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i nm i mr* tiati ah
Believes Prohibition Law
Should Be Upheld by New
York's Own Men.
Farmers Turn Out in Large
Numbers, as Do Women
Voters Up-State.
Nominee Indorses Cooperation
Among Agriculturists Similar
to Citrus Growers.
a Staff Correspondent of Tk> IIeual'i.
Geneva, X. Y., Oct. 2.?Former Judge
Nathan L. Miller lias put a new prohibition
plank Into the platform upon
which he is running for Governor on
the Republican ticket. After his recent
announcement In New York that he is
cut and out for enforcement of the prouibltlo
namendment, he tlod an audience
here to-night that one of his
first acts if elected would be to call
upon the Legislature to enact a Suite
prohibition enforcement law.
He contended that since the Supreme
Court has uphold the prohibition
amendment. It should be enforced, and
tkA.t the State of New York is not will_,fng
to have the enforcement of that law
" within her confines placed In the hands
of an army of Federal agents.
Judge Mllle"- said he does not believe
Federal enforcement is the most edit lent
mans, and that th enforcement of a
sumptuary law such as this should be onlorced
by the peace officers of the State
and not left to the Federal Government.
Judge Miller swept by automobile to-day
through a country of wonderful farms,
and met and talked to farmers about
their "problems and what the State may
be able to do for them. Because It was
Saturday most of the farmers combined
the oppohtunlty to do their week end
t'adlng and hear the candidate.
Judge Miller spoke at Cananaaigua.
Waterloo and Seneca Falls this afternoon
and addressed a big audience at Geneva
lo-nlght. tie wasn greeted oy ;m;hih-'h
and brass bands everywhere, and up in
< >ntario county the old John Raines
ciuartet. composed of Judge Bob Thompson,
his brother Harry, Charlie Beardsley
and Judge Harry Duncan, which made
j olltlcs famous In those parts fifteen
ears or more ago, hash reorganized and
is whooping things up for what up-State
ftepublicans declare will be one of the
1 Iggest Republican victories the Stato
* ver saw.
Harding Picture I'p Everywhere.
It was a significant fact that as
Judge Miller's automobile sped through
villages and past farmhouses nearly
every window had a picture of Senator
Harding and Judge Miller displayed as
An Exceedingly Graceful IHning
Room Suite in the Hepple.white
Style, \fahogany IFith
i * Soft Antique Brown Finish.
10 pieces, formerly $665.00.
/ %
service flag* used to be during the war. ^ Ti
Judge Miller told the farmers his j til
views upon their problems and raked si
Gov. Smith's agricultural programme \ j
fore and aft.
"Gov. Smith's programme on agricul- |
ture, in so far as I have been able to : a
discover such a thing," said Judge Mil- j J''1
let-, "Is to Tammanyize the State He- | th
partment of Agriculture, to kill the law
taking the department out of politics
and to fix the prices of farmers' products.
I am against fixing the prices 'h
of farmers' products, or anybody else's
products. 00
"The tirs: thing to he done, it seems 1
ro me. is to stimulate cooperation among
? the farmer* un thrit thee mat hold their *
j .Tops for gradual distribution on a jin
; itable market, thus getting better prices ul
for themselves anil helping to give food
I :o the consumer at more reasonable
i tigure.*. W(
j "A statute passed by a Republican u{]
I Legislature legalizes the establishment of 0f
.tinners' cooperative societies. We must w(
develop these societies not only for {a
greater production but to facilitate n?ir- hli
keting. The plan may be difficult, but to'
that is no reason for failure to under- I
take it. The thing can be done. The fir
i Itrua fruit growers of California, for bt
Instance, have demonstrated that. Their an
industry i.? stabilized for a market that ar
includes the whole United States. Ni
1 i
a n?Lu? c r
J Camel's Hair Chukk
^ with selected Fur.
\ Sport Hat, a Dobbs SI
"t a pleated Dobbs Ski
^ of Dobbs tailored (
^ Six-twenty Fii
V 1 Rftie
i ;
J _
T17IH A//! /\ /ll\M\lIMir
T! I T JB? '
in n ?a v
p" !
Furniture of the
7 HERE is a right pr:
and every piece of
under special temj
you cannot buy below
without risking inferior
Hathaway prices always ha
portion to the value of the
terials, the character of th
craftsmanship. They will co
Thus, the present downwai
costs will he reflected at <
showrooms. In many indiv
as those listed below, subsi
ready have been made.
Features for 1
Dining Rorm Suite tn richly fifurt
Mahogany or Burl Walnut, 10 piece
Sheraton Dining Room Suite in M
to piece*
Dining Room Suite in the Adar
Mahogany Finish, to piece*
Hepplewhite Dining Room Suite
hogany, to piecea
Bedroom Suite with full size Vanity
in Walnut with Burl Insert*.
H piece* (twin bed*)
7 pieces (full w idth bed)
Colonial Four-Post Red* in M
twin size only, each
American Walnut Bedroom Suite.
4 piece* (full width bed)
? piece* (twin bed*)
,'!epplewhitc Bedroom Suite in
Mahogany, 6 piece* .
62 West 45th Street
Itroutth the work of their organizations '
ley get better prices and the conimeis
pay less.
Iletter Transportation \crilrit.
"To assist in the development of such '
movement we must have improved
unsportution and terminal facilities so
at the great waste ran be cut to a
minium. Particularly must terminal
cUlties be Improved at New York- and
ieaper means of distribution devised
ere, for that is the greatest market
r your furmers and it Is where the
nsumer needs help.
"When I become Governor of this
ute I put pose to employ\ the best |
a ins available to study this situation '
d work out and execute the beat soLion
that can be found."
The meetings were attended not only
farmers but by the business and
rking men of the communlt en. A :
table feature throughout the Judge's
state trip has been tlie large number i
women who have attended. The ,
mien's Republican committee of Onrlo
county met Judge Miller and gave |
m a reception at Canandalgua at noon
dr. V.
The Republican nominee did not con- '
ie himself to the farmers' problems, |
it discussed other StatiV questions
d stressed the national issues. His '
gument against the Wilson League of j
itlons covenant, his excoriation of the i
' I
'oat of Worumbo fy1
a Cloth trimmed a
a Dobbs Tailored J
hirt oFdimity and J
rt illustrate a few t
:hin^s for Women
fth Avenue
th Stu-d J
r . . < ..
> ? * HiwK "
Better Kind
ice "for every suite
furniture. Except
horary conditions,
this correct price
quality or service. .
vc been in true prowood
and other male
designing and the
ntinue to he so.
d tendency in basic
once throughout our
idua! instances, such (
tantial reductions al
'his Week
WAS .Voir
d Crotch
!i $915.00 $760.00
735.00 625.00
n Period,
510.00 430.00
1 in Ma
610.00 695.00
' Dreiser,
Iioo.oo 900.00
9J0.00 765.00
410.00 350.00
465.00 415.00
695.00 765.00
! _ I -
Democratic "carnival of waste" at
Washington and the mounting expenditures
of the State government drew
warm approval.
Other speakers appearing with Judge
Miller to-day were Secretary of State
Huso, who Is sneaking in Judge Miller's
behalf; Jacob Wendell, Republican
nominee for State Comptroller, audi
Representative Norman Could, who is
standing for reelection in the Thirtysixth
Congress district, through which
Judge Miller's buttle route lay to-day.
Judge Miller will pass Sunday at Ids j
home In Syracuse and will speak In
Rome Monday.
Wahhinoton, 'let. 2.?Another en- j
counter between American murines and
Haitian bandits occurred about ton days
ago and resulted In the death of thee
bandit chief and the complete rout of
his forces, according tp a report received
by the Nav> Department from Rear .
Admiral Harry S. Knapp. Admiral '
Knapp recently was sent to Haiti at j
the request of the tate Department to !
InvestIgae conditions there. |
Her Wedding Dress
Will be of white satin, if
wedding is a formal one, an<
pictured here, lovely with
descent bugle beading, a
made with detachable c
train? q r
our reg. $110.00 O
If it ii to be simple h<
wedding, any of these wil
charming and appropri
White Satin and Georg
Dresses?handsomely embi
ered with bugle r
braids . 4 O*
White Crepe de CI
Dresses ? hand embroid
with graceful sprays of bios;
on waist and skirt? ytrr
Special 4/
White Satin Dresses ?
surplice waist and tunir
Georgette, trimmed with S
banda? Qfj
Special ?
White Crepe de CI
Dresses -fashioned with pi
skirt and surplice waist, t
med with wide lace nyj
inserting Special
Her Wedding Veil
of traditional beauty must
of misty tulle or delicate
arranged with perfect art
crowned with a wreath
orange blossoms ? such
may ne purchased in the A
nery Section in 2, at
yard lengths?priced accor
to length?
9.75 10.75 12.
Wedding Vsils of Prii
Lierre lace are lovely and e
arranged, should the bride
fer to drape her veil hem
9.75 11.97
Silk Bridal Illusion?n
2 yards wide ?.
Her Wedding Ling
Matching in whiteness an
her bridal gown, must, of c
elude these pieces
Whit* Satin Princess 5li
round or souare neck, da;
ished with hemstitching?
our regular $6.94 * r\ a
and $8.94 4.V4
White Crepe de Chine
Slips full pleated on
embroidered satin yokes
our regular $16.97 . . .
White Satin Petticoats w
rate flounces of Val. ia<
ette, venise lace medall
rosebud made over undei
satin or accordion pleated
chiffon our reg. $16.68.
Our reg. $19.48
White Satin Chemises
quiaite yokes of tucked
and Val. lace edging and inserting?our
reg, $12.94
Whit* Satin Bloom* >
ribbon ruffles and hemstit
mond designour
regular 19.84
Whit* Satin Drawers, e!
trimmed with Val. lace anc
georgette?our reg. $12.9'
White Satin Nlghtdrei
beautiful round, square or
yokes of fine venise and
and tucked georgette
our reg. $16.97
- I
Old Suffrage Party. Now Nonpartisan
League, Puffins j
Enrollment Drive.
Seventy-live thousand resist nit ion tilers |
will be distributed, beginning to-morrow. :
>y the League of Women Voters. This |
organization, formerly the Woman SufIrage
Party, is non-partisan and its
workers will help all the political parties
to get the new voters out to perform
their national and State obligat'ons.
The tilers have at the top this appeal,
"Women, your country needs your
vote. You must register to vote."
H j
Fourteenth I
eaux Thou
[RST, the white sple
smart attire for all
imn landscape; last
convenience that r
. _ i _
iseau essentials.
ur cfever specialists,
nbled a large and
>ries exquisitely suit
ite style-charm is ad
I those of other stori
igs for our patrons.
d, as J
iri- /A
ourt ffi.
00 m
ome V Uji
iceas i
id beauty , . ,
ourse, in- need not be rest
limited liat. T1
ipa -with aasortments.
intily finA
Minces' Suit of I
/? lour de Laine has al
O / O a bride could wish
. costume to have. T1
Princess poat has an all-over
to finely fancy stitching.
/ 2 00 Australian opossui
and beromingness, be
ith elabo- ing prettily with t
ie, georg- satin lining of the co
ions and of individual styling
rruffles of misses are obtainable i
1 j qj price?our reg. $98.6
sic za a sP?rt Suit iR 'n
.. ?>*> ? an(l practical for tn
with ex- morning wear. New
georgette cheviot or plain t<
q rj a come in tnis seas<
9 ( 4 blue and brown, and
tailored in straight <
vJ^iL Them is a good van.
.clwd dia- eluding tweeds fo
7 4- S misaea
* our regular $52.75 .
laborately A Trlcotine Dr?#f
.9 fifi agrees the bride-to-b
j a novelty dresa of
i*et wfth tricotine with fascini
V-shaped roses embroidered in
Val. face other style with ey<
12 00 -
Ser F
Then follow the registration days, | n
which are October 4, 5, 8. 7 and 8, from [
r. P. M. to 10:30 P. M., and October 9 |?
from 7 A. M. to 10:30 P. M. Any In-I ?
formation il?Hlred will be irivcn readily , u
!iy members of the league art their head- p
I <|uarterH, 37 West Thirty-ninth street. a
Among the settlements which are co- ii
operating in this work are Hartley
Jlouse, I'nlon Hill and Lenox Hill. They n
will distribute fliers. The Girls Friendly t
Aid, the Y. W. C. A. and the Vacation n
Association also have agreed to help. t>
The members of the civics classes at a
the Washintgton Irving High School will
receive ii.OOO fliers to take home to their
mothers. Teachers College and other
schools and colleges as well as ^'lurches
have agreed to cooperate In this work. |
Ministers have offered to see that
notices of registration are given out
from the pulpit to-day and to permit
the use of their parish halls as dis- 3
tribution centres. Several of the big a
department stores have taken large tl
numbers of the fliers to give to their u
women employees. The League of p
Women Voters will circularize the wo- p
rORE OPEN 9 A.. M. to 5 P. M.
? & u
Li W U \X
Btrwi Wwt of Fifth
glits for t
indor of her wedding
occasions, as rich, br
the countless femin
nake perfect her cc
versed in the art of
fascinating variety o
ed to the needs of tl
Ided the advantage <
es, in accordance wit
Her Trousseaux Costumes
:ricted to this carefully chosen
here is endless scope and variei
Vivy Blue Ve- A Satin Afterr
1 the distinction suitable for infon
her going-away tre wear. A r
be youthful box may be had ii
blocked design black has striki
A large collar embroidery in 0
u adds warmth ing handsome col
sides harmoniz- dress?our regula
he silver gray . _ _ ,
at. Other suits *
for women and '"r"! m.
it this r?r- nn real individuality
0 O *>.(/(/ the new Orienti
shades. Front a
nmensely smart pleated and sidf
sveling and for rangement of the
/ ones of plain our regular $26.1
sne mixtures?
>n's shades of A Wrap Coat ol
are stunningly and luxurious eoi
>r belted styles. foremost troussei
:ty 01 styles, in- 01 me newest sn
r women and Oriental blue chs
* o rrk sian blouse bacl
. . 4 ^5 OU and a large ct
by all means, ?i r/i <
e. We suggest our regular $150.1
fine navy blue An Evening Ci
ating motifs of after-wedding o<
red beads. An- wears her wedd
flet embroidery chosen, lined wi
!? o r fk having a shawl c<
ecisl *JO?0 \F sealine our regu
'ago 8 for oth?r Hearn advertiaii
: t
nen's clubh In various districts
ave notices posted in tea rooms
ther gathering places.
Mrs. Charles L. Tiffany, Manhat
lorough chairman of the league, Is a
lying registration slides to inoi
icture theatres. At some of the 1
,tres women will give br\pf talks on i
ng as a duty of good citizenship.
The speakers' bureau will send ot
lumber of political Instructors and
urers. They will address hosp
urses and training schools, settlem
lube, telephone operators and varl
octal and religious gatherings.
litown Dry (ioiidH Aminclat
Supports G. O. P. Nominee.
The Uptown Dry Goods Aasoclat
54 Fourth avenue, which has b
ctlve In every Presidential election
le last quarter century, an deont
ted J-10,000 to the Republican ci
algn chest In 191?5, Is actively ;i
algning for the election of Sent
he Oct obi
; dress; succeedin
illiant and varied
line trifles of el<
)stume ?these a
apparel selectior
f new costumes a
r-v /\ a -a -a -a *-a /J /~i
IC /"YLILL-Illlll U11UC
3f prices modera
h our uniform pc
,, Th?
but necessarily perl
ty in our large Ric
toon Dress is also
rial dinner and thea- Allecent
model which tisti
i brown, navy or our
ing side panels of p .
oriental design, givor
to the /T %n ?J?J
tr $54.75 47?5l) Wh
t is an indispensable but
ter's style. One of Fre
is of plaid wool in new
?l blue and dryad e,
ind back arc knife- our
a show a bias ar- p.
t"". 22.50 *
P sumptuous beauty cu"
mfort is one of the
iux items, and one Sill
own is fashioned of ?w
.moistyne with Rus- tort
t. Dolman sleeves > som
)llar of dark grav
120.00 SB
ipe Wrap for tlr*
oasions, when she
ing dress, may he CHi
th white satin and hro
)llar of ft / ? f\f\ 'raT
ilar $89.00/ O.UU ?o
and I Harding- and Gov. Cnolldgv. The assoand
elation ia made up of men In th evool,
conoli 4IK1 mlt imuusiry.
tan A special committee is now making
up. arrangements to have u delegation 01
Lion -.100 march In the Harding parade to
be held October 25 by the Business
/0t- Men's Republican Association.
'JMan Said to Have Received f.l.OOO
ous From Accomplice.
Sprinokielp, Mass., Oct. 2.?Blwood J
Balrd of Holyoke was arrested here to.
day charged with complicity In the
theft of >10,000 from the West .Side
Ion State Bank of Dehver, for which Arthur
Cahlll. a former teller In the bank, was
arrested In Plattsburg. N. V.
ion, Balrd and Cahlll, the police say, ware
een together In service during the war and
for after the robbery of the bank last July
rib- Cahlll came to Holyoke In August,
1m- where he gave Balrd >8,000. Private
am- detectives have since been trailing Balrd
itor in this vicinity, assisted by the polio*
er Bride
g that,
[ as an
re the
1, have
nd ac?.
ite be>licy
Her Blouses and
Boudoir Robes
A Blouse in perfect harmony
with her going-away suit is a
charming model of Parisian inspiration,
made of accordion
pleated taupe Georgette, with
Eton jacket, panel* of panne
velvet insert on either side.
This model is also to be had in
combination of bisque and African
our regular $28.95 23.50
Hand-Made Lingerie Blouse*
are a matter of course for the
trousseau trunk. Some of the
newest have a cftinty blocked
design in drawnwork, and collars
edged with real filet lace _
Special 7.50
A Room Robe that combines exquisite
delicacy with practical
convenience, has an underrobe
of light blue or pink crepe de
chine softly pleated. Over this
is worn a graceful jacket trimmed
with wide lace and fastening
with rope-like twists of satin
ribbon? - _
our regular $19.50. 15.50
Hat* to accompany the costume-;
described above and others of
her choosing can be chosen in
our Millinery Salons, in every
color and shape which the
Autumn has brought into prominence.
Lovely velvet hats, and
hats of other materials, exquisitely
trimmed with feathers, lace
and ornaments, many of which
are attractive copies of imported
Paris originals, may be purchased
for the ^ a ot m
low sum of ' 1 U.I O
our reg. $15.00 & $17.50.
portant Trifles
it reflect her individuality and
fection of taste.
helieu Pearl Necklace* with
i (fold or rhinestone clasp, in
n lined velvet case ? n/j no
regular $28.97 4U.UU
Silk White Lace Ho*e in ar1c
designs-- J C/J
regular $6.37 * ?/!/
ace** Lace Handkec- < 77
if*?our regular $2.54 X.# #
ite French Kid Glove*- -16ton
length -three pearl j jr
tona?our regular $8.96 I I O
nch Suede Gloves -with the
diamond cuff -strap wrist mode
*ru and beaver? n
regular $8.96 I I O
e Chamoisette Glove*-gauntilip-on
and mousquetaire styles
te, self and contrasting colored
regular $2.75... 2.00
t Umbrellas?-In costume shades ,
ith handsome handles of leather,
oise-shell, amber and bakalite
..ithWrllMriW-; ]4 00
ve Silk Vasts In flesh or white,
(1 tailored or bodice
i?our regular $3.77? Q On
iffoti Velvet Hand Bags?
am, taupe and black, with fancy
nes and handsome tassel a a rr
ur regular $5.34

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