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Boundary lines are an im- jg
] portant part of the title to |
| your real estate. In New J
j York City they have to be I
I measured from certain rec- 9
j ognized points, and you j?
j may make a serious error If
iby taking it for granted that a
your neighbors are right 3
and building up to their [$
walls and fences. To make ?
sure, get our survey and g
title policv. ?
! 160 Broad-war, New Y?fk ?
188 Montague St, Brooklyn ;
- 44 Court St., Brooklyn j|
M7 Pol tan S?.. JaumW. J?. V. j?
I ?j an e. St.. K. T.
(Si ISM Braxlwax. Kl?aMyM
B IM Main St.. W. Plain*. X *. j|
V/illow furniture of good style
that is equally appropriate in
country homes, sun parlors,
porches and even bedrooms!
I here are settees, porch
chair3, lamps and tee
tables, all at reasonable
3 ?AST48
Jo?- Mi-HusIj A don. Inc., Bat. iSVi.
$100,000 Life Insurance
$955 Annually. Age 37.
I.o" - . guaranteed rait In \*..< ric. .
WilliamS. Blizzard
115 Broadwty. N. V. Phone Rector 4427
tiny ii from the .at\</~
U, S. NAVY Sale
tViy~;U!?. Have I:. U'alcS for later list'.
Aia 11J Item J cttt ?0. 40,
iwl iiu - in Navy's new
prli:v?. Orders over
v"> $250. Goods are all n<w.
I ,11 TS Jxcellent condition. Hlgii
e!|t quality. Many by notud
>u*l<cr:i. immediate deliveries. Ids'. belov
fiO'vs nt :c-, former prtct a!id tlu
lnaulteUj approximate quantity at all loca
tions. Including DrttKlirU.
Valves A Fittings. (steam &? AVater
It It ASS. i.oW Pressure.
V l,i?t?
Screwed rougii ? ngl. i?grln?ilnjr (114108).
?V." .32 was .72 CS8S9): was .72
(liidSO). ?i" was .8ti (iai?uu>; H" -70
vrt- .lit (24010): %" .!>!? wan 1.48 115323);
1" l.BO was 2.00 (12311); IV 1.08 was
2.U3 (14883): 1' 2.77 '.va* J.M (MP0):
2." 4. Hi i I'< 0.22 (0031) ; 2%" "-?2 was
11.83 (328.-,): a- 11.48 van 10.41) (7USI) :
;??" 17.82 was 24.30 (120).
fc ? rewed rouKli oUetl*" liorlxtmtal lift type
1.17324).?'ii" .20 \ U- . U (480): hi" .2a
an .14 (3890)-: <?" .32 "as .47 (4MO, ;
? ' .40 was .80 'TO.'iOi: %" .31 was .82
'104MW: I" .72 was 1.11 (3846): 1 Vi" 1-00
an 1.02 (33211 ; I1 " 1.40 to 2.10 (633);
2" 2. in v. an 8.3ft (104(0; 2V4" 1.05 was
.*.10 (1143); 3" 5.R5 was 8.71 (735); 3V4"
lu.HO u a* 18.06 (60'i; 1" 14.82 wsi 18.03
#cr?".'ed rougli cliock horizontal swing (20831).
?H." .54 ? ?? .70 (020) : .M was .70
(1.(43); H" .34 was .80 (OtlOi : Vi" .50 'us
1.00 (8207); ~i" .07 '.an 1.12 11289); 1"
.TlS an 1.40 (2.MI) : 1U" .08 wax 1.87 (00<>> :
I'-." 1.27 was 2..'.7 (1282); 2" 1.80 ?t.i 3.3d
(17411 ; -li" S.05 van 7.40 (3321 : 3'' 0.8S
waa 11.0T 1.470); 3V4" 11.40 was 17.20 (CO):
4" 13.08 was 21.00 Cm).
Screwed rough che>-k vertical 11 f t-typ-1
(18438).?V4" .20 wan .48 (100); \i" 2U
was .40 (1881; ?i" 32 was .32 (2003);
. )0 wan .07 (26001; V .51 w as .88
(ZTflO); 3" .72 was 1.28 (1330); 1H" 100
was 1.71 (1650); 1 Vj" 140 was 2.37 (5031);
2" 2.13 was 8.50 (1700); 2'A" 4.03 was r.,87
1400); 3V4" 10.80 was 13.05 (07); 4" 11.82
vk.s 18.05 (03).
((";. (?<! roiiRii irosn ri-grlndlnn (8005).?
72 ? as .SC. ' 830i ; V .78 was 1.03 (1080) ;
T.OIS V.I' 1.38 (1400) ; ?i" 1.30 wan 2.08
(870); I" 1.88 was 2.80 (1180); 12.37
Wti? 3.33 (250); IVi" 3.58 was 5.30 (283):
I" 3.f.4 was 8.2.. (840); 3" 15.78 was 21.00
(43); HV." 28.78 wan 38.00 (83): 4" 38.01
<vh < 57.00 (20).
Tf you can buy nunniilie.s of $250 or over
rlni: up and ask particulars. Phone Sunset
MOO, Bx. 586. Or CAM. at rampU' room.
Board of Surv-y, Apiiralsal and 8a!e, 30th
and 3rd Ave., Brooklyn.
U. Commander (B.C.), U. 8. N.
No One Need Buy
Curticura Before He
Tries Free Samples
McCullough. Fighting $500 a(
Week Alimony, Hints Spite
Caused Motor Crash..
i i
: Defendant Denies Charges ami
Declares He Was Victim of
Tongue Lashing.
Edwin Clifford McCuIIough, importer
and exporter and head of E. C. Mc
Cullough & Co., against whom Justice
Erianger in the Supreme Court last week
entered an order that he pay to his wife
*300 a week alimony and $15,000 coun
j sel fee* pending outcome of her suit for
separation, has denied under oatli many
, of his wlfc'3 charges.
? Concerning th<. automobile accident of
! !a?t June in which Mrs. McOullough
| sustained fractures of both legs and her
?laughter, Louise, 15 years old, wan
? killed, Mr. MeCullough in answering
? affidavit swore : ,
"Deponent further says on oath that
I the oar "vhloh he had supplied to his
family was a very high geared car.
. That his daughter was joung and ho
j otnted to his wife that, nothwithstand
| ing the separation, l^e would permit her
to keep and use tlie car upon the aole
condition that she would not permit
J their daughter Louise to operate it.
"As soon as phe ascertained his view
point In regard to this matter she did us
usual, namely, insisted upon the daugh
i t.er I.<oulse operating the car. with lite
i result that while she was so engaged.
; "nrier the mother's directions and to
b? contrary to deponent's wlahes, being
: inexperienced and Inexpert, she lost con
trol of the car. it ran into a tree, which
resulted in killing the daughter and very
| fteriouaiy injuring the plaintiff, which
J caused her to be confined' to a hospital
i for many months
Bfiit of Hospital Trrutmrnt.
i "Notwlthstan dlug the estrangement
j between them, deponent visited her at
; tlie hospital dally, provided her not only
! with the met expert physicians, but
I with the most skilled rjid efficient
! ruraea. and did everything possible to
make her corrfortable and to restore her
to her wonted health."
Attached to Mr. McCullough's affi
i davit and made a part of Ihe record Is
| A letter he v. rote to his wife last Decem
: ber. In which he ?aid:
j "You knew T had always warned you
never to let Ixju'.sh drive the automobile,
| and 1 am firmly convinced that you let
i her do no just because I did not want
i her to do It. Thus she lest her life and
i the responsibility rcstn on you."
There is nothing in the court papers
sustaining' the widely, published report
, that at the time of the accident the
girl's mother had directed her to sur
render til a wheel to the chauffeur.
I Another Inaccuracy has represents!
i Mrs. McCullough nj charging that her
i husband "beat her, knocked her down
I and kicked her while she lay prostrate"
j because of her refusal to participate in
I a scheme whereby her husband "In
i order to gain a business advantage over
another man attempted to use me (Mrs.
! McCullough) in a situation to compro
| mlsi this man.''
Mr. NfcCullourh also alleges that he
I was sublectcd to "constant and terrific
I tongue lashinps."
>fl*np on Msirtairr Dates.
| Tn Ills principal annwerlng deposition
Mr. McCullough averred that the affi
j davit submitted by his wife, the plain
i tiff, "is replete with inaccuracies ??nd
i misstatements. Thexe," he adds, "de
1 ponenL attributes cither to an obsession
j or mental aberration, or both." She in
i .listed, he say3, th.it she was only 13
; when she was married, but, "Instead of
; being married on the 21st day of April,
1898, they were married on the -9th day
of April, 1887." The date of the birth
of her son Ronald, now deceased, he
swore, she similarly persisted always in
giving a? In August. 1894, whereas Ron
ald actually wa? born on August 15.
1888. Documentary evidence supports
these assertions of the true dates.
Thomas B. Felder of counsel for Mr.
McCullough presented corroboratory de
positions by TV. Morgan Shunter, for
merly American financial adviser to She
Persian Government: Julius S. H- Is,
I president of th" Manila Trading and
.Supply Company; Clifford B. Harmon
and others.
I Mr. McCullough's reputation anions
. his frlendc was stated thus by Julius
S. Reld, after a friendship of twenty
years: "That he Is a gentleman of very
high standing strictest Integrity, depen
dability and sobriety, and that he known
his reputation a.' a man nnd a gentle
man to be excellent." The depositions
of Mr. Harmon and others were in like
UpteiaI Dc.ivfitch to Til* Nhw Yosk Kss.ti.ri.
Middi.ktown, N. Y., March 29.?The
Common Council of this city has re
ceived petitions from nearly 1,000 per
wm, representing eighteen different
Industries, favoring the adoption of dny
light saving. No action has yet been
j taken by the Aldermen.
A display of works on Christian Science, which in
cludes facsimile letters and large photographs of
Mary Baker Eddy
i.i on view during this week in the window of G. P.
Putnam's Sons, 2 West 45th Street. In addition to the
Holy Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the following
works by
Augusta E. Stetson, C. S. D.
proving adherence to tin Principle of Christian Sci
ence, and published by Putnam's, are displayed:
Reminiscences, Sermons and Correspondence. .$5.00
Vital Issues in Christian Science with Facsimile
Letters of Mary Baker Eddy $2.50
My Spiritual Aeroplane, $1.50 a Poems $2.00
Also: A Tribute of Love and Gratitude to Our
Faithful Teacher, Augusta E. Stetson, C. S. D..$2.50
Chrisrt's Offspring or Spiritual Generation,
by Sibyl Marvin Huse $2.00
America Triumphant Under God and His Christ,
by Kitty Cheatham $2.00
2 West 45th Street. New York
LONDON: 24 Bedford Street, Strand
Noble Taylor, *9 year.s old, manager >
of th? United Press at Rio de Janeiro,
died yesterday morning at the Hotel i
Karic, 103 Waverley place. He suffered '
I'rcm chronic heart disease, which recer.t- I
)y became aggravated. He. was told at I
Rio de Janeiro that he had three week*
moro to live. Mr. Taylor said If that
was the Ciu-'f he was going back to New
York to die In Washington square. .1
district which he loved b?tter than any
place on earth. He sent word to his
chum. Dr. Frnnlt M. Gastineau, of Be'le
vue Hospital.
Dr. Gaatineau met him at the pier
when the Munson line stean-.ship Aeolus
arrived Monday. Taylor asked the doc
tor to And a place In Washington square
wh?ro they could talk over old timet*.
The hotel where Dr. Gautineau found
quarters Is Just off the westerly sidt of
i Aldermen Criticise Federal
Government for Neglect of
Disabled Soldiers.
A resolution oi??roo ytiUrday in the
Board of Alderman by Alderman Charles
i H, ltaubeit, granting permission to the
National Disabled Soldiers Deugiie to
solicit funds in the atroeti from the day
of the Mayor's approval of the resolu
tion until April 30 aioused bitter crit
| iclsm of the Federal Government for
' fill lure properly to provide for dhableci
ervice men.
P. H. Da Guardia, President of the
I lioaru, ueciared that the first r it of
Congress after the end of th? war ?a.<
?to appropriate $300,000,000 to take c.ite
1 of profits lost on cancelled contracts,
but that It had failed to m:?ke adequate
1 provisions to care for tha disabled men,
with the result that "these men must
i>e made virtually beggars to support
themselves." He cited the Government
policy toward the tubercular, In taking
} them away from Saranac Dalce, where
the cost was J4 a day. and placing: tnem
in military hospitals, where the co?t was
j only 65 cents a day.
The War Risk Bureau was criticised
! b; several Aldermen, and opposition also
daveloped to the resolution on the ground
that its adoption would make mendi
1 cunts of the ex-service men. disgracing
| the veterans itnd insulting the Govern
: ment. The resolution was referred to
th? committee on general welfare for
The board adopted resolutions, intro
duced jointly by Aldermen William T.
Collins and August Ferrand, Detnooratic
and Republican leavers respectively, upon
the death of James Cardinal Gibbons,
und the board adjourned out of re.->i>ect
1 for his memory.
Before adjournment the fcuard referred
j bach to the finance committee its report
recommending the establishment of
street shower bathe for children in the
1 city's congested districts in the isummer
months. The reference was made at the
Noble Taylor, United Press Manager at Rio de Janeiro,
Revives Old Memories and Succumbs on
Friend's Shoulder.
the square. Taylor snU Dr. Oastineau
ha<i boen boyhood friends in Indian
apolis, and afterward when both were In
this city lived a t the Mrevoort and other
lilac** In the Washington Hqtiare dls
i Taylor tot looking out the window
till It grot dark, and then moved to an
easy chair. He talked steadily and
rationally. Dr. Qastineuu snrtd, going
over the incidents of their life in the
; square. When the physician toid him
i to rest he said he could not. because he
folt so good to be back and ho bad
such a little time to live. They sat the
i night through, Taylor talking without
weariness until 7 o'clock yesterday
i morning. Dr. Qaitiucau was sitting on
! the arm of the chair, and hie chum
; suddenly leaned over and put his arm
, around his neck and died with his head
' resting against the doctor's shoulder.
suggestion of Dr. Royal S. Copeland,
j Commissioner of Health, tliat. while the
? purpose -was commendable, baths in the
i op'.'ti street, in his opinion, would be dan
gerous to public health and decency,
j He aiiried that a solution to those as
! pecta of the problem might* be found,
and promised to advice the committee.
The board authorised the purchase of
: five motor ambulances by tiie Depart
ments of Health and Public Welfare
for ?20,000 without public letting. While
I the r.mhulances to be bought are of the
same type as those used by the army
' durir.g till war. Dr. Copeland saiil it
' was impossible to purchase thorn from
, the surplus stocks of the War Depart
t ment, though, lie declared, he oould not
learn why the department would not
i part with them.
Story Grew Out of Building
Material Cases.
| Flobcrt O. Scallan and William P.
I Beueel!, reporters for the World, were
found sruiltj yesterday of contempt of
court by Justice John V. McAvoy in the
Supreme Court. Ruel P. Smith an i
Jame? W. Barrett ol' the World odl'orln.1
staff, were found not guilty. Scailan
and B.euzel! Will be sentenced to-mor
row afternoon.
The contempt proceeding.- grew out
of a "tory published in the World con
cerning an alleged arrangement bj
which indicted building materiel dealers
were to l?e permitted to pioad guilty and
receive fines but no jail sentences. Ac
cording to the testimony, Seallan wrot>
the etory on a tip from Beasell.
Justice McAvoy, announcing the ver
dict, took occasion to vindicate William
A. De Ford, who prosecuted the Indicted
I dealers, and v an represented as the au
| thor of the statement that they would
j get off wltli fines only.
"1 wisli to say now publicly," he said,
"that the evidence showed not the
' slightest foundation for any reflection
1 or. Mr. De Kord's conduct in the pleas
offered or rejected. Tiio evidence com
pletely .and entirely vindicates every po
I aitlon which he ha-s tske.i with respect
I to the case."
So;Il*.n and. Hea?ei! w< re not remand
I ed Into custody. Tho case will be
FOR your vacation make Switzer
land your headquarters. "The
World's Playground" offers the best
of physical and intellectual diversions.
You will not only enjoy a delightful
holiday but you will find it an econ
omy, too, as there has been no appre
ciable increase in the cost of living in
Take advantage of our free information service, which include* useful
travel literature. "Select Collection" free on receipt of ten cents to
cover pottage. ofieitt Atnty ?/
241 Fifth Avenue, New York
LONDONt lib Retrnt Street, S.W. PARlSi 20 rue IjfavrtN
Lausanne /finst ci>as0. N?wiy Hunt. Huiiaouth on ti>*
TFTkrHnvr asi> hj nninTTmatfk in am, rooms.
v J
, ? ? ?? \
AlUUnPI lai M ? 9% ' Iif I*?rl n( f.hr worMknown RKHNKR oni.RI t NO. ]
|?|J|MH9L| ftttl SI I H tHnci*n vni' riH.., ,i, mtiMM i
I i3KIIIWtl.Wfli.ll 6RAND HOTEL m i
New I. S. Custodian in Control
and Elects Board ol
What was said to be the first :eor
ganlsation by officers of the new Ad
ministration of alien property seized
I during the war b" former Attorney
j General Palmer took place in Passaic
yesterday at the ?tockliolders' meeting
i of the Hotany Worsted Mills. Col.
Thomas W. Miller. n?w Allen Property
i Custodian, can* to tne meeting with
i the control of 82,028 of the !6.000 shares
, of the company's stook, and with two
eruptions, elected ? new boird of <11
i rectors.
Col. Miller said there was still $'?"{!.
000,<>00 of alien property waiting: dis
posal. and that the Botany Worttad
Mills constitute the largest single piece
of property. The mills are valued st
; more than J 15,000.000 and employ 6.200
' operatives. He said there are no plans
i as yet for selling the mills and that
thev will be operated by the Oovei*
| ment, through him. as a private enter
! prise. Col. Miller Indicated that the
i future of the mills depends upon such
legislation a9 Congress may pass with
respect to the disposal of alien prop
! erty.
The 2G.000 shares actually held by
the Government?there were proxies for
? 7.000 more yesterday?were the subject
of a fight which was carried to the
United States Supreme Court by Max
W. Stoehr, who held that t'.iey were
I transferred to him by his parents In
{ Germany before the war. The suit we?
i decided In the Government's favor a
, month ago. The Stoehrs are known as
I the woollen and worsted barons of Ger
; many.
Col. Miller announced a policy of re
trenchment. Including salary reduction
; among executives. Members of the
1 Hoard of Directors, who ar< believed to
have received $12,000 last year, will re
i" Ive $5,000 under the reorganization.
The new board as elected is as fol
: Ferdinand ICuhn of Passaic, presl
dert of the company, reelected : Horace
Jones of Philadelphia, vice-president,
reelected; Col. De l^ancey Kountze.
treasurer; John P. Murray of Jersey
City; Kdw-ard C. Stokes, former Gov
ernor of Xcw Jersey ; William H. Heaid
of Wilmington: Janes A. Mets, Jr., of
H: 'kensack: Charles F. H. Johnson of
Passaic; James T. Logan, editor of the
Newark Sunday Call; Henry Myers of
Passaic and Walter 1?. Larxelere of
Leonidas Dennis, a leader in the field
of surety law in New York, resigned
yesterday as general counsel for the
t'nlted States Fidelity and Guaranty
Company, after having been associ
ated with the company In that capac
ity for twenty-one years. Poor health,
as the result of over worlc. has forced
h ? retirement from active practice,
which will bo temporary. The com
pany yestyiiiay announced the appoint
ment of Udmund J. Donegan and
William J. McArtliur, t^ro of Mr.
Dennis's assistants, as counsel and as
sistant counsel, respectively.
When Mr. Dennis accepted the com
pany's retainer as general counse.1, Its
resources were less than $1,000,0W.
During the two decades of his service
the resources advanced to more than
*.<?>.000,000. Mr. Dennis has retired to
ho country place in Murray Hill. X. J.
If his health permits he may take up
private practice In the autumn.
The Mo-tyb~Jen-um Car
The Wills Saintc Claire is
the embodiment of the new
principles, the advanced engi
neering of Mr. C. Harold W ills.
f his car is constructed of
Mo-A'^-den-um steel.
The performance of the
Wills .Sainte Claire is merely
the natural result of the original
developments of Mr. Wills'
own invention and patenting
that have been built into the car.
The significance of these
features, interpreted in terms of
luxurious motoring, is for vou to
judge. This we invite to do.
of New York
1874 Broadwav Tel. Columbus 8642 New York
rW? hie andhutfa m ?W*rysvdU
In Greater New York, the Chelsea Fireproof Storage Warehouse put
a three-ton Packard truck into ? rvice eleven years ago. It is still on
the iob, ivith a total of over 161,000 miles to its credit.
? ? ?
This record is typical. The inbuilt ruggcdness of all
Packard trucks enables them to withstand the wear and
tear of hard, continuous service. Many similar records,
equally convincing, will be furnished gladly on request.
Brooklvn, Lon? Island Citv, White Plain*. Ppiinhlteep<ie. Newark, Jersey Citr,
Plainfield, Pateraon, Hartford, New Haven, New London, Springfield and Pitt*faeld
dsh the man ivho owns one

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