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14 ?+?
the Barge Office. Ship new
Navy Department Daily Si
Bowling Green 9960.
Transatlantic Mail*.
Btirnpf. Africa ?n?l Wert Aria. vl* Southampton
and Antwerp (mall ); also parcel
port mall for Belgium, Luxemburg and
Belgian Congo, atr Krconlanit, 8 AM <eup
P:30 AM).
Greece (f), via Patras, etr Calabria, 9
Europe, Africa and Wort A-la, via Boulogne
and London sir Panhandle S'ate, 10
AM (Pup I] .no AM).
Germany, via Hamburg-. al?o parcel post
mall* for Orniaoy, Austria. Czecho-Slotakla
arid Switzerland, str Katrlra Luckenbach,
12 M.
Great Rrl'aln and Ireland, via Liverpool
also parorl post malls for Clriat llrltal
Ireland and other countries, atr Carmac.la
8 AM (sup 1:10 AM).
Franco, Belgium. Luxemburg, Netherland
Iloumanla, Bulgaria, Cxe?-ho Slovakia. .TutoPlavla.
Austria. H- ngary, Poland, Swlt.-er
land, Italy. Dalmatla. P.-ialn, Greeece, Portugal,
Turkey, Egypt, Brl*i?h India, British
Hast Afrlea. Maha. Gibraltar, Cape Ver'e
Island*, Per*la, Ceylon nnd Straits Het'le
tr.ants, via Havre; alio parcel pout ma'l
for France nnd other countries, str Laf&.v
etta. 8:30 AM (sup 0:30 AM).
Germany ( ), via Hamburg; also parcel
Pp?t mall* for Germany. Austria, Czechoslovakia,
Hungary and Switzerland, atr Mar
Ttrreno. 5 PM.
mrth Africa ( ), via Capo Town: also
parcel poet mall* for Union of South Africa,
Bechuana'.and Protectorate. Portuguese
East Africa, Northern and Southern Rhodesia
and South Wert Africa Protectorate, atr
Cartow Castle, 12 M (etip 12:30 PTd).
France. Roumanla. Bulgaria. Czecho-Slovakia,
Jugo-Slavla, Austria. Hungary, Poland.
Switzerland, Italy, Dalmatla. Spain,
Greece, Portugal. Turkey, Egypt. Brl'lsh
India. British Kant Africa, Malta. Gibraltar,
Ceylon and Strait.* Settlement*, via Havre;
also parcel poat malls for France and other
countries, str La Touralne, 8:30 AM (sup
f:30 AM).
Mallg for South and Central America,
West Indira, Ac.
Grenada, St Vincent. Trinidad, Cludad
Bolivar and Qulana. via Grenada. Trinidad
and Georgetown, atr Maraval, I AM.
South Brazil (*), via Rio Janeiro, Santos,
Rio Grand'- do Sul, Pelotas and Port Alegre,
atr Panera*. 7 AM.
Coata Rica. Salvador (printed matter, Ac),
Nicaragua (except east const), Amapala.
Choluteca and print*. Ac, for Nncaonie, Te
guclgalpa and Yuscaran (Honduras), Oauca
Farmanla, Liverpool Noon
Lroonland. Antwerp 11 :00 AM
Lafayette, Havre Noon
Calabria. Patraa 1 :?> PM
Panhandle State, London 1:?0 PM
Xatrlna Luckenbach, Hamburg... 3:00 I'M
Pancras. Rio Janeiro, Ac 10:tK) AM
tnua, Cristobal. Ac 10.00 AM
Fort Victoria. Bermuda 11:00 AM
Esperanza, Havana Noon
?once, San Juan., Noon
saqutbo, Valparaiso, Ac PM
Enquln, Turk* Island, Ac 1:00 PM
ua. New Orlenn* Noon
.nzas, Havana Noon
Steamer* Due in New York.
Steamer. Saliva. From.
Montlrello iJ-pt 21) Shields
Camp-llo Oct IV Ma vita
gr d' Italia Oct A Naplaa
uaa Oct S Gla?otoiv
Btnasta Oct 7 Llv.Tp.nl
Ban Juan Oct C Pan Jv.?n
Ouillota Oct 15 Cristobal
Madonnp Oct 7 N'apica
rPalaarlano Oct 5 < >n a
lemende C Mor?e....Oet 0 Dunkl'k
Arabian Prince Oct 0 Oran
Matura Oct H Trtnl'ad
west Wind Oct 2 Liverpool
Mauritania Oct 15 ...Southampton
flochambeau Oct 13 Havre
rtouaalllon ....Oct 11 H?\rc
Sylvia Victoria Oct 7 Gibraltar
Peearo tv-t ft Naples
Faanonla Oct 11 Gibraltar
Korean t'rtnre Oct P Bah la
Valunteer Oct 10 ....Rotterdam
New Tork (tank) Oct ? Rotterdam
Saxonta Oct 12 Ixindon
ft luceaa Matolka Oct I' ......Antwerp
Novjrornd Oct 10 Iiondcn
K I Luckenbach Oct 12 ... .Rotterdam
Apache Oct 21 .. Jackaonvllle
Philadelphia Oct 10 Southampton
La Kavole Oct IB Hmr?
Britannia Oct B ....MirciU*
Norman Monarch Oct 11 .. .. Liverpool
went Hematite....... Oct 7 Bordeaux
Klrktowu Oct ( Cardiff
Malmoa Oct 11 . ...Newcastle
Dominion Oct 12 Liverpool
Eecolano Oct 14 Cadiz
C'oamo Oct 24 Ran Juan
Comal Oct IP Galvcrton
w M. V,.. I, M,
. " #
V. Almanac for Naw York October 23.
Pun risen 8 16 I Moon rises. 2 40 I'M
Pun sets.. (1 08 i Moon sets.. 1 W> *M
andy Hook S 87 AM 4 18 PM
Governor* Intend 4 88 AM 4 IS I'M
Hell (lata (Astoria).. ft 12 AM ft 30 I'M
The time (riven In the above table In Eastern
standard tlm? and In furnished by the
fcnlted States Coast and Ocodetio Survey.
for daylight saving time add or.s hour.
/ MEW TORK. Oct 32?Tho time hall above
the Navigation and Marine Engineering
P-hool of the Seamen's Ciiurrti Institute, 2H
I South street. dropped tn-dny a? exact noon.
J "3th meridian, 8 hours sloe of Greenwich
mean time. Any one desiring correct Greenwich
mean tlms telephone Broad 7*7.
tr Themtstoclea (Greek), Piraeus Oct 2,
to N Galanos, with 49 first, 10ft second
cabin, 1.072 steerage passengers and rndee.
Went ta New York Dock Go's pier 22,
I Brooklyn.
tr Lapland (Br), Antwerp and Southampton.
to the Red Star line, with passerpert,
malls and mAae. /
Str Annlk Tr), I/ondon Oct 8 and Cherbourg
Bth. to Norton. Lilly ft Co, rdth
Chalk. Went to pier 04. North River.
Str Leranto (fir). Hull Oct ft. to Henderson
b Son, with mose. Went 10 foot of 7th
Creet, Hohoken.
Str Westgrove, Manchester Oct ft, to tht
American llns, with mdee. Wont to pier 8ft,
North River.
, Sir Granfos (Xorl, Penarth Oct S, to Benham
A Bcveren. In ballast. Went to foot ol
|IO*h street. North River.
Str Hae'ehunv, Aslborg Sept 17, Ilorts
Oct 9 and Halifax 19th, to the West Indls
Steamship Co, with chalk. Went to Reard'r
tores, Erie Basin. Brooklyn.
tr Beaseggen (Nor). Chrlsttanla Sept *0,
Btavanger Oct 3 and Bergen 7tli. to th<
Norwegian American line, with mdse. Wenl
to foot of Wth street, Brooklyn.
tr Lewis Luckenbach, Rotterdam Oct 10
f? tha Lucltenbaeh St*am*hlp Co. In hallaat
Want to foot of R*d ntreet, Brooklyn.
tr Man In* (Br?, Smyrna Boot T. Ptraeui
tilth. Kyrllna 11th, Alexandria iTth. Alflora
StMh, Oran 2Mh and Payal Oct A, tc
Morton, T.tlly * Co, with mdee.
Mr Brhodach, flhanxhat Juna 10; Manila
I 1Kb, Halfon July J. Honolulu a?th. Crleto.
bat Aim I*. Havana S?pt II. Maranaa* "-i
, Oardena* 10th and Borton 2rtth, to Bar
bar A Oo. with milM W?m to New Yorli
floofc Co'* plnr M. ftmohl.vn.
Str Habaui-hain* fHr>, fh?'na<-* flay Jill}
fl, Belra Auf 11, Durban Sej.t S and Cat*
Town 14th. to Norton, Lilly a Co, wltt
Canal Connecting Great
Lake* and Atlantic Approve?
DwrwriT, Oct 21.?The value t<
lfldhhran of a tidewater route connect
itf the Great Ldtkea with the Atlant!<
trwi butUned here to-day by repre
ewetat Ire ahlppera and bueln*** met
urfta taatlfled before the Internntlona
LJoint Wata#AVay? Cetnmlaelon.
William C. Cowllnf, perioral repre
ALD'S Skip News Office is in
8 information given by U. S.
hipping Bulletin. TelephoneOF
and Marino departments of Colombia and
Krundur (Cuba, ''anal Zone, Panama, other
;ar'< of Honduras anil letter inall for Salvador
), via Havana. Cristobal and Port
Llnion. rtr Vina. 7 AM.
Bermuda, via Hamilton, str Fort Victoria.
7 tO AM
Yucatan and Campecho (Cuba and other
fart' of Mexico ), via Havana. Progreso,
Vera Cruz and Tirmplco. ?tr Esperanr.a,
8 30 AM.
Forio Hico, Ft Thomas and St Croix, via
San Juan, str Ponce. 8:30 AM (sup D:30
Canal Tlone. Panama, Peru (except Iqul!
*n ) !)o!tv!a nnd Chile, via Crlrtohal, Callao,
^'clleprio. ArU a, Iqulquc, Antofagaeta and
alparalflo, str Essequlbo, 1 PM (sup 2
Turk" I'land and Dominican Republic, via
rki Island, Monte Chrtntl. Puerto I'la'a.
'ancho*. La Rwntrx. Bun Pedro do Mail?,
San Domingo City. Azua and Para
cna. Btt Algonquin. 9:30 AM (sup 10 AM).
Argentina. Uruguay and Paraguay (")
la Montevideo and Buenos Aires, str Oler.vvla.
12 M.
North Brazil and Iquttos (other parts of
haxll ). str Fallurt. 8:30 AM.
! Jamaica and Colombia, except ("aura and
Nartno departments (Cuba ). via Santiago.
Kingston. Cartaaena and Santa Marta, atr
tarapa. 7:30 AM.
Haytl (except Cape Haytl nnd Port de
Pair). Canal 2k>nc, Panama, Salvador
j 'printed matter. Ac), Nicaragua (except
i ' tut coast), Amapala. Choluteea and prints,
i .tc. for Nacaome, Tegucigalpa and Yu?caran
(Honduras), Caurn and Narlno dcrartments
of Colombia, Ecuador. IVru (except
luultos), Bolivia and Chile (other parts of
Hondura" and letter mall for Salvador ),
\la Rt Marc, Port au Prince, Cristobal.
Buenaventura, Esmeralda, Bahla de Cara
quez, Manta. Puerto Bolivar and Guayaquil,
str Gen O W Goethal*. 12 M (sup 1 I'M).
Tranapacific Mails.
Close at Nfw York at 6 PM a9 follows:
Jar,'an. Corea and Siberia, via Seattle, str
' Alabama Maru, Cct 23.
Hawaii. China. B'am. French Indo-Chlna
1 and Netherlands Enst Indies, via San Fran;
Cisco, str China, f?ct 23.
'Must be specially addressed for this
t earner.
tPom.d post malls and specially addressed
Malls of tho following dates: Moukden
Oct 2. Kobe 6th and Yokohama 0th, which
arrived per str Alabama Maru. wero deeetched
cast from Seattle on Oct 20 and
are due In New York on the morning of
Monday, Oct 2C.
1 D1 R!n. Galveston ?
Marival, Grenada. Ac 10:00 AM
Tarantia, Genoa. &c Noon
Coml'lirnan, Liverpool Noon
Maine, London Noon
Mun&mar. Anttlla Noon
Mexico, Havana Noon
Tuscan Prince, Yokohama, Ac.... Noon
Sallust, Rio Janeiro, Ac Noon
Ea?t Cape, Hamburg Noon
City of St Louis, Savannah 3:00 PM
City of Sparta. Bombay, Ac
FRIDAY, OCT. 22, 1920
tndne. Went to foot of Dupont street. Greenpoint.
Sir Honorlus (Br), B-lra tux 24, Durban
Pent 1. Alpoa Hay 4th. Cape Town 8'h,
Barbados Oct fi and Philadelphia 21?t, to R
j P Houston { Co. with mdse.
I Str Martha W? chlngton, Buenos Aires
I Sept 2P. Montevideo 3hfh, Santos Oct 4,
I Rio Janeiro 0th nnd St Thomas 17th, to the
I Mun?on Steamrhlp line, with 121 pasitengere,
, ria!l? and ntdce. Went to pier 3, Hoboken.
j Str Taurus (Nor), Buenos Aires Sept 10,
Montevideo ltth. Santos 24th. Uto Janeiro
?bth. Duhla Oct 3 and Barbados 14th, to
thv Kerr Steamship Co, with mdrc.
Str Lake Galther Bahla Bept 2S. Para Oct
? and fl* Thoma" 10th, to the New York and
Cuba Mall Steamship Co, with mdae. Went
to New York Dock Co's pier 13. Brooklyn.
Str Maracalbo, I.nsuayra Oct 8. Maracslbo
13th, Cura'-ao 14th and Mavagues
Irtth. to Biles, Dallett A Co. with 70 passengers.
malls and mdee. Went to New York
Dock Co's pier 11. Brooklyn.
8tr Mohican. Hat ana Oct 1(1, to th? New
York and Cuba Mall Steamship Co, In bal'snt.
Went to New York Dock Co's pier
i 34. Brooklyn.
Str Javary, Macorls. Ac.
Str Fort Victoria fBr). Bermuda Oct 20.
to the Furneee-Bormurta line, with 312 passeturfra.
mails and mds?. Went to pier 85,
North River.
Str Bmcbura, Bermuda Oct 17, to M H
i Tracy A Co, in hallaet. Anchored on F.vd
Hook Flats.
Str Alamo, Galveston Oct IS. to the Mail"ty
Steamship Co, with mdee. Went to
nier .ia. worm rovvr.
I Str K1 Mar, Oalveetoo Oct 10. to the
I Southern IVItl1" Co, with mdse. W^r.t to
! it. r 51. North River.
, Str Lenape. Jacksonville ami ClmrlMtoti,
I *o the Clyde Btramahlp Co. with passer.rera
I and rndeo. Went to pier 37. North River,
i Str I.ake Tmverft. Tampa, to A H Dull
A Co. with milw. Went to Carteret.
8tr City of St Lout*. Savannah, to tho
Ocean S?enm?h1p Co. with pherenKers and
Went to pier 85, North Rtver.
Str take rillmoro, Brunswick. Went to
pier Sfl. North River.
Htr Lake Frances. Norfolk. Wont to plor
?!. Kaet River.
Sir Catalonia (Bw>, RalMmore Oct JO, to
Furnees. Withy k Co, with mdse In transit
to Hernoeand. Wont to pier 00. North
B'r Knowrley Hal! fBr), Montreal Oct 19,
o Norton, Llllv 4 Co. with mdse In trenrft.
Anchored oft Stapleton.
Str Canoplc iBr). Boeton Oct 20, to the
White S'ar line, with mdse In tran?lt to
Oenoa. Went to Mori'h dry dock. Brookly
fl atr Brazos, Port Arthur. Went to
83d "treat. North River.
IT S etr Ballard. Charleston. Went to 102d
street. North River.
Motor ehlp Bayonne, Philadelphia, to the
Va'imni Oil Co, with mdse. Went to Hayonne.
Motor echr Day'lte. Bahla Rlanra July
28. Santa Fe Au? 23 and Campana Sept 3.
to r> T Warden, with lof-wood. Anchored off
Schr Sedywlck, .Jacksonville. Anchored tn
Oravesand Bay.
Prhr Mains. Vtnrtnta.
Str Rouanlllon fFrt, Marselllee for Now
Torn, ! rxpeci?<i 10 srnT" mmrujr mornI
: Str Frrdlnando Pelaartano (Hal). Oenoa for
New York. la expected to dock at pier 97.
i North Tltver, Saturday forenoon,
i fltr Oecar It (Dan). Copenhagen for New
York, la expected to dock at foot of ITth
rtreet, Hdboken. Monday afternoon.
) 8tr Defiance, Hamburg for Philadelphia,
wae COrt ml'.M K of Nantucket at 9 PM
j 21"t- I
' j By UnilaJ State* r'avti Commnni- ;
cation Service.
fPtatance given In mllea.}
Achillea 812 8 Cape Hanrr ooon 2t?t.
Alllanra 1.0*9 8 Hiotland f< V noon Slat.
Ant let# rn 400 K Tampleo nroo 20th.
Arapahoe 92 N Ha'teraa noon 82d.
, Ardinore 9,234 8 fan Kraneleeo noon Will.
. Alio 272 II Scotland I. V noon 224.
, Arlington 14 W by 0 Montauk Point noon
, Aryan 4 WWW Key Weat noon 90th.
Aahland County lot 19 St. loo 41 *9 noon
I 21et
Bach! 120 NK Charlaaton noon Slat.
r "a'?Oi|l> 2(tt n TleHerae noon 3let.
Hetlerton 190 H Atnhrowe t? V noon 229.
Brandon 8 8R Winter Quarter I. V noon
' 21a?.
II tlrll'lant 7ft K Snort Key noon 20tn.
(tentative of Henry Fori), declared the j
. Ford Motor Company had boon hantll'
cr.ppe f hy Inability to move Roodc !
promptly to Ruropcaa countries. lie)
J declared the proponed wnteraaj would .
* remove thin difficulty.
, M. If. McPherann. Detroit paper .
manufacturer, aaaerted the lime wag not
? far dlatant when paper companion In
Michigan would be obliged to Import
, wood pulp from eastern Canada, due to
I exhaustion of the eupply In Michigan. !
He Mid present freight ralga pmh'MIM ,
. the bringing In of thin product by rail, j
Broad Arrow 4.T8U W San Pedro 8 PM 10th.
Brlndllla ISO 85V Hatteraa noon 2lst.
Uurnwell 54 N Hatlerai noon 22d.
C Lopex v X.opez 220 S Capo May noon 22d. f
C'abrllle 202 N Hatteras noon 22d.
Carrlllo 321 N Jupiter noon 21 at. J.
Cerro Oardo 6S S5V Hatteras noon 22d. ?
'"hestnut Hill 5A S Jupiter noon 20th.
City of Jollet 87S W Honolulu 8 I'M 20th.
City of Ueno 7113 E Honolulu noon 20th. 1
City of Savannah 02 N' Hatteias noon 22d C
Clavermek 85 BE Ambrotv 10:18 AM 22d. '
Clontarf 303 E Jacksonville noon 21st.
'ol E L Drake 28 E Hllo 8 PM 20th. a
Cold Spring lat 40 33. Ion 71 01 noon 22d. 1
olUf-a 880 W Honolulu noon 20th. <
Conchatta 182 E Cape Henry noon 22d. d
Consort 110 E Fire I land 1:40 AM 22d.
Cornucopia 20 B Hatteras noon 22d. >'
Coronado 00 E Charleston noon 21?t. c
Cotton Plant 180 S Bo?ton L V noon 22d.
Cowan 13 SE Barnegat noon 22d.
Ctalgrownle 44 8 Fire 1 land noon 22d. "
Oraln Creek 82 8W Cape Lookout noon 21at. 3
Danville 121 8E South Pa's noon 21st. f
Douel 200 E Honolulu 8 PM 20th. t
Or Soto 13 8 Sand Key noon 20th. (
Dochra 8 N Sombrero Island noon 21st. t
Dllworth 733 W San Pedro 8 PM 21st. ?
Dirleo 10 NE Alligator noon 20th. '1
Durango 3,300 W San Francisco 8 PM 20th.
Ea tern Mariner 8.W0 W Cape Flattery 8
I'M 20th. (
Ecuador 1,150 W San Francisco 8 PM 20th. ,<
SI Alba 34 N Hatteras noon 22(1. t
Bl Capttan 97 S Ambrose L V noon 22d. i
El Muldo 209 S Hatteras noon 21st. T
E.'paria 29 N Hat'ora* noon 22(1. p
Fcltor* ICO 8 Ambrose L V noon 22(1. r
Florldtan 344 S Scotland L V noon 22d. r
Freeman 45 NE Northeast End L> V noon '
22(1. d
Preeport Sulphur No 0 200 from Tamplco r
noon 21st.
Geo G Henry 52 W Key Went noon 20th.
Gulfmalil 211 N Jupiter noon 21st. r
Gulf of Mexico 125 S Hatleran noon 21st. r
Tfadnot 150. 8 Hx'tera* noon 22d. e
Ha.tan 312 HW Hattcras noon 21st.
Hagood 3.7 SW Cape Fear noon 21 (t
Hathaway 765 W Honolulu noon 20tb.
Hayden 1 4U0 8 San Francisco 8 I'M 20th.
Heffron lat 15 50. Ion 69 48 noon 21?t.
Herbert G Wylle 160 NE Jupiter noon 20th.
Heredla 140 SE South Par's noon 21st. ti
Hollywood 880 W San Francisco 8 PM 21st.
Hoxbar 25 W Band Koy noon 20th.
Husoton 115 W Sand Koy noon 20th.
Invincible 650 NE Capo Henry noon 21st.
Ipswich 1,164 S Delaware Breakwater noon
21*t. r
KUhscoqulllas 175 SB South Pass noon 21st. ?
Da llrea 1.80'. K Honolulu 8 PM 21st. 0
! ake ISoaeon 108 N Jupiter noon 21st.
l.uke Charlottesville 4S SW Hatterns noon i I
21st. e
Lake Chelon lat 28 54. Ion 80 27 noon 21?t.
Lake 1'araga 105 8 Ambrose L V noon 22d. I j
Lake Eltnont 191 8 Hattsras noon 21st. | n
Lake Elmshurst 40 SSW Sand Island noon i r
Lako Elsmere passed Jacksonville noon 21st.
Lake Fanbush 15 from South Pass 8 PM ,.
Lake Faresman 140 8 Ambrose 1. V noon I ,
22d. {
Lake Gorraanla 28 3W Hatteras noon 22d.
. !.ke Narka 55 E Cape Henry noon 22d. )
Llghtburne 92 N Hatteraa noon 22(1. I
Llthopolls 164 SW Hatteras noon 21?t. <1
Lurllne 920 W San Francisco noon 20th. n
Major Wheeler 80 SE Cape Henlopen 8 PM
2lft. ,
Margaret 155 N Cnpe Canaveral noon 21st.
Matsonla 140 K Honolulu 8 I'M 20th.
Maul 1.084 K Honolulu 8 PM 20th.
Mobile City 1.417 K San Francisco noon 21st. '
Monterey 20 N Fowey Hocks noon 20th. A
Montoso pasr.cd Mlsslrslppl bar noon 21st. n
Nantucket IS SW Frying Pan noon 21st. A
Naugtls 405 W by N Honolulu noon 20tli.
Nceco lat 80 36, Ion 68 36 noon 21st.
Newport lut 30 13, Ion 79 40 noon 22(1.
New York 205 WNW Tortugan noon 21st.
Panola 150 B Boston L V noon 22d.
Paw let 8.516 W Columbia River 8 PM 19th. ,
Point Judith 30 S Frying Pan noon 21st. r
Hadlant 150 N Jupiter noon 21st. v
Rcdondo 3 S BU>rk Island noon 22d. v
Roanoke 54 W Koy West noon 20th.
Robert M Thompson 5 3SE Hatteras noon o
Royul Arrow 2.015 8 San Francisco noon ti
21st. a
S M Spauldlng 113 8 juptter noon 20tli.
Salem County 40 EN'E Charleston noon 21st. v
San jo-e 114 S Nantucket E V noon 22d. j,
San Juan 238 N San Juan noon 21 at.
San Mateo 403 S Nantucket noon 22d.
Santa Cecilia 37 E Cape Henry noon 22(1.
Santa Cruz 1.007 W Ran Francisco noon 20th.
Santa Ellaa l."<3 N Jupiter noon 21st.
Santa Inez 1.332 S Ran Francisco 3 PM Slat, ?
towing barge Belfast.
Sherman 180 from Hatteras noon 21st.
Stanley Dollar 1,380 S San Francisco noon
21?t. ?
Stockton 401 W Ban yeflro noon 20th.
Sun Beam 134 N Hatteras noon 22d. d
Surtname 30 S South Pars noon 21st.
Susquehanna 00 E Fire Irland 9:48 PM 21 at. c
Sylvan Arrow 3,040 W San Francisco 8 PM a
Tamarac off Abaco noon 20th. li
Topaltopa MS H Han Pedro B PM 20th.
Utar arbon 927 E Cape May noon 21st. r
Vigilant lat 10 49 N, ion 130 46 W 8 PM
20th. I,
W C Tragic off Miami noon 20tli. r,
W 8 Rheem 170 S Hatteras noon 22d.
W?.-outa 188 S Scotland noon 22d. ?
Walllngford 117 S San Francisco 8 I'M 21ft.
West Cadron 1.226 W Honolulu noon 20th.
West Hartland 70 from Hatteras noon 21?t.
Wmt Hematite 1.238 E Ainbroso L V noon
21at. h
West Hlmrod 130 W Honolulu 8 PM 20th. 0
West Imbodrn 235 8 Hatteiae noon 21st. n
West Isoin 2,907 W Seattle 8 Pit 19th. (
West Jester 327 W Cnp? Flattery 8 PM 20th. ,
West Mahwah 210 E Honolulu 8 PM 20th. r
Wist Niger 1,000 W Honolulu noon 20th. R
Wasthampton lat 25 04, Ion 46 13 noon 16th.
Wheaton 174 from Ambrone L V noon 22d.
Wlllfaro 328 K Nantucket E V noon 21st.
William Green 210 SW Galveston noon 21?t.
Vomachlchl lat 4(1 30. Ion 69 27 noon 21st. .
Youngstown lat 34 12, Ion 76 28 noon 22d. J
Bound South.
Str Cansuinet, New Eondon for New York,
to the I' fi Shipping Board.
S'r Pawnee. Boston for New York.
6c.hr Harry A McEennan (Br), Apple (
Hirer, N8, for New York, with piling to
Stanley H Miner: vessel to Gllmartln A Co. ?
Bchr Sally Wren. Gaspo for New York,
with lath to the Shepherd Morae Eumber C
Co. -easel to J A Elliot A Co.
Rehr Altana M Jagger. Providence for g
New York. 3
Tug Ethel W Powell, with 8 barges (at <1
6:15 AM). C
Bound East.
Bchr W II Entwooil (Br), ICllxabethport i
for Haltfa*. Nfi.
Schr H V I'ur.pft, Now Torft for Brldgo- t
Port. p
Schr Genera! Torbe-t, New Tork for Block \
Pclir Ophelia, New York for New R<v
Tuge Helen B Moran, light (at 2:30 PM); n
Wyoming, with 4 l?argea (at 3:4f> I'M). ?
[From C. H. Naval Communication Service.] n
Str Comlehinan (Br), Wh!U. Liverpool? "
Wlilte Star Line. '
Str Carmanla (Br), Meleotn, Liverpool?
Cunard Steamship Co, Ltd.
Str Panhandle State, Stone, London via 1
aueenetown and Boulogne?United Rtatee <
ail flteamehlp Co, Inc.
Str Katrlna Luckenbach. Murrar. Ham- r
burg?Luckenbach Steamafalp Co.
Str Sloterdyk (Dutch), Mete, Rotterdam? )
Holland-America Lino.
Str Ampetco, RI eves. Antwerp via Phfla- 1
delphla?D T Warden.
Str Kroonland, Newman. Antwerp via <
Cherbourg?Red Star Una.
Str Lafayette (Fr), Roch. Havre?Oom- <
pernio Generate Tranaatlanttqoe.
Str Emtlle I, D (Fr), Guena, Naples?J H (
Win theater A Co.
Str Mydrerht (Dutch). TVenema, Comnna,
Rantander and Bllboa?Pit Van Ommeron 1
Corporation. I
Str City of Sparta (Rr), Morrleon, Sue:*.,
Bombay. A<?Norton, Lilly A Co. I
Str Rten (Peru), Rove. Cape Town, Port
Klltabeth, Ao?United Statee and Aoetralaela 1
Str Reeequlbo (Mr), Green. Crletnbal. t
Callao, Ac?Sandemon A Son.
Str Santa Itoea, Cook. Montevideo, Rahla
Blanca, Ac?W R Oraco A Co. 1
Str I<nrd Ormonde (Br), Glrvan. Rio Janeiro.
Hantoa, Ac?P Kleppe A Co. Inc. )
Sir Montrollte, Grace, Port Loboa?D T
Wards-. (
lit r Clear (Nor), Chrleteneen. Puerto
Mexico and Tatnplco?New Tork and Cuba 1
man iiHminip uo, in'-.
Btr Italmar Month (Dan), Chrlatanaan. Priv^ra?
Naw York and Cuba Mall Staaroahlp
Btr Clbao (NorK (Collar. Kingston. Morant
Bay. Ac-Unltad Fruit Co.
Btr Julia (Cuban), Mtndna, Port Antonio
via Manall?Dl Oiorglo A Co.
Btr Cornatla. Caray. Ban Juan. Ponea, An?
Bull-Inaular Una.
Btr P da Satruataril ("D)i Bodrlfiiaa,
Ma ma and Vara Crun? T.ula Llanao.
Btr Maraval (Br). Malhaoon. Oranada,
Trinidad and Domararn?Furneaa, Withy A
Co. Ltd.
Btr Ksparanta, Avar:, Havana. I'rogra-o.
An?New York and Oul a Mall Ptaa- tahlp Co.
Btr Ulua (Br), To wall. Havana and Crtatobal? TJnltad
frtlt Co.
Btr Kort Vlrtorla (BM, T.>avt?a, llamflton,
flarntudn.?Pumaa*. Withy A Co.
Btr Bar Mario*. CJalvaaton ' la Kay Want?
Mallory Hnamahlp Co.
Btr Dvnrif ft Jonea, t.aha, 'fovaa City?
l> T Warden.
Btr City of Ht T.nula. Johnaon, Bavannah?
O-aan Btaam?)ilp Co.
Btr Anaon, ttudalno, Norfolk--Panama
Railroad Btaamahlp I.lna.
Htr Pawnaa, UoMnson, Boston-Kant em
Btaamahlp Corporation.'
Bohr B*thai Melbourne, Ooahran, Wlndaor.
VB-J F Whltnay A Co.
Bohr Pa?*io a Whlia (Br). M*rrlani. Appla
Hlvar, NB?J F Whltnay A Co.
Bohr Bluart T B.iltrr 'Prl, Wlllefen, Neurr
h B 'An-mall Brother-.
Bar** Wild wood (Br). Bunas, P pen earn
'Wand, NS--J V Whitney A Co.
Stra Polarlne, Beaumont: Easterly (Br)/
lordeaux via Baltimore; Hrelz Del (Fr).
iambury; Bayonna (motor), Philadelphia.
-lsbon Maru (Jap), Yokohama; I-afcomo.
tlo Janeiro; City of FloVence (Br), Manllfc.
Hire l.ake Traverse, Carteret, NJ; P do
atruatcgul (Bp), Havana: Utilana (Br), Bt
'homas: Slolenlyk (Dutch). Rotterdam;
rondta (Br), Fremantle; Nleuw, Amsterdam
Dutch), Rotterdam.
Btrs Tippecanoe. Savannah Oscoda, Havre
rid Dunkirk. Santa Ro a, Montevideo; Clan
luchanan (Rr), Cape Town; Francisco
Br) Hull; Eten (Peru), Cape Town; Myrecht
(Dutch). Santander.
Str< (ioodla (Br). Fremantle, &c; El
'apttan, Kingston via flan Juan; San Maron,
S"hr Cha-los D Stanford, Brunswick.
Bnllec 21st. ?tr? Wacouta. Havana: GlenMel
(Br). Alexandria; na-ls (Nor). Skten,
lorway- I.ake Daraca. Otiaitanamc. I.^se
lord (Nor), Laguayra: uomngswortn, notfrdam
via Baltimore. Prlnm|p?- a Crlntlarila
I'an, Genoa; Overbrook, Po-t T.obos; Beterton,
Tampleo; Mundale, Havana: Agwlnonn.
Port I-oboa; Major Wheeler, Phllalelphla.
3.:hr George E Kllnrk, Boothbay Harbor.
Hie corrected reading of the barometer
reduced to sea level) at New York on Frlay,
<Vt 22. 11)20, at 8 AM. a* reported by
he United Stntss Weather Bureau, ?a-?
blrty and five hundredths (30.05) Inehee.
"his closely annroxlmater seven hundred and
Ivty-threr and two-tenth* (783.2) mtlllnet?r<?.
Cantaine of all vessels now lylne In
r near r'-a nets of New York and Brooklyn
an advantageously use the above official
atH for observing whether their own baometers
require any considerable correction
r adjustment.
Wind at Sandy Hook. 8 PM. WNW, 1!)
nllee; clear: light tea. At City Inland at
unset. N'W, moderate breeze; clear; modrate
CAPE RACK, SP, Oct 2S?Barometer at
loon, 22.48 Incbe-a; wind. 8. strong breeze:
feather, raining: temperature. 48 deg Fahr.
Str J Oswald Boyd (Br). Cuba for New
)r)ean?, Is reported In distress In the Oulf
f Mexlro. about 250 miles W of Key West.
BERMUDA. Oct 22?Str Trswyn (Br), from
(antes for Tampa, arrived here AM 21st
flth propeller loose on shaft.
BALTIMORE. Oct 21?Htr Hampden, from
lotterdam via Hampton Roads for thin
iort. was In collision PM Tuesday with submarine
0-3 below Smiths Point; steamer
sported umlnmHgtd.
GALVESTON. Oct 10?Str Lake Frazee,
'blladelphla for Houston, ran aground to>v
in the Hou?lon Ship Canal 12 miles
mm Bolivar Itoads; vessel In no danger.
HALIFAX. Oct 20?Gloucester fishing schr
Union arrived yesterday from St Pierre
'ank with rudder head badly twisted, ruder
almost gone and deck considerably damped,
having encountered a terrific gale.
LONDON, Oct 21?Str Wot an arrived hero
o-day from Lellh In tow. with defective
TOULON. France. Oct 22?A wireless mesage
received here to-day fays that the
imcrlcan etr "Alrnln" has been dismasted
orth of Majorca, In the Mediterranean Sea.
LhJ has been sent to the vessel.
Dangers to Navigation.
[Reported to the Hydrogruphic Ofttce.]
Oct IT. lat 38 58. Ion 74 08, a broken
par about 2 feet In diameter, standing upIght
and projecting about 8 feet out of
rater, apparently attached to submerged
Oct 20. lat 37 09, IfA 74 02, a large part
f n deck.
Oct 17. lat 36 20, Ion 74. a cylindrical
uoy, surmounted by a black lattlco work
bout 12 feet hlch.
Oct 20. lat 24 03. Ion M H, ? capsized
ooden vessel about 250 feet long, apparentr
a steamer. showing about 120 feet of
ier length about 5 feet out of water; botom
api>eared to have been recently painted.
Oct 21. let 23 52 80. Ion 84 37 45. a
ooden derelict.
Oct 21, lat 0 45, Ion 80 04. eight logs
bout 1.1 feet long and from 18 to 30 Inches
r. diameter, chained together In the form
f a raft.
Oct 21, lat 0 22. Ion 79 50. a tree with
ranches about 8 feet out of water.
Oct 14, lat 43 51. Ion 40 29, a wooden
lerellct vessel, bottom up and atvash.
Oct 14, lat 40 58, Ion 48 35. a large steel
yllnder about 8 feet long and 3 feet In
Oct 7. lat SO' 24, Ion 5 35, two objects
laving the appearance of mines floating on
he surface; about 20 feet apart and fully
ovcred with marine growth.
Oct 14, lat 40 10, Ion 49 20. three pyramldrnl
shaped Icebergs, two of which showed
.bout 10 feet out of water, and the third,
i'lil"h was % mile distant, showed about 15
eet out of water.
WASHINGTON. Oct 22?Notice Is given
>y the Bureau of Lighthouses that tho w reck
f schr E"ther Ann, on Great Gull Hank,
.pproxlmatsly 61* miles 160 deg from Ocean
Mty, Md, will be marked as soon as posIblc
with a gas buoy showing a flashing
ed light every 6 seconds, thus: flash 1
econd, eclipse 4 seconds.
fitr Arcturus, New York for Naples, Oct
0, no position given, all well (by str Lewis
.uckenbach, arrived New York Oct 22).
NEW BEDFORD. Mass, Oct 20-Clcared,
chr Valkyrta. Atlantic Ocean.
ANTWERP, Oct 19?Arrived, str Zealand
Br). New York via Southampton.
ARICA, Oct 20?Arrived, str Dopera, flan
BALBOA, Oct 20?Arrived, strs Western
'rosM, Seattle; flteel Worker, San Francl wo.
flailed 20th. str.? Yoeemlte, Seattle; Wanaratta
(Br), Brisbane; Garfield, Callao;
fyrmldon (Br), Ban Francisco; Pleiades,
o; Hawaiian, Los Angeles; Orlana (Br),
loronel; 51st, Capo Oniony (Br), Auckland,
flailed 21st. strn China Arrow, flan Franloco;
Maricopa (Noiu. Toropllla; flta Anne
Fr), Jnnln; Diablo, flan Francisco.
BARBADOS, Oct 15?Arrived, str* Crnfon
Hall, New York for Montevideo and
liienos Aires; Canadian I'arnier (Br),
la Tamplco for Rio Janeiro.
CRISTOBAL, Oct 20?Arrival, motor ahlp
an Francisco (Hw), rfothenburg for Chile;
let. ?tr* China Arrow, Beaumont for Ran
'ranclsco; Maricopa (Nor), Tamplco; Perou
Pr), Bt Nasatre.
Railed 20th. strs Bcottlah Monarch (fir),
lewport News; Atenae. New Orleans; Cala
are* (from New York), Port Union; 21st,
!hlnhu Maru (Jap), New York: Tonstad
Nor). Norfolk and Immlnjham.
Rolled uist. etr Cartafo. Naw Orleans.
DUNKIRK, Oct 1??flailed, strs Panama
rran?port (Br), New York; Bombardlei
Helf), do.
GIBRALTAR, Oct 30-Passed. etr Hurlti?n?
iBr), Norfolk for Piraeus.
Arrived 21st. str Lake Greenbrier. New
'ork via Baltimore.
GOTHKNBURO, Oct 14?Arrived, ship
'ransocean (Bw). Newport News.
HALIFAX, Oct 23?Arrived, str Baxonla
Br). I,ondo nfor New York.
HAMBITRO, Oct ro?Arrived, etr Irtehman
Br), Philadelphia.
HAVRE. Oct 17?Balled, etr La Perouse
Pr), New York.
Sailed 21st. etr Nlairara (FT), New Tork.
Balled Kith, etrs Jacques Cartlor (Fr),
<ew Orleans (not New York); 10th, WMt
rino. New York.
JAMAICA, Oct 20?Balled, etr Amelia,
LKITH. Oct 10?Sailed, etr The Angeles,
few York.
LIVERPOOL, Oct 10?Arrived, etr Tre. erbyn
(Br), New Orleans for Manchester.
Railed 20th, str C'hlpana (Br), New Tork.
MATANZAA, Oct 20?8atled. etr Inspector.
MlDDLEHIinOUOIT. Oct 10-8a!led. stf
lnd?pendence Hall. Philadelphia.
NEWCASTLE, NB, Oct 2(b-Balled, etf
Canadian Signaller (Br). Oareton.
PALERMO, Oct 21?flailed, etr Ctrelnus,
few York.
PATRAS, Oct S?Arrived, etr O ranters
QDEXCNSTOWN. Oct Sl-Salled. atr Celtic
Br), New York.
ROTTERDAM. Oct JA-Arrtved. atr# W?onwan,
New York via Philadelphia; Mart Iwn
(Dutch), rto via rto; 30th, Haieenhelm
Dutch), Philadelphia via New York.
HT JOHN. NR. Oct lft-S?ll?rt, atr TTtalre
Nor), North Hydney; 20th, achr Barbara
IV (fir), New York.
SOUTHAMPTON. Oct 31?Sal]art, atr Finand
(from Antwerp), New York.
VAX.PARA ISO, Oct 10-Arrlved. etr Iffhrc
[Br). New York.
VANCOU\HR. BC, Oct 21 ?Palled, atr Km?ren
of Aaln (Dr). Yokohama, Ac.
Arrived 21nt, atr Keetar Mariner, Yokolama.
VICTORIA. BO. Oct 21?Hailed, atr Tahiti
fBr), Sydney, Ac.
fBy Mall.]
BERMUDA, Ort II?Arrived, atra Ootha
rO?r), Klnaeton. Ac (In tow); 13th, Hathoi
(Or), do (In tow); lflth, B Kemeny (Ttal),
Onaarola for Oenoa (and railed after land,
hp alrk ecamm); tilth. Chaleur (Br). Hall'nt
for Tlarbado*. Ac; Harhl (Hp), Blyth for
ta-anrtah (for coal).
Sailed 13th, hnrye Waeairva. Aaorea (in
ow of tua Humaconna) i 17tn, achr* Nanrjt
Hank:. Norfolk; Snntlno, New York (In
low of tun Rallenaa).
CAMUBKT.I.TON. NB, Oct ll>-Balled, atr
anadlan Htmncr (Br), Brow Head (for
irdera) via Sydney.
ClXDU.Vl.TAri. Oct 13?Sailed, atr Trafford ]
Hall (Br), boaton and New York (not New
York direct).
HALIFAX, Oct IT?Arrived, str* Chlfrnscto i
tbr), St John; Kanawha tbr). do; Boru:mia |
(Br). Port Ha* tinea (and ssllcd nest day for >
Port Hastings).
Arrived 19th. atra Bataford (Br). Montreal ;
for Avonmouth; Manchester Corporation
(Dr), do for Manche ter.
Hailed lTtla. atr Alpine Kange (Br), Gla?- |
LUNENBURG. NS, Oct 17-Sa!!od. schrs
Chautauqua (Br), Havana; 18th, Ruth D
A urns (Br). Porto Rico.
PUERTO PADRE. Oct 14?Arrived. schrs
Nellie Loul"? (Br;. San Jose; Francos Par;>oiw
(Br), Miami.
(By Telegraph.)
BOSTON, Mara, Oct 21?Arrived, str Sydlc
(8w), Calcutta, Ac.
Arrived 22d. strs Argon, Port Arthur;
Q? an atomic, London; City of Columbus,
Savannah; Howard. Baltimore and Norfolk;
Kaweah, Port Lobos. Calvin Austin. New
l'ork; Delaware, do; motor barge Soixjny
No ?. do. tugn Harold, towing barge Marlon
Chappell, New York; Jupiter, Portland:
Mary C McNally, Mlllvllle. towing barges
Calvin (for Lynn). Edward A Sehlear and
Y'arlna; Warrior, Salem; Nottingham. New
York, towing barges L & W Nob 2. 10 (for
Salem) and 11; Catawlssa, Phliadelphtna.
towing bargee Klmberton, Manatawncy and
Cohansey, Murri'll, Norfolk, towing barges
Annie anil Kmelle: Lehigh, towing bargee
71H}. Portland for New York, 7S0, Rockland
for do, and 781, Portland for Perth Am boy.
Cleared 22d, ntr? City of Columbus, 8aannah;
Cretan, Philadelphia; schr Edna F
Pu'."eon" (Br), Windsor, NS.
Sailed 21?t. strs Langtlnd (Nor), DJuron.
Sweden; Lake Akkra. Dalhousle, NB; Cotto
plant, Chatham, NR.
Sailed 21st, str Lake Akkra, Dalhousle,
Sailed 22d. strs Lake Faribault, Charleston
and Jacksonville. Sepulga. Port Lobos; schr
W H Waters (IJr), St Martins. NB: tugs
Mercury, Buzzards Bay, towing barges Dunmore
and Si-ully Boys, for New York;
Suamlco, Kockport, Maes, towing barge John
T Hughes.?Wind at Highland Light, NW.
24 miles; clear; sra smooth.
BALTIMORE. Md. Oct 22?Arrived, strs
Manchester Importer (Br). New Orleans;
Neuse, Glasgow; Fagervtk (8w), Hartlepool;
Concordia (Br). Norfolk; Arabia (Br), Cardiff
via Norfolk; West Loquaasuck, Norfolk;
Clarlfburg, Gothenburg; Brandon,
Boston; William G Warden. Port Lobos;
Belfort, Newport News; West Chatala. Norfolk.
Cleared 22d, strs Olleston (Br), Bordeaux;
Sahale, Naples and Genoa.
Balled 22u. str.i Waubesa. London; Manchester
Exchange (Br), Manchester: Wye
Crag (Br), Lorlent; Jose Vlllallonga (Bp).
Dunkirk; Ilfonl (Br), Norfolk and Newport
News; Courageous. Rotterdam: Itokos Vergottls
(Greek), Rotterdam; MqldegaarJ, Port
BUZZARD8 BAY (Cape Cod Cansl), Mass.
Oct 22?Passed E, tug Watuppa, with 1
ba rge.
Pnsscd W 22d, tug North America, with 0
Arrived 22d, lugs Cheektowaga, with 4 !
barges; Paoll, with 3.
CHARLESTON, SC. Oct 21?Arrived, tug
Barrenfork, with barges in tow, from New
Y'ork for Cuba.
Arrived 22d, strs Mack worth (Br), Marrofllee;
Apache, Jacksonville (and sRlle-1 for
New Y'ork; Lake Elsmere, Jacksonville (and
sailed for Boston).
Balled 21st, str Pcnalba (Sp), Fernaridlna
for Bilbao.
Sailed 22d, strs Comlsh City (Br), Rotterdam;
Galdainea (Sp), Cette; barge S D
Warrlner, Havana (in tow of tug Cllncho).
CAPE HENRY. Va, Oct 22?Passed In,
schr Beatrice, Port Tampa for Raltlmore.
Passed out 22d. strs M J Scanlon, Baltimore
for Buenos Aires; Jobshavcn (Dutch),
Sebastopol; Regulus (Nor), do for Trondhjein;
Cornish Point (Br), do for Dunkirk;
E A Morse, do for Philadelphia; Psyche
(Fr), do for Boulogne; Stephen R Jones, do
for Portsmouth, Nil; Rlrk (Nor), do for
Hkaw (tor orders).?Wind W. 8 miles; light
GALVESTON, Tex, Oct 21?Arrived, strs
Federlca (Ital), Philadelphia; Melpo (Greek),
Norfolk; Telesfora ne Larrinaga uiri,
Shields; El Norte. New York; Gulfatar,
Tamplco; Romulus, do.
Sailed 21st. strs George W Barnes. New
York; Bakana (Br), Liverpool; Klva Trlgoso
(ltal). New Orleans: Sorl (Ital), for port In
Italy; El Suil, New York; Lalto Geneva,
Baltimore; Dorlngton Court (Br), Havre;
Thurland Castle (Br), Ghent and Antwerp:
Steadfast, Liverpool and Havre; Bucegl
(Roum), Genoa; Or)on (Ital), for port In
GULFPORT, Miss. Oct 21?Sailed, barks
K H Sutton, Bnbla lllanca; Amazon, Ijts
Palmas; sohr Harrison T Biacho/n, Havana.
HONOLULU. Oct 21?Arrived, str Great
Northern, San Francisco (not as before reported).
Sailed 21st, str Korea Maru (Jap), from
Hong Ko/tg, Ac. for San Francisco.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Oct 21?Arrived, str
Lake Bllmorah, Boston via Charleston.
Arrived 22d, str Comanche. New York vie
Charleston; schr Susan B. San Juan.
Sailed 21st, e'rs Lake Ellesmere. Boston
via Charleston; Apache, New Y'ork via
Charleston; Clontarf, Dakar. West Africa;
Caledonia. Papua la Grande; Lake Hurst,
Matanzas; William Plumor (Nor), Norway.
Sailed 22d. atra Norman Bridge, Tamplco;
Lake Fret-born, Havana.
KEY WEST, Fla, Oct 21?Patted, strs Lake
Calllcoon, New Orleans; TIfereeo Horn (8p),
New Orleans; Comal, New Y'ork; schr Flora
Condon, Havana.
MOBILE. Ala, Oct 21?Arrived, strs Lake
Elmhurst. New Orleans; 22d, Magdala (Hr>,
Ilo- a Grande,
i Hailed 22d, str Rochelle (Br), Cuba; tug
Jim Sid, with barge City of San Antonio,
NEW ORLEANS, La, Oct 21?Arrived, strs
Ensley City, Mufffle; Kehuku. Mexico: Montoao,
Porto Rlro: O T Waring, Havana; Fail
Valerlo (Br). Mexico.
Arrived 22d, strs Afoundrla. Mobile;
American Cross, Norfolk; British Admiral
(Br), Rouen; Creole, New Y'ork: Genesre
(Br), United Kingdom: Lako Fanbush,
Chile; Momhaasa (Br), Antwerp; Radlolene
(Fr), France; Surlnnme, Port Barrios.
Cleared 22d, strr Co pa 11 (Hond), Omoa via
Port Cortex; General Currle (Br), Santiago;
Gonzaba, Vera Cruz via Tamplco; Lake
Hector. Mobile: Lake Sunapen, New York;
Llvlngstonla (Br). Glasgow: Saranao (Br),
London; Trafalgar (Nor), Tamplco; Yoro
(Hond), Celba.
Hailed from Port Eads 21st, strs Celba
(Hond), Celba; Comue, New York; Danville,
Tamplco: Eastern City (Br), Manchester;
Frodnee (Nor), Tamplco; Heredla. novas del
Toro via Cristobal; Jalisco (Mex), Progroso;
Lake Elmhurst, Mobile; I<*ki- Flthlan,
Chilean ports via Panama Canal; I.ako Znllskl.
Hague and Cuban ports; Magurikook,
Buenos Aires via La Plata:, Monte\lrteo. Rio
Janeiro end Pt Thomas; Mantilla (Nor),
Port Lobos; Panama Maru (Jap). Kobe and
Yokohama via Han Pedro: Ilajah. Progreeo
and Campeclie.
Palled from Port Eads zan. strs Ashtabula
(Rr), North Shields am' Sunderland: Agwlstin,
Porto Blanco, Mex; Pnnnedalko, Tamplco;
Imperator (Nor), Tela: Hagtia (Br).
Maniantllo; Hunahlne. Port Lobos; Tripp,
Naples; Wilcox, Hamburg; schr Edith, Havana.
NEWPORT NEWS, V?, Oct 21?Arrived,
strs Sunnll, Philadelphia; Tannenherg (Br).
Portland; ADana (ital), Norfolk^; Mplton
(Mr), t.artiui. ni.i mm ,w, ? w.
folk; Claus Hom <Br), Barry.
Arri ." d 22d, etrs llorredyk (Dutch), New
Orleans; franc!* fBr), New York; Hannlngton
Court (Brt. New York.
Balled 21st. -Urn Monkton (Br), Buenoe
Aires: Oarnhnda (Br), I.yttleton; Bolvaer
(Nor), Dcmnrk; Do Coo (Br), Havre;
Western Ally (Br), Argentina; Conehatta,
Balled 22d. str* Frceport Bulphur No 5,
Baltimo*'-; Ionic (Br), Wellington; P.egtna
(Br?, Roclmfortl Dunnally (Br), Piraeus.
NORFOLK. Va, Oct 21?Arrived, strn Eros
(Fr). Fo-.ay; Onrr"dyk (Dutch), New Orlean.s;
Flsnan (Nor), Philadelphia; Volund
(Nor), lla-tlepool; Talyo Morn (Jap), Alexandria:
Opelika, Now Orleans; Reindeer
(Br). I.ss Pslmas; Rlmutakn (Br), Wellington
for I^ndon: B in, Philadelphia: Bverro
(Nor), New York; Hannlngton Court *YHr),
New York.
Arrived 21et. strs Guildford D Pendleton,
Pt Michaels; Maiden, Boston; York Harbor.
Cuba; ("npe Premier (Br), Olaegow: Francis
(Br), New York; Dngna (Nor), Havana;
' Port Antonio (Nor). Baltimore.
Arrived 22d, atrs Atlantic (Br), Hut);
ningborg (Nor), Htdelds; Btad Amsterdam
(Dutch), Rotterdam; Erken (Sw), Galveston;
, Toltna. Port Hawkeatniry, NH; Jobshaven
(Duteli), Baltimore; Mirk (Nor), do.
i ???????^
> '
Marine Engineers
i Employed on Ocean Steamships
, CIAI, ASSOCIATION No. 33 every Mondav,
a P. at 2(1 Pork Place. New York City.
Fvrry steamship engineer. Irrespective of
what local he linMs membership In, Is cordially
Invited to attend.
THOMAS n tll'AI Ft I
HnnlitMii Nnnnirr,
maii'm ri(r MUt oh WANTED.
FOB Sale?Suitable for Inlnnrl tvaterv.ay*.
, | I.'IO ft. Freight Steamer,
i 100 ft. House Barge; small To* II ft. ?q.
MrlNTCMH. Brooklyn Bridge Pork. NewTork,
' TeJ. Beekrnan '2100.
1 WANTBP? Passenger steamer, excursion
type, wood or steel hull, for roast service:
capacity for shout 209 panrirniters and
tons of freight; coiilpment must he In flr-t
elan- order; rend full particulars, price find
terms In flrrt letter; we mragT quick business.
Bo* 3304. Havana, Cuba.
.i .. _.... ......
23, 1920.
S OF 1
Arrived 22d, ?tr? immacolata (FY), ? I
Nacatre, Bar lid (Sp), Newport, G; Roberto
Ginorl (It&l), Galveston; Orange niver (Br), !
Hull; Lake Arllne. Havana; Meteor, lloatoii.
Wa .tenant (Dutch). Rotterdam; York
Harbor, Santiago.
Sailed 21st, atrr. Cowan, Now England;
Lord Dufferln (Br), Bordeaux; Campania
(I'al), Italy; Cornu opla. Port Tampa
Saguache, Now Orleans; E C Tope, Providence;
Freeman, New Bm.lnnd.
Hailed 21st, strs Vlndal, Havana; Belfort.
Baltimore; Edgohlll, Shanghai; West Chaala,
Baltimore; Duiimall (Br), Itoaarlo;
Ariadne Alexandria (Br), Lisbon; Isolta
(ltall. Palermo; Conrad Mohr (Nor), Itergen;
achr Char.e. Davenport, Curat ao.
Sailed 22d. atra Garlaliulm iSw). Havana
DaUotau, Alexandria; Johannes Macrsk
I Dan), ; Auditor, London; WlaiUmir
Ha win (Dun). New York.
POUT ARTHUR. Tex, Oct 21?Arrived, sir
Pliyglu (Br), Liverpool.
Arrived 22d, str itayo, with oil barge. New
Sailed 21st, strs Suntk (Br), London; LtKonli
r. Providence; Currier, Tamplvo.
Vacuum, Tampico; Canadian Adventurer
(Br), England.
Sailed 22d, sirs Perfection, with oil barge
No 85, Tampico; Sucrosa, do; Howlck Hull,
PE.N8ACOLA, Fla, Oct 21?Arrived, str
Napierian (Br), Galveston for Liverpool;
srhr Carmen (Belg), Mexico for Panama.
Sailed 20th, str Calno, Calveston.
PORT TAMPA, Fia. Oct 21?Sailed, str
Emilia s do Perez (Sp), Palma.
Sailed 22d, str Trinidad Ian, Tampico. I
Arrived 22d, str Ligonlcr, Tampico.
PHILADELPHIA, rn, Oct 22?Arrived, strs
Ambatielos (Greek). Hampton Roads; lh I- 1
nan Maru (Jap), Havre; Koranton (Br>, j
Norfolk; Ca3tellano (Br), London; Triumph,
do; Alitcrn (Svv). Gothenburg via Shields,
Splendor (Ital), Leghorn; liattio Lucken- \
ba h, Now York; Peter 11 Crowel], Bahla. !
Red Hook, Honolulu; Merrimack. Jackson-[
ville utul Savannah; Prcsideuto Estrada |
Cabrera (Guat), Antllla; GruKorios (Greek),
supposed from Oran; Salahudjl (Dutch),
Cleared 21st, strs Hercules (Nor), Havana;
J E O'Neill, Port Lohos; Liberty Mlnquas,
Texas City; Nicholas Cuneo (Nor), Norfolk.
Cleared 22d. strs Manchester Merchant
(Br), Manchester; Eastern Sea, Glasgow;
Clan MacBean (Br), New Y'ork.
Po3sed down Reedy Island 22d, sir Barr
(FT), Philadelphia for Oran; Bchr Orleans,
do for Sagua la Grande.
Arrived at Delaware Breakwater 22d, str
Pattge (Pr), from Philadelphia for Algiers.
Arrived off at noon 22d. str Ruth (Nor),
Dunkirk (and proceeded seaward).
Panted out 21st, strs Kassala (Br), Philadelphia
for Rochefort: Lake Harestl, do for
Dunkirk; Black Sea (Br), do for Hamburg;
Hurnwell, do for Port l>obos: Esparta. do
for Sai)ta Marta; Pure Rasllia (Sp), do for
Limerick; Oristano (Br), do for Havre;
Epidauro (Ital), do for Gibraltar (for
orders)' Greylight (Br), do for Constantinople;
llonorlus (Br), do for New York.
Passed out 22d, atrs Bearport, Philadelphia
for San Francisco; Auldmlr (Br), <lo for
Pan Antonio, Ac, via Balthnoro; Hercules
(Nor), do for Havana; F.righton (Nor), do
for New Y'ork; Hunan (Nor), do for do;
liaverford (Br), do for Liverpool; Paulsborn,
do for Texas City.
Awaiting orders 22d, str Elizabeth Maersk
(Dan), from Dartmouth.?Wind SVV. 10
miles; hazy; smooth sea.
PORTLAND, Me. Oct 22-Salled. tug Terth
Amboy, towing barges 705 for Perth Amboy,
742 and 756 for New Y'ork, and 784 for
Hailed 22tl, str Northern King, Norfolk;
schr Haniuel Castner, Jr (from St John.
NB), New Y'ork.
PROVIDENCE. RI. Oct 21?Arrived, strs
Essex, Baltimore and Norfolk; Harvey H
Brown, Norfolk.
Hailed 21st, str Meteor, Norfolk.
HAN FRANCISCO, Cai, Oct 21?Arrived,
strs Koyo Maru (Jap), Havana, Ac, for
Shanghai, Ac; Han Juan, Cristobal, Ac;
motor Kronprlnseasan Margareta (Swj, Thcoma,
Arrived 22d, str Point Bonlta, Baltimore.
KaileMl 21 if sfr? Xotnu. C.TatiI. .Tanan
Hhortsville, Philadelphia and New York;
Taliohee (Br), Yokohama.
SEATTLE, Wash, Oct 21?Sailed. atra
Ilyadc.i, Honolulu; West I via, Yokohama.
Arrived 22d, otr Eastern Belle, San Francisco.
SAN PEDRO, Cal, Oct 21?Arrived, atr
Anyo Maru (Jap), Valparaiso. 1
Arrived 22d, atrs West Isllp and West
ST THOMAS, VI. Oct 18?Sailed, atr Western
Spirit, New York.
SAVANNAH, Ga, Oct 22?Arrived, strs
Uachl (Sp), Blyth; Berlt (Nor), Chrlstlania;
Maryland (motor). La Plata; City of Rome,
Boston; Nantucket, Philadelphia (and balled
for Jacksonville;,
Sailed 22d, st.r Tento (Nor). Aarhuus;
motor ship Songvand (Nor), Philadelphia.
SALEM. Mass, Oct 21?Arrived, barge
Chlsholm. New York.
TAMPA, Fla, Oct 21?Arrived, strs Oscar
Id Bennett, Now Orleans; Lake Farlstell,
New York.
Arrived 22d, str Lake Freeland, Mobile.
Sailed 22d, atra Lake Farlstell, Mobile;
Solitaire, Port Arthur.
Hudson River
by Daylight
The "Washington Irving" and the "Robert
Pulton" running nntll close of season.
Boats arc steam heated and perfectly comfortable
In this glorious Autumn weather.
Direct Rail Connections. All through rail
tickets between New York and Albany accepted.
Music. Restaurant.
Steamer leaves dally. Including Sunday,
Desbronsea 8t., 8:40 A. M.; West 42d St.,
9:00 A. M.; West 12?th St.. 0:20 A. M.; Yonkers,
0:110 A. M.; landing at tBear Mountain.
tWest Point (weekdays only), tNewburgh,
tPnughkeepale. Kingston Point,
Catsktll, Hudson and Albany.
tReturn steamer sninc day from point*
marked fIdeal
one-day outings.
Telephone Canal 9300.
n Hudson T Rivei*
Msay Jjiuc
Dwkrtwm St. P1?r " ? Vast
Eastern Steamship Lines, Inc.
All the Way by Water
Nteamtn leave Pier IS, North River, font
of Mnrra) St. Phone BAKCI.AY .",000.
Da ly at S F. M. (imjiigiit Time)
NOV. 1.
U?t Sailing, New York to lioston,
Monday, Nov. 1.
last Hailing. Bovlon to New York.
Nuaday, Oct. 31.
ftk j J'llB
11 i i'lHiMilliM i
Pali) nailing from Plm 31, N. It., ai Dtv
brwiM St. fl P. M.; Waal 132(1 Rt.. ?:30 P
M. Direct rail connection! at Albany to ali
point* north, eaat and weet (Daylight earing
Phone Canal 9000.
Kwpreee Freight Kmlec. An toe Carried.
a*ll oiiTPinra statkfui< *mh.
float leave* Pier 30, H. R. (ft. W Houston
St.), Dally and Bunilay nt 5:30 P. M (daylight
Having lime). Phono Hprlng 9401.
"TOl'RIRT" Around Now York.
! I,v. Battery Pier dally 10 30 A.M. ft 3:30 P. M.
1 Delighthll,Warm, Obaervatlon Cabin for Chill
A 'I' limn day ' Ix-,-tincr I!. (ri.*hni I* Proad.1373
lindde route, crnlaliig yacht, about Nov. I;
II take private fatty hunting on route.
Communicate Capt. (JOONH, Colonial Yacht
Club, foot of Went lUith et.
New Steams
-*"x W m m v% v
P A N.i
Puerto Colombia Ca
Buenaventura Bsi
Manta C
The Pacific Steam N
26 Broadway, New York
ADRlATIC.HN on Nov. 17 Dec. 15 Feb 9 | u
Cetic.. ,.12NoonNov. 6 Dec II Jan. 15 !
Baltic 12 Noon Nov. 20 Dec. 24 Jan. 22 i (
Cedric 12 Noon F eb. 5 ! C
A M E R I C /
Mongolia.. 12 Noon Nov. 4 Dec. 16 Jan. 21: *
Manchuria. 12Noon Dec. 2 Jan. 131*
Kroonland. 11 A M.Oct. 3 Nov. 27 Jan. I I F
Lapland... 11 A.M. Oct. 30 Dec 4 Jan. 811.
l.n.M. IDEAL Wl
?a.Di/tu r., 0. 0. mcRanilf. AMEKI
Offices. t> Broadway, Now York. Pi
Travel offers the i
observe the ways of other m
r and educational vacation can be
countries. Route your trip "Via C
Carmania New York to Liveroool
Calabria New York " Gibraltar. Naples,
end Trieste
Mauretania... New York " Cherbourg and Sou
f-axonla. New York " Plymouth, Cherboi
Aquitania New York " Cherbou g and Sou
K. A. Victoria. .New York " Liverpool
Columbia New York " Londonderry and C
Parrnnia. New York " Patras, Dubrovnik
Imperator,.... .New York " Cherbourg and Sou
Vasari. New York " Liverpool
Caronia New York " Plymouth and Cho
l'oasenger and trrliht KtnlrM.
sails Nov.
Superior accommodation, for all claaaei
Renowned French cuiaino?Juvenile Th<
Every convenience and .
torn fort that French J
Comiotfiil* G?<i*ml* !
r ranMUantlqua Wm
Jamaica, CARTAGENA &
(Paeaenger and Freight Service)
American iff A I f| A Q" Smils j
fteamaSi" vALI/rtlJ Nay. 6 ]
For Ratee and Further Information Apply to
$-10 Bridge Bt. Tal. Bowling Green 100(14.
ViaPlymouth and Boulogna-Sur- vlar
nvvniu o . m >
niiii/mvi vci.i<, WC. 1
ROTTERDAM Not. fi, Dec. 11
NOORDAM Not. 17, j
NEW AMSTERDAM Not. 23, Dec. 2 . j
General Paaaenger Office, 24 State St., N. Y.
i1 24" Broadway. 5*1 Fifbi Avenja. ', ' (
Wart ' In *| . , Pro M-n. dim . CI.M
(II TMDi; MTATI.IKMtMS. *!.??.
DnlLy, Including Sunday, ;.'!() P M.
(Daylight Raving Tlnte),
From Pier IP, R. R. Phone SThO Roelcman
Ticket* at P1?r or Cnneolldated offlees
to Ronton Ptr*. I.v Pier 14. N. H.. VSnp.M.
Nmhurgti, Pi?ialikcc|i le, King .ton.?Lv. i
weekday*. Franklin St.. at 4 P. M.
hip Service
\ M A
? at
rta^cna Cristobal
meraldas Bahia
Nov. 3
avigation Company
*4, General Agents
on Broad 236)
LYM IC..I P.M. Nov. 6 Nov. 27 Dec. 29
?anopic.. ..II A.M. Oct. 30 Dec. 16 Feb. 10
'retic 3 P.M. Nov. 9 Jan. 5 Feb. 28
Kroonluvd.ll A.M. Oct. 23 Nov. 27 Jan. I
Lapland. ..II A.M. Oct. 30 Dec. 4 Jan. 8
Ited Star Lino Steamers en route Antwerp.
Inland 12 Noon Nov. 6 Dec. tl Jan. 15
eeland 12 Noon Nov. 13 Dec. 18 Jan. 22
(IT?MARCH. 10*81
IC AN LINE, S. S. New York * S. S. St. Paul
era AH, AO. 00 61. 63, North Blvav
opportunity to
en. No mere interesting
found than a trip to European
Oct 23 Nov. 20 D*e. 25
Patnu, Dubrovnik
Oct 23
ithampton Oct 28 Mar. 10 Apr. 7
lrq ar.d Hamburg ..Oct 3J Dec. 9 Jan. 18
ithampton Nov. 2 Nov. 23 Dec. 14
Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Jan. 11
llatgow Dec II Jan. 15
andTrieste Nov. 9 ?
thampton Nov. II Dec. 9 Jan 13
.....Nov. I ? ?
rbourg Nov. 25 Jan. 4 Feb. 8
For later nailing* apply at
4 ? Dec. 1
t of transatlantic traveler*,
tat re.
Xr^ and courteay can provide.
HbL to State Street
KM Maw York
turrets Poital Sarvicp ESI
l.xPAYKTTK *3. -
I t I IH H \I.NK Oc t. W, .No*. XU, Dec. 1*
Hoc IIAMIIEAII Oct. 2d. Dee. 4.
I.A Mtcllf. Oct. 30. Nov. XI. Dec. 24
I'HANt K Nov. 4, Dec. I. Dec. S?
IJvOI'OI.DIN A No*. 6,
I .A l.OKKAINK .. No*. 13. Dec. II,
raudi.ink Oct. r?
roMPANY'" onr k i!>_c<tatf-t. n v
8. 8. Kllica. 8. 8. Kanta Tcrvsm
8. 8 Santa Ana, 8. 8. Snntn I.ul.in,
Calling at t'allao. Arlco. Icitilque, Aritofaaa'ta
and Valparalao. Kortnlghtly nall'"'"'W.
R. CRACK * CO.. .Agent*.
ItanoTcr Set.. New York, or leinl Agent.
At.WI Llow NUWIIIIIV Nrilrt-florlili, mo
laiollnas. Cuba Texas, Call fornix, Nlnlc^
I'orto Rico. IxnU Domlncv Apply 4*9 r>th A*.
West Iodic* Crulsrs. Frank Tourist Co.. 189
Fifth Ave., bet. 41st and 42nd 8ts. Vanflorbllt
K4J YIT-INIM A. American A Indian 1.1 no.
New York. Port Hnld. Ilnmhaj. Rangoon, I nltutta.
Norton, l.ljly A Co., 20 Bearer St., N.Y.
Passenger Office. I ftrnadtrny. N. Y.
Pabre l.lne to Mediterranean Porta
Office. 17 State St.. New York
Montreal or Quebec fa Kurope. Can. Past*
io Yrean aerrlro. ltd.. If.lt Broadway.
RAYMOND tlTIITt tf.MIt ri>l Its. 539
pttlii A?e rrlephooe Madlean ~(jin?r? sv.a
Ideal Autumn Vacations *o ilerinuda. Full
Details ftinms Bermuda t.in". N. Y.
TO SPAIN?< omponla Trasmedl terra
99 ltea?er at. Tet. ni?no>ey B.tM-lt-ll- .
Ixmperl It ftoH ? loe. * Hraada n*
n vT dim-t in fumtrvi R'T. swfdrn.
pwrnfarr ttmiw ?y mnr t? 't d at. . 4
Norwegian America l.ltir. Norway. dwb? ?
" J.

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