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Surprises Galoi
Chicago Jury Also Holds Attell ^
for Conspiracy in 'Fixing'
Bill Betnrned Also Against ?
Burns?Ban Johnson . ?
Testifies. t
?'? ? a
Hptcial Despatch to Trig New York ITetubd b
w, ui.a ia,?inaicxmenifi v
against Hal Chase. former first base- ^
man for the New York Giants; Abe n
Attell, New York gambler and former p
featherweight champion, and Bill n
Burns, former White Sox pitcher, were ?
voted to-day by the Cook County t
Grand Jury investigating the baseball
scandal, Tho Indictments were V
based on charges of conspiracy to do ^
an unlawful act. (
The Grand Jury also revotcd the in- F
dletments returned last month against 'j
eight White Sox players and two f
gamblers. The Indictments wore voted ),
but not returned and tho revote was n
taken to prevent any legal tangle. t
Chase, according to information fur- ?
nlshed to the Grand Jury, telephoned d
from New York to "Sport" Sullivan,
Boston gambler, that the White Sox ^
would throw tho aeries to Cincinnati j*(
for a certain price. The telephone 0
message, according to evidence intro- r
duced, was sent from the Ansonla 0
Hotel, Broadway and Seventy-second
street. s
Attell also is alleged to have acted as
a go-bctwec.n. He mingled with the Sox
players under indictment several times Q
during the gamoa before tho 1919 series p
was pbyed. Burns was charged with e
having been one of the fixers. r
"Sport" Sullivan, Boston gambler, and w
Rachel Brown also were reindicted to
day to satisfy possible technicalities. a
i h
Johnson a Witness. ir
BAn Johnson, president or the Amerienn
League, was the first witness to a
testify. Mr. Johnson told the Jurors of ^
his redent trip to St. l^ouls, where he F
went for the purpose of Inducing threo s
men to come to Chicago and testify. '
One of them, ho learned, Joseph Pesch, ',!
had left for California. Harvey Red- ^
mond and Thomas Kearney, tho two
ntl.n- It. in ..
have promised to come to Chicago to- li
gether as soon as Redmond, who is 111, L
la able.
Mr. Johnson said ulso ho had received J'
word that Joe Gedeon, second baseman n
for the St. Louis American League team, [,
is on his way from Sacramento to tes- n
tify. This is the first time Gedton's a
name has been mentioned during the j (l
proceedings. Upon learning that the I "
Grand Jury contemplated indicting ,,
Gedeon, Mr. Johnson requested it not to *
take any action in his case until after a
Gedeon has arrived hero and lias an ! c.
opportunity to testify. !
The nature of the charge against ll
Gedeon Is unknown -He was here dur- | 1'
Ing the 1919 world's series and Is said > ?
to have wagered and won on the Reds. j
He Is a close friend of Fred Mc Mullen , A
and Swede Risberg, two of the Sox play- :
irs under indictment.
A few days ago one of Mr. Johnson's *
"loyal five" club owners stated that suspicion
could not lie charged to any of the
iltibr* loyul to Johnson. Gedeon is a
member of the St. Louis club. The St.
Louis club is loyal to Johnson. The > h
? Grand Jury has many questions to ask w
Gedeon. ; u
I h
Condnetor "Won" 910,000. ! a
Roy Clossman, a Chicago street car p
conductor, told the Jury he won $10,000 j I.
from the Universal Basoball Pool but j ,T
collected not a penny. He said the pool 1 w
concern offered to settle with him for j
tbOO. but ho refused. He thought the
matter over and decided |500 was better :
;hnn nothing and returned for that i
amount. He was paid nothing. The pool
concern offered a gold medal to him.
Testimony1 was Introduced showing that
t to Universal Pool Company put out
;IM.500 clmticcs and sold them for tl a
chance. The concern Is alleged toNhave
paid out leas than I20.000 In prises.
Hurry T*ong, clerk on the Chicago
Hoard of Trade, told of betting 929,090 i
for "Sport" fiulllvan on the 1919 aeries.
He b?t the money on Cincinnati to defeat
the yhltc So*.
Joe Lloyd, head of the Great Lakes
Baseball Pool of Chicago, was a wit- j
neas. He admitted being head of the !
pool, and said he did not consider he
was engaged In the gambling business. 1
Ho referred to his business as an "Indoor
sp<> t." L.oyd said he always has '
^nduoCed his business honestly, and !
that he can give the names of subscribers
who 'iavo won as high r-j $r>00. He
operated all over Chicago. and claim*
some of Chicago's best cltlsens for "subscribers.
The Grand Jury adjourned until next
Tuesday, when It Is expected that Joe !
Oedeon of the Bt. lyouls American ,
League team and the other St. Louts >
witnesses will be on hand.
Rothstein to Testify;
He Want* "Clean Bill"
name repeatedly was men- n
jonod in the investigation of the t,,
alleged bribery of Eddie Cicotte, lii
Joo Jackson and other members tt
of the Chicago White Sox, said *J
last night he would leave this i
city for Chicago on Monday and I d<
on Tuesday would appear before
the Cook county Grand Jury and
tell all he knowa about the base- bi
ball scandal. I m
Rothstein said he had so noti- **
fled the Cook county authorities, 1 jjj
had waived immunity and had 1 t,t
made but one request?that after ! in
he had finished telling his story I ra
that he puhliely he. given a clean
bill of health by the Grand Jury N
and freed from further conneetion
with the affair. He said his !
story would make it impossible i 12
for the investigating body to arrive
at any conclusion other
than that he is entirely innocent
of any complicity in the debauch- mi
ery of the Chicago Americans. tah'
* * r?
re and a Disq
Platers Beat
Colts in Stal
Dunboyne and Lord* Bright<
While Carrying 132 Poi
Disqualified in B<
Two horses which earlier In the sea- |
011 were keen oontenders for champlonhlp
honors, horses which were valued
t almost their weight In gold, went to
lie post matched against a quintet of
henp selling' platers In the West Point
land leap at the iCrnplre City track yeaerday
afternoon, and fcoth ,of them
,-ere beaten as far as one could throw
otnna T5 A PlnwV- n.tr?_
oyne, which won the Futurity two years
go, and S. C. Hildrelh'a Lord Brighton,
fhlch won stake races last year and
his. Neither one of them broke down
iut they ran slower than most cripples
ow campaigning In the South. Both
Arrled 132 pounds and gave twenty
ounds or more to all of their oppoents,
but If they had run to their top
lOtch form fifty pounds would have
een unable to have kept them behind
he horses which finished ahead of them.
Fort Churchill, wearing the colors of
Ictor McLaughlin, and trained by John
)ufTy, a blacksmith, was returned the
lctor. Paydue, a cast ofr from the
feorge W. Loft stable, belonging to R.
'Irneno, was second, and Ralco, running
a the name of the Isllp stable, was
This trio rnn to their best form ; ran
etter thsn they have In several months,
nd furnished a keen contest among
hemnelves. Fort Churchill won by a
end because of the sterling ride he reelved
from little Jockey Wetner. Dayuo
led Ralco home by a length.
The defeat of the two noted horses
as a big surprise to all racegoers presnt.
They were the favorites, and ninejntlis
of those present wagered on one
r the other of them. When it came to
aclng they ran like dray horses. Neither
f them was ever In the hunt, and deplte
vigorous riding by their Jockeys
hey were never able to get wftfyln
trlklng distance of the leaders.
Foul In Boston Handicap.
The Boston Selling Handicap, thg secndary
feature, also resulted In a surrlse
when Charles A. Stoneham's Reount
led horn" Tom McTaggart, Ballet
ancer and Kashmir. That Recount won
raw probably due to foul riding by Tom- |
ty Rowan on Tom McTaggart at the ]
nal furlong pole. With the four horses ,
lmost abreast Tom McTaggart crowded
ito Recount, which in turn nearly (
nocked Kashmir down and Ballet ,
>ancor over the fence. At the time of (
he foul all four were running strong,
nd It Is a matter of conjecture vhlch
ould have been returned he winner,
'or the foul \feTnggart, which finished
econd, was disqualified end Rowan wns
uspended for the remainder of the rnc-u- '
ik. When McTaggart was disqualified
lallet_ Lancer was awarded serond
The biggest surprise of the day came j
i the second race, when Cornelia O., a'
ttle brown filly owned and bred by W. |
Crosby of Boston, beat ?otne a small
eld of Juvenile platers. She was at "0 J
> 1 and led from start to finish, to win '
v.- n lAnirth from Mnohlno (ln.ir?i?r J.l
mica Bel'.c wan third and Hons R., a 1 ;
a' 4 favorite, fourth. Cornelia C. had \
ot shown any speed In her recent raver, j
nil not even James Fltesimmons, her J
ralner, helleved she had n chance to |
;ln. She ha<l worked well for her pro- j
i0u8 races, but ran bo badly In each of !
hem that her trainer brand- -1 her as a j
morning glory." Yesterd ay the drew j
n outside position and had little Lain- I
aster In her saddle. For him she inn '
otter than she ever did for J >o Mo'niv,
er regular Jockey, and never left the j
emit In doubt
Hustler, the chestnut son of Transvaal I i
Vant Smaller Clubs to Have 1
Voice in Board.
The eleven bis league clubs banded 1
ogcthcr to rid baseball of existing
eaknesses in government and other- i *
Mae put the game on a better basis 1
avo asked the minor latguos to have 1
voice In the selection of the new '
oard of control, the supremo body. 1
'resident Ueydler of the National '
-eague sent a letter yesterday to each 1
ilnor league and club provident of '
rhich the following Is a copy: 1
As chairman of a meeting which 1
was held Jointly between the National
and American leagues In Chi- !
cago on Monday. October 18, 1930, I .
Inclose herein facsimile copies of a
resolution passed by all preaent nt
that meeting and contract of agree- J
jnent entered Into by the Bumu parties.
Pursuant to the instructions unan- \
Imously given the writer at said
meeting, I Invito your suggestions .
for names of men eligible to servo .
on the proposed board of control of
nrnffttfjlantil Kuui.hnll t O hrt nOTTli
rutted at the meeting In Chicago,
November 8.
Any names you wish to propose
will b? brought before tho meeting
to be balloted dn. In urging you to
suggest men who you feel would be
qualified to serve, let me assure 'you
that such "uggcstlotiH will be carefully
weighed at the meeting and
every suggested name will cotrte before
the mooting for discussion".
You Will notice that the October
18 meeting has taken wnyn and
means to put Into effect the (sinker
plan of hnseball reorganization, to
which you have alibscrlbod. I a in
Instructed t.o express to you the appreciation
of the signers of the Inclosed
documents at your action
and to solicit from you your active
cooperation at your Kansas City
meeting toward bringing about that
permanent understanding between
majors and minors which will work
to the benefit of every one.
CnrcAOo. Oct. 21.?James Mature, the
enver veteran, completing his fourth "
lurnnment for the national pocket bll- !
srd championship, set a new murk for
is contest and by getting a high run of t
I last night In hi# gsme with Krwln
udolph of flayre, Pit. Ilia hl^h run I
line In thn nineteenth Inning. Tlu- r
>lf's best run was 29. The score was: , t
Maturo, 125; KUaoir.rn, in a inningn.
Charles (Cowboy) Weston- of I'itts- r
jrg, sftor three starts, succeeded In f
mrlng hla flr1*1 victory liy. defeating li
att I>on* of Los Angelea. Long watt li
itrlftaeed, Weston lending nil the way. t
tally winning by 125 to 48. Weston's r
gh run wae 17. and r?n'n 12, In 37
rings. Long is practically out of the j o
k*\ with five defeats In nn many starts. V
To night Jaines Mot'ov of Richmond,
n., defeated M. A. Long of f.os Antics,
125 to 30 In fifteen innings, nnd ,
barb? We.aton of rittsburg won from
hafies feobiick of Torrlngton, Conn., J
w3kt i.aimikr priwm. '
Cincinnati, oidn. i?ct. 22-Members of 1 *
e Tlioronshtoert Horse Assnilmton hSv> <1
?noil nn narrement not to race their horses j r
the y^ir flrounds track In New Orleans
Is winter If the association persists In Its 1 0
ftisal to Increase the purnsa. , r
salification L
High Class
ce at Yonkers
3n Run Like Dray Horses,
mds?Tom McTaggart
Qston Handicap.
: Ana AAA A1 < . I
$>2i>,uuu Chairmanship is
Offered Judge Landis
CHICAGO. Oct 22. ? Federal
Judge K. M. Landla has been
offered the position of chairman
of the baseball commission under
the "Lasker plan, ' accordidng to the
report circulated at the Federal Building
to-day. Alfred Austrian, attorney
for Charles A Comlskey, called on
tho Judge In his chambers yesterdny,
It Is said, and offered him a ten
year contract at $25,(TOO a year to
act as chairman of the commission.
Judge Landis told Austrian It la reported,
that he would consider the
offer on two conditions:
1?That it would not take effect
until after the election.
2?That he must have full power,
so that if there were any signs of
crookedness he-could take the case
to the nearest court and prosecute
the offenders.
Judge Landis was not In his
chambers to-day to confirm 'he etory.
His name has been mentioned frequently
in connection with baseball
whtclr has only one eye and Is what racegoers
call a crazy horse, won the final
jvont. In his saddlo was a negro named
Conley. At the barrier Hustler did everything
a thoroughbred can do to unseat
i rider. He danced and pranced, bucked
and Jumped and even went half way
under the fence. But try as he might
Sonley would not lose his seat, and when
the start finally came the negro was
alert* and sent htm away with his field.
1 he colt was full of running, and after
nhusmg Seguroia to the stretch came
iway and won easily by four lengths.
Seguroia was second and Master Jack
"I.onjt Rhot" C'onley Scores.
Conloy is probably the oldest Jockey in
tae world. He admits to forty-six, and
tils friends say he has passed the fifty
trark. He Is "Long Shot" Jess Conley,
.. ho a generation ago was considered one
jf the best in tho country. In 1504 he
icdo five winners In one day, and time
*nd again guided home three and rour
winners a day. Ills last winning mount
was in 1512. Since then he haB had an
ccasionel mount He has earned his
living exercising ir. tho morning rather
.hat. riding in races.
J W. McClelland's Light Hose beat a
icartet of good fillies in the opening
ace, and Guelard, despite a bad ride by
rioblnson, led home a band of platera in
:he fifth.
Joan Marie, the brown filly by Friar
'lock and Orange and Blue, belonging to
the Quincy Stable, which trailed the field
ill the way In the flrat race, will be
i.rned ont for the year. She is suffering
from skin disease, and although she is
r.ot in bad condition her owner and
L'ainer decided to retire her.
The Qulr.cy Stable bought Whisk after
.he first race from Joe Marrone. The
purchase price was not made public.
B. A. Lane claimed Muchlne (lunner
for $1,500 and M. J. Potter took Ross R.
tor $1,505 after the running of the second
Mr. Potter entered a claim of $7,000 for
l'om McTaggart after the Ronton Helling
llace, but as the value of the race was
17,020.67, the stewards disallowed the
Massachusetts Commissioners
Act Regarding N. Y. Boxer.
special l)e*patrh tv The New Yokk Hmai.h.
Boston, Oct. 22.?Jack Sharkey, the
Mew York bantamweight, who failed to
<fep his engagement with Young Monacal
at the Armory A. A., last Thurslay
night, has been ordered by the
Massachusetts State Boxing Commission
to fill an engagement on a date to be
lamed by the club or take the consciences
of a suspension from the local
ommlsslon and also the New York State
A physician appointed by the eommlsilon.
after examining Sharkey, declared
inn incapacitated i" ngnt mat night, nut
:he commission holds that he should appear
on November 2 In a bout with an
ipponent yet to bo named, Sharkey prorated
against the action, claiming that,
[he data is too close to the time of
mother bout in which he Is to npiiear In
S'i-w York. *
The commission's action, however, is
Inal, and If Sharkey refuses to abide
>y the verdict ho will find himself In
[rouble, as the New York commission,
ilong with others throughout the
:ountry, has. agreed to stand by one
mother In Instances of this kind. Hharkey
>laJns to sail for llngland on November 8
0 meet Jimmy fVllde In December.
The Htale commission has also made
mown In. no uncertain terms that anyhlng
savoring of faking will not he
illowed. This was announced to-day
Chen the license of th? Hanover Athletic
:tub of this city had l>een revoked and
ts officers placed on the official blacklist
The filing of alleged false returna folowlng
the dub's tourney at Fenway
b\rls on Haturrtnv, October P. Is the
ause of th? drastic action. Boxers who
mrtlclpated in that show, with one exception.
It I* said, were not paid for
heir services. The hearing developed
hat the club had filed returns showing
1 less amount of money left after
laying certain bills than really wan ths
'piciol rtrfipntch In TllS Nxw Yobk IIrsai.H.
l'HlUl>ru>HU, Oct. 22. -Gene Tunney.
lie New I nrk light heavyweight, added
mother Knockout to his long list toittfht
when he put Sergeant Hay Pnilto
o sleep In the secmd ^round nt the
lamder Sporting riuh. Tunney. walgh
i>K 174 V? pounds, )<it Hmlth, ITU, wi
Ard that the soldier went through tho
opes and was out for some time. Smith
rled hard to mix thIntra wltlr the clover
nd hard hitting Tunnay In the flret
ound, hut tha Now Yorker was only
crllng him out. Then Tunney cut loos#
11 the MOOnd round and Smith novel
i>d a chant*. The Knockout camo 2
olnutea IB necondn after the aecond
ound woe undpr way.
Willie Jnc-Uson of New York easily
wtpolnted Clone Helmost, also of New
'dCk, In ten rounds.
rntLADCM>ntA, Oct. 21.?Mike O'Dowd,
irmor middleweight champion, defeated
'rank Cnrbnne of New York, who was
uhntltutlng for Augle ftatner. The latter
howed up with a bad hand. O'Dowd
ropped .Curbone In tha second round
or the count of nine, and It looked like
urtalna for tho New Yorker, but he
im? back and went the tan round limit.
)isappoint Big (
1 Lonie Bogash Gives Matty
Cross a Sound Thrashing in
Feature Event.
In a war of welterweights at Madison I
.Square Garden last night, which was witnessed
by a bumper crowd, Ix>ula Bogash
of Bridgeport, Conn, gave a drubbing
to Marty Cross of New York, Jack
Perry of Pittsburg and Paul Doyle of
Mew York boxed ten rounds to a draw,
George Ward of Elizabeth, N. J,, outpointed
K. O. Loughlin of Bethlehem,
Pa., and Johnny Summers of New York
received the verdict over Steve Latzo of
Hnzelton, Pa.
The bouts wero all well contested and
??n vn o-T du f no 11 nfn/G I cm Thhro wan
considerable Interest In the appearance
of Perry, recently credited with an unofficial
decision over Jack Brltton. Perry
failed to do much damage to Doyle, and
the officials declared the contest a draw.
George Ward of Elizabeth proved to
bo a clever boxer with a good left that
he kept constantly in the face of Loughlln.
a rough, rugged performer.
A notable feature was the large attendance
of women, due to the orderly
manner In which bouts at the Garden
are conducted.
Bogush, who also claims a decision
over Brltton, proved to be one of the
best looking welterweights ever seen In
the vicinity. He gave Cross a terrific
beating, pummelling the New Yorker,
1 from start to finish and easily avoiding
I Cross's vicious swings. Bogash showed
a heavy left, but his right was net so
I useful.
Bogaah Floors Cross Early.
Tho final bout of the night between
Louie Bogash of Bridgeport, Conn., and
Marty Cross of New York, started out 1
In whirlwind fashion. Bogash proved
himself to be a fighter of tornado <
methods, and he carried Cross off his
feet In the first round. Shortly before
the bell ended the round Bogash scored ,
a clean knockdown with a right hander
to tho face, and although Cross scorned : .
the count, he was considerably shaken
up by tho punch. Bogash followed the 1
same tactics in the second round, rush- I
ing Cross all about the ring and landing
effectively with right and left.
Cross sent over an occasional right to
the head which foiled to Inflict any
Cross was the receiver In the third
round, Bogash hitting him at will with
right and left, escaping any serious In|
Jury In return. Bogash brought the ,
j blood to Cross's face with strong left
I banders to tho mouth. In a mixup In
Cross's corner just before the gong
> ended the round Cross used his elbows
i on Bogash's face and made no lmpresl
sion. j
j The fifth round was a very lively i
one, Bogash inflicting nearly all the
damage. JuBt before tho bell they
stood toe to toe and exchanged thumps
for ten seconds. The Nutmeg Stater
' had the best of It.
| The sixth was a repetition of the
I other rounds, Bogash doing all the
j execution and Cross swinging a wild
right. Tho seventh round went along
| without any special Incident, and In the
eighth Bogash had Cross In a very
! shaky condition, but failed to finish1,
i him owing to tys ineffective right hand. "
Cross managed to weather the ninth ; ,
: and was weak at the close. j
Bogash had the better of the last I
i round and received the decision. I
Nu miner* Defeat* I.ntco.
Johnny Summers of this city defeated
Steve Latzo of Hazleton, Pa? In the
opening ten round bout. Latzo Is a
rugged chap with a heavy punch hut 1
little boxing skill. Summers won because
of his superior science, coupled
U'lf h <i cr/vtil rlt/hf lion/1 nunnti t n f Via i
j Jaw. He cut Latso over the left eye
| early In the content and the Pennsyl- .
| vunlan bled profusely to the end of the ! j
| bout. Summer* landed a heavy right
J bander on I-iatao'a mouth In the eighth j
round which sent him wobbly to his '
| cornel at the bell. Initio caused a sen!
nation in the tenth round by hitting
Summers on the breast with a very
: heavy right, knocking him through the !
ropes. Summeri sprang up, came to the I 1
centre of the ring at once and fought |
with Ike accustomed spirit at the close, j
He received the award of the Judges, 1 i
William Muldoon and Joseph Ruddy. j 1
Jack Perry of Pittsburg, who came
here with the reputation of having
floored Champion Jack Rrltton In a
recent bout, and Paul Doyle, East Side
welterweight, put up a very interesting
ten round bout, which was declared to ; '
be a draw. The Pittsburgor seemed to
have a shade the better of the en- j
I counter, as he forced the lighting from
! start to finish and landed many telling
blows. Doyle's ' best round was the ,
seventh, when he staggered Perry with >
1 a hard right to the face. Perry came '
| back very strongly and made a spirited !
j battle till the gong ended the tenth
l round.
i Perry had the speed of the pair and ]
I was especially effective at close qunr!
etrs. Doyle, who is a clever boxer, de|
prnded on long range fighting and while
I ho landed Very inrrequqmiy me mump*
] that h? registered wore very effective.
Just before the (Irst round Doyle was
the recipient of a handsome loving cup %
from bin East Hide friends. Perry <:
weighed 14C'i 'OUnds and Doyle J41l*
In a ten round bout between a clever
boxer and a ranged slugger Oeorgc
Ward of Elisabeth, X. J., handily outpointed
K. O. TjOiighlln of Bethlehem, i
Ph. Ward, who had u useful left hand,
kept his glove In l.oughlln's fare with
1 annoj Ing frequency In every round but
the tenth. The Jersey man varied hi*
attack and at times shot over a heavy
right to the chin. isoughlin was combative
to the close and naveral times *
fought Ward agnlnrt the ropes, landing
heavy bod v bltw^
First Jlace?The Quickstep Handicap; two- I '
I vear-oUlt; five and n half furlong*:
Judex. Horse. Wt Ifndc*. llorse. tVt
tOat* Pry Moon, .10T1 tinnrti Queere k ..lis
(tfiap Ten Leo ....l?l| 1047 Cood Bye ...100
Second Hare? The Cornwall puree threeyint
olds ami tipwerrl, nlmut six (urinous hi
index. Horre. Wt.Itr.dnji, Horse. IVi
drttr.) Nedd.nm .. 117 1?TV S>a Mint ...P:n
" " n.,?? on im ? WV.SHIM ll.'i
. Mil per ,104 tnr.i Ass'imn .,..104 |
imn i'. Aleook. ..IHIi (19T9) Lad's Lavi'.,11d *
Tlilrd llac*?Tlirm-yeur-old* and upward
rlalnilnw; mil* am! revtmty yards:
1 rid- x. Jlnrsp Wt. Unite*. Itnras. Wt.
I0H7 Joo Jo* HI! tl*17 T.lola .10# L
1079 Ml. Tsldnra. .11(1 1071 Ansnm* ....lid
H*i? I'-a-Fftt... .1111 1010 Kast Indian. 103
1|07d> Or*at (lull..1101 looi Jleaumarsts.110
in:,A? Thedodrn.. tcm|
Fourth liana- TO* P?lha'? Ilajr Handicap;
9.1,000 addml; llirea-ysar-olil* and upward; y
i mil* and a furlong.
lnrt?x. Ilora*. wt,t tnds*. Hor??. Wt. "
010'Wyoming ..100' 1079* Ana Mint ...loa .
I dfii7i o'lrrus ,,..192| ION' Otamwsit ... I>9
110741 M. Tlatt*r..127| . it
Fifth Itanw Th? Mlnrllng Vursa; 1hm?-y*ar- ?
i old* and upward, selling: n.tie and a <iuart?r:
Indst. Moras. Wljlnds*. Ilnr**. Wt. A
mil' riiaii*iicrr..1 in; ioa;t Th* wit no ?i
10*2? Am. Pnldlsr. 09! ions Iinaumarals. lift
Sixth Raoa?Two-yaar-olda. maiden*; about ; |r
nl* furlongs I ?
! Indr* Mora*. Wt.llnde*. Horse. Wl.
1(1*1 Hard Guess.112! 1077 Hhy Ann....toft tr
Dim N?hulnu* ... 112 ? Owendnila. . loft Ir
1077' Itavanna ...10B1 inji Tuannrra ...112 i ai
10,Id Tansy 10ft J0T7 D*wsy Kv? .100
1010 IMoncc ....112, 979 J. P. Jonas .114 .
1077 Lady Algy..l09|
li pounds apprentice allowance etatmsd. , ?
i I
Zrowd of Rac
Copyright, 19tU, by T
WHILE the situation In the maj
and Ban Johnson grows hotti
est to know that during the
the majors made profits In excess of
that in the American League nearly' 1
liko $5,000,000 may be traced to the tl
?New York, Chicago and Boston. 1
makers In the history of baseball and
The White Sox profited to the extent o
of their having a comparatively bad i
beyond expenses. Cleveland was sec
In the National Leaeue the blare
club, which made about $ 1.000,00c- th
part of tho season the Giants trailed al
to be making any headway. If tho G
doubt they would have equalled th<
Brooklyn club made about $700,000?U
Tho returns from Pittsburg and Chlc?
they will show that the Pirates outd
in tho old days, when the Cubs ran th<
The figures presented Indicate th
concerned tho clubs which are lined
supporting teams. The three teams t
own league stand for threo-uuarters <
and players of that circuit. IIow long
out in the face of these figures?
Many Managerial ( ha
This looks like a big wlntdr leagu
ment of major league clubs. Hughey
team, and there is talk of Miller Hug
Boston they have it that Ed Harrow w
next season. Report has shifted Wilbe
Yankees and has gone so far as to m<
of Jennings, his old pal on the Orioles
he adds that he is going to spend th<
bolster up a few weak spots In his lln
One of the reports concerning the
great slugger in his day and In rece
Cross College, Is being considered tot I
anybody Is being considered. We shall
been connected by rumor with many
offers is one from the Red Sox. Just
anything on Barrow cannot be discern*
Ty Cobb has been mentioned as 1
t ut hi the wake of that yarn comes a c
won will be transferred to the White
grand mess of rumors and promises a 1<
The Boxing Sltaat
Ijftst night Tex Rickard moved uj
tho heavyweights. He started out wit
Featured wolterwelghts. We are quiti
will bring on the bigger men. Because
ind featherweights, some of the follow)
:hat tho word has gone out that knocl
hat drawn battles are highly desirable.
>nxing will give that report even an lot
The fact is that Rickard has been for
rought about some very close and In
tieavier divisions he will not be so fortu
Within the lust week two other c
;lty, and both made followers of hoxh
tho club In Madison Square Garden i
fFlub the onlookers saw the results of p
they'saw tho results of poor managom
ive have left the old days behind, and
patrons of the sport will not stand f<
rood enough under the Frawiey law.
ire done at the Garden?the strict adhi
xhy Rickard has been able to Jam th
>een only fair to middlingMFW
A T T A A \ A A A lUAmb
KlJlL FIRST RACK, For fllll-*. Two-yearI
UVr longs. Start good. Won easily, 1'
ner, rh. f.. 2, by Light Brigade?II
Trainer, W, M. Wallace. Time, 1
(nde*. Home. Wt. Pr. St.' U V4 ^
low Light Roee WO r. 1 2*? 1" 11
1030 Fldtnbette 111 3 3 111 I1 4!
10.', 11 Crlm. Rambler 107 2 7. 4? ,1? .1"
1017 Good Bye 100 1 2 1 2 2
10PV Joan Marie... 100 4 4 5 5 5
Light line? raceil Good Bye Into *ubm!?*l
Flambntte cloned with a ruah and got the pit"
fiung on gamely In the drive. Good Bye ?top|
IAOK SECOND RACE?For two-year-olde.
1 Winner, br. f., 2. by Itarri of Ilope Tralner.
J. nttnlmnMiM. Start goo
Off, 3:01. Time, I :0T 4-B.
led"' Hor?e. Wt. PP. St. H '? M
lOtl". Cornelia C...., 07 r. 4 1' t'H '
1024 Mach'e Gunner 110 2 3 2" 2N 2!
Idftr. Jamaica llello. 07 5 1 4' 4
(10721 Hose R 11.1 4 3 1 3
lOtlO Lady Frapp-.. 102 1 5 fl 8 *
100.1 Frivolous 100 3 0 B B B
Cornelia O. went to the front right after t
ter beat at the end. Machine Gunner Juet la*t
t-ery faat. Itoee R. wa? alwaye outrun.
Illlnkere?Rons R., Lady Frappe, Frivolo
Scratched?Mambl, Walkup.
1 |l|)fl THIRL RACE?For three-year-olde t
I V'OU sixteenth. Winner, b. h., B, by Hal
Trelrer. A. J Goldeborough. Tlr
Placo eame. Poet, 3:30. Off, 8:.1.1
Index. Hor*?. Wt. IT. St. 14 H \ M
10V. Il-cc.utit 112 4 3 4 4 4 *'
1074' *T M'T'gt 120 2 2 2H 2"4 2' 2'
WHO' B. D'r II . 107 ? ? 3* 3' 3* 4
103k Kashmir . 110 1 1 1 1 1 1
Disqualified for fouling.
Recount cloe- d fant thrnorb the etretch, r
ind won going away Tom McTaggart crowd,
ivlilcli h- was illcijuatlfled.
Ill Inker* on alt.
lAOT FOURTH RACE?For all age*. Puree
II MM Winner, b. c., 8, by Honey wood?Ti
Trainer. John J. Loffe Tim-. I./
eame. Po*t. 4 00. Off, 4 01
fndrv Home. Wt PP. ft. ?(,
10V1 Fort Churchill, 104 5 4 l< 1'i 1'
>nC2' Iie.y<lu?> 110 3 3 1' 3? 2'
loot Hal00 103 1 1 . 0'? 4? 4"
lo.tfl" T. HHotinaur. 110 4 2 3 I 3
1057 iMinboynn .... 13B 7 0 5 5 9
023 Lord ltrlchton. 132 fl fl 4 0 (1
024 TlrkUah 103 2 7 7 7 7
Kort Chnrrhlll bad nil the apcad and out gn
< na Ixat of the othara. Ttaloo ran n good ri
lutrun all the vny, Tlrkllal. w?i |.ra'tkally J,
Wlnkcra--Tableau il'llonnrur, Dnydue, Tie!
1/.<?< F1FT7I RACR-For tbr? e-'"?i r-ohl" nt
I WOO ?|iiiMMi?h. Winner, h. g., 3, by l.a n>
TAMES RnrRRTSON Time. 1 :*.(?
poet, 4.30. <?ff. 4:31.
r . Hiw??. Wt. pp. M
J0.W (In. land ..110 ? 4 W 3" 3' it
HMft? Loyrljf ... 101 1 2 1' 2"i A<
1071 C. Cartorna 101 ! 3 4? 1'ViV' ??
1(170 A???rlak .. II*. 2 12 14 3
inn Caddie ... I'll fl fl *. 3 .*> r.
lost O* lift 3 (1 ? ft It ?
i.ueland waa waited with until ?MI Into t
(olri? away. Uv?l]r waa canity hut of the
ha end.
IIIH'I HIXTli RACE?For twn-yaar-olda. Pi
IWO.F Time, 1 Oil 2-5. Wlnnrr, rh. |.. 2, by
Tialnor, H. Randolph Start hart. V
ndotr. Her-tf. Wt PP. Hi. U V <*
071 Rnatler lift 4 3 3* 3? 2'
|0iF.) ftcKurola 112 3 2 2' 2' 1"
1012 Martcr .Tank... 105 7 4 414 4" 5M
K.70 Tnnl i ir 110 5 1 Is 1? ?
IOTiH < ifnei K 110 1 fl 6 5 3
1070 1,1. Fanlartla.. In7 2 3 tl n ?
inc'A Frippery 102 0 7 7 7 7
tliiallar otoa. d fnai through the atrrtrh and
rat of tha other". Ma*lrr Jaok rloaad very atn
nihik'Tt itnatler, Begun la, Tout Cr, Frlp,?
Vina From F. W. Boyd by:
ISO to 133. 11
Charl** Htclnbuirior laat nl*ht defeated j J
'rank W. Boyrt by 1B0 to 1*3 In th*
r*l round aeries of the lnt*rborn 1*.2 j
alkltne billiard champlonahlp tonma- '
lent which 1* 1>?Ihk etaaed under the j r
i olor* of the National Aaeorlat'on of I j
inatour Milliard riayer* In the Nn- 11
oral Keeroatlon of Brooklyn.
fttrlnhu*>r disponed of hi* opponent J
i thirty hinlnK* and returned the fine '
vera are of fi. in tho sixteenth frame ho '
lado a run of 29, tohlrh aav* him a i
nd of 40 point*. Tho afore at thin t
?K? wm : fltrln bugler. 114, Boyd, 74. >
Boyd, with a run of IB In tho nine- '
>?nth Inning and another run of II in j
le twenty-second frame, managed to ,
rt within atrlklng dlatanc* of hla rival, i
3, 1920.
'.egoers at Emf
jriEL. ~
or leagues waxes hotter every minute
er under the collar. It may be of Inter- '
season Just closed the sixteen clubs In
1,000,000. It also Is Interesting to note
18,000,000 of the profits of something s
hreo clubs which are fighting Johnson
lie Yankees were the biggest money. "
cleaned up approximately $2,000,000. rf
$600,000, while tho Red Sox. in spite ['
season, attracted more than $300,000
ond to New York with $850,000 In w
v l I"
eat money maker was the New York ill
at In spite of the fact that for a good ' f<
ong in seventh place and did not seem j ''
lanta had started strongly there Is no: ^
b Yankees In the box office. The
ir and away the record for that outfit, j
igo are not In yet, but It is believed'
row the Cubs. It was not that way j m
3 Clients a close second. ; u
at In so far as financial strength Is; oi
up against Johnson outclass his five
vhlch are opposed to Johnson in his ''
jt the money value of the franchises; "j
can the five backers of Johnson hold S1
inges Are In the Air. h.
le season for changes In the manage- 1C
Jennings already has left the Detroit w
gins going from the Yankees. Hp in ,j.
ill not be at the head of the Red Sox j,
rt Robinson from the Dodgers to the ai
iko John McOraw step down In favor T:
, Of course, McQraw denies this, and ?'
e .winter In this city and attempt to }
eup. ?
i Yankees has It that Jess Burkett, a )l(
nt years a successful coach at Holy
the Job. But Col- Ruppert denies that ct
see what wo shall Bee. Jennings has
Jobs, and It is said that among his 01
wherein Jennings last season showed^ m
d with the naked eye. 'll
Lhe successor of Jennings in Detroit,
ompanlon roport that the great Tyrus '
Sox for the sum of $50,000. It's a
it of interesting talk If nothing else.
Ion In This City.
> another peg In his progress toward W
h the smaller fellows and last night | j,'
i certain that after election day he ?<
of the close contests between bantams PJ
tts of boxing have got the Impression c:i
touts aro not to be countennnced and *,f
No person who knows anything about! pi
a of credence. It Is absolutely foolish. 1*3
tunate in his match making and has Up
terestlng bouts. As he goes into the an
nato Jn that respect. j pl
dubs have made their debuts In this w
lg feel that they ought to appreciate i **
til the more. At the Commonwealth ci
our maicn inuHing. ai ine star a. u. f
ent. Promoters ought to realize that jj,
that the Boxing Commisidon and thej N?
ir matches and tactic* such as were y
They ought to atudy the way things w
ercnce to detail. Then they will know ,
e arch a with attractions which havo' in
. ? 11 '
? _ .X
i j
Oct. 2'i.?PlMfi track fast. A
old*. Purse I1.0S0.0C. Five and a half fur- in
laoe driving. Pout, 3:30. Off, 2:33. Win- d<
Imtoo Rom. Owner, J. W. CI.fCl.LAKD. 2:
:0T. J.
. Fin. Jockey. Open.lllgh.Clovo.Plare. flh. N
1 Vi 14 Robtneon.. 2-1 3-1 11 5 3-.' 1-4 <1
1 2h Kiimmer ..10-1 12-1 12-1 3-1 6-5 fe
? Ponce ....30-1 40-1 30-1 8-1 3-1
4 Wainer ... 2-1 r.-2 11-5 3-5 1-4 uj
5 Moone) ... 8-3 0-5 3-2 1-2 1-6 R<
on, then drew sway and won as she pleased. d<
n? In the last atrUle. Crimson Rambler
pod etiddcnly Ir. laat furlong.
Puree $1,060.60. Flvo and a half furlong*.
I.Ickety-Spltt. Owner. W J,. CROSBY,
d. Won driving. Plaee aame. Post. 3:00.
i fin. Jockey. Open.High.Close.Plaro. Ph.
' 1' I,anca?ter..20-1 40-1 -in l 10-1 3-1 . ,
1 2" Robinson.. 4-1 7-1 7-1 1-1 1-3 I s
? 3' Campbell..10-1 15-1 12-1 5-2 7-10 t "
4 Miller 2-3 2-3 1-4 ? ?
5 Mooney .. 8-1 12-1 12-1 3-1 1-1 di
0 Marlnettl..30-1 30-1 30 1 8-1 8-1 tt
he start, set a fast paee, but v. as doing I i
"d to gat the placa. Jamatra Belle closed
us. "j
ind upward. Pttrse, $1,200.67. Mile and a ai
lot?Censure. Owner, C. A. PTONBHAM. h.
na. 1:47 1-5. Htart good. Won driving. .
I. s t0
Fin. foekey. Open.High.Close.Plnra. Bh.
4 1"4 Millar f.1 4-1 7-2 4 5 - ?
2* Rowan ... 8 5 R 5 13-10 1-8 ? 3"
Mooney .. 2 1 2-1 2-1 12 ?
4 Itixton ... 6-1 0-1 8-1 2-1 ? ^
aught Tom M Taggart at alxteenth pot* ""
d the field at head of th- it retch, for M
1 81.280.87 added. About ?lx furlong*,
anilga. Owner, VICTOn McLAUOHLlN.
0 2-6. Start poor. Won driving. Plana
Fin. Jockey. Op?n.Hlah.Cl??".f,laro. Kb j
4 1" Wolner ... p.t ?M HI 2-1 4-8 \
2' Itiixtnn ... 0-1 1-1 <1-1 li t 4-3
1 8* Ponce .... 8-1 12-1 12 1 8-1 2-1
4 Mummer.. O-i 8-1 0 1 r.-u l-l
0 Moonoy .. 2-1 2-1 0 0 1-2 1-4
0 Fator 2-1 1*-1 18 r. 7-8 1-2 i (
7 Rabin 20-1 80 1 <0-1 18-1 0-1
imed Payflua. In the final drive I.at'er !
ma. Tmnbnyno and Lord Brighton v.rro <
(llah. 6
id upward. Pure* 21.OOO.07. Mile and a
I league?MM Tlay. Owtur and tralnar.
Start good. Won rfddeti out. Place driving.
Tin. .To Itey. ' Open.Tlljh.rioi'e.Place. Bh.
1? rtohlnann .7 10 3-4 13-20 l-l
H 2<Vi Mooney. ... 4-1 r. I 7-2 11 28
38 Ponce 0 1 a-1 7 1 2-1 l?
4 Welner ... rt-l 18-1 12-1 4-1 0-3 ?
Qulnlaii ..30 I .V I 30-1 20 I 8-1 ~
0 lluxtnn .81 10-1 10-1 3-1 0 3 |
ha alratcli, where he moved up and won ea
othrrn. Hon. Cadorna ? atopplna at
| t!
nraa 21.007.07. Five and a half furlnnifa.
TraiMvaal-ftugalla. Owner, W. 11. FIZEB.
Von driving. Place earn*. Prut, 3 Off, 8:00. '
Kin. Jockey. Open.Htrh.Oloa* Place. Ph.
HI* Conlajr .... 8 1 8-1 8-1 fl-3 1-2
2' Ponea 4 1 0 1 * 1 6-2 1-1
l ?H Moonay ...0-1 8-1 3-1 0-3 3-8
4? liavlea ... ft 10 I 1 I 8-1 1-1
6 Kun.mar... fl-fl P-2 8-8 7 10 1-8
8 lliiilrnan ,.20-1 80 1 20 | ? i 4 1
7 Wrlner 30-1 40 1 30 1 12 1 n-1
I <von going away SeguroU was much the
ry and Light Fantanti
but Ntpinbuglor held the lend at all
times. Boyd'a high run wa* 21.
tlftvld McAndlcex ]p?t night defeated
Heonge Speara, the Claaa C champion,
300 to 28. In an exhibition 18.2 balklln*
niniarn mati n in Hnhnen a room. Mo.Vndleea
returned rune of SI. 85 anil ait
nnflnlahed run of 84. Ilia beat run.
however, ton II.
The I*ut?|lc School" Athletic league will
onduct the aecond eerier of the ht?h eehoole
joan range la r nroae-'crountry rune at it>!>
"tep t'ntiiur* School. 1'yher Melghte, ftrookjrn,
thle morning. Hev*m??en (ennia will teke
rt In thl" ei-rloe. The Initial him were
I?lil laat Saturday and a eihrtted contoai
faulted In taeh of the various grruipa. which
tern atarted on Intervals of two minuter
The Karlam Handball Ualur, known be
ore the war ae the Navy Handball I.eaaue, |
vae reorianlted laat night at a meeting ;
>f tha rowing cluba of the Metropolitan B
towing Aeeorf*I > ttatx&a Of the lj
l<one Star Itoat Club wae elected preeldent I I
in<i Thnnwa bRMta of the Naceaii Boot Club I ?
rire City Trac
Stars Lose in Opening
Bounds of Atlantic City
Golf Tourney.
p?t;al Despatch to flit* Now Yobk lleiui.n.
Atlantic Citt, N. J., Oct. 21.?Bev?.ral (
.>sct featured the first and second
.und? of match play in the annual
lurnament of the Country Club of Atintic
City at Xorthfleld. Those who
irvlved for the semt-flnnl round, which
ill be Dlaved to-morrow, are: C. J. Duney,
Woodland; J. Wood I'lfctt, North
[Ills, the medalist; J. J. Young, Frankird,
and Maurice Rlsley, champion of
>e home club. The Massachusetts stirIvor
meets Flatt, and Young plays
Among- the stars w!>o were eliminated
i the first two rounds were T. I>. Ar,our
of Scotland, winner of the tournainnt
last week at Shawnee; W. K.
onohue, Shackumaxon, and Eddie Stiles
f North Hills.
I>unphy won his way to the semi-finals
y beating J. J. Beadle. LJanerch. in the
mrnlng round and C. N. Phillips of the
jme club !n the afternoon, both by the
ime margin, 2 and 1.
After winning in bandy fashion over
aul B. Jennings of Cedar Brook. Bono- j
je succumbed to Ftisley in the second
iund. The home team representative!
as at his best in this match. <
Surprises were plentiful throughout e
day, but the biggest upset was the , v
>feat of Armour, the French champion, j
. the hands of Chester L. Maxwell of
ronton in the first round. The latter '
rccumbod in the second round to Joe oung,
the Frankford star, In a fine 19
>le match. The latter annexed the i f
urols when he played the first extra'
>le In a regulation four, while his op- ^
>nent used up three* strokes In getting j
l the green.
It was Wootton who put Eddie Stiles
it of the running In the first round, his _
argln of victory being 3 and 2. At the "
irn the Phlladeluphlan was one down (
ter hejost the ninth hole. He also lost
e eleventh, and was never able to m&ko C
> the lost ground.
The summary:
First Sixteen. First Round.?Chester L.
axwoII, Trenton, defeated T. 1>. Armour,
otland, 2 and 1; J. J. Young. Frankford, C
feated G. II. Adams, Ekwanok, 3 and 2:
E. t>onahue, Shackumaxon, defeated
tul H. Jennings. Cedar Rrook, 5 and 4;
aurlco lllsley, Allantf City, defeated Ed- 1
trd Hatterthwalte, Bala, 2 and 1; C. J.
jnphy. Woodland, defeated J. J. Iteadle,
anerch, 2 and t; C. N. Phillips, Atlantic
ty. defeated Marcus Orecr, Grand Mere,
up: T. H. Wooten. Atlantic City, defeated
Iwnrd Styles, North Hills. .1 and 2: J. TV. f
Rtl North H1113, defeated Horace Hmi dMorion,
K and 6. .
fecond Round.?Younp defeated Maxwell, 1
i (10 holes); Illsley defeated Dottohue, 4
d 3; Dunphy deflated Phillip*. 2 and 1:
att defeated Wooten, 1 up. .
Second Sixteen. First Round.?II. W. 1
ood, Atlantic City, defeated J. H. Snown,
llllnd Hrook, d and 4; A. C. Travis,
ixlowood. defeated II. K. Read. Atlantic
ty, .3 and 1: Samuel Allison, St. Allians,
f-ated K. B. llyrd, Philadelphia, 7 and r.;
R. Ilelr, unat ached, won front It. M.
're. Presidio, by default; V. C. I^onard, J
trt> Hills, defeated II. H. Harper, Merlon,
up; H. n. Newton, White Marsh, deflated *
J. niacins, Cedar Hrook, 2 up; A. W.
estney, Atlanttc City, defeated F. F. Oold, i
erchantvllle, 3 and 2; H. J. Oorrnley, At- '
title City, defeated F. W. Uennctt, At- I
ntlo City, 3 and 1.
Second Round.?Travis defeated Wood. 2
id I; Allison defeated Ilelr. 2 and 1 ; Newn
defeated I.?onnrd, 3 and 2; Westney
feated Oormley, 2 and 1.
Third Sixteen. First Round.?O. W. StatII,
Aronlinlnlt, defeated .1. S Rovd, White
arch, 3 and 1; (I. E. I.auck. Atlantic City,
feateil If. C. Rurrows, T">eal, 3 and 2; (I.
Costello, Sea View, defeated I,. Stadler,
tlantle City, a and 4; J. II. R. N'lton, Sea
lew, defeated M. F. McCullouirh, AronlInk,
3 and 2. E. V. O'Hanlon, Frankford,
feated S. P. Hayward, fjlen Rldcre. 4 ard
It. II. Itennett, Aronhnlnk, defeated J.
Fowler, Frankford. 1 up; P. II. Stuckey,
orth Hlls, defeated C. f>. White, Bea View,
and 4: W. W. fltcaart, Atlantic City, dented
If. Stott, Frankford, 3 and 2.
Second Hound.?Nixon defeated Costello, 1
>; fifatxell deflated I.auck. 1 up '20 holes);
ennct defeated O'Hanlon. 2 and 1; Htuekey
feated Stewart, 1 up (IP holes).
lay's Shot Kimble* Htm and Varil
on to neat Trsvrrs and Ilerron. !
perio! Prspatch to Tub N'rv York Hrkacd. I
Schbnbctady, N. Y? Oct. 22.?A tvonprftilly
executed tan foot putt on the
llrty-slxth hole by Ted Ray, tha BtHtlt
professional, enabled him and his
artnar. Harry Vardon, another Knifllsh
pro," to defeat Jerome B. Travers of
Vw Vork and S DnvlrtHon TTerrori hnfh
mateur champion*. 1n a thirty-six hole
pst ball match on the Mohawk links
i-day by 1 up.
The match wan featured by a twenty
$4500 Pelham Bay
Quickstep Handicap
wtv ? prnlbi mm 1i kmnt
Ni>e<-tal Ftaco Train leave* Oraiul Central Tern:
C M Kryular i rain- *? Mt. Vernon, TO DAY
All train* -it !? at 18/Hta St. Alan via Lexington
?ulia }' to Mott Ate . tran?ferrlfUr to Jeron e /
to Jerome Ave Sub* ay end thence by trolley
(;>r tmi at?yn. tia.'to. i *ntc
l!V Tim "Greater
... . -i i . .. .i...
Wive.* f0 H
In Eu
Special Weekly Cable
Day Developments in
. -?r ~m-yrrTTi "ri~
By (,
The Most Brillia
Cleverest 'Analys
?Y?r 200*<*
V+ + 11
k, at Yonkers
foot putt by Traveri? and the long driving
of Ray. The contest was hard
fought, and, while the American amateurs
were never in the lead, at no turn
were they more than 2 down. The be*
ball scores:
Vardon and RayOut
4 3 T 4 4 4 4 4 4-23
In 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 4 38?Til
Herron and Travers?
Out 4 3 tf 4 4 3 4 B 3-33
In 3 4 2 5 4 3 6 4 6-37-T3
t'ardon and RayOut
4 3 B 4 B 4 4 B 3?37
In B 4 4 B 3 8 4 4 3?3S?72?143
ilerron and Travcra?
Out 8 A 4 4 3 4 4 4?30
In 4 4 2 5 3 3 4 4 4?34?73?148
.c 'r r rffi
If we all looked alike,
)ne style of hat would be:ome
But we don't!
Our ^Composite derby is
ill the more a real stunt,
or it looks well on 80 out
)f every 100 men.
Follows the law of averges?the
result-of records
>f conforms and shapes
>ver a period of years.
Chilly days are sure to
We're union suit specialsts?a
size for every build.
Shoes that are all leather
1 * 1 ii
nrougn ana tnrougn.
The best of everything
nen and boys wear.
'Rftrlnterrd Trademark.
Rogers Peet Company
Broadway Broadway
it 13th St. "Four at 34th St
Broadway Cornera" Fifth Ava.
it Warren at 41st St
4 modish Zephijr-a>e?qhl |
r*r\i i ad I
- Cornwall Purse |
- Sterling Purse \
S. l'IKAT RAfK Al 3:.V> T. M. jL
ilnal, Ilarl'-m Division. at 1:00, 1:311, ltOO
, nt nhort Intervals fron 12:10 it. 3:46 P. M.
l and JiTom* Ave. Subway, or wmt Farm*
Avn. Subway; or via rtth and 9th Avr. "L '
fr^in wnnOljwn tt.vtl'in
w. M,M. Iik I'ldlnj W ir Tr.y.
?Important D&y to
Old World Affairs
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int Writer ,and
it in England

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