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w*\) ?
the Barge Office. Ship new
Navy Department Daily S
Bowling Green 9960.
TYant Atlantic Mail*.
Italy' ( ), via Palermo and Naplea, *lr
Canada, 10:30 AM.
Europe, Africa and Weat Aata, via Cherbourar
and Southampton. str Aquttanla. 12
M (?up 1:30 PM).
Europo, Africa and West Asia, via Plymouth,
Boiilogno and Rotterdam; also parcel
port malls for Netherlands, str Noordam, 8
AM (sup 1):30 AM).
Greece (fi, via Piraeus, str Megall Hellas,
10:30 AM.
Gibraltar (Greece ), via Gibraltar and
Piraeus; also parcel post mails for Gibraltar
and Greece1, str AhU. 10:30 AM.
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany,
Lithuania, Latvia ami Fl land, via Chrlstlansand,
Christlanla and Copenhagen; also
parcel post mailt! for Norway, Sweden and
Denmark, str Frederlk VIII, 11 AM (supplemontary
11:30 AM).
Poland (f), via Danzig, str Gothland,
12 M.
Germany / ), via Hamburg: also parcel
post mails for Germany, Austria, Chechoslovakia
and Switzerland, str Walter A
Luckenbach, fl AM.
Mail* for South and Central America,
West Indies, Ac.
-Jamaica and Colombia, except Cauca and
Narlno departments (Cuba ). via Santiago,
Kingston, Cartagena, Savanllla and Sants
Marta, str Tivlves, 7:30 AM.
? Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, via
Montevideo and Buenos Aires, str Dochra
1 I'M.
Canada, Palermo and Naples 3:00 PM
Aqultanla, Southampton I'M
Tlvlves, Santa Marta 10:00 AM
Angle-Egyptian, Loudon Noon
Noordam, Plymouth. Boulogne and
Rotterdam Noon
Megall H. lias, Piraeus I'M
Walter A Luckenbach, Hamburg.. AM
Dochra, Montevideo, &c PM
Steamers Due in New York.
Steamer. Sailed. From.
Oregonlen Sept 25 ... .Rotterdam
Marques del Campo... Sept 20 Malaga
Malmanger Sept 22 Havre
Ramon Mumbru Sept 22 Gljnn
Mnasdyk Sapt 20 Plymouth
Mar Tlrri no...^ Sept 25 Burr*
Wells City.. .7 Sept 23 Bristol
East Side Sept 22 ... Helslngfor;
New York. Oct 2 .Southamptoi
Cornlshinan Se.pt 2',) Liverpool
Nueces Oct 6 Galvcstot
Nbuw Amsterdam....Oct 8 *.. ..Rotterdan
Michigan Sept 27 Londoi
t'athlamct Sept 24 Londoi
City of St Louis Oct 9 Savanna!
American Star Sept 27 Shield'
Caronia Oct 4 Londor
Providences Sept 24 ... .Marseille!
Caialsrln Oct 2 Altnerll
P de Hatrustegul Oct 1 Cadi;
El Mundo Oct 7 ... .Ualvesloi
Montlcello Sept 29 Shield;
Matgus Sept 29 Falmoutl
Caroline Oct 1 Bodeaui
Santa Marta Oct 8 Klngstoi
Arapahoe Oct 11 . .Jacksonville
Almanac for New York, October 12
Sun rises 6 04 I Moon rises. ? 30 A3
Sun sett) & 21 ( Moon sets.. 5 40 l'A
Sandy Hook 7 30 AM 7 33 PA
Governors I da ml 8 01 AM 8 27 PA
Hell Gate (Astoria). .10 07 AM 10 37 PA
Tho time given In the above table Is East'
ern standard time and Is furnished by th<
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
For daylight saving time add one hour.
NEW YORK, Oct 11?The time hall abovi
Ithe Navigation and Marino Englneerlni
School of the Seamen's Church Institute, 2!
South street, dropped to-day at exact noon
75th meridian, 5 hours slow of Greenwlcl
iiusn time. Any one desiring correct Greenwich
mean tlmo telephone Broad 297.
Str La Lorraine (Fr), Havre Oct J. to th?
Compuf.-nle Generale Tiansatlantiqua, tvltl
IS;; first, 267 second cabin, 523 steerage passencers,
n ails and mdse. Went to pier 37
Norm River.
Str United Slates (Dan), Copenhagen Sepl
20 and Chrlstlnnta Oct 1, to Fundi, Edye A
Co. with 82 first. 151 second cabin, 03?
su-eragu paxxt ngers. mnlls and mdse. W?ni
to foot or 17th street, Hohcken."
Htr Roma (Fr). Marseilles fiept 24, Alrerla
2ftth, Funchal 80th, St Michaels Oci
Tercet ra 3d. Fayal 4th and Provldenct
10th, to James W Elwell A Co, with 41
first, 62 second cabin, 803 steer arcs passen
furs and nidsa. Will go to toot of Slsl
street, Brooklyn.
fltr Taslimoo, Glasgow Sept 1.4, to Moor*
A MoCormack, In ballast. Anchored off Red
Str Lake Farber, Newport, B, Sopt 25, ti
James W Blwell A Co, In ballast. Went tc
Crane's dry dock, Brooklyn.
Str Basis (Nor), Newcastle, B, flopt 22
to Fnrneea, Wlth.v A Co, In ballast. An
chored off Stnplcton.
Str West Humliaw, Danzig Sept 10 ant!
Horta 20th. to the France and Canada Co
In ballast. Went to pier 74, North River.
Str Zlrkcl, Antwerp Sept 8. Rotterdair
16th and Kttyal 20th, to the Black Diamond
Steamship Co, With mdse. Anchored Ir
tjua rant Ine.
Str Katrlna Luekonbach, Rotterdam vlq
Philadelphia, to the Luekenhaeh Steamship
Co, with mdse. Went to pier r>. Rush Docks
Str Evergreen City, Brest Sept 27. to th?
France and Canada Steamship Co, In ballast.
Went to pier 74. North River.
Str Toktwa Mar" (Jap). Algiers Sept II
and Boston Oft 0, to the Nippon Yuser
Kalslia, with mdse. Went to New York
Dock Co's plor 10. Brooklyn.
Str Cockaponsct, Alexandria Sept 2, Calaninta
15th, Blzerta 21at and A*gler\ 24th,
to Williams, IJImond & Co, with mdse. Went
to section 8, Brie Bssln. Brooklyn.
\ Str City of Alameda, Oran S. pt 27, to th?
Columbus Shipping Co, In ballast. Anchoret!
off Stapletoli.
Str Han Rablo, Cristobal Sept 24 and Port
I.lmon Oct 4, to the United Fruit Co, with
ipdro. Anchored of I Liberty.
Sir Ilahatonka, Tatnplro Oct 8, to McAllister
Bros, with crude oil. Went to Coni
table (look, N.T.
Htr Laramie, Tamplro Oct 3, to McAllister
Bros, with orude nil. Went to Maurur
Str S M Spantdlng, Tamplco Oct 2, to tlx
Mexican Petroleum Co, with fuel oil. Weal
to Carteret, NJ.
Str Halo, Timpani Oct 8. to McAlllstei
Bros, with crude oil,
Str Baldhutte, Port Lobos Oct 8, to Walket
A Daly, with crude oil. Went to pier I,
Tidewater, NJ.
Str Mohawk, Ponce Oct J, Mavaeoes 4th
and San Juan 6th. to the New York and
Porto Rico Steamship Co, with 181 pass, n?
- Rtitll . n iwl ?ml .? U'din |? V. ? V
?? ! ('o n p1?r 8R, Brooklyn.
il Alganqaln, flan I>.milium mi.I Mn orl
<ct 4, Hainito* nth. Pwrln Plata and Montr
N Chrlatl iltlj and Turk* Inland 7tli. to tin
Clyrlo Strum >Tilp Co, with lit pa iiijfrrr,
i >ni>9 and nitloe. Wont to New Yorli frock
0 * I ' r .'M. Brooklyn.
Htr l.ak" Nat ka. Ht Marc Oct 4. to the
Rapnrel Clrti Bt.-amrhln Co, with md?r.
Wont t" plrr 44. North TMver.
8tr Vlldfutl (Nor), Port Antonio Oct 5,
to tho Atlantic I'rtill Co, with B paretnacrr
and ntdro. Wont lo plrr 3(1, Cart Hlvar.
Ptr Port Hamilton (Dr), Bermuda Oct 0,
to Kurncrr, Withy A Co, with ill? paaarnRrri.
inalla and mdee. Wont to plrr M,
forth nivrr.
fttr Ancon, Clnlvanton Oct 4, to tho Panama
Railroad ptoatnehlp Una. with rulpliur.
Anchored off I.lhorty.
(ttr Kl Capltan, 'lalv??ton Oot 3, to thr
Bouthnn Pm lfl< Co, with rndra. Went to
pier 61. North lllver.
Kir HI Norte, (inlvaatnn Oct B, to tho
Southern )'n Ifh Co, with tndra. Want to
j,tor AO, North Itlver.
Htr Rayn and baryo ft O Co No P2, Port
Arthur, To*, fir pt 80, to I> T Warden, with
1 ritda nil. Wont to pier tl, Cohrtable flunk.
Sir Creole, New 'Iflinna Oct (t, to the
Southern Paclflo Co, wltji pa <?onprr? and
nidi a. Went to pier 40, North Rlvar.
fitr Arapahoe, .larknonvtlh- arid Cliarlaatnn,
to tho Clyde Hteamrhlp Co, with paamiflfferl
and rndra. Went to pier 57. North Hlvar.
Str Ita/untie (motor), i'hlladalphla, to th?
Standard Oil Co, with oil. Wont to Dajronna,
i J
""iff ' < -ur i i
lALD'S Ship News Office is in j
s information given by U. S. j
hipping Bulletin. Telephone j
I ' ... St
l-,forto Rico, uuracao, ?
* * "?",a |. St Croix, La liomsr.a Ban Pedro
no Macorts and Han Domingo City, via MayAgueg,
Lax nay ra, Curacao arid Maracalbo,
str Zulla. 0:30 AM (cup 10:30 AM).
South Brazil, Argent lr.a, Uruguay and
Paraguay, \ la Rio Janeiro, Santos, Montavldeo
ainl Buenoj Aires, str Marconi, 8:30
Bermuda, St Kitts, Nevis, Saba, St Martins,
Ht Kurtatlus, Antigua, hlont.ierrut,
Domini'a, St Lucia, Barbados and Guiana,
via Hamilton, str Fort Victoria, 7:80 AM.
Transpacific Mails.
Close at New York at 0 PM as follows:
Hawaii, FIJI Islands, Australia and New
Zealand. via Victoria and Vancouver, BO,
str Tahiti, Oct 13.
i Taliitl, Marquesas, Cook Islands, New
I Zealand and specially addressed mall for
Australia, via San Francisco, str Tofua,
Oct 13
Huwall, via San Francisco, str Maul, Oct
I Japan, Corea, China. Siberia. Slant,
French Inclo-Chlna, Netherlands East Indies
. and Philippine inlands, via Vancouver and
Victoria. BC, str Empress of Asia, Oct IS.
Haw-all and epeclally addressed mall for
1 Japan, Corea and China, via San Francisco,
str Persia Maru. Oct 18.
Jnpnn, Corea, China. Siberia, Slam,
French Indo-Clilna. Netherlands East Indies
, ami Philippine 1: lunds, via Seattle, str Talthyblus,
Oct 30.
Hawaii, Hnmoan Islands, Australia and
' specially addressed mall for New Zealand,
via Han Franplsco, str Ventura, Oct 21.
*Mu:t bo specially addressed for this
I steamer.
> vPar-el post malls and specially addressed
Zulla, Mavasuez, Laguayra, Ac.. Noon
Santiago, Havana Noon
Marconi. Rio Janeiro, Ac Noon
Asia. Piraeus PM
Frederlk VIII, Cbristlansand, Ac. 8:00 PM
Gothland, Danzig 8:00 PM
Fort Victoria. Bermuda 11:00 AM
City of St Louis. Savannah 3:00 PM
MONDAY, OCT. 11, 1920,
Sir Fort Wayne, Boston, to the Atlantic
Transport line. Anchored off Btapleton.
1 Str Nleuw Amsterdam (Dutch), Rotterdam
for New York, Is expected to dock foot of
Oth street, Hobokcn, about 10 AM Tues,
j Htr N.w York, from Southampton and Cher!
bourg for New York, is expected to dock
( about 8:30 AM Tuesday.
> By United States Naval Communication
l [Distance given In miles.]
' A C Bedford 100 NE Jupiter noon 10th.
Achilles H-J.", H Cape Henry noon 10th.
Advance 332 NE Cristobal noon Oth.
?n?.?.. <17 v i ?hn? Island noon 10th.
Alfred Nobel l.r>0 S Hatteras noon 10th. .
Amwlaii Star 340 ENE Nantucket noon
i loth.
' Arv'on 4(1 N Jupiter noon Itth.
Atcras 180 RE South Pass noon 10th.
Hvlilnghain 100 E Ambrose noon llth.
I *Tiel ridge 100 N Tampion noon 10th.
\ Betterton 840 S Ambrose L V noon 10th.
c Braxoi 12 IV by S Sand Key noon Oth.
i Brlndilla 8.3 NE Jupiter noon Oth.
3 Broad Arrow 2,231 W Ran Podro 8 PM 8th.
Burmese Prince lat 33 45, Ion 74 33 noon
. liar'tow (tug) 30 E Caps Henry noon llth.
r Didlwood 200 from Honolulu 8 I'M Oth.
I C A Can field 180 S Jupiter noon 10th.
r A Snider parsed Itatteras noon 10th.
Caracas 005 S Ambrose noon 10th.1
I Cecil County 115 NW Mississippi bar noon
1 10th.
I Chleamaupa lnt 25 47. Ion 7'1 20 noon Oth.
Chester Klwannls 117 E Cape Charles noon
, llth.
China 3.210 W San Francisco 8 PM Oth.
City of St Louis 180 H Ambrose noon llth.
Cottonplant 38 RSE Bartiagat noon lltlt.
Cuttyhunk 133 E (tape Henry noon llth.
City of Everett 4 N Jupiter noon Oth.
City of Para 1.034 S Han ranclsco 8 PM 8th.
' (,'lty of Vernon 20 N Hatteras noon 10th.
t City of Pt Louis 131 BW Halteras noon 10th.
' Coamo 7n p Ambrose noon 10th.
, Comet 145 N Hatteras noon 10th.
I Comus 28 N Hatters A noon 10th.
Conshohocken 080 ENE Cape Henry noon
-Coppename 27 N Parrlos noon 10th.
Corson 528 E Five Fathom I. V 8 I'M 10th.
Creole 40 S Hatteras noon loth.
> tJannedalke 3(8) SE South Pass noon 10th.
i He Soto (10 NE Sand Key noon 10th. I
Dewey 44 NH by E Jacksoni 1!la noon 10th. |
! nirlgo 2(8) WNW Tort lit: as noon 10th.
Duraneo 424 W Pan Pedro 8 PM 8th.
t Enst. i%. Soldier lat 20 01. Ion 118 28 8 PM
[ 8th.
I Eastern Temple 1,970 8 Ran Francisco noon
' 10th.
Eastern Tempest 1,708 E Cap* May noon
1 El Alba 1C4 WNW Tortugas noon 10th.
> El Cld 205 SE South Pass noon 10th.
1 Kp-HIn 20 N Hatteras noon 10th.
El High- 82 NW Tortupn. noon 10th.
t El Sue 22 S uubrero noon 10:h.
Buropa 100 N Cristobal 4 AM Oth.
> F D Asrli* 813 W Key West noon 10th.
I Frieda 130 S Hatteras noon 10th.
Oeo O Henry 334 K Tampico noon 10th.
) Uaorge Jonmm 71 NE Jupiter noon 8th.
i fllenpool 30 E band Key noon Oth.
Gulf of Mexico 203 W Tortugas noon 10th.
, (lulfcoast 440 HE Sahlna noon 10th.
Gulfland 480 E Sabine noon 10th.
Qulfmald 383 WNW Tortugas noon 10th.
I Gulfoil 225 HIV Hatteras tioon 10th.
, Gulf;.treatn 80 N Hatteras L V noon 10th.
Hathaway 1,145 W Ran Francisco 8 PM 8th. |
i | IlohoKcn 722 W Han Pedro 8 I'M Hth.
I Holder) Kvain 291 N1S Tampion noon 10th. j
i HartwooU 71 from San Francisco 8 PM 10th. I
llnthaway 1,873 from San Tranctaco 8 PM
i 9th.
> Henry It Mallory 880 N Jupiter noon 11th. |
Hoxbar 52 H fape Fear noon 9th.
1 Taahela 1.1-1 Si? MIsslaHppt bar noon 10th. f
- Indian Ha-hor 20.7 F rape Mala 9 AM 9th. :
laonomla SI N Hattoras noon 10th.
i J O ponticl) 4 Hi: llatteras noon 10th.
i J It fWVdon 100 RW Hattcraa noon 10th.
l Jaekron 3?o KNU Nantucket noon 11th.
.Itan 7T 8 llatteraa noon 10th.
Katrerln AuKuste Victoria 5-18 E Ambroaa
, noon 11th.
t Klfihncoonllla* -2.7 HE Tortupaa noon 10th.
K< htiku 299 Rff Hattcra* noori 10th.
i Kenowls 19.7 N Jupiter noon 10th.
I Knockflerna 30 S Jupiter noon 0th.
Knoxvlllo Itil 20 19. Ion 85 81 tujon 10th.
La lira 1.800 from Port S'an' Luis 8 PM i
' 8th.
Lake Kllonorah lot 28 41, Ion 71 28 noon '
101 li.
Lake Fareaman 7(1 N llatteraa noon 11th.
Lakfl FuMoufh 1"2 VINE Caps Henry noon
i Lake t'.llla 145 NK t.'apo llenry noon llth.
. Lake Htraho 20 88Fl Overfalls noon llth.
1 , Lake Dtnbgw 233 N\V Tort upas noon 10th.
Lake Charles 77 RW flay Head noon llth.
I Litae Charlottesville 5 H\V llatteraa noon
Lake Klllthorpa lat 83 41, Ion 71 28 noon
Lake Tackier 852 8 Ambrose noon 9th.
t ale Ftfe lat 23 3'?. Ion 80 At noon 10th.
1 , Lake Flume 82 8 Jupiter noon Pth.
I ' Lake Foretiy 270 NV Tcrlu; a i noon 10th.
i Lake Traley >90 HE l'ensacola noon 10th.
Lake Waste 90 H liy VV Ken wick 1. V noon
i 19th.
1 I Lake < Ilrth 38.7 HIC FaMno mmn 10th.
' i l.ak" llatrle 83 HK InpMer noon 10th,
Miillil." k 710 NM Nantucket noon 10th.
I Mn'loio 'HI N Hattcra' noon Itkh.
Iklaul 1.183 F. Honolulu 8 PM 1Kb.
Meton 221 N.VW Jupiter noon 10th.
M. tnpnn <7'3 H South Puss noon 10th.
Mevania 43 R Scot Ian J 1, V noon 10th.
ii....n.. c..u it", ntu- h. o.' u... i... i.
Mount F.vnnn lat 27 M. Ion Wl ST noon 10th.
Munaaar 270 ? Ambrone noon 10th.
Nnnklnir 1 040 W Honolulu H I'M Hth.
Nawburg 22 off Alllsator noon 10th.
i Oban HO S I'atxt Kan Lu"a* S PM 10th.
Ovarhrooli 111 F l.oboa I*lnn<l noon 10th.
Pnlomn 140 S Haitians noon 10th.
rnrluuliiH 413 N\V Crtntohn! noon 10th.
i Pawlet 1,471 fr?m Portland i PM ntlt.
I'mna>-1 van la IBft 12 T?obo? Inland noon lOUi.
|V if ret Ion 1.10 NIC Tnmplrn noon 10th.
PMlnOnlphln I..143 H H. tiflnnil 1. V noon 10th.
i I'hoanPt HI H llnttnru* noon 10th.
I I'lalilftrIt) 0 HHi: Cnuo llatiry noon 10th,
l'>i?t>.t Hound Int M SI, Ion M 40 noon 0th.
ttoval Arrow 5.10 fruit Hnn Krhnolaoo b I'M
Bnhlnn Hun 170 f'.\V flattoraa noon 10t|i
1 no lot;.' 271 H H:> n lYanrlaro a PM 10:li.
I Han l.' ri 'i.-. i 5.1 PIT riiarloatnn noon loth.
Hnnta Crua 2,100 w llorolulu 1 I'M 0th
Siiimrlno 100 N mpr Canaveral noon 10th.
I Hlnkljati 250 N Hnn Fi amino H PM lOtll.
Htoil Trndt'a 10* 8W llattotai noon 10th.
I Strol tVorkor 2 of Point Hty-'i N PM 10th.
Hnn Plan 754 S Nantu knt I, V 1 AM 11th.
Han Juan Ml B Ainbroaa noon 10th.
Santa Ana 1,015 S Scotland L V 8 I'M 6th. I r
Snnta I.euuoia lat -3 51. Ion C7 5- noun I 1 a
10th. I t jv
Santa Klta 371 ENK Cap* Henry noon 11th. il
Silver .Shell 100 BE HaMne 6 Pit l?th. I B
Socony lat 26 07, Ion 02 08 noon 10th. Biht
Springfield 160 ? Portland 8 PM 8th. Mr
South Pule 1,080 E Ambrose noon 10th. ?||
Standard 180 W Band Key noon OtJi. K
3:=ol Hanger 413 8 Ambrose noon 10th.
Steel Worker 23 S San Francis, o 6 PM Sth. -u
SutK-atio 510 E Ambrose noon 11th.
Sun 235 SW Tor tug as noon 10th.
n.orr.vs lot 23 28, Ion 67 '16 noon 10th.
Ulysses 513 S Cupo Henry noon 10th.
Uta' arbon 87 N Jupiter noon 10th. 1
Vinton County 158 B Ambrose noon 11th. dr.
W M Irtoh 400 BE Hutte-us noon 10th. g
W C 'l'tagl# 18 E Sand Kev noon Oth. <3e
Wrn U Warden 42 NK Jupiter noon Oth.
Walter X) Mui.ro;. 02 S Hatteras noon 10th. tor
West Cadron "80 from Ban Pedro 8 I'M Sth. j
West .Ceilna 106 E Cape Henry noon 10th. y0
West 1. Up 1S5 N lialboa 8 I'M Oth. . i
West Hlka 162 W Ban Pedro 8 PM 8tln tie
West Keens 800 E Honolulu 8 PM 8th. t
West Nointlitum 1,145 W Portland H I'M B1,
Mh. * I
West Totant paascd Mobile bar noon 10th. vla
W 11 Tllford 71 N liattera.v noon 11th. un
Wort Cnddoa 1,807 from San Francisco 8 i
PM lith. Ef
West Nllus 231 from San Francisco 8 PM Nc
loth. M<
Western Cross 1,100 S 9an Francisco 8 PM c
8 th. vir
Wheatland Montana 1,015 from Seattle 8 I'M >
8:h. Co
Wilcox 110 RB South Pass noon 10th. (B
Bound South.' (
Htr Calvin Austin. Boston for New York. *tI
Tug John Carrett, with 8 barges (at 8:35
AM;. <"
Bound East, \%
Schr John A Beckman, Now York for Hr
Blierbrooke, NB.
8chr Aliana M J agger. Ttarltan River for ?;
Providence. ?e
fichr H H Chamberlain, New York for an 1
Bavteru port. "'j
Tug Eugene Hughes, with 2 barges (at 12 '
noon). (C
U. S. Naval Communication Service.) |>r,
Str Vestrls (Br), Davles, Liverpool? Yr,
Cunard Steamship Co. ATi
Str Aquttanla (Br), Charles, Cherbourg 1
and Southampton?Cunard Steamship Co, St<
Inc. 8
Str Noordarq (Dutch). Van Walraven, Rot- lea
terdam via PTymouth and Boulogne?Holland- P0
America Line.
Str Bristol City (Br), McCrinko, Bristol? U
JarnoN Arkul) & Co.
Str Lake Savus, Small, Bremen and Ham
burg?C B Ri hard A Co. J
Str Mar del Norto (Sp), Larransanlter, (B
Hamburg?Kerr Steamship Co. . J
Str Vaironta (Br), Prothers, Rotterdam? 'fr
Funch, Edye & Co. -1
Str Western Glen, X,eerherg, 4Rotter4am? Pb
Co?motK>lIian Shipping Co. *
Str Idaho (Br), Bull, Antwerp?Sanderson (Ji
A Son. 8
Str Bayeola (Br). Evans, Marseilles via 1
Plillad'lphla?J II Winchester A Co. (B
Str Canada (Fr), Mareantettl. Palermo,
A'', via Providence?James VV Elwell A Co. Mr
Str Eastern Pilot, Gray, Constantinople, '
Carta, Ac?Oriental Navigation Co. '
Str Bolton Castle (Br), Howe. Yokohama, O
Kobe, Ac?Barber Steamship Lines, llic.
8lr Dry den, v-ane. Yokohama, Kobe, 4c?
Barber Steamship Lines, Inc '
Str Wangaratta (Br), Horscroft, Auck- P'1
land, Wellington, &r?Norton, Lilly 4 Co. g"
8tr Hawaiian, Laverge, San Pedro, San
Francisco, Ac, via Panama Canal?United Amerlean
Lines. "I
Str Pleiades, McNamara, Los Angeles and J
San Francisco via Panama Canal?Luckon- en
bach Steamship Co. Str
Garflehl, Motnmaen, Buenaventura, Tr
Manta. 4c?W R Grace 4 Co.
Str U J Scanlon, Bpsberg, Santos, Rio Sp
Janeiro, 4c?New Y'ork and Argentine Steam
ahlp Co. , s?
Sir Philadelphia, Wood. Monte Ohrlstl, >>
Puerto Plata. Ac?Clyde Steamship Co. (';
Str Pevnlenre, Sherlot, Port Lobos?Colum- '
bus Shipping Co. b'l
Str Edward L Poheny, Prager. Tamploo? P<
Pan-Amer|ean Petroleum an<l Traniport Co. ("
Str Tlvlve.i, Palrell, Santiago, Kingston, rr
Ar?United Fruit Co. , , . r,
Str Feltoro, Vanhsmuth, Daiquiri?Ore t '
Steamship Corporation. .
8fr Ulv '(Nor), Lynrholm, Santiago, Car- Rj
tagena end Porto Colombia?Five Continent V'
Steamship Co. Yr
F'.r Cnrslrana, Plser. Calbarlen and Sagua I
?Munson Steamship Mne. (i
Str Manitowoc, Kelly, Havana?Foreign 1
Transport and Mercantile Corporation. rt
Str Freeport Sulphur No 0. Wallon, Freeport?Freeport
Sulphur Co. da
Str El Vallc, Mattson, Galveston?Southern Bi
Pacific Co. Uc
Str .Arapahoe, Hevereaux. Charleston and ra
Jacksonville?Clyde Strnmshlp Co. I'l
Str Lake Glrlo, Forrest, Wilmington and I
Brunsu I k--Clyde Sloamili!p Co. Jv
Str llanillton. Nelson, Norfolk?Old Domln- (J
Ion Trnn -portatloq Co. Hi
Sir En -ito Merchant, Aliman (from Cal- !
cuttat, Baltimore?W R Grace A Co.
Str Santa Theresa (Br), Cahlcrwood, Tcrth (b
Amboy?American and Cuban ^Steamship 1
T.lne. nl
Str R M Rpauldlng. Pprrr (from Tamplco), I
Perth Amhoy?Pan-American Petroleum and PI
Transport Co. I
Str Erholm (Nor), Johannasen, Walton, ro
NS-J F Whitney A Co. ne
Str Pawnes, Robinson, Boston?Eastern !
Steamship Corporation. PI
Str Calvin Austin, Holmes, Boston?Eastern
Steamship Corporation. Pi
Str Henry Clay. Farmer, Now London?
United States Shipping Board. W
Srhr li C Adams (Br), Moshor. NewarkSi
amni'11 Brothers. W
Tiir Aurelle (Br), Gardner. Fernaildlna? j
Smith A Terry.
Tur Gypsum King. Miller, Spencors Island, Yo
N8?J F Whitney A .Co t
Tur Halle;,an. Smith, 8t George?Potter .h
Transportation Co. Ei
llarsc Cliarlo* W Balrd, Grcgny, Spencers l
Island, N8?J F Whitney A Co. of
Ptrs Garfield, Buenaventura and Manta:
Pleiades, Ban Francisco; Hamilton, Norfolk.
Magysrorsi-ag (Pal), Trieste via Phlladcl- '
pbla: Eastern Menhant. Bal'linoro; Inca, E>|
La Romana; Santa Clara. BUboa; Bermudez,
Newport News; City at Savannah. 8a- Mi
vaunah. 901
Failed 11th, strs l.ake Fandon, Santiago Ini
and Gnantannmo; Ulv (Nor), Santiago and J
Cartarcna; Freeport Sulphur No 0, Free- ' *
port: Mnr del Norte (8p), Hamburg; Callnn '
'Peru), Rio Jam lro ard Montevideo; Laku j J'."
Esvus, Bremen ami Hamburg ' *
Sclirs Asqulth (Br), Ht Johns, NF; Or- y'1
lando V Wooten, Norfolk. V"
Sailed 10th, str Vinton County, Kingston. J*
The corrected reading of the barometer ,j"?
(reduced to sea level) at New York on Mon- |,v
ilav. Oct II. 1*120, a' K AM, as r' ported hy Hl',
the United State* Wiather Bureau, was t
flilrty and seventeen hundredths (30.17) fjj(
Inches. This clocely approximates seven Yo
hundred and sixty-six and three-tenths i;B
(7M.3) millimetres. Cap'alna of all vessels ha
now lying In or near trie pons m .sew ?i * y
and llrooklyn car advantageously use the Vn
ah ova official (into for olinervlng whether <
their own barometer* require any consider- ha
able correction or adjustment. Nn
Wind at flnndy Hook. 8 I'M, E. 2 miles; ha
clear, moderate sea. At City Islnnd at ?un- its
set ,S, light breeie; clear; smooth sea. .?
CArK nACE, NP, Oct 11?Ttarometer at J*'
neon, 28.82 Inches: wind. W. light breeze; ha
weather, doll: temperature, t!2 dog Eahr. ?
R'r Vlld foul (Nor), which arrived here ?r
yesterday from I'ort Antonio, had on hoard f"
8 srnnien from ?rr Han Ttemo, before re- 'J'
ported ashore at Macorla.
Itargo Albany, In ?ow of tug Warrior, was ]
sunk In rolllslon with str Inca, outward
bound. In Ituttermllk Channel, at II AM yen J p|,
terday. The etuamer proceeded. , \tr
TtOBTON. Ort g- Negotiation* are now In Mr
progress for the sals of the cargo of 8,200 : *"
tons of coal discharged from schr Jans '
Palmer when that vr sol put tn here several dec
weeks ago In a Irnky condition; when ropairs
w, re completed It was found that the c>*?
' argo was too wet to be reloaded and tho
schooner has Item anchored waiting for the "*
fuel lo div; It Is a'.lll too wit to ho put c
back In the holds and the schooner will P'
probably go to Norfolk and load another | *''
cargo for Pouth America. *V
HAl.IFAX, Oct ft- Ptr Clare Ifngo 8tlnnes ! n,
I (Mr), before reported a?boro on Ainet ! jf
wheals, was float'd yesterday by the At- i
h lo Kalvage Co, after discharging a portlon
of her cargo. ?'
TiONTdON, Oct 11?Rlr Tona, from Brum- l Tn
wick, Kavannah and JacksomHln for Per- Pa
nsmhiiisi Huenna Aires Ac. before reported, | _ I
has been towed Into Para with bolloi darn- I o '
age. . '
fttr Rlhonry, Vlpo for Now Tork, hefora . ?.*
reported a'hnrH and lator floated, ha* been i
dry doi'kt'd at Ferrnl. ,
A fire broke out on tionrd sir Went Coast, I '
at ivifast from fturnoe Aires, fire ban been | Blf
rxtlneiit-hnd j cargo In No 2 hoM damaged I
by fire end water; dtirbarglnr
K'r Paula (f>nn), Philadelphia for Pkaw, I mf
bai> arrived a' Copenhagen damaged In a 1
severe rale.
Mnnn.K. Ala. Ort II?Bohr Three Marye, ft,,
before 11 ported nbandoned. has been towed jp,
In here by <'oast Hoard euttir Comanche, j,tl
NlCNV ntCDFORD, Masn, (Jet (V-Whallng
aelir Cameo rattirned, baring "prong aleak.
PORTLAND, Me, Oct t-flchr 0 Maude W(
(la 'till (ftr), from Windsor. N8, fot New Ml
Tork, put Into Hoothbay Harbor a few days f
ago with loss ml naveral tall" In Um gals Pn
of latrt week. c
T JOHNS. NF, Oct 11?Str Deleo. from I
ulsbuiu, NJ, (or Copenhagen, has been
. cd hug this port by str Nyanza, wit).
Ider carried a Way.
tr i.aku Fnrnuj, from Norfolk for Manister,
lias been lowed Into this port by
da'anla. froin New York for Hamburg,
;li lots of three propeller blades.
ANDY HOOK, NJ. Oct 11. 4:25 PM?Str
k|wa Ma.u (Jap). Oebi|, 4c. via IJoston,
jslug Id, signals "Not uader control."
cable reports.
i A I. BOA. Oct ?-Hal led. etr T.aka Fansle
(from Tultal, 4b), New York,
ailed 10.h. strs Argoune, Antofai.asta;
ra (Hi), from Liverpool for Portland. OS
Lreived uth, etr Lake Uranby, San Ando.
1ATAVIA, Oct 4?Arrived, atr Intan, New
11ZEKTA, Sept SO?Sailed, etr RakersId
probably Borton and New York,
lallen Uth, etr West Zula. Constantinople
d United Kingdom.
n port 6th,, str St Anthony, from Unxton
i MviiMcai lor I'lracuH; no iuci avaiiame
til 81 it.
1UENOS AIRES. Oct 7?Arrived. strs
fug. Newport New*; liokkai M?ru (Jap),
ii fell:; Tonjcr (Nor), do; West Kyska,
1ALLA0, Oct 2?Sailed, motor Santa Flal.
APE TOWN, Oct 0?Arrived, strs City of
lombo (Br), New York; City of Lincoln
r), do; Hunsler (Br), do.
iallod Sih, str Dromons Castle (Br), New
JOLOMBO, Oct 0?Sailed, <|tr Kandahar
-), New York.
liinhSTJANSAND, Oct 10. 1 T'M?Arrived,
Hellle Olav (Dan). New York.
1RISTOBAL, Oct 0? Arrived, sir* Europe
all, Genoa for Valparaiso: IPth. Adma,
New York; VVaiton Mall (Br), New
rk for Auckland, Ac; St Joseph (l-'r),
r i
laiioil Btli, atra Caribbean (Br), Curtana;
Brookllno, St Thomas; I'lua (Br),
w York; Galdames (Mpt. Charleston.
JDRACAO. Oct 7, 1 PM-Suiled, str l'hllaIphln,
New York
CAST LONDON. Oct 7?Arrived, str Sabine
r), Philadelphia,
'ASAL. O't r? Sailed, str Manlca (Ur),
>m Orar. .'or New York.
1MJRALTAR, ti t 0?Passed, strs Stroma
r), Baltimore for Alexandria: W ni N
ga, Norfolk for Genoa: 10th, Jotnar, New
rk for Trieste; Northern Star, do for
t'xand: la.
1A LI FAX, Oct 9?Arrived, str Carolinian,
jekliolm for Hampton Roads,
lulled (tth, itrs Bayway. New York; IJIrchif,
Gothenburg; 10th, Sachem (Br), Llvernl;
Start Point (Br), London.
1AVRE, Oct 10?Arrived. strs Niagara
r). New York; 11th. La Savola (Fr). do.
I r rived 5th. str Eastern Light. New York,
lulled 0th, str Lafayetto (Fr), New York.
lONG KCiNG, Oct (I?Arrived, str Jason
r), New York.
Irrlvod 3d, str Siberia Maru (Jap), San
an<laco via Yokohama.
IAMAICA. Oct 7?Sailed, str Annetta,
vOBE, Oct 1?Sailed, str Melyo Maru
?p, new), Honolulu and San Francisco,
lallfd 1st. str Deuel, Seattle.
.IVERPOOL, O.-t 10?Arrived, str Chlpana
r), New York.
trrlved 9th, str Scythian (Br), Boston for
jailed 0th, str Carmanla (Br), New York.
oONDON, Oct 9?Arrivod, utrs Western
can. New Orleans; 10th, Venusla (Br),
intreal: Wauconda New Y'ork.
Irrlved 11th, str Mesal a (Br), New York,
failed 10th, strs Inkula (Br), Phllnrtella;
Mlnnel'ahda (Br), New York; West
icker, Galve ton; 11th. Novgorod (Br),
w York.
MANCHESTER, Oct 0?Arrived, str Scylan
(Br), Boston.
MARSEILLES, Oct G-Sal!ed, str F nurch
(Hr), New York.
MEJ1LLONB8, Oct 3?Arrived, motor
leodore Roosevelt, Antofacas'a.
MONTEVIDEO, Oct 0- Arrived, str Fluor
ar, New York.
MONTREAL. Oct 10? Arrived, atrs Calrnwan
(Br), Plymouth; Ohama (Br), Liverol;
Dunbrldge (Br). Hamburg, Batsford
:r). Liverpool; Mlnnedosa (Br), do.
failed 10th, strs Scandinavian (Br), Bonthipton;
Drammonsford (Norlr. Norway;
llbrook (lir). I.cndon; Canadian Uunner
lr), West Indies; Sheaf I.ance (Br),
inle: Flume tllal), Glhrallar.
VAPU.s. Oct $ flailed, atr Feidlnando
ilasclano (Hal). New York.
P1,VM(KTH, Oct 10, 10 AM?Sailed, stra
rnrtani (Dutch), from Rotterdam for New
,rlt. (I P.M. Rotterdam (Dutch), from New
>rk for Rotterdam.
PORT PAID, Oct 10?Arrived, strs Rondo
>ulch). New York: T? leniachua (llr), do.
ItlO GRANDS HO 81JI., Oct 0-Arrlved,
r Knltaclo Poaaoa, New York.
ROTTER OA M, Oct ??Arrived, stra Oenia
(I'lli. Philadelphia; Rosenfeld (Br),
tltlmore: Hth, Florence l.uckrnbach, PlillaIphla
; Kcrroaspn Montevideo: Oth, Madh
City (Br), Ualtltnore; piytnpe (Fr).
-'ailed lltli, stra Arc-turns (8w), Baltimore:
ilia l.uekeriha< h, Philadelphia: Yoko Mnru
an). New York; 8th. Katharine Park (Br),
Mutton Road .
Sn'!< I Pth, *tr Yoko Maru (Jap), Boaton.
IMU'B.N, Oct 8?hailed, aux hatk Quevllly
ti. N'.w Y?rk.
-T JOHN, ND, Oct 10?Arrived, atr Cor:<h
mint (Br). Ixmdon.
-'uth 'l lhtti, Mr Manchester Merchant (Br),
5T MfoilAKIj8, Oct 7?flailed, etrs Abiaka
(from Glasgow), Baltimore, 8th, Moid,'
(fiom l.lverpoolt. Norfolk.
701TTH A MPTON, Oct 11?Arrived, etr
illadelphla. New York.
FAMI'ICO, Oct 7?Arrived, atr Rochester.
PKIKflTE, Sept SO?Arrived, atr Presldento
limn (Pal). New York.
I'ANCOt VKH, BC. Oct 10?Arrived, atr
al mo (Br), Sydney, NSW.
ailed loth, atr T< pa Topa, Immlngham.
PlOO, Oct 0?Arrived, F.r Siboncy, New
VICTORIA, no, Oct II?Arrived,.etra Ku
dnl llaru (Jap). Yokohama for Seattle;
hop < of \sta iRr), do for Vancouver.
iOKOHAMA, Oct d? Arrived, atr Empresa
ltuaala (Br), Vancouver for Hong KonK.
(By Telegraph.]
IRBRDEKN, Wash. Oct 10-Salled, atr
itsy Matthews, Honolulu.
iORTON. Oct 0?Arrived, atr Radnor,
kiilla, Ac, for Philadelphia: bark Earlscrt
(Nor), Aalborg; tug Nottingham. towI
barges 1. & W B O O Nos 0 and P
Irrlved 10th, strs l ake Hewcs, Nuevltae;
,ke Mary, Ralttmors; Prince George (Br),
.rmouth; Wusterdjk (Dutch) ^ Rotterdam
i hniunuTH tmi uia"
;rkhomrtead, towing barge Carrol. Norte
M Mitchell Dr.via. towing barge Iron
ipen, N< whurypor; ; Valley Forge. PbllaI;
uln, tov. Ing barge* Kahn, Tlarry and
.. tor ian.1 loft with last bargo for Portsmth
and returned .?m? PM>; Zetex,
tin. timing bar1,* Homua; motor barge*
rotty No n. Providence; No <12. Portland,
trrhod 11th, strs lira tidon, Baltimore:
BUcMter, Philadelphia: North I.and, New
rk; .? hr (lordoti Tlboo (Br), (I rand
nk, NF; tug .luno. Sandwich, towing
rgc Katherlne Hugh"*, New Vork.
terlveil 11th, atr City of Columbus, 8anrah.
lalled l>th, tugs Piedmont, Norfolk, towing
rg ? New Jersey, Maryland and Northern
' 14; North America*. New York, towing
rge-s ITplon, Musconetcong, Shlckahlnney,
dnor and Camden,
ailed 10ih, ati Bverctt, Hampton Roaita;
[ < Cha* P Oreenough, do, towing barges
ittle, Helen and Iron Queen; Narragant,
New York, towing barge* Remus,
cklatid and Ttpton; Murrell, Norfo'k.
log barge . Armlstrad and Cutler; PalFnll
River, towing barges Moortnn, k
d Nit 2: standi^d, Providence, towing
rg Ho oiiy No 81.
lalled 11th. schr Freddie Raton. Thornaci
tug Nottingham. New York, towing
re- L * W n C C No I.
lulled 11 t)i( strs Arlington. Raltlmore;
luce Arthur (Hr), Yarmouth; tug Valley
-e. Philadelphia, towing barve* Klntbsr
I, Mnnat-m rc y and Maple Hill.?Wind at
elitand Light, NW, 10 miles; clear;
moth sea.
iALTlMf.RB, Md, Oct 11?Arrived. strs
ke Pa liuta, Norfolk; Ca*tana. Phlladella:
North American (Br). New York;
inatnwny, I'lliladolphla; West Cellna.
tnch"vter; I.aka Oalnta, Ponce; Manltoc.
New York.
eared llth, strs Moerdyk (Dutch), Ror?ux:
Vest land (Nor), Skaw; Valemore
r), Dimkl-k; Rdgemont. Hhang)ial via
rfolk; Miller Courty, Norfolk; Maryland
r), London: Manilla (Nor), Dunkirk; schr
rs- A'bland, Clenfuefo.'. v
lalled llth, -df? R?rg-*tad (Nor). Tamo;'Pidito?
(flrajk). Norfolk and Newport
v*; Stephen II Jones, Portland, Me.
inntplc . Newport, K. act) Clasgtiw.
n.'Z7,ARnfl HAY iCape Cod Car,all, Mass,
i'j Arrr-u m rirmwrn, nan:-** ir'n?
I avleon. Rookport for Nnv York. H. ully
! -, l'aeealc and Ndyewnter, Boston for
lolled from .Hamlwtoh lltli. ti>K* W H
ylnr, with 2 barges; Ontario. With 4.
a-ied V 11th, Mica North America, with
inrjrrs: Iteaor Williams, with 4.
MIARl.RBTON. RC. Oct 11?Arrived, atra
ke Ypellantl, Pacta la Grand* for New
rk i Qullwark. l.lvarpool; Comanche, New
rk (and called fo Jacksonville).
In lift lllh, stre Jnalali Many, Wilmington,
I; Havon, Havana.
Al l', llKNHY, Va, Oct 11 -Pawed In. atr
mt llaiiMun (Nor), Philadelphia for llaltlire.
'aaaed nut llth. aire Tape Henry, RntMire
for Philadelphia; I'arthcnla (Rf). do
Avnrimoilth; C' e'er Klwnnls. do for
ttcrdahi; Mariaim B.irerprls* (I'r). do for
rdcAint: Ralorm (lir), do for tmnklrk;
relnr, do for Havre; Minna Horn (Mr),
for llordeau*; Rarlolo (Kp), do for a>un k;
Ellin (Greek), do for flt Natalie;
eone i Br), Newport New* for Havre;
el Wnuna, New Orleans via Norfolk for
inch) (er Wind R 8 nil lee. clear.
AM. RIVER, Mare, Oct Ift-Anlved, tug
line, Ttoeion, with harge Mooremack No 5.
1ALVB9TUN. Tea, Out U-Arrived, atra
Sunbeam, Sabine; Alamo, New York; J F C
? nave, Tampico. I I
Sal <1 lltji, ?tr? H M Flagler, New York; I
Jedmocr . Br), port in Italy; Liberty Hut-I 1
<tuin, Philadelphia. I
GLOUCESTER. Mas*. Oct 11?Arrived-, ]
Jj'-hr Aviator, New York for Bridgetown,
.1 ACKSON VI1,1.El, Fla, Oct 11?Arrived, atr '
Thames, Miami.
Hailed lltn, ttra Van, Miami; Grecian. ]
Philadelphia via Savannah; Apache. New
1 orlt via Charleston; schr Mabel, Eats Pal- (
mm. j
KEY WEST. Fla. Oct 11?Arrived stre
Baymlngo (Br), Algiers; Corning. Tampico. i
Manila. Oct 8?Arrived, etre Uencral i
Church (Br), New York; Tsuyama ilaru
(Jap), do. 1
MOBILE, Ala. Oct ll?Arrived, stre H F
Llmock, Tort Barrios; Lake Kyttle. Ha- i
NEW ORLEANS. La. Oct 11?Arrived.
etrs Agawam, Norfolk. Benowa (Ur. motor), (
Crlctobal; Bussnka (Ital), New York: Gon- .
vat ,i, Vera Crux; Hudson (Fr), France;
Lain Ogiln, Proare.-iu. O T Waring. Wll
.4.4,..; ?u aan vnieri.) lurj, waj'". ??
Aug. stlne, Norfolk; Tegucigalpa (llond),
C. lba; Trliiculo (Br), London; Wilcox,
Bo-a Grande.
Cleared ! 1th, slra Augusta (Hond), Oni".
v.ii I'ur.i Cortoz: Urettvahla (Br), Italy
via Gibraltar; Kills (Nor), Tela via TruxI"
l.uke Crescent, Cuba via Santo Dotii
iko ut:.l South American porta; Olympler
G'-lg), Antwerp via Havre; Rornney (Br),
Klo Janeiro; Santurce. Port Arthur; Sunahn.c.
i', r; I.obos, Mexico; Thurland Castle
(Br). Antwerp via Galveston nnd Norfolk.
A lived lit Port Ka Is llth, atr Panoll.
Mevi'o (diverted to Tampa).
called from Port Kruls llth, ?trs Banter.
I r, New Vork. El Cld, New York; l.ake
rorkville. Santiago and Cuban porta; I.ake
;.;ago. Nu.\has ar.d Cardenas; SurlOKI.
port l.rrlos; Zulderdyk (Dutch), ,
H terdam \Tu Newport Nowe. ?
13WPORT NEWS, Va, Oct 11?Arrived,
atrs wiifrt l (Nor). Trondhjcnc City of
Al;on, New Vork, igike Mutton, Baltimore;
Ota-.- Hi), Leghorn; Bankdalo (Br), i
New York.
Sailed llth. slra Hltteroy (Nor), Stockholm
rctrigeneeg (Br), Constantinople;
) anrll .N t>, Cherbourg; Suevler (Belg),
Buenos Santore, Ha n a: Sherman, |
Norfolk, ll'lgravla (Kr). Norfolk.
NORFOLK, Va, Oct Iff?Arrived, etra A'l- |
ainsiiM.i- l.einoN (Greek), Gibraltar; Bar
Harbor, limn.a; Uaygouan (Br). Gnlvea'
' amilla Gilbert (Br), New Orleans for
l..:.Ion ( ,- in t >rton (Bus), Hull; Cymric
vale (Br), Newport; krlawaod OBr), New- '
Port. B: Kuku Matu (Jap). Galveston:!'
<>< ' en illt). Sabine for c ite; Hovland J
(3 "). Hy' ey; I otta (Ital). Naples: Iocastl J
' , , p, rtiand, E J.i ey City (Br), J
Brisbane Kroi.stad (Nor), Stockholm; '
Kii.-I.vll: (Su), Seville; l.ake Buckeye,
Dm .mouth; Melpo (Greek), Piraeus; 1
Oliloan, Marseille.; Balvadora (Sp). Portland.
Btorborg (Nor). Shield.; San'a Cecilia, I
Cltlta Vec.l.la; Stlklestad (Nor>, B.otter- ,
dam. Thorhjorg (Nor). Port Talbot; West- r
land. New Orleans; Wllfrl.l (Nor), Shield., .
Ar--lvc.l llth, HtrH Co?nio? Volga (Br), ,
Halifax Putt tucket, Wilmington; 1h-uinlloti
(Br), New Yorlt; Nordkap (Dan),
Shield. Au.tralford (Br), Antwerp; Strathlorne
.Bp, Bordeaux , Madam Enterprise
(Ilri, )is!iimore; Mendorn. Halifax; S..1haug
(Nur). Jacksonville; Burgermelster
S hi dor illr), Liverpool; Lolln .S;>>, ! 1
Shields (ordered to Philadelphia); Gala- I
veraa, port Tampa; Nantes (Fr), Baltl- j
more; Llangnrae . I?r), Cardiff: Alexandra.
(Greek), Barry; Singapore (Br), lquluue;
Campania (Ital). Leghorn; Olenearn (Br),
Be rv, Belv.-inon (Nor). New York; l.lv <
(Nor), Sunderland; Freeman, Portland;
Agamemnon (Dutch), Savannah.
8th, Mr Chenl.ton (Br), Havre. "
Bulled 10th, slra Bethlehem Bridge, Bl- !
.-.erta. City of Vernon. Galveston: Cor.de <le .
Zuldrla (Sp), Bordeaux; Gargoyle, Beau- |
rnont; l.ake Fcuche, Dunkirk. Lake Furlough,
Bristol; Plalnfleld, Barbados; Port
lis king (Br). I guidon; Phoenix, Port
hobos, I'.amapo. do; Sowalla Point, CI -"a
V...'la; bark Suzanne (Fr), La Rochello.
Sailed llth. strs Theone (Greekl, Havre; ,
W- t Wanna. Manchester; Cutty-hunk, J
li-.-men; l.a.ujtlnd (Nor), Boston; Cushn. t.
Gait. " n: Cowan, Boston: Altenfols (Br),
I Rotterdam.
NEW BEDFORD. Mass. Oct Iff?Arrived,
I ?- hi- ('bailee I, Jeffrey, Rockland.
I I-I.l -I- ii.tiii-Ii Tee Oct 1(1? Arrived.
Mr* Wntertown, Tamptco; Gulf Queen, N.
Vorii, Solitaire, Jacksonville; Col Rockwoll,
Arrived 11th, stre UrltUli Fern (Br), Londori
Argon, Boston. i
Sailed 10th, Mrs Elcano (Sp), MesMna:
Le C'ou (Hr), FablneMto finish cargo),
!':ii.ed 11th, sirs Paraguay, Philadelphia;
Lie hthurne. I >c la ware River, U'lanok . Port
1 Gulf Star, Tamplco; British General
tllrt, Holland ports: Winifred, Tamps.
PASCAGOULA, Miss, 0< t 11?Arrived,
srhrs Ihistln O Cranny. Havana; Hope Sherwood,
PENSACOLA, Fla. Oct 11?Arrived stra
Wulety Castle tBr), British ports; Iddveb-lvh
i Br), Liverpool; nut achr Tcmpute,
Ta tnpa.
Sailed nth, str? (lothle (Br), Liverpool;
King City tlir), France,
PORT TAMPA. I In. Dot II?Arrived, Mrs
("operas. Philadelphia. 11th, lladyeally*
Head (Br). Barry; Minllln 8 do Perez (Bp),
Cbn leuton.
Sailed tltli, Mr Margaret, Baltimore.
PHILAI >EI.P11IA, Pn, Oct 11-Arrlved,
itr* Manchester Merchant lllr), Manchester
via St John. Nil; Vcstnorge (Nor), Port
Antonio: Marahal French (Hr). London;
ICpltlauro (Ilal), Norfolk, IJltor (Br?. Newport
Newa; Ww tern Plain*. Liverpool; West
Tacook. Antwerp via Baltimore; Herbert I.
Pratt, Port Lnbos; J C Donnell, do; J W
Van Dyke. Thamcshaven; Paint a, Quebec;
Cnpe Henry. Palttmore; Farg?. do, l.ake
Strubo, Charleston; Ontario, Boston. Merrln.n
k, Jackaonvllla and Savannah; Ulunora,
Wilmington, Hal; Lancaster, Tientsin. Ac,
via No'a York: Aracaju (Bras), Fowey.
Clean tl 1th, sirs Ournwell, Port Lottos;
Vt?la. (Nor), lvlgtut.
Cleared 11th, Mrs Qlyndwr. iBr), Havre
(for orders): Atlantic City (Br). Ilcterdnm;
Frederics (Itall, Trieste via Calveston;
Fratelll Blacld iltal). Buenoa Alr>*
Sailed kth, tug l.etinpc, Boston, towing j
he rye Tntriancnd and Pennington and bark
Join J Phillips.
Pasted i v. n U. eily lsla-,1 11th, * :*
lb suell, ITIIai'cl; h)a for Port Lottos;
t :i l.e Iara-a, do r Ousntanamo \U ,V
Y tk; BolMer (Pel--), do for Havre R .a .*
it tr o i'sr"; W do for N'orl
.-hr Wllbert 8 ltar'i?tl, do for Guadeloupe
Passed on' Delaware Breakwater Pth, 0:10 |
PM, str Wllhelin Van Drlel, Sr (Huteji),
Philadelphia for Itoucn.
Passed out 11th, elm Caatano, Philadelphia
for Baltimore; Rcottsburg, do for
Brest; Valdura (Br), do for Gothenburg;
I'lllwyn, do for Tamplco; Vardulla (Br),
dc for Bristol; Onb'enfele (Br), do for Rotterdam;
Ciumborhall (Br), do for do; Nava- ' I
rlnrt (Br), tlo for Liverpool. 8 **M, tug
Catawlsss, lowing barges Cacooslng, Ma- 1
cur.glo and Salem, for Eastern porta.?Wind
i NR. k miles; smoky; smooth sea.
PORTLAND. Mc. Oct 11?Arrived, str* I
' Mate*. Norfolk I.site Inaha, do
I PORTSMOUTH, NH, Oct 10?Arrived,
i ltargc Exeter. Philadelphia,
i ROCKPOHT, Ost ft?Arrived, barge A
i Sidney Devi son. Boston.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. Oct ft?/ Red, 1
i str* Choyo Msru iJan). New York. . for
v,.v>k-nna *,c Misk'*ni?. Maul i; 10th,
Tofua iIlr>. WelHntrtnn. |.
Arrive# Ittli, Mr Ventura, Bvihe \
Collet 9th 1! ? Maru I .'apt, Han- 1
llano; Colu-* Calcutta; 10?li. Wat-rhury, |
Rnitland; Ar.nr M?-ti (Jnni. fr-m N-w
York for Kobe; motor Bablnda (Br), Val- j
paralao. . i
HtVAN'NAH, Oa. <Vt 11?Arrived. *tr |
Juniata, Baltimore (and oall.1 for Jacksonville).
Hailed 11th. itra Typhoon (Br), Liverpool;
Naeooche*. Bottom,
tfnlled 11th, ?tr Crawl Key*. Port Tampa.
\MPA, Kin. Oct 11 Arrl.eil, air I.eko
T > aver-*;. Baltimore, e'hr Tl.nmai B (iar- I
in ..1, Oariter.a*
Sailed 11th. tan Baeanra. N-w Orl-an*.
V1NBVAR1"> IIAVKN. Mao., Oct H-3ath?l. i
arhrn Nantlwo (from Nantucket), New
York; Franrl* 0 ondnow (from Wlndeor.
NS?1, do.?Wind variable, HfMl amooth at a. I
? (
| By Mall ]
ARTOPIA. O. Oct (V-Arrived, atr City of
Reno, Honolulu.
CUTLKR, Ma, Oct (1? Arrived, aehr Moonlight,
New York for St Stephen. NB.
IIIUI, Get 8?Arrivod. atr Enterprlaa, Pan
HONOLULU, Oet H? Arrived, atra Weat
Marine Engineer!
Employed on Ocean Steamship* '
KMilNKKRH AltK HBI.n BY M?\?tti.(.
in 'ii M \RINK iM.IM K';s iti N 11
(III, ASSOCIATION No. 3.1 etert M*..*.|,y I,
* I'. M., lit t# f.trk I'lace. New lock City." 1
lit ery atecmahlp Knelneer, irrevner lite of
a not lot ii I he liohlv iniinhi itliip (it, I* c?r !
ttiitlly lovlted to attend. ,
_ Mannger.
M ? II INK?roil IALB OR t.lMi n.
Port Bale?Suitable for inland waterways. I
no ft. Freight Steamer.
1 '00 ft. Hard*. email Tub 14 ft. aa.
?l tINTOSH. l'moktyn Hrlrtut nook. NnmVork.
_ T. t. It. rknmn 2-100.
) Ti UHOAT \Vuo.l liull. Ml (<ttt ti Indira over
nil; engine 2o<20 lni.hr*, holler Allowed
I I4H uountiM' atnain For further particular*
n m?
AMFRK'AN lift r?n? for mootna household
furnltero botween Europe and Amortra r.ixl ,
tetnoon cltlea lit th* United Btatee; hout* to
uun without betInf. only ?nf?, < itj and
o?i *II>1? method. HuWUNO ORRMN HTOR- i
AM; A VAN CO.. Ik Broadway. Now Tork. j
rs of i
ajoot, Norfolk; Sill, La tiioa. Port fiaii
JONKBPORT, M. O' ft- In port, ?
rl^rguerltfc, Hhultv for Boston.
MAYACCLZ. PR, Oct ^ -Sailed, echr
[tobi-rt It Murpny, In ,
ArrI'i d < H i 1, rtr lJi a: rl.v, New York. i
ORA.Ni.I3, Ton, <"l 7 tl.-d. utr Crirket.
NOKK< >1 K, Yr, Oct C -Cliarcd. sclir Edl.n j
vl McK night, ( urtagrna.
PIIILAUEl.ru:a, I>I. (K- R-Arrhcd. tin?
lorn.: tuuiiii; imr? Wleonlsro, Telle
>le, 1'ort Point and Sui iru, Scarapo.t
{IAN FRANCISCO. Co'. Oct 4?Arrived,
tf. It..,).. L'?.n.,,.1|. m.1,. tl.lh.1, tfiif. 1
5th, otr Admiral Walne i Ight, Galveston
11 Hulboa for Ocean i'alU; vchr Irene.
Sailed Id, rtrn Herber, Portland, O; 6th,
llwtih Jah (Ohln), Shanghai.
jlFHAMStlll'S. KKC'I UXIUNS and lot Its.
Hudson River
by Daylight
daiiv, rscr t niNG sinhay,
"Wuhlnrtim Irilng," "Ilepdriek Hudaea."
"Robert Fulton," "Albany."
*Dr Witt Clinton" In Service Muy, lWtl.
Bo:.la arc hi.-am healed and perfectly comlortnlde
in till. glorious Autumn wrather.
Wrect Rail Connections. All througn rad
llrkec. betv een N"W Vork and Albany ac?
Septed. Mb etc. Restaurant.
fheamer leaves dally Including Sunday.
Deebroeses St., h:4<> A. M.; West 4 2d SI .
1:00 A M.; West iltat It St., 9:20 A. M.. Yontorv,
O:"0 A. M., landing at t'lear Mounaln.
fWest Point (weekdays only), tN'ewlurgh.
IPoughkeup le, Kingston Point,
L'atcklll. Hudson and Albany.
tlteturn (teamer itmt day from palota
narked tkdJ
Pnnal trip* COLUMBUS DAY, Oct. 12.
ind Pundav Ocf. 17, leaving Deabrosaca St..
:40 A. M.; West 42d St., 10 A. M.; West
129th ST.. 10:20 A. M.; Yonltcrs, lOT.O A M.,
'or IV nr Mountain. N. >vburgh, Poughkeepile
anil return to West 42d St.
Ideal one-day ontlngs.
Telephony Canal 9.100.
DribroMM St. l'ler. New Tark.
Columbus Day Outing
Kiking end All Outdoor Sports
Res I.lno to and from Ferry connecting with '
rtvolrniuii St ?r.wav Stitlrm ami 2/17 th I
Vcni for Auto* to 11 Totnt* in N\ J.
i ??|? ?
L??ur-i 5teir-?Vip Lines, t
All the wav ?y water
Steunirr* letve Pier 18, N. It., foot of
L>. 1 y st 5 F. M. (Dayli ;nt Ytma)
Daily isailln:, fruiri pur 31, N. It., at Desbroaaas
8t. tl P. M ; Wo?t 132<1 St.. 6:30 P
M. Direct rail connect Ions at Albany to all
point" north, vaet and went. (Daylight sav- i
lug time.)
Phone Canal 9000.
Etprf?? Freight Service. Anton Carried. :
HLLtSOM 1?A . IcAfiON v.Oivi. ANY
WarmUr $1.99; Providence direct. $3.94
Dally, Including Su lay, "o p. m.
(Daylight Bavlnc Tlai'),
From Pier JO. E. R. Phone 3700 Itcekman
Ticket, at Pier or "Consolidated offices
nnAi/fr\r\r/*p rvinrr^r urv a *r
riwviunnvLumr.w i nwfti i
Boat iMlvm rt?r 39. N. R. ?ft W Houatoa ]
t.), Daily and Sunday at " .".0 I M (Jay.
M?ht aavli t Pnona Sprl;.* IM91.
"TOIHIIT" Around V ? \-rk.
l.v.Battrrvl'l r .'i H'
I I M il \l III i'^uN I I I
Nfwburih, l'uiighkr<-|?*ir. Kingston. l.v.
Fr. 'I-, II' >' v v
(FraUrht and Paniontv r f?> rvloa;
\ir?rica,T ((f i I T\ 1 OJ1 5?ll?
5l'? a!iip . V/iLi/ai) Oct. 30
For Ra(?-? and Furihtr In'or- r. i.. a- . ;
t 10 IlrldK" StL T"l B "vIIpt llr'rn Iikww. j
f 11 i h J ^ tm*" ~rrj7
\ K^^MOrrrvieros eutwiA Arms.
F?iai?' fOVf fraai NawYar* by rend*-a,
MMMiMi aeyatn -a panarfw >' ! ata
LH. Vaiibin. <Vt :io h .? iivmn
rates. e?e apvly mm T
First Class Passengers
NevrYork ft Cape Town, South Africa
3. S. "ETEN" . about October 18 1
I'nr rstss mw! further lefnrr. i'l i [?r I - ?o
I . S. A A. I.IM ? ISC. I ! I,' - r
? i \ n'h II I ' n-u < ! * f ,
;l TH05. COOK & sOK !|
l[ 245 UroetJwiy. 561 Futi \v.-nj?. ||
Indies < I runk fstirW I o.. Is'l ,
Klf"> Ave., bet list and tttid Bt*. Vanlerl'IH
T <ftO. .
AlilM l.lnes struiiismp Mrikn-tlsrUI, ' tie
f'aiMlii as, Cuba. Texas, California, U'ika
fart* nil o, bantu Uutuiuao, Apedr 4M ilk A*, i
f _
rHE wc
Cailao, Mollondo, Arica, Iquiqu
and Monthly Sailir
The Largest Steamei
8C Broadway, Now York
or any Steamship
"and a thoughtfulness (
W^^raveler are distinctive features of
Aquilania New York to Cherbourg and Soot
Carouia New York " Plymouth and Cher
Carmania New York " Liverpool . .
Calabria New York " Patras. Dubrovnik
Mauretania . ..New York" Cherbourg and Sout
Saxonia New York " Plymouth, Chcrbour
K. A. Victoria. .New York " Liverpool
Co'umbia New York " Londonderry and G
Pannonia New York " Patras, Dubrovnik a
Imperator New York " Chertmure and Strut
Passenger und I''rrlglit Sorvlros.
International Mercant
N. V.?Cherbourg?Southampton
New York. II A.M. Oct. 16 Nov. U Dec. 11 At
St. Paul ... 11 A.M. Oct. 23 Nov. 20 Dec. Id Ol
Philadelphia 11 A.M. Oct. 30 Nov. 27
New York?Hamburg C?
Manchuria 11 A.M. Oct. 21 Dec. 2 3,
Mongolia. 12 Neon Nor. \ Dec. 10
New Yerk?Southampton?Ant^rrp Cr
MroonUnd II A.M. Oct. 23 Nov. 27
Lao'snd 11 A.M. Oct. 20 Dec. 4
Finland 12 Noon Nov. 6 Dec. II M
7ctlund 12 Noon Nov. 1.1 Dec. 18 Ca
Office*, 9 Broadway, New York. Pi
If United Stales Shipp
i-l! New York to Rio de J vi
aK^l^'T j|r\H* s" M,V,-,IIA WAS,,,J
m (b) 1st i- iirt < !**?. (
j ; | \ tiev :</ J l"'or pa *?<i0t t
N | Lif/ apply i? anv
^Cx I ., .(.I^nr Oep't. W-U? Y*
r)r?*el Jl'jf*- rhki?
UNAj\ I tlln<*?lpb'? Baltimore C bloato
Baltic Steamship
C abin Passenger Ser. r- to
s. s. "new rochelle"
rot-marly II Irm-rlcan 1.1 tier
Sailing November 12th
Direct Train# to Pari*
DANZIG Third Cla?
Traffic Department
I 24 Whitehall Street. New York City
rtowllntt Green S20F and fillfl.
a miiai| i J HI mmii,
^ ji 1 ittljtt'ii k711 11 j
Ik *8 J11 a fv^ fil l!3
i UKI'^ll I A.N11 I A.1AL.M.1.U MkUVItU
N.Y . toCAL>IZ.<itl>AkCh.LcM>lA
It M. S. Duenna Aire* About Oct. 15 ,
K. M. I*. Alfonso Alll About Oct. 25
R H. a. p. de Mnul'tiil.. . UmiiiI Del. 17
For Fitrtliei rartlrnlitr* Apply to
I.l"|S I.I.ANHO. Ayeul, .
rier . F- B. Telephone ftowltn* C.reen 515#.
Swedish American
Aart Boot* to teefles. PaMaoarV
Finland. It'iol*. flermaoy. la.
Dlreot to I
S. STOCK IIDIJM Oet. W. Dee. !l
s. S. DKOTTXIXftHOI.M Nov. II. I tee :t#
Superior Aarornatoda tlooa, lat. ?d A id Ctae*. i
I'uienttr Olbct, 24 iUio itci, Mi? t?. . | f
Enprrit V?it-?l 5?*wil? ETJ
l.% lOltliAIM'. ??I. IS,' Nov. it, |>r?'. II
I Al IHTTK Or I. t3,
I \ Jill ICAINK. ... II" I Zu. Nov. '.'O. I?e. 14
l!(M IIAMUKAU Ort. J*. l?-i 4,
I \ >A> OIK <M. 0. Nov. n, life. t?
MAIiAKA Nov. 3. *t'KAM
K Nov. 4. Ilvv. I. Dor. ? \
IIIMIANV'V III I II V l? *1 \ I K -I . \.
-^American \
tciTjl 1 \\l Liru.irk, iNorway, y
^ * Cierm.inv, 11
> ,jf? I I nllwJ Main U?4. II
* D-nrll. .. Nov I
w""4 >~ * 'M'l I'lnv Nov. I* >
tor rmmc-r vtr.. I liroodivivj. I. rti
AMKItll AN . I'lll ."4 11IA V l.lAtiO |
lll'l|l KS.
Iilrol Autofhn Vrv. ollr.,1" rn I'. n uiil*. Full ; _
p>.lllli Kum< " I'primnto t.lri', N. V. j ?
Novvivi'. I l ' ' " .!*#
fen. L"??uu*rk. Olflgo. ?-JQ UrWJ?o It. V
_ _ n
~ir of
;er servh
?T COA v
<tton Neiat
i CANAL ireaUf all
AT ources of
e, Antof?...ta,
i ** fhftTMhancial
kJOV. 27
iga Thereafter,
rs in the Trado.
V. OcnernJ Acmti
J **** JP?\d ^
Ticket Agrist.
r i". m ifflft ,) ?f
iu J *\ ^ to'the
service on
hamplon , <> ,flft. U Nov. 23
bourg Oft, ji Nev.-ivJan- *
v.jCk^l Nav.JQ Dec. 18
and Trieste. Qc|'2? n.lgHg ??
^lamoton Oct. ?~n 7
g and I Urnburg.. Oct. 33 Dec. 9 ??
Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Jan. I
Ja;;ow ,. ..Nay. C DfC. II Jan. IS
nd Trieste Nov. 9 ??
ria-noiora } . .Nov. U Dec 9 Jaa. 15
I'or later
he Marine Company i
N. Y.?TIw rTiOiiri;?SotjOuunatttr* - -"j
Iriatic... 11 A.M. Oct. M Dn. If
I YMPIC. . 1 P.M. Nitw, ? Hp? 27 ??*
New York?Liverpool
Itic 12 N icn Not. 6 Dec. 11 Jan. If
dtic .. 12 Nr.on No*. JO Pe4. 24 "v <
New York?A*orc??CitbruRar
inopie 3P.M. ?rtTW 0?. U
etic 3 PM. Not. 9 Jan. 5
nads Oct 30 '4
er. 58. 59 0. 61. 62. North Rtv?4
ing Board's Passenger Service "1 J
ri?o, Mar.teTidec and Ru^not Aires '
((.TON .13.000 Ton* <t>), Oct SO <
17.001) Too* (e>, Nov. 10 ?
21.000 T?n? (c), Nov. 30 ;
ci 2.1 and 3(1 rinse
afro and other partirvlars ,
Pa?$cvo?r Apeiny or to J
1 .. also >i tU.< Line's OHires at /Cr?
lldg.. ,4in Olive St. Mobile, M.~7Q
l 1 St . I . uta I Alahsins JNMaBr
"The Most Interesting Way"
Prom Quaint, Historic
Vancouver to China. Japan, etc.
I antral Steamship* on thn Pacific
for all Information apply to
1)31 Broadway. \?? York.
Ilium* l.<m;?.VT" 4110
| ward^lIneS
I Plrrct * wkly ?i*rvloa framNra York toil
i h a v a n a
: AM i'* ints r:v t itft
m ex1co
ai i \ ci r TAMPi |
9 Krgu'ar ?a11tn?? to N?m*u. For In II
fririiiaMon artrfr.!"* i
I Nfn Tori l-id -.ii>a Mail a. n. Co. I
j., t f 1 Y?>r ft
grace line* i
*.- ! i??o 11 * r u i i r * - I
r w ?
I>lr?rt pa terror a?rvl< from New York
is Panama canal, ratline at Callac,
A^-a. Iijiitcjuo, Antofaaasta and Valpas?
Hiita Ell*a, P* Panta t.utaa. fla.
tanta Aria. H*. Banta T?reoa. Fortlatitly
W u. (lliACR * CO. Ae?nt.
I lanover Kquaro, N. Y? or Ixwal Acont
'i?riv?r?outh and Houlo<rni-Sur-'?Iar
I0OKII.VM It A. M. Oct. IS. Nor. 17
III f^llllllMI t><? 1*. Nor U
V.N DIM ??rt. ?1. fan. t
linHDAM Nor. ?. Or. U
ourral l'???wn?r OTflro, ?l n?l? M.. N. 7.
..'?? ! INI)I \. American A Indian l.tnr.
Vmk. Pint ill. Il l ' li ? I I
itln. N rtivi, I.Mij ? ( .. . 'M |1 ii.irPt . W.T
T*I rl'AIS -I amount* I riiMiirdlterr .neo.
AS I (rater TcP llano,rr VVflOII.
Frtr? I.Inn to Mri'lt-i ranran Porta.
IffIro, 17 P'ate Pt . Nror YorA
Utt itA TtloMou MadUoa Haart ?7*

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