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The daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1884, May 21, 1884, Image 1

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111). Vico-1'ros'l.
nsas State Bank.
'A 1FON,
i Deposit)!, Male Collections,
(,cl a ((tcritf I fan kin (j Jtiisincss.
M Wllli-iiii SI.. N. V.
ISANK. Iloston.
J. oiaIidson, Pins. S. Fj. Davidson. Vi.c-IVos. (J. Fj. Davidson, Seo'y.
he Davidson Loan Co.
Ucr; Always on Hand to Loan on
KICK V1T OjTi'XNS ISANK. Norlhue-t
rner Mnlki MMl and Douglas Aiemie,
Bank of j Commerce.
Real Estate,
Monet on
Deposits, JTimo
-Buys and sclh exchange; makes collections; negotiates municipal bonds,
and transacts banking
'No. 17 Doiigla. Avenue
iionoi.nl HAITI
11. 1) AI.I.KN, Vlc.l
ligtts Lul
.1 hllK'kol lll I
f i:n&iitiii
tho Institution
111 ictcivnUcil
lmnUux lmil
1 iiHin teiins,
It SOX. l'rrii
m t
f-tfL wwsm
L topaflH
P pW
1.4 1
January 14, 1881.)
I.. 1). SK1NNKII, Cashier,
UKO. i:. SPAI.TON, Ass't Ca-hler.
liny ami Sell Exchange, and trans-
JMMiOIIANT.V .NAT'I, ISAM., Kansas City.
- - '- - - 00,000.
Improved Farms and City Property.
Wichita, Kansas.
Personal, and Chattel Securities.
and Demand, at Interest.
in all its branches.
Wichita, Kansas.
Robert Lambdia, of Eldorado,'
the city.
Mrs. Dr. Stephens has gone on a
visit to Illinois.
Mrs. Crouch left a few days ago for
Crested Buttes, Colorado.
F. M. Sloon, a prominent business
man of Chicago, is in the city.
Mr. J. L. Sheldcn departed for his
home at Topeka yesterday evening.
Mr. Ilatton, of Clinton, Iowa, is
visiting his brother Charles in this
Judge Stratford, of Butler county,
was among (lie visiting Knights yes
terday. A'. C. Barnes-, one of the city officials
of Atchison, gave us a pleasant call
Mrs. Stiusoii and Master Flarry arc
visilingat their old Iiome in Carthage,
Yesterday we had the pleasure of
meeting J. C Tultlc, county clerk of
Wilson county.
Miss Hillia Funk, of Belle Plaiuc,
i in the city, the guest of the family
of Mr. IF. W. Kcndlc.
Frank II. Stauf, foreman of the Re
corder at Ilolton, Kansas, gave us a
fraternal fehak yesterday.
Hew E. W. I'fatt'enbcrgcr, of Lafay
clio, Ind., fornierlv of this citv, iravc
us a pleasant call Tuesday.
J. 15. Howley, reprc.enting the Ivan
pas City Journal, departed for the
oast on yesterday's train.
W. II. McXeil, a member of Golden
Cross Lodirc No. 1, of Atchion, was
among the agreeable callers yesterday.
II. W. Pond, of Ft. Scott, depart
ment commander of Grand Army of
the Republic, was one of yesterday's
Mr. AV. J. Coulter, a member of
Tiago lodge, Iv. of 1. of Chamite, was
yesterday blinking hands with "Wichita
W. L. llakell, one of the genial
members of i he Golden Cross Lodge
of jYtchNon, called on the Daily Ea
w.i: yesterday.
L. F. Cro.s, from Manton, Michi
gan, accompanied by his daughter, is
visiting Mrs. Cros, his mother and the
family of T. M. Lane.
Col. Frank Parsons, First Assistant
Grand Commander of Knights of
Pythias for Missouri, was on the
street yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marin Gilchrist and
C. P. Tlicis, came down from Emporia
to "take in" the Knights-of
Owing tJ the very unfavorable state of
the weather and the bad condition, of the
streets yesterday, the Knights ofi Pythias
determined to postpone the time of their
parade and drill until 1 o'clock thi? after
noon, when, if the weather is favorable, it
will come off per the following programme
which we re-publish for the benefit of those
ho wish to know the nature and time of
the various exercises:
0:30 a. m. Escortiing officers of G rami
Division to Armory.
10 a. ra. Hcceptiou or Grand Division.
First Meeting of Grand Lodge.
Second Eseorlinjr Grand Lodge to
position in lime.
Third Grand parade
of Divisons
and Lodges.
Fourth General review
cession by ofllcers of Grand
Grand Division.
Fifth Address of welcome
to Grand
Lodge by E. Hill, C. C. No. U.
Trize Drill.
Hand contest imiucdi.itcly following the
Open to ail Divisions U. It. or the world.
First Prize $250 00
Second Prize 125 00
Third Prize 50 00
Drill to be goerncd in all respects by the
Carnahan tactics except that twenty men
and one olliccr shall constitute a Division.
FirstPrizc $100 GO
Second Prize MOO
A band to contest or not Ic-s than ten
U. A. VanXes, president; S.S.King,
secretary ; J. .M. Allen, ticasurcr., L i.
lteutz, L. X. Woodcock", .1. T. McMillcn, 1.
E. P. Hovcy, O. D. Kirk, II. M. .lone-.
Win. Matthcvvson, L. W. Dittman, A. C.
Htisey, V. A. Sower, Geo. W. Walter.
J. T. McMillen, Jno. 1. Carey, E. It.
Keutz, J. ltich, P. Gctto.
John Fisher, II. W. Dunning, diaries
Ilatton, J. Uissantz, A. J. Longdorf.
F. Dale, K. A. Dorey, G. II. Ilcrriugtou,
Geo. Spangcnberger, X. F. Nieilerlander.
C. Henderson, It. Jack". C. O. Albert, II.
J. Harding, II. Zietlicn.
L. X. Woodcock, J. Donahoc, L.W. Ong,
B. W. Aldricli, S. S. King.
E. Hill, II. W. Stewart, G.X. P.yers, J.
D. Houston, E. P. Hovcy, Jno. Tucker,
E. A. Dorscy, L. W. Crouch, A. C. Xiedcr
lander, L. C. Wood. II. (J. Tolcr, A. F.
Stanley, L. F. Jones, J. M. Chain, G. E
Harris, F. L. Tillinghast, F. J. Ainohl, W
II. Whitescarvcr.
The proccsion will form on JIain, near
the Occidental hotel at 2 o'clock this after
noon, and move as follow ;
From hotel to Dougla" avenue, cast on
cnue to Fourtli street, north on
,west on Second to Waco,
In New York Endorses
President Arthur.
The Wealth and Brains of the
Country for Him.
Atchison County Enthusiastic for John
A. Martin.
Washington 3Iay 20. The majority of the
resolutions presented declare William E
English duly elected member of the Forty
eighth congress. Converse spoke iu sup
port of the claim contestant, and Hart pre
sented grounds on which the contestce
bases his claims. Lowcry advocated the
claims of the contestant. He alluded to
certain language made by J. S. Wise of
Virginia, when the Ferrcll Paul case was
under consideration to the effeat that the
Virginia bourbon was riding into congress
on the back of ono of Harnum's Indiana
mules. Ho supposed that remark was
rounded upon the legend that chairman
Itanium had once telegraphed to Indiana
concerning some mules. In view ot the
spectacle which the gentleman from Vir.
ginia presented on the tloor, he apprehend
ed that if ISaruum had been telegraphing
to Virginia for an animal of the lower or
Jcr, ho would have telegraphed for one
still more brutal iu its instincts than a
mule. Wise, who bad been out, came in
and aked that the words be taken down.
The speaker said that tbc proper time for
that request had passed. Wise said, 1
waive all points and reserve the privilege of
pergonal explanation hereafter. Lowcry
thcii proceeded with his argument. In the
course of bis remarks he referred to Thomas
Hendricks. Perhaps some of his republican
friend had heard of that gentleman as hav
ing been the successful candidate for the
vice-Presidency in 1870. He disclaimed
any knowledge of the gentleman in that
connection and Lovvery retorted by inti
mating that Hcndricksmight bo beard of as
elected to some office in lt&l in connection
with the great heart of the Democratic
party, Samuel J. Tildcn. Hiscock sug
gested this disenssion should be carried on
in cipher, which suggestion was received
by sundry ejaculation of tattooed from the
Democracy side.
Pctidor spoke in support of the claims of
setting member. Pending further debate
the House adjourned.
House committee on judiciary ordered
favorable report on Delegate Monzeanares.
Joint resolutions providing for the suspen
sion on all laws, acts and joint resolution
passed at the 26th session of the legislature of
New Mexico, which began February 18th
of this year, be suspended, pending the in
vestigation now being made by senate com
mittee on territories.
The house sub-committee on naval affairs
to-day reported to the full committee a bill
providing an appropriation of $40,000 for
the relief or officers and crew of the Unit
ed States sloop of war Cumberland, and
the Uniteil States steamer Monitor, who
were engaged in action with Confederate
steamer Merrimac, in Hampton Uoads
March S and 9, 18C2. The report accom
panying the bill says, the claim to prize
money must be rejected, but while this is
true, evidence presented the committee
abundantly proves most conspicuous gal
lantrj and devoted patriotism as well ai
extraordinary services rendered by tho
officers and crews of these ships, which, in
the opinion of your committee, entitles
them to generous and gratctul recognition
by their country-
Lewis was insirucieu uy iuu uuusc
lie lands to day to report
obinits the sec-
f fur-
Chicago May 20. Telegrams signed by
presidents of first and second national
bank, by John V. Farwell, T. D. Armour,
Henry Kup, A.W. Totter and represen
tatives of large commercial and financial
interests was sent at length to business
mens' meeting in New York in behalfof
President Arthur's renominatlon. The
Dispatch expresses appreciation ot the im
portance of the 'calf, and believes that
President Arthur should be renominated
in justice to the welfare of the entire coun
try, and to him who has made so good a
New York, May 20. The great mass
meeting of citizens and business men call
ed express approval ot the administration
ot President Arthur, and urge his rcuora
ination for a second term. The mass meet
ing was held to-night at Cooper Union.
More orderly, and intelligent assemblage
than that which crowded the great hall was
never before seen in this city. At half past
seven every seat in the building was occu
psed. and one-half an hour later when C.
X. Itliss, of Bliss, Fairburn A Co.,
called the meeting to order, not another
person could find standiug room in tho hall,
though they still continned to pour into the
doorways, until finally at S:10 the com
manding police gave orders to close the
doors. In tho audience were a large num
ber of ladies. Seats were provided upon
the platrorm for about sixty people.
Among the prominent person who occu
pied them were C. X. Itliss, Frederick S.
Winslow. Henry Ward ltcechcr. Itenj. II.
liristow, Ed. Peirrji, Assistant U. S. Treas
urer T. O. Actim, Surrogate DG. Itolling.
C. It. Agncw, Legrand B. Canbon. Jesse
Scligman. Salem U. Watts, Sam Slocum and
Parke Goodwin.
Cornelius N. llliss called the meeting
to order, and in brief stated the ob
ject lor which it was tailed. He fcild it
was taiieu. iiu e-iu n
was the unusual thing for business men to '
have it word in choosing a candidate for the
presidency, as this was tho work of those
who were supposed to be better posted in
public affairs. Political papers had en
deavored to depreciate the efforts of the
business men in the present instance, and
insinuated that at the present time it would I
be better tor the business men to attend to I
their own business and look alter their I
stocks and bonds and merchandise, instead
or meddling with politics. ThcywouId take
flu. Illmrtr. hmvnvnr. In suite nf tliee un
fair comment, to express their views in the
matter and urge the re-nomination of Ar-'
thur who, although be came into office un- '
dcrsuch trying circumstances, had proved ,
himself so worthy of tho great charge en- ,
trusted to him by the people, and whose j
administration had met with such success.
President Arthur was certain to carry Xew
York State, which could not be said or an
other candidate.
He asserted that men or all classes were
calling upon president Arthur, and that
this was uot a class meeting but a meeting
or all the citizens. Itesolutious in favor of
the president signed by some of the most
prominent business men .
S. Winston, president of the Mutual life
insurance company was introduced as
chairman or the meeting.
i...l- nr.n.i.vi.. ...litni- n tiio piinmiri!'ii i
Advertiser, made :i short address aud then i
ltev. Henry Ward Iki cher was called. j
Mr. Bcecher was enthusiastically vvel- '
corned. Ho said a most exalted evening
papcrln Brooklyn, whose editor 1 esteem
very highly because he esteems me very j
lilnhlr riniiirlitprl iint lnne aa. ill a nlavtul I
ass mlt, said that Mr. Becchcr u-cd to be
very much opposed to the president, but
that be had come around aud become a
great friend or bis, and that that was just
like Bcecher laughteij. I am here to ver
ily every word or that. I was not preju-i
diced in Mr. Arthur's lavor. I was, on the
contrary, displeased with nun. and 1 re
garded the success or Ills administration as
being very uncertain, but I have been won
rrom those prejudices by the steady pto
gress of his wise and prudent administra
tion applause. I am here, not
ns a clergyman, but ns it business
man. This is an assemblage o( business
men, not or politicians, or or monopolies,
or or blotcd bondholders. The business j
part or a community represents in many re-1
spects the best Interests of ourcountry,and
business men, perhaps, more than any
others, require stable government. Wc
have met simply to suggest to the commit
tee at Chica-ro what is tiio will of the Ite-
ans or Xew York. President Arthur
ir under trying clrcum-
al omcer as
Kansas City, May 30. A Topeka special
to the Journal, last night, says that the
Democratic love feast held last Saturday it
far reaching in its effects and is the subject
of much consideration amoBg the elect even
yet. While many members of that party
deny it, and some even goto far as to say
Judge Martin was made a chair of, the rea
fact ii he took thelaembers by the noses
and led them up to the trough and made
forty-one of them drink their twill, only
three breaking away. And these three rep
resent a considerable element in tuts city
and county. Judge Martin told them iu
convention that be was a tried and true
Democrat before thoy were weaned, and, in
substance, all thev had to do was to walk
un to tbc polls and vote, keening their
mouths shut in presence ot their elders;
that there were old and gray headed Dem
ocrats (pointing to his ovvn hair) who
would do all the thinking, and bad no need
to seek advice of sucklings. Keverting to
tbc past, he stated that twenty-nine years
ago bo hud upheld Democracy in Uie State
ol Kansas, had aided in making the party
what it then was, and had always followed
faithfully the rules governing that party.
There was a spirit of rebellion manifest
iu the convention, but only three out of
fnrt v-four dared declare their independence
at the time, though they had no hesitation
afterwards. One, Mr. Greene, a young
man of decided opinion, struck a keynote
iu declaring himself free Irom any taint of
the blind subjection so notlceabla in many
of tbc Shawnee county Democrats, and thai
he was not bound to swallow any dote
Judge Martin might sec lit to prepare for
the Democracy. There is a tendency In
this party, as far as this section is concern
ed, to pay some attention to the younger
men who duTlnc the last-twenty years have
prevented it bcingTorgotten. The younger
i, .., , .,;- .... - ..ii. .., ,,... ,
"' "'" "s "',.r'.l... J.. ' "..;,' ii .;
iu the majority, that they alone have kept
the organization alive, ami mat mey win
not now submit to moss-back dictation.
Much bad blood was stirred up, and any
thing but friendly reelings arc now observ
ed. 'The indorsement of Gov. Glick was
uii'inimotis. There wa no fight on him.
The other names, Itlair. Xorlon ind Mile
ham. came In lor Ihclr share or talk, how
ever The governor's cider clerk looks upon the
meeting as a slap at Judge .Martin, eveu
while Martin was advreating an iudore
meat or the governor. This morning the
elder clerk stated that Martin having been
at vairanco with the party ibr two years,
now endeavored to come crawling back.
Come'' is a good word to use iu tLis case,
it first shows where the aforesaid c. c.
stands, in spite or the Atchison Patriot,
which calls him o Itepubllcan. One sen
tence in Judge Martin's speech last- Satur
day evidently galls him, as It does many
other vounir Dcmocraf-s. Said the judge:
i "I wns in the harness as a Democrat before
vour younger members or the party were
out or their swaddllug clothes. I have
worked for rhat party, and have done more
against prohibition than you can jr you
live to be a thousand yearc old, and will
again bo found .with my coat off aud spend-
in' mv moncv for resubmission, vou know
no more about politics than did the scarlet
woin-in of Babylon know about the im-
maculate conception, and yet you presume
to intrude your advice In matters not pelit-
the Judge warmed tho young
or the Democratic party, those
young men who have joined and worked
for the party when It required courage to
do ao.
Springfield, May 20. The annual conven
tion or the Missouri Press Association con
vened at the Maslicld Opera House this
morning. Over 300 editors and their wives
wero in attendance, and It is conceded to
bo the largest editorial convention ever as
sembled in MUnouri. The convention
was opened with prayer by Iter. Can-, uf
the Episcopal church, 'which was followed
by a neat nd appropriate address or wel
come liy Mayor Walker, and responded to
by 11. II. Speed, ot the Xevada Jlull, presi
dent or the association. The roll call dls
closed the fact that nearly every member
r the association over three hun
dred iu number weio present, and
some.tiltccu or twenty new applications
were made for membership. The after
noon session consisted uT tho annual ad
dress dellveieil by J. I.'. Ku-scll, oT the
ttsburg Leader, and foniu readings by
1.. uussell. I lieu lollovvdil :
Jiertsou Nixon, or the
'vhs a lino pro- 1
Vienna, Austria, May 30, la a speech
to-day nt tbo closing of the Hungarian Diet
the emperor pronounced the relstioa of
all European states such a to juttiryahapc
for long-continued peace.
Paris, May 20. The French government
has decided to introduce a bill in the cham
ber ol deputies providing for the taxation
of imported cereals and cattle.
The minister of marines introduced a bill
providing for a credit of ."tt.Mo.OflOr oa ac
count of the war in Tonquin and a credit of
r,CHX),000ron account of Madagascar expen
Madrid, Spain, May 20. In a speech from
the throne to-day at the opening of tbo
Cortes, Klug Alfonso announced that a
commercial treaty with England would be
submitted totho Cortes; that, the rank or
Spanish representatives hereafter would be
minister instead of embassador. Ho prom
ised that the pay of soldiers would bo in
creased and the system of taxation reformed.
Live Stock.
Shlpilnssners. --. tl UKJJ3 1!A C
ltiitclien's tcrs !2Ht3i I
Kat co ws and heirurs. .1 254 SO J
Kntshlpplnithiipi, Wst 3 T.VI SO .
Slock and ree.Hn boss 4 noat 40
fctwep , SHVjlW
Produce. $
Wliulesale. l.Vlall.
Potatoes, iter bit I
Krks 12 lA'.WI
llulter Ii tl
Cliees 17 ''
flilrleiK, eaeli 2J. '
Ijinl. I l
Itacoit 1 l
Mionldent Mjft !!!!
Ilsius . . .... It 1
Corn meal - ,...., to "' .
Klnur, hipli patent. ... 3 '-1
Klour, patent ...-.. ...,.S 25A3 73
Kloiir, I'sneit . ...: ... 4 "4-1 "
Klour, XX.VX S2l
Hour XA'X 2ii
Chopfvett Minl i
llran .
Sherts W
Slilllnjr wheat WVj!l
lilpiliig wheat a75
Corn 2sm9
OaU SP '-a31
mm m "
Kansas City Live Stock.
Ivss.vh City. May It), !"!.
The Live-Stock Mleator reports .
Cvrri.fc Itecehits. 1.3.M: market slow nt
vcstcnlay's prices; natiVH steers, M t 1,!M
llis, . iVtf j.t.' j fttockcra,
reeders and cownj,
Uousi:eJitsr3,a!M; market flirm nml If-
higher, cbxilnj? weaker; lotn nTtraglng R)tj
xr, Jim sold at $" 10i.'i bulk nt .V.!0f$
SiirKi- Kceelpts, RX) ; market unlet mm unchanged.
St. LouU Grain anil Prcyluce.
fer Lomh, May SO, twi.
Kioru Market unchaiiifed.
Wiihar Ma ket slow. Irregular, nnd gener
al ly lower, but some sales for July almte je-ti-nlay;Xo
5! red. 1 WK.iilO'jcaidi, cloning at
l; May. 1 (M.-;a lot!., closing itt KilJ.
July, 01. : Angunt, t'lr-uii',
OtitNMnrket a shade better, but Inactive;
.'pO'iiHW. cash ; anstan); May; su'Wi. Juno:
51 ;'."." July ; M'sM1, August, closing nt
outsldu prleeii j. .iL'J
Otix-Miirket nominal an4lJ lowers" Jl4j.-s" '. ,
tint ea.ti , :H i.i.i !-, . ii j), $;. -ap
ItvK-liulI ; l bid vp$ert?r vv3?.
lUnr.icr IhillatrcKtwt: - " . -Ii..! "".-'
I.ki Market higher and tem ' coamon,:'4t -"
3 47WO..V) ! refined. 3 .M Mil.
ISittkb X Koi.s Market unchanged
Ktjtxsi.rit Nominal nt I M
Hav Klnn ; prnlne, 1'.' Ooh15 timothy,
10 O-Ka l;i ol
Hit. Ixiwer; Um: at mill
Coi-hk.i, Higher ; 3 if)
WtlfkHY Steady ot 1 II
Pnoviiovs Very slow ; only a smalt Jobbing
trade at previous lirirvs
KK.KUTS Klour, 30,000 barrel; Hliit,Sl.
i liuniielK ; corn, ;'."),' biulirU ; oats, Hl.oil
l tiunlifl ; rye, none; tiarley, 5, Inlsliels
SinrMKNT Hour. 3:l0 darrein i wheat. !.-
bushels ; corn, .Vi.Wi iiiulirlsi ontu &.')
IiiihIiWr ; rye, nouo J barley, none
, Loi'U Live Stock.
ovin. May a), 11

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