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r ?~~? ?n
THE vNEW YORK HERALD'S Ship News Office is in
the Barge Office. Ship news information given b>t U. S.
Navy Department Daily Shipping Bulletin L'elephone
I Bowling Green 9960.
At the KorftRU Htetlon feorner of Morton and W??t eLnNKai mall cio??t :ia.f an
hour later than at the Central Post Office and Ctty Mall Station Supplementary mail,
?ioublc postage required. At the For?l#n Station supplementary mall uloeee half ar. hour
later than the supplementary cUi*lmj time shown below, excopt that supplementary mall for
turop.an countries ard for Central America. Ac., via Cristobal, closes one hour later.
Transatlantic Mails.
BouUj Africa (?), via Cape Town; also
parcel pout malls for Union of South Africa.
HecliuanaJainl ProUotoraie, PortUtfUisM East
Africa. Northern and Southern Rhodesia and
Southwest Africa Protectorate, str East
Wind. 8 AM.
Spain <?), via Cadiz and Barcelona: also
parcel post malls for Spain, Canary Islands
ai*l Ceuta Melllla and Tangier in Morocco,
str Antonio Lopez, ti:30 AM
Iceland, \ la Reykjavik; also parcel post
malls for Iceland, str Lagarfoss. 11 :30 A.M.
Ireland and Scotland (other countries ?),
via Movllle and Glasgow; also parcel post
malls for Ireland and Scotland, str Colum
bia. 8 AM (sup 9:30 AM).
Europe, Africa and West Asia, via Plym
outh. Boulogne and Rotterdam irual! ?); also
parcel post malls for Netherlands, str Xleuw
Amsterdam. 8 AM 'sup ?;30 AM).
Great Britain, Belgium. Luxemburg, Neth
erlands. Norway, Sweden. Denmark, ' i< r
ntftny, Finland, Persia, Sout!? Africa. Ma
deira and Cape Verde Islands, via Plymouth
(Other countries ?>; also parcel post malls
for Great Britain (except Scotland), Bel
gium, Luxemburg, Belgian Congo and other
countries, str Finland. 8 AM (aup 9:30 AM).
France, Roumanla, Bulgaria, Czecho-Slo
vakla. Jugo-Slavia. Austria. Hungary, Po
land, Switzerland. Italy, DalmaMa, Greece.
Portugal, Turkey. Kpryft, Hritl?h India.
Kenya and Uganda, Malta. Slam. Ceylon and
Straits Settlements, via Havre (Spain, Gib
raltar and other countries " ; also parrel
post malls for France and other countries,
str La Savoie, S:30 AM (sup 8:30 AM).
Spain and Gibraltar (Greece ?), via Vigo,
Gibraltar and Patraa; also parcel post mails
for Gibraltar and Greece, str Pannonla. y:30
Europe. Africa and West Asia, via Liver
pool, str Belglc, 10 AM (sup 11:30 AM).
Germany (?), via Hamburg, also parcel
post malls for Germany, Austria. Czecho
slovakia. Hungary and Switzerland, str
Fairmont. 12 M.
Denmark, Poland, /Esthonla and Ftn
innd (?), via Copenhagen. Danzig. Reval
and Helsing'ors; also parcel post malls for
I>enn\ark and Finland, str Margus, 12 M.
Mails for South and Central Amer*
ica, West Indies, &c.
Havtl (except Cape Hayti and Port de
Paix.i, Car.a! Zone, Panama. Salvador
(prints, &c), Nicaragua (except [Cast Coast),
Amapala, Choluteca (also prints, Ar, for
Naoaome, Tegucigalpa and Yuwaran) in
Honduras, Cauca and Narino departments of
Colombia, Evador, anil mail other than
parcel post flHl'' ru (except Iqultos), Bolivia
and Chile (oriier parts of Honduras and
letter mail for Salvador ?), via Port au
| Princo anil Cristobal. str Panama. 12 M
I (sup J PM).
Grenada, St Vincent. Trinidad, Ciudad
Bolivar and Guiana (Barbados and St
Lucia ?), via Granada, Trinidad, Barbados
and Georgetown. ?tr Matura, 7 AM.
Argentine, Uruguay and Paraguay, via
Montevideo and Buenos Alios, str Fanj;
turm, 10 AM,
North Brazil, Iqulto?, Pernamburo. Para
hyliA, Naal, Macelo and Cabedctllo, via
Pa .-a. C.i'ara, Poriuunbuco. Macelo, Cabe
dello and Natal, str St Michael, 11 AM.
i Bermuda, via Hamilton, str Fort Victoria,
i 7:80 AM.
\ Jamaica (Cuba ?). via Santiago and King
ston. ?tr Verona, 7:30 AM.
I Costa Rica (Cuba, Jamaica, Canal Zona
and Panama *), via Havana. Port Antonio,
Kingston, Cristobal and Port Llinon, str
Calaraari'S, 8 30 AM.
Cuba (?), via Havana, str Mexico. 8:20
Porto Rico, via San J\ian, str Coamo,
8:;'.0 AM <?up 9 .10 A.M>.
Turks Island and Dominican Republic, via
: Trrks Island, Monte Christ i, Puerto Plata,
i Sanchea. San Pudro do Macorls, San Do
mingo City, Ar.ua and Rarahona. str Iro
1 quois. 11.30 AM (sup 12 M).
I St Thomas, St Croix, St Kitts, Nevis, Saba.
St Martins. St Eustatius, Antigua, Montser
I rat. Martinique. Guadeloupe and Barbados
J (Trinidad, Cludad Bolivar and Guiana ?) :
I also parcel post mails (or Dutch and French
I Guiana, via St Tliomas, St Croix, St Kitts,
j Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados,
Trinidad. Georgetown, Paramaribo, Cayenne
j and St Laurent du Marone, str Elmac, 12 M.
? Barbados, St Lucia (Argentina. Uruguay
! and Paraguay ), via Barbados, Montevideo,
Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, str Strlnda,
' 12 M
Transpacific Mailt.
Close at New York at 6 PM as follows:
Hawaii, via San Francisco, str Manoa,
March 25.
Hawaii, Japan. Corea. China, French
Indochina and Netherlands East Indies <ex
ce.pt Sumatra), via San Francisco. ?tr China,
March 2d.
Japan. Corea, China. Siberia, French Indo
Chitia ai d Netherlande East Indies (except
Sumatra), via Seattle, str Suwa Maru,
! March 27. I
Hawaii, Fiji Islands, New Zealand an4
! Australia, via Vancouver and Victoria, BC, I
str Makura, March 28.
Hawaii, Guam and Philippine Islands, via
San Francisco, U S A T Sherman, March 3J.
?Must be specially addressed for this
? Parcel post mails and specially addressed
Malls of the following dates. Canton Feb
22, Hong Kong 23d and Toklo March 14,
which arrived per str Teucer, were des
patched east from Seattle on March 21 and
are due in New York on the morning of j
Saturday, March 26.
f's ? Crtatotoal ' PM B. Iglc, Liverpool 1
;* ; V .1. Capo Town s'oon Fairmont. Hamburg 3
Mstn . Grenada, 4c Il:u0 AM Margus. IlelslnKfors 8
ft Michael. l'ara, &c 2:00 PM
I.afrarfow. Iceland 3:00 PM
La Navole, Havre Noon
Colombia. Glasgow ... Noon
Nleuw Amsterdam, Rott?rd? i Neon
Finland. Antwerp Noon
I'aitnonla, Patra.i Noon
Fansturm. Buenos Aires.. ... 1:00 PM
| Fort Victoria. Bermuda 11
Verona. Kingston 11
Calamarea, Port Ltmon 11
Mexico, Havana
Coamo. San Juan
Iroquois. Turks Island, Ac
Elmar. ft Thomas, ?c 3
Htrtnda, Buenos Aires. Ac 3
Ki Sol, Galveston
Antonio Lopes, Cadiz, &c
.00 PM
00 PM
:00 PM
.00 AM
:00 AM
:00 AM
00 PM
Steamer* Due in New York.
Waited From.
Steamer. *?'? ? Rotterdam
Naugue. ? l^ondon
Jloya' Prince ? .. .Immlmrham
Oakwln. ;."f j fit Na?alre
tanla < Iara. J* , ..Manchester
Cduardo.. . J, Barry
"art Caroling - war 11 Ur0ft
r.arnapo - "JJ. i, * Cristobal
Ttvlves ? Trinidad
Mayar* Mar 8. ..Sierra I.eoWJ
Baass ?i~r 14 Liverpool
Celtic *?i\\ V. Havre
Mount Clay J?*' 'I i^ith
Chantler *}*; * Barbados
Virgil !J* 19 tte'.veston
?: ? .**?*??
Burmese Prlnc? Mar'"*! 'Gibraltar
Half Moon. *?r " ? c?dU
Poeta Arola* M?r ?" ?? l^ndim
Tainarac 5,rll ' Cristobal
yulllo-a ?ar l\ .?.UmerlrK
Ma- B Hamburg
American ?aa "
Mar 1* Cherbourg
l.?pland Mar 17 Plymouth
JJoordam ? ?????" J* ,, " ...Trieste
pre<ldf>nte Wilson.... war 11 . Newport
Netl,. rrnead ?"? }' ? ...London
^*1"0 .'.'.'.'.'.'."Mar 13 '.. Houerdam
iarpahoe ...JactuonMUe
Altncnac for New York March 25
time of high wa^^march ^.,^
Sandy Hook..... ? ^ n ;lf) 1>M
(iovernors Island...... ?' > ?
Hell Gate (Astoria).. .11 -0 AM :111y
The time given In the abOJJtrtta * ????
em standard time and U furnished i>y vm
Uniteii rftate* Coast an<l tteototl? 3ur\ey.
dropping of time ball
v ww YOKK March 24?The timo 1
?s s-rrKnT. wr,?
Greenwich m?en time. Any one ct? <lrtnf' cor
reel Greenwich mean time teieprione Bowllnf
tireeu Si20.
?11 Beraenafjord (Nor), fliristlanla Nlurcli
1Btavawwr lath an* Bergen13..;, to the
J. H. Ilvssller *n*???"?<?? ? h?n*?-? <?>
\I?I Mrrehnnl MsrtBe.
Wabhinotom. March 24.-- Vor an hour ?
to-day President Hardin* dfrcUMCrt the
uhlppinR altuatlon with John II. Hoes iter !
of Man Franct?co, formerly director of
operations for the Shipping B?a??.
Mr Rowrtter later said ht *?"' ,"1'1
,he President the outlook waa Rloom>
for th<- American merchant mar,n*X,icd
the Jones Hhlppin* act wer- nmend-.1
t<) permit concentration of authorltj
a HhiKle executive Instead of ft ??ven
member board.
Creation of a Iorm! department ?
tie claim of th< HI. 1 wine fc -.rd ..rUn*
out "f development of the <.oMin"W
?nerchant fl?-t rtur?nB t.? w. r ^
mother recommendation he nindt . ?
CsUer aided .hat lh?
tflven no Indication a- t" thprolmbh
peraonnol of the new Shlpp.ln* Bn-trtl.
Kl KOI*P..
wnTpnivATi?'MAN^tnN*. -"^r,7;,nr
houM. ln ^'Yap- roose, f?. v,k H" Me
<***}.* Burfadi ltwTt. m. For
lpEI,nRMK. notary public, I'ails, it
M \tlIN'B?l't'II NAI.K <?It tVA'NTITIV.
Quarantine mda?. Anchored in
^^oAdTnnguarant!n<tnd 'N?r)> L,?T>ooJ.
ssl R"^?7s'??"*T^T .2 Vk
D^Jf |?'" Pl*r S3.n&ookl$i<,nt t0 StW York |
Onie?H^Co w?th V*'p*ra!"0- *c. to W Tt
m|fr*- Anf,1?red In Qua^nTn?" n,a"" and
BahU jJI?ch lBsV 23.
'-"'d, to th?- Lamport A Vri?? r"ith an<l n,wtor>
ftwgrsM? ?'? w,,h mu"
antlne. Tarapico. Anchored In Quar
p"''-r2flSB?o^Wyn ?0, W'th
1? Monr ?o"H^ay 'Hr)wPort Antonio Marrh
thi D1 Oloriflo fl,5!in?h?p'co' Slt'h 4?h' f?
fl*vfrr* "ld md- Wont ?o' pier 7, East
water NJ Sugar Ituflnery, ]?dge
tiiw. * h ear- Anchored |ft Quaran
KHaL',,J?U,,VthlrC",?r M.*reh "? ,n
"l',r H?. Went to
Sfe-3f -?P'"0?:rc.nL
^r,kr:,m:- ,o ,h* <*???'
l\?"t j? l''?p 37. North Hive**" a"d md"*
Btr 1'atrln (f'r), Boaton March 23, ti,
? P ? of II-rv?ril nn? T-u
Keanlfe.l In Ml>rl?.
Portland. Me.. Mamh ?<
v;?y a? to division of ^ntaU^of O^
wtrninshlps Harvard and Yaln taken
t?PJ* ** F"d' r:1t ^nwnl'dS ;
"'" war. v,a? 'l.ifd to-day wh..n pi?i
?aST- ? sf-frs
m..?V I I K announced that an affrcc
, b^on rotchetl,
'"ho stcii mahlpa, formerly operated on
and wT i" UrM' Bo#ton
and Nen Wk. wetv trafiaferri d to the
r?clflc coiat about t-r, > Wr. ^ ""
"prrlal II">iis ?" 1 peril Deliver,
ll?>roi-i. the uar,
vim1 ffom forci-rn port# niil ?<? t
r-'offlLT' ,af,rr Ap'" ! ?" T-olnj
ti ; ^tino. HM ,-n
I ' ^ioi" before the war. Po?'m ??",
1-7, ?' *nn?"nPed y^rdmy. Thu* U
'?mi /"'if,J? d,ilv"r tnftll wvurai
II 1* .liar' _ ??. " Wt Pr""'?t. 8hiJ
nor Mm ,h? ma? Rt I'pr
Quaran^InoC*evdiifh "h'Ps ar' ""<? ?"
' neveral hour* th" in?,i r.-. >
Jorf"t,naUon* ln city rv?-n hi'
f-re ihr PiasontreM are landed.
' 5m aanroi iuuuivi*.
' H K'AOO, Mftroh '4 Trn I 1 1
l.PK0d TrahZ X'lv,"r*Ruwh!' who1' lir'a?
t*r; ?:?w,th Moi-ni
Carol . Sua In ''*2,hnn" "rt 'ited in
i 'i^lJ acrortUn* to oflbj^ramn
r,r . r ry' tk- ? s
"?"a. him for so eral ne k"
James W BIwell & Co. Went to f-ot of
31st street, Bxouklyn.
Str Lightburne. Provlden . to ill Texas
Co. Went to T?\ n Co ? docks, Bayonne.
U S Ctr Oyer. New London.
3chr HTbwrt I. Haw,lint,". Portland VI", to
Crovi ell & Thurlow. Anclu>red off Ued Hook.
Str President* Wlhon <Itai>, Trie-te *
tor New York, U expo. i? airlv.
j Quarantine Sun ay afternoon.
otr llelvedtire (ltal). Trieste, &c, fur N.
>o'k, U expected to arrive In Quaiui ;
'St.r. Xoordum Dutcig, Rotterdam. J.' f
, New York, lit exp. .[. ?( to arrive in a.m.
aiitlne piim'i) inomiiu.
3tr Celtic tlJit, Live? for New York, i
expected to arrive In Quarantine abou' :'
AM Friday.
I Str New lioelielU, Bremen, 4e, for N,
i York, 1m cxixm: ted tt? arrive at Boston Sa
i urday forenoon.
I Str Lapland (Br), Antwerp, &o, for Now
York, Is expected to dock at pier 61?, Nor'
, River, Sunday forenoon.
i Str Colon. Cristobal, &e, for New York. I,
expected to dock at pier 1, Ilobokcn Fri
| da> forenoon.
j Str Mayaro illrl, Trinidad for Now Yorl
is expected to dock at pier 24, Brooklyn,
I Friday forenoon.
Str 1'nlonla (Dan), from 1,lt.au, i-c, has been
, diverted to Booton.
i Str I'Un .Murdoch (Bu, from Al?oa 11bj
ike, expecti to reuch Boston I'M Friday
United State* Naval Communi
cation Service.
[Distances si cm* in mllus; position at noon,
unle.-s otherwise specified.J
Admiral Farragut 321 S San Francis.. >.
PM L.U? t
Aenl'i. 1,003 Si: Ambrose L3d.
Agwlworld li ' V. Sand Key 23d.
Agwiuiix.n 1 to Nil Hattcrtis 2ito.
Al'iXai.dor Kleliand la: 38 10, ion TO
American Star 170 Si: Ambrose 2.1d.
Amoico 7"> N Hatte: a ? 21th.
Ampetco 400 E Xtnbrorc 21th.
Arcturuit parted Kowcv liockj 24th.
Aryan 253 from Sifbl ? :>ar 23d.
Astrna ho No l pa Jupiter 23.1
Azloe 25 N Ji ; 2.', I
Baldbutte 2.'. NE Port Lobos 23d
Bar Harbor 211 Clot., lerfo: 23d
Baton Rouge 240 SW South I'ass 2:;,!
Baj way 05 \V Satul Key 24th.
Black Arrow 2,048 IJNB Havana 23d.
UrllMant 03 N Hatt 24th.
Caraiai 2."iO 8 Ambro > 24th.
Cananova 84l> S Ambrose 23d.
Cardonla lat 00 20. lor. 44 02 2 !d
CarriHo 201/ S Ambrose 23d.
Cauto 27 S Scotland L V 8 PM 23d.
Charles M Everest 117 N Jupiter 2..d
Charles Bra ley 7! NE TampU o 23d
Cheyenne 124 S South I'u .> 23d.
Chtnampa 300 NK Tuxpam 23d.
City of Savannah 74 N Hatteras 24!!,
City of St Louis 200 S Hatteras 23d.
Clement Smith passed Hatteras 0 AM 24!!:
Coldwater lat 3(1, !on (15 47 23d.
Colon 145 S Scotland L V 24th.
Comanche 24.". S Scotland L V 24th.
Comet 200 SW Hatteras 23d.
Concho 913 H Scotland L V 23d.
Crampton Anderson 258 S Ambrose 24;h.
Cranford 125 N Jupiter 23d. ?
Creolo 148 N Tortugas 24th.
Dallas (barce) 358 BSE Sablno bar 23d.
Dannedalke 20 E Sand Key 24th.
Dartford 26 S Car.'. sfort 23d.
Dauperata 7 N Sand Key 24th.
Delrosa 257 S San Francisco 8 PM 23d.
tJerbyllne 143 W 8a"d Key 24th.
Kajtle 120 S Cape ; ,-. 1 23d.
liastern Dawn lat 37 15. Ion 75 34 24th.
Eastern Importer l,25o 3 San Diego 23d.
Edward L Doheny. Jr, 30 BSE Sand Key
El Aiba 145 NW Tortupas 23d.
El "slco ir.fi N Hatteras 24tl>
El Norte 104 N Hatteras 24th.
, El Orient* 10 N Hatteras 21:'
Essex passed Fire Island 24th
F D Ascho !? SL Saml Key 24t!:.
Federal 250 SSW Hatteras 2J.;
Fort Armstrong 420 E Cape May 2?tn.
Fred W Weller !J9 SE South I'a i 23d.
Gallia 140 W Key \v, ^t 23d.
Gene Crawley 132 W Havana 24th.
Glendoyle 774 8 Ambrose 23d.
Glenpool 214 E by S Cape San \ntonio 23d.
Golden State 1,322 \V San Francisco 8 I'M
Gulfcoast 117 S Overfalls 24t:.
Gulfllght 40 S Jupiter 23d.
Gi.lf of Mexico 65 W Sand Key ^
Golf Oil lim SSW Sabine bar 23.1
Oulf Queen 245 SE Sabine Bar 23.
11 C Folijer 254 W Key West 23ii
Hadnot 112 S Hatteras 21th.
Hahatonka 305 E Sand Key 23d.
Halfmoon 725 E Ambrose 23d.
Halo 220 ENE Loljoa Island 23d.
Hampton Roads !?!?(( K Chan
Hinckley lat IS 34. Ion 39 49 23d
Holden Evans 22'.' NE Tnmplco 23d.
Honnedaifa 554 E Cape H. ,ry 23it
Honolulu 342 E Ambrose 23d.
llowiek Hall 7H0 E Bermuda 23d.
HuKuenot 75 W Snnd Key 24th.
Huron 193 SE Ambrose 24ti>.
J A Bostwlek 15 SW Sand Key 23d
J M Danziger 222 I" Tamplco 23d.
J W Van Dyke 25 SSE Cap. May 24th.
Japan Arrow (10 WSW Snnd Key 24th.
Jean 250 SW Hattera 23d.
John I) Rockefeller 14 K Tortusas 23d.
John KnRlls 832 W Gliirnltnr 22d.
La Brea 2,I4i? E Honolulu .? PM 22d.
Lake Ellenorah <ki NNE Hatteras 24th.
Lake Elon 08 NE <"ape Henry 24:h.
Lake l'ablus 120 VV Key \V'?t 23d.
Lake 1'renchton 80 NE Tamplco 23d.
I.ako Gallsteo 111 S Winter Quirter 2l h.
Lake lndinook 10 NNE Key Frances 24'lj.
I^kn Linden 202 SSW Mobile J.'{d.
I yen ape 333 S Scotland L V" 23.1.
Levlfa 200 S Nantucket 23d.
Liberty linn.l 207 NE Jup'.ter 23d.
Union 7C1 N Santa Maria 23d.
Mattunkook lat 30 22, Ion 38 23 23 !
Mattole 60 S Ambni"? 24'!:.
I Mayaro 139 SSU Anibrr.se 24th.
McXeeaport la: 40 38, Ion u7 20 24'.h.
M-lr<v<e (1 BNE Block Island 21th.
Merrimack ?l N Hattera* 24th. 1
Ml:imt|tia 7 N Ha'tera.-* 2.'id.
Mlnnewawa '.??? NW Torn,.m 2"..
Mom us 77 NW Tortu;. .i : 23d
Montana 130 W Sand Key 23d
Morro Castle 211 W Havana 23d
Munrlo 22" S Anihro.e 2."d.
Mow Roche! 1- (!75 E Boston 23d.
New York 120 WNW Tortiip.us 23d.
Nobles 28 W Sand Key 2Kb.
Nwcalula 52 E Jupiter 23d.
Noordam 89J E Ambrose 24th.
Norfolk 40 KAV Fire Island 21th.
Occidental 55 N Hatteras 24th.
Olympic 850 W Land* End 23d.
Pastor** .'??> W Havana 2);h.
Pennsylvania <W4 E liotxvi Island 24th.
Princeton 7 E Sand Key 21th.
Qulatconck 20 .4 Jupiter 23d.
Rayo 310 WNW Tortusa- 23d.
Rwmuera lat 31 47. lo.i 7 1 30 23d.
Richmond 728 "H Kan Kra-i loco 8 PM 23d.
Romulus 70 E Sand K' y 23d.
Ruth 100 NE Cape Henry 2.'d.
HOT Dodd 33 S San Pedro h PM 22(1.
f?acearnpria lat 30 02, Ion ?8 25 23(1
SajfUH 203 H Seotlaiul L V 23d.
Salem County 33 S Ha'i.ra 2SU.
San Juan 2,011 S San Francisco 2.1 d
Santa Ana lat 35 3X. len 73 52 24th.
8anta Cecilia lat 43 is, '.en 53 53 7 AM 23d
(towin* wtr Centaurc.s).
Santa Theresa lat 3d 12. Ion 74 55 CSd.
?Sl.abonnee 303 S San I ran ! .r. 8 I'M 23d.
SUvertirook 127 SR South I'a 23d.
Standard 24 W Sand K v 2ltii.
Stanley Dollar (IM( \ Cristobal 2.3d
S'.. kton 1,742 W L.
Sticr.^a 223 NNE Port L i. 23 i
Sunoll 4 N Hattera- 2.:d.
Sunshine l>4 W by 9 Key West 2 1
Surinam" 210 fl Scotland r. v 21:'
Tancarvlllc 255 B Port L..b<. . ,
Thomas W Wheeler 31S \\ w .ceung 23d.
Ur?L*an Maru lat 75 40. Ion 37 30
Vacuum 205 E GnH don 23 '
Vlrulnla Hrldire it StF. .- u ?! K 21
W C T-atle 300 E TampVo 23d
W II Llbby 71 W Snnd Key 23d.
W II Til ford 250 HEW Ilattenui 23d.
Walter A Luekenfcarh 1,111 N Culun ... I.
Walter Jennlnes 20 S Ambrose 21th.
Warfiler 54 10 Ambrose 24th.
Weehawken 127 from Beaufort 10 AM 24th.
Wost Caruth Int 37 Ofl, Ion 37 30 2'2d
West CayotA 1,838 NE Colon 2.1d
Wiwt Hepburn 1^147 K Cap* Mn id.
We?t lllx'on 2*5 B Honolulu N I'M 22 1,
W< ?ltti"-eland lat 18 53. len 1&1 zh\
W?it NUus 1,440 from flan l'ra". se<> s j..\|
W est Srijuana 25 B Cape Henry d.
West Wanna 17 SW Hand Key 24!
^1'tnmia 40? SE I.y S Ambr<.-? 23d
Wlnyali 1,173 8 Ambrwc 380
Wytnei'llle ::77 W Honolulu s I'M 2. .
Zf.rnpa 1,0-iji s Scotland L V 33d.
Zulla 21l*i 8 Sc otland L V 24th.
Bound South.
fir Konllri'l (fir), tft John*, M'. ?ml
Halifax for Nit York, to llov rh-t ?? Co,
with pniiongcrp, malls and Anchored
a f) PM.
Ktin OnoneMo if!r>, Liverpool, N'S, for
N*-w York, 'vlth wood pulp to tin* Tlil?w?Wr
I'.iliT Mill*, v" I t'> .1 r Whlt'iCo.
Schr I.Rforrt" I. Blrnmon*, Taunton for
N'".v York.
Tiipt* Hoconv No 10, villi 1 burn- 'n' 11:48
AMi , U'n ' Hi. k?l. with ?! (at 11 ;0r. AM).
Bound Eiit.
B'r J'n?vi . New York for I'.o'ton fal
4:I'M i
. ' I i Mb r' N ? Yorl for li!o<" I'latul
Tint A> i.- brook, with .5 ba i 11
AM ^
I Krom IT. B. Naval Communlt atlon 8<-rvlc*.'J
Htr J,al<?* Krohna, JurUoji . Hull and Irflth
?.1 II Wlnelwtir Hi i'i), lor.
Btr I.n 'Itannnna Vall>>, TV* U11 n n**Aar
huua, Copcnhaffn, ?Sufimhanna Slinm
uhlp Co
Htr KlahkiM, Iloylf, Rotterdam and Ant
werp via Ilnltlmorc?mark J>lamoi;.l Steam*
alilp Co.
H;r Colllnimworth, Culver, Rotterdam?
Mac It tMamond Bteamfclilp Corporation
Blr Parmonla illr), Oronow, VIro, Qlbral
tar. &>'?Cunaril Steamship Co l.t.l,
Htr Anna K Mni-pc, Itanlth, Snn Franrlaeo
?-l* naflfnion r' n I fen Trfeft?f)orta>fn
Str rancturm iPr), Montevideo. Ui Plata
lluunos Aires via Norfolk?K p Ho ua 1011
? I -O.
Htr Porothy, Hi cgina. Puerto .Plata, San
act, ?Bui!-InsulaI I.Inc.
S:i Eugene V it Thayer, Mlchelson. lJort
LoJioe- Sinclair ,N'iiv lKutkm c<>.
Str Miwltogt-.', E!latroni. Port LoboaRob
el'! I. Hague.
Monterey. Smith, Havana, Prosrnoo,
iXew York anil Cuba Mail St.ani-:iii> Co.
Str Bova.'i- f.N'ori, Hansen, Tan4>ie<>?New
V't.rk and *?a Mall Steamship Co. In. ,
str Panama, !>*? Court y. p..r' an Prtnou
T ubal?Panares Itaiiro id 3teaim?hto
r I'holutWM. (Hond), Clarke, Puerto Cor
-Vi illl.im irardnor & <'o.
Lai;- Sunapee, Ion*. Cape Haytlen,
; ?. , v Mj-u.t Steamship Co.
Mamiev: ?N.?r>. Soreiwcn, Port A11
inl.i- United Fruit <-'0.
Str Matnra (Bri. Klrliby, t; vi.ada. Trlnl
!a.t, ivi'?l-'iirnewB, Withy & C ..
Str Kanawha, Richardson, Havana?Black
S'ai J. '1.
r Lake Fillmore. ln?\\ . Brunswick ami
VTIInnnnrtPn- Clyde SteamtfUp Co.
St : ort Victoria (Hi ). L?a\ U, Hamilton,
Hi rmi'i!* -<Fumesii. Withy & Co.
r Apache. Chicltsjuer. c -arte.* ton and
1 ? villi- Clyde Sti amalilp Co.
Str Magdala (Dan), Bronfei, Newport News
?J P Whitney & Co.
'< N?" Britain. Baltimore, Kearney,
'1:11a. a Hay; Lake Fibre. do; flrento tital).
-a'xtiKa: (iuasrerland (PutcU). Amsterdam;
a K Morse, :? an i-'r: . 0; Altanln
i.l "pool: Apache, Chart <.n i. .1
1 ..on.: Panuyo, II: .ana; Sarmatia.
'an) Philadelphia: Annt.ua, Kingston:
,iln. ClerfnoKos; City of Montgom
! ... .a'. Monterey. Havana and V> "a
Crtf. >!.?:, Texan City: Dr. ttnln/rholm
? ? >. C.-th ir:< Leeds City (Br), Ham
ard a: Ma;; M'a (Pan). New port
Nev. ; La!. Sunapee, Cape Haytlen: Sark
1.'. :>, Philadelphia ?idanfik, Danzig;
Wi'Iter Jennlt Nm W.!t: Joviah Macy,
? cp;. Wall 1 SJuncon. Matanza.i;
?nai a il ? So-<. ,\r: :11a : A usable, Havana.
Sail ' :.3''. Masllia iSw) Piraeus, Sa
?a. i '. ' - ioiBr) UaHlmors and
:i : v Heli ? : s ? Vs.J; araiao. &e;
IP -,,n, iilo Janeiro, M"ii:>.tvldeo and lineno<
T riiir. cd reiu'.ii.-: of the barometer
luc d ti a ;??-.( I? at New Vol I; on
T' " day, March 24. l'.'.'l, at 8 AM. as re
pc rt"J '.he TTnltt <1 State* Weather Bu
;eau, thirty and thirty-seven hun
di -d'h- (.".o.ntl ton hei- Tills cloiely approxl
? nat 1 t. i- ^i .1 and >ie\t oty-on" and
loi.i'-tenths 1771 I) millimeters. Captains of
all ve - i? now .Hir In or near the ports o(
v ?? York and Broolilyn can advantageously
the above official data lor oi' ervltiB
whether tin'r own baromi'terM require any
considerable correction or adjustment.
Wind at Sandy Hook, 8 I'M, S, 18 miles;
cloud} ; moderate Sea.
CAPE RACE, NF, March "4?Barometer
at noon. 30.10 Inches; wind, W, freah breeze;
ueathcr. fine; temperature, 30 deg Fahr.
The following steamers nrc reported m-or.
u"" Ottawa (Br), Norfolk Feb 2 for M-?n
i-'u t-'i Pf'.'iiK'n. lie Larrlnaga rllrl \,.r
Norfolk Feb?3 fofor'an"" CftbwW,?
if ^CUyZ BeZi?
?-'? ar
Centaurus, Spezia via St Michaels rnn
Baltimore, which ha* :,ad trouble w!th fm-1
oi, was tak.n In tow by nr Santa C?rtl??
< \ >? Ida for Baltimore. Tile Cec'ila
New' vJrii'. '? tow,n? tho Centaurua" to
NSw'n''iiiB ton,* 1et> from
!; ?" rape fe j.'akinR <no~~ .-lir* Wm'lT's'mUh1
Tarawa for San Francisco). U1'
sS K?s?w
wi,rr1.e3fl message received from str
j-p-;1'WS2VWr ??'??;
So ^^rsssr,"-?
tow l!,"rV\VwVork St "ayllKht ,0-|!n>' ?"<>
la , wee k, I* pounding to piece/, and has
.. . ftJ,'a"' 0rVl1 ;v cr",v: In heavy "ea lam
'\n!er 'efforts m ?"! a,'"1 !" take
fall <1 ?whr.fr.ngfnef 'nEXT S?lnK
propoller^ioBt. ' W,th of
f-tr Luella, from Barry for Philadelphia
!s;;^v"J at -uh cons
TNmv:^''!v,?.?;? ba?">-hip
for ? o. r. ' "p nt "?? navy yard here
4-i rl'- motors Au^d ?ou t ' Tho^' e r 1?I{VJ
SET te? w?l? i-.*? ih? -^mc
uvrV a- .a^etatpr.GcXtanCe0Tr
mv^ee arrived hen* Saturday.
PORTLAND. Mf?, March "4?fit* a ..
f?>rmli<t?;p\v'1 ' sBke rapRo of (Train intrnd. d
stranded. AWW>> 'Ur>' b"fo? routed
5-iliVa, f.enee'%(,,r 1 ..r', San'l uH'mur^"'
account of Mtoprins , ar being dUabtad. ?"
,vm?nnS? "?IK ??"?. March 24-Srhr
J?7 V"' /' v'hi,h l,M hun? up on
'.icat Ledge for several day* after rnnn?!,
? f?B. ??, floated at higl' tllf
a ?* The Acu?'>nft aid
? uitf. Tne vesftei |? undamaged.
1 A.HMOUTH, N8, March 21?Str B.mart
P h |f?r f tlli'U Oft
I , ' '"nd Lodge yesterday In den?e for
and lost propeller; sustained no other dam*
?Re; buoy mark I nit ledga wa* not there
WII.LEMRTAn, March 24-Str Me,Ida of
?!- Bed D Line. which Vent ashom af
i*' ?1! '' ^?">?*uelan cunst, ha*, ooen
floated. The veaaoj ha* entered this port.
Danrrer- to Navigation.
./,lr,;''"7onr?ti"rd (Vor> "'porta Mareh 1?
lemish Cap. pa/weil a large iceberg.
frt. ported to the Hydrojfraphic Office]
A'f ;1n"lU^r,8V^,^ p?0bS
Whtat7i!jg teoy*1 aS-?2- ,0n ? ?< ?
urn"ler! 47 ^ Ion ^ '-?? ?
Man-h H, |Bt 4030, Ion 47 to
throofh field W. '"*nwd
I from the Hydros raphic Office]
'TC't, '?,?
Whet) !:i all re pert,, the atatlon is r'.'adv for
therr-Mmptlon of servlc- further nolfcewm
he ?h,.n. During th?> Interval ra.llo comna?.
??' I " furnished by Tho thn" ro
i station'"?iMontauk, 1,. 1 i nu Isi.
and, N. V,, and Mantoioklriff, N. .i.
i<i"ioii " "n^fr dats of Mareh
;!}? reported tho following ??Bnterh,'?
. ',h"n' 'Iredged channel f0?r,i
* damsgi d and Shlfie.l to Centre o?
"]uv ,o? -??<)??? from rt;
' ' position: fpar marker was dill In
P<:"it.on WlMT the channel found J"
p<!.:'it!o:' ,* ?; "P"r marker wss still to
WAHirN?;TON- Id-. Mar h 24 Northwest
"J', warnint:. I?:.so PM, Delaware Brrak:
piuy CasV ' lahe? mtlon, "novHg
"tron-t southerl
"ii"" , Moutncrlv
t I'rilL ,v I *hl't ,0 soutin. iva and
Friday morning and blow with nalo
-irKWm Ar,?r."eJ ^n"*
ir m a uraiter, Atlantic Ocean.
m,, , .!?! )'' y,1'* York1 ? ",r Cambral
?lr tineas
^",rM5? ?Nor>, Tocopnia:
tip . k. h- Py* Wenatchee, Seat
,'el'ro') 20 Phi' (fr?m n'"
'?!?>. fmm liii' -aJV.-h fornH2f|n
n , dan (Br;, from JUhla for v-w "?ffc
lilt '"" .'a"i'^nrivHI.'' 'W31 d' <SU":
r^ri' \f'l",!;LM"rrl1 'f?~Arri??d. Mr
?iS?NetrlSS:;??-Wh Arrived, str
y^kr"h "-???<*>. ?tr
Va'rVAV; l^t'K.L,r-Sa'">rt- "-tor ship
'trs rt,n.
i ity, New Y'ork; chestnut Hill, Taraplco;
Eaf rn Mariner, St Thomasi.
h a 23d, utrs Carollm Maru iJap), Wll
nilni;'-""; S.Wftstar, Tampion; Met ay an. New
Orleans Hesperos (Nor). Norfolk.
l>AKTM?>i -m, March 23?Arrived, atr Ml
nen'a Lhiu hi, Sabine.
Vrrlv. ?! 21th, atr Wlsla, New York for
FaI-MOi'TH. March 24?Arrived, atr Santa
Bu rhura, N i-folk.
] I LNG. March 20?Arrive.!, atr Hock
Li la .. Norfolk.
i'i i\v:: v, V.? rch 23?Sailed, atr Eastern
0< an, Philadelphia.
<}. M>.\, Mat h 10?43a3'.ed, airs Cerca
<;? . N. v. Orleans; -l.-t, Hainan tie Larrl
nagB lUrt. Hampton Roads.
Arrived 17th. ?tr Wut Caddoa, Calcutta,
4c, fur N' York.
tiiBUALTA R. Maroli 23?Paused. etrs
Tarui :i> <B r >. Korfnlk fur Alexandria;
24tl:, Texas Maru iJ&pk. Charleston for
Sailed 23d, "tr Indlanlc. (tiw), from Cal
cutta listen and :?ew York.
(jl.AHCOW, March 23?Arrived, ?tr cabotla
(Bi>, .lo:m. Nit, via Portland, Me.
.flailed 23d, atr Kurydaoiaj (Bri. New
i ;i;ANO!'.MOUTH. March 23?Arrived, atr
Efflux! ii' . fan Fran.iseo,
llALIPAX. NS, Marcli 24?Arrived, utrs
O.-fi Limerick tand sailed for New York);
Ameri .in, Ham hart (and sailed for do;;
<'astellat > iUr>. Newport News; schr
Charles F Cordon (Br). Baltimore.
Sailed 21th, str Cassandra (Br), Portland,
lONO KONG, via nil 22?Saii .1, atra Woat
Heiauha- San Fratulsco: Empress of Japan
i, \ .u\er; Cosset. Portland, O.
LMMI\ 1I \M, Mareh 23?Sailed, str Bra
dn\on l;:New York.
? ,As'><March 17?Arrived, utr Jokrl (Br),
N< v Vi. i \ ia 1 iakar.
I.KIT!i March 22?.Sailed, atr .Sutherland,
Bultiinoi i
rived Uit.>. atr "Western Knight, Hong
K' n . .
BOX, March 23?Arrived, str Western
Hero. N'< York via Kimarlo.
i.l \ ii: i?? a 'IMarch 24?Arrived, strs
Bovie il!r) New York; Telesfora de Larrl
nana (!>''). Galveston.
.-'ail -.1 _. . . s;r Wel.lunau (Br), New York.
I.i \'l io.N, Mareh 23?Arrived, .str Yamhill,
NV . Vork
Arrived 2-t-h, etr Mnhopae (Br), New Vork.
Sailed 2 l*!i. str Y'tuiulna, New York;
PI- ksom llle.
Hailed 24th, ?tr -Menominee (Br), X'- w
Y ?!<.
MAI.TA, March 24?Arrived, str Bloomfli Id
(In. I'ort Arthur.
M.vxniESTER, March 23 -Arrived, Mr
Nile, I'i mil, O, i.i Liverpool.
MAHSEIEL.E3. Mareh -0- Arrived, atr
Camnia iFr), New York.
Sailed lMh, str AruKunla (Fr), Phliadel
pi ?: a.
MK- -TXA, March 12?Arrived, str Pan nee,
MONTEVinBO, Mareh 22?Arrived, str
Hllnriits iBrj, New York.
ORAN.Vtfarch 15?Arrived, str Yorael Maru
(Jap). New York.
PAI.KUMO, March 23?Arrived, str Felix
Saus'iix, Portland, Me.
PAR\. March 11)?Arrived, flt's Byron
(Br), New York for Ceara. &c; 21?t, Ube
raha iFtraz), do via Barbados.
PENVNO, March 22?Sailed, str Eurypylus
(BrJ, >m Unas Kong for Xew York.
Pf,Y H.?( TH, March 24 Sailed, str Rottr
den 11 in-'in. from Rotterdam and Buulosua
for Xe York.
PORT SAID, March 23?Arrived, atr City
of Corinth ilir). New York for Cn'.-utta.
Bio JANEIRO, March 19?Arrived, strs
Kauera (Fr), Norfolk; :1st, Bohln Hood,
Ba'tlnaee; Hawporaek. Mohlle.
Bil'i'TllKDAM, March 2'-?Arrived, sti-s
Ha ti" Luekenbach, Niv Vork; Editor, do;
Til! a, do
ST JOHN, xn. Ma' ii 24?Arrived, "trs
Pretoria!! (Br), (llasgow; Dunaff Head illr),
Botterdatn and Hambiu e.
Sailed 24th. str Cloutsham (B|0, Italy.
ST MICHAEIjS, Mareh 23?Arrived, str
iAidta, Barry for Phllailolp'.ila (with con
den . r dnmaeed).
Arrived 2,';d, str Cretlc (Br). New York
via Boston for Xaples
SAXTi'S. March 21?Arrived, str Kere
sp-'ii, Hamburg.
Sailed 19th, str Stromboll (Ital), New
SI I \Ni *.TI AI. March 22-Salled, str Betwle
Pollar (Br), New York.
SHIEM>S. Ma: h 22?Sailed, str Baron
Blamyre (Br), Galveston.
SIKRIIA I.KONE. March 24?Tn port, schr
i II llarrimtm, tn finish dls<#ir::lng anil
about 2flth for Barbados.
SOl'U \!!AYA, March 16?Arrived, str Dell
(Dutch". New York.
Arrived 21 -t, atr Clan Matheson (Br), New
SY IxNEY, NSW. Mareh 28?Arrived, str
Oronlte (motor). San Francisco.
TAKCAHUANO. .Mareh 22?Sailed, str
Arablen (Dan). San Francisco,
rlved, str Oherra (Ital), Galveston.
TRIESTE, M ireli lii?Arrived, atr Marianne
(Ital), New York.
VALPARAISO, March "J".- Arrlveil, #!trs
South Anarlenn illr), Baltimore; Charlton
Hall, New York.
fB.v Mail.]
P. P. KM UP A. March 20-Arrivert. -?trf HI
Capltan, New York for Bonco (?nd sailed
21 ?t): West Creesey. Antwerp -for Mobil*
i for fuel oil): 21st, Chaudlere (Br), Halifax
for Barbados. &c.
Passed mth. ?tr Argalla (Br), Liverpool,
Ac, for Tampa.
BOKOEArX, March 12-8allcd. <tr Han
nlngton Court (Br), New Tork, Philadelphia
and Haltlmor (not New Orlenm).
OLACE BAY, NS. March 22? rn port, *tr
Boald Jarl (Nor), loading for Scandinavian
HALli'AX, March 22?Arrived. strs Hoch
clapa (Br), St John; Canadian Beaver (Br),
St John*.
Sailed 22d, schr Annie M rarkcr (Br),
New York.
LIVERPOOL, NS, March 1!*?Sailed, schr
Favonian (Br), New York.
('lea rod 21st. fchr Marshal Foch (Br),
LUNSNBIKQ, Mt.ich 22?Arrived, schrs
Ethelyn (Br), Turks lland; Kathleen
Shlndler (Br), ilo.
POHT TAUAFA. March II)?In port, str
Lombardia (8w), for Bo?ton.
PUERTO CABELLO. March in?Arrived,
str Paciflco (Nor), r*nrdiff for San Fran
PITERTO PAPP.n. March 17?Arrived, schr
Beatrice (Br), Mobile.
Sailed ir.th, Ft Mundelta. Proi;rcNO.
I ST .JOHN, NB. March 20 \rrlveil, strs
ji'eanu (Mat), Norfolk; 22d, Manchester Im
loiter (Br), P liadelplila la Norfolk;
I Phrenfel" iHelg). Norfolk; 2Cd, Pretorian
I (lr), Glasgow.
\alled 22d, vtrfi Ar\n;an M. mil (Sp), Italy:
Sai Marco (It a!), >.
S\LINA CllUZ, March 17?Sailed, str City
of iVra, Ballioa.
' SAITA nOSALlA, March 17?Sailed, bark
Walleye ((;rr), Sail Francisco (in tow of
tut S\ Lion).
StN(APOtU3. Mnreh 17?Sailed, str East
ern KxVrter, Calcutta
SUVAk March 1(1?Arrived, r< hr Xlesolute,
TAMl'Iw, March in -ailed, rtrs Mon
tana i'No|, B?M<c ; Frederick Ewlng, do.
WALTOK NS. Mai I in?In port, achr
Etia P Panpns (Pi i, fo New York.
WOLFVTlLE, NS. March 2,'l?Arrived,
achr AiiBUstI W Snow . Boston.
u)y Telegraph.!
BWTON, TV1 iWm. Mnreh 24?Arrived, etrs
Worcester. OeuA ; 1 anymore I Hr), Norfolk;
i I || Deverrux, -Vi. tn ? Liberty, towing
barge Cutler, \ -folk (Wt barge
, Huron at New anlord * id Imrge Alw^on
| nt Sandwich I; X?iti> , New York, to* leg
j Imrge FltrourMjuiY > -v York; Plymouth,
port Johnaon, \ hnrgei I. W Nos 1.
?I and 0; Jupiter.. X,,.folic, towing barge*
j C?eit Knox, Sea K.n^.,???; .loseplum.
cleared 21th, ?lrai>|;;ian (Prl, Manches
ii"?; I.ako Elamere, \ nrloaton and Jackson
.-??ailed 2.".d, > i" 'hoi tte (Br?, from St
Oi 'irtre for Norfo!" An ? Tamn'iua, towing
l'urg?? Ua.t nod I ta'.a, for l'l ll.vlelphla,
which she will tut \ to tug Catawlssa
at Vineyard llrivm Vatt<r tug will pro
! ,, d, calling at N-k London for barge
Tnkahoe). \
Sailed 24th. er C (Br), Nav York;
Cltjr of Sparta (Br), frtm Calcutta Inrt Co
lombo, for do Suver! \ (Br), from South
American P' . ? ' ? m:iAM); Mount
riiiy (from Hi.mtmt ,? i PM ?; intu'
knhda. liar i'?ur? N' \ Yn-k ia:
San Mateo, !ic*ana and IV' l,!mon; H.\i\ey
II Brown. Norfou, ('alt* "'id); 1'rince Ar
? iur <Hr>. Varmr.i : ?\\Vd nt lllghknd
I,!Kht, S, J* ir,I. clear fcootli ea
ItAl.TliM'?aK, Ml, Mnr \| \rrived, ej-s
Vfliavin (Mil, P'lDa ' l>!i!.i. Iloutnn, Te'>.
mate; P'Mid. P , ,M? Mn-oa. d.y ,
Moldecn rd. Port Ta m|>? ? okl'm, Phlla\;
(leltfhln; Jtifuku Mar i l i>. Venoix; Aflnne>(
! .nil*. ?'aleta ''olnao ? ? \Y:' , *-? n. SC. \
Sailed 24th, ?tl'< Mortl iSri. Norfolk:
Conelmt'n, Mr ? ter Norfolk; M> -
vania. Port l,ohc
1 air NS WICK. n< Mr,, 24-Sailed, aux
a-jir Iljeltnni iN? >ri. John. NO.
tW*ZAltr>S P.AY I' i" Co.! Canal), M*n?,
March 24 l'n I 1., tuijs M n uty. with 1
?pl?ndid ?pl?n.hJ Service.
I??. F!?r 14, K R. (Kulton Mreet) 5 p. M. Daily
N^wLondon (Norwlth) Line. Ts . Pirr43 N. R.
(Ilojtton St.) ?i(o p. m. (K?ceyt Sur.dav) L? Pier ro.
K R. (l*ndSt.),6:oor. M.
"The /'i.Ml- We Precised"
HOSTON, $5.61. Steamer rn-l Rft'.!
Ct' am*T lea - - I'te. Wt.W H<oi-tei .*?
Uftl.y and Ruuday at P P M Phone ^4ul Marine
bargw; Bathgate, with 1; Bean, with 2;
Ltuln American, with 1.
Paased \v 24th, tu* Liberty.
CHARLESTON, f*March 24?Arrived,
str* Tuladl, Now Orleans for Belfast and
Glasgow; Lonape, New fork (and proceeded
for Jacksonville). . ..
Hailed 24th. stra C'athwood, MoMle;
lvehuku, Tecomate.
CAPE HENRY. Va, March 24, 0 ::i() VM?
Pad*ed out, atr Commodore Rolling (Nor),
Baltimore for Port Antonio.?Wind HE, 0
lulled; cloudy.
Paused out 21th, ? AM. str? Eastern Dawn,
Baltimore for Havro via New York; 9:15
AM. Brandon, Norfolk for Beverly.
Passed 111 24th. 11 AM. str Lorain, Mel
bourne for Baltimore.
OALA1S. Me. March 23?Arrived. ?chr
Gladys M Taylor. Baltimore.
CHATHAM, Maw. March 24. 1 :30 PM?
Passed, ?tr Everett, Lamberts Point for
EVERETT, Waih, March 24?Sailed, str
louan, Portland,
PALL RIVER, Maes, March 24?Arrived,
itr Sharon, Tuxpam.
GALVEWTON, Tex, March 24?Arrived, str
BrlarUaf tBr), Tamplco; Peelcaklll, Nor
folk; Belgium Maru (Jap>, do; Gulftrade,
Tamplco; Angela <Sp), Naples.
Sailed 24th, strs Krltii (Kr). Marseilles;
Topila, Tamplco; Bucklelgh (.Br), Italy;
Hampton <Hr?. Italy; Lyngern (Sw), Mel
bourne; Roc-heater, New York; 8 It Hunt,
do; Oural (Belg), Tamplco; Georgia,
Venice: Westmead (Br). Danish ports; schr
Henry M Chamberlain, .Santo I >ornln^r<> City.
JACKSONVILLE, Kla, March 24?Sailed,
str Arapahoe. New York.
MOBILE, Ala, March 24?Arrived, Mrs
Corslcana, New Orleans; Silvei brook, Ches
ter, Pa.
NEW ORLEANS, La, March 24?Arrived,
strs J Oswald Boyd (Br). Cuba: l>ake
Lnsang, Cieiifuego?; Quernstad (Nor), Nue
Hailed from I'ort Eads 24tli, sirs Arthur
Von (.winner (ltnum), Tuxpam; Corelcana,
Mobile; Coulee, Tamplco; Creole, New York;
Nieara (Uond). Omoa; Pailsmlna, Cristobal;
Quimlatan (Hond), Port Barrios; Winifred,
Port Arthur.
NEWPORT NEWS, Va. March 24?Arrived,
sirs <lothla (8w), Boston land sailed for
N'uovltas); City of Wiucbester (Br). New
Cleared 22d, ?tr RUie (Dan), Aalborg;
achr Llula M Ptnoni, Norfolk.
Ni'ltKOl.K , March 2.1?Arrived, ?'IS
Warkwortli tllri. New Orleans for Ham
burg; pentaff (Br), rft Michaels: Poiarlne,
Hamburg for Texu-n City; Tonjer (Nor). Car
Arrived "21th, strs Ni va (Dan), Galvei ton
for Danish ports; Kronborg (lmn), Shields;
RavtMworth (Bi i. Tuxpam: Virginia (Hal).
Galveston for Gibraltar: Ruth. Scuivsport;
Balaton (Ital), Cagllari; Hamilton, New
York, Orierlt (Br). Plilladelphiii.
Hailed j:id, stre Norfolk, Boston; Wanga
tatta (Br). London; Walter D Noyea, New
England; Jonancy, do; Clement Smi;h. I'ort
Lobos: Fairmont, New York; Chenlston
(Br). Antwerp.
Sailud 24th. .stra Venus II (Nor), Havana;
Brandon, New England: Arabia (Belg),
Hailed from Lamberts Point 22d, str Mel
rose, Boston.
In port 24th, tug Murrell, with bargen
Annie, fur Providence, and Seattle, for Bos
ton (waiting better weather).
NEW BEDFORD, Mn; <, March 23?Ar
rived, tug Charlos P Greenough, Norfolk,
towing barges Helen, for Plymouth, and
Irene and Clara, for Bnotfn.
PORT A1NGELKH, Wai>. Match 24?Ar
rived, :tr Walkawa (Br), .-.in Francisco.
PORT ARTHUR, Tex, March 21-Sailed,
str War Bahadur (Br), Gibraltar.
PENSACOLA, Kla, March 24?Arrived, dux
schr Percy R Pyne II, Matanza.-.
Sailed 24th. str Ophls, Antwerp.
PORT TAMPA. March 21 Arrived, str
Mau otte. Key West i and called on return).
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. March 24?Arrived,
I battleship Naw Hampshire. Graven,nd; stra
j s.-nledyk (Dutch), Rotterdam; Tune (Not i,
i N'ow York; J'dward Luckenbach, San Fran-j
clsco, <4 , via K?? York; O T Wat titsc. ;
: Savannah; Cretan, Boston; Sunoii, Sabine;
! I W Van Pyke, Texas City.
Cleared 23d, ??ra West Isleta, !>?>.< Angeles; !
Pittsburgh liildae, lisbjerg and Kor??er via
New York.
? 'ieare.i 24th, str* Vestalla iTJr). Gibraltar
(for orders); City oi Fairbury. Havre;
Chester flun. Port Lobos.
Sailed 24th, str* Shawmut, Baltimore, ,
Regina d'ltalla (Ital), Genoa via Mew York; -
?unine Sun. Port l.obo-. Paraguay, Sabitio.
Sailed 24th. str Penge' >y (Br), Manchester.
Cleared from Claymont 23d, ?t: Occidental,
Port Lobos.
1'as.sed down Mart us* Hook 24th, 1 I'M,
str Kabinga (lir), tor Genoa and Alexandria
via Now York.
Parsed out Del a warn Breakwater 24tli,
1 - -i1 > AM. stra Shawmut, Philadelphia for
Baltimore; 2 AM, Orterle (Br), do for Ni x
port News; 2:30 AM, {Uws, do for Boston.
Hailed during Bight, tug Hcuflco.
In harbor 24th, 8 AM, tug W M Mills.?
\\ Ind K, 10 mlltvt; falsing; sn wi.
I\>liT1. *,NI>. 5b. March 22?Arrived, tups
Roger Williams, Portsmouth, to tow. barge
Plymouth to Ne.v York; 23d. Slot". King,
towing b^rt;e Northern No :!0 (and fur
Providcnce to tow burse Maim to Nor.oik), i
Arri-. ? l ""til. str Art Iras, Boston.
Arrived 24tli, str fexfar.ce, Subl ?.
Sailed 2;;... tug I;<>r. r Williams. \v;;h barge I
Plymouth. New York.
Sailed 24th, fifhr Mary F Barrett. Norfolk.
Sailed 24th, str Transportation. Baltimore.
PKOVll'BNt'i:, KI, March 38?Arrived, str
I Persian. Norfolk.
SAX FRANCISCO, Cal, March 23?Arrived,
Htrj i'lorldian, New 1 urli: Tuba Marti tJaP),
do for Vokohnma (and proceeded); Algon
(|Uin. Shanghni: Mamma ilSr). Sydney.
NSW. Harold Dollar tBr), New York,
I ,Ve. for Shanghai, 4c.
Arrived 22d, 'tr.-t i;cu?n>i. Hon-' Kong,
4c; 'J.'ld, West Togus, ?? ntl. for Boston.
Sall'd 23d, atr Steelmaker. London; motor
i f!-lo Chile iDan). Copenhagen.
Sailed 23d. str Matsonla. Honolulu.
SAVANNAH, Ga. March 24?Arrived, strs
Maryland (t'i t. New Or lean.-: WUlfaro, Wat
i'oast sin Cristobal; AH*lnIppl. New York;
?luniatn, .1 aotoonvillo (and sailed for Balti
more); City of St Loul*. New York ; Lake
Freed, Antilla (latter 2Sd).
Sailed 24;h, str Lake Clear, New York.
TAMPA, PI a, Mareh 24 Sailed, schr Unilly
S Me'ooTiu .Rr>, Turkd Island.
V1M-YAKD HAVEN, Mi.' . March 24, 7
\M?Sailed, tug Perth Axnboy, from Perth
Arrfboy, with barge-< 7flo for Portland, 7Hrt for
liaih. .i id 7t>7 for Rocklar. 1 (calis at Boeton
for 702. for Searsport) : Wyoming, towing
harv '< 7C=l, 707 and 7*7, from do for linaton.
Returned 23d. tug Catawlsaa, with bargi <
Rlchffljpon, Philadelphia for Rockland.
I'ennvpaok f"- Northeast Harbor and Suf
folk for Newburyport. which she Is unable
to tow (will await arrival of tug Tarnn tua,
with barges liast and Ephrata. from Lios
ton, and exchange tows).
[By Mail.]
H1LO. March 18?Saii'.ed, etr llawkeye
State. Honolulu.
HONOLULU. March 18?Arrived. etr*
Reiyo Maru (Jap). Hong Kong, Ac, for San
Kranel.ioo: T,as Vegas, San Pedro, &e, for
Sydney innd proceeded).
Sailed isth. str .Maui. Hllo.
PORT SAN l.ns, Cal, March 17?Sailed,
str Mont.-hello. Vancouver.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal. March IS?Arrived..
l>nrk Geor?>- (' Hiiul. lqtlique; selir Wm H
Smith. s> iney via Tarawa; 19th, motor
Chl'e i Dan), Portland, O, for Hamburg.
Sailed 181h, sn Sallna, Portland via Port
San Luis (and returned).
SAN PEDRO, Cal. March 18?Sailed, ?tr
Snn Juanl jBalboa.
T.vdm Wash. March 18?Sailed, str K I
Luckenbach, Aetorla.
CELTIC.. , Apr. 2, Apr.30, May 28 | CEDRIC. Apr. 16. Mav 14, JuneII
Megantic !2 noon April 21
xi:w York?riiEHnorK*;?non iiamptox
Adriatic... !2 Noon April 6, May 4, June I Olympic. April 20. May 14. June 4
Canopic II A. M. April 20 j Cretic II A. M. May II
Finland.. 12 Noon Mar. 26 Apr. 30 June 4 ] Lapland 12 Noon Apr. 2 May 7 June II
Kroon!and.I2 Noon Apr. 9 May 14 June 18 1 Zealand 12 Noon Apr. 16 May 21 June 25
Samland (^d class only)... 12 Noon March 26 i Gothland (3d class only).... 12 Noon Apr. 4
AMERICAN LINE?Nimv York Hamburg (I)irncl S?rvlcn!
Minnekahda (Nrw). Triple Screw. 17.220 Tons (3rd Clasj Only).. 12 Noon March 31 May 12
Manchuria?12 Noon Apr. 14 Mongolia Apr. 28 | Manchuria May 26
Internationa! Mercantile Marine Company
Idlrn. !> Ilrn?il??y. New Vork. Pier* AN. (10. <11 anil 02 North IUt?r.
1'uMenger anil Kreljlu Ser? Ico troni Now York
COLUMBIA. . Londonderry and Glasgow Mar. 26 Apr. 23 May 21 j
PANNQNIA . Vigo. Gibraltar, Patras, Dubrovnik, Trieste &Fiumc. Mar. 26 '
MAURETANIA. . Cherbourg and Southampton Apr. 7 May 12 June 9
ALGERIA Londonderry and Glasgow . Apr. 9 May 14 ?|
AQUITANIA... Cherbourg and Southampton Apr. 12 May 3 May 24
ITALIA Gibraltar. Naples, Patras, Dubrovnik, Trieste and Fiume Apr. 12
CARMANIA... Liverpool Apr. 16 May 17 June 15
SAXONIA Halifax, Plymouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg Apr. 26
BFRF.NGARIA (ex. Imperator) Cherbourg and Southampton. Apr. 28 June 2 June 30
MASS1LIA (from Boston) Liverpool and G .. ^jw Apr. 28
CARONIA Liverpool Apr. 30 June I
ALBANIA (new). Liverpool ... June 7 July 12
July 2
Aug. 20
Cl'NARD and ANCHOR Steam Sh?i? Mi.es. 21-34 STATE STREET, N. Y.
Regular Evpren PsMcnjcr ami I'lrljlit Scrvieo
New York to Kloile Janeiro, Montevideo anil llucno* Aire
s. M. Ai-nlo*, 31,000 Tons la) April ?
S. S. Martha .'iililiiiilon, 15,000 Tuns (b) . May 7
S. S. Huron. 17,000Ton* (a) .May 33
H. 8. Aeolus in;nIn new r"?-onl Now York to Rio?1 .'lil., IHIi, 4iiru.
itileamers of I . ?>. Ship pi 119 Jimiril)
(A) 1st, 2tin and 3rtl Olaas (b) 1st an<l 2nd Ctmt
f'nr full information apply to arty I'nssrngrr Agency or 1 >
i!T\ Dr. a!
t ?11:1 ,
\I^ '
Pa?enger Oep't. 83-lr! Heaver Sl.. N. V. al
lYtd*. Xejraur Bldg. Conway uidg.
lpbl* (uliimoru Lnloago
o nt 1 lie l.iue'4 Officii
41>- I Hive St. Mnblln
St. lx?iis Alalia in
at ^
Special Reduced Hates
Round Trip Crui *?*- <?<? Juti- or
July, re fur a Aa*. or Sept.
Fortn ighthj Sailing* through
the Vana ma Canal lo
W. R. GRACE & CO.. A??nt,
lit nnnntrr Sqtuirr. Nrw 1 ,>rl.
T''l.'ph"i". HmvliMf ' -I'll
New York?Mediterranean?
\r<;i:ntiv\ .Mi?r. 30
FKFV. wlWOS Apr. 11
JtKI VKDKRK . Apr. ?
Vhelp* Brot. A Co., General Agent*,
17 MnfiiiV Plan*. \>w Vai'U.
? T
iJk.-J i.KN?'
Tn^MaociiAMiCA WW
tp? ^ ARM XXI %ur. :
IM ? ? rv tosTA <%t>r. (i. Mil* :#
,^PV^M %l?r. I.
< W \|ir. ! ?
AJJiKRAt .. %i?r. ;m, .lime n
2?W'V Vnll". a. fPa!? rmo.Napl" JtQruo.t.
BAU.tt>||.;|U('A, IM I 81., >.
I \l I I \1 IA> MAIt MM,
U< \\ lill. It.ill Mrrrf.
Nriv V?rk,Vii,il,... <.<n?a. Mark ?<??.?? Part*.
8K."R>'gtnayii,viu" v.?i ::i May i? .ruiv j
K ' P?'*a ? ? Apr 14 Juno 4
'I'l'^" \fr. 57 Jiii.-i ?1
To l?m <>l>V:ri<ler tli? American l'*lag.
Mniitil... ?t New ati-amnlilp*
4mrrivrtkhp(frt rtt ?nl. fittenit'ri
v p mail ^KAiramr cohvanv. ia*
43 Vrailwav. N r.
I'ennark, ;Norwa?,
Sweden, German? ,
ft Bailie Slatet |
Oscar II Mar. 31
I'niftd States Apr. 7
Frederik VIII Air. 11
llelllf Ola?.. Apr. 28
Itorraa?ene*r IU?te?. rlr.jnWhlllM StJf.Y.
ri inindependent Tour*.
LLUvvTEi Cnndnetcd I'artlr*.
rtook Note for Summer Travel.
Speelnl Trips?Independent?Cnndnet.il.
1.10 W. 4?nd ?it. 17 1'iirk Row
Tel. Ilrjnmt : 100 l.-.t*. Hnrcla/ tKi
AMERICAN 8TOHA(tI3 en,-Store y>.nr fur
nitt.ro, |0 per month per vnnloKd; packing,
(hipping; mortoratt rateg, A MICK I ? AN
RT* >11AUR C< >.j^ "17 W. fl!>tli st. i Vil. 21".
Around the World Tour* --'iiin i il? Itix.- -
tlee, with <"icort. -i iMin Oft. mid i>"<\
1 rook lourlm < o., 1M9 "'III Av. "MO \?nd'l>'l.
I?mporl A Hall IJne. 43 Uroadw.
SPANISH |;<lli \| 1 Ml I IN*.
1A Is ULAN""*). A (rent. I'ler R, R. R.
I'.l itMl I' \ l?i ill Win! i Vim iHMI RMMti
40 hnur.i via swift r.leninera. No rw*port?.
N. V. direct lo (?OUkKNIll IK.. swri)K\.
Jap to ui.d < he Orient. Nippon \o??n KiMia,
I?0 It'wnr, N. V. Freight A I'amenger.
? lllCQt KS.
Montreal or tjnel.e.- to Kurnpe, < an. I*n.
elfl< Oeenn IHrtlce. l td.. 12.il llrwailway.
Hi sl'AIN < onipnnln I r >*medlt<lVfMMn
.Muni III) Freight Sertlre. Hi Ilea??? W.
Warweafon American line. Norway. aw?
tin 1 ninerk Office * 10 UrMg* ?t,
American Ships
ami freicht oarrylrp ;>rrvlce?
Fast, Luxurious Steamers
fri-icht ?liip"
The Standard of the
Marine World
Consult The Herald's
pages every Monday for
the listing and sailings of
steamships under the
operation of the
Sailings from every port
in America to the leading
ports of the world.
a 3b P.
Fortnightly by "O" Steamer*
Mew York
Cherbourg- Southampton
ORBITA - - - MAY 21 at
OROUNA - - JUNE 18tb
1st, 2nd and 3rd claa* ngera
Or any Steamship Tickmt A fat
Regular Sailings
Cristobal, Callao, Mollendo. Arira, Iquique.
Antofagasta, Valparaiso
The Largest Steamers in ths Trads
. Regular Sailings
Cristobal. Buenaventura. Esmeralda*. Bali*
Manta, Guayaquil
Pacific Line
The Pacific Steam Navigation C*.
26 Broadway New York I'hone Brottd
Or anv Stmimhip Tickft^Agrnt
New Ycrk?Havre?Pans
Now Steainwliip
Win Sail
June 23, -July 27, Aug. 17
I-A SAVOIK Mar. 28 May 51 IS
I.A TOl'KAIMC Mar. 31 May 13
I.A l OIIIlAINi; \pr. 2 Apr. 30 Ma.? ?*
I KOI'OI.IUNA May 21 July
CHICAGO Apr. 5 June ? July 1?
ROCHAMBF.At ...Apr. 12 May 14 June!*
FRAMC Vpr. 20 May J2 June J
LAI AYI.rn; May * June 4 July 'J
Hamburg Direct
NIAGARA May ' July 12 Sept.
New York?Vigo?Havre
ROI *siI.I.ON ...Apr. 2H June J Auc. :
(wti'ANV's on irr. i" ot . n.
North Cape Cruise
Sailing front New York
June 25, 1921
S. S. "Ftnperor of India"
< Kainar-1-ninrl)
Visiting Newfoundland, lee
land, the North Cape, the Nor
wegian Fjords & Scotland,
Holland, Belgium, England
Rates: $850 and upward
Raymond & Whitcomb Co.
225 Fifth Avenue
Telephone: Mudl-on Square ti2<?
From NEW YORK direct to t|
?. S. City of Harvard April 15
IstclaMonly.alloutside rooms
For rate* of pwouie. etc., apply M
SB Reaver Street, New York lit
Gen. Ants.
i merman A UucWuall SH. Co.. t.tt.
I- =*
Balling from
Managing Agent* t nlteij States Miippin;
2B SOI TH I'? A\' sr..
N.AMSTERDAM Noon Mar. 2fi Apr.30 June 4
NOORDAM. Noon Apr. 2 May 7 June 11
ROTTERDAM. Neon Apr. 9 May 21 June Zr
RYNDAM .. Noon Apr. 23 May 28 July I
General Pasaenfer Office, 24 State St., N. ^
Azores, Liabon, Marseilles
S. n. BRITANNIA. . Apr. IB. May Si. Mr ??
5. s. ASIA Vpr. SB ?- ~
Piraeus, Beirut
h. s tilt At) % Miy 13. An*. *
Palermo, Naples, Marseilles
s. s. I'ATRIA Mar. Ml, May 12, July 2
s s. | lltl St K (new). \|?r. June I
6. S. CANADA %pr.
J W. KIAVKI 1 ?* CO.. IN< i <?'? ? Afts.,
17 State St.. N. t.

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