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Boston 'Slave' Auctioneer Will
Be Thrown Out if He
En tors.
Promises a Bread Line at
Cooper Union and a 'Sale'
of Jobless.
Although t rbaln J. Ledoux of the
"Churoh of the Unemployed," who put
jobless men on the block in Boston
Common, announced before leaving for
New York that the first 350 unemployed
he gathers up here will be cared for In
St. Mark's Ohapel, the rector, the Rev.
Paul Nalencz, said emphatically yester
day the chapel would not be open to
3Utr. Ledoux and that he had arranged
to have the police throw him out If he
should attempt to us?5 the East Tenth
street church. A patrolman and two
plain clothes men were on duty there
all yesterday afternoon and evening.
Mr. Nalenes said he disapproved of
Mr. Ledoux's methods, and charged him
with unjustly attempting to take credit
to himself for relief which was extended
to the unemployed in St. Mark's Chapel
last winter.
I-oiloux arrived in New York yester
day morning. He visited Bryant Park
first, where the police stopped him from
distributing doughnuts among the men
gathered there. He looked over the
Bowery, and announced that If UPM)
further investigation he finds the situa
tion here warrants It he may auction
both men and women, despite the an
nouncement of city officials that the
"slave market" will not be -countenanced.
He will be in Bryant Park this after
noon, Intends to look over the water
front to-night, and announces ho will
start a bread l!pe at Cooper Union to
morrow morning at 11 o'clock.
Bird S. Coler, Public Welfare Com
missioner, made a plea yesterday for the
< ooperation of employers with the re
cently formed Industrial Aid Bureau, at
which he Is chairman. The bureau, n*
said, will open offices at 129 Worth
street to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock.
All classes of labor will be enrolled.
Mayor Hylan made public a Jotter
designating the purposes of Business
Kevival Week as follows:
"During this week inducements mlsht
be offered to buyers and purchasers from
all over the country to visit this city
and vlace ordtrs, citizens offer induce
ments to buy, hotels and railroads make
reduced rates and the merchants of the
city, both wholesale and retail, offer dis
counts and Inducements."
The Mayor's letter was directed to
Commissioner <"oler In reply to a com
munication from him stating that busi
ness and unemployment are growing
worse, and thiit the cooperation of tne
city's government and citizens are
needed by the Industrial Aid Bureau.
Berryman of England Says Term Means 'Undesirable
Person' and He Demands $10,000 of Paul Ed
wards, Ally of the Chile Guggenheims.
A "rotter," according to Mr. Funk of
Funk & Wagnalls?or It may have been
according to Mr. Wagnalla?is "slang.
Eng.," and its most common meaning ia
"an undesirable person." Tho late Mr.
Webster gets a little bit harsher and
calls a "rotter" a "worthless person."
So when Raul ETdwards called Capt.
Berryman that, and, moreover, added
that lie was a "perfect rotter," the Cap
tain got sore. The result was the filing
yesterday with the Supreme Court of a
summons and complaint In a suit for
$19,000 damages. Capt Berryman'* full
r.ame is William Oawald Berryman. lie
is an Englishman, visiting at present In
this country. Irving E. Burdick of 43
Cedar street is his counsel.
Mr. Edwards is a scion of a family
allied with tho Guggenheim and other
coppef Interests in Chile, which Is re
puted to be among that country's
wealthiest families. It was founded by
Englishmen who wont there many yoars
ago. Raphael Edwards?Raul being
Spanish for Raphael?lived tome time
ago at 222 Riverside Drive and waa
listed as manager of the Chilean State
Railway. His present whereabouts are
secret, however, service having been ac
cepted for him by John W. doff, Jr.. hi?
Says Mr. Edwards to a certain Mrs.
Zell. according to the <omplalnt: "Capt.
Berryman 1s a perfect rotter." Says he,
furthermore, that he was anxious to see
a certain Mrs. Cornell, who was acting
as Capt. Berryniaji's hostess, and tell
her what a "perfect rotter he had found
Capt. Beryymaxi to be." This, It is al
leged, occurred on August 16 last.
The news reached Mrs. Cornell, Capt
Berryman recites, but whether through
Mr. Edwards or Mrs. Zell the complaint
does not state. When it did Mrs. Cor
nell ceased to receivfc him as her gu?st.
The use of the choice and ancient
English expression "rotter," Capt Ber
ryman contends, meant a good deal
nitre than American lexicographers put
Into the word. In the Captain's opinion,
expressed In the complaint, it was in.
tended to convey that he was "not a per
i-oii of honesty and Integrity, and an un
suitable person to have social inter
course with."
The lawyers for both principals could
not be reached yesterday.
Store Hours Are Now 9 A.M. to 3:30 P. M.
Linens Lor(i & Taylor
Irish linen damask,
beautiful round designs.
2x2 yards, #6.50
2X2K yards, 8.25
2x3 yards, 9.75
In round designs.
? Dozen, ?4.30
Round, scalloped edge,
linen damask.
68x68 inches, #5.75
Splendid quality of pure
linen, soft but firmly
woven. Dozen, #5;50
Typed and twilled, in
red only. A serviceable
quality. Dozen, #3.95
Tomorrow is the J^ast Day of the
-Day Furniture Sale
All good things must come to an end, and that is the case with
this Autumn Sale?ending tomorrow night at 5:30, leaving just
one more day for you. This Sale differs from a Fall Exhibition
of New Furniture only in its prices. Every piece is new, and there
are many of them. All prices go back up to normal Tuesday.
To Give You Some Idea of the Values
6 piece Louis XVI motif suite, mahogany,
6 piece Queen Anne motif suite, mahogany,
6 piece Louis XVI motif suite, mahogany,
6 piece Queen Anne motif suite, walnut,
6 piece Louis XVI motif suite, mahogany, and
grey enamel,
6 piece Louis XVI motif suite, walnut
6 piece Hepplewhite motif suite, walnut,
6 piece Hepplewhite motif suite, hardwood,
6 piece Chippendale motif suite, mahogany,
6 piece Louis XVI motif suite, walnut,
10 piece walnut Jacobean motif suite,
10 piece mahogany Sheraton motif suite,
10 piece mahogany Hepplewhite motif suite,
10 piece walnut Jacobean motif suite,
10 piece mahogany Hepplewhite inlaid motif
suite, #1000
10 piece mahogany Hepplewhite decorated
motif suite, 1500
10 piece mahogany Louis XVI motif decorated
suite, 1925
10 piece mahogany Hepplewhite decorated
motif suite, 2000
3 piece Queen Anne suite, covered with
? imported silk damask, #430
3 piece suite, covered with blue figured velour, 530
3 piece suite, covered with fawn figured mohair, 715
. ... 3?0
2 piece suite, covered with tapestry,
2 piece suite, covered with tapestry,
3 piece suite, covered with tapestry,
3 piece suite, covered with tapestry,
Large reading chair, covered in tapestry,
at #7.50
A wonderfully fine wool
filled comfortable, cov
ered with a very good
plain sateen, in blue,
rose, pink, tan, lavender
and green. Specially
at #15.00
Excellent down com
fortables, covered in a
beautiful quality of
sateen, borders to
match, in blue, rose,
pink and tan. Size 6x7
Sheets Kirmanshah Rugs
and Cases
Splendid qualities in
muslin sheets and cases,
at special prices to in
troduce the Fall season.
63x90 inches,
63x99 inches,
72x99 inches,
81x90 inches,
81x99 inches,
81x108 inches,
90x99 inches,
90x10? inches,
42x36 inches,
45x36 inches,
50x36 inches,
Prominent among the many beautiful Oriental rugs
in our Autumn collection are the'flne Ktrmanshahs
and their very attractive prices introduced below.
VVe are now showing these on the Fifth Floor.
List of Sizes
and New Prices
10.6x7.8 feet,
11.5x8.6 feet,
11.5x8.3 feet,
10.8x7.4 feet,
.13.7x9.0 feet,
13.4x9.6 feet,
A choice group of Hamadan rugs, size 3.9x2.8 feet,
#35 and #40
13.10x9.7 feet,
11.3x8.0 feet,
11.8x8.1 feet,
11.7x8.8 feet,
11.5x8.9 feet,
11.7x9.0 feet,
11.9x9.3 feet,
11.9x9.6 feet,
1V7X9.0 feet,
13.8x9.1 feet,
McDonald, Watching for Pay
roll Holdup, Things Bobbery
Is Only a Decoy.
Detective Jamea M coon aid of the
East Thirty-fifth street station was
etatloned yesterday at First avenue and
Thirty-second street to watch for the
payroll bandits that visit that neigh
borhood almost every Saturday after
noon. McDonald suspected an attack on
the paymaster of a firm in th?i vicinity
and took up his position accordingly.
As he waited an automobile stopped
about a block away and three men
jumped out and attacked Arthur Steln
kanip, bookkeeper for Paul X, Bryant,
cleaner. 542 First avenue, who was re
turning from the United State3 Bank
with SI.774 In rash for the payroll. At
first McDonald thought it was a decoy.
but when he saw Steinkamp go down
and the men run back to their car with
the money he emptied nw pistol i>fler
them. As they rode iff they returned
his fire with a fu&Made of shits. Mc
Donald thinka he hit one of the gun
men because he saw the others lift him
into the seat.
Frank and Joseph Degantl, brothers,
of S5 Sands street, and Barth Prothe of
177 Pearl street, Brooklyn, were held up
at Prospect and Charles streets yester
day as they were on their way homo in
an automobile. Four men. who said !
they were revenue officers, made them J
descend from the car and then robbed
them of $13. When Frank Deg;anti pro
?ested one of the bandits hit him on the
head with a bottle, cutting a* acalp.
Two armed men held up Charles Car
man, paymaster of the Mosaic Tile Com
pany, Matawan, N. J., and escaped with
about f 1,000. As they fled in an automoo
*bout $1,00. As they fled in an automo- 1
bile they exchanged shots with their
oursurers .hut they had a faster car and
soon got sway.
May Brlnder of 219 Howard avenue
died in St. Mary's Hospital. Brooklyn,
yesterday from injuries suffered yes
terday when, the police report says, she
fell while attempting tr> r<:<v?r>-> '"on
the House of the Good Shepherd, Hop
kinson Hveouo and Dean street. Brook
lyn. She was slldinsr down a rope made
of bed sheets and the rope broke.
Three Tell of Jaunt to Pacific
and Back in 31 Day?.
Larry Murray, a lightweight prize
fighter, of Arv.irae, whose real name is
Murray Greenspan: Peter Brodisky of
Rockaway, and A1 MMM of Kingston,
X. V.. set out a month ago to prova
it la easy to travel without carfare.
They returned yesterday to New Yor,<
with the following tale of adventure:
They worked their way to Kingston
by washing dishes on a Hudson River
boat; from Kingston they "hooked" au
tomobiles to Albany; thence they rode
"blind" between cars on the Twentl-sth
Century to Chicago. I it Chicago they
spent Beven cents to ride across town
in a street car- They (ravelled from
Chicago to San Krancl?<*o on the South
weBern Limited, completing the trip
from coast to coast In It days
On |||t leturn journey they stopp.>M
off In Arizona, where Larry made j.oinf
money by boxing with local pugilist*.
The entire trip cost them virtually noth
ing, they ,?.aid, and took 31 days.
the proprietor* an average of 1.03 cents
each, Is the report of th? State Commis
sion on Nenepsarlee of Life, which ia in
vestigating restaurant profits.
The average weight of the doughnuts
was placed at ounces. On a cereal
selling at 15 ccnts the lunch rooms main
an average profit of 10.30 cents, the
commission found.
Boston, Sept. 17.?Pougtinuts Hold in
irpichalr lunch rooms for o .cents cost
Returned ?!> M hour?. Urn" Beds rrflni'hed
und relacqiieri-d. Mattrfusn made t? order.
nlM> sell tied-. bed springs and box
hprinpi at wholesale prires.
:t:?73 third avb.
>>i?r IBflth SI. I'HONK 114.1 MTT,WO?W
Annual September Sale
McCreery Standard
Toilet Articles
To make your household budget go far, and save beside, is really a
matter of knowing where, when and how to buy. A great many of us
buy small things such as Toilet Articles separately as we need them, re
gardless of price, when we might save many dollars by buying in
quantities when prices are so markedly reduced as in this sale.
All Articles Are Standard?All Prices Are Reduced
Luxury Tax Included. No C. O. D.'s. No Approvals. No Returns.
Telephone Fitz Roy 3400. Mail Orders will receive prompt attention.
Dental Preparations
McCreery Tooth Paste ? 25c
Pepsodent Tooth Paste 38c
Forhan's Tooth Paste 37c
Calox Tooth Powder 19c
Pyorrhocide Tooth Powder.can, 78c
Sanitol Tooth Powder can, 21c
Listerine Tooth Paste tube, 42c
Boriclav or Tooth Paste... .tube, 42c
Talcums and Face Powders
Mavis Talcum.. . . can, 19c
Samurai Corylopsis Talcum , can, 22c
Orange Blossrtm Talcum.. . .can, 23c
Colgate's Splendor Talcum. can, 15c
Jergen's Talcum, Violet, Rose and
Castolay odors. large can, 24c
French Face Powder, assorted colors.
box, 24c
La May Compact, in gilt case, as
sorted colors. 1.25
Guerlain's Lip Sticks in gilt case. 95c
Armour's Venetian Bath Soap, in
Rose, Geranium, Peroxide and Violet.
doz., 95c
Conti's Castile Soap, large bar, 1.15
Domestic Castile large bar, 69c
Bonnie Baby Castile Soap
doz. cakes, 1.29
Laco Castile Soap. 3 cakes in box, 49c
Imported Toilet Soap. Perfumed,
Eau de Cologne and Violet.
3 cakes, 65$
Imported Buttermilk Soap.cake, 28c
ResinolSoap 3 cakes in box,57c
Cuticura Soap .. 3 cakes in box, 57c
Woodbury's Facial Soap. . 3 cakes, 54c
Pears' Unscented Soap
1 doz. cakes, 1.59
Pears' Glycerine Soap '
3 cakes to box, 57c
Elder Flower Soap
doz. large cakes, 1.15
Palmolive Soap doz. cakes, 95c
Gorham Silver Soap cake, 32c
Lux doz. pkgs., 1.19
Manicure Goods
C'utex Liquid Remover 29c
Cutex Compact Sets 45c
Hyglo Nail Powder box 29c
Emery Boards doz., 9c
Orange Wood Sticks 3 for 15c
Tweezers 25c
Flexible Nail Files 35c
Nail Clippers, Imported 1.75
Glazo Liquid Nail Polish 45c
Creams and Lotions
Lemon Cleansing Cream jar, 49c
Pond's Cold or Vanishing Cream ...
large jar, 45c
Vivaudou Cold Cream jar, 29c
Hind's Honey and Almond Cream....
bottle, 37c
Hair Preparations
Packer's Tar Shampoo.. .bottle, 38c
Palmolive Shampoo bottle, 45c
Cleansol Cocoanut Oil Shampoo.. 25c
Westphal's Hair Tonic
large bottle, 95c
Pinaud's Eau de Quinine, 8 oz bottle,
Polymol Hair Dressing Pnparutions..
bottle, 89c
Toilet Articles for Men
Gillette Razor in Case with 3 blades .
- . 89c
Gillette Razor Blades doz., 75c
Gem Razor with 7 Blades 85c
Lather Brushes, assorted 50c and 95c
Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal. .bottle, 89c
Mennen's Shaving Cream tube, 31c
McCreery Razor Aid Cream
large tube, 19c
Williams Shaving Powder 25c
Williams Shaving Stick 25c
Palmolive Shaving Cream 29c
Pocket Combs in Case each, 20c
Military Brushes, Satinwood back*,
pure bristle. pair, 5.00
Military Brushes, Satinwood back,
pure bristle. pair, 8.50
Turtle Ebony Military Brushes
pair, 6.75
Turtle Ebony Military Brushes
pair, 8.50
Short Handfe Club Brushes each, 4.95
Hair Brushes, stiff white bristle
each, 2.50
Men's Barber Combs nach, 35c
Men's large English Tooth Brushes
each, 95c
Men's French Tooth Brushes.. .. 65c
Mirrors, easel backs, square or
oval *. 3.50
Ivory Finished Toilet Articles,
Louis XVI. Design
Jewel Boxes 2.00
Clocks 3.00
Trays large size, 3.00
Trays medium size, 2.00
Puff Boxes and Hair Receivers
each, 3.00
Pin Cushions, assorted colors... .2.00
Bonnet Brushes each, 1.00
File Hook and Cuticle each, 2.00
White Dressing Combs.. . each, 95c
White Dressing Combs. .. each, 1.35
Ivory Cream which Imparts Lustre to
Ivory. tube, 45c
White Buffers 2.50
Bristle Goods
Hair Brushes with stiff black bristles
Hughes's Ideal Hair Brushes .... 95c
Maid of America removable rubber
cushion Hair Brushes. each, 95c
French Tooth Brushes, fine quality,
Bath Brushes, attachable handle. 75c
"Kent Nail Scrubs, large size
each, 1.75
Toilet Preparations
Peroxide pound bottle, 20c
Phillips Milk Magnesia 36c
Glyco Thymoline. pound bottle, 78c
Violet Ammonia for bath and toilet. .
16 oz. bottle, 25c
Parson's Ammonia quart size, 42c
Perfumed Bath Salts. .. bottle, 85c
Lambert's Listerine. .nrgc bottle ' 69c
Witch Hazel quart, size, 69c
Absorbent Cotton large roll, 35c
Skin Cleansing Tissues. 50 sheets, 31c
Belleview Gauze 5 yd. roll, 85c
Whisk Brooms each, 25c & 65c
Wash Cloths doz., 75c
Lamb's Wool Powder Puffs 20c
Soap Boxes (White) 25c
Soap Boxes (Colored) 19c
Buffers (Wood) removable rim . 55c
"Lash Brow" for eyelashes jar, 45c
Amolin Powder, small 20c
Odor-O-No medium size, 40c
Mum Cream jar, 21c
Rubber Goods
Large Rubber Sponges 49c
Medium Size Rubber Sponges. .. 35c
McCreery Reliable Water Bottles. .. .
2 quart size, 1.95
McCreery Red Rubber Syringes
2 quart size, 2.15
Rubber Lined Tourist Cases.... 45c
Rubber Lined Tourist Cases. ... .1.75
It'ibber Gloves pair. 49c
Fiuo Quality Luticle scissors.... 1.25
- ? James McCreery & Co. -

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