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Motor barge itadlum .at 11:30 AM).
Passed 14th:
Bchr T p JoinNew Ilu\< u for New York.
Bound East.
Tugs Spartan, towing 5 barges (a- 8.13
AM); Wyoming, towing 4 lat 2:S0 I'M).
Steam lighter John ?i Collins (at 1 I'M))
Schr Ophelia, Perth Ajaboy ror New Ho
1 asUe.
Sailed 13th, sr'.r Jonathan Cone (from
Perth Amboy. OaU Bluffs.
Passed 14th:
Schr Spendthrift, New York fo: New I.on
cchr Mabel E Gunti (Br). Hoboken for
Halifax, Ns.
Schr Gertrude Parsons (Br), Perth Amboy
tor St John, NB.
Schr Isaac Sherwood, New York for Hunt
Schr Olive It Vandusen, New York for
New Haven.
Schr James William (Br), Perth Amboy
for Halifax, NS (anchored).
Balled 14th, schr Orleans, from Kdgowater
for Bangor.
?trs Masconomo iBr), Tor; Lobos A C
Bedford, Tamplco: Marengo iBr), ilu 11 and
Antwerp: Steel Inventor, Han Francisco;
Cncos iBr), Piraeus; Chappnuua, Baltimore,
Sailed 14th, strs Anna (Nor). KliigHton;
?i'Mieph J Cunio iNor), Glbara and Baraooa;
sinalnawa, Norfolk. Taornilim (Ital), Naples
and Genoa; El Orlentc, Galveston; Arapa
hoe, Charleston and Jacksonville; (juernstari
' N'or), St Jchn, NB; Pearldon, Tamplco;
?san Lorenzo, Ban Juan, Ponce ami May
iguez; Rochoknbeau (Fr). Havre; Zacapa,
Santiago and Kingston; France Maru (Jap),
llaltlmore; Helen, Han Juan; Esther Foliar
?Br), Kobe via Norfolk; On*Konian, Ham
liurg; Noruega (Nor), Gothenburg; Mara
ralbo. Bagua.'ra; Belvldere, Baltimore.
SOhra Coiru ;nck, San Juan. Ac: Edwin G
I 'arrar, Kilkenny. Ga; Gladys M Taylor,
South Amboy.
Balled 14th. atr Astmahro No Boston.
The corrected reading of the barometer
? educed to sea level I lit New York on Hun
'ay, May 15. 1821. at b -AM, an reported by
i- United States Weather Bureau, was
? irty and eight hundredths (30.08) Inches,
'his closely approximates itven hundred and
ixty-four i7d4) mllllmetora. Captains of all
?iscls now lying In or near the ports of
New York and Bro Ulj n ra.i a ivantage" - :
in"' the above < iul uu a for observing
whether their on., , uin-'.i's require
considerable eorrectki or adjustment.
Wind ut Sandy Hook, s I'M, ?E, light
breecze; cloudy; light sea.
GAPE ft ACE, KF, May li-Barometf r at
noon, 30.20 inches; wind, 8\V, brisk; wtativ
er, dull; temperature, 48 cleg Fahr.
Str Aater. Genoa for Sand Key. tan
aground on Triumph Reef, seven miles n of
Fowiy r.ock light ves ml, it 11 feet of water.
Sirs Kdward 1. Doheny, Jr. and Chlia-mpa
are standing by. Assistance not tteoessary.
An attempt to destroy tho oceangoing tow
boat Jtallrocl;, undergoing repairs at the
McWllllaxna Repair and Dry Dock Co yard*
011 Mttlen Inland .Hound, win frustrated last
Saturday morning by a seaman who went
the e
aboard and found trie engine room ablaze
and Uie sleeping quarters ' f tho boat filled
with smoke. Repairs on tho towboat wore
virtually completed, and Ito owners, the Hell
rock Towing Co of New York, had planned
to send It to sea with a tow some time Sat
urday. The jowboat was valued at gHO.OOO.
BUENOS AIRES, May i : Tho fifth day of
the port strike pa seed with ik> progress to
ward a solution In the negotiations Initi
ated by the government. Officials refused to
day to discuss til, situation and the port
still remains closed, l.a lipoca, rhe govern
ment organ, says a settlement Is Imminent
which will permanently stabilize the port
services. The sir Martha Washington still
remains unloaded. Ah it consequence the
American authorities have declined the ap
plications of the firemen that the terms of
the agreement affecting these workers be
made effective. Tho American authorities In
formed the flroinen that the terms will not
ho carried out until tits vessel Is unlpaded
as agreed.
BTuENSBURG. May 14?Tho fifth of 12
large freight vass?':s being built for tho
Houtli American service established by Hugo
Hthines, the German Industrial capitalists,
was launched here .osteiday. It v..,., named
th" Hnvenstela. In honor of Rudolf Haven
stoln, head of tho German Tteb hsbank.
HOI TH ASH TON. Jl.li 14- The Cunard lino
str .'.qpltauia sailed for New York to-day
with boo "highbrow" strikebreakers as stew -
ard'. When the regular stewards struck
rather than accept a wage reduction, offi
cials, directors and clerical workers of the
Cunard offices volunteered for service. On
the voyage they wlU act as waiters, cooks.
butchers nnd baggage HIIIMll' I? for the 3,000
poegangi r Among tho.-. who volunteered
?re Sir |?, :,.?>? Bacer. millionaire shipowner
n.'.d OunarJ dlr-tor; liLs iuoUier. Fred
ii.iies. an! U K Cot trail. assistant manager
of lie line.
Dangers to Navigation.
[Reported to the Hydros raphlc Off lee.]
May 13, lat 23 40. Ion S3 .'3. a broken
spar. apparently attached to submerged
v. reck age.
May 0. lat 30 08, Ion 80 bo. a dory Tainted
light brov ?
April 23. la' 34 30. Ion 50 65. a- derelict
?cnooner, bottom uv. about luO feet long
ai.<! in.owing 6 feet out of v. ater, cot ieu
with marine growth. I
April about 80 n.iive WHW of I bant,
the Spanish ?tr Huritol struck an object and
?auk. crew saved.
April it), '.at 43 20, 1cm 40 04. two ie(v
berga, unci lat 43 10, Ion 49 00, two icebergs.
May 2, lat 40 10. Ion 43 03, icebergs and
May 3, Wt 44 33. Ion 40 43. an Iceberg,
and lat 44 29, Ion 46 55, large bergs.
May 5, lat 41 55, Ion SO 33, a large Ice
berg. Temperature of water, 52 deg Fahr.
AALBORQ, Hay 8?Arrived, atr Alexandra
tl>an). Italtlmore.
AMSTERDAM, May 12- Arrived, atr Frlala
(Dutch), Ne.v Orleans c!a Havana.
ANTWERP. May 10?Sailed, atr Missouri
(Fr), New Orleans.
BALBOA, May 14?Arrived, stra Qathla
met, Melbourne; Ituapehu (Br), Wellington;
Jamaica (Br), Tuma< :o.
BARBADOS. May 12?Arrlvod, atra bake
Fackier, New York;,l>uke Oiltedge, Mobile;
Caranuet (Br), Halifax, NS.
BREMEN, May 0?Arrived, atra Erie Maru
(Jap), Jacksonville; Nemaha, Baltimore;
10th, Htrathlomo (Br). New Orlean.u
CEARY, May 7?Arrived, str Bark (Nor),
New York for Montevideo and Buenos Atrne.
i 'IKNTCEOOH, May 11?Arrived, atr bake
Iuglenook, New Orleauia via Santiago and
COMOX, BC. May 14?Arrived, atr Taiho
Miiru (Jap), New York for Kobe.
CRISTOBAL, May 14?Arrlc-i I, a1 a Noor
df rdyk (Dutch), Rotterdam; Washington |
Main (Japi, Port Arthur; Attnas, New Or-:
.cam); Camtto (Br), Port I-imon.
Balled 14th. str iianley, Naples.
DUBLIN. May 13?Arrived, str Fanad .
Head tilt). St John. NB.
DUXKTRK. May 13?Sailed, str Monad nock
(Br), New York.
FLUSHING, May 12?Sailed, str Fontla,
New Y'ork.
GIBRALTAR, May 12?Sailed, motor alitp
Heyonus (Ual >. from Leghorn for New York.
GOTHENBURG. May 8?Sailed, Btr Bka
Kern iflwI, Hampton Hoada.
GREENOCK, May I I?Arrived, str Orleana,
New York via Norfolk.
| HAMBURG, May 8? Arrived, Btm Mongolia.
New York; East Cape, do via Brent' it;
Mya'lo, do
! HAVANA. Maj 14?Sailed, nrj Ulna (Br).
1 from New Y'ork for Cristobal; Mexico, New
Y'ork: San Bruno (Br>, from Boston for l'prt
I Liuiun.
! 1IAVHE. May 10?Arrived, etrs Maryland
fUf'r), New Orleans via Bremen; 11th, Ilozan
Maru i.lapi. Baltimore; 13th, Kousstllon
(?). New Y'ork
1 Sailed 11th. Rhode Island (from Liver
?pool). Philadelphia.
I MOLLENDO, May 12?Arrived, etr Santa
Malta, New York via Baltimore.
ROTTERDAM, May 12?Sailed, stra Lacka
wanna '.'alley, Hampton Roads; Frederick
Gilbert (Nor), from Bremen for Montreal.
SALON IC A, April 2ft? Arrived, stra Vir
ginia Bridge, New Orleaiut via Charleston;
May 7, Urblnr. (Br), New York.
SOUTHAMPTON, May l.T-Sailed, etr
Hutchhtaon 'front London), New Orleans.
SWANSEA, May IS?Arrived, etrs Malvern
Rango (Brj, Buenoa Aires; Simbeam, Bruns
TRIESTE, May 4?Arrived, str Corslnla
(Ital), New Orleans.
Hailed 4lh, str Bay way. New Y'ork.
VANCOUVER. BC, May 14?Arrived, str
Canadian Highlander (Ho. S.vdney.
Sailed 14:h, sir El lajbo (Br), Lohltos.
VKTOR1A, BC. May 11 Arrived, str Ara
bia Maru (Jap). Yokohama for Seattle.
VIGO. May 8-Sailed, str Dictator iBr),
from Liverpool for Newport News.
[B/ Telegraph.)
BOSTON, M;u*h. May IS?Arrived, ?!n Cal
vin AuaUn, Mew York (and railed on re
lurn) ; Camden. Bangor; Hazlehurttt, Rotter
dam; Mercian (Ilr). Manohcater and l.'.ver
pool via Now York. Newton. Norfolk; Nor
walk. New York; Random B Kulle-, i-o.-'
land. M<*. 8an Mateo. Port I.'ni >. and ? c
toon!; William !? Pat-ner. New V..: ; I.
I.nmberte Point; uig FVe-Irr*, Ne- ?>,
radoleiie boat <1 gdya 1- Creamer. C'.ai as
Harbor, N3.
in r..i bor below loth.' ! iree mu"'rd . ,m
ber loaded schooner from North aet, pn-ecd
Ot ivee 3:30 I'M.
Sailed loth, earn Lake Klienarah, Char.on
ion ami Jacksonville; Waller V Jifoyaa, New
port Nerve; tug Confidence, towmg barge
Brattle (E E Point), Lynn.
BAl.Tl MORE, Md, May 15-Arrived, at re
Caren'o, Liverpool; Koesutli FereMZ (Ital),
Philadelphia: Borgvet&d iN'or), Tampion.
Cleared 1it I >. * id Agvur (9*1). Vlriya;
Gloucester, Norfolk, Providence and Boston;
Grecian, Savannah .u.d Jacksonville.
Hailed 14th. strs L P Holmblad (Dan), Co
penhagen; llawk. jo Sia' , Newport K?w?
Sailed Hth, strs Charles 11 Cramp. San
Franclaeo via Kuvniinuh; ClerowW U Morse.
Seattle via Mobile; Sid I aw Range (Br),
GALVEST' iV, May 14-Palled, etr Gulf
star, T?ll.|ilei>.
MCXDOMVILL, Fla. May 1 I Arrived, str
MenriOKtck, Philadelphia, achrs Walt ham,
Cuba: Hesper, Norfolk
Soiled ltd, . he llai ,r B, Stoykion
Springs, Me.
MOBILE!, Ala. Me / H Sailed, ??:< Murils
!a. Havana; llan.in iNori, Barrios, schr
Bluefielde, Ttucpam.
NORFOLK. Va. Mai 11?arrived, strs
Jacob Ghrlttenaen (Nor). Rotterdam; Grey
stoke Cast!-- (Br), CJalveston: f't.nailva (Br),
Valencia, Rhodesia'. Tran.+po;t (Br), Ant
werp; Abseron, Boston.
Arrived 15th, Mrs Wangarat'w > 11r<, Giu/i
gow; Herakle* \Nor). Philadelphia: Vestalla
(Br), Clvlta Vecchle; Medlterrai.eo (Fr),
Bordeaux; Hatlpara (Br), Rotterdam; Ar
range Mendl (Sp), lliltiao, Klmutitka (Br),
Wellington; Geneaee (Brj. Tyne; Dunclutha
(Br), Rotterdam; Alessandria Ital). Nu
ll).: (Vest (Jueechce, Liverpool; Urdunto
Mendl (Spi. Vigo.
Sailed i&th, str Wold Ingham (Br), I.as
Sailed LP.ii. gtre Bjlayl, Boston; Abaaroka,
Lisbon; OtouoeMer, New Borland; Navarlno
(Uri, New York; Normiui: ? J- dlri. v'al
moulh; Admiral Hamilton (Br), Gibraltar
ar.d Greece; Barryinore iHri, Liverpool;
rtt.-omboll (Ital), Buenos AL. a, Clyde Maru
lag)). Port Said; Molyo Maru iJapi, Sa
vannah: I'aquha Drive (Sp), Las Palmes,
Ton (Nor), (lib rait a r
Balled 15ti?.. stne Innerton (Br), Gibraltar;
Progress (Dan). Hamburg; Urd (Nor).
Havre Chann: lnol? (Br), yanta Marta.
PORT ARTHUR, Tex. May H?Arrived,
sirs War Nlsam (Br), (1 law row ; Ligonler,
Port Tun pa.
PBNSAC'iI-A, Fla. May It?Arrived, Mrs
V 'iv o il'ii '. Catania iand Bailed for Gal-,
ha. cd 1) h. etr lbnbeth B ock (Fr), Gulf
P' *
PUlLAURLt'ill v. P.i. May 14?Arrlv d. str
M .na ill.i imi i. Hav e ? .
Ac: d ?' yi ' Navertr.o (Br). Llvor
poo via Norfolk; City of Alma, New York;
. H. ,, iBr), do; Santa Eulalia, Port Ta
? . . M kinase (Br), Liverpool; Tanatr.oi,
Hnnte !.tm; schr Charles D Stanford. Capo
Bailed i ) .). str Moerdyk (Dutch), Santos.
Good Ship Cnlumares steams
to Rescue of Eagle That
Does Not Need It.
Cuban Girl Conies Back Here
as Bride of Manufacturer
of Cigars.
An Eagle boat of the Coast Guard
patrol, on the lookout for slippery thips
of the rum running squadron, ran out of
fuel and water off the North Carolina
less message that got entangled In the
aurora borealls and was transformed Into
roust on Saturday and sent aut a wtre
an appeal for some kind of help.
The United Fruit steamship Cala
mares, In yesterday from Havana, got
tno appeal, steamed about fifty miles
out of her course and found the Eagle
boat placidly at anchor, wltlt two air
planes hovering near. They also got
fooled by the mixed up wireless. The
Eagle boat thanked Cupt. Spencer of the
Calamarea, saying Ue did r ot need any
assistance, and the liner pre ceded, skip
per and passengers not feeling good over
losing about five hours. A Coast Guard
cutter later towed the Eagle boat in.
Miss Laura Tarafa, daughter of Col
Joee Miguel Tarafa, veteran of the Cu
ban war for independence, who finished
her Hnglish educating at the Fin-h
School here six months ago and returned
to Havana, came back by the Calamares
as the bride of Manuel Gomez y Va'.ie, a
young millionaire cigar manufacturer of
Havana. They were married on May r,
and will spend their honeymoon chiefly
in New York.
Mis? Aline H. Harvard, daughter of
Col. Valery Harvard. U. S. A. Medical
Corps, chief of sanitation for the Cuban
array and navy, get home by the Cala
mares. She reeentlv wrote a novel of
Russian liie called "Princes of To-day."
She will be the guest of Chaplain K. B. :
Smith at Governors Island, wher.- she
formerly lived when iter father was sta- j
tionetl there.
Leave Steamship Mazama
When Food Gives Out.
Chief Cook Joseph Powell, three fire
men. a seaman and two mess boys of tho (
American wooden steamship Mazama.
lying In the harbor of Havana, arrived
yesterday as consul's men aboard tho
United Fruit liner Calamares and asked
plaintively where they wore going, to j
got several thousand dollars due them
for eight months' service on the Ma
zama. They said they had been dis
charged because the ship chandlers hod
refused to furnish food to them on tho
ship's credit, and they had bee nforced
recentl yto go around among the Amer
ican ships In the harbor to borrow
Aft' r most of the members of the
original crow had been paid off and seat
lion , Powell and his shipmates hud ,
been ; .,ke dto stand by and did so.
The shipper and several officers .ire
sticking to the ship to protect her.
A Cuban lawyer is trying to get some
thing from the Maaama'a owners for J
the men, who while waiting to hear from I
him will ship on a freighter of 1mm atfc
(ionarv te.. lent
$5,000,000 YEAR'sHOAL
American Jews Already Have
Raised $1,500,000.
Ame;. -an Jew* have raised !
for the Palestine reetoratlon fund and
e.'-ur?lay at a meeting in Stuyver-ar t
High. School, Firs- avenue and Fifteenth
street, voted to make the goal for the
oming year $5,000,000. Mo:- than S'.-i
delegates tUrin Jewish organisation* at
t< nd? d the meeting and heard Dr. Oh.aim
ffliimMin, president of the World Zioi
1st Organization, discuss conditions i..
Resolutions were adopted protesting
the temporary suspension of immlgr t
.ion of Jews into Palestine. Sair.u.i
' id. rmyer urged loyalty u, the causa of
the homeland and denounced those om
,'oaing control by the World Zionist Ot -
ganlzatlon. It was Important to give
generously to the Palestine fund, ho
Fire Record
A M ).0"S.
-806 East Fourteenth street,
Kord iedan. owner unknown.Unknown
12i?.-".?133h Broadway, Mark Strand.Triflln
30?24 East First street, Paul Der
bero Trifling
00?Spring and Varick streeta,
taxlrab, Edward Schoeyer. .?Trllll- ??
IB?I'lfty-seveutti street and Park
a t'tiue. tool house. Now York
Ontral Bailroad .No dams e
21:1 i?24 4 Monroe street, Al"> Bet -
man .. .No damage
!' M.
3:44?CO West lT4tli attest, oW.net
uti! ov. rt .... Trifling
3:48? lMUl street and Tiebout ate
nue. Bronx, D. >4. C. stables.I'nknmui
T :14?19 Barrow street, Russell Krcu
ruo Vnkno- n
eep pgr Ships on (he Seven Seas u^rfekStareandStripes
United States
Shipping Board Services
64 Hnrrla. Magill & Co.. Inc., 120 Ripley, Daniel * Co.. ' _Li EuronP Havre and Antwerp d Hn?,|?i, Atlantic
35 F. Wm. St., Bd. 4935 Marine B!dg.. Galveston. Freight L-Uropc From New Orleans Port* Spanish Atlantn
Passenger Services
Services 2 N' *' Bogton. "?lln- Novorosslak and M?y Mj-A Suanur (lKi queenetown, Boulogne.
? , ket number in parenthesis Ha turn Juno Ldg?A Steamer <107) ,|un
68 Int. Freighting Corp.. ,, Roosevelt S.S?. I o., inc. following ship's name Indi- I runt New 4 ork From New V ork
Key In number in paten- 170 Bway, V. V. fort. 03S3 44 Heaver St. N.4 Bu. f.?35 rale* name <tf operating I.dg?Mopang (.23) Hat re. Borrienux and ?>t. May 24?Pan. Stat. (|T.P>
llirvtw following ship's nante Lafayette Hldg., Plilla. ctimptiny In preceding list. May 28? Uaddoti (23) Naznlre Juno 7?Old N. State (159)
indicate* name, address and Lombard 3633. 122 Seaboard 4 Calf S.S. Co. From rhllndelphia ....
telephone of steanishln eom- pr< 30 B.K.N.T. Orel). 8440 ' hmluvnln, Gothenburg and May 21? Nedmac (68) Itotterdam
ibis'eo'lumn.*4 0t Operators Of flf)-% Int. Mercantile Mnrine. Europe ""From New York Havre, Dunkirk. Bordeaux May OT^FIahkHI (IP) PORT Oh DOS I ON.
tin* I- 11 Bway. N. 5. B.G n 9230 12.1 Seager 8.8. line, May 21? Maaalck (123) From Baltimore May id?Bellhuven (33)
Freight Services. ,8ec -? ?? nfl) 18 Pearl St- N T* n'a'',317? Antwerp-See Havre , ?(>enh?grn. Danzig, Ret.l Junc 25-Suth..r!and (147) Map
Europe , The Admiral I Ine II Jahneke Dry Dock 4 Ship 124 Sgltcovleh. 8. 4 Co.. From Baltlmore and IIMltm Havre and Ghent Ldg-Editor (33) Islands of Atlantic, ^n'^nnr
... . I Thp Admiral Line. Repair Co Cotton Exchg., Galveston. May 30?Collingsworth (19) ?5S. I ront Houston Fmai Baltimore vxr . t j? A Hongkong. Manila and
Queenslown, Boulogne. Loll- 17 State St.. N Y. New Orleans. La. June 10-8torm King MM 'i!m. tiVvh. rlt"1i May 20-AI1. of Texas (120) ,,.v -to.m.tT? !9t West Indie* and Dalren
don , Howling Green 5625. ??w uneam, o?. , f. From New York Juno Toledo l.rplgo (1.3) June 3H-Houaton (120) n^n <1?) f LL C From Portland. Ore.
Front New 4ork (gee 106) ? . ?\wm7. tu wc* May 20-Eaatern Sea <19) ( onenhaeen Danzig and Reval June 5-Eo.st. Dawn Caribbean Sea June 2 Court tit
Slay 24?Pan. state (1501 72 Kerr Steamship f o., Inc.. -3 bo. Mm. St. l)d. .0o3 June &_gtorm Klng (1c? P N,,w 1(irk Hull. New Castle und Leith From Phllodelpbia June 36-Montague (1)
Jttno 7?Old N. State (jOl'l ; Amerirnn I.ine, 44 Heaver St., N.Y.Bd. bitk) Mav 18? Moitana (125) Front Pltiladelphia May 2"??4Yeat. Hope (64) Porto Rieo ? . . . T. ,
June 28?Pun. State (18#) n nwav. jf Y. B. G'n 9330 127 Smith 4 Terry, Ine.. Antwerp nnd Rotterdam Early May?A Steamer (29) Front New Orleans Front Baltimore Yokohama. Kobe. Tientsin,
&2? ?.V^nA?* (SeoOS-A) 73 Find Nar. Co.. 11' B'way, N.Y. B.O. 7820 From Baltimore Danzig J May 'JO?Nobles 4T7? May ST. Tr'b.a ? .: . Hongkong^ "SESi "nan"
Aug 2?Pan. S'ate '??'P' ,7 llatterv N Y Wh 1458 o. ..c. i ront New 4ork llttll Servlee May 51?Ophla (77) Hongkong, Natgon. inga
Aug. 16-Old N. Btato (lo9) 4 Amer. Metal Trans. Co., . - 188 S. Atl. Maritime Corp. June itviW Jlild (4si .-.?)>? },"-?*? ?- ' yf1 l-Yom N.wVork harleston s ( l'ointe a Pitre. t,uadel?upe. ^From NaiJ*Fron. iseo
??vaasrv 01 K-v l! '??-r-- v- " ? , ss.t'tun.,'?!) jsa? saX'^stisriK; ?.vssrsm,
3 Am.ri.-.n ShlpplnB Cn... CUwn. om.. "?"'I3S .prn^l,, C. It., t S?. May?23-OI]i'.(lS) IrtrtW FomSoblle ilTTw-cZn,, ml*" ' of ^.STNrtnlja, ClWO 3 ..koliam., K.b. ?..) -h,nS
W J~w?v,.?. rn. I"?"-"--' SS <?> ? Sa?.SsJS7*OT, ... KSwi. ""r-wtw
jSr stSSSSSluS^tat' " "7."; ?>???. Mi?. 13, St.t, Miii-in. Co.. An<?rv. <,h.nt ,nd Holtw- l.d.-Ml.or ,3... Il?ll. Olth. n,?- ll.n.n^ 3U, ?-t.. OIK.M. <tT?. M.y St-rrW
July 28-Potomac (IBB) <8f 69-A) ' ' ' ~ ??, ,m?hln Co Munoey Bldg., Balto. dam (.enoa and Vnnles t,.? ritv Mar 15?Woot. Plains (121) From C.alreston ?w Zealand and Australian
LtS,U'aqU'h<i?l!?3 (1!B>> ?Fn KN V SMIMO St. Paul 1384. From Mobile Front New York M< : 16- Mercer Vict. (121) p?nre, Mayaguer. Apadllla. Port",^ x , ,
Aug ?)-HudBOn <l?) . u Bait Oceanic S.S. Co.. <L- oo > May M*-A Steamer (1071 May 21-I*o< altoniaa (159) ,aj- A (earner WW) ^ ,_.We.t Kebar (121) ?,n Juan. >an(o Domingo , N'w Jort ., --
77^u?duebanna (188) Continental llldg., Balto. 138 Steele, J. H. W., * Co., Inc. June Ldg?A Steamer 11<>. t ... .>tz) t.t. (?.!') I i^lion-Oporto-Bilhao jMerrymount (121) ( jty, Havana JeY H?P^ur? I ?'
""aU,5lo^" ?t Paul 4461 2102 strand. Galveston. Jutm 8-1'rln. Mntolka (188) From Tampa end New Orleans J1 . . ? ? . From Cialoestoa June-Eaatent Planot (187)
Oct 20-P^ontac (150) St. Paul 4461. Mallory, C. D.. 4 Co.. Ine. 50 B?ad St.. N. Y Barrelona July 20-I'rln. Matolka (139. Mav 30-JaelcvmvtHe (14S) ?*. andlnn?Un end Ballle Porta m.v vuT l?,,urn.?v ra, From s.o Francis o
Naples and Genoa ... 11 nwav \" \ Li G'n 5550 aV. it" rvet Front Mobile Aug. 31?Prln. Matolka (15111 Front Baltimore May 30?L. Floumoy (l.'b I rom San Francis, o
From New York 13 Baltimore steamship J?-. 630 Common St., N. Orl. ? Oct. 12-l'rln. Matolka (159) From New Orleans May IS?N. England <1361 Ma> 17?4A. Hlxton (*>>
?May 2t?Pocahontas (ISO) 82 Ilway X. 4. Bd. 0.?90 .. , ? UrH'mlM,<) ?? ??>' , at? j,.Ile_A steamer (14?i luno 4?Jekyt (136t Ponee. Mayagner. Aguadtlla.
June 8?Prln. Matolka (159) 8U Matson Navigation Co.. 140 Ntraehan Sltipping Co., r Hint New ^trleuit* From Philadelphia, Juno 25?N'at. Bridge (136) San Juan, Santo Domingo
July 20?Frlti. Matolka (159) 16 Berber Steamship l ines. 120 Market St., San Fran. Savannah, Ga. Juno 2?East. Crc-s <146) Ear. May?A Steamer (29) Liverpool June 18?Tonezlt (136) t Ity India and Tfciitrfv pjvat
Aug 18?Pocahontas (159) 17 Hat. PI., N. Y. Wh. 1300 '?*?? Juno?A Steamer (116) Frnm voritimore From Galveston India ana LTUlCn C^ISl
Attc 31?Prln Mntolkii (159t .. ?*_stii-i.. n IL... ... , , _ .. ... _ (.lasgnw May 28?W. Madaket (48t lYom Montreal Mav 18?A Steamer (1.'At Indios
ftof lW>VmaMat"ka(1a^) l? W(M-k Hiamood S;JK fo?T: 21 State. N.Y. B.O/n 8470 ?ll.T" ^tioxie St?sin Kr?n. "and' PlnvenJMav-a' Suium^'aCB) J v .? 14-Quaker City < W >^?[sh ' aU ' North' AfHean May S0-A .toamer (156)
ts ?- ?ni.k;? - tsaXnsrs.. "grfegtaaar
From New York gAIIOav Bt BaltO ?? Market St.. San Fran. 110 Market St. SanlYan. Ear. Juno-. epi, Tacook <69 May Me^Madakrt (?) May 2 4 lUfiMT (MO From New Orleans ? FYam New Vork
June 22-America (159) s 'Vuim' Kearney 2652. 1 (See 31) (U) Glasgow and Avonmonlh June 16-Qoakar City (48. May 20-A Steamer (156) ?-??. **?'**>
July 30?G. Washington (158) St' 1 "Ul *WW' From Baltlnmre From New York >P"'n From Baltimore ?,une ^Kcllp.e (154)
Juiy 23-Amerlea (159) 23 Bull. A. II.. 4 Co., 83 Megee. Charles T.. 144 Susquehanna S.S. Co.,Im .. Ilelfaat and Dahlia Junu S-Palleado.* < 15) Ldg-SarCoxle (33) I^lg?Winona (65) St. Thomas. >?t. ? roiv. st
Aug 21?Anterlea (139t *? . s, v v o G'n 2?<I0 Drezel BldK Fhlla 2-4 srone. N.Y. U.G'n 2953 . 1 rom Bultlmore nnd New- May 19?West Cape (In) May 28?Collnmer (33) Kitts, Antigua, (.tiadelnnpe
Aug 27?(J. Washington (159) V, Y, u 'D ,'V'1 L5. lmln " ' r,"<?- . (S-. ??, port News ? _ _ Mnrtlnktue. St. l.uela and Africa
Sept. 24-G.Washington (150) (Bull S. S. Line, Inc.. . May 2.V .Gnuum < 15) _ Front New Orleans From (harleston c , . . Barbados
Stuart Bldg., llulto, Md.) 84 Mereh.4 Mln. Trane. Co., ... Larly Mhy?Cantlaka (87) May 2I-John.*on City (27) South America FYam New 4ork
114 S. Gay St., Balto. 143 Swayne 4 Hoyl, Inc.. Belfawt^ Ihthjln.. r M ,i- '.'8?Coqultf (27t 2a ,v' M Tut t.er i'29> (/ores, Madeira, C anaries 4
C ..L * ? _ 24 Callaghan. Atkinson 4 ( o.. St. Paul 1490. 130 Sanzomo at.. San Fran. Boston Glasgow. Dublin, Belfast June 4-Magmeric (21) R. . ,.n.{rn H?n May 20-W. M. Tupp r West African Ports
South America ,1 ??., NAM...,',, IJTO c# J? U-IU. tm <139, FYp? Boston "SK.* llST SfS % rrtnldad. Demerara. Para IW F-^^jhU. am.
nlidd;ne^'Arrw.,Urt,"'d- ? X?"*? B *G,n r ^ ? ''"^F^Kcw 4?rk ^^d'pi^r*' Trl.ngt. (23)
rSTNY^Yark Ch.rle.ton, 8. C. 89 Mmtre 4 MeCorm.ek Co.. , , _ , - W Early June-A Steant.r (146) May SO?A Bteamer .158) From New 4^ Aror-s. Cartes. W eet ( oast
5!^^Affi(9lV " 2i,1B^8.?<NT-TCB?.6115 ? Bway. N. Y. B. On 2888 uEfrttfto Bordea.tv **?&-. late May-W Erral (138) M ?4 ' K? ^
91 Mttnson S.S. IJnes. Kt- aul -nu- lrnm >,-n ^ork singfAra. Dnnrig. Rcval utttl . rom. 5?''"" _ May 25-citV of Alma (97) et; t PKilin 6 "an,aTOO" ,23>
. r r 29 Clyde Steamship Co.. 07 Wall. N. T. n. O'n 3300 Ldg?Lebanon 133) I ihau. I,at6 ?Iay A 8t*amor Pemamhueo. Hlo d? Janeiro. thill?. Japan, rhllip- North (fries. Malta. F.gypt.
Far East Flip 36. N.R.N.Y. SpaMO 156 rhomdvke * T;enh<dme From New York Frvm. Jacksonville ?ev?deo and Bt.eno, pinCS and Straits I^rant. Red sea Port, *
(See 78) 93 National Shipping (orp.. L. C. Smith Bldg.. Seattl. Bremen May 20-Tano4a (144) Early Juno-A Steamer 1146) Mreo P f Jl_ , ?om New York
MmiiiA. Mippirii i oJomho, 2., Broad 8t. N.\. Kd.ulli 1 rom Muhilf May 28?Ma^ou City (8d) ,, ^ t 4 ... .... From Satnnnah Settlements May 25? Irvi Br'dga (1M>
Calcutta 3| C oltim. Tar. Shippins: C o., 151 Trnrr, M. IL, t Co,. May?A Steamer I,?"1 a JJ?. * 2D?St. John* Co. (1M> Juti^ 2ft?Cold Harbor <!? n
From Han Francl*co Bd Trad#, fort laud. O. 5W New Or!. A S. A. S.S Co, 17 titato St., N.Y.BGnTdW l.rerk, TnrkKh and Black May 2D-Qtilatronck (!?) Jark%?n%1ll# folmnhn Nautli AfHran Torta
<"?? J?> Q. C. BM.., New Orleans From New York HeaVoAsrk'"h ' " Llverp^l. CUsgow. London, C? (128) Colombo From ?w York
"P" " ,,',( vinnllii Hone ? .. 133 Trosdule, riant 4 I-afonto, May 20?Corson (72i From New 4ork Hamhnrg and Antwerp PHnelnal Port, Feuador Peru Front ?n? lYanriseo Far'v June?1 C'rir <1'7)
Shanghai. Manila. Hong- 33 Fosmnpol. Shipping Co.. 97 X. Y. 4 Arg. H.S. < o.. 230 Charloe St.. XvW Orl. J una 15-ChtekaMW (,'2( May 20-Blair (47) From Portland. Ore. I rtn. Ip? rort, Ee.uvdor, Fen. Jul * Tg-Cg "dte S'a' e ? 16: ? Lfrly Juna-E. Crag
pron. San Franelseo * 12 "???> ? ?? Y. , .'^L3'5.1, M Bv,,y' N' T* Bd "W,? .. May 18-Ea.t. Sailor (172) Fntm New Orleans Homdnln. Manila. Salaon.
YoMa.^^X '^'shanghai' MMn <S **" 98 N. Y. 4 Cuba M. S.S. Co.. LM L-Hed Am May =1^?" ^ (1X2. Kr?m S.? Fr.ne.aen_ '-e 15-U K.nbuzh <1)6. C-mub.. ?- Co?StMri,e
HoMkoni. Manila 112 W' Adam, Bt., Chgp Ft. Wall. N Y. Jno. 4600. . X. 1. Wh. 1020 no-Mlnnewaw? ,12... ? . M*l -5-Last. Sailor (172) PHnelpal Port, of Pen. nnd Fr?ti San Franrlnea
From Seattle Ran. 381.>. . . .... .. .. a steainshin Co -'"ne 'O?I?TStur ? 1 '2U? Hamburg , . From s.n Pedro 1 h"*.. . , . June 11?Woly. State (105) Boston
June 18? ^ 99 X. Y. 4 8 ' ,v . June 2 North. BrhU- - ' .. ?fT'.a.^.^Tv May 27-East. Skltor (172) ? >*w.;TTh From 4 harleston. S. <
.Vug 27?Wenatehee tli 37 Cummin,, A. 14.. 4 <0.. 11 Bway, N. 4. U. Gn 8jO? (>a,\<ston. t. June 5<< V. Bridge <1201 JJ'f -'"Auburri <<,9 Ai May 81?Orcua (167) Honolulu. Kobe, Shanghai. May 17?1. E <mere '291
July 9?Silver H:ate til 139 8. 4th St . l'hlla. June bO-Okla. City < 1 ai_-n- n.'.Ttl 1 ('?'> vw vt.nio, Rio de Janeiro. Santo,. M011 Manila. Hongkong Ma;. 24?L. Li ?norah <2.H
From *?an Franelseo 199 V. All. 4 West S.S. (n., 157 f. h. g Au,trnl<?la I.ine July 10?Knoxvllle (12c Rarltna) ?- I rom Bultlmore tevldeo and Itueno, Aire, From Mvn Flam, let*
July 23?Empire Slate (t05l 49 F.arn l ine steam?hip Co.. Ill Hummer St.. Boaton 8 Bridge. X. \ H.tFn .'4180 Maj 11?Osswatomla (6JA May 2..-Kerhonkaon (4S) from Baltimore May 2S-C?.. State (105) I rom Jacksonville
139 S. 4th St., l'hlla. Mea< h 8130. From Philodelplibv '""9 18-Capul!n (48) May ?.*- Yerembo <591 May 16-L. IClaiMrfc (?'
98 Exchange St., Portlar |.v? F. S. 4 Itrurtl S.S. Line. \f,y :8-Charlot <72) iT*"?.-.,t"'m.V <<;')) < From Hampton Road, From Philadelphia 4 nkohama. Kohe. shanghai May 2S-L. Elletvmwa (.. )
Hawaii PhilinDinCS u Llder Steel S.S. Co.. Me. M Cort N.Y. !'.e< . 9160 * May 28?W. Rarttaris T2> y 1 " Mav 16?CapuTlu <48> May 25?Eaat. Olade (68) Hongkong and "tngapore ? . Vnaele, -an Fran. i,< s
Hawaii, rniuppincs, ? ?r*4 m. K.Y.I M nam. Imm G,,l,e??n-rev. t -Kerhonk^,,, ,4S? Nr, From ?W?m?re ^.ISTtieaUl"
East Indies ? _ ? _ lttt v. .. , ? I3? I . s. Mail 8.8. Co.. Inc.. From Charleston. 8. ? . May SO?Calno <77) May Ul?Kerhonkaon (48) j^,# May?St. Augmv?tn? (87) ^l? Majr?Edgehlll (68) From rhilodelphla
' caltfolalla st """ Fran 17*Battery N. Y Wh. 17*5 r' R way. N. Y. 4Vh. 1200 May 23?Raplnero (27' From Mobile FYom Mobile Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo Vohuhanvu. Kohe. shaaghai 4tay ' !*'
Honolulu. Manila. Saigon. 434 Lalltornia m? n. rran. ? n?u.ry, ,v. .. n tjHe May-A Steamer (160) May-A Steamer (106) and Bnenoe Alms Hongkong. Maoila Jun? JrTaUa ,'\W,in,
Singapore, Colotnhn, < at- , .c . ,M v?^_? ,iii. ? r? |gn P, 8. I ronsnort Co.. Bremen' nnd Dnnrig _ _ ? . From New 4 ork hYom Seattle .P* ?^ . "le!f
... ? -BY&.Wv.sS'.e-. ??.*!?.I? - r.?;r v.vxxszft. as4ass'<5s:
Jung It?4Volv. Stat# (10) 43 Ravery, J. S.. 4 ( o. 194 Oriental Navigation Co.. 163 Walker 4 Daly, June 8-J^aquehanng (1 ?'#) May 20 Coraon (.2) rrom Mobile "ty 9?Sllear State (t v From Ro.ton
114 Statf St.. Hoitmi. 39 B*?), N. Y. Wh tW>. ' 1,15 Broadway, S. 1 -tun* 15?Prfotn*' >y Vlnmburir ?nd flrrmro l>om Nemjpvrt J.v? (9) * From **?? Fraivi^ro fu"*t 1-YHtt ?'1D)
. . . , u ., Tel. Bowl. Green'^45. ?*"Jv ,-r,, I rom New 4ork J-dg-Jn["?r '"5) Trtnldad. Demerara, Para ju'v is 78 Carrrunia Of) Juna 18?W t'leta (108)
Coastwise and Hawaii 47 F.aport Stenmahlp < arp.. 105 Paeifle Mail 8.B. Co., r'.lw ?ilni,Tomse''< i"(<. May Ik-T)< r.-alem (t6> Ldg-44 llllmantle (6. . .oariha. t avenne. 4f. U.i j,.|'y 23-F.mplrt His'" <16' J1'^ ]. R<l?? 0<*\>
25 Ilway, X. 4*. B. O'n 3540 7 Iltnover 8q. H. G'n 4630 |g) W'aterltnuse. F.. 4 ( a., ajjl^ ^??SS2har.r v .158) From i hartr.tm. I ondon Hnll-l^lth rent and Para ' July 13-LeMgh <100i
Havana. Canal. Co, Angele,. Central Bldg., Seattle. S< ot' 14 Potm in. <*''?? M "F 40?Eaat. H?,.rd (27) From Jaek,onville P?wm Jf<ew Yart V?*? ^,*w ,?I From Portland. Me.
Nan Franelseo 4 Hawaiian |8 Export Trnnsp. to.. Inc.. toil Paeifle Menm,hlp Fo.. (k,t .Fotunui <1 ?< Early June?A Steamer (146) Alay SO?Llmae (29) Mav ???Joddeti (16) , "a?YalX" < l <Y)<
",'"n F-m Halt 'J N" Y" ^ ^^g (Tr^n ^2.5 .66 Waterman S.8. ( Mgy^A^^.^rTrT) Iondan-Whampten May 31-Hehodak (IS) Whl6; ..()n
t8o?" . us?mks "sm&srmtHr arH5SS5r?tS?' c?b? ?mi Me?co ttsxsk
1 The Admiral I.ine, ,T R>, X. Y . Wh. 1950 167 W'es^l. Duvnl 4 Co., May SO?Muiiomn- <'6' H.vvrr t . . . - . _. eonver lev Angeleo. San Franrisea,
17 H'nte St.. N. V, * *' 107 ,.,.s 4 Jones. 24 Brog.l at. N.Y. Bd. 628(1 May 25-DAvlrtaon Co. <61) Irom t.alre.ton via Matvehes er < uha Porto Rleo FFom SnMOa Seattle
llou'llna Green "162*. - . ,,, , ,, .... rronv v,aivr,ion via 1 rom Baltimore , From Jacksonville May 2?e?W eat Jappa Ctn?) From New York
?? i. _?.?!< 61 I rnnee 4 (an. S.S. (orp.. Ilk. of Multlla Bid., Mobile (harleston ,s ronehstts CH)) I^te Mav?A Pfeainer < 146) June 2V-T>ellgh( (185) . . "??, " _
W? ua.4 o. , 120 Bway, N. Y. Rac. 630o 108 Geo. II. Wella S.S. Corp., From Norfolk Junu 8?Went Shore (124) Celtna <"'r>i July 25?Waft Jeater (165) June t Silver State .
126 Market Street. 108 Paragon Shipping Corp.. 60 Washington St.. N. V. Mav flt-Davldaon Co. (64- ,. , . Juna lt^,0,a ,"0) ' u''?" ?or1" ? ... 1 New York
H?nal'?r.hnV!.?0,?V ? M General Navigation Ca.. 77 Curllandt. N.Y tt?e 0156 Bowling Oraan 3.5M. May ..1 Davidson c Imm Galreslon Juna 8-Tolosa (.0) Frnm Ball more Yokahama. Kohe. Shanghai. From Bmnswlek
BaBBnore, >fd. ' 18 Bway, N/Y. Bd. ^21. ,n r Tr(tn, ( Bristol C'l.v and Cardiff S ? rmm Norfolk Havana "Ion Hongkong. Jov. and M.- ??
91 Munson S.S. Lines. U*,7# * * From Mobile ?!''!" IB-GI-nrldge (1241 Msf 21-Snehatta (W From Philadelphia Von? Port!and. Ore. Pram MoMIe ,U TAmpA
Hum on i.inr?. ?v: ? ? ? ??? ???????????-. from unnii? ,n.\v n??Mi'nnnpo f?.?> ? d, irAt? pmud-inhu prtrti<.Bii or# rn,m
?17 Wall,__N. Y 11. O'n n.100 55 f trnrrnl Stfumnlilp Corp.. It Bway, N.Y. B. On 8813 Hanaorne Ht., 8au 1- ran. I^t. May?A ategm.r (16 lO-Steadfast (124) M.y 31-W. Celln. -20)
1*46) tune 9?Bagrport (142) ? * ? '?
99 N. 4'. 4 Porto Rieo S.u.fa., 280 Battery St.. Han Fran. ,,, ? . ,. . r?? .. , - _ ' -- ... (L-?_-?,?_ /,4"> way raiwim ? <?<
1rW:rtnZ; 57 Globe tine - May , May May SXtTffX? . 128, ^ ^T_'?
ini'p^fie "MaliVs ( ?.. '"'T&rVlfV"'" *** ?sJ? ??*') ' 173 Winchester. J. H., * fo. . ?T ,, Brnm I hnrtealon Piraeus. Patras. Trieste.' J'0"' .V"''"'"? From ?Mn FrnneUe. Port of Los tngele,. ?
7 r?nov.'7 "... V V BoTi,i II. (I'd ?l(l 9 B'wgy, N.Y. B.O'n 8560 Prod. Ex-h. R. O n 4854) ^i'T.'1. *. L . . ...". " I rl,'r""V 4 enlre. Bar), 4ne?na. M* - J Steamer 4 1.?) June 1-4) . J. na . 141 > I ram laeu and ILvoai
'f'? i Bowling Gnwjii 48*10 8H*lol C Imnnrl f orf** ' ?'i> . un* - onu*rfiiit i i ? PulTrtui Mp\lrn lYwu 111l?lnnd*
158 I'. ?. Mnll H.s. i n., Inr.i 58 lirrwi Mur s.s. ( orp.. ||f) Uirhmond A N.Y. s.8, C?. 1T? \V?fcdwnf4 l?lnnd l.Hw? From N>w Brb-fin l>n?n UtlntittKfnn Fnm ?w York I rom Hwiumont, T#*i* ? ^ 1 Wwt J > f rom lirtltiiiMirr
15 B'way, N. Y. 44'h. 1200. 120 Bway, N.Y. B.O'n 2220 Richmond, 4"a. City Bank Hldg.. Mobile Eate May? F. Sword tl'.i't May 25?Johnson City (27) Lata May?CuahMC (58) Satnl-wtak?A Steamer (61) July 11?Weat Tson (50> r.arlv June ilawkyyo s.
May 25?-L. Fariate

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