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Transatlantic Mails.
Kpsln ( ). vis VIko anil Corunns: also
; BSPCI-1 post malU for Spain, Canary Inlands
and C.uis, Milllla and Tanslar to Morocco,
SRr Atfnn o XIII, .1:30 AM.
South Afrli u ( ), via Capo Town; also
Jlnfi-ol po l malts for Union of South Afrl a.
Jlei husnnland Protcctorsta, 1'orlunuoso East
' V. I. 1 III.,..I.. In . .1
Southwest Afrl. u Protectorate, wtr Corfe
i . Cast'c. 12 M ( sup 12:30 PM).
Great Britain (except Scotland). Belgium,
l.ii-etiiburg, NYthecland<. Norway, Sweden.
. . -Jientnark. Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Ha.
Lnnla. Finland, Persia, 8< uth Africa,
f Ha lelra and Capo Vcnle Islands, via SouthBMHwpton
( Itln i countries ) ; also par. el post
f Stalls for Great llrltaln (except Scotland),
| a.Kr-laluit. Luxeiribtn ?. Belgian Congo and
..sillier riomtrlns. sti ZocIrcI N AM (sup 0:20
17 JtM>'
, ,, Ireland and Scotland tothcr countries ).
j Pala I ondondet ry and (11a (tow; a'?" pan el
poet mail" for Ireland and Sontiann. str
WlMtlllribla H AM (Slip P'30 AM)
tfi Netherlands and Germany, via Rotterdam;
> giro panel post malls for Netherlands, str
lit Andrea F Luckenbnrh, 12 M.
"" Fiance. ltoumaiilu, Bulgaria. Czechoi
jglovaliia. Jugo-Sln via, Austria, Hungary,
i Poland, Switzerland, IlHly. Halmatla. Spain,
iv Greece, Porto- hI. Turkey, Egypt, British
r/Jndla. British Ra t Afn a. Malta. Gibraltar.
? jGiylon and Straits Settlements, via Havre;
("Al*o parcel post malls for France and other
i .Countries, str I.* Lorraine, K.."?n AM (sup
' #:li0 AM).
; Italy, Bulgaria and Rotimanla (t). via
WlJfapbts. Varna m l Oon-taatH, ?tr Begins
dl'alla, 12 M
e' I German) i>. ila Hamburg; alr.o parcel
post malls fur Germany, Austria, Czecho'
t-Aovakla. Hungary apd HsItxerlarel. str
-1 (pirlew 12 M.
' w Scnoyii sierra Leone and Accra (other
S t*" "i West Afr|. a *). via Santa ("run de
. T nerlffe, Las Palmas, Dakar, Freetown,
A era and Fo-coixlw; al o parcel post malls
ft r Santn Cruz de Ten?rif'e arj Cadiz, sir
1 ri'|. eg, it 11, 12 M
? Mails for South and Central America,
West Indies, &c.
i.r itHomlnl ari Republic, via Puerto Plata.
?f -Ranch-La Rotviana, San Pedro tie Macorls,
Van Domingo City and Kara Dona, str Dorothy.
1 SC l'.M.
r <?hdc Haiti nnd Port de I'nlx (Curacao.
OCnintiM. Carupano. Hutch Guiana and other
< i parrt of Haiti ), str Achilles. 10 AM.
? Alfonso Xni. Vlso. Ac AM
'/ 3 Dorothy. Puerto Plata. Ac I'M
j '.Achilles, Cape Haiti, Ac 1:00 PM
'Testo. Curacao Noon
y Ituliy. ("i< it'upeis. Ac Noon
r Corfe Cast! -. Cape Town 8:00 PM
'y. \ (llcnspean, lllo Janeiro, Ac 3:00 PM
' 7.' eland, Antwerp Noon
- Columbia, C#la*;:ow Noon
l.a Lorraine, Havre Noon
v Leopnldlna, Havre Noon
J,. llegir.a d'Italia, Naples. Ac. 3 -00 I'M
Steameri Due in New York.
Steamer. Sailed. From.
8c.ni.dal Oct X! Bergen
Cia.tu Hall Oct 2 I Antwerp
! City of Chester Oct 2t Gibraltar
, Harendrecht Oct -I Havre
Mont-., r rat Oct HO t.'auU
Ban Ottnnaro Oct 2C Naples
-Haiti. Nov 3 Uic. >ol
:""AdrlRt!< .. Nov 3 . .Southampton
K-A Victoria Nov -1 Liverpool
Boston City Oct 20 lIr,*'ol
Balter.a Oct tlS Rotterdam
Kut I o 0< t 27 Lisbon
Levenpool Oct 37 .... Rottci dam
Apache Nov *J ...Jacksonville
City of i*t l.ouls Nov !1 Snvan-?
HI F.lo Nov f. C.alvcston
El Mar Nov C ..New Orleans
New Vork Nov -1 ..Southampton
Chester K1 wants. Oct 2.N Rotterdam
River Oroutes (> 37 tllbraltar
Jonancy ; Oct 2$ ....Rotterdam
lmpcrafor Nov G . .Soutl.ampnI'ri.
I. cut Grant Oct 23 1
New Rochellc Nov 1 .Havre
W A Lti' konbaelt Nov 2 Hamburg
. Communlpaw O t 27 Aarhuus
"Diode Kuneltmd Oct 211 ....Sunderland
llluH Nov 7 Cristobal
fell Occident* Nov M Galveston
Coniunche Nov 11 ...Jacksonville
Almanac for New York Nov. 12.
f un rl-en fi .111 | Moon rises.. H 20 AM
Sun self 4 <1 Moon sets... (I 2(1 I'M
[ Bendy Hook a 24 AM H 51 I'M
, GbVrnior' I land a 5H A.M 9 24 PM
j Hell Gate (Astoria).. .10 53 AM 11 2(1 PM
The Uni? fcHvn In the above table la Baitem
standard time and Is furnished by the
United States Ci ast and Geodetic Survey.
NEW YORK. Nov 11?The time hull above
tlx Nat illation nx'l Marino Enjtlnuerln <
Bchool of the Sttmtn'a Cliurch In. utulo, 25
Koi. h atreut, dropped to-day at exact noon.
TSti; meridian. 5 hour- alow of <,ru?-nwlch
mean time. Any one uealrltiK correct Greenwich
mean time telephone Broad 2!?".
^ Btr Belvedere (Ital), Tricate Oct 21. Pailpntto
20th and Alinurla .10th. to Phelpa
Brother! & C", with 11 flrat. 145 accond
cabin and 1.445 eteerace paaaenRera and
mdae. Went to pier 7, iiuah t>ocka, BrookJ
Btr Amerlra (Ital), Clenoa and Naplea, to
the Italia-America I.ine, with pasHengera
and md?a.
fltr Patrta (Fr), Marseilles Oct 25 and
! Naplea 20th, to J W El well a Co. with paa??niter."
and mdae. Anchored Cn Quarantine
I! at 10:50 PM.
Btr Vitellla (Br). Glasgow Oct 28, to the
I Anchor Line, with mdae. Went to plor 04.
J North Itlier.
Btr Galahad. Glasgow Oct 2.4, to the
Anx rl an L>lne. in ballaat. Went to pier 01,
jNorth Itlvcr.
' 8tr Vtncennoa Bridce. Chrlatlanla Copt 13.
I Gothcrihurit Oct 7. Bergen 13th. Borton Nov
1 .1 and Baltimore Oth, to the Meegcr B'.eau(hip
Co, with md.e. Went to New York
L?o' It Co'a pier 30. Brooklyn.
Str F J Buckenbarh, Rotterdam Oct .10, to
,tha I.urkenba'h H ramxhlp Co, w ith mdxe
Went to root or til l iirivt, nrooaiyn.
Utr Watonwan. Rotterdam Oct 20. to the
' Lucker.ha h Stiamshlp Co, In ballast.
Str Ridley (Br). Antwerp Oct 20, to ma*
tar. In t ml last.
Str Suclo, Lisbon Oct 27. to the Stater
Marine and Commir lil Corporation, in ballast.
Anchored off Bay Ridge.
Str KlQtinda (Hp). Valencia Oct 24, to
Oamla A l>lai. with mdae. Want to pier
i S3. Hat River.
| .81 r Ma'stlllon R-ldge, Constantinople Beiit
' 4, Smyrna 19th. Blzerta 29th. Rorta Oct 20.
Bermuda Nov 5 and Norfolk 10th. to the
I Export Steamship Corporation, with mdse.
W. it to foot of .lava street, Oreenpolnt.
Str Philadelphia. Laguayra , Curacao
I Nov 3 and San Juan Mb. to Bliss. I'allett A
"Co. with pne engt-rs, mnlls and rndse.
Sir Pon< e. Mayague* Nbv 1, Ponce 3d and
Han Juan 5th, to the New York end Porto
Jtt'.i Steamship Co, with 01 passenfers,
, Malls and md e. Went to New York f?n k
3 "Co's pier 95. P.rooklyn.
Str Clare. Ponce Oct 20, Mayaenez 30th.
Arrojo Nov 1. iltirna an 4fh and Han Juan
W?-it to Howell's Sugar Ileflnery, Long
Island City.
S'r Dorothy, Fnnehe* Oct 2.1. Maeort" 2Ath.
Ban Domingo Strip anil Porto I'lntA Nov 4,
to' \ H Bull A Co, with rrvl.w Went to New
., Vor? Dork Co'' pter 27. tlrooklyn.
Str Nl ho!a? Cuneo (Nor), Tstismn.
Str Turrlalba Crl-tohal Ot 2T?. CaCagena
Hist. Porto Colombia Nov 1. Bsot* Mgrtg
Hd. Kln-.-fcton fth ami Rnntlaro Sth, to the
T*gtted fruit Co, with 77 pa*ronpors. msll*
and mitre. Wont to pier 11, Kaat Itlver.
Str Ovr-nrook, Port I .oboe Nov 2.' to
-Walker A I?a!y, with crude oil. Went to pter
' f,Wen?tal>le Hook.
Str Avoni*ale, I'nrt l,nh'>* Nov 2, to Walker
k Daly with crude oil. Went to pier <1. Consiahle
S'r Ptrfe tlon anil hnrre B O Co No gl,
Teitini n <>-1 ;;t. to i> T War'on. with crista
nil. Wont to foot of North Itth street.
Str Karpfoe (Nor). Ctcnfuegoa Nov 2, to
tli" Ns.. York and Cuha Mall B'vamrhlp Co.
wl'h near. Wort to plor II. B*?t Itlver.
Htr Fort Hamilton (Hr), liertnu-ta Nov I).
" 1p thn fun e-oertnurta Una. with 2<H paesengora.
mall and md?e. Went to pier IIS.
- North rttver
Sir Koe'rena (I A) Norfolk Nov P. to
to Coir ihue Marine Corporation. In ballast
yn i i Miora nanroau pirr i, y?r?.
fc'fr Hamilton, Norfolk, to tho Old Dominion
Tro' [ or'mlnn Co, with mrtao. Wont to
ptri 2H. North River.
S(r Bayinnc (motor), Phlla dolphin, to th#
Vn< mini Oil Co, with oil. Wont to Bayonne.
Sir toorla (Br), Philadelphia.
Str Xfonorvav (Nor). Halifax Nov *. to
th* Mun?on Steamship I.loo. In ballast,
ffent to pt?r 10, r.a*t Rlvor.
Unlto'l Rtataa battle ship Arizona, ana; da~v
iiVniAnihiK-o. Fatahyba, Natal, BaMa and
Sttrglpa (other pacta ot Draxll ), %*la Por..anibiieo.
Itali'ii Rio Janeiro and SantuS.
tr Glanspean. 12 M.
Costa Rlra, Cana! Hone. Panama, Salvador
(printed matter, &> ), Nicaragua (exe<pt
Mast Coart). Amapala. Choluteca and prints.
Ac. for Na.aoine, Teguiigalpa and Yusearan
(Honduras). Caura and Narlno departments
of Color a anu Ecuador (Cuba, other parts
of llonduia: and letter mad for Salvador ),
\1a Havann. Cristobal and Port Linton, str
Pastures. 7 AM.
Bermuda, via Hamilton, str Fort Hamilton.
7 110 AM.
Argentina. Uruguay and Paraguay ( ), via
Montevideo and liuonos Aires, str France
Maru. 8 A.M.
North Brazil and Iqultos (other parts of
Brazil *). via Para. Maranham. Ceara,
Natal, Cabedello, Pernanihuco, Mucelo and
Balila. str Canteens, 8:30 AM
Cape Haiti, Port de Pulx and Oulnrta
(other partn of Halt! ), via all Haytlen
porta, Georgetown. Paramaribo. St I.aurent
du Maronl and Cayenne, str Lake 8unapce.
11:30 AM.
Soutn Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and
Pa:azuav ( ). via lllo Janeiro. Montevideo
I and Buenos Aires, str Rueltd. 8:30 AM.
! I'-icrn "! i St Thnntns. St Croix. I.a Romana.
San Pedro do M.voris and San Domingo
City, via San Juan, str Ponce, 8:30
AM (sup !' :TO AM).
Transpacific Mails.
Close at New York at ti TM as follows:
Hawaii, via San Francisco, sir Maul, Nov
Japan. Corea. China. Siberia. Slam,
French Indo-Chlna. Netherlands East Indies
I and Philippine Islands, via Vanoouver and
; Victoria. BC. sir Empress of Kussla. Nov
| 13.
Japan, Corea, China, Siberia. Slam.
Frunclt Indo-t'hlna tnd Netherlands Ka.it
Indies, via Seattle, str Katorl Maru. Nov
Iluwail. Philippine Islands and eperlalt.*
adi'.ivied t.nnll for Japan. Corea and China,
via San Francisco, str Siberia Maru. Nov
Hawaii. Samoan Islands. A?tralta and
specially addressed nuiil lor New '/.-aland
via San Francisco. ?tr Sonoma. Nov in
Must be specially addressed for this
i Parcel port mails and specially addressed
I Malls ol the following dates, Manila Oct
It'-. Hong Kong 21?t. Moukden ami Shanghai
2.lil and Yokohama 30th, which arrived per
str (Impress of Kussla. were despatched cast
from Seattle on Nov 8 and are due In New
York on the afternoon of Saturday, Nov 13.
Kerb v, Hamburg 3:00 I'M
KucIId. Buenos Aires Noon
Putins* Cristobal. Ac 10:00 AM
Fort Hamilton, Bermuda 11:00 AM
Fra-ie Mtv-u, Buenos Aires. Ac... 11:00AM
Cagiccns. I'nrn, Ac. NnAn
Ponce. San Juan Noon
l.nke Kunapce, Cape Haiti, Ac Noon
Lampasas, Oalvaeton ?
Momu. , New Orleans Noon
Kpcs. Laguayra. Ac Noon
Kirtiou.sk:, i.over-pool .iuu.i
Nlnlan, Manchester Noon
I It-likon. Vera Cruz Noon
Carlb, Tarnplco Noon
Morro Cattle, Havana Noon
HURSDAY, NOV. 11, 1920
atroyer-r Lenry. Herbert. Schenck, Slcnrd,
r'fl.ld and Preble, do.
l' S cruller Ri? '.wt r, Charleston.
Srhr J -.tie Ci Noyis, Buenos Aires Sept 21
an>l Barbados Oct 2.1. to Crown!! Ar Thurlow,
with horn . Nov 1. Michael Ila si, a seairtart,
20 years old and a native of Italy, fell
i from the jlbboom und was lost overboard.
! Sir Adriatic (Br), Southampton. Ac, for
N. vv York, Is expected o dock at pier alt,
North itlver. about 10 AM Friday.
' Str Kal ertn Auguste Victoria (Br), Liverpool
for New York, Is expected to dock Friday
K!r Pri s-.dont Grant, Trieste for New York.
Is expected to arrive off Ambrose lightship
Sunday morning.
Sir San Genuaro (Ira-.), Naples f,t Now
York. Is expected to dock at pier 22, Brooklyn,
Friday forenoon.
Stv Parana (llr), from Antwerp, will arrive
at Bo3ton 12th.
\ By United State* Naval Commuur
cafton Service.
(Yrlitanee given In miles.]
Arm* 1,104 3 Ban Francisco S I'M 10th.
Afel 21 S Cane Henry noon 11th.
Allsntown 177 11 T'slo lllaneo noon 10th.
Allow ay 14."> S Ambrose noon 11th.
America 73 SB Ambrose 5 I'M 11th.
An"on 38.7 3 Balboa noon 10th.
Apache 2'10 K S -otland L V r.oon 11th.
Arto Id S .luplter noon 10th.
Baltic lat 4(1 47, Ion 08 47 noon 11th.
Bar Harbor 10* S Jupiter noon 10th.
Baton Rouge 14 S Sand K'-y noon 11th.
Bearport 442 S Sn.i l'ranele o 8 PM 10th.
ktterton 2.10 Mt Port Lobo* noon loth.
Brandywlne 170 S\v Galveston noon 10th.
Broad Arrow 2.072 VV San Pedro 8 PM Dth.
I 'm .urn v 722 fl Tarnirl o noon 10th.
< nrnhrtIn 30 2". Ion .".7 noon 10th.
Cnrdonla 1"0 S Ambrose noon 11th.
i M arias K Harwood 00 SW Tampa noon 10th.
Che tar Klwanls 830 K Sandy Hook noon
China 1.019 W Honolulu 8 TM 9th.
City of Alton "J N Martinique 8 I'M 10th.
City of Columbus 4 EN'K Montauk Point
noon 11th.
City of Everett 438 fW Hatteras noon 10th.
City of Free port 21 S Jupiter noon 10th.
Cl'v of 8t Louis 1?T 8 Ambrose L V* noon
ContoooooP 49.SE Sand Key noon 11th.
Cordelia ISO X Colon 8 AM lltli.
Cornucopia passed out Cape Henry 9 AM
11 111.
Corson 14 8E Dry Tortunas noon 11th.
Crawl Key 7 W Sand Key noon 11th.
Creole 70 NW Torturas neon 10th.
Dartford 283 E Savannah noon 10th.
Del a iron Mnru 348 N Colon 8 PM 10th. i
Delflna 228 8 Ambrose noon lltli.
Diana 4.9 8 Jupiter noon 10th.
Duntannon 45 N Jupl'er noon 10th.
Eastern Qulde 1,402 W ?an Francisco 8 PM
9th. , '
El Almlrante 284 EFE Galveston noon 10th.
El Lobo 9.90 S San Fra-v-lsco 8 PM 10th.
El Norte 129 WNW Tortugas noon 10th.
El Occident!' 9 W Sand Key noon 11th.
El ltlo 182 N Hatteras noon 11th.
E > ?ne 111 W Sand Key noon 10th.
F D Asche 140 EHE Galveston noon 10th.
Florida (t'SH) 147 B I'lre Island noon 11th.
Fort Victoria 50 N 8t Thomas noon 10th.
'redcrick K KcIIokw 170 K Tamplco noon
O- orpe W Barnes 7 W Sand Key noon ltth.
(horgla 90 8 Jup'ter noon 10th.
Goree 14 8\V Sombrero noon 10th.
Griffco 1,090 8 San Pedro 8 PM 10th.
Gulfoll 228 SE Sabine noon 10th.
O-ilf Queen 178 N Jupiter noon 10th.
.lulf-oast 24.9 SE Rablne noon 10th.
lulfland 20 8 Jupiter noon 10th.
Gulf-tat 180 W Tortura noon 10th.
inlfstream 1.9 W Sand Key noon 11th.
I C Politer 479 SE Pnblne bar noon 10th.
isdnot 408 W Sand Key noon 10th.
lahntonka 130 N Lobo noon 10th.
Ilalsey 151 W Sand Key noon 11th.
Harold Walker 190 NE Tamplco noon 10th.
Helen 237 N San Juan noon !0th.
Til o 82 3 Jupiter noon 10th.
HI ko 74 N Jupiter noon 10th.
Holyokn Bride- 83 K Cape Henry noon 11th.
Hoven 103 NE Hatters noon 11th.
Houma l'?t W Ssnd Key noon 11th.
Hoxbar 8 E Sand Key noon 11th.
Hugoton 199 W Sand Key noon 11th.
Huguenot 500 E Tamplco noon lOttl.
Ilyade i 2.3 12 Port Alh n H I'M 9th.
Innoko 900 P. Ambrose 8 PM 10th.
Inspector 1'Xl S South Paas noon 10th.
| .1 C Donnell 10 ENE Sand Key noon llth.
I M CJuffey N Jupiter noon 10th.
KaPerln Aueute Victoria lat <1 20, Ion
04 52 noon llth.
Katharine 3A5 S San FranelfNto a PM 10th.
K'OioIeu 100 XT Tuxpam noon 10th.
Klndenlyk 1.410 from Balboa noon 10th
Kwnvlllr 10" N hy K Hatteraa noon 11th.
Kokrmo .'Hi NK Brunatrl U bar noon 10th.
Kootenai 3W- K Amhtvi e noon 11th.
t, J Drake 11 IV Ran-I Key noon llth.
I .a ke Arthur 4.12 H Mobile bar noon 10th.
I^akr Hea-on 40 N Junller noon 10th.
Ukr B"l?l?e 222 SW Hatteraa noon 10th.
Lake t'ahoon 12 H Hnuth Pa** noon 10th.
J l.alv rharlotto IB NB Alllirntor Reef noon
| mth.
I.nke Elamere "0 PF. Ambroee B 1 AM llth.
i Lake Fa rata* 110 N Havana n< i llth
Lake Fibre lat 17 '0. Ion 74 2? >on 10th.
Lake Florlan 111 kW Cape Henry noon llth.
Lnko Forney lat 41 II. Ion 3" 2fl noon 10th.
I.nke Forrby 77 W Heald Hank noon 10th.
Lake Fr< aoo lat 30 22, Ion 74 33 noon llth.
' Lake (talewood 27 ? Ft ntvlrk Inland noon
Lake fledtiry 0 S MKml noon 10th.
Lake Panhuta 35 EBB Portland L V noon
I.ake Tippah 341 fl Jupper noon 10th.
Lak? Traveree B.", R Winter Quarter noon
I l.alte View 2?" S hy r, Parbarto* noon 10th.
I.aa Veraa t.OOfl fl Honolulu 8 I'M Oth.
T.?v1s? K Thiirlow 10 W Han Domingo noon
| loth.
Llmon "20 NH 1'ort t.lmon noon loth.
Loflport 42 \V si Tlmr-inn noon 10"h.
I.oulnUnti 210 SUV Mobile noon 10'h.
j Mnnateo 2.'F SK South Fan* noon 10th.
Molrooo. 8u NH b> K Flva Fathom L V noon
i 11th.
Metapan 222 W Klnaaton noon 10th.
Metnn 20" FN'R I^obo* lolnnd noon 10th.
Mevanla 402 K l.oboa lalnml noon 10th.
I Millar County 110 VV Kay Want noon 11th.
Vlnnoqua 2"> K .Inpltar noon 10th.
Mlaklaura 2,7oi \V San Pedro 8 I'M #th.
i nti :N
:ws FR
Mobile City 744 N Honolulu 8 PM 8th.
Mohawk 13.'i X San Juan noon lOUi.
Monlrollte 194 K Loboe noon 10th.
Moahlco ti E Great Isaac Shoala noon 10th.
Muskegon 307 E Ambroaa 8 PM 10th.
Nantucket passed Winter Quarter 1. V 12:30
I'M llth.
New Kochelle 1,101 E Ambrose noon 10th.
New York 230 N Jupiter noon toth.
Olympic due Cherbourg 4 PM 12th.
( 'rani 1.293 8 San Pedro 8 PM 10*h.
Oscar D Bennett 13 E Sand Key noon 11th.
I'anuco (Am 88) 530 E Tamploo noon Uth.
Paraguey 298 E ilealil Bank noon loth.
Pnasalc /ldge lat 10 07, Ions 59 03 noon
Paulsboro 12 8 Hatteras noon 11th.
Pol*t Judith 05 N Cristobal 8 1*M 10th.
Quabbtn 510 W San Pedro 8 PM 10th.
Uapldtin 230 K\V Hatteras noon 10th.
Kayo -10 W Tortugas noon 11th.
Reuben James 60 E Klro Island 2:30 AM
Itotrvtan 520 SE St Thomas 8 PM 10th.
San Sose lid N Ldmon noori 10th.
San Juan 1,133 8 San Francisco 8 PM 9th.
Sari Tlrso 13 SE American Shoals noon 11th.
Santa Cruz 1.390 \V San Francisco 8 I'M 9th.
Seminole 10 ESK American Shoals noon 11th.
Seneca (COO 12 XK Winter viuarteT Shoals
noon 11th.
Sepulga 132 8W Nantucket LV noon 11th.
Shooter's Island 120 EXE Holu In the Wall
noon 10th.
Sllverbrook 41 S Jupiter noon 10th.
Soeony 32 E Sand Key noon lltli.
Slandard 113 XE Port Lobos noon 10th.
Slept,..- n 11 Jones 90 SW Montauk Point 8 PM
Sun 11 W Sand Key noon 11th.
Sunshine 159 PtV South Puss nuon 10th.
Surlnaine 298 N Barrios noon 10th.
Sylvan Arrow 537 S San Francisco 8 PM
Tanoarvtlle 180 N by E Tamplco noon 10th
Tomalva 111 S Pensarola noon 10th.
Ulysses 437 N Colon noon lOtli.
Utah (USS) 135 B Fire Island 11:42 AM 11th.
Vesta 140 E Sabine noon 10th.
; Virginia 200 VVNW Tortugos noon 10th.
W 31 Irish 214 StV llatteran noon 10th.
j W S Rheeni 80 W Sand Key noon 1017.
War Melitar 20 SSE Sand Key noor. 3 1th.
i Wassalc 350 E by S Sandy ilook noon Hill,
j Waukesha 25 E Santiago noon 10th.
West Arrow II S Jupiter noon 10th.
West Cherow 70 E Cape Hen'.open now 11th.
West Hurt land 2.020 from Balboa 8 PM loth.
I West Hlka 2.043 W San Pedro 8 PM Uth.
I West Jessup 865 W Honolulu 8 PM 9th.
I West Cniuargo 279 S Honolulu 8 PM Uth.
West Illiurod 1.300 W Situ Francisco 8 PM
Westmead 170 N"E Cape Henry noon 11*31.
Wlihelm Jebsen H2 N Hntteras iioon 11 U.
William It I'oheny 700 S San Fraud o 8
I'M 10th.
William Isom 96 W Havana noon lOtll
William A McKsnny !? 36 30. Ion 75 61 Aoon
York Harbor 163 S porto Rico noon 14th.
Zi apa 133 S Kingston noon 10th.
Zulia 200 S Scotland L V noon lltli.
I MJJtu 1.11 I IJLrtllU.
Bound South.
S.hr Athalle, Grvenport for New York.
Schr Joseph Murray. Greonport for New
.s.fRtn lighter John B Collins fat l:ir> I'M).
Tugs Spartan, with 4 barges (at S .30 AM I;
I.enape. with !t (at 12:10 HM) ; Endeavor,
with 2 (at 1 :RR I'M); Hokendauqua, with 12;
Jessie Y Forsyth, with 1 (at 3:40 I'M . IV S
Taylor, with 2 (at R.I.I AM).
Bound East.
Str Frholm. New York for Walton, 3 (at
4:4", I'M .
Tugs Endeavor, with 2 barccs I X 2:20
AM); Alert, with 1 (at 11:15 AM).
(From U. S. Naval Communication Service.)
Sir Chlpana (Br), t'ann, Liverpool and
Glasgow via I'hlladelplilu?Gunard Steamship
( o, Ltd.
Str Neponset, Wlllett, London. Havre and
Hamburg?Elder Steel Steamship Co.
Str Surroxle, Stroinbcvk, Havre and lloiten
?Cosmopolitan Steamship Co
Ion iin.vu.ii, i ucnrr, i^maen ana naml>urg?United
American Lines, Inc.
Str Eiistport, Cole, Naakow. Stockholm,
, & -Glob Line.
Str Turblula (Dutch), Fries. Rotterdam?
Punch, Rilve A Co.
Sir Volunteer, Smart. Rotterdam and Dunkirk?Cosmopolitan
Shipping Co.
Str Alfonso XIII (ftp). Arlja, Vigo, Corunna,
Ac?Luis Llanao.
Str Devon (Br). Parsons, Auckland, Wellington.
Ac, via Panama Canal?Norton, Lilly
A ' 'o.
Str Agamemnon (Br), Sprott, Yokohama,
Kobe. Ac, via Panama Canal?Punch, Edyo
A Co.
Str Glenspoan (Br), Hill, Pernatnbuco,
llahla, Ac?Furness. Withy & Co.
Str ILra, McKay, Rio Janeiro?D T Warden.
Str Sudbury. O'Brien, San f'edro and San
Francisco vta Panama Canal?United American
Str Eastern Ocean, Jacobs (from London).
San Pedro. Ac?Williams,* Idmond A Co.
Str Maracay, W'lklng, Puerto Cabello? A
P'.r Agvvlmoon, Theetrup. Port Lobo*?New
York and Cuba Mall Steamship Co.
Str Fort Handl'on (Br), Davis, Hamilton,
lb rmudn- Furri- -* Withy A- Co.
Str El i u.'ltnn, Halsey, Galveston?Southern
Pacific Co.
Str Cran o. Hansen, New Orleans?J H
W Steel, a Co.
Str Schoharie, Batchelder, New Orleans?
Kerr Steamship Co.
Str Lake Louise, Staeey, Norfolk?United
"rult Co.
Str Cuxeo fltal). Candlaa, Norfolk?Green
Star Steamahlp Corporation.
Str West Calera. Miller, Baltimore?W It
Grace A Co.
Srrs Atlantic Sun. Hamburg: Su?nuehanna.
Iln-men and Danalg; I.nke Loul'c. Norfolk;
Wa. outa, Havana: Eemland (Dutch). Am;:terdam:
Huron, Sanchez and San Domingo.
Sirs West Cawthorn, Philadelphia; Bcilpse,
Singapore; Julia (Cuban). Havana; Niagara
(Fr), Hamburg; Smihie Kiekmcis (Ger), do;
Ipsovlch. do; El Oapitan, Galveston; Eastern
1 ' cean, London: City of Savannah, Savannah;
Hera, Rio Janeiro; Llthopolla, Boca Grande;
Loin (Nor), Walton, \'S: Hngood, Rio Janeiro;
Commodore Rollins (Nor), Philadelphia;
Mchanno, Buenos Atrea; Lcnape,
Charleston and Jacksonville.
S'r Neponnet, London and Hamburg.
Sailed 10th. str* Delnura, Tamplro; Cardonla.
Rio Janeiro; Antlnous, Piraeus.
x ihj rrtcu'o reaoing or the barometer
(reduced to sea level) at New York on
Thursday, Nov 11. 1U20, at 8 AM, ae reported
by the United State* Weather Bureau,
was thirty and twenty-eight hundredth*
(30.28) lnehe*. Thla closely approximate*
seven hundred and sixty-nine and one-tenth
iTi'-tl.l) millimeter*. Captain* of nil vessel*
now lying In or near the port* of New York
and Brooklyn enn advantageously use the
above official data for observing whether
their own barometers require any considerable
correction or adjustment.
Wind at Sandy Hool; s I'M, W. 13 miles;
cloudy; smooth sea. At City Island at annul,
K, light breeze: partly cloudy; smooth
CAPE P ICE. NF, Nov I?Barometer at
noon, 2b.7 : Incite*; wind, \V, strong breeze;
weather, dull; tempernturo, 34 deg Fahr.
Stern wheel *tr Carmanta. built at the
National Drydock and Repair Co. Inc. Staten
I-'Und, had a trial trip yesterday. The
vessel, v. hl h Is owned by the New England
Fuel Oil Co, is the first stern wheel steamer
built In New York.
BERMUDA. Nov IO-8tr Fort Seott. from
1,1 bon via Fay a I for Hampton Road*, arrived
hsru to-day with damage to atcertng
! T.ONDON. Nov 10?fir Liberty Jdind, at
! Gibraltar, from Norfolk for Btssrta, requires
repair to main condenser.
11tit?ftr West llesseltlne, from Shanghai,
Ac, before repotted at Port Snld with feed
pump.' broken, left the latter port for Alex,
nndrla to complete repairs.
I'TIIIsA DELPHI A. Nov 11?Str Panama,
betit-e for llnvro (cargo coal), while getting
under way from an-horag# off pier 78, Kouth
Wharves, at II PM 10th, wa* tn collision
with barge* In tow of tug Penna, owned by
William .1 Donald on. Barge Donaldson No
."A. loaded with 52.1 ton* of coal, teas sunk
n'veit 200 feet ea-t of pier ML H- Uth
Wharves Parse No 4 wa* beached at
Cramer* Mill. N.T. Sunken barge Is marked
by a ran buoy; steamer proceeded; damage.
If any. not known.
ST JOHNS. NF. Nov 10?Motor barge
Hsdvtr G ave <Hr) 1* a total loss at Stone
Mand. Ferryland: crew saved.
BANDY HOOK. NJ. Nov 10, 5:41 I'M?Sepr
G Nove*. before reported aground,
, ? ,. >?* lis llnlh,rw.V
WOOKM IIOT.K, Mum. Nov 10?Kixtilnir
" lir Fannin Brlln Atwood, which atruck on
Great l.edee, off title harbor. yentrrday. ?ii
I* aunkon week to-day; ahe filled durlna
aoutherty role |?n nldht; flip work of
trlppln* her her been becun by wreck era.
WASHINGTON. Nov 11-Holel nnrthnaet
rti.rm vamtnr r. PM. Portland, Mr, to Capr
llnttera*: disturbance* ov.t Florida will
movr northward and lncrra*o markedly In
Intensity during to-nli-M: a?t wind* will Inert-are
and brt-tinit of eal- force by PMday
m' rnloy; ahlpplntt advb.-.l to aaercfa* Sr" ,
AI'EI-AIPF, Nov 9?Arrived, atr TJItaroem
(riut.b), Han Ft atiolaco.
ALRXANl'ItlA. Nov 8?Arrived, atr Kronatad
(Nor). Norfalk.
Arrived 10th, atr l>akotan. New York.
AlXlTFTt*. Ont 27-Arrived, air John Kng'.ta,
luiviv rx?ir^.L.u,
AUiOA BAY, Nov 7?Arrived, atrs New
Brunswick (Ur>. Montreal; Stb, East Wind,
New York.
ANTWERP, Nov 5?Arrived, atr Indler
(lieIf), New Orleans.
AUCKLAND, Not tL-Arrlved, atr Walton
llall (?r). New York.
BALBOA, Nov 10?Arrived, atra Auaaldo
Ban Glorgla IV tltal), Valparaiso; Cnura
(Br), Guayaquil.
Arrived 11th, str Florence Olson, I'ort,and,
Bailed OtA. Ktra Genera! W C Qorgns, Guayaquil;
Anaaldo Ban Giorgio II (Ital), Valparaiso;
Lake Maurepaa, do; Waukegan. Cavlte;
10th, Man's Luiaa, Valparaiso; Salvador
(Br). Chanyperlco; Amazon Maru (Jap),
ui,.vlanavl (Br). Guayaquil.
BARBADOS, Nov 10?Sailed, atr Lewis K
Tburlow (from Samoa), Newport News.
BARCELONA, Nov 3?Balled, strs Evelyn.
New York; 7th, Paz de Eapalza (Sp), do.
BATAVIA. Nov ft?Arrived. atr Dardanua
(Dutch). New York.
BAYONNB. Oct 23? Arrived, str Sonja
(Sw). Norfolk.
BERGEN. Oct 23?Arrived, str Romsdalafjord
(Nor), New York.
BILBAO, Nov 0?Sailed, str Igotz Mendl
(8p>. Hampton Roads.
BIZERTA, Nov 10?Arrived, str West Vaca.
Batavia for Boston.
BREMEN. Nov ft?Arrived, str Lake Savus,
New York.
BREST. Nov S?Sailed, atr Ro .-ay Park,
New York.
BR1XHAM, Nov 8?Sailed, str Lake Harmlnla,
New York
BUENOS AIRES. Nov S-Arrlvod, strs
Brendon (Br), Pensacola: HallbJord (Nor),
New York.
Arrived 7th, strs Tromaync (Br), Norfolk;
0th, Camberley (Br), do; Sierra Quemada
(Bclsr), do.
Arrived 8th, str Taubate (Bra), Newport
CALCUTTA. Nov 8?Arrived, str Jeserio
(Br), Neiv York.
CATANIA, Nov 7?Arrived, str Queen Margaret
(Br). Galveston.
rKTTE, Nov 3?Arrived, str Grelben (Br),
Sailed 30th, str Petrolelne (Br), Philadelphia.
CHERBOURG. Nov 0?Arrived, atr Moerdyk
(Dutch), Baltimore via Norfolk.
Str Olympic (Br), from New York, reports
by wireless thai itho will arrive at Cherbourg
about 4 I'M, 12th.
CHRISTIAN! A, Nov 3?Sailed, strs Lille
(Nor), Beaumont; Thordls (Nor), New York;
Skarass (Dan), do; 4tli, Nonuega (Nor), Now
COLOMBO, Nov 7?Sailed, str Polerle (Br),
COPENHAGEN, Nov 6?Sailed, str Yomel
M .iru (Jup), Norfolk; Gth, Balto (Nor),
Hampton Roads.
CRISTOBAL, Nov 10?Arrived, strs Carrlllo.
New York; >laxtuin. St Thomas fi San
Francisco; Point Judith, Baltimore fot lo.
j Arrived 11th. sir Caribbean (Br), ( irtagena.
Sailed 10th. strs Toloa (Br), Port I tnon.
| Atenas, New Orleans; Peru (Dan, r.ytor),
[Copenhagen; California (Dan. motor), Nor;
folk; port Dawrln (Br), Newport N"ws;
1 Maricopa (Nor). Tamplco; Ileher, S( Thomas;
Cape Homaln. Baltimore: Renalco (Chil),
New York.
Sailed 11th, "*rs Snnta Ana. New jYork;
Cariillo, do; Carta so, do.
CURACAO. Nov 10. 7 I'M?Arrived, str Caracas,
Now York via San Juan.
BARRY. Nov 10?Sailed, str H H Asqulth
(Br). Hampton Roads.
DIEPPE. Nov 5?Sailed, str Ethelalda (Hr),
F'AYAL, Nov 0?Sailed, str Democracy,
riamplon Roads.
FECAMP, Nov 4?Sailed, atr Arnold Maersk
(Dan), Delaware Breakwater.
FOtVEY, Nov TO?Sailed, str Wcarhrldge
(Ilr). Phlladelphhla.
EHEPERIKSHAVN, Nov f>?Arrived, str
Ynrdiola (Sp). Baltimore.
GENOA, Oct #0?Arrived, strs Dante Allghlert
dial). New Y'ork; Prairlal (Br). Newport
GIBRALTAR. Nov !)?Passed, strs Portola
r:t!ri: ~ nji) , r-n ... cioipnm mr iHi'.riu , . i hiola
Si. .1 (8i-Philadelphia for Marseilles.
Parsed *A .,. '*r .Tohshaven (Dutch), Baltimore
for lebastopol.
raised lOin. str Trojan Prtnco (Br), NewYork
for Piraeus.
Arrived Oil., sir Prlnclpes-aa Cihrlaliana
(Ital), New York for Genoa.
Arrived Otli. sir 'anoplc (Br). New Y- rk
Sailed 4th, sirs Tosar! (Dutch). from ilatavla
for New York; 5th, Fajrern (8w),
Saili'il ftth, strs Dotch (Rue), Philadelphia;
Tcenkal (Br). Xr.v York; West Amarcosa,
GLASGOW. Nov ft?Sailed. str Prutorlan
(Br), Montreal.
Bailed Oth. str Pretorlan (Br), Montreal.
Arrived 10th. str Conoord'.a (Br). Newport
GGTHF.N'BT'HG, Nov 10?Arrived, str Gunbo
rs (ttiv), Newport News.
Felled 3d. str Monana, New York.
HALIFAX, Nov 10? Arrived, str Vlldfug]
(Nori. Now York.
Failed 10th. four Vnltcd States mine In'- r.?.
New York.
HAMIlt'RG, Nov ft?Arrived, str Katrine
lucltetibii'll. New York.
HANKOW, Nov ft?Arrived, str Tamaha
(Br), San Francisco.
HARTLEPOOL. Nov ft?Hailed, str Ltndonhr.U
lBr>, Hampton Roads.
HAVRE, Nov (I?Arrived, strs Oscoda, New
York: 7th, Afghanistan (Bri. Philadelphia:
Pacific Transport (Br). Baltimore: 7th. Rochanibeau
(Fr), New Y'ork; ftth, I7po Mcndl
(Sp>. Baltimore.
Arrived 7th. str La Ravole (Fr). New
Railed (tth, strs Lake Kelt-hart. New York;
Weehawken (llr), Hampton Roads; 7th,
Mount Evans, t'harlrs'on.
HONG Kf'NO, Nov 8?Arrived, str Toyama
Merit tjnpt. Seattle.
Palled ftth, str Empress of Japan (Br),
HT'LL. Nov ft?Arrived, str Orient city
(Br). New Orleans.
lOT'IQPE, Nov (V?Arrived, str National
Bridge, Norfolk.
KARATFH. Nov g-Arrlved. str M S Dollar
(Brt. Vancouver.
KOBE. Nov 7?Arrived, str Ecuador, Pan
Francisco for Manila.
Sailed 7tli, s'r West Nomcntum (from
Shanghai). Portland, <).
LEGHORN, Nov 1?Arrived, strs Pucklelgh
(Br). New Orleans; 4th, Tollard, Philadelphia.
Palled 4'h. str Lampo (Ital), New York.
LEITH, Nov ft?Palled, str Harfmore (Br),
New York
Arrived 10th, str Lake Fontanel, New Or
lean* via noriotK.
LISBON, Nov 5?Arrived, atr Sydney Held
(Br*, Newport New*.
LIVERPOOL, Oct 0?Arrived, *tr Hawnrden.
Arrived 10th. atr* Lake Furenaa. Norfolk
via St John*, NF; Tonawanda (Br), Philadelphia.
Sailed Oth. atr* P.enln (Br), Montreal;
Metagamu (Br), do.
Sailed Oth. atr* Navarlno (Br). Netv York;
to-h, Satacln (Br), Savannah; Panhandle
State. New York.
Soiled 10th, atr Mercian (Br), Beaton.
LONDON. N?iv 0? Arrived, atr* Maine (Pr).
New York; ldth. Weat Tarook. Phlladeltihl*.
Arrived 10th, atr Cnr?lcan (Br), Montreal.
Knl'ed Oth. atra Malvern Range (Br). Baltimore;
Tuaearora fBr), Baton Ilotige; Valaela
(Br). New Xork.
Sailed Oth, air Aahwor'.h (Br), Hampton
Sailed Oth, atra Punhrtdgo (Br), Montreal:
toth. Lake Favonla, Boaton; Western Ocean,
New York; Carnal* (Br). New York.
Sailed inth, atr Kanawha (P.r), Halifax.
MANCHFSTKU. Nov !r-Sailed, atr We?t
1 Bridge, Qalveaton.
I Arrived 10th. ?tr Manchester Merchant
I (Brl, Philadelphia.
1 Arrived Oth. atr Kaatern City (Br). New
MARSEILLES. Nov 4-Arrlved. atr* BayI
rnla Itlrl Yew York end Phtted.di.hte Mh
Hankriale (Br), ?lo and Newport Newa; Providence
(Pr), New York.
Palled !t*h. a?r (Joldhroox. Hampton Honda
M? >NTKVIPKO, Nov ft?Arrived, atr Willimantlr,
N>w York.
Arrived 7th. atra WmI Tntant, Mobile; Pth,
Thorpe Orange (Br). Norfolk: PuK''t Hound.
New Orleana; Hue* (Dan), Norfolk.
MONTRF.A!., Nov 10?Palled, atra Bollnghroke
(Br>. fllaagow. Mnnoa. Havre.
Palled 11th. ?,r* Ramore Mend (Tlr), Belfnat;
Mam-heater Hrland.- (Br). Mam-heater:
Kwnrra (Br). South Africa.
Arrived 11th, atr Dunaff flrad (Br), Rotterdam.
NAPT.EH. Nov 3?Arrived, atr* Clara Camua
(Itnl), Montreal; Kggerafnrd (Br), Oalveaton;
S.-vgadnhoc, Philadelphia.
PA 7) A NO. Nov 7?Arrived, ate Rondo
(Dutch), New York.
PAHA, Nov P?Arrived, atr Salluet (Br),
New York.
P1UA KCP. Nov 2?Arrived, atr Aala (Pr),
New York.
PORT SAID, Nov 0 -Sailed, atr AJa* (Br),
from Colombo for N*w York.
Sailed 7th. atr Esremont caatle (nr), from
Hong Kong for New York.
PRESTON, E. Nov b?Arrived, atr Krglnoua
(Br), Ht John, Nit.
HANPKRH, Nov ft?Arrived, atr Heraldnhinig
(Nod, Penaaeola.
RIO JANRIRO. Nov 8?Arrived, atr Went
Catanace, Philadelphia.
Palled flth. atr Cllftonhall (Br), Oalveaton.
ROCHKPOHT, Nov S?Arrived, atr Heglna
(Br), Newport N#wa.
ROPAHIO, Nov D?Palled, atr Prankmera
(Br), New York.
ROTTERDAM, Nov ft-Arrtved. atra Bavtngton,
Oalveaton; Cornlah City (Br), Charleston;
Yellowatone, Norfolk.
ST MICilAEI.S, Nov 10-SaIled. atr Mofmugao
(Port), New York.
CX, IIKVll V .... 1 . . .1 A xi._ r?.~
Plnlr (Fir). Nrnv York.
HAVONA, Nov 7?Arrived. *tr Punt* Cecilia,
PHIKl.r?8. Nov I)?Railed, ?tr Nordhavet
(tiani. Hampton Honda
Railed 10th, rtrn Htlliilda (Br), Hampton
Honda; Htiodvoajto (Nor), Baltimore.
RINOAPOHK, Nov 10? Railed. ?tr Celtld
Prince (Br), New York.
PTim KH'iI.M, Nov 3-Arrived, ?tr Johan
L-jdvlK M< Inckel (Nor). Raltlmar* via
rxvjjlta 1, \ j.
SUNDERLAND, Nov 9?Sailed, etr Shoaf
Mead (Br), Hampton Road*.
SYDNEY, NSW, Nov 7?Arrived, atr Surrey
(Br), New York.
TOCOPILLA, Nov to-Arrived. atr Orcue,
New York and Norfolk via Panama and
TRINIDAD, Nov ??Sailed, atr Delevan,
New York.
V A I. P Alt A ISO, Nov 8?Arrived, atr Fargo,
VENICE, Oct 80?Arrived, atr San Marco
(Ital), Montreal.
VL.ADIVN STOCK, Nov 3-Arrlved, atr Weat
Jenn. Manila. Ac, for Seattle.
WELLINGTON, Nov ((-Arrived, sir Mahla
(Br), New York.
WEST HAJtTLEPOOL, Nov 15?Sailed, str
Sh lot-shinny, Boston.
YOKOHAMA, Nov 8?Arrived, str West
Cactus, Ban Francisco for Manila.
Sailed 7th, str Tenyo Maru (Jap), San
Franc laco.
(By Telegraph.!
BOSTON, Mass, Nov 11?Arrived, strs
Scythian (Br). Manchester and Liverpool;
Cretan, Philadelphia; Cottonplant, Portland;
Bylayl, Norfolk; J W Dover*u\. do; Mtnnehahda.
New Y'ork; schr Ethel A McFadden,
New Haven; tug Valley Forge, Philadelphia,
towing barges Cohnnsey, Silver Brook, Yardley
and Herbert Reiner.
Cleared 11th, str I.ako Faribault, Charleston
and Jacksonville, schr Mabel E Uunn,
Plctou, N'8.
Sailed 10th, str HatmenRra (Sw), New
York (at PM); tug IJa'.dcamp, Norfolk,
towing barge Helen (calling at Providence
for harite Eugenia Hooper).
S&ilrd 11th, strs Brush, San Francisco;
San I'ablo (Br). Havana and Port Llraon;
Prince George (Br), Yarmouth; Delaware,
New York; Everett, Philadelphia; tugs Swatarn,
towing barges Manhelm and Maple
Hill, from Philadelphia for Portland, and
Oley, from do for Soarsport (not as before) .
Plymouth, Port Johnson, towing barges 1. &
W Nos 1 and 4; Battlcboro. Norfolk, towing
barges Texas, Bangor and Agr&m; W II
Yerkes, Jr. .Salem, towing barge Potomac.?
Wind at Hlcbland Light, E, 10 miles; partly
cloudy: smooth sea
BALTIMORE, Mil. Nov 11?Arrived, strs
Arta (Br), Philadelphia: Flrmore, New York;
Lake Greenbrier, Oran; Karlsvik (Sw), Norfolk;
Enstslde, New York; Brandon, Boston;
Jean. Port Tampa. Moldegaard, do; Lake
Clear, Now York; Lake Funtt, do.
Palled llfh, strs Missouri (Br), London via
Phlladelpida; Gloria (Sp), Uoucon; Inland,
Portsmouth, NH: S'ts'iuehanna, Norfolk; S;
Nazalro (Fr), Dunkirk; Coldwater, Barcelona
via Norfolk; Narvik (Sw), Dunkirk;
Rnltliwaltt (Br). Valparaiso; P L M No '!
(Fr), Rouen.
CHARLESTON, SC. Nov 11?Arrived, strs
Calvert. Galveston; Arapnhoe, New York ,
Sailed 11th, str Makamla, Norfolk.
CAPE HKNHY, .Nov tl?Passed out, st.rs
Milan Maru tJap), Baltimore for Havre:
Adra (Br), do for La Pallioc; Olytnpus (Br),
do for Dunkirk: Thlstlemoro (Br), do for
Liverpool via Halifax.?(Vlnd E, Uo miles:
GALVESTON, Tex. Nov 10?Arrived, strs
Madrn. City <Hr>. Kottordam; Gladysbe,
Arrived lltli. strs Mexcano, Tampioo: F D
Asche, New York: lluyramento (Br). Cardiff;
Ml Almlrante, New York.
Sailed 10th, str Torres, Tamplco.
Sailed 11th, strs Froeport Sulphur No
Baltimore; War Plndnrt (Br), Liverpool.
GULFINIRT. Miss, Nov 10?Arrived, schrs
Wm E Litchfield, Manopla; Theollne, Hurancon.
Hailed 10th, nux sihr David Cohen. Porto
JACKSONVILLE, F!a. Nov 11?Sailed, etr
Ilrooksido, Norfolk
Sailed 11th, str Coniaocho, New Y'ork.
KEY WEST, Fla, Nov 11?Arrived, str
Malay (llondi, Botiacco.
NEW ORLEANS. La. Nov 11?Arrived,
str.? Ellis (Nor), Tela. Elm Leaf (Br), Taraple.o;
Georgia (.Ital), Baltimore; Gulden
Evans, Tamplco, Llangollen (Br), Manchester.
Rama, BHieflelds, Sitnsliitio, Tamplco.
Cleared lltli, strs Eldorado, San Francises
via 1 is Angeles and cartagona; Lake
Farlln. Mobile; Lake l.edan, New York;
Norma. Tela via Truxlllo; Theresa Horn
(Fr). Barcelona.
Called from I'ort Bads 11th. Strs Celba
(liond), Celba; Comus. Ntnv York; Heredla,
(Hond), Blueflelds; Inventor (IIr>. Oalveaton
Lucx-ine (Bri. Havre unci f'.oiu n via Newport
News; West Alnoa, Antwerp via ManChester.
NuHFOLK, Vs. Nor -Arrived, atra 15araboa,
Philadelphia; Alapha, do, Wth.
Achillea, Cristobal: Alaskan, New York;
Suffolk, Rotterdam; Coronado, Avonmouth,
Dorset (Br), London; ship A-merd (Dan),
CopenliUKL'n; 11th, atra Gloucester, Boston
for Baltimore; Western Gueen, Galveston:
Erroll (Br), New York: Jerseymoor (Br),
Genoa; Theodore Roosevelt (Nor), Gharloa- i
ton. Sun Glureppe (Itul), Genoa
Arrived 10th, atrn Forster, Philadelphia;
Kor.duoo, do.
Arrived 11th, etra 8pfl (Norl, New York;
Jeunnctte Skinner, Brlxham; Arladno Iren'(Br),
Savannah for Liverpool; Svanhlh!
(Man). Copenhagen; Corcoran, Baltimore
Knpunu iNer), Dunkirk; I'olarlnc, Port Arthur;
-aux nrhr General Pershlnjf, Chrlstlnnlr I
Arrived 11th, xlra Blnomlngtun, I'litladi 1 j
phla; Aer<ma, do; aohr T M Baruedall. i
Camden, Me.
Sailed 10th, ntra Weetmead, Helslngfor j
Armn (Sp), GothentiuiT; Lord Btratheo; i
(Rr), Rotterdam; Graelana (Br), Liverpool 1
Tman.iiv ,Br), Alexandria; New Windsor
Bordeaux. Gem-sec (Br). Siidorland; VVcmeath
(Br). Liverpool; loanna (Greek), R;>
t rdam: 11th, Wm A MeK. nny, Maltlmot
Luke Cnh-wood, Manchester; Afel,
'..iiko l-'lorlan. Tampl-o; Bralburn (Bi
Hull; Mlddleliam l*a'tie (Br>, Galveston.
Sailed 11th. sirs Boomberic (Dutch), Fee
I'entoa; Klna (Dan), Rio Grande do Su
Carlsbrnok (Rr), Rio Janeiro, Eldrld (Nov
Murmansk: Hubo (Dutch), Bremen, ffi-.ii
pool (Itr), Rotterdam; Tenafly. Monte\ld<
bar); Hdel (Nor), Bordeaux.
Sailed 11th, ntrs Freeman. New England
Merrymoiint, Rotterdam: E.tremont, Phlla
delphlu: British Maplo (Fir). Tuinplco.
PORTLAND. O, Nov I)?Arrived, str 1,
high, Gra; a Harbor.
Sailed 10th. str Gcra (Br), England.
PORT ARTHUR. Tex. Nov 10?Arrived,
strs Nelson, Tampleo; Dannedulke, do
Freeport Sulphur No f>. do; Carlsholm (Sw)
New Orleans; Gulftrade, Tampleo; St Augun
tlno. New Orleans.
Arrived 11th, ?tr? British Empresa (Bri.
Ammonia Refrigerating
Machine, Marine Type,
Horizontal Duplex, Com1
pqund Steam Driven, Com- j
plete with Condenser and
Evaporator. Sixteen tons
1 Ice Melting Capacity. In
j excellent condition.
17 State Street,
New York.
By virtue of an Order of Hair Issued out of
the United State* District Court for the Dlsi
trlct of Maryland, on tha 8th day of Novrm
J her. 1920. notice la hereby Riven that I will I
I sell by public auction, for cash, on Tueeday.
the .'iOth day of November. 1920, at 11 o'olocl
; A. M., whore ehe now Ilea at the America.
Ire Company'* r<ock, foot of Wolf Htrec .
Baltimore, Maryland, the Steam Tug "El
| frlda," her engine*, bollnra. machinery
boat*, tackle, apparel, eppurtenanr**, an
} furniture, a* *he now lie* at the Amort,to
i ten Company's Dock, foot of Wolf Street
Tlalllmore, Maryland. Can be ln*p?ct.-l
at any tint* at above location. N. B. lath.
I A Co., Auctioneer*. WILLIAM W. STOCK
! HAM. United Slate* Marshal.
Far sale?Suitable tntnnd waterway*. 130 ft.
I freight eteamer; 100 fl. houaehargc; *me I
I lug 14 In. equare. MdNTOSM, Brooklyn
I Wrldye fork. New York. Beekman 2-too
1'oiTHALK-Dipper dredge, piy41 \ i.? 4 yar<i
I bucket; a great bargain; Immediate de|
livery. CHAPMAN A FISHER. R24 Walnut I
j at., Philadelphia.
i k)H Hale?Set of towing bit*. 0 manhole
plate*, complete; very reasonable. Apply
' CpOTON WATER CO.. 30 pearl rt.
' COVERED borfe*. deck ecow*. derrick !
lighters, hand winch; gn*. *tnam.
CHANDLER. 2d4 Weal 34th.
PILE driver wanted,
aultahle for driving 00 to 80 ft.
1700 3d av.
REMARKABLE SM Alt. steam ynoht~?or
-.ale; triple expansion engine; mahogany
finish; prlec $2,.WO, one-t'ilrd her value. See
FORD. N) 42d at.
WANTED. by "a captain, position with
steamship company, operating department;
several year* marine superintendent and port
captain; experienced on const motion nnd re
n?Irs: would roimner ponmon nroKerme or |
I *nv murine line; iwforoiMM. T?l. Morn.
r.tA, i:*?. R.
' I
mtmmJm -
i I
Rouen; Currier, Savannah; Roanoke, Taraplvo;
Orlflainme (.Br), Glasgow.
Sailed lOtli, str Sucro.-a, Port Loboa. |
Sailed 11th, Kirn A A Damtherty, Tamplco;
U'l. , I.ul. l,I 1 .iirnnler
Jacksonville: Lake Fossil, Tamptco.
PORT TAMPA. Fla. Nov 11?Arrived, strs
WoorifLld (Ur), St Nazalre, Lake Chelan.
Sailed llth, strs Eastwood (Br), Hull via
Norfolk. Ma.-eotte, Key West.
PHILADELPHIA. Pa, Nov 11-Arrlved.
airs Kurt Woermann (Fr), Norfolk; Weal
vheeter, do; Marino O (Ital), New Orleans,
Edward Plerca, Bahla; J B O'Neill. Port
Lobos; Jennie It Morse. Havre; Triumph,
Hall lino re; Algiers, do: Liberty Mlnquas,
Tamplvo; Ontario, Boston; schr Frauels J
McDonald, Santa Fe.
Cleared 10th, sir Keats, Newport News.
Cleared lltli, sirs Janata (Br), Havre;
Dunerlc (Br). Norfolk and Newport News;
Leeds City (Br), IJt Vinoent; Charles H
Cramp, Baltimore; schr Annie C lloss. Fort
do France.
Arrhtd at PauHboro, NJ, llth, motor ship
Bremen Point, New York.
Parsed down Reedy Island llth, strs
Morttz, Philadelphia lor Newport News;
Kioto, do for do.
Arrived at Delaware Breakwater llth,
10:15 AM, tug Gcrmantown, tow ing barm s
Buck Ridge for Bast Co'ton, Marlon for
Lynn, and Pocopcon for Portsmouth.
Pasted up llth, schr Elizabeth Bandl,
Black River, Ja. for Philadelphia.
Passed out 10th. 9 I'M, str Lake Flbro,
Philadelphia fur Uouen.
Passed out llth, strs Magdalla (Br), Philadelphia
for Rottrr 'am; West Cherow, do
for Liverpool and Glasgow; Holyolie Bridge,
do for Brest- Vlttorlo ISmanuele III (Ital),
do for New Orleans Herralon (Nor), do for
Marseilles; Iperls, do for New York; M&nchloncal
(Nor) io for Norfolk; West llosoklo,
no for Boston.
In harbor llth. 8 AM, ship Vlk (Nor);
ti-hr Marguerite M Witnyss: tugs Bristol,
with bane s Falmouth and Atlantic; Major
i'rarer (light).?Wind ?' Delaware P.reoktva'er,
NE -1! mile ; rlo?-''.y: moderate sea.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal, Nov 10?Arrived,
str Ont-ka (Br), New York and Philadelphia
for Mojl.
Arrived 10th. str Eelbeck, New York, Ac.
Balled 10th. sirs Lavada, New York; Itona
(Br), Sydney, ?c.
SAVANNAH. C.a. Nov 11?Arrived, strs
Lake Helen, Havana; Persian, Jacksonville
(and sailed for Baltimore).
Sailed llth. str Nacoocliee, Boston.
TAMPA, J-'la, Nov 11?Arrived, strs Charles
E HurwooU, Tampico; Lulconla (Br), Llv<
l>ool: l ake Blmont, New Y ork; sehr Lizzie
A Williams, Havana.
Sailed lltli, str linthl!n Head (Br), Eng
land sehr Explicit, Crand Cayman.
e W !lri, Bll/abethport
for St .To! NR.?Wind northerly, moderate;
"The Public Be Pleated"
BOSTON $52 at
ROOM5 $1.08 TO $4.32
All Rate* Include War Pax
Ft. W. Houston St. Phcne Spring 9191 '
fforrnlfr ii.M, Providence direct. SXM
Daliy, Including Sun lay. " <">0 l1. M.
From Pier 19. E. R. Phone 2700 TleeVmaa I
Ticket* at Pier or Consolidated officer
fall river lime
to boston
LV. PIER I t. N. R.. KUL.TON ST., 5*00 1'. M.
Str. lvs. ri<T to, N. R? Houston St., wk.
da.ve only; 5:S0 P. M. lvs. Tlor 70, E. 11..
' s' " F M
hlds0n river night lines
Dully sailings, except Sundays, from Pier
.71. N R.. at Dtsltrouacj St., 0 P.M.. West
132<1 St.. 0:30 P. M. Due Albany 0 o'clock
following morning.
fj>f Rip f|? !* * ? " "* '? B II Iff " ?
: ;r m . . ij ,, rvi c <: on. New Yvr' i
J Ingular aalllngs to Nassau. For It.- i
" formation address
| \'ow Y ork and Cuba Mall H. H. Co.
Express Mail Service '
Cabin and Third Class to By
Tram connections to Paris an J L<
other Continental Points | fip
Formerly 11 ombure-A morlcan liner H
Dire t without trans-shipment. 1. 3
Troffc Eepartment
24 W Mfrlm'l Slrecr. New Vorlc flty itr)
1 11 i.i.i? Mi.wIIiik <in?n J-2I.U ?nd KIM. . '.i
Coirpeity'' I'ler N'o. :t, llobnkon. tdi/l
n NEW vo; K . r Ct to fl
II u av rni n*ADn r*i run II
l. i. TMFFO RDH ALL ^Nrv 24
Flint rlnM only
For rnton o* on??n?rr. rlo? opplr '?
W llravrr St.. Nrtr York fit*
T?/?? A tOUIMU. UtOtTB^
- r II D-c 16
??r Pwuam iutM, ate. i ivn t
> chilr jl
I'tin i pa '?iib>. r rervlcn from Netar ton.
.fa Parana Canal, ailing at Calla
Arlra. tqulqua. Antofagaeta ami Valpa
Ri Santa R|lia, Si. Santa l.nlia. Si
Santa Ana. K? Santa Teresa. Kort
nlghtls Railings.
W. n. ortACB A CO.. Agent,
ttsnnver Bouare. N. Y., or I Aral Agent
I 1
- /' 'i/urj
SET #8*. 27> >
N>w lork?Cht-rhi
ADRIATIC. 12 Noon Nov. 17 Dec. 15 Feb. 9
New York?Liverpool
Caltic 12 Noon N'ov. 20 Dec. 24 Jan. 22
Cedric 12 Noon Feb. 5
Celtic.12Noon Dec. II Jan. 15 Feb. 26
A M E R I C i
N. Y".?Cherbourg?Southampton
"Zeeland... 12 Noon Nov. 13 Dec. 18 Jan. 22
*Kroonland(2 Noon Nov. 27 Jan I Feb. 5
"Lapland.. 12 Noon Dec. 4 Jan. 8 Feb. 12
"Finland.. 12 Noon Dec. 11 Jan. 15 Feb. 19
Red Star Line Steamer* en route Antwerp.
New York?Cherbourg?Southampton?Ant
Zceland.... 12 Noon Nov. 13 Dec. 18 Jan. 22
Ktuonland . 12 Noon Nov. 27 Jan I Feb. 5
Lapland. . . 12 Noon Dec *4 Jan. 8 Feb. 12
Finland.. . 12 Noon Dec. 11 Jan. 15 Feb. 19
Jan.. )"el).. .Mar., tJWl?M to 2U I>nv* I
Visit hit Amimu. Itai btitios, Cuba, ltomln
Orleans, i'aounir. < until. I'orto Kiev. St.
VI gin l>l;in r.v Kt". ttctlghtful Shore t- j
International (V3ercanl
OfflitM. 1? lirouilway. New York. I
0*lY 8 OflY
Cunarti Service provides every
Columbia Londonderry and Glasgow....
K A. Victoria.... Liverpool
Impcrator Cherbourg and Southampton. .
Italia Gibraltar. Naple* Patrai, Dubr
Vosari Livrrpool
Aquitania Cherbourg and Southampton.
Carmania Liverpool
Caronia Plymouth. Cherbourg and Har
Saxonia Plymouth. Cherbourg and HaiT
Mauretania Cherbourg and Southampton.
\SI A8 S .i
Accommodation* for First, Socu
Winter Crui
January 15
stay In Egypt) <S I'll
Rnte $1550
Including attrnctiv
I'nasengcr and Freight Sorvlcc from N
First C!as? Only -Luxurious s<
in sll, baths witii most rooms, excel]
Sa'Pn'' D^c. 30. Cab n tn i c ? ?
Passenger Department ..* 45 Broadi
Freight Department 120 Broad
T I l
j cirpnont
% ew ^orU tn Rto <ie J?
u'^Xkiry's J I'or full Information
yX I : menu*' r,r^.i' *L~Tud??*"<*o' way
iiiirnwi mrnmrir ?
I I Sailings from New York Wed
| nesdays and Saturdays for 15 F
and 16 day cruises respectively. [ '
Rates cover all necessary expense* F
of meals and stateroom accommodation*
for the entire trip around
j the island and return to New York.
lVrit9 ft*r information and
& rnoorvaiio***
llBro^dwmy, NW York
kollakdvlm erica
ViaFlymouth and Douloyne-Sur- .lor
NOOKDAM Noon Nor. 17,
M.V\ AMSTERDAM. Noon Nor.2J, Dee. 21
RfNDAM Noon )rc. I. Jen. 2
ROTTERDAM Noon Dec. II. Jen. 22
I enerel Paaienger Office, 24 Stale it., N. If.
[rnni^'c travel ;
o service;;
\ covers the world |?
|!; thos cook & son |!
H> 2 5 B oidway. 56! Hth A?cnic. r
i?a. 29, JAN. 26
OLYMPIC... 11 A.M. Nov. 27 Dec.29 Jan. 26
Ne* York?A /.ores?Gibraltar
N ajrlcs?Genoa
Canopic 3 P.M. Dec. 23 Feb. 10
Cretic 3P.M. [an. 5 Feb. 2g
New York?Hamburg
Manchuria. 12 Noon Dec. 2 Jan. 13 Feb. 24
Mongolia.. 12 Noon Dec. 16 Jan. 27 Mar. 10
New York?l)anr.l|?Vlu Hamburg
"Gothland 12 Noon Nov. 27 Jan. 3
(Third Class Passengers Ouljr.;
(nrh?Largest Steamers to tho Trojileo.
lea, Grenada, Jamaica, .Martinique, Now
klits. St. Vluccnt, Trinidad, tenesaela,
n il sioiis. Ask for "rI died Itineraries.
cil'3 r.larine Company
lers 53. 5!l. ?VO. 01. ? { North River
' comfort and eanvonionoa
... Nov. 13 Dec. 11 Jan. 1 >
Nov. 18 Dec. 18 Jan. 13
Nov. 18 Dec. 23 Jan. 20
ovnik and Trieste... Nov. 21 ?? ?
Nov. 20
Nov. 23 Dec. 14 Jan. 25
Nov. 2t Dec. 25 Jan. 22
nbu.-g Nov. 27 ?
iburg Dec. 9 Jan 18 Mar. I
Mar. 10 Apr. 7 May I 2
> 1(1 and Third Class Passengers
se to Egypt
to March 3
E at
iCO. N VPI.ES. Af.F.XANDRlA (One week'*
It.VKl'S (Tor Athens)
e shore excursions
ew York. Tor later sailing* apply at
100% American?100% Service
TATE - NOV. 27 Jan. 1
E - DEC. 11 Jan. 15
TATE - DEC. 18 Jan. 22
ent New Steams hipt
rcommodation*. outaido room* only. In l?t na da
ieut cuiaine. apwcioua enclosed promenade.
f I cUis inly. hjjmmmJ
aay, New York City. fill** ellf
- 1200 Whitehall. IJJJpj
way. New York City |/||M|M|C
st 6300 Rector. IlllllJlnfflllH
Passenger and Freight Service ~iH
meirn, Montr*.c!ei nl lutiii K r. H
17.000 Tona (e). Nov. 1' O
21,000 Tona (c), Nov. :<i Q
of V. 8. Shipping Hoard.) 3
1st. 2d and 2d class. 3
ipply to any passenier agenev or t. M
?. ?a Ian at tlie Line's urn..., ?, /}y
Bldg. 41# Olive St. Mobile /Vf?t
go fit I on J? A la bam , [ N
rA k da a ?.
Palermo, Naples, Marseilles
8. 8. rATRIA No*. rt, Jan. M
S. S. P'COVIUKMB (New) l?rr. s,
8. 8. MADONNA D?e. tl
Constantinople, Varna, Constanaa
8. 8. CANADA Dev. in, .
Azores, Lisbon, Marseilles
8. 8. HUM A Ne*. M
8. 8. ItlllTANNIA Nee. ..
8. 8. IIKAGA Jan. U
Gibraltar, Piraeus and Beirut
S. S. A8|A .Dee. tS
J.W Flwr!lACo.,tnc..O?1A*t?..178?atr s?...N.T.
y Dprstl felt it lirsiM H
I .A I.ORRAINK N??. 11 I8r. II ? l.KOI'OI
DIN A Nur. 11 ? ?
I.A I 'M 1( \I.NK N'?*. *1 18*. IS
I .A "AVOIR > ?. tl 18*. >4
l>- I - r*
% Vimi .t."* i ^ orrri" r., i" i ^ ? r. ^ I.. f,
Wr?? Indie* Cndw, Frank Tmrtd Ca., <*l
Fifth Ave., bet. 41st and 4.nJ flts. VanvrUlit
AT OTTtAT.I*. New sal?d. Tahiti. tTelaa
Use. Sailing. Irene Ita rraaaUea nary
la kaye.
Jnp in and the (trlrnf. Nippon Yu.en Knlaha,
120 U'way, N. V, Freight A Faieengcr.
Mont mil nr (Jnrher fa Eurtipe, Can. Farlfii
Orraa We nice, IM. 1031 Hiondwer.
fflllK "Mil TO! Its, 228 Fifth
Aid. Telephone Mndl-nn Hqimre 6270Fn
Ifle l ine In ' onth Ainerlrn. Hnnderean
ft ion, tien'l Apent*. til Hrondway, N. t.
TO SPAIN ?Companla Trnamedltrrranea.
*2 lleOter St. Tel. Ilnnnver 8.W0 10-11.
srANIHIl IMi\ \l MAtt. I.I Nr..
Ill- II 1NMI. \renl. Fief 0, K. It.
lamport IInit line. 4? Itrnndwwf
y. dirert to anrmntnrno. wwrnflM.
SWF.IIISII AMKRH AN I.INF,. 24 sfnte *1.

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