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W. H<
18 West
- k
h r
j For sixty-four yea
possessed and cor
factors that must
; / when buying furs!
, Here is a conc\
j cation of ich
J means, accordi
I Hudson
I j 36 inches I
! large cape
; Other Fur Coats
Hudson Seal, (
Squirrel, Beaver
/ /"vrvn C ??r?n C n
VAAJU, I 1 Clll.il JC
A comprehensiv<
Stoles, Capes
ot Skunk, Fox, Beave
W. a HAL
Telephone Fitz Roy 2707.
^^564-566 akd568 I
f ' . EXTENS1V
"4 '
I ^n?.iftDieri
LW W .
38th Street
1 I
rs the HALL FURS have
nbined the three essential
be considered and studied
rete example and applli
at REAL Fur Value
ng to the Hall Standard.
Seal Coats
one (knee lengths with
collar and cuffs of seaL
Wraos and Dolmans in
Caracul. Mole, Siberian j
, Muskrat, Nutria, Racal
and Marmot.
) to*1450
5 and superb collection oi
>, Scarfs and Muffs
r, Hudson Seal, Squirrel, Mole,
ik and Sable.
L, 18 W. 38th St.
Formerly 6th Ave. and 22d St
fifth AvCIUK^46t-?o 47-STS
' ^ ^ ^ ^I
C) I?
St., "
's drjesses"
>'*"*!?'v ??
Social ement
^ite parties
&toall meets
ule evemtssah?
entertain 1w^
)R ;WR\Ps
. .
Sittings Are More Widel;
Than Ever Before?Nin
for the Openin
: .3ZZ7
of boxes in the Metropolitan Opera
House during the coming season, made
public yesterday, more patrons will view
the performances from the two rows of
boxes than ever before. While there
has been no Increase In the number of
boxes there has been a greater subdivision
of them among families able to enJoy
their opera amid such luxurious surroundings.
The new names of box holders
In the parterre row have already
been printed In The New Yohk Herai-h.
Parterre logos for the opening night
have been leased from the owners by
Mr. and Mrs. John Aspegren, Mr. and
Mrs. Elbert H. Gary. Mr. and Mrs. John
N. Willys, Mrs. Charles Frederick Hoffman,
Mrs. William O. Rockefeller, who
will occupy the William K. Vanderbilt
box: Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Schwartz,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hutton, Mr.
and Mrs. John Sanford and Mr. Clarence
H. Mackay. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Fahnestock
have taken the Astor box for
one night a week. Dr. and Mrs, Lewis
Rutherfurd Morris have boxes In both
the parterre and grand tier.
Among the absentees because of
mourning will be the members of the
Vanderbilt family, Mr. Ogden Mills, Mrs.
Whitelaw Reld, Mr. and Mrs. Marshal!
Orme Wilson, members of the Frlck
family and Mr. and Mrs. Edmund
Baylies, who had a box In the grand
tier for years. Mr. Glulio Gatti-Casazza,
general manager of the Metropolitan
Opera Company, will use box No. 48 In
the grand tier for all performances.
In the following list of parterre row
boxholders the first name or names Is
[ that of the owner:
1?Mrs. Ogden Goelet.
3?Mr. M. Orme "Wilson and Mrs.
Cornelius Vanderbllt, alternately; Mrs.
E. Reeve-Merrltt, Wednesdays.
5?JMr. George Peabody Wetmore
and Mrs. Harold Brown, alternately;
Mr. John Aspegrren. odd Mondays,
opening night; Mr. John F. Montgomery,
odd Fridays; Mrs. W. Watts Sherman,
even Mondays, odd Thursdays
and odd matinees.
7?Mr. Vincent As tor, Mr. Harris
Fahnestock, even Wednesdays.
9?Mrs. E. H. Harrlman, Mrs. Wlllard
Straight, Mr. Edward F. Hutton, even
Mondays; Mr. Charles A. Stone.
Wednesdays; Mr. C. T. Mathews, even
Fridays; Mr. Philip Rhlnelander, odd
Ur?Mr. Arthur Curtlss James. Mr.
Arthur M. Huntington, Mr. Frederic B.
Pratt, even Wednesdays.
13?Mr. George Henry Warren, Mr.
Henry A. C. Taylor. Mrs. Wllllaip
Howe Rice, even Fridays.
IS?Miss Iselln, Mj. E. H. Gary, odd
Mondays, opening night; Mr. John J.
Watson, Jr., even Mondays; Mr. Edward
F. Dwlght, odd Wednesdays; Mr.
Griswold Thompson, even Thursdays.
17?Mrs. William Douglas Sloane, Mrs.
H. McK. T-wombly.
13?Estate or h. u. i<tick.
21?Mr. H. P. Davison and Mr. Charles
"Steele, alternately; Mr. William H.
Porter, even Wednesdays; Mr. Thomas
W. Lamont, odd Thursdays; Mrs. C. H.
Coster, even Frltiajs.
23?Mr. Elbridge T. Gerry. Mrs. K. N. |
Breltung, Mondays: Mrs. Louis T.
Hoyt, Wednesdays; Mrs. Louis G.
Kaufman. Thursdays; Mr. Edward J.
Berwlnd, Fridays.
25?Estate of John E. Parsons, Mr.
George G. Haven, Mrs. Forsyth Wlckes,
Mr. John N. Willys, odd Mondays,
I opening night; Mr. Flnley J. Shepard.
Thursdays; Mrs. John E. Parsons, even
27 Mr. R. Fulton Cutting and Mr.
John T. Pratt, alternately; Mrs. Charles
Frederick Hoffman, odd Mondays,
opening night; Mr. Harold 1. Pratt,
odd Fridays; Mr. Anson W. Durchard,
even Fridays.
23?Mrs. Richard Gambrill, Mr. Glraud
Foster, Mrs. J. Stewart Barney, Mrs.
Peter Lurson, even Mondays; Mrs.
Newbold Morris, odd Thursdays; Mrs.
8tuart Duncan, even Fridays; Mrs.
John E. Parsons, odd matinees, Mrs.
Benjamin Brewster, even matinees.
31?Mrs. Vanderbllt. Mr. Charles E.
Sampson, odd Fridays.
33?Mr. Henry R. Hoyt, Miss Roslna
8. Hoyt, Mr. E. Francis Hyde. Wednesdays;
Mr. R. H. M. Robinson, odd
36?Mr. J. P. Morgan.
2?Mr. Frederic A. Jullllard, Mrs.
George L. Rives, even Mondays; Capt.
W. C. Beach, odd Thursdays; Mrs.
Frederick Pearson, Fridays.
4?Mr. August Belmont. Mr. Frank V.
Storra, odd Mordays; Mr. Lewis L.
Clarke and Mr. Bcrnon S. Prentice,
even Mondays, alternately; Mr. James
Speyer, Fridays; Mrs. Clarence M.
Hydo, odd matinees.
6?Estate of W. K. Vanderbllt, Mr.
Robert 8. Brewster, odd matinees; Mrs.
William G. Rockefeller, opening night.
3?Mr. Bertram H. Borden and Mr.
Howard 8. Borden, Mondays, Thursdays
and alternate matinees; Mr. C N.
| Hllna. Jr., Wednesdays. part matinees:
Miss X* P. Bliss, Fridays, part matlj
lCMMr. Oeorge F. Baker, Mondays.
] Thursdays, alternate matinees; Mr.
! William Fahnestock, Dr.*Krnest Fahnestock
and Clarence O. Campbell.
| Wednesdays, Fridays, alternate matlj
j 12?Mr. Henry Clews, Mr. Geo rye J.
! Gould.
11?Mr. O. H. Kahn. Mr. James Shewan,
Jr., Fridays; Mr. Walter Oracme
Iwidd, odd matinees; Mr. John N.
Willys, even matinees.
Id-Mr. Walter P. Bliss and Mr. William
Willis Reese, alternately; Mr. Morton
L? Schwartz, odd Mondaya, opening
12?-Mr. Charles B. Alexander and
Miss Helen O. Brlce, alternately; Mr.
John Sanford, even Mondays; Mr.
Hush A. Murray, odd Fridays; the
Rev Henry V. B. Darlington and Mr.
Ferdinand F. Jelke, even Fridays.
30?Mr. Ogden Mills and Mrs. Whitelaw
22?Mr. W. Seward Webb, Mr. Edward
F. Hutton. odd Mondaya, opening night;
Mr. 8. R. Guggenheim, even Mondays;
Dr. Walter H. James and Mrs. Hugh
D. Auchlncloss. matinees.
24?Mr. Robert Walton Goalet, Mr.
John Sanford, opening night.
28?Mr. William Ro*s Proctor, Mrs.
Arthur Ryle, odd Wedne?dayaj Mrs.
Charles H. Senff. odd matlneea.
2*? Mrs. W. Bayard Cutting, Mr.
Clarence H. Mackay, odd Mondays,
opening night; Mrs. Harry Sinclair,
Fridays; Mrs. J. J. Wysong, odd matinees.
HP-Mr. II. P. Whitney and Mr. Payjis
[ Whitney, alternately,
j 83?Mrs. Luther Kountse, Mr. Jt. F.
Bradv and Mr. John D Ryan, even
Mondays; Pr. Lewis K Morris, odd
Wednesdays; Mr. E. S. Hnrkness, even
Wednesdays; Mr. Herman D. Koantae,
odd Thursdays; Mr. Robert Law, Jr.,
even Fridays, Mr. John D. Ryan, even
IH?Mrs. James 11. Hoirirln. odd Mondays;
Mr Charles M. MacNeiU, odd
Brand Tier llnatialder*.
J7?<Mr. P. K. Welskopf, Mondays; the
Benjamin School, Thursdays.
3ti?Pr. Ernest T. Carter, odd Mondays:
Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Ptinn, even
i Mondays.
41?Mr. Uraekett Hnrkley, odd Moni
dsys; Mrs. Henry P. Kttahrook, even
I Monday*.
; ? Mr. William M. Baldwin, odd
l Mondays; Mr. J. B. Llneid, even Monj
days; the Hcnvllle School, Wednesdays;
1 Elinor Comstook Bckooi al Muslo,
I \
y Distributed This Season
e Parterre Boxes Leased
g Performance.
Thursdays; Mr. a. t-eoenson ana air.
R. J. Lebenson. Fridays; Vaasar College,
Saturday matinees.
45- JMr. George B. Hurd, Mr. Mark
Sheldon and Sir. Emll J. Stehll, Mondays;
Conistock School and Miss Foster's
School for Girls. Fridays; Miss
Macon's School for Girls, Saturday
47?Mr. George G. Foster and Mr.
Ronald H. Macdonald, Mondays; Mr.
J. Frank Nutting, Wednesdays; Mr.
Alfred Frankenthaler and Mr. George
Frankenthaler, odd Fridays; Mrs. Benjamin
Lowensteln, even Fridays; Miss
Mason's School for Girls. Saturday
tS?Mr. James B. Dickson and Mr.
James Christy Bell, alternate Mondays.
51?Mr. and Mrs. W. Dixon Fills, odd
Mondays; Mr. Karl Filers, even Mondays;
Mr. Lewis E. Plerson, odd
Wednesdays; Mr. Rolltn P. Grant, even
Wednesdays; Mr. J. Ilomblower De
Witt, Fridays; Mr. J. Mercadante, Saturday
53?Mr. L. L. Dunham, odd Mondays;
Mr. Herman Lee Meader, even Mondays;
Mr. Albert B. Boardinan, odd
Wednesdays; Mr. John F. Harris, even
Wednesdays; Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Boruuld,
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Munk and
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Baumgold, Thursdays;
Mr. Warren B. Burns, Fridays;
Mr. Charles Potter Klirig, odd Saturday
matinees; Dr. Lewis R. Morris, even
saiura*y maunees.
36?Mr. M. Blssberger and Mr. B.
Blssberger, Mondays.
38?Mr. R. Badowsky, Mondays.
40?Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Stettinhelm,
Mondays; the Finch School, Fridays.
42?Dr. William li. Nichols, Mondays;
Mr. R. J. Caldwell, Wednesdays; the
Finch School, Fridays.
44?Mrs. Edward Randolph, Mondays:
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard I,andau and Mr.
and Mrs. Julius Steinberg, Wednesdays;
the Deverell School, Fridays;
Mrs. Dow's School, Saturday matinees.
46?Mr. Nelson S. Clark. Mr. Herbert
Gloason, Mondays; Mr. Hubert Tenipleton
Parson, Wednesdays; Ecole Francalse
de Madame J. A. Rieffel, Thursdays:
Madame P. Skerten, Fridays;
UTday matinees.
48?Mr. Glulio Gattl-Oaeazza.
60?Mr. and Mrs. Bertram G. Work,
odd Mondays; Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
F. McCann and Mr. and Mrs. James
Donahue, even Mondays; Mr. M&nton
B. Metcalf, odd Wednesdays; Mr. F.
Benedict, even Wednesdays; Mr. A. F.
Bauterbach, odd Fridays; Mr. Bouts
Beorman and Mr. Otto Frank, even
Fridays; Miss Spencer's School, Saturday
63?(Mr. Austin B. Fletcher, Mondays;
Miss Marguerite Knox, Wednesdays
and Saturday matinees; Mr. and Mrs.
William Ralph Bong, Thursdays; Mr.
William M. Pratt. Fridays.
54?Mrs IB C. Prltchltt, Mondays; Mr.
Elmer E. Smathers, Wednesdays; Mr.
Julius Kessler, Thursdays; Mrs. Lawrence
Chamberlain, Fridays.
In the Stall Rosea.
B?Dr. Mozart Monae-Besser, Mondays;
Miss Mary Campbell, odd
Wednesdays; Mr. Edwin H. Denby,
even Wednesdays; Miss A. M. Condlt,
D?<Mr. Elliott Averett, Mondays; Mr.
C?iMr. Frank 8cott Gerrlsh, Mondays;
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Otto
Franks! and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
.Mo ho s, odd Wednesdays; Mr. Paul
Plunkett, even Wednesdays; Mr. Brodie
Gtlman Hlgley, Thursdays; Mr. and
Mrs. Nat Ginsberg, odd Fridays; Mr. I.
Freundiich, even Fridays; Miss Mary
Olcott. Saturday matinees.
D?Mr. Ettott Averett, Mondays; Mr.
Joseph S. Auerbach, Wednesdays; Mr.
Samuel Bird, Jr., Thursdays; Mr. Eugene
Mackey, Fridays; Mrs. Charier E.
Slieppard, Saturday matinees.
E?Mr. Charles II. Dltson, Monday
Mr. Samuel W. Bevburn and Mrs. .v a
tor J. Wayte, Wednesdays; Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Phlllipson, Thursday* -.nu
Fridays; Mrs. Archibald XL Bun. Saturday
n'?oir. j. Hurting Lawrenoo. Mondays;
Mr. J. Du Pratt White and Mr
Samuel D. Gushing. alternate Wed. esduys;
Mr. S. L. Lubbell and Mr. M. M
Lubbell, Thursdays; Mr. and Mrs. tiu
Uosque, Fridays; Mrs. Edwin A Fisher
and Mrs. Millard F. Hoes, Saturday
G?tMr. James Livingston Freeborn.
Mondays; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Durst
and Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldstein.
Wednesdays; Mr. and Mrs. Milton L
Llssberger, Thursdays; Mr. Armand
Schmoll, Fridays; Mr. Henry Uliuix,
Saturday matinees.
H?'Mr. Leonid as C. Williams, Mondays;
Mr. R. L. Glffen. Wednesdays;
Mr. Truly Warner and Mr. M. K. Gardner,
Thursdays; Mrs. WiUlain F.
Kenny, Miss Alice J. Kenny, Mrs.
Anna T. Kenny and Miss Maty K.
Kenny, Fridays; Mr. and Mrs. George
8. Jephson, Saturday matinees.
J?Air. Winchester Fltoh, Mondays;
Mr. George R. Turnbull, Wednesdays;
Mr. O. Vlntschger, Thursdays; Mr. Ad.
Leewlts, Fridays.
V?Mr. and Mrs. John W. Herbert,
odd Mondays; Mr. Louis F. Doyle, tven
Mondays; Mr. Jacob Sparbsr and Mr.
Morton Stain, Wednesdays; Mr. A.
Henderson, odd Fridays; Mr. end Mrs.
Albert C. Ludlum, even Fridays.
W?Mrs. Valeria Langeloth, Mondays;
Mr. Walter E. Kelley, Wednesdays;
Mr. Waring Thomas. Thursdays; Mr.
Messmore Kendall.
.Mr. and Mn. Jmimmm II.? ?- -
kral* WrtldlHK Annlvtrwrr.
Mr. and Mr* JtmM Claweon of
PlaJnfleld, N. J., yesterday celebrated
Oi<- elxty-eeventh annlvereary of theli
w-'ddlnic. Mr. Clawaon obeerved the
n-netlelh anniversary of l>!s birthday on
Friday snd Mr?. Clownon was the name
?ko a week ago. A number of rela- I
tlves and friends called to extend oonK'
atulatlone. Mr. and Mrs. Clawoon
( were born at Newmarket, N. J., and
' a ere married there by the Rev. Halsey
I>ker She wae Uln Henrietta K_
Mr. and Mrs. CI a we on hare three chtl
drrn. I>ra M-ircua L. and Frank T.
Cl'iwuon and Mra Aaa F. Randolph, all
of I'lalnfleJd.
Anr.1) ecu pi.id to cri.ennatr.
Mr. and Mr* Rdward A. Packer of
iflfl Teaneck road, Rhl*efleld Park, N. J.,
who were married flftv v?*r.
Wllkeebarre, Pa., will hold a recaption
November 17 to celebrate their
gr.ldevi wedding anniversary. Knrh l*
71 years old and la In perfect health.
They had Ave children, but four died 'n
Infancy Their aon, Harry E. Packer of
RldgcArld Park, la In the foreign de
pertinent of J. P. Morgan A Co. Mr.
Packer hlmarlf la atlll In bualneaa for a
financial and Insurance company, with
office* In New York.
Among the patroneeaea and gueata attending
a tea yesterday at the Navy
Club, 13 East Fort v.first street, by the
Society of Pennsylvania Women, were
Mra. linger Lewis. president of the society;
Mra. H. V. Davison, Mra. W. H.
; Brown, Mra. James Fcssenden, Mrs
Jnmea Darlington. Mrs Charles M.
Schwab. Mr?. Joshua Hatfield, Commander
Anderson of the battleship Pennsylvania,
and staff. Including Lieut. O.
J. Hussey, Capt. O. Voglegesanc, Capt.
Plead well, Capt Potter, Dr. Batteries
j^and Chaplain Miller.
4House of Usher' in *
Music Form Played f
Here by Orchestra
Boston Symphony Gives ?. B. j.'
Hill's Composition Based 1
on Poo's Masterpiece. j
L_ ; ; i.. . j
At last "The Fall of the House at
Usher" has been composed, but not by
Debussy. For years his lyric drama was ^
promised Jn the Metropolitan prospectus
till the world began to believe It to be ^
one of those Penelope scores of the family
of Bolto's "Nerone," that are never 11
finished. The title Is printed no more.
Dobussy has ceased to sing. But Eklward j
Burllngame Hill of Cambridge, Mass., In a
the summer of 1919 made a poem for "
orchestra on the theme of Poe's weird *
tale. It had Its first performance In ;
Boston on October SO and was given r
hero yesterday afternoon at the Boston
Symphony Orchestra's fir* matinee In
Carnegie Hall.
Mr. Hill Is a musician of discretion.
He composed with the intent chiefly to li
create a mus;.-al reproduction of the at- c
rnosphere of the story and only sugges- A
tlvely associated two themes with Rod- g
crick and Madeline. He fashioned the E
work in the short sonata form, that h
which contains no development section. $
Mr. Hill would have been a musician of v
greater discretion If he had permitted tl
this masterpiece of American fiction to
repose In tho silence to which a vulgar c
and lewd generation of readers has consigned
all such glories of our literature.
The Cambridge composer has written
an elegant piece of music, logically con- 11
structed and orchestrated with true Boe- A
tonlan cunning. The New England r'
school of arts and crafts is famous p;
through at least one seaboard, and Its ci
musical, pictorial and literary products y
are discussed over many afternoon teas pi
and before ladles' clubs by prominent it
lecturers. In Fuch circles much will be t>:
said of Mr. Hill's poem, but of Poe's p;
creation little. The music Is praise- c
worthy: the story Is incomparable. Mr.
Hill has made ? commendable effort; ;3
Poe penned an Immortal tale of mys- tl
tery, a tragedy of gloom and horror, ti
uui nvaii?;u uy tLiiyirimts in uro wuriuj
of Maeterlinck or Ibsen. As
for Mr. Hill's pictorial climax, the
actual fall of the house?many buildings
have collapsed In music. Salnt-Saens
pulled down the palace at Gaza, and
Rubinstein knocked over the Tower of
Babel. Music has only one way of doing
the thing. Literature has a thousand,
and none surpasses Poo's. And that
is the end of the story.
The other numbers on yesterday afternoon's
llRt were Enesco's symphony in
E flat, Cesar Franck's prelude, chorale
and fugue, and Berlioz's "Benvenuto
Cellini" overture. The orchestra played
the symphony fairly well and the work,
not new, was worth hearing again. It
Is not a gTeat creation, but it serves a
I.ondon Players Ilrrrlre M-ic h Applause
mi Tlie It Itrettal.
The Lon on String Quartet, which
early In the season ' re played ail of ;
Beetho'1 .'n's <40 1 <! |r. a s.ul.s of re
cltala, aid an T. 'day took part In !
the T eel1 )ven As>:'atton'a concert,
gave a pi r tnrnc y st?rd!ty ai Aeollnt
Hall In ' li'ch nu pr< sent day music
was foatured Inc. ' lu'.ln.r three Englis 1
numbers The worv of chief Intel
vr s 1 ' fan'a.cy" quartet in on* move 1
r nt opus IS. on a fo'k son,: of i'-. 1
T n r'la'i Berk, hire by H Wa to Ws > |
ner. who 1.". the vlo'.n player of the.
hc-.wd In ihlr country at the Pituflold
f< t'vi! last Kept mber
!^.ri''y is a new ?o k so warmly received
hero us Mr. Warner's fantasy
was yest i-r lay. tt tvns p'tvinl ci n
amore h> the quartet, and the player*
h- ij many re ails, the compoeer modestly
taking one or two alone, and
biaVy a part of the work whs repealed.
It la music of refreshing and
rc U' tful claim, modern Iti style, but
quite Intelligible. Thi theme la treated
with skill and rood balance and there
are bo'o parts to catch Ihe fancy.
The young Engiah composer. Eugene
O oBsrnB. hlmerlf a quartet player,
was In the list on the programme with
his two "sketchea," opus IS, "By tho
Tarn" and "Jack o' Lantern,'' which
were first given here by the Zoollncra
tv.o I'eaaons ago. Probably few in the
audience had heard them. They were
much liked, and bo wub Percy Oralnltcr'8
happy piece. "Molly on the Shore," ?
which followed, and was repeated.
Mn arte D minor quartet, No. 13.
opened the lint and Debussy's beautiful
work In the ?ame form closed It.
i 1,500 Choice |
" Half-Priced! 1
two-alike pa fusion ^
I of smart, newly arrived 8
Street Dresses: strikingly
| beautiful AfternoonJJance ff
and Evening Gowns: plain
_ or fur-trimmed Tailored
Suit* and Day and Evanin*
Wrapt of great charm
3 ?a "Mecca" in richness fl
of fabric, tym phony of
_ color, grace of line and _
iplendor or omature "
I Withal, we say it once
more: "Ha If'Priced"
?juit because they are
' $29to$198 [
Elsewhere about $60 to $400 ~ \
MAXon !
15&7 n&rr>cufoay to* 4&'S) J
One fll*ht up?Klerofor or Ptolrway
SALE BRINGS $50,000 ,
lighest Price la $850, Paid ,
for Kermanahah Rug.
Interest In the dispersal of the furnlshigs
of Mrs. Harry Lehi's New York 1
esldence drew a considerable audience
o Silo's Fifth Avenue Art Q&llerh*
esterday. Among the purchasers were ,
Irs. Jean Saint Cyr, Louis Proctor, Mrs. |
'. T. Dickinson and Courtland Shottland.
"he total of the afternoon's sale was
28,760, making the grand total 860,000.
The leading price was $860, paid for a
CerhanshaJt rug. A smaller rug of the
ame weave brought $480. A Mahal
arpet sold for $890, and a Louis XV.
ariur auno woui iui ???? nw vwiaia
narblo bust of Washington brought J600,
.nd the Knabe piano sold for $490. A
x>uls XV. parlor suite sold for $860, and
, commode of that period went for $650.
Ln Inlaid tullpwood commode brought
350 ; a purple velvet davenport sold for
470 ; a tapestry parlor suite went for
500,fand a covered beechwood dining
oom suite sold for $575.
A sugar bowl led the prices yesterday
n the sale of the Dr. Pleasant Hunter
ollectlon of antiques at the American
trt Association, but It was one of the
lass sugar bowls made by the famous
(aron Stlegel early ln Pennsylvania
Istory. It sold to W. M. Elklna for
310. The total of the afternoon's sale
>-as $7,405.50, and the grand total for
tie collection $20,214.
Mildred Wellerson, a 10-year-old *celst,
who played here last season in
eolian Hall, gave a recital last nigh!
t Carnegie Hall. It Is said she will |
lay this season as soloist with the Ctn
II IIUll O; HljJIIUUJ * 'ILIICi'll d. S7IIC 1EI lll.?
oungest 'cellist before the public in this
art of the country. As for her playing.
again showed much talent, but \
lought regret that it was so early ex- 1
lolted. Her list Included a sonata by (
orelll. a concerto by Volkman and a j
lanuscript piece by herself called "Luliby,
the Cranky Baby," a title In which *1
le word "Baby" was certainly suggesve.
ly Geni
a] jr? cwvct(
ll c^&
r*V' Brcadrta,
jM Richly 1
Si ^>reenl
W I IB H A troii <.i t h'rcr\i
imported velvet, tr
|rj| frinpv nnd tasncl*
Vj In Their New, Palaiially Equip,
? 22 East 571
jfu Bet. Fifth Avenue and 1
A On
I In our French Salotu,
The October Collec
Gowns, Wraps
Originals and Reproc
ft The Most Exclusive Mod
$65 to $
Former Prices u)
I . Models Slightly Si
35 Sport and M
jA? 42 Afternoon and E
M $35 and
Former Prices up
Heavy Quality
1 v/
Style Book H on Request
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oadway Shop Where Fashion Reignt
offer8 a wide variety of
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linent Styling &
rFor Daytime and
Priced at
matchably i
Coats that emphi
wonderful values
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pensive rents i
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and wraps of c
$87-50 tc
for models that i
from $125 I
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JIIL/ Group>
V\f FROi
nit it, , (rated? in Tricotine, 1
txurittUH Wrap of Diivotvn Jll
a Superior, trim- Ja V-,
! with mole $326 $ Q A .50 S |
nft Wrap oi rich O'TC Ol
immad with Hilk rrmihir rrjiiliir
ped 6 Siory Building At C/y
In. street (fo
Madison Avenue
al Sale |
second floor /1
tion of Models I
St Manteaux i
/actions from I
JY, LANV1N, &c.
'es of the Season I It
0 to W)
hop Worn iL
otor Coats
vening Gowns /fifcA
$50 M
to $195
RZ l
? I
\'raps b:J
; Value @
Evening Wear
an Un- ^
Low Price
usize the truly ??l*j
} made possi- r?rarg
ination o ex- /j\i
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[ion of coats Cm
originality and sSQ
?$225 K3
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'oirct Twill, V J
nd Satin i^fl
3 s79'50 O
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