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Arthur Henderson. After
Inquiry. Prepares to See
Lloyd George..
Sinn Kpiners l.'mindpil I n
ami Internment Camps
Are Being Killed.
Based on Withdrawal of Ail 1
Armed Forces From
Spec*ol Cable to Tint Njcw 1 ork 'IrraldCapiriifht,
otto, bi Tub New York Hb*au>.
Nfw York Herald Bureau, )
l.undon. I >?', . 4. f
Arthur Henderson, of the British
labor commission which has been investigating
conditions in Ireland; was
reported to-night to he returning to
London froru Dublin early next week
and headed straight l'or .Vo. 10 Downing
Htreet to discuss peace in Ireland with
Premier Lloyd George.
Despite the Premier's stiff declaration,
when he spoke at the dinner
given to him at the Constitutional
Club last night, in favor of a continuation
of his policy to root out murder
in Ireland before peace can be talked
of, it was openly charged here to-night
that he has been indirectly, but persistently
and hopefully, negotiating
with Arthur Griffith, founder of the
Sinn Fein organization and VicePresident
of the "Irish Republic," lor
several weeks.
One version of the story is that Mr.
Griffith's arrest was ordered by other
members of the Cabinet for the purpose
of breaking up peace talk at any cost
until the annihilation of the Sinn Fein
could be completed There is no real contradiction
of the two situations, however.
It was only three weeks ago that
Premier Lloyd Georee himself declared;
"tVe have murder by the throat." Since
then the campaign has been, carried on
with a vigor increasing in geometrical
The news conies from Dublin now that
many Sinn Felners have been rounded
up and that the internment camp on the
shore of Dundrum Bay already Is belnsc
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V- -
used to hold the surplus, there being: too
Auny of these prisoners for the jails in
Ireland. The Nmr York Herald's correspondent
in Dublin was informed that
the authorities in Dublin OaBtle now for
the first time beltgwe they know all the
pe?V>ia wanted and already they have
made substantial progress in roundins
them up.
Herbert H. Asquith, Libera! leader
and one time Prime Minister, to-day got
a taste of how bitter Irish opinion is
when he >\ as almost howled down while
addressing a mass meeting In Albert j
iiiili, caiied to protest against the Gov- ,
ernment's policy In connection with the I
reprisals. As a matter of fact, he was
howled down by Irish sympathisers,
who insisted that his administration
had been just as guilty as that
of Premier Lloyd George in the
matter of killing Irishmen. The meeting
whooped through a resolution condemning
all killings In Ireland and demanding
It Is retorted here that Mr. Griffith's
truce conditions are based on the withdrawal
from Ireland of all the armed
forces of the crown and the release of
all political prisoners. In Government
circles It Is insisted that thle is impossible
: that if Premier Lloyd George
makes peace it will be with the crown
forces in control in Ireland and most
01' the important Hlnn Kelnera behind
the barbed wire of the internment
"The Galway people always were a
soft." wild one Irishman here to-day i
The resolution of the Galway County
Council seeking a truce, however, is
recognised a? symptomatic. It Us confl- |
dently expected that the Dublin Council ]
will follow suit next Monday. Irish ,
business men are horrified at the prospect
of the utter ruin facing them if the
disorders, arid particularly the railway j
stoppage, continues.
Bhlxsst, Ireland, Dec. 4.?The Sinn
Fern has circulated a proclamation
throughout the west and south of IreIan
1 declaring that those guilty of "trea- |
son able conspiracy" will be executed as f
traitors to the Irish Republic. The proc- .
lamatIon reads:
"Whereas the Irish Republic has de- j
clared war on England, we hereby give i
able conspiracy will be shot without
warning: as a traitor to the republic."
Another warning has been issued
from the "Irish Republican Army brigade
headquarters In Belfast." It says:
"Notice ie hereby given that any persons
who enlists In, or give any assistance
whatever to. the special constabulary
force at present being organised
by the enemy will be regarded as
traitors to the republic and will be
treated accordingly."
Sr. Louis. Dec. 4.?Amazement was
expressed at fraud discovered at the
Statewide primary election la6t August,
in a final report made to-day by the
Grand Jury, which returned sixty indictments
in connection with the primary.
The report recommended that ballots !
be not counted at the polling places, but ]
that they be scaled and sent to the elec- !
tion commissioners to be canvassed, and ;
that women be allowed to serve as pre- :
cinct officials as means of combating
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Continued from First Pa.or
drew to her stateroom, but was asked to
come out to receive a welcome from the
I committee on board the police boat
The five members of the women's
welcome committee, headed by Mrs.
Henry Villard, and Harry Boland, secretary
to Eamon do Valera, almost
missed the widow because she made her
innn UIQ pict Uj a iuur. wvru uvut.
Although the police had made elaborate
preparations to handle the crowd and to I
escort Mrs. MaeSwlney to the automo- i
bile awaiting her, their preparations (
were practically useless because of the i
fact that the visitor used an exit upon i
which they had not focussed their attention.
The exit is midway between <
Ptera 59 and 60. The.v had expected her i
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ci 'il'st V/ 4 ? Mf 4\ ? / ic
to eomt through the door of No. 60 a?id
had kept everybody from the pier In I
order to avoid confualon.
When the slight flgbre of Mrs. Mao-'
Swtjiey, dressed hi a long black broad- j
cloth coat with deep collar and cuffs of
black lynx, and wearing a small hat covered
with a heavy, black veil, made its
nejtpected appearance at the other door
those In the fringe of the crowd almost
blocking West street Immediately recognized
her. They buret Into a shout
and began to surge toward her. Then
the crowd became silent us the black j
robed woman walked across West street,
smiling at men und women on the right
and the left. Though they crowded close
lo her there was little or no disorder,
and when the police arrived and began
pushing them back to make way for her
they moved quickly and without protest.
Aa she stood on the other side of
West street awaiting the arrival of
Llommlssloner Whalen's automobile the
men and women begged her to speak, to
give them a message. "It Is wonderful."
ihe said; "the most wonderful thing I
ver saw."
By this time the street had been
cleared about the automobile, the committee
with Mrs. MacwSlney had entered
Fifth Ave.
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their cars, and the mounted police and
motorcycle police started toward Twenty-third
street with flv-e thousand persons
following on foot. A band struck
up "The Soldier's Song" and the men and
women began to sing.
Following the Commissioner s automobile
were scores of others, decorated witn
flags of the United States and the "Irish
Republic" and banners of numerous Irish
societies, in the procession were scores
of Irish soldiers headed by the Stxtynlnth
Regiment Hand, pupils from the
Carmelite School dressed In colorful costumes,
and representatives of various
Irish organizations. Once when the automobile
In which Mrs. MaoSwinsy was
seated was halted for a few minutes she
opened the door and stepped to the pavement
In order to clasp a group of children
to her breast. They were Carmelite
girls dressed In the colors of the
Irish Republic.
The procession started at Twentythird
street and proceeded east toward
Fifth avenue, thence north to the St.
Regis Hotel. As It passed the WaldorfAstoria
and St. Patrick's Cathedral the
crowds on the sidewalks waved their
hands and shouted their greetings. But
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itractivc contrast.
\i y
, 1920.
when the procession approached the '
Union Club, which Is just above t\>s |
Cathedral, and which was the scene on ,
Thanksgiving Day of an Irish demon- i
stration which resulted In the smashing |
of many windows because of the appearance
of tho British flag by the side of
the American flag, the marchers were
The St. KegiH la just three blocks from
the Union fllub, and by the time the
vanguard reached Flfty-flfth street the
crowds had become lively once more
and broke into cheering. Mrs. MacSwlney
again was surrounded by photographers
and she graciously consent*#
to pose. Then she entered the hotel, and
after a short rest met newspaper reporters,
who were Introduced to her by
Frank P. Walsh of the committee investigating
conditions In Ireland. Commissioner
Whalen was also present.
"I am deeply grateful for the wonderful
reception given me this morning, and
especially to the women of America for
their generous tribute to my husband's
memory," Mrs. Mac.Swlney said. "I have;
had many beautiful letters fron\ America.,
even from American children, and I
am happy to be in a country where so
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' many, many people are thinking about s
the cause of Ireland." t
"You will understand', of course, that I J*
cap say nothing about conditions there ?
until I have appeared before the -Va?
(Ion's <lommla?lon on Ireland, which in- B
vlted mo here. The hearing Is to be on ?
Wednesday next in Washington, I am
told, but I should like to say that both n
my husband and I always expected that a
America would halo us rreatly In win
nlng our freedom. We feel In Ireland s
that America hag a greater responetBit- c
ity In the matter than any other land, on p
account of her fine traditions and her v
war pledge*, and becauae there are ao ,\
many million* of our kin in thl* conn- y
try." ifi
A delegation of longshoremen, headed tl
by Joseph Ryan, called at the hot?J- 8
Mr*. MacSwlney Paw them and Jeaxned "
that the men had brought her luggage c]
from the pier to the 8t. Regis In an
"I want to say," stated Ryan, "that B
the White Star Line cooperated with f<
us in every wquy In facilitating the d
handling of your baggage." s
Mrs. MacSwlney had removed her hat c
and heavy coat and looked much more a
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ileniler and much younger. After
hanking Mr. j.-Hyan she suddenly
euned forwar.d to ge| a closer view ttf ?
utton he was wegrtfcg on his coat lapel.
'I see you hav# -a picture of myself
.nd baby," skid the young widow, with
ne of her engaging Indies.
"But the baby doesn't look like thai
ow; she Is much bigger. Vou know
he Is two and a half yoare old r.ow."
When the interview wftli the long'
horemen had ended Mra. MacSwlnex
onsented to go to the hotel roof and
ose for more photographs. She talked
ery little. Her elster-In-law, Mlag
fary MaaSwiney, said she thought New
ork city ugly, although Interesting
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