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Test on Yap Shows 50 for
Ratification, With 6t
, i
j'v * ? ' 1 ' ' v" .1
Adoption Would Send Pact ]
Back to Harding for Re
Only Four Democrats Join
Republicans in Two Minor
Special Dint \tcl> to Tub Nbw Yo8K Hbeau>. j
\>w York Hfnild Bnrnn. J
Washington. II. Feb. "A. \
The firs': test vote on the treaty
Wfch Japan concerning the island of
Yap. negotiated during the progress
of the Conference for the Limitation ;
of Armament, came to-day in the Sen- j
ate, resulting in a relative showing
of 50 votes for tho treaty and 331
against it. i
Only four Democrats?Underwood
<Ala.). Williams (Miss.), Myers (Mont.)
and Pomercne (Ohio)?voted with the
While the vote scored by the friends
of the treaty fell short of the two
thirds that will be required for ratifi
cation. amounting to sixty-four votes.
It also demonstrated a degree of
/'strength among the opposition which
had not been expected.
The teat vote was on an amendment
effered by Senator rittman (Nov.)
which extended the guaranties already
contained in tlie treaty to American
nationals. It was unimportant, but the
effect of the adoption of tho amend
ment would have been to send the treaty
back to the President for renegotia
fterka to Bnr Llq??r.
The failure of the tveaty opponents
to obtala adoption of the Pittnian
reservation wan followed by an amend
ment offered by Senator France (Md.)
whoso purpose was to protect tl\e na- j
tlves of Yap from the -'rink cv il. Sen- J
ator France's umendment provided that I
no liquor should be dispensed to natives ,
of islands over which a mandate had j
been granted to tho Kmperor of Japan.
Senator France was in the midst of u ^
plea for the backward people of Yap j
threatened with the liquor habit when
Senator I*odi??; caustically railed his at
tention to the fact that the treaty al
ready contained a- provision which
pledges the Japanese Government to
withhold Intoxicating: liquor from the
Senator France subsided when Sen
ator Kee<l (Mo.) came to bin rescue and
proposed as an amendment to the
amendment that the exportation and
Importation of liquor Into \ap should
be prohibited. *
Senator France eagerly accepted this
umendment which offered a way out
i nd it was promptly voted down by a
record vote of 52 to 11.
Urmocrito Arc Indecldetl.
While this humorous feature of the
debate enlivened the proceedings it
added nothing to the situation except
an opporturlty to demonstrate that
Senator Lodge has the Republican
majority well in hand with four ex
ceptions and that the Democrats ap
parently have not made up their nilnd*
km to a party policy relative to their
?.ourse on the treaties. Tho fact that
Senator Hitchcock (Neb.) voted for
the I'ittm^n amendment vhich would
have sent the Yap treaty back to the
President was noted with surprise. i
Senator Borah (Idaho) explained the
reasons for his opposition to the lap I
treaty in a brief speech. He charged ;
that the st izure of the Philippines had i
embarked this Government on a course j
of imperialism which necessitated resor. j
to all of the tactics of imperialistic cov
-rnments. He objected to features of
the treaty, one of them requiring the
Japanese Government to submit a copy |
of it* report on aflnilnlfltratioti to tn?' j
United States as well as to the L'.ague .
of Nations. He saw in this provision i
recognition of the league. He objected
to participation by this Government in .
the task of overseeing Japan's admlnls- i
uation of the islands, because lie said |
the two Governments never could agr*e. ,
Company Raises Point in Suit
for Breach of Contract.
An endeavor to establish le^al resi
dence as the place where one has a
residential telephone was made vester
dav bv the Vante Company, which 1*.
being sued by Matthew Kleinro' k for |
?M H42 fo? alleged breach of contract in
Orange County Supreme Court. The
plaintiff says he lives in Highland,
Falls and that the suit is brought prop
erly in Orange county.
The defense alleges that Kleinrot<;.
has a borne at <03 Thatford avenue |
Brooklyn. where b*~ family lives and
where there is :? t< -phone in Klein- j
rock's nam' an jks to have the
action tried in 1 ' ?lyn. Justice Mor-1
sehauser directed the attorneys t? pre-1
pare briefs on this point.
Patient In Bron* Instttntlon
Han a* by Belt.
Richard Hoffman. 52. a patient In the
Home for Incurables. Third avenue and
IMd street. The Bronx, committed sui
cide yesterdav by hanging himself from
the h?ad of his bed by a leather belt.
Harry Stern, a nurse, discovered the
Hoffman w7?s admitted to the Institu
tion in 1911. Before that time be
a patient In Lincoln Hospital.
William J. Burn*, chief of the Bureau
of Investigation of the Department cf
Justice, who has been sufferine from ?
cold and inflammation of the bronchial
' tubes st his home in Hearborougii-on
the-Hudson. is recovering rapidly It was
' ssld last nigh*. Chief Burns .urobablj
' will be back at his desk in i. few days
We left wr.rif only i is; Friday, althous
Vht had lxen il1 for three weeks.
Police Lobby Believes Measure Will Pass, but Legis
lators Fight Shy of It?Bill in to Reim
burse Inspector Lahev.
Special Uispatth to Tub Sew Yoiik IIkkauj.
N>? York IId Iturrau. (
Alhanj. Feb. *a4.
New Yotk detectives have reappeared
with their bill to make ti *ir positions
permanent and boost their salaries?the
identical measure to pass which a slush
fuml was raised last year. Exposure of
that fund was made after Senator Clay
ton Tt. I.usk. majority leader, announced
tho detectives had given him a 11,200
stiver service In recognition of his ef
forts to force through the bill.
Cornelius J. Browne and James J.
G<--saji, who lobbied for that bill last
year, appeared in the capital corridors
to-day. Several members of the Senate
and Assembly said they had been asked
whether they would handle the bill th'.s
year, and luid declined. It is understood
the measure will be Introduced in the
J Senate by Senator Thomas I. Sheridan,
j Democrat, of New "York.
Senator William L>uggan. Republican, j
i o? New York, to-day introduced a bill
| authorizing the Board of Estimate to i
rein bur.se Inspector William J. Lahty I
for expenses he had in defending an
indictmcnt against him that was dis- i
missed. Duggan said the bill was handed
him by <;egan and Browne, but they
uenied this.
The detective lobby insists that it has
assurances the bill cementing them into
life Jobs will be passed again this year,
but Senators and Assemblymen all ap
pear to be afraid cf it.
Elevation to Grade of Admiral
Held t'p After Exposure of
Navy Department.
N'kwpxbt, n. I., !'?>. ? F.ear Ad
miral Sims issued a statement to-day
regarding: recent alleged propaganda
for his promotion to the grade of Ad
miral, based on letters written to, or
by, John h. I^eigliton. He said:
"I liavc been ashed whether i was
ini'oinjed of the activities of some of
my friends, including Mr. Deighton. I
was Informed by the latter that they
prcposed to ascertain the attitude of the
people toward the treatment accorded
th'J navy since the war, and I was glad
to know this, because 1 considered
what they proposed to do would toe n.
valuable service not oply to the navy
but to the people, and this betfause there
can be no doubt that the American peo
ple are sadly misinformed as to rtrtain
facts of importance to the navy.
"Though I do not for h moment wish
*o convey the impression that I am
not human and have 110 ambition for
mjiielf or my children in this mutter,
still It is not a question of the personal
interests of any one man. hut it U verji
much a (mention of the influence upoir
the morale of the failure of the navy
to receive adequate recognition for the
sorvicen rendered by It In the war zone.
Such a failure, officially an ' ? ? r
icnliy. discredits these forces and
who were responsible for their con
in -contact with the enemy.
"In IS?1!?," Admiral Sims continued,
"the last Administration recommended to
the Congress that I be promoted to- the
rank of Admiral. Thi.s was approved
almost unanimously by the House of
Representatives but was hung up in the
Senate. This approval by tiie House ap
parently created the impression that 1
had been promoted to Admiral, as rec
"Tpon my return from Europe T was
confronted with the necessity of making
a decision its to whether I should sub
mit an official report of the Inefficiency
of tiie Navy Department that caused us
such serious losses In men and shipping,
with a view to bringing about a reor
ganization of the Department, or whether
I should remain eilcnt and leave the
American people under the very danger
ous impression conveyed by the Derpart
ment's official reports that the navy and
the Department were efficient and pre
pared 'from stem to stern.'
"Had T chosen the latter alternative
there would probably toe no necessity for
discussing the question of my promotion
at the present time. But, considering
the Information I possessed, to allow our
people to remain go dangerously misin
formed as to our first line of national
defense would manifestly have been rani;
cowardice. I therefore submitted an of
tlclal report, and the result was a Senate
investigation which established the truth
of my statements.
"Surely the navy deserves recognition
as well as the army for the success with
which !t carried out its mission, and It
appears to me that anything that can
properly be done even now to bring this
to the attention of the public is to be
commended as a public service.
Government Wants T rial
Within a Few Weeks.
Special Ui'patrh to Tub Nbw York Hhuls.
New York Hrrwld Bureaji. I
\Vn?hin*(nn, f). Feb. 'M. i
Charles VV. Morgc, his three- sons and
eight others who were Indicted yester
day by the Federal Grand Jury on
charges of conspiracy in connection with
aliased -hip frauds Rave bonds to-day
for their appearance for trial.
Uond in the canes of eleven of the de
fendants was set at $10,100 each by
United .States Attorney Peyton Gordon
Charles \V. Morse was required to fur
nish a bond of $50,000 for his appear
ance. All the men obtained surety.
Mr. Gordon said he hoped to hare the
Morse cose ready for trial within a few
weeks. It was Intimated yesterday that
Wilton J. T.arrtbert, representing Mr.
Mor-te, would,make an effort to have th
Indictments against the twelve defend
ants <iua?'!ied as a preliminary move. A
demurrer to the indlctrncnt may be filed
within u few dayr.
There is a possibility that the casf
will go over until the autumn term of
the court through delays I*- the filing
and arguing of formal motions on the
indictments. The investigation of til-?
Morse accounts as regards the record*
of several companies of which the de
fendant was the principal stockholder
has been practically completed, nrd ex
perts from the office of the Attorney
General, headed by special A?H*tanf
Dobyns and Donehoc, are at work pre
paring the evidence to be offered at tlv.
Mr. l^ambert expressed the vtew that
the case against the defendants will be
dropped with the first motion to quash,
as certain facts which have not ye? been
presented will tie offered us a basis fo?
discontinuing the case and dropping the
Mrs. I-:. H. Ui'l.raa Must Pay
11,1,13*1 pevuratlnK Hill.
Washington, Fib. 2S.?A verdict of
$1120.31 with five yeir* Inte-? ?'. man
returned to-dav by a Jury in fvor of
Klaie l>e Wolfe. Xew York inttr'or
decorator, r>arti? ?:?? Mis. Edwi: d It. Mo
Lean, We >hln?tem.
Miss De We!fe dc'OTOted several
rooms in thr .McLean home here, but
Mrs. M' Lean refused to nay In full be
cause <ihe \u? dlssatl'Hsd with some of
the work.
Alabama Power Co. Will Pro
vide Power Over 800 Mile
Washington, Feb. 2S.? De\ elopincni
of hydroelectric power sufficient to
, industrialize a territory S00 miles in
j diameter with the center based on
j Muscle Shoal.s wat> promised the House
' Military Committee to-day by Thomas
W. Martin, president of the Alabama
j Tower Company, in tJie event Congress
: accepts the offer of that company for
| purchase and development of the Gov
i ernment owned steam and water power
| projects at the shoals.
Thorough studies have been made of
j power markets within a radius of 400
j miles of Muscle Shoals, Mr. Martin said,
and applications for energy already
tiled with the power company convinced
him there was need for developing
Muscle Shoals and distributing the
power throughout that section. His
company was prepared to serve the pub
lic, functioning as a public utility regu
lated by Federal an'I State taws, he
i added, and deliver t nv, <>r in emergency
j cases tjO a greater distance by relay sys
tems. '
Representative Greene ?Vt.. Itcp.)
(contrasted the power company s r>ro
| posala with the offer submittal Liy Ht nry
i Ford. Under the latter Mr. < ;reene b<
; lieved much of the power reat^d at
the shoals would be uatU in the manu
i facture of fertilizer, parts for automo
biles and other commodities by a private
concern. The question was, he sain,
whether the Ford or Alabama offer
I would serve the public policy better,
adding that the power company did not
make any provision in its proposal for
j fertilizer production.
Chairman Kahn nald to-night he ex
pected Mr. Martin woukl complete his
I testimony to-morrow or Thursday, when
the committee would call W. B. Mayo,
j chief engineer, for Mr. Ford and clear
; tip certain questions renpectlng altera
! tions in the Ford proposal.
Appropriation Bill Passed ac
Session Enters Final Phase.
Special Dispatch to Tiie New Yobk H braid
New York Herald Bureau, 1
Alhaii), Feb. S8. 1
With the passage of the appropriation
bill to-day the Legislature entered on
the last lap of It* 1922 session. Thf
; bill will pans the .Senate to-morrow. The
bill passed the Assembly without a dls
\ senting vote after two amendments by
the DemocratIc leader. Charles D. Dono
! hue, weVe defeated, 84 to 50. One would
prevent the reappropriation* In the bill
and would reduce the money for eon
] tlllgenclM from $200,000 to $125,000
The other would have required the Meyer
New York City Investigating Committee
j td file a detailed statement of Its ex
All doubt about the continuance of the
I^ockwood Housing Committee was re
moved to-day when the Assembly %dopt
J ed the resolution extending its llfa until
' next February. Democrats Joined with
Republicans In commending the work of
! the committee. The resolution was
J adopted In the Senate last night.
The Internal Affairs Conunlttee_oC the
i Assembly is expected to pigeonhole the
! Uwman bill requiring the examination
? and licensing of all automobile oper
| ators in the State.
He Will Oppose Project
While Gov. Allen Approves.
j fper ial Dispatch to Tun New York 1Ikb.\t d.
New York llernld lliirean, )
Wn?hin(ton, I>. Feb. 3*. j
The proposed deep ship canal In the
I St. I^awrence River from the great
I lakes to the Atlantic, to be built Jointly
1 by the T*nlf?d States and Great Britain,
j will be discussed here to-morrow after
; noon In Joint debate by Ck?v. Miller of
' New York, Gov. Allen of Kansas and ]
n. If. Merrick. Chicago banker. Gov. '
J Miller will oppose the ijrojnct on the |
j part of the .State of New York, while i
Mes?r.-\ Allen and Merrick will advocate ;
i Its construction.
Gov. Miller arrived lO-night. aocom- j
panied by William I.eary and Mllltatv
Secretary Coogan. He went to the
Wlllard Hotel, where he will be the
guest of the New York State delegation
in Congress at breakfast to-morrow.
Report Unlikely Before 1923,
Parsons Indicates.
Gov. Millar sent word to the Charter
Revision Commission at Its meeting yes
terday that he did not want a report
pushed through for a special session of
tho legislature this summer at the ex-j
jienso of a most careful study of every j
William Barclay Parson*. acting
cnairman. said be had told the Governor
he feared the death of former Justice
Francis M. Scott, chairman, had put
the work lutck to stieh an extent that It
would be impossible to report before th?
tegular legislative session of 1323. If
the report Is r?*ady. the Governor said,
he inrotlld 1>* glad 10 call the present
Legislature back In extraordinaiw ses
sion. but he seemed In no wl?e In a
A communication a as read from the
?' tlitens Union urging the adoption of
the home rule lde.^? embodied In the bill
Introduced by .senator War I V. Tolbe-t
and Indorsed 1?> *V Mayor*' renf?ret<??
Member* Testify at Albany i
Hearing Their Body Is
Free From Polities.
Pleasure Declared to strip
Xew York City of Con- '
trolling Schools. j
Acting chairman Ryan As
serts lie Is 011 Track of Arch
| Special Dispatch lo The Kiw Yl>bk Hisulb.
Npiv Vork Herald Biirrnn, I
Alhmi.v, Feb. :S.
I lie New > ork Hoard uf JCdueatiQn
;'s free from politics unci' has accom
plished moio for the schools of New'
^ork than any of its predecessors, j
| members of (he body declared to-day j
at a hearing before the Senate Educa
tion Committee 011 the Meyer bill cre
ating a board of fifteen to be appointed
by the Mayor and the members of the
State Board of Regents residing in the1
Opponents insisted that the measure j
was unnecessary and the result of,
I propaganda to strip New York city:
' of the control of its schools. They i
I charged that politics was behind the j
1 bill, answering arguments of its ad-1
vocates that it would drive politics out j
of tho city's schools.
Mayor Hylan attended the hearing ;
and showed keen interest whenever the '
nume.B of Clarence Meleny and William [
McAndrews, the recently reelected asso- i
elate superintendents were mentioned.
Fair Trriilmrnt Mantfrt.
"All wo want is fair treatment," said
George J. Ryan, acting chairman ?f tho j
Board of Education. "Stop all this prop
aganda. Tl-.f proof that it is a smoke
-rreen covering up some interest group. !
v.a- evidenced ten days ago when Me-!
leny and McAndrews were reelected in
the face of all the hue and cry that they :
were to be thrown out. 1 am going to
trace clown the archconspirators. This |
bill is tho outcome of their propaganda. '
We are going to nail some of the great |
'I a-ms' sitting by and trying to get:
away with it."
Edward Mandell, a district eup?rin
tendent, representing the Federation ot
Teachers Associations, charged that the
, motive behind the bill was to take away
control of the schools from th<> city.
Many opponents of the bill t-ai?l thev
would favor an elective school board,
but Mrs. Cora 1/. Magness. executive sec -
retary of the local school board, one of
i its advocates, replied that many "f the
people of New York hail the intelligenc e
: of children of f. and were not educated
In American ideas.
"I doubt if it would be wise to trust
the election of a Hoard of Education to
them," she said.
Mm. MiucnrM'H Thame.
Mrs. Magness charged that the schools
were steadily getting worse, that little
money was being spent on them, and in
answer to Mr. Ryan declared the pres
ent school board knew so little about ;
school affairs that It was absolutely |
Speaking against the bill Harry B. i
Chambers, a mc.niber of the Hoard of i
Education, said the New Vnrk city
school systenKwtth its 1,000,000 pupils, j
23,000 teachers and 600 schools was the j
greatest in the world and that if there !
is anything wrong the State Regents
have the power to correct It He .=aid
the representatives of the 25,000 teach- ,
er? had come to Albany to oppose th^ \
bill and denied that atoy of the Board ]
of Education could bo called political ?
appointees. He particularly opposed the i
provision abolishing the Board of Super
Dr. Henry IJerg. representing tax pay- >
ers, Mr. Rablneaux, president of the |
Principals' Association: Annlng S. I^rall.
former chairman of the Board of Bdu- ,
c ation: Miss Nichol, secretary of the |
federation of Teachers Associations, and
I'ct^r A. Brady of the State Federation j
of Labor also opposed th" toil'.
Among those who spoko for the bill
besides Mrs, Magness were Howard W.
Nudd, secretary of the Tubllc Educa
tion Association; Harry C. I-ewis of]
the Citizens Union. Mrs. Marlon B.
Kelly of the Women's Municipal
League William M. Chadboume of the j
Public Education Association. Mrs.
James Russell I'arsons Of the locnl
school boards and the Rev. Albert E
Roraback of the Federation of Churches |
of Brooklyn. Mr. ChadboOrne insisted j
that the New York schools were in bad ,
Khape because of the system iath?>r than !
the shortcomings of any of the cit: j
Anti-Saloon League Is De
nounced. as Scheme.
Special DmputrU to Tub N?w Turk Hbrisd
Nut York ll?r?W Burtnu, )
Albany. Feb. ??. (
A.<-. ?inhlj niuii Loui* ruvllller, Demo
crat. and foe of prohibition, at a public
hearing to-day attacked the Anti-Saloon
Learnt** an a money making scheme and
predicted that within a sdiort time there
will be legalised traffic In beer and
wines in this and every other State.
tfeverol hundred dry* led by AViIIIam
II. Anderson and including clergymen
end temperance worker* from all part?
of the state wet.' astounded by the
cheets that followed. The demonstts
tlop wrts the feature of a hearing on
the Ant I-Saloon f/e?guc> "triplet*."
three measures giving local boards th*
power to adopt ordinance* to ni>| in the
strict < nforcenient of the i<rohibit!on
Motorcycle T'oliceman John .T. Kller,
Olympic cn*n>plon hurdler, ivnn pla< ?>d
on trial yesterday before I>eputy Police
Coniml*sioner T,eaeh In Ilrooklyn
charged with failing t'> cooperate with a
fireman in the performance of his duty.
It was ssill filler stopped Fireman Al
bert Muerdter at Highland V'lae- and
?lanial'a avenue on November 1*9 wnen
h? was speeding In hip own automobile
to the American Theater. Bedford and
I'nrk avenues, which had Just col*
lap*ed. Kiler *aid Muerdter failed to
tell him he w?* on duty nntll after he
liad served n summons on iii? lirciuan.
Commlystoner T,ta^ reserved 'Iccf?l?Ti
/ ??? \
Island on Maine Coast
Bought to Breed Gulls
Portland, Me., Feb. l's.?The j
Cumberland County Audubon
Society, Incorporated to-day.
to preserve bird life, has purchased '
Western Kgg Hock, an Island of
twenty acre* In Broad Bay. where
It will breed seagulls and other
birds native to this coast.
The island, three miles off shore,
is one of the best breeding places in
this section. Laughing: gulls, heur
ing gulis. sea pigeons and stormy !
petrels make their home there.
Mr>. Mc( ormieU Finds Gov.
Miller After (Juest in Dark
in Capitol.
Alsaxt, Feb. 18.?Found trying cioora
on the darkened second floor of the
Capitol late last nig*? by .Secretary of
.State John J. Lyons, Mr?. Mark McCor
mlck. mother of George F. Mc.Cormlck,
convicted slayer, who is to pay the deatfi
penalty in Sing Sing prison Thursday
for killing Kdward Shannon, a boyhood
triend. in New York during a quarrel
over a $.'? bet on a baseball game,
wa? a< i-orded an audience by Gov. Mill<u*
a^ midnight and made a futile plea for
executive clemency for her son.
The Governor sent his automobile to
the Capitol for Mr. Lyons unil Mrs. Mc
Coriuick. Then the Governor listened,
to Mrs. MoCormic plea tliat her ffim
ily was "cursed" with insanity, that
her father had died in an insane asylum,
that a daughter now is in Matteawan
and that a niece also is insane.
The Governor sadly informed the
mother, however, that he could not go
behind the findings of his commission
wtilch had found the slayer sane but
mentally Inferior.
He Quits Federal Bench After I
Seventeen Years' Service.
S/ininl Piapatih to Tub Nkw Yobk IIer.u.I>.
Chicago, Feb. 28.?"Now that the cur
lain lias fallen on this long act of my
life, after seventeen years of service,
such as it was, good or bad, it touches
me deeply that you, my neighbors,
should leave your busy affaire to come
and bid me good-by."
?ludge Kenesaw Mountain Landis so
said good-by to-day to an audience that
filled his courtroom to witness his final
acts as Judge of the Federal Court. His
resignation became effective to-day.
The Judge's last criminal ease was
disposed of in true Landls fashion. Th?
prisoner was Julius Hanson, a saloon
man, charged with ceiling whisky. His
attorney was David W. Stansbury, one
of the friends to whom tho Judge In a
few minutes was scheduled to extend
the most affectionate of farewells. The
attitude of Mr. Stansbury was hopefui
until Judge Land is arose and sentenced
Hanson to a year in prison and $1,000
fine?the limit for the offense.
Their Nominations to Debt
Funding Board Confirmed.
Washington, Feb. 21.?The nomina
tions of Secretary Hughes of the State
I>epartirient and Secretary Hoover of the
Department of Commerce to the Allied
Debt Funding Commission were con
firmed by the Senate late to-day.
Previously the Senate had adopted n
resolution extending for ten days the
time In which the Judiciary Commit
tee can report as to the constitutionality
of 'the nomination.* of Senator Snioot
(Rep., I'tahl and Representative Bur
Ion (Rep.. Ohio) to the commission.
The question of their eligibility has
been raised under the section of the
Constitution referring to the appoint
ment of members of Confres* to Federal
civil offices.
Secretary Mellon, ns head of the
Treasury Department, under the allied
debt act is ex officio chairman of the
commission and therefore requires no
Mayor Nods Approval of Bills
but Doesn't Say a Word.
Special Uispatch to Tub New Your IImald.
??r York Hrruld Bureau, I
Albany, Feh. a*. |
Mayor Hylan led a delegation that
man-hed to the Capitol to-day to demand
home rule for cities.
The Mayor sat through the hearing
before the Senate Judiciary Committee i
nodding approval of comments in favor
of the Tolbert, Simpson and Walker
bills proposing constitutional amend- \
mentis, hut didn't nay a word. John P. i
O'Brien, Corporation Counsel, spoke for 1
the city. County official* in Xctv York
city were alone in their oppoBition.
I* A. Tamer of tho Xcw York State
Home tlulc Association. Mayor Schwali i
of Buffalo, diaries I. Stengle. chairman
of the New York City Civil Service Com
mission : Francis Perkins of the League ?
of Women Voters, Comptroller Craig.
Raymond V. Ingersoll ar.d Walter T. j
Arrdt of the Citizens Union appeared ;
in favor of the hill*.
Hit Pleads for Closer Observ? i
ance of Law.
Columbia, Mo., Feb. 28.?A p>a fo
the revival of "goold old faehlor.M'
Americanism" wan made by former
Senator Kenyon of Iowa In an address
before students of the University of
Missouri to-day. He will I16 inducted
into the Federal Judgeship at St. Louis
The former Senator pleaded for
greater respect for th<> law, r?ferrlnf!
to th" "open and notorious" violations
of tiie prohibition law.
Piscussins' the agricultural bloc, Mr.
Kenyon ealil there \v?re other blocs in
Congress. btit they n'v?r excited th?
opposition the agricultural bloc did. Me
pointed out that the last bill of the
bloc?th>- marketing bill?nassed the
Senate with only one diswntlng vote,
adding that "If the bloc I* radical, then ,
the Senate of the United .State* has j
become radical."
N*wtv>n. N. J . Feb. 2.V \n.c?i?
Carllne to-day w?,< f jund guilty of kilt
ing Albert Koster ii < at Swamp. N*. J ,
last, unini'r in th? theft of a truckload
of silk. 'Hie verdict carries the death
T ui. Turko. another member of the
mm ?*' been sentenced ko de*t\
Louisiana Senator Explains
Situation to < lie Bronx
Hoard of Trade.
Support of the president ar.;i members
of the Shipping Hoard (n the:r efforts
to make u succuk of our marine" was
I.urged by Senator rtan?detl of Louisiana
in an address lasi night before tlie
I-ronx Board of Trade at the Hotel
As tor.
! "The situation id critical,'- he de
clared. "We must establish our mer
chant marine on a sound basis now or
drop behind the overseas procession and
depend on commercial rivals to carry
? our '?re:sn commerce. Such a policy
would he ruinous."
Jho Senator also declared tiiat "a
really strong, well balanced merchant
marine ' wa? essential to the mainte
?' thr' naval parity with Great
I-nt_ain established under the treaty
negotiated at the armament conference.
.Senator Itansdell also outlined high
way and water transportation develop
1 '"cnt in the South and declared that
prevailing ocean rates on overseas com
merce discriminate in several paiticu
lars against the South Atlantic and c;ulf
ports/ Southern ports several hundred
miles nearer th. West Indie.? and
Mexico than New York, he said, have
the name rates to those regions as New
.0 ? while that city nearer Kurope
than the Southern ports has lower rates
on such trafflf than its more distant
competitive ports.
inferring to the Muscle Shoals
project. Mr Ransdell ,aid that when
completed they would produce cheap
nitrogen for fertilizer* and thus would
bring larger nnd cheaper crops of cot
ton and foodstuffs and "exercise a
strong Influence toward lower prices of
ail agricultural products, thereby af
fecting beneficially the entire nation."
Goding Says They Are Vic
tims of Big Combinations.
I Special DiopaUU t. T?? X,-w V,?K IIbbau,
New lork Herald |??rea,i
B?>hin{ton, 1?. r., ?
I I < atrue ,?f ",e Am' ri"a"' ^adio
Ltag ue in an address to-day he rote the
radio conference called to perfe.t a new
fjstem of radio regulation, said;
The small boy is not responsible for
the frantic chaos that now exists in
the a.r from use of the radio. The fault
who hive he* iadJ? '""ruinrnI makers,
vounIoad1"* upon America s
struments/,rn 8CS a l0t ?f ,nflrl0'- ""
*merl^l,n<,^nS: Sa''3 '10 Spok'! for 20.00ft
?in Kadi, V' ","mfter!* of Ameri
can Radio League, who need the
;rirrr""n an" encouragem e n t
that he Go^rnment can nive in their
experiments with the radio telephone
?eushearb?1 "r !nR ^ ?? *?
?? possibility from their own shoulders.
Mos"",-, 1 e,,. :s.?An exceeding faith
? f'own 1? the name a?J p,,tur, of
Oeo ge Washington .since the scramble
z,fz*n z":?s,zvn -f
?'Ike any Checks, and the*A^^es^^ash
Ii'y ??-pi must Ij.ji,? tl... .ne ravin*
The renson for this ?:??? i .
s!X" HtZT*'\ ^
thnererirsaa dS'*' ^ '*
value from 300,000 to i.'O.OOO rubies.
Police <"apt. William J. Clark, who
has be**!! in command of the West 100th
street police station for the last six
month", died yesterday in .St. Lukes
Hospital after a short Illness. He was
5S years old. and had been in tho de
partment thirty-five yenrs. He w?* a |
machinist before lie became a police
man. He was made a captain in 1912
and assigned ?o the Charles street sta
tion, where he remained until trans
ferred to West 100th street. He received
honorable mention and a medal in 1901
for the capture of a desperate character.
Ills father was a lieutenant In the de- ,
partment. and was attached to the Fifth ;
street station for years. Capt. Clark
lived at 182 St. Nicholas avenue. He j
leaves a wife and a daushtrr.
THF. RKV. JOHN n. nitlODV.
Kingston, n. v., Feb. 2*.?The Rev.
.Tolin B. Brloly, for twelve years pastor
of St. Joseph's Ftoman Catholic Church
here. cUed to-day. He was ordained a
priest In 1887 and had served as as
sistant pastor of St. Peter's Church,
New York city, nnd lat?r as pastor of j
St. Joachim's. Beacon.
LOflT? Envelope shspe purse, eontalninx dia
mond rtns. unuenal de?l;m, square netting,
about "2 diamonds, valued for sentimental
r?a*ons; small amount money; automobll'
license; liberal reward. PU88KL.L. 40 Rlver
olde Drive. Hohuyler ?12;.
LoiBT?Between 73d, 3d av. Id "(Ith. elevator!
to iS<i. ey?*ls??ies. folding. white, iroid
rim. A. W. LEONARD, 71 H. Oid. Lenox
41^. __
LOST?Eartlnir, sqi.are, lade and pearls; re
\*ni?t. Phono Rhlnfltmb-r Bi#4.
" irr.'iiKwA i:n
for return of platinum veil pin, eontaininn
1 row of pterin and 2 rows of diamond*,
lost February 24. between rflth and 7?th *!?..
or on L?xln?rtoi av. eurfscc car. MARCCS
f- CO.. VI] e- arid 4*tli ?*.
? jifcC RRCvm'i.
I,oat?A blael; an*1 brick r?i) enamaled
vanity * 1th diamond, on Saturday
afternoon. I-'-bruaiv ??". at the Ambassador
ilctel or on Park av . between S3d and .'.Pfh
at Bet'irn u. I XRTIER. INC.. *M Mh av.
" two REWART ?
for return of platinum and end barpin. con
taining 83 ?ma:i diamond", Inst February 24.
how. en 4". 1| sml 121:" m. ?r In vicinity of
rs's's Hovel Restaurant. BI.ACK. STARR
* FROST. Mh av. and 49th st.
? ( R8WAHP
for return of platinum fi-Nlbie bracelet, con
Ulnlnc 42 diamonds; lost February 2?. be
t>veen with snd 34th St*. A. P.. LRK * 1 O.,
INC.. Wllllsm St. ______________
for re*urn or Information 1-adi in to rei overy
rt pearl necklace, containing 07 p?f?rls, geld
barrel i ?*!'. set with chip diamond: U?t
Now Vm it ? Itv during la'ter pnit of Feb
ruary. M vR<FP (? > ? . Sth av. and 4Mb st.
Vanderbllt 31*0.
Wenrlng Apparel,
t OPT?fal'ie i ?'.:plec", l*ft In Waok ts:J
taken (ror.1 C"!on.? Tt??taurant *o -I Ka?t
r.7'h s:.. ?'? ??'unday avenli (. H??aM
Photie IHsl Plana. ___ -
jf. ,vt ~M- ' V. " ? ' ?? >*' -a ; _Pe_!..
24. Vlctrl'. . ?>?
tlal r?"Sf' '"L_.
I al?. I??R" l<
'l02d and 10Tt't r j>.. t ? ?' IV>ston bull t?rrl?
-r!nM* APP ? m "k ui.viiifcCtiAX. ?;
u >MT?H' <1 -
$40 reward. A '.UA
Noted for His Controversy
With Allds in 1910.
8 tract be. Fob. 28.?nn Conser,
president of the Corona Typewriter i'om
I pany at Uroton, N. V., formerly Htatfl
j Senator and Assemblyman, Ulol to-day
in hid home In Ciroton.
Senator Conger came into prominence
in 1510, when ha charged former Sena
tor Jotham V. A lid * of Vorwlch. wttn
Slaving forced him to pay $1,000 for
i the pax.cage of highway legislation sev
eral years prior, when both Conger a):/
Allds were serving In the Assembly.
Charges of misconduct were filed
i against Allds, who wa.< tried ^ the
Si-nate, convicted of liavir.fr accepted a
: bribe and expelled. Allds, however, had
pent In hit? resignation a few hours
' before the expulsion nrtion was taken.
[ Conger a's-> resigned a few weeks
' later.
c. iiio<?i>s.
; Ce<-;| C. Iilggins. ?t attorney, who
floured in important !ltigati< rt about
.forty yearn ugi> in Hearing* ?etleo to
Manhattan property, died Sunday tit
Lenox Kill Hospital, where, he recently
had an operation. He lived at 109 East
i Fifty-sixth street and at Stillbrook
Farm, Bedford, N. V. J to was born in
Roxbury, Mass., seventy-two years ago.
He was graduated from Princeton L'ni
verslty, and was for twenty-five years
| secretary of the claps of 1S71. He was
! also graduated from New York Law
i School.
He leaves his wife, a son and a
' daughter. He was a member of the
Union 1-oague and University clubs.
; ICOHLEH - <'T"M1SK13V -On February
1022. at Clmhurst, Ixuig UIhihI, by W> \.
? rank's J. I'Va'i, Sarah Agnef* ('uruiskfv
j to Charles Ia*<c Kohlcr.
I Abr> . Paul ,
, Angus, M. S. .\
? Appleton, Minn u
; Artie. Horace ,t.
? Bla<'kbur:i, Ann.i
llrady. Mary A.
Briody, .'ohn If.
j Oarbrey. Charles I.
iCarpcnder A. N. K.
t r?alton, Theresa M.
! Dimond, Fanny O.
| Ulnlnny, Eugenia U.
| liberty. Etta It.
: Donovan, Cornelius J.
Earls, Edward
('?raven, Walter C.
Hartmnn, Charles 1".
i Hasting". Orlando B.
i Henry. C'lnrenco L>.
lilgglns, Cecil
Hunt. Louise H.
Jackson. Francis W.
i Jewett, Nelson H.
Johnson. lPIorenee
Jones, Alice il.
Klumpp, Kllen N.
Lamhreeht, Emma J.
I.awoon, Martha -\.
I Lehman, Uippolyte
?x>w, Eth :
Lutt?<n, Walther
M.\n.?nn Emma ]..
.Maurice. Emily Cool e
MoXovIns, Ji-rnam J.
M'fUNill. Mary IS.
J'hlllpp, \ i?I. \ \
Pope Heuedi' : XV.
i rice, Frank W
1'iohl, Rlrliai !
Uayson, Annie li.
Haj son. ' Irnliim
Uobertaon. Emma
Bobbins, Charles S.
Rodger*. Katharine O.
Bohr a, William
llosenfeld, Max
Salomon, Sarah
Shedd, Carrie II.
Stevenson, He let} H.
t-'tont. Francis A.
Taylor, Helen n.
Vila*, Mary B.
Wall, William B.
Weber, Frederick A.
Wells. Anna M.
Wilson, Frank L.
Wlthlngton Anna W.
In Memeriam.
' IJndel, Fanny W. Riley* Lester II.
ABEV.?Suddenly. of pneumonia, on February
26. at Sea Cliff, 1. I.. Paul A. Abry, be
loved husband of Florence A. Abry and
?on of Clara and the I a to Charles J.. Abry,
formerly of Cranford, X. J. Funeral at
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Sea Cliff. 1..
T.. on Wednesday. March 1. nt 10:W A. M.,
upon arrival of it A. M. train from Penn
sylvania Station. Interment private at
I'airvlew Cemetery, Cianford. N. J.
ANfit'S?Suddenly on February CS.
! Melersena S. Angus. Funeral servii'es at
J her late residence 2,"!7 West 11th ?t.,
Thursday. Marih 2. at S I". M. In'erment
at convenience of family?.
APPLETON.?At her residence, 74 Bes on
? St.. Boatnn. Mass . on February 27. li<22,
Minn Hargous Appleton, wife of WlUiini
I Appleton. Funeral from Emanuel Chu*c!i
en Thursds>>?Mareh 2. at II o'clock ii'ejn.
Frlrnris are most politely rtqueeted not to
send flower*.
ABNK.?*Hii Filiruary 27. 1!?22. Horace John
son Arne. Funeral services nt his lato
ieslden<e, tTlfi Von 1Blst St.. Wednenday,
I March 1. at s p. M Interment Bosedale
Cemeterj', Orange. N. J.
I AHNE. ?Horace J St. .lolin's !.odac. No. 1,
; A. V. 11.?Brethren: You are lieieby r?
queated to attend an emergent communl
j eat'on of the lodge for tiie purpose of
I holding Masonic services over our !at?
brothsy. Worshipful Horace J. Arne, fJOd
West Ifllst st.. New York city, on t dnes
diiy evening, March I, at S o'cloc'
Charles W. Hamilton, Master.
C. O. Milne. Secretary.
AUN'K lloraro J.?St. John'# I.?dr\ No. ! ; i
A. V. M. and J". *? A. M.: Brethren, yon
are lier*l>> request >'d to attend tin- fuuerHl
?< rvli ??< of our late brother. Worshipful
liro. U?r?? J. Arm, ai lile ;at?- reel
den*-e. (UM WnI 1PI*t ?t.. Xew York city,
Wednesday e%-enl'iK. M*rt'h ! at K o'clock.
BLACKB1 RN. ? On February S3. Anna.
Chnpel Stephen Merrltt Burial and Crtrrn
?!nn Company, lfil *th av., corner l?th at.
BRADV.?On Monday, February 2T. at her
r??ldrnc?, 120 We*t T^h Mar ' A., Ife
of the late Patrick Bradv. Msmi of Re- ;
?u!em at the OhtlRh of f,oe Bleseed Sac
rament, Broadway and 71?t tt , Wediie*
(.ay. March l,.at 10 A. M.
BRIOr?Y. A* Klniraton, N > Tuesday
iriornin-. February -V 1#3?. tbp Re\. John
Henry Priody. p..*;or of ft. .Toceph'* Rn
nian Catholic Church. )'ur-ral at fit. Jo
repli'i Cht:rch. Kin??to?i. N. Y. Friday,
March 1022. a* 10 a. M . ?hm aoltmn \
requiem trm-n will be offered for 'he re*
poee of I.!? * Interment lar.illy plot j
I'alvary CdOMtery, X. Y.
CAItimry.?Charlei I. . 'vd husband of
Ktliol *f j> Carbrev. nudd.nly, k- Mount
Varnon. N. Y. Not Ire of funeral later.
CARPEXDER.?On February 28. Anna Ncll
foii Kemp, wIfe of th?' late Joi n Nelleon
i. aiper.d?-r. Funeral service* at the ChWeh
of fit. John the Fvangollet. New Rruns- i
wick. X. .1 . March I at 3 0 P. M.
DALTON.?On February 2". Theresa M., he.,
loved daORliter of the late John .' Dal
ton and Annl" 1'alton and >d*ter of John. ?
Andrew, William. Ann*. Ixiretta. Joseph
i,n1 Edward. Funeral from her lat" res
Id* nee, 217 r.s.'t Klnc?bri<'.ee Road, on
Thursday at 9 30 A. M . th?nre to the
church of Our Lady of Merry. Interment
St. Raymond'*.
DIMOXD?Fanny oil-is. dan*. !?r of the late
Matthew and Dlmend, on Mo-i
i.mk February "7. funeral private, from
i er late reald<nco. 20 Charlton et., on
Wednesday, at t:S0.
DINIXXY.? Eugenia K, " 1fo <?'. I'erral C
fdnlnny. on February 20. Services prl
DOIIKfftTY.?On ' ebruary 27. R"a M
I'oher'v. daujli'"- of the late John If. and
Kathtrin" S. Dob*'!.* and beloved ?!?'>r
of flenevlere <*. and f.c,> V. r?o'ierty. Re
iiiem ?f .?*?. Tere?a'? C , mil. Sorting
r>lai-e nr d riaaion a' . Brooklyn, Thur?de>.
at 10 A M. Automobile corteg*.
DOHUtTY.?Ftfa M Member* of the Mai
hattarivllle Alumnae Association are re
?utitld 'o a'lend the runer*' Mm of
tl eir *l*t<*r aiumne j-Itta M I>t>h?r'y. a'
?!.e Chtirrl' of St. T*re?a, Claaioti av. an<l
M'eriln* plac-. Urooklyn, on Thursday,
March 3. ?' "'ct-vk.
tir.ljtx MURRAY BRADFORD. si:cw:
DOITKRTV.- F.tta M Th? cfilldren of Mar>
of Manhattan\.. ie a<-- reque?-r?i to at??nd
iho Funeral Mm of ?lr !at^ aeiocla'e,
Etta M. Oolerty, nt tlie Church of
T' re?fc. Brooklyn, on Thuradaj. March 2,
at !0 o'rio<-it
DOXOVAX ?On rnnday. February .?! at '?!*
I oiT.e. Il?li *0th a . Rinhmord Hill, N
V., Corn"live J ponovan, form?r'v of
t ? Seventh Ward. Manl.atun. hu?l'an4 of
>tary J?-? <?? Donovar and fatl ?r of John.
Mat . P.. M hael, I ra' ?!? Joceph and
lanatltt* and M" ''!iarlc? Eokl off and
Mr* Kithr n Rohinaon Reonlem Iftb
Maaa will be offered on W?dn?ada>
March 1. a* 0 r.r .? M ? ?: e < 'hnrth ?(
r |lo|y rhtld ''?uy. <*tl and 112th
?? . HI" n.otHill, v Y Ir.te i:.ent SI.
Jol.n'i r?mM?r".
CARLE.?On Febrtian 2*. Edward Carle. n?
?'if JIo'i VlKonqtlln, N#" Yolk "it) Srr
?,-,rep a' 'h* f'hapcl of Jamoa K ^ln*<n
bottom, >id and idh ?? ... on Thuredn).
at 8 V M
"RAVES Suddenly ' 1 Mond?>. t-'ebruarv I
'.7. 1W2, nt Rl.hirond, Walter c
ate t*i ' eare l<loved lltieband ?f R??t!i
lv i;rnw Funeral eervlrea ??;"( be hel'
? the National C'aaket i'tiap?'. 14 E. Sftth
N V, city, on "ihureda\. v'e-i-h J. a'. 2
p Vi ln'err,-,?iit Wo'dlarvii Cemeterj-.
tIARTMAN ' "? T e?.in-. February j?, 1 ?
i har'ee F. ITnt'inan, huebind of tli? lale
?Jiir^ 1i L. llartlMMt l'urteral r>
id? late realdrn-e. Til \Ve?t .In?"' !,
ThutiMlay. March f <> IV ' !
men* i "'.ronvood C ^-r;- ?' 11 N M
(lASTINil.^.- Suddcnij. oi V'brWi.t .*? ?> .
'nrido I n'-. belov?d huaband of Loulae
rand t "nethum. >, vice* Tuesday. Feb
ruary .- 1 '-V' ;<? : an
f'bii"^, Br < yti I '?l prhata.
UKXRY.?On February 17. Kt?2. C .a et.cs L.
Henrjr, at till la.t<' Ieaideoc*. IK41 Fast
Thirteenth street, ISraofclyii. Funei *1 e?r
vicej Wednesday evening. i tnh 1 ?
o'clock, Interment r.tliwi), N. J
H1GGIX8.?Cecil. Campbell el CVurc*.
il'way. UGth t'.. until Weduts
HFXT.?At Oranjtc. N. J February ?. IMS.
laoulse Hunnewell, wKne of < ,iat 1
Krdgewlck Hunt. Fumru! private
JACKBOK.?At his home, 12" South 'Jr^^
at.. East Orange, N, J , on February ?*.
1022. Frand* Whiting, husband of the l*;t
-\dall::e Egbert Jackson, In his Hist rest."
Noticu of funeral hereufter.
jr.WETT.-On Tuesday, February 1022.
N'? Ison Holland, husband of Julia no; -
Jon"*, in hi* 3,"th jear, a*. Uronxvl'. ,
X. Y. Funeral private.
JOIIX8QN.?On Monday morning. February
If22. riorancr. daughter of the lata
TCIllfcm 11. and Julia Mumn, FiUMMI
s.r\< ? at her late residence, 109 W.
St., on Wednesday evening. March 1. at -t
o'clock. Interment at Woofllawn Omt*
tery. *
JONI5S .\fte-- a short Illness, A:;r? Mw,
daughter of George P. and Minnie 7..
Jones. Funeral services at her lat<- r^^ ?
d_er.ee. ST."4 lOSth st., Richmond 11111, X.
Y., on Thursday at S F, M.
KT.UMPP?Suddenly on Sunday. Feb.ua*/
!'>, 10:2. Hllen N.. wife of the late John
F. Kl.impp. nt the residence of l.'r
da lighter. Mr*, fjeorge A. M'-Ilrny,
f'laremont a-., .t-rsey City. Funeral set
vices private. Kindly omit flowers.
LAMISRECftT.?A? )4H Noitli r.roadway.
White Plain -. \*. v.. February -K 102'-.
Emma .).. v. ||\- of Frank L. Latubreclit*
and stater of Mr.?. Francis Lee and Martin
<; llolallnR. Requiem High Maes Churcii
of St. John the Evangelist, White Plains,
l-'iiday, March 3. at 10 A. M.
liAWHOJf. ? At Ynnkers. N. Y.. on Tuesd-' .
Februarj- 27. If<22, Martha A. Lawson. In
her 73d >-ar. beloved wife of the la *
Judson Lawson. Funeral wn'ian will b?
In Id nt "11 residence of her son. Clnr
1 nee J. Lanaon, *tl Landscape ?v? Yon
ker.', V. V . on Thursday ev.-ning. Marc 1
1. lf<2. SI". Interment Woudlav n Fri
day morning.
LEHMAN'.? Hlppolyte. at l is ic?ldence. Mi"
?'ay, F'-bruarv 27. In Ms 73d yea". N -
lived liusba' I i>f .f-ii'.tto lUHmani nil
(Uvotid fattier i>f l>anlel, Chariee How
ard, ttae. Saldel, llortense 1 Har'-u-ge.
nnd Franels. Member of Daniel \Vfb?ti -
I<o?lge. So. 21. I >.i F. S. I. Fuivenrt
tirlvat.--. Klniiiy omit flowcrt. Paris pap't t
please copy.
LOW.?At ^liltji ivood. V. J., on Fel.-uary 2T,
1H22. after a 1 Iiuroiij,~ uiness, Eth"l Cole
man Low. daughter of Mr". T.. F Ha'
Rii ?>l. age IT > en 1 v Funeral seri'lce? wl'l
held at h'-r late residence, 2 Woodaida
'?lar. . Rldgekvood. X. J., on Wednesday,
Mar.Ji 1. at 8 P. M.
JjI'TT' JEN'.?<>n Februarj- 27. ir>22. Walthe ,
In bl? H^iii year. Funeral services at 1
lai- respieiie.-., 4;i W?-st 7."?th st., Xe
York. Wednesday, March 1, iu " P. M.
MA\SOX.?Entered into rest on Fund,' ,
l ebruaiy 2d, ll<22, Emma l.oulse, belo-eit
sister of Isabello Stewart-lies and Rrit i
Manson l inguist. Funeral aervioes at bi *
late residence, 11.1 Huron s;.t trocklyp.
Wedn.fday at P. M
MAURICE.?On Februaiy 27. 1022. at C.!e,i
Uidee, v. ,T., suddenly, of menlrg!'
llmllv Cooke, mfn r.f Chart' s Frarl' ?
Maurie. . dauehter of the 'f.ty Robert
l'r<d"t-|fk Wilkinson and Ju'la (ilfford
Wilkinson of Potigbkeej?sle. N. Y., and
flaugbter-ln-law "f Cbarlea Stewart Meti
rl'"e of Athens. Pa., and the ate ('harlotm
Marshall Maurice. As Mr 'Iharbs Kra
rler Maurice Is snrlniial> 111 wltli pneu
monia. the funeral will be private. Pi
term nt at Poughke?p?|p, N. Y.
MeNEVINS. P.ernard J., beloved hushsnd nf
Elizabeth McXevlns (nec Rutterlj >. Fu
neral from bis late residence, 104S F-'ec
st.. on Tlitirsrtay. Mat 'li 2. at 9:30 A M.
Requiem Mass at Church o* St. J< ' i
' Chrysostom. Ifl7th at. and Hoc av . at lf> '
M. Interment Calvary. Automobile cortege.
MF.RPERFAF.?On Monday, February 27.
1H22. Mary E . beloved wife of William I .
Mersereau. Funoral services at lier ;?, >?
residence, PS llovd at., Stapleton, S. ? .
on Thursday, March 2, at 2 P. M.
P1II LI PP.?Abby Anne, wife of Merits B,
Phlllpp. at her Icsldenre. 11 East ."7th s*.',
X. V. C.. Februarj 2s. 1022. Services pri
vate. Interment Ipswich. Mass
POPE REXEDK'T XV?Members of tb
ManhattanvH'e Uuninae Association ari
Invited to attend n Mass of Requiem for
/1 uv late Sovert-lgn Pontiff, Pope Renedl-t
XV., at. Manltat mnv llle, on Thursday,
March 2. h< 10 o'clock
PRICK.- Frank P.. on Monday, February Zl.
11182. beloved huubatid of Isabella Irvtnr.
Funeral Mrvtm at All Angela- Church,
Went Knd av. and Mat at., on Thursda; .
March M : T M.
PRfCF..-Thc St. favld's Swlrlv, *itli deep
regret, announce* the death of
frank h. ritici:.
Funeral en Ir^s at All Angels' Church,
TVXI End av., Mst St.. on Thursday.
March 2. at 2 o'clock.
OBO. MOftOA.N l.EWIS. hecretarv
RU-hard. beloved husband of Kmn i
l'rohl mw Witt) In the rt&th year of hi*
as?5 at hi* lata residence, lfto y.abrlskle
at.. Jersey City, N. .T. Funcr.il private at
convenience or family.
RA YPON ?Annln C.ralis m. The Fitne-a
Church (Campbell Building), Broadway,
(irttli at., Thuraday, 2 1'. M.
ROItBlXH.-On February . Char'e" Sldn??
Bobbins, beloved husband of Ames Tem
ple-Smith Funeral *ciV|, and Inter
ment ."l:."." P. M. Wedtusda: , March 1.
at Johnstown. N. V.
ROBERTSON ?On February 2*, 1022. Kirrr*
Roberiton. widow of Tliotnaa W Rober
eon. Ftireral a?rv|.*ej at bar late resi
dence. Wut 100th ?t .Thuraday eve
ning, S o'clock. *
ROfXIBRS -February 2>">. 1[>22. nt her tail,
('??lira, Vaa< naz. Switzerland, Kathar'i:"
O'ltram Rodg^ra. daughter of the la'?
Alexander P'lbertsO'i and Mary RldgerK*
Rodger*. Philadelphia pipers please
ROlin?.-On Tuesday. February 2s. i!?22.
William Itohrs. beloved husband cf Caro
line Rohra. and aon of Mm. Snphle Rohr*.
Funeral scrvlce* on Thursday. MarHi 2.
nt - P. M.. from the Bilnn Memorial M. K
'Ihurch, iota at.'nnd Lexington av.
ROfEXrei/D.-On February 27. Ma*. In hi*
t.Ttrt year, bejoved httahar.d ,if < :ara a*4
devoted father of Mra. Anna Hvmati
Harry. Pol, Jacob. William Ro?enf*!d and
Mra. Estello T1nee-Pa rver. Funeral ser> ?
Ices at Filil Rothschild's Funeral Chap-'.
SOS l.-rtox av.. Wednesday. March I. a*.
10 A. M Pleaaa omit flower*.
SALOMON-Sarah, beloved wife of Samih-I
and mother of I'! Alfred V., died Febru
ary 2*. Kunetal March I at I P. M.
from h'. Rothschlld'a ftmeiul parlor*, 2<>s
Lenox av.
PHEni) -On February C*. Carrie Huated.
wife of John M. Shedd. Funeral ?erMe<*
at her late re*lde:i?e, 144 East ."VSth at., on
Thuraday. March 2. at 10 A. M. Inter
ment at convenlen e of the family -
STEVENSON?At ratcrson. N. -I , on Sir*,
day, February 2'', 1PI2, Helen Horn
blower. wife of Eugene Strrenaon. Fu
neral rervlces at her late realden'-e, ."ad
Park av., Pateraon, N. J., on \Ved;ie?dav,
March 1. IWi. at 3 oclr < P. M Au*?
nmbllea w!l) me"t Erie train at F'atereon,
leaving Jerarv City at 1:4."i P. M
BTOTTT?On Tuesday, February i*.
Francla Alfred, -or of tl " late Will'#
H'llnian and E'lrabeth stoi't. Funei*!
aervlc. a will be held at lita late residence,
1.V> Weet 1.1th ?t . on T'mreday. M.irc(
at 11 A. M. Irit?-rrient Woo?tlaAn. Kindly
omit flowen.
TAYLOR?Ile;?n RicV.e T . F-j-.eral
Church fCampbell Bulldln*), Rroadway.
cath a* . Wednesday. 10 A. M
VII.AH.?Mary Haker, auddettl), on Febru
arv 2T. at Fraver, T?a.. helo aii *l?e H
Wylle H Vllaa. Funeral eervi.-ea Jn
Cleveland, OMo, on Thuradaj, Mar h 2
WAIX.-At Cherry'ale. Va., en February 17
of pneumonia. Capt. VTlllam U. Wat'
Motor Trana^er* Corpa, A K. 1".. he*m-e<*
huaband of l.l'.lan Wall <nee M'*Onneir*lii
nt.d eon of Mer.e rt. nnd the lata Wl'llan
ft. wail. Interment Arlington Nation*'
Cemrtecy. Arlington. Va., Thuraday, Marph
2. at 11 A. M.
WKBrcn.?Fredetkk ? . ?uddei/y, at hit
"??ldenee, ?.?$> Wei! I4tth It., " l eunda ??
February 2*. 1022. ,Sep*Ie*a at ||.M A V
Wedneaday, March t, at the Church ?*
Our I-sdy of I.otirdee, 1?2d St.. betwee
Convent and Amanrdam av*, Xr.tertnen-,
prl' ate.
WIiI.t.F?F.ntered Into reat Februarj- 27. IB?
at Bouid Brook. S". J. Mra Anna V
Weil* ir.ee Premeyet^ widow of tl.e Re*
Pr Welle of Andaht*!* Pa I*uneral
*etvice? ai d Interment private
WII.pon.?On February 27, J02J, Kc-'
F-ank I.. Wilton. |-a?tor of ?he >1 vini
Kl*'*o Methodist Ppian ral Church. F
n'ral services at 'he Mou' * lv'?e.^ \?i ?
odiat Fiilaeopal < hurc'i cri Wclnre is .
Marr'i I. a' 1 P. M. Interim ti* Wi h' 1
' enietery. Mldctletottn, Jf. Y., on TT.uradrv* .
March 3. t P. M.
W1THINC1TON.?On Monday. F.-bmary ?T.
lM2. at her residence, ?-.?? inth av . A-.
torla. N, T., Anna W.. belayed wife ?'
Ernest s. A\ ithlnaton. Funeral aervl<-ea r.
Thursday morning, March 2. *t Pec
ItlU, N. J.
E!(ORIi 1 ?ad and !o>-ln< memory of an
Selove/t mothtr. Farny W litde'. ?*>
died Febtuary 21>, 101 tt
RILKV In ever loving mentor- of m\ b
loved huaband. I^atcr Howard Rilev. wl
??parted this itfe March 1. IPCi). and K
only eh"d. 'Velka U?re|en Plland. wl
t I?"vi a? ay saptenibei I. 11. . jp.
r. ?

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