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After Many Years of E
Elements They Have E
Carry On Their Odd
Gesticulations Ind
Another picturesque feature of New j
Tork life Is aboiu fade Into oblivion. \'
The Curb Market, which for year* has ; rWaE A-tj
Almost monopolized uppei *lroa<1 street |
and which, by Its excited g*??'.-ulat?>ry
mannerisms has perhaps ep.'omlseil
best of all to the rustic strariKn ; the i YjrSKjre^j!
strenuoslty of existence In Ootham. is j WnfttflrH*1!
about to vacate Broad street In favor
of a fine new building of Its own on \Etr>-rJ;j
Trinity place, behind old Trinity Church.
The cornerstone will be laid In a few
weeks and by the middle of next sum- \
mer the "outlaws,w as the curb bsokers \j*
are sometimes called, will shout and
Kasticulate under a glided roof tnsteau
of the broiling sun.
Plans for the new building were prepared
by Starrett & Van Vleck and the PER5P
building loan was provided by the New
York Title and Mortgage Company. The
edifice will be three stories high and BOAR
the facade will have simple classic lines. "TF?A.
It will occupy the site of the old Ameri- "
can Bank Note Company building at "8
to 86 Trinity place. The Curb Market will he lined
Building will have a frontage of 125 feet Sixteen feet al
on Trinity place and will extend through pilasters will i
to Greenwich street, where the frontage either end of ti
will be 175 feet. The main entrance on j phones on ste
Trinity place will give direct access to | floor will bo d<
the board room, with auxiliary entrances ; ecutive offices
on Greenwich street. In the basement a ' sociatlon.
restaurant and cafeteria lunch room will For some tin
provide for members and employees. curb market 1
The main board room will occupy the members of tin
second floor, which will be 54 feet wide have felt that
by 92 feet long, with a clear height from dations were
floor to ceiling of nearly 65 feet. This ministration a
Latest Reports Fro;
and Suburban
Transactions closed within the past | Kelnberg the
few days in the city's uptown commer- | store, at 27 Ks
| eial districts point clearly to the fact j
that big leases are taking the place of j In the 1
f Important sales In the real estate mar- jj (}aJ|,
ket. One of the most Interesting o1 0f Samuel Kroi
theso transactions concerned the new jn? 26.7x100 ,|(
i Gotham National Bank Building at \yuat KniI ,(V
Broadway and Fifty-ninth street, In glreet t0 Mr^
which eight floors were taken over by v m altel thc ^
the Columbia Graphpphone Company for lng. aPartmenls
a term of years at an aggregate rental Duross Comj
of 81.000,000. as was reported in The 8tofy new|y
New York Herald on Saturday. 252 West Ele
It is only logical of course that dur- j>astore lo th(
lng a period of Insistent demand for pariy
both residential and business space the j g Maxwc
cessation of buying should be followed t0 a cijent for ,
by a heavy leasing movement. The nlu, basement
shift in the market at this particular avonuPi 20x100.
time, however, real estate men point out, Walter .f. Bi
is due largely to artlflclal causes, the war(j p Voi
rent laws having placed a damper on Thomas Mollov
buying and selling. Once the rent laws at west I'li
have been modified the situation will jqp to Frank r
right Itself automatically, broker- John II. 1'ii
declare. The buying movement will rPS0|,i for j<all
sgaln take precedence and operators will tsou, .street, a
come back into the field. In spite of ^00 to Carrie I
I many superficial Indications to tho con- | Maurice Wer
owners of the property, which la being ato? the dweFll
converted Into an office building. 314 0 Park avei
Xegre Church Near City College. Ilrooklyi
The vacant plot bounded by 137th and Bulklcy &
188th streets, St. Nicholas avenue and 1268 Bergen st
Edgecombe avenues, has been purchased ing, 20x100. fo
by St. Mark's Church, a negro congregn- Charles E. 1
tlon. which will Improve It with a church avenue, a thre<
having an auditorium seating 2,000 peo- Louise P. Rich
pie and a parish house. The property c. Good,
was sold by the Lincoln Trust Company,
acting as trustee for the estate of the Snhnrlu
late Mary G. Plnkney, who was a large j^,., ^ M
holder of vacant land In the upper part Hawley sold fr
of the city. The price paid for the site TruM Companj
was not divulged, but It Is planned to cf F;vl(rpnp L F
spend $825,000 on the Improvement. 0nk avenue, 1
This amount will be derived from the a.h?if ftPrP Yei
sale of the present church property on t0 RiohardCot
Fifty-third street, between Broadway Haylett O'Nel
and Eighth avenue, and by subscriptions. ftVpnue to Edw
Pr. William H. Brooks Is the pastor. j Sterling D
The new site faces St. Nicholas Park, for
I and Is diagonally across the park from comi)an>- 0f x,
City College. Nearby are many modern tho plfll
apartments. Th? *?".t fronts 202.9 feet Chatham, N. .1
on St. Nlchola* avenue. 200 feet on r|vpr fim\ Bt'rP(
Edgecombe avenue, 84 feet on 137th crpt? un,i n,rlol
street and 67.9 feet on 188th street. Milton T. Hi
Other Deals In Manhattan. ' 'au''
with Bottoclno inarhie. i nave for some time begrudged the use
oove the floor" Corinthian I the street to the outdoor market,
rise to the cornices. At | While this change will rob the city
le bourd room will be tele- one of its curious features, there Is
pped terraces. The third doubt of its desirability. The marke
voted to a number of ex- present trading place is still on Bro
of the Curb Market As- street, a block and a half south of Wa
Assembled here every business day mi
ie the new housing of the be seen hundreds of men partlclpati
las been imminent. The In what seems to the innocent bystand
Curb Market Association a disorganized riot of noise and conl
better housing accommo- sion Windows of buildings on eRch si
vital, while the city ad- of the street are filled with the gestlcuU
nd real estate interests ing confederates of those below. The p
ture is one of a motley, agitated mass
struggling, yelling, finger wriggling h
my"?> . manity. The signals between brokers a
I 1 XT quite Intelligible to the participants.
V?A 1 L- V In performing the recognized scrvic
^ of an organized exchange the curb
\ A rx net a fourfold function: (1)
l\/| l^Pr V provides for the sale of issues of coi
x jianies during organization or reorganlz
six-story tenement, with ,ioni <2> provides a market for stoc
sex street, 2,r>x 13. '.* o1, companies in the process of develo
mcnt: (3) provides a market for mlnin
levelling Market. oil and industrial stocks that arc n
, x ., , - _ listed on the Stock Exchange; (4) pr
' ,. (V ' 1 ! :<T. vldes a market for the Standard C
P. I. T,,e early history of the present cu
,. '.. ' ' 1*s"x. ' market was mingled with that of tl
a New Vork Stock Exchange and tl
'' 1 10,ls "|)- Consolidated Exchange. The first sto<
.... . - * ,. . ,. brokers In America originated In co
odernlzed houses at 280- ^tion with the purchase and sale
venth street for Elvira an, eighty million dollar bond Issi
> Williams-Dexter Com- c
II sold for Eliza M. Guv ITT 1 1 /"""
I Under the L
jrke of the office of EJ- ?
<ler sold for the estate of . ,, T, m x.?
'the four .story dwelt ink" UkAI, LsTATE EptTOB, THE ? E
ghty-fourth street, 18.fx mo tliat your readers, partieuln
md Hose v. Dingle, year to pay taxes at (lie rate of
i> < , with t'orter & Co., might take souie Interest. In the 1
iro 10. Walker i .t West of the problem it. embraces:
'i''"r"V filing is.0\ How can the city anil count;
t'hciin' old for Cora An 110x1 vo,,r's ,ax ,PV-V oan l>0 kof
the four story Uwcllinc
-fourth f tr.' t, t j\I (in..-).
recently modernised ttn.l Answers to last week's quest Iff
a physician, will occupy. ,,,,,, , . , . ,
:k- bought the three tor. Should sewers be paid by local asset
"> West 134th street, 15x ment or by an issue of long term bon
chargeable against the wiiole city?"
ese ...hi the three story . R Estate Editor, The New To,
East Forty-eighth street, '
iam A. A A. S. de U'attr- Herai.d?Sir: In my opinion, sewers
?eso also bought frotn any other similar loeal Improveipe
thnjamifc tle four story .should be paid for by assessment. '
) East Fiftieth street, 16
make them a general charge against t
esold to Anna I,. Bulger city by any other method would be sh
r dwelling at 304 West , ly robbing I'eter to pay Paul. T
I nUw vnrit ,S ll
.OXXUU. uuugci Wl *,v" - ~
enough now without burdening it at
Transaction*. more. It Is time enough, ns a rule,
ation sold to Robert H. initiate local improvements when t
lx storv apartment house property owners Immediately interest
the southeast corner of are willing to pay the cost To have
. ..,,,1 K'.th *tre..! 4't "v any other way would mean a genet
and 15oth street. 49.x srramble of |and apeculator,t blg al
.. . r?. small, as well as of individual ownei
illy 'a . for sewer construction and adding u
t from the It & R. Con- du,y ^ the expeng# of the cltv.
any the property at > Jt ,g eno?Kh relief for property owne
s avenue, 100x85x irrcg- ^ bg permitted to pay assessments
_ , tney are now. under certain clrcut
r sold for Dennis w. 8tanceg> jn instalments. At prese
odlawn Inn and ten lots, many thousands of dollars are added
he east side of Jerome tb0 budget every year by the cancell
t north of 213th street, tjon 0f taxes, assessments and wat
; also for the same owner ,.pnts against churches and other corpc
.00x160x103.33x Irregular, intions referred to 'n Section 221a of t
side nf Woodlawn road, charter. Property Poor Also.
of East 213th street, to Reai estate Editor, The New Yoi
,, , ,, Herald?Sir: I should say that the fal
Sniith sold for Mary . - e(jt nieang 0f levying the cost for it
rirunert the ttvn "a > pr0vements of this character is by loc
at 110 East -..6 th atreet; aggf,ggnil,nt. To levy the cost on t
ng, 5Cxl04x Irregular, at wh0|e cjty WOuld be decidedly unfair
iuo to llonry Schwarz. those who have already paid for thi
I Deals Hcporled. ? ers ^ aat-essment. Another o
Jectlon against levying the cost on t
Horton Company sold whole city is that In some localities pre
reet, a three story dwell- erty j? goid at a low price because of t
r Patrick J. Ocrlin.- great difficulty in making sewer lmprot
ftlckerson sold 100 Sixth ments. Under the proposed plan pt
j story dwelling, for .Mrs. chasers in these localities would have
to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur double advantage over the owners
sections where improvement Is less dll
. cult Carl Donohltc.
nn Transaction*.
Real Estate Editor, The New Yoi
Murdoch and Arthur S. j Herald?Sir: "Property Poor" lnqulr
>r the Farmers T/onn and whether assessments should be assess
r, executors for the estate aa a general or a local charge. No o
luahe, the property at 26 person who receives a benefit should sa
[jsrehmont, consisting of die this gain upon the shoulders of a
sldenoe and large garage, other. Municipality ahould no t dlfl
>den, Jr.; also rented for from a private cttlxen In warrant of la
II his home In Summit |n having to establish by burden of pro
ard Moon, Jr. ^ that a gain ensues for which any levy
rake and YVIImer N. Tut- made. The question may be facetloun
? Morris County Traction compared with the old adage that the
rw Jersey to Martin Nor- |g always one place where a man CJ
nt and power house at uncomplainingly atart a boll?on 1
r., on plot 375x412. with (.neighbor's neck. Fair Play.
i' /r?,n,,,,r0^ 'nr:1 n con real Estate editor, The New Yoi
k building 50x60. Herald?Sir: As.I have had to pay f
itr.cld purchased through ?.wrrH on pr()pc,ty In my family In t
ro ., rom John .? . ,((lgt j don't see why owners whose pro
nd adjoining the latter a, ,g ov?r on thg lncreag(, )n va,
ielroso avenue, Montelair. . ghou,d b? rHlpved of payln^ for tb(
of authorised by the first Congress of the| I i
United States in 17X8. The leading ' ?-? J""*
of brokers of New York city in March, ; t l '
no 17BL', drew up an agreement establishing , . jjfj
t's an organization known as the Stock Ex- * ? 1 *
ad change. The meeting place of this ex- BBp" : ^
.11. I change was in the open air under a 1 4**2
ay buttonwood tree, which tradition states r 4/?f?l
ng was situated between the present 6S anil } m & jXJR |oj> if
er "0 Wall street. About twenty-five year- ; \ T???f * ... JS"
'u- later quarters were secured in the Ton- ? ?
do line Coffee Mouse and the organization > % '
tt- became officially known as the New Wn.p,.
|C. York Stock and Exchange Board. | a Sy*1 Jt?y * i
of During the next fifty years the Stock : M
u- Exchange moved several times. A ''r ' ' /'|tV - M'"'.
r? group known as thie Opefn Board of _J ."'V ' "
Stock Brokers, who had been meeting in jr '>"Hv it
,en a basement rendezvous called the 'Coal
lr_ Hole," were merged In 18*18 with the j isiFW vnt?g r-iioca
It New York Stock and Exchange Board > Or\t\ CURB (^l/Nl
T1. Into the present New York Stock Fix- [ . FROM T
chnnge. Ten years lat^r a site on Broad ' 3
Its ' street was chosen and the present New
p. j York Stock Exchange erected. developed on the curb In the New street
I There was need for an organization entrance of the New York Stock Ex- j
?t for trading In the Securities which fo-- change. In time the market shifted to \
o- merl.v had been handled by the "open Its present locution on Broad street.
HI board." and consequently another out- The curb brokers now hold their mar- <
> . . ? e? <1 Ihn Vn- !,?? V,,. ?r O An. !
i? |inVi i I I the Brooklyn Real Rotate Exchange. 1R9
. i . 1 ) MontMRUe street, by Joseph I'. Day The
,? plots on which the houses an built vary
n; anco from the llfcblood of the boily in slz< from 22l/4 feet to 40 feet frontage
politic. and all are 100 feet deep.
Relief for the property poor Is not to The houses are three short blocks
1,8 be found in shirking obligations which from the Kings Highway station of the
are theirs, but In a determined and in- Brighton Beach-Hroadway Manhattan I
ik telllgont effort to reduce excessive taxes subway line, which operates from Coney
and to prevent unecessary assessments. Island to Fifty-ninth street in ManhatJf.hsu
M. Robenstock. tan and thence to Queens Plaza by way
nt . of the Sixtieth street tunnel. The propro
, erty is about forty minutes running time
he P > T from Times Square and connections may
The Colonial lee Company bought be made at Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn,
from the Eighth Avenue Railroad Com- I to ail branches of the Interborough
he pany the former car barn block bounded Rapid Transit lines.
iig by Eighth avenue. Macomb's Dam road. Tho streets on which the houses face
ill 151st and ISSd streets. It has been used have all the Improvements, sidewalks,
to by the New York Railways Company, curbs, sewers, water, gas and eleche
and has a frontage of 200 feet on Eighth tricitv and are lined with shade tree.*,
ed avenue, 226.9 feet on Macomb's Dam Kinus Highway, on whirh are located
it road, 129 feet on 151st street and 237 stores of all sorts, is one of Brooklyn's i
at feet on 152d street. The railroad com- most popular automobile highways. In
nd pany allows a 6 per cent, amortization I the Immediate vicinity are churches of
rs, mortgage for $170,000 to remain. I all denominations, public srhon:? id
? Rent Laws, Not High C
? Stopped Building of .
By JESSE SJIAIIP, filed with the Building Department I
,K I Chairman Executive Committee Real Re- ,or J16 8t0re*. I?ft* and office i
I* tato Investors of New York, Inc. i', * t0ta' ? ? !
? Interference with the economic laws ' " , ... .
always has disastrous results. There - ,ur'n* tbf8e tan months there were
hi could be no greater proof of this fact fwlth,Ilhn( """ding Department
h" than the situation In Greater New York "'TV*"
? produced by the rent laws passed at tUo ln"8' havl"* a.lotnl Iua ? *??'
lr recent extraordinary session. 1 . "hI?1w" ?,at bul'dl"*
Tk. k?iMin, ~r i I,nn "aN hr",1< in the field unhampered by
he .,1 nJ?" apartment houses has lntprfprpnr? w|th th? ,aw of gu'pply ftn<J
ip" nliu . demand. Stores, lofts and office hulldhe
* h?*U b lz: ln?? W affected by rent laws or
ra- the , 7la Tr. *nacted ara 1>el K the agitation therefor. What has been
,r completed. Operations on all others are (h, [f u)t,
a suspended. The leading builders sa* to Th? renta)a of ?t , f ? offIW
In to.r? berw,8a wou,d rMuIt ,n financial huil(1!ngs, ,mve already begun to recede
h- BI"J, , ,. .. . At '.me points this reduction has
I his Is the direct result of legislative amo??tP(, to w cent, n foot ^ mprin,
, Interference with the law of supply and ? ,?ffcrPncc of poM|bly ^ to |2.000 or
* dem8ndThr^; Proponents of the rent mor.. ppr annum for ,off e Ar,d
fa lR.^" *" 1 ,Cf> d*<-',ftre >* >8 ^e high cost limnager, ?f stores, lofts and office
of building that has stopped the erection buildings attribute the decrease in rents
ne of apartment houses. , t0 ,ncroaMd building.
k(l- Thfl pout nt hnllrlin* 1oW - -
^>N TO I I.WI-:
^ "" ' ^""""
" V '} ' A
' * ' ' ' ' . ?
vestment propenus mimi aeveiai hojoih- duy oj.'Ion. which would
lng vacant plots In Yonkers, N, Y. The $ 1,000.
sain will bo hold In Phllipaburg Hall in The next st<v would bo
Yonkors. William J. Wallin has b on occupant with Uv Inform
appointed referee and the date appointed synd!cute had bought th<
by him for the sale Is Saturday, Decern- desired permission to hat
ber IS, at 2 P. M. take m' asurcments for <
The properties to be sold Include 44. 4fi, t|ons The occupant, al
?S. Hi) and a Maple street, three three |ook around the n. lghh<
story apartment houses; also SS'and 50 huild'ng. usually In vah
Maple street, southeast corner of < ?ak holder of the option \ ii.
street, a four story apartment houw again the old lessee had
with stores; 101 to 111 Oak street, three v;.jn s..t,vh end was n
three story apartment houses; 29 Poplar option .it almost any prl
street, northeast corner of Oak street, a holders' minimum profit i
one story frame store building, and 102 actions was $5,000. O
Linden street, southwest corner of Maple schemers. It Is said, mui
street, a large dwelling. six months.
7?? ~~ Scheming I.and
T T Scheming wasn't confine
^ I I * Tbusiness section of the cl
L/W A Id V '' m ,andl?r<1 w'as brought
* his tenants and accused
cents a day for the storag
\ ? ..i. ^ _ i. rlages In the halls and b
\ 1T\C\ t^T XT! I ^ "th"r tandlard. it Is allege
V k_/Ol 1 l/l 1 lv/1 ll/J water above the first
1 1 ented the first floor ok
would he taken with reference to opart- brother, who charged 2"
nient buildings. The builders of New te..n minutes' use of I Is h
York, with keen business Judgment. foresaw
the destruction of the market fori 0,<' I'nshlonrd ifonsl
aparfment houses and refrained from \ suburban developer w
building. j believed the constructl >n
There was no valid reason for panic hornps on Hn rxtf.nslv? .
In New York. During the period from solution of (h? ho?si
1910 to 1920 the housing facilities con- "Krnnkly T do not " instructed
were more than adequate to population of this oltv In i
meet the demand. That rents had In- ?,|y u, attempt to keen
creased was a normal result of the |n- fhroI1(lh the ..onstru ,
creased cost of operating apartment dwellings Ajw-tm. nt 1
buildings. Taxes, the price 4f coal, tht n. - Ity In every 1 - in p
wages of labor, the cost of painting and mv 0p|r]j,,? , , ,r ,|? \VI
decorating had all made big Jumps. For ;l, ,,r,Mn,, ,
property owners to realise a fair return zoa] )(j< , , , ir
on their Investment It was neceasaty to ' ?pnrtmPnt .... owner*
In.n .so rentals. Just as It la necessary , n,ul?.famm , ,,
to maintain them. But there was no d , , on? d ,
emergencywhichr^utred the rent laws. faHhjon(.(1 method. too- th
^ h.M ? WV w v. m';n- TT of more apartments Tor
T InH n-TCi 8lr.eptnK n, t",> receive Its greatest impel.
Htreets and parka unlet* the rent law? ui,wison,. ' ,
were passed was exploded long ago. The IVe'moved "
fact !? established by th* record* of th*
Tenement Houne and liutldlnir Deoart- Jllp ?'#n" "uyftiyr *t
ment of the city of New York that hous- i in Rn VfTort to halt the
Ins irrommodatlona provided from 191" , of several conveyances c
to 19J0 were more than adequate tOjnpsrtment houses to Japai
mre for the Increased population. The C|..ltt?n 0f Apartment Hon
fart l? plain that there are now many Managers of San Francis
vacant apartments In New York city, al- pealed to (lov Willi in !'
thoush theae varanelea exist chiefly III r [. Riley. stab Real E
the luxurious houses and the cold water ' sinner, to Intervene. Tie
teneinenta. requested that til' II'ens
Hut, Impressive nbove all others, an . state d. tiers be rev
the farts that bulMeis will not construct niate.l thut legal proceed
vpartlnent houses wntle tha rent laws an anti-alien a< t would l? in>
In effort and that rents are going down i ,llP yitatc authorltl' rcNiIn
stores, lofts and office buildings, which
arenot affectedhy rent laws or any other "?hr?er?|irr" I'litts I
harsh and represatvo legislation. Mor<
houses and still more houses Is the only . " '!' " ' '
solution of tha houalng problem. More New York oonetructlonn
house, will not ho built and rents will ?? * a 1
not be reduced until there la conatrurtlve 8PRnl"h capital. A pi
legislation affecting apartment buildings. baa acquired a great true
northern section, adjacent
. of Cuatro Camlnos and ha
ecked Apartme.it Buildinf ing wi t for Ma "id . o
1 the Bvtfdlnf, Department. *?*X'n ,,orjr. "P"r
. Each of the proposed bulb
Mings Apartment Buildings. | tain 400 flats and forty st
Flans irpnient Is to be one of
Filed. Value rrn in the city. Engineer
hi 1 >00 In laying out a bowlevan
.ho :i i.ooo centre of the traet a hn'f
lOO L' tiUO.OO'i j |,10 feet In width. With
.no ;l 2.700.000 ways and .? central | r mei
ISO I 200,000 i trees.
2.300.000 l.ancrsl Farm \ nw II
00 I 2.KOO.OOO .... . , , ., ,
>00 4 1 1.000,000 I With the colonIxntIon
n ..I fHc-amento, Cat.. now in p
UtO 2 S00 000 the breaking up of pmbab
?._ ______ diversified farm In ths wo
to it sit us aaa la admitted that thera a
in.uo.ooo X|irmfc tu<jh M
Real Estate?Wants
Changes in the rates of comrrstsslong
and In the special rules and code of
ethics governing real estate transaeiif&fT'
\ tionc wen made at the annual meeting I
of the Ileal K.-tate Hoard. These changes
vent Into effect on October 19 last.
They provide, among other things, that
ill. II l' W" J1? II' 'I"-- ancep una nimeys wic
i 0:1 nuildln-s ?!"'> rals. i| in i?r"at numbers on this ;J|
nno firm, and, tract In addition to the tbld products
rl or was about the farm Is noted through the west for
owner n high Its hog*. sheep and turkeys,
obtain a sixty ^ ,
com probaidy ! * l icense Requirements.
Io< nsing of re si estate brokers, wit',
i visit to tIto | a view to stabilizing the real estate on ailon
that the | fcrtion and eliminating it re-ipons,!,'. ij
* building and ; dealers, is now being advocated by the
.e a carpenter | Interstate Realty Association of Be.itt'a
'Ttaln altera - t The Ileal Estate Board of New Yi"
armed, wou d j w ithout success to have a llcen
irhood for a i jaw passi.d In this State, nnd probabl
.V1' will renew its i fforts at the regular
. the building MssIon of the I^egislaiUrc.
11 !"* | Sc iitJ. proposed license law pro. <
>U> ! vldes that all real estate dealers who sell
e. 'he option t^e j,roj, ,.ty ?f others for protlt shall
n . .ic-. trans- ^ ]|-ensed by the State. To secure a
i ' sion n'oo ?? license It will lie- necessary for o dealer
,u to obtain the signatures of ten freeholders
as an Indorsement of his personal
lords. character. No suit for commission vs ill
d alone to the he recognized in court In w hich the
ty. One Har- plaintiff Is unlicensed. The dealer must
Into court by maintain an office and there display his
of charging 3 license conspicuously. He must also take
;e of b aby car- out a personal surety bond of $1,000.
asement. An- _________
irtnc nt to is IN EXCELLENT HEALTH M
crati for fU' _____ J
Auctioneer Compares It With
"* Other Commodities.
1 If ho _______ vj
't '"rl X"V'*' According to Joseph P. Pg.v, auction- |
"7"rrrI :i eer. In contrast with the complaint of I 1
r> i.II. ?! """"The retailers against a "buyers strike." the | !
. , market for Improved and unimproved <
pace with It rea' '""late evinced Its strength last week 'flj i
, ... . In no uncertain manner. .Mr. Pa refers i H j
,n J 1 ' *" the ""le of lots in the Queens Bou! - t \ I
..'lis, and It Is r*r,! i'"'1, Thn"".,n "m - tlon of I.org ft
s , hungal"'.. t
" 1 Vi'g't "ren'aIs ^ ^ "ow In ?. mW?? ?f n. flflH
n onlv be ,c. f'Uustm. ,1 Mr 1?ay following ttoi M
ill a real old I sale ln ; ?? ' ' l'>'- "There L
e construction ! evidence .at the lot market In i
ist ruction will ,hJ " I j
is when *or ,nan> v4,uant! 1 firmly l>Hlov.? th.it I
s and builders this onn n",an ""thing bu". Increase i j
huiidliiK antlvltv next sufing "
it.. l-.i.. The sale In Bridgeport, Mr. Hay da- ju
r clared. took that city by storm,
consummation "It *?? of great Interest." he mil l, ?',!
if Sacramento "because It nave several hundred month- T
none the Asso- ly tenants an opp rtunlty to huy at their jKijljf]
10 Owners and own prices the hemes In which they r. - m
0 recently up- elded and to become 100 per cent. Amerl-flwH
St eve ne and can hom? owners. The fact that thoe>jSB||
elate Commls-' tenant* did huy l.? a nsightv *ntl? factor A
> orgintr.ntlon 'elan ?.f tit" tune-' It S.?i mat tn.if^
ea of at Vera I pendulum Is r? hitting hack In the dire'-Hj
l erl and Intl- tlon of rationalism, Industrial etahllli
ruts under the and thrift, and It speak* voluntas for !' ? 1 T
c tuteil should futuf l the American working man.*
or Madrid. Vewark Tmasaettona.
? , relet A Feist rented lor the estate of
?hr i. iV Hi Fordella crane tho one story portion of
L- h-,.t in factory at the southeast corner of
rIvata con oern ?llv"r 1,11,1 McWhorter ?** ? . to the
, f ! i. . , Raxt^r I'lAtln* WorkB for a Ion* t#rm ;
t tho' it*'k *anie brokers sold for thB First NaB
v Mlf } , tfonal Bank of T'nlon the dwelling. 40*
kvacrariera a '25, at 12ft Belle*!!. av-nuc. to M. c.
ininnt i .... Cohen . also, for IjOUIs I#lt*enhau.en, the
lii .'win n' vneant plot at the southeast, corner of
ore- The lie "om.m T1' '""or street., SOstM. to
the most tnod- T\U r }'T'"n?: m , a e .
e are e g.ged lnc" f"r th"
1 tin >n?h ti n I Hudson Fur I'jvlntt Company the fourth
mll. ionc and ' Vn0T " " "??"0,v " 22"!4 rrw"
. , ! street, for the m nitlfactttro of women <
T WO ? n 5 rriK*' |
lade lined with ?*rm.n *
ttrcenf *ale. In IManinrutt.rk,
win t Stephen .1 Stilwell sold the home of
Sutter Basin, Captain Alfred Ksgan at Mamsrvmeck.
rogress, come. x. V.. to K. J. Miller; also the residence
ily tlv largest of .1 N".s at Harbor Heights to Anifld.
TVhlle It drew Wcldenhamer snd the cottage of
re many *pe- H. West at Hal.tead Manor to Wml1
>at farm, and Just

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