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to make a statement here right off
the bat," O'VlBty shouted.
"Let him go ahead," the crowd roared.
Mr. Brown insisted Mr. O'Malley would
be given full onportunity to he heard
as soon as the case was presented.
Tamuianjr to O'Malley'a Rescue.
The Tammany members insisted that
the Commissioner take the stand. Sen
ator Downing moved that the hearing
continue with O'Malley on the stand.
ft looked for a minute as if the Tam
many memberr- were going to run away
with the committee for the first time
, smce tnc Investigation started. Three
^Democrats and only two Republicans
?were present. There was an awkward
"The hearing is adjourned until 10:30
to-morrow." Senator Schuyler M. Meyer,
chairman, shouted and banged the gavel.
The crowd continued shouting.
"We've got youse on the run.'' shouted
n husky from the gallery. "The couvt
i: runnin' away from the job." another
shouted anil scores of men rushed for
O'Malley went up on the platform anJ
took the witness stand, insisting that he
he examined. But Mr. Brown and the
other counsel and members of the com
mittee turned their back* on him .m>l
walked away while the uproar cont'n
ued for several minutes.
Mayor Hvlan was on the stand agHn
In the forenoon session and was ques
tioned for an hour and a half rega-d
,..g executive management of the
departments of decks and markets. He
insisted In liis testimony last week that
lie was the city's executive officer, not
its tinrinclal expert.
Questioned at length regarding the
two hip revenue producing offices, (he
Mayor finally admitted he had n't
worked out any constructive policy de
signed to Increase the city's Income. He
knew little about the finance or affairs
of the two offices. The Dock Depart
ment did not earn as much as It should,
he insisted, declared for municipal own
ership docks and markets, said that
vl'l long term leases were in large part
responsible for the poor showing, but
said lie was not able to make any ret
bmmondatlons to the committee looking
in improvement In the earning capacity
of ihe city's biggest assets.
Christian Haslob was the first witness
railed when the committee turned to the
departments: He lives In Qrantwood,
sod testified that his meat business in
Washington Market amounts to about
$250,000 a year He has had two stands
for about six years.
Leonard Wallstein, associate counsel.
onduc*.?d the examination- The w itness
testified that about six months prior to ]
May. 192(1, he applied to the Department I
of Markets for a permit giving him the j
light to take over a stand leased to ;
?f. W. Whiting, money dealer. He had
agreed to pay S660 to Whiting for the
isasf, Haslob said.
?'I went up to the commission's office
'nd met Thomas F. Bird, secretary of
ho Market Department." the witness
aid. "He said I could not get the
land. Quite a little time after Charles
\. Winter, the general ir.spc-tor, saw me
\ the market and I asked him if ho
? oulcln" do something for mo. He said
he could.
"We get to talking about money and
offered $1,000 for the stand?that is,
tciuding the vayment to Whiting. He
Hd lie would come and sec me next day.
Vhen he came back next day I agreed
> pay him $450 for transacting that
leal for me?getting me. the permit.
"Z made an appointment with him to
.?ivc him the money. That was a week
r two later. We set the time for meet
?ig I tnet him at Washington Market
?nd we took a rlfl>' down Ninth avenue
?n the elevated. Wo took the elevated
t the Barclay street station and I had
? >? $450 in my pocket. We rode down
> th* Battery. There was no conversa
on in particular. 1 just gave him the
loney. that is all."
"Did you get your permit?"
"V?s I got it the same day."
Old Not Know It Was a Crime.
Jenator Wi'ker asked the witness
hether he had ever told the rommls
one.-, the .Mayor ra the pdice about
payment, and I la slob said he had
, t. Nor did he be* eve he was paying
?Ibery and ther?fr-? partleipi in?' In a
ime, the wdneus 'aid
The next witness .'oseph Itclncman
S22 Manida ktr?-et The Bronx, has
? n In business if Washington Market
dee March, 1S2?1 Tn buying his stand
om Peter McGuln?a/ for {4,500, the
i'ness said. he ran into trouble with
" Department of Markets.
"I went up to the department office
d M'Hirath. the secretary. took me In
? sc O'Mal'ey The Commissioner
Id nothing e?u'd he done about it
r the p*esen' He asked me to see
nter in th? eUtrr office.
"Winter wanted to know nil about
and satd I would hear from hint In
few days I ssw him Mtrn'n and ho
? n'ej u% know how much I was pay
< tor the stand and I refused to tell
i'it and he -.aid it was customary In
rder to acquire a permit In the market
piy something In addition.
"I said J ?as payng enough and
?Uid no> afford tc pay any more. He
?Id. 'You will havg to pay more,' and
said. How njt'ChT lie sa'd, 'One thou
nd dollars," to width T said. "That is
it of the question. I cannot pay that.*'
"Wintar said, 'You will have to ge?
f money aoinehow or other, because he
on't arcef t anything less." "
"Did you ask who he waaT' Leonard
7a! Islets rated
"I did not. A w?ek later 1 received a
itsaage to ce'l again and when I went
p V/lntwr took me over to a corner and
sked me whether T had the money
endy. I ; aid I had no money ready
or him."
Request Scnled Down to |(ino,
"'You will haw to pay something;
an you afford to pay 1500, because he
might accept the'7 '
"i naked. ' Who is heT" and Winter said
'We at* not mentioning any names now."
I t"ld him it. wae out of the question."
The witness swore he did not ;>ay the
There were other conversations re
garding the inone,. The witness said
that "lie'' insisted upon rwt kind of
payment Iierautr the Hetnemsn family
ws? g-'tlng too many stands, but that
?>r" might accent {500. Then Heine
man sew d# father and Mr. Minder,
head of the Washington Market Asso
ciation. both of whom advised against
paying anything The wltnaas did not
know Jos: ? at happened, but he be
'.leveii hia friends lnt' reeded for him
and ho got his permit without making
any payment
The third witness. Stephen Woolsey,
told the story of paying {450 to the
myaterloua stranger. He resides at 2S0
East Sixteenth street, Flatbuah, and his
business In the market la about {200,000
a year. Formerly he had five stands,
but he sold tw ? 'o Solomon Yonteff and
In making the transaction had no end
of trouble. He made two visits to the
Dirartment of Markets and was told h'
could not make the transfer. Finally
one day. a week later, ho received a tel
ephone call.
Fixed 1?y Myaterloua Stranger.
"The man on the telephone said he
understood I was having trouble and
said Im could fix It." Woolsey said.
"He asked mo to rat't him at Barclay
and Church straeta and I went up there.
He knew nit ah' ut it. He said he would
fix It up for mo for $450. Bo we ar
tangc I I w oulc corn# back next day with
the monev am t 'id and paid II to him."
The witness s?ld lie could not describe
the itr.ing'T. hut that hln troubles dla
?pp afed almost magically and n few
days later he went to the department
and obtained his permit. He *nld ho
talked ov> - the proposal with Yonteff.
v ho -creed to pay $t'K) of th- $450.
Yonteff cotihi remember little about the
transa< tlon. He knew he paid an extra
$100 but that was about all he could
That finished the testimony and then
Commissioner O'Malley stepped forward
ar.d demanded a hearing and trouble
Dork Kiptnim (ir?w Heavily.
' The Mayor on the stand at the fore
noon session was asked about his ad
ministration of the Department of
Docks and the Department of Mar
kets. lie stated that during his three
years in office the cost of maintenance
in both departments had increased con
stantly. He could not tell off iiand, the
Mayor said, the valuation of Iho city's
piers, and Mr. Brown explained it was
$.'12,126,000. The Mayor said his at
tention had been called to the increase
in expenses from $510,000 In 1917 to
w>r ri
$1,202,000 last year lor running the
Dock Department.
"Have you formulated any policy with
a view to Increasing the IncomO and
bringing it up to a certain standard?"
Mr. Brown asked.
"I have directed the commissioner to
get all the revenue he could."
"Have you formed any plan in rela
tion to what returns should be asked
for the ltaae of the dock property?"
"Have you over made a special study
of the subject yourself?"
"No, I have not."
j "And the Dock Commissioner has not
' laid before you any plan for increasing
| the revenues?"
"He is at all times striving to increase
! the Income."
"And the expenses nave gono up about
' $700,000?"
I "Xes, but I will tell you a secret; I
( am not responsible for the war In Europe
I and the cost of everything going up."
"I will get a cablegram from Lloyd
i George and every Premier to sustain
j you cftntention on that point." Mr.
; Brown said. "Has there been any effort
(to impose a tax on the long leases as
| real property?"
! "Not that 1 know of," tho Mayor esld.
i "Have you over inquired whether that j
I was imactical ?"
"No, I have not."
Should Let More Dock Hevenae.
"This dock property is the most valu- j
able in this city and tstatc; don't you
' think such a vast property ought to rc
I turn at least 4 per cent above taxes?"
"1 think we ought to get an increased
| revenue. I am not responsible for the
j old leases made at nominal sums."
Mr. Brown again tried to get the j
Mayor to offer some definite proposal. |
but the witness .-aid he had answered j
the best lie could.
"Is tfiere any suggestion you can!
make to the committee on this subject
of a constructive nature in Improving
the returns from the docks7'
"Not at this time."
Mr. Brown asked the Mayor a few
questions about the Department of
Markets, but agatn obtained little in
"You think there was no opportunity
[ for saving in that department?"
"At tills time, T do not: it is a de
partment that ought to be developed."
"Increased over what It Is?"
"Yes, and see to It the people get
food at a most reasonable price, break -
| ing up the monopolies wherever we
"You are talking about the terminal
! markets, aren't you?"
' "Every th lng appertaining to the
; Market Department."
Commissioner O'Malley followed the
Mayor on the stand. Mr. W'allsteln
did the questioning. The lawyer and
witness carried on a series of tilts
without getting far.
j Mr. WaUsteln reviewed tho laws and
ordinances dealing with the conduct of
the department and the leasing of
markets and stands and showed the
procedure prescribed.
Tho hearing continues this forenoon.
Longshoreman Pursues and
Captures '.ssuilant.
Constantino Manatr-?.. who nald he
lived In a hotel but who was not able
to (five any other Information obout him
self. ran through Wor^i street late last
night shouting and waving a .45 eallbre
j revolver, and at Baxter street fired a
shot which struck Louis De Gorge of
472 Pearl street in the right forearm.
De Gorge was one of a group of men
standing at the corner, and when the
shock of the bullet knocked him down
his friends pursued Manatess, who ran
west through Worth street. At Centre
street the crowd had almost caught him,
but he turned and fired two mora shots
and De Gorge's friends slackened their
pacs, with the exception of Charles
Riley, who said that he was a 'long
shoreman and lived in whatever Bowery'
lodging house he was near when he
felt sleepy.
Riley paid no attention to the shots,
but kept up the pursuit and caught
Manatess near North street and Broad
way. He wrenehed the gun from the
man's hand and Patrolman Charles
Meade of the Elizabeth street station
knocked the man out with his night
j stick. Ho was taken to the etatlon
house, where he gave incoherent replies
i to all questions. The only explanation
1 he would give waa that he wanted to
die and wanted every one else to die
with him.
I >e Gc-orge was taken to the Volunteer
; Hospital. He was not seriously hurt.
Arrest Four Men for Violat'
ing State Dry Law.
A motor truck loaded with fifteen
eases and six demijohns of whiskey was
seized yesterday by Detectives Henneaay
end Mealy of Inspector Henry's staff at
14 ltd street and Willu avenue, The
Bronx. The detectives arrested four
men who were on the truck and charged
them with violation of the State prohi
bition law.
The nt rested men esld they were
Stephen Miller, 1(18 India 8tre<tt Brook
lyn; Marty Moran, 78, La Salle street;
Jack Lopez, .">01 Weat 123d street, nnd
?'harles Cook, 1179 I'lav avenue. The
Bronx. The detectives valued the cargo
of the truck at $4,000. The men gave
ball at the Mnrriaunta station.
Prohibition Director Charles R. Brown
->f New Jarsey announced that Robert
1'. Folwell, football coach at Annapolis
and former gridiron star, had been added
to his steff. He will serve without pay,
the director said, nnd devote his atten
tion to big cases. Folwell Is an old friend
of the prohibition director.
Dr. Warden Calls Prof.
A chard in Consultation.
.Special Cab!" tn Tub NtW ToSK llRSAt.tt.
Copirrlpht, IK2I, by Tub Now To?k Han*ID.
?w lork Hrmld Bureau. I
Paris, Aug. 214. [
The enndltlofi of Peter Cooper Hewitt,
v. i underwi nt nn operation hero, was
not so satisfactory to-night. Dr. A. A.
Warden of the American Hospital at
Notiilly held a consultation this after
noon with Prof. Aehard, the French
specialist, which resulted in a diagnosis
of acute pneumonia, requiring the-most
minute attention. .
His temperature to-n'.ght was 103, one
degree lower than yesterday, but his
pulse had Increased to 112.
GETS CITY'S $3,250
Kenipf liaised a Storm as
Examining Engineer Un
til He Resigned.
Family Physician. Too, Was
Unpopular Appointee,
but He Stuck.
Salaries and Grades Division
Had to Go When Major
Found Tt Convenient.
Mayor .John F. Hylan is persistent
in his efforts and determination to
provide city jobs for persons he
fancies. Some persons have even inti
mated that the Mayor finds this an
easy way to wipe out old obligations.
But against this must be taken the
Mayor's own word for it, for he said
long ago. when confronted with some
such criticism:
"T pay my own way."
His personal friend and family phy
sician, like many other of the Hylan
circle of "My Friends and Neighbors,"
can bear testimony to Mayor Hylan's
generous dispensation of jobs which
carry city saJaries. And so can Mayor
Hylan's family druggist, for it be
came known yesterday through in
quiries iby The New York Herald that
despite violent opposition from Tam
many critics in the earlier part of his
administration the Mayor has found a
way to take care of the druggist and
has landed him In a job where said
druggist drawg $3,350 yearly of the
city's easy money.
Harry J. Kempf is the druggist. He
lives at 11S Quincy street, but has his
drug store at 579 Broadway, Brooklyn,
where Mayer Hylan is deemed an es
teemed customer. Fver since Bushwick
stepped into the Mayoralty light Druggist
Kempf lias had nn ardent desire to draw
a city pay check twice a month. For
reasons to be told ho had to forget that
desire quite a while. But perhaps the
story of Mayor Hylan's physician getting
a job and then promotion should be told
rhyslelnn Thront on Amster.
When Dr. Lewis Amster took charge
1 of the Department of Health at Mayor
Dylan's request on January 14. 19IS, he
was confronted with a demand that he
I appoint Dr. Frank J. Monaghan of 1069
Bushwtck avenue. Brooklyn. (Mayor Dy
lan's family physician, as secretary of
the department at $5,000 a year.
Dr. Amster demurred, hs he had only
accepted the position on the promise that
Mayor Hylan would give him a free
I hand In the organization and adminlstra
] tlon of the Health Department. But the
Mayor was obdurate and the appoint
ment of Dr. .Monaghan was made Jan
uary 1", 1918. Three and a half months
i '.iter, on April 20, 1918, Dr. Amster sent
| Ms resignation to the Mayor, declaring
I that he could not conscientiously remain
? as the responsible head of the Health
| Department under the Intolerable con
I dltlona Imposed upon him. Ho wrote of
I Dr. Monaghan :
"On no less than two occasions I re
ported to you my opinion that ho was
unauited to perform the duties of his
office and that I desired your permission
to dispense with his sei-viees. This you
refused to give and it soon developed
that tilts gentleman was Intended by you
to be your personal representative in the
department, to whom you have, repeat
edly given directions for the conduct of
(lie department without my knowledg ?
and without reference to tny opinions of
administrative policy and procedure."
So Dr. Amster resigned and Dr. Hoysl
Copeland, the present Commissioner,
took charge, in the meantime Dr. Vm
ster had installed Charles L Koliler ?s
his personal secretary. Dr. Monaghan
remaining secretary of the department.
Dr. Monngchan Promoted.
Dr. Copeland desired to have his own
secretary, and In August, 1918. lie named
Joseph S. Bestar. Charles J. Kohler
?vas promoted to secretary of the de
partment and Dr. Monaghan ruse to the
rank of "Deputy Commissioner and
Sanitary Superintendent" at $0,900 a.
year, now $0,500, The title of Deputy
"ommifsloner was an entirely new one,
a ci nation of Mayor Hylan'* for the
benefit of hi a family physician. The
previous title had been merely "Sanitary
Superintendent" and the position had
been tilled with honor and distinction
by *?*. 'i men as Dr. Waller A. Bensel.
for yr .rs Sanitary Superintendent, and
Dr. Frank Knause, who had been twen
ty veears in the department.
Dr. Copeland was asked if the. new
titles and job? would stick. He replied;
"Maybe they are permanent; maybe
not. We shall see."
Dr. Frank J. Monaghan is still "Dep.
uty <Commissioner and Sanitary Superin
tendent" under Dr. Copeland.
Returning to Druggist Kempf. At
the same time that Dr. Monaghan was
i being put forward fur secretary of the
Health Department Mac or Hylan under
I took to g- t. his druggist frleigl n job and
picked out, of sK places for a druggist,
the position of "examining engineer" In
the Department of Street Cleaning Pos
sibly Druggist Ketripf had picked out
tills place for himself. The Job paid
$3,500 a year. On January 9 Mayor
Hylan sent to the Street Cleaning Cons
missioneri Arnold B. MuSUy, th>.a
nereiy Acting Commissioner, a let ft
requesting hint to appoint ,Prugi tst
Kempf to the position In question.
Commissioner MacStay made the o
polntment and Druggist Kempf became
examining engineer of the Street Clean
!ng Department. But It only lasted un
til February 1. Then the Division on
Salaries and Grades which Mayor
Mltchel had created in the Board of Es
timate to meet just such contingencies,
stepped In and made a report against
the appointment.
Mayor Haylan wai furious, and vowed
to abolish the division, as lie afterward
did. But Frank Powllng, then Presi
dent of the Borough, announced that in
no circumstances would he support the
appointment of a druggist to be "exam
ining engineer" of the Street Clean
ing Department, as he agreed with the
report of the Division on Salaries and
Grades that the appointee was not, in
his opinion, the best person fitted for the
place, even though the appointment was
a personal one of t!hc Mayor's.
While the argument raged and before
any vote could be taken, word mysteri
ously conveyed to the Board of Estimate
said Druggist Kempf had resigned. The
dispute, therefore, never came to a head.
Boon afterward Mayor Hylan abol
ished the objectionable Division on Sal
aries and Grades. This was a branch
of the- bureau of personal service, tin
der Oeorae E. Tlrrell as director, and
had proved of Inestimable value In giv
ing to the entire Board of Estimate re
ports on all appointments, the qualifica
tions of the appointees and their desira
bility. Tt also informed tihe Board of
Estimate fully concerning the relative
grading of positions, according to their
respective responsibilities and the sal
aries which they should carry. Tt was, in
fact, the index by which the Board of
Estimate could at all times refer to any
appointment and determine on any sal
ary not fixed by Taw.
Spared for Kitrivngiinee.
Under the Hylan regime, because It re
ported unfavorably against the designa
tion of his family druggist to the position
of "examining engineer" In the Street
Cleaning Department at a salary of
$3,500 a vetir, this important division of
the Board of Estimate's staff has been
diananded, Its employees dismissed where
not protected by civil service and scat
tered in various directions where they
could not be dismissed. An economy of
perhaps >$50,000 a year was thus effected
in the operations of the Board of Esti
mate and its budget, at a consequent
expense of untold later extravagance in
salary Increases and incompetent or
purely political appointments to responsi
ble positions.
But Druggist Kempf was not to be
deprived of his cherished city job even
though the first attempt had failed.
Throughout 191S and 1919 he lingered
without the citadel's treasury, but on
?Tuly 7. 1920, .fohn X. Harmsn, Mayor
Dylan's personal appointee as Commis
sioner of Parks in Brooklyn, found It op
portune, necessary and desirable to se
lect Harry-.T. Kempf, druggist, as bis
secretary in the management of Prospect
and other Brooklyn parks. Druggist
Ivempf now gets a city salary of $3,250
a year and Is happily dividing his time
between the drug store and the parks.
Lewis to See if Nurse Slayer
Made Threats in 1906.
District Attorney Lewis in Brooklyn
is making- an investigation to determine
if Olivia M P. Store, the nuir-se who
i*hot and killed Ellis Guy Kittkead. Cin
cinnati lawyer, is Miss Minna M. Stone,
who, while living at New York hotels In
1S06. said in the newspapers that she In
tended to sue John Holtingshead. a Chi
cago business man. now dead, for $00,000
damages for breach of promise.
The suit apparently never got -Into
court. Mr. Hollingshead, a mantled
man. denied the truth of Miss Stone's
assertions and said it. was an attempt
at blackmail. The "Miss Stone in that
oa-se subseeiuently went to Cincinnati.
According to Mr. Lewis a. Clnoinnatl
lawyer who knows OH via iM. P. Stone
chanced to see a photograph of the Miss
Stone of 100G In a newspaper of that
time and was ttruck with the resem
General at Plattsburg Camp
Inspects and Reviews 800.
Spmial Despatch In Tim Niw York Hbjui p
Plattsburg. N. Y? Aug. 23.?"The
American Army prevented the Allies
from being beaten. If it had not been
for the American Army the Allies would
have lost."
Tn thc3c highly significant words Gen.
Psrshlng, addressing the $00 men of the
Citi?ens' Military Training Camp on the
historic parado groundn this morning,
paid a remarkable tribute to American
courage and American v^lor.
"In my opinion," the General eontln
j ued. "It was the best army that ever
j wore shoe leather."
The address was delivered Immedi
ately after Gen. Pershing had inspected
I the soldiers and had witnessed- a review.
The review and inspection took pluco
j;it about 11 o'clock. At 1 o'clock he
| was guest at the Witbf-rill Hotel at a
i luncheon tendered to htm by the mili
tary affairs committee of the Chamber
j of Commerce. Later he went to CilfT
i haven and tho Hotel Chantplaln. At 2
j o'clock a reception 1n his honor took
I place at the oflioers' club, Col. Doane,
i Col. Thayer and their staffs being liost-u
The General expressed his entire sat
j isfaction with the progress of training
] at the camp.
! There were only some small boys on
i shore w<hen Albert Gillmartln, 1?>. of 006
West lllth street ' was neized with
cramps yesterday in the Hudson River
off tootbi street, and \? iien lie went down
they were, helpless to aid him. One
called Patrolman William 11. Slater, but
Albert bad gone under. The marine di
vision was get at work grappling for
tho body.
Providing in the few days
still left of this occasion an
opportunity for economical
selection as attractive as at
the beginning. Our entire
stocks were repriced?the
variety is still ample.
Flint & Horner Cpine.
20-26 We,t 36** St
"Coitvnnicnflv nrar fifth Avrpu'i'.*
; Will Carry Jiovolt Against
Tammany Leader Into Every
Part of Manhattan.
Accuses His Old Chief of Csing !
Party to Satisfy Personal
"Jimmie" Hines, anti-Murphy leader
of the Eleventh Assembly district. Man
hatts.n, who is running against Charles
1*. Murphy's telephone booth candidate
for President of the Borough of Manhat
tan, opened campaign headquarters yes.
terday in the Hotel Marlborough, Thir
ty-sixth street and Broadway, and laid
his plana for a borough campaign enter
ing every district, with particular at
j tention to the Twelfth Senatorial, which
is Murphy's home district.
Hlnes said ho would speak in that
district Friday night, and would i-peak
in the district club house if permitted
to do so. If Murphy sends out orders
that Hines is to be denied the use of the
I club he said he would do the best he
could with street meetings.
Hines announced that lie has an in
[ vitation from Sam Marks, Tammany
leader of the Seventeenth District, to
speak in the clubhouse of that district,
and that he will avail himself of it
J soon.
"The Jud-jc Talley situation has made
one thing clear," said Hines, "and that
is that the reasons for refusing Judge
Talley a designation in the first place
were not sound. Kor. if they were good
then, they are equally good now. It is
j quite clear that there were no real sub
I stanttal reasons for Judge Talley being
I turned down in the first place. It was'
| simply another instance of Murphy's
| tyrannical, despotic methods of doing
: things.
"When Murphy tried to destroy my
j leadership it was because of his own
| private grudge, and he w as a traitor to
' the Democrats of New York city when
j he used the power of the Democratic
organization for his personal ends."
The Empire State Democracy, vhose
| New York city council was oi-ganized a
I week ago, met yesterday in two see
j Hons-?the men dining at the Bankers'
Club as the guests of Frank L. Polk and
? George Gordon Battle, with Herbert C.
Pell, promoter of the organization, ns |
guest of honor, while the women met at
the Hotel Commodore under the clialr*
manshlp of Mrs. William li. Gooa.
The platform adopted by the women
stated that the Empire State Democracy
Is an organization of Democrats within
?he party but who will exercise inde
pendent judgment as to what Ddemo
rratic candidates are best to support,
"regardless of sex or so-called regu
larity." The fact that the organization
Is to concern Itaelf only with the nomi
nation and election of Democratic can
didates for the legislature and State
administrative offices led to speculation
that tta real purposes are to elect "Al"
Smith Governor and William Church Os
born Senator next year.
The adoption of the platform was ac
companied by some discomfiture on the
I part of those most closely Jdcntliicd with
the regular organization when it was
discovered that one plank stated that the
I organization would not pledge itself to
| support the regular party ticket- That
was regarded as all the more surprising
when it was considered that Mr. Pell,
(he promoter of the organization, is
chairman of the Democratic State Com
mittee. Mrs. Henry Moscowitz made a
fight against tho plank and had it
stricken out.
Among the speakers nti the tnen's
meeting were Mr. Pell, John G. Agar,
George Gordon BaUle. Bainbrldge Colby,
Alton B. Parker, George Haven Putnam
and Major-Gen. John F. O'Ryan.
Raid Made on Home of 'Cur
ley' Brackcr.
A mall order business in drugs was
said by police and Federal agents yes
terday to have been discovered in the
arrest of Samuel B rocker. otherwise
known as "Curley" Bracker of 138 Hop
klnson avenue. Brooklyn. In "Curley's"
homo the agents found opium and mor
phine and a drug "layout" valued at
$1,100. Letters said to contain orders
for drugs were confiscated.
Magistrate tV. Bruce Cobb declared
in Essex Market Court, yesterday in re
fusing the application of John H'lley, a
former service man. for drug habit treat
ment. that the city should not be com
pelled to accept as chargos men who
became drug addicts during military
norvicc. Tills, lit- said, was a duty of the
Federal Government. Hllloy said he had
been wounded in action and drugs used
to alleviate pain hod caused him to form
the hahlt. "There are a let of men like
myself," Hllley said, as lie left the court.
Urgres That Captains Start
Work Early to Bring Out
Primary Vote.
Hotel Association Says It Is
Not Aiding Haskell or
Any One Else.
Henry H. Curran. President of the
Borough of Manhattan, the Republican
Fusion candidate for Mayor, spoke to
tho women associate loaders of the Re
publican county organization yesterday
nftornoon at tho hescUju&rtera of t!ie
New York County Republican Com
Mr. Curran urged upon the women the
desirability of their aid in getting out
a big vote for the primaries. He asked
them to work hard in their own district
and to get their captains on the Job.
Meetings of captains will be held witnin
the next few days to get the several
districts organized compactly and
start work upon piling up a big vcte
for Mr. Curran in the primary.
Among the women at the meeting was
Miss Helen Variok Boswcll, Republican
Coalition candidate for New York Coun
ty Register. Miss Boswcll announced
that she has chosen Andrew Parker
Nevin as her campaign manager.
"In the coming election women for
the first time will vote in a Mayoralty
campaign in Greater New York," said
Mr. Nevin, "and Miss Bosweli fools that
upon their vote the result of tho election
wilt largely depend. She proposes to
tell the women of this county what the
Tammany system of government really
is and to expose its dark political pas
sageways. side cr.'ranees and trap]
".She will direct her appeals especially
to the thousands of women voters as
yet unaffiliated with either political
party. 1 am especially solicitous that
the women voters of New York county,
apart from party alignment, examlnti
very carefully Miss Hoswell's record of
civic activity and public service."
Whatever support Judgo Reuben L.
Haskell, independent candidate for the
Republican Mayoralty nomination, lias
won from hotel Interests because of his
"wot'* propoganda, hr has not so far
been able to gain the support of the
Hotel Association of the City of New
York. The association Issued a stale
ment yesterday to make it clear that it
has no intention of becoming tdontilled
with the political campaign in any way.
Judgo Haskell said that he was not
aware that he had tho support of tho
hotel men, but expressed the nope that
it might be so.
F. H- La Guardia spoke at three
neighborhood meetings in Brooklyn Inst
night. He said the public would not be
fooled by tbe coalitionists "endeavoring j
to take away the prohiibtion Issue from
Mr. Haskell, arid to forget home rub;, 1
five cent fare promises and exorbitant
Mr. La Guardia said he was amused ;
to seo that Senator Caldcr was in the
city trying to get the wet vote for the j
coalition candidates. "The Senator's j
best method," he declared "would be to j
stay In Washington and fight for tbe
| proposed nmcndnient to the prohibition |
isw. It seems significant that Commis- I
?donor Enright's order to his inspectors j
to stop their liquor raids should conic i
at tho same time."
Tho speeches were made at the homes |
' of Dr. Mary V'leckles, 255 Macon street;
i Miss Clancy. 304 Vanderbllt avenue, and j
| Mrs. J. A. Seidman, 551 East Twenty- j
I fourth street.
Dr. Monaghan Says Most of
Cases Have Been Mild.
Dr. Frank ,T. Monaghan, Acting Health
; Commissioner, said yesterday that New 1
York, in common with other cities, lias ;
j experienced an increase In Infantile pa- j
ratyals eases, but that the situation calls j
for no worry. Fifty-three cases were re
i ported in this city during the first elgh
! teen days of August, setting the highest
i record for any August since 1916.
Dr. Monaghan said most of the cases
] have been mild. Many of th?m, he said, j
could be accounted for by families re
turning to the city from the country with
children who were taken sick while
away. Tho chief diagnostician of the
Health Departnie.nt is visiting every case
reported in which the family physician's
j diagnosis does not tally with that of tho
' department physician.
Henry P. Davison of the firm of J. P.
; Morgan & Co., who was operated upon
) August 12 for the, removal of tumor on
| the brain, continued to Improve at
j Roosevelt Hospital. Tt was said there
| late yesterday afternoon that his eondl
; Hon wau satisfactory and (hat he had
spent a restful nigh'.
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