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M M MUROOCK fc BROTHER. Proprietor!.
J. 1. Traster came in yesterday from Mt.
X. W. GusUin, of Newton, registered at
the 'Fremont yesterday.
Dr. S. I). Coflian, of Law rence, was on
the streets yesterday.
-Mr. Win. !. Thompson was resting some
easier yesterday, though lie is jet quite
W. W. Hupp received .1 very fine
thoroughbred bird dog Irom the cast yes
terday. John Tytherlcigh, with G. 1. .Tones &
Co., or Emporia, stopped at the Occidental
J. 1. Conckliu, a prominent banker of
Kiugmau, was doing business yesterday in
this city.
Dr. W. 1. Knots', who assisted in dress
ing the wounds or Chas. Eagan at the
Douglas Thursday night, very generously
refused pay for his sen ices.
The hose company will have a meeting
this evening at 7:30 o'clock sharp, at the
opera house. A full attendance is desired,
lly order or Major Jesse Ask, foreman.
"The Valley house is being greatly im
proved under its new management. The
rooms are being repapered and repainted,
and otherwise improved in appearance.
Miss Louclla McClanahan, a young lady
lately from Wcuona, Illinois, died Thurs
day at the Presbyterian parsonage in Wel
lington, or inflammation or the brain.
Pastors or the various churches or the
city who desire to hae their church ser
ies for to-morrow noticed in our next is
Mic, should hand them into the office to
day. Street Commissioner X'ccly has lately put
down some much-needed and ery fine
plunk walks about the city, noticeably the
one crossing Main street. near the Occiden
tal. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. V. M.
llarncs died yesterday afternoon and will
be buried to-day at 10 o'clock, the funeral
taking place from the residence on Mosley
L. X. Woodcock, E. A. Dorsey, A. W.
Olivccand X. V. Xiedcrlandcr, left on last
night's train Tor Topeka, where they were
called on business. They will not return
until Monday.
Miss Lizzie Mead, daughterofJ.U.Mcad,
and Miss Carrie Fisher, daughter of Sheriff
Fisher, returned homo from the State Uni
versity at Lawrence yesterday, to spend the
spring acatiou.
The following figures will show the re
ceipts and disbursements of the county
treasurer's oflice up to the hour of closing
yesterday: Receipts, ?.V)7.21 ; disburse
ments, S10.024.00.
11. S. Mueller, proprietor of a fine har
ness and saddle store at Sedgwick, was in
the city jesterday, and purchased ciuito an
extensive bill or the well-known wholesale
house of McComb Ilros.
Yestetduy at noon the prosecution in the
divorce suit of 'clson vs. Xelson rested
their case, and the first witness Jor the dc
lensc was called immediately after court
convened in the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Waldren left last
evening for Chicago, where they will spend
a week or two, and then proceed to Now
pnil, Kentucky, and other eastern poiuts,
expecting to be gone for some time.
There will be a special meeting of the
Woman's Guild at Mrs. E. P. Hovcy's
rooms, at the Occidental hotel, June 7th.
A lull attendance is requested. My order
of the president.
Mits. Sarah II. JACKbO.v.
W. C. Woodman sent the Eaoi.k a spe--iul
early yesterday morning in which he
said: 'lllaine will bo nominated on the
third ballot this morning else the most bit
ter fight over witnessed iu American poli
tics.'' The Commodore missed it ouly one
E. C. Ferguson, register of deeds at Wel
lington, passed through the city yesterday
on his return from Chicago. He says that
city in literally jammed with people, and
he found no pleasure there, not even around
the convention halls.
'Children's day" will ho observed Sun
day at the Presbyterian church, at which
time Kcv. Hewitt will deliver a sermon to
the children, and other exercises suitable
to the occasion will bo had. Everybody is
Charles Eairan. who was stadbed with a
butcher-knife at the Douglas Avenue hotel
Thursday night, was considerably worse
yesterday, and his recovery is quite doubt
ful. At last accounts, Frank Peck, who
did the stabblng,had not becu apprehended.
The members and friends of the M. E.
Sunday school who can furnish fiowers,
arc requested to bring them to the rink this
afternoon at half past two o'clock, when
the decorations will be arranged for chil
dren's service to be held on Sunday morn
ing. Kcv. Mr. Harper of the llaptist church,
left on yesterday evening's train for Otta
wa, where ho will deliver an educatioual
sermon at the University commencement
to-morrow. He will not return home until
the last of next week. His pulpit Sunday
will be Idled by Kcv. A. S. Mcrnfield, of
The Mt. Hope town company, which was
incorporated on May l'Jth, comprises the
following officers and board of directors :
Thomas 11. Uandall, president ; William S.
alackic, a ice-president; Geo. W. Anderson,
secretary; C. C. Thomas, treasurer; and
William A. Daily, general manager.
Directors: T. II. Uandall, E.W. Dean,
W. S. Mackic, C. C. Thomas, G. W. An
derson, W. A. Daily.
Au information was tiled in the probate
court yesterday, stating that Gustavo
Schcm, a firm hand working for Josiah
Reiser, who lives just southeast of town,
was insane. Judge Jewett immediately
uotllicd Sheriff Fisher, who went out ami
brought in the alleged insane man. It
proved upon examination that Schem was
suffering great bodily trouble from a very.
bad rupture, and that instead or being in
saue, he was extremely weak and feeble
from that cause. He was taken to the poor
house, w hero we trust his sufferings may
be alleviated.
Edward Vail, Jr., a member of one of
the oldest and most extensive Jewelry firms
Of Northern Indiana, located at Laporte,
arrived in the city yesterday on the bunt
for a good bnsiucss opening. lie is much
pleased with the looks of Wichita, and has
determined to come here and establish a
branch wholesale and retail jewelry house,
provided he can lease suitable quarters at
a f-lr figure. Should he pome to this city J bad been arranged iu the center of the
to locate, he will open up one of the largest room where alt who desired could be served
and finest stocks of jewelry goods carried with most excellent ice cream and straw
anywhere iu the west,vand will make a , berries which had been provided iu abund
spcclalty of jobbing, intending to employ i ancc. No sooner was a table emptied than
two or more traveling men. Wo hope our I
properly icuieis nni uuci miunucu luuucc- ,
ments as will persuade him to locate In the
city, as ho is a young man ot capital and j
enterprise, and has large experience in his j
line of business.
Hew the Nomination of Blaine was Received by oar
Business Men.
The news reached here at about 4:30,
o'clock yesterday afternoon that James G.
Maine bad been nominated for president
by the Chicago convention, and instantane
ous with the receipt of the news, aloud
and prolonged hurrah burst from the lips
of the large crowd who for hours had been
standing around the IZkgvb bulletin board,
anxious to catch the latest news. To learn
something as to how the business men of
the city received the nomination, a repre
sentative or this office' walled upon several
of them, and to the query, "How do you
like the nomination 1"' they responded:
County Clerk Fold First-rate, but
would have preferred Arthur. ,
Win. Inncs--First-rate.
II. D. Helsserman Think they could
have put up a stronger wan ; my choice
would have been Sherman or Logan.
A. 15. Wright Just immense ; suits me
all over.
II. II. Downing Suits me, you bet.
J. L. Dyer First-rate, first-rate !
Col. Ilartzclt Like it 3rst-rate.
Hcv. Hewitt Suits inc.
Judge Jewett (Smiling all over) my office
is now open lor business.
11. D.Hammond The best kind.
Kcv. Harper First-rate, sir!
J. P. Allen Suits me why it just suits
me to a dot.
Judge SIuss I'm full clear up, and happy.
Farmer Doolittlc The good Lord has al
ways taken care of the republican party,
and I guess he'll come out all right.
J. L. Hodgo He preferred Arthur, but
was satisfied with Blaine.
J. M. Allen Suits me ; he was my choice.
A. L. Houck Suits me all right, but Ar
thur was my choice.
C. A. Uarwise Don't think the business
interests are such as to require a democrat
to vole him.
S. Houch Suits mc to a T.
Dr. Allen Suits me first rate, but don't
think he'll carry Kentucky.
M.M. Fechhcimer Don't eire. Don't
think he'll hae a walk-away.
Judge Campbell Guess he'll do.
T. W. Fuller Just mils' me, exactly.
P. Gluut Think it is grand.
Kufus Cone Suits mc tip-lop, but was a
M. X. Hallowcll Suits mc first-rate.
J. II. William All right; just what I ex
pected. J. M. Pollock Suits me exactly.
J. A. Wallace's Implement House We
are a little divided but guess it suits us all
W. II. Parkinson He would be my choice
if 1 was on that side or the fence.
D. W. Smith Suits me, profiled he can
get there.
WelU, Fargo .V Co's. Agent All right.
Win. Kassel Stiikesmu exactly.
II. W. Kcndle Like it.
W. A. Frances AllO. K.
Chester A. Arthur I'rctt) thin.
The county commissioner met at
iiNiial hoilr vcbtcrdav morning, and
poicd of the following biiKineis:
Ordered, abatement of heliool t.iv for the
year 1832 on the northeast qu.irter or sec
tion 22, township 28, r.ingc 2 wet, belong
ing to 11. P. Hcnuor, erroneously assessed.
Ordered, abatement of j!l eriolieous tav
aiesscd on the northe.it qiiaitcr of section
9, township 23. range 4 wc-t, belonging to
J. J. Troutman.
Mm tiu Kootl, who hai been confined in
the county jail for violation of the prohibi
tory law, yesterday Hied hit affidavit with'
the couuty clerk, stcttiug forth the lact that
on account or hii poverty he was unable
to pay the line a"iCHscd against him in the
district court, and asked Tor his release
Troiii custody. On motion, the board or
dered his release on hi- paying S!)0, that
being all the money he had in his posses
sion, which sum was applied on the tine
and costs rcsting'against him.
To-day the boaid will hear complaints
from Salem, Kockford, (i)psuin and Waco
Col. J. W. Miller, vice-president and gen
eral superintendent of the .St. I.ouix, Ft.
Scott & Wichita r.iilvvay, called upon the
editor ot this paper yesterday. The aotith
vveteru cxtcn-ion ot this road reached out
in the direction of Clearwater a distance of
seven miles- at sundown last evening. The
grading is ahout all completed to Clearwa
ter, and with favorahle weather he expects
to pull up with his construction train on
the hanks of the Xinuuscuh by the 20th of
this month. Col. Miller is a thorough rail
road man, doing his work niietly and ef
fectively. Wichita is getting a good many
railroad outlets, and all of which aro neccs-
Hary to her future, hut no road promises to
ho of more value or more popular than the
Sunflower, at the head of which stands
Col. Miller.
It is rumored that t-ever.il Important
railroad changes will take place onorahout
the 10th inst., which, as near as we could
learn, are the-e: The Wichita and West
ern will put on two through train-from
Xcwton to Kingui iu, one a passenger and
the other a freight, and do away with the
trains which now only run from Wichita to
Cheney. It is also stated that a new pass
enger and ticket agent will be placed iu the
Santa Fe ofticc at this place about the Kith
in-t. No doubt the visit paid this city jes
terday by F. A. 15urgc-s train master of the
Santa Fe, located at Emporia, has some
thing to do with the-e contemplated
(Sarlicld Post at their meeting on Tncs
day evening unaniinouly adopted the fol
lowing resolution:
That the thanks of Garlield l'o-t, Xo. 2.'i,
G. A. It., is hereby tendered to 31m. Cah
llcndcrston. Sirs. Keed, 31r-. -J. H. King and
Mrs M. S. Uochclle for thtir timely sen ices
In arranging bouquets; to Sir-. Catherine
Kudscll and the member- of her vocal class;
Sirs. Chas. Hatton, SII I.tura M'oodcock,
Hod. J. Jay ltuck and Messrs. Arbuckle
and Dojle for the execution of the parts as
signed them at the opera house, and to all
the donors of fioucrs for the purpose of
decoration, and that the same be. spread
upon the minutes of the post, and publi-hcd
in the daily papers of the city.
The ladles of the 3Icthodit church have
l every reason to congratulate themselves
over the successful issue of their festival
and social, given at the skating rink last
uieht. In spite of the muddy condition of
the walks, a cry large crowd gathered,
completely tilling the commodious room,
I leaving scarcely space cuough to allow of
promenading. A targe number of tables
it was re-filled, while those who had par-j
UKeu 10 lUClr COtlielU Ol lUcSe .IMDplIng '
di-bes, repaired to another portiqjfof -the f
room, passing the balance of the efening in j
the exercise ol those social amenities which j
the Methodists know ?o well how to enjoy. '
The following real estate transfers were
recorded in the register of, deed's otice'
esterday. t s S j .'
X A Euglisb 'to (August Palstou, lot
7 iu block iMn English's fourth ad
dition to Wichita $'J7.50
John Johnson to David Goebcl, 240
acres in southwest quarter and the
west halfor the southeast quarter of
section 21, town 28. range 2 west... 3,500
United States to D J Dobson, 100 acres
in the northeast quarter of section
03, town 20, rauge 2 west Patent
State of Kansas to L A Woodcock, 40
acres in the northeast quarter of
the southwest quarter of section SO,
town 25, range 2 west 120
Valley Center Town Co. tollllUood-
licti, lots 4'j anu so, on avenue jv in
Valley Center
Jane Hurst to Ida K? Blackwelder. lot
02 on Emporia avenue, in J It
Mead's addition to Wichita 1,000
J O Davidson to A C Bftoltaw, lots 3
and 4 and the south half or the
northeast quarter or section 23,town
20,range2 east 2,500
Clearwater Town Co. to W L Wood
nutt, lots 34 and 3G on Prospect
avenue, In the original town of
Clearwater 125
Clearwater Town Co. to W L Wood
nutt, lots 41 and 43 on Prospect
avenue, in Tracy & Byer's addition
to Clearwater 80
Lucy McCandlcss to E P Forde, lot57,
Wichita street, in West Wichita.... 30
Murrav Myers to Jacob Fox, 320
acres iu the west half ol the north
west quarter of tbo west half of
tnc soutnwest quarter, ana me west
half or the northeast quarter or sec
tion 1, town 27, range 2 west- 10,000
X F Xeideriander to Jacob Fox, lots
77, 79, 81, 83 and 85 Lawrence ave
nue, in English's addition to
Wichita 1,250
James I Uced to F E Coraneil, the
northeast quarter of section 30,
to wn 23, rauge 4 west,and the south
east quarter of section 19, town 28,
rangc4 west 500
At a regular meeting of Mt. Olivet Com
mandcry Xo. 12, Knights of Templars, held
at their hall last evening, the following
newly elected officers were installed : O.
D. Barnes, E. C; J. II. Aley, G.; W. S.
Corbett, C. G.; J. P. Adams, Prelate; F.
Koss, S. W; Chas. II. Hunter, J. W.
Springfield, Mo., June C Information
was received here to-day of a disastrous
fire that occurred at Lebanon early this
morning, destroying the Laclede hotel and
several business houses, entailing a loss es
timated at $50,000. The fire is said to have
originated in lllaukcnship's store. The
property was partly insured. The hotel
and contents is partially covered by poli
cies to the amount of $40,000 with the in
surance firm of Huddard &C'o., of this city.
Hamilton, Mo., June 0. Sheriff Glenn
and Deputy Sheriff Clevenger of this (Cald
well) county, passed through here last night
on their way to Kingston with John De
herd, who killed Nathan 11. Midclaiigti yes
terday about two miles west of Cameron,
just on the edge ,of this comity. Deherd
surrendered himself. The killing was the
result of a quarrel
Missouri City, June C. The body of a
lady was found iu the river near the mouth
of the Ulue. She was dressed tinely and
woro a hair breast-pin in the shape of a
door-key, and a plain heavy gold ring. The
hotly was buried near the place where
found. No inquest was had. The body
bore the appearance or having been in the
water -omc time.
Cincinnati, Ohio, June C C. W. Ilich
ardson was to-day found guilty of murder
iu the lirstdegrce for the killing of Theo
dore Ingram, his In other iu-lavv.
Kicli Hill, Mo., June."). A po-sc of heav
ily armed men under command ol Marsha'
Logan and Deputy Sheriff Ileal left this
morning for the acting upon a telegram
from Pleasauloii. Kansas, that Wampler,
the huppo-ed murderer of the Anderson
family at Plcasanton, was coining dow u the
liver in. i skiff. The posse will take the
river at the water works and scour the ter
ritory thoroughly uutil Plcasanton i
rcached and the guilty wretch is found.
Wamcgo, June (5. A tloater was found
in the river this evening. It is supposed to
be John A. Ilrovvii, of Kansas City. There
was found on his person a marriage certifi
cate dated May 8, 1834, of .Tohn A. Ilrown
and Klia Wahl, married by Kcv. John
Keeuc, at the M. II. chinch ot Kansas City,
Missouri. The inquest will be to-morrow.
A Ichison, June C Simon Scruggs, a well
known farmer and prominent Democrat of
Oak Mills neighborhood, was adjudged
insane jesterd ly and will be sent to nn asv
ltim. The bond proposition in aid of a branch
line of the Central branch from l.'Iliiigbam
to a connection with the Kansas Central,
was carried in llonton township, but de
feated by a -mall majority in Kapiomu
tnw-iiship, and the enterprise will therefore
fall through unless a new election should
cam the bonJs.
Tlio body of a woman found in the river
near Port William proves to be that ot 3Ira.
(Icorgc Johnson, w ho disappeared from her
home last winter. Theremaini were In a
badly- decomposed condition and were
buried in a small graveyard near by.
Lancaster, l'a., Juno 6. I'aris Jlaldcmau
was nominated dy the denihcrats as a can
didate for congress from the Fifth district.
Any person wishing to itnploy a
nurse can tlo so bv applying at "the
residence of Mrs. Sjolin on South Main
street. Mits. A. O. Lakk.
15 to 2w
ECRARDT &r SCOTT, Proprietors.
No. 40 Main Street,
Mateiials for White Dresses the inexpotis
ivo and the costly kinds aro shown cheer
fully to you.
19 MUNSON'S 10
'19 Main Street.
WANTED Three unfurnished room with
a good family. Address .1. , this office.
iflirANTEIV A good girl to do funeral liouse
TY work in small family. iniuirejt res
idence orsamnei iioncJt. - 18-
W ANTED Farmers ud citizens to know
that the old reliable and pioneer cloth
ing honse of valley is located second door south
WANTED To rent a good office room over
Wichita grocery. It. II. Iiors.
WANTED-Kver body to visit the Star
Clothing House and examine goods and
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
WANTED To sell a good top buggy, sld.
bar; or will traile for aphxton.
It. II. Both.
WANTED Many customers to be fitted out
in those elegant and nobby Corkscrew
suits. Star Clothing House.
WANTED-2,000 acres of land in one body
in this county, for a fancy stock rarra.
liC-ViM-Li ItaVS.
WANTED We want merchants to know
that our insurance companies are ait
strictly llrst-class, and their policies cost no
more than those of second-rate companies.
Uo.-j.-ell & Hots.
WANTED Everybody to know that Head
quarters is Star Clothing House.
WANTED A renter for 3M acres of grass
land in section 25, township as, west.
Also, tenants for" good houses in city.
d-t Wichita Lavd A Loax Co.
Notice is hereby given that a petition will oe
)sented to the board of county commissioners
of Sedgwick county, Kansas, at their regular
session commencing on the 7th day or Jnlv.
A. D. ltriJ. asking ror an appropriation of $)
toaldinuitchinc mid crad!nr uht lanmm
as the Wellington road, where the tame runs j
between sections 7 and 8, 17 and 18 and 2U and
ju, in luwnouiji -.a, range I east, The estimate!
cost or said work is $l,2uo.
dl(i-l-wl2-3 and 21 others.
Robert Jacks, proprietor of the Star
Clothing House, is the pioneer cloth
ier oft he Valley. 1-tf
Go to the Cheap Cash Store, Doug
las avenue, one door vc;t of Citizen'
Bank, lor anohbv suit and low price.
1-tf T. W. Covkhdai.k.
I have 210 acres of pasture, two and.
one-half miles from the city, all well
fenced, plenty of good water. Cattli!
pastured at 65 teuls per month.
tf K. I Fokd.
Every farmer wauls the K-terI
Binder. For ale lv I'.ukiiixtii ic
Glunt. " KS-lvv
Parkiu'-on & (Hunt are having a tine
trade on IlioKhtcrly Hinder, which is
admitted by all to he the hos. . Call
and examine. l.'l-lw
For Sale.
A good frame house, one story high
and sity feet long, on Main street,
south of Mr. Dorsey's tone building.
Apply to j. Wright at the place be
tween 11 and 12 o'clock anv morning.
Go (lie Santa Fe bakery for one of
those loaves of cream steam baked
bread, fre-h every day. 11-ot
Chris, l'earce lias lilod the pint of
Greiircnsiein's 8th addition, and K
now ready to sell the same, l'arlie
eontemplatiiig building -Loiild -ee him
and secure some of this properly.
Hats, Cap" and gents" funii-hing
good- at the Star Clothing lloii'e,
sign of the big slur. 1-lf
I offer for sale for :i lew d ijs :i tract ot
laud within the city limits, containing
nearly tlve acres of land. The finest tract
of land for garden piirpo-es In the valley.
For particulars inquire of Win. Mathew-
A good drug business for -alp.
particulars enquire of lime- ,t
Men's and bo-Cothing lower than
the lovvc-t at Ihe Slar Ulothilljr lloil-e.
1 ir
- - -
Go to A. II. (lore for pure ice cream
anil Peruvian beer tlio best in Ihe
world. 1-tf
Hacker & .larkson have
made, a
raiifrcmcnts with the Fori !
Stone Co. to handle their
:-Yolt King
We arc now prepared to"ive prices on i
all kinds of sidewalk and ri
walks in the rilv". All work warrant
cd to ;ive -itisfaction, iu the gray or
blue stoue. If AfKKit Ss Jack.sox,
5-tf Contractors.
im: e j u
Or Aldress I k I!o s"i.
nsTAJiusirno 1.872.
Wichita, Kansas
With the Biggest Stockof
Ever Offered by any
Worth From 20c.
Fiom 1 to 100 yards will le
Embroidery for
Sale Tuesday Morning,
N"ew York: Store,
Ailetrlixmenlt in thin column trill be iliarqtil for
nl the tateof Five Cintt per lint yer icttk. Xo
advertittmenl talm for lets than U ccntt.
ANTED Th rent a (ouple of plea&ant
ontcM in the new lmiMlnjr at TiU Doue-
Ia avenue, near tlio implement Btore9. In
quire of Dr. Furlc) in the building. 1C-0
-y-AXTKIi-Ahnjer for the clieapest section
of land, according tomallty aud loca-
tion.intlns or auv other country; land well
I watered. sjmmh.y, Mrv A. Wilhitt.
"rANlKD A hujer for a section of laud
V near Cheney price $s ler acre ith the
privilege of one or two sections more at (Sflfi.s
tier acre ; all Will watered and choice stock and
farmlands. SieMilvely.MunA Wllhlte. 1C-C
Y. near Cheney-pnce 8a ir acre- ith the
i -lir.VXTEI)- Kvtfn body to know thatSnlvelv.
" , V Sinn .t Wlllute, the restless and sleep
less real estate linn, are In the Hi Id with KOd
i....Ainn t.. ll l I...1.. alr ..-.... w. 4tit tliuv nn.
i ii:iiruiiin in .111 .iiiiii in iiiuii.1 it . ...... ...vj h.'w
n liable, and want to see jou helore vou sell or
buy. ii-n-i
YirAM Kl A girl ; liberal wages; n'mn:
' "tirANTKD To MircIiRie 10 or is acres of
1 y land near town. Please address 31. s
1 Kagle office, statliiK location and price. IC-lvv
W ANTED A pirl to do general housework,
Inquire of A. W Hitting. 15-d-tf
ANTED A Ijuvit for a choice stock ranch
of7,ftM acres" A good bargain for the
oil ac
riglit man
9S fKiuer acre.
1I7"ANTED To fell a nice dingle buggy
V cheap. Call at Itasley A IvenUge'8
tttable. U-1VO
WANTED To rent a honse with two good
rooms on Kourth avenue, Engllsh'e ad
dition. Inquire of. I. C l'ost, oppoMte hpisco-
pal cliurcn, on Lawrence avenne - --
tirANTED To trade a Tesideno- on Ijw-
rence avenue Tor land Enquire or Kin
merle A Adams. d-13-C-w-l
iirTFi)A ri.M-Invtioarderat the north
V wj-st corntrof Lawrence avenue and
1 Williams sYriet, opjiosite
Mem' car-
penicr sdoji
"IITANTED A buyer for a splendid stock
V rancli of ft.I-jn acres, at 8rt ikt acre, in
Ueno county, Knnsa .1 stream of rnnnlng
water, acres of Umber, i'i miles or fencing
S.50U acres are choice lands for fanning An
niniene bargain.
il-13-tr lltrssiLi. Itovs
-1T-VVTKIV To fll finp of the lx-st-naving
W businesses In tlic city, lleason for sell
ing . sickness In family
lirAVTKI)-Tort-ntanlcrlr farnisheil front
room to one or two gentlpmcn without
Iwmnl : location ileaant anil central
It T ri. , this office
""17"ANT:D Iin-l-bujers to know that it U
? tothclr Inten-st to gototSanlen Main
i al Estate Agency to bay lands
1-5-tf . Twunt A l'lk.
"rAXTEI I.and-biiycr to know that we
f T nave jor Faie an wi-ircenanu'. uet mai
den Main. TvYLOh A Tool
I "17"ASTED Ijind-bnyers to know that wr
I have male arrangements wsintneiioiis
i at Ganlen l'laln to keep th-m at reiuce.I rafcss
d-3-tf TvYtouAMKt
"lirANTKD A good nnrso girl Irani It to I
ytsrs old by lilting Itros. d-5-tf
"I7"ANTED A girl to do honsework In a
y f small family Inqcire at thl oBcf
"VirAXTED . Pome oaeto pay taiw on 32
f T acres or gran ismi ior to" oc oi i.
J-7-tf II . ' Vtuvtn A (j:
"llfANTED A tenant for a splendid oSce
; room over 1'aller A -oa' d-t-tf
s "II7"ANTEI Itayrrs for 25 lotion Iwrnce
? ana Topet v.aa- in mocKiaarj .
Oms PfeHIt' i.ldition The arp the flees:
i lotsin VVleldtfortb!inic--l(nirJot
:tr it r iicoiiiwi.
17"ATED Ijnd buyers U tow thai we
T are potl in price and location of ey
tract of land that Is for sate ia Kdgvrick cosaty.
3-tf II K FhodACo
"lITAVrED strsogers to know that wtsbst-
a f.oe a line of al IV.st borgdo.
ltb In aty and eonntry. a aaylrt-Ir
d-i-lf CitXfrtu. X TBO'VG.
1rAVTKI KTTrb-lr to tjow that tm-
If hare the o!dt aed most rrfJablew-tof
A bstraet la tbr conntr ' A wort to U- wt
U cai?at CAtcw Eli ir(sr..
"lirAXTKD Tis pabHc V inow t!rt t Afc
W strart. iBssrfcnnh or It Kttat. U will
;.ay twi ta call at Tnplc Utxfc aad ee
3.U CAUBwrix i tko'hu
"TITASTED A bayer f or a qsrtrr-S-B ej
W porrlmrlsziilitoTtaleclxrspi-KtUifi.-tensd
; sJtaatnt In MmMral.
3-tf frUaaeJe,Caroil-'H
House in the West.
to $1.00 Per Yard
sold lu till persons wantiay
their own use. .
10. w
ai c
c O CD
P 3
in 1
oi m
IU ;
S D3
o CO
' t- i-.
L ,V -r V
Gheat!' ;
vt iTHE
But there is no cheat nor elkaf 'm the '
Big Bargains!"
Horse Slioe &t6:re!
N. X.
IT you want acod bla k illk at 0cnU taat
Daallag Stor. ,
If you want a gnu In black silks at ai.00 that
to Inne A Bom.
A magnidcent llnoof (iulnet and Riuiunt Silks
Iunea Jt lUm.
Dress Goods!
lleautiful design iu summer draw good, t'lainaud Ururadt-I JUtu, btln r.ihr, l.uir.
tnn, Jersey Cloth, llcurlatta, I'aiuls nod the lIl uullU
Sutenis reduced fiim $1 2r Iu 7fr.
Tricot reduced from $t i !Wr.
Jersey reduced front $1 !5 H'c
Call and
Magnificent Line of Parasols!
All-Over Embroideries & Laces!
'.'It Pays to Trade at the
Dress-making Department Up-stairs:
.i '
"It Rainelli
And in onler that the
and not
j , " Gossamer Coats ! ,r'
Rubler Blankets!
Rubber Hats!
And SHI:, Cotton, Oinyham and Alpaca
, , t Umbrellas.
' '
f i ?
&& a s i
' " One-Price Clothing House.
r V
0 A .J
-i ,-
T. P. O.
It oldat iistcUI al at ai.t5ri t lhNjuat
r Id rUtwhtrc a axtra bargain lor I.3a
and a beautiful varUty or 3umiur .silk at
Dress Goods!
examine our
Square-Deaiing Store."
jteople may keep dry
yet the
leant to liuy
i-lrL -r-r v-
rv Cw"

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