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Xossea Comparatively Small j
and Heaviest Trading in
Independent Oils.
Stocks irt the outside market moved
yesterday to lower levels In sympathy
with the general weakness shown on
the Stock Kxchange, but losses, as a
rule, were comparatively small, considering
the amount of pressure In the
early trading. Accumulation of selling
orders In many cases forced liquidation,
met the opening of the market,
and, although prices declined under
that filQf nV u.1 tlr.tr n<nv<m<lll9
In .some more active shares barely exceeded
a point. At the early low levels
a light demand developed on short covering,
but the market slumped again
In the afternoon and made stm further
Traders confined their heaviest operations
to Independent ells, in which losses
ranged up to a little more than 2 points.
General Asphalt and Carlb Syndicate
r ho wed the largest declines among the
more active shapes, whtlo Midwest Refining
fell 3 points. International
Petroleum declined a fraction, and
Siritms Petroleum changed hands; at Its
In. Clous low after making a small advance
In the first few minutes. The
m-w Standard OH of Indiana stock with
. par value of i-~> was Introduced to
the market.
There was little pressure against the
Industrials. Aetna Kxplosives declined
a fraction and heaviness was noted in
motors. Mines were not affected by
weakness elsewhere, and In .tome cases
xnade small recoveries from their recent
Monds were quiet and steady.
Total sales and range of prices follow:
Not |
Seles. High. Low. Last. Chge.
*00 Acme Coal - IT* 2
liSOO Aetna Cxplos., 10'i, 9% 10
10 Aluminum M pf SO *0 so
100 Am Cyn 31 31 31 +1H
> ? c?i as iuu. as A *:
.'WO lir-Am Cliem.. 8 R !
,<mj Car Light 37i '-'"it ? '-j i
1000 Charcoal Iron. 3',? I! 3
900 Chi Nipple 9 S
100 Cleveland Auto 17 47 47 ?I
. 00 Colum Emorl'd 3 474 4 'i ? 74
?00 Cont Motors... 7714 1 7-j * 774 ..
*00 Empire Tufoe-S 17(4 1"
.300 Farrell Coal... fit 1974 11H4 ?*74
100 Gardn'r Motors 4'i 47a 474 + 74
7ooo Gen Asphalt... 8274 80% 81 ?-'4
.100 Hercules Paper 20'* 20 20
500 Heyden Chem.. 3% 374 3S4 ? H
1200 Irdiau Packing 3% 374 >41 a ? *?
250 Elmo 1 .ocomo. 72 *70 <1
100 l.ocomohllo ... 4 4 4 ..
900 Mercer Motors. A 7_ ~1'A
400 No Am Paper., ft 474 414 ? %
8H00 I'erfec Tire.... 1 *4 1'4 1'4 ? 74
200 Pyrene Mfg.... 1074 10 107* + 74
oki Radio Com.... 2'* 2'4 2'* + 74
900 Radio Com pf.. 274 2'4 2%
1000 Hep Tire flub. 1% 114 HA ? 74
.Wo ft .1 Key B.... .14 37 ST ?2
100 Roy rte Franco 4 4 4
10 Royal B Pow..tl4 114 114
(WOO Sweets Co..... 2 1% 1% ** 74
81OO Triangle Film. /? ft tV + f*
1200 (T s MCA % 7a 7, ..
!Kn> IT S r>tsfrlhut 35 32 32 ?3
100 It X H S Tool 30 30 So
1200 I'DLi H.... I'i IS IS ? 74
HT'Kl U S Steam.,.. IS 174 l1* ? 74
100 XT S Ship Corp 2H 2-74 2S ? H
2530 TTti Pref ShoT. 1-a 174 IS
1200 Tin Het Can.. 10 ?S ?% ? %
200 Union Carbide 37 "tiS 88*-* ?Hi
2H3 WII Cor 1st pf. *32 30 5O
40 S Oil of Cs.1. ..839 330 330
00 S OH of fnd. ..743 740 740 ?5
200 S Oil Ind w t. 7(1 7(1 78
500 Allen Oil. 1 1 1 +.74
MOOAllle! Oil 1 19 H J*
MOO Ark Nat Gas.. 1214 10i JOS ? 74
S00 Boone Oil S74 2H? 27* ..
2(KKI Boston Wy<*n. 1 Is 1
7000 Carlb Synrl 13'i 1HA 11% ?Hs
13 Carlb Trading. 42 42 42 ??
4 OKI Cif S "tS" ctls 33 ?4?4 3474 ? %
300 Cosden A Co.. 7r4 7 A
1500 Cuohlnff Pete.. % H ''
v 2500 Denny OH 1% HA ?
,soO Dominion Oil.. 10-ki 101* 10% -r J4
500 Elk Bas Pet... 97* 9 ? ? *?
2500 Eng Petrol.... Lit }]i /*? ~ ?
I'llOO Federal Oil ... 2% 27? -'-A
too Fenrlaod 1" '2'x -?
IilO Gllllland Oil .. 25 20
500 Gllllland O pf. 93 92 93
9<?P0 Olenrock OH.. 2t* 1H
MOO Guff Ollleapte. 31 'i 3014 SOJ4 ? 14
SO00 Hudson OH ... 14 A *
2000 Tnt Petrol li If 1f.'? , 7*
11000 K County Gas. 1* 1H '** *r
1000 I,anew creek. A _A A
7 lone Star Gas 30 30 30 ? %
ttoo Maracalbo Oil. 18J4 >5 ? *
200 Merrltt Oil .... 19% 1314 13'x ? U
130O Mexico OH ... 1H ' J
000 Mid wast Rcf .159 ! *? 13'
1OO00 Noble Oil H ?** ? ?
.too No Am Oil ... - ? - ? A
;.00 Omar OH -Tn -m ..
Iioo 1'ennock OH... 6'i 0\* ?>> ..
230(1 Proci (t fief ... ft ^
(too lted Rock Oil.. % \'f H
1100 Ryan Cons 17V? 1014 ]?* ? *
100 Salt Cr Pr (n) It1* 11'* ll'i
,ViO Settled Prod... 2'* !lt * 4
7200 Slmms Pet.... 914 9 9*4 ? ?
.3300 Skelly OH 51'* 9 9 ?
3(100 Texon O & L.. 1* 1* It "
1000 Unit Tex Oil.. li li
100 Vulverde Oil.. 1 A 1*4 l'?
2400 Victoria Oil n. 1 Vi :* ? H
1OS00 Alaa-Br Col... 14 J. H ? A
1000/Arcadia O C... 4 314 37* ..
doO Am Mlnea..... 1 11"
1200 Atlanta f 1 1 1
1700 Bl* Ledge.... A -14 A
1000 Booth t 4 4 4 ..
10000 Boat A Mont.t 43 40 42 +1
42(>o Caled Mln....f 14 17 It
1800? Calumet A J.. A A A + A
soo Candelarla M. '4 '? '
200 Con Virginia.. 6 4% 4', ? *4
8400 Cortex BHver.f 04 02 04 ..
1200 Crosson Gold., IVi I 1H
15400 Divide Ext.. t 28 27 ??+3
12o0 Danvln Sil 2S, 2* -H ? "4
iloO Dundee Arlx... IJ4 1A 17s
400 El Salvador... 14 S - *
IMS) Emma Silver..t 2 2 2 ?1
73000 Eureka cro*..T ? , ?'
800 Rureka Holly.. 1A 'V4 IA
looo Gold Conn. ...t ? * J
1200 Gold D?vol....t 3 3 8
1000 GoMflnld Klor.t IS 18 M
1000 Gold Rewana..f 2 2 2
1000 Gold Sll Plck.t ? 3 e? "L*
ROOO Gold Zone t 22 .0 21 +1
1000 Great Bend. ..f 1 f 1 ..
>100 lleela Mlrlny.. 4*4 4ft 4% + A
1200 jumbo Exten. f ? ? #
r.oo Kerr t^ke.... 344 3*? + H
W10 Kno* IMvlda. .t 8 S 6 ..
1 1200 MeNamara .... fa 'a A + A
1?oo McNa Cre.vrent \* Vfc '4 ..
40OO Mnnth Mln....t tl lj} JJ
1000 Motherlode.. .t 87 Ri l?7 ?1
200 Motherlnde.nevr 344 8)4 ""4 ..
010 Nlplealn* 3*4 3% 344
looo North srar...f 4 4 4 ..
400 i >phir Sliver... tl 44 H ~ A
1300 Prlne* Con.... A * a
4*00 H Verde Cop.. 1'4 1A ''4
2200 Re* Cone t ? '< J)
11200 Rorh Mine*. ..7 10 7 ?1
11400 Ftnper Group... >4 A A H
1000 San Toy t 8 0 0
1200 Sliver K I >lv..t 3 3 9 -4-1
1400 St Crntx Mine* l'? 1 1'i ..
ViO s Sliver l^mi. A A A
1000 Stirrer Mln.t 3 II 3 ..
>|0O Tonnpnli ftel... 1A IS 1H
lOOO Ton CHoy ,..t" rt rt t? ..
II,300 Tono Divide... 1A 1 1V4 -f A
200 Tonnpah EM. 1?4 t?4 1*4
'000 Tono-.llm H -t 17 IT 17
7<yw> Ton Midway..f * * * ?1
100 Tonopah MM.. 1'4 IS 1H + A
1000 Ton Mlxpah..,t # # ?
lOOR Ton Montana..t 0 4 8 ..
|(ioO Ton Re* Ku...f T." IS 15
S<100 IT S ContlT...f OH ?'i ?'4 - H
400 Unity Gold.... * 7*4 8
1-rtn I 'nit erl Kill . . J4I 2*. 214 ? A
iikiO Vlntnrv t 7 * 7 -M
1100 w??t Pmi "... 1'4 1% t'i + H
)(HK> WMt? CftO'.f 7 7 7
)000 Wlllfft t ? 4 4 -ft
JtnftOA Alltel P?cW ft". <"> <w ?I1*
(.ftttO Am Tel Hm -SB. W'i l><i Pft'4 + Vi
12<V>0 Am Tel ?* *2? l???i l'4'? 1>4% + %
20flinn Aluminum ft7 , ft" ?7
Atni Anno '7 7? '2ft. 00% ! " ft?l ? t-i
tMVKl Ann A O 7Vi? uift'i 100% 100* 4- %
ftOftO Arm * Co 7?.. 07% ft7 P7 ? %
ir,0no Beth Htcol 7?.. fti\ ft4<4 l.?% -+ V*
iul,i , ?<i 7*.101% irtis toi% f %
=aoo CCC A ft I- ft" 1HH-, ftO'i mi% -- V4
NOOO t'onsol Tr*? I* ft1 PI PI
tnnoo Con Power 7*. fto v4-. ! ".
1 ,1100 I> aMntrtl 7H*.lfto'4 198 luO'i ..
TOott .Jootl Tire 7? 1*'% *> ?>'' H
iono OranA Tr 7e..10-r* 1--J 1?PA ..
^.tOAii 1 nlt'f R T 7e.. 73 72'* 7JU ? *?
lAOo i.ukofl* ffl e.lftO'n 108 M" ?
1AOO Mor A Co 7V*e. P7'i #7% P7%
1-,00o JtfYN'H * H 1" *0 7# *? -fl
*Jftft Ohio Clt 7* '21 M ftp M ..
jooivi Ohio C 7't '2* ftt'4 ftt'4 P1V4 Vi
7(?i0 Pnn Vm P"* 7* ftt'i, ftj'i ftj*i
e noo HfAb <1 A I< SPW P7% r.tVH -t
13000 8 B 7l?, '? . 03 W ?
' ifltwoan7* ? ... M14 ??V4 p*f* ..
Sales. High. Low. Last. digs.
1000 8 n 7s, 23 ?? 'J* P"
40.000 Sinclair C 7Vi?. 91% nl% fll%
arono Sol Oi file 2a. . 100'V 100'4 100'. ..
1000 South Bell 7s.. 94% 04* 94% + 'i
21000 Texas Co 7s... 0014 WOk 1W% + M,
14000 Union Tank 7?.100H l?Wi ""|fcn + %
11000 West Elec 7s.. ttU 90 OO'i l
40000 Cologne 3%s... 6U 9% % ?
77.000 Denmark 8s.. .lOOVa 100 10O ? %f;
i 60000 French 4s, '17. 4:i 42% 42% ? H
167000 V Vic r.s, '31.. M 56 SO ?5 i
1 49000 Norway H* 100% 100% 100% ? % 1
10000 Swedish ?s sr. ? "> ? '/j '
0000 Zurich Ss 69V4 9914 99'? ? V,
tSells cents k share. 'Odd lots.
Total sales stocks, 437 .11-". shares.
Total sales bonds, $040,000 par value. ' 1
Sharp declines were registered yesterday
in the. wheat market as the result
of a general selling movement, which
\-.txi i a;u yi ivcs to o ? */2 (j?nv less man
Saturday's final figures, but they rallied
lli to 2 cents before the close.
: Chief factors responsible for the selling
i were large receipts and weakness in for|
eign exchange. The Southwestern farrnJ
er was reported as moving heavy eonj
slgnments of wheat, and it was announced
also that the markets in that
section had heavy receipts. The Increase
' in receipts was not confined to that secI
tlon, however, as the Northwest wired
| that more wheat was coining into its (
i terminals. Although the movement In|
creased demand decreased. Exporters
i were hampered by falling exchange ,
| rates, althougfi it Is probable that with
; such a .break some wheat was worked
I for foreign countries. The flour demand
; is poor, as Is evidenced by further re- j
] ductlons in flour prices, and millers will
not buy under those circumstances. _
Traders wore encouraged to sell also
by a larger Increase in visible supply
I than had been expected, and the drop
! of five ceilts In Argentine grain. The
I failure of a largo exporting firm wan
another disturbing Influence In the market.
The appointment of temporary re- \
ceivers for the fiolle Watson Company.
Inc., came early In the session, when
stocks and cotton were dropping and the
air blue with bearish news, but It would
i have had the sjfftie effect had It come
| later, beahuse the market was purely a
I sellers' market. Rallies were feeble and
| largely due to shorts taking profits.
Cn,.rm . .... ! I- H, ? C...
. " * ?"" *"
I the break In wheat. Independent
strength in corn resulted from light receipts
and a strong cosh position. This
' market was helped by considerable short j
covering and evening up before tho Gov- !
ernmcnt rcjsirt. Unsettled weather con- !
I ditlons also influenced trading.
| The Government figures for corn were
| construed as bearish. A crop of 3,199,I
138,000 bushels was indicated in conj
trast to 3,216,192,000 last month. Re'
serves on the farm were shown to be
! 142.211,000, and those figures! with the
! visible supply and the crop estimate, fn'
dicate a total supply of 3,351.000,000
[ bushels, against 2,991,000,000 a year
I ago. The only figures for wheat were
I weight a bushel, which was shown to be ;
i 57.4 pounds, against 56.3 last year and
! contrast with 58 pounds, the ten year i
I average. The report showed the weight i
i a bushel of oats to he 33.1 pounds, ;
| against 31.1 pounds last year and 32.4 '
I pounds, the ten year average.
Better cash demand, unsettled weather
I and smaller receipts helped the oats j
j market, which closed unchanged, to hi, ;
' of a cent higher.
Provisions were weak throughout the !
1 U^olnr, *' iluaM, , f , I I
I " I
! lower hogs.
WHEAT?In the local market No.. 2 red and
So 2 hard were quoted at $2.05'% c. 1. t.
track .Vow York.
OIRS-In thu local cash market No. 2 yel- (
low was quoted at $1.13% and No. 2 mixed :
$1.12% c. 1. f. New York, ten day*' ship- j
OATS?la the local rash market No. l white
and No. 2 white were quoted at 00%c.; No. .1
white. 05%c.; No. 4 white, 04%c.; fancy
clipped white. 70c.; ordinary clipped white,
floe., all elevator.
RYE?Market easy. No. 2 Western, $1.80
t. o. b.. and $1.51 c. 1. f. New York.
BARI.EY?Market easy. feeding, $1.02$.
1.04; malting. $1.12^1.14 c. I. f. New York, i
IMIWWHEAT-Market dull. Sound mill
lng. $2.80 a 100 pounds.
HAY?Market quiet. No. 1, $2<tf2.10; No. 2,
$1.90?2; No. 8. $1.7i?l.?5; shipping. $1.55?
1.75. j
STRAW?Market steady. No. 1 rye. $211/23
a ton.
_ Satur- ,
WHEAT? Open. High. Low. Close, da v.
December 188 18??i 182% 181% fltO
March 183 185% 1.81 182'., 187
December 80% 81% 80% 81% . 81%
May 85 8fl% *5 h?j% x? 1
July 80 87% 80 87% *7 1
December 81% 52% 51*1 52% 52
May 57% 58 57 57% 57*4
18.Art 18.07 18.55 18.05 18.75
January 15.77 15.85 15.05 15.70 15.85
HI 118Novcmber
14 00 14.00
January 13.30 13.30 13.12 13.22 13.37
22.00 22 18) 22.00 22.00 23.00
January 24.00 24.15 24.00 24.05 24.25
Wheat Corn Oats.
Yesterday 2.130,(810 380.000 883,1881 '
Last week 2.157,000 478.000 837,000
Last Year 2.151.00O 532,1X10 1,150,000
dour. Wheat. Corn.
Yesterday 3,000 2,0?0,(8X1 17,1X81
Last week 10.000 2,314,(V8) $3,000
Last year 1.000 480.0(8)
j Nov. A. Nov. 5.
Bid. Askod. Bid. Asked.
[ Aluminum 2P.OO 23.00 2S.0O 2".00 i
Quicksilver $00 (V) . .. $00.00
Antimony 0.25 O.r.0 0.25 fl.'O
Platinum, soft $05.00 ... $ >;, on
Platinum, 5?$ lr $110.no ... $110.00
Platinum, I Of. Ir. ... $125.00 ... $125.00
Klito copper, spot. ... 15.00 ... 15.25
Blue copper, Iter. ... 15.25 .. 15.25
Pig Iron, No. 1
X foundry 47.50 ... $7.50
Pig Iron, No. 2,
silicon , 45.75 ... 45.75 1
Pig Iron, plain
No. 2. silicon 44.50 ... $4.50
Bess Iron. Pitts 42.00 . .. 42.00
Bess billets, Pitts ... 50.00 ... 50 00
OLD MKT A 144.
Dealers' buying prices are as follows:
Copper? Cents a Pound.
Heavy eut and cructbl* tg .50&I3 uO
Heavy ivnd wlro 11.5O?12.0O
Light and bottoms 10.30913.30
H<nvy machinery com:..,.... 12..Vra 13,00
Brass, heavy P.00# s.23
Brass, light 00y 0.50 ,
No. 1 elean brass turnings 7.00'u 7.23
No. 1 < omp turnmgs..... ll.OOti 1l.RO
l/sad, heavy 0.739 rt 00
Trs lead 4.004!' 4.50
Zinc, scrap 4.$pV 4.50 '
I/INION, Nov. 0 ?Following aro tho closing
metal quotations:
i s. d. ' barges.
Copper, spot..... pn n 0
Copper, futures.. *t? 0 O off |Os
Bleu cop. spot... 100 0 -O
Bleu futures 102 o 0
Bales?Spot. 50 tons: futures, 250 tons.
Tin, spot 251 15 o off f7 5s
; Tin. futures 250 |0 0 off fH 5s
-'traits 253 lO n off 17 10*
Bales?Spot. 100 tons, futures. 32# tons
I LrSd, spot 35 10 0 off 5s
1 l/til, futures.... 34 15 0 off 5fl
j Spelter, spot 37 Itt o off 5s
Spelter, yMores., ilt li 6 off 2s tld
Stock of Payfteeord.
Adv. ftumely pf . q.. $1.50.. T>e.\ |,5 Jan. .1
Casein cn. of A met.. 1% Nor. * Nov. 15
. Crescent ripe Line. <1.. 75c...Nov. 21 Iter. 15
(nt Cotton Mill*. <1.. ?l.W?... .NOT. 211 Dor. I
t?t. cot. Mir* I>r. <t.. n r. .Vov .hi rv. f
It P.. .Vrtinen* Co.. ?J . II... No*, tNov. .10
i It K. .-teamen* Co. pf.. q.. 12 Nov. IS Nov. TO
Pitt*., Tntint * A?h. pf., q..
|!.7.*> Nor. 20 Dee. J
Pitt*.. It-**. * L. B, pf..
1.7 NOV. IS Doe. I f
Pri'**nrt Ht.'Ol Car pf |t.7S [
I Wcdne*dayPrituh
cot. Fi?n a Pack... ft-is
< 'levelaod , Pitt*.. r.-R. guar *7V ;
I Cleveland A rttr*. *pl ?tt*r. lief !t?>r
l Con. i.ll.lated i7*? of New Tor* 11 77
I ill ft nil .-Heel T'ie
! International H?w*t?f pf 91.7" ,
' .tftff. * Clint hfl#M ?"oal A Iran pf 17 00
' Motor Wheel Coiu 27* .
1 National Btirmellnr and Mtamplna II 7<i
I StndelmMt ' erp fl.7"c
i duidehahff i'urp j,." II.TS
' WoOlWnrth, I'* w A? <*
Yale * To* it*.. ' I-S0
I * i
Mi prriiic Court Itriiueilvil to Kt rditc
Washinctom, Not. S.?The Government
to-day request! 1 the Supreme Court
to advance for early hearing the case of
V ictor Bcrjrcr, convicted en charges of
having violated tho espionage act.
Twice elected to Con* Merger was
denied it Beat?once Aiefore and once
since his conviction. Solicitor-General
FYlcrson, who filed the motion to adVance,
said it tva.-. of great Importance
lhat the Government have an tarl>
ruling: for the guidance of Iiistrict Judge*
In similar cases.
I?K V \ SVL\ A \ 1 A O 11. >1 A It It KT.
Oil City, Nov. 8.?Credit balances .
$r 10. Huns, 8-1,619: averaite, 61,172.
Shipments, 60,110; average, r-7.06a.
?1 A*TtT**I^VTW mYlTTClfPC
(Quoted on a perceotoge hasls.)
Name. Maturity. Hate. Rtd. Ask.
Baltimore it Ohio. . 1020 27 4". 7.40 t!.<!2
|!.<thl. liem Steel ... 102(1-30 7 7.2." dad!
Bdff, JitH-h St Pitt*.1020-31 4:. ".-(5 0.87
Canadian Pacific. ..1020-32 I'i-O 7.1." 0.40
Chicago & N W lf>20-23 4>i 0 (1(1 n.2.1
Chi. Roe it l.-l & P.WWO 27 tw', 7.74) d.lHI
Chi. St 1. St N O. . 1020-24 7. 7.17. rt.JW
Cltv. C. C 4 St Ij. .1020-20 7.-(i 7.00 h.27.
f>ela? are & Hud...1022 4'.- 7 17. 8.7.0
Erie Hall road 1020-27 I8.00 7.8',
Clrace Steainthlp... 1020-34 0 7.77. 7..0
Illinois C. ntt al .... 1020-27 0.07. (1.27. '
Illinois Central.... 1037.-3" 7 0.80 0.;t:.
Inter Prod .4 S ...102020 7 8.7.0 7.27
Louisville St Naali.. 1020-23 7. (1.07. 8.27
Michigan Central. . I"'-" 12 c, : o .' 27.
Minn St St la.uls . . 11120-27 7.-8 7.741 0.82
Mo. Kan St Texas.. 1020-27. 7. 7.77. 7'"'
New York Central. 1020-32 l'(,-7. 748) 0. I",
Now York ('entral. 1921 .'!7. 7 7.10 0.37
Norfolk a West.. .1020-24 4 0.1,0 (1.27
Northern Pacific. ..1021-30 7 74 0 C O
N Y. N 11 St 11 11120-211 -P.. 7.-8 7.77. 74.0
Pac Fruit Expresn. lOSKi-.'l". 7 8.87. 8.33
I'cnn C.en Freight. . 1020-23 4-4'-. 8.3" 8.27
Pitt* ,*r f.uke Erie. 11121-37. 8'. (1.77 8 37.
Heading Co 1020-27 4". 8.07 8.27.
Seaboard Air Idsc. 1020-27 4' -.Vd 84 0 74")
Sinclair Refining...1020-21 ? 8.00 7 (?.
Southern Pacific.. .1020-25 I' 8.18) 8 2".
Southern Pacific.. .1024-3". 7 8 87, 8.37.
Southern Railway.. 1020-28 7 .(7 (>.82
t'nlon Pacific 1024-37, 7 .'..77. 8.30
Virginia Hallway... 1020-30 8 7.27. 0.7."
White '111 102O-2J 8 8.23 7.25.
r ?\
Business Troubles
1 >
Patftlnn* In bankruptcy filed Monday In the
Uritad .States restrict Court. \w re as follows
Involuntary petition against Lepanto and
Benjamin Klein, trading as Lopaitn ft Kl< in.
32 West Thiny-elfhth street. Business n??f
stated. Liabilities $2b.n?w); ass. t* $10,000
Julius Fischer, 8f? Nassau street. is attorney
for the three creditors petitioning.
Involuntary petition against Israel Felt,
silks, 31G Fifth avenue. Liabilities and n
sets not stated. Archibald Palmer. 320
Broadway, is attorney for the three petionlng
Involuntary petition against Max and. Jacob
Goldstein, ladies' apparel, trading as Ciold
stein Bros., 1183 Broad way. Liabilities and
assets not gtven. Archibald Palmer, 32o
Broadway, is attorney for the petitioning
fnvoluntary petition against William
I >f*uteeh, 9Oh Broadway, trading as William
Dmitsch Co. Business nor ifFven. Llablii
ties $10,0*10; assfts $2,ooo. Cohen, Rosenthal
ft Shapiro, 31 T'nion Square. ?re attorneys
for the three creditors petitioning.
Voluntary petition by Harry Bollott. 21?o8
Third avenue, business tot stated. Liabilities
$1,098; no assets. Max I'ollt, 271 Broad
waYi Is attorney for the bankrupt.
smi:m M:S i\ BAXKIM PTC V.
Schedules In bankruptcy ftled Monday In
the United States District Court were as follows:
Schedules of the Growers Fruit Company,
wholesale fruiterers, address not stat- d. g;v
liabilities as $127.2.74; assets. Kd'.oon.
Schedules of Weiss. Ilcrshkowltz A- Tlennert,
Inc., fura, 201 West Twenty ninth st r.? rf
give liabilities as $22,343; assets $9 254.
Schedules of Louis H. Turn's, rvky. dry
goods, 31 Orchard street, \r> liabilities .is
1-0,137; no a.**'-ts.
The following receiver In bankruptcy wax
appointed Monday In the United States Dl?- ,
ti lot Court:
.fudge Augustus N. Hunt! appointed perch al
Wild* receiver for Jaeob Kawanov. Jobber Iti
silk*, tradl ig as .1, Kawatiov and a." the Silk
House, HO Foiirfh avenue, In n bond of ,
*:i,00o Liabilities exceed $.->0,000 sets
The following Judgment* were filed yesterday,
the flrat name being that of the debtor
Alster*. Cbas. I,., and Lou!* Stern- .f.
Poland at al $2i?1.00
Alllaon, George? Morrl* Plan Co.,
N. Y 111.70
American Standard Ship Fitting
Corp.?Thachor Propeller & Foundry
Corp ... nss. W>
American Home Builders, Inc.?T
H. Stone et al
American Business Corp. ? Panco
Hubln-r Co 1.134.02
Amerlenn Cleansing Sanitary Supply
Co.?Conoaco Safe* Co.. Inc 170 20
Amoo iHazed block Co , Inc.?
American Bridge Co , lne 1.13B.77
flabitsky. J tcob and Hestlo?Fnltoft
Lamp # Shade Co .'02,02
Brady. Joseplv?JI. Marrhbeln ."Wl.fir,
iMTnwu'in. Joseph?I. Asrh. IfTl.t.' 1
Brenner. Max?Colonial Works.. 1<k.II.".
Carver. Amos, and Joseph Morrell?
A. Fleco S.USA'
I >itnxli;i>r, Abraham ? Morris Plan
Co . X. V 111.TO
ICnK' lman, Max?Same v :lil To
Kelnsfetn, Hamta-I?S. KpeTiMn et a I I 2<"..2i <
<1 random David?M. ft Arbusc.. 11T Or.
'.rossman, Harm tn?X. OHr.ehrr 120.41
Golden, Samuel ur Sidney?H. I'rle.lrnan
.' k. 5H.71
itrahsr. Irving?H. i' Lassnci ... 20k. !."?
If A M. I. lienlty Corp.?M. Miller
?t al 1,211.(17
lfioToc, Frank, Bentrleo H'rzo-',
Abraham Marvmore, John o h i
napp and fsldor Davldowltz -Morris
Plan Co . No Y 319691
Herman, Max. and Saul Goodman
Goodman A Herman, Inc.)?II. II
Ftraus .. 23" 23
Homestead f.timber A Mftr. Co.. fn>
?H. 1. Ife.su I,umber Co 1,
Fame? Faroe 3.413.*3
\ 'an Press Pub. Asa'n, Ind.. and
V.' tlno I ha?P. Moffa et al 372.71
K'.A-her. Han'?J. W Hooho Jso.lii
Koffler. Charles: Rose Kofi, i .
William Kahn and Israel Keilman?Morris
Plan Co. N. V 1 ?*" in
Kampf, Joseph?f. B1 'j-feder 143.Id
Klelnrwk. Annie?F. no'an (e<pstsi I|h 70
Klrkhani Co., Ine.. and T Hotran
ft Hons, Inc.?M .1. Coakl fl..ViP.4r?
Leeb. Georne, an-l George t'plan
Morris Plnn Co X. V. ... 112.00
Lamont Corliss A Co.?O. Allen. Jr F.I7'M?l
Vlaey, George R.?C. H. Frogman 333 41
Mlnton. Bennett M . or Bennett M
MlnzMhetmi r- f. S. Farhs .t al 11,013.00
MeCullom. Patrick, and .lames MrGee?Morris
Plan Co X V. .. i 12.*0
Marko-wltx, Morris; Pirn Fltig>
finnlel Pnliin and Milton Marko
v Its?Ms me lli.no
.Mayer, Lewi"?Same .. .... .. 111.70
P'srlsteln. Nathan?I.. Until. 120.30
Rentner, Harry?C. Campbell ... 370.70 1
Rtielil, Frank?F. M P. Gehs . Sj'Tt).00
fllenards. M.-h In; William Wll N
atid Irving Cooper -Morris plen
Co. X. V 113.30
Fetter, Howard II -C W. Ftvnnn til 11
Rlaltotlkv. Abraham- I' Bert < 1 ,'.i
Fitnntiakv Jacob Mo- n I' >
nil ./?i*oh Petiwlnirer- I. Hi
.lamln .. i. >?
Souarr f.?ath?r Ooodv Co., InM.
Rorrnbvr* .inn
.Irhnnnfahl, .'"amurl I. ifllvut 1" t
Sokollo, Nntl.ony?II \v c; < *...p j . ?i
Ataitatt, Ira II., nml !,*rilt< r 3tni
Tru?t Co of N. I . MninufnriA
Paudniilna rt hI i _7
Waiiah Chr-mlra! Corp- IJ t
fllira rt nl. ,,! on
Wtht, Crank K -I II- \ u - furford
llotrl .... i'.i .1.17
\1 nC.-nhi-i. .'nmin-l W Urn -I v'li
WdMli nirhard, and f avid Tlil'tlMfitrla
Clan Co., V V.. . 112 L1
Woll'. Jullna?H. A. Van.-h. .1.1121 1
Tlir fli f rnmr lr that of fh-- drfitnr
O-rkrdal' Jo i-pll?M. C-ilo dnlr.. tr.
Qnidrti, PamiM?ff. Cil iln -n.. '2W.72
Orctncr, l.i-ula, anil Af'i ; ham M.
A. Iinllrr- W. Primm. 2-12 tW?
Ltppman, I'ntil W., and Nathan
Pari?J I.ailn. 117*1
Molrlrh. I.oni* I Klnknl tHn j lift to
Ra|ilin"l, famurl-M. Fnlerfrtn.. . 2,inn).no ,
Tim flrnt nnnm la thnt of tlm d?bti?r, tho |
arcond that of thtt ? i illtor uiol data wlioti i
Jlldirmrnt ? ftlrd:
ttafti-r. KHwIn A.?B. ftloinmaUrl
Of al-i May l?, 1571 ?ll*.tl |
8ailnv.-ak>. RmiHoi faint M ;
Crn:r> Itralfv Co.; Jump 13, WIT
(r?v*r?rdi 12,12." 94
Sann--Ttm?? *fti?i-a Ih-alty Co..
.Iiinn 1.1, inl7 frwranwd) rt.nai Ofl
WrtiiVII * Kcatli Co., I nr. J.
Orana. M-h 21. HWtl IT.dTl.iWi
ilooilatrln, ItyiiMfi M. Wi lnti anh.
Oct 2". 1W20 1.221<VI
D'Amlro, Aihart?V. Taran*1.!ll;
Jan. HI. I? !7 ->71.12
Piritnn, Union l<-?J. P- Hoffman I
rim. i, tnw.. i.tii i pi |
T1rttv.it, Mn'tl?i PMi !Itv and ft*.
p0 H f'n. ?' Mar lilt I'?Prnph
Ac.. Aug IS. 1920. - ... -*>?
lint and Refunding Mortgage 3% Bonds.
Dili' December 1. llfiO.
Notice Is hereby given,' as provided In I ,
Section 2 of Article VI. of the Indenture I
dated December I, 101(1, securing the above '
bonds, flint offers will be received until 10,
o'cloi k A. M Tuesday, November 23, 1020, i I
at the office of the undersigned, 1-pi Broad- j
way. New York City, for tile sals to It on!
December 1st, 1020, at not. exceeding lOTHt
of par, of bonds of this Issue In such
amount as will exhaust the sum of Sixty- :
seven thousand seven hundred fifty-nine dollars
and eighty-nine cents igtl7.7o0.81f).
Offers should he addressed to the THL'HT
DEPARTMENT and prices should be quoted
t at (without Interest). interest due December
I, 1020. should be collected In the
usual manner. The right Is reserved to j
reject any and all offers in whole or In part.
O! NEW YORK. Trustee,
By CHARLES H. SAB1N, President. ,
Dated, New York. November 4. 1021). j
nmtii'k to shareholders.
exchange of provisional ferttpi
cateh for definitive share
T> i!: . l. Share Warrant* t.> I" arer ?r
r *i'y In England fur delivery in exchange
fur Provlsslonal Certificates dated 13th
pteitther, li)IO.
Holder* of Provisional Certificates should
lodge them ivltli the AtneiT' an Exchange
National Rank. 13* Broadway, and Definitive
Share Warrant* will he handed them
lu exchcngo therefor In about twenty-one
day* from receipt.
<N. Ltd.
By It* Attorney In-Fact.
(J." Broad way, NEW TORK.
11 Nov inher. rejn.
3. tiled propoital* for the erection and camI'
ct Ion ;f a high : ensure penning station
for the Board of Fire f'ommissionera, also
h r :i concrete wharf, all located at the font
Of Randolph at., Detroit, for the Foard of
Fire Commissioner-, Department of Public
Works, and Public Lighting Commission, i
.Detroit Mich., will be tvceived at the office
of the S-eretnry of the Fire Commission, j
Wayne and Lamed st?., Defroll, Mich . until |
1 .'lu o'clock. P. M . Monday, November 32.
Separate proposals will ho received ^on
ltimp bids covering the entire work:
(a> Foundations for pumping station,
(b) Superstructure for pumping station.
<< ) Conoiete wharf.
The entire work to be in accordance with
plana and specif (ration:* prepared by Smith,
Hinchman & Orylls, architects, 710 Washingle
r Arcade, Detroit, Mich., and which plans
and specifications may be obtained upon application
at their office.
Kach bidder shall file with his hid, in a
separate envelope a certified check in a
sum equal t ? five (."?) per con'. <?f the amount
of bid, pnv able to the order of the Treasurer,
< *if> of Detroit. and v hlch cheek shall he
forfeited upon failure of the successful bidder
to enter Into a contract with the City
of Detroit for the work, within not to exceed
fifteen days from date of awarding of contract.
The successful bidder will be required to
furnish a Satisfactory Surety Company bond
in the full amount of contract as a guar
nut * of the fulfillment of seme.
All contracts will bo subject to tM oonfiimatfon
of the Common Council.
Th?- right to reject any or all proposals 1*
reserved HARRY BIMBYN. Secretary.
Board of Fire <'ommtssloners,
____ Clh ot rolt, Mich. > ,
THtOTDSADS fur magnet wire. Insulators,
auto tire pumps, shovel handles, asphaltum.
boiler compound, paper, dipper lips and
Scab d proposals will be received at the
office of TV <p-nornl IMirchasing Officer,
l<i:10 o'clock A. M. November 20, 1020. at ,
which time they will be opened In public for ] r
fnriiiglOne the nhnv mentioned article*. ! '
JtlarfX* .hiiI information relating to this rlr- .
rt'la r <14191 n'?.v be obtained from this
of flee or the offices of the Assistant Pur- !
chasing Agent, 21 State St., N'cw York city; |
re11 Common W-.v Orleans, I*a.a atul Fort | |
Muson, Snn Kranelseo. t'nlalso from the 1 s
1'nlte.l States Engineer Office* In the prlncl- f
pal elth s throughout the Cubed S-ates. A. L. -i
VI,INT. i.eueral Purchasing offleer. f
pfT< >f<VSAi.S fog overt.oat'. Woolen* O. P.? |
Office of theeftepot ijuartermrt'ter, T S.
Am... PhrailefSbla, I'n Sealed proifosals *
will he r. eelv, ,1 Iv.-e until 11 oh A. M. No- J
vi mber 11. 1920, for the manufacture of all .
or any part of 240.000 Overcoats, from mm- ,
terials furnished by the United States. Infortnathei
upon request. t
) ss
rot-STY OP HVOItES ) '
In the Matter of tie- Liquidation of th* "
traeilenn National Hank f Holdenvllle, ,
The creditors of the nhovr named bank ,
are hereby notified that said hark, by |
order of the Hoard of Dir. r* eoncurre.l j
ft, hy two-thirds of the stockholders, went t
tr.to voluntary liquidation on the 11th day |
et September. 1929. That Vernon H. Toun* |
was appointed liquidating agent of said ;
hank and you and each of you are hereby , |
r. <; If fed to present your claims against said c
Anierl an National Rank of Holdenvllle, j
01 ahoma. to me on or bef. re the 1.1th day *
of November. I92n. I
Dated at Holdenvllle. Oklahoma, this th? f
l.'.ui u?y ?i , ........ .
V Tt VOI'NU. I.It 'mint; n' |
, | ,
f.i i:< Tirn \i. sr:< i 'm ii> corporation I
1H.1 F-ondwiiy. s
NKW YORK. X V . (Vrnher 20, 1020. ^
>-' . 4? " Ai.n .f?l |
M- tiiiK of Storkhelderi < f th* Electrical r
(ta irltlei Oovfloittton clll bt held a? (hi '
r?ffic?> r f the (Yirporaf ion * IflA Urnadway, 1
In the c*|ty of New York. N >., on Wedm**- *
day, the IOth day of N Tiber. 1020. at 12 I
o'< irwlc noon, for th piirpo ' of electing '
<tlr ? tor* and for tty" rran-action of siKh '
other huainem .im may propt rly come before 1
fi,* ni? '*T?nw. Th?* poll* m/U1 remain nj?* r? ~
from 12.1 P. M. unr ! 1 ;ift p M of aafd \
day. Transfer hooka will be closed ti ? *
close of brotneni* on October 30, 1020, and
Will reopen at 12 o'clock noon on November I
11. 1 030. L. W. OPRORNE. flerretary \
Griffin Mf*.~Co., Inc r Hugt
Oct. 7, 1020 2.132.*" "
Gordon, Ja *k a.?.T. Mlr^chbcra;
Nov. 1020 fvacated ... 2,001.71 f
June. Chin., and l^vils Alterlel?People.
&c.: Oct. 2*. I'.rjo (vacfit.
r! ino no
Jardin Co., Iih* ?N. Maria; Keb.
102H 27! 10 '
Ferdinando, Infpnvini?J Rurke
Nov 21. 1'H". . d U 1
Preston. Helen R.?J. 11. Hoffman;
<?. t. 27. i:?2Ti 142 >
McNVIU* . Perry P.?P. T. tfher- '
wood; Nor. A, 11?2?> 2fWnfi 1
ftftr. Edv ?t. A I',i o< Tr .Ian
27 Id Id 1" .7 1
M'ibfoon. K ' rard II K. Morrt*
CVt. 21. I02h 120.13 ' {
M' S":\r, (',' ( vk IV?H Fnra*; n-v '
22. 1020 300 M '
Copelof. Marv eji j. Zieii.'&nn ; *
lun\ 14. 102H 4,4-1 JT
Hillman, Ptank- f. L. I hitter wis?
r' h?pt 27. 1010 10tWd..i0 J
Ma I ' ll C*i? m'.eal < V c-*df! at C .
Mai ?'b 20. 10241
BaiiO, Joseph I 11 w I ft A Co., fn?*
March 1*. 1020 .Vt1.r#0 ]
Col.en. William- M. Hcbv..n: Ort |n
v.. In! . . .
. .
Fire Record f
s ' / ;
A M. !<"? *
1 1.VI N ?S??|| at ihfcix -.I I'nknimn f
.1^ i-|lt?trjn I.. A (is*'r- Trtfling o
- :'4 K <i l.-.f'-ii t ; N v \r i
l '' > nri'l MHtilin-t.in WAr.it
w'irking Co I'nktiowii j n
7TI !*'. Ann", *V., Ttf flrnr*. It
unknown . Vnknnwn
' .to. ?.? ltnw?ry wnknonn Trifling I
11 MO? l.'.n I. rwto at.; lainl' it . Hnkinm n
r m
:?HI? 1 ValvttJn ??.. Tl-o Bror*
RraYik I,* Ttnall- Trifling *
" .'ill. f'.-t'. ?r>< Hf ii '1 .'? k rn dVi-H
'Ok Ilronx. Mt-!?% I I'M... Trtfllrot ?
I; IV Am-t?r?tam r?v. am! I'iBtJi ?t..
fnolliiiuwr. lt?nKl?-> ConilrwHon
Co Trlfllw ?
I -n oil Wr"i :tlH ?t . Ari??rlr?n *
Hunk in Trlfllrt* ,
' :<i0?1" Kant lOVh at.. Knur* Ilnun* f
mm TrlfHnK 1 n
t.V-ltj RIvinitnn ft.. William Alport
5 ilV?Starjr ?ti>l Boutntvlrw ?v?? Tho '
I'rmi*. ?i.iomnkll?, JneeH* 1 ..
JTtr. ... Trlfltmr
r, -.A-nfi r??? 1'ith at.. nnknnwti ..Trlfllnn j,
T 'Will Ktu<t llli *?.. Btyllah llut'-m .
W.... .rnk!**vt>
K*?t" VktiVatV.n l>1r* Cart- ?
In* Trlfltatt ,
a TV-.Mii nv. rtnrt limn at.; ant"; ' , j.
f'hnrt#. Knnip .... ... .Total
!?:<?.-WO IT**' l.T>l at : Mm. ..
Itocvaa .THfMn*
PIO?P". W*M27ih at.; 1. Olrhln * ?
Co Trlf'lnit o
l? |V-:A v\?5?t ?H> . I.'m? H?h
nor tin Onll "? ? , r
I) I3--.U* k>.?t 101 *t at., am* Wli fi
ll*?r ...... Trifling .
to :r*>?1? Wait ifMth '
Ctianptann .. rrlflin* n
'0 r. IV l-.r- r-ln a , I'r
Kvroh!-1 Co. T wn . '
notice is hereby given that purto
a decree of foreclosure arvl **! i
moer the First ileal Kstate und Refunding
>lort?agt of New York Itailwayu Company
? to certain property covered by the lien
'nade and entered in the Did !
atr-N District Court for the Southern TM*liTu
York on the 17th day of Sep
SUf1** In certain cause- in equity
auid court entitled 'The American
J, , S'loe A Foundry Company, plaintiff
' . < t Niw York Railways Company. ' *"
' r *J ' i in Equity, C"n~alldate:' Cause
and No. KIT MM. Guaranty
irtist Company of Now York, as Trustee, j
omitlalnaot agauiat New York Kailwaye
-ompany. The Farmers Loan and Trust:
-ornpany, and Joh E. fledges, as Receiver
iL 5? N"u' YoYk Railways Company. ^The
imerlcan Brake Shoe and Foundry Com\?v,
William Nodwell, Margaret Nod well,
rnseph It. McGuire. Annie LeVtnc, as Adt.iniatratrlx
of the goods, chattel* *n
Tedlts of iaaac l.evlne, deceased: 'jlx
.. I",r,w'tz, Winifred Howell, as Adml. >*ratrlx
?>f the goods ami credits of Rebecca
, ' 7 ??*c*ase?l; M#yer Ponrner. a?i 1,1
f ' m" Marry I'anchor, pinnllan art littm:
a"v Ponrher. Charlotto 1'erler, an Infant;
''trtob f'erler, liar euai-rtlan art litem.
: I'la r>c Corel a, Kthel Iireen?. Jacob
filer, Martin Caiingher. larael StAorr,
Andrew Kuntz, Barbara Kuntv.. I'lato \\ oln<;r?er,
National Surety Company. Artolpn
Weinberger. Wlllam R. Rehahn, Michael
w alrtron. Henri Sartaren. Cnstavo Neuber'.
rfm r * oolrtberc, Snmn-I I- Man "., la"1"
[ McCue, Lillian I'ollrer. Mi Infant, by
utalf Polfrer, h#>r (juardtan ad litem; Hernan
I a inly, Franeea Rands?-o, Thomaa bei
acConnell, an infant, by Thomaa J. Mch
rnnrrtU a.' litem Tltoma* I.
rteTonnell. j,,Ila MarclnkowskJ. ??
ninlatratrlx of the good*. chattels anrt credits
>r Joseph Marclrkowakl. rtereasert. 'sr/
rtrti'. Kin, Davie*. Anna Lyons. Job'1 -J
'cfcniltt. Alley E Main. Helen Main,
' rnt.rrt Leff. R.t-a '.-ha. Th ^ ' '
kinipmy, Inc., Angelina Cotnlnt. Harold
1 Altmart. Andrew Hnhson. r>.mtnlfcl Kt'ar'J'i'V
Rtlelinria* Knmhi* ! <. M?"v ';'5; '
l'"n Lynch. Lo. Mta MIII-t re. Infant lory
Ml"er, her guardian art litem banKant
;?er Wash Laundry Company. Inc., i'J
21 Ka-t lltf, Street It. tilt} Co.. 1 nc -"a1 >'
'rleknian. Morris Haiib, Peter Fran*. Waltfcr
A Troek. Illustrated postal Caril ft Notelty
-O., Famous Players-I.aakv Corporation,
Battery Warahouso Corp..ration. Meyer
[ei"?. Samuel Barman. Peter Ourvee ft
company. Lorenzo Novelllno. Auto Ttuck
.arape Company, Ine., Hchnlte Realty Com>any,
Van Reuren A New York Bill Posting
-Otnpany, The New York Ertlaon Company,
[be F. A Mtinsev Company.
r.rothera Company". Setfhar ft Kappcs Lttho
'raphing Company, Ferktna-Ooodwin uom*
Andrew !(. KeHogg Company, Hcnrj
' " alker and Edward Ejlstenn. doing bus!
y,s afl The Walker Engraving Company:
sorry fffrivll. The ?1119*0 Company of China,
nr., Israel Brukenf^ld. Richard D. Cahn
J^nrt Julius Cahn. doing business as R. D.
-a h n & Company: New Jk'nrk Joint Hoard ?f
^rnalcamat. d Clothing Workers of America.
J; Cohen,. The Uondals Blench. Dye A- Paint
A orks, Jnc., Joseph Green berg arid Tstdo^n
*o!denberg, doing business an O. & O Hat
-ompany Weissland Amusement CorporaJon.
Gertrude Joseph?, Edward Joaephy and
Hiarlcs A. Rrodck, as Executors of the lost
^ III and Testament of Hugo Jonephy, debased;
Frederick Merther. Theodore Therts, !
norenco D. Wrrwr, Benjamin F. Werner,
waiter D. Seven. SopoU- OsUnkcr, as administratrix
of the goods, chattels and credit?
vhlch were of Ha mud Oalinker. deceased,
ind John Gallagher. Defendants fin Equity,
<<\ Eld-lfE), I. Francis M. Scott. n? Special
Master, will sell at public auction to
he highest bidder or bidders. In the tnann.?r
cre'nafter and in the said decree set forth
it the Court Florist* of the County of Ne
i>rlc. In which the property Is located. (on
he North East ?t?-ps facing Chambers
street of said Court House). In the City of,
* ' * Vnrk. on
sew i ork, in mp nraic u. ho
Oth dai of November. tO'JO, at o even
iVInrk In the fot -noon. the property In s?M
leeree described and therein directed to be
The mortg-Mted premises and property
Ifrectod by e.uM decree to he sold are
herein described as follows:
All that certain plot, ph;< u or pur I of
lad with the buildlm,'.* ttMM imtad.
ttunte, lying and helnf hi the Cry and
yoont.v of New York, hounded ai. i <i. crlbed
a.s follow?:; R< ginning at u. point
oni.cd by the Intersection of Me * utterly
Ine of Park (formerly Foui "hi A i u .
?1th the northerly line or aide of Thlriy ?.ond
Street, running thence northerly
ilong the easterly aide <>' Park Avenue. one
niand nlnety-ae* n (M) fast six ( )
n'hes to the eouthea^erly conn i ef Park
tvenue arm Thirty until tip : e
a*terly along the southerly side of Thlr yhlrd
Street, four hundred twenty-five
eet to the southwesterly corner of Tlilrtyhlrd
Street and Lexington Avenue, tllence
louihorly ajong the westerly 'hie of L *logon
Avenue, one hundred forty eight (148)
eet one tit Itch, thence westerly parallel or
early so with Thirty-third Street, fnriytlght
(48) feet four (4) Inches, there's
Mtftbarly and nearly paraxial e ph lialaftia
Ivrnue, forty-nine <4G > feet flv - (.".) incno
the north- rly side of Thirty-second St: t,
It a point distant forty-eight (48) fe. ft ir
4) Inches westerly from thp westerly sPl?
>f Lexington Avenue, tin inwe: ily alirtig
ho northerly side f Thlrty-sc-ond Street,
hroe hundr-d seventy ?lx (UTtP feet eight ?>
re lies to tint point or place of beginning. berg
'he name pre nth herctofoi- onveyed to
he New York and Harlem Rallrt ad t.'om>any
l,y the folio Ing Inatrune nts. to ,
Deed from Mary ay, dated January *,
840, aid record, I In the Office of tlf Reg
if Conveyance.", pat* <1* d from Nathan
lackson and wife, dated February 22, led' .
i tul rcrorded In aa!il ReflMc-r'? Office !:i
jtlK-r ""'H of f'onvi > ani-ee, yak" 21" . .1
rom John Alatyne, dttK Iieccmber 1.!. Inil,
ind r?eorda< In aat.i R^ktWl ''filoe In
Jber '00 of Canvyjancca. panu 2SU; iloH
'roilj Henry Ahell ami wife, dated Sept. uih. i
. IMS, ? <I raeorJM In raid itogiater'a Of"
Ice. in I,H>er 0-47 at Conrvyancua, put ? i;
Ioni from Je?a? A. Marihill and u'f , J
Mar hall and William II. Wllklnn a ul
, if,.. dated June l, 1h7"v and recorded In
i?l?1 ltcgl*ter'? Office in t.ibcr K; i3 ol i 'oi
rcyi.iirer. page Ml deed from Pel* r 3. llo|ir?ii t
i d Wife, dated I Int.. l H IH I'J. anil r
, nlrii in raid Ilrjlitrr'j Office li U1N r :.;;7
>f 'Jaovejraneea. page -147. and which prem or
* ere conveyed hy The New Cork ard
larlein llallr'iad Oonrpany to Oran Root,
inlor. >> <le. d bating dale September n,
SOU. and n' nrded In til. uffi of the [teg, er
of the County of Ne l or!: on ptrrul'i r
I, 1100. In Block Rerlea (Conveyance <).
Se.Unn .1, l.lber nr., pag. J"d. aid lndcxrd
rider Rlock Number sss. an.I Section
.Ibe. (CI, pace !!fl7, and Indexed under Hlork
, inber 1 40", itnd were . onveyed hy Or. n
toot, Junior, to Mat raipolltan Street ft* lie ay
'ompany hy Indenture dated Septemher 22
Also *11 that r-ertAln plot. piece or poto
f land with the bulldlus-s thereon erected, :iia:e,
lying and being In thi' City a.ul County
f New York, hounded aud dt "-'rib-d an Inlaws:
lleglnnlng at (no no;th eaterly
i*r of l.oxtoi.ton Avenue and Thirty .-id
rtet, running thence northerly alone the
telly llm? of lea.ratori Ave no, forty-rilne
till feef ten <I0> In' ht :hence runnl ig
. -Mc rty on * Mb* dtn>i : ;>aiail?l or .early
? with Thirty-second Pti t <,.rt> nine <fn
,??, theiife running southerly on n .111.1 parDel
or nearly *" with I.< xington Avcnie
..rty nine i ttll feet ten i Iht I... in a to the
i irtt erly line of Thlrty-eecond .street, thence
.lining '-a 'erly alt.re nld n rthcrly line of
"tilrty -at* t.nd Street forty eight ?-tw? feet
evt it (Ti Inches to tin <?I<1 northwesterly
rner of Lexington Avenue and T: irty-aee,
a street, the plat . if beginning. be the
alti ftevt ral dim- 11.-I0U n.i 1? or less, t,,jt
1 exceeding eialit tat Inches tot atty fours
lelnn the 'ante premie a ern1v.-3.rt to M- tr-t10
id an Street Hal Cor.ipnny hy Ind.ntuilatt
tl .Tannnry 13, UHil. .1 hy August*
I Meyer, Freds-rick Krai ke ami Wiil.ai . u
i1a*??. Junior. * I."uncutor* of and Truatoes
indr 1 1110 la?t will of H rman n..hl *. .1...
Lot 2 Ai! that certain lot, iH"<? t r parcel
f laid, with the buildings and Improve,
nents tlveieon, situate, lying an<l being in
he Btrvwt.lh Ward of tin, II..rough ,,f Manvftan,
CVs* of New York, bounded and 1e
,'ribfd us follows
llegtnntng on the northerly lif e or aide of
Vnventh street, diet a if one hundred ti
y t! ree feet easfttly frtirt. tl.e form r
0rmrd by the Intf rsef iIon of rhi? northerly
trie of Hi evt nth JWr- wltl tint .as.eriv
tde of Avenue C, as tk?. aitu is now laid
ut and widened, whit I. -al l wid. nl. j
?t noted or allowed for .. . .tie map lier
after mentkaied. and running then, c
ortherly and pata'UI .t Ith Avenue (_' one
U'dred and three feet M.-.o Inehea to t; a
. litre line . f 1 he block bet-., . . !&ktv*tttn *,,,i
'w-elfrh Street*, tlvn. e . x.-erty along *,(|
ntr>' line of the h.nck at t parallel with
evewth ?tr '?. Mftv ' the * souther,
d parallel with At IU? C. one liu.dred
d three feel three It he, pi the northerly
l ie ni lite of Et'v. r,f Street. ?,,d thence
-tarty alone the nme fifty feet to ,h.
;nt or place f hegf- Ins.
fog-ther with all arul . Itigular tp* tene
onutn* nT I" *n?*l -. ?i > v.tr-i
,i,rt . IncludltiC ?ll fl*tur-'? In-tailed vnlrly
,,r ? o In conn*'-:ton with 01 a* part of ?al<t
bot?. AH ?f ,ho,,r I..i,, ?r
al ,1, nf l*nd, Willi !'.< I ii!. 11tVk ami In,.
,oiomenta thereon, eltnwlo, Iv-ln# ami ii..|??
, tl . Klevfuth Ward t.f the Ho> ugh
lanhattan, City of ?: ? V k. and wlilcii
,k<?n together are bounded and deacrlhed a,
Mi lima* two aaftaln 'ol?, Dl*o.? or par . la
f land, with thr lnilldln?- thereon. situate,
, <i>? and betnif on tlte motherly aide of
levanth St not. In the Bl*nr*n?)i Ward of
he city of Now York, ami known ami dlaimulaned
on n certain man filed by FredrP-K
I'ol'eyatar, Maater In anrory. It, tl,?
rfn i of fin R'-al -ter of It City ami County
f Sow York, enlllled map .f two hundred
ral forty loir of land sltoata al I'urn- tfin
>ntnt In the Rleve-ith Ward i f lh? City of
;e ? York, by the number* algtlty flva |S>">?,
lantr.yly ??'. and ai" moi full"' hiundtd
,nd do? rlb, ti a folio * a I t.'i inu at a
. lot <v? fb? nyrthorly trial* or fEI<with fli'ttl
?ol ItJ'. iulanl'ltvo hiit"il*ei| nod thirtyhrtt
' '"it' > f "i atirrly
h 1920:
orner of Avenue C and Eleventh Street, ran
Ing thence northerly and parallel with Ave , K
no C, one hundred and throe feet threi a
nehes; thence easterly and parallel wttF a
Seventh Street, ilfty feet; thence southerly a
land parallel with Avenue C one hundred ant ?
.three f??t three Inches to Eleventh Strr?* (<
' eforesaid, and thence w esterly al^ns tht ^
ame fifty feet to tfce pla< >4 beginning. R
Together with all and singular the tone- ?
merits, hereditaments and appurtenance* b? *'
longing or In anywise appertaining to tht (
Jilfl lands. lurludlmf all flat urea InatmRod *
' ?lely for use In connection with or a* part *
f aid premises. 4.
All that certain lot. piece or parcel n
of land with the buildings thereon erected, m
eftuate, lying and being in th?- Eleventh a
Ward In the ?'ity of New York, and bounded r
end described as follows: To local'* the point e
of beginning run east on the northerly eld? w
of Tenth Street, tvro hundred and thirty- c
three (233) feet from the northeasterly c<>r "
ner of Tenth Street and Avenue <\ and thence r.
northei Fy and parallel w!t? Avenue C eighty
iSOi f< rt to the point or place of leig.nnliig
from which point, to bound said interio* lot J,
run northerly and paralbl with Aveii't? .
fourtc 'it (14) feet and nine inches; tnvnc? *
easterly and parallel with Tenth Street tw?;i?- <f
ty-flve (2S) feet; thence southerly and a*al~i y
parallel with Avern-e fourteen feet * ^
nine Inches; thence westerly and again par- y
allol with Tenth Street, twentv'-flvi (23) f '. p
to the point or place of beginning. 4
Also all th/tfA f,,...- /.Armln Til# CCS Of P
par ? H of land, situate, lying and being 1 p
?! ] ,;<venth Ward of the < Ity of N*?w Y?n J(
bounded and descr!b? d a > folh>v. *. j
nlng a* a point on the southerly bide of ' ^v* ^
enth Street distant one hundred and eightythree
fret easterly from the e.i-'-rly dn? ,
Avenue <", runing thence southerb *:;1 *Jar* f
*' ?' with Avenue C, ninety four (04)
nine (0) Inches to the rent re line of tn**
block, running thenco ea-terly along **ia .
hundred feel tti n< e ortn- , ?
orly and parallel with Avenue ninety '"ur l.
f'"t nine Ir. lies to the southerly line or slue
ef Eleventh Street, thence westerly along tne
"c.-herly lino of Eleventh Sn?t. one h ^
dred t0 tplace of t ej?|nnlng.
All tha* certain lot, pier o or parcel of lan ?
?!'h t lie bulMl.ig thereon erected, nftua'c, v
lyfttr and being tn the Ehv? i th Wurd in the
city of New l'orlc, hounded and d erllvd ai n
t > '- Tk'glnulrtg et a point on the r
erly v'dc of Dry Dock Street at the mtddl*
of a party wall distant southerly from the r
point or angle formed by the intersection of p
the westerly line of Dry Dock Street and the n
southerly line of Eleventh Street, ninety- j,
seven (97) feet live (5) Inch's or there- n
about*, running the-ice w.-sn-rly parallel ?
nearly so with Eleventh Street aid part of, *
/ci\vwiy trough a party wall eighty-four f
(S|) feet,- thence northerly and parallel or v
U'l.-ly mo with Dry Dock 3ti" ni.vtw- 4
(-!.') feet one (l) Inch, more or D? * !h?*nf>"
easterly parali I or nearly so with Eleventh \
Street eighty-fovr (84> feet to the westerly r
lln* of Dry Dock Street, thence south-rlv f,
along the westerly line or Dr 3tfW 4
tw tity-two (22) fe*t on- (i) inch mort *
or k-ss to the point or pi a ?>f be ?
ginning, he the said dine -n*?o.i* mure
or 1 s. firing Die same pr'tn!-- "1 conveyed
to the Metropolitan Traction Company ">f j,
Nr-.v York hy Joseph Branegan, hy lee-1
^'pveinbor 1802. and 1 .nded In th#
' in--., of the Register of'th- rit> ;?ud Cnurty *
T New York on November 2."?. W2. In Block ^
Peries (Conveyances), Section I-dber it
r' -HI, and hi flexed Uriel' l-lo K Nurn '
rer "so, and which were oonvtn'"' hy ?
i Metropolitan Traction Comp.-nv of NVa
York to the Metropolitan Street Railway
C'o.iipany by Indenture da'ed Sept? rn> r 1
H 'T. ami recorded in the office of the U-id*
fer of the City and Cotintv of Now V. ri: ?.ti
September 28, 18ii7, in TBrx k S.-rU : << "env? y>rro:,t
Section 2. I,IW pge 22$. and
l i?ie\. (i under Block Number .'ISO.
Te-.Uu.r With all and rvs the tene
n:t lieredltame \te ami a;?;?u: tenants
lone: n^y7ir in any wise npp,l'?afnipn tn th"
Mild lands, Including all fixtures Installed
sol-'iy for ii e in connection with or as part
of ?nld premises,
Rot. :>. .\n that certain piece of land, with,
th- buildings therein, .situate, lying and-b"
trip in >l.e rciev.-pth V.'ard -ft!- City of New
^ ?rk. u th,. north* iv -Id.- of Tenth pM-.-et
aid beginning at a point distant two hundred
ami eight f- >-t easterly from the n nth* -ast* Iv
corner of said Tenth fi'r <t ami Avenue <\
ar .1 running il .-nr vu : Iy. along the northjfrly
aid 1'entli 8 re *. twefci v-f ? rtli.-r
i ->- ry on a !tn? paralle' with Av
TiPe C, ninety-four feet and nine Inches and
one-half an foch, to th%ecntre Ifne of I
M- : Tent}-, an." Kb- . .itt St ''>'"t '
thence wester)} on a Hw MtrsiVI with Tbnth i
?tr*e* '
. .../ live n't'T. tnonce nmith.riy. ov
p fin pj?aH'L ?ri' Ave nue C, ninety-?*u
--I . n: r! one-half H to Tenth Street
nfor jnid. tin* plrtoe of w ptnr.lr ir. ,
Topcti ? with all and .singular tlx ten** (
rrr-ni.s, hereditaments and appurtenant
lcnglnir ' in :iny". hp appertainl : : to Me ,
.-aid iamls, in udlng ali fixture* . -tu.? ' i
?-oli?jy for line in connection with or an pan
of ^ald prrmftff. f
Lot d. Also slv other certain iota, ; . ?*r < I
ami parcels of ground and prrmiw??, with 'iw e
1 i-ildlnRH thereon, nitua'-. lyiry and b? tng in
the Eleventh Ward of P.- aatd City of New c
i York, and hounded and de?<orth'd as folio-v =
, 11??rriMnlriv" a* n point on th southrlv Hide of f
Eleventh Street, distant one hundred aud I
eight f?*"t en trrly from th* south* aaterly *
corner of Avenue C and Eleventh Street: and <
running thence easterly and along the south- f
erly side of Eleventh Street, aforesaid. ?<?v i
ei/y-fivc f* t : thence south- rly, nnd paralWh
tvItfi al?J A ventre C on* hundred ami eighty f
nlna f'-ei and mm en Inchrs, mnr? or to f
th< northerly Fid* of Tenth Street; thence
westerly, at, 1 a'onR the northerly *11- of <
T>rdh Street aforesaid, seventy fI\ f< r.*c' f
IhefCf northerly and parallel with an Id A?
rue C, om- hundred an ! cischtv-p'r.e feet ard
mm .-o ir ' s. more or le??, to the place of
Teg tic t with all and singular the tone
m n1st hereditamon"- and appurtenance* 1longing
or ir anywise appertaining ? 'lie
aid land-. including all fixtures hwai- - <t
solely fur ii- In connection with ??- an ;ar
. f paid premises.
I Lot 1 M that certain lot, plec --r parr.
! rf proii.id with 1h ilrtiug Miortron
, recti d. which on a certain ihil filed hv
' i rici I'y-t.-r, Ma-to, In Ciai r
' r?lf|.-?te 'f!/ - tlnffnn,
dated February 1st, i<5.17). |r,
..r rhn f! :! -r nf lh. riry r',n?y r?
, ? York ,-ntWtad "Map of ;40 rSK # .
la- (I i.T- il at liumf MM T- lit I K ,,.i
Ward of th? City of N,w York," rotuil - *
and ?h? r-on ! r nAt**! v
nun,I,- r "IM" (one hundred and f .
; four I hounded at. follow*. tbr: *
rommem-lns a* the ?o!nt on the north- '
r-ly Id.. ..r lanth fltr.ot, dbcam cne
.1 ATI if trirvc . t
i tff.ni the north* a <tr?r!v corner ? .... r
r:d T-nth Strict; runnlnc tlmmV riorth
'i-r*rlv Ionic [?' 145 m *|d map
tour feet r,.ne Inrlir.. to fha ret.-re ..f thI
' I tb.-m.-e eoothea' tor V n --no the
i re "f bin-k twenty-flow f # * lo,
I l.l on aid map, tin nr. .authwtitrrl,
. * 1. ar eai-1 lot li: t Irmly-four fiat .
In- 1 - ? T? nth Str-rt. arid I hen. n ,rih.
v .t.-rly aline Tonth P-r"et rwen'y-fi->I
f..t to trio point of hoelnnlne.
Ii.f -her with nil an.l "Insular 11,? tana
- r, . - , , har, dttnrv rite and ipp i-t.-nn-, .a h
rlnc 'o-or In any wl-?e nnp>-"-a.nl-,c
,11 in-ide. Inrl.Mlnp all . fiaturaa In- '
If t!<d olaly for u?" In connection alth o, '
n" pat' ?f *' ' Premier.*.
HOT * " r"l ANT' ,r'"l STRRKTH avi
All tlic, certain lota. placer or carrel. '
> ia-,.1. vlih Mm hull,tine* and In provm
mint." i' Hunt. I, in?r nn.l i? |?- |
City and County of Now T'.rk, It dlnd, d
?r..l deaorlb?-! a- follow*; Beginning a, a
' p. f > by to- Inta r"?i tlon of tA.
' r,y 'id RfRb'y-fifth St ra at and
, tin- woft'-f i "Ida of Madlron Avenue, a- '
,rt?nlri- tbanrr *..ttry a Ion a the north
V,1 aatd Rlahty-fifth Sire.t
, Imndr-d twrtitj' ? ? ftjrt; then., north,,r|y
->ri r 1 - 'f O- J
, f20-?, fa, four |,ml,,,. lo
. tho ' utbaaly "Ida of Eighty -lath Street
nam a". rly alon* the .n?t1,rr|y ,|d?
f KlKhtVWth Street. two hundred twenty
_>-_0) ' the *outn*a*-..riy nom-r of
Fality-la'b FHi-ol and Madlaon A'anua
-,-d cnntn- aouthony alony it,a w*at?riv <
..." of Mariano Avrnuo two hnrdrrd hgr
r,-4? 'a" fonr 14. Inrhaa to ||,a point or
.,f b.?Hinlr.? bolna tha pr?ni
, li' i- of r" onvyod to Tha M.w York
, i la i I'm na'lrr-ad tvwppony nv tha
folio** I OK In-trumtn'B M wit tlnad fr.-m
I.r W.-ikiar Biid wlfa dntad .Vovam.
1**1. and recordnd In ih,, nff|nt
I-Kl -r of tha County if N. w York
?li, ii.'T of Conc-yanaa*. pt,?
frrni . ;?or*.- H. If. nth. data.. ,
. lfl, r t*"') and ro<-"rd. d lfVKl ?
?P . , >ff i<-> . In l.lb.-r lop* of Com . j am .
. ,jo ?n* <l-<? f.L"m Clark n i? p. ,
-r -" Is* ? '< r. - or. ... .
" - in : f rot.,,";.'
ti,, ? *. pa?? 't'.' ni jf'IWW Wait
, ,d tvlf" dntad Norambar 12, ;<?,
. ,| ra ..rdad In aald nasHtar * riffk-a in
I |K.r mm if Con*ayah' p-??[a ,142; d?a.|
v, nr-an S Crane da-- November
,**<>. and record, d In Bald It. KlB.ar**
|m t r of On, ay a c?-?
, , rd from l?m?, If, Motard rf
' ' *r 1 ' ' h,' I '
,?1" ' C ' *? * and whtT,
a eere CO *y? d by the NV? Y J
I Ktl'i 1 Wnllr rot.ipnry f
ft ,<), .1 l"r' '* ' nnif date Hri. I
?rnb?'t ?. r'*-W. V rr'r"-'l"< In the r?fj& ?
H'tiatir <f On- P'Hintr f V,* Y,'rk
, ^i'piifnb?r 11 ie',1 fn Rfo, k Serf
., on") an "> ? Liber tP.
? I lml> * J unitvr Hlorh \umher aVa
V H- Il"n ">> r ' l'? - "17 . '
t?.|. 'I r ? \"m.' 'r. ?'l?l 'V a
. .1 by 0rf"I"7r'' 'unlnr, ? ?h, M
mpoll-an S-reef JUllwAf Company h)r ,
dentur, dated September 52. 1*!>o. '
' All thoea tli re# eortnln Iota, pie,*a nr
I parcel* of land, with the hulhllriK* and
1 ,improvement* erected thecon, ?ltu?tivin.
a,id bflPK In the city of N, y,?K AnJ
Known a* Number* 13, 15 and 17 front
Btreet. whl h taken ftltorMher are .prided.
; a, ,i d irrlb" <1 n? follov I! *h l?> at
'the nortlvaete,iy eOTMKV thereof a- a point ?
In th<- loutherty tine ar IMe , f Front Street
of,re tit' the n Id,! of a pa-' / t- .;i "
t#nt thirty thrt-" hi) feet tnot <r I ? > a,.*, t
rly from "he rotltll nreati-rl) Cor r r,f I'. ont I
rd 1' <1 'r'* ?n11 running C ?n,,ti i
wardly i r * P. r< ? d i
Str- t a, 'I llonr f,e tnldilte . f (1 party
?au. < i idi ' fiv, flor,> ' man ,,r
?e? to atootnt upe tt* a teoca l>.?? . ?h
I ' I
lardly along ?ald fence and caralle. or neart
?o with Front Street eighteen >18) feet nine
did one-naif (0(4) Inrhe. more or lee* to an
n?le in ?whl fence, thence In a nertbwwt
rly dire (Ion and alur.g eald ' me t.t
noth. r angle therein four (4) feet and el*
It' Inch'* more or lee. thence attain > ,wtnrdly
parallel or nearly so with Krwt
treet and along "all fence, the brl> k w ill
f a five story building and another fen"lilrty-aeven
(37) feet four and three-fourths
f'i) inches more or less to the wall of a
lye atory lirlrlt building, thence northwardly
nd along said anil to an angh therein
iventy (29) feet, -hem/ again v. outwardly
long sa,l I all three 13) feet si* <<*? Inches
' the middle of a party wallI thence north'ardly
along the mlddfo of -aid pa-ty "ah
111 parallel or marly so with Moore Street
lehty <H0> feet more or less to the 80tTv'
rl.v side of Front Street, and thence east'ardly
along said southerly slile to Front
dre?'t sixty-five (B."l feet two (2) Inehe'
(lore or less to the point or place of begIning:
fliat portion which la know*fi as Num
er 13 Fron. Street being suhject to an
jFtr?- -ni. nt made by Mulford Martin with
-"as H llet rl k. dated May 28. IW Being
h" aim pi. m-rty which was conveyed to the
l> trnp. ||t,-iTraction Company of Sew S or /
'V r'd t' (Trlmjn.iis by deed dated Hepem
her 21'. 1*02. ami recorded In th< office
r the T>',ister of t'o- city ami County n*
' IT Vol I on Noveinb. r 23. 1832. In
lerlcs tConi yaniesi, Section 1. ''her 10
aye 472. and Indexed under nice '* Somber
. and which was . oin.w I to the Metroolltan
Street itail'a. Company by
atrd S(j. amber II 180t'.. am* recorded hi
al l Registers Off Sept mher 78. 18?i.
n Block Series (Conv. aticm), Section 1,
Itier 43 pnge 361. and Indexed under lllock
.'urn her <.
Tli 1m lot Include* nil Improvement*, fix
urea and appliances therein installed soieiy
or use in ( tin* tfon with or as a part of
aid !f? and promisee here in described.
The sale vf 13 ho conducted lr. the manner
r? the aaid decre-? arid hereinafter provided
.ml will be made to the highest bidder or
Iddors upon the follNsvi.c terms and condlions
contained in the said ?.? cree, reference
o which is hereby made, arid upon uuoh
ddltlone' terms and condition? may be
nimuuced by the Special Master or hie duly
< thorlzed agent ac the time of such ?* ?.
Ohe?Said Mate will be made -without valu' 'on,
appraisement, exemption n ext m.lon
J?d frc?? from ah right of redemftion.
I wo?The Special Maxtor may at the
equeet of the solicitors for Guaranty Trust
- rrpany of New York, ax Trustee, or by
rder of the court or a Judge 'hereof, adourn
the sale from time to time by anoun<
omenf of said adjournment at the time
nd place appointed for the * sab* or for
"ch adjourned sale or sal^s ami without
urther notice or publication, may proceed
1th the said sale or sales, on any day at
>h'f h the same may have been adjourned.
Three Guaranty Trust Company of Nejr
orlv a ? Trustee ami anv hol-bT ? f 1 h *
tea! Instate and Refunding Mortgage bonde
r any creditor or any stockholder of the
efendant New York Railways Company, or
ny party to the said cause may bid at the
ale and If a successful purclui r nay
n-chase In his, Its or their own right,
h'o-ir?The sale will be made In the folTwlra;
*A) ?'r:e Special Master will first offer for
nle sti s rately and ns an entirety as Parel
A all of the real property In Lot 1 of
irtlrle VI of the ftu Id decree and In Lot 1
f the descriptive clauses hereof described
m! will note the highest bid therefor.
'Bi The Sp.-clal Master will next offer for
ale separately and as an entirety as I'ar
? 1 P an of . a1 pr-n rtv *... ' * '1 >r
Article VI of the Maid decree and In Lot 2
f the descriptive clauses hereof described
md will note the highest bid therefor.
<C> The Special Master will next offer for
m!e separate > and us an entirety as Parel
C. all of the rca' property in Lot >\ of
Article VI ri the said decree and In Lot H
>f the descriptive elnt sea hereof described
ltd will note the highest bid therefor.
n> The Special Master will next offer for
'ft ? separately and as an entirety as Parol
1 ? all of the rca1 property in Lots 2 and .'1
if Article VI of the said decree and in Lota
and .'i of the descriptive clauses hereof deeribed
and will note the highest bid there<
L) The Special Master will next offer for
ale separately and as an entirety as Parel
K all of the leal property in I*ot * of
mo w i mo an ?cfmi ?;ui in M v -
f thy descriptive- clauses hereof described
ind will note the highest bid therefor.
r Tl:? S|i--i!a' Ma r v. U! offer fo
nl?t separately and as an entirety as Par:e'
F all of the real property In Lot "? of
ir'.i'-lf VI < f the paid de< ret* and In Lot 5
?f the descriptive clauses hereof described
ivd will note the highest bid therefor.
1 * i Tlve Special Ola ttv. will next offer
or ale separately and as an entirety as
'a:- l (', a'l ?>f the real property In Lot d
f Article VT of the said decree arid In Lot rt
f 'lie descriptive clauses hereof described
nd will note 'he hlshcMt hid therefor.
<IJ> The Special Master will next offer
?j? a!<* -paiately and as an entirety a*
an 1 I! al! the r<al property In Tx>t 7
f Am!.-!. V!*i>f tl .-aid dccre.> and I Lot 7
f the descriptive clause* hereof described
tnd will not. tin hlyhost hid thetofor.
(I) The special Master will next offer
or rale "para'-ly and as an entirety a*
a reel I all of the r> a' property In Lots 4
. 7 Inclusive of Article V7 of the said
lecree and Lots 4 to 7 inclusive of the il
rlptive clause? hereof described, and will
.#*1#. Ill** MfrtioKt KM therefor.
(J) The Spuria! Mit -'cr will n?*Tt off< r
or s;?|r? .<? para'dy and a- an entirety a-*
'arc#*! r, the foMov Ins part or portion of
he real property In T.ot 8 of Article VI
f the said decree and In T.ot 8 <t the
e?rrjli>tlvf hereof 'described. viz:
All those certain lots, pieces ox parcels
of land with tli> buildings and Improve
incut thftvon, ltuato, lying and being In
the City and C unty of N- w York, and
t? and described a? follows:
It cm s n i no at a point forn.ed by tha
lnt<i "Minn of the northerly side of gr.th
Htrn t and the westerly side of Madison
Av r. i ant running thence westerly along
fho northerly side of *~th Street l'Jd fc?*t.
11 ) ???* poitherly parallel with Madison
Avenue 1'"' to the center line of the
block, tlnine easterly along said center
hue ' f tin- block 1-0', to the wester,y
i |? pf Mao on Avenue, and th* nee
aoutherly along the westerly Fide of Ma !! on
Av' mm 102' 2* to the pfaee of beginning
in I u|n note the highest bid therefor.
tKl Th" SiHTln! Master will n< rt offer
n le sepnra'ely an I as an entirety as
i 'i: K tha following part lor portion
f >>" real property In ??f A of Artiele
'I of the ?nld deep and In T.ot H of tho
leariiptlvo ?laueea hereof dcarrlbed. via:
Aii tnoae ceitain lota, pleeea or parrela
f anil with tlie buildings and Improv"nn
nt tl reon, situate, lying and being
In the City and County of New York, and
bounded and ilaacrlbed n? follow a:
BwiiNNtMi at a point on the northerly
id, of t> h Stn t 120' westerly from the
i rips tlon of tba northerly aide ?f tttb
Kn-eet and the westerly *Ma of Ma lison
Avenue an' running ?lo-n. westerly a'ring
Hi- nertheily sldo of *"th Street 100',
ttien.. northerly parallel with Madison
Avenue 102' 2" tn the i enter line of the
, en ' ti.? ii mii7 -Hi-- I'nii*r una
of 11 * lilui k 100". then. a southerly anil
pH.a''i'l f'l Madison Avenue 102' 2' to
hi |i ' < f birln'iHK
i -i * ' ir'-.-st hid therefor
(I,) I'll. .* i t*-IV, Master will nmt offer for
! pi, . iy ar.il wa an en-1 nty t< Par ,|
tl. f (M?rt "r portion nf the
|)rt)petty to i.' t * nf Arthlc VI of tlw raid
i. re" at il in I.it k of 'ha daocrtptivo clou*
liTinf " "tberf, lit!
\ t i i talti ;ni?. pl.vea or par ?!? of
lai> : with Hi' hu.l'lItigs and Improvement?
then m. situate. lying and being In th- c tv
I i' iuty nf N, iv York, and hounded and
ten rlbod a follows
liian s mvi ? a point on tha southerly
atdn of with tltrie' 220 wraaterly from tha
reaction of th" southerly aide of win,
Hn.et and th- ? esteri al.le of ,Ma<!|aoii
Avenue and running theme meter Iy along
the southerly ?ld" of With Street 1 m >'
then e utheily parallel *,, ft), Maillaon
Avenue |U2' 2" f" the oen;er ||ne of u.e
t' nee "Urlf along aald renter
II-. if til" hlwk 100'. there northerly
It'.;' 2* t the pin- e of beginning;
, i, -1 tie ' lit'.a" '.|,| f?r
iM Th? spe. I \i Master v. Ill Hent offer for
,Ul -par lit el} and n an entirety at Parrel
,1 tl full 'nc : art ot portion of thi r- al
- it} ; > I " 4 "f Artl-le vi ,f th< <ai.f
If .. . and It I lit 4 of tha descriptive lauaea
tereeif ih-ei rlhe.l, vlr.
All lho*e certain Inn, pleora or par,*?Je
of .an'1 with th? building* and improve*
met, ? On: "ih altua'd. 1/lng and Mug in
tin City and County of New York, an i
hounded and dmitlhe at follows
i 't iSMM- ul a i i.t formed by the Inter*
.. ?Inn of the southerly aide of sum u.,,..
'l v *"rl-v l<1' "f Mullinn Avciiua
a - >1 run- i ? 'I" aloft* ihn
oiltlierl) H"? ?' s"! Street CO', fhenoa
it y parallel Ith Madli-on Av-nua
S' to Hie -enter lino of the block
11,?!?' ? earteriy ai.mt a 1.1 . per nn? ,J
i hi k 13b' i? the wo-i-ri)
H?'ll-on Avenue, th'in e northerly along
tno. we rerly -lie of Mi. l?on Avenue ur*
_ t<. ill, a e of 'leplmlna;
uirt HI ? lily! ?t M,l therefor.
IN The Special Ma-'er a 111 next off, r for
?, Ii.uin |> an I a* an ntlr.ty ax rarcel
?, io feu -a i < loir i. .i . ...
,t ! ly In lrt?t * ?f Aitlclo \'l of fho ,.i,
, . an'' in Lot a of the dea<rlpwr?
?? . i -roof Jan, rIb' d, via. v
All th<,T wain Inn, PI. r, or parrel,
|, with th< building. and :m,??ve.
men' Ui.i-on, xlfuatt. ijtng ,n,| ,,,.| ,
,1.. I'I'y and County of N?w Vork. and
1 undo,I and dexorlbrd a- follow*
mino at a point formed from th*
lot, ectlon of ti,, . ortherly nl J
Street . the w-ext?.l> ! !. If Ma. l oll
A. i, r ifn .OB I , ii ? i. r ? ,
th. nortlotdy ?l?la of A-.th Street |i,e
northerly paiallr, wit Mauiaoa
A. i.in ' '< III* enter line cj
uio i. tlenre eaeterty atonic aairt .-enter
lln*? of th? blork 14.' to th*? westerly '
Ma ,1 n Axi-nue, and tlionre aoutherlv
a,.niK th went. rly eld- of ATn.lt ,?i, Avenue
lie 2" to the plane of beginning
I I etll "to the hlBhe.t I I- , for.
,11 '! spe. ial Maxtor will noat offor for
,alo ,.-|?rali,|| and ax an t-.lroty a- Pmc..|
), the follow lull part .f the tea I
perty In Lot x of x - i le VI uf the l( j
I,. and In Lot k of Hie de?. rlptlvo rlaiMoe
, roof d>- ,i rlhod. vlt.:
All of llio-e eortaln 'otx. pie, > x or parcola
i f la ol with tl o |. l|f,i;x not Impiore.
aante MMMSg, ax irui^ . M| * a s?|ng Is
?+ x17
the City and County of Sew York, and
bounded and described as follows:
BEGINNING "at a point on the northerly
?td* ot MOi fcireet, 145' westerly from
the Intersection of the northerly elde of
85th Street at the westerly side of Madison
Avenue and running thence westerly
alone the northerly side of 85th Street 15',
thence northerly parallel wltlj Madison Avenue
102' 2" to the center line of the block,
tinme easterly along said center lino el
the block 75'. thence southerly and parallel
with MadUon Avuiila 102' 2" to th* place
"t i" eini.lnx.
and will note the highest bid therefor.
The Special Master will n-xt offer
for sa.e f perately and as an entirety ae
' "I I'. all of the r- al property In Parcels
J and M of Article XII of the said decree
and In Parcel* J and M hereof described,
and will rune the highest bid therefor.
(Q> The Fp^rfal Master will next offer
for ^ale separately and am an entirety an
Parre l o, all of the r? al property In Parcels
K and L, of Article XII of the *ald decree
and In Par-"1? K and L hereof described,
hd dial] : ot - the hfcrhe?*f hid therefor.
H? Tin .Serial Master will next offer
for *! ? s^para* -ly and a? an entirety as
Far??l R. nil of the real property In !*ot d
' ' I. VI . f tJ; -aid d-cree ana in nai i
of th- el.'Serfp? 1 w rlauses hereof described,
nd Will note the highest 1>1<I therefor.
S> The Special Master w 111 neat offer
' r Male separately and as an entirety ss
''areel <4. all r.f the r< al property In I.ot i
of Ar l<-),. vi of the -aid decree and In Lot ?
of 111 ,1. rlptlve clauses hereof described,
and a 111 r.r.tn the highest bid thcretoi.
The present tenants of the property In
lasts 2, .1. 4. B, d. 7 and f) of Article V'l
of 'be -aid decree and In the lmllarly nutnhere.l
lets rf the d. << rlp'lv. clAUMt hereof
drscrlh d shall he eritl'' remove therefr
m much trade-flxtur. ' I Court may
heteaft. dot- ' mine -.vlt! in thirty :*: > after
confirmation by this. Court of the sale of
sa' I Ires re-poettvely.
The property to be sold may be Inspected
by Irteidlns bidders at th- sale, subject
t such rea enable regulations as the Special
Master may prescribe.
A Mot 'N'T? ny ivoaiT T*KCVPTRBT"> TO
At the conclusion of the bidding on ea-h
parcel 111" I 'it',. St hinder shall deposit wt'h
tt Special Master in respect of Parcel A
rt.ooo at d In respect of all other parcels
an .< mount equal to five per cent of hie hid,
provided that any depoe " made by a bidder
on any parcel containing real property
f which Is Included In another parcel.
In the event he is tho highest bidder for
' ich other parcel, may b? applied on account
of the deposit re.qulred for auch other
pa reel.
At the conclusion of the bidding on Par's
n, C and r>, the Bpeclal Master will
cancel all the bids noted for surh parcels
" ?ft to.. 1 Id or hlds Which give the highest
amount for the property tn Lots 3 and
3 >f th" descriptive clauses hereof and of
Article VI ,,f the said decree described.
At the conclusion of the bidding for Parcels
F <? {'. m-i,,h? Wn.., lal Master
will cancel all tft* bid* noted for much pa*- I
cc) p*r?.pt the hid or hid* wni^t ffh*? tha I
hlirhest ajnrur.t for the property In Lots 4 %
to 7 ln?4|uslv?. of th< descriptive clause*
hereof nr\l of Article VI of the raid ch
iT-f desrrHwt
At thr conclusion of the bidding on Parcel*
.T to T' Inclusive, th'- Special Ma?v-*
will rano 1 al! the hid* noted for auch parcel*
raorpt the bid or bid* which Rive* the-high*
-t .iHx.r.'it for tl pro^rty in T*of 8
ch rcriptlvt* clan ' i hereof and of Article
VI of the said decree described.
In cn*o any bid noted ft* aforesaid for a
parcel which Include* all of fwc or more
parcel: shall equal the cum of the hid* noted
for such Included parcels the bid noted on
tich inclusive parcel shall bo deemed the
The Special Ma ter *111 provisionally ?c
p* h'.l : n- 'i d vvhl' h !iav? not been
fan led as hereinbefore provided, and will
r q. *r; the bids *< provisionally accepted to
the court fthe bidders making the same
b?lr;ij hereinafter referred to as successful
Hdd' rs); except that In respect to the
property Included In Parcel A. if the bid
tl refer ' all not couaf or exceed the sum
of 92.500,000 the Special Master will adjourn
tin* of Mi** property In* lml- <1 In tucn
parrel and will apply to Hie Court for fur.
ther In-MruofloTWi In roepect thereto.
Any deposit received from an unsuccessful
hMder will l>** return'd to him upon the
conclusion of the bidding. The depoett received
from the mu*r. vsfnl bildrr or hid'
d*'?v will upon rongrmation by the Court
of 111 or their bid PI npi?.i? .! OQ account of
the purr haw price of the property.
In caw any frucwfu) bidder upon the
Acceptance of his bid shall fall to comply,
v. IMtft. the period of twet.ty days after thentry
?b**n?of, will, any order of t.hl Court
r^oufrlner >. relating to the payment of * .?
balance of the purcba price. then the
tiu u v i deposited hy -i'.c?! uucceeafal bidder
forfeited a pentlt} for MKh fal'ire,
and *hall be applied to the payment of
the expenaea of a roadie* and toward making
i d ar defb lency or lo-s In 'sue tl> prop.
rfy tn re* poet of which * ; h successful
t Idder nhall make default "hall be "old a' a
li i prt. on vu< h re iiilf, and to ?uch other
5 impure" a? rhla Court may <t1rerf.
The Court reaerve.y thr right to rnnflntt or
t n iy or all hid" pmvtrtonally aerepred
by fha Special Maater. and upon thr oerntaa
In of the Ma.Mtrr'i report wtlt confirm <-r
reject att.-h h!d? to renpeot to each parrrl
offered for ?ale hereunder.
Tf the Court nhaM deny an application ?
ronflrrn any "ale, the d< poalt made by any
rvicreattful bidder at ?it<-b -ale win thereupon
by returned to tieb bidder.
payment nv pi*ncirasen
T'prri the confirmation of any tale, ha
pun ha-ct i tin 11 make aueli payment or payment."
In i a*h and /or In -u't other manner
and by the uw of POrh pu rebate money
mortgage or other roruritlt" on amount rf
the purchaae price n? the Court may from
time to time direct upon notlee to the partlea
to thl" foreclosure lapse. provided, however,
na' an to rarh Parte! the Purchaaer a! all
not he required to pay more than "0 per .enl
of the pun hate prlee In raah ar.d may glvj
a pun hare money mortgage running for not
to exceed three year" at fi per cent per an
nttm for tht* balance. ?S3
T1 Court r"?rv? the rtRli* to make and
rercll, upon auoh notice a-1 th? Court may
rtlt- t. u' y prop< rty sold to any pureha~"r !i
i a?e aii' li put'1m t "hall fall or omit to
make ar.y payment on account of the unpa d
fa'anr" of the pnri-ha?? price within tw-.ty
ilar* after the entry of the order requiring
such payment.
A tun l'?irr ihtll net be required to ?e?
to the app!! atlon of ti e pur : ??e money;
nor h? anwernhle Ir any manner what?o.
trr r for any loaf, ml 'application or nor.rpp'l
ntton "f ary mr-h purchase money rr
of nny part thereof
Any purchaser of Die property hereinbefore
<|r?. rlhed, or of any parrel thereof, ard
whet I t or not ha has exert l?ed or uved
any tlei.fx thereunder, "hall hate the right.
Mi!-, xlx r::"nMi" af'-i the dellxrry mf
Mo : ?d or - ' o-r < et t uroent" of convey- ?;
a nee " '-nnefer hy th Special Ma?*er of
M e property p irr! a-ed hy I yn, or with!o |
U'di additional P' rlod a* the Cou't may
hereafter h>* It" order or derree permit. to
hot not a""Uine or adopt any leave
or eontrart r ade hy the defendant Railways
C pa - v. ' h h 1? oar* of v-e t -? *
,.111 o d In rue! de. 1 . ' ln*tnimert" ef
eoro -xanoe or transfer. S-Kh election "hall
t . n.Mde ty ln?trumenf In w rlMnit. -lined
hy tin- ?nld pnr'l a-er and *hw!l rontaln a
, . It! d "Ipt I r f the rat a tea
I , to a- T a - ml
I,," I,, f. XX t * he I'!. -W o? ' to ...p.;
roof of M e Knlted Stat. for tlie Southern
n til t of New York *1" In 'he afore.aid
p. Mod No liver ?f rlah-e. 1 rlor to the r?
trflTtlotl "f -aid pi riott hall he deemed to
r ' .'je'l
. ! Mull. t' " ' " It * 'l elee.tr
aid purehaver ?hail b< deemed not to
' a\ av?uir.td or adop-rd th- raid contract"
Or leave" or rights therelt devrrlhed nor ' t
h.- 'muni J """ r.i.iu a ii" m nin ron .raoti
nr I-a*o? . provided, ho*n\(.r, thai
mi h -lartlon ."hat! not r.'lrli tha ?ald pur ii.ri:
r to any ri-iii: iinn In t1 amount <t
il # hlil mail' ?t 'ahl "a'" or In amount* t?
hf paid a' III " '* ?i* <'r |>m\ldad
Any pttrcklMr of tha prtpvrtl di'?or1HM
In tiila il r.1-, nr of any pan .-1 thar- f.
hall have the rluht to i-larf rot ti. tak*
or a- P' ?")' part of Tha property ,0; |
to at mil pun-ha-nr, by tarltfan nnt|. ? ,.f hli
rlr- "Imi ItlVl ' to t'ia Spnrlal Maittt a"
any tlmo prior to tha 'Xarutlon and delivery
,f fhr dead or other Inatrunn Tit* nf ronvev.
anna III trttnaf' r In Ihn Special Ma?ter Nelection
l?v a purihaeer, hi* m
or a?-lcr*. ahall Utnlnlah or affect iha pha?i
prlna to be paid hy audi pun'lata;
Tha deed* or Inatrument" of rotlvtyanrr
tranaf'T to b* artv-n Hy tha ftp- - lal Master.
In atadaHnr. the defendant Rathvay* , rni
nm. aid imaraatjr Tiuat Company nf ?
To-it. a? Trua'nr, ? h?-. n pr tied. a! a >
I iIr > ?. rp" tlinfriini nr.! m l a" propart;
which eurh purcha?er alial! an t no|
lo take "f accept
appkaramcb or rrnritAfttcr.
Any p\iriha*i>r nf tha prn|.nr"> nr i
In tha "aid flarrna dnarrlh- ' Ir t' ?'d
cau*e hereinbefore roeatlo' d. ir of at <
par'I thereof hall hav- t' < rlc' tr an'rr
hl? ?pp< aranca In tha nan.a r-ndln? In th?
I'nl'i it ft'ftta' fd?'rlet r..ur" fi r th? South
rii f'I'trlot of New Tork hereinbefore da.if
I1' ?' J
i -aM * '' " '
' 1) of nr- t''?>rfhv f <rr?"i( I
t,y tin- **l'! Court for It* f.,1- - Adjudication. I
l'V?r furtlirr partlc'dara r?f rric* la hrrrfiy I
n ? ?. ?' 1 ' ' 'h- Off, ? I
r . r ' -t :,a' - i i jr? r , ?
Southern Pint lid of Now Ynrk.
I n-ni. Brptrmbri v? * I
1MB tfTPT Ji
f I
Bolldwr* for Ooarnntjr Trun (Vm. I
of X * York. * Truatra. 1
No. 1." Ttrnad
N'* York 01 tr. i
.tofrrrt r PAT. Aurtiwiiif. i
Ah advertUement in the Loit and
Found column* of THE XR W* YORK
HERALD offer* a real po??ihtltt-j of
i troveri" i v"'"" lo?t property

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