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Stocks - Bonds
Grain - Cotton
Bought and sold
on commission
Extensive private wire system
reaching the principal Grain and
Cotton market centers.
A. A. Housman & Co.
, s.-n \ in-U Stuck Exchange
\ \nv ^ nrk Cotton Exclunir
ii?rx '>?r?: - V >. < offre A. >nsar I^cliant*
i New York Produce Kxrrmngr
' I hienco Hoard <if Trade
t iWmbcr* of
l.lvrrjtool Cotton Association
20 Broad Street, New York
Branch Offices:
25 W. 33rd Street, New York City
Liberty Building, Philadelphia
Woodward Bldg., Washington
Amsterdam, Holland
I A Survey
of the
Oil Industry
Leading Poin's Recietcci:
? Mexico versus United
States as oil producer
?-Zacamixtle wells
? Effect of exhaustion of
new fields
? Observations on lead
ing Mexican producers
? The future outlook.
Ask (or Circular Xn. I
.vctt{ without obligation
MS-Wolfe si Co.
Members flmsolidaUd Siock J?schj?tjj}c of MY
Phone-Broad. 2t>
: Am. Lt. & Tract.
; Cities Service
H.F.McConnell &Co.
Member* N. V. fttovtc* Exchange.
B'wtiy, X. Y. Tel. Bowl. <ir. 6080-8-0.
"vv""> E.W. Wagner & Co.
>. Y ttnrk t&rhinq*
A T. <V*ti>It F-jrhmf/f
Mica#* hwril of TrntU
Sent upon
reiufit ' *3 New St., New York
of Nfff York.
80 Broadway.
BKAN( lllr>
?ll? \?enu<* at ftOth Strffl
MadKoti Avphik at 4'?nd afreet
C apital, Sfirptu* ami I udlvlded
Profits s:*o.ooo.ooo.
At the Gateway to America's
Financial Center
This modern 18 ?tory fire
proof structure offers --b#
sides the prestige of address
economy of space and
the super-efficient service
necessary for Banking or
Executive Offices.
A Tenantry of unquestion
able reputation will be
maintained?only conrorr.
of high tanding will bf
Entire floors-?1200 tq. ft.
Possession May 1st
Telephone Vandtrbilt 1715-8685
J Co-operation of Brokers invited.
(WilliamJusswah ^
MURT(i,U>K \NI) l!i:i I MUX.
f l\K PKH ( KNT. ?O.M>S "I I III.
I ftli MGHT I OMI'AM . dated Jun
! 1903, nrrurid by a trust d##d
from thai Company to Tin Arum
. in Tnwt and Havings flank (now
h;r)?<f Continental ftih( Commercial
Trust and 8avlti*a T1aril;>, Trust..
tai.ll Jmi. 1. IPO".1
Tou ?!'# li"i'notified 'lift* th# uni' r
nigiHwl im . imolved riotlr - from the l*ubtl<:
T MKtlrs ('ompany. siirr?*"0! t.i flip Kiniin
\ ' r Cbm .?nd Ki ctrlf I.l*lit Company, that
I -Hi :ii* In, pay and cftncil a' a pr#mlum
i.f f|v. p- r ?-'?!.t. on June i*t. 1921.
S.I11 ... ,.r tt-? bond-* seoured hy "aid trust
II nil, 11- d< I* m.liipd by lot 1.. tlio under
t- kr. <1 an<1 you art.1 hereby notified that the
und'Tsll-'i1'd 1 ii" d?ti>imln',(1 by lot Hi. fol
11,?* ,| .j nutidn ra of bonds ^o to bi paid on
.1 !!?? 1st. tK'.M. riamclv :
v .-?i m ??!?. AM. ;?*? !>pI, *nu 1184.
T - 1;i!d< ? ? of said hi nils ,u ? hT'by r>
n 11 r>'d pr#*ent th. ?anio. tocethet with nil
? .a'.irf'l coupon* attached tft#r?to. for Jiny
n ? 1 .11111'" t ? w?l, a 11 fin .-aid, at the
rurfc> f tHr nnit' rslttn (I In 'be City of cut
.n.ro. Illinois
\\|i HAVTN'i!" HANK. Tr.otff
It. W V KOfH' try
? ? d 1 "lil. n tto. TlHtiol..
Var#h 14, 1W1 _ ______
1 0 Holders 0) Debenture Bonds Issued fa
American Agricultural
Chemical Company
In u' formttv wllli pa.*??r*pu !."? of ? cei
1,. 1 1 iden'uro niftd.- by I"1" \ni?>l m Agrl
, 1 ft i rh' ;vl.-nl cotupatij *o ?? 1 tiar&nty
fhis1 1 <>nipnn> ' York, ria'rri 2nd
1 1 I VPruai > It'll. I. U la h ?lvn
.,,.',1 rii# A?rlri tura! Ch'-nilral
>mpn-- ha? olept?*d to rail to and todi-rni,
.,^.1 a !:?>? ln-rcbv '* 11U In and > Hi i di >01 and
uay a' 'I1 ' fflr% (if ??? Id Trti 1 1 '??? ipan; ,
niri.lilwav, '11 tn# I'll? of ' ? York, r
,, ,,x. 1 iii- do ? lif'lt lnt?""st on aid
honds ahftll bocoto# .''if and pav
Vlllfo 1?? tfi'2ll. nil Its ?i"!"!itM'o
. 1 dine 0 ?i' ?'? <*' ' '<?? tatm -
^| nod . .0 p. ? rontnm ? l"K, - of Ih fa.-#
fdM.. H" r ?? ' ?od a- no d lnt?r. ?.
'I iidni* of d'l ? ntut.. bonds may. n* 1 i"."
?| .|.||?n . . ih 'I 111# ??" ? " - "? ;l* ' "n"
irlor to. .aid .lit#, to :h.? Tm?t Company at
Xo*v V'-rk at!and on making utich *\>
f r. ul*1t ?t' ^upnnj* attach' fl th?-rrt-> Will
\c 1 m ft" 1 t for ??aid Vioii'M at t!'C ahnv
|H'^ ? wh '' : ?v;y ,,t '?
4h'l A>n:'r;i/'A.V^'-VsvV11A''
j;. Tli -V. IK>K. 1 ?sar ?
Holders of Hijr Blocks of Com
pany's Stock I'ndertake to
Probe Its Affairs.
Holders of large blocks of slock of
; the American Smelting and Refining
! Company have undertaken an examina
tion of the afTalrs of that corporation
1 through the formation of a committee.
That action, announced yesterday, fol
lows recent charges made by Karl Ellers,
formerly a vice-president of the com
pany, although a statement issued in be
half of the committee says that the
movement is quite apart from -Mr.
| Kilers's efforts to bring about changes in
the company's management in its an
nual meeting next month. The inquiry
is to be impartial, aimed directly toward
the acquisition of more information
I about the corporation's affairs than the
j report on its earnings and condition in
1920 set forth.
The committee consists of Henry
Evans, chairman of the Continental In
surance Company : Clarence H. Kelney,
president of the Title Guarantee and
Trust Company; Henry K. Pomroy of
Denny, Pomroy & Co. : Willis I). Wood
of Ladd & Wood, and Henry Whiton.
president of the Union Sulphur Com
pany. The Title Guarantee and Trust
I Company lias beer, selected as deposi- 1
tary for stock of share owners who elect I
to share in the investigation. The state- i
ment of yesterday said that the commit- |
tee was in no way affiliated with the i
management of the company or with
"those who aro attacking the manage
ment" and that It was proposed "to take
immediate and aggressive action."
The committee, it Is learned, has
asked the American Smelting and Re
fining Company for separate balance
sheets of that organization arwl of the
American Smelters Securities Company.
The smelting company owns all the
common stock of the securities com
pany. A point of the proposed inquiry
deals with the contention that the pay
ment of dividends by the smelting and
refining company in the last year tvas
made possible only by drawing down
the surplus of the securities company
from a sum in excess of $12,000,000 at
the beginning of 1920 to $4,282,000 at
the end of that year. The committee
also wants Information about the meth
od used last year in valuing inventories.
The company reported that metal stocks
carried over into 1921 were valued at
$53,800,000. in contrast to $48,700,000 at ;
the close of 1919.
The financial community expressed '
much interest in yesterday's develop
ments of a situation which first came
into the public eye about two months
ago, when Mr. Ellers announced that
he intended to seek proxies for the an
nual meeting. The Guggenheim inter
ests, which formed the American Smelt
ing and Refining Company, and have
since directed It, denied that any basis
existed for the charges and a hot con
test for votes is being waged. Mr.
Ellers, it is understood, has agreed to
provide the committee with information
that he has available.
Fenw?ylTanln lload Will bxtfnd
To provide dependable delivery of
through freight, both east and
bound the Pennsylvania Railroad hn>
reorganized its entire freight servic
on regular schedule!*. The new arrange
ment has been tried out for a month
on eastbound traffic from Chicago, St.
Louis and the Middle West to Eastern
terminals. A corresponding schedule
from New York. Philadelphia. Baltimore
and other eastern points to western ter
! minals has Just been put into effect
Records show that the whole move
ment of through freight has been ex
pedited. Delivery of freight at desti
nation Is being made from one to three
days earlier and with greater de
pendability than heretofore. The pur
pose of the new schedules, however,
is to insure regularity of service and
dependable arrival of through freight
rather than exceptionally fast train
movement. The movement of these
trains is followed up in the same way
that passenger trains are kept moving
on definite schedules.
I'iisiirt-v for IllStO slum Income of
f n Slmrr.
Tiie report of the Diamond. Match
Company for 1920 shows net Income,
after Federal taxes and charges, of
$2,147,301, equivalent to $12.65 a share
earned on its outstanding c:< ul stock,
against $12.81 a share earnei i 1M9.
Its 1920 gross earnings before charges
were $4,026,608, against $."!, ">56,399 In
1919, and its depredation charges, repair
reserves, Ac.. $1,429,302 in 1920. ngalnst
8 2,8 S'! in 1919. The company's Fed
eral taxes totalled $ir>".000 In 1M20,
ngalnst $500,000, and dividends were
unchanged at $1,357,208. Its final sur
plus for that year was $790,003, and Its
total profit and loss surplus on December
31 $a.or-....vs i
The committee headed In H illiam
| Brosmlth of Hartford. which has been
looking after the interest of creditors
of the Proton lion Works, has written
:o holders of notes, stating that notes
which mature on April 3 cannot be met
, by the compnrtjr. Th. creditors nre
urged to exchange Ihf ir notes for
I twenty fear fi per cent, bonds of ?h*
oompany under- a mortgage which cov
ers the plant 'it (iroton. Conn., and al!
i claims and rights of a< tion in a suit
now pending ugninU Die Emergency
Fleet Corporation. A deposit of notes
with she Travelers Bank and Trust
Compan> of Hartford Is asked hi the
Washixoton. March 24.---< 'omplalftt
igalr't all class one roads operating
In Eastern territory was filed to-day
?vit'i th'' Interstate Commerce Commis
sion by" the National Livestock Rx
change and the Cleveland Provision
Company. ;t charges failure to public
suitable tariff rules -in<I asks $T,0.nO<*
reparation for alleged resulting exees
? ;ve charges. Protection for ?!iipper<<
n ho order "standard 36 foot sto< k cars
iirsInst payment of higher minimum
ivetffjlt when longer car* are furnished
arrlers" Is asked
M?rck .v Co.. manufa tutvi of chrm
? i tils, reported yesterday fo. '33$ net
profits of $;'.i1..'iill from operations nff?r
depreciation, .Vc. Net Income available
(for dividends ?ns $r.3.s7i>. or slightly
]e?s than tiie Kty.fuo required In pay
H C r cent, cumulative dividends on t h"
??: ,71#,000 (in ferred Finn I profit and Jo.im
1 surplus was $988,|0o.
Exports from New Vork yeeteiday:
j Corn, 12s.*1" bii'tieis: l?td, 1,984,lOfi
pound; : oatmtal, ."?.I"1" barrels: ollmesl
iion.nno pounds; eo'totise .1 oil, inn, an
pounds: bacons. 801,5^0 pounds; flour
1 11,3$ 1 sacks ; v iss mn hag- ; ojl
cake, 2,1:;.i? 11o pounds: lubricating oil.
"I " srtil srrt 11, ills
- \ ?. tie- ?' i fV; >< I 'en In A?
? hwuigh n U k it \<' I'...!. ? Ti i ? i Hi.
in. ? i.ntioi nu 1 ? ? ??.? i ' ?
n?* ther* on Vt'lt i ? i? ? ??I!I.? 11. ? ui
His Firm Charged With Vio
lating Important Rule.
Samuel Einstein, Stock Exchange
member of the firm of Einstein. Ward
& Co., has been srspended for a year,
announcement having been made from
the rostrum of the Exchange yestertln:.
morning. The other members of the
firm are Marshall E Ward and David
S. Einstein. Officials of the Exchange
declined to add anything to the bare
ft was learned, however, that the gov
erning committee, through one of its
subcommittee, has l>een conducting a
quiet Investigation for some time into
the affairs of the firm. As a rewult. it
is understood, the firm was formally
charged with violating this resolution,
adopted on FebruaVy 13, 191":
"The acceptance and carrying of an
j account for a customer, either a meni
j her or a non-member, without propt r
and adequate margin may constitute an
act detrimental to the interest and wel
fare of the Exchange; the improper use
of a customer's securities by a member
or his firm is an act not in accordance
with the just and equitable princi,. on of
trade; reckless or unbusinesslike dealing
is contrary to just and equitable prin
ciples of trade."
Heavy Decline in Operating
Expenses Reported.
Retrenchment in operation on the \
lines of the Southern Pacific Company
from the Atlantic to the Pacific com
menced to show up In the figures on
earnings issued yesterday. Not railway
operating revenues tor February were
$19,840,167, compared with $21,889,1 17:
in January; railway operating expenses 1
$16,209,209, compared with S18.8S0.521. |
Operating expenses, compared with I
February, 1920. declined $1,683,526.
N?et revenues from railway operations
for February were $3,030,908. compared
with $3,038,596 in January, and $2,723,
57-1 more than in February, 1920.
Comparisons of figures follow;
Freight revenues.. .$13,inc. 'mo
Passenger revenuf* , 1?.477 Ji, :!73,980
Mall revenues Jru 1 IK,784
All other trans... f>02,936 lie. :t20,-132
Maintenance of way 2,.179.<IS!t lie. . 830,81*
Ma Int. or equip.... .T,."."7.S'JK t >e< 1.154 7.171
Transportation .... 8,084.80s Inc. .">13,229
Sal<? oI* limit! to Ve>v ( orporfition
In Set for April 5.
The Chicago and Eastern Illinois re
organization plan has been completed.
Is In print, has been distributed to ti e
members of the committee in charge
of reorganization and members of the
committee are ready to bo to stock
holdi rs in an endeavor to collect the $25
a share assessment decided on.
With those facts in their possession
and a working knowledge of the plan,
traders in the curb .started yesterday
dealing in the securities on a when is
sued basis. The new corporation's com
mon stock sold for $13 a share and its
preferred stock for $31. Both issues
fluctuated hut. slightly from those fig
ures and trading was not extensive.
John W. Flatten, preslden; of the
! t'nited States Mortgage and Trust Com
i pany. who is chairman of the general
! committee of bondholders, and Alvln
I VV. Krech, president of the Equitable
Trust Company, who will head the un
derwriting syndicate, declined to an
i nounce the plan yesterday.
It was learned, however, that a gen
1 eral meeting of all committees had
been called for March 31. The proposed
plan, as outlined, has been approved b>
the Interstate Commerce Commission
and the sale of the road, now in receiv
ership. to the now corporation ts sched
uled for April
Itcporl* Net Profit* of *tI ,IOI,7,V4
III l?20.
The report of the Elk Horn Cosl Cor
poration for 19H0 shows net profits, alter
expenses and Federal taxes, of $1,404,
754, equivalent to $4.20 a share earned
on $12,000,000 of Its common stock after
deduction of dividends on its preferred
stock, which contrasts with $64,587
earned by the company in 1919. or 49
cents a share on $6,600,000 of it" pre
ferred stock.
The company's gross earnings in 1919
j were $5,374.04!) and its oxpenses, taxes.
tic., $3,234,263. For depreciation and
j depletion $321,000 was set asld.- and
$411,032 was deducted for Interest
charges. "Its preferred dividends aggre
gated $395,589. leaving a surplus of
$1,809,165 ar.d a total surplus of
I Good f'riilny Will He Observed In
>Io?t of I , S. and Kiiropr,
i To-day being i?ood Friday, .he New
York Stock Exchange will be closed and
I liankins houses which remain open will
have r mere skeleton force to handle
! the dnj's business. In fact, all big ex
j changes of this country and Europe u ill
! be closed. Tiie Stock Exchange how
I ever, will b? open tomorrow
The New York and New.Orleans Col
ton exchanges, the New Yoi i. Coffee
and Sugar Exchange and toe Street
market In sugar will be Hosed both to
day and to-morrow. The Liverpool Cot
ton Market and the Havre and Brazilian
Coffee markets will be dosed to-day,
to-morrow and Monday.
l?Ni>o.v< March i4.? Bai si) er. sd
! an ounce. Bar irolil, 104s. lid Money,
j 6 per cent. Discount r?t? s?Short bill: ,
I 7 per cent.; three month Mils. 6', per
j cent. Gold premiums at Lisbon. li<>
Parts, March 24 Price wer?- firm
to-day on the Bourse. Three per cent.
] rentes, o* francs 25 ?? ntimes Exchange
on Iio.idon, 56 fran<? 40 centimes. Five
per cent. loan. 83 francs 95 centime*
j The dollar wa? quoted at 14 franc* 39
.?intimes. Tie Bourse, will l>' closed to
morrow. Saturday and Moe ay
l.lvNKH \ I. )llll Oil - I III I H> \ -
Director* of the dene; \IotM'
Acceptance Corporation were reelected
yesterda at the annual meeting of
sioi kholders. Afterward thev < l? ? - .I
Curtis C. Cooper president to - i ? ? ?
I J. Amorv Haskell, who retired b< au.-"
of pressure of other duties ?.? vice-pi
Ident of th'1 Otnortl Motorr Cnrpo1 or
In ctjarge of operating. Mr. T!;?
continued as a director. Paul Fit/.p-i'
, rick, who continues as a director, !?
j tired as vice-president of the ?. optan
! corporation because of his recent eiec.
tion as vice-president of tbe Genet
Motors Export Company.
i The rm.nr of pricis in yesterday's
sugar futures market follows .
Open Higl fjnwr. C|o?r iIh\
\prll. " 02 " 02 o'j r.o?i ut ? i ?
Vs* 1.21 S.2I r,.2fi .-..20 21
tin , .. .10 jt r.o :iO r. :io ai *, ::n
' .in'- ? 36 t't ? ,v. r, "it
I pti'inlier ' 4ft g.4,1 ft.4-1 1.45 17 6.17
II i: \ IIS (ill, 4MIII HTIOV.
cnv, March -4 I,, v .\
. ? . Iia Nen.. v..i- . ?| f
? :i? !' I'M A' r 11 lti-1 n-lent
Prices ('lose Around Day's Low
and Off 20 to 33 Points and
Barclv Stead v.
tV'iiun futun s reflected heaver pi*i*
.->ures from local and Southern sources
following the opening of yesterday's
market, which closed around the day'*
lows, or off 20 to 3.1 pointH.. Local spot
was Oown 20 points to 12.35 cents. On
the whole the (lay's business had little
feature, Profes.sitjgial evening up prior
the wei'k etui ICaster holidays was
n evident ? from tie- market's start. It
? Meil thai \\ .dnewda) s upward move
irent had brought about a weakened
? t?< hnical position. The fuarket's opening
-mall gain was largely due to con
! tinued strength of Liverpool. Cables
i were again inm h better than due, and
at the time of the local opening the
Kngjtsh market was up 25 to 27 penny
points. Manchester reported further
improvement und that a better demand
lor cloths prevailed.
Pressure was heavier immediately
following; the outsit of the market, and
by llie start of the second hour the lift
had . lipped a few points or so under the
preceding closing bids. First sales were
mi'-hanged to IS point- net higher on
active options Brokers with Liverpool
? oiiiie< t ion* jhd a good deal on both,
sides of the-market, while spot houses
-old. Bears stressed softness of securl
ti> s. Trading was less active after the '
first hour and prices fluctuated in nar
row limits.
Liverpool was a bit reactionary
following its opening strength. Senti
in? nt here, on the floor and among co
ton brokers was mixed. Thai much
iepentied on the European situation
wa gci.erally agreed. Few traders
would place new commitment* 'or
ov.-r the holidays. Late In the day
offerings increased, and the market fell
to new low ground for the day with
a 19 to 29 point less. The close was
barely steady in tone ;lnd around the
day's low.
Jtiiti of i>i i##s Wedneg
/ Open. High. Low. < 'lose. <lay.
May ? ? t - .711 12.83 12.38 12.42-48 19.03
?Itil . 13.V, 13.2B 12.H3 12.84-85 13.07
October . 13.70 1.1.73 13.30 13.30-31 13.f.'?
Deccnih. i 13.88 13.86 13.."7 !7 T 13.85
January 11.00 11.00 1 ::.<>*? 1.'i.Gr* T 13-91
? ialves'iiii sCMUlV. unchang'il at 11.7~?<
sales. rMK baloH. Neu Orlcu n Steady, un
changed at ll.SSc.; ales. T li bales. Hhvum
na!i steaily. unchanged at 12' . sales. 1,23.*)!
hales. Norfolk ijui'-t. unchanged at 11.786.:
sales. 1.031 bales. Augusta st'-ady. 18 tower i
at 11..'Oe . sales, 122 bales. St. Loui- nui't.
unchanged at 11 .."?<?<?. wale- nil Houston I
:(.}? , 'JO lower at 11.30c.; sales. $,080 bftle*.
I.I tt 1? Rock <|i:lel. unchang'-<l hi 11.50c.;
?ales, .'i4."i tin Ifs 1 i,*i i!;i s steady, 20 lower at
II.l.-"-.; sales. :;.7.-'l bales, jffentgotiiery firm,
! 25 higher at 10.7""'.; .ales, 15 bales.
spot Cotton?A fair business doing at 48
pi ints advance middling. 8.0TWI, Kales. fl.OO.i
bales Anieii' in, l,00o. Import-, 7.0OO:
American. 1,000. Futures opened firm at !il
lo 41 points advance. Closed sti hiIv at 11
Itt points advance. March, H.H'd.; May.
3.3."(I. July. S.tOd.; October, M12d Jan
uary. S.tilld. Manchester?Yarns fair business
doiiej; cloths good demand.
Yesterday. La.-* W 1 Las; V;
1 'm* receipts.... 12,.-.95 "0..'7i'.
IlSpOrt- 11, "17 'J4,S.'i2 19,950
Kxports season.,3.?7R.ri24 :;.:.HS/joH 4.!c; ? I
X. V. slocks I2V.39H 127,!?*.." 17.2H'.:
Port stocks 1,37".034 1,3(15,664 t.'J'1 ,;o;
Interior receipts. 14,S69 |:;.4i',."i M.r. >
Interior shlpm'ts 14,777 12,." 17 l*..Vi2
Hange of prices. Wednes
Open. lligh. Low. ? iosi da>
8pi.' U.2"i-.">0 #.2 ?
Mm ?: tin.". t; o :.s c,..-,o
July 7.01 7 09 7"! 7.0O a.'t 7.1"
AtJiTUKt 7.'."_' 7.22 7.'..'- 7.1o -.;o 7 ;
September 7.::? 7 io 7 10 7 50-32 7
October 7 55 7 >5 7 55 7.:!" 55 7.45
Improved 11 ? ? m i !t in I am! . i:; ? i: 11 >; - to
cover short contract;- paved tin- way for
rallies of - to nion> than 6 per ?-oi?r. in
active oils, marines and steels to ii ch
levels for the day durlir-c th< final hour
of yesterday's Consolidated Stock Kx
? ha nt' trading. At the outset there
was an excess of supply in most groups,
i,timorous industrials f.-.Uirip two ?.? rnore
than four points less than Wednesday's
final figures before the <-i d of the noon
period. Gains of 6 ' ( in Houston "1 to
76 ' 2 and of 4 in A t la tit ir- <; u 1 f to 11 "at
and decline* of t l-j in !-? irs Roebuck to
(iS"i and 3% In Indttt'rial Alcohol to
68 were feature change
Crucible Steel ra11 te?i '! ?% to yl .
I'nit"d States Steel to U. R.-tlil> h< in
Steel 15 1 to of'j. Mi \ U.an Petroleum
2 to 119, California Petroleum t :
4I'an American to TJ:,. I'acifl. <1 I
to Sfi's, General Asphait 1 1, to t
American Woolen to 7 21:. R. adinw
?Mi, Studebaktr 1 to "7 and Chat ! ?
Motors ' to SnU.
fnlted States Rul>o-r vi< ld?il 1\ ti
it minimum to 71' 12. Tnli i na? un
Paper 1"* to 58 Stromberc 1 i to
.1711. Knmout Playeis 1 to 6K", lia'l
win' I-ouomotive to S8*?. Mai n< pi ? ?
ferrrd - '? to ."1"i Tobacco Product*
1 *, to 48American Sumatra 1". to
T J> t ^. Northern Pacific 1 '? to
I 'nion Pacific 2 to 116. Nor'oik t d
Wtst' rn 1 to ri6Southern TV' fie to
71 and I'anadiap Pacific to !" .
Th' !i ? a atri t mark* t (? ?MP "
\ esterda y unchanged a'
1" i... cent < fin* spot and near b> I 1:'
to r: cents for later delivery ? * 1"
firm at 10 to 10cents for *r< ' ? ' d 31
cents for futai. s t,e,id was >et'*
and ;sinc 4.70 ro i.7.*> e*nts.
1,e;..t March
Muntini.w .2.'!.' "
? ntiinrm)1 ... fi.Sft
I'lntlmtm, soft
l"ni iti'i'i . '"*1
I'lntliMM. 1"~ ? ?
K e. cop,. ?p"t .11 ,"r.
Klc. eon., \lsr 11.''
I'lie Iron, N'i>. t
v '? mrtr ?
PI if Iron. N"n
silicon ......
rti: Iron, pish
No. all icon
n<?*. lion. Pitts
ft. m?. billets, I'll t.
M ? r< l' 'J I
Bid A?!i<"d.
' .TO
21 no
r,. -.i i
170 no
*or. no
2 ,".0
12 Ml
.'7 on
r. .
i: r.
l.oN'lmN, .'iirrii 'JI. Folio", Ing i"
l" in* mctsl quotations:
r -
ax m
71 10
i i.i.i...? i ot
i upper, futures
nil ?i"i'.
I'v , f. ure?.
'I. <.'li*i,;
11 UI> T
0 tip I'
0 lit,
0 up I
.?! .??? .-'tint. I'"' futures. I,.".
Tin ?P"- . i?" 10 0 up t.'i
TH fiititt cs '"Id o o hi C i
SfSlt* .... IT
?iulrp -pm . 1 .o tin ?>
I. r.I spot *.
I.iioi.' iutuie> .'o
Sixin spot v.. 10
j|.. tt> futiiri? .'?! lu
0 H mi iii
futUies. ton ?!
0 up
a n Up 11
#>.\p?i.n. March _'4.? 1 ,i u . h ??
n nt ot t c Hank o( l.uglano
tin- follow i is.- channtes:
To-kI ' """I v? . ?le? i ???cii l l, i:
i i ilstloi ... Im reasi .1 1. i?1
i: ^imi .......Inerea r ?!
i ??i it ?ci urltle ren'i I ?
i ii fP pool* neereaoee a.o'i
I I|l> ft deposits ... Im I. K a. ,| ?
\ nt' if" rye ...... . . decreased 1,41*
I in. ,.| metil ?eeut lt|. ?. , tnc.. i
|'ropni;|on of receive 10 llsbllln
|? ? ? eeh t I so
rank rat". 7 pet e <
Putts, Mailt 1 Till w i i ix I y
II a nl of tin Haul of Kiance
? I at ?i ? its follov i ?
. .( in ? 11 Inert ssra
r?ll? ei In hand . .lner? s?cii It*.""*'
ti ? in ulstton ip.i rid'nt 112 - '
I'lt'li' . i ite?m?ft* .ifrrnn ,.t| *j i ..- 0
ii >. dvpo-l * 'at f. ?! ?.??.! i . a?" ,l "'
' f?| ?> . I ..|
d\ i , a-,.,, Mi (IT <?
\ .. ote nr,e r*rA
Stone & Webster
U??b.i?h?d IU>
147 Milk St? 120 Broadway M So. Dearborn Sc
With ihirt* years experience in the management and construction
of Public Utility and Industrial Properties, our organization is
prepaied to make
I n<?\Revival of* Kxport
I>?'i?iuiifl Causes \\"|ie?r
Values to Rise.
, L *G'J' ?VIa,'ch 24?L'nexpeclea re
i u o export demand brought, about
' t,?"d*y llit?her Pri?fi for wheat. The mar
ket closed unsettled at Vic. to 2?*c net
advance, with March at *1.53 and May
at. $1.41% /1,12. Corn gained % to i?c.
and oats \V. to 2c. I? provisions
| the outcome varied from lOc. decline to
j a rise of 5c.
?At fust tli- wheat market was de
"*;i~ i? i.-nitM S? ;S
wa, arU?nMS b,> ,r'sh factor and there
tended "ntl"u',nL" ^roo advices that
t. nd <1 to weaken values. \)n the ensu- i
he lea !pr ?'r8is,te"t bUyin* 8et ln
the leadership of houses with seaboard
connections and it was said that an !
''omooTi ?Uh |l? i>uri'ha8? *'s -7>uch ?is
-.000.000 bushels for Europe. neludin*
b-,r^ ,n tilat connection 500,000
bushels were reported as havinr been!
worked for shipment from :he "Ju.f of
Mexico and gossip that flour eule* to I
central Kurope in the last few davs had I
totalled ..0,000 barrels was current, 1'rlee i
"Pturns which followed, however, failed I
to hold at the top level reached.
act inn" Vnd u?tS swayed by the
action of wheat, but advances were
checked somewhat by reports that a
.nee corn products manufacturing es
tablishment would shut down tills week
1 revisions averaged lower. Influenced
more or less by packers' selling.
^??!"? ?,'??? Low" CJos^Vedft58'
JJartn IJW 40 153 IVHi.
?? 139% ul
>'?>' 64V, ??4 tl4., ?4
I , ??? ?? ? #*?, oflr (!7,.
OATS-1" " C9'* ?*'? ?'4
4^'.< jo;, 307, 40i, 40
? * .. ... 41-j 421^ 41 J. 4 j 7M j|*'
fatfptember 42 42% 4]i. 4'.~
LARD- " " 4-?>
?'ly ?? ]>?2 >1?5 H.-.7 11.00 11.70
UIBS-? 10 11,02 11 ?or'
11 ^ I} " H.2.1 11.17 11.2.-, 11.82
" pork- "" 1100 ,l-3? u n0
Julv -0.25 20.50 20.25 20.40 ?0.35
That practically all shorts in the ca?h
wheat market had covered wa.< declared
at the close of yesterday's market. In
sales * of that commodltv were
500.000 bushels, which represented pur
chases by the bear Interest and sonui
run i^n buying. There were reports that
'.reek business had been postponed, but
none of them could be confirmed and
traders were in a quandary as to what
had become of the order for 1 300 000
bushels which that country was sup
posed to be ready to place. The Ger
man Government was said to have been
seek In;; about 2,000,000 bushels of Gulf
wheat. No fresh European business is
expected until next week because for
e!cn markets will be closed until then.
?Southwestern offerings of cash wheat
showed considerable increase, but the
premiums wore about unchanged. Sales
of rye totalled about 25.000 bushels.
< < ntral Kurope has bought In the last
feu days between 50,000 and 75,000
barrels of flour, equivalent to about
>0.000 bushels of wheat. There are
other Continental inquiries In the mar
? ? I. but they are reported to be for
prices less than those prevailing
-NEW \oi;h l'R|( !>.
, l^HMLrN0v 3 h,ar''- 1 l?m
*'.W>. .No 2 Itilxcil Durum. *1.07,
s-w York, to arrp
UiR>,-N'. ?? y* Jow, R2?4<\ : N- 2 it#*
- No. 2 mixed, 8l?tc., c t f \>m
Ari <iay?' Hhlpment.
OATs?\o. 1 white, 54c. V _? white
i 'l "I N'? 4 white, BOe.;
....1 Mhl1.0, :'~r ? ! ? ..]?!??'i
?5$spcai.^rs? w:'"r -?b
HAKIM. ;2 ?7( :s ? , mailing.
..I'.,...-;' ' '? New Yo:,
tn ling, a
? ^,-V0. 1 ?! 50 ? 1.?W So. 2, $140
?? V5?" ? ''3"; ,h'PP,n*. *1 10
*nt.UT.-.V(i, 1 ryp, $.?o , i,,
interior ni:< i irrs
\\'ti"ftt * ur:
1140,1*^ T.'ll,(HK) 3T2.ISI0
? b .i w i . k . . ?2;:.<*?0 e?fx> 47,".,ooO
.nit year .114,000 Tin 'ioo :,;0.o00
sK\HOAKI> t I I (HAM i
I'incr, Wheat rorn.
" *?'*'?> s.1.000 2f>,??n )?,. O.W,
? | . sn.ooo 377 O.IO
??t jeai . ,, I'll 000
n,ot r.
MINNKAPOD18, Mm. 24 -1".
nn*f(l shipment.", 2S!> t.irr. l'
11 <? 11a<>f pr(i?'!> hi ys.-ui day'a
i.(Tr' future* markot follow.*
f^pr:i. MiK' . Lov . ? "!.?*? Usi\.
Ma !?."> .*. Hi * r> f?,
.1 tii ii.:;.-, (i.'ji ^--7" ?;t7
-? iXPinbT. . il ? ;?> li.TO r> ill ft i'.'. thl t; T
I' 7 ml T <"'7 flfll 7 ftl-O.; 7 1
J.H<uftr> . 7.2-1 7 21 7 21 7 l.'S 14 7 .'4
< Wil l's.
I.i? ?. to i ' i* 1'mvit. >ani[p Mild.
i>j lit f>!? !?!<!, I ml!*i- nit' lno luKiier at
iKTV) llecalpt*. 7,'"*? liairv tnil 'tor,-. ".o?,.
iiOO t>nx?. (inntn* fui'i'lo?i u> I2.*i
? If ) irtier Rocelpti". I'l.mm hn'I afork
-J.7IM.0fl0 bar*. TSn-alpt* at r.^rt?. o.onii
'>a atAlm* no?>? la?t ><.*r n-r, -,,non t*n
i r? Bito. !-no Paulo lia<l 1.1.f*>". nanlnaf
7,<??i and 1P.0K. ant) Jundlahy P.ooo : m! iot
7 nmi unit lO.nfiO hat?, ra*r"tt<' l'tno
onthar Iti tlvo iHifrl'-ta nf Han I'aulo.
Ifmrty In Inn ai <1 rain In otto <'loa i > <1 from
f>otn? .1.700 tmit for X?* York.
nit\ziu \N ! iTItfit s
'. . attr- l,a?l l.aat
la^ ^ i?fl .Month
lie lt\ : In *>, 1 ".?> 0*2(1 II li'J
i > r I * ii n ^ 7 2M
f.inl .icl|>,rif 111.001 17. ?><i 22K70
Vorl; *'oft.. l.l i.V.'.W l,I1?V.*:l2 1 i:.*,7M
v. ? i'rliuna ,-tk 7:.a orto i'27.471
at all port ? t,.*4*>.i?77 t,-?:t..H2 i.riwt.'VM
\flnn* f M*r*, 7fM ? 71 YK>l 7 "It,0110
v'isili . atippb . ,3.|oi.ii77 2,?.*7 ::42 2,117.201
l.i'- ? via 1.i-ii.021 l.ua .".??? i i20.0<17
Business Troubles
PI.TI I IONV f\ ft \VKV:t FTf V.
? .e follow In* fx-tItfor^?? in hankt uptcy n*re
' I- >? Thur*In the 1 tilted TUatrfct
\<>hi'.;tar> r?<'iHM ?t e '! ? n??;? ,r Tn
iwro Corfipniy, Inf.. tnba ? <?<>
?t ri*r" , fft of til ran r < editor*. TVif
fiwitfilf PfmHIhrt #fM 4t!vir>uitfa 11aim< d are;
Cittiiieef fevi? Fiimn? ra Tobaer' < Nuiinanj,
bv $z:M, rsr^., /aun
A- Kara* '* Company . In.i-.. Hart
? mi f. \rvy atfw'ii^'k * for the pt??ftra.
; v*K H f| \ *51V . T" H *1
j Donnelly A hotel arc attorney" rtur the
, bankrupt.
i.'XCLE 8AM 1><H.L C'C|f|fHlRATloN - In
voluntary petiM' ! agalital ilie Uncle fcu.m
lioll Corpora' . dolls. ll'i 1 iftl. ?venue. In
ln-IiaU >f tlv.' ?> dltnrs. The petitioning
creditors and at -is claimed are: Amerl
ran producer Toy Company, Inc.. $1.12*.
Slffrltd Outlm.H si.";::. .lack Ktnartek,
$U1K!. Campbell ii , rt\. Tnm? r A; Strouse
are atiorn.'.-y# for t petitioners.
. B. REICHER 4 ? Involuntary petition
I against Benjamin t: . her anil Isldor and
j Benjamin Wolf. t:.iding; as 1". llelelier &
Co., dry good . Amsterdam avenue.
In behalf of thre. iJitom. Liabilities are
' givtm a* $50,00" and - ets as $5,000 The
petitioning credlto- and amount! claimed
are: K. Kennel, ."><M?: Samuel iSolro.
$1,000: R. Siege! v ..H Shiatie & Welnrlb
! are attorn.?> - fin ti petitioners.
JOSEPH COHEN .t ,-i i.N -Voluntary petmoii
I by Joeeph and Na'.i.mlel Cohen, trading
as Joseph Cohen -.,n, lis Won Twenty
! fifth street. who their liabilities at
S'jx-j.702. of o are secured
. claims, $-.077 i jred claim-' and *107.
I liKl notes and hii and asset: at $17,400, of
which $I7.00<> i- s-ocl; In trmle and $400
maehlnery, t. <? - Goldstein & Gold
stein are attorn. f.n the bankrupts.
FERDINAND STi; > t'ss. INC.?Involuntary
petition against I-'-rdlnand Strausa Inc .
toys, 7 West Tv nt; second street, in be
Half of thr. . minors. Liabilities re
(riven as (SOO.iV.f. and assets as $150,000
Petitioning en* ts and amounts claimed
ate: Kenton Mat. are Co., Inc., $178;
National To> i-. Tinsel Mfar. Co . It..'
*11: Stucco M.m ,-tnrinK Co . Jhc . $7*0.
Samuel Blum' .< s attorney for the
i petitioners. ?
Involuntary p.-tn|.in i.itainst the Amerlenti
I Produced Toy Co. Inc., toys, lift Fifth
aventM. In I- 'mir of four creditor.". The
1 petltionlnc ere. ? at d am..tints elnlmed
are- Jack Km rn StOS; Slcfrled Outh
man. $88: Iliel'crnde Toy Mfr. Co., $1.'(1;
\merlcatl Pi. .ln.,-.i s-uffed Toy Co (185.
Campbell, Flat ? rty. Turner & Strouse are
attorneys for t>. p-i itlonet .s
fORBTON FROlTfTS ro INC.- involun
tary petition iiirah -h,. Foreign Products
Co., Inc., Importer and exporter. 170 ftrosd
! way. In behalf of re< . redltors. Llablll
I "es arc rive: as Jjn.fti.ri :.mi :lssets (.1,000.
The petitioning creditors and amounts
claimed are: Plon.i > 1: ihh. 1 Co . $1,050;
Globe Shipping Co . - j. Kendall Pmlth,
*1. Edwnt'N Mn: ,v Mlnton are at
torneys for 'lie petition, rs
The folio11 !'? cclv. 1 in !'Upt< ' ".- re
.-?ipolnte-l 'i"'iiii-sd?\- h Judge Mayer In the
TT itert pt?'..^ r'1st-irt Con: I
JAMES F OONVRRY t' n;pr ra -v receiver for
! Mai Strauss, butter and ecr .11 Jay *tre?!.
with n bor.d of JT.AO.
? GFiORfll^ V IlT.Kiyfi tempor.i receiver for
tin f!ri it Radnor Corporation, ? prglcal
supplies, 12.11 Third avenue. 1th n bond of
(1 .000
1 ErtWAP.ri PETICOR receiver for Joseph
j P0M1, I'n'.. n trains' utioni a petition -..'as
? filed V.ni'li 22. wltl a 1.0. I of $1,000.
| WIT.1.1 \M M. Clf AtffiOTTRNE t( mporar> rc
cc|\rr for the Tfor'..lt?. Toha- -r, 1 'ulripany.
! '???.. 1.1? Water atre.-t. -n it Ji a bond of
! s i 000
ITtTOO l.EVY receiver for Seller f tpsteln
r?. 270 West Thirtv fourth street.
v1 ltii a bond of ("Oti.
ATtf KTn*T,n PAI-.MKF: reef 1VI r for Tlen
.famli Reieher ar.d Bcp.lamln md I.-idore
Wolf, tradini; t - P. Reicher & Co drv
goods, <13 Amnttrdani*aventte, with ? bopil
of $,"00.
I.." following schedules in bankrut.'.:y
were filed Thursday in the United Stati Ms
? rift ^'out t
201 i;asl 107th T Jab Hit if*. $.0.07.1'
nf whirl $10,074 arf Hwur-c! r!n!m^ and
$f>,100 rmtfs and billa: anwftH. 112 7.V5. of
wMfh 1* sti.fk jn trado. jr..."00 rr.a
fliln# tnoix. Rr??hhart A Hrflthart nro }<t
torn^yn fnr tb<? bankrupt,
f'AT'T, PTVPPT-K. TVCV. acaln^t ft
T??tltlon uaf filfd Ma rob 0 Bbw Up
bllitieii of $ftft7.74A. of * hflfh pro
Hofurw! claim*. >2'2n>."2 ar ut??'*f u^d
flHln>?? and $S0,2.12 taxoa and d#?bt? duo
T'nlt^d .Qtnf'"?. and a??fl? of of
; which $105.?>f?7 r#?pro?ont dfbfj? du< on op. n
affonnts nnd $0,12* tintfouldated fialmf.
r?avl?M. Au^rhach & Cornell ar#? attorneys
for tho banlrrtmt.
HRTTRL * T.IPSr?HITZ?Sfhwlulc* of FTarr
T t ? it *1 and T??ldor t*!p*fhlta:. tra dlnff a*
Hfitfl A I.iniarhitx. acafnrt u!;om a peti
tion iv at flifd Maivb It. 1i?2t, lln -
bJlltff* of $'.>7,4*".o a?? ?ip r e'aliriw,
and a^*?tm of Jt? TV), of w??tfl $1.."0f> \n
?ito?*k in tradf. $T*?? mafbin? rv. tool*
and $"00 ra h on band Morris t !*?
attorns for tbf hai'krtipt^
W P FRIFCNT* H ro.. -iilw an?i
i V'4 Ka*t Twantv-fourth Mraat. Liabiilt
$10.*?.7K6e ff w hirl $**1.4-1* r? r?* unacfnrfd
flaini" and $21.'J04 ?i?furci! " lalniR: a
*r?7 70?>, of whl : $17,321 l'? ?tofk in tradf.
,tM7 II" daht* dttf on opwi nffounta. $1,40il
b 1 proml?.?iory not?-?* and H^ctiriti**- nnd
fi 0t?7 d#ponltP of nionfy in Hank, Fnl*/ &
Flroinbfrnfr are attorney* fnr tiia btr.k*
| runts.
I I.TTT. INTV. t.'ilorinar 11t? Ka*t Ffftv-' ? .
.t?, vtr^ft. IJabllitiea. $*012. of viirh
.<7012 tirf unAfftirf' clsfma: a^^'-rit,
HI ? Odl, of which $H.0C1 Is stock in trade,
t", 000 machinery tooJ?. and $1 oo#>
1' 1 <t.*? ditf on open acrountn Kornblnth <
Pollock arr attorneys for the bankrupt
i'he folloulr.K Judgment* tv#re filed \. iter
[ dny. f t first name beltis that of the tl' l.tor:
API.BR, .Prom* Hutler Brox * I'M fin
AKUCN. I.oraltK?ivople. If.... .VIO.OQ
AMKP.ICAN CAN CO.?A RnrreMo 7.1.1".4*
EKCKWITH, Clinton?t". fl. Fidel
ity / rwiarnrty Co K>.H2fl.*0
j FRFNOR. Kutolle?B. Brunor:
cost* 10*.70
PKEKOKKR s\ Ami Fulton Ferry
It It. Co.-Clty (if N. V 2 12H.3I
n.\T?OHt?K. O?o V II V. P!er?on 407 07
<o?t? 100 70
lit:i<KNAI' PRFfS. INC.?Rdward
Knaelniann, hr sr.;
HKCKKRMAN. I??a<:?Rank of U.
BRADY. Ro*o ? A tJuatlner
CAHTON. Frederick K.? Q. .1. Pot
COHKN, David -Sllbermari I" : .
Co .".
CHAP1N. Chas. K.? Petronlo t Co
CFRTfNi. Clark-O. U. Up,. ??
COMPOSITK Metnl bath c.
S*i?tH Catalogue Service, !r<
j mi Mm?sam"
I."HUM !'. \\ T<Ort*t! t CO.
I Altl lto. G*fUS, and New Antatei
dent Casualty Co.? People, .fcr.
I (J|T\ "C V V F?liy. .
*H IA P. ICI.I .O, I loniltilrk and Ma'.
flTV "F V V-J .1. Frirt ? . *t
i I "ORR, Bryan R.?Abrati' ? <
t nu?. lite
! KARf.B. Met try M.. Fran!- I J?
' pl>' and A. llrure BlelaM F\r
On-' Ka*t Flfty-alxfli P< f'
rilF.FI 'BMIEIM Coimtrui t' -i C"
itx Spray Blectrle Co.. <?
FORT.ENZA. Fln*on*a 'P, ' a
K\pre*? C.O-- 5*ferll' Mofot
Tmrk Co.. Itf
ftoFCHMAN, Matt?A II- '? '
? ii ?
i r-?. vr\. Maj, s r; ?;
H'MMF.t. \ndt?~ J.. < "?i
ITFNION Harold M. 'Nf r-sde Bti
?"niti Pana T Brtinett Co.
HOPPINO, Karl W Mart. * Ma.
tin. tne
iiF.Pznr.no. i. m mhi?<
(?AMR- "?mr
M Kllait ...
, TION'KY T.anra 0 -Kom
nte?, Tnr ....
' INC -M. IU>llt*?r
? ' ?T.\VT>KR f CO., fNC -"Cli>
of \e.. % nrr. .
(IPPIF.I. liHi'd-li P r tnan.
IFffH'* t len N t. Slit'" t ft 1
! IACORP. l*aar M '1 M'oro ft
' !P|or.F.NICK riRF.'S CO INC
M (Mttlnltnr et n1
KATZ. Rettlatnlri. ainl Pi:, t- t t.i
.Mllf.in tint Frame C?t.)-"-Bttrl, -?n
TTn* ll|n"V ( ft . In
j Vonnvlek
SAM!" Same
j TK1P" CO Pa d n-. ?|.*KC, If,.-.
I l.vi'l Oil Crm? < F r NVIlVit
rt .1
UCItTKVfTF.TN. ,1'in ? find A tile
t, ..l.r. U'?te)'>. .*<? I',,.. |tie. .1
II ;t"ld
;1 \ \tftos, ,lat ' it .1 M"'iatr M'
I r\ Ifr ftt'll ntlppl' Cri . .
i\I\TI?*ov Nldoi" <MMI??rt I <"o i
? Arl-tr. ||?,?|er. Co. 111". . .
\"TZ;nP charl'- ^ I.e.
M \ I'K |M >1 C|i*?. M MC. Ml. t f
I Mm-f K.
I ? ?P"''M ?' ?t' feo?
Through our long established connections abroad,
we arc in a position to render complete foreign
service to banks, corporations, and tirms doing an
international business. Our correspondents include
the strongest and most progressive institutions and
private banks overseas.
Established 1818
59 Wail Street
New York
Foreign Service
A Century of Service
Established 1810
Head Office
Founders Court, Lothbury
Office for Traveler!
123 Pall Mail
1 40".
INC.?J. XV. L'ooi ittle
M'ENTYRE. Jam. .. I.. E Bid
M'LAl'V.HMN, William?I J
nil K" ; <"?ta. . .
Anton?M. I.. ' ?olioii
NONES. Emelle A.-I. H M Husk
NEWMAN BROS. -< -inl AcuNii
I If iuuI Life \ imii aie-. i|)
Ltd . of Perth. Hcotland
I BUCKLES. It., arid New Amsterdam
i Ctfuii it v ii "pli.
t OMISK''. Joseph A.?J. Yabron.ly.
trres.s C al end Transported Jon <'o.
OgTERHOUT. George??. J.
nines: costs
PAULY. i-juc-f" - President
Manhattan Co
PERRY. Eugene A.-N fniandt.
PEARLMAN Edward, rind Eli a* P.
Herbert?1. Cowan
PARA<:? >\ i1 ?t < '< < iumlne I'....
ama Hat V irk#. 1
Inc. -Willin1 h A Ma\*r, I"' .
ROSENBERG. H. A.?Stern Bio.i.
KUBIN. Joseph i ioseph RuMn Co.)
? I. Maiu-v. it;; i- Son# ...
HONKING, H . T, >S. Clarke. L.
I.i'ibi !? r. S L. St '<?, ?. Friedman
and H. \ .term.in?B. Holrr:.:'.: .
SCHORR. iMiar, and Tos-dc C then
r. Schh <sir.?. r .
?c'i Ml>N, Elliott IJ. .!;?-obf
PC'HOR. .!. ,...ph T. N. Eill-li
kuliHrnon et til
Advertising co.. If
SCHWARTZ, S. -I. May .it al
SMITH. M . and M. Of o-iherS-P
pie. &'?
SHACK v W.?Weber & 11 ? !:
SHEARER. Bertha and Reuben?11
E. Williams
SOUK'' I. Miliar) M. ? Emerson
Building C.
8AMUELS. Pearl and David t,.?
l'enple. Ac
M Sunipaugh
TPCSTI.ITM, Clias. I'.? Thomas
Healy. Inr
W1U3. Clarence .1 ? Wrradlllv Cont.
. Inr lOft.fr.'i
WOOIHoward B.?J. L. Do* ^ey
et rJ 2.503.88
IWALEIP. I.vle G - WrlMt-y Co..
Inr IIS.S4
v KRG11.es. charlee?V. H. Sehie?
ingor/. i"2..">3
T i ' first t.nnie is that of the debtor
! RRODSKY. l'a MrUiulon I. Lan
ea?lilre Ind i-.' of Annerlin .. . $iil *1
'"ONl>OURIB, Olllan?M. C Dyer.. 7."i? 37
GOOKE Clarence H. and Leslie H.
? ?H. V..II Hufow. .) r 10.0110.SO
1 ' AVINO. viii'-onzo and Domlnlrk?
M. N I'ei.,: 111.00
PRANK KURT. Dora?Real Estate*
Mortgage Co. .,f X. In< . T2
r: NKEI.M AN. .ta.-oli M. Sehltidel. HI.72
1 '.Ol.I'MAN Bei.-amln U n 11 c d
Orew.ed Beef Co ir.' OT
t'< 11TMAN. Sarnifl, and Abraham
Seek*?I Mori- 1,130.03
KRESEB. Jarol. and Plilllp ". . and
Norrls R Iner?S Kali lonoff . 1 -V.? 02
EM'PPICK. Ben?II 8t?rn. ??!> "
T ETER. Joseph?C. Howell 3".
Pi'RKNTHAB. 8nm-S. l.irh' 240.70
STEIN. NutIik'i?M. Rermai 111.;:.'
\ El TUNG K'-n. -I \ T M V ? ?' 340 22
\v AWRZYNIAK. Mhert anil EMra
Im tb-SH' inskl et n: . . :> : '2
natixfieo .11 im.mi m?
The first nam." 1" that of til." <le'>-oi ' ?'
?e( nnd ' .a* < r i:ie credi'oi- a; d date ? :.ei
dSTTTie-,* filed
? ? .''111: \\* Robert T. and P.mrr.a
During this period of eco
nomic readjustment, the j
j earnings of companies
whose business is well di- j
1 versified are less subject to
extreme fluctuation.
We recommend an issue of
Mrs; Mortgage Bonds with j
the following features:
1. Company has oper
ated successfully for 1
17 years.
2. Average earnings
for past 10 years
are over 4 times in
terest charges.
Dividends for same
period have aver
aged l&%.
4. Cash invested in
property well over
J'/4 times Total
Bonded Debt.
Price and details on request
for letter H-5.
17 H U.I. STKLET, \I W 1 OKh
On Accounts Subjcct to Chech
Special Rates on Time Deposits
United States
Mortgage & Trust
55 Ctdar Street
RKoumw m ;:jni sr.
USTH Mllll l ..i -Mi KM l
M- FirstiNll. Batik of Miwslon;
>>.??' 11. 1930 114.40
FA RK Kit, Terry? E. C. Soliultre
I'rt 27 102" 121.21
IpTBfl.N. Etnll g.-C. Muntei ; No ,
22, )(Mil M4.40
fi 'CHRAN. Kolicrt T. and Ennr.a
y. First Nil. Hank of Ulisloti;
May 1!?. |PH? 3.S9S.M
Itf YFl'SS, Alexander K -I', l^evy;
March HI, IB21 l.MI.jrt
V HTMOItK. .I?lin .1.. and Otto A.
mills?E. 8p?'<' l; !>??<?. IPSO t,<M9.y>
KAt'FMAX, Jo*.-pi) B.?l>o?*U. M'
Tntlr." Co.. lr,r.; Feb. 1?. .. S.241.r.4
U ATHOX. Anthony J.?M E. Pli.''
.?t ..I.: Jan. I!>2I I1T.WP
To thn folio* in* prices a. trued Interest I*
to be added In every ra?e.
BitJ. A*k,
fit) of I'.ersen 8." iv; 'it !"t\
City of Bertie 'iV i f>tl
City of Christian!* W*ji
city of Kartell 991 j tw
Argentine Intern .v. 1H45 t'Ot- 70'
BelRlan . 071* I'T's
KlttjMom of llela i:n ?!? HI
Kingdom of li.iuluM 1'.*, l'.'f. . pr.?, i?"
! Canada, Dom. of. 5a. 1931 MM*
Canada, Do <?'. put-*, 1!>21 ... t?f':4
Canailn. Dot of IW2f. 011 . 1 <?
Canada. I" < l'-'-P. ? 01 ? W'i
Oanad... Doin of 1031 . . US'* W?
Danlah ?> 07;? OS',
' D>'nm?r <?? W j 00
Chines ton. 11 it Kuic Ity. f?s. 1051 10'-., 4]
Nut rt*v Hx MVi "?
Cttl.a i:*ttm. 5*. 1044 7? Tlt'i
ft. ' Alberta f ? .. WU 03
Cuba llrtern. *nr. A, lt??9. 7a 7?
? tba Kxtern. 4'-??. IMS. TO
1Wn.bll?- of Chll. "<?
Itotnlnlran Iti-p. "a. 1 's j so
fit* of Lyons 15 yr. fls, 1031 74 74?*
?'!?> Of Maraetltca 1.,vr 10.;? 7t< 71'.
City of Bordeaux 15 > r. 0a 1 7t 7 C4
City of t upenliaifen 25 yr. 5' a.'M 7_ j 75
?n?-li {>? - ram-it v la' S*!Uie.. Oa < 9* *
Frenoh. t'arla <*!ty t;<*. 1021.,.. . 00*^ 0>*
ilov. of 8v:ltnorland la, 1041.. ..|08'? 1".;%
?iMpanox t io\. ? n-rl. In . 10: ?2 R2'?
.lut'i M' ao t lov. 4 ta. 2U ?er.t 1 "? a.' Kl*-?
Japanos' Co I- <toii. In.. 1051. fl5*4 114
.l?oan"?H. ToK>o City. 5a. 1052 *7 r,H
I K II. II. ? I. 5 yr. ' 10.1 Of < W?
C. K. 'I P. < I. 3 yr. r.'js, 1022. \<4\ H4",
1 K. H * T. 1ii yr. 5',a. iKf. t>~ su
c. ?> It. .?? I. 2? yr, in;.7 a- t?.-,t,
M?xlc? Kati rn. uteri. 5a of 00-'15. t"
Mi xleo fclxtetn ROld la iif '01 *54, i._ ,,?v.
Kingdom of 11 a! > 5 yr. It' -' rold aja. a-.
Man Tatilo "-a. rt. UT'> 97*i
t'MTF.n ST\T:.J tlOVBHNM SI I't I.s nf.
ni<t. Aak. r.id. a i
?-'a rti 10O-. ;:a Pa-I ri : >
?j. ft p. ?>;v 1'"' i I'sti epn 7* 70' j
t. i ? .104', lots I" I ?a io V,
? a <?tl|>. 10(1, 104', t> I ta 55. -o
.a I* t-R < 1t??t| f I 4a ?flt
2a I' '."41 i ii !???. li"i 4 t? C ?' 9.
V > rg !?t i |OOi
CU>?1ne prt> t>? of I'- ?hi ' ,.-rc
rre t n trattaaetlona yoatarda\
Hid. A?H. I Bid tak.
\ Hants 17\. 'J* 31 A'l ? ? T' ; 1'!
\ 1-,-anc- II 17 1* ; \t lltr < A I
<lo Pf. . . 51 55 , \ fruit.. *? ?'a
Mr Itedii't I '? ? s tt Rofin. .'n '?
Cllanrr II 70 | do nf. ..|ia; 1 f?t? .
\ \ Cable.1?1 107 A'tlo Salra 4
tl CI pf *7?t W, do pt .10 tt
Am \ f ? ' 7J 75 Hit pi.-ttL.ih .17
Vlh I pit. IS* l.v> ,i p' 70
tin.,: S It ???! 111" llni <?:, 1 t 2*
\m nv M to :.3t llntnpllaa..
do pf. it t? 50 I rk. 34
tm It f r 1 *" Heth }? ;e^.1t?i Jin
Am It': H il'i ?0 ib .101 10M
do pf i . "1 Ilooth P . ? '?
f t" pf I', tin, do 1t! . 55
\m t'hbli* ?*, 211. Hi. j 1 m {.
Am f..al f* ???-? UK t KT <?! - .. 0
\t>,. ? io |.i f,t\ Rktt r 'Jita -,o
\nt || ?? pf ?2'4 TI'O r, ?:? r, III
x f.a Frio Ot, do pf. . 7t 7"
Am i.ti??!.. 51 tirvnawU 5", i
do pf. ' **it Fittf A Hna 1.7 *o
tm I,or pf 10. >2 W do i.f.. tt i
Xm M A t; 20 2 Itnf 1 A I" 17 7?
trr Tlndln 7; 72'. do (. r ?
do i.f ..tOH BtlftiS Tl ti' ID". 112
\ tfhtpbidit an litiah Trrit 'to !on
.in art 'i!:ttt.t!i 17', I'l
\ V' V' pf * 'ti Hill' ?- ip IS 12".
\m Snuff ioi io. imtt 7.ir i*.
do pf. . 7" V. ?'i\1 pf t'" 7,.
\n> Hun ,'f.lOi. H'4 i 'allr?ft Zltf
\ <-ttrnT pf a,- af <-*n <4rt?,.. to 45
vtn t ,> it it;t 11rccas. >.r., 7< at
tm 'I 4 t ' i 1' .
\ tiYVliol pf fil t?r. do pf * ' * *.
Mi.tt m,t pf 0-. 07 . nn 's.i ? ??
tot Zlfi *' :i or* Pro.! j i
di? of. 2 . 2? . d.) l?t I'f 4 ?
\prt \t'o! a 15 do Id pf "o
? io pf. in # f ,. 7
do |if ???
tf'C A Hit, .KK
do iif . (i-'j
4'taV / Pit. .V*
ctuet* 1" p!
C ol 1*1 i f. "7
?'oi a- (Sou.
do If of .*>2
I'm <'ijf of T'l
? on ('<?
Con < an pf f">
Con lnji'ir. <il
('m Can ;i"
< ru Sf! i f
Ctlb A S i f -
I >av1? ->n i !i I'.t'i
1 >...?!?? If... s~
put '5dl?ol.
r>?t Vnit'ii. "?>
Pin Match. ICC
I Mil PPJ *
do pf.... ?
Durham II. 2'.'
do r>f *?"
Elk !! v pf
r;icr S'nr . ion
Emor Bran r,'j
do p' . ?.
Krlr 2d pf. I2H
lVd MAS >?
do I ? ?.... 24 -
i 'i#!?*r n pf ? 'T
W?.rp! Ti-t 1'?
<; A?nti r i ,,s
r.on t'lc pf
io ?' ?? pf M'
(; *n BIm* .. 11
c.n x TA'it. c.
(Mlli'Am pf W
<ti>odrl(?h pf 7*
2 IK
Mo K * T. 2
do pf. .. 4<?
Mor I V> . ?"
Mon- I- pf 03
Mu!l:ri By. J.V.fc
<lo pf. .. 'HI
S I HI. ?>'.
Vllt III* pf. II* J
NalVA S pf "'J
I Nat Lm4. . 72
. do pf....l02
' NRvM 1 pf *'4
' N'V Air Ilr 7i>
j N'V I. A W S3
I Kl'O * ML n
do 1st pf. ???>
I di 2d pf * ?
I N'VTI h k p 4*1
| JO Chop n .?
i N'orili Am.
Nov Sc Ml.
' Onlo Furl..
?>rt Sllvrr. 4'
i Otla H:I pf. 75
| Owena B pf
; r? ? rcui l .
j do l?x pf. fid
Uo -d pf. .1".
Pi. T .' T. .'17
fn. Muii.. r.
F^nnry pf ***1
A sir,
< iuaii fli*. n
M t \
rjnlf f?ti r' 31',
? ;o In- Pf. 72'
Hfihtr* Kl. 11
llailrnnn . 71
Horl< Val. ?'
IT! f>lW.
Ind Raf pf .
Inllahotna. v<
lnt \irr pf 17
n <? pf : r
1 MT 2 t>f 12
Id! Nh k nf *1
mi r?p pf ni
Tov I O-I I
.Truvl T rf 2a
.Innm T-* . 23
'( C I'lK ?f "0
Kan c c pf is
KA?l?r .. 7'i
do l?t pf llfl
I. ^oTt.'r pf 74'
?lo *7
K<> W -i'l IS
do of 71
!{'?> & I'M i
! Krrsr Pf.l'l
i!.. pf W'
Kt- ? 11 7".
?|o Pf <.
l,arl?i'?r;ii<? 42
!. i: A \v i'
do pf. . 20
f. A M> nf 1i?
Tl.. IS".
!,i.i Id Pf .10.^
!.w?V ! of l-,i,
tH 2d pf.l'ni
1 i Nft<! o?
rt' of . ?"
Min :
j: y I
Mn.i flilrl
<10 pf. . . ,
Maimil fn?
do pf. ..
Mir :n n
M I'll Alk.,
v i>p ?? pf ?!?
M* i*t pf 7
lo M pf 2
v !?<?? pf ??
MMi <??? <7
, IVr?? ?t pf
I llo 1> |>. . .
Pt'Mu ...
I >1" pf,...
FliI'Ip J
VI. i i i \ pf
I I fif 7.IJ! .
IV 4 CI pf Sfl's
| i>nv <? pf. u?i
I'll! HI! |>f w
MH'Vn pf 7.
Pond Crk.. t.'l'
! Pr Si I < "a
il? pf...
i Pull Pal ?'
Pun! A f"s
P. l id . .. . CI'
1 R SI! .Jpit M
<lo pf ,.lft2
Roht Pel*
do nf
0" ,
I 'O
97 '?
. Ri-i ? pf
. fir.'id 2'! rf 42H
j P.i rn !?? pf
i dn 2d pf.
??i Joa f.il 1V,
Ha\a*o A.. 13
, S TP>k |.f . Mi
?air.-??? rf T"
St, A SF nf 21?
?t,A.?m- pf ::7
1 S T'or S pf 0*1
. So P. p'. . V
I Stand Mill.tft.*.
d-i pf. 7"
! S'l A T p' 7*i.
Pirrn B pf.10"
! f'lp S'r*'
j dr. pf.
; T?m?nr H
1 Third \\ r |?
rid* v f>. ;ai
j Tol> Pr<1 pf 71
I TS1.AW pc ??
do pf ?*t , ? ,
| Tw City pf
I 1 *ridrr*i ?! ' IN ?
do pf .101
I'm Par pf n?;:
! t/i cur st.ion
j >lo nf. ...I'D
l*n A!1n\ . .111,
IV P.-e ! nt 1. .
I .10 2d pf IP
1 I' I* Kkp ??
c K>* In pf I ,
VS In \! Pf Prt
V -I Siorit 2P',
?In p' 4
iVali I f n 1:
I \\ l.rr t 'I 12
\\*ll, Kb,, mo,
W.Ht 1 pf.
A Ilr ni!
WratM 2 pf Ifi
wr?. p pf. r,n
\Vr?. 1*0. P7'i
W A 1.1" pf id
IVi -WwIrr h r.
1VU?o>! pf . 7<
XVI* On... an
d.. pf "?l
"?tti P'

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