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Defeats A. L. Walker, Jr., and
Other Stars at Pine
Richmond County Eutuant
Second With 153?B. W.
Corkran Is Third.
fluccial Dispatch to Thc New York Hnutt
Pine hurst, N. C., March 8.?Arthur
Yates of the Oak Hill Club of Roch
ester developed one of his best golfing
moods at a most opportune moment
to-day and scored a brilliant 35?35?70
over the championship course, which
e nabled him to win the medal from a
field of more than three hundred ama
teurs iu the spring tournament. Yates
took 81 Monday over the No. 3 course
In the first 18 holes of the qualifying
tost, and his 70 to-day gave him a
r core of 151, which was two shots
lower than that of A. L. Walker, Jr.,
of Richmond County, who was second.
The tournament was remarkable for
thc fact that although there were 333
starters on Monday, the scores which
? lualifled in the first division varied from
the winning 151, to 171, a difference of
twenty shots, whereas those who quail
fled in some of the higher divisions were
not separated by more than two strokes,
the seventh sixteenth being composed
"entirely Of solfers who expended either
197 or 198 strokes for the thirty-six hole I
13. Warren Corkran of Ualtimore,
end Yates and Walker rule the favor
ites in th*> match play. B. P. Merriman
of Waterbury, North and South ama
teur champton, qualified with a 165, but
he recently recovered from an illness
;ind is not able to play within several
shots of his best.
Frank Blossom, formerly of Yale,
from thc Indiana Hill Club of Chicago,
qualified In the first division and Is con
curred dangerous.
Yntea Han Been Off Form.
It was a long, long trail of golfers
that struggled over the championship
and No. 2 courses to-day. Those who
played the championship course Mon
day were on to-day, and those i
who had their first round on No. 3, went
around the championship layout to-day.
Yates was not favored to win the
medal, for he has not been scoring as
well recently as at the time of the St.
Valentine's tournament, tn which he led
the qualifying, after a play off with
John D. Chapman. lie came back at
the right time. Yates's card:
Out 5 4 3 4 4 3 4 H 3-80
The S<
No. No.
2. .1. Tl.
Arthur Yate.*, Rochester 70 SI 1.">t
,\. I. Walker, Jr., Richmond Co. 7H 77 153
1!. W. Cork ran. Baltimore 77 78 155
Ned lleall, Sherbrooke 79 78 157
!lobi'rt 12. Harlow, Scarborough.? 78 79 157
Frank Blossom, Indian llill 79 80 l.%9
A. Klllott Banuay, Greenwich.... 8,". 78 Itll
John P. Chapman, Greenwich.... 79 83 IB2
II. J'. Merriman. Waterbury 8'.' 83 1H5
3.. I>. Pierce, Kkwanok 8? 80 Ififl
r. It McMillan, Essex County... 83 8.1 lrtti
.1 iw llydolek, Buffalo 82 ?? 1H8
l >r. li. T. Gregg, Oakmont 81 87 1H8
Fred U. Elliott. Woodland 82 87 1??
'I. S. Proctor, Pittsburgh 89 80 Itift
ileorge Parry. Old Fork Road... 83 8ll 171
]>raw for first round?Pierce v?. Proctor,
Harlow vs. Chapman, Hanney vs. Merri
man. Pydolek vs. Gregg, Blossom vs.
Parry, Yates vs. Corkran, Walker vs. Mc
Millan and Beall vs. Klllott.
TI. De F. Eockwood Meriden til
''red Kennedy. Springfield 173
J. B. Stack. Atlantic City 174
.1. D. Armstrong, Buffalo 175
Malcolm MacG"*gpoi\ Detroit 175
H. Jennings, Detroit 17tl
II. Ti. I?ewis, Toledo '... 17d
M. Srnalley. Chicago 17R
Francis T. Keating. Plnehurat 17?
C. B. Fownos, Oakmont 17t>
H. Stevlch. Pomonoke..... 178
W. T. .Stall, Brockton 178
rapt. A. T. Roberta, Scotland.....'..... 179
.1. Hallowed, Old York Road 180
.t. Bertram. Wvagkyl.. 181
E. B. Bruch, Cleveland 181
r. S. Maclaughlin, Ekwanok 181
.1. M. Thompson, Sprlnghavep 182
W. M. Weaver, Huntington Valley 1*3
T. Keiley, Southern Pines....,, 183
<?. B. Beardsley, Waterbury 183
W. H. Greene, Denver. 18.1
II. Wilson, Cherry Valley 183
.1. Flynn, Greenwich., 184
R. 11. Hunt, Worcester 184
P. It Hanna. Cleveland 185
II. M. Robinson. Montclalr 185
W. O. Kenny, Weston 185
W. M. Ailing, Baltusrol 185
S. Honrieattc, Plnehurst 185
Scores made by golfers from the
metrojeiHIan district who qualified In
other than the first three divisions:
W. H. Whitoomb, Plainfleld.... 92 94 180
U. W. Poor. Oakland 91 9h 186
E. II. Wlswcl 90 im 188
,i. It. Turney, Slwanoy....,T.... 90 |tu ikn
W. A. Ruppe, Buffalo 90 98 18N
It. ??. Carmlchael, Montclalr.... 95 93 188
'5. T. Dunlap, Canoe Brook 92 00 |N8
l ll.'llman, Fslrvlew 94 95 I8!t
W. T. Barr, Deerlnst Harbor.... 99 90 180
.1, It. Carslde, OakHud 95 94 1*9
M. H. Jones, Fox Hills 95 !HI 191
A. B. Mutzlcr, Lakeside 91 101 192
.1. S. Brown, Montelair 9<> INI IBS
E. Grant, Grenwlnli !?8 95 193
11. K. Cochran. Plain fluid 98 95 193
A. I>. Slkes, Buffalo 91 104 195
C. B. Hudson. North Hudson... .100 IWt ifW
W. W. Corlrll, Plainfleld 90 101 1 tMi
I'r. J. Murray Johnson, Brook
lae n P0 97 19(1
S. liywater, Greenwich 104 93 19T
George A. Graham, Engiewood. 93 101 1(17
s. P. Hayward. Glen Ridge 100 97 19T
W. It. Ellis, Bnltuarol 98 100 198
Ronald O. Gubelman, Essex
County 98 100 198
<\ E. Tappin, Harden City 97 lot 198
Samuel Harris, Soundvlew 100 !*M 198
I'. II Chandler. Maltuarol 98 101 100
W. M. Hager, Baltusrol 103 IMS 100
James Dunn, Bridgeport 100 99 199
G. M. Dodd. Montclalr 10?i P4 200
It. V. Covert, Eockport.t 98 108 200
Alex Veltch. New York 102 99 201
.Inioes Barber. Englewood 101 101 202
>' II. llolstead, Morris l ounty. H7 KIT. 202 1
Sam A. Scrlbner. Grassy Sprain.lo"> ti* 20.11
J. D. Kumsey, llrnoklyn 103 101 204
Ilex W. Wadrnan, White Beeches. 104 101 205
C. II. Ilslstrad, Home !0| 105 2011
I!. I'. Faber, Baltusrol 99 107 20tt
F. A. Wright. Baltusrol 100 107 JI07
Barnes and Hutchison Win
Keen Match in the South
TiAtiRRL, Miss., March 8.?Jim Hame*
j n<l lock Hutchison began the last Ian
of their 10,000 mile tour by defeating
l.eo Diegcl and Seymour Dunn to-day on
i he course of the Laurel Country Club,
by 2 up and t to play.
The champions made'n fins comeback
IM afternoon. At the end of the
V"?rnfng round they were .1 down, and
I Hegel and Dunn also won the first hole
of the afternoon round.
The best ball cards were:
Barnes and 5 5 8 4 6 5 4 4 3?37
Hutchison <44.14544 3-37-72
I'tegel and 3 4 4 3 4 H 4 5 3-3fl
Dunn 44484444 a?3.1?etl
Farnts anrf 54484 5 34 .1-15
Hutchison 4 4 4 3 3 4 4 4 a SS M
Piagel and 4533 5 5 4 5 3-37
Punn 4 4 5 3 5 5 4 4 4-3S?75
There Must Be Some Explanation for It
?T That pat V
A riOTCL P/ARi5Arto->
Tee -mee - hee.
i VOu R-e So Funhy,
MR.etAH ! reau-Y
OO onTh? St^\6E:
Here* a^otmcr
I orte twvr May ee
npnTo you. it 1
5 "Vo iKi;miva?<h
MAMED PAT Amp (*?*??
?you^pe A
. BcArt'
be a vutitic
fV|r.0cah .
His SeCKEU?>&y
I hea?D ?t V/yAS a.
thc vvav
i voo "Tec*. l_r
Thc 8ovJ IN twe
^HiPftnCr deer* *Ay
I you're a R?T<x law
Cooieot am . voo
OUGHT to <50 en The .
mr, Blah , vne'rc Genrnrio^
OP A 8l<i OirMNG<2. ATThc
??ir*<l To Ptrr VOu Dovwm
FOR a SPEGCH. now, '
no e*cuSE^!
All Ri&ht. AS
. a FAVIOR"'?
l\c Vo IT But *
PefiSoriAtUY ? -
? PIO N t ev.PE.CT To BE GUt?o\
Om For a speech to-night 1
ArsOTHiS RemiMOi M?OF a f
Little SToRV. ?T SEEMSTv/mO j
MtK? * J
C*fr?fkl. Hit h. T w.k.tM
Providence Girl Defeats Miss
Cuminingg 4< and 2 on
Helleair Links.
Special Dispatch to Tme Nkw "York IIkramj.
Bkli.eair Heimiits, FU., March 8.?
Miss Glenna Collett of 1'rovldence
played a round in S3 to-day in the
semi-Anal of the women's golf tourna
ment and defeated Miss Edith Cum
tilings of OnwentHju. Chicago, by 4 and
2. The match was followed by nearly
all the golfers at Helleair, as the sen
sational form displayed by thesa two
stars has created great interest here
in their respective chances for the
women's championship.
Miss Cummings Is the present holder
of the title. Her defeat to-day leaves
Miss Collett and Mrs. C. F. Fox of Hunt
ingdon Valley to contest the final. Mrs.
Fox eliminated Mrs. a. Henry Stetaon,
also of Philadelphia, by 5 and 4.
Miss Collett's brilliant start this
morning proved too swift a pace for
the Chicago golfer. She covered the
first four holes in even fours and stood
4 up playing the fifth, which she lost,
5 to 6.
Miss Collett was 5 up on the turn
and looked to have the victory clinched,
but MIVs Cummings came back and won
I he tenth, eleventh and thirteenth. This
reduced her opponent's lead to 2 up.
Miss Cummings took .1 putts on the
fouiteenth, losing the hole In fi to 5
after Miss Collett had driven into the
palmettos. The long sixteenth saw the
end of the match, Miss Cutnmings pick
ing up after playing her fourth Into a
mound short of the green.
Miss Collett was out In 42 and came
home In 41. Miss Cummings required
47 to gn out. but coming home she
played fully an well as her opponent.
Mrn. Fox defeated Miss Collett In the
first tournament here of the season over
the ehorter course. The summary :
Second Klglit?Mrs. Alvtn Alvnrd, Clearwa
ter, (Infested Mrs. IT H. Sheerer, Kmt
Orange, ." anil I Mi h Katharine Ingalls,
Piping I!rok, ilrtVatari Mrs. W. Cook,
!>etrolt, 2 anil t.
Third Right?Mr*. H. K. Pepper. Phlladel
Tilila, defeated Mr*. 8. Wellford. Naw York,
'J up: Mrs. A. Blun, New York, defeated
Mr*. J. U. Lyon, Clearwater, 3 and 1.
Naval Academy Gymnasts
Continue Winning Streak
Hpecial Pi*patch to Tub Nkw Yosk HapAt.n.
Annapolis, March 8.?The Naval
Academy gymnastic team continued Its
unbroken series of victories by winning
from Dartmouth here this afternoon by
49 points to 5.
In spite of the small score the visitors
put up a better exhibition than . any
other opponents of the midshipmen this
The feature was the work of Pearson,
individual gymnastic champion last tear,
wiii' went into four events and took
places In nil. The Nununaries:
llnrliontsl liar First, Cory, Nnval Arad
emyi second) I >ane>. Naval Academy, and
Unssleur, Dartmouth, tied.
8|di? Horse-First, Pearson, Navsl Acadpmy;
second, Clark, Nnval Academy; third,
Psaree, Naval Academy.
Club Swinging?First, Pugsn, Naval Acad
emy; se< ond, MeAdum, Naval Academy;
third, Fraser, Dartmouth.
Parallel Bar*?First, Prgrson, Naval Acad
emy; second, I mills, Naval Academy; third,
FKIng Hlng* ? First, Taylor, Dartmouth;
second, Nold, Navsl A<-si|emy; third, Pear
son. Navsl Ars'letny.
Tumbling?First, Hylve?ter, Navsl Academy;
second, Pearson, Navsl Academy; third.
Taylor, Dartmouth.
Pros in Four Ball Match.
Ormonh BiacM, Fla., March 8.?In
a four ball match on the Ormond lleach
course to-day William Potts, tho Or
mond professional, and Tom McNnmara,
Siwanoy, dirfeated Ca?,. ("lark of (lie
Engineers ( lub and Al Chryntle, H- a
Breege professional, 4 and 3. Potts >ind
Mctfamara hM * he*t hsfl of d*.
Phonograph Fails as
an Aid to Oarsmen
Special Dispatch to Tub New Yosk Hbru.d.
CAMHRIDGK, March R.?Tlio
o^r<;m<n wlio liave no harmony
in th<'!r ?ystems are causiiur
the phonograph as a method of teach
ing rowing at-Harvard to bo junked.
Coach Howe has found that tho non
musical strokes of the different
thirty-four urews cannot follow the
marches played on tho phonograph
to give the crows rhythm and there
will be no official playing.
One assistant manager also played
a Jaita unthinkingly during one prac
tice and the crew almost fell out of
the tank. The phonograph was intro
duced only last weelc.
Columbia Scores Over
Princeton at Swimming
Score Is 36 to 17 in Morning
side Pool.
Capt. KberTiart of the Columbia swim
ming team carried his team to victory
over Princeton In a contest held In the
Morningside pool last night. The final
score was 36 to 17. Kberhart won the
50 yard and 100 yard swims and was
anchor in the relay, starting even with
Ktlnson, the fourth man for Princeton,
and beating him by less than a foot.
The most exciting event of the eve
ning was the 100 yard swim. As the
score stood at this point a first for the
home team would have decided the meet.
Mahar, the Blue and White plunger,
broke his own tank record of plunging
7."? feet In 49 seconds by the new mark
of 47 3-3 seconds. Halbach captured
the diving easily, defeating Most, who
had defeated him at Princeton several
weeks ago. Columbia took five out of
six first places.
The summary:
r.0 Yard?Won by Kberhart, Columbia I.anc,
Columbia, *r ? >nd: Sehrelver, Princeton,
third. Time. 25 4-it seconds
Fancy Dive?Won by Halbach. Columbia;
Moser, Princeton, second; t>? Kronzo, Co
lumbia third. Winner, ION.ii points.
2:0 Yard?Won by Montgomery, Princeton;
Polk, Columbia. wond; Bray. Princeton,
third. Time, 2 minutes 41 <-"? second*
Plunge for Platance?Won by Maliar, Colum
bia; 'Pawlny, Princeton, second; Carter.
Columbia, third. Instance, 7"> feet In 47 ?'!-.*
lOo Yard?Won by Kberhart. Colombia-.
Montgomery. Prlneston, second; Ulbson,
Princeton, thlid. Tims, .">0 secomlp.
Relay?Won by Columbia (Knlcbel, Chrvstal,
I.angfl. Kherhart, Princeton, second (Pole.
Khrelver. Montgomery, Stlnson). Time, 1
minute 45 seconds.
Princeton (2#). Columbia (Irtt
Hotting Center Belswenger
Phillips forward Mlndlln
Ponalt night forward./ Cooper
Hardin T?eft back Acfcerman
Hcbrauff flight back Hchiff
Talt (Suard ?\lth*lmet
Penn Basketball Team
Continues Its Winning Streak
Ptttt,Ar>Bi.pHtA, March S ("apt. Bill
Craven's I'nlverslty c?f Pennsylvania
basketball team made It twenty-three
victories out of twenty-four games Nils
?wason by defeating Swarthmore College
to-night, 17 to 14.
Penn played without A1 Voegelin, who
hurt his ankle and Is being rested for
tHe l>arfmnuth game on Saturday. Hunt- ,
singer was als?? on ths sidelines. The i
(Jarnet surprised Penn by Its close
guarding. The lineup:
l'?nn (17). Swarthmore (lit. 1
Huliivsn forward Qrsnhart
Coldhlatt Forward ... MankliiK
Orave Center ....Ogden
Miller tluard Varnal!
?femes Ounrd Karnahaw
field kosIs Ptnn?Orave. ; ; Miller, l!r?w, i
rioldblslt. Hwarthmore?Ogilsn. < Irenhart
Ii'ai il iinalu i lea 1 o *! mit ,. t 1 I > I , r n ah .1
in out of 1.1; I loldhla It. I out of 7. Mitbst|.
?utlonr? Penu- Hrsw for Hulllvan. MeNlehpl
'?r Krew. He arthnWe Maitsr for Hanklns,
Hanklns for Haxter, PleohnuKb for Ojrlen,
t'axter for Hanklns. nefercs rjelges I'm
plre?Ktnery. Tims of halves 20 minutes
Basketball Results.
"t. Teter's Prep.. <1; Rutgers Prep.. M.
rittxhnrgb. 'Mis W. soil Jf? ?>?.
ttlwnn<M, 34". f ltlrs|'>, 17.
National Indoor Champion to
Play in Brooklyn Title
With the present national indoor
champion and one former title holder
entered and with many others of local
prominence amoni; the aspirants, the
first annual Brooklyn indoor tennia
championship, wtiich opens at the
Fourteenth Regiment Armory on Sat
urday undvr the asupices of the Brook
lyn Indoor Tennis Olub, promises to
attract more attention than was at
first supposed. For some of those who
will rate as contenders in the national
event at the Seventh Regiment Armory
later in the month the tournament
ought to furnish a thorough tryout.
For his opening match on Sunday
morning Frank Anderson has drawn
Kdgar F. Dawson, the national junior
indoor champion. Vosheli plays his
first contest on Saturday afternoon
against A. R. Orth. The tournament
will be brought down to the round be
fore the semi-final on Sunday and will
be completed next week end. The draw
son vs. Edgar F. Dawson, Ralph J. Bom
i liter vs. Clarence E. Dnterbt-rn, Ueonsrd
W. Knox vs. I.?slie Tornay. Klrst round?
J. Trevntte Allen vs. Charles M. Wood, Jr.,
Herbert Thomson vs. E. Palmer.
BRCOND QUARTER Herbert 1, Bowman
vs. H. O. Penfleld, Reginald W. Taimagr
v?. Oerald II. Coaler, Hoys W. I.vnn vs.
W. Stanley Pearce, A E. Frrlasio va
Howard Ferris, Annaiid I. Bruneau v?.
Richard O. Wlnftald. Edward II Merle vs.
Harry 1* Cook. J. P. Nlkonow v*. Frederic
I>anirau, W. A. Blaekwetl vs. Donald A.
THIRD ROUND?S. Howard Vosheli v* A.
R. f>r?h, c. A. H. flmlth v*. J. W. Dud lay,
Herbert E. Teden vs. Charles W. Whltall.
Ralph V. Lake vs. Jay P. I.earj, Valentino
? B. Havens vs. Karl C. Bach", C. H. Nann?s
vs. l.awrenee A. Evans, f'harles H. Koott
vs. John F. MrEwen, Clyde Marshall vs.
Frank tltard.
fOURTH QlTAUTER?Perey 1. Kynaston vs.
BalnFl K. Robert?, Stephen V. Hrnhans vs.
Thnp?:is W. Whltall. Byes-William 11.
Riistun vs. J. L. Verstraten. Kre.l D.
Powers ve Wlllam C. Prill, Ell H. Harris
\ a. Everett Waugb.
The Davis cup committee of the
United States I.awn Tennis Association
announced yesterday that the draw for
the international event will be made on
Thursday, March 16, the day after the
closing of entries at the headquarters
of the association. 20 Broad street.
Local Lads Are Victors
in Lafayette Sport Carnival
fcABTON, Pa., March H.?New York
boys carried off the honors In the thir
teenth annual Indoor minor sports exhi
bition of Lafayette College here to-night
under the direction-*)f Physical Director
Harold A. Bruce.
"Dummy" Romero of New York, for
mer Columbia wrestler, won tie- 1U>
pound wreatilng <liamplonsliip in a bout
that went the limit. Romero, however,
lost In tli" 145 pound boxing final to
Billy MoCall, the stnr soccer player.
I'red Appell of New York gained t.h?
heavyweight wrestling title, after a hard
battle with Sergeant, last year's lull
pound champion.
i leorgo Orr of Brooklyn earned a draw
In the 151 pound boxing final with Repa.
t ie basketball player.
Ortman. a freshman from Brooklyn,
lost in the 1 fir, pound boxing final to ;
Beaver, a focal hoy.
The sophomore elass won the Bible de
partment boxing trophy.
Syracuse Plays Poor
Game Against Cornell
Svn.v'fsi. N. v.. March 8. Rjvacus"
Ui veridty went down to defeat before
the Cornell basket ball leant in the Arch- ;
hold (iymnasium to-night for the second :
tlnu this season, by the score of 2S to 1
13. The visitors completely outclassed
the orange, and after five minutes of !
play went into a lead that ?aa ncvei
Lapped Teams Strive to Re
gain Lost Distance in Sprints
in the Garden.
<74tli Hour)
Mile*. l.aps.
(?rrndu unil McNamara 1325
Broero anil Up Kuyter IDtl
(?outlet unit Madden 1335 W
Cuhurti und I .and* 1325 B
Tlioniu- und Lawrence 1325
| Kkk and Kalon 1325
\ l>e HaetN and rexnynn 13tS
ICutt and krupkat. 1H-f> 6
| lie <iraeve-. and Jcunprt 138ft t
' Drohuch and Hanley 1325 ?
Magin and Mcltmth 1325 <?
llorun and Kltzslmnions 13*5 H
Bello und (iaffney 1345 U
\ Kaiser and Taylor. 1325 8
| Kopnky and Krskine 1325 5
l.eader, I)e Kuyter. Berord. 1503 miles
i 1 la|>, made by (.outlet and Grenda in 1914. i
Spirited and exciting riding marked
last night's session at the six day bi
cycle race in Madison Square Garden.
From eight o'clock until midnight the
thousands of fans who filled the big
amphitheater to overflowing were on
their feet cheering themselves hoarse.
All night long there were sprints and
"Jams," and on three occasions several
of the teams came within an ace of being
During the fifth and sixth official
sprints Eaton and Egif gained more than
half a lap on the field and Just previous
to that Goullet and Madden shot away
from the field and had a similar distance
to their advantage. Magln and McBeath
also had a lead on the field at one time.
On each occasion the leaders were
caught through bad pickups by their
partners and foul pickups by their op
At the end of the sprint session all of
the contestants seemed tired, but all
were on the alert and riding fast in
i preparation for another attempted steal.
Brocco and De Ruyter and Grenda
and McNamara were still one lap in
front of the field at midnight. Egg and
Eaton were far ahe:id in the point score.
They had scored 235 points. Goullet
and Madden were second on the list
with 136, and McNamara and Grenda
third with 106. Coburn and I<ands were
in fourth place with 101, and Kaiser
, and Taylor fifth with 94
Because of tho bad pickup during the
, jam there were several protests, but
] the referee refused to penalize any
; team.
U(K In First Winner.
Egg was the first winner of the night
i and lie didn't have much difficulty scor
ing the first points. He went to the
i front soon ufter the start and all of hia
| opponents seemed content to follow him.
| At the end he was two lengths ahead of
| Coburn. who was second. Goullet was
third and Kopsky fourth.
The second heat was replete with
Jockeying. Round after round the pack
rode at a snail's pace in a bunch, with
Goullet In command, trying to *et away
from the pace. A lap from home. De
? graeves started to sprint. The pack
! chased after him, but only Ersklne was
| able to beat him home. At the Judges'
' stand Ersklne was a few inches in front
i of Degraevep, with McBeath third and
I Kutt fourth.
I*"or half a mile the field sped along
1 at its best clip in the third race. Egg
I took the lead at that point anil to pre
j vent Coburn from going past him he was
compelled to pedal his best to win. Co
i burn came with a rush and finished sec
! otid, with Goullet third.
There was som? foul riding in the
fourth heat. While Eaton was tryiriK to
I get to the front from a rear position
: Madden shot In front of him and com
' pelled him to ride up on the bank. This
| cost Eaton many yards and Eands, who
; had been setting the pace, was the vio
i tor, with Grenda second and Madden
I third.
The fifth and sixth sprints were run
> during the jam. No one In the crowd
knew which team won them, but the
Judges said Goullet finished first in both.
Krupkat was second In the fourth and
Iloran third. Debaetea was second In
the fifth with McNamara third.
The seventh heat went to Lands with
Goullet second and Grenda third.
Gonllet la Dlsqnnllftrd.
Eaton showed 11] effects from the jam
In the eighth. He trier! hla mightiest
to get to the front two laps from hpme,
hut failed. Rutt won the heat with Co
burn second and McNamara third.
Egg had hard luck In the ninth. The
Instant he made his bid for the lead
Goullet began his spurt. This compelled
him to go up the track and enabled
hands to win and Goullet to finish sec
ond. Egg was third.
For interfering with Egg Goullet was
disqualified and Grenda moved Into third
place. This is the first time on record
I that the veteran rider ever has been dis
1 qualified or even censured for foul rid
j Ing.
Walter Rutt took the final with Han
ley second and De Ruyter third.
Barnard School Score* Easy
Victory Over Hackley Quintet
Barnard Hchool's basketball team
closed its season yesterday with an
easy victory over the quintet of Hackley
School on the latter's court at Tarry
town. N. Y. The ecore was 31 to 19.
Harvard Wrestlers Lose
<*AMBiunq?, Mass., March 8.?Dart
mouth defeated Harvard In a wrestling
, meet at the Homenway Gymnasium to
night by 13 to 9 points.
. 12!? Pound 'Lam?Fried man, Harvard, de
j fixated William*, Dartmouth. Daclalon.
Tims advantage, 1 m.
135 found Clasa llolmos. Harvard, defeated
Henretta, Dartmouth. Decision. Two <"xtra
i minute period. Advantage time, 4 m. 32a.
I 14.% Pound Class?Roralum, tiartmouth, de
feated Uaaifett, Harvard. Fall, Im. 53a,
l.'?s I'ound Clasa? Winchester, Ptrtmnlli, de
feated IVWolf, Harvard. Daelaion. 8m. 47?.
17." Found Clans?March, f'arlmotitli, defeated
Handera, Harvard. Fall In extra period,
'.'in. 10s.
Unlimited? I,orl '-?od. Harvard, defeated Hol
Inrd, Dartmotiui. .isclslon. Tm. ."iOh.
Bouts of the Week
( olumbu* Sporting ( lub, Yonkers?Jimmy
11'fialy vs. Marty ?ammeni. IS round*.
I nlon Settlement?Amateur boxing tour
ildd Medienl Armory?l.ew ( be*ter vs.
Tomy lllllard, round*; Artie Lewis
it, ('rankle Malier. in rounds.
Merond Field Artillery Armory?Final* of
Itrook1> n I ollege (lub's amateur tour
I o?rtli Kaglnjeat Araiery, Jersey ( Itr -
Midget Smith vs. Hoy Moore, It round* ;
Itohbi Micliarl* va. lohnnj Ommmle, H
Ilink Spnrtlit) ? lub?l.e* Tendler ??
Johnny shepitrd, 12 round* j Itnllnn Joe
linn* i?. Mike Carrier, ii round*:
Danny Fearl **. Jimmy Martin. 0
reunite; rrankle Curly i*. I?enn> Una,
H rounds.
( oiniimnn ??sllli Sporting < lub?Mike Me
Tl|iie va. I.on ltoga*li. 15 rounds.
Itldgewood <tm?e sporting flub?Roy
West vs. Freddie Keeae IK roundel
tlert ftrhnelder ?s. Paul Clements, In
round*; M lllle darker ti. )mih| Fran
kle >rl?on, I# round*.
V /
End Beautiful Friendship
Band Likely to Play \\ul<l
Lang Syne' at Garden
Next Monday.
By W. O. McGEEHA\.
The fourth reunion of Tommy Gib
bons and Harry Greb at Madison I
Square Garden Monday night might
terminate what has looked like one of
the most beautiful friendships of tho j
ring. While the boys have not met
quite as often as Leonard and Dundee
or Hritton and Lewis, they have been
fairly well acquainted. The band will [
play "Auld Lang Syne" when theyj
step into the roped arena as it is j
known colloquially.
Spokesmen for the Milk Fund, which
is promoting the bout, assure us that
Tommy and Harry will not box on the
usual friendly terms this evening. It
is even hinted that Thomas will en
deavor to cross his little playmate
Harry with a right to the chin and
ruin tho act. Gents who claim to
know declare that Thomas could do
that little thing if he felt so disposed,
and the betting inclines to the same
Gibbons will have something like
thirteen pounds advantage In the matter
of weight at this meeting. Also Thomas
has been known to toss a. somewhat hefty
wallop with reckless abandon about the
ring when he is boxing with perfect
strangers. Perhaps he will look upon
Greb as a perfect stranger on that par
ticular evening. In his training at the
Commonwealth Club Gibbons lias been
acting very roughly with his sparring
Greb is poing through a hard program
at Jack O'Brien's literary and cauli
flower salon on the troof of Madison
Square Garden. After skipping rope and
punching the bag yesterday Greb road
three hard cantos of blank verse with
Harry Kemp, the Greenwich Village
poet, and did not show any signs of
distress. He will ease off in his training
with morning exercises with Browning.
Kaplan Shines With Towel.
Tzzy Kaplan, the exempt photographer,
won a signal victory the other night as
a boxing manager. His protege, Jack
Bernstein, loosened a divot over the eye
Suess Wins Over Neisloss
in Amateur Boxing Bout
Gets Decision in Brooklyn
College Club Tourney.
Favorites advanced to the semi-finals
In the preliminaries of the first Brook
lyn and I*ong Island amateur boxing
championships, conducted under the
auapioea of tbe Brooklyn College Club,
In the Second Kleld Artillery Armory
last night. Willie Suess. the sturdy
Brooklyn A. A. lad, scored decisively
over Ell Neisloss, a southpaw new
comer. Neisloss was aggressive and
rushed lils more experienced rival to
the ro!?es. Hts shifty style baffled
Suess for the first round, but he took a
bad beating in the next two.
Kddie Harvey of tho Columbia Council,
!v. of C., scored one of the few knock
outs when the seconds of Archie Sapon
threw in the towel In the second. Sapon
was saved by the bell in the first stanza
when ho took the count of nine. The
110 POUND CI,AB8-Kddlo Harvey. Colum
Ma Council. K. of knocked out Archie
Knpon, Young Men's Christian Association,
2:4.1 of the second round: Louts Goldberg,
Sutter A. C.. defeated Sam Wonder, Lo
retta Gymnasium, three rounds, referee'.,
'!<'<'!? Ion (Judges disagreed); tierald \V.
Clark, Arlington A. C , defeated James
Donoghue. unattached, three founds.
Judges' derision, Jerry Sullivan. Bay
1 itirigx Council, K. of C., defeated Ab>
Lelhoults. Marly Allen Association, three
1 rounds. Judges derision; WlUle Sut ?,
Brooklyn A A., defeat <d Bit Neisloss.
Ixiyal Friends A. C., three rounds, Judges
11'ound Class?Paul OuUtto, National i*.
t'., defeated I.oula Kagelmaii, unattached,
three rounds, Judges' decision. Dsn Qulney,
unattached. defeated 8te\? Angelatto,
Montauk A. C., three rounds, Judges' de
cision: Al PalnntO, Unattached, defeated
A1 Patrons, Ovlngton A. C., threo rounds.
Judges 'decision; IrvInK Stenxler, Yoergn'a
Boxing Hehoal, defeated Walter J. Car
! penter, Trinity A. C., three rounds, Judges
| decision.
1 13"' Pound Class?Jim Shapiro, llrooklyn A
A , defeated Kenneth Crump. Queens A. C..
four rounds, referee's decision (Judges dis
agreed at end of third and fourth rouadsi;
Harry 'inlfund. Pamaclar A. A., defeated
Irving Khernoff, unattached, three rounds.
Judg.s' decision. Bernard Hufnagi I, Regal
A. C., knocked out Sam Lab*, unattached,
I of the first round
147 POUND CLASH-F. Nodln. unatta'lied.
defeated M. Klein, unattH'jied, three
rounds, Judges' decision M Tabled, Tri.i
Ity rt. C., knocked out fharles Kaslin, un
attached. 2:2f> of the first round: SI Mar
I tin, Hntente Club, knocked out H Urcen
steln, |. Center, K of O., I :0Ti of the
first round: George Qulnn, unattached, <!?
feated A. Jaftuk, unattached, three rounds.
Judges' decision.
118 1'OUNl) CI.AH8-H. Bosxelll, Montauk
I A. defeated Charles D'Apl'-<j, Ovlngton
I A. C , three rounds. Judges' decision
Charles Rubin, Brooklyn A. A , defeated
i 8 Hertgen, ltay ltidgs K of C . four
rounds. judges' deelalon (Judges disagreed
at end of three rounds; referee otdcred
i extra round).
Syracuse Swimmers Score.
^pectnl DUpatrh to Tita N?w Yoah llns'in
Straocsk, N. Y., March *. ?Syracuse
[ University evened tip the victory of the
Cornell basketball leant by defeating th>
ltcd and White swimmers in rt d tal
meet in the Archbold tank l?>-night by
the score of 37 to 16. The feature of tho
evening was the win scored by the Syra
cuse relay team which set up ? new
tank record of .r>9 4-5 seconds for the
129 yard relay. The summary
50 Yard Dash?Cooper, Cornell, first. Water
man. Syracuse, second, Brown, Syracuse!
third. Tlnn*. I'rt OI.
100 Yard Dash?Caaaldy, Cornell. flr?t;
Cooper, Cornell, aec.ond. Burchgrd. .Syra
cuse. third. Time, T:M1-A
Plunge?learned. Syracuse, fire' Cook, By
rartiee, second DM a nee OS feet. Dives?
Burchard, Byrseuae. first Derby. Syracuee,
second; Zollsxsck. Cornell, third
120 Yard H> lay Won by Syracuse (Burchgrd
Brown, McLean, Wsteniisni Cornell, en
ond (Hubbard, Bennett. Cooper, Cassldy)
Tims, r.o oi
J20 Yard Bw lm~MacI,esn. Syracuse, first;
< Ireenberger, By recuse, second, foote, (,'or
nall, third. Time, .1 OX
Penn Freshmen Equal
Scholastic Basketball Record
SprrUfl Pitpat'h to Tug Nrw Yoga Hrttin (
Pnti4MtfRtA, March * -Cgrmgck of j
the Penn freshman basketball team to- )
night equaled th* scholastic record b> ,
tossing fifteen ?#Bge<B|tlve foulu In i<
game against peddic Institute of Hiirhts
town, N. J. The Penn fr ^hmen won
33 to 27.
Carpentier Is Operated On
for Carbuncle on Neck
I'Aitrg, Mftpch S. -Georges Carpentier.
the French fight, ?r, hat- been ^offering i
for the last few days with a ? arbuncl?-j
on the neck. A stirgi' ,tl operation was I
perforated this looming and It I* eg- I
perl"d that tins will glln\iate the trouble. <
Carpentier's future plans and <on?
frets. It la announced, will be in no
wgv modified
Society Folk to See
Big Fight in Garden
SOCIETY will be well represented
at the Oibbons-Greb fight,
which is to take place Mon
day night in Madison Square Oar
den. The nature of the contest,
which id for the benefit of the Milk
Fund, under the direction of the
Mayor's Committee of Women, is
largely responsible for the turning
out of society.
Those who have subscribed for
boxes are Mr. and Mrs. Vincent
Astor, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Long
worth, Mr. and Mrs. Kermlt Roose
velt, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roose
velt, Mrs. William K. Vanderbllt,
Mrs. Angler B. Puke. Price McKin
ney and Charles Sabin.
of Johnny Darcy and otherwise mussed
up his antagonist. Mr. Kaplan Is so
elated over the victory that he is con
templating challenging Billy fiibson for
the title of manager to the lightweight
"It was the meneging that done it.'
Mr. Kaplan said as he discusscd his
triumph with that becoming modesty
for which he is known for the length
and breadth of Park Row. "Chack
Bernstein done Just like I told him and
you could see for yourseluf in all the
papers chust what happened- Here is a
picture of me in the corner roeneging
my box fighter. Ix>ok how I am holding
tlte towel. I practiced it so that I got
it down good.
"I alnt afraid from Billy Oibson and
I bet I could outmenege him any time
we should meet. What I care even he
has got Is Benny Leonard. It aint the
box fighting which it counts because
anybody could be a box fighter. It is
the meneging where the brains is and
that is the real business."
The Leonard-White bout will take
place in some open air abattoir in the
late spring. The infection which Benny
Leonard gathered in carelessly thumb
ing over some unfumigated securities in
his safe deposit vaults will keep him
out of active work that long. Anyhow
Mr. Oibson, dipping into the future, sees
more money in an outdoor house than
they could get into Madison Square
Ho told Ike Dorgan, who now holds
the serial and dramatic rights to Charlie
White, that the bout was on as Foon as
the minor details could be arranged. He
made this statement fully realizing that
anything he might say would be used
against him. The understanding is that
the bout will be fought regardless of
what might happen to White when he
meets Johnnv Dundee on March IT.
Not n (;reelln?r From Henny.
Lew Tetidler. the little left handed
stepchild of the lightweights, will box
twelve rounds with Johnny Sheppard at
the Rink Club in Brooklyn Saturday
night. The press agent of the rink who
seems to be something of a spoofer.
declares that the winner of the bout
certainly will meet Benny Leonard in
the near future. If the winner should
happen to be Tendler?which is quite
I likely?he may meet Benny somewhere
in the street, but Benny will not even
say, "How do you do." That is why
Tendler is the little stepchild of the
lightweight division. The champion rib
solutely refuses to meet him socially
| or In a business way.
| There should be something of a com
motion in the vicinity of the Common
i wealth Club Saturday night. Mike Mc
Tlgue, who modestly admits that he is
the middleweight champion of the Irish
Free Stat'-, will bump right Jnto Lou
Bogash, one of the hardest citizens of
the durable manufacturing center of
Bridgeport, Conn. Mr. J. Wilson, the
middleweight champion, will not be
among those present. It Is said that he
considers both of these boys too rough,
and no particular credit to Queensberry
I Harry H. Frazee. having completely
recovered from his J3SO.OOO offer to Jaek
j Dempsey, has been allowed to sit up and
I take light nourishment at Hot Springs
Mis friends expect that lie will be up
ami about In a week. K<> other pro
moters have showed any symptoms of
catching the complaint, although Joe
Mulvlhill th? Mad Hatter of Danburv.
Conn., and lzzy Kaplan arc being held
under observation. Tho disease first
manifests Itself in a rash, in some cases
not as pronounced as $350,000, then the
patient develops a high fever. After
that he lapses Into coma.
lakes Lead From Columbia in
First Half and Wins by
36 to 28.
8pr,*l U^pat.h to Tj? Vew Vo.K He?*Li>
?View Hatch, Conn., March S ?Cohirn.
bta. to-night went down to a defeat c0
'6 to i'S at the hands of the Yale bas
kotb.ill team in the first victory of th?
season for the Ells In the lntercolle
Slate league oeries. Columbia led unifl
ti)<? first half wag nearly over, when
ong Bhot. by Conklin and Kernan favo
the Ell* a lead which m?. ?1,_
The lion's share of the
world's best woolens!
Among clothiers we are
the largest importers of
fine Scotch and English
woolens in this country.
pay a good tailor twice
our price and he may show
you the same sort of
But why the extrava
Besides, with us, you see
the fit before you order, in
stead of after.
Spring suits.
Spring overcoats.
Rain or shine ^Scotch
Mists are fine!
Rogers Peet Company
Herald Sq.
at 35th St
at 13th St. "Four
Broadway Corners"
at Warren
Fifth Av?.
at 41st St.
Save $1,000!;
TOURING 7 -passenger, Palmetto
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