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-ap,gv\XSV>>>i)\’Vi!S^l» 11... —
.Vo. it, or yoL. rnr.] Portland (mainsj Tuesday', july», iso;
I ^_ . _ . . . _ , _ _, t ^ags^cs^saas^:^^. -r- [ ff rour JVi. S76.
take notice.
THE fubfcribcrs, AfletTors of the town of Port
land, give notice to the iniiabi cants thereof, that
> they will attend at the room over the Pffi Office J 'JbJhtet,
| oq the Ifth, IJth and 13th days of July ixxt, to con fid -
; er the applications of thofe perfons, who t'.iink they
*re over fated .a the tat bill, committed to Gtot*: IVar
t*n to collecl, for the current year.
P.rilenA, 7-»t ?», 180.1.___
I OW in the prefs, aud will fhortly be ready for
l he Northern Harmorv.
ft containing 152 pages. ABRAHAM MAXIM.
I Tvrrrr, Jtseu 25, I So 5.
T NFORMS, that he has removed from Gorham to
I t’urt’.-o.jd, and board* at Mrs. Hannah Hjsbt’i,
t\z Free-Streer, where he hopes his friends will di him
|tbc honor of calling upon him. July 2.
r Mr. KING,
■IX7ILL be abfent trom town until the Sth of July,
f ^ at which time he will return, ami continue to
Efpecltully informs the public, that he makes aud
i J-v mends Umbrellas, Paras Us, and Farts, as well as
i ean be made and mended in any place whatever. He
Will receive orders at hi* houfe in Turkey Lam, op polite
fcjthe So^p and Candle Manufactory. July 2.
r*ri r'R. RUGGLES prareft*l!y returns his
i. th-uiks to thofe Ladies and Gentlemen who have
honored him with the tuition of their children ; aird
tjf has by their maimers and addref^gained the ap
probation of their parents, it is his h.gheft ambition ; j
but how far he has fuccefs, he refts his claim on general
j*aj probation. He propofes his third quarter to ccm
jTience Of* Wednesday, 'be Tenth cf July, at the Columbian
:jKJl—Two leflbns will be given in a week—days of
^tuition will be Wednesday and Saturday—hours of
^li ition will be from four o'clock until feven. Thofe
who wifh to favor Mr R. with the inftruXion of their
children, will pleafe to call at Mr Josiaii Paike’s, or
*»c the Portland Poft-Ofiice, and leave their names.—
.Thole who with to apply will call foon, as he is deter
mined toadm t none after his fourth fchool.
Mr KuGG1.es all*) informs thofe young
^tadies and Geutlemcn who wifh to attend his annual
Tvl.L, which wdl take place fonietime in the month
W October next, that he withe* to introduce feveral
iftgiccae of Fancy Dancing, for the difplay of that even
i-uig, Wtiich have never been taught in Portland. He
4ft verv confident that if thefe kinds of dancing are in
i*r educed, the people of this town will be highly gra
Private tuition will be given, if applied
Jbr I ,adie* attended at their houfes, on fuch hours as ;
is mofl convenient for them to ettend to it.
I PtrtUrJ, July 1, 1805.
Y TE.NRY’s Expofitioo of the Old and New Tef
-* * t anient,
" Poole’s Annotations on the Bible,
Burkett on the New Teftament,
1 * Hunter’s Sa red Biography—a mofl valuable fer
if books,' and which fliould be owned by every family,
jfc Doddridge’s Rife and Progreis of Religion in die
, (k>nl ; Dodds’ Rf fleXions on Death,
t, Romaine’s Law and G wi pe I,
a Do. Triumph of Faith ; do. Walk of Faith,
Fick Man’s Friend,
l| Hannah Moore s Sacred Dramas,
Songs in the Night, by a young woman under
t§eavy atthclions ; Watts’s Scripture H ilary,
W Biel by’* Evidences of Chriftian Revelation,
John Newton’s Works, 9 vols.
Htrvv’s Meditations i Orton’s Family Worftjip,
Zolliio/ler’s Pious Etercifvs,
,» Palev’a Evidences ol Chriftian Revelation*
1* _ Do. Natural Theology ; do. Moral Philoldphy,
Bell’s true and eternal Godhead of Jefus Chrifi.,
ME wen ou the Types,
Evans’ Sketches of the Denominations into which
die Chriftian world is divided.
Of The Chriftian* Great latereft, in two parts,
g Chriftian Hulhandry, or, a Companion for the
r.«hrift:aii in his held and garden, to which is added, a
ilbt ill collodion of Poems,
iaylors 1 noughts on tt>c future oi the orand
The IVfthumous Works of Jeremiah Seed, a. m.
Top lady's Hillorical Proof of the Doctrinal Cal
Jknifro of the Church of England.
Economy of Human Life—a little book which
Jells for 50 Cents, and which iiiould be put into the
•and* of children as foon as they can read—the fub
HkcUare well chofeu : Confident ion—Modefty—Ap-‘
awntment—Temperance —Hope and fear—|ov and
-tirnf-Auger-Pity-Defire and Love- WorAan—
^jllui^and—father—Son—Brother—Wise aud Ignorant
* I—Rich and Poor—Mailers and Servants — Mari Urates
»i d Subject-Benevolence—Juftice—Charity—Grat
riutd*—Screaity-—Religion. * .
Bioles ; Teltaments ; Pfalm and Prayer Bocks,
Blair’s, Logan’s, White’s, Price’s, Maffeiou’s, aud
’jvcrdyci 'c Scrmoo*—with a var.tfly of others.
I/ubx— Orton’s Exyofition of the Old
RTeftameut. Subfrriptious for this valuable boo;:, are
T received bv D.ttfiEL Iouvson. Ti e woi k w ill be com
^prit'edin hr *vu volumes, and delivered to fubferi
ifgDCTs well hound lor twelve dollars. July 2.
BjC’ROM the enclosure of the fubferiber onthe 10th
ijf Junto ln.lt, a black MARL, with a fmal! white
(!pp.it iU her forehead—long llim dock, Las a crack in
MNtt'e or hfer fc>re hoots pac s and trots—Whoever will
information,lb that iLc . av be obtained again,
Ip'*9 be well rewarded.
#1 trtL y«r vrl, jmy !.
► # * tpr # *
W • •
i» *
Take Nrtice.
I I1E fubfctybcr hereby gives public notice to all
concerned, that he has been duly appointed, and
has taken upon himletf the truft of an Executor of the
left will and teftament of DONALD ROSS, late of
Avrry, in tLc county of Haucock, merchant, deceafed,
by giving bond as the law diretfts : He therefore re
quefts all pert on s who are indebted to fa^d deceafed’s
eftate, to make immediate payment; aud thole who
have any demands thereon, to exhibit the fame for fet
tlemcnt, to DAVID COBB.
(roi/UJImt 0U‘’ly June 10, 1805.
— 0 ‘ - — ‘-•
, HE fublcriber hereby gives gublic notice to all con
cerned, that he has been duly appointed, and hat
taken upon Ihrofelf tha^uft of Admuiiftrator on tire
eftate of
late of Portland in the County of Cumberland, Mari
ner, decealed, try giving bond as the law directs .—He
1 therefore requefts all perfons who are indebted to the
j Paid decealed’s eftate,to make immediate pa\ ment; and
thol'e who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the
« Dated July I, 1805.
] r I' HE ttibfcriber hereby gives public notice to all con
cerned, that they have been duly appointed and
have taken upon themfclves the truft of Executors,
on the eftate of %
late of l\r rtbyatmouth, in the county of Cumberland,
| yeoman, deceafd,by givingbond as the law directs;—
1 liey therefore reqtieft all perfons who are indebted to
the laid deceafed’* eftate to make immediate payment ;
and thole who have any demands thereon, to exhibit
tiie fame to
Dated J uue 27, 1805.
' I HF. fubfcriber hereby gives public notice to all con
* cerned, that he ha* been duly appointed and has
taken upon himfelf the truft ol au admiuiftrator, on
the eftatc of
late of Talmoutb, in the county of Cumberland, Gentle
man, deceafed, bv giving bond as the law diredli :— 1
He therefore requefts all perfons who are indebted to |
the faid decealed’s eftate to make immediate payment; j
and thofe who have auy demauds thereon, to exhibit
the fame to
Dated June 12, 1805.__
' I 'HE lubfcribers hereby give public notice to all con
* cerned, that they have been duly appointed, and
have taken upon themfelves the truft of admimftra
tors, On the eftate ot
TIMOTHY n \MI1LFN, late of Curiam,
in the county of Cumberland, yeoman, deceafed, by
giving bond as the law directs -.—They therefore re
queft all perfons who are indebted to the faid decea
fed’s eftate to make immediate payment; and thofe w ho
have anv demands thereon to exhibit the fame to
Dated June 27, 1805.
nr HE fubfcriber hereby gives public notice to at
concerned, that the lias been duly appointed, and
has taken upon herfelf the truft of Admiuiftrat:ix on
the eftatc of
late of Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland, yeo
man, by giving bond as the law directs •—She there
fore requeft* all perfons who are indebted to the faid
deceafed’s eftate, to make immediate payment ; and
thofe who have anv demands thereon, to exhibit the
fame to ' LYDIA wiNSLOW.
Dated J.nnr 27, 1805._*_[_
i'HE fu’ifcn >er hereby give# public notice to af
conrcrntd.thA he has bten duly appointed
and has t .ken upo.» himfclfthc truft of admiuiftrator
on ihc eftate of
FZ KIEL F. FOGC>, of Stand.(h,
in i f c - ty it Cumbciiau , Fra.Ur, d<ctaed ; by
gi*in«l»ond us the law directsH«* theref rc requeft
a I perfms who arc indebted to the laid dcctal
ed*s i flare, to mtk« iiTvme late payment; and thofe
tv ho havr any demands tnc.rc.on to exhibit the fame ;
to PEI tR E O WE, Adm;wJtralor
Dat d Stand fl', June Jo t So j._ . j
II!!'- fu'ifcnbcr hereby gives public notice o ai
cooc^rnc.t and he ha* betn duly appointed
ar dht» lakrit upon hiii\fc f the truU of Admiuif- !
(rat. r or. lie eliate of
late of Falmouth in the county of Cumberland* yco*
m <n. d evafe I by giving bondast e law nirctft* He
therefore requetts all pcifons who nrtin<jtht«d to
the laid dcctaled s eftate to make immediate pay
ment ; and th fc whohavc any tituuuds 1 hereon
to ixhihit the fame to
Dated. Jnme I], >805.
| HE Sublcriber hereby cu’ves pulibc
notice t<* all concerned that flic has b eu du y
appointed and liar taken upon hcrftlf the truft of
adn.imftrairix on the rftatc of
•ate of Durban*. iu the county of Cumberland, yco
man dttc ltd by giving bond ** tbc law dirctS# ; —
(he therefore requefts all pc-loin*, whoare im'tb erl
o the faid deeeaied’s eftate, to make immediate pay
rnent ; and thole who have any demands thereon, to
( xhibit the lame l*
r.7f Jk ynr.e *3, tSo.t _
THE fubleribtr h reby rives public n -tice to all
concerned thar llic has been duly appointed
and h • taken upon herfed tlx 'tuft ot adminiftrator
on the eftate of DAVID L- BRADLFY.
late of Gorham in faid county, traJer, deceafcd
*<y giving hot d as the law dirc-Cis flic therefore re
quel’s all pcifon* w h < art indebted to the faid deet^f
td’s eftate. to make immediate payment ; and thofc
wl.o hive any demands thercou, to exhibit the fame
! to
Dated June tj. I? 5. . .
A Young Bay Horse,
\Ar AS takeu up by the fubferiber, ou the 2f>th ult.
* Said horfe has a ftar in l»is forehead, with black
mane and tail. The owner may have.him again hy
pros ing property and paying cltargti.—Appb to JG
SKPH HAWES, 3t Saccara’.p3, ;v FalttDqt «,
% *
V ’ m
<J *
CormnotUunlt!) of nwssacljttsttw.
Refolve aUmingfuTtbrr time to the Settlers 'f
the towns rj hajtport, Bangor, Hani/den,
~'0. 2, in the l it jt t'ange, and Nc. *2> in
tht Srec.d Range of the i. ’a!do Patent—
June iq, 1805.
YV HEREAS thtre are feveral fetticr* in the pif.
rricl Maine who have not complied with tfie rc
loiutioos of the l.tgifldiure lor quieting them in arc
hive palfcd the <4thof February, iPO:i, and having
been regularly returned by l'urvevors appointed for
that purpose :
| Be it rtj.hcJ, That all the fcttlcn in the towns of
Eaftport, Bangor, Hampden, No. 2 in tTc Firtt Range
and No. 2 m the Second Range, north «f the Waldo
Patent, be allowed untill the lccond Wednefday of
the next General Court, to comply with the conditions
1 of laid rt.oivc, an 1 that the agents give them public
j n rice, by pubKlliing, in the New-England Palladium,
j published in Button, and in all thfc papers printed in
the bil.ncl Oi Maine, that iimcis they, within the
time ahovementioned,pay the Anns due on their land*,
with intcrett, they will be precluded from the benetic
provided in the Relolve aforefaid.
'1 HE Subfcribers, Agent* for the Commonwealth
for the Sale of Eattern Lands, in obedience to the Or
der* of the General Court, notify the Delinquent Set
tlers in the feveral town* mentioned in the above R< -
folve, that they are ready to execute the Deeds for
their feveral Lota, on their complying with the condi
tions of the Refolve, on or before the fecor.rl Wedncf
day of the next fclBor ef the prefent General Court
£j*»nt "June 23, 1 S05.
In nubliflii.ig the Adi relative to the Cowr»t in
Cumberland, the fecond lection was inadvertantly
omitted. We therefore publiili the whole.
AN ACT determining the times and place
of holding th fever al Courts of Common
Pleas ami Courts of General Sdftons of
the Peace within and for the County < f
Sec. i. UK IT ENACTED by the Sen.
ate and Houfi of Rtprefmtutiva, in General
C urt afjembkd, and by the authority of the
fume, That from and after the lafl day of
June inflant, the Court of Common Pleas
w ithin aad for the county of Cumberland,
fhall annually be holden at Portland, on the
firlt Tuesday of March, and on the third
Tuesday of June and the third Tuefday of
Sec 2. Be itfurihur enafted. That the
Court of General StlTions of »hc Peace in 1
faid county of Cumberland, fhall be holden
annually at Portland, on the thi d Tuefday
of March, and oa the firft Tuefday of Sep
SLC. 3 B' it furtive emitted,—That
all laws heretofore paiTed regulating the
times and places, for holding of the laid
Courts in the find County of Cumberland,
from and after the faid fait day of June,
fhall be, and the fame are hereby repealed.
[*7his Att pajJ'td rjum 15, 1805.]
Mw Pt.vn.—A New poem, is annouced as being in
the rrefj at Ncvryork, entitled
“ H.til Sabbath! thee I hail, thee poor man’s day :
The pale mechanic now has leave to breathe
The morning air pure, from the city’s imoke,
While wandering flowlv up the river fine,
He meditates on Himwhofe power he makes
In cacli green tree that proudly fpreads the bough.
As in the tiny dew beut flowers that bloom
Around the roots; ami w’hilc he thus furvevs
- 4
With elevated joy each rural charm
He hopes, (yet fears prefumption in the hope,)
To reach thole realms where Sabbath never ends.’*
Bonnpart, while at Turin, nmufed him
felf with Bag-hunting The hur.tfmen
when the animal was killed, cut oft the foot,
and prefented it to his Majefty. The ham:
would haVe been a more appropriate prefent.
jLandon Paper.}
From th* Vermont Herald.
ItiR. ELLIOT to bis Constituent t.
\ ' t
I HAVE explained my congrdHonal con
duct, to the iatisfiOhm, I prefutne, of every
• *
candid man in the ddtricl. In imitation of
certain characters, vvhofe Beps I am proud
to fodow, I (nail now prefent my constitu
ents with mv general political creed : and
they will then determine whether I am an
apeftate, or a republican of unaltered princi
With the venerable fubferibers of the
declaration of independence, I “ hold thefe
I truths to be feif-evident ; that all men are
I cre-ted equal ; that they are endowed by
, their creator with certain unalienable rights ;
1 that among thefe are life, liberty, and the
| pursuits of happintfs.—That to fecure thefe
rights governments are inftituted among
men. deriving their juft powers from the
content of the governed ; that whenever
any form of government becomes deilruil
ive of thele ende, it is the right of the peo
ple to alter and abolilh it, and to inftitute
new governments.’* Although I have been
from my earlieft infancy a firm believer in
the chriftian Religion, yet I deteft * the idea
! of a religion eftablifhed by law, and cordial
ly fubferibe to the fentiments txprefted up
on this fubj<r& in the declaration cf the
Rights of ihe people of thb flate. I believe
the republican fyftetn of government to
be the belt that ever exiiled in the world,
and the conftituiion of the United States
| to be the heft hitherto. I believe the im
menfe territory and heterogenious ponula
I tion of the United States can net benreilcrv
| ed in a ftatc of union, under a fyftem lefs
! energetic than the prefent conftitution ; it
would be dangerous to make it more dem
ocratic, and 1 hope it will never be ncccf
: fary to make it more ariftocratic.
I believe that Wafhington was the great
eft wariior, and probably the moft correct
flatesmen in our country I believe Adams
to be a man of integrity and talents, but
the general fyftem of his admlniftration was
wrong. J believe Jefferfon is a man of
great abilities, and a fincere friend to a re
publican form of government, and I (hall
i'upport bi3 adminiftration, and that ofe*e
ry future prefi ’em durirg my life, and the
conftifuted authorities generally, fo fir ah in
my coiifcience I lhall deem their meafures
calculated to preferve the cooftitution and
the rights of the people. I believe we ought
I to have ;*> political idols and that ever*
man ought to be at liberty toexprefs his fen
timents in a decent manner, refpe&ing the
meafures of government. 1 believe that
fome of the large ftates pofll fs too great a,
degree of influence at the prefent moment
and that the Imall ftates ought to guard their
rights with jealous vigilance. I believe
that the doctrines preached by certain re
publicans of diltin&ion, that men fhould ad
here to their party in defiance of their God,
an 1 that: no regard fhould be p .id to the
private characters of candi'ates for office,
are equally immoral and and anti-republi
can. and deltrucdive cf religious, as well
as of corredl political principles *, and foon
cr than embrace fuch deteftible dogmas,
I will abandon focietv, and wander in the
darlrttl gloom of folitude. I believe that
the eftablifhment of republican principles
in the United States is infeperably connect
ed with the exertions and talents of good
and wife men, and not with the meannefs
of otirce hunters, and the madnefs of en
thufiafis. 1 believe that the American peo
ple are pofiefled of fufficicnt wifdom and
virtue to lupport a republican government,
and I wiflr for the freedom and happinefs
[ of mankind univerfally.
It appears to me that this cannot be cal
led the creed of an ariftocrat or a dem
agogue ; it is that of an inflexible
conftitutional republican. Such as it is it
will guide and govern my conduct in every
future moment of mv Tt'e. ! fliall drive to
be honeft, not cnthufiaftic, independent,
not clamourous. But I lhall always be em
ulous of a particular trait in the character
of Agricola.as described by Tacitus, “ bcor
ning to difguife his Sentiments, he always
acted with a generous warmth, at the haz
ard of making enemies ”
I lhall conclude with a quotation from,
afpeechtothe electors of Briftol, in Eng
land, by Edmund Burke, whofe talents
will always be the fubjetft of admiration, as
his political apoftacy will be of regret.
“ And now-, gentlemen, on this f rious
day, when l come as it were to make up
niy account with you ; let tnc take to mv
felf lome degre of honeft pride on the na
ture of the cnarges brought agahift me. I
do not here fiaaari aocufcd of vena'ity * or
neglcft of duty. It h not.faid that, in the
period of my fervicc, I have in a Angle in
ftance, faenfleed the flighted! of your inttr
efts to niy ambition or fortune. it is not
alledgeJ, that to gratity any anger or tevengv
of my own, or my party, I have had a
(hare in wronging or oppretTmg anv <n;
man of any defeription • No : tic charges
againft me are all of o ic kind : that l have
pufhed the general principle of general iuli*
ice and benevolence too far; farther than a
cautious policy would warrant, and faither
than the opinions of many would go with
me. In eveiy accident which may happen
through hfc, in pain, in fotrow, in depref
flon, ami dillrei-s, I will think of this accu
fatiou and be comforted

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