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Discovery Leads to Break
down of Nassau County
Ring's Grapevine.
One Official Reported to Be
Missing as Result of
'Threatened 'Squeal.'
Confirmation of Phone Tam
pering Said to Have Boon
Confirmed by Them.
The atmosphere of suppressed ex
citement that has marked the abode of
officialdom in Nassau county since
County Detective Carman Plant pleaded
guilty Friday to a charge of receiving
stolen property and threatened to re
veal the .names of others of the Nas
sau county "corruption ring" was not
abated over Sunday.
Plant is to appear to-morrow before |
the Grand Jury, and has intimated
1 hat he will lift the lid off a brewing
not of scandal that will startle Long
Island from one end to the other. One
?well known Nassau county oiflcial said
to be involved In the disclosures Plant
will mako was reported missing yes
terday, and it was said he had gone on
an intensive hunt for legal advice and
a frantic foraging for counsel fees.
The timely discovery l>y Supreme
Court Justice James C. Cropsey and
District Attorney Charles R. Weeks of
Nassau county that their telephone
wires had been lapped was responsible,
according to gossip in Mineola yester
day, for a breakdown in the Intelligence
system of the ring. It was known that
since Plant indicated an intention to
"squeal" much concern has been ex
hibited in certain quarters about just
liow much or how little Plant may
know of the operations and identity of
the gang of thieves and gamblers that
have been running wild in Nassau for
w betting of Curiosity.
Yesterday the discredited County Do-j
tectlve meditated in the Mineola Jail
about mmc of bis experiences of the
past He has let friends know that he
feels keenly what be believes amounts
to a desertion of himself in time of
trouble by persons toward whom he felt J
Justified In looking for material assist- ;
ancc. Just whom *and how many of j
these Plant intends to involve In his
contemplated "squeal" is what is Whet
ting the curiosily of all Nassau county.
The cri dit for breaking down the In
telligence system seems by common con
sent. to go to Justice Cropsey and Dis
trict Attorney Weeks. Tt was Justin
Cropsey, It was said yesterday, who dis
covered that the confidential communica
tions issuing over the telephone wires
between his office and that of the Dis
trict. Attorney were not as confidential
as they should have been. He made the
discovery the .second day of his investi
gation of Nassau county affairs at
Mineola and let it be known last Fri- j
day while he was grilling George C.
Hyde, Deputy Commissioner of Jurors.
"There is no privacy, here," Justice
Cropsey said. "Even t he walls have
ears. "Hie so-called underground system
of the New York Police Detriment
doesn't equal the system here."
Troof that the telephone wires of both
the Justice and the prosecutor have been
tampered with Is said to have been con- (
firmed through the use of decoy mes
sages that were said to have sent mem
b> rs of the ring belter skelter on wild
goose chases.
(notions Procedure.
Tt w.is said yesterday, however, that
fbese underground channels had been
tapped In vuln since Friday If effort
had been made to learn what the ex
tent of Plant's forthcoming revelations
Is likely to be. If Mr. Weeks and Jus
tlra Cropsey have discussed a possible
policy in the light of Information ex
jpected to come from Plant and to be
given to the Grand Jury they have
been careful not to do so over the
telephone. Their exchanges have been
inorn carefully conducted
Plant Is alleged to have, had a ron
nectlon with a ring of automobile
thieves on Long Island that did a brisk
and profitable business In stolen cam.
The ring Is said to include tnxic.ib
chauffeurs and expert drivers whose par
ticular function It was to steal a car
mid drive It to the garage which was
the headquarters for the "fence." There
the car was dismantled, painted, engine
number changed and otherwise con
certed and sent on to another member
of the ring, who saw to Its final dis
position or sale, preferably to ?ome one
from New Jersey, Connecticut or even
further away.
Just how much Plant knows of the
Identity of the "men higher up" In
the automobile thieves' ring and their
connection with the gnmhllng and boot
legging gang Is what Is interesting
Nassau roiinty a( the moment. There
are some who declare that Plant Is
hinting at a lot nbout which he has
no real Information or not enough to
prove of value to the police.
These persons say that Plant al
ways has shown a disposition under cer
tain circumstances to talk, and that for
this reason never has been In the full
est confidence of the gang. There are
others, however, who predict that If the
former detective opens up there will be
some scared persons In that particular
part of Long Island.
Hove In llrltnln to Onllnrr This
Form of Sport.
LONDON. May 15. Knglish public opin
ion Is being stirred by a concerted nt
ts' k by the frress against pigeon slioot
Inr, and us a result, a bill has been In
troduced In Parliament which would
pwke tills form of sport illegal. The
?form arose over a contest recently at
Chatham, where live birds were released
from traps for a shooting competition.
Flip port for the proposed antl-shootlng
^censure Is promised by the Government j
gnd Is being warmly given by the Royal j
Forlety for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Agitation against this form of sport j
fca.s extended to Monte Carlo, where !
h'any upper class English spend part of'
lb* winter, and where the practice Is
said to l>e an Institution. The Prince of
llonaro la reported to be sympathetic |
jo the attempt to eliminate the live ;
| ceoi sli 'nig and to substitute cla.s
Ruling of Adjutant-General Makes Void Discharges
From Army That Have Been Transferred?
Original Holder May Get the Money.
* Almost on the eve of the distribution |
of the iState soldier bonus it has become
known that a coterie of loan sharks in
Brooklyn an<i up-State counties, who,
imitating the pension discounters of civil
war days, have been doing a thriving
business with the ex-soldiers, now stand
to lose thousands of dollars. The grand
"clean up" which they had been plan
ning Jias been made impossible by a
ruling of the State Adjutant-General,
which voids a discharge once it leaves
the hiinds of the person to whom it was
Soon after the bonus had been voted
by a State wide referendum last autumn
the loan sharks got busy. They foundj
that thousands of former soldiers were
out of work and needed money. Feelers
were sent out, and soon the veterans be
gan to appear prepared to accept almost
anything the money lender was willing,
to give him. Men who had served from
seventeen to twenty months and are en
titled to from |170 to $200 would sur
render their discharge to the loan shark
for $150.
It was the plan of the loan shark to
gather in as mitny discharges as pos
sible and harvest when the bonus was
All Departments of City Gov-!
eminent re Subject to
Legislative Probe.
While the legislative committee for
the investigation of the Hylan admin- |
istration has seized records so far only
from those departments which have
had such unsavory publicity as to in
dicate the possible existence of matters
worthy of the committee's attention, i
the committee will seek data from all J
the other city departments just as soon j
as its organization is perfected. Senator I
Schuyler M. Meyer, chairman, an- !
nounced yesterday.
Senator Meyer expects the work to |
be going full head very soon. Thej
committee will move into its quarters ;
at 38 Park Row to-day and begin the i
assembling of a staff. The Senator j
expects public hearings to begin about ;
the middle of June, by which time ]
former Senator Elon R. Brswn, coun- j
sol, will have cleared up his private
The departments visited to date by
committee representatives are the Police
Department, the otHce of the Com
missioner of Accounts and the office of
the Borough President of Queens, all
of which have been in the limelight
through the activities of investigating
bodies or ottlciais of one sort and an
Where the committee will turn next
is a question which is interesting more
than one city department head. Should
the committee follow the course set
so far, it would appear not unlikely that
the next move may be in the direction
of the Hylan appointed Board of Edu
cation, the Finance Department, the
City Chamberlain, or perhaps the Board
of Aldermen. Regarding all of those
departments there has been talk of in
ofticiency and wilful overstepping of
authority in the spending of public
money, and the Board of Aldermen re
cently has been made conspicuous
through the investigations of the Lock
wood committee. *
The intimate connection of Leonard
M. Wallstein with both the Loekwood
and the Meyer committees led yesterday
to the suggestion that ap excursion by
the Meyer committee into Aldermante
conditions revealed by the Loekwood
committee is far from Improbable.
The charges and counter charges
which have passed between the Board
of Education and Comptrolor Charles
L. Craig, and between the Comptroller
ind the City Chamberlain, none of
which lias been sifted by an investiga
tion. are expected to occupy the atten
tion of the committee.
It 1h reported that whether the Comp
troller anticipates or hopes for such a
move he holds In the archives of the
Finance Department a great mass of
documentary data which the committee
probably would be permitted to scrutin
ize without the necessity of a raid.
\Vnrkmrn Afterward Too Supersti
tions to Itnze Handing.
Harbor Spkings, Mich., May 15.?The
steamer America, with a full scowload
j of wreckage from the resort hotel at
| Beaver Island, has arrived here. Tills
hotel has been razed by the Ottawa
number Company to protect Its lien on
; the building.
About two years ago a caretaker on
the island became annoyed at th? hotel
i>elng frequently entered and set a Run
so that any one opening the door would
cause It discharge. Miss Cole, daughter
of Garret Cole, with friends out for a
walk, started to enter the hotel and re
1 reived the contents of the shotgun In
the ttbdomen, the wound causing her
death two weeks lat- r. Bloodstain* were
still on the threshold.
The lumber company attempted to
secure men among the islanders for the
work of tearing down the building, but
being of a superstitious nature not a
man among them would enter the build
ing. It was necessary to take a crew of
I men from Harbor Springs for the work.
Winner of Muffle Opens Case nml
Kinds Monster.
Chicago, May 15. ? Prohibition en
forcement officials were stirred to ac
tivity when they learned that the mem
bers of a prominent secret organization
had raffled off a case of "fine Old
(Tow." Investigators were sent out and
after due Inquiry returned to headquar
ters considerably crestfallen.
ffo well and so secretly had the raffle
been advertised that the proceeds
amounted to $'.',000, which Is a consider
able figure, even In these days, for a
ease of "Old crow."
The Government men learned that
when the holder of the winning ticket
opened the case he found an old rooster.
The rooster crowed and so did the win
st itnoi, i:m?im:mk.\t iti:<oitn.
Madison May l ?> i-'mn ? Inpements
within two months' time Is the record of
ths Madison High School, which wit
nessed weddings In Rockford of four
pretty girl students since February. The
latest recruit Is Mtss l<orraine Stcensrud,
senior, who has forgotten ths privilege
of graduating with her class in .Tune to i
lierome the bride of Ka>mond l'rlndi-1
vine, clerk in Madison. j
distributed. The soldiers, under the
scheme, were to make application, re
ceive tile money and then turn it over
to the lender, but it now develops that
the discharge is made void by the trans
fer. That does not mean that the for- <
mer soldiers will not get his bonus, but
does mean that the lender loses the har
vest he -had been reckoning on.
A soldier who has lost, mislaid or as
signed his discharge can obtain a service
certificate from the Federal Government
which he can use to obtain the bonus.
If he then elects to settle matters with
the loan shark that is a matter in which
the State lias no interest, but the money
lender cannot compel him to pay a
bonus for the loan.
The Adjutant-General and the Ameri
can Legion also have taken steps to curb
a possible activity of "shyster" lawyers'
when the former soldiers start to make
out/their applications. The iLegion espe
cially is interested in the matter and!
will establish bureaus where the former
service men can obtain the best legal in
formation free. As for the Adjutant
General. his activity will consist mainly
In seeing that the applicants are not
made to pay more than the legal fee for
attestations to their applications.
Death or Prison for Men Con
victed of Rioting.
Berlin', May 13.?Communists con
victed of participating in the rceent
riiotlng in central Germany received
sentences ranging from one hour in Jail
for disturbing the peace to death for
One man was convicted of murder
and sentenced to death, and the trial.,
proceeding on other counts as required
by German law, he was further sen
tenced to twenty years' imprisonment
for manslaughter, to ten years for rob
bery, six hours in jail for disturbing the
peace and was deprived of the rights of
citizenship "for the remainder" of his
life." Scores of the Communists were
sentenced to prison for terms varying
from one to five years.
About 3,000 cases were tried by spe
cial courts appointed for the purpose
and which paid particular attention to
the prisoners who were of Russian ex
traction, for the uprisings were charged
by officials to be the direct work of
Bolshevik agitators.
The majority of the men convicted
heard their sentences quietly, but some
young German workmen fell upon their
knees and wept, saying they had been
"seduced into the fighting" by argu
ments of clever men and that they did
not understand the movement was di
rected toward tho overthrow of the
Student linn Lively Collection (or
Graduation Study.
LEXINGTON, Ky? May 13.?Mr*. James
Server, formerly Miss Alberta Wilson, a
student at the University of Kentucky,
received a collection of water snakes
from the Cornell University for use in
the preparation of'her thesis on "Tax
onomy of Snakes."
Mrs. Server less than a year air"
created great disorder In the zoology de
partment of the Institution when sht
walked In and opened a suitcase which
contained a large rattlesnake. Mrs
Server was graduated from the univer
sity last year and is doing work prepara
tory to receiving an M A. degree.
She married James Server, star ath
lete of the university. ? several months
Some Resist, hut Others Are Tak
ing Reduction.
Stockholm. May 15.?An effort to re
duce wages and cost of production to
the present lower level of prices Is be
ing resisted by Swedish w^ige earners
K-nerally, hut a start has been made
in the wood pulp and cellulose Industry,
where wages have been lowered 15 per
One of the largest electrical com
panies has alao come to an agreement
with its operatives for an adjustment
to a lower basis.
DoBKhltoyn Say It Mnna "Allen'a
Family In Germany."
Cobi.enz. May 13.?Somebody asked
one of the aoldlers of the American
army on the Khlne what they meant
bjr referring to their organIzatlon as the
"A. F. In G." He replied: "Officially
It means the Americas Forces In Ger
many hut doughboys call It 'Allen's fam
ily In Germany."
The reply is Indicative of the* relations
between Gen. Allen, the American com
mander, and his troops.
Do Your Coal Shopping
Make arrangements now for a
dependable coal service.
Then as goon coal comes to
port, it will be delivered in eco
nomical, unhurried fashion.
Being asked to pay for all next
winter's cellar full of
just an you are congratulating
yourself that; at last you can
let the furnace fire go out, is
bad enough.
But putting off the fatal day
t ill cold weather makes you un
comfortable that's even worse.
Below 125th Street, Owens &
Company can supply dependable
coal service for several new
Koot of East 49th St., N. Y. C.
Protest American Screens
Showing-White Women in
Semi-Nude State.
FeHr Effect on Black and Bed
Races?Saturnalia, One
Writer's Epithet.
KpecUit Correspetidenct of Tub New Yobs
London, May 4.?The "sex frenzy"
of American films imported Into England
and, more important, British colonies
has aroused a strong feeling of resent
ment here. While America is generally
looked upon as the land with racial
problems. England, too, lias that prob
lem. and it is the danger of complications
in this respect that has caused much of
the antiputhy toward American films.
.Referring to the "Alms showing white
women iti a state of saml-nudlty, with as
little of the semi-diacernible as the pro
ducers dare screen," Lionel Phillips,
F. R. G. S., says:
"This may not do a great amount of
harm in a white man's country, hut I
cannot think that the rulers of India,
more especially in times like the present,
are likely to find their task made easiet
by white women exposing as much o:
themselves as they dare for natives t<>
gaze at when they patronize the picture.-.
How prevalent tills type of film is an<
how assiduously its export to India i?
boomed may bu Judged from a glance
any illustrations of the films."
Mr. Phillips says the American Aim
business is fraught with harmful results
to this country and India. He Is a large
exporter of films to all parts of the Brit
ish Empire and he thinks public atten
tion should be drawn to "the very un
desirable type of American film brazenly
advertised as suitable for exhibition to
the natives of India."
Agitation Spreads Rnpltll>.
Agitation against American films isj
spreading rapidly because of this "sat- j
urnalia of sex," as one writer calls It.
American films have been very popular
here, and still are for that matter, but
there Is a growing danger that in a not
distant future they will lose much of
their following. American picture stars
and producers do much better work than
is shown by European made films, und
it is a fact that the favorite at home are
almost as popular here, which was per
haps best illustrated by the reception ac
corded Douglas Fairbanks and Mary
Pickford when they visited London. But
attacks by the press here and the will- [
lngness shown to publish attacks by
readers threaten to hurt the American
film business abroad.
The New York correspondent of the
Weekly Dispatch, one of London's lead
ing Sunday papers, speaks of the latest
films shown in New York as follows:
"Sex appeal, sex interest in every con
ceivable guise, dominate almost without
exception the principal films of note at
present before the public or advertised
to be shown in the next few weeks.
In most of them reticence, even common
decency, is at a discount; in many the
sex element is deliberately worked up
by every imaginable means to the high
est pitch.
"It even enters the latest Mary I'ick
ford picture, though It is so crudely
handled as to be merely ridiculous, and
an almost frenzied exaggeration of the
1 gures even the otherwise heau
?"f'th tllni, "Way Down East';
but ic the hands of the less cultured
members of the producing fraternity the
sex frenzy becomes poslively nauseat
ing Even first class house? are show
ing film plays with such titles as "Secret
Sin" and "Forbidden Fruit," depicting
hectic midnight revels that leave nothing
to the imagination In any scene In mar
riage. honeymoon or love, illicit or other
I.urld Advertisements Cllrd.
Criticism also Is heard her* of adver
tisements of American films, such as
"Covered with Kisses" as a caption, and
then: "This pretty girl, so unlike his
wife, her eyes lighted with love flames,
smiling wantonly, made him feel his life
melted to a happy sigh, all the world
his in one warm kiss." Another quarter
million dollar film is heralded here,
quoting the American producers, as "Her
f ? s
Archduke Escapes Mob
After Palace Is Stoned
?yiESNNA, May 15.?Archduke
Rainer of Hapsburg was the
recipient yesterday of unpleas
ant attentions on the part of
workmen when his presence in
the palace at Hertenstein, near
Vienna, became known. Stones
were thrown through the win
dows and his expulsion was de
manded 01 the authorities. Mean
while the Archduke made his es
cape disguised as a workman.
husband drew the girl to him. A long,
long kiss, a kiss of love, youth, beauty,
all concentrating Into one focus, where
heart and soul senses In concert move,
and blood Is lava, pulse ablaze."
The London critics, who heretofore
have been amused, now write warnings
with information that these tilms are
going to countries for which England
Is responsible where the people are not
white. Benjamin Hampton, writing in
the Pictorial It' vo te, says that the pro
ducers stag*' these scenes under the guise
of Y*form" and "uplift," and adds: "To
put over a play simply filled with *
appeal under the guise of uplift drama
is the furthereat point north in motion
picture strategy."
Major Charles Moss, writing In the
Sunday Timrit, says : "1 know something
of the Indian temperament, and, while
not wishing to pose as a moralist, I can
readily see that the Aiming of semi-nude
white women in India can only create
an entirely adverse opinion of the white
race and have a demoralizing effect upon
the minds of the native population.
Surely, the responsible authorities can
? that good, wholesome British Alms
ire shown instead of the trashy Ameri
iii 'stuff' to which attention has been
Another critic. George A. Lewis, sees
a deep American plot In it all. He says:
"Another aspect of the question which
has come up In vfew of the present
trouble In India Is the possibility of these
productions being designedly shown for
the purpose of undermining British in
fluence In that country by reason of the
bad Impression created In the native
ir.lnd rogardlng our morals."
Crime Among Women and
Children More Than Doubled.
Paris, irtiy 7.?There is SO per cent,
less begging In France than before 19H,
according to police statistics, but theft
has increased In about the same propor
tion. The police explain this pheno
menon by saying that the temptation con
stantly heltl out to the gayly Inclined to
enjoy themselves appeals to those who
cannot afford it as well as to those that
Criminality among women and chil
dren haa notably increased. Among a
hundred persons found guilty of crime
before the war there were twelve women
and five minors; there are now thirty
women and fourteen minors in every
hundred convicted. Besides the temp
tation to have a good time, tha police
say. sensational moving pictures have
had a good deal to do with the develop
ment of crime among women and chil
Cases of assault and battery and
other offences which are largely cred
ited to alcoholism ha?- decreased. This
Is attributed to the suppression of ab
sinth and the abstemious habits ac
quired when war time restrictions made
it impossible to drink at all hours of the
Desert Their Wives, n Mother nml
II <? r llniiiihtrr.
Kansas Pitt. Mo.. May 15.?Romance
dawned simultaneously in the lives of
Mrs. John W. Rider and Mrs. John
Fagan. mother and daughter, when,
after a neck and neck courtship, they
married John W. Rider and his foster
son, John Fagan. July 3, 1010. The
four bought a house and started house
keeping. 0
The last chapter was written to both
romances when Mrs. Rider and Mrs.
Fagan both obtained divorces. Deser
tion was the charge in both cases. Ac
cording to the testimony Rider nnd his
adopted son wearied simultaneously of
matrimonial cares and left h?>me to
gether February 30, 1920. The\ have
not been back, their ex-wives tc titled.
Bandit Succumbs to Wound In
flicted by Chief of Police
of Washington, Pa
Robbery, Burglary and Auto
mobile Theft Charged to Him
and Other Gangsters.
Special Despatch to Thu New Tusk Hkraf.d.
Washington, Pa., May 14.?The death
here to-day In a hospital 'from gunshot
wound of James Edward McCaugharn of
Columbus, Ohio, one of the three bandits
who conducted a running battle with the
police last Tuesday in which fifty shots
were exchanged and in which Constable
Milton Ow. ns was wounded, brought to
an end a notorious yegg's long career,
according to Columbus, Ohio authorities.
McGuughran died from a wound in
flicted by Otto Liuellen, Chief of Police.
All three bandits were identified as
members of a gang who are wanted in
Columbus for highway robbery, burglary
and automobile thel't.
McGaughran came of a well estab
lished family in Columbus, and two of
his sisters were with him when he died.
He refused to name tin. crimes for which
be was wanted in Ohio, telling the offi
cers that he would "die in the dark."
Columbus police assert that AIcGaugh
ran was a widely known "two gun" man,
and that Paul Kejley, one of his compan
ions, who is still at large, was the brains
of the expedition which resulted in the
street fight here. They bear out state
ments that the trio went to Pittsburgh
to get a supply of whiskey. Following
their failure to "connect" with the
"whiskey gangs" the trio In a stolen au
tomobile came through Washington on
their way back to Ohio.
Chief Luellen has not been arrested
because of McGaugliran's death, and a
coroner's Jury is expected to return a
verdict of justifiable homicide.
Praises Lloyd George's Ora
tory in Parliament.
Special Cable to Tub New York Herald.
Copyright, lDSt, by The New York Herald.
New York Hi'ralil I'lirrau. I
J-ondon, May 7. I
?Martin Glynn of New York, wiio left
London for Havre, from which port he
will leave Kurope aboard the steamship
Savoie for home, said he was present In
the House of Commons when Premier
Lloyd George made ills speech defend
ing the German reparation settlement.
"Lloyd George Is a great parliamenta
rian," Mr. Glynn said. "His easy agility
of mind, his ready comprehension of
what others are trying to do In debate
and his handsome command of language,
all make him one of the greatest men in
such an assembly X have ever seen."
Asked his opinion of the German set
tlement, Mr. Glynn said: "One thing is
certain. France should he compensated.
No man can understand her demands
until ho has seen h? r devastated re
tt iirkiiirn on rriacii Truck llli
Oliver Fine Set.
Lebanon, Mo., May in#1?The unearth
ing of a kit of burglar tools by work
men on the Frisco railroad tracks may
have thwarted a robbery on a big scale
planned for last night.
The workmen accidentally dug into a
hole which contained three revolve
more than 100 cartridges, twelve eight
Inch fuses with caps, razor steel punches
drills and hits, twenty-five or thirty
skeleton keys, small saws, bolts, vase-1
line, half a pint of nitroglycerines and a
roll of cloth. The bolts found are said
to be used in j trrlng locks after drill
ing Into safes.
The articles w< :e found about n quar
ter of a mile went of the coal chute,
where most of the passenger train* stop
for coal, and it is thought the burglars
might have been prcaprlng to hold up a
frank Un Simon & Co.
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20%, 30%, 40% and 50%.
The quality is what you
would expect from Oving
ton's. The prices are much
iabtes and o thar aid* to tho haatrns, lower than VD11 wnnM ov
are all to ho had in the Removal Sale man you WOUld ex
pect from the wares.
"The Gift Shop of Fifth Avenue"
312-314 Fifth Ave. Near 32nd St
franklin Simon a Co.
A Store of Individual S/iopr
FIFTH AVE.?37th and jSth Sts. f?f
) outh is at the Heels of
hash ion with Footwear that
Foes the ^jSCark oj :~Ualuc
For the Junior eMiss'(iotoz7yr,.)
WOUTH adopts
I a fashion adoDt
% f a fashion adopt
ed by her older
1A sister for its youth
fulness, and while
she is enjoying its
C.?> smartness her feet
enjoy its comfort.
Of 'Brown or "Black Russia Qalfskin t
With U'clted Soles an \
JI NIOK \I ISM s* SI !()]?; si IOI? I ird Vlb

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