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The daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1884, May 22, 1884, Image 3

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I 'a
I tf
M. M. MURDOCH, Editor.
R. P. MURDOCH, Business Manseer.
Ha Ac largest Circulation of any Dally -Paper
tn Southxccttern Kansas.
One copy, one year , .-...$$ K
One coiiy, six months 4 CO
One copy, throe months 2 00
One cojy, one month ;:,
Twenty cents )er vv eek dollv ered by carriers In
the City. I'ostajtc prepaid.
One copy, one year $ on
One copy, six months l to
Onrrates for adrertisiiiK shall be as low as
those or any other paper of equal value as an
adrertiblnj: medium.
All transient advertisements ninst be paid for
in advance.
Entered in the 'I'orilojfre at Wichita, at second
clatt matter, andtntertd to transition through the
mails at such
The following tabic rives the arricl and de
parture of trains at Wichita.
GOING south.
Aiiiiiu:. I i.Kn.
. Express..
1U:i A MTl Express." .li)::r. A. -MT
Ac. Kreiplit. T.it'iV.'il
Ac Freight I'M 1 il.
vvicmtn js.nuw r, ji
i.k vv i:.
...7:a)A. if.
... 5:."K1'. SI.
...litSJV. JI.
Kansas City Express
Express r.:J0l M.
Ac. Freight 1I.-KA. I.
uuiis daily.
All others daily exo.pt Sunday.
Stall train from St. Ixiuis arrives at fi Olii. m.;
leaves for the norlli at ;:0.i, in.; Mail tr.iin
lea es lor the east at!l:.V. a. in.
Accommodation leaves the Union deot" for
Clieney.it 10:41 a m : Freight depot at at II :
a. in. Hi-turning, leaves Clit-ni-yat3.IOi.nl.,
arriving at Union depot at fl.wi making connrr
tion Hir Kaunas "itv with the regular passenger
from the Hiutli
I h VVI .
Ac. Freight 7.1" a in
V.. A Mail. i;:;.'i'. in.
Freight -." p. I"
E X Mail ;Wia. m.
Freight . Iu.u'mi. m.
Ac. J'n-ight!) otp. in.
E. 11 ki:.ntz, .
l'liyblcian ami Siirgt-on UOIeemer Fuller .1
Sun's grocery
W. F
at L-iw.
Oilice out
tloiml liaii'k
Kjui-.-n N'a-
!.. 1. bllEHWOOO,
HeutNt. Ofln-p In iVirnll I'-uUilltigoppOflle
Kislilln-e, Mnin -lire!, Wichita, UniiMis.
Teeth extraelrd without uiln l nitrosoxide
.i. .i. cinvr,
Aichllett and Mij-iiutfiii)ciil. Ollii-c, I'nill
Werner' lilui-k, nonplus avenue, lietueen To-h-Ii.v
avenue and Ijih-iu- St , Ui.liil.-t, Knu
J. i. iicilvton, r. vv. i cmliy.
AttmiieM at Ivv Office mrr Kansas Na
tional liaii'L, Wichlti, Knu.
.1. F. LM'lK.
Attorney at Law, Wiihita, Ka-isas
i: c. i:i.i:iii.i:s,
AU.vrin-y-.-it-l.nv. Olhcu er
Strict, Wichita, Kmibiia.
.'.. .! Main
o. i kiuic,
Altnriieynt Law Itoom Xo. J
oOii-e biiitding, Wiihita, Kaus.-ib.
U i I.au.1
CImI Engineer nnd ICc.-il I. state Agent Tem
ple block near l'uslollie.-, W ieliita. Khhs.is
HATTON. IIUUCI.Ks.'c i'Ai:-o.-,
AttiiijnmB-.t-Lw, Wli-hltn, Kansas. I !-
I. 51 iIALOLItelOX,
Aitoiim ' at i, AW, V.'icliita.bedgw lik county
Kaiira-t Oilice !n -titeiiiiial lllork.
I)i: .I.C IlK.VN,
llhMHl. ITooius in rit-11 biiililing, .M.-illl
street, o'Klte Hauling .V Filler's I J-.'I-
im: w s. doli;,
DluMIf- Oilice er l'.Mines
stoi ii, enli-iini.-il lilnck, U lcliita.
. W
i-iii.MM.s, mini, jj riAn
COI.I.INi.s .1 1'IATT,
Attorm-jsat fjm. VII piaetlce in lmlli lalc
and l'eili-ntl emits Ollire in 'temple block,
Main utreit, ms-oji-1 rlaliuay iioitli of l'oi-t-nice,
Wlclilln, ban-in.
AdrrrtneMenlt m this tulumii trill lie iliaiirdj.ir
at the rate of I'ice Ctntijrr line jirr irecL. An
advertisement tulm fui lets than 21 cents.
1TTAXTEH MrangerH to l.now that m- haw
tV as line a line or Ileal Estate bargiins,
both in eltv and country, as nn Imdj .
d-v'-lf ' Cvmiwiii. AhiiMiNO.
TirANTKI) Eerjbedy to know that w
y haetlieIdeht and most reliable Mt of
Abstracts in the comity "A word tothe,ise
Is sumeieiit Cai.hw 1 1 i. A .stuiixi!.
WANTEO '1 ho jmblie to know thct for Ab-htra-ts.
Iiisurlinreiir Ileal Estate, it ax f 11
jin oii to call at Temple block and see
-.'-tf C u.nu I i.l. .V SriKiNU
f V.'Ti:i Eenbody wanting city lots to
I .III IL lull 1MIII li-l i-iiii liillflIMin.
Ill si.i l. A ltoq.
KD A girl for liousework.
ItllllM, l'.nos
7"ANTEI $l.JiflforUIne hls, all in one
i-otiy, worm Tti,c"
ltl'NNMI. A l!ll-!
1 r.VNTKD Fanners and litieiis to know
y that tin-old ieliable and pioneer cloth
ing Iioumc of nliev is located M-cond door xoilth
of 1'ostolliee
"AXTEH To rentigo.iil oilice roomoer
Wichita grocer I: H.Iios
ANTED lliuers lor choice jiropertv that
rents rendilv f-ir sJIIJ per war 'Ihreo
houses and lanrc lots lor SJ.-Vm.
Ul'NM LI. & l!llS.
r.VXTEl) Ewrjbody to ilt.it the Mar
r Clothing House and examine goods ami
prices before purchasing elM- here.
WAN'l'EH A good liusinc.sB for bale in a
li w town For further particulars ad-iln-ss
at uncn 51 AS.
Wichita l'ost-ojlice, Kansas. 1
ANTED To m"1! a good top buggy, frhle-
nar; wrxiiiiraupiora piueton
K. II. K.
"YITWXTED We want strangers xisitiug
V Wichita to stear clear of loailng agents
nnd curb-stone brokers, and buy property r
some responsible and reliable firm like our iiw u
or Xlederlander's. I!pnm-i.t. A lln.
tlTANTED Many customers to be lilted out
W in those elegant and nobby Corkscrew
suits. Star Clothing House.
ANTED Girl for general housework.
llefi-renecs required. II. II. Ilo.s.
WAXTEI Parties wanting loans on town
or country property, to call and see us at
any time. I-ots of mone .
lli-xxn.L.t ltos.
AX3'ED Eierbodyto know that Head
quarters Is Mar Clothing House
'ANTED 2,ii acres of land In one bod
in this count) , Tor a lane t-tcck rami
ltLXNJLL.1 Kox.
ANTED Wo want merchants to know '
that our Insurance comuanles are nil
strictly first-clas3, and their policies cost no
mora than those or second-rate companies
ltiM i.l.V 1,'ov.s.
'ANTED We want Tin: Daiiy EvolkIo
r be a big success, and make lots or money
Miirilock I'.ros , aud also Tor
jh-vx-klt. a. i:ov.
'ANTED ltuer for a good set of double '
harness; used but little.
17"AXTED U-ind bu ers to make their head
yy quarters at our oilice l'lenty or sta
tionery and desk room
lti-vxnLL.t Kov.
"1I7"AN"TED KvtrjlMxly to know that wc
v iiHVi lil-etl. nmimn fiml nlii'i .t-tlll...
Hie most Kuccessful real estate and loaning firm '
lnniiiiuii. mMi'..snon.
W AXTEH Kv erj lny to know that vv c hav e
the strongest and be.st Insurance agency
in the state. lit .win ,v Kovs
WANTED Parties having proiertv for salt
to leave price and description at our
office. l'.iwnx A llovs
W AXTlh-nuwr for 3 lots at S13J each;
worth SJOJ Omie soon or jou willlie
too late. ItixvLLL.x Kovs
WANTED A live agent to introduce in
Sedgwick county "Treasury of Song "
Its merit commends Its title not cheek but
gentlemanly tlcportmtent and trort is all that Is
necessity. Ever- musician in Wichita Is Its
swry. f.verj' muscian In Wichita Is Its
ence. Apply evenings to general agent,
IS Temple 1 dock. tvr
ANTED The owner to call at the Golden
Itule store and claim one pair of baby
shoes. Xo 0, and two ladv? Tests, which weiv
left there, andean be had-liy paying for this
Corner Douglas
Taxes Paid and Rents Collected,
x Correspondence Solicited.
In the first numbers of the Wichita Daily
i:,ci.i:, e "wish to call the attention of its
many readers to the inducements offered to the
immigrant to Wichita and Sedgwick county. We
assume it as a fact that the great Arkansas al
ley is a favored spot, that nature has showered
her blessings with n laish hand, that our fu
ture is full of promise, but a word of detail may
be of interest to the many contemplating a
mowtolhc West. "I lie visitor will readily pee
that in this and tliu adjoining counties we have
the. largest body ol bottom or alley land in the
west, and it may bnsaid that It is not a alley
hedged In by precipitous cliffs, making a large
pereuitagoo! waste land, but the margin is
only marked by a gradual slopo, eury acre of
which may bo tilled proiltahly. Our soil is a
rich sandy loam, well adapted to a great laric
tyoftrops The sub-soil hi a diop deosit of
sand, affording a free pasbago of water from
the rlwr, and by constant eaporatlon nourish
es the crop during the driest season. The isi-tortoour"Fori-bt
City" will hco the effect or
this by the freshness nnd igorous growth of
tries and wgitation, own in mid summer.
To attempt a showing of 'statistics, or our
prolucts of late jears is not our purpose,
though it may be of Interest to know that the
xsscssor'a report for the j car ls.sr: shows a re
turn1 of C,KT."i,a7Jbusiieisof corn raised in Sedge
wick county alone, from which it will be seen
that the 12.0X) bushels donated to the sufferers
from the Ohio flood was but a drop lrom the
bucket. The crop or wheat, oats and other
grain, the number of cattle, sheep and hogs
hhipped during thujear were each in propor
tion to the com product. The rich, nutritious
grasses, the mild winters and short feeding
season, afford peculiar advantages to tliu stock-raisx-r,
ami the story of our success in this
branch of industry hus spread bejond tliu lim
its of our State. Last j ear we negotiated the sale
or .,:! acres of land in the western part or the
county to parties from Ituffalo, X. V'., to be
known us tliu ".Tewult horse larm." The pur
pose is to breed and raise thoroughbred horses,
and the location was selected particularly with
reference to all the necessary conditions, afttr
haling visited many portions of the west in
search of a location. Men may tlieorire and
speculate, but tliu investment or money tells.
For every variety or fruit suited to the cli
mate, there seems to be but one tondition to a
sure rroji the planting of trees. Our farmers
and fruit growers are alread) realizing large
prullts from this crop, which will increase witii
the growth of orchards. Our grand exhibit at
tlie Centennial Exposition in l'hiladelphia in
70 will long be remembered by the thousands
w ho there learned with wonder what we had
achieved in the way of lrult raising
The grow tli of our ity within the last few
jearh has been phenomenal. From the trackless
pral riu of U j ears ago shu has bloomed Into a city
ol as many thousand ii'ihabitants. From tin)
building of gas ami water works, a street rail
waj , and, by actual count, 57.1 new bouses last
jt-ar, it may be inferred that our comlition, to
saj the leabt, is healthy. With our six banks,
with an aggregate capital of over $VH),o), our
I'm-or ulx nourishing newspapers, to which vre
tan now welcome tliu Dui.v Kvcll, with the
associate press dispatches, our live railroad
lines, our supremacy in sie and thrirt to all
surrounding iKiinls, we may claim for Wichita
a rapid grow tli for jears to come. Our geo
graphical jKisltioii is BiiffiriL-iitly remote rtom
larger cities to make it available as a distribut
ing point. T Ids condition is duly attested by
the building of rival lines of railroad, giving us
the advantage of competition in freights, and
as naturally as results follow causes our mer
chants are turning their attention to tliu job
bing trade, tlie first venture of the kind being
a wholesale, grocery house, with a capital of
$oo,00.. Tlie field is jet unoccupied in many
brandies or trade A pork packing house, a
woolen factory, starch works and a canning
factory, are a lew of the things greatly needed.
'I he material and the market are here side by
side, strikingly illustrated in the folly or ship
ping tito liw hog to Kansas Citv or Chicago to
lie killed and returned to us in the lorin of fan
t brands of hams ami breakr.ist bacon at still
more Taney prices to the consumer. In addition
to our home market we may nlwa8 depend on
a ready sale for our surplus to our neighbors in
the non-producing regions of the Hocky moun
tains, saving nothing ofthogreat markets rur
ther east. In the money centers of the country
tin re are millions or unemplowd capital which
might And safe and profitable employment in
our j oung and growing state Xew industries
are springing up on evtrj-hand; our cities and
towns are growing: the product of the field and
farm are increasing; v allies are tending upw aril,
backed by the productions of the country, ami
tliu bom-ami tissue and energy of the people, for
tunes have bet n made in the legitimate increase
of values, and with the impetus now moving
j.s there are fine opportunities for quick returns
to money properly invested.
From our partial list, which is but an imle.x
to what wo have to offer, it will be seen that the
purchaser can be suited in any class of real es
tate. Improved farms and wild lauds, stock
ranches and city property can be show n In great
variety. Any information sought with a view
to purchases In our section, will be cheerfully
giwn, and a circular containing a map of
Sedgwick county, with an ex-tended list of
property will be mailed on application to
X. F. XiLin.itLO.DKit, Wichita, Kansas.
s w is-s'-iu west, ivingman county,
20 acres broke. Slam.
l.Wi. vv 1-2 of v 1-2S2-2S-.-I w, Kingman coun
tv. a) acres broke. Sits!
J I.V9. Quarter miles e or town, SrX).
1.17I . Quarter 2 1-2 miles s e of Chenev. $.2300
I 1551 1-2. Quarter-sec. 10 miles n vv or Wichita,
on Arkansas river. 82000, $300 cash, balance
n time at . per cent
j;ct. n a tin iiinecau nivr, .iiiuies ueiui
Cheney, 20 a In cultivation, S2.VO
l.V-5" litrt a 7 miles south or Goddard, SlOVi.
1591 Quarter sec. .ri miles east or tow n, S2VW
IMC. lr-oatfmilesb e of Wichita, SIMM, 1-3
lrt'I, K a adjoining Harden l'laln, S13M.
IfiuCi ItW a In secj -2-3 east, Iietler couutv,
25 in cultivation, sl.-sw.
11-17 i.Kla U miles so of Wichita, good up-
land, 915 per acre.
1R22. Quarter t miles n w of
Garden l'laln.
list.'. 100 a 2 miles n w of Garden ITain,
M a
uroke, 51,00.
103C. 0a3 miles from Garden Plain. SsSO.
IKtS. n 0 1-ISJ-26-I vv, 7 miles n w of Garden
Plain, SlSS.
1C40. n e 1-4 J-KM v, all raw, S15.
1G37. SOU) a III lie part of Comanche countv.
plenty of vv ater, a splendid cittle rang, S3 per
15iS. 30J a In Kingman county, 7 miles west
of Cheney, Mi a in cultivation, one storv house
with cellar, sl-JM
15J1) in) a i miles s wof Wichita, small houv,
m) a under cultivation, gootl orchards or apple
and each. nice grove. feiJjJ.
l.VJl. 10) a 1-2 mile from Chenev, to a In cul
tivation, f."-0oi)
15.t2. all a 7 mib-s vv of town on Cow skin
creek, li a under cultivation, 1 a of Umber,
house of.t rooms, granarv, stable and othtr
buildings, all hedged and cross hetig'etl, splen
did orchards and groves. This is a K-autiful
place, S10 per acre.
XU 100 a .S miles s of town, near Haysville
ixnituure, iioaiu cuiuvauon, gitKll 1-2 storv
house with addition, bam SOxTiii with loft, corn
l,oUe with addition, bar:
cnb. smov0 house. Ac.
faring- orchards. s pe,
15 a pasture, good
ik.t acre
1.VS5 100 a I mile a e of town nti IliUl.otm
creek, 125 acres In cultivation, 1 storv house. J
Kranatj- anu cno, neugta in on two slue, some
ltcarlng fruit, a splendid plac- for stock SlO.uu.
l.Vt 240 a 1 miles n w or t;..lilnnl no n In
j cultivation, 1 1.2 story house of 7 rooms, ice
and Emporia Avenues,
house, f tore building, post-office on place, good
fences, living water, some fruit, SUM) and
terms to suit.
1AIV. lW)a4milessvvofGotldard, 11-2 Btory
house or f. rooms and good cellar, stable for 0
horses, cow stable for 8 head, granary, cribs Ac
good hedges, 30 a pasture, wired, 50 a In culti
vation, livingwater, orchard, Ac, $1000, easy
15IJ. 10) a 4 miles n of Cheney, 110 a In cul
tivation, small house, stable and granary,
spring of water, "gootl orchards, $1500, 1-2
caBh .
1511. li;a a 4 miles c of Cheney, 103 a In culti
vation, living w ater, some fruit, SJ2O0.
IJ15 4S0 a 5 miles e or Cheney. 2 good hous
es and bams, cribs, sheds and other buildings,
bearing fruit, living water, 100 a pasture en
closed with wire, 812,000.
1510. 100 a 0 miles s vv of Goddard, 00 a in cul
tivation, small house, watertsl by clear creek,
1517. 100 a 1 1-2 mile a e Garden Plain. 120 a In
cultivation, 1 1-2 story house of 4 rooms and
good vt ailed cellar, stable and granary, on
Clear creek, SiVio.
15.71. loo a 5 miles n or Cheney, 70 in cultiva
tion, house, feome Trait, watered by Spring
creek, $jo per acre.
lVd. liV) a 2 1-2 miles s or Garden Plain, 115a
in cultivation, good house, barn, granary, Ac,
all fenced with wire and hedge, 1 a of line bud
ded fruit, S-'looo.
155.1. 1M a 2 miles from Garden Plain, all
smooth land, 1-' I a In cultivation, house and
livingwater. ftiVK).
1551. 10) a In Itutler county, 5 miles from Au
gusta, ft) a of timber, 120 in cultivation, good
house, granary and stable, plenty of fruit, liv
ingwater, $7XK).
15.71. 4'l 1-2 a on Little river, 1 mile n ortown,
1 1-2 story house, 5 rooms, good barn, com cnbs
ami granary, good orchards and small fruits,
1557. 4) a in Itutler county, 2 1-2 miles o of
Audover, 220 a in cultivation, 1 1-2 story house,
5 rooms and cellar, all hedired and cross hcdire-
cd and wired, lso apple. Coo peach, pear, cher
ries Ac, all bearing, a finely improved place,
1501. s w 1-1 20-23-3 east, Itutler county, 1 1-2
story honsu, b0 a in cultivation, 825U0.
1.7.1. loo a 3 1-2 miles vv or Valley Center, 1 1-2
story house, .'! rooms and cellar, granary and
other improvements, watered by Little river,
$10 per acre.
1.7H. loo a 5 miles it or Wichita, house with 2
rooms, small bam, 140 a In wire pasture, good
orchards or apple and peach, $25 pcr'acre.
l.0. 100 a 7 miles vv or town, near Cowskin
creek, 1.7) in cultivation, 1 1-2 story bouse, live
rooms and cellar, stable, granary, cribs and
sheds, various kinds of fruits, all hedged and
cross bulged, $0,200
l.Wl. lboa.1 miles n e or Derby, on Spring
creek, 20 n timber, 140 a in cultivation, 11-2
story house 21x10, stable, granary, sheds, and
cribs, hedged and cross hedged, plenty of fruit,
I.Vfl. 100 a 4 miles n or Garden Plain, 80 a in
cultivation, 1 1-2 story house orSrooms, stable,
good orchard or apple, peach and cherry,
l.Vvl. Kyi a 3 miles so or town, 30 a in cultiva
tion, 130 a fenced, voung orchard, watered by
Gjpsum creek, S,7kx), $1000 cash, balance on
time at 7 jiercent.
15sl. (luarter sec. 4 miles n of Garden Plain,
house with 3 rooms and small barn, 40 a In pas
ture, $'!50)
l.VO. li,o a 2 miles vv of town, good frame
building, 100 a in cultivation, young orchard,
1020. 103 a 5 miles nw or Wichita, CO a in cul
tivation, rest enclosed in pasture, good house
and stable, bonoo.
1021. loo a 3 miles n vv or town, all undercul
tivation, I 1-2 story bouse or 4 rooms, stable,
orchard and shade trees, $soui.
I02.I. loo a!) miles bw or Wichita, 100 a in
cultivation, house with 4 rooms, stable, cribs
Ac, $350).
1021. lulu Smik-s wof Wichita, 120 nin cul
tivation, house and stable, $4500.
1025. 010 a 2 1-2 miles nor Garden Plain, 300
a in cultivation, 2 houses and 2 stables, living
water, $1200
Xo. 172, One-story frame house, four rooms
mid pantry, on 5losIey avenue. Lot 103x150 reel,
east lront, corner alley, line Iruit and shade
trees, $s(y).
Xo. 171, Fine two-story frame residence of
eight rooms, on Kmpona avenue, cellar full
size of house, corner lot 125140 feet, good lrult,
line neighborhood; a special bargain at $3000.
Xo. 170, Cottage of four rooms ! Waco
street, lot 52x112 fret, good fence, each, liear,
plum, cherry and fine shade trees. Price $1100,
on good terms.
No. 1(17, Small house, three rooms, on Cen
tral avenne; good stable, picket fence, fruit
and shade trees, choice location. Price $1100,
half cash, balance good time.
Fo. 10s, Five or six cottages in East Wichita,
under rent at 20 ptr cent, on the priro asked for
them. Houses new and in good order; a choice
Xo. 100, House witii three rooms, on First
street, cellar, hedge fence, fruit and shade
trees, one acre of ground, $1500.
Xo. 105, Mouse, six rooms, on Central ave
nue, corner lot, 05x110 feet. Hani and carriage
house, apple, peach, plum, cherry and shade
trees, 8 1 M.
Xo. 1"0, Three cottages on Emporia avenue,
English addition, all rented at good figures, a
choice investment.
No. 131, Frame residence, elx rooms, on To
peka avenue, barn, fruit and shade trees, lot
50x110 feet.s.2000.
No. 1-27, House seven.rooms on Lawrence av
enue, south; barn for Tour horses, buggy shed
chicken house, water in lions-;, line Iruit and
shade trees, a beautiful home, $2500.
No. 117, Elegant'' residence on Topeka ave
nue, eleven rooms, nine ureases, barn, crib nnd
outbuildings; broad walks, picket fence, line
run anil si nine trees, 9.1000.
Xo. IG Valuable business propertv on Doug
las avenue, llrst-class location. Cafl for price
and terms.
Xo. ;). Fine business projierty tin Douglas
avenue; old building, but very cheap at $7100.
Xo !s. One and a half story frame residence
on 5larket street, six' rooms, in good repair,
coal house, shade and fruit trees, $l.vl.
Xo. M. One-story frame on Washington
street, large lot, S7.7).
No. ul. ltusinessiiro)iertyon Douglas avenue,
Grills addition. Frame bnildlng, rents well,
Xo.01. One lot on Main street, well located,
one-story frame building, $1750.
Xo. to. ltnsiness property on Main 'street,
under rent. $25n0,
Xo. 37. Two-story brick building on Main
street, centrally located, all rented, $5200.
Xo. 1T. An elegant residence in the north
east part or the city. Large grounds, line fruit
and shado trees, modern liouse In perfect or
der; a rare chance to the right party.
Xo. 1S7. A nice cottage on corner lot. near
center or bnslness, new house, $2000.
Xo. 101. Cottage or five rooms on Mead ave
nue, plenty or fruit, over one acre of land,
No 173. A beautiful home on Lawrence ave
nne; lot '.(0x140 feet, one and a half story frame
house of seven rooms In ierfect order, good cel
lar, well and largo cistern. Itarn and all neces
sary outbuildings. Fine grape arbor and other
fruits; shade in front, price 44000, part cash,
balance on good time. .
No 152 Two houses on Wichita street, Ave
rooms each, cemented cellar, pantry and clos
et in each house, nice shade trees, lot 50x150
feet, $1.7i0 each
No. 110. Small house, three rooms and cel
lar, rent" for $12 50 Price $$00, on Lawrence
Xo 111 House of three rooms, on 4th ave
nue, rents for $10, pnee $700-
Xo 13$ One-story frame house on Emporia
avenue, good cellar, barn, water from water
works, near horse car, fine neighborhood,
$20.), cash and time.
Xo. 135 One-story frame residence on Law
rence avenue, six rooms, "cellar, coal boue,
camace house, hennery. lot well fenced, tmno
feet Fine varietv of fruit and shade trees, best
locality in the city lnco $3500
Xo 5. lour lots on Chisholm street, SIoo
each, very cheap
No 14 Two lots on Emporia avenue, Eng
lish's 5th addition, $300.
Xo 23. Two choice lots on Douglas avenue,
line business propertv. Call and get the figures
Xo 21 Mv lots In Lakeside addition, chrmp
Xo 4'J Five good lots on Court street, SIM)
to $200 each.
Xo 52. Two lots on Wichita street.
No. VS. Six lots on Douglas avenne, ttooi)
No 75 A nice plat of ground for sub-dividing
on l.awrence and Topeka avennes, can he
sold at a bargain
No 7s lSusincss lot on f sin street, iiono
Xo sj Large lot on Market street, chrap at
Xo. S7 A large lot for sub-dividing, on Cen
tral avenue
I have the exclusive sale of lots In Orme and
Phillips addition, south of the city Thi It the
highot plat of ground around the citj, and
pnecsare within the reach of all, 100 lots al
ready sold, and houses are springing up all over
the addition Call carlv and make a n-lrs-tlon
The late Improvement in West Wichita In
cluding the new passencer depot, havr brought
as an unprecedented demand for lots In that lo
cality, it Is the nearest vacant property to the
business center of Wichita, and there Is no
doubt of Its rapid growth and a good advance on
present prices,
1 have the sole agency for lots in Stevens' ad
dition. These lots are centrally located, and
are having ready sale.
For Choice, Fresh
Fair Treatment and Honest Goods, go to
South-east Corner of Douglas Avenue and
Market Street. I-tf
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Colorado and
Pennsylvania Anthracite,
And all kinds or
, Also
Stono, Lime, Cement, Hair, Etc.
Office at JSig Ked Scales, Xo. 70, Douglas Av e. , I
South Side, Xear Depot. . 1-tr '
J. P. ALfsEN. :
Every Thing Kept in a First-Class ,
Drug Store. '
the 1
Pioneer Lumber Man!
Or Siciiowii.-k Cuiisrt -
A Complete Stock of Piu3 Jjumber,
ri ASM,.;c.
al wayt-on li ami
E?" Office and Yald on Markrt Street, Mirrt r
liouqtat Anemic and Fir Street ' W
a-o to
J. B. Kiln's Restanrant,
Oa Water street, one door north of Doiigla
Avcaii?, in the Werner building- If
Popkess & Wakefield
IlilVC tll( VVf'll klKlVVll
3ia:c!A.x.ESTE;ia coal.
"Which is oqual if not siijinrior lo
the Ciinoii Ciiv.
Wc ntlvip all nr ro-ulcr to jfivc it
:i trial, as tliK lirm will kri'p il on liaml
constantly. tf
first Ark. Val. Bank!
1 870.
The ohlett money institution In Hie AiUan-n-t
W. O. WllODMAX, - - Pif-iib-iit
"Wm. S. WUDDS1AX, - - a-hier
WILL. C. WOODMAN, .In., - A-st t a-ln. r
American JCchange N'at'l Itank, New irk
Kirnt NhIioh.iI I'.nnk. ol hlriigu, llllnoi-i
IS ink or Kan-Hi Cit; , Knii--is ilj, MU-iuri
Are no ocenpvin -nr
New Commodious Bank Building
No. 33 Main Street.
Do a General Bastion Business
in all iti nio.li rn functions
Loan Money in Any .11t0111tt
On all RHtialai tor ctillalerals n-nl, j-tmoihI
or clmtlel and aecor.iiio-litte the Imrrotcer
with time from one tiny to five er-i j
53- Sll tifkeU b the fa-letninl sifett lines
of steamrrx In tin- uorl-1. to or from .-ill iiim I
jtal i:iiniie.m ports, V it North vermin I.lojd
r Cunanl lines.
In etendlii(r to the romiio-irl.il sren vvhirh
our lnrreaeil fai-llltie-i nre likely to IiiIpmIiii-,
at well a-t to the IiImthI i Iron lure vvhi-h hv
o long extendul us their conll-b-iu-e in l.lin-l
rnlth alone, ve deem Itndut) t. lay before
them a iialllleil statement of our llnaio i.-tl con
dition. IlE-Ol HP !.
Ixians and discount 1 .. 5
Overdrafts . .
Tax-sale certificates
Cash ou hand and enchain.-"
Furniture, fixtures ami r-oniil
Jaid-iii life lo ilrnulnz dmdt-nd
ileal estate, city and couulr) .
.14,471 1
l,ij; oo
17". i"
:.-., I -7 ji
fi,"'i 71
4,i'iO i
l,1l Kl
Gross 8i!l,iW'j5
Dcpoaits Elihjrc.: to draft
ana ceniucaie 5- ..,"i " i
Vortcape-on real e-tnte ll,n.i 370.1J4 70
Capital and nndiiK of the Kirt r- ,
Lanas allcy Itank, t.r Wichlui.
Kan as, Msv 7lh, l-l 111 7v.fi a i
I, W U"oo.lmn, rashier of the Klrt Ar
LansaA allrr bant.-lo i-ulrinnly t-ir thitt
tke above cUittmrnl U true, lo the beat of Mi)
lkESl-dt;r an-1 brllt-f
VV. VVOi il M V. t a.hlt r
Sirtt. nd Kvrorn to bt-fore nn- thl- Wtli
davof Mar, I -v.
fr.AL.' t VimVFU
Nulnrr I'liblic .
CorcraU-lon CNpiret JIirtliMh, 1
At the r)0--t of VV i WiH-Imvit up lmv
carrfollv finlnr-l in dta 1 the lrf tat- !
mrnt of" the Klr.t .Ulvn VxlUv Itrnk, of ,
Uirhita. kn-. and h-rrin crtifv the am
to b cfureel o-l --.piitjiUlc, Ui the l-e-t of our
jutijrmmt ui-1 Iwlicf
I. N i)ItM h".
Treasurer of -n-lwi-k c.nntv, Ksn-.-1.
1- riiKli
llerV of -.e.lzHifk o-iiDtr. Ktt--SalMciile.t
nixl w.iru t.i ljefi-r- me Iht- lilh
tlay of ilav l-4
W s miOliUVN Notary I'nMir
In the orranUni in of ih Hr-I Vrln--Valler
Etank of VV IctuLv NAti-n. e mtoie
nrilher direu-r. t--fch I lr- r l.-hti..
nor -to we deal in put iitrxni -r '-nt-i-le
tne tor al-r are.trutiv t the n.'-re
of It le,fttll"le -in-- ,
For lu Mi-lal moce-ii. nt we ar iwlirl.ln ',
all t re-i.-n-iWe
l-'or ihe pr-leetion of eterT .l-v-it.r 4 j
ple-le.1 ihe la-t -b-iUr oTfHir f..rine ?
t.reeti ic vtith miii tliauKo r D-ui.emu. l. j
friett-U. m httee patn-uare ittj Miir eni.aiw-t
fB-lltie w hll W 111 I) l..t'!. lxl)
V.lr-I . h of the rert - iov -ieire j
toiull ihem-elte there- f a' .ir wlrrnl I
and pooiediewt ibir n lent lo a t e i, r
r rectfnllT i.nr
vv t VV..,IM VN A -.,
If ru r fotDSl" V-u' VVitch, I. bb IVI..I
niran.ii yor . fin -,e,,,
Rultnnt k J'- ' "leJi
bam, "r V I ! -!, iri
thin; Il trill . r-i t
I'o T
'T UT if
tuu uitbtnr too wdI -ki rn rf miv U
buitn of him T ir' l f TrfuoI J
IImj nrti v i1rlrUr Ian t rtw, 44 j
' ' ' '-'- - '
, : ' - - t r , '
- iL . . s, .
Bicr,Z? EQR5SillPJP9Rr'w'GiiHH9H
h SaElSgjB HlB
BrMe r j. - -pLs. . j ii-ftf iff t
3JjBBBP;i)3g BKTf' Ky g H rBac SPWJBI
MmEEi iMMm. jm;. .., - - Bff ffHKlB' 'BbB H iSh
WffiHgtiy 'rr , III I 1 lminTWBf WfcljMlwMBBMWBBMBlaBBMflllHIBW!LM3l
UMlW ) 1 lml 9uEAKsSSdfi3s3EMaHSKM9lflBlPMH9!?lS ""-s-SJ
BBlSnr :BI HmImM ?a, ns&ffli"
i L'jjJL't. ffcMVALl HJHH1-HHEUH atfcnMiBBPiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw
We have in stock now the 1 esst Scotch Cheviot Sutit for $10.00,
ever shown in this cit. Call and see them.
Bitting- Bros., One-Price Clothiers.
jMI-AHSTTT-EILi 3t drbsseb,
Staple and Fancy (jrueerk's.
is. o. viLsonsr &c 00.,
(Successor-) to Wilson .fc Toms,)
Loan Money on Improved Lands on Long
or Short Time.
Money ac Sight, Commission Very Low.
Wc have connected
In detail l'uy,.ve!l ,V Kliaii".c Western property for E.iMcrn, anil vice versa
I 'all on or address
Mana-rerofthe Wiclnfa HranHi. WICHITA, KANSA.-v
Oliite tin Main slrnot. fir- 'lairvvuv norlli of I'. ().
li-vket ' rv liVe A-jsrr isiZT ilx"vjj peick.'-
r.u-'irieit, I'lia-ton?. tamapt-8 nnd Spring
Thi-HnetandCheajM-tt In the Market.
W. B.Jett&Co.
'tTir.A.lRs T-MnETj-&l&TDlr''T? SZOTJSSS.
Largest Stock
,sv K -
Kvcnrthing Giinrantoccl RrS -
"WE.-JBTT &-.0o.-i
Wagons ror sal's at price ranting frorn 9kV) to $;:.
J. 1.. Coornt, Iroiirittor.
LoArest Prices.
Claa. Your Onlar Solicited.
C 1 ) X' 1 1 r
Jlv v Jv 1 v
Keeps on hand lino goods of the latest Btyle. The !t- t stock in llio
v. Satisfaction miarantccd. Jfo Iroiilile to show o I- ('all mill uo mc.
C3-0 TO
The German- Grocery"
No. 116, Douglas Ave.
If you ilfirc to hny, ecll or oxclinnn real retail of an l il, -r l8irow
or loan inoney on real catalt; or chatujfc, Ktvr un tx call. W c tlie lrl
facilities for our business. CorrcipoHlciico solicitc'l.
Ofncn, 122 Dovujln Avenue,
h:i:ba.:r,3-:e:r, bros.,
(3ncc4on to Vf . (xirl-tt,)
f-in-rT-TP-RlTnc?. --rTTlAF? ATTD "F1 A .tTCTY'
'fresh roasted coffee always on hand.
Larg96t JaattiaM a
Cnlifornia Cattnctl Good nf nil kimli. 1'itrnym Al l,renn Unrhine Oil,
Ortia Srraij, fjr , fje
Oar ilm U Xa tT rr-rjtbttit "' "" ' 1 I ' rjflSt
SxAf int tbejr re tinatrf nl l) Irtvleo,.. t A. I -' -ie.-.-'e-l y 4JJ le. 1107
i.rt of Ut ritr
1 I n A HO KH HRO0.
F. K -
FurnilurciiCarprl Emporium!
Furniture, Carpets, Oil Cloth-. Mn ureses,
msosn SHAT23. S2ATZ nii-nrs.
(Lambrequin Poles, Cornices,
2x2 21akf essedtt PsetcSce,
vT , ori-i n i: rosTdn-'ici-
y. w. rwab, ,
Klrt I---r S i tottulr llulldltlt
U'iri-ltn, Kiiniai
M feSa ta . c.,7
Mouldings. Mirrors, Childrens1
uamages, ttc w
- 15 sad J Jtaia Ctrwi. m
' e '
, "SlSu

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