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o&SkWA - - ...
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v t
M. M. KURDOCK, Editor.
R. P. MURDOCH, Business Manager. I
Hat the largest Circulation of any Daiif Paper
tn Southicettern hantat.
- -
daily nv mail,
One copy, one year $s 00
One copy, siv months 4 00
One copy, throe months "J 00
One copy, one month..... ,."
Tvvcntv cents per Meek delivered by carriers In
thcCitv. Postage prepaid.
One cojiy, one year
One copy, siv months
. 1 W
Ourr&tes for advertising shall lie as low as
those of any other paper of equal value as an
advertising medium
AH transient adv ertipements must lie paid for
in advance.
Entered in the VottoJTicc at Wichita, at tecond-
ilatt matter, and entered to tramilion In
tough the
mailt at tueti.
The following tabic cites the arrival and de
part lire of trains at Wichita.
juimw:. mlvi:.
KxnresH t:3A.M I Exprt-ss... f:luA. .M
Ac. Kreicht. 3:ii I
AcFreipht 3:P. JI.
Wichita Ev.!i:W) V
Kansas City Express
Exprc-H 5:25 P. 31.
AcKrylght 11:J.A. 31.
"..7SMA. 31.
... n:rp. 31.
...li:'iJP. 31.
i:uns uauv.
All others daily except .Sunday
.Mail train Iroin St luisarrie,iatfi-(i(ip. 111 ;
leiucsior the north at ;.) p 111 ; .Mail train
lesnes Torilie eait at !i..Vi a Tn
" wiciuta a wi:ti:iin.
Accominoiialion leaii-4 the I'lilon ilejKit for
",'lieiiev nt Id. 4"i a m ; I'reiitlit ilcit at at II
a. 111 KeturninK, leaies Cheney at S.I0 p. m ,
arrhiiiKat Union deotnt .t (MtinaUiiKcoiiiiec
lion for Kansas City with the regular passenger
Irom the Hiutli
jti:i!ih I U'W i.-
Ac. I'rei(;lit..7:10a. 111.
Ev. X -Mall.. I".:;."! p. in.
FreiKlit S:.Vp. in
Ex. ,x.31all Wis. in.
Freij.lit.- ..Ki:(la. in.
Ac. FreiKht !;( p. in.
Adrerlinfinfnlt in lliit column will be charged for
at the rate of 1'ive Cintt per line jier wl. .o
aitrcilixrmcnt lalcn fur lett than i'tirnlt.
ANTED Kite men with teams.
to l . (;. Saudi, lis Douglas ae.
f T rANTl.D A Inner Tor a choice stock ranch
of7,-n acres' A good bargain for the
right man Price, per acre.
,t.i:!-tr 11. r. rmi-Mi.x. Co
ANTED To sell
u nice
single buggy
.V Leveridge'h
cheap Call nt
rAN'l ED To rent a house with two good
rooms on Fourth iiteiiue, English's ad
dition. Inijnlreor.I C Post, opposite Episco
pal church, on Lawrence avenue d-I.M
1T"ANTED To trade a residence oil I.aw-
rence avenue lor land EniHireot Kim-
nierle .v Adams.
rANTED A few dav boarders al the nortli-
west corner ol Lawrence avenue and
Williams street, opposite W. P. stem's car
penter shop d-13-U
- -
"irANTED A huver for a splendid stock
ranch or !),!2i acres, at -.(! per acre, in
Ueno countv, Kansas :S streams of running
v ater, Ul acres ol timber, '!" miles ol fencing
"!,.Vi acres are 1 hoice lands lor farming. An
iiiuiense bargain.
d-I.t-tt I'.i m-li.. I!os
'TT"ANTED To let a furnished room I11-
quire second house south of Episcopal
church or.Mrs. W. A lteese d-ia-a
"irANTED To sell im' or the best-paving
V liuslnesses in the city Keason lor sell-
I ng : sickness in familv
,J.I-!-0 H 31 1 m.i.i.it.
"ANTi:i) A llrst-clats tinner 3Iust he
V boIht and industrious; man of family
preferred: give reference and salary wanted
Address lock box S, Kingman, Kansas II-.'.
"IITANTEI To rent Pray ' rwtaurant, cor
V Douglas and Lawrence nves Barnes,
Drmririst !-I
A171NTi:i 1 sell a
or a 'hur wiUi'anv !
It new-: will trade torn liugg
oTirului will liavlhcdiirerencein the value.
Ul-r. W. L. 3I 11m:.
occupant for a furnished j
office 'I"U'"""""1"" jwi j
AtrANTED-To rent a nicelv rurnlHlu-I "front I
T room to one or two gentlemen without I
mm. . . 1 ,. B it.. . it- j -.... r.s.
iioar.1 : locanon i.iea-ani ami ccmrai .iu.msB
t tiiin -iiit -.-
"AirANTED Land-huvers to know that it is
to their interest 'to go to Garden Plain
cal Estate Agency to huy lands.
d-5-tf Tavi.okA Pim:.
"7"ANTED I.and-liuvers to know that we
y have for sale all the best landsnenrGar
den Plain. ThliiiiA Pikk.
"T"ANTEI) I.and-liuvers to know that we
have made arrangements with the hotels
nt Garden Plain to keep them at reduced rates,
.l-j-tf Twi.ou.V Pim,.
rANTED A good nurse girl
from It to 1;
vcars old by Hitting llros.
rANTED A girl to do housework in
small family. Inquire at tmsoltice
I ""ANTED Some one to pay taxes on :ki)
tl acres of grass laud tor the use of it.
d-7-tr II 1". Fiiii-M' A Co.
Al rANTED A tenant lor .1 splendid office
T room over Fuller A s.(,n 's d-l-tf
"t rANTED Itnverw for iVi lots on Lawrence
. TV and Topeka avenues in hloeks 3 and I.
"Orn'o.x Philips' addition 'fliese are the lluest
lots In Wichita for the price IOiier lot.
;i-tf II. I' l'i:ihM A Co.
11 rANTED To sell a good second-hand bng-
gyrors70. Di: Ki nsi.i 1.
"irANTEH Lnnd huvcis to know that we
t arepostedin prices and location of cverj'
tract of land that is for sale in Sedgwick countv
;j-tr H. F 1'i.ii:miA Co
ir-",'I-1 'trangers to know that we have
yy as fine a line of Ileal Estate barccins,
hothiucitv and country, asanvbodv.
d-i-tf Cvi.iiwi.ii. .vStiiomj.
"17"ANTi:i Kverjbcly to know that we
t have the oldest Slid most Tellable set of
Alistracts in the county. "A word to the wise
is snllieicnt " Caj nvv i:i.l .". St.iomj.
"r-.NTi:D The public to know thel for Ab
T T strartn. Inpnrlmce or Ileal K-tate, it will
pav von to call at Temple block and see
i-t'f C ui 1 1.1. A. Stkosi;
"17r'AX'n:i A buyer for a .(iiarter-section r
itimhI raw land : for sale cheap ; well wa
tered ; sitrtatnl In Ninne-rah
.1 V lvi minim",
5-tr (vvltli.lti.lp' Campbell
"I"r"ATKI Fanners and citizens to know
that the old reliable and pioneer rloth
Mi? house or vallev Is locatol wsrond door south
of r.istoillce
T"ANTKI To rentage! oliice iwmmiT
iciuia procerv 1;. 11. i;o-
IT"AN"TKI) KvervlMtdy to visit the Mar
M Clothing llonse and examine pxxls and
prices before pnrchnsinp elseu hen".
AN"! KD To sell a ii.khI top buegy, side
bar; or v ill trade for a plnvfon.
"Vl'AXTKH 3Iany customers to lie flttl out
T T In those clepvnt and noliliv tAirkscrevv
Miits. tar Clotliing House
7"AXTKI t'irl for general housework.
i.eierence- required 1: 11 Kovs.
"17"ANTKI An owner for a store kev ; kev
t can be bad by calling at this ultico anil
paving far this notice.
I7"AXTKI i.oiO acres of land in one 1jo.1v
y in this county, fur a fancy stock rami
HrVxiaoi A Kov.
"l"ANTi:iV Wi want merebnnts to know
M that our insurance companies are all
titrictly llrst-elass. and their ihliclcs cost 110
more than those of wcond-rste compauies
Jtl--NJX A ltovs
7"AXTK1) Kvervbo.lv to know that Head-
ijuarters is Star Clothing House
"IITANTED A renter for 3J0 acres of grase
T laud in section S3, tovvnsbijiS;, 2 west.
Also, tenants fori good bouses iu citv.
M'lciiiT.v Lvsd A Ixvx Co. j
To the Kdttor nf the Eagle.
Kixgman, June 2. 181.
After Columbus discovered the pathway
to the new world's eastern shore?, there
I were many envious courtiers and servitors
, ...,, .... , .,,. , .,..,-..
t "", ...n.n nmt CI1IJ UUU U1S5UW811&CIIOU
thai they had not made the discovery, said
"Any one could do what Columbus has
done; It is easily accomplished." But taey
had not thought of It first. So complaccnt
"G. 15." after being harangued with nu
merous articles ol the "F. L." ilk, waits
till Home one gives a few hints to acf on,
a few statistics to deal with, then rushes
into print, and points out "X. L.V "glar
ing illiberalities, and hasty misstatements"
by using the same weapons, almost the i
LOtMll lontfllnitn T ..ni.f.n.. ,1 1. .. .f a .
........ .-faabK l ..u.n.ui.iuu IUUIU wllU; uui
doubtless his self-complacency deludes him
!,,,,,,, I,., i,i:r .l.. . i. . s. ..,..
- ..... -iim. diuiuuumuo 11 ms
I ",. ' . ,s "" "' luc oluer
writer commits even worse mistakes, al
though her cause is a just one. The best
plan is to do one thing at a time.' ' If God
meant,' he sajn, "for us to fight only one
at a time He would have given them to us
1 bat way." Oh, moit potent rcasoner!
most consistent theologian! let me refer
you to the lintbook ol Genesis. How many
evils did God give our first parents to deal
Willi .lust on?. Away back in the twi
light of time God said "Thou shalt not cat
ol the fruit or this tree; the day thou catest
thereof thou shalt surely die." Had they
conquered this one evil, its attcnduni hosts
of Mil and death would not have deluged
the world, so by the same processor reason
ing it we conquer the demon or intemper
ance, it attendant hordes ol evil that fol
low in its wake will down alio. We will
not iicccs-arily "have to go bad; ami light
Hie re-l."" ", to intemperance, being the
caii'is of crime, this is another popular fal
lacy." There in an old laying: "There
:11c none ro blind as those who will not
see. That evil inclinations and evil im
pulses lie dormant in every human In cast,
none will gainsay. I will go further and say I
that perhaps the only difference bctweeu"G.
l!.'"orscores of others who are respected and
the couWctcd criminal is ten cents worth
ol bad whiiky. Allowing "G. B." to select j
liii own data and to draw inferences from
facts and ligurcs thus obtained, he will, if
ponciM'd of ordinary intelligence, see that
once the liquor traflic is entirely suppressed
there ii no inimitable and inexorable disap
pointment awaiting the temperance people.
"(!. II.' cwdcntly bclieu's in a personal
dcul "hoofs, horns and hide," for he says,
'i;en If the dram shops are dosed it will
not kill the devil, nor even tie him." Well,
admitting, even in Hie light of the nine
teenth eentuiy. that such an individ
ual e.i-ti outside or our own oil
passion-, the suppression or Intoxicating
liiiuki, wiil so effectually m.c the old
fellow a- to render him comparatively
liaiiulcM. "Arithmetic- will not lie;" it is
one or the lew truthful witnesses that can
nt t commit perjury even under the skillful
cioK-cxaiuiiialiou of a county attorney.
The income of the country from all sources
Including agriculture, manufactories, com
merce, lailrouls, mines and fisheries K '"
round numbers, seven hundred millions or
dollars per annum. Is that data enough?
The amount or liquor sold in the United
States per annum is ertimated from reliable
(statistic- at six hundred millions of dol-la)-,
an amount greater than the cost or all
the rood, and nearly twice as
great as the amount expended for
clothing. The cost to consumers in ten
years is given as six thousand seven hun
dred and eighty millions, or "about three
times the natiou.11 debt. Now; "G. B ,"
as you would have u- believe you arc an
expert with figures and d.ita, will you esti
mate the cost to the country caused by the
the Use of alcoholic driiiK. and add to the
:iclj :"1'1"t 1M therefor the value or
the gr.un destroyed by Its manufacture just
tiie same as ir it were, destroyed by drouth
Up grasshoppers? This will give'you better
occupation than trying to remain on "the
t-" Colne over 1,r-lv,1' one "We or the
other. There are sins of omission as well
1.,1.lllnIti,iolI MuS- yl K jEASK
Wellington will soon have a planing mill.
; .1. r Hargis and wile are visiting at l)e-
caiur, Illinois'.
Both loads luinisli Kansas City mall in
the forenoon now. The so-called new
tr.iiu on the Southern Kansas is only the
j old one changed to a day train. Our peo
ple are no happier, j
Work on the court house and eight store
j buildings now in course ol erection on the
' avenue, lus been retarded by the heavy
rains .luring the p.nt week.
.Midge L. A. Simmons is in attendenee at
j the State Horticultural Society at .Junction
i City.
! .lames God-ey, an old lesideut of this
j city and long identified with the whiskey
j element, vvai loiind dead in bed Saturday
mot niug. Alcohol claimed him. Friends
i p'used the bat and collected money to pay
j Initial expenses.
Fiee 1 ides 011 the 'bus arc -till iu order.
j We like the daily l'.vfif.K and ils news
Mom Chicago.
.Midge Woods and S. L. Hamilton are at
Ibe Chicago convention.
Good night K.
The following di-patche. were
from this city yesterday respectively
as given:
lo the Chairw'tn the A'antat Deltgatiun to
Mi:: We being business men of Wichita,
Ivau-as, respectfully request oT the Kausas
delegation to the Xational republican con
vention that they cast their votes for Ches
ter A. Arthur, believing bis nomination
and election would best conserve the bui-
ness inlercsts or the country
and maintain
its. preent prosperity
; 31. v . Levy. uank.
X. F. Xiederlauder, real estate.
M ICohu A- Co.. merchants.
i:. M. (iilman, banker.
C. S. Davidson, banker.
.1. O Davidson, banker.
C I", ltarvvi-e. grain dealer.
II. Kellogg, commission merchant.
A. Katz.'niei chant.
. D. HaGovvcll, merchant.
.1 L Hodge, merchaut.
V.. A. Dr.rsey. miller.
W S. Woodmau. banker.
A. W. Oliver, miller.
Geo. W. Steenrod, countv commi
sioner. t
I), vt . mitb, dentist.
XV. B. Smith, capitalist. i
To Hon. P. Ji. Plttmh, Chaiman Kantat I
Jitlegitiou litpubliean Contention: We, the
undersigned republicans or Sedgwlckcoun
ty.and business men or the city "of Wichita,
a.d workers at the polls, do hereby petition
the delegation oHhe state ot Kan-'as at Chi
cago to vote for "the Plumed Knight"' -o
long a be shall have a fair show for the
nomination. We do this believing James
G. Blaine to be the choice ol the people or
this state.
L I) Skinner. John F Andrews. S S King.
W 11 Livingston, II K Butler, J P Allen, J
M Allen, M P Barnes, O I) Barnes, A W 1
Bitting. Bock A- Wells S Houck. J H Alev.
It W Kcndle. George G Matthews, WX'
lean, S I) Jackson. W It Tucker, T B
wall. W L Stanley, John Kxton
, E B Jew- j
ett, Finl.iy Ttoss
Headquarters lor Everything In Their Line An
Elegant Display.
Among the many commercial enterprises
of Wichita which commend themselves to
the general notice, not one possesses fea
tures of greater interest tban that of the
one-price clothing house of Bitting Bros.,
which is one of the most extensive and
complete establishments in the state, carry
ing a stock varying in value from CO.00O to
$75,000. It is located on the corner of
Douglas avenue and Market street, one of
the most central points in the city.in a two
story briok ICO feet in depth. This large
space is all completely stocked and full to
, overflowing, yet no shoddy
nIacc oli tIleIr ,., , V-M. Tlm
i ' ........
. fine front entrancc js wci lighted, thus al-
lowing oi a clocc es
examination or goods, anil
under its judicious management, assisted by
courteous salesmen, has built up a trade or
great and growing importance. Jloreover,
a very large percentage or the sales are in
a wholesale way, they employing two trav
eling men, and goods arc shipped and ex
pressed to all parts oTthe south, southwest
and west or the state, and even to more dis
tant points. Buying for cash and iu large
lots to supply a large and widely extended
trade, and combining as they do all the de
partments or the business with vigorous
enterprise, they can afford and do offer ex
traordinary low figures on a quality of
goods, nt wholesale or retail, which for
stjle and stiperiorit j' cannot be excelled.
Their goods are all marked in plain figures,
and they have but one price to all, so, be
the purchaser rich or poor from the coun
Hy or town, all are treated alike and buy at
the one price or not at all.
) m The Bitting llrothers are shrewd biisintss
' men and excellent bujcr.-,as their immense,
' varied and carefully selected stock fully in
I dicates. They came to Wichita in the
' spring of '77 Mom Allentown, I'enn., and
! began businct.i hi the room next
door to where is now Wells,
Fargo it Co.'s express oliice, later
, moving into the room now occupied by that
oliice. About five years ago they .moved to
I their present quarters, though the building
' was much smaller than at present. Their
rapidly extending trade made the necessity
for more room imperative, and so last year
a thirty-foot addition was made to their
store, which now gives them a fiooragc of
2X feet, and in all respects one or the best
appointed business houses iu the city. So
creditable a record as is shown iu the history
or this establishment, (ol which A. W. and
C. W. Bitting (brothers) are at the head
and sole proprietors) Tor over seven rears,
growing year by year in fivor with the
trade and public, meeting and" courting
competition from every source, renders
commendation from us unnecessary.
The first to attract the eye of the stranger
who passes up Douglas avenue, arc the
large and handsomely arranged Mont win
dows or this house, which are but a true
index oT the elegant and comprehensive
stock within. On the eastide as j oil enter
may be seen an endless vaiiety of hats and
caps, to the west is an equally elaborate
showing ol furnishing good". On counters
arranged down through the center and main
part or the room is a mammoth display or
clothing or all stvles, sizes and quality, ex
cept the shoddy, which is entirely excluded.
Mounting the stairs iu the icar, or ascend
ing to thu second floor by the elevator, one
is ushered into vvlrit is termed the "child
ren's department," though here is round,
aside lrom a very extensive and complete
stock or children's clothing, trunks, valises,
etc., in endless variety, while at the ex
tieme trout is a good-sied room In which
Is stored unopened case goods, and the sur
plur stock which could not find room on
the shelves and coiinten below. In r.iet,
the facilities or this bouse for doing busi
ness arc unexcelled, and they are glad to
meet competition, and are amply prepared
to defy it. No house in Sedgwick county
stands higher in public estimation, and
by years of straightforward and liberal
dealing they merit the large business they
now enjoy, and which the Kaglk alwavs
the friend of honorable enterprise hopes"
will continue to grow and llourish iu the
future as it lias In the past.
Washington, June 2 Sen itor Vest and
ltcpiescntative Broadhcad have jtist re
turned from a visit to Mr. Tildcn in X'ew
York. The gentlemen express themselves
to their friends as much pleased w itb the
friendly greeting they received. The sage
refused Senator Vest any satisfaction when
he attempted to bring him out 11s to bis
own inclination politically, but took occa
sion to refer to the extensive demand that
was made from all parts of the country for
his autographs. They reported him iu
good health and a suitable man physically
to accept a presidential nomination.
Topeka, Kan., June 3. The eleventh an
nual commencement of Bethany college
took place to-day, a large number of visi
tors being present from abroad. An inter
esting programme wa presented and a
diploma was presented to Miss Mollic A.
Brown, of Topeka. who was the only grad
uate this v car The medal for proficiency
in instrumental music was awarded to Mis"
Klla Vail, of Topeka. The medal lor pro
ficiency in vocal music, to Miss Duiilap, of
Las Vegas. X. M. The medal for the great
est advancement in art studies, to Mis
Mattie Comings, or Girard. Kansas. The
medal for the best work iu elocution, to
Miss May Henry, or Fort Scott.
Washington. I). C, June 3. The House
then resumed the bill to forfeit the Oregon
Central land grant.
The amendment offered by Mr. George,
or Oregon, to coutinc the forfeiture to un
earned land, was lo-t by a vote of CO to !i7.
The vote on the pasagc ol tho bill tood :
Yea-Jill. navs22.
j There not being a quorum pre-cnt, the
House adjourned."
! London; June it. Kvaugclical christians
1 iu India, and Irish Protestants, earnestly
pet. tion Moody AS.inkey to conduct evan
1 gelieal services iu those countries.
1 O-car Wilde and MIs Lloyd were mar
1 ried to-dav.
Boston, June il. The Atchi-on, Topeka
i Santa Fe railroad company have given
the required three months' notice of with
drawal from the transcontinental railroad
association, which pool-all business west
of the Missour:.
Si. Johns, X. F., June 3. Fourteen of
the crew of the ice stranded brig Confcr
ate. who left the vessel on the 21th of May
in au endeavor to reach land, have not
siuce been heard of.
At Xotre Dame Bay to-day, as the lumber
men were driving logs to the new bar mills,
the dam bur-t, sweeping all before it. Two
bodies were recovered.
Xew York. June 3. A dispatch from .7.
K. Upton, late assistant secretary of the
treasury, confirms the report or the death
by drowning of Gen. O. K.
Levi P. Luckey and sister.
liabcock nad
John R. Lynch Chosen Tempo
rary Chairman.
The Santa Fe Withdraws From the
Trans-Continental Railroad Asso
Spc-cial Mismatch to the Eagle.
Wellington, June S i:50 p. m. J. II.
Wendells murdered his wire and then killed
himself this afternoon at Caldwell. Wen
dell's was a man probably sixty-five
years old, was familiarly known as "Pap,"
and had grown children residing in Cald
well. He was engaged in the real estate
btt-iuess. Was a very hard drinker. Par
ticulars in letter by to-night's train.
Willis K. Folks.
The letter failed to reach Us. .Kii.Kaoli:"
Caldwell, JuneS. J. II. Wendells, a res
ident of this city for the past ten years, in
a fit of temporary Insanity, caused by whis
ky, shot bis wire through the heart, Ihen
laid himsell out 011 his bed and shot a ball
lrom the same pistol through his own heart.
The weapon used wan alortv-tive callibre
six-shooter. He had been on a spree dur
ing the day, attended a circus at night, and
wcut home at 12 o'clock. About 8 o'clock
this morning - neighbor went to the I1011-0
aud discovered the dead bodies, and gave
the alarm. The coroner's inquest, held
tbi afternoon, developed Ibe above Tacts.
T. W. W.
Chicago, June 3. The National republi
can convention assembled at 12 o'clock,
being called to order by the chairman sa
bin of the I'uited States lepublican central
committee. The eall was read by secretary
John A. 3lartin.
The roll of the states was called on tem
porary chairman, resulting in 432 votes for
Lynch or .Mississippi, ami .iiu ror Clayton
of: Arkansas. Lynch was escorted to" the
platform by Clayton, the convention re
sponding vvitb cheers.
Lynch having delivered a speech or ac
cept'ince the states were called for the
names of the delegates selected to act ou
the committee 011 credentials. Again the
roll was called for the names or delegates
-elected by each Hate for the different com
mittees, whereupon the convention ad
journed at 1:1.") till 11 o'clock to-day.
S. It. TI e proceedings or the conven
tion in detail were sent out to the Mi-.ouri
and Kan-.-is members or the Associated
I'rpss between (land 1) o'clock p. m., but
for some reason which we cannot give, no
report other than the afternoon bulletins
were received by this paper. The Assoc!
ate 1'iess Agent at Kansas City at 11:1." last
night sent out notice that the convention
having been generally covered by the day
report that be would confine himself to
important convention gossip. I'd. K.vci.k.
Chicago, June ii. Tho debate on the
temporary chairmanship was marked
throughout by great earnestness and ap-platt-c
or the speakers on both sides was
frequent. Mr. Benjamin, of Arkansas,
spoke upon the record ol .Mr. Clayton in
his state. He said: The Hon. Powell
Clayton, iu ISfiS, was governor of the state
of Arkansas. It is a well-known fact in
history that all over the southern
states there was organized what is known
as a kuktttt Ulan, aud there ha- been
killed, and wounded, and whipped, by this
kl.in and others, more southern republicans
than were killed iu the eutire war than
were killed during the war of 1812. Powell
Clayton, as governor, called out the
militia ol the state ol Arkansas and he
whipped the KuKlux so that was the end
of them in that state, and never since that
time have you heard anything about the
KuKlux in Arkansas. You find it in everv
other state, but iT they had the nerve or
Powell Clayton and had called out the
militia and suppressed it at the start, hun
dreds and hundreds ol colored men who
have been murdeied by these men, would
be able to be 111 this convention instead of
being in the grave, as they are now.
The chairman then directed a call ol tho
roll of delegates and began vvitb Alabama,
which voted solidly lor Lynch. When the
State of Arkansas was reached, .Mr. Boots,
or Arkana, aroe and said : "lam author
ized by the delegation from Arkansas,
thirteen of whom are pro-ent, General
Powell Clay tun being ab-ent, that they cast
the thirteen votes or the delegatio'n for
Powell Clavton."
Loud calls for the roll.
The chairman directed the 'ecretarv to
finili the reading of the roll
When the name or Itcnj iTfiiu Harrison, or
Indiana, was called Mr. Thompson, or In
diana, said the delegate who represents
at large the State or Indiana, in place ol
General Ilarri-ou, iMr. Koelker. General
Harrison will not be here. Shall his name
be called?
The chairman: His name will be called
with the alternates.
When the name of George F. Hoar, or
Massachushtts, was called. "there was tre
mendous applause. He voted lor Lynch.
When Senator Maboue announced hl
vote for John A. Lynch it caused
another boiterons demostratiou wa
made, extending rrom the rear or 4he
platlorm to the furthermost corner or the
gallery.. When the roll call was ended
Gen. Cllivton ro-c iu li's place and aid:
' Jlr. Chairman: When the vote or Ar
kansas was called I was ah-ent from my
seat and my vote was not recorded. I de"
slrctocast my vole now for Mr. Lynch."
The secretary then read: The result of
the vote is John It. Lynch 431 votes. John
It. Lynch has received a majority of the
votes cist."' (Loud and long continued ap
plause.) On motion or Gen. Clayton the election
or Mr. Lynch was then made unanimous.
The committee then e-corted Mr. Lynch
to the chair.
After the adjournment, the chair -tated
that the committee on rules and the com
mittee on credentials would meet iu the
hall, and the committ c- proceded to the
worK in uanu.
The proceedings or the day, while v
1 h,r. I
aetenzed bv- great earnestness and
watchrtilne-s to detect any evidence that
the tide was turning in any direction, were
pot prolific iudramitic incidents, for the
reason that a large share of the -e.?ion
wa occupied by the routine of calling the
roll of the convention, and the election of
temporary chairman. Tin part of the pro
ceedings was only relieved from monotonv
bv glimpse-ol personal characteristics anil
phase- of feeling exhibited by members of
the convention a- they roe one at atiaa to
announce their per-oiial or political prej-
crencc ior temporary cuairnun
forward then3meorB.K.BniceMl.si.sinm
a colored man, who was one of the vice-
presidents of the la-t national convention
and who n-JVlilml !h ri-.l .. h.i.n
for s short time at th.' rronest nf s-minr
Hoar, who wa- wrmiiwri i-hilrmm J.nr
it wa stated that Bruce refu-ed the posi-'
tioa, the caadidasy for which wis then
The eonfernce at
innri .pnsinnni LiiiirA ti in. c... fi .rh.Mi. . l.v walb.i v.mamm.... .w iriisi iu aiiiu un ui luili niiur,. itoiiT . ' . . &. ,.v... 1.1 .. L
sion was immediately after Chilrmaosabin hnforeement of the eight hour law-, rlrlii .un.r .!lir,Tnl rntrr.i :mi itt r.,n .- -,Tt. , 1 ,? ' .. .
.Knnn-ao,n.,nu.ri..ii e,.. !-.. .. :.. j."..." . " . " - , ...v .-s-jj Mvrx'uai vivirrKucs j ior Jlr. iw,
."V"":-,v-,--"-.L"-'",L" "- v.'.v", ' .' '"..'"'""' .nHiswiBnautrit uSoer a dn:erati anti-orohib,tioa or- f.Imn,h . Vft.
'""'t 'ae cno,cc ?' .lae national eapiui, .aeenroreemeni oi wrapuLary ed-1 '- fv.. dmocrirr i L of u,nr.i ; -
ittSlrtt? Sfr??tlltore Ua-K,ru0r - Be ,ac r wjjl ,.' M TIC niWOf tbM Powell CIylOB,of,
KovX f to..abad-,rtBthep.. ATkMi luu! dedared in favor' of!
n. 1vr.rh.ono ofthe rntr!l.uiJ,'f JTtw tert shxierfonn good dr..eratlc tlB vra talked of nuiL tv l.
Mis.UsIppi. and. though some such action x-. ,... VTIu-.-. ' . J.J 'C.iw 2 ?,-? J?8 it3.-?c,J dav and to-nislit.aa.1 inanv r.rofel
wu not imanticinitL It mn.t -. .It.tf ' "-'"-' ."- - uu,, ,-,., -JHJ- reuw. .,, wu, uini.nK. .,: ui.. i. 'i.'n- -.1 ... II
sensaUon. It wa, known Mlart nlrttiSai bim-elf with petroleum, tor. and maMsewox. e -i""lP'-' t " S, " ' . v' "'"V! ,
. mnrmr.t-.tnn r. im. ,-s. burned to death in a tew moments. Thi, '"" nw, lae jdwnor but Btnai;r ueaw 1 3iyi. .i.iisvwfwi wiw n
.u v ...U.....V ..wh ..'il ...if M.UM I'l UUU U. .. - I ,ll.l.. ..... ..-... . w. 5 ,.3-f.. ..... . . .
which Lynch was determined upon was
held this afternoon.
made when, ?n calf of roll, the nc
Virginia was reached, and the name
Gen. Matione was called. -V general cheer
EE.& LJJL1"1' in -
. ' . ". --"' "'"
juLuuuiu jkuuseiun. me vouu:r .xevv
Yorker, who has so suddenly sprung into
prominence 111 1 10 pontics or his state, also
iccBiieumacMiu eimemxa orrdcoSjm.on
wucn ne ursi rose to sneaK.
In the vote on temporary chairman. Col
orado east its entire vote. fi. f.vr frtavlnn
uiuuucisi. us uuiire vote, o, lor laajion
California, 10 for Clayton: Connecticut.
,...-,. r . ' -' . - - - -
fnrl.rni.il fi fnr rl.rlnn. ni.,,,1. ol
. , rt - a.
r.yneu ; auinois. 10 ior .Lyncu.ia ror ciaj
ton ; Indiana, 20 tor Lynch, 20 for Clayton
in; inuiana, ajior Lyncb, JOfor CJlaytonj'fiimpn.. ; -' i
""V , -?.,' -,'or. la-VonJ ivangas,
for Lynch, 3 for Clayton ; Maine. 12 for
--j----.-- --- --j-, ...-,.-
Clayton ; Jiawacuusetts.lij rcr Lyncu, a lor
Clayton; Michigan. J) for Lynch, 17 lor
Clayton ; Minnesota, r for Lvucb, 1) for
Clayton; Mississippi, 17 for Lynch; Mis
soun, 1 ior L.yncn, ta tor Clayton: Ne
braska, 2 for Lynch, S forClayton : Xcvada,
C for Clayton; cw York, 4." for Lynch, 22
forClayton; Oregon, C for Clayton; Penn
sylvania, IS for Lynch. 42 for Clavton;
South Carolina, 18 lor Lynch; Texas, 10 for
Lynch, 9 for Clayton: Vermont, 17 for
Lynch. 1 for Clayton: Virginia, 21 lor
Lynch, !5 for Clayton ; AVIsconsin, 11 lor
Lynch, 11 for Clayton: Arizona, 1 each; Xevv
Mexico, 2 for Lynch; Utah, 2 for Clayton;
.Montana, 1 caco; Idoho, 2 for Lynch;
Wyoming, 2 for Lynch.
"Vhcti the call was completed Powell
Cla)ton was the centre of observation as he
mounted a chair at the ticatt tpf th'c Ar
kansas delegation, and with a'degree or de
liberation anu calmness, wuicli was scarcely
to be anticipated tinder the circumstances,
announced that he was not present when
his name was called, and that he desired to
cat his vote for his opponent.
The announcement of the result of the
ballot for temporary chairman was the sig
nal for a general outburst. Delegates rose,
climbed upon chairs, swung their bats,
handkerchiefs, canes and umbrellas in the
air and cheered lustily, and when it sub.
sided, Gov. Clavton. still with great appar
ent ealmnes", moved to make the choice
About the only other points to prick the
foot or observation were when W. (J. Don
nan, or Iowa, presented a voluminous me
morial lrom the National W'omaus' Chris
tian Temperance Union, and was rewarded
by the clipping or gloved hands in the
galleries, and when Leslie V. Itusell, or
XcwYorki presented a resolution empow
ering the committee on resolutions to re
ceive aud consider the memorial from the
Irish National League or America upon the
question or proprietorship oT land in the
United States by aliens.
The states surrendered the land trust to
the national government, and it is chiefly
through these laud grants by corporations
which have proved themselves superior to
popular control that a danger which would;
ha e been averted by eousntutional prohi-
bition has stealthily and silently fastened
Itscir upon our country; namely, the crea
tion of au immeusc absentee landlordism by
which the riehes or your soil aud the results
or the hardy labor or our citizens are to
be drained out or tlie country to swell the
fortunes oT hereditary monopolists who
hate our institutions and despise our laws,
and who, by the connivance or the bene
ficiaries or our mistakeu generosity, are iu
legal posessiou of at least 20,000,000 acres or
our soil, and we have seen the effect oTthc
system or great estates, which Is now steal
ing all over our western domain. Ta have;
seen it in Ireland and in I'gypt, aud If 'tlfo
legi-latiTc power oT our government docs
not forestall violence by law, the Indus
trious tillers or our prairies, and the hardy
dclvers in our mines, will combine to rid
the country by such means as they tlnil
available or a cur-e too malignant.
Powell Clayton was selected by the
national committee lor temporary chair
man. Some members t that committee
voted for him on personal grounds, that he
had long been conueeted with the commit
tee as repic-cntativo from Arkansas, and
without knowing that the action involved
any political meaning whatever, otherwise
the contest that ensued would have been
avoided in the selection oT some other
member. Those responsible for bringing
Clayton forward had not calculated on the
convention overruling the action of the
committee as precedent wercall for approv
ing such nominations. The independents
decided to make an issue on the se-
lection and formed a combination with the
Arthur men for that purpose. The votes
were cast largely on this isue, but not all
o.iuein.as si me Ariiiur men voteu tor
Clayton iu order to sustain the committee
aud sonic Blaine men voted for Lvucb. iii
hcis claimed to be for Blaine. However.
the IMmunds men are very jubilant and I
claim that the field agalu-t Blaine i strong
enough to dictate tlie nominee. On the
other hand, the Blaine men say there are,
Arth-ir men who will go to Blaine if they I
ee no c.iance ior uicir lavoriie.n.i mat
tin; vote has siiowu tliem -tronger.than has
heretofore been conceded: that in fact there
are 312 votes in a compact body. - '
The committee on resolutions met at the '
Grand PaciHc hotel this evening and elect- !
in Mnmr VV i .-.in M.-Kiiilm- ir nf dim
airman, and William Walter Phelpt. of
w Jcrs'ey. secretary. A sub-commltJe I
nisting of Henrv Cabot Lodge, of Maa-
v - - - --
Davis or California, was appointed, who. ,
eluissetts;.!. II. UiKcr.or Indianu; George I uc"""- ' " ,",-:, ""V" ",,u ''"'' '" "'"
i. Peck, of Kansas : Major W. C. Klam, of ' ,10"c s!l:l11 e cjc-'teJ m each of the twelve
Virginia; J. M. ltyniun. of Mln-issjppi -, legislative districts of the firritory.
.In.lw P. 1. Itest. nr fnl.M.ln nn.t itnrin A bill was Introduced by Senator Pendle
uith the chairmauand secretarv mentioned change during roreign countries on per
above. will prepare the platform to be ,ub-1 oa brim, or corporations in the ' utted ,
milled to the convention, and report to the States. A bill lixing the co-t or a -Ite for
foil committee at 9:00 o'clock to-morrow J I'uo!lc building at Leavenworth, Kan-as.
After the appointment of the ub- H is not to eXced IW.U. Hoti-c bill all
committee, Alex Sullivan appeared before i tborizing the couslructloii of bridge- acros,
.1 ...i 1..1..1P r ... 1 thn Mfasnnri river nt l.eavpinvurth. Iv-m
the convention on behair of the executive '
coniinittee ofthe Irish ii.itiom! le-i-Mie in. I
delivered a lon' and interestlDg address on
Hie ownership or American lands by foe-
eigner-. A resolution requesting the com-1
mio.vA r.rxltt;.a t. ., !. 1.- t.t . ......
a-iit-kr-j w ti.-wuiimii" if ,-Jij-fiuvi fcHlfllil-
iect wa- adopted at to-day's ses-ion oP the J
convention. .
1 ne leauuis 01 ine i-iiiuuiius movemciil
helc a con-ultation in the room ol George
William Curtis to-night, and iu the view
that they held the balance of power, thev
decided to keep up the fight until a sulh'
cient number of vote- come their way to
decide the contest In his favor, orel-eto
give their strength to -onreouc of their I-.k
. . w ...v... ....?... . - ...t..u w. ...vi. - o -
lug SomeofthcKdmundsmenartervvardsot out that Senator Plumb had deserted
!i.lil -i .nritllt.l?.OTi will. tli. Vrrtiii.i nr rt -J 4 ..-v..
held a con-ultalion with the Aitlitta peo
ple, and the bond between tbe two appear
binding enough tocau-etheBi to join hands
with liiein as against the Blatnc pEojilc."'
The Wisconsin delegation held a consul
tation and the name ol General Sherman
was considered a- the one which they
might, at the proper time, spring upon t'l'e
The committee on credentials had only
considered tbe contested Alabama pa-c up
to mid-night and appeared lo be in fora full
night's session.
.-ome ofthe hopeful delegates atlirm their
belief that balloting for the president vvili
be reached by to-morrow evening
The committee on organization were in
session until a late hour this evening.
After electing George It. William', ol In
diana, chairman, the committee proceded
to the election of a permanent chairman
and -ecretary or the convention.
I) The Hon Ga'nsha A Qxaw, of Pennsyl
vania, wa put iu nomination, by the (netids
i.ru ,n..t l lln.tnr. rt.-i
hr ,h; .S Inn flVBnVn . M?iV '
kpt.v;vni;nrltn17. fhr! U- fl..-.
j- -v. . - ,- ..- v.,..s. -, ., , ..,,-l.V.
of Michigan. wa unanimously elected -ec
ret iry.
Maj'or McKinley. chairman of Un com
mittee on resolution-, said to-night that It
vvai too carry to mittwt" tiie potntt tn Un'
Platform, i-nt taat ne imertded to -raake an
effort 10 have a rea-on.bk tariff plank in-
-ertcd tn tue resolutions, and would prob-
ablv uccetl. The c-jmiaittee -vlso read
and heard t3tcnrtnt from deltgallOBs- of
the Knights of Iabor and other kisdred or-
ganizatioa. They prnfe.ed to represent
onciam.oa working men. The prinripk,
uiti iit-ii t iit-jLii 111 a. kwvK tnnniriFii. 1 nin
z . . '"".''- 'T- r
' je tenth suicide la Vienna vrltWn tiie
Pt 2J hour.
. ' ,ZZ,'JL
London. June 3L A L-ain runnitiV li'
i-iu,n f nJn .. i.ii.....- .. .....i. i.. .
ted down an enbaakment. to-dav at
point between Grciawre, atxj. DaweUT4F
Five peroa; were kflled sad thirty InjurVd,"
The outlook at Chicagc would , seem
' '""' 'ijllonb'0f thJ S" "&"
of ever witnessed will take place to-day, aud
maybe not close until Thursday.
1 f W Kf bf ;-YcWian de.egat.on still
Vmrn" '"vnrjnii ,' i. ci,,
declare that they will vote for him to.day;
The rumor on the streets or Chicago w
tllat ..,.. . ,,.,.,. nf a nnmin,iMIlJ.Artbnp men arc building their hoDes on
- .
- would throw his streught to Harrison, but
ifl.w h, uii.tirn.luni,,l ,)nNrir.- ihm
.,...., ...v. .,.. -!. .. -.-..0
: t mis tU
C I ,i.
rnr I l.
ere for Arthur and against all com
Iiil.ttl.tiis tl'lit.tli 1I11I nrt. wnL-
- 1i.,',' - - ""J """-""'" ""k "
At one flIue yesterday the lobbies of the
, hotels were thrown Into a fearful excite
I ment by the. announcement that the Ed
znunds men hd decided to throw their
- I
lirt ballot was teleuranli
try yesteiday aflcrnoon as follows
Blaine 321
-Vrthor . ....., ,tu. ., ... , ..3di
Logan.. M..:i!ll(. ....Vv..i .?.. ... ol
(."resham 5
Edmunds 74
Sherman 21
Ilawley .. 6
Harrison 40
Gen. Sherman 2
The selection or Powell Claj ton by the
ceutrat committee fur temporary chairm.iti
was loudly claimed a- a Blaine victory,
if hi silt fmr I to.. I'l.fl.m if'ttiAiil jlittlit
vvhich fact beat .Clayton without doubt.
.scheme was worked up by Iowa, 111',- J-es TXf U. fcenator Plumb, of Ivan ,a,. who was
no.s, uuio anu conuecttcut to comuiuc ou . miicil orx luo Xe. York -DUsinc ,,. '--i'"4 - - navm ucclared for Itlaine,
Allison, of Iowa, after the fourth ballot, j rhtfeting and the circular isued by some "ecIl"cd lo say whether tiio rumor
andllawlevforvice-presdeat. J.busiDCa. men in Chicago. The letter was was trtiu or falcrantl said he would
A train o'f fourteen cars from Washing- bffi-!-L" mr, lc'V t,."-t .,nnttcr t0 ,!cUlctl hy
. t. . . . . ... , ottstness men, out the lllalne men clamed I action in thA nMivnniinn
ton aud Baltimore with the motto, "BovsJ that, a Ulalue circular would have been ' M u" '" vm " cnltoiu
ilcl'herson and Keveuge," and a portrait I fignedliyinen of 3 high standing, and that The Xcliraska representative met
of .'BlacWJaek,'1 rolled into, qhlcago Mou-' r a Petition for Blaine were circulated in to-dav and organized with "tho f.vlbwv
day night in the inWest or Logan. , Chicago it would receive the signature or n m .ll. 11... r i. ." . f0V 1'"
Vstatementof the probabilities of the two-tniM or three-fourths ofthe members. ,?... ',, . ' riou,cnair-
Vesterday arteni.ionthelrien.Ls of liarri-1 The Io-slo tho agricultural Interests will ,.,,', , ,,'. " " ni.He 10 come on.
son no longer deriie'd thar tlmfgentleinau Lawuunt to many millions or dollars. Along. ,. '"""V " "Cliial c;kicii of the Ill
was a candidate, which split the Indian ,tlA-aorth lino of the storm belt wheat Is ' "m 'lelejratloil v- held lo'day, it Is
ucicjiaiioii squaieiv in nvo, aiiom one nan
uiilAiillj; II1UL III II. ill ncv kiivj iiuit ii
his opinions seemed to have great weight.
George William Curtis addressed an Ud
muuds meeting yesterday, in which he said
Xevv York asked that a man be nominated
who would unite the republican party, and
that IMmunds was the best man to heal all
the wound or the country and party.
1 he JJlaine circular seemed to eUect very
little. It foil on a crowd or ten thousand
politicians whom no ordinary campaign
document could move one way or the
riiT. ,n 2iieu VI in vin.r ,.
' V, a,,?o3m, '. in f, , Vr.
f,en,l'r of the different candidates to urge
Telegraph requests were sent out lrom
the delegates by wire to go for some candi
date named.
Kansas City, .June 3. A special to the
Times yesterday says: The Kansas dele-
gates have been wrangling iu secret session j
all day, and at a late hour succeeded in
downing tlic Arthur men. Harry In-Icy
said to-night: ' We shall go into the con-'
volition to-morjow and cast eighteen solid '
votes; for Blaine. There are four men who 1
uresnam. ' - acres or wheat IS prostrate and being de- son's lrime will b ..t,.,....t 1.. ...... 1.
Little Mahonc, or Virginia, was a big stroyed by rust. The cotton crop sutlers 1 tlo iVloi," -ltl .V I 1 . 1
ractor throughout the day yesterday at tho mou serious damage, the outlook In v"s 1 others and that .New
Chicago. He was quoted everywhere and ( uniiv sections beine- boiieless. nmt thou. I .1.or'v !U, ' ''Utlsylvatl.a have lilcd".-.!
would like to vote tor Arthur, but they cdv occurred at i'.etblehem, opposite Platts
shall not do it. In the whole state ol Kan- ,, th, InornIngp MU.L ,.rigl a ,lorf0
as nine men out ol ten are for Blaine, and). 7 , . .. 7 . .
these men cannot come up and go back on trader, chopped to pieces the head ofaman
the state. We have downed them, and ' named Williams, a watchman on the Ifur
we'llkeep them down. There arc two I Hngtou .t Missouri railroad bridge, and
who prefer Logan, but they are going to , .,... ,., ,,,.,,.,, flln ,,.,.,,
vote lor Ulaiiic just tlie same. It a man
dares to vote otherwite we will knlfo him
when we get him home iu Kansas.
Washington', June 3. Tho sen do con-id-croifjthRjfoIlowing.ljilb)
: t
, A bilLgrauting the right o way th tough
the Fort Sclilon and Fort Sill military res
ervation to the l!io Grande, .Mexico and
Pacific railroad company.
A bill giving a petition ol lirty dollars a
mouth to tlie widow or General Judson
l A bill establishing the terms or court for
the district of Colorado. As lived, the be-
tiD ui MTjr th t. .terms for Denver are the
J j.,, , ',',', x- . ,
lr't ' uesdays for May- and November, for
Pueblo, the first Tuesday iu April, and for
it. N'ortc the first Tuesday In September
f ,
e '
A bill authoring the sale or a portion of
the Fort Hays military reservation to the
j:iiircounty agricultural society or Kau-as.
i , ., n ., . , , - - ,
ff -'" I'royid.ng far the ulc ofthe Ivlcka
I,0,, """'" -,"" reservation 111 nansas.
, Hou-e bill relating to the legislature or
"akotn. It, provide, ihat. tho conn-
t' " iviiii"i -unii luiisisi. ui
twenty four member, and the; Iioumj of ,
repre.ei.tatives of foity eizht memberi; ,
a,,d l'"at at the next general election two
llifillllifll.. nT flllk nllt II..H llllll fs I. f tar
- ? to regu ale tlie payment 01 t.iiis orex-
tue3Hsonri mer at i.eave.ivvortn, Kan
: and near the town of Itulo, Iticb ird-ou i
.county, Nebraska. At 3-25 the senate,
ntiT paiUgtxiy-twu,Utlii, adjourned
Jvanas C'tly,, June .; A Time- -pecial ,
xp. I :Snjtor
It. Plumb, delegate at
large, and Geo. It. Peuk, a district ilelegate,
registered at the Palmer yesterday morn
ing, leading other Kansas delegate by a
few hour-. Kan-as pa'cd resolution fa
voring Blaine, anu the delegation came up
lure a- a Blaine delegation, but the rumor
mi lav or or toe Artaur c.nmp nd wa try
in": tofget following from hli state. Ai
reporter aikdhimHvii.-t.trutli there wa
in the rumor. '"It's Miuday," the renalor
responded, "and 1 am too puritanical to .
talk business on Minday, although I like to
read a good .Monday morning paper." '
Are y ou going to support Arthur i"
"I don't want to tell wtiat I am going lo
do. see me after 12 o'clock to-night and '
then I may talk."
A meinoer of the convention which se
lected senator Plumb said to a reporter
"We sent Plumb here with the under-Uniting
thai he would support Blaine. It is
said, though, that Plumb, to i-ccure the ap
pointment of Brewer a the circuit jude,
protni-ed togivw Artutirlitfuppirt. There
may or may not be something 111 this
tory." '
Tue Kan-as hcadq Barters were deserted
by the delcgau last nlbt, and the vi-ltors
who called Ibcrc were told that a cauru
', u l"
m j In prtigrcaa In sukr i'imml' room
!l ?.? h jrdinff U -!e.e
'. UUlimT "Ort
1,1 I -,f
net a ami imwiw
done ouUhle :?:
teg of importance wa
f.icuooi nuimi froin tin' notne olln-o (lit evenm'r, mv
r4 1TCua VS.1.. A,, ' 5,,n lht ilarrtonil delegation left ttalt'j-
'that iht-.4ammU.MHd
ur limine.
rcpo; tr.4lWrTiNMrirr.t-Uti
.'4 tZ 1jz '"--"
"- y.gy- -aftf
XwL 'atPXjlt 'niMatr
T.rsarS4- -:...-. .,
c 2 ;iBUtbriei.atig
ha. utesl,i-f-fc;,-o sda
rurn'-iAr'"!ri."ti W "V'TiTSjfjn
,. e..i1ttiZ"r? . ,
"... . . . :
-'-""" " - ot.s uu ,. lo ,ong
a jr-v t wt w aa m jf v-v - yj"x
-- " .- , --. w-- - t ,. -v-
1. i-i . 1 .. ..! .'. -
j ?-- r-f -,' otuimdi.
of the deaxxratac party ot Kan. .
- -re B"ijvaiTin-'r
j,. P.J-?-,'PPA-.tI'f
Pltlt!trr. "fs., Jzei S 'At&rney-;
eril Ca.ldr arrliJ ia theeitr to-dir
propose to lareUJgate the Peaa bank
failure. 4Tbre jtm iVipVi of Ibe ttit '
moocy fn the bink.
to , Chicago, June 3. The caucusing has be-
I ?U" aml neari lUe k'CSaC helU mcet'
j-ings to-day to determina ou some course of
action. Thousands of citizens congregated
at the hotels to sec what was going on, and
i i u
11 t'ossiuie caicu
nnu All enriu
I roand and combinations
hinations were discussed
. ,.i.Pin. ti,.. v.in.n.i f .i. .V. ....
,,.?,, v..-... 1, ?.."; .i" '!
...? .. .i. . ......'..'
uiiu uu uiu utucr uauu iue cnaonreci
I uiund standard. That Arthur is weaker
- I1?0 uc w? week ago is appareut. but
- 1 XI?MOT?ib2nlftaa:
,Is(jaj Qr endeavorln;
to solidify
if South
must not be supposed that
rthur is by
1 doesn't tret
any means defeated, and if ho
the nomination his managers may' name the
Galveston, June 3. Specials to the Xpws
from all over the state indicate another ex
traordinarily damaging rain-fall during the
past 24 hours, and the rain still continuing.
The storm belt covers the most cultivated
portions of tho state, ami isucarlythe
! .....- .... . jl f . . ...f . A
s.unecouutrv flooded Lwicn this ni,nii.
rjiifeiiaa reauy ior harvesting. Mil the rain
, amis of farmers dctiendinir on their cotton
- i croti have cause to feel rr.nilv nlurmmi. ,
j Xear Thorad.de tho Brazos has overflowed
5,000 acres of farm land. The Missouri P.
. eific and Guir, Colorado Si Santa Fe
i railroads arc sending out cars ol cotton
sCe,j a,,a distributing tho same free to
farmers who will renlaut. Itallroad tralllr.
vviit.in tue
storm belt 1m again at a stand.
still. The largest railroad bridge in Texas
ou the Great Northern line acro Trinity
river, between PalMinc mid Houtoii, is
reported washed vvav. The Brazos, at
Richmond, Is higher "than everknowu be
fore, overflowing the banks for 200 miles
the trinity Hooding the country for an
equal distance.
The Sabiue is swollen o as to become a
great river, catrylng down hundreds or
thousands of logs. The boom below is in
imminent danger or breaking. Considera
ble valuable property will be lo-t in the
gulf. Orange City, on the Sabine. Is en
tirely submerged. At Galveston the rain
was tailing in torrtnts early this evening.
Omaha, Xeb., June. "I. A horribic trag-
two men nail been friends for some time.
Ilrigbt was a little off in his head, and this
morning w.i ill in his room, where Wfl
ilauis called to sec him. Immediately after
Ik- bad entered the room Bright run lied up
o" him with a hatchet and struck hlmater
rlole blow ou the head, felling him to the
tloor. Bright then deliberately chopped
bis bead into pieces and itito au almost un
recognizable mass. He then -hot him
self through the heart and dropped dead.
Bright had long been lo iked upon a- a lun
atic, but had never been considered dan
gtrotis. BLAINE AT HOME.
Augusta, Me., June 3. .James G. Illaine
reached his home this evening. His friends
1 hero telegraphed him early In thu day and
'. . H. .. .. ....
. tendered I1I111 a public reception, which he
at once declined. The demonstrations In
.Ma-.icliHetts were especially enthusiastic.
At P ilem the greeting was very cordial, and
nt New Bury port was perfect. In his ora
tion there ho said that there was no truth
in the report that a special telegraph wire
bad been placed in his house, nor had he
sent a telegram of liny kind wlj-itever to
Chicago, ou being Informed by a 11 Ass.
ctnte.l I'rrj.- rcnorlrr tfmt rtitnir Ii til linpn
received of Interview, with him, in ome or
tbearternoou paper of Boston and New'
ork, be sail they were
ed. Mr. Blaine appears
health and bc-t or -plrlt-.
-1 ork, be Mid they were totally uiiauthor-
HH.lliy UliaUlllOr-
. 1 1 ... 11 .
to be In excellent
Powell Clayton would not. lie inter
viewed. Then; are 2.V) silk stoefciii-r Xetv
York cm at tlie Lelatnl.
Jolin P.. HeiuU'rsoti.of M. Iouis, Iia
ilerlared for I'JiiiiiikIs.
It i. et'ittitl.lt lll'lt lit! ll.il flisat li.lllil
""";.,. ", 1IW, ,V, '"', ,;,,
.Iinne0la Will itlllHl, Maine lb, Lit-
intllilli 6,.Art!lttr I
. - , f. . r
til iiiiuriuui vine ui a iiuriiuu ji
Mii.ue-ota .lele-rathm. laken this even-
ln-, r!tllleu, iilailie V, tViniillllH
Arthur '1.
Jerome Chaflec ami Steve Klkin
are the hanlest workers here. They
arc constantly ou liftmi ami are ai.-rcs-
""' ,M --
The N'cv Ji-rey ilolcjiation, it i
.sU, W til U.I.L IU1I Ui;s III! JllillJIL.- IJU
the the iir.-t linllot. -ix for lMmumi-
- .. .
uiu, will cat ten voim ior itlaine on
mil two for l.im-olfi.
Senator Aldrich. of Hhoile Island J
-a i,i, .State will .-a-t HB,i vol- tor '
lviiotinil-5 for four halloiM ami after,
that the tlclC'nU-ji will fill thf vote
w till iheir personal jireferem-e. '
One of tho Lo-;au manager aii to-'
dav, "I've been watching tiii-t whole '
Uiin- closely, ami I tell yon that while I
Itlaine i' makiti"; the most sjjovv here,
tlcenne.st work i? eing ilone hy tho 1
Arthur nifti." '
V". A. Ploilifer.diairman of tjic "l- !
orel men
national executive oi
ill-il a nieeliuir jf that '
mittee. hie
botiy al lite rainier iionwat noon to- j
morrow to consider tnattors in eon- j
neciion wnii in' comriNi men - 110
r.otial convention at I.icli(notul,.JiiH ij.
'I he oorrcunondent of the Ualti-
more Ancncau rrcivl teJeratn
" -.,-, ..., ,,. .. , ...,.
""'K ' wisi is piuiLiuii'
ronmlexion U a follow-. Illatne 11.
Arlliur 4 doubtful 1
' ' ' u'J"-,," '
Hiti norlret drftal'-. It T- Htnrr. of
X" fi.fHJ ralll 1... li. .t.J t '
.it'iw.-u .... u ..u.vi,vu
J"i: J
sii: j,mi7. 1'Hfntfi-n u-i-'aitM; rl-
two defe-rat--; Arthur two
ari?2a,w f ,j,rw dektrale- at I
- .. .. r?
, . '-'&? -t- ,,,.
--.trait . . m . t
i.ocs, wro, iuouj-ji not n tMcsm', t
opK)-l Uj bolo a in'tjMn to know,
ihc toliov.itt'4 oflics-r. SnaUr I, M, 4
Bahm, Uhairifmn: A. IJanlc, vict .re- j
ident; (XA?Grzvk, aUiaxit wrr-1
if MimVM . !-1.... , (I Afrtrtt fUmik. f T it. -r
c-.iuc.-i. uicuus.wuowiinfc.iuai ATinur is ' curcii etsr it voti imm m4si.,ar o:-
hi tri-i a,rea-- Deaten though not out of the from "vlichi-'ati svn.l W u.n. mi,' '
! raco, expect when "break up" comes the T 'l T '?," ? , ' M,nne-
friends of Arthur will rally round the Ed. i s0ta' or a total of twenty.
lojru.m ms inenas uave uecn nsning 1 nave 1, Arthur 2. and Etlmtitulx 1
CU UIL1 iuu ctiu.i- : -" ! - ...-r. MUlVl-l. ...V.I
.. .1 ... .-.i. 1 iii .tiirn r titn.n 01 ..... ..-.-...I........... . 1. in.tii. i. 1. iteeti. vipiv tvriiiii.nf I :ir.
piaveiiieu work ami inousaiitis 01 iauiim; lias Uet'll reaelieil flint IMirp?.
huy Iti vnsi r r-na -crta tr3 .
--" --- ' ' .- .-.- .. ... ...-., atv mm n s7zzrr , ixv---ia.
.I...-! Xrir.l.. e I .. .ft.M. .111.. i.-.i...
iVl Willi V UkilMU - r' li-J MV.V. MK,, Py JJIf7M
WJ-. . ' . . It, ffimttn-A Hi -i. U rrmz.til
.u.! i unncoia -gnoo wwne , Mi 11 wni.w t. .
tan-; C. &.G0-1M, committee on rules
and order of biniiiett; C. K. Davis,
committee on resolutions; Ii. 0. 1.anj
tlon. committee on'credcntial-..
-inc JulmumLs men did the mnl of
prevent the
nomination of cither
Arthur nr JtbiJnA ;., i. ....-1 . 1.. . .V.
Arthur t
,......,. 1: .... . . ;ins0 H
LCrt of
'hey claim to liavo se-
Two or three opiutn? were nhtniua-
ue t .,,r,,- i1I!1,1'i
14 Sate" won
tinrior. One
M vnt. cidiillv
lor Blaine: another that Blaine would
-.. - -. ,-.- j... ,.Ui.M
V 15,,r,u" n5witant secretary;
I ftcott. memlier nf AmmlH..". ,
'Tf , ... --. .-. .vi.iiuiiii v "II IK-
on cre-
uontirtis; .b. Seward, committee ou
, resolutions; C. I. Matthewson, com-
I tit a , 'A ' l or"cr n uiincs;
j J. II. JlcCall, committee on permanent
orKanization; Ul'tircli Howe, member
j ui iiivuaiioiiai committee
l It w.i rejiortod to-ui'.-ht that Hen.
I Harrison, of Indian.!, will not jiartici
pate in tho convention, a-ul that he
I i.i........t....i i. ....'" ' ""'"
1 - vu-ui"".!! mat a irpucr.tl under-
I hllll twenty-live votes-
Live Slots-.
Miipi.iinj atfrw
IIiitcli-rs' nicer.
Kntcnw-tnnd hrltsrs. . .'
I-nt flipping hugs, l,est . . .
MncUuml reeling hogs
1 ll
4 IKkTM 4
.....( l3l 10
..... 3 0sfc: M
. l.VUII.
each, 1
J .V
t c.w.' '
i Oa. I..
Owl ll
Potato; per Ini
rotables, new, per lieck
KjTW . . .
Itultrr " "
. fit:
. X.UI
. 1 IU
I Chrrs , ' '
j sltlckei", MT JU,'.. !!,"".
I Chicken, p.r do-pn....,
1 a. J ti.Miw
' C. Ilk l!nri:i ."".'
Ilncori kIiIi-i
, l h M.te- '
I Mionlders .
j Lard '
I Corn mvnl
1 Flour, IiIkIi imttint.
Flour, pfitmt
Kloiir, 'VA.VV . .
Flour .X. . ...
t Oiop feed
1 iSrmi
I Mierts . '
Jlliliiig wheat..
Shipping wlirnt.,.
Com, pnre vrhlte .
New Yerk Mency Merket.
-Vw Yohjc, JhkS. lsL
JIox.rl-:ay nt SS cut.
J'tlK "lKl'A.NTIi..I'tn)IVsWHMlM4-rlll
SricHMsu Kirn viS(i-.Mrni
bill, l taV; ilxiuaiiil, jjS?,-
3ov:iariT Itoxunrwiir.
I J S. rt-ix-r-cdtttfi
I' .s t i;-x-r-miit . ....
V. S -pr-cent
tirnrx s-eti'iiiTin Dull.
iUlLMAr lUntu Wawk.
3IIonri Pariflpn'lMind4... ,
Hannibal .tMt .Intvpli tMm.U,
Central 1'arlile aUH-ka. .,
til ...
nicaw a Alton
Chlrr Iturllnjfton a liotiioj-.
ji'T'iT, 1 1 liVr?'"1'' .""'
, nannli)B M 1"! ":.
, llttnnll.nl Wl I, .i V
' "anmiiai Ant osvpli prufurrKt atli
MUourl J'arjffr . ' 1 """'" 'aiswii
Nortlirn 1'ariHe
New York tntfll
Itock Island
I'nlori raclilu ,
Western Fjiton
Kana Cltj- Lrv Stotk.
K.v.a Cirr. JanaS, ttst
TiPav.vt iHJfmmia, rojKirta.
. ii,-K.':,'('"'1'', 2-wl market lflttlf U.r
Kinoothanilltnairyt weak and mIfto lower Tor
milium .Natlvie..r ibrNmi 1 .ji.i s..i
m. rf 1 (ii-.,- u. . .. ... r.:':r.'.7,'.r'
'.tL l8'' ". "',''ij tV t.' i.i h
...lj (i . tockr anl rt.lr., .SW . t.. ,
1 s"J- uiiiujai
ii.mi ip-j . - . .
Uv.J .Vl it.'. Sti nnl.."t
i !-
siiJ-M-Iewr,t,, 4NH. mari mtin,
St. Loult Grain and l'rolUc,
hr Iti. .lun J l-nt
'jucn .Varkct tujI,an
it... ... . .
1 bid c.i, , i 05iiJv ine
( J"ij sac Aufnt .s 3rt.11
"i. mt jiarai-t njjn v j jw tj ui ;
tl.'KMfM U-
Co--Mrl.t l,r -'.l ... ...
Ian, , e jni,,i, A.wTl ' "" "
- ., I'f. "I." J?"' t .,, -Me
's;,J-Br'..,'',,'7',i- t,-V
tS-'TSyZntlT ""
untmt inmir. 1.00 i.rrHi lnf
n"" j ivm , bum ts
"'""" r,B nm"' t,f'- ""-
St- L,-rU u,r atk-
, . "'--". ( s, l;i
t&lgffiti' Jf'lU-,
i"! eMr tiiipjair, M.raior rwu"n
'7"' 'f.-' &rL ?JU'
.. . . .' -' -". " m n.
t,."::riw-?,f,t 2j3r"i h"-it, 'tt.
1 0
CbUc Oraia a4 Praduie.
Cmtrxmi. -luwS, t
Ktot is 'alri.
WbcjT WIi I loapfj ntMltfi klsM
j ha.1 ri,li, iJll-w-I Imsc. rallM ,
I -Jo.lnjC tiiiM t-lo 7rIr. Jnt-.t
-s- rUMagn "Offe ; JbW. VtyilSa, ktug it
!t bvl ; Ayjmat. sUvMKe, Uie ai Wet ri.
trobr, lwtr. titrtnr at ,. .. j
xjiluir. isi(r
0x Krfc-t jli ael iw7( flartaaUrf
within th- rr f r. Wkic He li-r for
Jen. V-'Julr. I Aartt.1 Ria y-.tfrlsr,
afi"' ---'''?' UKUKpt fvm,
y:is- -iaa- nvme, Asrt. mm&.
Ohm-Ifartft .JH, t4.r 4 a ia.j
irf t Jus., llHZlKr , J&lf, fimtnf( i AJif
afflrr, j.ay.
Uz.Tn-n,r a , w.-u , l-l -
vnbtuMn irt,,T2is'rvvt4ittu,3ij
J??f5! f -" -"' '" -r. V'
si.rxTMH.-rtott, ijsw inrsAti t
vi tnUbH. tura. mjH nuOttiit nsli
.111 bnr;
nr. innAn Vrl'
,) bsrt4
CM?ar I- E.
T tHtrfi tsrM TfxrrL
KrfitA. UlM tkll.n:.. I.fc.ll
'W S- ad truj;sr iI !- UtiJit
SM pViUftr. 1 . , wUV Ue !.
WA i rw tJy rTfcJc.
i a i tUr : iun t o
Cit7tJtr-tUVipl. !,(. tbf-HHU, 'V-J
"istt.ttwiiU. tAi ttevttvtUt, ;f
tzrtH Vl( foirrtoT lo s.r 4Vii3
SSS"- -'- i
I - T U . .o tt
and counter com. . anil vFninncnli n,:. m . -
with vizor. The :m ' . " 'l' ",V? lmn& "
, (.sre.u.u, iu ft-curu eiinugii votes to
r ' '

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