 days for do.—Sch,-,Capt. Parry,
to fail in .5 days for Lofton.— Sch. » capt. Pen* (
rice, of Baltimore, to fail when ready. I he French
and Spanitli fleet failed the morning before he came
away, con Filling 20 fad of the line, 10 Frigates, and
bri“4 and fchrs. Next day in fight of Bafiaterre, Gaa
daloupe, palled the fleet lying olf and on to take troops
on board.
Sa w Jbv—Arrived, brig Mary, capt. Wm. MXellan,
22 days Iron Trinidad.—Left there Barque Harper,
Lauder, of Salem ; fbip Hercules, Hammond, of Pep
pcrelbordugh ; fliip-, cant. C’omid, of Phiiad.
under feizure, on pretence of fupplying the trench;—
brig New haver., Benham, of New haven ;—hr g Liana,
V. oou. Newbedford —brig Hiram, White,hi .vlcnd :i;
fchr. Olive branch. Harper, Philaddph a.
Someday—Aar rived brig Comet, capt. 'fucker from
Several New and otter AJvert/Jea.cat*, are uRuvQtdaiFj
emitted ibis day.
On a* re.FcrjUwl
MR POW ELL, refpedtfully informs the CL ;f Drncn
and Ladies of Portland and its vicinity, That
thcTheatre will open on Thvrscay Evi.nYvg nci't,-Ju
ly rornu, 1805.
fcT Particulars v.-il! be given ir the Biiij of the
npHlRTY bbls. Ffn-e Pork, For Sal?,
At b is Sfore in Fore-ji' oet.
Who has for faie, as ufuaJ,
Finglifh, TFeji India Goods, Groceries, Gc. |
July 2.
TAMES C. BULL ARI). relpefi fully in
forms his Friends and the public, that lie has com*
mcnced‘1 Hat-Mindfadlory, and diall keep conllant*
Jv f»r foie a large aflortmen of HATS. He aifo will
impert , and keep on hand, a great variety of F.NG-■
LISH IIATS—likewise,Hatters’ TRIMMINGS, PA- ;
PER-HANGINGS, &c. a5 ufual, wholefale and retail,,
on reafonible terms, for Calh or approved Credit.
COCK’D HATS made and trimmed at the ihortefti
notice, from 7 to 10 dollar*.
No. 3, MuJJeys How, Portland, June 21. ■
r|',HE fubferihers, Afleffors of the town of Port-j
land, give notice to the inhabitants thereof, that
they will attend at the room ovei .he Pcjl 0JfLeyF!JhJlreet,
on the 1 Ith. 112th and 13th days of July next, to conlid
er the applications of thofe perfons, who think they :
arc over taxed in the tax bill, committed to George War- I
ren to coliedT, for the current year.
Portland, June 29, ISO.".__ '

RUGGLES, gratefully returns his
thanks to thofe Ladies aiul Gentlemen who have j
honored him with the tuition of their children ; and ■
if he has by their manners and addrefs gained the ap- j
probation of their parents, it is his highcft ambition ; j
but how far he has fuccefs, he reft* his claim on general
approbation. He prop^fes his third quarter to com- ]
mence on Wednesday* the Tenth of'Jul\y at the Coktnbian j
Hall—Two lefions will be given in a week—days of
tuition will be Wednefday and Saturday—hours of
tuition will be from four o’clock ubtil fevrn. 1 hole
who vrilh to favor Mr. R. with the inftrutfion of their
children, will pleafe to call at Mr. Josiah Pa ike’s, or
at the Portland Poft-Office, and leave their names.—
Thole who willi to apply will call loon, as he is deter
mined to admit rtune after his fourth fchool.
Mr. Kuggles alfo informs thofe youn^
J or
Ladies and Geutlenten who willi to attend his annual
BALL, w hich will take place fometime in the month
of October next, that he wilhes to introduce feveral
pieces of fancy Dancing, for the difplav of that even
ing, which have never been taught in Portland. He
is very confident that if thefie kinds of dancing are in
troduced, the people of this town will be highly gra
Private tuition will be given, if applied
for. Ladies attended at their houfes, on fuch hours as
is mod convenient for them to mend to it.
Portland., ynly ), 180#.
5> travel,
F* ROM the enclofure of :he .lbfcriber onthe 19th
June lad, a black. MARK, with a l'mall white
fpot in her forehead—long Him dock, has a crack in
one of her fore hoofs pac s and tiers—-Whoever wi 1
give information, ib that llie may be obtained agir,
fltall be well rewarded.
! Worthy a; mouth, y*! y 1.
| Take Notice,
H E Copar: nrrthi p unJ er t he f • q
ol LEWIS dt B1S3E, is by mutual coiifcm;
1 this dav dilTolvcd.— Ail p rfer. n*u Uci r- Hid i» ni,
| are rc-qr cILd to call iannioiatcly M'.ii f.t: .t. ti. -c
enu t, wills W ilium Bi/be. at Strcudwatcr, in Fal
momh. ARCHELAU > LEWli
p.- c.___
HP HE Copartnership oi Cll \M
X PION and riLLsB7.RY.il this day deiblv
ed hy mutual cor.feist ; and a I ptrf..n* having at
ouoiscpto with Lid firm. >rr t quelled o call sr.d
fcttietlc fan e with the fnl .-fibers.
jr | TJ E Coparnerfhip bet u «:en a A i.l -
A UJ I. & 7VCOU CHASE, i< this ka- » , Y.
ed bv cr utU4i « o* Sent A I ih'lebttti r-*
laid firm sre irqutfied to c o I at I Irit'e i! > ,
mints *uh i> t.MUr.L t HA ? E.
Ihe Coopering l uliiiefs wilt l e
carried op :ntim*rcfcy aAMUEt. ( 11 \«E,
tn.-il.asd9 Jurx %% 1803*
r PHE ccpirtnerfhip of* BARRY & TODD, „ \>f
* mutual confciit thi* <1. v difTblvfd • Al/perfon*
indebted to Did firm, are requelled to make payment*
and thole who have any demands againfi taid firm’
are deli red to exhibit their accounts for fettlement
Pattlantl. July 180.5.
Tak * N't ice.
rPlIE fubfcriber hereby gives public notice to a'l
A concerned, that he has been duty appointed, aUti
has taken upon himfelf the trufl of an Executor of the
Dft will and teflament of DONALD HOTS, late of
Surry, in the county of Hancock, merchant, deckled
by giving bond as the law directs : He therefore rt
quefls all perfons who are indebted to faid deceafed’i
ellate, to make immediate payment; and thole wf.a
have any demand* thereon, to exhibit the fame for let
tlemCnt, to DAVID COBB. *
fJ'tvUJbnrou^b. yunr 10, 1805.
fTHF fubfcriber hereby gives gubltc notice to all cot>
cerned, that he ha* been duly appointed, and hrj
taken upon himfelf the trull of Adnuuiilrator on the
ellate of
Late of Portland in the County of Cumberland, Mari,
ner, deceafed, bv giving bond as the law directs .— He
therefore requelL alt perfons who arc indebted to the
Did dectafed’s ellate, to make immediate pavmeut; aad
thofe who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the
lame to ' STEPHEN WAITE.
i'iat. j July 1, 1805._
r PHE fubfcriber hereby gives public notice to alleon
A cerned, that they have been duly appointed and
have taken upon thcmfclves tlie trufl of Executors
on the t flat" of
late of Northyarmmitb, in the county of Cumberland,
yeoman, deceafd.by giving bond as the law direeis
Tucy therefore requeft all perfons who are indebted to
the Did dece&ied’s ellate to make immediate payment*
and thofe who have any demands thereon, to exhibit
the fame to
D uei yune 27, 180.5.
\ Hi- fubfcriber hereby give* public notice toali con*
reined, that he lu* be-n duly appointed and has
taken upon himfelf the trutt of an adm n.flrator, on
ths eflate of
kite at i\ hmuth. in the county of Cumberland, Gentle
m in,deceafed, by giving bond as the law directs
He therefore requeft* ail perfons who are indebted to
the Did deceafed’s eftnre to make immediate payment;
and thofe who have any demands thereon, to exhibit
the lame to
D-tcJ June 12, 180.5.
rFHE fublcribers hereby give public notice to all con
* cerned, that they have been duly appointed, and
have taken upon themfelves the truft of adminiftra*
tors, on the eftate of
ELMO EH Y HAMBLEN, late of Cor ban,
in the county of Cumberland, yeoman, deceafed, by
giving bond as the law directs :—They therefore re
queft all perfons wjio are indebted to the laid decea
led’s eftate to make immediate payment; and thofe who
have any demands thereon to exhibit the fame to
Dated June 27, 180.7.
rFHE fubferiber hereby gives public notice to all
A concerned, that lire has been duly appointed, a;W
has taken upon herlelt the truft of Admtuiftratrix ox
the eftate of
late of Fal/titutb, in the County of Cumberland, yeo
man, by giving bond as the law directs :—She there
fore requefts all perfens who are indebted to the faid
deeeaft l’s eftate, to make immediate payment ; aid
thofe who have any demands thereon, to exhibit tht
Dated Jir.e 27, 180£.
T- ~ ; -^------ j
1 HE iublcriher hereby gives public notice to al
J concerned,tint he lias been duly appointed
and has taken upon hiinftlfthe truft of adminiftrator
on the cltate of
L'-Zt-KIEl. F. FOGG, of Standifh,
in r; e c*«nty of Cumberland, Trader, deccaicd ; bf
givinghond as the law directs : — He theref ic rtqncl
a I perfons who aic indebted to the laid demd*
ed’s eftate, make immediate payment; and thofe
who have any demands thereon, to exhibit thelaiDf
to PL1ER ROWE, AdmimjlreUor
Datfd Stand,fb, 1G, 1805.
| HE fu'»fc iber hereby give* public notice ioal
X concerned and he has been duly appointed
and lias taken anon himfc f the cf A J muni*
tratcr on the eftate of
late of Fa1 mouth in the county of Cumberland1 yw*
man, deccafe l, by giving bond as t! c law diicds. be
therefore requefts a I pcifons who are indebted ti
ike laid deccafed's eflate to make immediate PT*
, ment ; and thole u h* have any demand a thcieot
to exhibit the fame to
Dared. Ju»t t1805.
Subfciiber hereby gives pulibc
ncticc t* ail conce.n.d that the has b.cn ds*
appointed and h»> taken upon hcrftlf the trufl d
auaiiniftrauix on the efiate < f
".itc of Dik ara, in the county of Cumberland, Jtf
B‘z 1 dect ft.I by giving bond as the law dire '*
tl.: 'he^rfert rrqoefl* all re font, who are i#dcl«**
i ■«> 1 he fain deteafed’s e late, to make immediate p*J‘
j o»« 1; d thole who h wc any demauds Uicrcmir
fibibit the lame to
raf-iff '"n*e ij. iSo? _ [ ,__
'"I HE fu'jfcribtr hereby ives public n tire t-1^
I A concerned that the H»t» been duly appi*3^ |
! ar*'i h * taken upon iicrle’t the trud of admtuilitit-*
on tut cHite of DAVlD L. BRADLEY. ,
late of Gorham in frid county, trader, deceit4
by ’ng bond the law directs : Ihc therefore
* qrciitall pet ion* who arc indebted to the laid tifr£'’
• eu s cltatc. to make imme* ia.e payment; and
j ’•*i.u hive any demands iftcreou., to exhibit ih.'i-316
j to
j El :z tiETH eratley,
Dated ~V># 13. j j> c,
T^lIE fub’etiber hereby gives puLi’c notice W
1 concern.d. that he' ha* been duly at ?■»&ltJl
; taj h s takeu *.jx.n himfc t the ttub. guariiiat*
THOM xs c HA >”/' LEI*. PUS EL j
t * *'l~rt?p/armouth, in the county i t C namcr a-,-f *
o<.iH.ompos,by giving toad xs Lie la * utrecH
there'ort rcqaefls all perfons who aft a I ,,*fu *
*’,e neuron)pot* eftute, t* make imm«*-ai i
payment: and tbt-fe who have 3ay ct.m uditkc ^ *
tu C4t.iL,l th; fair.c to
AM?j31 P. MiaHfLX
yzrthjCra-.u b% Aa 1 V JQ.

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