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* .10 4-f
coxfTght opened 1
for party control;
Forget rust and Unite Under!
His Leadership, Plea of Senator
Oeorge White, Praised, Would
in;' iiv mm' ? j
? Chairman. J
BpecuU Despatch to Txm Nnw Tosn llnu.D.
New York Herald Bureau. I
\VHolilnKtoii, !?. C.. No\. 0. l
The Cox wing of ^Democracy to-day
I flred its first shot in the battle to gain
I control of the party. It came In the
) form of a statement by Senator Harrison
of Mississippi, a closo friend of
y the defeated Democratic i 'residential
| nominee, ana who was head of the DemI
ocratic speakers' bureau during the
Senator Harrison proposes that the
party be reorganized with Gov. Cox as
Its leader, lie also proposes that George
White be retained as chairman of the
National Committee and that all party
faotions be brought into line, regardless
of their attitude during the campaign.
nrv,l? c.n.tnr insntioriu n.ither
"""c "** ,
President Wilson nor William J. Bryan, t
hu statement was a thinly veiled condemnation
of the Wilson policy of read- (
ins out of the party all who did not
agree with Its leaders. Democrats must
stand united and work In a spirit of cooperation,
the Senator said. His state- J
* meat follows:
White's Work Praised.
"I believe there should be a charge
In the permanent organization of the
Democratic party. I do not mean by
that that Chairman George White should
not be retained as chairman of the National
Committee. He showed marked
ability In the management of the recent
campaign, which was waged against
overwhelming odds
"No one could have done better than
he did under the circumstances. He has
a very keen insight touching future
plans, and I am sure that when they
are put In force every element within
the Democratic party will approve of
"1 Wrtlll ID BCD CVC1.? fCinuviai >i.
country, no matter what his views in
the past have been or what his course
In the past has been or what his
course was in the recent campaign,
brought Into line and a militant organization
maintained to fight unitedly the
reactionary policies the Republican party
will assuredly attempt to Inaugurate.
Would Forgrt Pant.
"The results of the recent election,
while of course discouraging to the Democracy
of the nation, should influence
Democrats to stand united as never before
and work together in a spirit of
complete cooperation and accord. This,
I am sure, is what will be done, and In
the permanent headquarters in Washington
there will be placed such an efFRANK
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, 11 .
G. O. P. Plurality of 176
in House Unprecedented
Republican plurality in the
next House of Congress, accord- i
ing to the unofficial list com- j
pueu fcu-mgru py wimam lyiei
Page, chief clerk, will be 176, j
breaking all previous records. ,
The count shows 305 Repub- ]
licans, 129 Democrats and one
The previous record party ma
jority in the House, Mr Page !
said, was in the Sixty-third Con- j
greas, elected in 1912, when the
progressive party wa3 in the field
and the Democrats had a plural- |
ity of 163.
c_. i
IcleDt organization that it will bring
lutWaction to all concerned.
"1 have no criticism to make of those
Democrats who failed to aid the party
when the 'going was hard.' I want to
ieo complete harmony within our ranks,
rhe counsel of every one is the means by
vhieh that harmony may bo pr'Uiioted.
-et us bury all past differences and for;et
about the recent campaign. The
Democratic party is not dead ; it has only
eceived a temporary setback and will
nake Itself fe'.t every day of every ses- |
lion of Congress until the next electoin
oils around.
"Gov. Cox made a gallant tight. He
mp-essed the country as measuring up
n the fullest degree to the important
ole *.o which he had been assigned. No
me could have made a gamer or better 1
ight, and Democrats and Republicans"
ilike will accord him the full measure !
it credit due him. A grateful-party wl l
told him in highest esteem, and for the
splendid fight he has made will continue
;o look upon him as the real leader."
Illinois Central President
Talks Psychology.
Special Despatch to Tub New York Hera;.p j
Chicaco, Nov. 6.?What eftec* will the
change in party administration have
upon the railroads? C. H. Markham.
president of the Illinois Centra! thought
lor a moment before saying; "There
will be an improvement in the spring,
aot only for the railroads but In al
:mes. Business and the rail-oads are
so interrelated that when one is prosperous
the other is.
"The cause for the Improvement, I be
i.eve, win riot lie in me cnange or an- |
ministration but in relief of the housing ;
shortage which now exists everywhere. |
'i'he shortage is not confined to dwellings
alone; there is a big need for buildings
of every type and character?office,
warehouse and industrial. It must be
"You do not think, then, that the
actual change of administration will be
"In a inrntal wav it will be " he replied.
"Men will be disposed to say.
all the old troubles have been swept off
me board. We're done with some of
the hindrances with which wo had -to
. i ntend. We've a Republican President,
Ienate and House?an entire new deal.'
"Such a following makes men think
atong lines which are favorable to business.
It causes them to consider new j
projects ax a part of the new order of
tilings. And from this very mental
viewpoint the shift In party rule will be
01 decided benefit."
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fth Avenu* 5
cth StTM* . I
293, DEMOCRATS 133
Final Figures Furnish Two
More Republican Victories
Over Opponents.
Late Returns Unseat Two
IIl ? e
iM iiivi Kim; JUCJIluer* Ul
Republican victories in three Congressional
districts, two now represented by
Democrats?the Fifth Missouri, Eighth
Minnesota and the Twenty-tiiird New
York?assured with the receipt last
night iif the last belated returns, determined
definitely the lineup of the
House of Representatives after March
4 next, according to unofficial returns.
The Republicans will have 293 representatives
in the House to 138 Democrats.
The other four of the 436 members
include 1 Socialist, 1 independent. 1
independent Prohibitionist and 1 independent
Republican. The figures represent
a net gain for the Republicans
of 81 members and a loss to the Democrats
of 52. The present Congress contains
an equal number of miscellaneous
members, 4, with 232 Republicans and
120 Democrats.
In two of the districts reported yes
terday the Republican victories will re
'It In the urseatHg of two Democratic
Representatives who arc members of the
present ^ Congress. In the Fifth Missouri
E. C. Ellis. Republican, defcuted
\\ tlliam T. Hlnnd for reelection, whl.e
the situation was similar in the Twentyti>
id New York, where Richard F. McRinlry,
Democrat, who now represents
the district, lost to Albert R. Rosendale.
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? Washington Speculate* on *'
Probabilities for Chief f
Position h. ?
i r
? o
' " u
i Deemed Likely to Fill vState I
Department Post After I
Treaty Decision. o
/ ?
Special Dte\>atrh to Tim Nkw Yoik Hrauui. *
New Vork tlrrald Itiirruu, I
Washington, 1>. P., Nov. 6. I ^
Although Presldent-elect Harding has p
announced that he will givo no consid- e
oration to his Oublnet appointments un- 1
1 til after his vacation In Texas and his ^
trip to the Panama Canal, Republican t
leaders in Washington are discussing "
the possibilities and the available men
for these posts In the new Adminlstra- r
tion. I
Three men stand out prominently In 'r
hese discussion.s. They are Will H. j,
! Hays of Indiana, chairman of the Re[
;>ub!icun National Committee; Senator ^
Philander C. Knox of Pennsylvania, for- ,
mer Attorney-General and Secretary of C
State, and Pavld Jayne Hill of New
York, one time Assistant Secretary of
State and Ambassador to Germany.
, Mr. Hays, whose work In reorgan- t
lzlng the Republican party after the S
defeat of 1916 for the successful cam- !
paign Just closed Is widely recognized <
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models of charming interest
idc for selection.
- '
nd apprec(ted by the party leader*.
I belli# s|?ien u( ax Postinastor-tSeiirai.
it is understood here that Mr.
lays la no^eekin# a Cabinet pout, but
as expreafd a desire to return to the
ractice ofYw. However, it is believed
bat if Mr.llardinfe should ask hlni to
ake charK^of the #reut work of pitting
the Pot Office Department back (
n an efflc|nt basis he could not reuse.
Mr. Hilt's ?lde experience as a diplolat
both in he State Department and
> IPnrnna unma to fit him for tl.O OOSt
f Secretary if State.
Mr. Knox ? available also for that ,
ost, as well is for the Attorrey-Ger- I
ralship. He erved In the former place
;nder Taft ail In the latter under Mc- '
Clnley and Roeevolt. It has been suit- |
ested here 310 that after the cpie?tton |
f peace wltj Germany and a revision
f the Interatlonal relations of the
Tnlted Stntejhave been settled became
f coopcratio of the President and the
Senate the urgent chair man of the Forlglt
ltelatloj Committee, Henry Cabot
.odge, woulfbe available for Secretary
f State. Oittcoount of the present sltatlon
in thj Senate It is thought that
Ir. Hardlngind the party leaders will
refer to has Senator' Lodge keep his i
xperienced hnds on the reins there un11
the treaty's out of the way.
Senutor Krx, whose health has not
reen perfect recently. Is not believed
o desire th State Department post
main. It hf been sutisested that he
ir somebod: else might be named
emporarlly ) fill |t until the time Is
ipe for thi appointment of Senator
.odge. Frigds of Senator I-od-o beleve
lie woul like to w ind up his long
>ubllc caree as head of the State l)eartment
ati, Premier of the Cabinet.
But all of his Is pure speculation, as
o one here irofessea to have any word
lirect or iriirect as to the intentions.
>f the Prbident-elect regarding the
Guatemaa City, Nov.5.?Keports of
he Americn election were received with
Teat interbt by the American colony
icre, and nany Americans have expressed
the! satisfaction over the result
if the cam|.ign.
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'r 1920.
Palls It 'Bright Star in Political
Heavens to Light
"Way of World/
Tells Chicago the Nations
Will Be Liberuated and Form
One Brotherhood.
Chicaoo, Nov. 6.?Establishment of
"the Workers' Republic" In Soviet
Russia "is a britrht star in the political
heavens and shall light the way of
the world," Eugene-\. J>ebs declared
in a message sent from Atlanta penitentiary
to the Cook county organization
of the Socialist party, made public
here to-night. The message will bo
read at the celebration to-morrow of
the third anniversary, of the Russian
Soviet revolution by local Socialists.
It follows:
"Atlanta, (la.?Greetings, comrades,
in our glorious celebration of the third
anniversary of the Russian revolution.
The proletarian world and lovers of liberty
everywhere are thrilled with Joy at
the news of the great victory of the
Russian people. The triumph of the
workers' cause in Russia is a historic
milestone in the progress of the world,
and its influence for good has circled the
earth and shall direct the course of the
"The emancipation of Russia and the
establishment of the work, re' republic
is a bright star in the political heavens
and shall light the way of the world.
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It Is the great hope of the V,an rat;e
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of the workers of the \ii()
hell to those r.oble comrades wlcarve(j
out a people's government on\? |m.
pregnable foundation of granX that
shall stand for all time. \
storm; the faithful (-operation ow.,,m.
rades has been able to <iefeat the \ridwide
alliance of capitalism. 1 arrlure
that the same spirit thutlconquered \.,i. |
till ism will develop the kinluses thatYjij)
conquer the devastating disease Vu
hertted from capitaH*(fc govcrnmr\s :
who seeK to destroy tin newly emanL
pa ted people of Soviet Russia. Pall I
eomradeB, your triumph" Is complet ]
Other nations will become berated, anl
together. shall form a lotherliood q
the world." 1
President Said t Oppose
Setting Precelent.
Washington, Nov. Sfcstdent Wilson
is understood to baviiQ intention
of pardoning Eugene V. |oSt who is
ervlng a ten years' senVCo in the
Federal Penitentiary at Atlfca for vj0_
latlon of the espionage act|
The position taken by thL->resIdent,
ncoording to those who prof! t,, |<now'.
his views. Is that executive leniency
In such a case would set a ( rvce.
dent and would encourage otty, to oppose
the Government In th?yCnt 0f
another war.
Debs was convicted at Cieve^ sPp.
temb.tr 12. 1918. on three count; jury
finding him guilty of attempt(rito
cite Insubordination and dtsioCy jn
tVe military and naval forces, tempting
to obstruct recruiting and bring
language tending to incite, provcA,nnd
encourage resistance to the htcd
Stati s and to promote the cause \the
enemy. \
A pardon for Debs and others\n.
vlcted of violating the espionage a-yls
been urged by a number of orpaXj.
ttons, including the American ft dt.
tion of Xiabor, which, at its last i
nual convention^ at Montreal, C?nA
authorized a committee to confer \u
Attorney-General Palmer on the mat#J
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Sends Message To Be Read at
Celebration To-morrow.
Mrs. Coolidge, wife of the Vlce-Freaii
lent-eleet. yesterday sent a message to
[ Republican women which will be read
it their victory meetinK to-morrow afternoon
at the VanderbiK Hotel. The
message was given by Mrs. C'oolldge to
.Miss Laura Skinner, who was a guest
at the Northampton Neighborhood dinner
to Gov. and Mrs. Colidge Friday
| The message says: "Tell the New York
lltepubllcan women r believe It hard to
estimate the splendid contribution they
b ade to the national victory In holding
lew York, the storm centre all these
jast months. I am glad to know the
Women's State Executive Committee Is
planning to continue the work in headquarters
of their own. It is splendid
to conserve and enlarge such united and
loyal service in these days when there
Is so much to be done."
The victory meeting will be at 3 P. M. !
and will be in the nature of a Jollification,
with both man and woman speakers.
Miss Skinner, who had charge of
the headquarters during the campaign,
will preside.
Territory Now Has 54.718 ResldentMi
Decline of 14.0 P. C.
Skattt.e, Nov. 7.?Alaska's population
Is 54,718, a doecease of 14.9 per cent. In
the last decade, according to an an- i
nouncement made here to-day by \Y. T.
Eonp, who, as superintendent of the
Alaska District of the United States Bureau
of Education, had charge of the
census in the the northern territory.
Ten years ago the population was
' 64.366. This year there are 29,210 white
residents and 25,508 natives.
r~ i j
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5 embracing genuine
. Enhanced with deep
)possum, Taupe Nutria
rs have self collars and
en furs. All silk lined
lared Wraps
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llished with deep Collar
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