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Christmas Dinner wil
the great banquet hall
will be the greatest event in tl
Dinners ever known in any c
since the Babe of Bethlehei
twenty centuries ago.
Around the tables will be
citizens of New York, each of
cured from friends or will hi]
thousand dollars for the pri
that feast. Many of them w
sacrifice to buy their thousan
will not be a millionaires' cl
great banquet will be three ar
invisible guests, representing
rope who are waiting on Am
The sumptuous meal, serv
consist 01 uie nourisriing 100
I these children receives throug
Relief Administration, for wh
request, The Literary Digest 1
during the past two months '
parts of this great Nation. Th
this banquet will be the Fail
least one hundred thousand li'
and blood, and will guaranb
tinuance of that nourishing
through the winter in Central;
| You fathers and mothers
of New York and wherever
Most of you can not be preset
Christmas Dinner to the in vis
; can multiply it a million tim
your own loved ones aroui
table; as you look into the
daughters, the pride ot your
of your life; as you watch w
unutterable love your little
grandchildren, whose faces ai
k mas glee, ask yourself how
I priceless lives is worth to you
give to save one of these swee
?your own dearest?from s
cold, or cruel disease? Can
in dollars? Would you not eag
I lar you have, every dollar's
even your life itself, and courn
if it would give health and cor
| Over there in those nake<
has crushed whole peoples, a
children precious beyond the
in the sight of the living Chris
utter want and helplessness
to you to love and to cherish
time. Many of them are orph
to the holy task of mothering 1
them, in His name. They ai
you feed them. They are sli
ter's cold; He asks you to co
bodies with warm clothes. La
joy have gone from them; H
love you bear Him, by the 1
Make all Checks payab
T ]
1 be held in one of
s of New York, that
le way of Christmas
nnnt.rv of tho world
n was born nearly
seated one thousand
whom will have semself
have paid one
vilege of dining at
ill have made great
,d-dollar tickets. It
ub. Present at the
id a half millions of
the children of Euerica
to-day to save
ed in a tin cup, will
d that each one of
>'h Herbert Hoover's
ich, at Mr. Hoover's
las made its appeal,
to Americans in all
ie thousand Hosts at
y Godfathers of at
ttle children of flesh
ee to them the con?
meal, daily, all
and Eastern Europe.
in a million homes
this page is read:
it at that wonderful
able guests, but you
es. As you gather
nd your Christmas
faces of sons and
heart, and the joy
nth tenderness and
children, or your
e alight with Christmuch
one of these
? What would you
t, laughing children
starvation, or bitter
you count the sum
ferly give every dolworth
of property,
t the sacrifice small,
nfort to the one you
d lands, where war
,re millions of little
measure of dollars
5t. Because of their
He has given them
at this Christmas
ans; you are called
diem, and fathering
*e hungry; He bids
livering in the win
ver their thin, little
lighter and childish
e calls you, by the
love that swells in
le to "The Literary Digest C
to see that it goes, without <
Address, Child-Fe
est Chris
[istory of
your heart for your own dear ones, t(
His little ones, back again to the h
health that are the God-given herita
Two wonderful gifts are yours, thi
time, from the bountiful hands of a lo^
With one hand He gives you a comfoi
a table loaded with plenty, a happy fi
and all the delights of this festive Da:
other hand He is leading tenderly to^
hungry, ragged child, perhaps ten o
haps a hundred. You will not clu
at the gift in the one hand and refus<
the other. We want His presence an
ing in our homes, our churches, and a
as we celebrate His birthday, and so
turn Him away with the little ones He
will not expect Him to allow us to
of His precious gifts if we reject the <
A great Christmas tree was lig
Metropolitan Opera House the othe
these destitute children of Europe,
light that blazed out on the big tree re
generous gift of life to some child.
Emerson Fosdick spoke straight to tl
American fathers and mothers, not <
great auditorium, but throughout tl
nation, when he said: "Most of us
home to help our own children ge
Christmas, but one picture ought , to
- thoughts?the fact that mothers and f
-;eas will have to decide this week wh
children they will allow to die. T1
enough food to go around; some of 1
are obviously failing away, but some
of hanging on. Since some must di
the parents let the weaker go an
strong? It is a sorry business at Chr
for fathers and mothers to pick out
children those who will have to die
the special food necessary for childre
Make no mistake, you fathers and
America. This grim, heart-rending c
not be made by those fathers and n
have nothing to give their children t
lives. The decision will be made b
have plenty and to spare. The ques
and death for these children is in }
you, and you alone, can give them lib
PVivictmsw fnhlp ur\ ovt.rsi nlnpp
V1IA VM-ny* V kJV V V* * * v* jv?wv v
represent to those who gather arouni
one, and if possible more than one, of'
guests to whom you and your loved
become Godfathers and Godmothers
least one life, as you would save you
but do not for a moment be satisfie<
one if your heart, your conscience, j
can care for many. Put into the p
that vacant chair your Christmas offer
starving children. Immediately aftei
send the money to The Literary Di
Feeding Fund for Mr. Hoover's life-sj
Churches, hotels and clubs are u
the same thing on a larger scale, pc
hild-Feeding Fund" and mail them direc
one penny deducted, to Herbert Hoover
DECEMBER 22, 1920.
>tmas 1
the W
) love these, special
lughter and a Chris
ge of child- Preside
and ma
the chile
is Christmas meal ?
zing Father: sand do
table home, one thoi
imily circle, childrer
>' With the childrer
yards you a Give y0
f them, per- one SUp
tch eagerly do not
e the gift in prodiga
d His bless- when it
it our feasts vou wilj
we will not from slJ
; loves. We blessed
keep a part
ither part. Thei
great ti
hted in tlie Are the
r night for stored e
and every patriotis
i "1
'presented a thrill of
Dr. Harry y0U wer
le hearts of need.
m\y in that are wait
le city and a far sa
* are going: chance,
t ready for bank of
? haunt our doth co
athers over- through
lich of their
riere is noc' A fi
the children five chil
i show signs precious
c, shall not sand-do
d save the from de
istmas time J?y that
from their would b
for lack of could ss
n." and giv<
cold an
mothers of Liberty
iecisionwill this bles
lothers who and stor
o save their Will yoi
y you who five, or
stion of life
four hands; Wha
e. At your 1)0X> tho
which shall ever
d the table. spendinj
the invisible dividenc
av, trpaciiro
vjiico are WJ y.vv.??*v
5. Save at Literary
ir own soul price yc
i with only little ch
four ability will be t
late be for* little ch
ingsforthr and sav
f the dinner cent, on
Rest Childaving
work. Thr?
irged to do Is there
?rhaps with this Chr
t to The Literary Digest, who w,
's Relief Organization for the i
560 Fourth Avenue, New York.
+ 7
% flU
' J3E
ceremonies. Those who can not arrange
stmas dinner are asked to "adopt," as
nt Wilson and President-elect Harding*
ny others have already done, as many of
iren as they can provide for with the one
day throughout the winter. Ten thoullars
will pay for one thousand children,
asand dollars will pay for one hundred
l, one hundred dollars will pay for ten
t, and ten dollars will pay for one child,
ur heart a real Christmas treat. In this
reme indulgence of the Christmas spirit
let economy control. It is a time for
lity and utter abandonment in generosity
comes to counting the children to whom
give life, and laughter, and whose rescue
itfering and death will be your most
memory in all the years to come.
re is need now to make haste and do a
king. Where are your Liberty Bonds?
iy locked in a vault? Are they safely
iway in a strong box? It was an act of
sm to buy these bonds. It gave you a
fervent joy and satisfaction to feel that
e helping America in its time of national
Now these bonds, that service rendered.
;ing, perhaps, a still more glorious service,
fer place of investment. They are, perwaiting
for you to deposit them in the
f heaven, uwhere neither moth nor rust ,
irrupt and where thieves do not break
and steal."
fty-dollar bond will ransom the lives o: !
dren; a hundred-dollar bond will buy ten ;
> lives of these innocent sufferers; a thou- ?
liar bond will rescue a hundred little ones
ath. Can you think of any more glorious j
life and opportunity could offer you that
e yours if you could save ?you personally
ive the lives of a thousand little children
3 them warmth and happiness in place of
d hunger and wasting disease? Every
Bond or Victory Bond you consecrate to
>sed use will be making heaven on earth
ing up priceless treasure in heaven above,
i give, as a royal Christmas gift one or
ten of your bonds?NOW.
it are they earning for you, in their strong
T.ihprtv Bonds? A few counons cliot
y six months; a few extra dollars or j
? money. Think of the difference in the
Is they will earn when you bank them as |
i in heaven. Every bond Riven to The I
' Digest Child-Feeding Fund will be the
iu have paid for the lives of a group ?>.
ildren. Every dividend earned for you
he laughing faces and shining eyes of the
ildren whom you have fed. and clothed,
ed from death. Are these worth 4J pe
yuUl un Lnmicm .
^e and a half millions of children are
for you men and women of New York,
not room in your hearts for them all at
istmas time?
ill be responsible for every dollar conwork
of saving lives.

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