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90 Cocktails Go
to Waste at Dinner
in Southampton
Host Who Insists 011 Doing'
Own Mixing Mistakes Salt
for Sugar.
Fprr-iai Despatch to The NEW Tom Hioulo.
Southampton, X. Y., Aug. 23.?Those
who were guests at one of the largo din
ners at the end of last week and others
who were not are laughing over an er
ror of the host which resulted in ninety
cocktails?real ones?goine to want'.
The dinner was served at a place which
strictly adheres to the prohibition laws, 1
but does not prentend to dictate to
those who dine there if they carry along
something more powerful than ginger
It happened that the host of o< -
casion took with him for t' a delecta
tion of his company ftoiuethhi.. in bot
tles that he wished to prepare as an
appetizer. With the true instincts of
the host he insisted in mixing the ap
petizer himself, which was no small un
dertaking, ap there were glasses to the
number of ninety to be filled. Before
having the drinks served the host
thought he would sample one, and after
his lips had met the liquid ho ejacu
lated "What the Sam Hill?" or some
thing like that The attendant maitre
d'hotel offered to try one of the appetiz
ers, and when he had done so said :
"Oh, sir, you have used salt In place
of sugar."
What became of tim ninety cocktails
that contained considerably mare than
one-half of 1 per cent, salt is not known,
but by scurrying around among ids
neighbors the host was able to provide
his guests With the appetizers he had i
promised them.
Mrs. Wldener to Arrive Friday.
Mrs. Joseph 13. Wldener Is coming
from Newport next Friday to bo with
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Brown at Ivy
Godge, where another guest will be Aus- !
ten Gray.
Miss Barbara Brown, daughter of Mr. ;
and Mrs. Edward Brown, who had been '
at Ivy Lodge for a week, left yester- '
day with Miss Betty Btettlnius, who is |
joining her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ;
ward R. Stettlnius, in Glen Cove. Dur- !
tag her visit hero Miss Btettlnius was j
n ith Miss Betty Condon at Faraway in j
the Shlnnec'oek Hills.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus L. Patterson j
went to New York yesterday to meet j
their son, Morehead Patterson, who with
his fiancee, Miss Elsie Parsons, arrived
on the France.
Mrs. Joseph Palmer Knapp Is giving
a dinner to-morrow night at the Meadow
Club for Mr. and Mrs. Parker Corning
of Albany.
Judge and Mrs. Alexander Pope Hum
phrey of Louisville, Ky., are visiting
their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward P. Mellon, at Villa Maria.
Judge Humphrey is a grandson of Dr.
Herman Humphrey, second president ot
Amherst College.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dana are
giving a dinner next Saturday night.
To Give Beach Sapper Party.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Jameson, who
have Edgar House, in Main street, will
give a beach supper party next Sunday
night for Mr. und Mrs. Daniel C. Sands
of Mlddieburg, Va., who are at Hampton
Park for the sumuner.
Mrs. Isaac V. Brokaw and her son.
George T. Brokaw. who have been at
Penrhyn, in Main street, since July, wll!
leave here tho end of next week to pass
some time on the coast of New Jersey,
and later will go to Brookville, L. I.,
where Mr. Brokaw has a place.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis du Pont Irving
will give a dinner Friday night.
Several members of this colony went
10 East Hampton to-day for a luncheon
given by Mrs. Robert Lincoln Lee.
Mrs. Rawson L. Wood will give a
dinner on Saturday at the Claridgo.
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Pool have
gone to Newport for a visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Stuart Duncan.
Members of this colony are much In
terested In the concert, to be followed
i.y dancing, which is being arranged for
the night of September 2 by the house
committee of the Maidstone Club of
East Hampton. Mrs. William S. Jenney
is chairman of the committee, which also
includes Mrs. Carlisle J. Oleason. Mrs.
Edward H. Jcwett, Mrs. E. Rogers Kemp
and Mrs. James D. Voorhees.
Informs Society Friends She
Is Going Into Trade.
Mrs. Louis Townsend Montant has
lrlgaded herself Into tho utilitarianism
of the present day and has decided to
extend a coterie of other women of
society by going Ir.to trade and increase
local competition in the dressmaking
business. Her frionds have received
tersely written cards Informing them
?that she will open her dressmaking
c tabllshment on September X under the
sign of "Zama."
Mrs. Montant, who was Miss Alice
Anderton, Is a daughter of tho tare Dr.
William H. Anderton and Mrs. Anderton.
Her marriage to Mr. Montant, who Is a
ion of Mrs. Augusts P. Montant of
?Oyster Bay, L. I., took place several j
years ago. Her brother. Dr. Waltor P.
Anderton, married Miss Ethel W. Kings
land. and her sisters, who also ar? well
known In society, are Mrs. Edward 8. :
Bentlcy and Miss Ruth Anderton.
I,srge Tarty for Children Given nt
Hotel Grfswold.
.Sptrifil Despatch to Tub h'rw Tome Hrrai.d.
Nbw London, Conn., Aug. 23.? A. chil
dren's masquerade was given at the
Hotel Orlswold this afternoon. After
the dancing there were games anil en
tertainments before tea was served.
Charles Towne won the hoy'?-, costume
prise and Lillian (Magnus the girl's
Among those who attended the dance
were Charles Talcott, Lewis B. Appleton,
Jr., William and Mary Klein, Beatrice
and Eleanor Malcott, Edith 8om?rs.
Molly and Nelson Arnold. Morris Lynch,
!Od?in Nugent. Dorothy Judklns, Fife
BIglorglo, Jeane Graves, William Berg,
Ruth Horton and William Singleton.
Arrivals st the Mohican Hotel from
Vew York Includo Mr. and "-a, (Icor-re
Richards, Mr. and Mrs Joseph Price.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J Wlngert. Mr. and
Mrs. E. J. Kenny, Mr. anil Mrs. O. J.
I<ogan. Miss M. L. Hull, Mr. and Mrs.
Douglass Cok and the Misses Cook.
From other cities: Mr. and Mrs. Ben
jamin Everett, Jamaica, N. Y.; Mr. and
Mrs. H. Ashmore, Miss Eleanor Ash
more, Theodore * s!imnr<\ Flushing; Mr.
nnd Mrs. B. W. Pray, Providence: Mr.
and Mrs. Van It. Curtiss, Springfield,
Mtwe.; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Murphy,
Mr. and Mrs. A. McCormack, Mr. and
Mrs. R. J. Barker, Chicago; A. W. Grant,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Acknoff, Philadel
phia; 'Mr. end Mr?. John Lowell, Mr.
and Mrs. C. E. Young, Boston.
Boston, Aug. 2J.?Operation of the
motion picture censorship law passed liy
lh last Legislature was automatically
suspended to-day when a petition for a
referendum on the act was (lied by Jo
seph J. OlancT, publicity director of the
Allied Theatres of Massachusetts, bear
ing 50,000 voters" signatures.
Mrs. George Miles.
Sister Says George Miles of Chicago Is 'Not a Groom,
but a Gentleman.'
Members of the family of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Beavor Webb of 31 Park ave
nue yesterday confirmed a report that
their daughter. Miss Edith Beavor Webb,
well known to society and the horse
show world, was married in Chicago,
June 14, to dcorgo Miles, a professional
horseman or groom, employed by Ben
jamin Behr of Bake Forest, 111. In con
firming her sister's romance. Mrs
Thomas Leonard, whose own marriag
to a member of the Central Park mount
ed squad of police last October startled
society, declared her sister Edith s hus
band is not a groom but a professional
horseman and a gentleman.
"I see no reason why the marriage
of my sister to a gentleman whose ideas
are similar to hers should be so sur
prising." said Mrs. Leonard. Mr
father knows and approves of her mar
riaire. <leorge Miles is a very estimable
young man. Some of the accounts from
Chicago are trying to make a sensatio
out of tho affair by calling him a
groom. He is not a groom, but a pro
fessional horseman and a gentleman.
Mrs Leonard declined to give any
the details of her sister's romance; or
how she met the Western horseman or
why they were married In Chicago. It
was learned, however, that the wedding
took place four days after Miss Webb
had taken second prize at the bouUi
Shore Country Club horse "how at Lake
Forest. She informed the members of
her family, was forgiven and now is
k cephrghouse in a vine covered cottage
on the Behr estate at Lake I orest,
where she and her husband will remain
until next spring. ? Mrs.
The three daughters of Mr. and Mra.
J. Beavor Webb were brought upi In
an atmosphere of sportsmanship. Their
father is a marine architect and yachts
man and was for many years a personal
friend and yachting associate of the
fate J.
Mr Morgan's Corsair, and was asso
eUtefwUh several of the late financiers
,h. _.ii, the bequest should go to Mrs.
? ? i
vide adequately for her hc^
a member 'of -thVweU known Wa.'hlngton
family of the name She is a n _
Ftudying Red Cross Methods
Here; Entertained at Lenox.
. . , tii r New Tork IIa?A?>.
vn.Hal Dewatrh to inn mn
Special P 23.?MISS Mary
Lenox. Mass., Aug. **
? ?a guests at Stonover Mar
Parsons has as guesis <.<?
chesa Firnaturl of ralermOi Counts"
Nora Balzlnl of Homo and Miss Cat
rtna Boslo of
Hed Cross, who nurse four yearg.
at tho front: for d American Heel
SXEt?'- ???< ?' s""
:a?ss. .mi
Poinl'V attended. ?
Mr., Francis Dillon Fltsglb^n ffav" ?
fancy dress party at Sunny Ridge last
night for her little nieces. Frieda and
Hetty D-lafleld. daughters of Mr. a"" ,
Mrs Edward It. Delaflold. The boj s .
sc'tng as Judges - warded the first girls ,
prise to Judith make, who wore a On- ,
r.r,e -ostunie, and the girls as Judges
awarded first boys' Pjd?e. to George I>.
K Morris who wm alsRuinea an a g?ri.
(icraldlne Fltzglbbon was a /vanish
<la?eer. Miss Fanny represented Martha
Washington and Miss Mlml was tCate
Oreenawny. Frieda Delafleld was Little
in peep and Betty was a Pilgrim mald
The Van Rotjen boys from Home
were a rough rider and a Spanish gen
??cman Mcllvalne Parson* an Indian,
Ethel Ratterleo and Barbara Spencer
Wf\t a'Vuneheon party at the Maplewood
Hotel to-day were Mrs. Lindley Hoff
St-EW: A:
22? Mr and Mrs. Arden M. Robblns.
Mr and Mrs. John Morris Miller of New
Mr and Mrs. Ohanncey M. Depew
who spent a month s? the Asplrwall
Hotel, left to-day i" their prlva.e car
for Briar Cliff Lodge. New oi k.
Oov. Edwards, with M.< mill ?' ?' aff. :
will attend the convrl to b* k'ven bN |
John MoCoimack at Ocean Grove Audi
torium to-morrow evening. Mr. Mc
Cormack Will be the KUrtt of ths Gov
ernor et the eummer capital at Sea mri
tho following day.
relative of the Oelrlchs, Wright and Jay
families. Her three daughters, Louise,
Edith and Alice Beavor Webb, early
showed a propensity toward horseman
ship, and are regarded as among the
best amateur riders among American
women. They have owned numerous j
prize winning horses which they have '
exhibited In horse shows in New York
and vicinity for more than ten years.
Miss Louise Beavor Webb met
Mounted Patrolman Thomas J. Leonard
during her morning canters in Central
Park. They found sympathetic Inter
ests in the horse shows held in Dur
land's Riding Academy, and while their
marriage on October D of last year
caused a sensation in society it was ]
not unexpected among her friends. Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard have bought a horse
breeding farm in the Mondaup Valley,
six miles from Monticello, N. Y.
"Ilnppyf Yes, Indeed," Says Bride.
Special Despatch to Tub Nbw Yobk IlBHAi.n.
Chicago, Aug. 23.?In a little cottage
In one corner of the Benjamin Behr
estate at Lake Forest to-day Mrs. George
Nlles eald :
"Yes. indeed, we are married. Happy? I
I should say we are. I never dreamed I
that a person could be eo happy and I
"What do T care for the conventions
of society," she continued. "I love George
and married him. Our marriage was
not a secret. We were married in
Chicago church June 14 and came here
to live. The fact that I entered the
Lake Villa day fair at the Otto Lehman
state and won the Jumping prize under
my married name shows I didn't try to
keep It a secret. What brought us to
gether? That's easy to explaln
Then she went out to ride in a blue I
habit topp-:d off with s white lint. Her
husband. In riding tweeds, followed her. I
She gave her horse an affectionate p-'t
and was off. The bridegroom is tall, [
bronaert and handsome. He was a top
sergeant in the Seventy-ninth Division {
and served in the Argonne, among other
places. He has been manager of the j
Behr stahleo nearly a year and has sev
eral grooms under him. as there arej
many horses to care for* Mr. Behr
maintains stables from which emerge
horses every year for horse show events
from coast to coast. Mr. and Mrs. Miles
are planning to ride some of them Sep
tember 1 in Rochester. Following this j
they will pay a visit to the Webb homo 1
In New York, the first visit slnco their |
Mother Hears Marriage W:ll
Take Place iu Paris.
Mrs. William Leith of this city In
formed her friends yesterday that her
daughter, Miss Katherlne Leith, and
Italo Montemezal, the eminent Italian
composer, whoso engagement was an
nounced last Friday, will lie married to
day in Paris. The couple do not expect |
to come to New Tork this winter, as Mr.
Montemezzl Is at work on several c m- i
positions. Including a new opera, tn.it j
will keep hlw in Europe until next i
spring at least.
Miss I,elth went abroad last spring
and has been a guest of the Montemezzl
family in France and Italy. She In
herited a fortune from her father, a
merchant Of this City, who died two
years ego. For some time her home was
in the Hotel Chatham. She Is an accom
plished pianist. From the early dnys of
the war until the armistice she was the
chief aid of Mrs. Donn Barber In vari
ous forms of relief work. Sho Is a sister
of Mrs. Stanley G. Brown of 45 East
Eighty-second street and Mrs. Richard
G. Conrled of 777 Madison avenue. The
latter Is a daughter-in-law of the late
Helnrlch Conreld, fesr many years im
presario of the Metropolitan Opera Com
Special Despatch to Tub Nzw Yobs Hsiuid.
Atpantic Crnr, N. J.. Aug. 23.?The
Philippine Commission will be here soon
and will make Its headquarters at the
Ambassador Hotel.
Mrs. William Maxwell and Miss
Marlon Maxwell of East Orange. N. J.,
arrived at the Traymore this afternoon.
They are accompanied by Mr. John O.
Robertson of Manhasset, L. I. Among
the New York folk at the Traymore are
Mra. Roee Williams, Mr. Charles B.
Manvllle and Mr. and Mrs, William
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Smith and Mrs.
T. H. Hagopian are among the New
York folk at the Strand.
Sidney Cohen, national president of
the Moving Picture Theatre Owners of
America, has arrived at the Breakers
for the convention of that body which
will open to-morrow.
At the Chnlfonte-Haddon Hall from
New York arc II. A. Conner, Mrs. K, R.
Button, Mr. Edward Roble, Miss Marion
Ballon and Miss Maria P. Rode.
New York folk arriving at the Rita
Carlton Included Mra. Eugene Meyer,
Jr., who is accompanied by har children.
Mr Moreellus Hartley Doigo is spend
?1 g the week at Brlaro'if? Bodge.
Mrs. James Bowel! Putn an and Prin
cess Francesco Rosnlgllosi save lunch
eon parties at the R.ts-Carlton yester
Mr. and Mrs. Chrlstophe- P. Smlthere ]
will return early In September from
Seattle. Wash., and the .Vntlonal Parks, ;
am. will go to Glen Cove, B. I., tor the |
Mr. and Mrs. George Brooke of Phil
adelphia. who had stopped for some
time it tlhe Atnbansador Hotel, have
gon< ;o Southampton to remain until j
the middle of September.
Mrs. Nicholas Blddle will return from
Bar Harbor, M . to-d'\> and pass a
few days at the Plaza Hot< 1. when; '
Mrs. Frederick C. Perkins of Pittsburgh '
and Mr. and Mrs. "William C. Kean of i
Boston are stopping.
Mr. C. Tern pie ton Crocker, who ar
rived from California a few days ago
and has been at the Ritz-Carlton, will
sail by the France to-morrow to Join
Mrs. Crocker, v.-ho sailed last month.
Mr. James \V. Gerard hat; come from
Southampton to the Rite-Curl ton.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. 1?ivIsEon,
who have been passing the - iramer at
Glen Cove. L. I., have be<ui receiving
congratulations on the birth of *
daughter, Joan. This is their second
child. Mrs. Davisson was Miss Helen
P< rter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam. H. Porter.
Miss Eunice James has rt turned from
several months passed In Europe ".r.c!
has Joined her parent. Dr. and Mrs
Walter B. .lame... at th Ir ramp on
Upper r't. I'egls Bake. Mr. and Mrs. I',
A. 3. Franklin o*' Boeu. t Valley at-.
I'ttsi-' of l?r. and Mir .1 n- >vn.j
mi* at to Ccld Spring Harbor, B. I.
in September.
Miss Harrlette A. Tost and Mr. R. j
Thornton Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. ;
Marshall Orme Wilson, whose engage
ment was announced a week ago. will
be married to-morrow In the country i
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Goorgo B. Post, at Bernardsvl'.le, N. J., |
in the presence of a small group of
relatives and friends. Mr. E. Coster
Wllmerdlng will be Mr. Wilson's best
The Secretary of the Swiss Testation
and Mm?. Jenny gave an Informal
dinner last evening.
President and Mrs. Harding had as
guests at luncheon yesterday Mr.
Charles King, president of the Marlon
Club, and Mr. James Prendcgast of
The President of the Philippine Sen
ate, Manuel L. Quezon, and the members
of his suite have left for New York,
where thei will be at the Belmont for
a few days.
Miss Harrietts Douglas has Joined
her brothfr-In-law, the Right Hew
Alfred Harding, Bishop of Washington,
at Siunderstown, R. I., where he is
a: indlng the summer.
President Harding Is sitting for a bust
to Mrs. Sallle James Farnham, the
American sculptress, who did the
Bolivar memorial recently unveiled in
Central Park, and the bust of Unanue,
the Peruvian patriot, which has just
been sot up in the Pan American Build- |
The Belgian Ambassador, Baron de ,
Cartier, paid a farewell visit to Presl- {
dent Harding yesterday. He will sail
on Saturday on the Baltic for a holiday j
and will return in October with Bar
oness de Cartier, who liaa been abroad
since early summer.
Mrs. Charles W. Kutz, wife of the I
Commissioner o' the District of Colum- ;
bla, entertained informally at tea yes
terday afternoon In honor of Mme.
Haburl, wife of the Secretary of the I
Japanese Embassy, and Mrs. Thomas!
B. Larkio.
Col. Sherwood A. Cheney. Engineer:
dorps, U. .S. A., whose marriage to Miss
Eouise Delano will take r'ace on
September 10, has been detailed to duty
In ChlnR as Military Attache of the
American Legation, and will s>'il early
In October, accompanied by his bride
Miss Delano Is the daughter of Mr. and !
Mrs. Frederic A. Delano of Washington.
Soprano Wed to Louis Hassel?
mam, French Conductor.
Chicago, Aug. 22.?Louis Paul Ifaa
lelmans, conductor of French opera at |
lavina Park, and Mien Minnie Egener
i soprano of the Metropolitan Opera
Company and formerly of the Chicago
?ompany, were married at Crown Point
o-day. Mr. Haaselmans came here in
.018 from the Opera Comlque In Par >
is conductor of the Society of Ancient
netrurnents and then Joined Che Chl
?ago company. Both have contracts
vlth the Metropolitan for next year, It Is
Trot. Charles Freeman William Me-1
'lure, a m?nibar of tSie faculty 'of
T'noeton University, and Miss Grace
/atlmer Jones, who Is the executive
ead of a private school in Columbus.
>h!o. obtained a marrlnge license yes
erday at the ofilee of the City Clerk
nd said they will be married In
his city next month. Prof. McCture
,-tts born In Cambridge, Miss., and Is a
on of Mr. Charles F. MeClure of that
ity. His home Is at 12 Morven street
Tlnc'ton. Mlrs Jones Js a daughter of
tr George D. Jones of Columbus,
lelther has been married before.
Miss Nan Duval Chndwlok, daughter '
of Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers Chadwlck
of Groat Neck. L. T., was married In
her home Monday to Lieutenant-Com
mander F. G. Rslnlcko, U. S. N. The |
ceremony was performed by Chaplain
Mathew C. Gleeson, U. R. N., with mem- *
hers of the two faml'ies only present. ;
The bridegroom was graduated from the
United States Naval Academy In 1910 1
and served overseas during the war.
Mr. and Mr*. George R. Mulgrew of I
*43 President street, Brooklyn, have an
nounced the engagement of their daugh
ter. Miss Florence Mu'grew, to Mr. Har
vey Baker Titus. Miss Mulgrew Is a
graduate of the Visitation Convent and
of Trinity College, Washington, I>.
C. Mr. Titus la a son of Mrs. William
Raymond of Stamford, Conn. During
tno war he served in the nary.
London, Aug. 23.?Mrs. Florence
Becker, widow of George Ferdinand
Becker, American geologist was married
yesterday In London to John Campbell
Forrester, a member of the Bengal Leg
islative Council.
Bu the Axsoclated Press.
Pairs, Aug. 21.?The condition ot
King Alexander of Jugo-Slavla continues
to Improve. Tho bu'letln of the attend
ing physicians making known this fact
to-night said that th# temperature of the
patient this morning was 100 and this
evening 101. The pntse registered
Newport Has Day
of Tennis; Women
in Tournament
Japanese Davis Cup Players
Arrive and Attract Large
Gallery to Courts.
Sptr a.J Dispatch to Thfi New Yoiik R|UU !
Newport, R. L, Aug. 23.?This was
strictly a tennis diy for Newport so
ciety, and was gratifying to the inde
fatigabie Tom Pettlt. the veteran trainer,
who is in charge of the courts. To
whit the appetite of the enthusiasts the
Japanese Davis cup team arrived and
began to practise on the courts, whilu
the Australians, who have been here Sev- |
eral days, were pract'ring on an adja
cent court. The Jlpan.ie players arc
Kumagae. Z. Schmidzu and S. Kashio.
Mr. Kashio preferred to rest but the
two former went at it in earnest and at
tracted a large gallery.
A women's intercity tournament will
: tart Mondgy, and some of the best play
ers in the country are expected. Al
though it is termed intercity it will not
be confined to that, for it is expected
that Mile. Lenglen, the French cham
pion, will compete, and also Mrs. Mai
lory, t'.io United States champion. Mrs.
Brown, Mrs. Bundy, Mrs. Coin and Miss
Sigourney are entered, and Boston, New
York, Philadelphia and Sun Fraud' t o
arc therefore represented.
Mr. Petiit has arranged to hove the
matches on two newly laic! o'" courts
in front of the clubhouse, and a grand
stand will be erected opposite on the
town for the first time. This is done
oecuuse It will be the first day of the
horse show and the riding ring will be
about the grandstand court.
In the women's doubles, played this
morning, the results were as follows:
Mrs. W. Goadby Loew and Miss Florence
Loew defeated Miss Helen Moran and
Countess Szeehenyd, 8?i, 6?3 ; Miss
Edna Barger and Mrs. Henry G. Russell
won from Mrs. Henry G. Gray and Mrs.
Lewis G. Morris in a well played match
?by the score of 6?2, 6?2. Miss Dorothy
Kane and Mrs. George Peabody Gardner.
Jr., defeated Miss Evelyn Loew and Miss
Annie Burr Auchincloes, 6?3, 6?1, and
Mrs. Lorillard Spencer and Mrs. Barger
Wallace won by default.
The finals In the boys' tournament
were played this afternoon between
Alexander Shaw and Gordon Douglas,
Jr., and the latter won in a hard tussle,
G?4, 4?6, 9?7.
In the semi-final* c* the women's
tournament, althe *'"s Trfvw and
Mlas Florence had ..ire ?!. iycd one
match this afternoon, t succeeded
In defeating Miss Barter and Mrs. Rus
sell In straight sets, 7?5, 8?6. This was
the beat tennis of the day, and the cream
of the match must be awarded to Mis*
Loew for her excellent epecd as well at.
In the other half Mrs. George Peabodv
Gardner, Jr., and Miss DorotJhy Kane j
won easily from Mrs. Barger Wallace
and Mi s. LoriUard Spencer by 6?2, 6?8
Mrs. Vincent Astor and Mrs. Gardner j
acted as umpires for the first of the
semi-final matches. The finals will be
played to-morrow.
There were ent inmcnts galore In I
the colony to-da> :>h luncheons pre
dominating. Mr. V iam E. Carter gave ]
n large luncheon at the Hill Top Inn, i
Mrs. Oliver Jennings gave a lunch
eon at Bella I rt?, Mrs. 'jeorg- Henry War
ren gave a large luncheon at her villa,
and Mrs. Eugene S. Reynnl gavo an-1
other at the Muonchingor King. Mrs.
Reynal was also a dinner hostess tills
Gen. and Mrs. J. Fred Plerson gave a
dlrner this evening and Bishop and
Mrs. James Henry Darlington were din
ner hosts at the Corners.
A dinner was given last evening hy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mac Rae at the
home of the latter"* mother, Mrs. Leroy
French. Among the guests were Mrs.
Herman Oelrlche. Mi*. Mae Brady Har
rlman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gould
Hhaw 2d, the R?v. Dr. and Mrs. Herbert :
Rhlprnan, Mrs. Stuyvesant Leroy. Miv.
Leroy French and Mr. William Iselin.
Newcomers nt Seashore Hotels Are
Special Despatch to Tmt Now Von K II cr
Asnimr Park. N. J., Aug. 28.?Ar -
vols at the New Monterey Include Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Sbreve, Bordentown,
N, J.: Mr. and Mrs. Newbold Hutchlnaon (
end Joseph Koelng, Toms River; Miss i
I. >lft .Snyder, Miss Marie Snyder and
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Brundage, New
York; Mr. and Mrs. T. F Martin and '
John Martin, Weehawken ; Mr. and Mrs. i
Henry Murray, Philadelphia; Miss Helen :
Hilton. >*>:,* Goldlc Hilton and Mrs. j
Joseph Hilton. Bast Orange,
('oiurnb a? Miss Ellen V. Edwards,
Mi .) wards, Mr. and Mrs. ('. E. Co
vert. Miss E. T. Roll, Mrs. H. M.
flwart*. Mi*s Katharine H Swarts, Am
brose M. Morris, Mrs. Marie Morrison of
New York. Mr*. H. R. Ruhl of East
OrRnge. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson
and George E. Spotswood of Orange.
Mr and Mrs W. B. Putnam. Mrs. M. G. ,
Milieu and Dorothy Putnam of Newark.
Brunswick?Mr. and Mrs R. L. Myers,
Rrooklyn: Leonard S. Finger. Dr. and \
Mrs. Frederick Long, Arthur A. New- '
man, Newark: Mr. and Mrs. M. L. i
Stone. William J. Horn and Miss Jack
sun, New York, and Mr. and Mrs. G. H.
Hrmberger of Washington.
David Belasco has accepted a play hy Tom
Gushing, formerly of Yale.
Charles Waldron has been engaged tor one
of the principal parts In Sidney Howard's
play, "fiwords."
Ths Seiwyns Will make the first American
production of Somerset Maugham's play,
"The Circle," at Stamford, Coon., to-morrow
evi nlng, With John Drew and Mrs. Leslie
carter heading tl.c cast.
Lee Bhubert has boohed William Favrr
?am In "The Stiver Fbx" at Maxim- Elliott's
Theatre, beginning Monday. September 5.
' The Tr iumph of X," a drntua by Carlos
Vuppcrman. will he presented by Le<. Bhu
bert and Jessie Bonstelto at the Comedy
Thlrtv-flro officers and men of ths Avla
'lon Corps of ths United States Navy. tmd?"
Commander D. E. Cumrnlngs. attended
the Prsmenale Theatre ard saw "The MlpMu
World or 1921," last night.
Prederlrk Lloyd will appear in "Other
I.pes" by Theresa llrthurn and Edward
tioodmen, when Mure Klaw, Ine . produoes It.
A. H. Wood* will present Helen MaOKellnr
In Fannie Huret's "Back Pay" at the rutins
next Tuesday evening.
Pare well presente are heginntlng to crowd
In on Frank lis- on. finishing his last u-ek
of tho run of "Ltgh-nln' " at ths Gaiety.
An ere them ire a dlmuond war' ntn Ore.
?, nted by John Golden. He wffl b* a
I O. -t of tlie Oremroom Club at dinner
Kllbourn Gordon, Inc.. has engaged Cyril
Pmtt to direct "Pot Luck," comedy, by
Ed* *rd Chtlde Carpenter.
Oliver Morocco's f!r"t production of the
new season, "Welt Til! We're Mnrr'rd," a
comedy by Kutoheeon Boyd and Ttudotnh
Itunm r, wffl open at Arbury park n<\t
Monday night.
Miss Altec Delvsle. Preneh setters and
star of \fgar," li rehearsing for the
...eond season's operlng |-rformanee ??
Atlantic ' If>* next Monday night, with a
mmplote ret of artificial eyelashes brougl t
t?n k front t'eauvlllc, to niRtoh hei now
l'.-!i t costumes.
Matinees of "The Last Walts" at the
Century, dls-ontlnued for the suinmei, ? ill
bo irsumed to-day.
Cut of constderstlon iter sltsters In "The
fled ghnes" hol'et who may fall down the
Hippodrome management has derided to
make the fl-st bateh of tee from soft etke.
Pessimistic Play
of the Soil Is
Davis's 4Detour'
Realistic Drama of the Trials
of Those Who Live From
the Land.
APTPR THEATRE?"Th? Detour,' l>l*y In
thrco a-t?. by Owen Davis.
P'cphcn Hardy AuRustln Duncan
Helen Mis* Effle Shannon
Kate Miss Angela McCahlll
Tom Dane Wlllard Robertson
Dana I,amont Harry Andrews
Dot a Miss Eva Condon
Ben f'lenny Claude Cooper
Welnateln James Waters
Jake Leon Katsky
| How the torch flickered and then went
j out altogether as It passed from tho
shaking hands of the older generation
I to the hesitating grasp of youth Is the
theme of "The Detour." a monotonous
I and rather pessimistic drama by Owen
I DavU which the Shuberts presented at
. the A.smr Theatre last night. Tho new
j work. It Is needless to say. is In the
| latest manner of Mr. Davis. Like all
i melodramatlsts who have suffered a
change of heart Mr. Davis has gone as
far as possible In the opposite theatrical
There Is no Ingeniously arranged
melodrama In "The Detour." Indeed
there are few high lights to distinguish
tho progress of the story. When the
mother who cherished In her youth am
bition;! to be ail artist became the wife
of a more or less grubbing farmer tho
' end of her own hopes had come. But
I she lived In the thought Uiat tho talents
I of her daughter would make, real for
I her the aspirations that liad faded out
I of her own life. She self s&criflclngly
. saved the little puree whl.h should en
: able the girl to make her start on the
I path she planned for her. She would
I put the torch of art Into her daughter's
; hands.
But again ambitions failed In the sec
I ond generation Just as they had In the
i first. More land was needed to assure
! the value of the farmer's holdings. The
I young mechanic who loved her daughter
| had to Bell In order to make sure the
I success of his shop. Then had not the
painter after all shown a disposition to
doubt the degree of tho girl's talents?
Again there was the same motive that
sounded the knell of the mother's
aspirations. Disappointment came a
second time, but with It resignation as
V Mr Davis successfully resists In M*
rather commonplace during most of Us
sketches. It is wel amblUons
rhan su -^1,
h''To'convince the spectators it w?"^!
he much more effective to show some,
t -aco of the idealism which guoh ??J
Tl!0nnt^ckt onVhear?hu9band in which
she bin mod Mm for her ^n^eaUty"
sDeclally untrue to any kind of reality.,
Vhc lovca him. They were poor and
?nth of them worked, Nrntejf h*
TmaTuuBhter. was to benefit by any
rSFSiS1? w? Mg 5 the suffer
0f the men and women v 1.
hv the soli. But his ethic, wore alto
f;rrATarr^rtedSVtha:r did not
Sn aP^Ura:0?emed0
rlz^: ai^i wsje ,;r.
Mess OI WW pha possesses a
Uirrn-?ty tl?? VldS?S for
:Urh M^ Dunean who stayed the play
dhl?r a^SrSSt 0fa1thTiathere
an admirably prlm> si y hard
??? ,;"T *o"r*^o" - WW ???
and in her thv for the daughter,
vague to ' v? fl natural sketch
Willard it was one of the
best Chara"ter Studies of the evening.
negroes show
Revue at tZ^Thall Moves
With Much Speed.
-put and Take" opened at the Town
Tr?n last night ?" another of those
l^o extrovagansas which have lately
JT i.snrt of grace from the preva
mken heart OF ^ Dixon
^lrlit "a colorful musl
th? ??u?" an ' it was. It moved with
C*.raising frppi d, considering that this
Murprlslt g rp ^ performance, and
r ?<
"SSftSSi' ar? Vrs*
i ,?uiv? skill of their race at agile j
s?f v. ????M|"" ,"n""1
.. lllTl" -ShuB. Alon.." u>.
l iLr negro venue, took a hand danc
? 1 doing comedy scenes with his
diminutive partner. Kmmett Anthony.,
MlUerVs crowning glory occurred when,
he best the bass drum in a hetrrogenc
hand conducted by Anthony.
? ^performance dealt with the cur
rent erase of the toddle top. had a ban-l
^ tumblers, displayed v.rious entertnin
._? vaudeville specialties sn .. lad ? ?
1, d everything. including in Chappell
and Spinstte a brunette young mar, who
sang the prologue from 'Tagllaoci as
! v.r.. lde? Caruso might have done
.'".Ch? ~?j:
Andrew Trlbble, Cora Green
dred Small wood were others who ^'"tjn
iLied"themselves The chorus danced |
,??. ..(^i there wre numero". changes
:;thcostume end mounting that repre
...nte,! a large investment of capital
The Town Hall, which bss housed some
its list last night.
Charles nllllnghsn. Invited <n He
henranl. bn? Is Exclnded.
gpectal n*?t>atch to Ths Hwm To?k Hsau.s
ATUiN-nc Crrr. Aug. 21?"The Green
wich Village Follies" was to have
opened at. th< Globe Theatre to-night.
Charles B. Dillingham was one of the
New York theatrical managers who had
tickets for the premiere. The opening
was postponed but a drees rehearsal w as
held Saul Abrarns. business manager
5 ??? company, Invited Mr Dillingham
to attend the rehearsal. Ho accepted.
t an Murrav Anderson, the producer,
his presence, said the rehearsal
DIUlngl\.'m went out smhlng.
Baron Grivot de Grandcourt
Tells Hospital Romance.
Baron Grivot do Grandcourt of Lon
don has come to Sew Turk vlth Ilia
wife, who as Miss Patricia O'Connor
will play the child queen in "Aphr.'dlte"
this season. At 2 East Twelfth street
yesterday the Baron told of the romance
that resulted in bringing another actress
of title to the New York stage this sea
"I am an English subject and acqlred
the title through my mother, who bore
It In her own right." said the Baron de
Grandcourt "While serving as irlgade
wiring officer with the British ?rniy In
Prance I contracted trench fever and
went to a private hospital <n London
maintained by a wealthy American
"Whllo convalescing I met Miss O'Con
nor, who had given up acting to be
come a nurse. On being trar starred to
another hospital in the country I asked
that she might attend me and the re
quest was granted.
"In September, 1917, I was appointed
on Major-Gen. Sir C. E. Caldwell'-: staff
at the Bi itlsh War Office, and In De
cember of that year Miss O'?'onnor and
I were married. My wife, bein~ anxious
to resume her career on the stage, ac
cepted an engagement in 'Aphrodite.'
While she Is here I will remain In New
York and continue my tttera-y work."
Baron Grivot de Grandcourt is close
ly related to the De Grandcourt family
of France, which was powerful In the
tenth century under Seigneur le Nor
man de Grandcourt. who owned larto
tracts of land In what Is to-day norm
eastern France and Belgium.
Was Famous in Clubs for His
Parties and Pranks.
Chicago, Aug. 23.?William C. "Billy"
Gamble, 61. one the b'-rt known bach
elors In Chicago, and famous among
friends In the Casino, University, Saddle
and Cycle and Chicago golf clubs as
a practical joker, died here to-day.
He originated the "butchers' ami
bakers' ball," burlesquing the annual
bachelors' and benedicts' dance; and
amused society with his "widows' and
widowers' parties." lie also launched
the society farce publication," "Al
manaeh de Goethe Street," devoted to
gold coast celebrities of the North Side
Goethe Street neighborhood.
At the time of the cornatlon of King
Edward he caused a furore by sending
elaborately engraved "Invitations" to
the ceremony to a selected list of friends,
to the deep chagrin of those who were
His latest stunt was the "humdrum
club," a bridge playing group of bachelor
friends whom he fed a. their weekly I
William T. Carlisle, thirty five years
member of the law firm of J. H. Hubbell
& Co., 120 Broadway, died yesterday In
his apartment In the Hotel Ft. Andrew,
Broadway and Seventy-second street,
after a brief illness. He was 71 years
old. Mr. Carlisle came to this country
from England when he was 10 years old.
He was a graduate of Columbia Law
T'rjr-A. N. Y? Aug. 23.?Dr Samuel
Hnll Platner, professor of lyatln at tho
Western Reserve University, Cleveland,
Ohio, since 1892, died on board the ship i
; New Amsterdam at sen. according to a
I radiogram received by relatives. Ho tyas
| on his way to Europe to procure ma
: terial to complete a book on ancient
j Rome.
SALOKICA, Greece, Aug. 23.?Dr. Rus
sell Stewart Wlngfleld of Richmond. Va , I
medical head of tho American Red Cross j
unit here, who was seriously burned or i
the night of August 15 in a Are In tic
Red Cross child health clinic In Kal
marla Park, died of his injuries Satur
day. '
johv n. wiLKiirs.
John H. Wllkins. 76, president of the
Climax Lock Company of Newark, died
suddenly Monday night after seeing his
! wife and daughter Edna off on a steamer
| to Boston. lie was leaving the pier shed
( when the attack overcame him.
Mr. Wllkins was one of tho most
prominent Masons in New Jersey.
Thomas Payton, "9, Civil War veteran J
and formerly assistant superintendent of I
storehouses at the New York Navy Yard,
I died hist night at the home of hl? son.
j Thomas Payton, Jr., 402 West 153d
- street. He served during the Civil War
|on the U. S. frigate Wabash. For about
Ftudobak-r 1920 tourlnc. first series No.
2<*>13, license N. V 184741, painted ye'low, I
i Mm k mudguard; stolen August 14. at .'id nv.
and 14'h m ? Manhatts i. Communh ate with i
H. B. HOI'W " >D. 75 Fulton St., New York.
! T-'enhon- !'? ? kj an 8082,
LIBERAL r- ward for Information concern
In* Rolls Ttoyce touring car, 1014, license
|274-448, motor 2179. blue, with aluminum
hood and wire wheels, or whereabouts of
; Thornsn Lahey. l'ho-ie Murray Mill MUS. ,
Ii 143 Herald, Herald so. :
: IJ3RT?Stork certificate st id in* ?n the name
of Sarah M. Clowmln*. I -res of
! etock of the Hanover Fl it -< no. Com
I psny of New York. U-' i. -e-urn of
i rame to said Hanover I In -trji,,.* Co..
.'<?? P1ne ?t.. New Y'ork city, ? i'-dEPfi
I HEPWORTH, at New York Mills, Y. j
LOST?Ore small hill folder containing
money on 37th st. and Broadway, about 1'?
P, M., August 22 Finder pleas-.- return to
HAtiWICK, lOu Broadway, and receive re
p- >ST?Handbag, pin seal, silver trimmed.]
I containing money and personal articles,
'lost morning August 22, In tollc. women's
waflng room. Penn. station. Address T L.
rOHfinOY, 72 Msr-'e nv., Greenwich, Conn
fj BT?^ardrobe trunk from express truck '
between Pro-pert Theatre, Brooklyn, and
Henderson's Tl-eatre. t'oney l?'and. Sunday'
night; reward ft;one Bryant ?2l? PETERS.
I .? t?T $10 P-war" for the return of '.in
handbag marked "B. It f.. Jr."; no 1M
t Ions asked. K. II. ' RANWELL. Jr. Btuy
wsatit 237. 841 Broadway.
LOBT?Prmvn leather hag. Sunday night on
Fort George afreet car near 7'M ?? Mv
reward. JOSEPH TRISKA. 2.71 V T2.i'st.
JvOBT?Pardra*e, rards Inside. Present ad
dress Sherman Square Hotel. Bv..iv, 7i?t st
LOST?Geld pearl bow knot pin Sunday,
123th subway Brighton Beach "b." Mew
klrk av.; reward BritORNKWEia, 201
Park av.. Lannta, N. J Phone 01 !W.
I.OBT?Lady's diamond solltslre, platinum
r ourted. 11 t hips, at B-trhtor Brt'h
B?turday afternoon; lllte/al reward. Mil - ,
wood 7037.
tinRT?Downtown district. Tiesdav ? timing.
Sigma Nu fraternity pin, pearl seding; ru- ]
srard. Telephone Broad 1443.
LOST?Cameo i-ino h, in Front cf .112 \v. 102 I
st ; liberal reward Call HICKCY, 512 tV
J62d atj Prospect 290.
IvOST?Ididy's gold wrl t watch. Iiway.be
tween Times sq. and 53d H , Rut- av nigh; ;
liberal reward I. lt<<TT1 WELL, i [rvtv
for square onvs and diamond pla'innm
rlhbem Wti't w a'ch. !-?? on 51ft st , y, . .
trrsrt 5th an-' ??h av- . DM-* ay. An-.ust 13.
Return to f sRl.TGN ?- CO , 6-' 5th av
Wearing Apparel.
LORT Fisher scarf row I
p.p.!rn. 32; v * ?
.lit,, it-*-. As
t/lhT?Boston terrier, male, dark hrlndl
white fiice. short tall, liberal fewer
C MtpENTKR, 332 VV. It 'h St.
FOUND-White dog; gfvs description,
tor, r-jn j; 188th at. Audubon 8261.
thirty years after the war he was luper
Inter.ilent of t .? stri et railways in Cleve
land. ami ul ) In Aikotown, Pa. He wen
connected n itH the New York Navy
Yard for fourteen years, retiring m
?UFFF, P. N?0L A SE ItMAN .-Mr. end M-s.
Abraham Glaeeiman of 900 Went ISTtSi
tt. announce the engagement of their
da ik . Ma' ? to I Charles 3uffi .ii
of thl-' city. Miss Glaserman la spending
the summer on Lang Island. The wedding
will take piece in the early fall.
Bishop, V. V. K. !,.<?, Mary V.
in. n. Matthew P. Martens. Jennie A.
r*aril"le. William T. N'euback, Henry W.
"arroi;. Frank J. Nop, Mary Gertrude
Cutting, Helen L. Pellet. Helen
Fallen. Henrietta Bits, fteorgu
lnoy, Thomas P.. J Simpson. George
Huni>, Jo-eph J. Smith, Percts E.
Howiand, T.ools M. Suhrlg, Margaret
riulchlnnon, E. L. II Wales, Frank W.
Hymea. Fanny Wheeler, Walter D.
Kin ? ton. Bridget Woodhouse, O. O.
Klo ?. Elizabeth
in Memortam.
Jarol.a, Abraham. Walker, Mary.
Van liuren. Ayrnar. Wolfe, A. IS. D.
VosheU, Draper F.
I>! Hep.?On August 21, 1051. after a short
Illness. Florence Veronica Kennedy, he
loved wife of c.ranie F. Bishop, at her
residence, 9 Grove et.. Pleasantvfllo N. Y.
Solemn requiem nines .n Wednesday. Au
gtist 24. at 10 A M.. at Holy innocents'
Church, Plsasanfvllle. N. Y. Trains leav
I- * N? ? York for Pieamintvllle at 7:f)6 and
7:\J A.M. (Eastern Standard time), ar
riving nt Pleasantvlnt In tine for funeral
services. Interment Old Calvary Ceroe.
tery, section 9B, range 13. Wudnesday.
August 24. at ahnut 2 P. M.
BREEN.?Matthew P.. ez-City Magistrate,
beloved husband of Mary C. Breer., Au
go t 22, nt the Sunnyrest Sanitarium,
Yonkera, N. Y. Funeral from the Mon
s dory ..f the Sacred Heart. Shonnanl
place, Yonkers. 10 A. M., August 24. In
" .'. ? nt at '. Raymond's Cemetery, Wesi
? : der. N. Y.
CAPLIFLK William T Campbell Funeral
Chur ii. Broad-a ay, 99th ?t.. Thursday, 8
P. M.
CARRf'1,1..?Suddenly, on August 23. Fran'.
.1 . beloved husband of Mary B. Cunning
ham mid eldest son of the late William
Kiid Sarah A. Carroll. Funeral Friday.
A must 2d from his brother's residence.
2Vi Fort Washington av.. corner 171st St.,
thence to the Church of the Ascension,
Broadway and 107th st. Requiem mar*
will ho aid at 10 A. M. Automobile cor
CUTTING.?Helen L. Campbell Funeral
Church. Broadway, 68th st. Notloe later.
FADLERT.?On Tuesday, August 23, 1!>21.
Ilonrlettc (nee Gertum). wife of the late
Joseph Fall, rt. Sr., ard beloved mother
of Charles, Berthold and Oeorge W? it"
her 77th year. Funeral services at her
late residence. 738 Wltloguhby ?t.. Brook
lyn, on Thursday evening, August 25, at
8 o'clock. Interment private. Plean
omit flowers.
crLROY.?Thomas F., Jr.. helped husband
of Mabel A. Hliroy. at Watch Hill, K. I.,
August 23. Funeral from hli late resi
dence. .309 Park av., Thursday. August
23, nt 10:30 A. thence to Lady Chape.,
St. Patrick's Cathedral, 11 A. M. inty
ment private.
liEARNB.?At his residence, 81 Hancock St.,
Bi ooklyn, on Monday evening, August 22,
1021, Joseph J. ll> arna. Funeral Thurs
day, August 2."., 1021, at 9.30 A. M., from
Church of the Nativity. Madison st. and
Classon av., Bro ikiyn. Auto cortege.
Please omit flow ?-?
HOWLANP.?At lot Perrlerc, France, on
Saturday, A- gust 21, Louis Meredith, son
of the late Edgar Howiand and the lata
Horter.se de la Perrlere Howiand.
HUTCHINSON.?Edwin L. IP. beloved hus
band of Edna and son of the late Edwin
and Carrie Howell Hutchinson, on August
23, In his 44th year. Funeral at Quogue.
West Hampton Pr. sbyterian Church, I rl
day, August 26. 2 P. M.
HYMKB.?On August 23. Fanny, wife of the
Into Charhs Hyrocs, beloved mother of
Rose Dowenstein, Julius, Jack E. and the
tato Milton Hymea. Notice of funeral
KINGSTON.?On August 22, Bridget, beloved
wife of Jo! ti Kingston, at her residence
imi We?t 80th ?t. Requiem mass at 10
a M., Holv Trlnttv Church, Wist 82d St..
Tl ursdi.v, August 25. Interment Calvary
KI.CFK.?At Bogota, N. J? August 23. 1021.
Lil.'atu'th, beloved wife of Mux J. Klose.
ago yi ars. Funeral from ber lata rest
rt. nee, 107 Larch av., Bogota, fci. J., on
Thursday, August 25, at t:13 o'clock,
thence to St. Joeeph'a Church, Palisade
av., whero prayers bill be offered for
the happy repose of her eoul, at 1:30
o'clock. Interment Woodlawn Cemetery.
LEB.?Mary V., beloved wife of William I'.
Lee, suddenly, at tho home of her sister,
Mrs. E. Joseph of Sayvtllo, L I. Fu
nera! will be held from her late residence.
238 7fh St., Rrooklyn. Requiem mass wtll
b offered for th" repose of her soul a
W. Thomas Aquinas Church. 4th av. and
f?th st., Brooklyn, at 10 4 "> A. M. on
Wednesday. August 24. 1021.
MARTENS.?Jennie A., at disco. Pa.. bo
loved wife of John It. Martens and be
loved mother of Jennlo V. and .T. Russell
Martens. Services private, at conven
ience of family.
NEFBECK.?Henry W. Neubeek, beloved
brother of tVllllam Ntubeck and Mrs.
Lirzctte J.aterman and Mrs. Catharine
Marzlnf, in hh 75th year. Body lying In
Mate at Herri! h Bros.' Funeral Chapel.
3d av.. near lu'.th st. Funeral Thursday
nftermwi 1 o'clock, from the Concrcta
tlonal Church. corner ItiOth st. ami Forest
as. Interni'.nt Cceenwood Cemetery.
NOE.?Su-Ui- t v, i i ,l;,i\ thorne, N. J., August
22, 1021, M u Ocrtrude N>a fMra. Peter
Noe, 8r.> of Katonah, N. V. Funeral ser
vlee frr-ni h r lute residence, Katonah, N.
V., Thursday, August 25. 1021, at 2.3"
1'. M Amsterdam and Holland papers
please copy.
PEI,IsHT.-Augu?t 21. 1921, Helen Pel'et.
Services Bt< phen Merrltt Harlem Chapel,
.".'14 West 12fith St.. Wednesday, 2 P. M.
R1TZ.?tleorge. Campbell Funeral Church,
Broadway, 86th st. Notice later.
SIMPSON.?On Monday. August 22, 1021.
George Simpson. In his 07th year. Funeral
servo rs at his late residence, 210 St.
Mark's plu<-a, N? w Brighton, Platen Island,
on Thursday, August 2.1. at 4 P. M. In
terment private.
KM Bi ll.?P' rets E., Iteloved mother of Mrs.
M. Ad"le Tompkins, r.n August 23. 8ir
i The Funeral Church, Broadway at
t; ,'it st.. W. rtn- day. August '24. S P. M.
' i.u-r -ut Klmlra, N. A". Elmlra and
CI r ing papers please copy.
SVII .m.-On Tuesday, August 23, 1021,
Marfan t Suhrtg, In her ilOth year, be
loved v Ifc of 11 iry c. Fuhrlg and mother
of .Term: Puhrlg. Friends and relatives,
also Ladlef Aid Foclrty of Ft. Luke*
Evangelical Lutheran Church, are respect
fully Ir-vited t" attend funeral services
ut her late residence, 25 Manhattan av..
V-u Vork city, on Thursday. August 23.
at o p. M. Auto cortege. Funeral pri
WEIF8 ? At hi- home, 510 Ooeene av.. Brock
lyn, on August 22, 1021, In his 04'h year.
Frank W. Weiss, beloved husband of Ida
M <nee Knolli snd father of Minnie ar,.t
Gcorg XV. W, l.s Funeral services will
'?f lie Id ?' tho rnnin Ma?nnle Temple.
220 Fast 1Mb st., N. Y. city, on Thursday,
August 25. at 1 30 P. M Intorm.nt
Lutheran Cemetery.
WHEELER.--Walter Daniel, at his resi
dence, Mot-fi-mere. N. J., on Tucaday,
August 23, 1021. beloved hueband of Lucy
Hall Wheeler and son of the late Walter
t. nml Harriet A. Wheeler. Funeral
from Ft James's Church. Rldgefleld, N.
.1., on Tin sday, August 25. at 10 A. M.
In'ermenf MI'ford. Penn.
WOOPMOITE Claiborne O.. at Hawthorne,
N. J . on August 21. husband of the late
Marrarot M. Ftuyvesant, In his Sflth year.
Fin ral a' convenience of family. Inter
ment Wnodlawn.
JACOBS?Abrahem. In ever loving memory
of my hit-hand and our dearly beloved
father, who departed this life Aug. 24,
1020 Tr Mre In the hearts of those we
love Is never to die.
A V Si ?( < renn stnee vou departed,
Af'rt h ? lis ' re so heokeft ""arted;
V **ar In lies,en. shining bright.
Guarding o'er u through the nlthf.
VAN" BT7ITFN?Avroar. In loving memory of
Avmar Van Hurett of New Windsor. N. Y .
son of Anne Dash Van Uuren of New
VOFHELL.?Tn loving memory of Draper F
Voshell, who died In New York city
August 24. 13111.
WALKER?Mary. In loving memory of Mary
Walker of Toronto. Canada, sister of Mrs.
p.ter Pha*. and a faithful and devote,I
friend In the family of Mr. and Mrs.
Orenvllle Kane, Tuxedo Park, N. Y., for
over 30 years.
WOLFE.?tn loving memory of Anxonettm
Burke Dash Wolfe, who died August 24
nt Tuxedo Park, N. Y.
Seashore op M van tains
ore as near to na as your phono
Call "Columbus 8200"
1070 RteaJwaf at 6Gth St.
D-esi-sm WWe, Ut Si. It Mb Ae.

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