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fit i tion To
Vr rromt
r i-e. r
Ell t- Tir.
ML. . .r'aiCL - Af)P
MURDOCH, Editor.
R. P. MURDOCH, Business Manager.
at the largest Circulation of any BaJy Papir
, in Southiccttem Kenton.
One copy, one year $S 00
One copy, t-K months 4 CO
One copy, threo months 2 00
One copy, one month 7.'
Twenty cents per week delivered Tjv carriers in
fie City. Postage prepaid.
One copy, onejenr
One copy, six months ,
$2 00 I
1 00
Our rates for advertising shall he as low as
those of any other iiai)cr of eijual alue as an
bih eniswg medium i
All transient advertisements must he paid for
in advance.
Entered in the Pottqfficc at Wichita, at tecond-
m-' muucr, ana cmeiea jo transition tniougn the
JLh ct inch.
The following table Rites the arrival and de
parture of trains at "Wichita
.VUltlM!. 1 I.F.WH
Kxpress lu:3j A. M. I Express. ..iu.: A. M.
&Ci-?I'S"'J!:,1.5!!-- Ac-Kre!gllt 4:U3I'-M-
auuim:. I
iViS ?!
Kansas City Express
Kxpres8-... sswl'TM.
Ac.cight 11. MA 31.
. .':.-, r. ai.
.VI:-) V. M.
-Muns uaiiy.
--SAU others daily except Sunday.
r Mall train from M. Iouls arrives at fi 00 . m :
leaves for the north at (!:().- p. m ; Mail train
inies lorine casi at vzu a
tion for Kansas City Mith the regular passenger
from the bouth.
Aitiiivt. f Li:es.
.7:10 a. in
.i;:iTp. in.
.8:M i m
Ex. & Mail
!.00a. m.
Ex. & Mall
Freiglit.. ..10.00 a. m.
Ac. Freipht 0.00 p. m.
K. It i:KN"l",
hyslelan ami Surgeon. Ollieeoier Fuller .t
Son's grocery.
. K. WAI.IfEIt.
Attorney at Law.
Ilonnl lmiiL.
Ollice oer
h.n:i-.'i6 Na-
Dentist. Ollice in Ferrnll i:iiililingip0'ile
lMislollire, MhIii trt, U'iclilta, hiiins.
Teeth extracted wllliout Hi,.liy idtrns oxide
K. l
Attornejsat Law, Wkhltn, Kansas,
over Citirens' limik.
J. .1.
intenOent. Oflice. Kniil
Architect anil upHi
Werner's block, Dougliis avriuir, bctwein To-
ka avenue nml !.... r.ieo St., vt Iclilta, Kau.
1101 'TOX, r. W. HEVTI.KV.
Attorneys at, Law Odiot over Kansas Na
tional buk;! WichlU, Kan.
j. v. Lrcic,
Attorney at Law , Ichitn, Kansas.
1 U. I) KIKK,
Attorney mt,Taw I Jooni No. ::, U. S
oMeeVtilldiarWirhlta, Knus.is.
t 0 HEKU1NG,
Civil Engineer and Ileal Etitato Agent. 1cm
plo block near Postolllco, Wichita, Kaus.is.
Attorneys at Law, (xmnnercial lilock, w Icii-
Ua, Kansas.
i II i . -r " K wrr . -w i
Accommodation lenes the Union dejiot for
. Cheney at 10:4'n m ; Freipht deiot at at 11:00
t ' a. m. Keturninp, leaes Cheney at 3:10 p. m.,
ic- a i union ieioi ai .i.imi makinir rannw.
J K JrVTTOiiNbYS-AT-LAW, Wichita, Kansas. 41-
r -
Attounbv at law, Wichita, Sedgvv IcU couuty
Kansas. Ol!)e in Cenleiudal It lock.
I)ll..l.r DEAN,
IIbvtist. Houiih in Field liuiltllng. Main
trcet, opposite liavdlng A Kislier's. 12-51-
i). w fc.Mnn,
Ukm'ist. l'.glc Iiuildlng, Douglas avenue,
Wichita, Kaunas.
lilt. W L 110YLE,
HKNTisr Uluce over It.nrnes A sou's
store. Centennial block. Wlihlta.
o. vr. coi.Li.sr.5, nonr. m i-iatt
- at Law. Will piactlcc In both str V
I courts. Ollice In -icmiiie Dioik,
, Beeond stairway norlh of Post
ita, Kansas. .
Ir mti inlhit column trill be chained h
r.f 'iri! Cintt ver Im: vrr week .i
fur than 2 centt.
f D Even
it our olti
hodv wanting city lots tj
llice for good bargains.
llrXM.LI.iY JiOX-L
t II A girl for housework.
junisi. .inn'-
l $1,)0 for 12 line lots, all in e
worm m,mo.
1HXMLI. Y iiovn
. w- t VTVii I- nriiiiTH
and eitlrens to knpv-
V that the old reliable aud jiioneer cloth-
vud jiioneer clolu
cecond door south
tf c houe "1 alley is located ecoIla door soiiiu
-m w j- VTED To rent a good ollice room over
Wichita grocery. KM I Ibiyj-
-mrYNTED lluversTor rhoire property that
V Tents readily lor S2 per jear. rtr.
..o'nses and large lots for .:,
firtVl'Eli-LvnlMdy to visit tlief.inr
IV rinthine House irul examine goouii
fond ,
prices before purchasing e sew henv (V
rAvrvill To sill airood ton
buggy, giila-
j. ttt i m ..1. ......
liar; or wmiraui' or .i yi t-nn
WVN1 1.1 " ' ani strangers isi-
Wichita to etear clear or loiUlmr gi hs
.ml -arb-stono brokers, and buy. proper of
TAV:iHiP.ie",Teli8olo nrm hr
or counlrypropertv , to call nnd see t
Iils ol
Urxxi m,
ANTE1I Evervl'O'lv to knw that j
quarters is .-iiar vioiiunp iiouse. y
.VNTEII A gitl Kmiuire at this 03 e
W-CT-lvTKli-Iluvvr for aciHMl set ofduidei
I? harness; ne.l but little 1
J i " - J
.i" UmV-LT' i-ientyc ,ta-
I!rM.Li. A I
1T"AjTKD EvwrvlMHl, to knoir tl' i
f kaie men, are now, mid anv:.- it,
the most successful real v-tnle and loani. jlni '
' In Wichita llrMU.l s
AXTED KerjbiKh to know that) ba
esi ami im-si uiifurancij?en'
HI NM.IX tt vi
nies having proiertyi-g
nce nnJ descnptionl ,tr
r ' a lot at?$l.'aji:
tome fcoon or you nlie
77 "" i .
Ihe acent U Intro- 1 in
county "Treasure Of 1,
nds its sale not cletHnt
rtmtent andsrortiaa.il ( u
tj" mufician in Wlcfciiff iV-
mops 10 general agent, Jium
lie o ner to call tt tlKH len
and el aim r,n- ilr-..r..i...
..l..lLT. S -'"Tu"V
ii ! hsU br iHniiriu
.nt.js.,. mA- VFft ..t- aw.. .
" !- W -.""
I'sis., Attorr.-
R'l rArnTimor-",,T,-'l'8,10 nrmilBeour mi
Lf i "SF'iyAVTEO Main- customers to be fittc' mt
Lti." i X'i In Hkio elejrait and nohliy CotWvvv
if ' "' V'118, dolli'mr House
lii-i- l YANTEO Oirl for cenornl hmiM f -k
- jujti- ."- - ---,.-.- .. .. -. ---,
W it-vxTKl) Parties Mantinc loans or
m antinic.
fl :i l
l)laV ( TV tbesmuLC
iral j' In tbefaiaJK
WiM r ' alsassassasV
W, toolafaaaaaw
''tHS ,ts 'LossossosK
vsVl J kM nntfasossssssssssssssssssssssVO
t e ?C'SM
ufi i wr.m
WW aV I attAnaBSSssssssssssssssssssssssssB
I lA' I BolksB
l'romlncnk anirg the many fine business
homes crec.fsd inUIs cily within the year,
probably wre-cunently go, is that just
taken powiion f by the First Arkansas
Valley Rfgjt or V C. Woodman & Son, on
tbc wcsl'siJo ol tain street, near the old
and we'Jknown and. While not overly
large It It tievertolcss massive in stvle and
fined tt
cy. Tb architecture seetus con-
parL'UIar order, but it is as
? auric c, ana we ucucve was
tliii and without by AV. S.
itTUonas ior many years neiu
lalfelaions with the institution.
TKc irtfoiiorlie feet or the ffoBt above
the paveftvoi? j heavy stone work, solid
massive VMiicit stone of panncl and pi
laster dc-faf. lltetwoen two verv lanrc
doorway f-jole cf which leads to the bank J
and the oUierWa hall stairway, and occu
ining Hlnpst Up eutirc front, is a window
j con'itllnjof aMiiglclIgbt of French plate
glas. Tils central window is arched by
I a v cry missive Up of white stone, the up
per half If whifh serves as the sill of the
j central tper itory window, which is of
I double esign and lighted with venilian
j glass, tl whole of which rests on tbc sub-
- J'capiulnf Ue pilaster columns of the low
erstor Still above the ceutral tccom
story wnJow is an immense stone tablet
with th; letters cut in a bunken panncl in I
biss-re'': "First Arkansas Valley Bank." j
Qtlll .AJxThU iiiKi.t intntlwnrnninpntnl
" p"(A2- T '- ""
' desiirn'f.'tbMsli, it another stone tiblct
with th gotblciigurcs "1870 " The entire
j front,
' Of
, bauV
T wnicn tuts is only a part, is very
and Attractive.
inside of the lower story or tie
department, we can give no adc
technical description. Everything
of rcrior and elegant workmanship.
The i.ijn floor Is 2Tx70 feet, furnished with
Kas aiU water and wanned and ventilated
by tlir ? anthracite lire places, which arc
I urn is d with varigated marble mantle
piece? and the hearths, of which arc
laid it icautiful English tiling and squares
ofin lica roxetts. After glancing at the
bcnulil waloscoating of alternate strips
olfjuhlte wood and a specie or red gum,
tlL'iuUint; counter attracts attention. It
i4CK fifty feet in length, put up with an
a&clcj aiiglo which wu cannot describe,
a .dill; entire base, of which is or the beau
t fujTarieated and brilliantly grained
pjilif Arkansas, all worked down In oil
jolifii, lilktalned and unpainted, but of the
j-Olifii, gOfnnefS and hanlucss of iory,
jaoesls7i)UIai8, bases and cornice, nil ex-
MVtjhefcp, is of this wood. This unique
Jailer fjjsupportcd by eighteen columns
of Jc saivp wood, placed in pairs and set
injUd rrricf, or almost full relief. Itun
nlr bade from the cahicr's wicket is a
se Oljglass pauncls or Ficuch plate,
fiiinjiiu counter screen, which are 2x4
fcjaiejL These panuels of plalc glass,
cikair& scries of etchings or character
plureiCju frot-woik, beautified andartis
tJandQl original design, illustrative of
(IiliuwiiiK the socral steps of develon-
I ,t t tV ttilM 1 illn.r .nmrnntimmr tt lilt .1
1 i t tr. vt.it: tuittjf WIAJ tllt it 1,1 11 llliu 1.
I fff do Unit and running clear aloog up to
1 Pi. i.'h nt of the railroad, the tele'Tanh
'lid thiMaily paper. Jtetween and joining
fCj(), orhese p
pljlte nrroi i, I
panuels are a series of double
the rclleclion of winch are
1 I
1 0'hly fid strangely ellectivc. It is simply '
a Snulykvigiied and superb piece of woik
,:nlnshi. '
friieuult, which Is supplied with Ihe )
jl,iu,t mpioved dooro aud combination
' ... ,1 . ,. ... . ...,.
Sixn, lUttllJj DIV jfaili? VI UUH3 11 OA1U
r,et ad 0 feet to the ceiling; solid stone
llior ajd solid stone ceiling. Standing in
tfie fler with a cornice of cut stone which
i) mi rountcd on the three sides rcpeet-
( an owl. a dog aud a lion, nil of cut
is) niboli.ing vigilance, strength and
The petitions or the main lloor
of the same wood as the counter;
a mis doors are of solid blacu walnut
wok1 down to oil polish. In front ol the '
couttl g room, and imtncdlati ly to the left '
as jluintcr, Is a consultatiot and recep-4l"-'t''
tloijlltby, whieli contains a round table
andaiivv very heavy chairs, tie lloor be-
irigllnlld work or .i very prety pattern.
JTIim rim is pai tilioncd off by go d bronzed
I wip-Vi:Vr work. Back oT thisroom is a
toiH rbm wlt'i marble basin, w.icr cool-1
cr J jirf jcrator, etc. Probably tin prctti-'
(midmost attrarctive, if not the .lost ar- j
ti-jjc ajpartmeut, is the president's pailor
' iiillic liar of the building, which 1 com-1
plHe itits decorations, hangings, puurcs,
' coljiiiinnd furniture. Hero comrcidore '
' Wodn in, the head of the Louse, rcslves
I btfiricid, and here, when business 1 not !
i toJprcii-iiig, be enjoys an aficrnoon nt. or
siqta. Lis many years ol faithful nud uc-'
' cfu vtork as a fiuaiiccer ei, titling lih to j
( t luxury, and more.
1 lio ftillv de.seiihe all the (xoulsitc luil
if linr.itft ilesiins. tinfshis mill ImiplipMtir'
II ) beautiful money palace Would tax o r
'cripllve povvcis had we the space all
SC. 11 is uuneccssaiy to s y mai in
llduig is an ornament to tin city, vii
At the people are proud of the '-First Ai
Upsas vallev D.uiK,' wno'c 0iii bash:
iiuij ei lorn:
be Sound cIC'
fitie In this isure
.'he little Hurry on Wallstrtt, .e
tirk, did not seem
to raise a r'pplu
cancial allairs in our cily or count'
lir bauki at tL.s section of the -i li.i
M calls for loans, and being well irtili
let all demands on them. Our I; on
Ucn showed their faith !u the sol. it
Jiir banking institutions by uiakin. tli
J-ii il, even using cxra exertions .h
iieaslng their deposits. While th
dinks paid 20 per cent, cash for a few
'.' 'ii r banks promptly met all demand-
i-ipped out largo amount of current
3e country Umks who keep accoui
I Ui
tir grain aud slock bad been genet, ly
:old, licnccour fanuerd will not siu.r
' al old
tv reason of lower aluc in eastern im
Kts. 'lo-d-iv's market quotations n w
To-da' market quotatiotis sh
jbout the amc values as prevailed .i t
igo, how!g clearly that tbc dark do
Uiieb for a few davs buns oter tho co
jjcrcial horizon' bad catirclj disappear .
llatlicld is the name or tbc new town L J
out up iu Union township on the propo. J
line or tho Wichita & Mel'herson ltailroa .
"Wo believe the town is nainetl for Mr. I: .
dolph Hatfield, of this city The -Itc c m
prises or covert, eighty acres of land, j
when the road is built Hatfield will b i,
for it is lo.atcd in a wondcrlul rich c,c ,a
ofthc Valley.
Tbe bridge across the great Arkatna,
constructed by the above road, is nirlj
finished aud the track almot rcache-the '
west bank. The commissioners have sub-
mttlcd tbe proposition Iu Vaco township
nml il lierin to look verv BIBrh OS lhon-li
--o . 3-
t;icarwaier anu auwiohj- ,prpic -can oon
- . . ,.. .1. . l
: como to the metropolis by rail.
The Thirteenth Annual Ctventlon to Beiln In this
City To-day.
The thirteenth aniual convention of the
Grand Lodge of Knights or Fytbiat of the
State of Kansas will convene in this city
to-day at nine o'clock, and the first annua'
session of the U. it- will meet to-morrow'
The programme foi the occasion and the
names of tbc virioi! committees are as fol
lows :
Tl'esihy, may 20.
First Reception of Lodges and Diis
ion. Second 8:30 a m. Escorting ol officers
and members of Grand Lodge from Head
quarters to Caste Hall by Uniformed Di
Third 1 a. ni. Meeting of Grand Lodge
Fourth 2:30 t- m. Escorting Grand
Lodge to positiin in line.
Fifth 3 p. u Grand parade of Divis
ions and LodgiJ.
Sixth i pJi. General review of pro
cession by pHccrs of Grand Lodge and
Grand DivisJn.
Seventh IJW p. m. Address of welcome
to Grand Lotfc by E. Hill, C. C. No. 44.
9:30 a. ra.-fEscorting offlceis or Grand
Division to Jrmory.
10 a. in. reception of Grand Davision.
2:30 p. ra.ll'rize Drill.
Hand confst immediately following the
Open to dl Divisions U. It. or the world.
Virst Prize 8250 00
Second Trie 123 00
Third I'rizJ 00 00
Drill to It governed in all respects by the
Carnahan ictics, except that twenty men
and one ofjeer shall constitute a Division.
First Friz) ..., $100 00
Second IMu WOO
A bau to contest or not less than ten
U. A. (N'auNess, president; S.S.King,
secretaH; J. M. Allen, treasurer. E B.
Kcntz, L N. Woodcock, ,T. T. McMillcn, 1.
Gctto. j
K. I'. Uovey, O. D. Kirk, II. M. Jones.
Win. Matthew son, L. W. Dittman, A. C.
Ilusey, F. A. Sowers, Geo. W. Walter.
.1. T. .McMillen, .Tno. H. Carey, E. B.
Iteiitz, .1. liich, P. Gctto.
John l'i-hcr, II. W. Dunning, Charles
Ilatton,.). ItUsantz, A. J. Longsdorf.
F. Dale, E. A. Dorsey, G. II. Herrington,
Geo. Spiugcnbcrger, N. P. Nicderlander.
C. Hfiiderson, U. Jacks, C. O. Albert, II.
J. Ilanling, II. Ziethen.
L. X. Woodcock, J. Donahoe, L.W. Ong,
II. W. Aldrich, S. S. King.
E. Hill, II. V. Stewart, G. N. Byers, J. j
D. Houston, E. P. Hovey, Jno. Tucker,
E. A. Dorsey, L. W. Crouch, A. C. Xiedcr
landcr. L. C. Wood, II. G. Toler, A. P.
Stanley, L. P. Jones, J. M. Chain, G. E.
Harris F. L. Tillinghast, P. J. Arnold, AV
II. Wliilcscancr.
The procession will form on Main, near
noon, and move as follows ;
From hotel to Douglas avenue, east on
the avenue to Fourth street, north on
Fourth to Second, west on Second to Waco,
fouth on Waco to Douglas avenue, cast on
Douglas avenue to Main, at which place a
ilrcs- parade and exhibition drill will be
given. Officers and members of the Grand
LoJgc will accompany the parade and re
view on the march.
As to the origin of this order, the follow
ing will be round or peculiar interest at this
This older was rounded February 10,1804,
at Washington, D- C, by Justus II. Rath
bone. At a time when "war was in the
hcirt or man and sorrow was in bis home;"
lean to oc;an, from gulf to
irious laud was engaged in
hiage and death, Justus II.
len a school teacher at Wash-
L, saw In Grecian history the
rderthat should have power
: the warmth of sectional strife
Ig the hearts or man to a basis
of tho tjrautDionysius tho cl-
I an era or scltisliness in the
i senator at Syracuse, by his op-
Dyonysius iu his attempted
i ol power, was placed tindersen-
aniediatc death.
, the time-tried friend of Damon,
the tyrant to grant him a respite,
Ight bid a last farewell to those he
Die denial of this request was fol-
i most striking exemplification
riendshin that has ever illuminated i
i or history. Pvthias, who 'well-'
honor of his friend, offered him-
pledgc for Damon's return, agree-
ky the penalty with his own life
)amon prove him falsa
sins accepted the proffered ho-tage
ecu ryiuias in uarKiicss ami in
rwhiio bis friend of years hastened
kome where loved ones dwelt.
tartlily affairs aro speedily rranged
list fond embrace is given he looks
look upon hi friends, now frantic
ilef and starts to return, but finds
Is slave has slain Ins steed. Syracuse
lagttes avvav; lie saw uis nay oi re-
tading into night his friend led to
iflbld he heard hi pledge of honor
ry or mockery without the prison
Cr:i.ed at the thought or honor lost, friend
und ficndsbip sacrificed, he seized a pas-
jg,tcd, and swifter thau the inds of
)CMA Ber-towan's Syracuse and cer
tain dtnh. Aye, more! to tbc rescue ol
his rrikid, aud maintenance of bis honor
to himVsweeter than life and home.
A tb. last moment is called and tbc exe
cutioners axe i uplifted over tbe head o;
Tytbias be rushes through the gates,
springsupon tbo scaffold, redeems his
honor aiil the life of his friend-
The A.nlaT of manhood and true cour-
...MUllnlhnhnitl'i l.n.r. n-kn i-o. ,
t . - i
"C"- .t-.J.i.tl.v..v..;..u.a ....., ...., .-i
mitting ho death sentence of Damon,
sought aknistion to tneir frienu.bip.
This bfVht spot on the page of tbe past ;
was the, truer atone upon which Mr. Ratb- j
5"brfliel better than be knew." For j
years mewesMnicd low upon the altars
but in Us Wat blgUnoon,when, from
c cry bill tp, tke shields at brave and gal-
l.tntknigbbajMike bright the day of prom
uc, the louuer ir the order may rest ea- '
fured tbatlt
wane. i
star ascended will never
The ordcrh this citv was organized in
tho knrincr ei Vat .. Ill, .Imnl thlrlr- -hrtr
a -. .-- ..- - . -...,
u.cmpcr, ar a now numoers Tip-rmrusoi
. r - . . m.
In the state there arc some
aereaty-f tc.
107 subordinate lodges, and twelve divis
ions of tbc uniform rank.
On behalf of the citizens or Wichita the
Daily Eagle extends a hearty welcome
to all visiting Knights, and hopes that
their stay in this city as our honored
guests may prove botiuprofitabla and en
joyable. It is expected that over 1000 Knights and
ladies will be in the city during the session
of the Grand lodge.
A special train from Frcdonia arrived
last evening bringing 23 members of Frc
donia lodge and two ladies, and the Co'ura
bus division.
Fifty members or Tancard division No.
n tin.l Vvttlp division Vn. 9 of Girard. and
tcniatliep. arriving in the city last eve
The Golden cross of Atchison is expect
ed to arrive to-day.
The Newton cornet band is expected
here to compete for the Jpriaes, as is also
the K. T. band of Emporia.
The residence of Mr. Z. Tuttle iu
the north part of the city, was broken
into yesterday aficrnoon while the
liinily were absent, and closets and
drawers broken onen. and the con
tents ecittcred about the floor. Noth
ing was taken except fifteen dollars iu
money, the jewelry being even left on
the floor. Mr. T. has the hanger-on
-theives of the snide circus to thank
for the felony, of course.
Mr. Drokaw has determined to sell
out his business here and return to
his old home. He desires us to return
his heartfelt thanks to all those friends
who, in the hours of his deeie-t afllic
tion, extended their aid aud sympa
thy. He has sold his beautiful resi
dence iu the upper part of the city to
Mr. II. L. Peck.
Col. Martin Adams, father-in-law of
Col. Fonts, iu company with the lat
ter gentleman, called upon us the
other day. Col. M. is almost a cen
tenarian, having been born in 1797.
He served iu the war of 1812. His
home is iiLClark county, Indiana, and
barring a slight lameness, ho looks as
hale and hearty as many men do at
Mr. E. Phillips sold his highly-cultivated
forty-acre tract on the banks of
the Little Hiver, adjoining the old fair
grounds, last week for the sum of
$4,750. Mr. P. informs us that he 1ms
purchased a desirable tract of two
hundred acres near the I own of Green
wich, in Payne township, which he
will immediately take possession of
aud improve.
A gentleman from Detroit, Michi
gan, mi expert in the manufacture of
gas, and who owns a patent process, is
hereto arrauge the works of th!- oity,
whereby he proposes to double the
lllumiuary power of theprcsent article,
thereby insuring a great saving to the
Mr. Ed. B. Porter, son of Governor
Porter, of Indiana, who.iSpcnt last
week in our city, made many friends
when here, it seems. Mr. P. is a chip
off the old block, keen, witty, wide
awake, and knowing a good town
and country when he sees them.
Wc understand that the lumber is
now on the road for Jioberl Black's
new business block, to be erected on
the corner of Douglas and Topeka av
enues. The building will be three
stories with a 100 foot front.
Miss Alice Murdock and Miss llas
sett, of 1 Dorado, are visiting rela
tives and friendf, in t lie city; coming
over on the extra train 1 it evening
which brought in two divisions of
Knights of Pvthias.
Some ten couple of young people of
tliis city indulged in a boat ride on the
Lit tie Arkansas Monday evening. The
new boat was pronounced a great suc
cess, and the occasion proved oue of
much enjoyment to all.
Ifev. Win. Campbell, of Kankakee,
Illinois, brother-in-law to Professor
I Hammond, is looking this county over
with n view to locating here with his
family. The reverend gentleman is
highly pleased so tar as lie lias seen.
itaooi isenson,
in eminent light of
the Israelitish faith, will be in Wichita
within a short time and deliver a free
lecture at the Presbyterian church, on
the "religion of our age,'" which in
fact is a reply to Ingersollism.
A large number of strangers are vis
iting Wichita this sea-on with a view
of locating in south west Kansas, and
the accommodations of our hotels arc
taxed to the utmost limit.
The city was full of people yester
day, who came in to ec the elephant
There is uothiug that draws like a cir
cus, uuless" it's a Democratic conven
tion iu an ami-prohibition town.
Mrs. Xettie (In en has been ap
pointed, by Probate Judge Jcwctt,
guardian of the minor heirs of J.ewis
Winslnw, deceased, of Salem town
'Colonel M," ilr. Win. Greillen- !
stein s noted trotting horse, for which
i.. i..i -c. .i .i .i i .i..ji
ut nuu iitiiii-u iiiree luuusiuu ouiiais,
uica ia-t Jiic-uav uiunt, stiddeniv.
V tZ lmZ llrtf l-ssf lrtll 1 fit r-rvi '
!' " "" -" --' ""
i.'w..i.:. ..
"'K l"
This morning there will be placed
on ale at the Union Depot, round
trip tickcts to Davton, Ohio, for one
ft f fc fl . $,
good tillJune the 20Hi for the return
trip. They will be on ale till Jtiue
3d. This will be a good opportunity
for parties desiring to Like a trip
et to gct n QOi ruIe.
The tickets
?anla Fe or
arc good bv eitlier the
Frico road. For departure of fraius
sec time tabic in another column.
J. G. LvKTir. Agent.
Owiug to the great amount of local matter
forced upon tbis the first' Issue of The
Daily Eagle, and the great number of
advertisements rushed in at tbc last hour,
nearly all of our news by telegraph was
left over. These matters will regulate
themselves in rll good time.
Mrs. Joe Arment, of Independence,
is visiting with friends in this city.
John Hodgin, of Kokorno, Ind , is
in the city in search of a business lo
cation. Mr. and Mrs. John Humphreys re
turned to Wichita ou the morning
train yesterday.
Miss M. Baldwin left yesterday mor
ning for a short visit with fricuds in
Anthony and Caldwell.
E. J. Scott, o. St. Louis, as pres
ent at the party given at the Occiden
tal last "Wednesday evening.
Miss Libbie DeVore came in from
Andover Sunday evening, and is the
guest of Miss Delia Bay num.
Mrs. RobUon, wife of one of the
firm of Robison Bra's., arrifted in
the Forest city Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Oliver, who-are
now making their home at Winfield,
spent Sunday with Wichita friends.
A. N. Deniiug, of Oswego, father-in
law of C. W. Bitting, arrived in the
city yesterday ou a visit to the latter.
Miss Hattie Obrist. Miss Mac
Bi ooks and Miss Lucy Lauck depart
ed ou a rusticating trip to Cheney yes
terday. The Emporia Republican says that
Mr. Lits worth, of this city, is visiting
his brother-in-law, J. E. Caldwell, of
Lafe Mcrritt, local editor of the
Cheyenne Transporter, Darlington,
Indian Territory, was in the city last
week, shaking hands with old fricuds.
Bcu. A. Jones, of Emporia, and
Dura Hail, of Wyandotte, came in on
yesterday's train to attend the meet
ing of the K. of P. They gave us a
pleasant call.
W. A Smith, O. B. Stockcr and
John McComb, departed on Sunday's
train for a visit to eastern cities. They
will "take in" the Chicago conven
tion before returning home.
Miss Clara Jenkins, who came up
from Kansas City to attend the lato
wedding of her friend, Miss Mattic
Lynch, will remain iu this city sever
al weeks, visiting with friends.
Col. J. Y. Pierce, a prominent bank
er of Osage Mission, was in the city
yesterday, and gave the Eaole a
pleasant call. He was surprised to
note how rapidly Wichita was improv
ing. AV. II. Graham, representing the
Pythian Banner, published at Se-
dalia, Mo., is in the city in the inter-1
ests of his paper, and wc are pleased J
to note is inectiug with much suc
W- H. Thomas, a prominent attor-
nev Of Rockfort, Ind., and an old
friend of Mr. Piatt, gave us a pleasant '
., . . ... t it
call Saturday. He is much pleased
J .,..,.. -
with Kansas, and says that Wichita is
the "boss" town iu the State.
The many friends of Harry Arment
will be gratified to learn that he will
return from the west very shortly.
He has spent the past two years in
Washington territory, and comes back
with the view of remaining in Kansas.
T. W. Phillips, a moneyed man of tbemornlng that letters have been.rceelv-
Xcwcastle, Ind., and an old friend of ' e,d ,n rthU f and 8?le ""n.the lt few
f. r .. . , . ,... ... days from both senators I'lumb and Ingalls
S. D. Hallowell, arrived in Wichita a ' gavIn thcv . r,vor,bIc t0 Chester A. Ar-
lew uays since, ana is prospecting ior tncr as the uepublican candidatefor presi
a good business opening. He is most dent, on the ground that be is tho strong
- i, i ... ., ts . , est man. and that he is almost certain to
favorably impressed with the Forest ' carrr Kew YorU. UN now believed tbM
Citv, and savs it is without question. Artlijr will have fully one-hair or Kansas'
,,".,.,". , , . . . eighteen votes In the Chicago convention,
the prettiest town, aud best business " .
center in the state. A frightful case.
Louisville, Ky.. May 19. A Courier
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jay and daugh- 'journal Harrodsburg special says a horri
ter Mary, Mary A. Richards aud Miss blc case of wholesale poisoning by hemlock
Cirtic Gilchrist, of Emporia, were took place near this place to-day. Kigh
gucsts at the Occidental several davs teen boys, after plajing a game of base ball,
last week.
.,., , . , .
Saturday they departed for
Gueda Springs
After remaining
there about a month, Mr. and Mrs. Jav ,
, , , ... ,,..,." '
and daughter will proceed to Michigan,
thence to Lomr Branch and other re-
sort, expecting to return to Emporia
about October.
Hon, John S. Gilmorc, editor of the
Citizen, came over last night and will
take in the parade, to-day.
Judge Sluss went to Harper this
Mr. IU J. McKim, proprietor of the
Trcmont hotel, returned Sunday even
ing from a three weeks' visit to his
old home in Parisville, Ivy. This is
the first time he has been back to his
i former home for tweutv vcars, and of
course the trip wh. a very enjoyable
1 i
one, but. after all. he found uo place
he liked better than WhirhiLi.
Judge E. B. Jewctt returned from a
bricf ril Topeka Sunday.
Mrs. John Bragg will depart in '
j. , -., "i i .. . i ,
it'w uays wnn ner nusoanu, wnosc
heath has been verv noor for some-
!,. (nt Un! 11 tu.aaA I.. T"a 1 ..l
nun.-, ,... m ...c . ,JU.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Taylor, of
Boonville, Ind.. arrived in the city Sat
urdav on a visit to their friends, R.M
Tiatt and familv. V c are sorrv fo
learn that Mrs. Taylor's health is very
poor, aud mat sne nas icen connncxl
to her room for several davs.
Mr. Tho. Donaldson, of Waterbury,
Connecticut, one of Xear England's
solid men who have been loauing
money in this valley, called the other
day. This is hi thinl trip, and so de-
lighted is he with the country that be
bronsht his wife alons to sncod the!
c -
The Late Financial Troubles
Discussed. The Cause of
the Panic Last Week.
Ingalls and Plumb of Kansas Favoring
Washington, May PL Oa motion of Mr.
Randall the House proceeded tor consider
the appropriation bills.
Mr. Cannon moved to re-commit the con
sular and diplomatic' appropriation ' bill,
with instructions that the committee on
appropriations report back tbc bill cover
ing appropriations similar to those for the
current year, with certain specific excep-
tlnn. I.naf Vpsa Kir mvs. 1.16
rr.. , in .1 . !--.. .... n,l n-t.ett.l
The bill was then taken up and passed.
Yeas, 129; nays, 85.
".' .VJ. w-., , rf-f
The army andDistnetofColumblaappro-
nriation bills nasscd without opposition
Holman and Moulton opposed the bill.
Collins said he was not to be deterred from
hii adversity to the bill by any suggestion as
to the Imminent presidential election, let it
come with all the issues that might be in
vented. He did not believe that the pas
sage of the bankruptcy act would militate
against the interest of bis party. Motion
lost. Yeas 107, nays 113., 'ot necessiry
for a two-thirds vote in affirmation.
Hanking and currency committee was
next on the list, and Wilkens was ready
with a resolution fixing a day for the con
sideratibn or the Mel'herson bill, but mo
tion to adjourn was interjected and car
ried. Mr. Coltlngs from the jtfdicla! commit
tee moved to suspend the rules and adopt
resolutions making the senate bankrupt
bill the special order for "Tuesday June
10th. 3Iotion accorded. 100, to GO.
Mr. Culbertson. or Texas favored the
mot on. With this through the bankruptcy
bill should not be present until the presi
dential election is over. A bankrupt law is
demoralizingand promotive ordesponendcy.
At this very time Wall street was in a mael
storm or speculation and great names
were resting under a shadow of disgrace
on account of that speculation. Congress
should not encourage this by the passage of
a bankrupt law, which would operate as
an injustice to public morals, and would
work ruin to thousands of widows and or
phans. SENATE.
Washington, May 19. Morrill modified
his motion by mowug reference of the reso
lution to the Finance Committee. Bayard
supported the motion. Sherman supported
reference. Tho senate ougbt, be said, be
very carelul in questions of this kind. He
had been in N'ew York the day when
the trouble referred to occurred,
and be could assure the senate that al
though there might be trouble here and
there over tbc certification checks, yet
there had not been trouble at all. Iu the
present -case the trouble was caused by
spcculativ u operation of officers orthc banks
affected, and In some cases not by certify
ing the checks but rather by non-certltiea-tion.
The proper remedy would be to
prescribe severe penalties against any
dealings in speculative transactions by
officers of the bank, or using mon
ey of the bauk in transactions that
such officers might engage iu.
Sherman saw no special uc in committee
investigation in .New York. We had gov
ernment officers there who could give u
all ueeded information. If a committee
were to go there to make a commotion and
keep up an agitation regardingthe failures,
it might embarrasj us in this call. There
had been no panic. If the people of New
York had not been alarmed the securities
specially effected would havo been those
involved in the transactions exposed by the
failure, but confidence in the standard se
curities of tbc country had not suffered. It
was like cases in New York City not ex
tending over any other part of the country.
It had resujtcd in clearing tho atmosphere,
and he believed the present commercial po
sition was iietter than it had been before
the recent trouble.
Kansas Cily, Mo. Tho Kansas City
Timet correspondent obtainc.1 from profes
sor Sanborn, secretary Missouri state board
ol agriculture the condition of the crops
raised. Upon late information from 100
counties of the state the-sbowing is as fol-
lows: heat condition, compared with
., .. ..,.,. loi, ,' irj, ,.
that in May loth last jear, 150 per cent;
arca 0r wheat that will be plowed up, four
per cent. Corn is about the same acreage
as last vear. but less planted at this date.
The portion thaj will germinate is low
about cighty'per cent., and the soil i in
bad condition. There will be no peaches
to speak of. All other fruits, small and
large promise well.
Leavenworth, Kas,. May 19. The Lca-
enwortb Timet will publish a statement in
savins thcv
started in search ol parsnips nut goi noiu
. ... hm.nJ.", ThAnr.
freely and were taken violently III, and
Jw died almost immediately and Ave are
in a critical condition and not expected to
je, while others arc suffering more or Iesj
from poi-on.rarticulars meagre, and the
names ofthcbos unknown.
Little Kock, Ark., May 19. Near Lcwis
burg, Saturday evening, a mill boiler ex
ploded. Instantly killing the engineer,
Frank Weaver, and Cspt. A. Thoma, and
ratally wounding IL Howard and Weaver'
son. "
Oanlen Cltr, May 19. At a meeting of
be Republican Central Committee to-day,
Hon. P. II. Milan was appointed delegate
to the Slate con entlon. He is not instruct
ed, but I. supposed to laror J. A. Martin
for governor, and Higgins for secretary
- .
Arthur and grant
. fl u . ' ' .. ,
Journal trom Wahington say that a mem-
,,erofthe Kan..- congreior.al delegation'
Mid to night that out of the sixteen deie-
irate elected to the Chfcaro lieDnbliun
convention, seven or them preftrred Mr.
Gen. Grant.
Xeosbo Kali?, 3Iay 13. Tbe Woodin
county Democratic convention selected IV.
J. Hougbawout and V. 15. Woodtlde dele-
gates to Topeka. The feeling was In favor
,TU: : '?::T'MZZ
lllair and (tllck: for delegates at large.
from tbe Fourth district. Arrangements
" " " -- - fiiui . aw . ,jmvm
were mxugumeu .o suvn a i'craocraiic pa
prin the eonnty.
SL Ioui, May 13. Problbltlon-homc-protectlon
party met fa convention here to
day and elected S delegate to the National
Ml.vrfltlnn. 3t PltlftLnr-- fn nf-mtnlm n
electoral ticket, but postpone! tbt aaa4-i
tlo..r auutUeketunUI Au?t Jftk,i
ta ssrrtiin huj m. mnvenAii -jiii.i
meet at Sedalis. MSfsi.
as tne nominee or the party, and a "1 cuumuuiis "- ,cil 1. i;i:k. duir it .!. Aai'
.Hon. G'0 It! reek, of Topeka. who l,nf. n-Klilirie r-il- -a l.ft on the CHai BK lialk rwsia nslti .feaaJ.ola, ..a8iiB!ailte -
reported by tbecw York Tribvat a. , , ' ., k, . .t b-rt riU, i e-r ri4, m, sav3lB'KKffi!rK
nz a Blaine delerate ta tbe National Kc- door Step of W S- feU-wart' reu- efpi-nr, ,(. tbl i wbrst, u.ut, WtWftgLf SKimi
convention i, set down among bi, deacc. EmvK,ru areiue. 8uniay I f!2"''g!El1gu Zlttz'&&mB?F'
d here a being oppo'ed to Ulalne .... . . ... ... . ti. J,.; n.i i. ZZrCJ. 'ISrWmHSe-
i .a .nit... .. nAM...tir ,... r.. iiictiL r,v unknown name. .-oi ue i r"i.-"T"' "."-.' '."". ""r . "ww
. n.uuUh.u i'ul.v, huui v. vt i t..c; ttt. -n j c . r .tt . vm 1 1 immi im , tnt. tt mm.
A delegate comTentioa of the JRepablieaaa of
the State orKaataairiU be held la the dry of
Tonrkm. on -
at 4 o'clock p. m. for the parpoae of pjadar fa
nomination candidates for State oMcer and
electing a BepabUeaa State Central Comaim.
The oMeers to be nominated are a folio wi:
One Chief Justice of the Sapreme Coart,
Associate " "
(to fill Tacancy)
' ' Lieutenant Governor
" Secretary of State.
" Auditor of State.
Treasury of State.
" Attorney General
" State Superintendent of Pub. Instruction.
All citizens who are in favor of elevating aad
dignifying American labor, protecting and ex
tending home Industrie, giving free popular
education to the mniei of tke people, securing
free suaroge ana an noneai coaauag or doiiou.
and effectually protecting all huosaa rights, in
every section or our common country, and who
are willing to support the aomiaeea of the con
vention, are invited to ec-opetate with Repub
licans In the Frimartea and County OoaTcnuoas
sending delegate to this Convention.
The oesla of representation shall be the rote
cast for Hon. James Smith. Republican candi
date for Secretory of State, at the general elec-
' . " , , ., . . -,, .
mled to one deUgta . oae alternate for
every S00 votes so cast, or aay fraction thereof
of lis or over, ruoviDED that every county shall
oe enmieu to at least one ueiegate ana one ai
ternatc in said convention, according to the fol
Volet cast. Del. Vouatiet. Totetcatt.Det.
Allen 16 ..
Anderson 1108 ..4
Xemaha 113 ..
Neosho ..1270 ..4
Ness .327 ..
Norton 49S ..3
Osage SStt ..8
Atchison 2182 ..
llsrher .......... 394 ..1
Barton 80S -3
Davis..-. .
EIk. ....... .
.. .. 70S
B ..2
590 v3
6SS ..
1HI0 ..1
1771 ..i
....1113 ..5
Pratt. ....
,.. 179 ..
.. Ill ..3
..1446 ..5
..134 ..S
...1070 ..4
.. 933 ..3
... a ..2
... 348 ..1
.. 558 ..2
..1938 ..7
..1916 . 6
..4564 .13
.. 34 ..1
..1073 ..4
.. 431 ..2
..1721 ..6
.. 9J7 ..1
..1053 ..4
..1537 ..3
..1437 ..5
.. 745 ..2
, .1932 ..7
.. 77
.. ,.1G3
'.'.'.'. iao
'.'.'.'. 190
.... S70
Greenwood lo ..4
Harper 453
Harvey 1536 . M
Woodson.... .
Hodxeman lit ..1
Cheyenne ....
Gove. .
Jackson 1214 ..4
Jefferson 1700 ..ffi
. I
Jewell 1426 ..3
Johnson 1597 ..5!
Kingman.... ... 433 ..2
Lyon. 2093 ..7
Labette 2025 ..7
Leaven wortju. .1943 ..7
Lincoln 70S ..2
Greely.... ....
Hamilton.... .
Lane .
St. John
Linn 1540 ..3
Marion .1071 ..4
Marshall lull ..6
Mel'herson 1722 ..6
Minmi 149.1 ..5
Mitchell 122S ..4
Montgomery.. ..17f0 ..r,
Morris I.... 981 ..3
.IW282 355
It Is recommended that delegates be selected
In County conventions on Satciui.it, July lith
and that the primaries for the same bo held.
Saturday, July 5th, in such manner tu the sev
crtl Republican County Central Committees
may protide
County Central Committees should give at
least two weeks' notice of the time of holding
conventions, by publication in the county pa
pers. It is ordered that delegates forward a ropy cf
their credentials to the Secretary of the Repub
lican State Central Committee at Topka, im
mediately following their electlon-
By order of the Republican State Central
A. L. UttiK.s, Chairman
Wikt W. Wjiltov, Secretary
TojHika, May 5th, lsL
The tempcraucc . meetings which
havo been in progress at tho skating
rink the past week, closed Sunday
evening, Rev. W. W. Woodford hav
ing engagements chewherc that de
manded bis attention. The meetings
have left an impress for good that will
long survive the bare recollections of
the sneakers who labored so zealous
ly for the canse of temperance.
About 1000 people signed the pledge,
A. i ,. , ii. .i i
thus publicly acknowledging their In-
tciition to abstain from the uso of in-
, , . . ., ...
toxicauts, and wc trust thcv will re-
main firm in this dctcrmiuatio. Be i
fore, tho meeting closed SundayVive- t
niug a collection was taken np for the I
purpose of paying rent aud incidental
expenses, which resulted iu the rais
ing of !fil3o.
sTl niAKnlinsi i a ca in l i t la rs n tTfll"!.
vyu iiiui Vriiaiit.il ait, utiuig tvij
large trade thi summer, and carry
stocks, which for variety and ele
gance, cannot bo excelled in the state.
C. F. Shepherd aud J. A. Smith, of
Carey, Ohio, arrived in the city yes
terday, and aro prospecting for a lo- '
A. P.
lfwllli. f.illtnrrif bv fi;.
Kiduie, editor oi tnc ui-
Press and nresident tiro tcin '
i res ana pruiuini pro nuij
s state senate, whilcd away an '
... r
hour with us last night.
We arc informed that iJie money to
build the Wichita, McPherron k Den
ver railroad is now ready,, and that
ground on the line will probably be
broken iniide of sixty days Irom the
tune the city votes the subsidy. Xo
other line can ncciire more advant
ageous connections for the commer
cial interests of our citizens and couu
ty, and the business men of the city
and Delano township arc alive to this
fact. They arc the lat municipalities
in Sedgwick county to be voted, iho
other being nearly unanimous.
livers' Comedy Company will play
at the skating rink Wcdnc-day and j
Thursday evenings
The Doris circus wm in town ycrftcr-
It is said to have been a thin af-
Tiic mother of Mrs. X. A. Kugliali,
"i" '
imr avmarried man the writer u
lots to know how Mr. Stewart knew
it'to be wedding cake,
W. A- Jarines, proprietor of the J
Temple of Music, departed for
'iniue oi .music, uesiriru wr ins
i -, r "t .!. i - J f "
former home at Htawatha laat week
and will not return until Thursday.
Marsh Murdock calls the peopi of
Emporia -'cthttic," and peak f
lhfr h,iln?r wli ft-t nvr (La(
.i;. ...t-;, r,; .i t. .1-
JfttctI the next thiair. or tbe weeltlr;
Eaoi.k aad nrcsrwetire dalls- vrill bars
lainMiml. Al(. -.lt. Aft..rrvU
oftliatcitv. Thcrei wiil ceruialy be
Ai, Onn f.mtll Itfflfri. 4t ttirif.1l tVltrtfl
it 5 known tlir- outfit rnuldn't ntford ! etsf J Jan. S(n,a3t. eiiMtit ati&j Jolr.
it is Known uic outni couiun i aimru j . d'ln t STtt ,vpiT S'i
' tfiadrir(i. in tho KAfir.K OsU weokawt bwTS cKth.XiK MViltSlX.
c home i in ijcavcn worm, is j "'': ' - j "' - ,; 2 '!"
king her daughter a vit tlm Joii-,r7'sii:w.fbinsi; rw; rrf4Jir,
lUff. i: TS4V. UVA lrllnrlrl?aijiiiitJrluw.
4 1 t... ... . . ..., ' BH. 13 . CJ7Wi 't4. h!;t atr.
at x
Wood thed fXr tbUaaa1)eechftie,tJj,'r'1 Beaw
cviiKr jvexnuann jttifjcr.
The Erie Bank Failure.
Kansas Funds Safe.
Indian Troubles in uhe Northwest
Frightful case of Poisoning.
Erie, Pa., May 13. Xo stvtencat baa jet
been made by the cSlcer of tbe firie Coun
ty Bank, except that te dcpolt were
about f3W,080. Il has wealtby steckkeld
ers, and as they are individually liable, all
claims will undoubtedly be paid la full.
One of the directors who has uvea examla
fag accounts says there wu ao grounds for
a failure, but the president got frfghtened
aBd precipitated matters by advUing his
friends to withdraw their deposits.
Kcw Orleans, MayI&-GoY. MeKacry
was inaugurated to-day.
Kansas City, May 19. At a shooting gal
lery on Main street this morning, John Nor.
ton was accidentally shot and billed by a
target ritle in tbe hand- of Dennis Clary.
The body of a woman was found la the
quicksand oa tbe river near the city last
evening. It was at tirst supposed to be
that o? Mr. General l'roudetlt. It baa
since been identified as tbe remains of a
middle aged woman who was seen tor sev
eral days wandering about tho levee in the
lower part of tbe city.
Columbus, S. C, May 19. .1 heavy wind
and rain storm visited the village of Tarlc
ton, l'eekoura couuty, this afternoon.
About tblrt) bouses were unroofed, being
nearly tho cutlre village. Fences were
blown down, trees uprooted, and a man
named Kershner dangerously wounded by
a falling blacKsmitb shop. Tho same storm
passed In tbe vicinity of Lancaster, Fayette
county, v here several buildings were un
roofed and the ampltheatro at the fair
grounds and race courso destroyed. Sev
eral borses were killed by falling barns.
Topeka, Kan., May 19. Tbe following
telegram was received from Gov. (Hick :
New York. May 19. Tho funds of the
State, county and townships are safe. The
First National ISank Is selected as the fiscal
agency of Knni. DoMoell, Lawson and
Simpson will pay alt their liabilities If (heir
creditors will give them -a little time.
(Signed) , Gov. (il.ICk'.
Cincinnati, May 19. Tbe Cincinnati Lead
Pipn and Sheet Company' works, 'ill and
'203 east 9th street, burned. Los on stock,
t50.00O; Insured. Building belonging to
.1. Evans' estate, UIO.OOO; insured. Mrs.
Leech, loomlnir In fourth tory. was fatally
burned. V. E. Cook was aUo severely
St. Louis. May 19. Iaac llooun living
five miW southeast of here, hung himself
with a (ilcci' of wire In bis barn this morn
ing. H? svss taken sick last fall, and has
been slightly deranged aincc. His domes
tic affalm rrere also a source or trouble to
him. He loav'es a Urge tamlly, some f
whom arc small children. He own a farm
and some other property.
Minneapolis, ;May 19 Journal's Whine
peg special says trouble Is rapidly coming
to a climax among the Indians In ibo north
western territory. I'eapot called a big sun
dance, and Invited all ludlans, and will de
mand to be given land where they can get
fresh fllsh to counteract the otfect of ba
con which has spread pcurvey throughout
the cainns. causing tlftv of bis neotilo to
' die In three month. Complaint.
I lppiie.' The Assloabolnes and other
tribes are to Join the movement for
cutnge. Yellow Catflnh's band has armed
an,i asrc ucrylng the authorities. Cannon
an I troops havo bose been sent from ile
glna. and a tig it is looked for.
I l.tyAfiri a-tiiailirma nf tlm rtnt ArnntAltl ttss tn
Kansas City Live Stock.
Ka Cirr, May I!, !.
Tho Livestock tndttotor report.
Cattlx ItecelpL, 1,513 j market Ann and
al and 5Wc higher i natlte !eer, l,fAtf
to I, ll lbs, W .1H('II5 atneker, feeder and
cows imchangisl
Hot, Receipts. 2.P10 1 slow but tteadrt lot.
averaging vn i ra idi soiu si .. io-) m
bulk at .' I5HV.2V V
feiiKKr ItrreipU, .'!ff steady native clip
ped oirrsging s; lln sold st l 25 iff
St. Louit Grain sad Produce.
St Lon, May 19, lwf
Flour uncbsnirt-d Wheat towrr ami Inac-
jtivei So i red, H-l"i conb and Msyj
I 07lOTJS''Unef!!rt'i
cIfrtlnK at inM prfrr ; so
I 07l7feuue;MM9a5fnl; f VHtUlJi yearj
orn lower and fsirly actlte; y).' cash;
wvwo MBjr onawi,ittBe . M UfyM Jo1r , M,
etas Auxut ; tiy. year, ciosimr st inid nx.
nre f lit. InuriT ! llow tt.1il:uJl. fi.h i 3411
srci, i.oi aKl
una usx lower s mow si 3;. cau bk
Jnnej 30i July x 2fi' yesr itjo s'ow mtl
bid Hsrleydnlfstr4iHe JjiuI higher fS.ti.
Ilutter and eggn unrhsntred KlavseeU nominal
at 1 SO Hay hifrkcr s prairie, !JH ; 0n(tSir .
Vrri. Ilrsn unchanged. Lornnwsl tU-iulj
st 2 WliUkry stesdr st 1 11 Prnlon.
very slowj only a niall jobbing trte It"
celpts Flour, ,, bbli wheat, S,f bui
corn, 02,091 bu i oU, tj.wm bn ; rye, i,w ha i
barley, S,f bu Hhlptni-nt Klonr, H.W't
bbl; wheat, W.tHObui r.rn, Kz.oiObut oata,
M.'M); rye, l,bu j barley, s,unbu
Loui. Live Stock.
Kr Locis, May 19, !.
Cattlk Itccrjjit. 1, (hli'uwnin, tvj
market stronrtr, sn.t lt rV't :irX.u rr-
5 rA i eof-fl Texsris, S 25oS,J5 1 jrr-fl
.naxi Umeipt, 2,7o shii.nwn;., J,lij
sMmiinir. 5 vr f ewinniii Vitnrfinm.zn
common w cuuicit ciijw-i, ..j a,
rl. I . Oral mai rf fc'm , n
UiHCMm. Jtor .-imM
now. nt t whes. afssct tmitatlurt assas
1 oai(T I fetl K WWi1 V. rienitig ,?,
urrfbr hstcntay s Iy &m s, tUninr st ,
wwiVS Jan, fie, cjrrinr t ,m7,C(
Jmrt We: riming n touvt' , j
vrk and lrr $ market .tj-t-I a I.I4.!' r.
rr wi ;;e j rsium tc uriij , tiiw-
elMiinirst 31 ' ( Jttn,StVfl,G, rlwair t Sl,
tnZXXc; Jdy, ZHn&rt zltMng st,Ac
Tit, v'iiesx. Hje iult at ,.!. Hry
r, tUlajt tvly i eati ! Mmj, 7 7 j
' '
AmrTVmfaft- hflifO
Trs'iinr om'rwbt-eg;ri.t ttturt
f si ctowns; i w wi ",-ZiJZZr Aagsl
atellj;i'!Jajs?Si:2i5ie Aa
Corn, 45HeJr J Jaly Osi,;;cJ
xrfe July I'art, 17 tt .tsdt bnjr el
Qt .to, tsy ft, 1M,
TVr prBtif'i JkwI rryeru
rrf, w. spsi, Zlr
tk msJ Zteltm Umri mart.
toJM t Paaavaw tJ iIiIh' n ; -.o
' ' "f"? - -
whm aaassm aMwssBBBaBaaasmsw' m
"???."-- S . gflV II !!.
a! to etm:l.t
f-iitrf. tjru
slow J low irradra sismat slatli
Yi ??' T (.a,. to tfA, IM
i trr B-t, I7e
OtuOssBuHssssssssssV E
wpwrngam i
IV c
i jEfcV-

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