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the Barge Office. Ship news
Navy Department Daily Sh
Bowling Green 9960.
Transatlantic Mails. 1
Italy' <t). via Palermo and Naples, str
Canada, 10:30 AM.
t Europe, Africa and West Asia, via Cherbfiiirtr
?t,- A .uiitunln 12
M (sup 1:50 PM).
Europo, Africa and West Asia, via Plymoutli,
Boulogne and Rotterdam; also parcel
port malls for Netherlands, sir Noordam, 8
AM (sup 0:30 AM).
Greece m. via Piraeus, sir Megall Hellas.
10:30 AM.
Gibraltar (Greece ), via Gibraltar and
Piraeus; also parcel punt malls for Gibraltar
and Greece, str Asia. 10:30 AM.
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany,
l.lthuaula, Latvia and PI land, via ChrlHtlansand,
Christlania and Copenhagen; also
Sarccl post malltf for Norway, Sweden and
Denmark, str Predertk VIII, 11 AM (supplementary
11:30 AM>.
Poland (f), via Danzig, str Gothland,
12 M.
Germany / ), via Hamburg; also parcel
post malls for Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia
and Switzerland, str Walter A
Luckenbach, ? AM.
Mail* for South and Central America,
West Indies, &c_
-Jamaica and Colombia, except Cauca and
Nerino departments (Cuba ), via Santiago,
Kingston, Cartagena. . Savanllla and Santa
Marta. str Tlvlvca, 7:30 AM.
?? Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, via
Montevideo and Buenos Aires, str Dochra,
1 PM.
Canada. Palermo and Naples 3:00 PM
Aquitanlu, Southampton I'M
Tlvlvea, Santa Marta 10:00 AM
Angle-Egyptian, London Noon
Noordam, Plymouth, Boulogne and
Rotterdam Noon
Mcgall If. lias, Piraeus IJM
Walter A Luckenbach, Hamburg.. AM
( Dochra, Montevideo, &c PM
Steamers Due in New York.
Steamer. Sailed. From.
Oreponlsn Sept 23 ....Rotterdam
Malmanger Sept 22 Havre
Ramon Mumbru Kepi 22 ., Ollnn
Maasdyk jBapt 2ti ......Plymouth
Mar Tlrrcno... Sept 25 Flarrv
Wella City. ..7 Sept 25 Bristol
East Sl<le Sept 22 ... Helslngfors
New York. * ;....Oct 2 .Southampton
t.'ornlshman Sept 2'.) X.lverpoo|
Nueces Oct r> Galveston
Nleuvv Amsterdam. ...Oct 3 V . ..Rotterdam
Michigan .....Sept 27 London
t'uthlaniet Sept 24 London
City of St Louis Oct 9 Savannah
American Star Sept 27 Shields
Caronla Oct 4 London
Providence Kept 24 ....Marseilles
Calabria Oct 2 Almeida
f de Satrustcgul Oct 1 Cadiz
El Mundo Oct T ....Galveston
Montlcello Sept 29 Shields
Matgus Sept 28 Falmouth
Caroline Oct 1 Bordeaux
Kama Maria Oct 8 Kingston
Arapahoe Oct 11 . ^Jacksonville
Almanac for New York, October 12.
Bun rises fl 04 I Moon rises. ? 89 AM
Sun sets 5 21 | Moon nets.. 5 40 I'M
Sandy Hook 7 30 AM 7 53 PM
Governors Island 8 01 AM S 27 PM
Hell Gate (Astoria).. 10 07 AM 10 37 PM
The time given In the above table Is Eastern
standard time and Is furnished by the
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. '
For daylight saving time add one hour.
NEW YORK, Oct 11?The timo hall above
the Navigation and Marino Engineering I
School of the Seamen's Church Institute, 25
South street, dropped to-day at exact noon,
75th meridian, 5 hours slow of Greenwich
mean time. Any one desiring correct Ureonvv
loh mean time telephone Broad 297.
Str La Lorraine (Fr), Havre Oct 3. to the
Compagule Generale Transatlantlque, with
IS.: first, 2?>7 second cabin, 523 steerage pas
II- ... Want ir. til, r f.7
North River.
Str United States (Dan), Copenhagen Sopt
20 and Christlanla Oct 1, to Punch, Edye &
Co, v.ltli 82 first, 181 second cabin. fl.*>3
steerage pasetngers, malls and indite. Went
to foot of 17th street, Hohoken."~
Btr Rotna (Fr). Marseilles Bept 24. Altnerla
2fltli, Funchal 80th, St Michaels Oct
3, Tercet ra 8d. Fayal 4th and Providence
lOtl). to James W Elwell A Co, with 41
first, 62 second cabin, 883 steerage passengers
and nidso. Will go to foot of 81st
street, Brooklyn.
Str Tashnioo, Glasgow Sept 28. to Moore
A MoConnack, In ballast. Anchored off Red
Str Lake Forbsr, Newport, B, Sept 23, to
James W Elwell & Co, in ballast. Went to
Crane's dry dock, Brooklyn.
Sir Basis (Nor), Newcastle, E, flopt 22,
to Furness, Wlth.v it Co, In ballast. Anchored
off Stnpleton.
Str West Humbaw, Danzig Sept 16 and |
Hortn 20th, to the France and Canada Co, I
tn ballast. Went to plur 74, North River. |
Str Zlrkel, Antwerp Sept 8. Rotterdam i
16th and Fayal 26th, to the Black Diamond j
Steamship Co, with mdse. Anchored In j
Str Katrlna Duckenbach, Rotterdam via j
Philadelphia, to the Luckunbach Steamship |
Co, with mdse. Went to plef 8, Mush Docks. ,
Str Evergreen City, Brest S.pt 27, to the I
France and Canada Steamship Co, tn ballast.
Went to pier 74. North River.
Str Toklwa Maru (Jap), Algiers Bept 19
and Boston Oct 0, to tha Nippon Yusen
Kalsha, with mdse. Went to New York
Dock Co'* pier 19, Brooklyn.
Str Cnckaponset, Alexandria Sapt 2, Cala- !
niata 13th, Blzerta 21st and A'glera 24th, i
to Williams, Dlmond & Co, with mdse. Went I
to section 8, Erie Basin, Brooklyn.
\ Str City of Alameda, Ornn K. pt 27, to the I
Columbus Shipping Co, In ballast. Anchored ;
off Staplcton.
Str San l'ablo, Cristobal Sept 24 and Port I
I.linon Oct 4, to the t'nlted Fruit Co, with i
nidro. Anchored oft Dlherty.
Str llahatnnka, Tamplco Oct 3, to McAl- i
lister Bros, with crude oil. Wert to Con- |
ctahle Hook. NJ.
Str Laramie, Tamplco pet 3, to McAllister
Bros, with orude oil. Went to Maurur.
Str S M Spanldlng, Tamplco Oct 2. to the 1
Mexican Petroleum Co, with fuel oil. Went !
to Carteret, NJ.
Btr Halo, Tuxpam Oct 8. to McAUiater j
Bros, with crude oil.
_Btr BaMbutte, Port Lobos Oct 8, to Walker I
a i'aiy, wiTii cruun on. xveni to pier i, 1
Tidewater, NJ.
Btr Mohawk, Pone# Ort 3. Mayaguet 4th
and Ban Juan 6th, to the New York and '
Porto Rlon Steamship Co, with 1*1 pass' n- .
aers, mails and mdse. Went to New York '
P' ! Cn'e pier 8t1, Brooklyn.
ti Alion<|?ln, San flomtmro and Mneorli |
>ct 4, Ha nones nth, Puerto Plata and Monte j
' Chrletl dtti and Turks Inland 7th, to the i
Clyde Steamship Co, with ttk paisMfrn,
i i*|i? Hid milse. Went to New Yorw l>ock
c? s i .i ;i4, Brooklyn.
Htr I.alte Narlta, St Marc Oct 4. to the
Rai*trc|- Clyde Steamship Co, with mdse.
Went to pier 44, North rtlvcr.
Btr Vlldfual (Nor), Port Antonio Oct 5,
to the Atlantic fruit Co, with !l passenger*
and mdse. Went to pier 2(1, East River.
Btr Port Hamilton (Dr), Bermuda Oct 0,
to Burners, Wlthjr & Co, with 217 paaeenRrre,
mailt and mdse. Went to pier 1)3,
forth River.
Str Ancon, Galveston Oct 4, to the Panama
Railroad fteatnshlp line, with sulphur.
Anchored off I.lberty. t
St F.l Caplian, Galveston Oct 2, to the
Southern Pacific Co, with mdse. Went to
pl?r 01, North River.
Btr HI Norte, Galveston Oet 0, to the
Southern Pa' lflt Co, with tndse. Went to
pier SO, North River.
Btr Rayo and hartrn ft O Co No 1)2, Port
Arthur, Tex. fitpt 80, to 1) T Warden, with
crude oil. Wept to pier (I, Oohrtablu Hook.
Htr ( reoP>, New '.Iglcnna Oot (I. to the
Southern Pacific Co, with passengers and
mdre. Went to pier 41), North River.
Btr Arapahoe, Jacksonville and Charleston,
to tho Clyde Steamship Co, will, passcngora
and mdro. Went lo pier 31, North Rlvor.
Str Rayonne (motor), Idilladelphla, to tha
Standard Oil Co, with oil. Went to Ilajronne,
NJ, \
4LD'S Ship News Office is in
information given by U. S.
ipping Bulletin. Telephone
l'orto Ktco, Curacao, VenriuHa, Bt
Thomas, tit Croix, Da Romana. San l?<"?
Macorta and Han Domingo City, via Mayaguex,
Laguayra Curacao and Maracaioo,
utr Zulla, 9:30 iAM l.rup 10:30 AM).
Brarll, Argentina. ':ruKua?. *,1!?
Paraguay, \ ia Rio Janeiro, Santos, Mont
viriM n,..t n.ianm Aires, str Marconi. S.JO
AM. ' ,
Bermuda, St KUts, Nevis, Baba, St Martins,
St Eustatlus, Antigua, Wontserrat,
Domini, a. St Ducla. Barbados anil Guiana,
via Hamilton, str Fort Victoria, T .30 AM.
Transpacific Mails.
Close at Now York at 0 PM as follows:
Haw-all, FIJI Islands, Australia and New
Zealand, via Victoria and Vancouver, DC,
str Tahiti, Oct 13.
Tahiti, Marquesas, Cook Islands, New
Zealand and specially addressed mall for
Australia, via San Francisco, str Tofua.
Oct 13
liuwall, via San Francisco, str Maul, Oct
Japan, Corea. China. Siberia, Slam,
French Indo-Chlna, Netherlands East Indies
and Philippine Inlands, via Vancouver and
Victoria, DC, etr Empress of Asia, Oct 18.
Haw-all and specially addressed mall for
Japan, Con-n and China, via Ban Francisco,
str Persia Main. Oct 18.
Jnpnn, Corea, China, Siberia. Slam,
French Indo-Chlna, Netherlands East Indies
and Philippine I.-lunds, via Seattle, etr Talthyblus,
Oct -jo.
Hawaii, Samoan Islands, Aurtralla and
specially addressed mall for N?w Zealand,
via San Franplsco, str Ventura, Oct 31.
*Mdst bo specially addressed for tlila
tl'arcel post malls and apeclally addressed
correspondence. ,
Zulla, Maya?uez, Daguayra, he.. Noon
Santiago, Havana Noon
Marconi, Rio Janeiro, he Noon
A.sio, Piraeus I'M
Frcderlk VIII, Cbrlstlansand, he. 3:00 I'M
Gothland, Danzig 3 AO PM
Fort Victoria. Ilennuda 11:00 AM
City of St Douls, Savannah 3:00 PM
MONDAY, OCT. 11, 1920;
Str Fort Wayne, Boston, to the Atlantic
Tiansport line. Anchored off Slapletou.
Str Nleuvv Amsterdam (Dutch). Rotterdam
for New York, Is expected to dock foot of
3th street, llobokun, about 10 AM Tuesday.
Str New York, from Southampton and Cherbourg
for New York, Is expected to dock
about t?:30 AM Tuesday.
By United States Nml Communication
r Dlstani-e given In mile*.]
A C Bedford 100 NE Jupiter noon 10th.
Achillea MS H Cape Honry noon 10th.
Advance 352 NE Cristobal noon 9th.
Allentotvn 117 E Lobos Island noon 10th.
Alfred Nobel 100 H Patterns noon 10th.
American Star 540 EN13 Nantucket noon
Aryan 40 N Jupiter noon 0th.
Atot.aa 1B0 RE South Pass noon 10th.
Helllughaiii 100 K Ambrose noon 11th.
uelrldge 190 N Tampleo noon 10th.
Betterton 840 S Ambrose L V noon 10th.
Braaoo 12 W by S Sand Key noon 9th.
Brlndllla 85 NE Jupiter noon 0th.
Broad Arrow 2,331 W Ran Pedro S PM 8th.
Burmese Prince lat 33 45, Ion 74 33 noon
Bar'tow (tug) 30 E Cape Henry noon 11th.
Dellwooil 200 from Honolulu 8 I'M 9th.
C A Canfleld 180 R Jupiter noon 10th.
C A Snider paosort Hatteras noon 10th.
Caracas nor, S Ambrose noon 10th.
Cecil County 115 N1V Mississippi bar noon
Clilcaroauga lat 23 47. ion 70 39 noon 0th.
Chester Khvannla 117 E Cape Charlea noon
1 China 3.240 \V San Franotaco 8 PM 9th.
City of St Louis 1119 B Ambrose noon 11th.
Cottonplnnt 38 SSE Barnegat noon 11th.
Cuttyhunk 135 E Cape Henry noon 11th.
City of Everett 4 N Jupiter noon 9th.
City of Para 1.034 S Han ranulsco 8 PM 8th.
City of Vernon 20 N Hatteras noon 10th.
City of St Louis 131 8W Hatteras noon 10th.
Coamo 370 R Ambrose noon 10th.
Cornet 145 N Hatteras noon 10th.
Comus 28 N Putterst noon 10th.
Conshohocken 080 ENE Cape Henry noon
-Coppename 27 N Parrlos noon 10th.
Corson .320 E Five Fathom I. V 8 PM 10th.
Creole 49 S Hatteras noon 10th.
Danriednlke 300 SE South Pass noon 10th. I
Do Roto 00 XK Sand Key noon 10th. I
Dewey 44 NE by K Jaek-ont lllo noon 10th. |
plrlgo 209 WNW Tort near noon 10th.
Tturango 424 W Kan I'edro s I'M am.
Knst. iih Soldier lat 29 01. Ion 110 28 8 FM
Eastern Temple 1,970 B San Francisco noon
Eastern Tempest 1,708 E Caps May noon
El Alba 1C4 WNW Tortugas noon 10th.
El Cld 203 SE South Pass noon 10th.
Epnia 20 N llattcras noon 10th.
131 Kl*lo 92 NW Tortugas noon 10th.
El Slid 22 N Borahroro noon 10th.
Europa 100 N Cristobal 4 AM 9th.
K D A ache 813 W Key West noon 10th.
Frieda ir.0 R Hatteras noon 10th.
Geo C> Htnry 334 K Tampleo noon 10th.
George Jones 71 NE Jupiter noon 8th.
Olenpool 80 E Sand Key noon 0th.
Gulf of Mexico 205 W Torttiyas noon 10th.
Gulfcoast 440 HE Sabine noon 10th.
Gulfland 490 13 Sabine noon 10th.
Gulfmald 888 WNW Tortuga.i noon 10th.
Oulf.dl 225 RW Hatteras noon 10th.
Gulnt ream 90 N Hatfcrns I. V noon 10th.
Hathaway 1,145 W San Francisco 8 I'M 8th.
Ituhnaon 722 W San Pedro 8 FM 8th.
Ifolden Evans 291 NE Tampleo noon 10th. .
Hart wood 71 from San Francisco 8 FM 10th. j
Hathaway 1.3T5 from San Francisco 8 FM ;
Henry It Mallory 580 N Jupiter noon 11th. j
Hoxbar 52 S t ape Fear noon ?th.
Tsabrla 134 SJ3 Mississippi bar noon 10th.
Indian HaWoi 203 R Cape Mala 9 AM 9th.
Iaonomla 84 N Hnttoras noon 10th.
J C Iionnell a hp: Hatteras noon 10th.
J H GTTNJon 100 BW Hatteras noon 10th.
Jackson 300 EN 13 Nantucket noon 11th.
Jean 7T 8 llattcras noon 10th.
Katerrln Augusta Victoria 548 K Ambrose ;
noon llth.
Klshacoqullla* 23 HE Tort upas noon 10th.
Kchukil 29<? SW Hatteras noori 10th.
Kenovvls 195 N Jupiter noon 10th.
Knockflernn 30 S Jupiter noon 9th.
Knowlllo In! 20 19, Ion fl", 31 npon 10th.
La lirva 1.500 from I'ort Kan t,uls 8 FM t
Lake Ellcnorah lot 35 41, Ion 7k 28 noon '
Lake Fari'sman 7(1 N Hatteraa noon llth.
Lakn Fiiftnugh 102 F.NI3 Cape Henry noon
Lake Ollta 14*. NE c.'apo Henry noon llth.
Lake Strabo 20 HKE Overfalls noon llth.
Lake Benbow 233 NW Tortujcaa noon 10th.
Lake Charles 77 BW Oar Head noon llth.
Luxe Charlottesville 0 BW Hatteras noon I
i-iKH r.iniiiui pa mi o? u, ion 11 -u noon I
Rake Rankler 032 8 Arrhrore noon nth.
tnkr Fife Iftt 2n 30. ton M 31 noon 10th. f
T.ake Flume 02 S Jupiter noon Pth.
l.aka Foraby 270 NV Tortu a i noon l?th. i
Lake I'raley llifl 8B Ponaa'.oln noon 10th.
i.nko Kraice 90 8 t>y W Fenwlck 1. V noon
Uki' Clrth 303 PR Pnhlnn noon Kith.
I nk" llarrle 33 SB Inplter noon 10th.
Alfttlril 'ork 310 NK Nantwket noon 10th.
M.ittola W1 N Hattrra' noon 10th.
Maul 1.103 E lloitoluln 8 I'M 9fli.
Mot on ail NNW Jupiter noon lOtli.
Mitnpan 3"3 H South Pill"! noon 10th.
Movnnin 43 H Hoot land i, v noon loth.
Mohllo Clly 113 NW by W Pan Antonio noon I
9th. I
Mount F.vane lat 27 14, Ion no 87 noon 10th. |
Munawar 279 P Ambroap noon 10th.
.VanklnK 1.049 W Honolulu 8 PM 8th.
Xewburg ?2 otf Alligator noon 10th.
Olinrv 80 S Caps Pan Lu'-a* 9 PM 10th.
Overhrnok 231 F Ikdioe 1-Inntl noon 10th.
Pnloma 14ft S Halt' in* n?mti 10th.
Parlmilba 413 NW Crlntohal noon 10th.
fewlet 1,478 from Portland 8 PM 8tit.
I'rnunylvaola 383 jl Jiobmi Inland noon 10th.
IV rfeet Inn 130 KB, Tampion noon 10th. 1
Philadelphia 1.313 s H'otlanrt t. V* noon 10th.
Phoentk 91 p llntterun tinnn 10th.
Plalnftcld o BHB Cano Henry noon 10th.
PuK"t Piultid lot 21 23, Inn 82 40 noon 9th.
Itoyal Arrow 580 from Han Franeiaeo h PM
Pnliltie Ptm 170 P\V flutter*" noon tOtli I
8nn ,7o#?1 2T1 P Pan Vimtrhiro 8 PM 10;It.
San I/ti'i.: i 33 PR Charleston noon loth.
Hniita cru* 7 ion w Ho. . lulu 8 PM mil
Buperlno 180 N Cut'! Canaveral noon 10th. '
Sloklyeu 230 N Pan Fianulacg 8 I'M 10th.
Steel Trade* 103 8W Hat total noon 10th. i
Steel Worker 2 of t'otnt lUyv 8 I'M 10th.
Pan Plan 734 S Nantueket t< V 1 AM 11th. I
Man Juan Ml 8 Ainbroaa noon 10th. i
Santa Ana 1,015 6 Scotland L V S PM ?th.
Simla Iasonora lat *3 51, Ion 07 5- noon
Santa Hlta 371 EXE Cane Henry noon 11th.
Silver Shell -100 BE Sabine a Pi| 10th. .
Socony lat 28 07, loh 02 08 noon 10th.
Springfield 160 S Portland 8 PSf 8th.
South Pole 1,080 E Ambrose noun loth.
Standard 180 \V Sand Key noon 9th.
Steel Hanger 443 S Ambrose noon 10th.
Siiel Worker 2u S Pan Francisco b PM ith.
Huhratco ,r, 10 K Ambrose noon 11th.
Sun 235 NW Tortugai noon 10th.
Tl , r^r.? li>l 9'! "li If,,, it? i at iinon tbth
Myites 515 S Capo Ileary noon 10th.
Utacarbon 87 N Jupiter riuon 10th.
Vinton County l.r8 h Ambrose noon 11th.
W M Irish 400 SE Hatteras noon 10th.
W C Tingle IH E trund Key nopn 0th.
Wrn t? Witrden 42 NK Jupiter noon Oth.
Walter I) Mutison 02 S Hattcas noon 10th.
West Cadron 780 from San Pedro 8 PM 8th.
West .Cellna 100 E Cape Henry noon 10th.
West Klip 1C5 N Balboa 8 PM Oth.
West Hlka 182 W San Peilro 8 PM 8tli.
West Keeue 800 E Honolulu 8 PM 8th.
West Numentum 1,145 W Portland 8 I'M
West Totant passed Mobile bar noon 10th.
W II Tllford 74 N Hatteras noon 11th.
Wort Cadiioa 1,807 from San Francisco 8
l'M Cth.
West Nil us 234 from San Francisco 8 PM
Western Cross 1,100 8 San Francisco 8 PM
Wheatland Montana 1,045 from Seattle 8 I'M
Wilcox 110 RE Bouth Pass noon 10th.
Bound South.'
Rtr Cnlvln Austin, lioiton for New York.
Tug John Garrett, with 8 barges (at 8:35
Bound East.
Schr John A Heckman, Now York for
Sherbrooke. N8.
Schr Altana M Jagger, Haritan River for
Rchr H H Chamberlain, New York for an
Eastern port.
Tug Eugene Hughes, with 2 barges (at 12
U. S. Naval Communication Service.]
Str Vertrls (Br), Davles, Liverpool?
Cunard Steamship Co.
Str Aqultanla (Br), Charlos, Cheiliourg
and Southampton?C'unanl Steamship Co,
Str Koordam (Dutch), Van Walraven, Rotterdam
via Plymouth nnd Boulogne?HollandAmurh
a Line.
Str Bristol City (Br), McCrlnko, Bristol?
Jamos Arkcll A Co.
Str Lake Savtis, Small, Bremen and Hamburg?C
B Richard & Co.
Str Mar del Norte (Sp), Larransanlter,
Hamburg?Kerr Steamship Co.
Str Vaeconla (Br), Brothers, Rotterdam?
Funch, Ed ye & Co.
Str Western Glen, Leerberg, .Rotterc|am?
Co?motKilitan Shipping Co.
Str Idaho (Br), Bull, Antwerp?Sanderson
A Son.
Str Raygola (Br), Evans, Marseilles via
Philadelphia?J H Winchester A Co.
Str Canada (Fr), Manantettl, Palermo,
&< . via Provldenco?James W Elwell & Co.
Str Eastern Pilot, Cray. Constantinople,
Ceuta, &< ?Oriental Navigation Co.
Str Bolton Castle (Br), Howe, Yokohama,
Kobe, Ae? Barber Steamship Linos, Ihc.
8tr Dryden, Yokohama, Kobe. Ac?
Berber Steamship Lines. Inc. *
Str Waugaratta (Br), Horscroft, Auckland,
Wellington, Ac?Norton. Lilly A Co.
Str Hawaiian, Laverge, San Pedro, Ran
Francisco, Ac, via Panama Canal?United
American Lines.
Str Pleiades, McNamara, Los Angeles and
San Francisco via Panama Canal?Luckenbaeh
Steamship Co.
Str Garfield, Mommscn, Buenaventura,
Menta, Ac?W R Grace & Co.
Str 31 J Soanlon, Bpsborg, Santos, Rio
Janeiro, Ac?New York and Argentine Steamship
Str Philadelphia, Wood. Monte Chrlstl,
Puerto Plata. Ac?Clyde Steamship Co.
Str Pevolente, Sherlot, Port Lobos?Columbur
Shlpnlng Co.
Rtr Edward L Doheny, Prager. Tamplco?
Pan-American letroleum and Transport Co.
Str Tlvlven, l'alzell, Santiago, Kingston,
Ac?United Fruit Co.
Str Feltoro, Vachsmuth, Daiquiri?Ore
Steamship Corporation.
Str Ulv '(Nor). Lyngholm, Santiago, Cartag-na
end Porto Colombia?Five Continent
BTcamcnip uo.
Sir Corah-ana, Plzer, Culbarlen and Sagua
?Munson Steamship Line.
Str Manltov.-oe, Kelly. Havana?Foreign
Transport and Mercantile Corporation.
Str Free-port Sulphur No G. Wallon, Freeport?Froeport
Sulphur Co.
Str El Valle, Mattsan, Galveston?Southern
Pacific Co.
Str Arnpahop, Devereaux. Charleston and
Jacksonville?Clyde Steamship Co.
Str Cake Tllrlo, Forrest, Wilmington and
Brunswl -k?Clyde Steam dilp Co.
Str llnnillton, Nel?on, Norfolk?Old Dominion
Transportation Co.
Str Eastern Merchant, Aliman (from Calcutta).
Baltimore?\V 11 Grarc A Co.
Str Santa Theresa (Br), Calderwood, Perth
A rriboy?American and Cuban ^Steamship
Str S M Kpauldlng. Spcrr (from Tnmpleo),
Perth Amhoy?Pan-American Petroleum and
Transport Co.
Str Erholm (Nor). Johannasen, Walton,
NS-J F Whitney A Co.
Str Pawnee. Robinson, Boston?Faa tern
Steamship Corporation.
Str Calvin Austin. Holmes, Boston?Easterr
Steamship Corporation.
Str Henry Clay. Farmer, New London?
United States Shipping Tlonrd.
Stir IC C Ada,Tin (Br), Moshor. Newark?
8< arnni' ll Brothers.
Tug Aurelie (llr). Gardner, Fernatldlna?
Smith A Terry.
Tug Gypsum King. Miller. Speneere Island,
NS?.1 F Whitney A Co.
Tug Nallrnas, Smith, St George?Potter
Transportation Co.
Parte Clinrlox W Balrd, Gregny, Speneere
Island, N8?J F Whitney A Co.
Str* Garfield, Buenaventura and Manta:
Pleiades, San Francisco: Hamilton, Norfolk;
Magyororszag (Pal), Trieste via Philadelphia;
Eastorn Merchant. Bal'linoro; Inca,
La Romana; Santa Clara, Bllboa; Bermudas,
Newport News. City <>/ Savannah, Suva
'. nah.
Palled 11th, strs Lake Fandon. Santiago
and Guantanamo; Ulv (Nor), Santiago and
Cartagena; Freenort Sulphur No 0, Freeport;
Mar dal Norte (Sp), Hamburg; Fa lino
(Peru). Rio Janeiro and Montevideo: Lake
Sovus, Bremen and Hamburg.
Sebrs Asqulth (Br), St Johns. NF; Orlando
V Wooten, Norfolk,
failed 10th, str Vinton County, Kingston.
The corrected reaurna . ...? .
(reduced to jr* lovel) at Nnw York on Monday,
Oct II, 1120, at fi AM. a? r ported by
the United States Weather Bureau, wa?
thirty and seventeen hundredths <30.t")
inches. This olorely approximates seven
hundred and elxty-xli rind tliree-t< nths
(766.3) millimetres. Captains of ail vessels
now lying In or near the ports of New York
and Brooklyn car advantageously use the
shove official dnte for observing whether
their own barometers require any considerable
correction or adjustment.
Wind at Handy Hook, 8 I'M, B, 2 miles;
clear, moderate sea. At City Island at sunset
,8, light breeze; dear; smooth sea.
CAFK HATE, NK, Oct 11?Barometer at
noon. 2P.32 Inches: wind, W. light breeze;
weather, dull; temperature, 02 deg Pahr.
Rtr Vlldfugl (Nor), which arrived here
yesterday from Part Antonio, had on hoard
A seamen from str Han Kemo, bafore re
ported a*r>orc hi ??run?.
Hargo Albany, In tow of tug Warrior, *m
sunk In collision with str Inca. outward
bound. In Buttermilk Channel at 8 AM yea- i
terday. The etoamer proceeded.
HOSTON, Oct Neg"ti*?lone are now In
progress for tlio sale of the cargo of 8.200
toni uf coal (Uncharged from eehr Jane
Palmer when that vessel put In her* several
Week* ago In n leaky condition; when repairs
wvre completed It was found that the
'-ai-go was too wet to he reloaded and the
schooner has been anchored nailing for tho
fuel to dry; It Is at 111 too wet to ho put
bark In the holds and the arhoonar will
probably iro to Norfolk and loaJ another
I'tircn for Bouth America.
HALIFAX, Oct 0-Hfr Clare Hugo Htlnnes
f (ftr), before reported k'horo on Atnet
Bhoale, was floated y> aterday bv tha At- i
laritlc Salvage Co, after discharging a portion
of her cargo.
LONDON. Oct 11?fit.r Tona, from Ttmnswlck,
bavannah and Jacksonr lllo for Pernambuco,
Hucnoe Aires, Ac, b"lore reported,
has been towed Into Para with boiler damage.
fltr Blhoncy. Vigo for New York, befora
reported ashore and latsr floated, ha* been |
dry docked at Fermi.
A fire broke out on board str Went Coast, [
at IMfaat from ftucnos Aires, fire has been |
i xtlneul-hod; cargo In No 2 hold damaged I
by fire and water; dtsrharglnr
K-r l>anl* (Pan), Philadelphia for Bkaw,
has arrived at Copenhagen damngod (n a
Kevero eale.
MontLR. Ala. Oct II?ftr lir Three Marya,
before reported abandoned, has been towed
In here by ("oast Hoard cutter Comanche.
NCW HKOFDRD, Mass, Oct .V Whaling
aclrr Cameo returned, having aprnng aleak
PORTLAND, Me, Oct A-8chr O Maud#
[la.kill (Tlr), from Wlndeor. N8, foi New
?oik, nut Into Ilootlihay Harbor a few days
ago with loea sf several lulls In Uia gale
if last weak.
1ST JOHNS. NF, Oct 11? Str Delco, from
I aulsboro, NJ, for Copenhagen, has been
toued into this port by str Nyanza, with
rudder carried a v. ay.
i Sir Lake Fnrnaj, from Norfolk for Manchester,
lias been towed into tills port by
Mr Satartla. from Nuw Vprk for Hamburg,
with ioss of throe propeller blpde*.
SANDY HOOK, NJ, Oct 11, 4:23 PM~Str
Tokjwa Maru (Jap). <Jebv?, die, via Boston,
pausing Id, signals "Not under control."
BALBOA. Oct 9? Sailed, str I.ake Fansdale
(from Tultal, Ac), New York.
Sailed I0.lt, sire Argonne. AntofaLasta;
CJera (Br), front Liverpool for Portland, of
Arrived Ulh, str Lake Oranby, San Antonio.
DATAVIA, Oct 4? Arrived, str Intan, New
BIZEKTA, Sept SO?Sailed, str Bakersfield.
probably Boston and New York.
Sallmi tith. str West Zula. Constantinople
ai d United Kingdom.
In port flth, str St Anthony, from Boston
via Montreal for Piraeus; no fuel available
until 61st.
BUKNOd AMIES, Oct 1?Arrived, stre
Effr.a, Newport News; Hokkai Maru (Jap),
Norfolk; Tonjer (Nor), do; West Kyeka,
ctr i sn r>.' t 1?Sailed motor Santa Fla
via. Mollcr.do.
CAPE TOWN, Oct 0? Arrlvod, strs City of
Colombo (Hi). New York; City of Lincoln
(Br), ito; Ilunslet (Br), do.
Sailed 3th, str Promote Castle (Br), New
COLOMBO, Vt 0? Sailed, etr Kandahar
(Br), New Y k.
CHRISTIA. AND, Oct 10. 1 I'M?Arrlycd,
atr HelUg Olav (Dan). New York.
CRISTOBAL, Oct 0?Arrived, stra Europa
(Ital), Genoa for Valparaiso; 10th. Ad- j
van. e, New York; Walton llall (Br), New .
York for Auckland, Ac; St Joseph (Fr),
Sailed Sth. atry Caribbean (Br), Carlacena;
Brook line, St Ti.omaa; ITlua (Ilr),
New York; GalJaitiea (Spj, Charleston.
CURACAO, Oct 7, 1 PM?Sailed. atr Philadelphia,
New York
KAST LONDON, Oct 7?Arrived, atr Sahtno
(Br), Philadelphia.
FAY A L. Oft 0? Sailed, atr Mantca (Br),
from Orar. .'or New York.
GIBRALTAR, O t 0?Passed, atrs Stroma
(Br), Baltimore for Alexandria: \\ m N
I'nn Norfolk for Genoa: 10th, Jo.-n&r, New
York for TNesie; Northern Star, do for
Alt" and; la.
HALIFAX, Oct 9?Arrived, atr Carolinian,
Stockholm for Hampton Roada.
Salh d t??h. i tra Bayway. New York; Birchleaf.
Gothenburg; 10th, Sachem (Br), Liverpool;
Start Point (Br), London.
HAVRE, Oct 10?Arrived. titrs Niagara
(1 r), New York; 11th, La Savola (Fr), do.
Arrived 5th. atr Pastern Light. New York.
Bulled 9th, ?tr Lafayette (Fr). New York.
HONG KONG. Oct tl?Arrived, atr Jason
(Br), New York.
Arrived 3d, atr Siberia Maru (Jap), San
'Franclaco via Yokohama.
JAMAICA. Oct 7?Sailed, atr Annetta,
KOBE. Oct 1?Sailed, atr Meiyo Maru
(Jap. new). Honolulu and San Franclaco.
.Sailed 1st. atr Deuel, Seattle.
LIVERPOOL, Oct 10?Arrived, atr Chlpana
(Br). New York.
Arrived 9th. atr Scythian (Br), Boston for
Batted 9th, str Carmanla (Br), New Y'ork.
LONDON, Oct ft?Arrived, sirs Western
Ocean, New Orleans; 10th, Venuala (Br),
Montreal: Wauconda New York.
Arrived 11th, str Meaaha (Br), New York.
Sailed 10th. stra Inkula (Br), Philadelphia;
Mlnnid'ahda (Br). New York; Went
Zwker. Galveston; 11th, Novgorod (Br),
New York.
MANCHESTER, Oct 9?Arrived, atr Scythian
(Br), Boston.
MARSEILLES, Oct G-Salled, Btr Fanchurch
(Br), New York.
MEJ1LLONES, Oct 3?Arrived, motor |
Theodore Roosevelt, Antofauasta.
MONTEVIDEO, Oct S-Arrived, str Fluor
Spin, New York.
MONTREAL. Oct 10?Arrived, atrs Calrngov
an (Bri. Plymouth; Oharnt (Br), Liver- I
pool; Dunbrldan (Br), Hamburg, Hatslord |
(Br). IJverp.Ktl: Mlnnedoan (Br), do.
Sailed 10th, sirs S, andlnavlau (Br), Southampton;
luainmonaford (Nork. Norway;
Holbrook (Ilr), Londun: Canadian Gunner I
(Br), West Indies; sheaf I.ance (Br),,
Tur.le; Flume (Ital). Gibraltar.
NAPLES. Oct S- Sailed, str Fcidlnando
falasclano (Ital), Now York.
PLYMOl Til. Oct lb. 10 AM?Sailed, atra |
Ryndant (Dut'-h), from Rotterdam for New |
York. (I I'M, Rotterdam (Dutch), from New
York for Rotterdam.
PORT SAID, Oct 10?Arrived, *tr* Rondo
(Dutch). New York: Ti h-niachu* (lir), do.
RIO HRANPE DO 8UL, Oct 0-Arrlved.
rtr Moltaelo Potmoa, New York.
ROTTERDAM, Oct fi-Arrlved. atr* C.edanlrt
(Poll. Philadelphia; Roeenfeld (III),
Baltimore, tttli, Florence Euckijibaoh, Philadelphia.
Kerroaapu Montevideo; Oth, Madrah
City ilir), Baltimore; piympe (Fr).
Sailed flth, str* Areturos (Sw), Raltlinore;
Julia l.uekenhaeh, Philadelphia; Yoko Mnru
(Jap), New York, 8th. Katharine Park (Br),
Hm.iiton Road.'.
Pallet Pth. atr Yoko Maru (Jap), Itoaton.
IlOl'FN, Oct 8?Sailed, tux hark Quevllly
(Ft). New Yftrk.
ST JOHN, NB, Oct 10?Arrived, str Cornlah
Point (Rr). Ixvndon.
Sath .I 10th, etr Manchester Merchant (Br).
PT MICHAET.fi, Oct 7?Palled, *tra Ahrtaroka
(from tilasgow), linltlmore; 8th, Monam,
(fmni I.lverpool), Norfolk.
BOUTHA MPTON, Oct 11?Arrived. etr
Philadelphia, New York.
TAMPICO. Oct 7?Arrived, atr Rochetter.
TRIKPTE, Sept .70?Arrived, atr President*
Wll on (Pal), New York.
VANCOl VER. lie. Ort 10?Arrived, atr
Wal "mo (Br), Sydney, NSW.
Sailed 10th, str Ti pa Topa. Immlngham.
VP JO, Oct 0?Arrived, atr Slboney. New
VICTORIA, no. Ot 11?Arrived,,*tra Ku.diBnl
Maru (Jap). Yokohama for Seattle;
Ernpre.i* of Aala (Itr), do for Vancouver.
YOKOHAMA, Oct .7?Arrived, atr Emprea*
of Russia (lir), Vancouver for Hong Kong.
[By Telegraph.]
ABERDEEN, Wash. Oct 10-Salled, atr
Daisy Matthews, Honolulu.
BOSTON. Oct 0?Arrived, atr Radnor,
Manila, Ac, for Philadelphia; Park Earlscourt
INor), Aalborg; tup Nottingham, towing
hai'icaa I. 4 W n C O No* 0 and P
Arrived 10th, Mr* Eftke Howe*, Nuevltas;
Lake Mary, Baltimore; Prince George (Br).
Yarmouth; Weeterdjk (Dutch), Rotterdam j
via Baltimore and Newport Newgj tug*
Earkharnfttead, towing barge Carrol. Nor- ;
folk; M Mitchell Pr.via, towing barge Iron
Queen. Newburyporl; Valley Forge, Philadelphia.
tov.Ing barges Rahn, Barry and j
Barter (and left with last barge for Port*- i
mouth and returned same PM); Zetcs, '
| l.ynn, towing t>ar;r Itomue: motor barge*
I Socony N'o tl, Providence; No 112, Portland. I
i Arrlvod 11th, wtrs Urnudon, Ralllinore; I
11iOU"w?ifr? i ni.h si ipiiin ; nurwi i.nnu,
York; eohr Gordon Tlbr?o fllr), Grand
dank, NF; tug .Juno. Sandwich, towing
(barge Katliorino Hughes, New York.
A-rlved Uth, str City of Columbus, Savannah.
Hailed Uth, tugs Piedmont. Norfolk, towing
bargcm Now .lentey, Maryland and Northern
No 14; North America, New York, towing
barge* Upton, Musconetcong, Shlckehlnney,
Hndnor and Camden.
Sailed lOih, all Evcratt, Hampton Roaila:
tugs Chas P Greenough, do. towing barg??
JInttle, Helen and Iron Quern; Narraganuett,
New York, towing barges Remus, i
Rockland and Tipton; Murrrll, Norfo'k, ;
towing barges Armietrad and Cutler; Pal- ,
Ins, Fall River, towing bargee Moornm.-k
and No 'J; Standi^d, Providence, towing
harg' Ho.-nny No 81.
Sailed 11th, sobr Freddie Eaton. Thoma-ston
tug Nottingham, New York, lowing | !
bar - I, ? \V It C C No 1.
Hailed tlth, strs Arlington, Raltlmorr;
Prince Arthur (llr), Yarniotitri; tug Valley '
For-e, Philadelphia, towing barges Klmbi r
tod. Mmnatauney and Maple 11111.?Wind at
Highland Light, NW, 10 mllea; clear;
smooth sea.
UALT1MOIU5, Md, Oct ll-Arrtved. aim
T.ake Pachuta, Norfolk; Ca'tana. Philadrl- ,
! phla: North American (Ur), New York;
Maiiatawny, Philadelphia; Weat Cellna. ,
! Manchester; I.ake Galata, Ponce; Manitowoc.
New York. ,
Cleared tlth, atta Moerdyk (Butch), RorI
demux; Wetland (Nor), Skaw; Vafcmorw
'Ur). Durkl-k; Bdgcmont. Shanghai via
'Norfolk; Miller Courty. Norfolk; Maryland
(Wr), London: Manilla fNor), Dunkirk; eohr
bam-' A bland, Cltnfuogo-. w
Hailed 11th. -ire norg-stad fNor). Tamil
i, Ponies (Greek). Norfolk and Newport .
News; Stephen It Jone*. Portland, Ma: ]
Qulnnlplei . Newport. E. and Glasgow.
HUZZARDH MAY (Cape Cod fa-,nil, Maes. ,
fV-t 10 Arrived at Sandwich, bargee Irene
M I av von, Ro"kport for New York. Si (illy j J
Mill , Passaic and Kdgewater, Huston for '
do. t
fulled from Sandwich 11th. tugs W fl 11
Tnjlnr. with 2 bargna; Ontario, with 4, 1
Paha* '
ri?M4 W tlth, tuca North Amartca, with <
3 hargea; ltntor Wllllnma. with 3.
CIlAKI.nsTON, HP. Od 11-Arrlred, Htm
I Ypallantl, flagna la Orand* f?r New
York) Cjullwark, l.lvtrpool; Cnmanrha. New
York (and called fo Jacksonville).
ft nil*''I 11th, aim Joalah Mary, Wilmington, .
NO; Havon. Havana.
CAPK IIKMlY, Va, Ort 11-raaard In. atr ,
Knot Hantaan (Nor), Philadelphia for Haiti- ,
I'aaai d opt 11th, atr* Papa Ilmry, HnHImore
for Philadelphia; I'arthcnla (llr), do
fnt A vninioutli, C," ati-r Klwanla, do for
Rotterdam; Mafl&mi khiterprla# (Hr). do for 1
HordraiHt: flaierto (llr), dr> (or tmnklrk; '
I,Ih ralor. do for Havre; Minna Horn (Mr), '
do for IP rdin'it; Hartolo (Hp), dd for-Dunkirk,
Ellin <Gr?ek), do for Ht Naralce;
II i.i i-11, ilin, N.-ui,.irl N?iv? for llnirfi; (
\Vi"'t tVnin *, Nov. i'i'rar.? via Norfolk for
Mancln: 'r. Wind K 8 mile* rlear. I
I' AI, I ltlV Pit, Mn a, Orf lfr- Arrived, tua |
Pnllr \ Hoatr-n, with barg.t Moorrmark No a. ?
| OALVUTON, Tea, Oct 11?Arrived, atra ,
Sunbeam, Saidr.s; Alamo, New York; J FiC
1 wirucc, Tamplco. IX
Sal <t llth. strs H M Flagler, New York; I
Jutmor.r iBr), port In Italy; Liberty Mln- I J
tons, Philadelphia
GLOUCESTER. Mas*. Oct ll-Arrived\ 1
Jjr','r Aviator, New York for Bridgetown.
'ACKSONVILLE, Fla, Oct 11?Arrived, atr 'J
Thames, Miami.
Sailed lllli, ktm Van. Miami; Grecian, l
Philadelphia via Savannah; Apache, New
lorl: via Charleston; achr Mahal. Las Pal- C
miLS. p
KEY WEST. Fla. Oct 11?Arrived strs
Baymlngo (Br), Algiers; Corning. Tampico. (
MANILA. Oct 8?Arrived, at re General (
Church (Br), New York; Tauyama Maru ,
(Jap), do. ' 1
MOBILE, Ala. Oct U?Arrived, atra H F
Dlmoek, Port Barrios; Lake Kyltle. Ha- I
NEW ORLEANS. La. Oct 11?Arrived.
atrn Aeanam, Norfolk; Benewa (Br. motor), g
Crl'tubal; Uossrika (ltal). New York; Gon- ^
sal a, Vera .Cruz; Hudson (Pr), Fram e;
Lake Ogden, rrogreso, O T Waring, Wilmington:
Snr. Valeria (Br), Mexico; St
Aug! title, Norfolk. Tegucigalpa (liond),
Oelba; Trtnculo (Br), Loudon; Wilcox.
Bo a Grande.
Cleared llth, stra Augusta (Hondl, Onma
via Porto Cortcz: Bretwalda (Br). Italy
via Gibraltar; Ellis (Nor). Tela via Trux- ,
111"; Lake Crescent, Cuba via Santo Do
< 1? ig>. Antwerp via Havre: Romney (Br),
Junelro; Hanturce, Port Arthur; Sun- ,
an. i.e. pon i.obns, Mexico; Thurland Castle
'Br), Antwerp via Galveaton anil Norfolk.
A rl?1 at fort Ha le 11th. atr Panoll.
Mexico (diverted to Tampa).
.-ailed fn.in Port Fails 11th, strs Hast- ,
en I , New Vork. El Old, New York; Luke
r'-rkvllle, Santiago and Cuban porta; Bake
Ots-.-'.iaKo, Nu<\ Itaa ar.d Cardenas: Surlnai.e
Port Barrios; /.uhlerdyk (Dutch), ,l
Ro'terdani via Newport News. s
U3WPORT NEWS, Va. Oct 11?Arrived,
airs Wilfred .Nor). Tmndlijcm; City of
Alton, N'ev York; l.ake Marloi), Baltimore;
lean" ,r .l!r), Ushorn; Bankdale (Ur),
New York.
Sailed nth, stra Hltteroy (Nor!, Stockholm
Dttngeness (Br), Constantinople;
Vanrll (Nor), Cherbourg; Suevler (Belg),
Bu, " ii ai 1; Ssntoie, iiavn.a; Sherman, f
Norfolk. It. I "ra via (Fr). Norfolk.
NORFOLK, Va, Oct 1 (>? Arrived, atrs Ad- {
amaiitlDa I.einoa (Or ek), Clhraltar; Bar )
llarbor, Havana; Baygowan (Ilr). Galveaton
Camilla Ollhert (Ur), New Orleans for
London: Crcmoterton (Rus). Hull; Cymric r
Va!" (Br), Newport; Harlswood (Ur), New- '
port. K; rtiku Maru (Jap). Qalveatoni J
Orelben (Hr). Sabine for Cede; Hovland , *
(Nor), Sydney; Isotta (Hal), Naples; Iocastl ' 1
i Greek), Portland, B; Jerrey City (Br), ?
BrKbam; '< rousted (Nor), Stockholm; i
Kailavlk (Siv), Seville; Lake Buckeye,
Dai,uiout: Melpo (Crock), Piraeus; n
Olilean, Marseille*; Pali adore (8p), Port- .
land; Htorborg (Nor). Shields; San'a Cecilia, A
CIvitu V-vMa: fltlkleetad (Nor), Rotter- .
dam; Thorhlorg (Nor). Port Talbot: West- ?
land. New Orleans; Wilfrid (Nor), Shields. .
Arrived 11th. strs Cosmos Volga (Br), .
Ht Ufa*, Paw-tucket, Wilmington; l)eii- *
rftllon (Br), New Y'orlc; Nortlkap (Dan),
Shields Auatralford (Br), Antwerp: Strathlorne
(Br). Bordeaux-, Madam Enterprise
(Br), Hallimore; Mcndora, Halifax; Solhatti;
(Nor), Jacksonville; Burgermelstcr
S i r- der i Ilr), Liverpool; I.olin Hp), ! ?
Shields (ordered to Philadelphia); C'ala- I
veras, port Tampa; Nantes (Fr). Haiti- I
more. LI an go me (Br), Cardiff: Alexandra;
(Greek), Barry; Singapore (Br), lqulque;
Campania (Ital), Leghorn; Olenearn (Br),
Ban: Belvnrnon (Nor), New Vork; Llv *
(Nor), Sund.-rland; Freeman. Portland;
Agamemnon (Dutch), Savannnh. 1
Hall d Oth, str Ohenlston (Hr), Havre. ~
Hulk 10t';, sirs Bethlehem Bridge. Ill- _
.-.cite; City of Vernon, Galveston: Cor.de de a
Zublrla (8p). Bordeaux; Gargoyle., Beau- I
me. . Luke Fouche, Dunkirk, l.nke Fur- "
lough. Bristol; I'lalnfleld, Barbados; Port
lis. king (Ilr). I-ondon; Phoenix, rort
1.olios, Hnmapo, do; Sovvalls Point, CI-"a
V'-.-ihla; hark Suzanne (Fr). La Ruchelle.
Sailed llth, stra Thaone (Greek), Havre; ,
W-.it Wanna. Manchester; Cuttyliunk, 1
Bremen; l.angtlnd (Nor), Boston; Cailin* t,
Galveston; Cowan, Boston; Altcnfels (Br),
Hot* .-til am.
NEW BEDFORD. Mass. Oct 10?Arrived,
s.-lir Chalice L Jeffrey, Rockland.
I'OUT ARTHUR, Tex. Ot 10?Arrived.
s:im Watertown, Tamplvo; Gulf Queen, New .
Vork, Solitaire. Jacksonville; Col Rockwell, j
Arrived llth, stre British Fern (Br), Bon- _
don Argon. Boston. a
Sailed 10th, strs Elrano (Sp). Menstna:
Be Coq (Br), Sabine-(to finish cargo).
Ruiied llth, strs Paraguay, Philadelphia;
Bightburne, Delaware River; ltnanoke. Port
I oboj , Gulf Star, Tamplco: British General
(Ur), Holland ports; Winifred, Tamps.
PASCAOOUBA. Miss. O t 11?Arrived,
schre Diistln O Creasy, Havana; Hope Sher
wood, oiopiie.
PENSACOLA. FIb. Oct ll-Arrlvnd, sirs
Wulsty Castle (Ilr), British ports; Irtik*li'i'-'h
(Br), Liverpool; aux ?ctir Tempate,
Ta npa.
Hailed 11th. *tr? flothle (Br), Liverpool;
Kim: City il!r), France.
PORT TAMPA. I la. Oct 11? Arrtv.il. rtrs
C'lpt'i'a?. Philadelphia; iltli. Railygaliys
li-n-1 (Br), Uurrv, Kinllia S cl.< l'.-re,. (Hp), I
CI'a lectori.
Sailed 11 til. ?tr Marearet, Baltimore. I
I'll 11 .A I - El,Pl 11A, l'a. net 11 Arrived. '
itra Man-hestcr Merchant (Ur), Manchester I
via St John. HQ; V-ctnorge (Nor), Pert J
Antonio; Marahal Preach (Br), London; I
Kt-lt'uuru (Hal), Norf-I't, TJlt-r (ltri. New- I
port News; \Ve< tern Plains. Liverpool; West I
Tn-'ook. Antwerp via Baltimore; Herbert I. t
Pratt, Tort Lobos: J C Donnell. dn, J W J
Van Dyke, Thameshaven; Panga, Quebec; I
Cnpe Henry. Baltimore; Fargo, do; l.ake t
Strabo. Charles'on;.Ontarlo, Boston. Mcrrlnnck.
Jacksonville and Savannah; Olenora,
Wilmington, Del; Lancaster, Tientsin, Ac, i
via N - Y irk; Araeaju (llrar.), Foe- > f
Clear-d 9th, Btr< Burnwell, Port Lohoa;
Veelai(Nor), Ivlgtut.
Cleared tllh, atra Glyndwr (Br), Havre -j
(fpr orders); Atlantic city (Br). Better- "
dam; Fre-lerl- a (Ilnl), Trieste via Calv d
ton; Kruti'lll lllarlrl rltal), Buenos All - s ( jj
Sailed Ml). tug I.' : r-pe, Boston. to rig ; 1
barge- Tnrnaneud and Pennington and bark f
John J Phillip*. I
Passed .down Reedy Island lltb, strs I
Buinwell. Phlladelt hla for Port Lobos; |
Lake I>ara-'a, do for Ouantanamn via New j
Y' ik; HolMsr (Helg). do for Havre Boa-Is ,
(for orders); Wenakre, do for Norfolk; |
cehr YVtlhrrt S Bartlett, do for Guadeloupe.
Passed otc Delaware Breakwater Pth, t'10 j
PM. ?tr Wllhelin Van Drlel, 8r (DuteJu,
Philadelphia for Boueru
Passed out 11th, strs Cantano, Philadelphia
for Baltimore; Scottaburp, do for
Brest; Valdura -Mr), do for Oothenb'jn;; 1
Dlllwyn, do for Tamnlco; Vardulla (Br). I
do for Bristol; O-i.'enfels (Br), do for Itot- I
t -i -arc . Clan-1'- (Br), do for do- Nava
rlno (Br), (lo for Liverpool; 8*AM. tug; I
Catawlasa, h-wlng t-orres Cacoo-'lng, Ma
urglo and flalrin. for Eastern porta.?Wind |
w ?n..u ?n:iikv; smooth s-a. I
t;<'MTFANlV Me.' Oct 11?Arrived, itrt II
Me hi. Norfolk l.i' Inaha, do ii
POHT8MOUTI1. NH. Oct 10-Arrlved, I
barge Bitter. Philadelphia.
nOCKI'OBT. Oat 9?Arrived, hnree A
Sidney Pavlnon. llonton.
SAN KIIANCIUC'O. Cal. Oct 0-A Ived, I
Mrs Choyo Mnru tJan), New York, . for
Yokohama, A-o; .Vllnklanaa, Manila; 10th,
Tofun iHr). Walllnaton.
Arrived llth, atr Ventura, flrdntjf.
Hailed 0th. *tr< II"" ",, Maru (Japt, Fan- tinko;
Colioa. Cal ulla; 10th, waterbury, I
lit,Bland; Amur Mum (Jap), from N<nv I
tork for Kobe; m tor flahlnda (llr), Val- ; I
paralno. I I
SAVANNAH, Oa, Oct 11?Arrived, atr : I
Juniata, Baltimore (and aalltd for Jack- I
Sailed llth, en Typhoon (Br), IAver- j I
pool; Nacoo.See. ronton
tfnlled llth. etr Crawl Key*, port Tampa.
AMPA, Kin. Oct 11?Arrived, atr l.eko ,
Traver ;e, Baltimore; achr Thnman B (lar- f
lu ,d Oarder.a*
Hnlied llth, tun Baranca, Now Orlcana.
\ INK V All I > IIAVKN. Mane. Oct H-SaU?>1. A
rhrn Nantlsco (from Nantucket), New c
York; Krancla Goodnow (from Wlndaor.
N'H), do.?Wind variable, llirht; amonth iri; IF
I c
IB) Mall J I
A ': l IA, O. Oct 6?Arrived, atr City of I
Bono, Honolulu. I I
' TTI.KU. M". Oct 1 -Arrived. vh- Moon- |
llphf, New York for St Stephen, NH. '*
nil.' Oct S -Arrived, rtr Enteiprtee, Pan >
("rani t?oo. ;
HONOIiULU, H? jtrrivra, ?n >v?pi ^
Marine Engineers f
Employed on Ocean Steamships "
M'Klltl, WKKTINfi1' I "Oil sTKAMvilirjl
\ I, ASSOCIATION No. XI e\rrj ?
I 1". St., oi SS Park ?w Vnrk Mtr.* : n
liirrj nlNim?bl|i Kmliwr, Irreapeutlvr of _
rliat I oral ho liolih im-mbrrftliip In, I* car- I S
ilalljr lotltr.l to attend. ?
Hil-.l'n?i Manager. Jg
F"OR Bale?Suitable for inland Waiarwaya. 'i
l".0 ft. I'Vl . Htr.lr.r r, |'
00 ft Motion Harar; email Tub 14 ft. ?q. i1
II TNTOKH, Urooktjrn Hrld*i Hack, MewYork, ,1
TrlJglMlS^jtdO. ' I
rt OUOAT-Wood hull". Mi i .. InnhM off (l
all; .nitlno 20x20 lm he. holler nllnw. d
14" pouixn at' a-- I r fur'! i taithuilai a (
stsoix " 4 (
IMKftn'AN lift, van- f. inovlim 11r ? oi.I.? V
furnltura batween Europe and Amarlra and | ,v
wtuaen cltlra 111 the Vnliad State*; houoo to
luu i > without boxlnf. only oaf?, tav and *
wi .lbla nirt .ud, BOWMNO GRKMN HTOR I C
MIB * VAN CO.. If IIroadway. Now Torh. j V
7S OF 1
ajoot, Norfolk; 3th. La Brua, Fort San I
JONEBPORT, Mo. O ' f- In port. *' I
.'tftgiierU.-, Bhulot for Boat on.
MAYAiiclz, l'l;. Oc t 2?Sailed, achr '
lob.rt It Murphy, Fort No .uii ,
Arrived Oct 1, btr Beatrice, New York.
ORANUE, Tux, < ict 7?Tailed, utr Cricket,
NtliiKi I K, Va, Oct C -CUurcd. eclir Edna
I McKnlcht, < urtage.iM,
Pirn,AI>Fl !'H t Ft-.. Oc' s?Arrived, to,'
ieriu: , IWTci.nl .. I., Tunlie,
Fort Point and Sutnru, Soarspoit
N 1-TtANf ;o. f.Vt. Oct 4?Arrived,
fi ilya.U.i, Kuam.pall. schr Esther, Buta.
til, II Admiral Wall:v 11,'ht, UaUuston
la i .tlboa for I a-.an Jails, schr Irene,
Kail*-.! t!d, ,tr? Herher, Portland, O; 6th,
l?ah Jah (Chin), Shanghai.
HHAMSini'S, tCXt'l KSIONS and I ?MI(S.
Hudson River
by Daylight
'Wtuhlnrtun Irslng," "Heiidriok Hudsoa,"
"Robert Fulton," "Albany."
"Do Will Clinton" In Sonliu May. I'll.
Bunts ure steam heated uu<l perfectly eomurtnlilc
In till. glurlnUs Autumn weather.
Direct Rail Connections. All througu rat
Irketa betuaen N"w York ai.U Albany acepteil.
Mrolc. Restaurant.
Steamer leave* ilally Including Sunday,
leabl is i St., 8:40 A. M.; Went 42d St..
:00 A M.; Worn 12?th St.. 0:20 A. M.. Yon:ors,
0:."0 A. M.; landing at tHear Mounaln.
tWest Point (weekdays only), tN'ewurgh,
tPoughkuep le, Kingston Point,
'atcklll. Hudson and Albany.
tR turn steamer same day from points
narked t.dJtmna!
trips COLUMBUS DAY, (Set. 12,
,nd Stindav Oct. 17. leaving DcBlirosscs St..
MO A. M.: West -fJd St., 10 A. M.J West
29th St., 10:20 A. M.l Yonkcrs. 10:f,0 A. M..
or II.-ar Mountain. New burgh, Pouglikeeple
ami return to West 42d St.
Idrnl one-day ontlngs.
Telephony Canal 9300.
Pay ILine
l)e?bros*ra St. PHr. Now York. |
uolumbus Day Outing l{
iu iniLivoiniL 1 /VAIY
-liking rnd All Outdoor Sports ?
lit* Lino to and from Ferry esnnoctin* with \
}y clonal i St.?Rwray. Bt-'.tlun awl 207th St. F
Wont?? for A ? ?<>* to li l*ot lit% iu N. 4. }
1~Z" . TT c
Lsslfrn StesintVtp '.in-s, ! i:.
Ail the wav t>y water
Steamers leave Tier 18, N. H., foot of
Murray Fit. PHONE BARCLAY 600*.
Lla.ly o.t 5 F. M. (Dayli ;rit Tima)
ally HUllltij, from I'tcr til, N, It., at lies- j
irosnes St. U P. M.; West 1.12d St.. 6:3l> XV
il. Direct rail connections at Albany to all '
joint* north, east anil west. (Daylight sav- |
ng time.) I
Phnne Canal 9000.
Express Freight Service. Autos Curried. '
Worcester $!.!?2; Providence direet. $:t.84 I
Dally, In eluding Sunday, "u i>. M. I
U'oyiigiir Bavins Tin <
Krom Pier 10, E. R. Phone 'J700 Ilo?kman
TIcketa at Pier or Conanliilated office*
loat leave* Pier 39, N. R. If W. Ilointos
It.), Pally and Sunday at 30 I M. (day- Ith*
aavli a tlina), Pnone Spring 9491.
"TOl HIST" Around N< w t?rk.
v.Ralt. ryl'l r dally 10 30.3 f- l ''r- nd3.',73
Nrwliurth, I'otigltkerpvle, Klnc?ton. I,v. 1
'ru.-iltll-i ." . I I' V - i I n I*. ,M. J
and ,
(Freight and Parnen^t r 8- rvlre)
r:.-;, "CALDAS" E"? <
'or Hato* an*1 Further Infortr .iM Aih> v to
1A n ' nnr a ai nu" i *? if m --
.m\iDi>QAn amiivianir t..u.9 Ltd.
Brjdgti St. T?*l H'wltn pr (]r-,rn
* % T 1 k |l r o? V-wl~
^^5 J I if id J+-* pio Dt j>Npmn sak *04
HONTrvtnrOA *Ufwon
ViMw>Mflhip fw> bywodpra ^
a0f?<ii 4 |u*v?t|-4 t* tra
;H. Vp.u!?4n, Of HO. H. H Ityron.
aT ? w^T? np> >n.Nov. m ^ ^
* Vr^trN, Nov so r#,r
Firat CI.** P??i?n|?ri
fewYork Id Cape Town, South Africa ^
. S. "ETEN".. .about October ISlj
or mtM and furthrr InfnrninM .n apply fo ,
. ft. ft A. I.IM v INT.. 'I I > llrWrr Sir*,r. m
Y.rfc fit I l.r'f .VM'i.
covEiis niE wj.u-j
245 BroaJway. 561 Fiitti AventM. |
l'p?t liidtrs ( nil.rs Clank loir, t < <?. i i
riftti Ay*., bet. 41?t and ?3n<l fit*. Van- _
>ri?ll' .
(ill I I Jar* Mrumimp aerrlro-KioiU*. th* E
ftrotma*. Cuba. T**a?, California. Vl'iico,
art* Mm, bantu LAxnlnao, Appiy iW &Ul A*. ^ 4
rHE W(
? soon
Callao, Mollcndo, Arica, Iqui
and Monthly Sa
The Largest Stear
26 It road way. New York
or an.v Stcamsh
Aquilama New York to Cherbourg and 1
Caronia New\ork " Plymouth and (.
Carmania New York " Liverpool
Calabria New York " Patras, Dubrov
Mauretania ... .New York " Cherbourg an ! i
Saxonia New York " Plymouth, Chert
K. A. Victoria. .New York " IJvcrpool
Co'umbia New York " London !erry an
Pannonia New York " Patras. Dubrovn
lmperator New York " Cherbourg an l v
I'aasengcr and Freliht Senlr
21-24 STATE. sTRI
International Mercai
N'. Y.?Cherbonrg?SoutiiiinipUui
\'ew York. .11 A.M. Oct. 16 Nov. 13 Dec. 11
it. Paul 11 A.M. Oct. 23 Nov. 20 Dec. H
Philadelphia 11A.M. Oct. 30 Nov. 27
New Y'ork?Hamburg
Vlanrhuria 11A.M. OcL 21 Dec. 2
Mongolia 12NcunNov. 1 Dec. 16
New V9rk?Southampton?Ant \\ rrp
'.roonUnd 11 A.M. Oct. 23 Nov. 27
ao'snd 11 A.M. Oct. 20 Dec. 4
'inland 12 Noon No*. 6 Dec. 11
Ictlund 12 Noon No*. 1.1 Dec. 18
Offices, 9 Broadway, New York.
I uted State S:>i|
H 'vA '^ew York to Rio de
f h~s w wasi
0 (t? Is' * 2r1 class.
kJ M For pa
H ^ Lst/ applv to a
|l MUNSOf*
. ,,,,TTor nep't. W-U? .! ?>? ? .
Drrtct Rid*-. IK*P*,JL'd?- P'rSU
HWT\\ lL|ln<!flphl* Boltteoro <^o?e
r ^rrTmrzirrzrrr.r U;/<JH.
Baltic Steamship
Cabin Passenger Service to
s. s. "new rochelle"
formerly Ha i burg-American l.lner
Sailing November 12th
Direct Trains to Paris
DANZIG Thud tlas.i
Traffic Department
24 Whitehall Str-et. New York City
rtowlInK Green WHO and MM.
t.Y .to CADIZ. dL DAkCh-LuNA
t M. S. Ilueno* Aire* About Oct. 11
L M. 8. Alfon-o XIII About O. t. 23
l. M. S. P. (le S#tni?l't?l \bout Ort. 17
For Pirtlor Particular* Applj to
I.t l? I I.AN.HO, A*eut.
ler I. R. H. Telephone Powlln* C.reen 51 St.
Swedish A^ehicah
Ifcort Rnfl to ?rreden. DMOHUt.
Finland. Rtole. fSermany, la.
Dlrrot lo ,
I. s. ftTOTKHOIJ* Oct M, Dae. ?i
i, 8. DICOTTMNOIfOIM . ,S?*. I*. |>ee. 31
loper'of Aeeoiimodatlen*, lot, M I it C'laaa.
'aiaenjrr < )(hce, 21 jlaie Sire*!, Naw tv* j
ee5si2cik! li^ie?
IfnHMGa fil'JiWirT>Al?'nriTKJIiF I
' Exyrrtt Wait-al Serum ET3
* t.OUIMIVU.... ??<!. 13,' No*. II, Dk. II
AK4YKTTI; ..... o< t. si. .
A IUI KAINK ?<t. 20, Nov. JO, l?r. M
IH IIAMHKAI' lift. ?. H i 1.
A WVOfK Oi l. 10. Nov. 21. Hoc. 21
IAfiAICA No*. H.
IIA>'( K No*. 4, Ore. I. llw. 39
KUI'IM IIINA Nov. ?< |
ilMTANY't i?H t' R I " HTATB , N. V. I
YV L rnmark, Norway,
* *t dan, Uarttunf,
I !' odorik VIII Oct. II
'a lotted ?t..4*? o?t. 11
'i>','.Vvf *'1 , ' Ovarii Nov. I
US* W? foil* III it* Nov. I*
or I'lifm't Holv*. rtf.. 1 l>r.>. ilnip, X. |,
Ideal AutuAin Vacation* to IV-miiKta. Tull
? tali* furtico HcmnnU l.tne. N. V.
Narwralan Atnrti,.-? I in*. Norway, 9*o*dl,
L'tiouark. ofiioa, a 10 lirtdaa It..
? '
que, Antofa?asta, V
0" OCT.
1 NOV. 27 0 owoJqL
.. 7 " V , : /
ilinga Thereafter.
nera in the Trade.
m KAWiaATiOM 00.A
HON', Ccneral Aurnt.
^roarf 2390
Ip Ticket Akeut.
i 'I ' i i i I m) 1
j for the welfare of
of the service on m Cnnor4tf.
Southampton ,Qft. U ivfotk- i Nov. 23
iher'oourg (it, il Nw,<U Jin. I
v jCk^J Nftv.30 Dsc. 1|
nik and Trieste . lS.Qc| 2i . ? ??
>ourg arvl Hamburg.. Oct. 30 Dec. 9 ??
Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Jan. I
d Glasgow ,.Ni?V- 6 Dec. II Jan. IS
ik and Trieste Nov. 9 ??
!out'na*noton.Nov. 11 Dec 9 Jit. 15
e?. I'or later w1lla?s Htply ; t) 0 O
EET, NE* yor.V
y ' i n.L.JLUl
jtile Marine Company
N. v.?riir r!>ourc?KotifltanXSttAT* '7
Adriatic .. 11 A.M. Oct. 21 h**. !< Otf* M
OLYMPIC.. 1 P.M. Not, 6 N?? 27 -r
-New York?Liverpool
Celtic .... 12 N:>cn No*. 6 Die. II Jan. II
Saltic ... 12 Noon Not, JO Pe<-22 1 *
New York?-Azores?(ilbrulLtC
Cmopie . 3 P.M. ?>*tT U D-aC. 15
Cretic 3 PM. No*. 9 Jan. 5
I M.->?anlie Oct, 14
Canada Oct. 30 ?
Piers 58, 59, CO, 61, 62, North Rive^
spin? Board's Passenger Service "1;
J nei'o, Mar.U-Tideo and Butnot Aire* '
UNt.TON 1S.090 Ton* <M. Or?. M !
.... 17.000 Tuna Ir), Nov. 10 !
21,000 Ton? (c). No*. 30
(ci 2d and M rlnaa
e rat'.* anil other particular* J
ny Pa**cng*r Ageniy or to ;
S. k .. iiiiu tc tli-* Llm'i otlli-et it /yAt
y r.ldf.. i41? Ollvr St. Mobile. //y^cS
ago I St. I.< uk I Alabama f (JtSCf
? ??
"The Most interesting Way"
Front Quaint, lllatortc
Vancouver to Fhltia. Japan, etc.
Fastest fttcaraahlpa on the Pacific
fot all Information apply to
1231 Broadway, New lotk.
l'hotn* lxmgacre 4110
lj I'lrrrt ? i-<kly ?i-rvlc? fromN'-a York to,
]! l(t|ul?r utllrwi to For In- I
fnrma'lon a<1<1ru*a
3 N>w Tork nntl Cull a Mall S. R. Co. I
g| Foot of Wall Strort. N>w Tnrk. I
* ??r.?i?>v-n?-?i ???
VPlRVi t Chile Jkrf
lilrrrt wtI< n from Nrw York
via Panama Canal, railing at Caliar,
,tC ?. I.jnlijur, Antnfaaarta and Valpa
S? Hanta F.II-a. Pa. Panra I.ulra. (la.
Fanta Ana, S?. Panta Trmaa. Forltahtly
W n. (IttArB A CO.. A?-nt.
Ilanovor Bqiiara. N. t.. or Ixtral A*?nt
Vl?riv?nnuth ?r?H Boulormc-Sur- tier
KOORDtM II .V M. <?r?. 13. Nat. 17
M \t AMSTKRDAM. Oct. IS, Not. H
Ht.NDAM Or*. t7. Doe. 1
RtlT'l KKIIAM Not. ?. Hot. tl
bmirral ra??fi.|ft 4>ffl<o. |4 Mali* St.. N. t.
I.U\IT'IM)iv Antprlean A l.lno,
Nrw York, t'art Sold. Bo:nl> >>. Rangoon, t'ulnitlM.
Norton, LMjr A Co., it IVawf Pt , N.T,
Til STAIN ?< oiiipiin>4 I'rii'.nirdltoi r .io?,
kt tkatri St. T.l. Il.imiirt wo 10-11.
Fob to l.lso to Metfltrrranrao Tort*.
Offlro. IT ? ?# IK.. N?w York
VUUi At*. ToloMwto RaOltta kotuuro (

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