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Gen. March Says Slackers
Will Be Brought Back
'at Any Price.'
Will Make Formal Demand
for His Return When
Peace Is Declared.
Testimony Shows That Romig'
and Mrs. Bergdoll Obtained
$105,000 in Gold.
Rpec%al Despatch to Thi New Yuan. Huald.
Nrvv York Herald Bureau, )
Wushliifton, I>. C.? May 9. )
<3. C. Bergdoll, slacker, is entirely |
wrong If he thinks he can remain in
Germany as a fugitive from justice.
Major-Gen. March to-day informed the
special House committee investigating
the draft dodger's escape that the i
United States Army is determined te:
get him back "at any price."
In secret session Gen. March dis
closed to the committee what steps
now are being taken to effect Berg
doll's extradition. He gave every indi
cation that present plans of the Ad
ministration are to make a formal de
mand on Germany for the slacker's |
surrender as soon as the technical
state of war between the two coun
tries is ended, lit case his return is not
accomplished by that time.
Mrs. Bergdoll, the slacker's mother,
will be called by the committee to ex
plain what she knows about his es
At present the Administration is nego
tiating through the British and Canadian
Governments, Major Henry T. Allen, com
manding the American Army of Occupa
tion. and Loring Dresel, American Com
missioner at Berlin, Gen. March is un
derstood to have Informed the commit
tee. Great Britain and Canada have
been asked to demand his extradition
because he escaped to Germany on
forged Canadian passports. Up to the
present time it is understood that these
governments have not shown a dispo
sition to become Involved in the case.
The first request was met with a sug
gestion that this Government should sup
r!y more Information, it was learned.
Held Up by State ef Wtr,
Gen. March Informed the committee
that the United States could not formally
demand Bergdoll because of the state
of war setting aside extradition treaties
and could not send a force of soldiers
ufter hlrn because this would violate .he
terms of the armistice, which prohibit
any military operationa outside the oc
cupied zones.
"Bergdoll is only one of 150,000 draft
dodgers, but lie Is a Aery bad specimen,"
said Gen. March. "We are determined to
get him back at any price. The two
Americans who attempted to capture
him In violation of International law
have our entire sympathy. It would
have been very satisfactory to me per
sonally at least If they had succeeded
and turned Bergdoll over to the Ameri
can Army of Occupation. The two Ameri
cana who made the attempt were ex
army men, formerly attached to the
bureau of military investigation. When
news of their work reached here I of
fered to assume all responsibility for
their action, but this was not necessary
because they were not members of the
ax my."
"Who was it that apologized to Ger
many for their action?" .Representative
L.uhrlng (Ind.) asked.
"Gen. Allen," Oen. March replied. "He
I did so on his own responsibility. He
did right according to -international
"Would you have apologized?"
"Not a bit."
Gen. March said he discussed the re
lease of Bergdoll to hunt "the pot of
gold" for less than a minute with Ad
jutant-General Harris, and Instructed
him to grant the request If he deemed
? lon.ooo in Gold Taken Oat.
Testimony to-day confirmed reports
that James E. Romig and Mrs. Bergdoll
were able to get $106,000 In gold out of
the Treasury in October and November,
1W9. when It was generally supposed
gold withdrawals were prohibited.
Bergdoll said this was the gold which
he burled.
W. t?. Alexander. Treasury Depart
ment teller, told how Romig came to
the Treasury three times with big
bundles of Federal Reserve notes and
demanded gold.
"I naturally refused to give him gold
They Must Have Music in Their Daily Diet to Thrive,
Something With a Heart Appeal, Declares F. C.
Billings at Chicago Convention.
SproiaJ Despatch to The New VulK Heeai t>.
Chicago, May 9.?Music, the univeraai
language, was described as a marvellous
tonic in a new sphere of healing to-day
It was at the opening meeting of the
music trades convention, 5,000 men and
women being in attendance.
"Housewives haven't been consider
ate of their plants and flowers," said
F. C. Billings, president of a Milwaukee
music company. "1 Just can't keep
flowers in my house. They complain,
and they look so lovely, too.
"Well, no wonder?Just as the hu
man being to be healthy and Jubilant
requires nourishment complete in essen
tial proteids and fats, so the roses, vio
lets, lilies, petunias and begonias simply
must have music in their dally diet.
"Try it, my friend. But a vase of
roses on your piano at home and then
softly and lovingly play Reginald de
Koven'a 'Oh. Promise Me,' or 'Annie
Laurie,' or 'Then You'll Remember Me,"
something that has a heart appeal, not
this Immoral, insane Jazz. And watch
those flowers blossom out and blush
and he went to my superiors," said Mr. |
Alexander. "Later he came back with ;
nn order from Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury Leffinmvell and
I gave him the gold. On one trip he
got >25,000. on another f39,000 and on a
third |60,000. The Treasury by the diplo
matic manner of making as much
trouble as possible for those w ho de- j
manded gold was seeking to prevent its |
withdrawal, but I suppose they decided i
that if gold were demanded for Fed- |
[?ral Reserve notes, there was nothing
tslse to do but pay it."
Committee members questioned
whether Federal Reserve notes required
sold payment and \Mr. Alexander in
dated this was the case. He testified
iliat the Bergdoll money was brought
mainly in $10 and $20 notes and that it
-equired two hours to count the $60,000
jundle. Ail three times Romlg's count
was short, he said. Romig and Mrs.
Bergdoll carried out 240 pounds in gold
is the result of the $60,000 exchange, he
.Slacker Taunts Officials.
Bergdoll has made himself chairman
>f ills own "committee on publicity."
He is now regularly supplying Secre
ary of War Weeks and Chairman Kahn
>f the House Military Affairs Commit
ee, with copies of German newspapers
vhich have stories regarding him. To
lay one was receiver by Mr. Kahn from
Sberbach with an account of the release
if Neuf and Zimmer, the two Americans
vho attempted his capture.
The papers are enclosed in wrappers
vhich Kahn has found by check ups in
Philadelphia, were personally addressed
ly the slacker. In the one received to
lay, which was a copy of the Eberbacher
'.eitung, Bergdoll had marked an edl
orlal comment referring to American
'persecution" of Germans. One sentence
.? translated by Mr. Kahn read :
"An eminigrant from Eberbach to
imerlca is at this time In flight from
here far from his dear ones because
le is persecuted on account of Ills ex
?rcsslons regarding his love for Ger
Blanket Rope Parts Trying to
Get From Island Prison.
In an attempt to escape from Cas'.le
William, the military prison on Govcrn
sra Island, flunday, Private Lee R. Jen
tins fell sixty feet and Is now in the
military hospital on the island.
Jenkins was awaiting transportation
>o Fort fveavenworth, to serve a term
for assault and the theft of a watch
while at Camp T>ix. During the recrea
tion period on Sunday evening, he sawed
through an Iron bar and mounted the
circular staircase to the top of the
prison, carrying with him alx blankets.
He knotted these and attempted to climb
down, not knowing they would not reach
half the distance. A knot parted and
he fell. He was found unconscious with
a fractured hip, ankle and nose and
other Injuries.
Serves Nine Years for Blow
ing Up Iron Works.
? \s Quentin, May 9.?John J. Mc
Namara will be released from the State
prison here to-morrow after having
served nine years for dynamiting the
Llewelyn Iron Works at Los Angeles.
He haa been Invited to address a meet
ing Of his form union, the Bridge and
Structural Irou 'nrkera. in Ban Fran
cisco Wednesday night. McNamara
was secretary of the international organ
isation of the union.
His brother. J&men B. McNamara, is
serving a life sentence for murder In
connection with the dynamiting of the
Los Angeles Times building October 1,
Stern Brothers
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with pleasure. The caressing notes of
the music create sympathetic waves that
tiinul&te the ruses. I have tried music
ou flowers und I know it will work."
Would a phonograph in the back
>ard garden help the shy onions, rad
ishes and beans? Mr. Billings didn't
Jazz is the evil spirit of music, de
clared Dr. Frank K. Morton, chairman
of the music industries committee.
"Jazz," said Dr. Morton, "expresses
hysteria and incites to idleness, revelry,
dissipation, destruction, discord and
chaos. It accords with the, devastating,
volcanic spirit that has burst forth over
the world in the last six. years.
"Seldom do you hear 'Home, Sweet
Home," siitig now. Formerly it dropped
in upon us in concert encores and quiet,
social and family gatherings. And
every rendition of it rea< led on the
cerebral tissue of those who sang and
to a lesser extent on those who listened.
"With 'Home, Sweet Home,' silenced
home itself tends to disappear. With
home swallowed up in the cabaret the
great stabilizing centre of society is
Two Bookkeepers, Receiving
and Note Tellers Charged
With Embezzlement.
Four employees in three branches of
the Chatham and Fhenix National Bank
were arrested yesterday on bench war
rants issued by Judge Augustus N.
Hand, after they had been indicted by
tire Federal Grand Jury "on charges of
embezzlement of funds aggregating
$5,153. The court set May 16 as the
date for the pleadings.
One of the indictments charges Henry
C. Rolph, bookkeeper of the branch at
the Bowery and Grand street, with three
embezzlements during the last year
totalling $1,282. Another charges Samuel
Rosenberg, bookkeeper in the same
branch, with fiour embezzlements aggre
gating $1,375. A third charges Walter
K. Healy, receiving teller of the branch
at Broadway and 144 th street, with
four embezzlements totalling $1,177, and
a fourth accuses Richard B. Gilford, a
note teller in the. Broadway and Kigh
teenth street branch, of embezzlements
amounting to $1,139, and the theft of
$180 worth of revenue stamps.
Assistant United States District At
torney Louis D. Schwartz, who pre
sented the cases to the> Grand Jury, said
that body sLlll is Investigating the ac
counts of five more branches of the same
Institution, from whose ofliciais the petty
embezzlements had been concealed by
means of false entries in the books. The
bank has twelve branches in the city.
At the main offices of the Chatham
and Pin nix National Bank. 149 Broad
way, its officers suited that each of the
accused men bad been discharged from
Its employ and that the amounts of the
shortages in their accounts were cover
ed nmply by their individual bonds.
Urkbnr, N. Y? May 9 ?Ellsha Hotch
kiss and Ills wife, of this village, were
found dead In their homo to-day, the
former having leaped down an open
stairway after fastening a rope about
his neck with the other end tied at the
top. The woman was dead in bed and
Thieves Strike Her With
Blackjack as She Opens Door
of Her Apartment.
Diamonds Ripped From Fin-}
gers and Silverware Left Be- 1
hind as Assailants Flee. j
Mis. Polly Jacobs of 1479 Hoe ave
nue, The Bronx, was struck on the head
with a blackjack late yesterday after
noon when she opened the door of her
apartment on the third floor of the house
at that address. She was cut and her
skull was fractured, but she remained
conscious long enough to scream before
falling to the floor.
scream was heard by Mrs. Fannie
v, ? "ves on the same floor, and
she came to her door to find out what
had happened. As she stepped Into the
hallway the door of the Jacobs apart
ment opened, and two men. one tall and
the other short, stepped out. Mrs. Plot
kin asked them what was the matter,
and the tall man said:
"The lady's child fell and cut her
Fhe two men went on downsfars and
Mrs. Plotkin went hack Into her apart
ment Half an hour later she heard
another scream and found that Mrs.
Jacob.s's two children had come home
end discovered their mother lying un
conscious on the floor. Mrs. Plotkin
notified the Simpson street police sta
tion and Fordham Hospital and Dr.
Wyoupowsky responded. Other physi
cians were called by the woman's hus
band and said that she probably would
The detectives found lying alongside
Mrs. Jacobs's body the blackjack with
w'hlch she had been struck and the
stones from the four diamond rings
she had worn on her fingers. The
burglars evidently had removed them
from the settings, but dropped them
in their excitement. The police also
fcund that the burglars had wrapped
all of the silverware In the apartment
in a sheet and placed it In a corner
ready to carry away. Apparently they
had been leaving when Mrs. Jacobs,
returning from a shopping trip, opened
the door and surprised them.
The burglary was the third In the
vicinity during the last week, and
a Sreat deal of excitement. Last
night several hundred people stood In
the street before the Jacobs home or
wandered up and down until the police
from the Simpson street station had to
bo called to drive them away.
Lusk Report Says Socialists
Are Teaching Bolshevism.
The complete report of the ILusk com
mittee which Investigated seditious ac
tivities was ma<le public here yesterday.
Ihere are four volumes of 1,000 pages
each. "
American colleges, it Is charged, are
honeycombed with avowed Socialist pro
anrt?rS,'.hvBh?r6 te,achlnKS are Bolshevik
T sh. m democratic ideals and
Institutions. "While the negro in gen
!?L^8,Kbeen We" treiUed x?v York
State, the report says, "the ill treat
ment accorded him In other parts of the
country has engendered a spirit of re
sentment which has been kept alive by
the agents and agitators of the Socialist
party of America, the Industrial Work
ers of the World and other radkal
group*.M u
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Garments will be called for upon request.
Manfriedono Was Fighting; to
Retain Diamond Ring *
and Watch.
Lured From Seat to Washroom
by Message Brother
Was Waiting.
Kdward Manfriedono of 371 Broome
street was sitting in the Atlantic Gar
den Moving Picture Theatre in 50 Bow
ery last night shortly before 8 o'clock
when a man walked in. touched him on
the shoulder and said his brother
wished to see him in the rear of the
auditorium. According to the story told
the police. Manfriedono followed the
man Into the washroom, where he was
sot upon by several others and robbed
of >WX) in cash.
The bandits tried to steal Manfrle
dono's watch and diamond ring, but he
resisted, and when they ran he pursued
them through the auditorium into the
lobby of the theatre. There the men
stopped, and when Manfriedono tried to
seize one of them the man fired two
shots, one striking Manfriedono in the
abdomen. He fell to the floor and the
bandits ran Into the Bowery and es
The shots caused considerable excite
ment in the theatre, and attendants ex
plained what had happened, and as a
precaution opened the emergency exits,
but no panic resulted. Manfriedono told
Patrolman Otto Heppler on the way to
Volunteer Hospital he did not know
who had shot him, but a few minutes
later said, "I don't see why they shot
me; I gave them everything they asked
Family Reports a Decided j
Change in His Condition.
Members of the family of Dr. Simon
Baruch of 51 West Seventieth street^
who is suffering from an aliment of the
lungs, following a heart attack some
time ago, said last night they were very
much pleased with his Improved condi
tion. There has been a decided change
for the better and Dr. Baruch was rest
ing comfortably.
Dr. Baruch is 82 years old. lie told
members of his family that he expected
to recover from his illness and live a
great many years longer. He is presi
dent of the American Association for the
Promotion of Hygienics and Public
Baths, which meets to-day at Brookline,
Mass., and when he found that his Ill
ness would prevent him delivering his
annual address he Insisted upon writing
It. He did this at the time when his
condition was most dangerous and It will
be read at the meeting.
Fur Storage
Absolute Protection at
moderate cost. Repair
ing at special rates
during the Summer.
James McCiw&Ca.
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1155 Broadway, cor. 3tat St. 43! Fulton St., Brooklyn
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Open top model, made of three-ply Basswood
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Size: 41x22x22 inches.
General Purpose Steamer Trunks
Trunks, $14.74 $12.74
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two trays, cloth lining. regulation steamer tray.
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\^.jffacw & ?&

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