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po:n^i Jtttc&gcnte.
London, May 22.
Thb- difputchcs were received at
»He cuRnra’tv from Lord Gaumvr, off
Lhry were brought to J'lymooch on
} TiJr.y, by the S^ i-gsr pun brig. It ar
rears, that the Lie movement of the enemy’s
fieet from Bred water in order of battle, was
tut 2 feint, Caleti . ted to keep us on the
•alert, and to prevent us from fending out
tcinfcreemer.t* to«hc V, eft Ii dies or to any
other guarrer where tin* exigency oi a Bans
might require them, lr ibe courfc o* the
r./ght cf the 14th, the whole oi the'Brefl
fi' ct returned into harbour, and were lctn
vn Monday, Tuefday, and pare of WedneF*
d;\y, in thhr old mooring*.
The fhms that h:«fy ^tempted to come
out of theft harbour are drferibed as having
aeen full cf troops.
The Catrne? Courted. which we ftated
to have been held yefterday at Lord Mul
grave’* Oftioe, was Summoned in coafte
ciacwce of the arrival of difpatchfs brought
by the Gottenberg Mail* from the Courts
of Petci (burgh jt>d Sweden 1 wip every
hiforn.ati n we have been enable to c '' cc,
it would reem tl at, fo far fron rbr ratifica
tion of the Treaty of A! ranee often live and
defenfive, bet we -, n th< 1e P rs md nia
J-'.dcfty, having been figncJ, there arc did
f »rue im;. o?u i point* pnder cenfidcrarion.
%V »r«;ver prog refs may have been effect d
in this mcaiare, i: mult certainly come too
late to produce any important operations
during the ^relent leafon.
A fplend d Rufkan Embaffy to China,
confuting of feveral thoufand perfons, is to
fet out from Peterlburgh, on the 14th inft.
'i he Lir.peror of China has intimated his
intention to give it a moft gracious recep
On Monday lafl the Portugaefe Ambaf
fador gave a gra d dinner at his houfe in
South ft net, in celebration of the birth-day
of the Prince of brazil. Hie table was laid
out in the moft fumptuous ftyle upon an el
liptic marble flab :.in the centre of the ta
bic was placed a moft curious fountain, with
Neptune in the middle, furrounded hr Na
iads, Tritons, &c. with gold and filver fib
fwiroming about in the water, which had
a beautiful effect, from the variety cf lights,
and gold and filver ornaments with which
the table abounded.
Yefterday the name of the Earl of St.
Vincent was withdrawn from the Navy
Club, by coaimand of his Lord ft. ip.
It is expected that the General Afiembly
of the Church of Scotland will come to a
refolution, declaring L^rd Melville, to be
henceforth incapable of fitting among them
45 a Ruling Mder.
A deputation from Cremwa waited on
Bonaparte at Turin, and complimencd him
Upon the excellent ftyle in which he plfcyt
the firfl jUdl. in rhe political tnhejlra of Eu
Mr. Fox is (bon to make a motion relative
To the ftite of the nation.
The fclect committee on the Melville af
fair hive preporcJ their report. An im
peachment is expe&ed.
The RulF.a i are preparing a fju idron at
Revel. The Ruftians augment the number
or their troopj at Corfu, <cc.
Government is laid to be contracting for
an i n.nenfe quantity of (hipping, to be em
ployed in the conveyance of Rutfiin troops.
At one part in the north cf England, a pro
pofai lias, we underftand, been made for
40,000 tons.
%:at 24.
Vice Admiral Colling wood failed on Tuef
day with twelve fail of the line, it is fuppo
fed, to reinforce the fleet, under the com
mand of Lord .Velfon
A very ferious mifur-.derflanding certainly
cxifts between Pruflii and Sweden. The
real ceufe n unknown —cf courfe, there are
many conjectures.
Tnere was a report very current in town
yeftcrjiy, that a revolt had taken place in
Sweden under the nflarncc of France. It
w.is even fa id, that the perfon of the King
had been and under confinement. We truft
there is but little or no foundation for this
15p ft»r fpails,
• _.
Washington, ju.\E28, i8oj.—An ar
ticle, having fome time fmee appeared in
the Richmond Enquirer, inferring from the
contents of an Enguili print, that the iate
treaty between this country and Great Brit
ain h*d been renewed for one year, we have
made enquires, which jollify us in believing
the inference to be entitled incorre&. An
A&, we undrrftand, 1m ps;Ted the Britifh
Parliament, rc enaftmg,t n whele or in pan*
be pfcv!Vr?f >! tbti'aw.re originally paflfed
for rtivytag t ci treiry into etTcet. It is
probable that this ctrrumiunec occaiioned
the error, which the federal prims have fei
z*d with avidity as a-pretext f> r libelling the
coahfUacy and chara&er of the admiuittri
lion. tlnf.iitunatery however, leu them
no fuch treaty has been formed, ror do wr
believe that any overtures to form fuch ;
treatv have on our part been made. It >i
preft!triable, from the of the above
notified zeh that a difpotition exilts *>n the
nar t of Biitian to Knew the provihons ol
Mr. Jay’s treaty,
Mttrdrr.—A man by the name of Archi
bald Graham, was (tabbed lad night, in
N el Ton’s Ailty, who died i few minutes af
terwards. Jofcph Butcher was alf© (tabbed
at the corner of Henry and Bediow-ftreets,
whofc wound, it is feared, will 1 ike wife
prove mortal. Thefe crimes are fuppofed
to have been cofl'.mitted by Francifco Son,
a native of Tortuga!. We jfcdcrftand, that
after thefe men were ftabberi, Francifco re
turned to hi* lodgings extiemely agitated,
dripped • ff hie v ulcoat which was dffi
,TUred with hicon, and went on board t
French *ch r iy; . fhc dream. lulor—
maf on that this .ear vasfufpe&ed of com
n*; tn g t ,e cri ■ • as fent on board ; and
t’, lee re o;, the abfcnce of the cap
I tain, b: vrechat* • put him in irons. 1 his
ft c » he v is delivered over to the civil
au h •, 11y ot he city, and ha*undergone an
exa lotion at the office of Police. We have
nut r t what politive teftimony has ap
; l again ft him — the prefumptive evi
• le- te, however, is very ftrong.
Pick Pocket-—It is well known that, with
in a few weeks paft, a number of gentle
men have had the;# pockets robbed in va*
I rious parts of the city..—inis morning, a
| youth wag detected at the Coflce Home in
taking a pocket book from the pocket of an
elderly gentleman. He was immediately
apprehended, and together with another
youth (his daily companion}co«veyed to
' the police OScc.where they ar." both to hr
examined this afternoon.— Thefe Juvenile
Culprits, wc underftand, are native^ of fiol
Mrs. Alexander, an eminent preacher in
the focicty of Friends, whofe labors have
commanded much attention and reipe£i
•broughout the United States, embarked
yelierdav, for her native country, in the
, Ship William Penn, *ept. HuCcy, for Liv
• crpool.
The following narration is given by capt.
; Balch, of the barque Mary, arrived at Sa
vannah in 18 days from Jamaica :—
“ Monday, May, 1805, at 5 P.m.
failed from Morant Bay ; faw a fail enft
ern at 6 a. m. which appeared to be a fel
ucca in chafe of cs.—On the 13d at 3 ?. m.
; flic tired a (hot over us, and hoifted French
colors. We accordingly hove tco, and the
| captain went on board w ith all neccfl'ary
papers. The b®ats crew were detained on
board the privateer, and the boat manned
with privateerfmen, and fent on board the
barque for plunder. In thf mean time the
remainder of ©ur crew were ordered on
hoard the privateer, and threatened with
flogging, from the captain down to the
boy. One of the hands was-brought to the
: gun, with a rope round his neck, for the
purpofe of extorting from him on avowal
; of money or papers which might be con
, cealed. When on the point, however, of
I putting their purpofe in execution, thofe
on board, hailed the privateer, and faid
they had found the money. The man was
then releafed. The captain was likev. ife
threatened, and they wers on the point of
lafhing his hands, when the beat came a
lotig fide with the money, which drew their
attention from him to a more pleating ob
ject. The boat was then manned with a
frefli fet of robbers, and kept ccnflantiy
! plying between the barque and privateer,
• unti 7 1*. m. during which time they rob
bed us of 1300 dollars in fpecie, belonging
’ to the barque, befides 450 of the captain’s
and 500 of the pafTengcrs and fhip’s com
pany ; likewife of wearing apparrd, liquors,
prov.lions, compares, quadrants, charts and
books and, in Hurt, almoft ew-iy tiling they
conld lay their hands on ; and what they
could not take away they destroyed , not e
ven fpairing fuch papers and letters as were
of no ufe to them. They ftruck the mate
with their fwords whenever he went into
the Cabin.
We could gain no information from them
where they belonged, or who they were \
but have reaicn to believe that they were
from Hencaga The vcficl latter* rigged,
rink ftern, painted yellow, with a white
bottom, carrying one Lx pounder, two fwi
vels, and about forty rv.en, of all nations
and colors.
Boston, July 4.
By our lateft accounts from Europe, ;hc
treaty of alliance between Great-Britain and
the Northern Powers, was not tin ally con
c'uded, and it wai corje&ured that forrte
important points were yet uuder difcuflon.
Several appearances, which a fhort time
fmte feemed to indicate active and imme
diiie hoftilir.es, have ia n great rreafurc
Vib'ded. Bonaparte ftiU pulues r. ra u;c
policy ; and* though his meafurcs are active
md vigorous, they are as vet whollv prep.ir
,rorv. fie thus proceeds with unabated ar
dor and iOMty to ftrengthen his govern
r.cct, extend his refources, andauoveali,
touicreafc^fvingthcii ami difciplmc hn na
vy. Bv the late(t accounts from the com
bined fleet, the French fquadron was land
ing for Europe, and probably before t b[
period, again fafrly Haltered in the harbors,
I of France—There feems therefore, fome
Ireaf.- for beiievmg, that the only obje£ of
(this ciiterprife, which has excited fo lively
lanintereft, was to diiipline th« French lca
Imen, infure and habituate iaem to a&ive
fervkc So far as the fafetv of the French
n*vy confifls in eluding their antagonifts,,
and cautioufly avoiding a rcccontrc, it n'.uil
be conie ded, they have already d: I played a
wonderful portion of maritime fltill.
■■ .: I.
TU2SD.XY, JULY 3, 1*05.
The inhabitant* df this town were laft night alarm
«d with the cry of Are, which prer* ' to beat the head
of Union Wharf. Store* Nc, 1, 2 and 3, wi^h their
principal content*, were entirely dettfoyed/befidesene
ihop occupied by Mr. Wrignt, i ay'or, o:»e of Mr.
Woodman, Hatter, and one by Mr.I ia;ty, lflack
The Ioffes were principally Curtained v y Capt. I^tvid
Smith, the Hon. Woodbury Storer, and Mr Robert ,
Boyd, whofe florw with their valuable cm teats, .’i..
many of their papers were confumed. ircumls^n^et,
lead us to fuppofe that the £re was occafiontd by the
ufe of ftgam.m a fai -loft kept over the (lores ; which
we hope will prove a caution againft theft dangerous
Fiho’ too fafhionabl* nuifances —threat credit i« due to
the prompt attention and good conduct of the citizens,
cf tha towr. : by whofe timely and energetic effort's
‘he w.hole wharf and many adjacent ikw«fi iag lioules,
&c.were preserved from dcftruCLioB.
Th* more merit is attached to them as tha fire w*a$
fur rounded with combuftiWlca, and tha tide wa» fo low
ds to prevent a free acc*fstothe water, ('he d.ff«.'ent
fir* engine* of the town were feafonabiy ob tlie fpot ;
and their refpeCtive companies are entitled to every ex
pvefhon of thanks. The activity and good conduct cf
| rhe Fire Ward* alfo merit public approbation.
Thr »nni.\erfary of American dignitv and indep?n
der.ee, was celebrated in this town with great energy
and fpirit. The morning was utLcrcd in by the dif
charge of cannon and ringing of bells, and the r hole
day was devoted to chenrfuinefs and joy. At twelve
! o’clock, the procefliou of Federal Republicans was
formed at the Mafonic Hail, and under efcort of the
Artillery company of the town, proceeded from thenc*
i to the Rev. Mr. Kellogg’s Mccting-honfe, where an
: able, fpirited and elude Oration wa* delivered to atv,
attentive and applauding audience, by James 13. Flor
t ir t, lifq. The Mufic given by a number ofpatriotic
t gentlemen, was felecT and appropriate—it raifed the
feelings of patriotifm, and charmed the e-.r of the am
ateur. Mr. James Tyler aifled as Marfhal of the
proceflion, by appointment of the committee of arfc
The proceffien then returned under tKe fame efcort
to the Mafonic Hall, where a plentiful and rail ar
ranged board, tinder the dirctHion of Mr. Chadwick
affording all the et mferts and luxuries of t^ feafon>
j was partaken ot by a numerous and harmonious com.
pany of Military and Civil Olhcers, Solukrs, Citizens
end Strangers—Without refort ing to Sir John PalftaiTs
ingenious mode of turning two men into eleven- it may
• with truth be laid, that the company wa* at lead as
large and refpcclablc a; ever atlemblcd on the likeoc
calion in this town.—Rbk.nfzek Mayo, Efq. prulded
at the table, and was atfided by the Committee of Ar
Rational mirth, mixed with gratitude for national
Welling*, infpired every bread, and the fong and the
laugh went round with uncommon hilarity and glee
( It feemed to be the general wifh to bailiff; all uohappv
» rcHeslions upon the unfortunate (fate of our Rational
j . i
i councils, on tne convnftion that the temporary evils
resulting from a frail and feeble admimftratten, were
no; worthy to mar the glorious fen fat ion, which Iprung
f* om the COtifcioufiiefs of thebliHings whicli out free
dom and independence beflowcd. Tkit the voice t [
truth was he* inninj* to be heard, and that it wculd fi
naiiv, like tne fun, break through the clouds cf error
which now hir.g upon our political hoizou, wasfuf
bcik...t on fuc'n a day, todifpel ail gloom, and leave the
heart open to the full tide cf joy and congratulation,
i v h;c.. tne ce ehration of inis day will, Heaven grant
for ages continue to excite.
As forne alleviation to the regret which muft be felt,
■ ^be ..ccc.-ity s. dividing ou a teilival which ou'-ht
| to unite all hearts—it fhould be noticed to the honour
■ of both political pnrtie* in this town, that when th«
two proceffion- met and palled each ether, Jt that
urbanity amt ctMnplArtawo \yu*-oL wived, as .red bv
the military efcort*, as by the conr.dttces of arrioge".
j moots and tbe red of the prcecffiou, whkh was p;»>
per on fuuh an event ; a circuw fiance which pro, *",
f*--t however dccidt.! in cppofxtion, »’ * p*rticv , c *
hMxe not go; to ila; T*■;e cC vfp-? f_ \,;
ut& ) between them m (c.*c ciLcr tcwri,
lends to the prevention of all thofe interchange* of ci
vility and good neighborhood, which are dTential f
the ccmfort snd enjoyment of life in any c mam unity*; ]
And nay heaven frrant, that if we cannot becc-tr*
mn-e united in femiment, we r.ay at loft cociinuc to
obferre that decorum and refpecl toward* each other L
in our mutual dealing and allocution*, which h>ve
hitherto marked with peculiar propriety die chaja^t
of the inhabitant* of this town.
The following fOASTS mere drunk, utuL - *\e
JJlbar 'C tf ArtilUry.
1. F»v»ti tf ’July, IT7f>• I'he birth-dav of Ata?»ir>Tj
freedom—may our poflerity to the thousandth rent
ration ce'ebraccit, wahtu; a biulh at having fon,frta
its principles.
2. The renowned Statcf’nrn, by whofc counfeb, ;&<!
the valiant Heroes, by whole fwords, the charter c'
our liberties was itchieved
iJ. Mrmory of tb: irr norfal Jl'.,3XnrCT0N /— Sacred
ly ch« rio t'd by his friends, and hypocritically ’jv c
twenties-—^ 1 he company roie.j I
4. y^lrn A Jams -L.lce the patriots of ol-f, h? hga f
lived tor hi s country ; and l.ke them, he is a vi&® 4
its ingratitude.
5. Hamilton !—The true child cf Minerva ! inherit,
inghoth her wi&inm and valor—xr.ay his fcrvices nsr
hi* precepts ever be forgotten.
l:. Tire Conjf'tuieJ Autboritiet cf the Nation—iVIav tkft
couftiiution guide tlemy and not they the conftitsiios.
7. Governor Stt.jij/—\V hen virtues like Ins crafts:»
be rcfpeCtcd, republican government wiliceatetobi
8. The National fudlciaty !•—May all fot'jr# ^t®Mg
to make it the tool of a victorious faction, have tin
talents and purity of a Cua i toreliftthem.
9. Our Commonwealth !—Having braved th« flora
a"d put into fate harbour, may ail hands be ready t»
make her next voyage pleafant, profperous, and happy,
J O, The State Military /—May its members be up
nght ard learned, ai.d their foppert permanent aai
I i. The Navy of tic United Siam /—CdSpofcd of 7*.
lia»it Officers, daring Si amen, and —— Gm^Utts.
| 1 ti. The del Hit u cf Tertian//—May the fpirit which
n w animates olhcers and foldiers, continue and 1*.
creae until ail dtindh«a betweeu regular troop
and militia is forgotten.
lit. Our f,firing Brethren in Tripoli i—Wh <* wefi*.
| brate in dependence, they <*»oan umier chains 1—*~M|*
the heart which ka» not bled for them, feel no joy sit
I this day.
) I. Tit Difitief of Maine /—Ripening f..ft to K-.tun*
ty, may live ia due leal'eu aifumc her rank among at
> haves.
15. Ayrisnkurr and Canserce J—Like heat and mo|.
ture, together they quicken and emichy alunder thw
ft.ignate and deftroy.
1t». Tie FJLeries /—Banks upon which cer.tinui
draughts may be made, without the danger of b«*takuij.
17. The l tdtrul Rtpullna* Tarty m Sfajfocbujtt.s /—
Knowing their ftrength may they ula it wifely, au*
not be overtaken in lleep by a cunning and artful enc
After Mr. Hopkins had retired : Tie Oratot f tie Day
Among a great many excellent Volunteer Toafti,
the following are felefled for their point aa 1 brevity;
Ir.k.p-n/cnce—in purfe, mind and perfon; the groat*!
of hurrfan blsfSngs.
TLc Tv%i* of PortiaoJ—May it continue to be " tbs
held quarters of good principles,” and the rallying
point of federal republicarmin to the diftrict of Mains.
yoln Tay or Clituan—A burning and ihinirg light ia
the region of fedc-alifui j but alas ! new p.freed *.u4tr
a bud id.
The Artillery Company of the town of Portland.
| The Mechanics of the town of Portland—While
God and toey are for us, we care not who may be a
gain ft us.
The Honorable James Sullivan—May he roDt.’&ue
until death to be Attorney General ef the (sctxuc®
v/eaith !
“ Our General”—May the People never make hil
Conimareler in Chief.
The Militia of Portland—May their buroiftted aras
never be tarmfned by cowardice.
The time when by the voice of truth, and aiot the
cant cf hypocrify, we lkr.ll be “ all federaiifts, all re
True Liberty and Equal Rights, as understood an(
pradtifed by the Ft ieralifts in MajJaehufctts.
The American Eagle, now fearing in the air (point*
ing to an elegant (ttmiard)—May her talcas nevet
want ftreagta to crulh our foreign nad domeftic erJ*
The American Captives in Tripoly—May tbe econ
omy cf one President fpare a little money fnwxi the
building of dry docks and gun boats, to rjudtun and
return them tc their friends
Brig. Geo, Ann* —The two Aliii»a'*y Efcort*
of the day.
Frcm Fahmvtk
Among the many towns and villager
which joined in celebrating the armivertary
cf our national inded * dcnce, wt particu
larly mention the town cf Falmouth, zi
being routed to allien and animated by i
truly patriotic 2c.1I. '] he vHuge of Stroud
vaicr, and its vicinity, particularly, joined
heart and band in the common caufc of
Liberty and Independence —'1 he d?v was
v Jheicd in by the difchnrgc of cannon,
which prec aimed abroad the chain of cur
union. At eight o'clock, the Stroud water
I.ighr Infantry, corr.maudcd by capt. Join
v* ateriioiife, par;ded ; and after performing
a number :f military Riancruxrze were
joined by the b almcuth Cavalry, command
ed by captain Wiiikun Brackett, and march
ed to capt. Join. Quimbv’s ; where was a
l^rge aficmblage of'ladies, in replete u:«i«
form, who dilplayed their 7* ii for the
cacie of Liberty and Independence, by pat*
liotically preferring to the Stroudwater
^bt Infantry, ?n elegant Standard, zc
c»;ri*panied with rhti following Addrefs by
a unice Quiuby :
"T HJE Martial a’dour which afhi'tet the Stroud
WRiet i.’.ghi ii'faniry, affords a pi. . ..‘g- U>‘isfaco-*’»
v. .ale tue celerity, with which, from a .’ aie c-f i£--r*
as»ce, it has obtained &r»extcn£tve kpcwlulgpof
r r dif.-.pline, is matter o: larpriie t:» every uel for.—
' ’it ha .<• begun the veer of '’iijrv ; cn4 we tri’-ft
thr.t t v i-atoc which i* iMe iSok-.cv s oLc reward, W'l!
?^pty comper f^te you, ir. vehafe Urea tt arc •oqpHntri
} t- e lows of liberty, t.. virtue, and 1I ~Ciir country,.
J for a! the tui1, ' at.iiet /, r, *0 vhiri^
' vr ur - iinblc.—O: ?s m.,« land *f Liberty, cf
i 5rp:,ui* ; we pc • uh.tr! v c#’wy the b'-.-tUrf* of yrsca
* and pr .nrri* ; 'c > tbefe coTr.n:aprs are to be f-1-"
i *'' •* ''' f » ’♦» t. e\ t?v«. ref'r.£ F.;* -d ***

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