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i.jiiiii'ii mm
b a i?
| f?r
i Christmas j
y f/vres |j
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are for the
the finest H
" Paddingto>
England, tail<
and worn b'
dressed men.
burly, comfo
will keep a it
most severe dz
styling?so di
proposition a
of wearing thi
J 7<
i v
$aks &
! Broadway
W ~~
| ?
^ Continued from First PafK.
I -world for that purpose might be nexl
In official as well as in editorial circlei
there is considerable disnosition to feai
the results of any conference callet
within the Cntted States (est it do nol
include all the elements which are neces'
sary to establish the effective coopera'
tion which Mr. Harding seems to want
? - >' tr. nllminatf
| rner? is every uip^'tiv" -v .
the element of supersovereignty fron
the new order of things and to depenc
upon voluntary adhesion to the prin
ciples laid down generally as a result ol
an international conference. The verj
dependence upon this voluntary adhesior
is what prompts the British to be cau>
rl tious regarding preliminaries.
Argentina's action at Geneva in with'
> drawing from the assembly was referred
L I to as instancing how some nations mighi
r kick over the traces if. for Instance, tliej
were offended In the first place by noi
being invited to serve on a committee.
? It is reported lore that the incoming
__ Washington Administration contemplate!
Inviting Great Britain, France. Italy
, Japan and p. rhnps Argentina and Chik
< to become' the first guarantors of thf
peace of the world. It was pointed out
that the list did not Include at least twe
i important factors in continental Asia
China and Russia, and European neutral:
, who are already playing Important roles
1 in the work of reconstructing the world's
I finances.
Itiovning Street's Wish.
What Downing Street would like t<
see would be for the now Administrator
In Washington to get thoroughly ir
touch with all world opinion, elthei
rmally or informally, before movln(
a definite way, and not to move at al
until certain of unanimity, at least or
; the main lines of the idea.
In fact, Downing Street Diames mos
of the post-war uncertainties anc
j troubles on the necessary compromise:
| of all sorts which the peace conference
I was obliged to make after Presiden'
Wilson had rushed headlong Into prln
i with his fourteen points, many of whicl
! neither friends nor foes could have mad<
? practical about the peace table, howevei
55 cordially they had been forced to admlr<
I them when they were hurled at Ger
B many during hostilities.
Diplomats Would Limit Guar
antors to Five Nations.
Special Cable to Tub Nrw Yosk Hbhald.
Ccipi/rir/lit. 1920. bp The New York Mkbali
Nf* York Ill-raid Bureau, '
Pari*. Der. 10. (
Report.- from the United Htates giv
ing what purported to he the outltn
of a scheme under consideration b;
President-elect Harding for interna
; tlonal cooperation In bringing abou
world peace, which peace would res
on a formal guarantee entered Into bj
j the great Powers with the United State
an I not in the covenant of the Leagui
of Nations, 'excited the greatest Inter
1 est here.
A careful Investigation to-day soemei
to justify a prediction that sueh i
.y I
man iuho wants
ritiih Coat made
JS" are styled in
3red in England,
y England's best
Ihey are big,
rtable coats that
lan warm on the
ly . . . and in their
stinctly a man's
i man never tires
at 34th Street
V .1
j schema would meet with the approve, F5SB
of the French Oovernment as a aub- Bujg
stitute for the present League of Na- ||5
tions and the proposed Anglo-French- IE#1
J American military alliance, providing
\ certain conditions were met. One of ^VC
j these conditions, an authority here ex- *hr
plained, would be that it provide means
j for meeting those points of the Treaty
of Versailles to which the present
League of Nations scheme is tied in
i such a way that new negotiations wltt
uic uuuiittu vi w vein limn i on uicac (lutiiui i
i would not be required. That is conr
| sidered a vital question to France in I
1 , connection with the consideration oi jw /.
t any new proposal, even though the
-i principle of the scheme outlined in do
spatches from the United States ha* I
. already received hearty approval hers. iBlW
In fact, the general idea providing for l|fiB
i the big Powers, including the 'United TZTTrr?
I i States, contracting among themselves
- to Insure world peace and drawing up most it
f I a code of international law, the viola- could b
r tion of which, if pronounced by the 1i
J International Court of Justice, would f?r h*'
- I result in joint action by the Powers. f?r the
I met with u significantly favorable re- thereby
- ception in high quarters here to-day. name c
I It can bo stated that such a scheme for the
t comports exactly with earlier ideas 2. T!
held by French diplomatists, but whicn present
gave way before Wilson diplomacy. League
Immediately the plan was pronounced commis
; practical and regarded, if put into be- of the
Ing, as likely to be more effective than Nation!
the present league, which Is still seen 3. A
as resting on false Opinions embodying rest up
Ideas of a universal solidarity which Powers
does not exist. its obii
tlons, 1
Defensive Alliance Only. mense
The idea immediately envisaged in real ex
the French mind by this plan is that The
of a defensive alliance only to preserve thing s
peace. If It went further than that the nations
same trouble is foreseen here as was en- as thos
I countered, it was explained to-day, in the ex
' the early days of the peace conrerence? cernen.
namely, (he objection by other nations man 0
to having world affairs regulated in the tlrely '
name of the big Powers only. One diplo- be inst
matlc authority asserted that the same Govern
basic ideas were involved in the pro- ing, w
posed Anglo-French-American alliance g|Ve su
treaties and the American suggestion. |n farf
That was an evidence that France has preserv
never abandoned her first contention in nant.
favor of & military aQianoe with the big
Powers, which in Itsetf is another reason Th<
for the favorable reception the Harding
scheme has already seemed to meet with ,
here. thln?s
3 Less difficulty is seen in the way of 08
r this scheme, however, if there are in- '
; eluded in it only the five, big Powers. Indlcab
- The suggestion that possibly large South views.
American countries like the Argentina A t>
Republic and Chile might be invited to to the
enter into some kind of a peace guar- care. f<
j antee is foreseen here as inviting trouble 'fltc th
J ; with many other countries both in Eu- of ills
1 rope and America, who would feel they enough
' were slighted by no-recognition. York
" ! There is every reason to believe that feeling
! French diplomatists will be for dropping peace i
the present league scheme entirely in "Fra
I favor of the suggested arrangement, Americ
1 which is appealing to them as infinitely more c
more practical than the league, the only I can
i. thing standing In the way being those of It in
points of the Treaty of Versailles which "Persoi
I are tied to the covenant of the Leaguo to mal
. of Nations. present
P It was suggested to-day In one of the require
1 - ^a
i M The Sm
u Cigars
I All At L
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Romeo and Juliet, perfectos.
box of
Corona, perfectos, box of
Corona Coronas, box of
Coronas. Belvederes. box of
* Belinda, pcifcctos, box of .
" Calixto Lopez, pcrfcctos,
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' Belinda, Fancy Talcs, box of
' Romeo and Juliet, pcrfeccinad
box of .
1 Mild Havana Cigar:
1 Optimo, Presidents, can of .
I Admiration, Invinciblce,
box of ;
J (icms, box of l<
I Natural Bloom, Squares,
box of ]
4 box of :
J Regalia Pcrfccto, box of i
" box of i
El Ilifth Life, After Dinner, box of \
* | box of :
j*11 Staples, box of 1
M Charles the Fifth,
H Squares, .box of ;
M Lucella, Barontas, box of i
M Corona Petite, box of >
H Smoking Tobaccos
n in 16 oz. tins
U Herbert Tareyton,
H Serene,
rj Lake wood, Mixture,
D Prince Albert
D in 16 oz. Glass Humidors
M Mow*
0 _ ^
" i <ii i.i ? - ?
r Caption
jKavtnq an ctnierrtaiioncd organization
?ff^s tyjps HafrvnSui o\ew }6r/t
m* cwtne/uof the tov rates
of Gxchasije
^iftk (Avenue at SZ Street
ifluential quarters here that this ting together with her diplomat* to ar
e obviated as follows: range matters We have been waitini
tentlon of the assembly feature a long time, and the United States mai
lodicul meetings of the nations be certain France will listen gratefulr
purpose of general discussions, to any suggestions in an effort to ?olv<
enabling the retention of the the problem of world peace and her dlfti
if the present League of Nations cultles. It must be remembered, how
purposes of the treaty. ever, that France has signed and rati
te substitution for some of the fled certain peace treaties, wh^ch alsi
administrative machinery of the have been signed nnd ratified by1 enemj
of what would be International countries. She cannot be expected t?
islons, but still acting In the name repudiate her signature.
Assembly or the League of "Mr. Harding's sincerity is apparent
i. .. however, and I for one will welcome th<
guarantee that world peace would Idea of our getting together a* soon a:
on an agreement between the big hh; Government is Installed. For th<
, Instead upon the covenant with present, though. France must, wait foi
gatory clauses Involving all na- the development of his plans and not d<
arge and small, and raising im* anything to hamper the successfu
difficulties in the way of any working out of the peace problems."
ecutldn of It. Asked whether the limiting of such I
complete elimination of such a council to the big Powers would no
is a league or an association of likely evoke a protest from the smallei
from the treaty would. In so far nations, M. Poincare merely smiled uni
c points Which are connected with remarked:
ecution of the treaty are con- fulte possible, but as to thi
require the consent of the Ger- advisability of the plan, I reservi
overnment, to secure which en- opinion until some official expression u
new negotiations would have to forthcoming from the Harding Admit:!*
ituted. That is what the French tiation.
ment is keenly desirous of avoldhlle
otherwise it Is prepared to \GEN. O'RYAN FOR A NEW
pport to any scheme which would ?,An nwrnA
, but not in name, as a peace ITMn i/cr n.i\t man J jwu
ing agency supersede the cove
Special Despatch to Thb Nbw Tout Hbralb
. t...... ?? iv. ..... ir.__. ?w York Herald Bureau. I
e Tenor of French ? leW?- Washington. D. C.. Dec. 20. (
rally In the present state of Major-Gen. John F. O'Hyan of Nev
no French official would publicly Tork is believed to be slated for th(
much, but all private convefsa- position of chief of the Militia Bureau o
11 highest French official circles the War Department. His nomlnatlot
b this is the tenor of France's to-day by the President to be a Major
General in the United States Officer!
pical French attitude in regard Reserve Corps is regarded as the firs
idea was that of Raymond Pole- step in this plan. Under the army re
jrmerly President of France, who organisation act, passed last session, i
is evening Interrupted a defence Is required that after January 1, 1921
1914 policy as President long the chief of the Militia Bureau shall b<
to discuss briefly with The New appointed l'rom among the members o
Herald correspondent here his the Officers Reserve Corps,
regarding efforts to rebuild the High officers in the War Departmen
organization. never have failed to indicate their likinf
nee is naturally glad to have for Gen. O'Ryan and their admiratior
a signify her Interest, but I need of his soldierly ability. That is the rea
ietails regarding the Idea before son why, It is believed, he will he namec
prophesy what will he the effect for the new post. Several States hav<
French political circles," he said, recommended candidates,
nally I believe it will be possible The chief of the Militia Bureau wil
ce sufficient modifications in the get the pay. allowances and temporarj
. league scheme, to meet America's rank- of a Major-General in the Regulai
ments. This will require our get- Army.
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21, 1920.
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