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Kino:, Half Brother, at
tracts Previous Denial of
Tliis, Says Prosecutor.
Finger Prints in Long
Beach House Lead to
This Admission.
Servant Will Be Qnizxed Again
in Alleged Loss of Furs
and Jewelry.
Calvert King, 23 years old, a half
brother of Mrs. Charlotte King Pal
mer, who was robbed of jewelry and
furs last November In her home. In
69 East Ninetieth street, has told the
District Attorney's office hs took a
friend through Mrs. Palmer's house
during her absence about two weeks
before the robbery, according to Rich
ard C. Murphy, Assistant District At
torney, who is investigating the case.
Murphy says King made repeated de
nials he entered his sister1* house with
a second person, but when confronted
with witnesses made th? disclosure.
King also admitted. Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Murphy declared yes
terday. he had taken from 1700 to 1800
worth of liquor l'rom Mrs. Palmer's
Long Beach home late in October or
early in November. He denied strenu
ously he had any knowledge, how
ever, of the robbery of the Bast Nine
tieth street home. Mr. Murphy says
Mrs. Palmer is convinced her half-1
brother is innocent of knowledge of
the theft of her jewelry and furs. She
refused to make a charge in Nassau
county pgainst King for the alleged
pilfering of her liquor stock.
Entrance to the Lons Bcaeh bom?
was pained througj- a rear -window,
according to Mr. Murphy's account
or King h disclosure. At least two visits
were to the house. It Is cbargred
Klnp disposed of some of the liquor
to friends in Brooklyn. When Mrs.
PMtuer discovered the lo-;s she had an
expert photograph the fingerprints on
the Closet door where the liquor had
been stored. This was the clue that led
to Kings confession. Mr. Murphy says
Mrs. Palmer's counsel, John M. Ptod
dard. confirmed the fact that Mrs.
aimer had had the photographs made
It happened that one of the first per
sons to call at the Ninlieth street house
atter the theft of her jewels was the
photographer who cam* to deliver the
tram 'rhlT ,Pa,lm*r< whUe convalescing
,le th?- ifl->urtes suffered in her en
?rJ? '?';,CQP<' f'oin the burglar# se
cured finger prints of two or three of
with r'l1'f.UV",t3nCu3 W,'? w"rc familiar
sons m". ^ home. Compari
. , . made with the prints ob
. ? from the closet door '
Personas to one
person, said Mr. .Stoddard, "but Mrs
I aimer would not bring ?otlon against
h would?n,-rf8 b'"Uve'1 anguish
?.niir, i l)r">g to another would be
e Irely out of proportion tc ti,? vajue
Of the property that had been lost."
Lon* Beach*"l?ome ^ ha#'
nvJtion^lcutm .how with fTl" *
Richmond Hill, where he s Zl ?
hU name" to d?lo?
Into hi . 2 Ve acr<>niPan[ed Kinc
Thi? !L 3^ter8 N|n?tieth street home
This man has not been questioned
mitte.l h? ,WheV h* ,,na!Jy ??
"? nod entered Mr* Palmar
house on this occasion, why he had rot
told me the truth at the start ' .aid Mr
Murphy. "He said his mothe^ tW?,
c>r atiZr^r^TVr,
<lire.Ud tu him hy iH-r.ot,. who -ly ,h,y :
efs on,n! J niru r to *'v" ??? her jew- ,
atrain thi -w Vi""" IV" >H: <Ju**tloned
trie \nr," r ' a\.the Dis
serv^nt h s n,ta'VF f'e, ia <!OB"d'nt this
STt [hS case? reVea,ed fl" h" knows
King <3 an automobile salesman.
1LEASING in their
originality und au
thentic in their in
terpretation of the newer
and more exclucivc modes,
Livingston models appeal
with Special intexcit to
fashionable women who
seek the ultra smart and
distinct ivi in tyle and
?' * -l -? t ? * > i |
Women's and Infants' Wear
Packed in Her Home.
Mr*. Elizabeth Diamine, suspected of
Ik-Iuk one of two women who have been
"working" Harlem department stores
s.'sLemaWoatly, was arrest*! last night
at tor home, East lllth street,
| charged with grand larceny. At her
I home Detectives John Dougherty and
William Caputo said they found women's
and Infanta' clothing packed in drawers,
piled up In closcts and overflowing from
crammed trunks. Altogether the detec
tives estimated the goods were valued
at (6,u0v. They found bill* of sale for
thirty dresses, but for nothing else, ac
cording to their report.
It was aliened that Mrs. Diamino and
her companion would try on dresses
and other good* in the stores and ?while
a clerk was not noticing would slip on
their own sarmenis over the new ones
j and leave the store, driving away in an
] automobile. Recently some one took
j the number of the car.
Youths Carry Off $1,500 ut
South River?Haekensack
Man Loses $168.
j Two young men, each about 22 years
I old, achieved a daring payroll holdup
j yesterday at the plant of the American
; Clay Products Company, near South
Klver, is. J., almost under the nose of
j Charles Ebberweln, the South River
Chief of Police, who acted as a payroll
j guard. The payroll was 51,600.
HacJkenuack police are Tnvestlgatlng
1 a report that Julius Kratz of 86 Fourth
J street, Passaic, N. J.. wa. held up near
i that city Friday night and robbed of
$980 in cash and Jewelry valued at $700.
Krat*. who is a former saloon keeper, J
I told the police it was a "lucky thing"
they didn't get him two nights ago, when
| he had $35,000. His wife was surprised
at learning he had so much money Fri- j
; day night.
Brooklyn police enptured four men |
| while, it was said, they were removing
| from an alleyway dress good:i valued
I at $2,012 which had been stolen from a
I ladies' garment store at 387 Grand
j street.
With the arraignment yesterday of '
Adolph Gergusli, 29 years old. a house J
painter, in West Side court, it became I
known that on December 11 last a rob- I
bery took place in the Hotel San Rcmo, 1
Central Tartc West snd Seventy-fourth j
street. Miss Amelia Padehe, the hotel :
j housekeeper, was held up while on her j
j way to the basement to pay oit em
| ployees there, according to Detectives
I Finn and Lawless of the West Sixty- I
i eighth stivt station, and robbed of $130.
Miss Padehe sal.! slie fainted when
the revolver was pointed at her, but
that she recognized the bandit as a
J man who formerly had been employed
as a painter in the hotel. From other
employees and guests at the hotel the
police learned that the bandit after tak
ing the moi^ey had fled by way of the
main floor, through the lobby. Outeide
was a private car owned by one of the
hotel gutsts. The bandit offered the
driver $10 to take him to the Pennsyl
vania Station and the driver agreed
and made the trip.
Gergusli was arrested yesterday after
noon at the Garden City Hotel, Garden
City, L. I. It waa said a painter em
ployed there who had known about the
t>'an Re mo robbery recognised Gergush
??-' a former San Remo painter when
the man applied there on Thursday for
work. Gergush was told to come back
'V*1"? was Stild to
rnu the man.
Pk,?" Myr<JI robbery took
KbhorJ ? ?**or# noon. After Chief
left <??" * *** oti??r thirds had
?** tulci, to the office
where tw" Samuel Stevens,
iCt \loor?C1rkii' 1I,!ani Kirk and
SSVJZi ""i1-"
^'w.u'i .x,:rrTSJ^
Mamlin* u- th? ', ' ' ,. ". Jeft
?W>*rwH.. *?? , ,* *" ?9a*f
by a runner *>,. . ?
back to the ,o?? a Km mml \^rZ
?M sent out. The ? 7,,.? tld
cut the telephon# wlivk at V t-^ui
Kratr. story wu th*? aft. r , ,
the frort I^ee ferry from Maafca.'MM with
ils automobile lie had (VM . B,u?t
lance south oI UackciiMeK ?tvt- l..ur'
fzwJu'\n*?i4?ln a" 5S.2B. ?T
told liim he had run down a ot.il> II.
stopped. believtnK the men t? b. u. .
Uvea ?.,ld tt.-cor.lhuf to hi* m..,a '
2ME* ty tw2 re**,w? *?<? we
f , ^ n1' Krfctl tald he Mloved
the bandits tojlowed hi in from this city.
Kr ui'SC1'1 0,1 a rnal estate j
broker. According to police record.- he '
ter ?/o " f Sunday as the proprie- !
tor of a saloon tut Oarlstttdt, -\ j.
Name of Winfield Scott Cook
on Receipt in Pocket.
x^T'I0, j*0,? y of ? man believed to be!
nfleld Scott Cook, 35 years old, chief
thf w?r i t <hQ BtewnslliP Camagrue.v of
d iv P.h fno /md ?><w-lng since Sun
day. February 6, was found last night
floating- in the East Hivor off Welling
ton avenue in thy Wallabout Basin A
asr'.srisf com" ????*??
m fShS.*"""- 8r?0k,l"?
C ook started for ills home by th? sub
wayafter his ship arrived on'Feb'ruary
wi^ m seco"d ene">eer of the ship was
wr^.t *T\? ???k KOt off at the Nevins
wtreot station, Brooklyn, to take a sur
h^T0 Ho, ?ever reached home, and
fhL I? not'ficd the P?Hce. Two or
ni'^" nf n?!I # hIs disappearance a
man called from Bloomfleld, X. j. to
, rs 9?? . and Ile was her bus
band, but hung up before she cou'a get
any information fiom htm. A man
whose description corresponded clostlv
0j7?0,i s ilad been sften In Bloomfleld. j
t) ni pn^aLn v 0f the Canil??py said
thai ook had been tiding queer]}' since 1
he suffered an attack of fever while the,
ship was laid up for several months In
a Mexican port.
Y?rk and New Jersey
Motorists Fear No Arrests.
?l?Z '^^authorities of New Fork j
muM.n? TW J'rK'y hav" arrived at n
mutual understanding whereby motor-1
ut . e State are assured conaider-1
tL^rr':rv casefl ?f min?r vioia-,
tfons of trafiic relations. Tolice Com
v.^,n.fir,Enright sent instructions last
, . to a11 precincls in the city to make 1
PWn that hereafter New J. rsey n'otor
vnl h7'?n for minor traffic offenses!
? iJ! bo Hllowed the courtesy of a sum
tUrnV,r"Th:'U'v0<: f"rnlBhinB bail- ^ re
Jewev JmSK eW k mot'>r vl?Jtors in
ment ' :iCC0rded similar treat
w?iuat aC.tion Allowed a conference with
?Tc er"of V "i JIOl?r V*hIcl* ro<^*
sicner of New Jersey, after tho unpifM
N^.l" cTr "
in, . ?I1 Ji STl
ssyjss: ?s?* -- ??'
ol!^frf the vlo!at;on of rules is seri
al tiiorlt'le (hat the
marl0 arrest SUt?
New creations in Spring Furs illustrating
many attractive combinations fashioned
into distinctive and individual modes.
Wrappettes, ^mely smart models of
Platinum Orav Caracul, Mole
and Fox, Mole and Squirrel
effects,Gray Squirrel, Summer
Ermine and various other com
Choice collection of Rus
sian and Hudson Bay Sable,
Fisher, Stone and Baum Mar
ten Scarfs in one and two Klein
effects, Silver, Natural Blue,
Platinum and White Foxes,
Mole, etc.
C. G. Gunther's Sons
391 Fifth Avenue
Vura received for storage at all times of the year
r. ft
Furs Stored and Remodeled at Very Moderate Charges
Fifth Ave. Co.At 37th st
Correct Cflpparet&fUbmcn&Ljb(isse$
Smiling Colors, Fabrics of Distinction, Rich Embellishment
Custom-Character fVorkmanship Are Combined in These
zh(ew zmodss of te^so^aj^ity
Smart Tailored Suits
39.50 to 249.50
The tailored suit?a complement to the
Spring wardrobe of women and misses. Cer
tain compliments when the suit is well chosen.
Presented are modish long line, boxcoat.
Mandarin and other types, assuring one of a
pleasing selection. Tailored in the finest
fabrics?tailored in the finest custom manner.
Coats, Capes&> IV raps
49.50 to 298.50
Would cool Vernal days and nights be as wel
come without a smart Coat, Cape or Wrap?
Who could withstand the desire to enfold
one's self in one of these creations and revel
in the invigorating outdoors? In the new fa
vored fabrics and lines. Artistic ornamentation
enhances many; the tailoring art beautifies all.
ry~ .. ' ???? ?? ? '? ? -J? 1 . : ? ' . . =???? ? ?? .?
Warm Summer Days Announce their Coming with These
i f
JVinsome Summer Dresses and Frocks
12.50 to 98.50
The fabrics as soft and lovely as feminine charms; colorings
that vie with entrancing blossoms; exquisite embel
lishment that is unsurpassed?all these elements arc smartly
combined by fine needlecraft into dresses and frocks
of unparalleled beauty and pronounced distinction.
Comprised in the collection are many Parisian hand-made
dresses enriched with hand-drawn work, real laces, tiny but
tons and other trimmings. The fabrics include among others;
sheer French Yoilej, Laces, crisp Organdies and fine Ginghams;
Real laces and other dainty trimmings --very moderate prices.
Misses' Spring Dresses
To their wearers these dresses impart a smart distinction.
Fashioned in many exquisite fabrics, including Silk Canton
Crepe, Taffeta, Crepe Back Satin, Twill Cord, Piquetine, Trico
tine. Each modelled in the newest silhouettes and reflecting in
their ornamentation the latest Parisian and American fancies.
Finely Tailored Suits
All the new and most favored silhouettes are embraced in this
ensemble of superbly tailored suits; developed in such splendid
fabrics as Twillcord, Poirct Twill, Tricotine and many others. In
cluded arc slender long lines, box coat suits or Mandarin suits.
New Coats, Capes and Wraps
Distinctive coats, capes and wraps with the fashionable Tuxedo
front, smart bloused back, circular lines or etraightline effect.
Soft Veldyne, Satin, Twillcord, Ramona and many fabric combi
nations lend themselves beautifully in the various creations.
v Some are simple in treatment; many are gorgeously embroidered.
- ? ^ ,
Distinctive New Millinery
10.00 to 50.00
Beautiful in themselves and lending their beauty to
accentuate one's attire, these hats instantly appeal.
Milan, Taffeta, Horsehair, Lisere and many
other fabric.*. The shapes display Tri
rornes. Dirrctoire. Mushroom and other lines.
Misses' Smart Dresses
One's interest is instantly centred on these handsome dresses
and gowns, beautifully created in lovely fabrics and developed
in Fashion's latest lines. Many are handsomely embroidered
and beaded. Others are delightful in their simplicity. The
fabrics: Silk Canton Crepe, Taffeta, Crepe Back Satin, Tricotine.
Trig Personalized Suits
These two or three piece suits, radiating an artistic beauty. Cus
tom-character tailoring is the predominating feature whether the
suit is plain tailored or richly ornamented. The fine fabrics in
clude Twillcord. Piquetine, Poifet Twill or Tricotine.
New Artistic Coats and Capes
The latest Parisian and American fashion themes are embodied
in these beautiful coats, capes and wraps. Every new line and
treatment is portrayed, assuring pleasing selections. Fine
workmanship augments their beauty?others are enhanced with
bothfinetailoringandrichornamentation. Intheacceptcd fabrics.
New Spring Fur Scarfs
Moderately Priced
You will be pleased that Fashion has decreed the fur
scarf for Spring when you sec our varied collection.
Squirrel Choker 14.75 Hudson Bay Sable 49.50
Stone Marten 29.50 Platinum Fox 69.50
bauni Marten 49.50 lateral Blue Fox 98.50

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