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i ?
Miss Ottley Has
Five Hundred at
Debutante Party
Mrs. 0. B. French and Mrs. L.
(B. Elliman Entertain?
Naval Ball Also Held.
- Continuing
the merriment of Christmaw
week In the young set of society,
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ottley of 29
West Fifty-third street had the field to
themselves last night with a dinner and
J dance in tho Ititje-Carlton to Introduce
their daughter. Miss Martha M. Ottley.
Numerous dinners preceded the asj
sombly, one of the largest of which
j was given by Mr. and Mrs. Ottiey. In
theip group, in addition to their daughfter.
were Misses Eliza S. Parish, Mar.ue-ite
Doubleday, Katharine Kurd,
Ellen Randolph, Isabel Rockefeller, Julia
H Finakc, Charlotte Demorest, Odetre
Feder, Sarah G. Atha, Edith L M.
Smedberg and Katliryn T. Slayback,
' Messrs. Wilbam Harkness. Walden Pell
2d, Frand Gould, Hampton S. Lynch,
Lewis Livingston Delafield, Jr.: George
i Purdy Hiil, Eugene Hodenpyl, Skeffing-*
ton Norton, Gilbert C. Demorest, DaJ"?
Win P. Kinguley, Jr.; Philip A. S.
4 Franklin, Jr.; Sydney E. Brewster, Warren
D. Brewster, S. Ve-non Mann., Jr\;
fihelton Vole man and James H. Ottiey,
\ it.
Another dinner before the dance wtis
arranged by Mr. and Mrs. George Bar'
ton French for Misses Isabella Wr.oa,
Betty Thompson and Helen L. S. Trevor.
In their party were Misses Barbara F.
Hooker, Eleanor Towne, Cynthia Uigoiow,
Clara F. Workum, May Wistitr
Morris, Florence Ellsworth, Dorothy
Newton Sharp, Annie Burr Auchincloss,
Caroline Prentice and Phyllis Batchel
Sr. aiajor cooper r oom uuu mrgois.
enry G. Trevor, Jr.; Charles Coulter,
4 Rover Tuckerman. John Jay Schieffelin,
gouglaa Delany, Jesse Hoyt, Nelson
orland 2d, Daniel G~ant. James Warren,
Holbrook Cushman, Daniel Drakefimlth
and Douglas Campbell, who In
the interim between dinner and dance
were taken to see "The Broken Wing"
in the Forty-eighth Street Theatre.
Also preceding Mr. and Mra Ottley's
dance a dinner was given by Mr. and
Mrs. Lawrence B. Oilman for their debutante
niece. Miss Susan Bowers
Coppell. Their party Included Misses
.Edith Smith, Frances Nott. Margaret
Phelps, Betty Wolcott Merchant, Mary
Davis Landstreet, Urling Valentine and
Betty Murphy and Messrs. Walter W.
Stokes, Jr.; W. Savery Lower, Charles
W. Bowrlng, Jr.; Carl W. Tlmpson, J.
Herbert Claiborne, Jr.; John Meyer
Kort and L. M. Doyle.
Mrs. John D. Ryan gave a dinner at
3 Last Seventy-eighth street for her
son, Mr. John C. Ryan, and went to the
dance with her guests, who included
Misses Katherino Mackay. Betty Jackson,
Margaret Hennessy, Katharine 6lssell,
Margaret O. Flint, Katherjne Kent,
Beatrice and Phyllis Byrne, Catharine
and Laura Harding and several under;,Taduates
at Harvard home for the holidays.
Others among the 500 guests of Mr.
ind Mrs. Ottley were Misses Betty
Barber, Adelaide Kip Rhinelander, Marv
Osgood Field, Elizabeth Lee Dodge. Ellse
ii. xi ufci lit'.**, Utfimt; raiDuun, iiaui a i?iauuii,
Helena Ogden, Florence and Evelyn
Loew, Melissa Yullle, Yvonne Gourd.
Emily Sloane Hammond, Louise Vanderbltt
Schieflfelln. Muriel Vanderbllt, Helen
1. Sehntevfnd, Lilian L. Remeen, Caroline
O. Prentice and Betsy Flagg.
Mrs. Roger Lewis will give an afternoon
dance in the Plaza on December 30
or her (laughter. Miss Mary Barbey
All of last night's dancing was not
for the amusement of the debutantes.
In the Commodore Hotel was the Naval
ball, under the auspices of a large committee.
headed by Mrs. Julian W. Robbins,
for the Navy Club, at 15 East
Forty-first street. As the hotel management
donated the use of the ballroom
suite, the amount of money
raised was substantial. The band
from the U. S. Pennsylvania furnished
virile dance music. The
hall was under the patronage of Admiral
II. B. Wilson, who commands the
Atlantic squadron and who, with a
number of additional guests, dined with
Mrs. Vincent Astor In her home, 840
Fifth avenue. Other dinners were given
by Mrs. A. Barton Hepburn. Mrs. John
Henry Hammond, Mrs. Belmont Tiffany,
Mrs. I. Chauncey McKeever, Mrs.
Lydig Hoyt, Mrs. Spencer Turner and
Mrs. M. Lentilhon Crook, who took her
ruests to the theatre and later had a
box overlooking the ballroom floor.
A nance lust night at the Plaxa In aid
of the building fund of the Madison
Avenue Exchange for Woman's Work
netted more than $1,000. There wore
table* for bridge for those who did not
caro to dance. Home exhibition dances
were given by members of a Russian
ballet under the direction of Stanislaws
Portapovitch. Boxes were had by
Mmes. Ira Barrows, William Lowe
rtlce, William A. Jamison, Albert H.
W'iggln, William Barbour, Melvln A.
Hronson, N. Hamilton I>alton, Arthur
rtyie, William C. Ivison, Anson H.
Flower, Thomas Denny, Stephen H.
Tyng, Jr.; Frederick Gunther and
Charles Newcomb.
Mrs. Otto Kahn will open her home for
u lecturc-musicale by Percy Grainger on
ho afternoon of December 28 at the
econd of the series of lectures given under
the auspices of the Schola Cantorum.
Mr. Grainger will speak on "The Art of
Cyril Scott." with illustrations on the
piano by Mr. Grainger and Mr. Scott.
There also will be readings of Mr. Scott's
064*566 - > 60S fiflfc J
a limited
D 4_'f..l D
Dcauiliui D
| al
Velvet and
Formerly to $I 5(
A unique collection
imported designs- -drawmountings
this showing
tunityfor those seeking
in gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright Brown will
give a dinner to-night at the Kltz-Carlton
for their nieces, Miss Julia Brown
Fincke and Miss Dorothy Douglas
Brown, for whom their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin C. Fincke, and Mr. and
Mrs. James M. Brown will give a dance
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Francis will
give a dance to-night in the Colony Club
to introduce their daughter. Miss Katharine
\V. Francis. In advanA of it Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Curtis* James will give
a dinner for Miss Francis at 3b East
Sixty-ninth street.
Mr. and Mrs. William k. ae Haven
entertained at dinner at their home, 115
East Fifty-third street, last night. The
guests included Mr. and Mrs. Lindley M.
Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. T.
Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B. Bricigman
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Murry.
Mrs. William Constable of 17 West
Forty-eighth street will give a luncheon
to-day for her grandniece. Miss Ethel
Chard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thornton
Chard of Albany, who are passing
the winter here.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Thebaud. who
have lived in Paris for some time, have
taken an apartment at 420 Park avenue.
They expect to live In New York hereafter.
Mrs. William Baylis and Miss Adelaide
B, Baylis have returned from Long
Island and will be at the Colony Club
until starting for tho West the first week
In January.
A luncheon for Miss Betty Wolcott
Merchant, a debutante, will be given to.1....
.1.. / '?!??. 1.,. h/.r
! Mrs. Huntington \V. Merchant, and Mrs.
! Edwin Campbell.
Mrs. I'liillp C. Sawyer of 128 West
Fifty-ninth street has a luncheon and
theatre party to-day for her daughter,
Miss Eleanor Sawyer.
A debutante luncheon to-day will be
given by Mrs. Edwards Spencer of 11
West Sixteenth street for her niece, Mlsa
Mary Barbara Spencer.
Mrs. Charles G. Meyer will give a dinner
to-night at the Plaza for her young
daughter, Miss Margaret Meyer, and
afterward take her guests to the first of
the holiday dances there.
Princess Eugene Ituspol! and her
niece, Miss Marian Berry, who arrived
on board the Nleuw Amsterdam, will be
at the St. Regis two months.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Carhnrtt of
927 Fifth avenue will start to-day for
Detroit to pass the Christmas week with
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Alexander will
go to Tuxedo, N. Y., for Christmas, to
be the guests' of their son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kip
Mrs. Stoddard Hoffmai^ has gone to
Texas to pass the Christmas holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thoma3
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert H. Gary will have
a party of friends at their country house
at HlcksviUe, L. X., for Christmas.
Mrs. Lawrence B. Elliman will give a
dance on New Year's eve for her young
daughter, Miss Edyth Elliman.
The Misses Lucy and Anne Maury,
nieces of Mrs. Wilson, who have been
guests at the White House, have roi
turned to their home In Roanoke, Va.
The British Ambassador and Lady
| Geddcs were entertained at dinner last
night by Mr. Robert Ijeslic Cralgle, Secretary
of the ICmbassy, and Mrs. Craigie.
Tho Ambassador of Peru and Senora
de Pezet were the chief guests at a dinner
given last night by Major William
E. Fowler and Mr. John Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lansing gave a
dinner last night. Among the guests
were Secretary of Agriculture and Mrs.
Mrs. Marshall Field entertained at
luncheon yesterday.
Mrs. John Hnys Hammond gave a tea
yesterday for Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse.
Washington. Dec. 22.?Mrs. Henry
M. Hoyt of 1701 Rhode Island avenue
has announced the engagement of her
I niece, Miss Hope MeMichael, to Capt.
Ksio Garibaldi, youngest son of Gen.
Rlcciotti Garibaldi and Slgnora Garibaldi
of Rome. Mrs. Hoyt is the wife
of the late Mr. Henry M. Iloyt. Miss
MeMichael Is the granddaughter of the
late -Morton MeMichael of Philadelphia.
Capt. Garibaldi is the youngest of a
famous Italian family. Two brothers
lost their lives during the war. Five are
still living. They are grandsons of the
Italian patriot Garibaldi.
ConuoBA, Spain, Dec. 21.?The Duke of
Penarnnda and the Marquesa Villaviero
were married here to-day In the presence
of many persons high in the social
life of Spain. The Marquis Vlana represented
King Alfonso and the Duke of
Santona represented the Queen.
Miami, Flu., Dec. 21.?Lord Astor and
n party of nine flew from Miami to
Bimini Island and remained over Sunday.
The party chartered an aeromarine
navy cruiser of fourteen passengers
capacity now operating between
Florida and West Indian ports.
tiiw $c (bu?I
iPCflllf, 4-6IT AMD 4-7T2? STS.
group of
leaded Bags
1 Silk Bags
) at *35?$50
i ot bags including many
string shell and sterling '
? offers an unusual opporlast-minute''
Mme. Walska Is
Sphinxlike, but
Asks a Passport
Prima Donna Who Withdrew
Suddenly from Oi?era Wants
to Travel Abroad.
Mme. Oanna Walska, who left Chicago
on the eve of her prospective debut In
"Zaaa" with the Chicago opera company
and returned yesterday to her New York
home witn her husband, Mr. Alexander.
Smith Cochran, is preparing to start Tor
Europe as soon as she can obtain passport!.
This aftermath of her sensational departure
from Chicago just before her adj
vertised debut In grand opera became
known through her application yesterday
to Mr. Ira L. Hoyt, chief of the passport
bureap here, for papers permitting her
to travel abroad.
She observed a sphinxlike attitude
when asked her reasons for such a precipitate
"You will get no information." was
her reply to all questions last night
If in the pouch that carried Mme.
Walska'a application to the State Department
in Washington, there was similar
application by Mr. Cochran. Mr.
Hoyt said he was not aware of It. All
he could say was that In the singer's
application she attlccd for passports for
"various parts of Europe"
Mme. Walska remains secluded in her
home at 101 East Ninety-fourth t' < et.
MOVIES ASK $2,500,000
; January 26 Set Apart as Motion
Picture Day.
Motion Picture Day will be celebrated
i throughout the United States In all
meairca given uvur 10 iuu miituuw an
on JJnuary 26, It was announced yesterday
by William A. Brady, president
of the National Association of the Motion
Picture Industry, and Sydney M:
Cohon, president of the Motion Picture
Theatre Owners of America, following a
j meeting in the Hotel Bristol.
Motion Picture Day was designated
1 as the day upon which every motion
picture theatre and all other members of
; the Industry will get behind the nai
tlonal collection of the European Ite|
lief Council, Herbert Hoover, chairman,
to obtain $33,000,000 for the ill and
1 starving children of Pastern and Oen1
tral Europe. It Is hoped, Mr. Brady
| said, to enlist every theatre owner and
j manager for a concerted effort to obtain
In thut one day the $2,500,000 ijuota of
j the film Industry.
Charles C. Pettljohn Is enlisting the
managers and Jeroinc A. Myers Is enlisting
four-minute men to gp.uk in all
! theatres that day.
American Aviator Marries N.
Y. Girl at St. Augustine.
Special Despatch to Tun New Yo?k lle?*i.r>.
St. Augustine, Fla., Pee. 21.?Eddie
| Rickenbaoker, American nee of aces in
I the great war, and Miss Frances <?.
I Hanon of New York, were married here
i yesterday by the Rev. l>r. Barton B.
: Bigler of Flagler Memorial Presbyterian
I Church. The witnesses were Mr. Day.
manager of the Seminole Hotel, in Jncki
sonville; Mrs. Jane P. Hlckey and Mr.
| W. M. Fa ran s, both of New York.
Members of the party motored here
'="? 'Jr ,
i vllle, and after Inncheon the marriage
was celebrated at the Hotel Alcazar. It
Is stated that the wedding Is the culI
minatlon of a romance that began only
| two or three days ago, when they met at
j the Hotel Seminole in Jacksonville.
DnnKhter of the I.ate C. C. tloffe
Married to Mr. II. W. Hndmore.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wheelwright Burgess
j of New York was married in this city
last evening to Mr. Horace Walter Badmore,
paymaster lieutenant (late Royal
I Naval Reserve, British Navy). The
; ceremony was performed by the Rev.
I Percy T. Edrop In the presence of a
small group of guests. Mr. Radmore
and his bride will pans some time In
i California before returning,to New York.
Prom June, 1317, to July, 1919, he was
j a member of the staff of the British
I naval attache In Washington. He Is a
member of the New York Yacht Club.
Mrs. Radmore Is the elder daughter of
the late Charles Campbell Goffe, for
some time a member of the New York
Stock Exchange. She and her fjrst husband,
Mr. Edward G. Burgess, Jr., were
divorced In September, 1918.
Miss Jeannette Leah Heeht, daughter
of Mr. an<l Mrs. William Hccht of 340
West Eighty-ninth street, was married
1 last night to Benjamin W. Rosenblum,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Itosonhlum of
490 Weal End avenue and nephew of
former Sheriff Ma* S. Qrlfenljagen. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
Dr. Maurice H. Harris In the crystal
room of the Hotel Plaza. The maid of
honor was Miss Maxlne Rosenblum. The
matron of honor was Mrs. Harold L.
Helmerdlnger. Misses Clarice linger
and Rose Schwartz were bridesmaids.
The best man was Edwin Goldberg,
Mme. Lulaa Tetrazzlni received yesterday
the American Red Cross Medal of
the District of Columbia Society. She Is
the first foreigner so honored. The
award was In recognition of her interest
In the maimed service men at the Walter
Reed Hospital In Washington when fire
devastated four wards, reaulting In loss
of life and property. The singer took
her entire concert company to the Red
Cross Auditorium of the Institution In
the evening following the fire and gave
a concert.
There 1t a notable collection of OI1
English sliver on view at the Plaza Art
Rooms, 5 East Fifty-ninth street, where
It will be sold this afternoon. There are
174 pieces of,antique silver, a port of a
larger collect*'*.
W All th* Holiday JJ
a books a
u <4n unmual assortment yj
*JU /rom to select rj
W ? suitoile Xmms CI ft l2|
? brentano's b
L Booksellers to the World Ji
Fifth Ave and 27th St. 4!
?w York Vh !
/\ . .
S 4
I ?=
Miss Marilynn Miller and Irving *
Fisher in "Sally."
Miss Marilynn Miller Brightest
Star in Musical Play
"Pally," which Florenz Zlegfeld. Jr.,
pn sented to the wondering gaze of Manhattan
last night at the New Amsterdam
Theatre, has enough sparkling, vibrar.t
material for two musical comedies i,
roof show, three high laas vaudeville
turns and sixteen modish dressmaking
establishment:. There are not only Miss
Marilynn Miller and Leon ICrrol as costars
but constellations of satellites
spinning and pirouetting like solar sys- |
terns with the glad Jazz, "Hltchy-Koo" j
appears to have left Indelibly Impressed |
on this house the tradition of myriad
stars, and last night they appropriately
i swung about to Jerome Kern's buoyant
! music of the spheres.
For all of Its length?which probably ;
; will have several tucks taken In It lm- |
mediately?It keeps eyes and ears con1
stantly on the qui vlve, so that one 1
presently doubts the evidence of the
: horoiogical heirloom that It Is past 11
o'clock. After the blur of brilliant Impressions,
of swirling colors, of pretty
faces and especially of tlia childlike.
vMstful smile of Miss Miller has been
brushed from t lie eyes, the general effect
left Is that of overwhelming movement
and. beauty?not beauty deliberately
ordered, like a band made German landscapes
but so adroitly arranged that It
seonis to have Just happened like Niagara
Mr. Zlegfeld lias achieved the triumph
of making Greenwich Village beautiful
Joseph Urban Settings.
He does that in the first act setting of
the Alley Inn, with the help of Joseph
Urban, who lias his way again In the
following act with one of those garden
scenes he loves to transplant to t he
stage, and in the setting for the butterfly
ballet, clinching the conviction that
; if another Garden of Eden Is ever
planned Urban should be called In for
This is not a revue such as the Zieg- !
feld name has been associated with in
'the past, but a real musical comedy,
wttli u Cinderella story, a funny waiter
and everything. In thus departing from
tils accustomed field Mr. Ziegfeld has
proven witii this magnificently presented
Mince that his showmanship can even |
grapple with a plot that starts Burntwhere
near Washington Square.
Perhaps Guy Iiolton in providing the
book kept his thought to the pretty little
girl who served In a Broadway rea- |
taurant and was presently darting
glances in the "Midnight Frolic." At
any rate. Ids libretto was concerned
with a little settlement charge who
washed dishes In a red Ink resort, spectacularly
proved her worth as a dancer,
became the premiere danseuse of the
| "Follies" und had a wealthy and handsome
young man marry her, which
fould seem to be the natural destiny of
"Kollles" girl.
If washing dishes meant developing
into such a splendidly rhythmic dancer
all young women would fly to their pots
and pans. In this connection Miss Miller
played a trick on the audience, for a
line of girls In gingham aprons first appeared
and Jigged, with poke bonnets
hiding their fa<cs. and then. Just as all
of the spectators were whispering.
; "Doesn't the one on the left dance well?" i
she suddenly? But there, solve the |
riddle for your own amusement.
Butterfly llallrt Nnperli.
Miss Miller struck her zenith In the
butterfly ballet number, which Victor
Herbert composed for her and conducted
with his usual air of a spirited Santa
Plaus. Here, nmld swirling butterflies
and moths who leaped because the very S
i colors In their superbly blended costumes
! seemed to leap. -Miss Miller flashed those
vivacious legs wniic ine Bpii-uuor^ kh-kieil
her with tho continuous applause ol
a, candidate accepting the nomination.
Always she struck poses that were i
In themselves a delight to the eye, while
even her little finger quivered In ecstasy,
and on her pretty face hovered
that smile that alone would make her
dancing worth while. Moreover, she
gave evidence with "Joan of Arc" and
"Tlie Lorelei" that her voice has too
long been obscured by her twinkling
toes. In masquerading as a Russian
dancer with a past she gave proof likewise
that she can act a foreign part
without the usual aid of a cigarette and
dark rings around the eyes.
Mr. Hrrol Karns Applause.
Like Miss Miller. Eeon Errol fully '
earned his applause as a star, being so
funny a waiter he deserved every check
he gouged on. Of course he was really
the Puke of Ccenhogovinin, who was
compelled to break dishes Incognito for
a livelihood because a revolution had
been better than he was. But being a
duke?and a waiter?didn't keep lilm
from executing those falls with which
he has left his mark on the stage. In
"The Srhnitza Komlsskl" he had an
amusing song, and with Miss Miller he
did a dance that grew a crop of thrills
and laughs simultaneously. Every time '
he spoke the chucklea became frantic.
Walter Catlett as a hick theatric*! |
i agent had his diverting bits, somewhat!,
suggestive of Ed Wynn, but tickling :n
I their own right, and with Mary Hay for
a ehannlng foil he kept the pot boiling
with song and dance. Irving Fisher's J
I agreeable tenor was fully equal to the I ,
| demands. and Dolores In various shimmering
gown* wan r handsome hack- ;
ground, civlng the place the inspiration
of the Statue of Liberty.
In Its general outline* the theme of
the piece that clothe, spell success has t
some of the allure of 'Irene," and MIm
i think of !t
< O i
;; buy of if,;
681 Fifth Avenue <h '
Wf <
> ^ j
Alice O'Neill proved it lip to the hill w\
la i r.oi t!voiui costumes, especially in tl
garden seem. All In all, with its ilaliv
power to .beguile, the only kicks ncce
sniy for it uro those of Alias MUIer.
Tlie first night audience Included Mr
William K. Vtuiderbllt 2d, Mr. and Mi
George G. llourue, Mr. and Mrs. Hem
Bradley Plant, Mr. Julea Glaenscr, M
Frank A. Munsey, Mr. and Mrs. Lou
G Kaufman, Mr. William Khlneland
Stewart, Jr. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ksmond
O'Brien, Mr. Ferdinand Frasler Jclk
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Dllllnghat
Mr. and Mrs. David Wagstaff, Mr. ai
Airs. Julian M. Gerard, Mr. and Mr
J. Leonard Hep logic, Mr. and Mrs. Sal
ing Baruch, Air. and Mrs. Bernard 3
Haruch, Air. William II. Kd wards, AI
and Mrs Frltz-Krelaler, Mr. and Mr
Allen Gouverneur Wellman, Mr. a>
.Mrs. Lydig Hoyt and Mr. and Mrs. Mo
gan Belmont.
Dancer in Communicatio
With Former Husband.
Whether it's due to the Chiiatrw
spirit cr to an Impending operatic
which Maurice Is to undergo, It Is <
the curds that the well known danc
and his former wife and partner, Ml
Florence Walton, are to b? reconcile
Miss Walton, who divorced her husbat
on April 7 last at White Plains, admi
ted the possibility yesterday.
On Saturday she received a letti
from Maurice. He was operated upt
In Knglund a month ago. As soon as 1
was able to travel, perhaps earlier tha
he should, he went to Paris. The letti
told that he had walked In the Bets fc
the first time. There were other thing
too. that may have been what a lone
man might be expected to say arour
tin; holidays.
On Sunday came a cable Tt told thi
Maurice would have to go to a hospiti
in Paris for unother operation for tl
same trouble. Back went an unswi
from Miss Walton saying if the open
Hon was to be serious she would tal
the Olympic Dec. 29. The messag
went to the home of Maurice's fathe
Oscar Mouvet, Sr., at 1 Rue Tronehu
Yesterday at her room In the Blltmoi
the dancer waited for another cable. A
attractive offer from Chicago to dam
there was unanswered on her desk.
"Does this mean a reconciliationV
friend asked Miss Walton.
"Well?perhaps so," said the dance
rather wistfully It seemed.
"You haven't found anybody to tal
his place?" was suggested.
"Xo! Xo!" emphatically. "There
no one can dance like Maurice."
"It would seem as though Ohristmi
would bo the time to patch It up," sui
gested the friend.
"yen. 1 think we both realise no
we were to blame," said Miss Walto
who resumed her waiting for the cable.
Physician a Martyr to His D<
votion to Science.
Dr. Jamea T. Morehouse of We:
Orange. .V. J , died Monday night In tl
New York Hospital, 8 West JSixtcetu
street, a martyr to his devotion I
medical science. He was 63 years ol
Shortly after Roentgen announced h
discovery of the X ray In 18!?r> Dr. Mor
bouse became Interested In thn subje
and its application to medical use ar
for nearly a quarter of a centurv b*
conducted experiments In X ray wor
He had been graduated from the Ne
York College of Pharmacy In 1879 ur
In 1893 received his degree of M. 1
from the University of the City of Ne
York, since merged with Cornell.
Dike many other physicians who ei
gaged In the study of the Roentgen r;
between 1S95 and 1905, before devlc
to protect the body from the powerf
effect of the "soft" rays, Dr. Morehou
received burns from the' rays whi<
eventually caused his death. Workil
with the appuratua without the she
lead Insulation with which It is nc
protected and without tho alumlnu
plates which shut off the dcstructf
action of the rays Dr. Morehouse b
came affected with the disease of tl
skin known as "X ray dermatitis." H
left hand was frequently burned and
time the first and second Angers had
be amputated.
In 1918 the affection nttacked his le
side and ho was operated on In tl
New York Hospital. On October
last an operation was again necessai
and he remained at the hospital un
his death.
Special De-patch to Till Niw York Mb**
PkovimtNca, I>oc. SI.?Mm. Charh
Matteaon, wife of former Chief Justl.
Muiteson of the Supreme Court of Ithod
[.?land, died at her homo here to-day >
the ago of 68. With her husband si
ravelled extensively In all parts of tli
wot Id, Including China, .Tapun, Kyvi
India, Turkey, southern Europe and tli
Philippine Islands. She had written <
ler travels for various publication*. B'
ddes her husband she leaves three son:
Mrs. Elisabeth Cuasck Wenk, wh
vrote for the New York American en
>ther news[>?pers, as well ns mmta
tines, under the nanin of Nina Pater
*on, died yesterday after a lomr lllne
n her home, at 32 West Fourteent!
it rest, Whitestono.
Forr Plain. Dec. 21.?Edward Wen
>le, former Representative In Congrer
and for more than forty years x Dcm<
frtitlc leader In central New York, die
yesterday in his home In Fultonvlll
^ 'impRBIIiPliKP
22, 1920.
Noted Churchmen and Laymen
to Attend Cathedral
Services To-morrow.
Simplicity will characterize tne obsequies
to-morrow over the body of Bishop
Charles Sumner Burch of the Protestant
flplscopal diocese of New York. The funeral
service, which la to be held at 3
o'clock in the afternoon In the Cathedral
-. " t_ i? nu.lx. will hi* fhnf 1
ui ou vi'.'tin ixic v ???%< ~ ? - ---?
known ga the "simple burial order" In
the ruble of the church. The same ritual
was used at the funeral of Bishop Greer.
Bishop Burch's predecessor
It waa announced last night that the
body will lie In state In the cathedral |
, from 10 o'clock to-morrow morning until
the hour set for the services.
After conference yesterday with Mrs. I
Burch and her son and daughter It wan
determined definitely that after the .
Cathedral services interment will be j
private and at the convenience of the j
family. Ultimately, after necessary prep- 1
nrations have bean made, the body of the
Bishop will rest lt\ the crypt of the
cathedral beside that of Bishop Greer.
Before Bishop Burch had been consecrated
ns the Suffragan Bishop of the
diocese lie had expressed tho wish that
he be burled at his old home In Michigan.
After Ids situ ation to tie- t pisco- |
pate he h?d not spoken of th dirrosai !
of liis body. Ills widow and children
lh felt, therefore, that they would not be '
ie justified in departing from the precedent
ty established when '.he mortal bodies of i
a- botn Bishop Greer and Bishop Henry
Codman Potter were interred within the
s. sacred close on Cathedral Heights,
s. Bishop Greer's body lies In the crypt
ry of the cathedral, as also does that of
r. Dean William M. Grosvenor, who died i
Is December 9. 1916. The body of Bishop
or Henry Codman Potter Is entombed In 6t
P. James's Chancel, one of the seven chapelB
e. subsidiary to the main cathedral strucn.
ture. Bishop Horatio Potter was
id burled In Poughkeepsle, but his body
e. also is to bo removed to the cathedral
il- after a tomb has been prepared for It.
J Thus is to be fulfilled the purpose of enr.
tombing within the edifice the prelates
a whoso episcopacy witnessed us tru?in.
id It had not been decided last night
r- which of the neighboring bishops will j
preside at the funeral Fcrvice. Dean
Howard Chandler Robbins announced
that among the bishops who will tak" !
part In the ritual are the Right Rev. 7 I
3 Oallor, Bishop of Tennessee and president
of the Executive Council of the Episcopal
hurch; the Right Rev. Arthur S.
n Lloyd, former Bishop Coadjutor of Vir- '
k'lnla and iiresident of the Board of Mis- ,
slons of the Episcopal Church: the Right
Rev. Charles II. Brent of Buffalo, Bishop
8 of Western New York and formerly
senior chaplin of the A. E. F.; the Right
'".Rev Edwin F. Lines, Bishop of Newark ; '
'"r the Right Rev. Frederick Burgees,
Bishop of Long Island: tv? Right Rev.
i Charles Olmstenrt. Bishop of Central !
New York; the Right Rev. Philip M. j
Uhlnelander. Bishop of Pennsylvania,
luid the Right Rev. Chauncey F. Brew,r
stcr, Bishop of Connecticut. The rathe- '
,rJ dral clergy. Including Dean Robbins.
,0 Canon R. E. Jones and Canon Sacrist E i
in Briggs Nash, also will take part. i '
'%r The great choir of the cathedral was I ]
jr being draped yesterday in sombre folds i
. ' of funereal purple and black. The build- I
y ing will be open to the public, though j
certain seats are to be reserved until ten
minutes before the beginning of the ser- |
, vice for those to whom special cards of '
fl invitation were being addressed yestcr- J
lt- day. Thgso so honored Included Gov. ]
P? Smith. Mnyor Hylan and members of the i
''J" Municipal Board of Estimate, certain <
'* representative clergymen of all other de- j
' nominations in New York city: the 420 |
clergy officially attached to the 207 par- !
' ' Ishcs, missions and preaching stations of
8 the New York Protestant Episcopal Dlo- (
' cese ; the officiating bishops of neighbore
ing dioceses, some of whom are to take t
active part In the service, and all the
grand chaplains of th<? Masonic order in
| tills niaie, wno win ?? uhhw
' Iii the funeral procession from the Blsh!
op'o House to the cathedral. Tompkins
' | Lodge of Stapleton, S. I., of which
lgj Bishop Burch was the grand chaplain, is
! expected to attend In a body.
. Th?- honorary pallbearer*, as announced
_ | by Dean Robblns, w ill Include the Rev. i
I Dm. William T. Manning, Ernest M. |
_. Stlres, Charles L. Slaftory, E. Clowes ,
Chorley, Theodore Sedgwick, R. Judge.
' | Herbi rt Shipman. F. >S. Smlther, Jr.; j
: William H. Owen, Jr., and Messrs
! James R. Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Robert G. Itone, August Belmont,
o William If. Burr, Dr. Nicholas Murray
* i Butler. Charles Steele, William Fellowes
Morgan, George Bourne, William V
Hoffman, Ogden Mills Bold, George Zaj
briskle, Stuyvesant Fish, Thornoe S. McLane
and Enmund L. Baylies.
Rending election of Bishop Burrh'e
?t successor the management of diocesan
>e affairs falls automatically Into the
h hands of the standing commltteo. the i
10 chairman of which is the Rev, Dr
d. Stlres, rector of St. Thomas's Church.
Is and the membership of which was pubs'
ilahed yesterday in The Nbw York
ft jiebald.
'4 She Played in Support of
Many Noted Adore.
,y , Mary Kate Byron, widow of Oliver
,8 Doud Byron, noted actor, and sister of
ul the iRte Ada Rehan, and herself Ion* a
HC prominent figure on the American stagi-.
' died yesterday of heart disease at her
winter home at 40 Harrison avenue,
' 1 Montclalr, N. J. Hhc waa a native of
lvv Mmcrlck, Ireland, and was 75 years old. ]
nl She roc impsnlcd her father to this counve
try when lb yeare old, and two years
e* later began her stage career, appearing In
ll9 productions staged hy Auguatln Daly at
* the old Nlblo's Garden, then in lower
,n Broadway. She played In support of
t0 such stars as Kdwln Booth, Joseph Jefferson
and W, J. Florence, and for a
ft time was a member of a company headed
by Mrs. John Drew, which played In the
i:? Arch street Theatre In Philadelphia. In
ry l RG7 she appeared with her sister, Ada
tH Uclian, who later became famous.
D. ______
War and State Department?
r r i d a . j
ana c.rriuus3_y ne^ircscnica.
'J Washington, Dec. 21.?Special ser>1,
viem will mark the funeral here Thura<*
lay of Private Vlrtato Claudto de Mello,
'f a native of Ttraall, who died while ?erv'
Ing with the American forcea In Oer'
many. Secretary Baker and representatlve*
of the State Department and the
Brazilian Kmbn^ay will attend the
0 funeral In "recognition of the traditional
,1 friendship between Brazil and the j
. 1'nlted States, as well as of the support
. given by that nation to tho American
? Government nnd the Allies against the |
>, i central Powers," the War Department's
announcement said.
D^ Mello werved with the American
I (expeditionary Force* throughout the
i-t _
,1 Miss Margaret Crownshleld, a gradu,
j ate of Welleetor College and the Int
structor of many young women who
later became: prominent in New York
society, died yesterday at Mlas Spence's
School, where she had been head of the
deparement of physics and chemistry
for ten years and a member of the faculty
for twenty-six years. 1
LOST.?A reward will be paid for information
leading to recovery of a 1020 Bulek,
modi) K 40. nock color coupe body: firm
No 014001. motor No H004T1, license No.
D-TS2 N. Y ; stolerf from 12."tl? Broadway,
N. V. C . December 20, between 3 "0 and 4
1 ^VUUanijjt. John 3d4t>.
LOST?Sunday afternoon, on a No. f> bus
black tile bag containing shell spectacles.
Bray gloves and small amount money; finder
may keep money, Please notify Mrs. DAVID*
BON, Audubon 2430.
LOST?Liberal reward, no questions asked,
clothing and violin taken from 250 W:?l
Willi St. R. V. Pause. Phone River 5&:i*.
LOST?I.lbera! reward for package of
watches left In telephone booth at John ?t.
and Broadway, no questions asked. I'hone
Melrose Hotc. H. KALKEN8TKLN, 34d E.
LOST?Vanity > ase, gold a'ld while enamelled
Ssturduy, Dvcptnber 18. Return to cachlcr.
I ettn.ylvkiila Hotel, will receive libeiHl reward.
LOST Diamond bur |>in, Tueaday morning,
Dacumh. r Hi. shopping district. 31(1 to 371I1
at., 6tl? ui,(i MadUou ava., cr Ull t more Hotel
Suitable reward If returned to owner at U
E. Ofith.
LOST- December Tr! pear ?hap?d lavalller.
diamond cut amethyst act In platinum with
four diamond*, liberal reward. N 2-IT Her- '
aid. Herald iq.
LOBT?Pearl necklace. In ftth av. ahopplng
district, Tucada.v, December 31. Finder deliver
to THJCt >1 OltK A KOll.N 4 SON, Jewsllerg,
891 6th av Howard
l.OST?Diamond heart chape pin between
31th and 33th ate. and 3th a, . or tli av
but. Monday. Reward. I. MACE, Williams- 1
bridge. New Vn: !i . it>
LOUT?Monday fur
pin, with one auppldt I'tlr'iel ..i.e.:, [ ;)'!
H. BRUM, plione Hjoart i.Tdn.
i.osT-Huiiday. tnilt.itloi necklace. 1
"lith at.. 7th to 10th av Un, nlw?: to .i !
>t.; reward, I'rrrpeet 3130.
L-'pT?Sunday, pin. circle of p. a: i.t. liteturn
for return of diamond pin forming the letter'
C. H. It.; loat December 11, belw n 34th and
tOSth nts. BLACK. STARR t FROST, 3th ;
av. amt 48th at.
for return of diamond and platinum bar pin
lost December Id In Blltmorc or Booth Theatre,
taxi from thaatre to Llttla Club. Phona
Plaza 771. ARMSTRONG$400'
for return of platinum and diamond o\al
(draped brooch containing 87 diamond*; lint
December 1(1, between 20th nnd With ?tn.t oi
hi taxlcab. W. D. TTTSTEN, 0-M 3th av.
fcr return of piatlrrum ring, large square
wpphlrc. vttlr small diamutida In mounting:
loir: Decernner 12. between 47th and dint sts.
I1DA1.L 4 llALI.OU, 374 3th av.
$1,000 REWARD.
Diamond platinum pin. 227 stones, 7 lnrite
mien lu centre. Phone Schuyler tlti.'O.
Wearing Apparel.
LOST?On Saturday, yellowish fur rieekpi"re;
$23 reward. HOLI'KN. 230 3th av.
SO REWARD.?lift In taxi. Friday night,'
entile scarf. Finder picaac return, SIIOEN
RE''K, 73 Ward 4Hth et. _
POPE?'TAYLOU.?On Saturday, Daren it>?r
IS, at Newton Highland**, Mass.. Allan
Alice Warren pope to Tarn*? W. Taylor,
The ceremony was performed by thp h?v.
.Samuel N, Cola, p. p., president of
Wlicaton College.
\hearn. .Toitn F. Xta uhe. Fanny
italn. Olive L. Kurt It. Mr J. C.
[locejtman. IS. T. Macgregcr. Clara A. |
[tiersehcnk, Anna Man. Fannie M.
Rralnar.l. Frank Mi Cord. Joint C.
Irnndt, H. C. (-?. N111t e, Pauline
llruvn, Rylvanu" II. I'ltUlppatvln. Il&nchcn
(lurch, Charles 8. n. J H.
Buaslng, Sarah M. Kanteey, William H.
Byer?, Jamea Roaalle, Florence I,,
ftyron, M iry K. Srhlff. Slnton
"Vitiate. Mary L. A. Srhwarn, Auyuat L.
Connolly, Catherine Slnghinan. Mma
Crownrhlclrt.Margaret Smith, Emily
Oc Conlo, Margaret Smith. Jane S.
Dtiniont. William H. Stafford. Lacy
iray. Clarence DcL. 81cvena. llettry V.
Uager, Phlln S.. Swift, William J.
Hcttdrlcka, Florence N Voorhee*. Mary A.
Kochersperger H. J.
In Mentnrlnm.
thraham*. Morrta. O'ltaJlJy, (leorib
Bingham. Lloyd M Itnae. France*
Chapman, Elizabeth A Smith, Thnm?? H.
Harnett. K I. D. Btern, Nathan
Moore-Mordeeal, M. Sullivan. Timothy P.
ue , uv?T?l,? V on rtecamh. r 13. beloved
husband of Elizabeth Ahcarn (re-. Atvell).
Funeral from hi* Into residence,
'.'Of) East Broadway. Wednndar. December
22. a: !):30 A. M. Solemn mas* of requiem
at St. Mary's Church. Grand and
Ridge at*.
BAIN?Olive Love, beloved wife of John
Bala, Jr.. and mother of Mr?. Percy Haniilton.
Kittle and Mr*. Spencer H. Logan,
auddenly. at Latlierun Hospital. on December
20. Service* The Fttneral Church,
Campbell Building. B'way >a aflth *t., on
Wednesday, Itecember 22, at 8 P. M. Interment
BAIN.?Eclectic announces wltli deep sorrow
the death of our dearly beloved member,
Mr*. John Bain, Jr. Member* are requeeted
to attend the funeral aervloes on
Wednesday evening. December 22, et 8
o'clock, Campbell Building, Broadway at
flflth at. Mary A. Bage, President. Mattle
J. Griffin, Corresponding Secretary.
BEECKMAN?At White Sulphur Spring*.
W. Ve , on December 21). 1920. Eleanor
Thomas, wife of Governor R. Livingston
Reeckntan of Newport, H. I., and daughter
of tho late General Samuel Thomas.
Funeral service* at 8t. Thomas's Church,
"tit uv. and B84 St., New York, or.
Wednesday, December 22. at 11 o'clock
A M.
BIl'BSCHENK.?Anna L. tnee EMIng), ng<d
r,l y< am, beloved wife of lb-cry Bb rschenk
and mother r>f Harry, at her residence,
248 West 128th St.. on December
2A. Funeral service* at the Stephen M'Trltt
I! A C. Co.'* New Harh-tn Chapel,
2343 8fli ar., near 123th St.. on Wednesday.
Tier ember 22, at 2 o'clock. Interment
HRAINARD.?Frank. ' 1 is summer liome,
Maim<quan, N. J., December 21, 1920, In
his twth year Funeral services will be
held at the Church of the Divine Paternity,
7tlth et. and Central Park W?et.
No*' York city. Tnursday evening. Decerner
23, at 8 o'clock. Interment at convenience
of the family.
BRANDT.?At Illnton. N V.. December 20.
pneumonia, H C. G. Brandt, professor at
Hamilton College for 3|t years. Funeral
oii.unn vv, dncadav December 22.
1K0 2 P~ M.
liRL'YN.?On December 21. Hylvanus If , beloved
hueband of Clara E. Itruyti Services
?* hla late rwlitHK*. 1"H Hank at.. Ttiuri<l*y,
Itecember 2.3, at S P M Informant,
PhnenU. N. Y. Kindly omit flower*
BURCH ?On Mondky, December 20, Charles
Kumn'r Buret), lllehop of N>w York, In
h'x elity-flfth yw r. Funeral at the Cathedral
of St. John the Divine on' Thurartay.
December 23. at 3 o'clock. Internum
private Th? clergy of the glocuse are
requested to aaa?mb1e In old Synod Hall
nt n quarter before 3.
With the moet profound sorrow announcement
te mad" of the passing away of our
beloved Brother, the Right Rev. Charles
Sumner Hurrh. P P.. fllehop of the Ploceee
of New York and Grand Chaplain of
the Grnnd Lodge. F. A A. M , State of
New York.
Member "t the Grand lodge are Invited to
attend the funeral eervlre Thureday. December
2.3. at 3 o'clock P. M . Cathedral
of St John th" PUIne. New York.
Grand Matter.
Grand Secretary.
Mary Washington Colonial Chapter,
daughters of the American Revolution,
annoutt- a with deep regret the death of
|t? beloved chaplain. th? Right Rev.
CharUa Sumner Hurrh. Illrhop of NewYork.
on Monday. December 50. 1020.
Mlaa Mary Van Buren Vanderpoel. Regent;
Mr*. A. Emereon lladlock, Recording Sec.
n tary.
BUSSING.?On December 20, 1020. Sarah M.,
daughter of the late Oeorgo II. and Phynetta
Puealng. aged AO year*. Funeral
servicer at the residence of her niece, Mrs.
Edwaid Catereon. Albany post mud,
s luhornugh on-lludeon. Wednesday. 2 .30.
Train Ira vet Grand Central Depot 1:10
BY ERS.-Janice, husband of Jennie Lyon
Mytri, on December 21, !02?i. Interment
at tt oodlawn. Time later.
BY HON ? Montclalr. N J., Tueeday, Decernb<-r
21, 1020, Mary Kope Byron, widow of
the late Oliver Doud Byron, io her 70th
year. Funeral service* will be held at
her late home, to Harrison av., Montrlalr.
Thursday. December 23. at 8 .30 o'clock
Larkavanna train leaver Ilobukcn at 2 30
r. M Interment at convenience of family.
< 11
CHOATK.?On Tuesday. December 21. ?
Walllngford, Conn.. Mary Lyman Atwater.
widow of William G. Choate, Funeral ?'
vices will U> held at h<r lata residence,
Walilnrford, Conn., on Friday. December
21. at 2 o'clock V- M.
CONNOLLY.?Catherine, wife of tha lata
Martin Connolly, at Terrytewn Hospital
I Vac timber 20. 1920. Funeral Thursday.
December 23. 10 A. M-. from St. Teresas
Cliurch, Tarrytown. N. Y. Survived by
children John, Frank, Martin, CatUerlnCoimolly
and Mrs. Mary Dwyer and bv
brothers John. Frank and sister Marv Ot'.l
CROWN8HIKLD.- Margaret. fiecember 21.
1020, teacher at Miss Spencer's school foi
tw'unty-slx years, Kervicca in the Ctapal
of Fifth Ateuuo Presbyterian Church,
Wednesday. December 22. 3:30 J*. M
, DE CANIO.?December 20, 1020, Margar??
Dc t'anlo (nee Walker) beloved wife tt
....... n. kii vain " aima 07 years.
Relatives and friends arc respectfully
Invited to attend funeral from her late
residence, 0-12 Lewis ?t.. Union Hill, NJ..
Wednesday, December 22, at 9 A. M.;
thcneo to St. Auguattne's It. C. Church
at 9 .10 A. M . ahuru a high mass will ba
offered for the happy repose of har
Interment Holy Name Cemetery.
DUM'INT.- At Madison, ,N. J.. December 20
ll>20, William Henry, only son of Franco'
Mnllaby and the Into William II. Dtimont
Funeral a< tvirca will let held at (irac
Cimrdi, Madison. N. J . on Tl.ui..day, De< 'tille
r 23. at 2 .'10 r M.
GRAY.?On December 21. Itch, Clarsnco
Li. I.epn, roil of Olive II. and the late
IK-Wnym? I,. Gray. Funeral services at his t
Into residence, 183 Den'nn nv.. I.ynhrook.
I,. I.. Wednesday evening. December 22.
8 o'clock. Interment private.
HAGER?Phllo Beovtlla, December 20. 1950.
at his home. s-,r> West 84th st. Services at
the Fourth Presbyterian Church, 91st *t.
and West End uv , Wednesday, I "atamber
22, at 2 o'clock. Interment at conventcnca
of family.
HEN DRICKd?Florence Nnrthcota, beloved
wife of Elmer ltendrlcks, on Tuesday.
December 21, 1920. Funeral private.
Please omit flowers.
KOCHEItSPKIUiKR.-On De.-nriber 21. 1920.
at the re*1 duneo of hor hrotl r, Col. Hob
oil 11. Ual.ttr. at Greenwich. Conn.,
c iovtti mother oi Annate- M. K"-b?i
Interment privato, at I'hilade .ihliv.
XnAl'im.-Sudde nly . on December 19. at net
in lUdwood, Uo-kylilll, N. .1.. Fanny
Kraulie, widow of the late John Morrison
of I'artlck. Scotland. Fum-ia! service,
at hi r home Thursday December 23. 10:30
A. M. Trains leave New York. Pennsylvania
Kail road Station, at 7 lu A. IF
KiritTH.? Mrs J. O.. suddenly, on Dveamber
19. Funeral froin her lain rastdanca.
Ocean Parkway. Brooklyn. Weducsday.
11 A. M. l'leaae emit flowers.
MACORKGOR ?On Tunsday. Decesnber 21,
1920, Clara A . daughter of the late James
M. and Anna E Macgregur. Funeral services
at the Church of the Pleased Disciple,
East 89th St., between Madison and
Park ava.. Thursday, December 23, at
| 2 P. M.
MA N'.?Suddenly, at her residence. Point
v ? t- I.. w " ?
beloved mother of Margaret Man Tausjkj
anil Cilery Annerscn Man, l''uncral prl
McCORD.?John C. M'CoriJ of Monroe. N"
3 a^ud (18 yturi. Survived by wife, I'la
and (laughters, Mrs. J. R. Sutherland of
Mir.rce, and Mrs. J. 11 Welling, Nov.
Vorl; city. Finical services at St. Andrew's
Church. Tilth et.. lietween Amster
dam and Columbus avs , New York city. .
Wednesday, December 22, at H P. M. Interineiit
at Warwick. N. Y.. Thursday
morning, upon arrival 0 30 train.
N1TKL.?Pauline Nltkr. wife of Henry Nltke
Funeral Wednesday. ut lu A. M., Iroin
!'"4 Tlh av.
PHM.1PPSTE1N.?On December JO. 1020,
Hanchun, beloved wife of Joachim and
nrly beloved mother of Philip, Herman,
Theresa, Rebecca and Augusta Baltl and
Kimon Cohen, and slater of Cecelia linnetr.
Funeral private. Omit flowers.
POWER.?Suddenly, after a month's Illness,
on Sunday, December 11*. 1f?20, at the
Broad Street JlO'-pltnl, Robert Johnston
Hare Powel. son of the late Samuel Pond
of Philadelphia and Newport. R. I. Services
at lils late residence, Ardaley or
Hudson, N. Y., Wednesday. December 2"
at 10:43 A M. A special car will bo
attached to the train leaving Orand Central
Terminal at 0:4." A. M , returning at
11 :4V Interment at Newport, R, 1. Philadelphia
and Newport papers please copy.
RAMSEY.?William 11., on Monday, December
20. 1H20. funeral service will be held at
the Calvary Rapt 1st Church on Wednesday.
December 22, at 4 o'clock.
ROSELEK.?Florence L. Rnselle, December
21. after brief Illness; beloved mother of
Walter and Edward Roselle and Vlolenda
It Heller. funeral strictly private
Please omit flowura.
8CHIFF? Simon, beloved husband of tho late
Phoebe r., and father of Morris ami
<5, rslw. Ill lit* 7Tth year. Funeral Wednesday,
at 12:30 In the afternoon, from
Meyer*- Chapel. 22* I .en ox a v.
8CHWARZ.?On Doeember 20. August I... beloved
hurband of Catherine ffrhwar* fnco
Seln-ld <. Funeral from hi* late residence.
f.Otl Welt Aid St., IreCeruber 23. at 0:3
A. M Solemn mass of requiem at S'
Itatihael'* church, West 41*t ?t. Inter- *
m?nt Calvary.
SINtiLEMAN?Mena. died at Itound Brook.
N J., December 21, 1P20. Funeral ssrvli"
a' tlx Cone Homestead, Mountain *v.,
Thursday afternoon, 2 o'clock.
BMTTH.?On Monday, December 20. Emily, In
her HSth year. Funeral aorvlrea at her
late residence, fimlthtown Braoeh, L. I.,
on Wednesday, December 22. .'20, at 11
A. M.
SMITH.?On December 21, 1020, Jana Soon,
youngest daughter of F.obert (J. and Anntu
l.vona Smith. Servleea at h?r late residence.
233 W. 132d, Thursday. 8 P. M.
| 8TA FFORD.?I.uey, widow of i* Witt Star
ford, suddenly, on December 20. Funsral
servlees at her late reatdenee, 212 Hebertoti
?v.. Port Rlrhmond, Sraten Island,
on Wednesday, December 22, 1020. at
3 P. M.
STEVENS.?Ilenry Putnam, September 21.
1020. eldest eon of deceased ChrlstlaYanney
and Jane Waller Campb-d
SI' %.us. His family Just heard of lit'
nth. Schenectady and Johnstown (> '
V.i papers please copy.
SW IFT.?Dr. William J., suddenly. In jjt1
Funeral Church, Broadway at with ?t..
on Wednesday, Dfttmkrr Sit. at 10.30
A. M. interment prtvata.
VOORI1EE8.?On I>e?-Lmbor 20. 1020. Mary a.
Voorheea, widow of Pvtcr W. Voorhees. In
her 80th year. Funeral services at the
residence of her dnuahtsr, Mrs. James H
Williamson, 23 Kcnnwtro place, Brooklyn,
on Wednesday. December 22. at 2 F. M.
ABRAHAMS.?A tribute of love to the memory
of out dear fath?r, Morris Abraham-,
called away, Drrmiber 22, 1918. From
MKrk, Ale* and Sot.
BINGHAM.---In memory of my beloved hushanil.
t.loyd Melville Ttlnaham, In Chtistlanla.
Norway. December 22. 1919.
amei.ia Bingham.
CHAPMAN.?In affectionate ranc-mbrance of
my beloved aunt, Elizabeth A Chapman,
died December 22. IS88 L. 8. K.
HARNETT.?In lovlngr memory of my mother,
Kathrrlne I. Donald Hamrtt, died December
22. 1011.
MODRE?Mf>RPECAI ? In constant and lovIna
memory of my dearly belovad dati*hter.
Marietta Moore, who passed away
Dicembcr 22, 1119.
MOORE.? In fond memory of my slncarr and
b.jsl friend. Marietta Moors, who passed
away one year ago.
MOORE.?In loving memory of Marietta
Moore, who died December 22. 1919.
O'REILT.V?Georee Anniversary mass at
Ht Francis Xavlrr, West lflt!i St.. oti
Thursday, Drcetnber 23. at 9 A. M.
ROSE.?Tn ever tender and loving memoty of
Frances Rose, who died December 22,
SMITH.?In eacred memory of my beloved
husband. Thomas H. Brnlth, departed Dorembrr
22, 101U.
8TKRN.?In memory of Nathan Stern, died
December 22,
SULI.IVAN - In fond remembrance of Timothy
P Sullivan, who departed thta Ufa
December 22, 1909.
At Your Service, Day or Niftt^
wf frank n. ca;?r?fu wf
(Noa-McliriM) < j
IIJ 1070 Broadway at 66 th St. 11,
J I Fnoifa CoLcvnca tKO
zii.*?. a *?k
Births Deaths
Engagements Memorials
Marriages Continuations
Annulments Lodges
may bo telephoned for publicstion
HERALD ony time up to midnight
fe" ths next day's issue.
Call Fita Roy 6000.
!V '

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