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* -i
Demonstration To-day Is
Planned for Trafalgar Sq.
and Downing Street.
Cabinet Suggests Ttelief
Fund Collected From State,
Employers and Employed.
Emigration and Overseas Development
Within Empire
Also Considered.
Special Cable to Tn? Nbw Yo*k 1 Hrai.d.
Copi/rioht, 19SJ, by Tub New Yoek IIcould
New York HeralS* Uurrau. j
London, Oft. 13. J
Facing the most serious demonstration
of the unemployed London has
ever seen, the Cabinet turned from the
forthcoming Washington conference
and the Irish question to discuss measures
for the relief of idleness and distress.
The Ministry was said to favor ;
a scheme by which employers, employed
and the State each would contribute
two pence a week for each
person employed, and thus create a
fund for the distribution of relief to
persons out of work. This would bo
followed by general measures to stimulate
foreign trade through easier
credits and other measures which get
at tho root of the matter, such as
The recalcitrant Poplar councillors
will bo released from prison upon the
promise they will cooperate with the
relief measures. The women members
are out of jail to-night and tho men
will be released to-morrow. ,
But the most dangerous element in
tho situation is the scheduled demonstration
of the unemployed for tomorrow.
They plan to gather on the
Embankment and to march to Downing
Street to demand that the Prime
Minister, Mr. Lloyd George, receive
their delegation, Irish conference or
not. After that they plan to meet in
Trafalgar square, which at this moment
is about the most congested traffic
hub in the world. A part of Its
pavement is torn up, not only affording
a flno arsenal of hefty wooden
blocks for any body of men inclined
to throw them, but tying half of London's
east, west, north and south traffic
into knots.
Police Send Warainc.
The law and police regulations for
Trafalgar Square forbid meetings there
except on Saturday afternoons and on
Sunday. Hence the police chief sent a
polite intimation to every unemployed
headquarters in London to-night that if
these regulations are violated the police
have been instructed to "take adequate
end proper measures to see they are enforced."
There mny bo certain liveliness about
Nelson's feet to-morrow. There Is no
disposition to prevent the unemployed
gathering on the Embankment or sending
a delegation to Downing Street.
Downing Street is well protected with
stout wooden barricades, and Mr. Lloyd
George Is counted on to give any delegation
food for thought rather than
But it is recognized that more than
Hie stout British worklngman is involved
In these plans. Scotland Yard
lias ample evidence of efforts by Communists
under Moscow's Influence to
turn England's present Industrial dlsti
ess into a Red revolution. With palI
| Jk^jr J
Coats for me
I that are di&in
1 tailored from!
1 eh Hair Polo C
imported wool
8 careful attent
I . that built up i
8 putation as N<
ffl is a men's e
1 ored things f
H 610 Fifth Avenue o
9 Sadtuh* fypnitnUitws in C
iwiliwil lllllll
'? r r==
Mother of British Ace I
to Honor U. S. War Dead J|j
By the Ataociattd Prest. |1|
LONDON, Oct. 12.?Mrs. McCudden,
mother of the late
Major McCudden, V. C., of the |
Royal Air Force, who brought !
down a record number of Ger- ,
mans, was chosen to-day from a i
large number of war bereaved
women to convey a wreath to
America and place it on the
tomb of the American "unknown
warrior" in Arlington Cemetery
on November 11. The election 'II
of Mrs. McCudden took pla:?e at ill
a meeting of the Pilgrim Fathers II
Association. This is a new or- ||
ganization, and has no connec- I
tion with the Pilgrims, founded
in uy pruiuiuciib Aiuciaauo i
then in London and a group of !
Englishmen, including the late
Field Marshal Lord Roberts, who
was the first president.
Iiatlve measures already under way,
however, the Government Is relying
upon the traditional common sense of
the average British worklngman and the
traditional forcefulness of the London
"bobby's" ash truncheon to keep the
demonstration within limits.
For Imperial Development.
Bv the Associated Press.
London, Oct. 12.?"Great Britain must
trade with the whole world, but If foreign
nations cannot or do not choose to
trade with us on a sufficient scale it is
time to make a long march forward on
the pathway of Imperial development."
That assertion was made by Winston
Churchill, Secretary for the Colonies,
speaking at a meeting held in furtherance
of the project of a British Empire
exhibition in 1923. The Prince of Wales
also spoke and urged that In order to
provide employment for the needy work
on avhihlHnn llA hA!?llT1 immpfllfltplv
He asked for a guarantee of ?1,000,000
casli as a guarantee from the Interests
which would be benefited by the exhibition.
Mr. Churchill said Great Britain has
never been bankrupt. "She will always
find," said he, "a pathway open for tiio
safety and glory of the British race.
There Is at this moment open to us,
not only in the East, but in the West and
in all quarters of the globe, a splendid
prospect in unlimited potentialities for a
worldwide empire. In conclusion he
said he believed the trade depression
had passed its worst point
Emigration and overseas settlement
within the empire are said to be one of
the proposals being considered by the
Government for the relief of unemployment.
That probably would involve Government
grants to ussist the emigrants
and consultations with the Dominion
Governments would be necessary before
it could be known how the plan would
work out.
Alteration and extension of an export
credit scheme Is reported as almost certain
to be included in the Government's
final proposals. Financial proposals
probably will be placed before the House
of Commons relating to grants to local
authorities in connection with loans for
public improvements and other measures
for relief.
AAA AAA ?r I m_ a
}o,vuu,uuv usea in ^onstaniinople
to Aid Destitute.
Constantinople, Oct. 12.?The Sultan
of Turkey has conferred the Order of
Somanll on the American Red Cross
"In appreciation of Its efforts to relieve
the destitute/' The same decoration has
been awarded to Claflin Davis of Boston
and Wilfrid H. Day of Richmond, Va.
More than $5,000,000 in money and
supplies have been used in the Constantinople
area in the last two years, chiefly
for Russian refugees.
No Truth in Reports, Says
Steamship Line.
Bkrlin, Oct. 12.?The management of
the North German Lloyd Steamship Company
informs the Associated Press that
the recent reports of direct or Indirect
acciuisition by Hugo Stinnes of large
Lloyd shares arc without foundation.
This announcement was made after an
interview between the Lloyd directorate
and Herr Stinnes.
n and women ffl
dlively Dobbish 1]
%rumbo Cant W
>loth and from M
lens with the H
ion to detail ||
the Dobbs re. | |
?wfork's lead- |
IS ~>Dobbs I 'I
hop with tail- |
or women ~ 1
0 ?44 Fifth Avenue |l
V K K A ?J
Mmntf efikt CSUit j
f I *
L f$$: ^ ,
Hand-Painted Powder
are not only useful hut ornamental,
for the top is beautifully
hand painted in striking,
effects that will give a charming
touch of color. And they come
in sizes to accommodate one's
favorite puff.
1.75 and 2.95
Street Floor
Things Decidedly
fcV I . II I ' ^
A Charming French
Negligee for Madame
uses only light weight French
flannel to develop it ? but
while it may be light in weight,
it makes up for it in warmth.
Its sole trimming consists of
fluted self material around neck,
sleeves and down the front.
In rose, Copenhagen,
blue, orchid and pink. 12.50
Third Floor
f TTf
_n -> ? '
Musical Jewel Case
believes in "saying it with
music," and appropriately takes
the shape of a phonograph. By
raising the top, music automatically
begins, and one may
put away one's trinkets to its
accompaniment. From Switzerland
it comes, and Swiss workmanship
needs no
explanation. Street Floor 10.00
r> _'/ /
! / | ^
/, , /
_ *
Silk Hosiery from
is all silk from its toe to its top,
but in between it demonstrates
how to be "different" by taking
a ribbed effect that is very
good-looking, and quite unlike
any other. In black, gray,
brown, blue and
purple. Street Floor 7.50
A Cane and "Seat
is the function of the object
pictured above, and for watching
a golf or shooting match, or
any outdoor sport, it supplies
a surprising amount of comfort,
and may be carried like a
cane when not in use.
7.50 to 13.50
j"Street Floor
IV ome
At prices so far bel
For The Yot
?the highest aehievcmei
modern corset designim
Grace and freedom are c
little topless corset that
below the waist and ma
season's long-waisted frc
satisfaction. It is dain
broche coutil, trimmed
elastic about the upper
I at 5.5
Another very beautiful
lines of youth, assures fi
line by a diaphragm ins
fastening with alternate!,
snap fastenings. It is d;
and a truly exquisite exp
tique designing and
25.00 25.00
Cloth Stre
FOR w<
?in three charming
Thursday at the
A Ribbon-Trimmed
knows that no fcmi
ribbons, and so puts
"Uenee" inspired the
explains its good look?
A Warm Duvet de Lair
with being cozy and s<
equal amount of smai
back panels, bead em
Sizes 3(? to 44.
A Coat Dress of Navy
severely simple in line
in trimming. The be
skirt arc banded in
and the two tabs suspc
a cape. The vestoe is
navy, red, tan or gray,
Great Interest Thursday Will
A Special Presentation of
n's Winter
ow actual value they have no w
Special a
A large collection of
^ coats in Normandy, c
> each eloquent of Fa
coat building. Some f<
i or scarf collars of sel
show wide and cosy c<
or beaverette. All tl
are in the group.
Special a
Stunning coats of Br
mandy of highest qui
exquisite lines, and an
smartest designing.
beaver, taupe wolf, A
coon or nutria are c
each coat is beautiful
Among the colors are
navy, Sorrento; also I
ithful Figure
e" Corsets
it in the development of
1?will be found ideal
ombined in a charming
gives the straight line
,kes the wearing of the
>cks a matter of entire ri
itily fashioned of pink J.
with lace, ribbon and
edge. Modestly priced
0- and 6.50 M
corset adapted to the ^'l^r
eedom above the waist 1 e"
et of surgical webbing, an(l
y overlapping tabs with lock
lintily ribbon trimmed, the
onent of Plas- o rjQ The
workmanship, vj v/ v/
lo. /
} r
I fl
I H Co11
U skirl
U U' cord
? line<
I. mat<
25.00 jn (
et Frocks
? models?featured
special price of
Frock of Tricotine
nine licart can resist
its faith into ribbon. j
model?perhaps that
ie Frork is not content
?i viceable, but adds an
rtness in its front and
broidery completes it.
Tricotinc i< almost ma(j,
\ but makes up for it n
11 sleeves and sides of . an<j
embossed eire braid,
aided in bark stimulate
; of Crepe de Chine in
, Sizes 36 to 44. sl,ip
Fourth F'oor
cialists in Apparel
orthy competition.
it 39.50
handsome and modish
:hamo, and wool velvet,
ishion's latest word in
mature becoming crushed
f material, while others
hilars of natural raccoon
le desirable Fall shades
159.50 1
>livia, duvet, and Nor- ^
ility, each one built on ^ ^
example of the season's
Luxurious collars of
ustralian opossum, raclelightful
features, and
ly silk-lined.
Malay, walnut, taupe, It 1
:>lack. Fourth floor *or <
__ ette
kjfcvV1 will
Genuine ,
IVialrus \
rravel Bags Sm(
? 18.75 ?.ua.
[adc of heavy, shrunken eolo
us leather that will give a blZC
time of service. The frame
edges are hand sewr .e
and catches arc solid brass, lnif
lining is of genuine leather. spli
finest bag in New York at to f
5. Basement
or Cool Fall Mornings?
Corduroy House
a new and striking model
mrsday at 10.95
combination of plain and
ossed corduroy forms this I ffl
jhtful lounging robe?and m
iddition to its smart t?p ance,
it is practical as well.
ar, cuffs and most of the /
t arc embossed in flower
gn?the rest is of plain
uroy. The whole robe is
1 with dotted Seco silk to
ropenbagen. Cerise, Pansy
Wisteria. Sizes 36 to 44.
Third Floor
sTrHi i
L " I
lost on Bags
Regularly -J.flJ
Special Thursday
at 2.75
nch little bags they arc
e of genuine tan cowhide ! Nov
i that and the hardest wear becc
to look well while doing it. fotll
f have covered frames, cow- a <li
handles and straps, and if- b
i linings, and the workman- boll
is of the best, throughout. this
Street Floor ( oh
[O at 34th ?
y ^ 1
?embodying the simplic
s difficult to say which
sacli is decidedly char mi
is in semi-blouse effe<
res that display a longe
Crepe, ending in deep c
other has simply a bai
k around neck, sleeves
the rich beautv of the
i a sash of moire ribbon. !
) styles pictured.
Cotton I
at 50c
>oth, well-made, full-fashi
lity. Ever / pair perfect,
1, well-reinforced, dye(
irs. Black, white, coi
;s from 8V0 to 10) j.
Also at 3i
>orted black cotton hos
t sole, full-fashioned, and
jive long and satisfactoi
We Have Arranged To
a Special Sal
Regularly 10.00 i
I I Each
/SfiSfe/ m leathc
jP suital
I *?^?7 $m Vario
/**** collec
1 or dec
C2ri<i. J
or pc
r * < \
An Event of Unusu
Autumn Ovt
>f Georgette Crepe and
Special, 5.
el necklines that are
>ming ?heavy materials
id only in m ich high*
ash of color that contn
e achieved by heading
i?these are the feature
collection at ~>.00. Sizes
?rs: Navy, brown and ru
?++ 5
7t Frocks I
ity of Youth? jj i
frock is prettier* g
ng in its own way. 8
t, with short slit I
1 I* /"I H
:r sieeve or ixeor henille
id of colored bead
and waist, setting
velvet? completed
riizes 14 to 18 years.
Second Floor
ioned hose of a liitrh
voven of fine cotton |||l
1 guaranteed fast | !
dovan, and gray, lilt
5C {ill
ie, with balbriggan ID
strongly reinforced* jjl
y service.
Street Floor
Hold Thursday |
e of j|
? Sets I
to 15.00 K
at 5.00 [r
set is.uea.uy pacKeu I j
silk or velvet lined I
t case, making it I
>le for gift^giving. j
us styles are in the
t ion, made of plain
torated ivortus, horn
?arl. One set iltcd.
Street Floor
al Interest? ii
Crepe de Chine? j
both graceful and j
that are usually Jj
er-priced models - :
ists gaily, whether jj
or embroidery, or tj
2s that distinguish J
1 .'H to 40. ii
st. Third Floor. |J

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