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American Antique
Furniture and Art
on Exhibition Here
Collections From Virginia, j
Philn. and Boston Contain
Many Hare Pieccs.
The State of Virginia and the cities of
Philadelphia and Boston, centres of
aristocracy in the time of the Revolu
tion, have already contributed niout of
the precious Coloninl antique to our
museums. but the vein in none of the*e
places appears to he worked out. The/
contribute again to a Jiotable collection
of early furniture, pictures and objects
of art that ar*; now on view at the
American Art Association and which
are to be sold there on March 7, ?, i>
and 10.
The Virginian antiques are from the
old house of Westover. the neat on the
Jaims River of Lord Delaware, who
named the place after his manor hous*
in Somersetshire, England. It escaped
destruction during the civil war by hap
pening to be the headquarters of both
Oen. McClellan and Gen. Fit/.-John Por
ter, and in recent years it has been beau
tifully restored and refitted by Mrs. C.
Sears Ramsay, who added many fine
eighteenth century pieces to the original
furnishings. The entire contents of thl<)
typical old mansion are now to be soid.
To connoisseurs the unoprtance of the
event will be evident.
Especially striking in this collection
ilti i he four pott bedsteads, some of
which have elaborate cornices, and all
of which have much old time elegance.
One of them is an unusual example !n
lacquer inlaid with mother of pearl, and
another is of cedar wood arranged for
rope springs, as was the fashion !n this
country a hundred years ago. There are
mahogany sideboards and bookcases,
chairs and tables, iustred lamps and
'.-andelabra, cut glass, wrought Iron
grates, fire sets and much bric-a-brac.
The dispersal of the Shippen-Burd
antiques is of special interest to Phlla
delphians, as they have been for several
generations the object of much respect
ful attention in the Burd School for
Orphun Glrla In that city, having be.;n
bequedthed to the Institution by Its
founder. Mrs. Edward Shlppen Burd.
It is seldo'ii that orphans uro brought
up in the proximity of such r<ue pieces
of furniture, including sofc.* and chairs
that once belonged to a particularly
fastidious queen, but so it was. Phila
delphia alwnj's was different. Then,
too, these antiques are in a singularly
untouched condition and are accom
panied to New York by vouchers of
O^elr undoubted authenticity. The trus
tees of the school, which has lately
moved into new quarters, decided to
capitalize from the sab- of these antiques
to secure a fund for the higher educa
tion of some of its wrrds.
An early American extension dining
table that evokes the atmosphere of the
hospitable Colonial period i?s well as
anything In the rooms was built by the
now celebrated cabinetmaker Duncan
Phyfe. The porcelain induces an un
usual blue and white dinner service of
Chinese Lowestoft; there- Is a tall Eng
lish clock, a Girandole con vex mirror.
English > kntfe boxes, Sheffield ware,
French dressing capes and a host of Vic
torian objects of art. From a Hoston
collector come groups of A nulo-American
Staffordshire ware, silver lustres, suit
glaze Jugs. Chelsea candlesticks, sam
plers and Stlegel glass.
The paintings, which are from various
owners, are chiefly of a decorative char
acter. Conspicuous ore two allegorical
compositions by Charles Le Brvn, which
were secured by Mrs. Rnmsay of West
over House in England, where they were
approved by Sir Charles Ilolroyd, direc
tor of the National Gallery. A portrait
of Gen. Joseph Reed, aide-de-camp to
G*n. Washington. Is from the brush of
Charles Wilson Peale. There are also
portraits by Sir Martin Archer Shee and
Plr William Beechey, and paintings by
Bonfneton, John Rathbone, Jongkind,
Gla Botta Colomba and Zuccarelll.
Junior League
Delights Again in
4Musical Chairs'!
Second Performance Isy Ania-i
teur Players More Smooth
Than the First.
The capable actresses, singers and '
dancers of the Junior league nn>I their j
amateur actor associate gave a sec
ond performance of "Musical Chairs"
last night to a capacity house In the J
ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria Tl>e I
brilliant audience, that formed th?
largest assembly In society last night, |
greeted the performance with its two
acts of picturesque ensembles, bits of
genuine fun ar.d charming dancing solos,
with unrestrained enthusiasm.
The cast, the large*' that ha* yet
been drawn from the debutantes to lv lp
the varied clwitable projects of the
Junior League, went at their theatrical
dutle? with less restraint than at th?!
opening performance, a ml the result was
a much smoother and snappier presen
tation of the twelve scenes that form
tins ambitious amateur offering tinder
the direction of Mlsa Grace R. Henry. A
third performance of "Musical Ch'.irs"
will be given to-night.
Five Pound Heiress to Actor
and His Wife.
Mr. and Mr.'. .Tohn Barrymore are the
proud parents of a five pound laughter,
born yesterday morning at their home,
67 East Ninety-Bret street. The mother
was MIus Blanche Oelrtchs, and her first
husband was Mr. Leonard M. Thomas,
who on Wedr lay married Mrs. Marie
Qo-A Sackett in Palm Beach. Mr. and
Mrs. Barrymore were married last sum
mer. The little newcomer Is another
for Mr. John Drew to be greatuncle to.
Ethel Barrymore Colt has three children,
two boys an da sirl. And, of course, lie
Is grandfather to the little eon of Louise
Drew Devereux (Mrs. John Devereux).
John and Ethel to Appear in
'Clair de Lune.'
Miss Ethel and John Barrymore are
to be presented thin spring, under the
management of Charles Frohman, Inc.,
as co-stars in "Clair de Lune," a play
by Michael Strange, which is the pen
name of Mrs. John Barrymore, formerly
Mrs. Blanche Oelrtchs Thomas. This an
nouncement confirms The New Tor*
Herald's exclusive publication of sev
eral weeks ago.
Alf Hay man, general manager for
Charles Frohman, Inc., said that he had
been trying for a long time to arrange
for the appearance of Miss Barrymore j
and her brother together, but other en
gagements prevented.
"Miss Barrymore'* Illness." he said,
"has compelled us to cancel her tour In
'Declassee' for the balance of this s?a
son, and Mr. Barrymore, too, finds him
sell at liberty thU spring. Miss Barry
more's health Is now restored and she
1h eaver to return to her stage work. I
Her physicians say sh? must not do any |
more touring this year, and for that
reason 'Clair de Luna' will be pre- j
sented In New York without any pre
liminary performance out of town."
San Diboo, Cal., March 3.?CoL Will
lam Thaw, who was an aviator in thr
service of France during the war and
?vho married Mrs. Marjorle E. Priest
yesterday, has left tor the East with his
bride, travelling by automobile. The
marriage was a surprise to their friends
and acquaintances hero.
At The American Art Galleries
Madison Square South, Now York
And Continuing Until th? Date of Sals.
Early American and English
Important Paintings by Charles Le Brun, Old Prints, ||
China, Glassware, Sheffield Plate, Brass, Pewter, ||
Franklin Stovos, Fine Old Andirons and numerous ||
other Contemporaneous Treasures.
"?A deacrlpOve catalogue. prepared by Mr. Hitrarc Townncnd and Illustrated
bj half lour reproduction*. will be niullnl on receipt of on* dollar.
The Pale will be conducted br MK. THOMAS E. KIURT
and HI* a ?Utnnt* of the
Mndtaon Sq. Month. Kntrnnce * K. tM Street. New York.
At The American Art Galleries
Madison Square South, New York
On Monday Evening Next, March 7th, at 8:15
Including a Portrait of General Joseph Reed, Aide-de-Camp
to General Washington, by Charles Wilson Peale.
And Other lnl?r?ilin| Work*.
Several Other Estates and Private Owners
???CntaloRue niallni lo applicant* on receipt of Fifty Cent*.
The Male will be conducted by Mil. THOMAS E. H.IHBT
and hit a*?l*fant? of the
niadlKou Kg. houtli. Kntranre 8 C. 34d Street. New Tork. r'r
Congratulations are being extended to
Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Biddle upon
the birtb of a ion In their home in Phil
adelphia. Mrs. Biddle, who was Miss
Katherine Garrison Chapln. 1b a daugh
ter of Mr?. I-lndley Hoffman Chapln of
th.a city, who Is with her daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Robinson are
for the present at the Belmont Hotel,
where Mi.*s Amy Lowell of Boston also
:s stopping:.
The marriage of Miss I.miise Homtr,
eldest daughter of Mr. Sidn?y Homer
and Mme. i.oulne Homer, to Mr. Ernest
Van Rensselaer Stires, son of the Rev.
T>r. anil Mrs. Krnest M. Stlres, will take
place in St. Thomas's Church on April
12 and not the week later, as at first
Mr. and Mr-". W. B. Osgood Field have
returned to 6-16 Fifth avenue from Aiken.
3. C.
Miss Pauline Chapln Bourne has gone
to Hamilton, Bermuda, to be with Mr.
and Mrs. Chester W. Chapln.
Amonc those who will entertain
friends at slipper to-nlKht for the dance
of the Bachelors In the Vanderbilt are
Mr. and Mrs. H. Holllster Pease, Mr.
and Mrs. William Goadby Ixiew. Mr.
and Mrs. Snowden A. Fahnestock, Mrs.
Thomas H. Hall and Mr. Thomas B.
The mnrrloKfl of Miss Dorothy Post
C'nnp. a daughter of Mrs. E. Mortimer
Ward, to Mr. Van Henry Cartmell, Jr..
b to take pla^o March 31 In St. James's
Church. Madison avenue and Seventy
first street.
Mrs. William F. Sheelian gave a lunch
eon yesterday at the St. Regis.
Mrs. Raymond Belmont, nith her
mother, Mrs. B. J. Hulbert, returned on
the SIxloln yesterday from a cruise In
the West Indies and lire at the Vander
Mr. and Mrs. Bjornstrom-StefTanKon
have gone to Washington to be the
guests of the latter'# uncle. Mr. William
Phelps Eno, over the Inauguration.
Miss Edith Ivlns of 50 East Fifty
eighth street will extend lier Sunday
musleales through March.
Mr. and Mrs. Marsells C. Parsons of
270 Park avenue and Rye. N. Y.. have
started for Cuba, to remain until April.
The Belgian Ambassador and Baron
ess De Cartler i,rave a dinner at the
Embassy last evening for Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Fortune Ryan of New York.
Mrs. h. Work-Hewitt of New York,
who Is visiting at the Embassy, was
among the guests.
The Italian Ambassador, Slgnor Ro
inndl Rtcci, entertained a lari;e party
yesterday afternoon at the Washington
farewell concert of La Scala orchestra.
The Secretary of State and Mrs. Colby
were guests of honor at a dinner given
last evening by Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Woods BMas.
Secretary of War and Mrs. Baker
were the honor guests last evening at
a small dinner given by Col. and Mrs.
Byron Q. Jones.
The third dance of the One Hundred
Club, a costume ball, was given last
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Sylvan us Stokes, Jr.
The Secretary of War-designate and
Mrs. John W. Weeks gave a dinner
last evening, Thursday.
New Yorlt L?wr? nnd Roiilllat
Murrlr* Boaton Woman.
News rcuched New York yesterday
from ParU of the marriage there
Wednesday of Swinburne Hale. New
York lawyer, Socialist and political rad
ical. nnd Mm. Marte Tudor Garland of
Hoston, who forfeited her first hus
band's bequest to become the wife of
Mr. Francis Cushtng Green of New
York, from whom she later obtained a
divorce. Mr. Hale notified his law part
ner, Walter Nelles, who said yesterday
his only Information was that the wed
ding had tak'iu pince March 1.
Mrs. Hale is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Frederic Tudor of Boston. Sho
first was ^ Tied to the late James A.
Garland .?vty years ago. They were
divorced and lived apart several years,
but eventually were remarried. When
Mr. Garland died he loft to his wife the
Income of J333.S33 if she remained sin
gle. That bequest she forfeited when
she was married In 1912 to Mr. Green,
who had been a manager of the Garland
estate. A few years later they were
\lrce of Lord Northcllffe Married
to American.
London, March 3.?Announcement is
made of the marriage on March 3 of
Terry Colley Durham, son of W. A.
Durham "f Appomattox. Vn., and Mis*
Annie Mary Geraldlne Harm^worth,
eldest daughter of Sir Leicester Harms
worth, a brother of lord NorthcIlfTe. The
wedding took placo at Christ Church,
At The American Ai t Galleries
Madison Square South, New York
And Continuing Until the Date of Sale.
Early American, English and
French Furniture
Including ? Fine Drawing Room Suite in Very Fine Bc?u*aii
Tapettry which w*i formerly owned by Marie Antoinette.
On Monday and Tuesday Afternoons Next,
March 7th and 8th, Beginning at 2:30 o'CIoclc
'?A rtrarripttve cattlnftie, picpare?l hv Mr. Porn' ? rn?*n*ond .inrl lllii*trat<*<1
by half tone reproduction*. wUT be mailed U ni>pll< ant* on receipt <>f mm
TTi* *alr will he rondnrted hT MR. THOMAS It. RIKIIV
aril Mi n??tatrnf? of the
Mudlnon Sg. Kouth. Eatrnner 6 K. 13d Strret. New %orh.
Large Gallery Sees R. S. Will
iams 2d Win Title From
Iehiya Kumagae.
Sptriat Dttpalch to Tub Nrw To?k IUiiuld
Palm Beach. F!a? March 3,??Thf
great outstanding feature of the day
here w*3 the tennis matrh this after
noon on the Pohiciana courts, In which
Ichlya Kumaifae, winner of the 1920
title, met R. Norris Williams 2d In tlv
greatest singes match ?-v?r played In
the State. A gallery of fully 1.000 per
sons nil iilti'r il to watch the play and
applaud the contestants. Lven the grand
old ijamp of golf was practically stoppe '
tli's afternoon when the golf stars wen>
to *ee the tennis match. In which Mr
Williams defeated ladt season's cham
Among the fro If stars In the gallery
wore Mrs. Quentln Feltner, James
Hyde. Mrs. Henry Carnopl*? Phtpp#
Mips Elaine Rosenthal and Mrs. Rrnos'
By field. Other golfers who watched thf
m;>tch were Mrs. John C Kins:, Mrs
John M. L. Rutherford, Mr and Mrs
Douglas W. Paige Mr. and Mrs. Erl
ward Croser, Mrs. Davi.l Randolph Cal
houn and Mrs. John S. Phipps.
In the society gallery were also Lord
Qucentoorouuh, Mr. and Mrs. Payn
Whitney. Mrs. Edward R. Thomas, Mr
and Mrs. P. Egerton VVobb, Mr. an-'
Mrs. Wiliard 9. Brown, Mr. and Mrs
Jerome N. Bonapi.rti', Mrs. Lorimer
Worden, Mrs. Joseph Wldener, Mrs.
William Thdw 3d. Mr. and Mrs. Leon
ard D. AM. Mrs. E. H. O. Slaw-r, W
Barkll-> Henry, Miss Annette Tllford.
Mrs. Han ton L. Wood. Miss Kaiherlne
Force. Mr. and Mrs. <"'*cil Singer, Mr
and Mrs. Florenz Ziei/i'eld, Jr., Mr?
Charles S. Plllsbury, Mr. and Mrs
(George C. B?ckwlth, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
H. B. Freiinghuysen. Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward F. Hutton, Mrs. Eugen? W.
I^rgny, Messrs. Conde Nast. Oliver
Perrin and Frank Duff Fraaler, Mr>\
Charles M. Playford, Miss Maxlne El
liott, Miss Forbes Robertson and Mrs.
Leander McCormtck.
Mrs. J. Leonard Riplog'.e gave a
party this afternoon for Miss Mary
Munn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Alexander Munn. in celebration of her
birthday, taking a party of children for
a trip to Jupiter on board her speed
boat. Sea Robin. Refreshments were
served during the trip.
Mrs. John Kllsby Curtis entertained
a company of women at luncheon at
i her c ean front home before the ten
nis match.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Thomas,
who were married yesterday, went to
the Flamingo Hotel in Miami for their
honeymoon, motoring down last eve
Arriving to-day at the Royal Poincl
ana were Mr. and Mrs. Adam K. Luke
and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Luke of New
Special Despatch to Tub Nbw Voik Hikmt.d.
Miami. Fla., March 3.?Henry W. Put
nam of New York, who has made Miami
his headquarters for several weeks
aboard his yacht Alcyone, returned here
to-day from a cruise to the Bahamas
and Cuba, accompanied by several
guests, including Mr. and Mrs. Gullllo
Tnrrl of Florence, Italy. Mrs. Turri is a
niece of Mr. Putnam The party will
stay here for a fortnight before starting
Frederick Havemeyer came from Palm
Beach by automobile with friends and
had luncheon in the Royal Palm grill.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford V. Brokaw came
from Palm Beach to the Royal Palm to
remain throughout the season.
Arriving to-day from New York were
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Robertson, H. E.
Childs, John E. Packer and. Mrs. W. P.
Bprcial Drtfidtch to The Nrw YokK Hnui.D.
Sr. Augustine, Fla.. March 3. ? The
Missus Elizabeth S. Gordon, her cousin,
Nannie Campbell Duval and H. Reiman
Uuval were the guests from New York at
a luncheon Riven to-day by Dr. Andrew
Anderson for Ills daughter. Miss C1hus.hr
Anderson, at Markland Place, their home
Alexander Sheehan and John R. Shee
han of New York have leturned to the
I'once de Leon after a six weeks' stay
at ['aim Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Lyman of New
Yoi k have returned to the Ponce da
I<con from an automobile trip to Ormond
and will spend March hero.
Despatches received yesterday by The
New York Herald reported the tem
perature and atmospheric conditions at
winter resorts as follow.*: St. Augus
tine, Fla., 72. clear: Ormond, Fla., TO,
clear; Palm Beach. 7fi, clear; Miami,
70, cle-ir; Key West. 73. clear; Belleair
Heights, 70, clear; Aiken, 70, clear;
Camden, 64. clear, Nassau, 74, cloar;
Bermuda. 70, clear.
Mrs. lCupene Zimmerman of Johns
town. Pa., announces the engagement
of her daughter, Miss Grace Ellene Zim
merman, to Mr. Law ton tjriswolil Sar
gent. son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hu
pert Sarnont of N'w Haven, Conn. Mr.
Sargent was graduated from Yale in
Mrs. Florena Ziegfeld, Jr., as she
appeared in a costume ball at the
Everglades Club, Palm Beach.
French Ambassador Also
Coming Here.
Herbert Hoover, the new Secretary of
j Labor, will make his first official appear
; ance Wednesday night at the dinner to
b?- given to Ignace Paderewskl under the
auspices of the Civic Forum at the Asior
Hotel. Jules J. Jusserand, Ambassador
from France, and Baron de Cartler, Am
bassador from Belgium, also will come
from Washington to attend the testi
Henry Morgenthau, who is In chargo
of the dinner, said of Mr. Paderewikl,
"Mr. Hoover and myself together *aw
tills man In action and witnessed the al
most Insurmountable difficulties that
confronted him. We listened to his ad
dress In the Polish Parliament. ?Ve
want New York to show Mr. Paderewskl
how sincerely America appreciates what
he has done for the world."
Mme. Marcella Sernbrlch, Polish sing
er, will make her first appearance as n
?peaker. Mr. Morgenthau also will
spook and Frank L. Polk will preside.
On the dinner committee with Mr.
Morgenthau are Elbert H. Gary. Nicho
las Murray Butler, the Rev. Dr. Willi tm
T. Manning, Walter Dnmrosch, Thomas
W. Lamont, Herbert H. Lehman, Joseph
Stran.sky, George W. Wlckersham. Ed
ward M. House, Robert Ersklne Ely. Mrs.
E. H. Harrlman. Mrs. Henry Fairfield
Osborn, Mrs. Herbert L. Satterlee, Mrs.
Charles B. Alexander. Miss Virginia O.
Glldersleevc, Miss Ruth Morgan, Miss
Mabel Choate, Mrs. F. Louis Slade, Mrs.
Willard D. Straight and Mrs. John T.
Forilhnm Men Witness Modern
Panatlon Piny.
More than 100 students from Ford
ham University witnessed the perform
ance last night of "Veronica's Veil," the
modern passion piny, at St. Joseph's j
Auditorium, Union Hill, N. J.
The demard for seats has been so
large this year that the directors of the
play have added six extra perform
ances. These will bo on Wednesday
night. March 16; Friday night, March
1*; Saturday afternoon and even'ng.
March 19; Monday night. March 21.
at.d Wednesday night, March 23.
On the evening of St. Patrick's day
i arh person lii the audience will receive
an Irish souvenir and there will be at
least two prominent speakers.
Mrs. Vanderbllt, Mmes Adrian Iselln,
Francis Burrall Hoffman. Thomas F.
Ilyan, James West Roosevelt. Edward
N. Hreltung, Henry Hoyt, Samuel Lew
IsHO'nn, Frederick Pearson. Isaac Chaun
cey McKeever, William F. Sheohan,
John N". Willy*. Walter K. Maynard.
Nelson O'Shautfhnessy, Arthur Hachs.
Newbold Morris, Robert E. Tod, Hor
atio S. Shonnard. Henry James. Mtuart
liuncan Preston, Francis Cardan. Dan
iel Guggenheim and Patrick A. Va'en
tlne will he box holders for the recital
hy ErlWa Morlnl In Carnegie llnll. Sun
day afternoon, for Serbinn Child Wei- I
Adrlnn Mullln Dillon, owner of tho
Village Hearth, n r?staur?nt In Mac
dougal Ktrort, and Miss Madeline Ham
ilton. duaghtor of John Hamilton of 210
Went UTth (street, were married ycater
day by Deputy City Clerk Michael J.
Crtltoe. Dillon live# at 7 St. Lukr'n
place. In the Greenwich Village aeotion,
md Ih well known among artists and
others of the district. He Ih 23 and tho
bride In 22 years old. It wih said to
have been a whirlwind courtship lasting
n weeK after a meeting at dinner.
At the Heiasco to ?ee "Dcburati"
were Mr. Cyril Crlmmlns and Mr. and
! Mrs. C. C. Overton.
Mrs. Winston Churchill, Mr and Mrs.
Alfred Whitney and Mr Robert Holden
saw "Kntor Madame" nt the Pulton.
Seeing "Tip-Top" at the Olohe were
Mr. and Mrs. Ouernney Price, Mr. J
I'hlllp Henkard. Mr Oeorge Tiffany, Mr
Itlchard A. Strong *nd Mr. il. Nelaon
At "Good Times" at the Hippodrome
were Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard H. Hlgglna.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Northrop and Mr
George lilagden.
Wills rd Maeh In his latest play, "Smooth
a* Btlk," wilt remain at the I**xinirtnn The
aire Instead of coin* to the Park neat week ;
us announced.
Mint Marirarxt Aniclln announce* the east
for "Ipiilganla In At?H?." which she will
?ive at the Manhattan Opera House April 4.
rr. Inrltido Ruifena Powers, Marry Rirfont,
H.dnev Mather, Ralph Roeder. Mary Pom-let
inrt Moroni OW?n. Miss Anjjlln herself will
1)1 iv Clht' tntii Hrt< for the tlrat time Instead .
of nppcmrlni' In the title role.
The Urnmhall Pla"er? will produce "The ,
Tie That Liberates, by lltMlar Pavepport. (
*? tho Itramhall Piayhou.>e next Monday. i
Jacques Thomas, former Prcnrtt aviator
who Is a patient In the Post Monpltal ?>
Governor* Inland, ?-a? s rttest of honor nt a
nox party of wounded e\-serv|ee men ? ? th<
Hippodrome last nlnht ?tven b* Ml"f Agn?? ,
r*o-toltovaka, nor- dander tn "flood Tim"."
Mlsr Ina tlayward. urltna donna soprano i
r ( TV Pa?In* Show of |o21." at tb" Wlrt |
?er ("anion, he.ran ye tei-day tn arrantre n i
tlnatre rsrtv for th? fMktren of r||<-us per '
fOrtnMS whom ahp k ,e* ah* it aj u fill alio j
<a? a barebark rluer.
Academy of Design Entertains
Prior to Exhibition.
The annual dinner of the National
Academy of Design was held last night I
!<jr the flrat time in two years In the old (
:r:".erles of the Fine Art* Building In;
Weal Fifty-seventh street. The occasion,
which was in the nature of a celebration j
of the restoration of the Vanderbilt Gal
?ry after the tire of a year ago wa? I
attended by some 150 members of the I
academy anJ more than a dozen guests |
Toe tables were spread in the recon
structed V'anderbllt (Jallery. which i*p
r?ared for the occasion as In the old
days, hung with the best works of the!
spring academy exhibition, which opens
to the public on Monday.
The speakers were Edwin H Blash
fleld, M. Leonce Bcnedite. the director of
the Luxembourg Museum ; Henry H.
("urran, President of the Borough of
Manhattan; C;as Gilbert. Morris Gray,
ho president of the Boston Museum, and
Mr. George McAneny, the fotiner Pre*
lent of the Borough of Manhattan. Mr.
llaahfleld spoke In approbation of the
.vork of American artists in the w.ir
nil had words of particular praise for
'>e services rendered by Willis m A.
?offln, who led the Artists Committee
>f ln0 for the relief of the families of
French artists. i
One Player Accuses Another
of Libel in Letter.
A question of libel over a laundry bill
came lo lhiht yesterday in the West Side
Court, when Leo Stark, actor, appeared
there as complainant against J. Arthur
O'Brien, also an actor, to press R charge
of criminal libel. The appearance In the
case of Paul M. Turner, counsel for the
Actors Equity Aa:.>cla>tlon, put that or
ganisation in the position of having one
more problem to solve.
Mr. Stark's charge was based on let-,
ters which Mr. O'Brien is said to have j
written to the Equity Association, accus- i
' ins Mr. Stark while with the Chauncey j
; Olcott company of p'aclng his personal
laundry among the company's effects and
thus minimising his own laundry bills.
It was also alleged that O'Brien accused j
Sta 1 ' using Insulting language against
America and certain members of the Oi
cott company.
Mr. Turner told Magistrate Levlne that
the Equity contra is gave actors consld-i
erable latitude in nuking charges against
one another, and that such letters as Mr.
O'Brien was alleged to have written were
never conslde ed libellous. The case was;
adjourned to March 15. when Magistrate |
Levine wl'.I hear further testimony in th<: j
; Tombs Court.
Was Daughter of Louis Von
Hoffman, N. Y. Banker.
Word was received hero last night of
! the death in Cannes. France, of Mar
i qulse de Mores (nee Medora von Hofi
1 man), widow of the Marquis de Mores,
who whij murdered In the Sahara In
1896. She was the daughter of Louis
; von Hoffman, banker, who established
I tho Stock Exchange firm of L. von Hoff
man & Co. in this city In 1SG0, and
I Mrs. von Hoffman, who was M ss
KJrymes before her marriage, and of the
j old Staten Island family from which
| Grymes Hill takes Its name. Her father
! was one of the founders of the Knlcker
! bocker Club and was a prominent mem
ber of the Tuxedo and Union clubs.
In 1883 she was married to the Mar
quis de Mores, the son of Duke of Val
lcmbrosa. Following her marriage she
had a varied eareer. With her husband
she went to the Bad Lands of Dakota,
where shortly after the marrl;.ge the
town of Medora was named after her.
Her husband established the town with
| the idea of making It the centre of the |
packing Industry and fighting the cattle i
| combination. He aroused the ire of the
cowboys of that country and Anally hia |
house w;us surrounded and a pitched j
battle ensued In wh ch the Marquis
killed one of the attacking party. He .
v. as Indicted for murder, tried and 1
acquitted. While he w; s locked up In
a little Western Jail the Marquire elected
to share his confinement.
Not long after the trial the cattle plan
failed and the Marquis and his wife
went to France. Shortly after his ar
rival In that country he fought many
duels, and in 1*96 embarked on an expe
dition across the Sahara from Tunis to
take relief to the Khalifa in h s
struggle against the British. He '.wis
robbed and murdered by his escort
In 1885 the Marqutoe was reputed to
be one of the best rifle shots in America.
She had two sons, one the Duke of Val
lombroaa ?rd of Asinarl. who Inherited
hi* grandfather's titles. Her other son
13 Count Paul de Vallombroaa.
Paris. March 3.?(Jen. Auguste Mur
der. former French Minister of War.
died here to-day. Gen. Mercler was
War Minister at th? beginning of the
trial of Capt Dreyft'S, instituting the
proceedings which brought Dreyfus be
fore the Council of War In 1*94, the
trial resulting in the condemnation of
Dreyfus to lifelong penal nervltude and
public degradation, this sentence after
ward being reversed and Capt. Dreyfus
exonerated ci his retrial.
Gen Mercler appeared as a wltne?s
against Papt. Dreyfus nt the second
trial. He was elected to the Senate In
Bt;rpal/>, March 3.?Dr. Matthew D.
Mann, noted gynecologist and obstetri
cian, who, nummoiH'd to attend Presi
dent McKlnley when he wits shot, rushed
half shaved from a barber's chair to
the operating table on which luy the
dying K*? utlve and performed the
operation which rare him a few hours
more of life, Is dead.
Frederick E. Scnmmell, ship broker,
of 8 Bridge street died yesterday at
hla home In the Hotel Hobert Fulton,
22S West Seventy-first street. In his
seventy-second year He leaves three
sons. John McA , Frederick E. Jr., and
Harold H. Scamm? II. Me was a member
of the Produce Exchunge, and the Oariu- ,
dlan, New York Athletic and oth?ir clubs, j
The body was taken to the Fune ral j
Church. Eroadwny and ?sixty-sixth :
Goodwin Lee, editor of the F(r? Kn- J
ffinetr, which he founded In 1911. died'
yesterday In the Iwwne of his brother,
Loxley l^ee, at IS2S North Grata street.
Philadelphia. He was born In Eliza
beth City county. Virginia, In 1857 His
father served as a Major In the Con
federate army Mr 1-ee studied law
with his father snd was admitted to the
Virginia bar. Me took up editorial work
here In 1900.
Charlrs l.*wnn<-r Comfort, city sales
man for the Hirgent Hardware Com
pany for many year" died Wednesday
in the home of his cousin, the Rev. Rich
ard Klkelhan. laalatant jinrtor of Or,it <
Methodist Ej>lsC"pnl Ch'irch. 130 Went
l?4th street He * < 60 years old. Il> i
was born at New H?.ylejr, N. Y. He be
longed to the Seventh K< giment for
many y? i-rn, whtiv? he won revereI
medal* aa a niar .- nsn.
! _____ !
Harding and Wilson Offer
Condolence to Widow.
Washington, March 3.?President- j
elect Harding in person and President
Wilson through a written message to
day extended their sympathy to Mrs. !
Champ Clark on the death yesterday of
her husband, the Democratic leader and
former Speuker of the House of Kepre- j
sen tat Ives.
Presidentelect Harding, accompanied
by Mrs. Harding, leaving their hotel for
the first time after their arrival In ,
Washington, called on Mrs. Clark late In
the day. They spent about a quarter of ;
an hour with Bennett Clark, son of the
dead Hoitae leader, and Mrs. Clark.
President and Mrs. Wilson tendered
their sympathy earlier in the day In a
note written by the President and dellv- i
ered by a White House messenger. The j
President Issued orders for the lowering 1
to half staff of all fla^s on Government
buildings during the funeral service* in
the chambcr of the House on Saturday
and at Bowling Green, the former
Speaker's home, on Monday.
The proceedings of the House con- :
j tinned under the shadow cast by his
! death. To-nisht the House laid aside
! the rush of last minute legislation for
I an hour to pay tribute to its former pre
siding officer.
| I'nlce 191B, factory No. 79020. motor No.
? KW70, car painted green, brown wfcsels,
. liowe-Ford tires, two extra U. H. coriln. N.
J. license No. 0C437. Stolen In Newark. N. J.
Communicate wltn R. H. HOPWOOD, "i!i
hn st.. New York. Telephone Beekman
A REWARD ?F $200
for return of platinum bar pin. con'alnlns
about 12 diamonds, equal sl^e; lost March 1 !
between Hotel Plnza and Ea it ttfd st
BLACK. STARR i FROST, Mh av. and
48th st.
LOST?I'nlon Peciflc Railroad Company
common stock certificate No. B-152842
for 10 shares In the nam* "Henri Kdouard
Michel Rad'guet." Notice I s hereby given
to show can ho to the said company, 120
Rroadway. New York city, why Siild certi
ficate should not bo cancelled and a new
certif'erte Issued
l.OST?A child's silver ro"ary and case,
March 1, 70th st, between Columbus av.
and Broadway and up to Rlst st.. ea-<t side
tl Broadway; name engraved on both. Re
turn to Katherlne Creamer, 2U45 Broadway.
Be ward.
LOST Tue-cVv evening, Capitol I >*atre,
lower box neat 13. mall pair lost .iettes,
platinum set with diamond* and rubles; llh
i ral reward. Mrs. E. S. Smlthers. 470 Park
MV. Plnva 01*3.
LOST?Orl'tedes, Amsterdam av. and 11 "th
or vicinity, taupe velvet handhasr contnln
inc nmall bla? k purse, bills, tortoise shel'
i r cctacles; reward, no questions. Cathedral
Lo?t?Black hand ?afhel and contents
useful to owner only: dropped from auto
12d ?t., near flth av., New York. 2301
Myrtle av.. Brooklyn. 124 Evergreen.
$100 REWARD,
to questions asked. Diamond and platinum
' rooch, 2" ?mall stones, between 20th and
.'2d "ts.. Wednesday. Finder return to ROB
MIT M. FINDLAY. 20 Wot 35th. Flu Roy
for the return of platinum and diamond
pendant watch, lost February 22 at or be
tween Illvers'de Theatre and Sfd st BLACK,
STARS A- FltOST. r.th av. and 48th st
LOST?March 2, at Hotel Waldorf, pstr of
old fashioned blue enamel enrrlnRa. at Wal
dorf or between It and East 82d St., an old
fashioned blue enamel pin. Liberal reward
?Wen for their return to "0 Eaut 82d St.
LOST?Monday, between Symphony Theatre.
Broadway, 0"th St.. and Tulsne Chop
House. O.Mh St.. Imitation pearl and silver
bracelet with real Jade and diamond pendant.
Return to Mrs. C. A. Duffy, Sherman Square
Hotel: re-ward.
LOST?At Madame Hammer's dre-smaklni!
establishment, 12fl West 4r.th, platinum and
diamond lorrnette and chain. If finder will
return articles to Hlaek, Starr A Frost,
Tith av. and 48th st.. liberal reward will be
raid, and no questions a"ked.
LOST?Wedne*day afternoon. March 2. prob
ably mar HOih st and Manhattan av., an
| Amethyst pin with border of pearl*. Finder
| Till he suitably rewarded. Phone Chelsea
i:: r:i.
; I.OKT?Wednesday evenlnK. a golf champlon
| ship medal, n ?me an.1 dato Inscribed oti the
' back. Reward if returned to JAMKS t>
I' ? UNFIT. 42 r. !Mb av.
LOST?Diamond rlntr. February 27. between
Rockaway Park and Nosfrand av. station |
of the Lon? Island Railroad; liberal reward.
Phone L. ORASING. B. II Harbor 1510.
Lost?Handha1' In ta*l. Wednesday 12 P. j
M.. taken at Waldorf Hotel to fllst at. and
Lexington av. Please return rings to J. V.,
tV. Ea t 01 t st.
LOST "Diamond cresrent pin. pearl centre,
platinum setting: reward. Call Stuyvesat.t
Wenrins Appnrel.
LOST?Small brown fur neckplcce, on Tues
day afternoon late on 74th st., near Park
av Please return to 44 East T4th St. or
phono Fit/ Roy O^lO. Reward.
Cats. Dogs, An.
LOST?Red Irish terrier: name Mr. Doole.v.
Liberal reward for return of valuable ln
fomat'on. 1"41 4*th St.. Brooklyn.
I OCT?Scotch Cairn terrier, brlndle: sore on
throat; answers to tame of Tudge. Return
to 123 K ?:id; r?w?rd.
THOMAS?HACK FTT.?Mart* fVw?l Harkett
and Leonard Moorhead Thomas, on
Wednesday, March 2, by Hrmth. at
the home if E. T. Stoteabury. Palm lt?ach,
Adrian. Joseph M.
Itoucard. I.oui*a
liov<l Va'cil'"# SI.
Brlnck. Adelaide E.
tluckle? Arthur
rhn?n>'k. Nathan
(""??inforl. Oliarlea I..
Conner, Mnrton
rv> la Croix. A. <*?' S.
v hkI"*, Oeornc '
Kvann. Anne B
Klaaokr Bdwapl W.
i-VI*e. R?y
rjold*ton. Godfrey
K?-o*h. Mary K.
KnoDlMi II.
Marulre. Jnmro A.
Mann, A*n>* W.,
Mnver, l.oul?
Mooney, fluph N.
Moron. Marquloe da
Moirls. Anna J.
Murphy, Ixiulxa
Mirer". CVarle* P.
MeCreery. Dorothea
Mrt^an. OeorKe U.
Nellaon, Oertrudo
Ottier, ?'?! r)re I'.
Pf?k, A. Annie II.
P"trla. ' Ina V.
Pler~y, Zm hary T.
Purdv, h< lomon O.
Raurh, H?nry
Roxenhaum, Sol
Ryokmila Kate T.
Bcan'mrll. F. F.
P Mth, Frank W.
Taec. Sjruh J,.
Whb Wit-urn H.
Worley. I.oul?.- M.
In Memorlnm.
Oaran, John P >t<> -'?. Jt:ll* J. K.
Oiirrtn, Pierre E. Ne|?on, Helen J.
I.lone, Itonlna B. Terry, John D.
APRIAN.? Joseph M. Adrian, huehand of
Caecllla M. Adrian, on Marrh .1, 1921, at
hi* residence, HO". Proadwav, N**
Vork rlty. In Ih< aid year of hi* aire.
Solemn requiem ma*? at I.a'1y tf form**
Church, ?t 10 A M.. Mac-h 7, 1P2I.
BOTOARP.?At Vonkcm, N. V.. Wednesday.
March 2. 1P"1, l/oula Housard, ?Ife of
the late Andrew llnuifard. Kiineral nor
vice at her late residence, .14(1 Warhurton
*v., Ynnkert, Saturday. Marrli (I, at 1
I' M. Interment Kvorgrw n Cumet< ry,
ROY P.?On Matrh i. 1051. ni South Oran*e.
V. J. Valentine Mitt. b?-ln.et| twin dnugh
fer of 1,1111.- Campbell rnd the late John J
Hoyd In her Nth year Funeral service
Friday Marrh 4. nt the Church of th'
lloly Communion, South Oratme, on arrival
of t 31' train from lloboken, D.. L A W
IllMNCK.?At Newbitrgh, N. Y.. Thuradav.
Mirch 1, 1IT1, Adelaide F. (Iranian. w!f>
of Pr. William llr'nrk Notice of funera'
In Kiturdav and Sunday paper*.
lircKI.FY.-~At New Rochetle, N. Y., nt
March 5. 1"'-l Arthur, be|o> t>d hn*t>a- ?!
of Anrte r.'Tkley w II he aald *'
Th? Itoly Fnmlly Ctw -h. Mayflower and
North a*s. New Itorhelle. N. V. on Sat
urday at 1 o-A M I'leaae omit flower*
CIIOHNKK ?Natl an, on Thursday. M?r< h 3
dearly beloved hu'hand >if Por?tliy (r
I*vy), *tul ?on of the lale William an*
Ou??lr Cho' nrk. runrral *?rv|rar Sun
?'av. March II, at 10 A. M . from tlir fu
n -.al parloe. ,.f Winter * IM, h. 12T V
Itfit!) ?t. rirare omit flowr*.
COMFORT.-On March 3. It>21. Charl* L
?>ii of the la;?- Uwrenft I,. ?nd ""lian-a'
( mfort. Veteran* of the Sevrnt). !!? el
' nt I'cmmpy 1". re?)iie*(ri! to attend t''
funeral ?enl i at hl? lat?- re?ldrnr*. l.-Wi
mith. FHt'ay. ? IV M
fVMFftRT.?Veteran- of the Seventh R i
mcnl, N O N / : V!-' cv p r?'cr t
nounremerl I* mrd? of the death
M.'rC' 2 of Cinrl ? I, Cemfort CJ'*
(V?np?njr* Ftin- ral " rrtrea at Ma ]?? I
r??ld?rt', j,t() >v in<th *t . on Fr'd^r c
? P. M. Wlllard C. Fl<k. Proaldv. . (
OOKKER.?On Wednesday. March 8. 191.,
Marlon. daughter of the
Julia Conner. Funeral *?rvlM* at Mr
late residence. 2*3 Rich a v., Mouiit\er
non. N. V.. on Friday evening. Marc.i -1.
at ? :!#. Interment Greenwood.
DE LA CROIX .-Antonla du Suau d?' l?
Croix o:i Thursday. March 3, In her 70*. h
v< ar beloved w Ife of Oliver. Funeral from
r~ld.Ee. 26" We,. 13??h. *t..
on Saturday. Service* atlOA. M. at
flt Charlea Borrom?o ? Church. 14 *
Weat. Interment private, Pino Lfc.
EAGLFH.?On Wednesday. March 2. r.<.on-*
H ICagle*. brother "f ,rC,
and member of Wlllle.m O Mitchell Po.
K.W. G. A. R.; Harlem Lodg,^ 20!. I. <>.
0, V. Ht-rvlce* Rf Mar;imonrt " Parlors*
Ifiwi Lexington av.. Friday. H P. M.
EVANSOn Mar-I? 2. Anne Ruth
Chapel Stephen Merrltt Burial and Crema
tion Co . 181 8th av.. corner 18th st.
FLAACKE.?Thursday, March 3 1681. Ed
ward W. 1'laa. ke, beloved hiujband or
Minnie Meyer. In hi# 43>1 year. Relative!
and friends are respectfully Invited to at
tend the funeral servl-e* at hi* latef**l?
dencn. 57 Crwcent av.. Jersey City, N. J.,
on Sunday. March 6, at 8 P. *? Inter
ment private.
FOI8B.?Kay. beloved oaushter of the late
Asher and Eva Folse. beloved sister of
Cilia Graham. Sarah Goldstein, l-ee E.,
Jack. Bltai L.. and Joaeph P. Folae. !? u
n.ral servl "e a* Ham Rothschild s I* unej*.*.t
Chapel. Lenox av., at 120th st.. Fri
day. Manh 4. at 2 P. M.
GOLDSTON.-Godfrey, beloved husband <f
Nora, brother of Hu^te Jatobaon and tno
late Nat and Albert Gold-ton, passed
away on March 3 In hie ?3d year. Fu
neral services at The Funeral Church,
Broadway. at Oiltlt at.. Sunday. March #,
at 11 o'clock.
KEOGH.?On March 3, Mary B.. beloved
nl.ter of William H and Rose V. KMC".
Funeral from h-r late residence, 14* La-t
S3d st.. Mar-h Requiem maps at
Church St. I.-natlur l<oyola, at 10 A. M.
Interment Calvary.
KNOWI.E8. ? On Marrh 2. Jame* H.
Knowle*. late of 18 East 131?t at. R-rni ""
at parlors of Richard J. Delaney. 1.40
Gr?enwlch av., near 8th av. and 14th St.
Requiem mafp at Church of St. fcranci*
Xavier. We?t 16th ?t.. Saturday. March
fl, at 10 A. M. Interment Brookvlllo, L. I
MAGUIRE.?Suddenly, Jarne* A., be\,v#d
brother of May and William. Funeral
from his late r?jslflence, 102 West ?*Jd At.,
Saturday. March 5, at 9:3ft A. M., thence
to the Blessed Sacrament Church. 71?t st.
and Uroadway, where a requiem ma**
will be offered for the repose of hi* sou..
Interment Calvary Cemetery.
MANN ? Agnca Walden. widow of Charles J.
Mann and daughter of the late Daniel T.
and Caroline A. S. Walden. of Brooklyn.
N v.. at her residence, 302 Ijiwrence ?t..
New Haven. Conn., on Thursday. March
3. Fum ral services al her late residence
on Saturday. March 5, at 4 P. M. Inter
ment a' Groonwood.
MAYER.?Loul*. beloved husband of Balrd
ltoHcman and son of the late Soloman and
Rosa Mayer, Wednesday. March ?
Funeral service* from B. Wlnterbottom 8,
77> VV't 47th st.. Sunday. 10 A. M.
MOONEY.? Hugh N., on Thursday. March 8.
In his 07th year. Funeral from hi* lato
residence, 41 Stevens St.. Astoria, L. I.,
on Monday. March 7. 1021. thence to the
Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
A?tor!a, where a solemn requiem mass
will be offered at 10 A. M. Interment
Calvary Cemetery.
MORES.?Marquise de <neo Medora Von
Hoffman), on March 2, 1021, at Cannes,
France, daughter of the lato Athenal*
Grymes and Louis Von Hoffman.
MORRIS.?At Denver, Co|., March 2. 1621,
Anna .1. Morris, formerly of New Roehelle
arid Thy Island, belovd mother of Mr*.
Thomas Wright of 1017 Niagara St..
Denver: Mrs. Harry T. Haw kins of Wash
ington, I>. C., and Mrs. Francl* X. Butler
of Flushing, L. I. Funeral service* and
Interment at Denver. March 5.
MURPHY.?On March 2, I^oul a Murphy (nee
Rtube), widow of the late Edward Mur
phy. Funeral from her late residence. 6."2
Amsterdam av., Sunday, March 6, at
1 P. M.
MYERS?On Tuesday. Mnrch 1. 1621.
Charles David Myers. In the 75th year of
hlti age. after a short Illness, at his
residence. 380 Dean St.. Brooklyn. Funernl
services at White'* Funeral Parlors. 210
Flatbush av.. on Friday, 7:4.1 P. M. In
terment Saturday 10 A. M.. In Evergreens
McCRRERY.?'Wednesday. March 2. Dorothea
Moore, vounrer daughter of William A.
and Mathllde Jones McCreery, at her
parents' home, Castleton Park. New Hrler
ton, S. I. Funeral service* 10:30 Saturday
morning, March 5, St, Peter'* Cliurch,
New Brighton, 3. I.
McLEAN.?Suddenly, on Tuesday. March 1.
George Henry McLean Funeral service*
at hTs late residence, 407 Columbus av..
on Friday. March 4. at 2 P M.
NEIL8r*N.?On Wednesday evenlnK. at IvrtA
Amboy, N. J., after a brief Illness, 'e-r
trude Ne'lson. wife of Nea<ls C. Nellnon ana
mother of Mrs. W. W. Blocker and Fran*
OGIER.?Georae P. Campbell Funeral Church,
Broadway Odth ?t.. Saturday. 3 P. M.
PECK.?At Plalnfleld, N. J? on Thursday,
Marrn 3. 1021. A. Annie Hoyt. wife of
the late Cnpt. Samuel C. Peck. Ji%
S< rvlces at her late r-'-ldence, . 00 'West
Front st.. Plalnfleld. N J., on Sunday.
March C, at 2:10 P M.
PETKLA ?March 3. Lina V. Pelela. Scr\V'""
S<eti!ien Me-rl't'* Harlem Chapel. 301 West
l??th st.. Saturday, 2 o'clock
PIERCY ?Zachar* Taylor, suddenly at his
home, 304 80tb St.. Thursday. Manh 3.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
PURDY.?On March 3. It'll. Solomon G.
Purdy. aged 8! years. Funeral servl '"*
at the I>avls Chapel. r>8 Rone *t.. New
Roche!le, N. Y., on Satunlay evening at
8 o'clock.
RM'CH. After a sort lllne**. Henry Rauch,
In his 03d v. ar, dearly beloved father of
1'b R He s. Dr. David L. and Mo-?*
H Rau-h aid Belle R. Matthews. Fu
n. ral wervl -es at hi- late residence. Ooar
hur t. L. I . cn Friday morning, at 10
o'clock. Interment at New Union Field*
ROSEN"AtrM.?Hoi. dearly beloved husband
of Rose and d.ar father of Richard. In
hi. -,0th v. ar Services will be held at
the Culver al CI a;>el. Lexington av. and
r.2d St.. Friday morning at 9:30.
RYfKMAN.?On Thtir-day. March 3.1021. ?t
Fast Oranse. Kate T!'om?? H>ckman.
daurh'er nf the late David and Jan*
Tliofna*. Funeral prl\at*.
RCAMMELL.?Frederick E.. suddenly, on
Thur-dav. March 3. Services at Tbo
Funeral Church, Rrondwny and ****>*.,,
on Friday evening. March 4. at 8 o clock.
fnt<-rment *t St. Stephen. N. B.
SMITH ?Frank Wh*aton, on March I, at
Aiken. S. C.. In his 73.1 year, beloved ht.*
hand of Futices Melggs K-lth. Funeral
services at Aiken. Mn-Ch 3 Interment
Greenwood Cemetery. Friday. March 4
TAGG.?At Flushing. N. Y . on ^h'""',a,"i
Manh 1 1921, Sarah L., beloved wife of
lames H. Taug. In the .'SOth year of her
age. R?latlve* and friends are respect
fully lnvlt?<l to attend the funeral ser
vice* at th* Presbyterian Church. Murray
Hill, L?. l-t on Sunday. March 0, a' J
V M.
wnn -On Marl. 2 in: 1 VVII-am H.
of the late Samuel and Sarari J. Webb
an1 beloved hu*h*nd of Augusta f-er.ton.
1\inera1 *ervlces will b# held at hi* 1st*
home' I 113th *'.. Richmond Hill, cn
Friday inenliig at i o'clock. Interment
WORI.EY.?!>ou!"e Morrow, he'ovd wife ot
Frederick W Worley. aged 02 year- Fu
neral *ervtcos at her late home. >?1 So-it?i
"d a<- Mount Vernon. N. \Sunday af.
1.rnoon, ? o'clock Im-rm'nt Cypr**?
llllls Cem-terv. Monday. 11:30 A. M.
OEAOAN.?A month'* mind m*?? wltt hm
offered for the late John 8 Oenenn nti
StUinliy, March S, a! 0:30 A. M., In th?
Church of St. MUI;* I. .'!4th ?t.. n*?r
Pth av.
OTTRRIN ?Tn lovln* and terrier memory #.f
our beloved hu?band and faff'- r rierre E.
Ouerln who died March 4, If 11. ,
MOVE ?fn memory of our dearly beloved
mother, Ro ln? P?e||e T.lone. who riled
Marrh 4. WIS. H< r children.
MOfBH.?Tn lo\ Ini: nmmihrance to the mem
ory of Julia J, K 5tn*?, who pa? ?'?<!
?way March I, 1016. May her *oi*l r?it
In -?e?c?.
rv 1r*t?
and nran<1<-hllrtr*-Ti
NrT.BON ?In lovlim m-mory of my de*r
mother, Helen J Nelson, who p>\?rvd
?vt) March 4, 1015.
TETUtY.--tn lovltm memory nf Major John
T nrllnr Terry, who died March 4. 1WM.
'"?eel? and Will.
Call 'Columbo* 8200"
Any Hoar, Day or Night i
? .^ici Sect.i'iinl
1970 Brtudtrtj it fiAth St.
IWrtgwi Qffit'. Z.M K
In Time ?f Meed You'll \eiil
V d. Hnkcr*.
20JO Kivcrai 'a
If"'*' c' * A?.
V# Lrmik'li' >.'n > a.* K tUvuki)

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