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JR-jsri- W-mW-fJ
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u -,.
I L "l
.bHHPgfHrjJCrMa fjR'lr 1M PNIHBalA1
J. '
, .
v: j .
M. MURDOCK. Editor.
R. P. MURDOCK, Business Manager.
lias the Israeli Circulation of any I)aihj Paper
m Southirctlcrn Jiantat.
One coiiy, one jear
Onn copy, six months
Onr rniiv. three montliB,
$S (K)
. 4 CO
. 2 00
One cojiy, one month - "
Twenty cents liur 'work delivered by earners in
the City. Postage prepaid.
Onecopv, one year
One copy, i. montlir.
..$2 (xi
.. I (X)
Onr rates for advertising fehall lie as low as
those of any other paper of cijnal -alne as an
advertising medium
AH transient advertisements muht le paid for
in advance. ....
Entered m the l'ostofficc cl Wtchita, at tecond
clatt matter, and entered to trantition thtouy'i the
vtailt at tveh.
The following table giros tliearrial and de
parture of trains nt Wichita.
i.i: iv i.
Express 1II.3U A M.
Ac. Freight. 3:45 P. 31.
Wichita Ex.'il.Of! P. M
Ac-Freight I.iC P. 31.
I...?:1 A. 31.
.... r,:i P. 31.
....12:21 P. 31.
Kansas City Express
Express-.... ."i.'iu P 31
Ac.Froight lli.V.A. 31
nuns uany.
All others daily cc pt Sunday.
Mail train from St. Louis arrives at C..00 p. m. ;
leaves Tor the north at fl:o:p. in ; Mail train
leaves furtliu east at .(:." a. in.
Accommodation leaves the Union depot lor
Cheney at 10.1.', a. m.; Freight depot at ntll-M
n. m. Ilctuniitig, leases Clieiicy iit.".:lp. m , ,
arrii, lug at Union depot nt:i .00 making cornice-
tion for Kansas City with the regular passenger
akkiaim. 1 I.1.AM.S.
Ac7t,reii'ht..7:10 a. in. 1 Ev. A 3Iail !:) a. m
Ey. A 3IaIl..r:2St. ill.
Freight 8:55 p. m.
Freight.. ..10:00 a. in.
Ac. Freight ICO) p. in.
Advettitementt in thi column Kill be charged Jur
at the tateof Five Cints er line jier iccel.. .o
adpcrttumeiit taken for leu then 25 tetitt.
ANTED An occupant for a furnished
room Kiwuirc at uooi i.ros. ircnsier
ANTED To rent furnished or unmnuslieU
T T lumiio in ii in ii"u ...'." (..-- . i
rooms in a new House ; enoice locauuu,
;niulre at boullieast corner oi j.iupona .neiiuu i
md Second street. i-l I
WANTED A girl to do housonork in a
small family; good wages gnen. En
quire at C. II. Allen's harness shop on Douglas
avenue. t S-1W
WANTED TO rent a nicely fiirnished rront
room to one or two gentlemen without
hoard : location pleasant and central Address
II. T. H., thisollice. s-tr
WANTED Day hoarders at residence or
Gexirge Eaton, east side or 3Iarket st.,
2d door south of Central i a. 7-1 w
WANTED-'.lioarders by da or week, will
or without room Inquire at west side
of Fourth aenue between First and Si cond, or
ofW. J Elliott, with 3IcComb Itros. 7-lw
WANTED Land-bmers to know that it Is
to their interest 'to go to Garden Plain
eal Estate Agency to hii lands.
l-3-tr Tam.j: A Pi hi..
"AITANTKD Laml-lmjers to know that we
V hae for sale all the best lands near Gar
den Plain. Tai t-ou A Pim:.
WANTED Land-buyers to know that we
haie made arrangements with the hotels
at Garden Plain to keep them nt reduced rates.
l-5-tf Tayi.oi! A Pim:.
ANTED A good nurse girl from 11 to li!
jcHrsoltlli Hilling isros. u-:-u
WANTED A situation bv a boy with good
recommendulions, either in store or of
llce. Apply at Peckhain A HiJlar's htore on
.Main street. d-7-l
ANTED A girl to do housework in a
small lamil . inquire at lias ouiee
TT vrS!l) A ii one desirin
nive Tesnienco
V loti. uleasautlv located, with the
or water, to call on .1 K. Turner, in Turner's
addition. Great inducements offered to those
intending to build neat residences North Main
street. "I-"-"
ANTKD Those Intending to build to call
on .1 U. I usner lor a lug nr.rgain 111 ai-
nnble lots sltualeil In llie norin pan, 01 iihmtuj
in Turner's addition. d-7-0
"1T"ANTED To n-11 a good second-hand bilg
V g.v lor $70. Da. I'r-J-i.i.L.
WANTED A gooil girl N ill pay iW.W) ler
wetk for the right girl Appl at A. K.
Gon-'sice cream iarlor. d-7--
ANTED Some one to pay taxes on 3.
acres of grass land for tin- use of it.
(1-7-tf II. 1. Fiai mi A Co.
"1I7"ANTKD A renter lor a nice
room in new
TT bi
building opposite poblol'Jce.
Fnimi 1.1.
"ANTED tenant for a splendid office
rooinover 1 uiier.vons u--n
7"ANT1:D llujers for 2,"i lots on Lawrence
) and Toneka avenues In blocks 3 and 4,
Onne & Philips' addition. 'I hese are the llnest
lots in Wichita for the price JluOper lot
:(.tr 11 r. Fi:irsi& c.
WANTED Land bujers to know that we
lire posted In prices and location or every
tract or land that Is lor sale in Sedgwick county.
:;-tf II F FitiKMi.V Co.
WA.VIEli Mrangcrs to know that we have
as line a line of Ueal Estate bargcui3,
both in citv and country, as anj bodj
il.-J-tf " CU.PWI.U. A. Stkovi..
T ANTED Etenbedv to know tliat we
r have the oldest au'd most reliable set of
Alistracts in tlic count . 'A v,onl to tin wibo
is uutllcii'tit. Ci.hwi.li. .LsTi:oNf..
WANTED Tin; v-bllr tol. now tlirt for Ali
Htrarts. lnurtmre or Ileal Estate, it a ill
liay von to call at Tcmi'li block anil -spi'
-t"f C ia i m. .. Jsri:oo.
"V47"ANTEl A Inner n-ra iinarter-M-rtion of
TT Is'oo'l ra lanil ; for sale clieaji ; v ell . a-
tcreil ; Bltnatiil iti Mnnese.ili
.1 V IaI(.um:ty.
:i-lf (with .luilpe Camiibell.
"ITFANTED Kannors ami citizens to know
y that the olil reliable ami iiioneer cloth
ing houm of alley in located secoml iloor touth
of l'o.stollicp. m
ANTED To rentaKooJ oflice room in er
Wichita imccry. i;. 11 i;om.
"7"ANTEl) Eenboilv to Isit the ?tar i
V ClotliiiiR lloiiso a'ml examine poixts ami
irlces liofore imrchasinp elsew here
T17"ANTEl) A (rooil liutners Tor sale in a
IV Ihetown. Kor rurther jiarlicnlars ail-1
ilress at once 21 .V S.
Wichita I'ost -office, Kansas lx ,
IVS-l'll T.. .nil rt 1.11.-1.1 1.11. ltll.-.' I.lih- .
..... l..l .' r.i.1. .. ,."... .-j. uur. i , i-i.iv.-
UHl , 4 HlllllilUCIVl .1 jUMU'll. '
K 11 i;m.
-Main- cuEtotuer.s to 1k fitted out
iii those elegant and nobbj Corkvcrow
Hints. Maruioiiiiugiiouse
"ANTED iSlrl for gcncrul housework.
i.eiereiires jvsjuireii, u. ii. i-if.
"tlTANl'i:!- An owner fornstora kov
W can bo hml b calling at thS uiUw and
pnjhig for this notice
ANTi:i Thitw ladles to take parts In
rmely conipanv Address at once
lau,cit ' 5-1
1. I.
"ANTKD 2,(0 acres or land in one bod.
. I .. ,1.1. n......l.. .. .'...a.. . 1... .......
kll .1119 1 i.ruiit , 1111 .1 la. 11 PIW lUiiii
llANTED V,c want merchants to know
T that our insurance companies are all
Btrictly lirst-class. and their policies cost no
more than tho? e of second-rate companies.
IlrvNKiA.t llo-
WANTKD-Eveijbodv to know that Head-
quarters Ib Mar Clothing Hoiife.
- . -
Also, tenants for :! jrotxl lionrt In city.
.t t m'.mh.. s t c- i r
Z - "'A "
"7.VNTEI A live agent to introduce in
WSa'M SSoSlI;;;
gentlemanly ileportmtent and iror is all that is
newssary Every musician In Wichita Is It
inference. Applv evouSngs to general agent,
room 3 Temple 111 cck.
My Dear Friends : That was a
1 very good thing that Herbert Spencer
said: ''We too often forget that not
only is there a 'soul of good in things
evil,' but very generally also a soul of
truth in things erroneous. While many
admit the abstract probability that a
falsity has usually a nucleus of reality,
few bear this in mind when passing
judgment on the opinions of others."
Never has the truth of this state
ment been brought more forcibly be
fore my mind than in reading the two
articles entitled, respectively, "A Itat
tling Temperance Lecture," and the
"Reply" to the same. It seems to me,
my friends, that in your zeal to carry
your lcpectivo points, you have mu
tually committed yourselves to illibcr
alities, which illiberalities consist part
ly in some glaring, doubtless hasty,
misstatements, and partly in the sup
pression of tome rather important
In the lirst place, "X L.," in mak
ing jour statement that "ignorance of
hygiene is among the masse? of great
er evil than drink," you ignore the
fact, it may he the very cause of the
latter evil, and that vigorous efforts
arc being put forth to enlighten the
people, u-pceially the youug, on this
subject; and further, our popular and
expensive system of public, private
and denominational schools is an ar
gument against the charge that we do
not appreciate the evil of ignorance.
I... rl.M.i. own JAIWk Sfcf 4 lllkClt tl-
W) m. - "---
cale,l iaiiaticV that Will dispute tlllS
JIUillL u .111 Ull.
Again, no one denies that bigotry
U a great evil and has done great
liMini in the world but bigotry is not
a characteristic nor an outgrowth of
true religion, if John Calvin did bum
Servetus. Men have been persecuted
for their opinions from the beginning
of history and why? Ilccnuse of re
ligion':1 Rather for the want of it.
Religion begets charity; intolerance is
the offspring of ignorance and super
stition. One is of God, the other of
... n . j
ilie ilcvil. INO curisuiiu, itbiuj iui i
,..,, .,.1c In l.nl.l .Tnlm
Ul lLlli;i lU iin.ia v. ..v... .,....
Calvin or any other imperfect man up
a- an example to be imitated. He who
fs our exemplar is high above all the
petty criticism-, of men. The perfect
Clod-iuau, Christ Jesus.
In regard to the social evils uudcr
consideration, you leave out of sight
the immmensu intlueuce which intem
perance has in fostering and increas
ing the-e evils, as well as ignore the
fact that we not only have stringent
l.tw against some forms of this evil
on our statute books, and that the
very people who labor to prohibit the
liquor traffic arc heading the crusade
agaiusl obscene and sensational litera
ture; that mo-t potent instrument for
the moral destruction of our youth.
l.ut the other "writer commits even
gi eater mistakes although her cause
isajutone; but where is the use of
making such palpable erroneous state
ments as that ? "The best plan is lo
do one thing at a time." Meaning that
we are to light one evil until we con
., , ,, , 1.....1- .,,.,1 t..b 1...
unci 11 aim nu;n 5" i.iiv ui ..n. .ihj
rest. If (Jod had meant f.ir us to4ight
onh on- at a time lie would have
"ivrn thorn to us that wav. No! we
arc expected to set our faces as a flint
ag.iin-t -all wrong, and with God's
help light our way through.
As to intemperance being the caue
of crime. This is another popular fal
lacy it certainly i a great aider and
abetter, but the eauc lies deeper in
man's evil nature, and if temperance
people think that by doing away with
dram shops they will do away with
nine-tenths or even two-third of the I
crime in Ihe world, in the event of
success, they are inevitably doomed to
disappointment. You say "We will
attend to the other evils you speak of
if they cxi.-l, after the liquor traffic is
done awav with." Why"il.'" They
certainly 'will exist after it as they did road, money and "'".SJS""'; or
, . . -. , . .. .. poration monopolies, aud we desire
bebircit. on may ilelroy the hquor ,,, a,;tioil y.hMl shall ro-
traffic, but that won't kill the devil or
even tie him up. Still the destruction
of the liquor traffic will greatly di
minish these evils, therefore we ought
not to discourage tiny attempt that
may be made in this direction.
Il is true that 'arithmetic never
lies '' in the sense that certain -figures
combined in a peculiar way produce
certain known results, but whether
your result is true depends upon the
data you start with. If these be false,
your calculation is worthless.
Look out for your data. G. 1.
Programme ot Eierciscs Adopted bj tho G. A. R.
Tlic Karachi post at their last meeting
arranged the following programme 'for
tin proper observance of decoration day.
.My TiOth
The procession will form at the post
r-om ami mirch at 1 p. m. sparp.
Down Main street to Douglas avenue,
c.ist on Iiotigl-i. avenue, to 4th acnue, re
., ...
, tjini lv Dou'us avcutlt
and Main street
to I-'irst, tlicncc to opera liotti-c.
l'r:iMt bv 1'ov. .1. I). Heivlti.
' -Clitic "Coil nfthf. Vntmii ' liv imiiils o
V ieliiUi conservatory of music.
(.. A K. services ritual.
Mni "l!el, coldicr, et.' by ptipils o
W'Uhita coicnatorv of uuiic.
UiciMtion, ''Strew F!eei o'er theif
CJrive-," JH's I.-iura Woodcock.
Son?-" Hie Kittle" Prayer,' by Comrade
c. V. Arbucklc. "
Oration Hon. J. Jay Hack.
c. o i... i..- i... tvi.v.i.
conservatory of music.
lencdlctiou-lv Kcv.Kobt. K.Gurthie, Sr.
.. , " . ,
Departure for ccmctry in eonvejanecs
"P' 1:o- "form, at en-
' entrance to cemetry,
. ...
-v-):- cnlce at Cemetry ritual.
All eX'oiiuert are urgeu to join in me
Tlic people of the city and county are
:...;,, ... ,,.rrielfiite In fho everrises of
i tho day.
Judge Field the Second Choice
of a Majority of the Kan
sas Delegation.
Frosts in New York, Illinois and Iowa
Crops Thought to be but Slightly
Indianapolis, May 21. The Green
back convention re-assembled pursu
ant to adjournment, and the commit
tee on resolutions not being ready to
report, the intervening time was occu
pied in making and adopting motions
of thanks to various persons, includ
ing the committee of arrangements-,
presiding officers, local press, and also
W. II. Englih for the free ue of the
opera house, etc. A resolution ex
tending sympathy to union printers
and organized labor in the boycotting
light against the New York Tribune
was read and referred. It was after :l
o'clock when Chairman Weaver an
iiouuccd the committee on resolutions
ready to report, and it was then ascer
tained there would be three re
ports. The minority reports were
made by Jones, 6f New York,
and Ulanchard of Michigan, were
read. The lirot reading was atten
tively listened to, and occasionally in
terrupted by applause, the reports
of Ulachard meeting enthusiastic ap
proval, and its author receiving many
congratulations on the stand he took
in favor of temperance and woman
suffrage. Jones' report differed from
the majority report in demanding
that, while congress shall issue full le
gal tender notes, they shall be used in
payment of government debt, con
structing public improvements, to re
duce transportation charges, com
pleting public buildings, building a
navy and for such other purposes as
congress is now asked to appropriate
money, until the surplus labor of the
country is employed,:! prolitable home
market for American products form
ed, workshops created and busines
done on a cash basis. Jones did not
insist on his views, and there was no
split on the platform. The majority
report was read by Mr. Norton, chair
man of the committee. It contained
a lengthy article setting forth the ob
jects ol the greenback parly, ami
what it lias accomplished, saying con
gress had repealed over $12,000,000
annual taxes for banks, and tin owing
this burden upon the people to pay
taxes thereon.
1st. That we hold the late decision
ot the supreme court on the legal ten
der question to be a full vindication of
the theory which this party has al
wavs advocated of the right and au-
thoritv of congress over the issue ol
lcal 'tender notes, and we hereby 1
pledge ourselves to uphold said decis- '
! i . in .r....t
mil tn fioiomi iiifi cimsi ii in mil
against alterations or amendments in
tended I o deprive the people of any
md coiume
increase of population and tin devel
opment of our industries. We de
mand the Mtbstiiutioii of greenbacks
for national bank notes and the
prompt payment of the public debt.
We want that money which saved our
country in time of war, and which has
given it prosperity and happiness in
peace. We condemn the retirement
of fractional currency and small de
nominations of greenbacks, and de
mand their restoration. We demand
the Usim of the hoards of uioucy now
locked up in the U. o. treasury bv ap
plying them for the payment of the
public debt now due.
2nd. We denounce as dangerous the
policies" of the democratic and
rni.iihli.rati parties', which have per-
! milted the establishment of land, rail-
store to the people powers unjustly
usurped by them.
Snl. Wre coondeinn the policy of
immense laud grants to corporations,
and that lands of forfeit, and those
uiilawfullyacqiiircd.be speedily re
stored to the public domain, and that
henceforth the public lands be granted
only to actual settlers in limited quan
tities, and alien ownership o'" land in-
dividual or corporation be prohibited
lth. Demands congressional regu
lation of inter-state commerce de
nouncing pooling, stock watering, and
discriminating charges : also demands
the establishment of the government
nostal tclctrraiih system.
, 5th. Demands a graduate in c.uii
incrcc lax. i
6th. Demand amelioration of the
condition of labor by enforcing the
sanitary laws, abolition of convict la-
.:..l.i, ;..;in,.,i ,.nn ni-nn In-tli-lt II u suui i-lili i
imiliaui lllll llv.o vwiiiviivh ". ...... - ,
':. ... -i'7. .1 t i... ;r' Amendment agreed to.
lIlMrillllCUl. ll l- iiuiiiuim inv. niui. ui ,
i ,... ..,.,1 ;., ciiOi,Miiit mi-uiti. : Cabell otlered an amen
.- - i :..!.. .1... ,I,,.,L nl'lrmli. Ill'' tllO HUmlllT Ot 111
UUS i" nuiii. niv iiiiiii.iii-- i'i ......v. t - .,
and commerce in accordance with the i agents to live.
bor. rigid inspection of mines and fac-j which developed a deticiency of $1.1,- the orders of the court provide for
torics and reduction of hours of labor, ' 000. Unhide wa-? distnis-cd and ar- ;u,tl fully secure the payment of all out
fostering educational institutions and rested. At the preliminary trial standing indebtedness" for labor and
abolishing cheap labor. he was held in $45,000 bail supplies! and -tating that any Jeiral
6th. Dcmnnds laws for the proven-. and given until 10 o'clock ' action or expense incurred by hold-r-tion
ol importation from abroad of to-night to furnish it. At that hour 3f such claim will be supcrtluoti.
cheap contract lauor.
bth. Insisting upon a consiiiutionai
...-.. IT...,
reuuciionoi icruis oi .iiucu
9th. DeinantU tich congressional
rules as ?hall place rL-presentati-ms on
eotial footin'. and tao awav Irom
committees a veto power greater thau ,
the president's
10th. The question a to the amount
of dutie t be levied upon various
articles of imnort ha been agitated.
, quarrelled over and his divided com-'
muiiitics for nearly a buudrcd year-, I
and can not now and never nill be
j settled by abolition ol indirect tax.t-,
j tiou. It is a convenient issue always i
. ratspd when neonlc are excited over!
- . - l -.. . ......
abuses in their midst. bile we
favor a wic revision of the tarill laws,
n-itli n visa- In rfliaini' tlio rvpiun
t-rnm lntiirii mtbpr than nonsttios.
AVu insist that as an economic question
its importance is insignificant as com -
ml .ith nn.u,cat jesues ; for
Whcrca. We have SUtlerett our
: worst pains under low and alo under
hlffb tanfls; wo nave never suffered
from nanie. or seen our factories and
work ghops stopped while the
volume of money in circulation
was fully adequate to the needs
of commerce. Give our farmers and
manufacturers money as cheap as you
now give our bankers and they can
pay high wages to labor and compete
with all the world.
11th. For the purpose of testing the
sense of the people upon this subject
we are in favor of submitting to a
vote of the people an amendment to
the constitution in favor of suffrage,
regardless of sex, and also on the sub
ject of the liquor traffic.
12th. All disabled soldiers of the
late war should be equally pensioned,
and we denounce the policy of keep
ing a small army of office-holders
whose only business is to prevent, on
technical grounds, deserving soldiers
from obtaining justice from the gov
ernment they had hoped to save.
13th. As our name indicates, we are
a national party, knowing no east, no
west, no north, no south; having no
sectional prejudices, we can properly
place in nomination for high offices of
state candidates irom any section of
the union; we appeal to all people who
believe in our principles to aid by
voice and pen and votes. Majority
report adopted and the convention
proceeded to select candidates for
president and vice-president.
The roll of states was called, and C.
E. Cunningham, of Arkansas, nomi
nated General Ii. V. Uutlcr, of Massa
chusetts, which was seconded by
Chase, of California, and by represen
tatives ol otner states unin ueurgia
was reached, when Craven, of that
state, nominated Jesse Harper, of Illi
nois ; Jones, of New York, nominated
E. I Allis, of Wisconsin, and At
wood, of Pennsylvania, nomimated
L. 15. Armstrong, of that state.
The ballot resulted : Hutler, 323; Har
per, 9S; Allis, 2; Davis, 1. Solon
Chase, though not placed in nomina
tion, received two votes. Butler was
declared the nominee.
The convention then proceeded to
the selection of a candidate for vice
president, and General A. M. West, of
Mississippi, was nominated.
Coloti.-l Winston, of North Caroli
na; D. A. Hopkins, of New Jersey;
Genet a! W. P. Itiucs, of Michigan;
George 15. Hutchinson, pf Massachu
setts, and ex-Governor Spraguc, of
Rhode Island, were appointed a com
mittee to wait on Governor Jiuiieranu
Gencral West and notify them of the
action of the convention
Washington, May 29. In discussing
this civil .service bill the paragraph for
the appointment of additional forces
of special examiners in the pension
office having been reached, Mr. Ran
dall otlered an amendment which, af
long debate, was adopted, striking out
the provision: that these examiners
shall be appointed by the secretary of
the interior, upon the. recommenda
tion of ihe commissioner of pensions.
This leaves the appointments subject
to civil service rules.
Mr. Thompson otlered an amend
ment providing that from and after
June 30 1 li. 1881, there ohall be no more
than -13 internal revenue collection
districts, and further authorizing the
president to consolidate and reor
ganize custom collection districts in
the United States on or before the 1st
dav of October, 1881, so that the
.same shall not exceetl in number 67.
Kaam made a strong speech upon
the unwisdom of acting upon the
proposition, which set. up the whole
system ot customs service without
P'oper consideration by the Ways and
ii'iiw I nilllllltlw.
.-.i-... - --' -.
Randall said the proposition had
been substantially recommended by
of the treasury.
d incut reduc-
tcrnal revenue
Agreed to
On motion
n.n Tiinini ..m.iii.lmmit
v.-:is ad?ptctl, prohibiting any govern
ment clerk or employe from perform
ing any private service for any senator,
head "of department, or campaign
Commit tee roe and reported bill to
The previous question was ordered,
and without further action the house
adjourned until Saturday.
Washington. May 29. Hale sub
mitted the conference report on the
agricultural appropriation bill. Hale
stated that the hou-c had yielded
to the wishes of the senate, relating
to the appropriations for the cultiva
tion of raw sillc anil experiments re
garding the extraction of sugar from
sorghum, while the senate had re
ceded on the item relating to artesian
wells. Report agreeed to.
The District of Columbia appropri
ation bill was taken up, discussed aud
'the L tali Din was t.iKen up.
I U)rhces and Williams endeavored to:
I .1... ....!......
, imf mi tlic Alevii-iii tiension bill f,,,! ,"":"" l'l'"""1-" "''""4 '" 'v "- w " , , Die iraiie route irom mv iiiwmr u
The molion to gSc! exenuive sion ceivers and Col. Well, II. P.lodgett, hundred appointed , attend the Angro Pequena. Lieutenant Dagc
i ....,.i i .,,.,1 ..t H. i:,. ( i.n ....i ei;n;i nf r ihn 'n,i nni iVivisIon (Miicitrn convention, m accordance mimd Israel, who attacucd tnc iniisi
senate adjourned till Monday. '
mediately ordered an investigation,
- aei to appear oeiote.iniigc&neiiwitn
the necessary ainouni, aim tailing to
, produce it will he sent to jail. Hi
boiuhdiieu are goou tor tlic amount
, embezzled. The account? of Rurusidc
! ,vcre audited at the treasury depart
appointed by tllO Uiuieu States oourt nc-men to urge uie rc-uumiiiauouui -- - ; : expc,iuicrl. ' nmrKr-r,nr, .(. i.iml.; ..at.
postmastkr arrested. , .pCncral attorney aud and solicitor for President Arthur, started for Chicago -"'Pi" "'Bi'-"""-"' Tv,t ha,Mt( c,jrn i,or bcoei f ot..
Washingtou. May 29.-Some days Receivers. Instructions have . been to-night.; Three l'lilliiian palace caw Undon Mar ..-Daniel T. Sulli- ?,SSTU' n '""""'"'m -7.
since Poltmaster-General Grcsham to all agents to cloc their ac- were Pvlcd for t,,c Relegation amlTimothy Harrington, mem- "
...... .. . . ' o.imits- with the Vabah coninany and Among thoe on the train are Lor- ..,,,...,:,', ,r,, ",,,,. tir,.,.. ... '""""' w
carnci that IJtirusHie was speculating ,.,..,- ...511, ,t1(. rprcivVr- com- itoltu? V Itli- David Dows. II. O. "' ; - """-" ' .;. , ' . n vnitiT-Artir-ami strong. rif.ig at rtr
. . . , ' , " open accounts w mi niorccciwr-, com- miiu?. i.n , ""'" """' 'V ,, meath, Sunday next will be preicntcd jnne.wefor July, ami w;i r.-Augn.t.
and called unon him for an explana- ...n,,,.;..., hn noss on the 29th of Mav. Armour. Lcjrrand 15. Cation, C. It. ...... .'.... i.....i..i ......i i. ,-.m ' ...' .'....,- i -,. i.r.. .
ton, whicn was plausible, but not An official circular aunQiincin'tuc xn- Airneiv. K'. O. Dun, in. Dowd. II. 15. ,. . ...,!4.,..J ' Ango.t -,
ttisfaclorv, aud Gen. Grcsham im- nintmpnt of receivers, contains a liar- ('iatHiu,G. K. Titftuy, E. II. Amidon .,. , ..i-1v.-f,.,r. ... J OAT-Firm ; siKe Jnrw j sixtJvlt i-asK"
men., and potoulce officials f.y that Iiidlnw, president of tho I.anfc of
the shortage should have been dicov- California, in hi stead. The re-igna-
cred there. Col. Utirn.ldc told ex- tion i3 datwi .Mav 22. but was -ot for-pert-.
who were directed bv Post-." ' . . ,. ... ,
master-General Grc-hain to examin- mally presented to tho mayor ur.ld to-
bis Account', there were credits, due day. The jury of the court of Oyer
him which would cousidcnibly rctluce ami Terminer made r. prescntinent to
the deticiency. ji,c court to-day that thev uavc it a-
Iturnsult' was uuau.e to linti oau to-
night and was sent to jail.
ra., .Mav 23 The
, sixty-u.ttiu anuuai scs-ton oi tne gen-
.. ... , - . ..
' eral convention of the Church of the
2Ccw Jerusalem of the Unitcil States
! convened to-dav. Delegates were
precnt irom Illinois, retmsyivanta,
Ohio, Maryland, Xew York,"iLnine,
Massachusetts and Michigan. After
long addres by the president, the re-' indication for toe 3Ii--ouri valley are tr tbif town. Tlic boat wa found held to-day by tne Emperor, who ap
port of the various committees were fair weather, southeasterly winds". n- bottom up this afternoon, and Capt. i peared on boraeback. Te royal
read And the convention took a rec3s. tiunary icmperatnre. ' . j Dove fs Mippoted to be drowned. j prince and princes were prcet-
St. Paul, May 29. The democratic
convention reassembled at 2:15 p. ra.
The committee on credentials made a
report, which was adopted. The
committee on permanent organization gardiug their next choice in case Mr.
reported as follows : President, Hon. Tiliieu should decline the nomination
L. L. Baxter ; Secretary, Captain J. C. for the presidency. Three of the del
Wood. Report adopted. The commit- cgatcs-at-largc, and ten of the district
, .. , . delegates aro out spoken in favor 01
tee on resolutions then made a report, Mr. Just;te Flcld; ihree are for Sen
and the election of delegates to the ator 1av a' txvo noncommittal.
Chicago convention was m order. A T, ,6, dclegat5oxi is earnestly and
long discussion arose as to whether J ent,luria3t!cayfoP ,he old ticket if
district delegates should be chosen m u Tilll(n .;f, ccel)t
convention of the whole, or whether r ' l
the convention should dissolve itself
into district conventions, each to elect
its own delegates. A number ot
speeches were made. The following
were chosen delegates at large : P. F.
xvuiiuy, Aiuiusc tuuuii , .uiuuiivi uj- crajC politicians, lie ueparien tuia
ran, Lesion ; IJ. F. McDonald, Ston, l evcnui,, for c'av countv.
and P. A. Jones, Olmsted. The con-1 J "
vention finally decided to dissolve into j shooting affray.
district conventions, each to elect its ! Kansas City, May 2. A Times Jop
delegatcs. , , liu special s-avs : Meagre information
The platform adopted demands re- . l . Sm d.nMinir if
frenchmen! infthe expenses of the gov- J " rece11 ot ter"ble4 6,.l0,ttin lf
eminent and a reduction ot thesur- iray. wnicn occurreu msiiug""-"".
plus in the treasury by a reduction of miles from Granby, in Newton coun
the taxation upon the necessaries ot lv m w.lcj, JohnG. Ivoontz. former
life; declares the present tarnll a ,-.' 1Ktnster and Nathan Tabor,
monster piece of injustice, subsidizing er-mi 0f Granbv, were killed bv
a few industries at the expense of the (jcorc Hudson, who was himself
many and promoting fraud in office; badlfwoundcd. Hudson is regarded
demands that customhouse taxation . .l",ie1,erado, and is suspected of
he entirely for revenue; favors liberal , connection with a gang of horse
pensions for the soldiers of the late thieves. The shooting was the result
wiT', , , I of an old grudge.
Delegates to Chicago were then 1 " z ,
selected ,
District delegates and alternates'
were then chosen.
Though the instruction of delegates
was not mentioned, yet every delegate 1
that spoke on the subject was in favor (
ot Tildeu. Whose name was alway
greeted with applause. After em
powering the chairman to appoint a
new state central commit tc, the con
vention adjourned.
New York, May 2D. In the Grant
and Ward inquiry to-day Kish, ex-
president of the Marine bank, testified j
that the coutracts in the pass book ,
were numbered consecutively by ;
Ward. The witness kept a separate !
rccord, but the book was in the hands j
of Mr. Bauirs. The witness acknowl-
edged that he had had dealings in al- the nomination of a delegate to the
leged Hour contracts. The notes ' democratic national convention who
which he discounted for Grant & Ud t f ,,. Mreglllcucy.
Ward he understood were inpayment , . ,. ...
for the purchase of Hour for the i There is a general tecling that there is
United States government. He was n hirgo following who will not sup
given to understand that the contracts I port the action ol the convention. It
were assigned to Grant & Ward for openly asserted that the body was
them to fill through some person i"nlo up m part of men who, in the
whom they should designate. ' interest of Butler, were delegates to
he had some times asked
to see these contracts but
Ward would tell them they were con
fidential and could not be shown.
The business of the firm of Grant &
Ward, he was told, could not be dis-
i neon in rimer mpmiior. m inc linn
I-..- ..-.,,.... :..i ,...!,.,.c u'nii ..;,i ti... '
publicity or discussion of thec con-
tracts might injure General Grant and
ullect his prospects lor the nomination
for President in the lnture. that
the profits derived from the supposed
contracts hud averaged from 8 to 10
per cent, per month for the lust year
and a half. Au entry of November
15th, 1883, showed the loan for forty
days at 30 per cent, discount. This,
Fish siid, meant 30 per cent, per year
The Indian contracts were very large
and the profits were proportionately
large. He understood, he said. that,
tin government had ordered provis
ions and was willing to pay a higher
price for them.
John P. Heal, oil broker for the
Penn bank, made a statement to He-
j cciver Warren this afternoon in re
gatd to the oil speculations of the siis-
peiidpd iiist i tu t ion. Ho admitted tho
bank was a representative in a -1)1111(1
pool" operated last summer. The !
pool was composed of parties from '
New York. Philadelphia, Chicago,
Pittsburg and other cities. From an
other gentleman it was learned that
the pool was run by Rcale & Atlcr.
Friends approving the plans. Ik went.
to New York and negotiated a loan of
$2,000,000. Oil was forced from 90
cents to $1.21 3-4, when the Standard
interfcrrcd and disputed the efforts of
the syndicate. The market collapsed
and the pool was finally compelled to ,
sell at 98 cents, and loosin- heavily
from that time to this The Penn
bank crowd have been taking desper
ate chances on the oil market in the
hope of winning back a sufficient
amount to plug up mo noie in me
bank's funds, but have been getting
in deeper and deeper every time,
Depositors arc in consultation to-day,
and proceedings against the bank oili-
ccr.s and directors for con-pir.iey
talked of.
Louis. Mo.
, Mav 29.-
-D. B.
,, , ,,,.,,. f,. rn
! 1 t," v.Au railroad, has been
irr-.iili notifvintr all einnlo. res that
Xew York, May "20. The mayor has
accepted the resignation of City Cham
berlain. Tappan, aud appointed II. H.
their opinion that the bn-mes rcpon
sibilties whicn the chamberlain has
assumed, and the obligations and -peculations
intn which lie ha pernitttd
led himself to be drawn, are menu-
r.Tih i i-tri mi. ir i.i.inri v nrm vi!-
-; --",".,.,.., nt ., -, ,r -
i-.i..u,. ... r -- --- ...... --
lsii .iJTirs' ami thev recommend that
the mavor shall request hi immcdia'e
Washington, D. C, May 23 The
i . . .-.-.., .v. , . . .i.,. ..: it, e iiirinii. .r. ixuiiiiui . sciuiifcini. inn ih.-
Kansas City, Mo., May 29. The
Times to-morrow will publish inter
views with all tho delegates to the
national convention from Kansas re-
St. .Toscnh. Missouri. May 2.-
, trr..MiL- .Tmn ennnt thedavinthe city
( amj was canclj up0n and shown the
citv a ,mmber of leadiug demo-
Ualtimore, May 29. The Methodist
motestant convention committee on
temperance presented a report favor
ing total ahstinaiice. which was
adopted. McElruy otlered a resolu
tion protesting against divorce laws,
and insisting that they be so framed
as to forbid either divorced party
ever marrying again during life ; also
a resolution airainst an lonus oi "am-
blin'' which was adopted. At a late
o - 1
hour mo convention anjonrncu uut
' :o ,
dissatisfied greenbackers.
Indianapolis, May 29 A great deal
of dissatisfaction is expressed to-night
by anti-Butler men who participated
in the convention of the
bade labor party as a consequence oi
UIC rcct;111 aegu uuu-iiiuuopoiy
convention at Chicago, as evi
dence regardless of justice or
the interests of the party. Atten
tion L called to the fact that the Colo
rado delegation withdrew while an
alternate on that delegation remained
who did not live in Colorado, am
Colorado, and
who m the absence of live ot thedele
':ttes from that -state who were for
tlei-so Harper, cast the votcof thcstuio I
for Butler. Jones, of New York, and j
many of his friends were revolting,
and numbers of the Knights of Labor
have openly asserted that the conduct
of the convention had been simply dis-
graceful. I
The national greenback convention
held a long session to-night and or-.)
of New Jersey, secretary. '
strike imminent.
Pittsburg, Mav
29. It is now
sidered reasonably certain that work
ni 11 . .t :-.. . ;m,
will be suspended at the iron mills
. . i i ii... .":-. ..yx ....i:..lif ..)
Saturday, and the tires not relighted
until it is demonstrated whether the
tin manufacturers or amalgamated
association is the stronger. Workmen
.I..;., i li-it fit li-it three mills will
, ru lh(. . ,ltt ,j,;s ;s denied. Sec
retary Martin savs resolutions con
dcumiug arbitration have been com-
li": in au week-, ami ue pruuici. uiai
not fifty workmen in the conn
The stove inouhleis of all the estab
lishments struck to-night against fif
teen percent i eduction.
Davenport. low.t, May 29. A light
fro -I visited this region last night. It
is generally thought little damage was
done Fanners aieoftheopinion that
corn is not hurt. The fruit crop Is too
far advanced to bo within the reach of
so li'dii a frost.
Chicatro. Mav 29,
The Dailv Ncw I
' Freeport special s.-iys: a severe irosi
fell in this county thi- morning. Corn
is severely nipped, oui noi much
Rochester, .May iJ
A severe black
lrost vi-ited this and adjoining coun
ties last night.
York. May 29. About M.xty
,nn,u0ri r tlm cummitfcn of one
with a resolution of a meeting of btisi-
and John II. Starin.
Somerset, J'a., May 29. The wct
end of Iiural Hill tunnel on the South
Ponu-ylvauia railroad caved in, crti-h-ing
tx men to death and o badly
tnr.ngling five others that they hive
(hicr died. The men killed are
tor igner.
Topcka, May 29. -The Santa Fe
nill put in 'fl'cct June 10 the new
tarill fixfcd in consultation with the
v. w railroad commiiioiier. Tlic
uniting this forenoon between Gen -
.....i ...,,.- ir- ci?:,, m.
'?,. , I '
(rryaiidthecommlr,ioners was.at -
isfactory in every ropect. Die new
freight schedule w no m the lundf
of Uie-printers, and will be out in a
If v (taj. i ita-CTaie arc materially
lower than hoenowin force- They
will, it is understood, be followed bv
rMjHcj0 on the Union Pacific.
Niagara. OnL, Jlay 23. Capt- Wm.
Y.. Dove, corujiany K, 12th regiment
United fctate infantry, .-tarted from
Ft. Niagara. Y.. Ja niht to cm
Washington, May 29. President
Arthur left for STew York this after
noon. Nominations: Theodore F. Wifeey,
of California, Indian agent at Bound
Vallev agency, California.
Postmasters Wm. T.Brisoa, Ilar
risville, Missouri; John F- Evans,
North Platte. Nebraska.
Wm. H. Vanderbilt transferred to
W. K. Vanderbilt two million dollars
more of U. S. bonds.
Secretary Chandler will not go to
the Chicago convention.
Chicago, May 29. The Blame head
quarters were opened at the Grand
Pacific hotel this evening. It is also
announced that the Arthur head
quarters will be opened at various
places in the morning. The hotel lob
bies this evening prcscut a rather
nuiet appearance. The members of
the national sub-committee are work
ing with closed doors allotting the
Columbus, May 20. A court of in
quiry has been investigating the con
duct'of Col. F. D. Watt, of Dayton,
and other officers of the Fourth regi
ment, during Uie riot at Cincinnati,
and reported to the adjutant genoral
this afternoon, and believes the officers
guilty of offenses as follows: Col. F.
D Watt, incompetency and disobedi
ence of orders. Lieut. Col. George II.
Phillips, leaving his command without
orders. Adjutant W. B. Anderson,
absence without IcWvo aud disobedi
ence of orders. Capt.W. II. Wooster,
desertion and disobedience of orders.
Lieut. W. H. Buckles. absence without
leave. Lieut. Chas. W. Gunkle, Co. 11,
intoxication. Lieut. John Walters,
Co. B, desertion. The report recom
mends the disbanding of the fourth
regiment, and that the officers against
whom are no charges, bo taken as
a nucleus.
St. Louis, May 29. Deputy United
States Marshal Falkenburg and Chiet
of Police Foley, of Hot Springs, ar
rived here this morning with warrants
for the arrest of Andrew Bruon, pres
ident of the suspended Hot Springs
National bank, aud Mrs G. W. Steel,
who accompanied him. This afternoon
thev were taken before a United States
commissioner and information tiled
agaiust them,the former being charged
with embezzlement, and the latter
with aiding audlabettinghim. Briton'
bond was fixed at $10,000, and that of
Mrs. Steel at $2,600, which neither
of them could furnish. A warrant of
removal was then applied for, and tho
prisoners will be taken back to Hot
Springs by the officers.
Washington, May 29. Attorney
General Browstcr has written to
Springer. Chairman of tho Committee
on Expenditures in the Department of
Justice, relative to changing from fee
to the salary system in compensating
x.Ttljte,j jti:
S;IV8 t,at ,
Ues court otMclals. Urewxtcr
in has considered tho subject
ii,"every aspect, and tho result of his
deliberation and reflection is that tho
rhnnrc is imperative.
the st.joe bank all right.
St. Joseph, Mo., May 29. C. 11.
,-raHCCj President of the state savings
t Yt
morning and says that he has collected
( .200,000 in cash, Jjio&.uuu in nouns aim
I secured the balance of $73,000 due
from Donncll, 1-iwson & Co., and
, that the bank is t,olid 1 and will resume
t business nt au early day, if tho deposi-
..,, hvc ' tJfll'IC0 Ho fitftle8
i .. . ,.!i i . i
that the assctfi of the bank will cover
ill liabilities.
Galveston, May 2!). A special to
the News from San Antonio miv:
Information received here to-night
from Stoncsville, county scat of Wil
,,,., fll, ;,iilinrin
i .i.i' .. .. i..,a t
burned the county court house late
Wednesday night. All records con
sumed. Incendiaries not yet appre
Gibraltar, -May 19. Dr. Nnchtigal,
explorer, and several German
officers embarking to-day up
on gunboat Moewc vessel proceeds to
Angro Pequena, west coast of Africa,
and will take formal possesion of the
bay and harlior of that name and the
surrounding territories in the name
of Germany. From there the expedi
tion will go to upper or middle Con
r . . . ": . ' r..' .. .7 V.7? ";.. ..
go for the purpose or nnuiug a miiia-
army in the AiOiaiilce .war J iii i com-
J !' sijvit
- (- m
irom SllgO, li prcimnii-z .v Ki. uiiui.
mission to Australia. V in. Kcdnioa,
membcrof parliament from Wexford,
will aKo return to Australia.
l'ari, May 29. The government
propO'c to ccicorate inc cnienuarr .
of the commencement of the French i
revolution, 178t, and alo resolved that
there be made an especially brilliant
exhibition in Pari in 1889.
The work shop of the Swan elec
tric light company, at Mile, capital,
of the department'of DuN'ord, burned
Four peroni were injured
by the falling floor.
' Ciro? 3Lay 29. Zebeher I'aha lta
, addressed a circubr to the rebel chief.
he urge them to facilitate pagej
,neiliaJ - crg among whom arc hU
, Uirce w m ow on thuJr way to Gen. ,
c.nrdrm. He ub thern also to eccrt
0 en. Gordon trnd friends from Khar-!
tntirn anil Karou.
Cairo, May 29. The Nile U rising
np5dlynd it U exacted that Gen.
Gordon' anned boau will be able to
drive UicreWU from the bank above
and lelow Khartune. and open coin-
tnutdcation with lierberand Cairo.
lrtin. may -.- i ne annual tpriaur
review of the troot at Berfin wm
-..-. . , - T
X IIW-. K-l..l, 1H..'W. l'. '..... -..... ; .., - -
Lire Stock.
Shipping sUr ,.5 uOtfS JO
Butcher' stecn 3 3Ji
Fat cows and hrif ....... Iflrfl U)
Fat uhlppltiR hag, best.... .- 4 Ufcil S2
Stock and fesJi-j: iKjr hmi to
Shtrp 3 00r3 SO
Wholesale. IUU11.
1'oUtoM, pr tm li
Potatoes, new, per peck..... "S
Egti. .. . .,... I'.Sj 13
Butur. Uais 120
trfUCCVtf..- . . .......... it '
Eaitl.... ..... .......-.. Io l
Chicken;, per Ri f .)
Chicken, per doxen 3.M each, 35
Bacon - M 1
Shoulders S - 10
Ham. , 1 16
Corn meal 1W ISO
Floor, high patent 3 ,v
Flour, -tent t tsKS.: ll
Flonr, XXXX . 2 4.V52
Flour XXX J
Chopfecd.., tvjl m
uriUt . . ,t . .-
Short .
m i
Milling wheat JXVOS
Shipping wheat WgTJ
Corn 3I!
Oato s.... asjpu
Corn, pur white 3StH
New York Money Market.
Nkw York, Mayi, 1nI.
Mony Eay at '3 V cent ; cloMr.s offer
i cent.
1'iu-r Mkucavtu-k llartut 3$t nr cent.
SncutiMi Kxchamik bteadr. Eanken'
hills, i.0i ; demand, .C1.
Uovkuxmext Boi- IrreKnlsr.
U. S. 3-per-cenU ..
U.S I'i-pcr-cent
U. , 4-per-centa
Hailway Boxiw. Firm.
Missouri I'aciflc ' Imnds
Hannibal St. Jom-ph liouds
Central I'aciflc atocks
Chlcaxu ft Alton.
Chicago. Ilarllnjrton A Qainc)...
DenTer IUo Grande .,
Hannibal A St-Jowpli
Hannibal A St Joteph pn-ferred (aaked)
MlHonrl I'adffc .
Northern Facillc
Northwestern. .
New York Central
Hock Ulaml ... . ,.
Union 1'acldu ... . .. .
Western Union .
.. 41
.. 3.J
.. !
.. Th'i
.. -'''K
.. if)
.. 10.'
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kv.ni. Citt. Mnyiy, lsl.
Tho Live-Stock IxditJtjr reports:
Cattla. Kecelpts, 1)12 1 market firm aioT
5KI0C hlKher. IJKl't shbipinir grade, g-wit
butcher stuff and heavy shlppiii); RTades stradr.
Natlre steers averaging 1.0)5 to l.fcOltm, 5.?T)i
fttrt.33 ; stocker and feeders, 2(J.2.'V ; cohs,
Hoot KecelptS, lO.-V)?! 5 market weaki lots
averaging 2(U to 27 lbs, sold at t ftia.! 20;
bulk at 3.UO(!i.1 10.
SitEar Iti-celpts, 33s market unlet and on.
St. Louis Grain and Produce.
St. Lorin.MaySi, lsi
The exchango will be closeil to-morrow
Flock Market dull mid unchanged
WuitAT Cash dull and lower j option ftrtUe
and lilsher. No. 2 red, al iWml.li cash r
I 0T'.'6l.0T. June ; lnOTc, closing atli';i:,
July: C'Xi,l'XiC, closing at Vl'.c, Augiutt
lOHDlc, closing nt tOf.c, year.
Coic Market hlu'ier but Inactltn, iMASSjfc
cash ;W bid Mayj nj'iMlS'c. closing nt Mo,
July; S4($3lac, closing atM'e, Augual.
Ovts -Market slow t aSMJUc ca.h ; 32,'.' j6
IJyu Mnrket nominal
IUiu-ky Dnll at nxnv
rAt Market dull saleant ?I.lVg3. .
IIlttkii Unchanged.
lii Market lower
Fi.Axa.kEi Nominal.
Hat Unchangeil
15ua iuict ; 70c at mill.
CoiLS.MKALr Firm at 3.o3.
WiiiKrr steady ati.oH.
I'novimovii Market dull ; only n ;eddirig
trsili- doiie. at pretloiu niKitstlons.
ItEC-Eirr Flour, 4,wi bnrrrl bent, .!!,
IK bushel ; corn, S.'.m'O bushel t oats, TT,ii
bushels; rje, noun; barley, l.wsi,
HmrMEVT Flour, 7,"io barrrl ; wheat,
5,ii bushels; rttni, (.1,0k) iiu.ln-U ; oats,
,) IiiisIipIr ; rye, noni? ; barley, mute.
Louls Live Stock.
.Mr, Lot. is. May , XMl.
Cattle Receipts, 3.SM ; lilpini-iiU, .Mij
In gixxl demand and firm ; i-xikiMs, M.f(K.rt.JS ;
irixnl to cbolro shipping, i,inW ) ; loiiiiiion
to iniilltim, $3 isA l) ; corn-fiil Texans, . "A
$. 73 ; gras-rel 'texans, l 00Mi 73
Siieei lteci-lpts, 3,3i); slilpmrnts. I,n)
market iilet ; natlte, o t 756 i) 'lns,
.' rf4 M
Chicago Grain and I'roducr.
Ciikacso, May ), liwl"
FmiCh QaWl
Wheat Demand acthc and unnrttte-l.
Tlie market opened i-aty, rose )c, fell Ko,
advanced l'ic, fill back iii, closing h'c bfer
for June and iittiin hieber for August than
jestenlay. May, 7'W.C, closing at $ir
June, t'irwlia, closing nt iUet July, l
ftSUiie, closing at l;e; August, itlF.ifJlKr.,
closing at MSc No 3 spring, iv'fji'.ic
Cold In fair demaod Market Jm-gnlari
;.e: Anirust. '.&.o. rlotlnir stX.e
Oat Market firm i rash, II', ; May, .1 !,'.-
31,','c; June. M;ifJnc, closing al 31 H I
July. .li'iH.Vr, closing atM,nt3'-r ; August,
sv.e; year, ',tHr
i:TK-HIgher atr.l',i;
IlAKUcr Nominal
FfcAxsEcu Nominal
I'okk In fair demand ; MI iifiHK, dosing
stexller Cash, li "S-tlH f, ; Jn, 1.
1, elMlngat ia ! til, i JoJy, l.-7f;
19.33, clfslng a: !!) 2t41!) SJ 1 AVTMt, 1 J
13 V,,, closingat l: ltl;MJ; joT, 13.73.
I.AHi-Falr dernanl Cash, M'0V-. 1) ;
June, MXM Kit, closing at .WK6 l'l
July. MKfctiSfa, rlong at M,C);a? 3i
August, JJ7,l.'- Vi, closing at .7KJ1 W;
ISrta Mest Market ft'S-ly l,l't'T.
V, 13 ; short ribs, y clear sides, M U.
ItEtTirrs Flonr, Il.wsi bsrrrls ; wheat, 57,
S) Imsh'Is ; corn. !,) Imsbel ; ots, 21,i'i
bushels j rye, 5.1") bushrla , bariny, J
J -,,
I 1"
j Vl),J , tw jv),, htvi JaiTi Sls,r.
i August.
j iw Firm m le June- ju Jalj
I fiK Ant-:
ChUsgo Live SUrii.
Cwfuw, May . 1M.
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H'Mis finMdpts, l",jrj tiiiptttmi, Zjin
msrkrt wrak and W-,n-mrti rrugi fkiinr,,
ti VMi.m i packlnr ami .Wt-ptsr. ti.Vrtfi.TZi
light bscon grvVs, il'xi ,9. si)j-, sl.v-J
I V)
CATMJ-Ilefrt, 5,s-4 ihipts-13U, 5"
mcrkrt brisk ajd firw; xjns, f..rtinAjt ;
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j M r-.w6'n.fniT'xw, s,w
la rslnirmaad rA inn , bUtnz to fair. l.7l
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ojienea steair ; rwt t.c, fell jr. nosing ;;
l-low yesu-nlay Cash, MM-S',c ; May, lK
M'.'C. closing at. '4ic i June, .., fkw
Ing at M'kWMVn July, 07WJ. cliMlng at

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