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"Wait for
Greatest Special Sale!
Ever Seen
We have 1,500 pieces of Hamburg embroideries, of our own importation trom St. Gall,
Switzerland, and offer them as cheap oh any importing house
in this country. They will be Bold at
Remember the discount it 20 per cent., and
friends and neighbors to come and
The One-Price Dry Goods House!
21 Main St., Wichita, Kansas.
.Don't Forget
Bank of Commerce.
Loans Money on Real Estate, Personal, and Chattel Securities.
"Uceive Deposits, Time and Demand, at Interest.
Buys and sell exchange; makes collections; negotiates municipal bonds,
and transacts banking in all its branches.
No. 17 ..Douglas Avenue, ------ Wichita, Kansas.
B. 1). ALLEN, Vice President and Examiner.
C. W. GltAIIAM, Auditor.
Itrciiilts Lous. Ms Ul Plus. I&sqnjuss. M&k Colklks.
iV. W. Cor. Main St. C Douglas Ave.
Capital, - $100,000
The capital stock or Ihe bank is one hundred
It owned by New England capitalists and savings
lara, jrlvlng the Institution a backing equal to any
nabank will receive deposits, buy ami sell
a ivinr ine lnBiuniion oacainir ruuii iu inr
do a general banking business. We shall endeavor to transact all business entrusted to us in a
MBHer, SBH upon ivnua, elliciurj hi uur cusuuurns nnil boiicii euaic o iur iuuuu m'
J. O. DAriVSOX, JVeairfenf.
S. X. DAVID SON, riee-IVe.'t.
Lombard Mortgage Co.,
, South-west Corner of .Vain
GEO. E. SPALTON. Secretary.
Dealer iu
Oalce aad Yard Weit End of Douglas Avenue, North Side, Near Bridge.
the Wagon!
iti Wichita,
May 23d.
the date Saturday, May 23d. Tell your
see what an embroidery sale is.
the Number.
A. M. DENNY. Secretary.
J. W. HAKTLEY, Treas.
thousand dollars, lxty thousand dollars of which
hanks who represent over tcu million dot
banking; house In the State.
foreign and domestic exchange, make loans, and
onuKini; uouse in me zuiie.
JOH.V C. Dr.KST. Cnthfer.
C. J.. DAVIDSON, Secretary.
Street and DouglusxAve'nuc.
To the Editor of IheEagU.
Dear Sib. Since the fire at the H. E.
church, which occur red a lew weeks ago,
I have been considarably amused as well as
surprised at the expression made use of
concerning the origin ot the fire, also the
inefflcacy of the water works, etc. We are
told that usually there Is no pressure in the
mains at night, and on that occasion there
was not sufficient pressure to produce a
good fine stream, also that the water fur
nished for the city is drawn from the Liu
tie river, and consequently is not fit for use
and many other like expressions.
For the benefit of those UBing water from
the water works for culinary purposes, we
will state here that there is not a word of
truth in any of the above assertions. That
the water is not "drawn" from the Little
river but from a well 30 feet in diameter
and 20 feet deep. In the bottom ot this
well are 84 driven wells or tubes'froru 16 to
22 feet long, from which flow clear, cold,
pure water from a depth of 40 feet.
By analyzing this water it Is
found to contain a small per cent,
of iron and magnesia, which arc Bald to be
very healthful, and is preferred by many
persons t o the water underlying the city
on account of the very imperfect drainage
or our place. The water is pumped from
this well and forced through wooden mains
direct to the consumers. The pressure is
obtained by forcing the water in the pipes
until it becomes packed closer than a polit
ical ballot box, when it begins to rise in
the stand pipe. The higher it rises the
greater the pressure until full, when a fire
pressure is "on" that will throw :i stream,
or several streams, eighty feet high, and
with present capacity will maintain four or
six of them from as many different places.
I don't claim that we can bore a hole in a
stone wall or knock the spots off UarnumVi
elephant, but do claim a very efficient fire
protection for buildings such as wc have
here at present. When they grow to be
four or six stories high, our venerable city
fathers will have to look up a higher priced
protector in the shape ot a steamer to reach
upper stories, just as all other cities do.
At the present time wc would be glad to
have a horse to dr.iw the hose carts to and
from fires so that the men will not bo tired
out before they reach the flro ; also, some
thing in the way or an inducement to keep
the boys together.
Some improvement could be made in the
hose company in the way of drill, but so
long as there is nothing but fault found
with their work, this state of affairs will
continue. As our city has been very lucky
iu not having serious conilagrations,itdoes
not seem to me to be sufficient reason for
negligence in providing for the future. In
writing this article I have only the interest
of our growing city in view, as well as to
correct some of the false impression:! that
have been made by the unprogressive of
of our times. Very truly yours,
J. It. Myeks,
Engineer in Charge.
The Detroit Free Preu pays the following
compliment to Charlotte Thompson, the
great emotional actress, who will appear in
this city on the evenings of May 29th and
"Last night one of the best American
actresses living, Miss Charlotte Thompson,
again visited our city, in her world famed
impersonation, "Jane Kyre." This lady
was welcomed back with a full bouse, which
she richly deserved. Her acting was grand.
In the emotional scenes sho carried the
house by storm, and in her comedy scenes
she captivated her auditors. "Jano Eyre,"
as presented by Miss Thompson, is one of
the best comedies before the public. Her
support is unusually good.
Here is another warning against the boy
mania for the revolver. Mr Hambra's two
boys, of West Wichita, having procured a
revolver without the knowledge ol their
parents, started out to hunt a job of work.
About 9 o'clock yesterday morning they
thought they would have a little amuse
ment will the thing. Finally it accldentaly
discharged in the bands of the older boy,
lodging the ball in his knee. He was
brought to town in the Clearwater hack,
the ball was extracted trom his knee, and
fortunately ho will recover without any
serious injury.
Joe and Thomas llusscll, E. McKinley
and J. Hill and their families, and ltobcrt
Boles and sister, from Barton county, Mis
souri, paired through the city yesterday
en route by wagon for southern Colorado.
They hac been on the road about nineteen
days, though they were detained several
days by bad weather. They expected to
reach their destination in about seven
weeks from the daicot starting.
r Xo.25, 1
SS4. J
Depaktment of Kansas. G. a
Wichita, May 22, 1SS4
Jspecial Order o. 9.
All comrades of this Post arc requested
to assemble, in full uniform, at Post head
quarters at 10:30 o'clock a. m. Sunday, May
2Mb, for the purpose of attending divine
worship, (in obedience to orders from na
tional head-quarters) at the Presbyterian
Church. By order of the Post Commander.
Jonx A. Wallace, Adjutant.
It would hardly seem probable that the
recent bank troubles should affect small
money matter this far west. Yet it is a
fact that since several of the eastern banks
"passed" in their checks, transactions in
Sedgwick county real and personal estates
hare dropped off at least one-hall, as can
oe proved by reference to the register or
deeds' books.
We learn that Mrs. C. Uus'cll's class In
music will sing throe appropriate selections
at the decoration of the soldiers' graves,
and that Prof. Arbucklc will alo take part
in the exercises. Miss Laura Woodcock
willaKo give a timely recitation.
Wc understand that Major Jesse A. Ask
will drill a tiring squad, ot some twenty
men, who will participate in the exercises
on decoration day. If yon don't believe it,
Ask Major.
We are pleaded to learn of the prosperity
of the Kingman Ciltztn-! pullican, and that
they hate just added to their office a Bab
cock cylinder prcs, jobber, paper-cutter
etc x
Mr. Fuller has disposed of his old mock-
ing bird to Dr. Gibbons, of Urbana, Ohio.
It has always been a noticeable fact that
Ohio people take kin'dly to sweet voiced
Arrangements have been completed by
Mr. Fuller ior the laying of a fine blue
stone sidewalk around his residence on the
corner ot First and Lawrence.
Mr. Pattewait, a farmer living five miles
north of the city, purchased on Wednesday
a very handsome organ from the Temple of
One of our dealers in musical instru
ment yesterday shipped a very fine Estey
organ to Mrs. Anna LeRoy at Mulvaue.
H. C. Wilson, of H. C. Wilson & Co., St.
Louis, and wife are in thecity with 3L L.
Henry Bichards left on the early train
yesterday morning for Medicine Lodge.
W.E. Woodward, the gentlemanly rep
resentative of the Sweet, Dempster & Co.
bat house of Chicago, was Interviewing our
merchants yesterday.
T.H. Patterson, of Oswego, was on the
streets yesterday.
J. A. Hcvins and II. Keynoids, of Illinois,
are in the city prospecting for a business
A W. Bingham, of Wellington, register
ed at the Tremont yesterday.
J. V. Pieace, Gus Tipper and W. G.
Smith, of Osage Mission, were at the Doug
las Avenue hotel yesterday.
Mrs. Llllio Feighner, of Marion, Ind.,and
Mrs. Martha McCabe, of Topeka, arrived
in the city last night on a visit to their
brother Judge Jewett.
W. L. Chellis, foreman of the Citizen-Republican,
published at Kingman, gave us a
pleasant call yesterday afternoon. He
came down with the silver cornet band
and remained here to meet his father and
mother, who arrived from Yates Center on
the evening train.
H. E. Elliott and wife, Chicago; F. W.
McClelland, Winfield; W. S. Forry, W. T.
Walker and J. Munger, Harper, and R. E
Sauck, Iola, were at the Occidental yester
The second renditiou of the Union Spy
by local talent, at the opera house last even
ing, drew out quite a large crowd, aud by
8 o'clock, the time at which the curtain was
rung up, the seating capacity of the house
was about exhausted. As most ot our
readers know, the plot of this drama is laid
in a Northern home at the time of the break
ing out of the icbellion, and it was
the author's aim to follow aud im
pertonatc each member of that house
hold and each character at that
time introduced through the vicissi
tudes of war, up to the time when civil
strife should cease aud peace be declared.
To do this successfully and carry out the
author's ideas require uot alone natural
adaptability for the character taken, but an
intelligent conception of the part assigned.
In srlcctiiig the present cast, Col. Temple
displayed much good judgment and ripe ex
perience, and wc doubt it the strong and
emotional parts ot the drama hae ever
been so well brought out by any amateur
latent in the state.
Perhaps the most difficult impersonation
in the play is that of Xellic Morton,
who by turns is actuated by the
tcudercst emotions and at other times
trembles with burprc-"cd scorn. This part
was assumed and most intelligently carried
by Mrs. Col. Stewart, as was that of Al
bert Morton by W. P. Campbell and Mrs.
Morton by Sirs. King, and Mrs. Annie Mor
ton by Mrs. McMillcn in fact wlllicry
few exceptions the pirts were all well car
ried, the greatest objection to the play
being Its extreme length. The
tabluaux were well arranged, and
much better than those had by
half of the traveling companies.
The Union Spy will be repeated again this
ThejB seems to be a slight misunder
standing between the Oklahoma boomers
and the United States government, which
we trust for the safety of the later, will
speedily be reconciled. They the boom
ers are anxious and propose taking pos
sesion of that land of "milk and honey"
at once, and Uncle Sain shies bis castor in
the ring and ociferatcs, "Nixy," andjuot
at present Samuel seems to hold the
"edge," and a "full hand" beside, with
the "ace of clubs" in the lead. A few
days since a few of these boomers, wlio
probably thought to "slip in a cold deck"
on Uncle Sam, come to grief. They were
W. Q. Conch, II. II. Stafford, John Wilson
and Morgan Busb. They made the first
"deal" and were "called" at Oklahoma
and taken to Reno, where they were kept
in durance vile for several days, and then
taken to Caldwell by Lieut. Stevens and
turned over to U. S. Deputy Marshal Wil
liams, who brought them beforo the United
States Commissioner in this city, where
they were obliged to "show their band.'"
Wilson and Bush waved examination and
"passed out" to await the pleasure of that
supremo body. Cone aud Stafford were
"barred out"' turucd loose with an order
to appear on June 2d, when there will be a
"new deal."
The globe iron works of this city is now,
and for months has been turning out a class
of work such as but few foundries in the
west produce. Andrew Flagg, the pro
prietor, is an energetic business man, and
did a wise thing when he secured lor mas
ter mcchani' James Burslcn, formerly oc
cupying a like position in the shops of the
Delaware, Maryland & Virginia railroad.
He is a gentleman of much intelligence,
thoroughly conversant with ecry detail of
his business, and as a conequcnc the
globe iron workx arc turning out a class of
engines, boilers, pumps, etc., that cannot
be excelled for workmanship by any east
ern firm.
A fair audience was present at the rink
to hear the Hycr comedy company, who
played ery acceptably, and kept the closest
attention of the audience from opening to
close. They appear again this evening at
the a:ne place.
Mr. John 31. Ru'cll, of Urbana, Ohio,
who is a lawyer of prominence, and his
brother G. M. Russell, a merchant of the
same city, both out looking at this country,
made us a pleasant call in company with
Judge Jewett. These gentlemen called be
cause they had been requested to by Judge
'ta. Baldwin, our former city attorney,
who for year was one of Wichita's leading
citizens. Judge Baldwin' many friends
will be delighted to hear that he has been
restored to perfect health and is happy and
One ot the finest porcine breeders wc
have ecn for a long lime was at the ex
press office of Wells, Fargo .t Co. yester
day. It was a large black hog of the Poland-China
breed, and wis being shipped
from Rushville, Ind., to John AValker at
Cheney. It attracted, the attention of sev
eral stocKmen. who pronounced it one of
the finest specimens of the genus bog that
has ever come to this county.
All parties hiving claims against War
wick lodge. Knights of Pythias, are re
quested to present them :o C. A. VanXess
not later thin noon of next Siturdiy.
The Knights are anxious to hive ajl in
debtedness squared by that date.
Marsh Murdock'g new daily at Wichita
is a daisy. It is a four-page, eight columns
to the page, paper, aud as neat and well
made up as the weekly edition has always
been, which is sufficient praise. The Mux
dock have done well in refraining from
starting a daily till the city and country
surrounding it had people enough to sus
tain such an enterprise. They have for
years been importuned to do what they
have now done. The temptation has becu
great and the demand almost imperative
tor tne list live years to issue a daily. They,
however knew too well the cost of such
an enterprise. If they had started a daily
wnca me people tuougm tney ougat to, tbc
probabilities are that it wouid have had
a sickly existence of a fewmonths and then
been compelled to stop. Now, however, it
the people of Wichita stand by them as by
the number of advertisements in the firs't
issue they have commenced, the Eagle will
be a success. But to make it certain to
succeed, the patronage now so generously
given must be continued.- No one not in
the business can form any idea of tbc ex
pense of getting out such a paper as the
Eagle promises to bs. In Marsh, the Ea
gle has a good writer, in Roll, a good busi
ness manager. We wish them all the suc
cess they deserve. Commonwealth.
The Daily Wichita Eagle made its bow
to the public this morning, as we learn by
a letter received from that place. We
await its appearance -here with interest.
The publishers have made one of the best
weekly papers in Kansas or any other
state, and they know enough about journal
ism to make a success of anything which
they undertake in this line.
Their civy editor Is Moses Stone, who has
been conuccted with "the News for the past
three years in tbc capacity of foreman and
reporter. There is no man in Kansas who
has a keener nose or sharper eye for items
than "Mose," and there will bo precious
little going ou in Wichita that be will not
be "on to." His success is only condi
tioned upon his health, which has been
much impaired of late by rheumatism, and
wc sincerely trust that ho may overcome
this difficulty and find himself strong
enough to fill the position tor which he is
otherwise so well qualified. We wish him
and the Eagle the fullest measure of suc
cess. Emporia Daily Xeiet.
The first number or the Wichita daily
Eagle is before us. It is a bright, hand
some eight-column folio, the first morning
daily or Wichita, Col. M. M. Murdock,
editor,. R. P. Murdock, business manager.
The weekly Eagle has long been one of
the btst weeklies in the state, and the same
newspaper ability will no doubt place tbc
daily Eagle upon a successful and perma
nent basis. Tbc Capital most heartily
wished the Eagle success. It is backed
by the most enterprising town of Kansas,
full of energy, life and business, and the
rich valley of tbo Arkansas, an empire In
itself, will continue to build Wichita as
the commercial metropolis of the south
west. The Eagle will contribute much
to the future growth of the city of Wich
ita, and we can only wish that its editors
may rcip .-ubstantial benefits for the years
of hard work their enterprise will demand.
Geo. A. Blackwelder, of Ilillsboro, 111.,
is in the city closing a purchase through
XieiJerlamler's office, of 1,320 acres of land
in this county, and also a line residence
property, on Emporia avenue. .Mr. B. will
movn to Wichita during the summer.
All members of the G. A. It. are request
ed to attend services at the Presbyterian
church next Sunday.
Isn't it about tlmo that a program was
being arranged for decoration day ?
St. Louii, May 22. J. F. Richardson, lo
cal agent of the Indionapolis &St. Louis
railroad, suicided by shooting bini'elf to
night. The discovery, by the traveling au
ditor, that he was six thousand dollars
short to the company, is supposed led to
the aci.
Pittsburg, May 22. Fire destroyed the
post-office and all the stores in the village
or Spriu;field, Fayette county. Loss ?25,
Toledo, May 22. This atcrnoon 3Iw.
Emma l'farr and Miss Tilla Fear, sisters,
were walking in the suburbs with a babv
carriage containing two children, and took
refuge f-om u thunderstorm under a largo
tree by the roadside. Lightning struck the
tree, tearing it into pieces and Killing Miss
Fear. lirs. Pfarr had her band torn off
aud was shocked, but not otherwise hurt.
The children wero not hur t.
Brussels, May 22. Sol Lois Hymans, Ilt
erateur, and publicist Is dead. Ho was
born May 3, 1823.
Bnreke Springs Lumber Company
Has nov a full supply of All Kiuils of
AVhilc Pine Lumber, in rrc.it variety,
viz: Flooring, Siding, Shingles, Mould
ings, Finishing Lumber, Doors aud
Windovs of all kinds and sizes, nil of
which 1 oflcr at Much Lower prices
than ever sold before iu "Wichita.
4 d2t John Davis, Agent.
I Imc recently received large addi
tions to my stock of Lumber, and
though I have all the trade I want,
I will still wait on all my friends who
want Good Lumber of any kind at
LiVing Prices. 4 d2t
John Davis, Agent.
Splil Oak Post", 3 cars on the track
to-day. I will keep the price steady
for a while at 12 ccnta from the car, or
12 1-2 from yard. Lai gc Posts 8 feet
long, 20 cents. 4 d2t
John Davis, Agent.
Outside shippers having Posts or
Lumber for sale On The Track, may
find a purchaser by calling at Eureka
Springs Lumber Yard, Wichitc.
4 d2t John Davis, Agent.
The lat chance for a hot biscuit at
Pccktiam & Hcllars to-day. 4-1
The parade is over and the hot bis
cuit man is bakiug for the last time at
Peckliam & Hellar's to-day. Go and
see the most delicious hot biscuits
made with the French Baking Powder
without shortening. It i your last
chance. -1-1
Hoi biscuits at Pcckham & Hellar's
to-pay. 4 It
Call at Peckhan & Hellar's to day.
it is positively your Ia-t chance to get
one of those elegant hot biscuits,
nude with French b.ikin? powdcus.
4 It !
Pcckhara & Hellir's is the place to
get a hot biscuit made with the French
baking powder without shortening, to
day. 4 It
Don't miss the last chance to sec
hot biscuit made without shortning,
at Peckham & Hellar's, to-day. y 1 1
Everybody ought to visit Peckham
& Hellar's grocery to-day and sec
those elegant hot bicuits, made with
out shortening.
A Family Roasted Alive.
Hon. Thos. Ryan Nominated by AccUration at
Emporia Yesterday on an Unequivocal
Protection Platform.
Emporia, May 22- At the Republican
delegate convention, for the Fourth con
gressional district, held in this city to-day,
Hon. Thos. Ryan, of Topeka, was nomic
ated by acclamation as cannidate for re
election to the national bouse of represen
tatives amid great enthusiasm. The follow
ing resolutions were adopted without a dis
senting vote : '
Resolved, By the Republicans of the
Fourth congressional district, in conven
tion assembled.
First, That we re-afilrm our devotion to
tbc principles of the Republican party that
ba e in the past brought thejnatlon and peo
ple a degree of prosperity without a parallel
In history.
Second, We are opposed to the doctriue
of free trade, and are in favor of n tariff so
adjusted as to protect American labor, pro
mote home manufacturers and foster home
markets for the products of American ag
riculturists. Third, Wc demand iu the Interest of the
farmers, business men and shippers of the
country, that congress shall regulate, by
proper and stringent legislation, interstate
railway commerce on a basis alike just to
the carrier and to the business interests of
the country, to the end that unjust discrim
inations and extortionate shipping rates
shall be obviated and prevented.
Fourth, Wo are iu favor of tbo imme
diate forfeiture of all unearned land grants
hitherto held by railroad companies, and
demand the reservation of the balance of
the public domain lor actual settlers and
especially for those who risked their lives
iu defense of an imperiled country.
Fifth, Wj endorse Hon. Thos. Ryan as a
faithful, honest and wise public servaut and
commend him for his upright and manly
conduct as the repre-cntative of this dis
trict in congress.
Sixth, We heartily endorse the wise, able
aud patriotic administration of President
Seventh. That we are in ravor of the en
actment ofa National bankrupt law em
bodying the provisions or the bill that has
already passed the United States senate.
The seuato resumed the consideration of
the labor statistics bill. Senator VanWyek's
proposed amendment to the labor bureau
bill was read, providing that the chief of
bureau shall be identified with the laboring
classes, etc
Inalls said every fiber of his being was
iu sympathy with labor,but this was a bill
which he could not support in its present
shape. The committee on labor, he said,
seemed to think that there was all over lhi
land an intense, eager avidity for suculent,
juicy aud nutritious volumes of statistics.
He could imagine the comfort with which
"the weary plowman would wend his way
homeward if he knew that on passing the
post-olllcc ho should secure a volume of
statistics. lie thought the senate could
bow down and worship that bill without
being guilty or idolatry because it resem
bled nothing in heaven above, nor in the
earth beneath, nor in the waters under the
earth. Ir, however, the bill was properly
amended he would support It.
Senator A'anWyck said that communism
of capital was more dangerous than com
munism of labor. Six railroad kings could
sit in parlors, in New York, and regulate
everything in this country.
Senator Blair replying to ingalls said the
crlticisn of that senator had been simply a
piece ol elaborate, but trivial buffunery.
The senate took up the bill to prohibit
the mailing of newspapers and other publi
cations containing lottery advertisements.
Senator West objected to its considera
tion and the senate, by a vote ol 22 yeas to
29 nays, decided not to consider the bill and
it goes to the foot of the calender.
Senator Van Wycksuhmitted an amend
ment to be disposed of at the prropcr time
extending the provisions of the latter bill
so as; to prohibit the mailing of newspa
pers ot other publications containing nd-verti'-ements
or notices of the sales of rail
road, mining or other stocks, of corpora
tions, or buy margins or puts and calls,
or any agency thereof, or any notice, report
or statement of any such sales.
Bill passed authorizing the construction
of bridege across the 31issUsippl river at
St. Paul.
Senator Morgan from committee on lor
eign relations submitted a proposed
amendment to the conselor and diplomat
ic bill appropriating $.'i0,000 to enable the
president to open commercial or diplomat
ic intercourse with the Congo country.
Senator Blair afterwards withdrew the
word buffooury and raised a laugh by sug
gesting that the reporter put In Its place
some word not so offensive, but which
would mean as nearly as polble the same
Senator Sherman suggested the substitu
tion of the word department for bureau.
Senator iilair adopted the suggestion, and
moved to make the title or the hill "a bill
to establish a department of labor."
Pending rurtber debate the senate ad
journed. "
Senator Coke's bill passed amending the
act creating a northern judicial district
at Texas, and providlug for holding terms
of court in the western judicial district or
Texas at El Pa-o. It provides for holding
terms of court twice a year : at Browns
ville, first Mnndavs iu Jsnuarv and July.
San Antonio first Monday In May and No
vember. EI Paso, first Mondays in April
and October, and at Austin first Mondays
in February and August, it also provides
for tbo appointment of a deputy clerk at
El Paso.
The committee on civil service reform
unanimously directed a favorable report on
the bill to repeal Unure of office act.
Amendment to sundry civil bill was re
ported to the senate to-day providing ?3,
000 ror tbc exploration ot Alaska.
The president nominated Joh I. Sher
man, receiver of public moneys at Korth
Platte, Nebraska.
Galveston, May 23. The News Laredo
special siys, no confirmation can be had '
here of the reported revolutionary out
break at Lenora, Mexico, which is about
forty miles southeast of Monterey. Tbc
only report reached here Is to the effect
that a great conflagration has prevaled at
The Jlonterey Itevista, an influential ,
journal, in editorial upon President Enferio
of Mexico, closes with this significant sen
tence: "It is the fundamental law of n- I
tlonaliticstbat excessive tyrany will roonrr
or later produce liberty. Do you under
stand our final detlnj? I it to become
Washington, 23. The following are the
numbers of three per cent, called to-day
maturing June 30tb: t. No. SU5 to C,R,
both inclusive: ?!"). So. 2,7t to 3-3a7.
both indnslve; V00. So. 1,233 to 1,5,
inclusive, and N0.3.J87 U Sj3, both in
clusive; f 100, No. 15.373 to ViJfA. fxitb. In
I clu'ive. an No. 22.773 lo HfiU, both Inclu
sive; f iy. No. 21.171 to 22,075, both in
elusive. Total, SIO.,f0.
The Journal" Wlnnepeg special say that
! the body of a wealthy Englishman named
Faltenbridge was found In hi bed at hi
' hotel here to-day under circumstance In
dicating murder.
! Wheeling May 22. The Greenbacker
. have nominated Judge K. C. Miswell,
1 Ilepobiican, for ftsveraor. They will fuoe
j witl) the lUrrnMiac ot the fill election.
Washington. May 22. Mr. Uorr rising to
question of privilege, said that no ex-mem-
Lber of congress had a right to the floor it be
takes it and then abuses its privileges by
attempting to influence legislation here. I
now rise to say it has been brought to my
notice by a democratic member of this
House that an ex-member of congress, the
father of one of the litigants in this case.
has been on the floor of the Honse solicit
ing members, sending for them and taking
them into consultation and attempting to
ifluense them in their vote on this case.
It this time must not go nnnoticed.
I deiire to say, replied Mr. Randall, that
the father ot the contestant would he un
natural if be did not take the deepest in
terest in his son's contest. Applause on
the democratic side and derisive laughter
on the republican side. And I stand here
and witness the fact that that gentleman
has exercised the most careful propriety in
connection therewith. Applause ou the
democratic side.
And I waut to say further, broke in Mr.
Blount; that It U a notorious fact, known
by all the members m this floor, that this
rule has been violated lime and time again.
The ex-member of cougrcss in the employ
of the railroad companies and in other in-
crests, have been here importuning tne
members on the floor.
Why did vou not call attention to It? in
quired Mr. Brown of Pennsylvania.
Why have not you -done it? replied
31 r. Blount.
Because I have not known it, retorted
Mr. Urown.
Ob, my dear sir, you arc a very innocent
person, returned Mr. Blount. I want to
add that this rule has been obsolete tor
months and years. It ought to be enforced
and the gentleman from Indiana i certainly
excusable under the circumstance when
the rule has been obsolete in cvt'ry other
Mr. Springer made a point that the rule
related to parsons who were interested In
things pending bi-fore congress It had re
rcicucc to pecuniary Interest tu hired at
torneys coming on the floor and advocating
tbc passage or claims, and it had never been
claimed that it hail any reference to gentle
men who come looking alter th interests
of friends or relatives in contested election
Mr. llorr said he had made the statement
not for the purpose of political claptrap in
credulous laughter on the democratic side,
but because he feared the dignity of the
house aud its rule was being violated, am!
he felt It his duty to call the attention of
the house to the fact. The gentleman from
Pennsylvania had said It was natural for a
father to feel for his son; so it waw, but it
was also natural for him, if he had the
sense of honor be should have, to do it In
a seemly and becoming manner.
And so he has! exclaimed Mr. Randall.
And nut do it, continued Horr, by out
raxing the rulesofthe house, if you don't
believe what I tell you, liucsliS'tto this
matter and I promise to prove a good deal
more than I have stated. No man with a
keen seusc or honor would be lonud mi
this floor doing what be has been doing In
this cae.
Mr. White of Kentucky moved that ser
geant at arms be directed to arrest Mr.
English and bring him to the bar or the
house to show whether he had violated Its
This motion was received with liughter
and Ma.. White subcqucntly withdrew it,
stating he did so at reqeest of eoiitestee.
Mr. Cox of New then arose to defend his
old friend who bad been insulted, by the
motion . He gave original rule regulating
admission to ex-members to the floor. He
bad originally drawn up rules at a time
when the republican party was rising to
wards the very height of corruption, and
when ex-members came hero to lobby for
railroad grandees, which the democratic
party was now undertaking to forfeit. Ap
plause on the democratic side
Milliken, "Is there any higher tlalm or
mora sacred claim than a title of a member
to his seat."
Mr. Cox I would rather have a man come
here undcrtaclng to present the. claims of
his son honorably to this house than your
mean, sneaking, mercenary that come here
to grau anu raiu mo piioiii; treasury .
iSayne offered n resolution instructing
the committee! on rules to inquire and re
port to the houso whether or uot Hon. V.
II. EtizlNh an ex-member of tbo house,
has violated the privcleges thereof In con
tested etection cases, Eugllsh vs: Pcalle.
Ilalllzell objecting, itiivnc withdrew the
resolution for the time being.
Question re-occurring on the minority
rcolution it was lost, yeas 123,iia), 121).
and majority resolution adopted, ca, 19),
nays, 127.
English then appeared at the bar houe
and took tbc oath of office.
Itayne re-offered his resolution as a ques
tion oTprlvelege
Dunn suggested it be amended by direct
ing an inquiry whether (Jreenbraum, late
member or the house had lobbied for tbo
whiskey bill.
Thompson hoped that no such amend
ment would be pressed.
Bayne said ho offered hU resolution be
cause he bad information that a member
of the house bad voted in the early part
of the proceedings, that he bad been
asked to leave his scat, that be had left his
eat. and that he bad cone into consulta
tion with English, and that he bi-J after-
wards disappeared from the floor of thai
house without Having necn paireu.
Having that information he felt It,
the right and just Inquiry should bo made
by a competent committee. The member
to whom Mr. Ba-ne had reference Is
Mr. Miller who voted on the first roll call
to-day and did not do so thereafter.
Mr. Nichols said that James W llson,
member from Indiana, ami counsel for
Ieele. had been ou the lloor lobbying In the ,
latter's Interest j
Mr. Itayne modified his resolution by 1
granting thu committee power to cnd for j
ncrsons and paper
Mr. Hammond offered an amendment en
trusting the investigation to a select com
mittee of seven members, and requiring It
further ti Inquire whether any ex-member,
employed a agent or attorney, In any con
tested election case or lor any railroad or
other corporation having any claim pend
ing has, during thi session, abused the
privlle" allowed him under rule -M, and
raport who they are and how they have
abused the privilege granted them.
The amendment was agreed to anil the res
olution a amended adopted
The bill forfeiting tho Uregon
land grants was then taken up.
Hath opposed the bill on the grou
It Is nronod to forfeit a portion
',....! '
rrant which had been earned by the
.Mr. ticorge too uie same tick, anu .-ir.
Cobb made an argument in favor of the
bill. In the course ol ins rcmarg ne re -
ferred lo the decision of the supreme court
four years ago in regsrd to the grnt
n tbc Oregon Central, and Mr,
Georxe averted that the Oregon Central
to which the decision referred w not the
Oreron Central to which the bill relited.
and Intiaiatln? at the same time that Mr.
Cobb was misleading the bww. Thi.
.... I Xf.- fV,M. n.l he .lerlireil be hill
4KIUIU MS IS-rwf - ..--- J
a letter in HI poei,jn oonS xr.
George to be a railroad attorney. Mr.
George vigorously denied thi declaration,
and defied Mr. Cobb to produce the letter.
Mr. Cobb Id that when the gentleman e
cued him of attempting to mllead the
boue be wa mistaken la hi man. Mr.
George disclaimed any intention of charg
ing thst Mr, Cobb purposely w!!ed the
house, but tqe fact remained that he wa
doing o.
Tending further debate the boue ad
journed. HOTEL BURNED.
MtnhatUn, Kan.. May SL The Adam
b3Ue. with it content w burucd. L-i,
8U,W; lnturanee on bnildii!oatSTX.
The eemnt bartJy ecaped by Udder
from the third Soor. The nre was prevent
ed from spreading.
w York, May 2 -Ward, after spend
ing all day in endeavoring to obtain tSfjOi
bait, was taken Vt Ludlow $ tree jxil and
lodged in a cell there, lie ref need to e
90Sm in aceu were, ue wbkci w ee
anyone. Gen. Grant tUJ to-nijfbt that
the opinion that V. 8. Grant Jr. bad Sed to
Canada t ee;e arrert ri. wboHy witii-
out foundation. Both of bl on the gen-
eral taid were la town and intended b re -
main here. Tfcy hid w wonry to make
trip t Canada, ?e3 If they waabwl U go
there. He wo Tery Indignant that the re-
pert had been eJrcal-d.
Lin Stock.
Shipping str. , ,..3 0a$3S5
Butchers' steers... ! OS
Fat cow and heifer. -, S 43 30
Fat shlpptns hogs, best 4 044 OS
Stock and feeding nojrs... .....- t to
$hrl. ., .... 3 0et3 ja
Wholesale. RUI1.
Potatoes, perbu tU80 73 to 108
Potatoes, new, per peck...... ... 73
Kjo ....,.......,.. .. li Mtffttt
Butter. ... .UtoW 1U30
Chee : ... 17 4!
Lartl.. . ., 10 13
t hlckens, per lb 8 a
Chickens, per iloxra...,.. ........i.M each, 3
llaeon . 15
Mionlders lOV MJf
Hams 1 -, 1
Corn meal .. ... . ., 1 OJ I 23
Ktonr, hlph patent........ 3 SJ
Hour, mtent 2 MJ
Klour, XXXX 2S3KJ
Flour XXX 2 00
Chop feed S3l 00
HnU3, .,- .- Ml
Sherti .
-.- -i&tta,i
Milling wheat...
Shipping whrat
Corn ...
Oats .. ..
. i '
New York Money Market.
XwYoic, MaySJlSBt.
Moh-Easy at 283 per cent j closing offers
at 1 ,S'i per cent.
l'MUE MricCANTiut PArBU Iftljf per cent. '
SncnuMi ExcHJLtnK-lUnkc, bills weak at
I.S5Ji ; demand, tvS.Vi.
Govksxknt IIonwi Lower. Tho following
are thu quotations .
U.S. 3-per-ccnts .
li it....
.13) w....
S. i ',-pcr-cenU .
V S, -per-cents
Statu Skci'sitiks Dnll.
lUlLW.vr Hon . Weaker Quotations :
Missouri raciflcfl's bonds 10".
Hannibal A ft Joseph bomU.... .104
Central Pacillo stocks . ., i."
Chicago Alton. If
Chicago, Htullnirton A Qulncy 115V
Denver AlUoUrandu 10't
Hannibal A St. Joseph is1.'
Hannibal A M Joseph preferred (asked). . Ml,
Missouri Pacific 'V
Northern I'aclllc. 20 V
Xorthwestem Uof
New York Central H0V,'
Itock Island .. . Ul
Union l'aciilc Wh
Wabash . t
Western Union ... .. MS
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas Citt, May 4!, I".
Tlio Lite-Stack Indicator n-ports :
Cattlk KcceijiU, l.tUrt; market firm and
10c hlBticr? natlv uteem, U13 to t,d lbs,
.'... l'cil 10 ; Ktoekers, feeders and row un
changed lloos lterelpts, 5,OT ; market market weak
and W10c lower; lots averaging 17i to Sfi
lbs sold at .Vou.iM 30 1 bulk at M t.Va3 .
Siimr liecilpts, 7.HJ; market quiet; native
averaging 77 to M lbs sold at 4 OJ to 4 a
St. Louis Grain and Produce.
Sr I.OH. Mays
, liwl.
Ft ot n Market unchanged
WiitATMsitet ictlve an I higher for cadi,
May and June but lower fur other options
No 2 red. 1 II rasn
; I
1 u.tf ,
I lo asked for
June; .J'.cy.s'.'. ,
cloning at We, July; &!
M' closing at V!
3 Ted, 1.02
Conv Sfarkct active; oeried higher, de
clined, closing at U.'ie under yesterday's
prices &i,tfM)i bid fr cash SIHuM'iMajr ;
il.M.ViJnnei SJ'iflM'. July, cloning at m
side prices
OATs-Market better; 3V.,'o rath ; X! May;
X2jc bid Juno t 31c Julys 27Scycar.
lf.K-hlow; CIGbld.
ItAiturr Dull at iiGwc
t.KAit .Market easier at .15'.
IJtTTEn Unchanged.
Ki.as Market unchanged.
Klaxskko Nominal.
II it Unchanged
Hiiav (Julet ; 71c at mill.
Cnua-Niu! Higher at 3.fsTj3.a'..
Wiiisket ttteady at I II
Poiik Market slow ; Jobbing at llrt.76.
Itrta Mr.ATS Market very quiet long clear,
S WK.WI.10. short rlb. H l3" 20 ; short clear,
IIacov Hcaren ami Arm ; long clear, S.'.'e ;
short ribs, fc'c ; nborl eKar, e
LAitiMarket slow at 7 .
Itr riiTv-Klour, 3,oui barrels; wheat. 23.
Otf) bnslitli ; roro, 32,ii"i bushel t oat, ll,ii
bo.hels; rye, ; barley, 1,1") bubel.
SmrMKifT Hour. H.OH) barrel ; wheot. .
WW bushel! corn, UM bushel t oato, ',
bushels ; rye, ; barley.
aktciisoov tm.'.nii
Wiir-AT-Market irregular; I 11 May t t.9.'
June; Isw;1. July
Count Market ttcady SIS May iljf June ;
Ui'ibi'Zc. July
Oat Nominal
St. Loul Live Stock.
Sr Loci. May tl, liM.
CATTI.&lteeetpt, 2, ; (IdprnenU, 1.5") I
market aetive and steady eprt, .40l 71 ;
god to choice shipping, 6 WWfl Tri; common
to medium, r 40(83 mS; corn-fed Texan. i.
v" ",: ; graen-red Texan, 4 VM 23 1 toeker
ju'i feeder, 3 7S4?3 23.
klft "m
( ,0
Purer l:HpU, 717s shipment, li.".j mar-
: Cllptssi, J,I1J' iFjurn, j.'f'n
Chicago Grain and Produce.
CiucAuO, May ZS, I'M'
Yutv n Jidet and firm
Wiikat In fair demand Tint unwilled
coarse of the stock market ha-1 some effwt hot
much lew than yesterday The market oiene
.c lower, fluctuated and ebi about Ic lie-
M7r7K".;"V.; elo.Tng it O'.c , Jun-, WHO.
lje. rising fctWJ'.e; July, wJWrtSe. '"-
jng Bt W.c; Augut, VWosrl-i, elIng tM..
rm Market quiet and slow ; opened un-
low! Testenlr:rternon' nrlce quotation
changnl, closing ,c iew yvcrtj- fnr,
CanhJI t3, closing at &fMwj May.
Mt'. dosing at 34 . June, JRtMe,
closing at M'.ei Jnly, 37'.eV!.e, elJng at
n7',c; .ugut, &i.iotfe
Oa? Market nominally unchanged ; eJ1(
51!. May, ZlHStct June, 3t!iX: i July.
3J,H.-nlc t August. SsXtf Sc
IlTr.-alt ateiXc
ItjtttCT frtll ttt72e
Fl.AXJr;i quiet at I 5
Pork Demand '"! opened tronger , fell
.tftfSie, rallle-t 2V2;, closing lady tb,
Is y4l Vt May, J fr'i,.:t Jooe .-
I7i. closing at lS33 July, I sIs.7S,
l" . Closing i it a""" . -"ij, ":
wdm t t- Ki 47. yer, it ti4 x
S U,H 45
15ft XKaI qaiel j jKlbT, B IS
ini, sjoj r tm, s m
i i:n-rr&-qaM Creamery, 3Q ; dairy, Jli;,
v.istrt Floor, I4.' brr!s wtat, )s.-
vn Im.hds, com. t",v bushel i aU tl,V0
bushel; rye bobli tortey, Hm;
fiwrirtJTi-Ffcmr. UMn j.m!l ll,
." bulHrl; rorn, IW, 1raJ "-,
, ut. " ".
I ''"" hnhl
Jl,i Irttbel; barter.
ilrTKI&W Our,AJ!ii,
Wilt );: Jane 5 WKe July j lXe Alnraat,
B J one refietod ;e.
Oat Aujftwt felt '.ir..
Pouc Jane rtne iy,l ond A?gi S.
L ia -Unchanged
Chicago Live Sioci.
Cutuo HJ 32, l!.
The prtrnfi Jtntnul rrjrt
H-RAxiplt, 21.WJJ WptM.t4, tyf,
mrtrtV-l Jwrer . rmgh pv.tlr-f. 1 1--.7 8
jflkklag and WpjjJng, ijf eos WrM beo
grade, i 9?-Z k)ps .
Caw JtKtWpt, i.'Jn MvsinU,lJHi
market brt.k ttl flrra i ettri. S"7S
JgwJ t ehaSe- Uqpfag, s -, wraaw
to raJj-ra, ( --;- in,
4.XV3 W rtrrn-UA Teo. 5 - .
istttzr VjHrrifr, 3.SW, -lj-lsrU, J,l.
etaxiet Vrar d ek , lafctvwx to fstr,
ZJtt.W. aUiaa Ui t'jQi, 4 WZfiftf tiwic
to jr,iIH5 75
Lincoln, bM X ay 22-Tb dtsvoertflc
t -ir.entinn wu rkli! to onltr at 3
o'clock and an fciWJr sttnt over tb rm$t-
erzt,ljM&t, why was SnVT VtMA
7 ejf-y . jlassian. of UutAln
J ' ' .rj, Xlimr
" wltmre.
j tfM .,, v.t Jo. Ai- -4
i'crt T "-' , j",?!
wife aod gr.n dsgter were bursal to
death lo t&rir b9i tart ufe-t. Aava
S ted ca bU ttrm, four ' fro bttt.
. ) r.iTPIr iLmiml i nomlnallr uncharted.:
nu tiisi lj . !,,, j&. JnB, si2Sns,
Ol ne ,, i.va.. ,-, julr.e -rt X,. rliMttfX
road, x m. Aogan. s 37J.t 47S t closing
' 1

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