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Pledge* Resoarres of ^hi|>
piu^ Board to Maintain
American Protijre.
?Ship and Sail in \nienran
ships,* Hi* Slogan for
Arbitrarily Attempt t?? l?ofpat
Succoss of Oroat Merchant
Marino. Ho
Special D?patch to Th? New
>r? fark Hetwid
Washington. I?. ? *?( *'
Admiral W. H Boitoon, rhalnmn <>r
the United States Hhii ; ;* 1 t,
stands unqualifiedly behind the ?
of the board in the recent K> t
cut in marine worker* w?i?i Tl re
will be no deviation from that
and all the powers and resouro* of
the board will be exerted, if n< (
to enforce Its ruling*.
The maintenance of the Amrrf
merchant marine, created during
wartime exigency, require* th ?' *
Auction in the wuge Male. Admiral
Benson believes, otherwise c(.mpetition.
especially from Great Britain, where a
a almllar reduction has been put
through, practically without labor op
position, will gradually drive American
built and operated ships off the seas
and the great fleet built up during
war days will slowly lapse into u*e
"Sail In American Shlpa."
"I am an ardent believer in the power
of the press," said Admiral Benson
a few days ago. "But I do not
believe the printed word ever sots
very ftir If it expresses an insin
cere or unsound thought. We have
carried the slogan 'Ship and sail In
American ships' into every American
homd and business house. We have
flung to every man the thought that
American ships now sail the seven seas,
and that it is up to him to support our
recreated merchant marine.
"The response to this advertising,
which has been both extensive and ex
pensive, has been most encouraging,"
went on the chairman. "Our campaign
to arouse the American traveller to full
support is meeting with success. Pas
senger ship business was In full swing
When this labor controversy suddenly
upreared to threaten that success.
"But America to-day is ship independ
ent and will remain so. Merchants are
finding that in the long run it pays to
?hip In American ships, their own ships,
for strictly speaking every citizen and
taxpayer Is a stockholder in this won
derful fleet of freight and passenger
"There have been outcries against
the volume of our advertising, but I have
refused to listen for one moment to any
demands or recognize any moves for the
cessation or reduction of our 'Ship and
eall In American ships' campaign In
our newspapers and other publications
But we must ask every merchant, every
? ?
traveller, t?? hard that campaign and
h.lp ta load our ship* with cargoes and
aMMMrcra Oth<rwu?- tbla splendid
f>??t Will become a S?ure? of egpeliac
?natawd at profit to the t'nitrd States.
Tttw for (Mtntmtnt wncrahtp fall
(?Si deaf ?tn when tlitl reach mine. I
, *H a firm believer In private ownership
tad operation Our shipe are now being
, 'Herated by private steaii ship CorfT*
.u<m who art as omr agent a. When
the portud at readJuaUnaat i* paat we
aopa that a r?ad> wtarbet will be found
tar tbear si ; ? and then our American
?warrant marine, privately owned ami
* i rhrait i* operated, will he an aaautevi
iaa afc.ie we must carry on the
k nd es rhau" >?? of the Sbtpptn*
I t |n.irp?ee ta da my part n the
?iat? tehed ways of commerce
havw > ? I with tn-enae brtaptet
tidviidatiaa paibrlaa of the mam la*
f ?>?'. m inn i aa<l sopeclnlb
h*re weicbad the Bqublatlo" of i
tea hi mat at iclui War - ? similarly j
4 '?<<? a hquidwied vt d Ow "
. rttow h IIdee ta th .-htppln-.
have ref acted tl
?f 11?
lb* rn oppoen loa ta those p5iw ?? "? ?'
l<"?ftnmod eff.?rt U being made to par- I
ilvae the upertU1 1 of Am-rlcaa ships ,
w> everyypoaat The outetsnaltig qu?e j
u?<a a. whether by tbe arbitrary emar- !
of power labor leadership Is to b*
Itet " i J ? . i. foe I t!,? ?> ? I (? .
,i->er of the Amrocta p.*|>le to maintain
i merchant marine under the America a j
lag hi. h a ?
... -?. ~ ?' eaawoaatr cmdl*
ttas * especially tbe drop in the pur -
.i ??<
W*r if " ? dollar, became en I
anrnu aa tft wer? salt ate radical resit
|uetaven< a The pay scale of 1*14 was
rutte inadequat to meet the naeda of a |
netvh*r>r marine manned by American. I
Nut 1O* per -eat. increase atid more 1
' - * |<ia e - the wag# scale. Sow that
increase also needs readjustment, hut 1
;hts ttma downward.
"".After mature and careful canahfera- j
litn I became convinced that a reduction '
'f 11 per cent, la the wage scales ealat- I
rig May I wae not only Justified but |
mperutfve. Having arrived at that de- |
?Ision. the Shipping Board promulgated j
t and to-day I adhcr* to that declaim.
mquailfledR and will continue to do so i
f nllectlve llnraalnlan.
"As a Government institution the
Ihipping Hoard must stand for equal
pportunlty among all equally qualified !
ten. Alan It must recognise the gen- |
rsl principle of ? ollectlve bargaining
In, before we reached our conclusions
t wit necessary to call into con- ;'.ta
lon the various marina unions aa rep
eaen 11 %. i ver<. large per > an tags of t'.e
ersonio I in our nv reliant marina.
"But the leader of the unions, as is
mown, displayed as ad versa attitude
von an uncomprom'da? ons. toward ?
nodcrate reduction 'he wag- - il?
"hey brought forward many matters
rhlch were totally Irrelev mt to the wag
smic. They demanded preferenca for
mipn men. a demand which naturally a
Government egency could not recognise
!"hen they brought forward the matter I
d the enforcement of the seamen's act
."hat could, of course, only be Indorsed
iy a Government agency But aa to
utters which were susceptible of neg -
lation, when tha principals d.fT. red. the
ead< r? of the unl.e s refused e\-n
nt< r upon a dl*. usston. The absolutely
lecessury matter of wage reduction whs
hue treated and therefore progress
ilotis the lines of negotiation was made
m possible.
"The direct appeal to the personnel of
he merchant marine, however, met
vlth a response very gratifying I hav.
tenured all who have thus responded
.hat the Shipping Board will give the n
:he fullest prote.-tlon h >?. run it.d
ifter this controversy has passed Into
history. The reports from ad districts
ire more and mora encouraging i -
movement of ships Is growing steadl'v
Great Britain's recent reduct on In ?? .
rlne wages, averaging about the same,
lf> per cent., 1 look upon as a remark
able Indorsement of tha position tha
Shipping Board has taken Hut In Kng
land the authorities met w-lth a far more
cordial and conciliatory spirit on the
part of the leaders amoiu the ma sne
"Every resource possessed by the Ship
ping Board or available to carry >? it Its
plans will h? called upon and used to
*eep our ships moving and for the im
manent reestabllshment of our merchant
marine "
</ Y\ \
AILORS of Sennit, Kofu,
Pineapple and fancy straws
in black, natural or colors.
Some are straight, banded models;
others have soft rolling brims.
Some with crown and brim of
contrasting colors cpmbining two
different straw braids.
$7.00 AND $9-00
Mayflower With Presidential
Party Is I hie Early To
H i HfNOT n, May 21.?President
'!<? if aroompanied by Mrs. Har
(li r u i rui several members of his official
fi left Washington on the Presl
' tin: yacht Mayflower late to-day for
V? * l where he will make two ad
dresses Monday
1 .4 oYI iok to-night the following
? -a no --age addressed to the pros
a ii- was received at the Naval
mirations Office here:
H-v n run Mavri.owKii, oft 1'inev
I Point May 21.?All well. Fine wMther.
Piney Point is about forty-five mil -
I dow n the Potomac from Washington
I The Mayflower should reach the Vir
ginia Capes about 6 o'clock to-morrow
: morning.
Hefore ?boarding the Mayflower, the
President and Mrs. Ilarding motored to
Potomac Park, where a polo game was
in progress, and alighting from their
? nr. they took their places unostenta
tiously among the spectators. Encount
ering Major-Gen. Peyton C. March.
! I'hief of Staff, the latter began to ex
! plain the game, participated In by teams
??(?presenting officers from Fort Myer
r.nd tlio War Department, but the Presi
I dent explained that he was familiar
| with It. "The aristocracy of sports,"
1 was the way he defined it to Oen.
i March.
The President is expected to arrive in
Mew York early Monday. He first will
I address the Academy of Political Sci
ence. and later will speak at the dinner
, in celebration of the 125th anniversary
if the founding of the , New York
! Cf.tiitnrroial.
District of Columbia Bar and
Bench Pay lliyh Tributes
to Popular .Jurist.
Special Despatch t Tub Nc? > r > ?
N>h \nrk llrruM linitsi,
W a-hin ton, It. I , M i) XI
Work of the criminal <tl l?!ot| of the
District of Columbia Supr ? ? Court ?
be hampered materially a <>f
the sudd6n death of Justh ? v h . M
Gould, many cases probabls being d<
layed until the autumn term.
The case of Jules (Nickj) Amrteir
Isador (Nick) Cohen and three .ib.
??nv A of conspiracy In bringing
-iwlea securities into tho District. proh
?W) will go over until Octobor, when
r? jm?t for a nrw trial will be made.
1 no a god conspirators were have
boon sentem-ad by Juetlco Gould last
?V ia> at wht, h time a new trial was
0 have been demanded. lTnder the
ilea any Justice on the District
it may sentence the men In the case,
t not u til a thorough review of afl
? hrt? been made. It lo believed
,t will take at least two weeks to
ev the catna, I which svent son
t ? pr .oahly would go over until au
ui' n ft probably will be several weeks
; r un s Jusl.<w is assigned to take o\or
1 -it s work
I Impreaalvr tribute was paid to-day to
! J ustice Oould The District of Colutn
I hia member* of the bar, returning from
ih.< funbral of Chief Justice White, aa
? l in the iMstrtct <"ourt room with
\ the surviving Justices of that court and
1 delivered eulogies In memory of Justice
? Justice Wendell P Stafford of the Pla
trict Supreme Court, said: "For almost
a score of years we could boast that In
Justice Oould our court had as accom
plished a lawyer, as sound and true a
judge as sat on any bench. Ite loved
the law and the law returned his love.
Brothers, It Is a great thing to be de
voted to a grand Idea, as this man was
dt-voted to the iaw The law was his
religion. He bowed before it as the
true believer bows before a shrine. He
was a lover of the Constitution. He
was a lover of freedom and his fellow
men. To him the fundamentals of the
| law were the very ark of the covenant,
not to be come at by unhallowed hands.
"He was chancellor-llk,j In all his
mental movements. Out of his rich
stores of learning and the richer stores
of heart and human understanding, he
spun, like some rich cloth of gold, the
judgment h<3 made worthy of the law
, that ha revered. I know he sometimes
spoke facetiously of his opinions, but all
who were familiar with his opinions
. know that r.o artist ever lingered moiv ;
lovingly over the strokes that gave per- j
fei Hon to his masterpiece than he over
his exposition of the iaw. What he so
wrote was finished, chaste, sedate."
Season End Reductions
Affording unusual opportunities
to procure inimitable I. Jacobs <(
Co. models at important reductions
from the regular prices. An early
visit is advised.
Gowns? Taitleurs? Wraps?Origi
nalities. To Order and for I mmedials
Wear. Never Extravagantly Priced.
Creators of Gowns.
49 WEST 49TH ST., .V. V.
'Telephone Fitz-Roy 2J>00?and Our Messenger Will Call lor Your Furs to Be Placed in Cold StorageZZZ
Fifth Ave. CQbO# at 37th St.
Correct Cflm>arel forUbmcn SOWisses
Constant Arrivals from Paris and American Fashion
Sources Are Accentuating the Splendor of our
New Atti re EopWarm Days
Depicting* the longer lines and fullness in Dresses and Gowns, Charming Simplicity in Cir
cular Capes and Redingote Coats, attractive Suits, Blazer Striped Skirts for Sports Wear, Blazer
Jackets, Smart Felt Hats, Bathing Costumes and Accessories and other interesting themes in
Women's and Misses' Apparel for Fashionable Wear in Town, Countryside or Seashore.
Summer suits with long lines, covering
themselves with a distinctive simplicity,
which is particularly modish for Sum
mer wear. The fabrics embraced are
fine Shantung Silk, Pongee and Linen.
Worsted fc ey suits afe ideal for both
towr iid country. It is remarkable
how well they look when finely tailored.
These suits have attractive Tuxedo
collars, stitched pockets and belts.
One can hardly conceive of anything
smarter t':an these beautiful capes of
line Knitted Wool* in two - tone
cffectv, adorned with attractive collars
of Brushed Wool. In sport shades.
Summer Fur Scarfs
B'auty and Quality in Fur Scarfs
Cio a Lornr W ay Toward Increas
ing the Charm < f One's Attire.
Natural Squirrel Choker
SI oar Marten Scarf*
Tanpr or Hrmrn For Scarf
Itudron Hay >nt>lr Scoff
Haum Marten Scarf
Platinum Fox Scarf
v'r $
.'Mff&i r>-A 1 ^'Y-f ? ~
Parisian & American Frocks
Our own and Paris Couturiers Share Equal
Honors in Producing Wondrous Originations
12.75 to 125.00
Slightly longer and with a trifle more fullness come the
latest arrivals from foreign shores. The sheer fabrics
express an unexcelled loveliness?the hand-made and hand
embroidered Paris frocks vibrate a superb daintiness. The
American creations are no less beautiful. Imported
Organdies and Dotted Swisses, imported and domestic
Ginghams, Silk Chiffon, Voiles, Canton Crepe, Foulard.
A Very Special Sale
offering about $00
Smart Sport Skirts
For coming holidays and summer wear, one
should avail themselves of this opportunity?the
result of our unusual efforts and preparations.
Regularly Sells as High as 29.50
The low price hardly indicates the merit of these skirts and
enables one to make exceptional selections. Every favored
and fashionable type is included in such fabrics as Blazer
striped or plain Flannels, Tall-y-ho Silk, Fan-ta-si in smart
colors, including Black on White, Moon-glo Crepe, Silk
Canton Crepe, Roshanara Crepe and others. Pleated, stitched,
button-trimmed or plain models, with or without pockets.
Carrying with them a distinctly Parisian
air, these dainty hand-made frocks will
appeal to modish women and misses.
Fashioned of fine French Voile artistically
adorned with exquisite hand-drawn work.
Paris hand-made creations and American
originations possess a beauty that is
adorable. Of imported Organdie, import
ed Dotted Swisses, imported and domestic
Ginghams, imported Voile and others.
The well dressed woman experiences a
splendid exultation when attiring herself
in a dress such as are these?in Silk Canton
Crepe, Taffeta, Georgette Crepe, Crepe
de Chine, Silk Chiffon and many more.
New Sport Sweaters
In smart sport shades and fine
fabrics?lending an attractive
touch to the sport costume.
Shetland Wool Sweater 4.95
Shetland Combination Sweater 5.95
Mohair Slip-on 6.95
Chiffon A Ipaca 7.95
Fibre Silk Sweater* 7.95 5c 12.95
Pure Silk Sweaters 25.00

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