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Formidable Government;
Forces in Control of Situ- j
ntion at Johannesburg.
Prompt Quelling of Disor
der Due to Use in Dis- '
poising Kebels.
llonev for T?evolf, Came From
Abroad. Captured Docu- j
ments Show.
Tioxoox, March 13 (Associated
Pros*).?Latest advices from Johan
nesburg tend to show that the sltua
f'on. which lfist week was extremely
grave. with many hundreds of casual
ties on all sides in the fighting, is now
'veil controlled by formidable forces
"f the Government, which wern de
voted to the task of suppression after
the proclamation of martial law. The i
prompt quelling: of the disorders was |
l-ii^eiy due to the free employment of I
bombing airplanes to disperse the
rebels and drop food and ammunition
to besieged loyalists.
An agency dispatch from Johannes
burg this afternoon said: "Through
the capture of spies and documents it
w.i learned that the money for the
'Red revolution* came from abroad,
ft is expected that peace will soon be
it is believed in official circles, the I
' '-'tes, that (here will continue)
to he small setbacks, such as the loss of
posts, but as regards the gen
eral result little doubt is felt.
Heavy casualties have been inflicted
upon the revolutionaries, in addition to
taPttu<' cif more tlian 2.200 of them
-Johannesburg, which on Saturday wm
lt'\ested on throe sides, is at the present
turn cpute sate. Krugersdorp, tw< nty
the northwest of Johannesburg,
the western limit of the fighting his
been captured by the troops. Tho Pre
toria-<.ermiston Railway line was still
bniip contested on Sunday, but with the
capture of Benoni and Dunswart an
? "'."ed to-night it is believed most of
ilii resistance has been overcome
n,iern,f,Sm"t?- 'Sol,t,, African ^e
nii. I. aft. I- a. perilous automobile tour in
rho bat.le area, being shot at and having
narrow escape, has himself taken per
n'sb ,r; H',? 0f t,U' sltUation Johsn
n sburg. lie expressed the opinion that
Wi i ;'ond,tlon? will soon be re
? -stablished.
It", fighting has been aceompnnied by
exciting incidents, airplane en
gagements, aviators escaping after great
i8V ,iarln* ""<> gallantry on the
Part of besieged police and troops In
some cases loyal, forces have been
hemmed in for two or three days before
airplane relief enabled them to fight
their way out. " 1
Premier Smuts Issued a statement to
<Ja>. declaring that the revolutionary
n-ovement j. the work of extremfsts
?rp using the strike at the mines
" V ?a* f"r the di,"?,minatlon of syn
olcallst views. He adds that while a
ln South Africa has been
tra j ' ,thf "lass of workers and
trades unionists out-side of the Rand
The" to be RtamPeded Into It.
The outstanding feature of the ?ituatlon
ne says has been the exemplary be
bavior of the natlvesu
Officials at Brakpan Mines
Clubbed to Death.
Jmmiiiumuiio. Union of South Africa,
March It.?Operations against the Rand
told mine strikers continued to-day In
the vicinity of Pretoria. The Germlston
fRsllway revolutionaries were heavily
?bombed, but they persisted In their at
tempts to damage the railway, which
they had succeeded In doing twice be
balanced, so
smooth inaction
it actually
prove* your
}^Kemarmaloae . f
"r - ' " ~ fciMbwb
At all Dealers'-?and up
EEP your mouth and throat practi
cally germ free by dissolving,every
hour or so, a convenient-to-take.
pleasant tasting vet powerfully antiseptic
formaminr Tablet, whenever you are in
a place where germs are thickest; illy*
ventilated street cars, interurbans, rail
road cart, shops, theatres, and schools.
An efficient antiseptic is released and,
mixing wirh the saliva, bathes the deep
est tissues continuously, holding the germ
life within safe bounds, relieving the sore
ness, and possibly preventing infection;
larvngitis, tonsillitis, "flu." Relieve*
hoarseness. Recommended for sinters,
?rtors, speakers, smokers, etc. Children
like them. 60^ at all druggists.
UtprrmmmuUri hv thmnt tvrimUata,
pftyirx-vifu, dtntitU and druggist*.
F*ra?mint is nartrxl* mark. It identities osrproflunt.
Oxford Students Use Rats
To Play Golf in Street
Special Cable to Tub Nbw Yo?k H?ald.
Copyright, lttt.bv Thi New Yobk Hbe4LU.
New York Hrrald Bureau. I
I/ondon, March 13. (
AN exciting game of hockey
golf, with rats serving the
purpose of balls, was staged
in Cornmarket street, Oxford, by
a group of Oxford undergraduates
to-day. The students, armed with
hookey sticks and golf clubs,
formed a circle in the busy streets,
freed from sacks about 150 rats
and proceeded to kill them, while
the long drives and wild shouts
sent pedestrians scurrying for
shelter. The affair arose from a
statement in a local newspaper
that things were not so lively In
Oxford as some years In the past,
when rat hunting in the streets
was the favorite frolic of the stu
^ J
fore. The line, however, had been re
paired on both occasions.
One commando. 500 strong, which had
succeeded in blowing up part of the
railway at Driefonteln. was located and
bombed by an airplane. The airplane
dropped rations to a number of de
tached police officers who were besieged
by the strikers.
It has been ascertained that a few
officials who were guarding the Brak
pan mines were clubbed to- death after
having surrendered when their ammu
nition ran out.
A volunteer power station has been
successful In maintaining the lighting of
the city. It is doubtful if Joliannesburg
ever experienced such a Sunday as yes
terday, with airplanes Incessantly whir
ring overhead and bombing, while revo
lutionaries Indulged in Intermittent
bursts of machine gun fire. Anrld the
hubbub of destruction the church bells'
continued ringing at the hours for ser
$1,000,000 FOR BRIDGE
Other Permanent Improve
ments Are Voted.
Decision to recommend the appropria
tion of several million dollars more of
corporate stock for permanent improve
ments was reached by the committee of
the whole of the Board of Estimate yes
terday, which held another double ses
sion. The $16,000,000 margin for such pur
poses Is rapidly reaching the vanishing
Among large items approved was
SI.OOO.OOO for a new bridge in Gr:eenpoint
avenue, Brooklyn, to connect with Long
Tsland City.
II was agreed that the old building on
(he Court House site that houses the
Health Department was one of the slop
piest in the city and Health Commis
sioner Copeland Eot $300,000 to build a
new front and make interior changes.
The committee of the whole yesterday
authorized a change In the plans for
the municipal building In Brooklyn to
provide for an expenditure of $6,000,000
instead of $3,500,000.
He In a Nearro. Axed 7, and An
swer* Foundation Pond Appeal.
The distinction of being the first
person named Woodrow Wilson to sub
scribe to the Woodrow Wilson Founda
tion goes to a 7 year old negro lad in
Wrlghtsville, Va., born during Mr. Wil
son's first administration. The boy wa?
among the first to answer an appeai
sent out under the title. "Is Your Name
Wilson V
Many other Wilsons in all parts of
the country have responded to the ap
peal during the last week and have sent
subscriptions of $1 to help form the
endowment fund.
Tells Soviet Red Army Should
Re Ready for an Invasion
This Spring.
Moscow, March 18 (Associated Pr??*).
?T.?eon Trotzky, addressing the Mos
cow Soviet to-day on the subject of
the Genoa conference, presented docu
mentary, newspaper and circumstantial
evidence designed to show threatening
Interventionist and counter revolutionary
activities against Russia this spring.
Trotsky advised preparations of the Red
Trotzky declared during his address
that the followers of Gen. Wrangel were
receiving food from America.
He compared the Genoa conference
with <the Prlnkipo meeting of 1919, call
ing attention to the failure of the
Prink ipo pi ah. which he declared was
followed by the activities of Kolchak and
Among the causes for alarm the So
viet Minister cited negotiations between
Poland and Finland for an alliance. He
Intimated that Finland and Rumania
had been warned against anti-Soviet
activities as Poland was warned in a
rote made public yesterday by Foreign
Minister Tchltcherln.
From the White Sea to Baku, declared
Trotzky, the interventionist danger
threatened. "It is not Helslngfors, Revai,
Riga., Warsaw and Bucharest that are
responsible for this." he declared, "but
Paris, ljondon and New York." He said
the Baker oil field was the motive
behind foreign capitalists.
Jtany foreign diplomats and Journalists
and some American Relief Administra
tion workers, 'ncluding former 'Jo v.
(J-vdrich of Indiana, attended the ses
Suggestion Heard to Refer
Plan to League of Nations.
Paris, March 18 (Associated Press).?
The Allied Governments are worried by
the tone of the communications from
Moscow with regard to the Genoa con
ference and views have been exchanged
as to the conditions under which the
conference is likely to open If the Rus
sian Soviet representatives go there in
the spirit Indicated by the recent decla
rations of Soviet leaders. French diplo
mats believe the Russian representatives
will go with a determination to talk
about anything they desire to, or not
take any part at all
One of the chief purposes of the con
ference has been the restoration of Rus
sia. and in view of the Soviet attitude
the suggestion that the whole enterprise
contemplated In the call for the Genoa
gathering be referred to the League of
Nations Is being more and more fre
quently met with here.
King Sends for Gounaris to
Resume Office.
Athens. March 13 (Associated Tress), j
?Nicholas Stratos, who yesterday was !
summoned by King Constantlne to form
a Cabinet, failed in the task, and to
| day ex-Premier Gounaris was called to
I the palace.
Since the Gounaris Ministry resigned
; after failure of Parliament to give It a
| vote of confidence Friday, many efforts
have been made to bring about a settle
I ment of the crisis. It has been reported
| that the Qounarls adherents were In the
| majority In Parliament at the time the
1 Ministry fell, but some of them ab
stained from voting.
The Saks9 SMotor oApparel Shop
The Flexo Cap for
?made to fit snugly and comfortably
without binding, and to remain on
the head in the ? most blustery storm
Most chauffeurs' caps are ti&ht
and hard'edged, causing dis'
comfort by being hard on the
head and too easily blown off <
while driving.
The Saks' "Flexo" cap eliminates all
these troubles. A special sweat-band
prevents it from leaving the head in
the most severe storm, and at all times
acts as a cushion to prevent binding
and discomfort.
In Tivo Distinct Styles
* Sixth Floor
Several Towns Captured as
Merkuloff Retreats.
Chita, Siberia. March 11 (Associated
Press).?Vladivostok is without a cen
tral government. Soldiers and marines
sre petroling the streets and the wealth
ier inhabitants are fleeing to Japan, ac
cording to Far Eastern News Service
advices from Vladivostok.
Troops of the Far Eastern republic,
with Vladivostok as their goal, are re
ported to have reached to within about
200 miles of that city. They have cap
tured a series of towns, including
Hoovercvo, named in honor of Herbert .
Hoover. Tlic troops of Merkuloff are
reported to be retreating and blowing
up the railroads behind them.
The dispatch contains an accusation
by Merkuloff's Cabinet Ministers that
Merkuloff himself had robbed the Vladi
vostok Government of more than 6,000.
000 gold rubles, which were exported to
Japan after Merkuloff's resignation. It
is charged also that the Merkuloff Min
isters attempted to arrest Merkuloff, but
the Japanese prevented them from do
ing ?o.
A dispatch from Vladivostok March 6
announced that Merkuloff had resigned
as President of the Anti-Bolshevist Gov
ernment in Vladivostok because of ill
health. On February 23 It was reported
his forces had been defeated and driven
to the southeast by troops of tjie Chita,
or Far Eastern, Government.
Indianapolis Police Interrupt
Plans of Isaiah Moore.
Indianapolis, March IS.?Confessing
that he has had eleven wives, some of
whom he does not even remember by
name, Isaiah Moore, 32, alias George S.
Melrose ia held here charged with big
amy and embezzlement. Moore admit
ted defrauding several women of sums
of money, police say.
Moore Is charged with embezzling
$500 from his last wife, Miss Harriet
Evans, school teacher. He Is said to
have deserted her here one week after
Moore always was active In social af
fairs and usually Joined a church in the
towns he visited. The police say he
Joined a church here after deserting
Miss Evans and then proposed to three
Indianapolis women.
Miss Evans reported the case to de
tectives, who trailed Moore to Logans
port, Ind.; to Chicago and then to Min
neapolis, where he was arrested.
At the time of his arrest, detectives
say, Moore was engaged to a Minne
apolis girl. The wedding was to be to
Cloaed to Show Labor Rodr
Interference Must Stop.
Easton. Pa., March 13. ? Announce
ment was made to-day by the Haytock
Cronemeyer Silk Company that the
three local plants of the company have
been closed Indefinitely, or "until the
employees realize that the plant is not
being run from union headquarters."
Recently a reduction In wages for the
twisters was announced, which would
put their salary on an average basis of
$40 a week, but they refused to accept
it and Instead Asked for a 5 per cent.
Increase. The company has more than
500 employees.
All Men Affeeted Return
and the Paper Resumes
Old Form.
Sperial Cable to Th? New Toik H??ald.
Cnpvrioht, 1921, by Tn? Nrw Yobk Hkbald.
Nrw York Herald Bureau. I
Pari*. March 13. 1
The walkout of compositors on The
Xf-tv York Herald of Paris and the Con- i
tinentai edition of the London Daily |
.Vail, which occurred February 9. has 1
ended In complete victory for bofh
papers, all the mem affectc-d having ap- j
plied for their Jobs under the old terms.
Both papers now will appear in their
regular form. Since the walkout, which
deprived both of all their compositors
and for a while many of their other
?lands, the two never have mi seed a
single issue and have progressed stead
ily from a two page paper produced by
photographing typewritten copy on the
first ;ia> of the walkout l" virtually ?
individual new fpaprrs, with onl* !??>
pax*-* in common. n< > ? i-witutni l>> lii?
lark of compositor*.
The London compoeltoni' union re
fused to give any support *htt*vrr to
the walkout in the caw of ih? />?'Iv
Mail, holding it was a stroke of light
ning that was absolutely unjustified
and the refusal of the management of
both papers again last Saturday to yield
an inch resulted in the men giving up
and applying for their old Job*. Home
of them already had returned t n
work The successful resistance of th?
two English language newspapers to
this demand for increased wag'-s h*?
ended all talk of a spring strike by the
forces of French newspapers, as it be
came evident that the public were not
inclined to support any demand for In
creased wages at this time. All their
sympathy was for the newspaper* af
fected by the llcrald-Mail strike.
Spenal Cable to Thf, Nsw Yosk Himui
Copirrinht, I9tt, by Tub Nsw Yosk Hs**i p
Vienna. March 13.?According to news
from Budapest the two men who were
arrested on suspicion of being th*
murderers of Mathlas ErBberger have
be- r leased.
They turned out to be Austrian
vagrants who for some reason tried to ,
hit'e their identity.
1 His low-cut sandal with a single strap satis
fies the increasing preference for a dress shoe
which achieves the irreducible minimum in the
use of material. Though cut down so deeply
it will not gap or bind. Shown in the new shade
of beige buck combined with patent leather.
17 West 57 Ot Street
f ranhlin Simon & Co.
tA Store of Individual Shops
FIFTH AVENUE,37th ?nd 38th sts.
Parfait glove silk
Underthings . . .
For "Jhtadame and rTitademoiselle
Introduce Among Other
Exclusive Fashions, a New
Trimming of Imported Silk
Lace In Delicate Flesh
Color To Match The Silk.
Glove Silk-Vest Chemise 2.45
Glove Silk Knickers . . 2.95
Parfait Glove Silk Underthings
in tailored empire style.
Parfait Flesh Color Glove Silk
Vests with'self or ribbon straps
or elastic tops .... 1.95
Parfait Bloomers . . 2.75
Parfait Vest Chemise . 2.95
Parfait Step-in Drawers 3.95
Glove Silk Underwear Shop ? Street Floor
A leading London tailor who has the
reputation of producing the smartest Eng
lish topcoats for young men has made for
us a number of spring overcoats in fabrics
which he personally selected from the
choicest overcoatings woven in Great
We also present our reproductions of
these English topcoats, which we have
made in the identical fabrics used abroad.
English four piccc sports suits. English model lounge suits.
Fifth Avenue at 50 th Street
]! :
franklin Simon a Co.
tA Store of Individual Shops
FIFTH AVENUE, 37th and 38th sts.
For ^htadamc and ^Cadcmoiscllc
Pumps ...
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to toe
Twenty Different Models
Every Fashionable (Combination of
leathers and Qolors, in Every
Fashionable rJAfodcl, with
Every Fashionable Heel.
Women's Shoe Shop? Third Floor ^

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