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P| T~
' SET AT $250,00C
His Wife Names This Sum ii
Action Against Wife of
Charles Weilnnd and Drivei
of Ccv Roth Deny the
Mrs. Alice Dorn. of 245 Weit 109tl
treet. wife of Frank Dorn, a chauffeur
brought suit yesterday In the Suprenv
Court for $250,000 damages again*
Mrs. Rose W'ellund, wife of Charles Wei
Mrs. Dorn accuses Mrs. Weiland wltl
winning Frank Dorn's affections whll
he was acting as chauffeur for Mr. are
Mrs. Weiland. Mr. Weiland, a hardwar
manufacturer, has a plant at 378 Broad
way and offices at. 149 Chambers stree
and resides at 525 West End avenue.
Speaking In tils wife's behalf last nigh
Mr. Weiland denounced the litigation a
an act of unfounded Jealousy. "Franl
Dorn's wife 1s trying to cause him b
lose his job," he said. "He has told m.
about his troubles with his wife and
referred him to an attorney. I have ab
solute confidence in my wife and tim
will vindicate her."
Harry C. Kosch, attorney for th'
chauffeur, said that Dorn had consultc.
him with reference to the case. He s&ie
the Weilands thought a good deal o
Dorn and that he often returned to th'
Weiland residence to make himself gen
erally useful during the day after hav
lng driven his employer to hiB office.
Mrs. Dorn expressed herself with con
siderable emphasis. She said her hue
band had been chauffeur for the Weil
ands prior to his marriage to her In 1911
There are three Dorn children In th'
chauffeur's home, but Mrs. Dorn sale
she had noticed that her own presence
nr.el that of the chilelren was not suffl
cicnt 'attraction to bring her husbam
In her complaint Mrs. Dorn charge:
M.s. Welland with having representee
to Dorn that his wife was not a At per
son to be his mate. The complainan
asserts that her husband's affection:
were alienated, and that since Octobe:
21 Mrs. Weiland has "harbored hin
against the will of the plaintiff."
Dorn denies his wife's allegations
claiming that he has acted independents
and voluntarily in his domestic troubles
Alleges Circus' Man*s Widou
Was influenced Over Will.
Dr. Freeman Ward of 616 Madisoi
avenue was examined yesterday befon
trial in connection with a contest in thi
Surrogates' Court to break the will o
Mrs. Margaret C. Cole, widow of W. W
Cole, who was one of the proprietors li
the Barnum & Bailey show. Dr. War:
Is named as executor and reslduar;
legatee In Mrs. Cole's will, disposing o
a large estate, and his wife Is named ai
legatee of a collection of diamonds sale
to be worth $100,000. Mrs. Ella L
Riley of Chicago, niece and contestant
obtained an order for Dr. Ward's exam
Dr. Ward admitted that Mrs. Cole hat
executed a will in 1915 and two wills li
1916 in which she had made liberal pro
visions for a brother, sister and he:
nieces. In each will she named Dr
Ward as her executor. In her last 1911
will she pamed the American Femali
Guardian Society as residuary legatee.
In this last will, which she is charget
with having signed while Incompeten
and unduly Influenced, Mrs. Coli
neglected to provide for relatives to thi
same extent. Dr. Ward said that hi
had managed,, her financial affairs, bu
until after her funeral he had no knowl
ed e of what disposition she had mad<
of her property tn the will she mad<
shortly before her death.
Th" hearing will be continued to
Services to CommemoraU
Anniversary of Founding.
Bishop Charles S. Burch and man]
other clergymen of this and nelghborlni
dioceses will take part to-day In th?
consecration of St. Luke's Protestan
Episcopal Church, at Convent avenut
and 141?t street. Yesterday was thi
100th anniversary of the founding o
the church. The original building, li
Hudson street, opposite Grove street
v.as used for seventy years and Is no*
Bt. Luke's Chapel of Trinity parish
The cornerstone of the present St. Luke'i
Church was laid by Bishop Potter 01
November 10, 1891.
The consecration has been delayed ot
account of a mortgage debt, which wa
cancelled last week. The rectory of St
Luke's is the Alexander Hamilton house
whence went Ham lton to fight the due
with Aaron Burr. The present rector o
the church la Its eighth?the Il?v. Will
lam Thomas Walsh.
Bishop Burch will conduct the con
eecratlon ceremonies, the Rev, Oeorg
Aehton Oldham, rector of St. Ann's
Brooklyn, former rector of 8t Luke'i
will preach the sermon, and the Rev
Dr. Mllo H. Gates, vicar of the Chape
of the Intercession, will be master o
Mrs. Ida Peter ton Loses Lift
in Strange Accident.
Mra. Ida Peterson. 16 years old. ?
4T Drlggs avenue, Brooklyn, was killer
last night when she fell down statre
She had a key In her hand and In hei
fall It pierced the ear drum and pene
trnfed her brain.
rttho. - J "?
vwmv. ?i? in?r iioupc neurit ?>irn
Peterson fall and caJled an ambulance
The physician who responded mid th<
accident was one of the most unusua
he had ever seen. If the woman !iu<
rot had the key In her hand ehe woulc
have eacaped Injury, os there was no
mother mark on her body.
Considerable Improvement wae noted
yesterday In the condition of Mlsha
Appelbaum. head of the Humanltarlnr
Cult, who has been III for two weeki
at Knickerbocker Hospital. Mr. and
Mrs. Appelbaum took bichloride of mer.
eury by mistake. Hra. Appelbaum wai
discharged from tho hospital a weeli
Mayor Hylan yesterday ordered Corporation
Counsel John P. O'Brien to appeal
a decision of Justice Page of the
Appellate Division allowing two five
rent fares to be charged by the Brook.
ivn rtty Railroad Company on the Plat|>u*h
avenue trolley Una
' Infants' Short Dresse,
, Reduced to 95c and $1.95
Dainty Utile dresses of nainscok and la
tiimmed with fine lace, embioideiy or tucks,
and i year sizes.
Fourth Floor. _____________
Fine Valu
; Gowns
anC* ?
- tailored st,
tine, Poirt
Um Serge; gow
_ elaborate t;
2 Velvet, Br<
? " EL Satin Mete^
NxSi^i and other f
Misses' and Women'
|| Models from $35.00 i
' Women's Gown
Chiffon Vel
The vogue of the Vel\
of the conspicuous feature
the simple lines of the nev
themselves admirably to
rich fabrics. Chiffon Ve
women, of characteristic s
sleeves, lace collar, satin ?
I Dainty Silk Und
Unusual Values
/~\NE of the real opportunities of 1
woman who appreciates beau
Surprisingly moderate are the prices
ing models. Night Gowns, Step-ii
Bodices, of excellent quality Crep
Satin, trimmed with Valenc ennes <
and hemstitched.
Night Gowns Ste]
$5.95, $6.95, to $9.75 $1 95
and tax
Bodices, $1.95
? Pj I . RrrnnA FZoor___
I Great j
I The Winter Mode Demands
; 1 Long Gloves
I>T<HEY are the correct style for the present
X and the coming season.
Our Glove Department hat refreshingly
complete assortments of the finer quality 'ong
gloves. Exquisitely made of beautiful soft
leather, they aie offered at Unusually Attractive
, Chamois Gloves
Strap wrist, pique sewn pair $3.50
i Imported leather, 12 button length, pair $4.95
Superiot quality imported leather, 12 button
lengtn.... pair $8.50
e The Smart Slip-on
1* Biarritx?choice imported white kid,
pair $3.95
f Longer gloves?of selected French kid
I pait $5.50
Fancy Biarritz, embroidered?Open at the
wrist pair $7.50
Eight Button Length ,
' I French kid, white overseam pair S5.50
Reynier?white, black and tan, perfect
t I in fit . pair $7.00
\ I Glace kid, pique seams, embroidered backs.
. II Pastel, tan, grey, black and white, pair $8.00
Vi Twelve Button Length
H Reynier?An unusual collection featuring
* , tan, mode, white pair $8.00
* I French leather, black and white...pair $8.50
$ Reynier, embroidered backs pair $10.50
1 | Sixteen Button Length
jC French glace kid, black and white, pair $9.50
'3 Reynier?excellent quality leather in white,
i I pair $10.50
" Featured for Monday
! I Long Gloves
' I $5.00 pair
>: Black suede mousquetaire, l6 button length.
L White glace kid, eloow length. Also tan and
j I grer0
Incomplete range of sixes.
Telephone Orders Filled?
38th Street ? F]
es in Winter
[NG afternoon
street dresses,
yles in Trico- ^
3t Twill and K
ns of the more | /
ype, of Chiffon jl [ f
)caded Velvet,
3r, Crepe Satin
avored fabrics.
F troduce(
3 Slzes blouses. T
to $250.00 much in vog
and Gerirge
8 of contrasts,
vet beads or bra
Hindu, Orio
ret gown is one Beaver and!
s of the season,
j styles lending Grc
the display of A ,
l.vet .?7ns. for collar, Three
simplicity, long Silver> Jade
girdle.. . $75.00 Illustrated <
erwear Smar
:he season for the Correct Nev
tiful silken wear.
for these charm- A11- S i 1 k J
t-> , . two straight-lin*
1 Env=!?Pe? and pleated flounces
e de Chine and two-color efTcct
and Calais laces, gg ji
n.Tn r nvolnnoo ? .
I 1 urepe de tn
>, $2.95, $3.95 of prench mod(
Reductions oi
beautiful Rugs I
*^^1'- want to emphasize the fact tha
represent a special purchase. T
proud to show them, and you should be
There are so many hundreds of rug:
rooms, that you will have almost unlirr
We need not go into detail about th<
the richness of the blues and go ds and t;
ever, that these are unquestionably fine,
and feel them.
And now, considering the quality an
these few examples of the prices. Coi
You will be extraordinarily impressed \vi
Size 8xio feet
$195 ?nd $295
| Notice that these prices arc lower
some domestic rugs. Large scle
Wonderful qualities for such pricfci
Room Size Rugs
Size 9x12 feet $250
11.0x14.7 $075 Su
10.1x14 $425
10.1x13 $425 2x;?*
10.9x13 $025 2x4!
10.8x13.6 $025
iox!4 $675 * b
>AY, NOVEMBER 7^1920.
Phone Filzroy 1900?Ask for Telephone Order Desk
' & Taylor
rr"T?TT a ArrxTTTT? rwu c*.
ir in AVL^ua? J7ui on
Modes for Wi
'S latest phases are int
in this showing of smart
'he costume overblouse so
rue in Satin, Crepe de Chine
tte Crepe, with clever color
embroidered in silk, wool,
id. Favored colors are Navy,
le, Spanish Red, Dark Brown,
Silver. Models from
$10.00 to $95.00
pe do Chino Overblouse
nit* nVinnwii'nn' rrtAclAl
i ij iiiing jiiuucj, luiuug
i-quarter sleeves, in Beaver,
, Spanish Red, Electric Blue,
ibove SlO.uO (tax 60e)
Ttilril flnnr
t Silk Petticoats
v Tailored Models for Street Wear
f e r s o y, TafTeta Silk, straightCone
^ne moc^ 'n k'ack> colors
3 and changeable effects.
5.45 $5.45
Ine, copy Knickerbockers,
>] washable Satin, flesh
i Beautiful
Prices lower Prt
lhan in uears al
^ ?
t these rugs are from our regular collection,
hey were selected with but one idea,?thai
1 proud to own them.
s, from tiniest mats, to large-siee rugs for hal
iited selection.
2 beauty of Chinese rugs, the skill with which
ins, and the uniqueness eff design. We do wa
You will recognize the quality as such, the
d completeness In size and color range, we aRk
npare them?remember what prices were a i
th these great reductions.
Size qxii feet
$395 $45
than A wonderful selection in th
ction. size. Why not consider one of
i. bridal or Chriatmas gift?
Room SI
Stunning Chinese
Mills Site 9?u fe?t..
ch good sizes for filling in 9.4*13.10
8PflCC*- ,0ixi3
tyi feet $15.00 ? 3
reet $27.50 10.1x12.10
eet $35.00 10x15
\XA feet $47.50 CXJr
eet $00.00 5 *
A Sensiblt
' Unus
Is made oj pink
pink satin. Light 1
appeal to women ol
eet s
mien and
Sumptuous beauty
marks our Winter
wraps, distinctive versions
of the Paris mode. Evora
Superior, Cashmere,
Duvetyn, Orlanda, Bokhara,
Chamoistyne, Bolivia
or more elaborate wraps
of Chiffon Velvet, and
combinations of Metallic
Brocade and Chiffon Velvet,
many richly fur
Misses' and Women'i
Models from $50.00
Adapted from Oui
Paris Importati
Cashmere Bolivia, with la
Nutria or Australian Op
all-enveloping Wrap-Coal
ing straight-line styles, in
the new shades. Linings o!
tailoring irreproachable.
Robes and Breai
Manufacturer's Sur
is the moment to buyable
lounging robe, or <
coat for the cold mornings, at p
usual. We are offering a gro
Widc-Wale Velvet Corduroy r
lovely colorings and attractive
out. Several models Moufflon
$12.75 and $
* '?Floor
Chinese R<
A At
ictically Celluloi
11 sizes At Radl
They do not X 5uperio
t we should be ereatly rcdu
ment includ
19 and drawinp- every worn a
they are made,
nt to Ray, how- Are the thre
minute you see these article
acceptable gi
you to observe
tew wecK8 agoi
Hair Bi
?""""" Perium
^ Cream
ils popular ^
these for a Mlrron
Jewel 1
Hair R
to Rufta j
$325 MlHtar
$495 jcwei ]
tr.^ An attract!
**er's Nail 1
$925 Shoe Horns
m]l ll"W
iwh ! ! ??tm?ma 1
? Elente Corset j
ual at $4.95
or blue broche stripped with
zoning and elastic girdle top
slender and medium figures.
econd Fhinr
Misses 1
! li
1 ' 1
I K 1 \
? Sizes I
to &OIJ5.UU
r Own
,vish collars of
iossum, superb
;s and bccoma
full range of
l selected silks,
1 i
kfast Coats
plus Stock
a handsome, service- 1
comfortable breakfast J
>riccs much lower than
up of Embossed and
nodels, exceptional in
styles, lined throughi
stable Offering of
d Toilet Articles
cal Price Reductions
P 1.^1 _ f
rrom our rep-uiar siock 01
r quality toilet articles, and
iced in price, this assortes
the many little things
n needs for her dressing
er, Shell and Ivory
c popular finishes used for i'j
s, all of which will make
At 95 c each
e Bottles?Gocks
-Glove Stretcher#
Jars?Ilair Receiver#.
$1.95 each
i?Puff Boxes
ecelvers?Pin Boxes,
Vt $2.95 each | 1
y and Gothes Brush## 1
-Powder Boxes
Soxes?Pin Boxes
At 25c 1
ve assortment of Babies'
ail files?Combs, Travel- I j
jriishes?Button hooks?
rtn** C
J ^

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