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Sails To-morrow for Newport
News to Undergo $8,
20t),000 Hepairs.
Preparations for the sailing of the
I?r\ iathau to-inorrow morning fioin!
Hoboken for Newport News, where she |
h to be reconditioned at a cost of
JS.200.000, were practically completed {
yesterday. Her engines had a final i
looking over, the boilers were tested and !
the loading of coal, provisions and water >
wa? finished. ?hc crew of fourteen of- !
fleers and 650 men have been recruited
and are living on board.
Unices a fog or other highly unfavor
able condition or the weather develops
tiie big ship will nose her way out about
5 A. M. when the tide will be at Hood.
Although the engines are in shape for a i
long trip at maximum speed they will
not be pushed, and tlie vessel will make
lier way down the coast at about a flf
leen knot rate. She will proceed up the
James River Monday, according to th"
?present plans. The river has had to b?
dredged for the passage of the 54.000
ton liner, and Is just deep enough to ad
mit her at flood tide.
Capt. W. J. Bernard, who guided the
X-evlathan in and out of New York forty
two times during the war. when tiie ship
?was in the army transport Bervicc, will
he in command on the trip down the
?? >a^t. With him o;i the bridge will be
<'>pt. IT. C. Fish, staff captain; Capt. A.
T\ Inder, navigator, and Capt. J. J
Moran, executive officer. Despite the
fhip's huge hulk she is easier to handle
IHin some of her smaller sisters, ship
r etains say. Three pilots will be cm
vloyed?W. S. McLaughlin of the sandy
Hook Pilots Association, who guided her
during the war; Capt. Stowe, who will
act as coaet pilot, and James G. Peake
of the Virginia Pilots Association, who
will be In charge from Ca.pe Henry to
Newport News.
Radio Men on America Call \
Up ISO Miles at Sea.
A number of steamship men with
offices In lower Manhattan In answer tn
telephone ringing yesterday lifted the
receiver an?l found themselves talking
directly to# the United States liner
America, then a hundred and fifty miles
at sea.
In the radio room of the America
Irvine 1\ Byrnes, engineer of the Gen
oral Electric, and Karl Mclnvaln. en
gineer of the Radio Corporation of
America, took turns at ilte telephone.
Their talk left the aerial cf the America,
hopped through the ether to a land sta
llon of the American Telephone and
Telegraph Company at Elberon. sped by
land line to the Walker Uspenard Build
ing of the A. T. & T. and then out oyer
the regular telephone circuit to the
various offices.
In the present voyage of the Am?rlea
from Bremen conversations were held
at 1.000 miles dlstanct, although de
pendable conversation was limited to 400
miles. Amon* those who talked to the
Kh!p were C. W. Jungen manager of the
Southern Pacific Steamship linesi; C. H.
Reach vice-president of the Red D T.ln-,
William F. Olbbs. chief naval construc
tor of the international Mercantile Ma
rine- Charles H. Potter, president of the
Potter Steamship Company; S. M- Swen
??n. treasurer of the Freeport Sulphur
Company; W. A. Thompson. Jr.. vice
president Of the Texas Steamship Com
pany; Robert F. Hand, assistant man
ager of the marine department of the
Standard OH Company of New
Albert E- Watts of the Sinclair Steam
ship Company, E. D. Warden of the
Tidewater Oil Company. Charles Bar
1 liold of the Barber Steamship Company.
M R Brennan, superintendent of the
telegraph bureau at Police Headquar
ters* E. F. W. Alexanderson. chief en
gineer of the Radio Corporation, and A.
F. Mack, general manager of the Ship
ping Board In New York.
LABOR to debate subsidy.
(.omper. Will Call General Meet
Idk In a Few Dar?.
A general meeting of all marine labor
organisations to consider the ship sub
sidy bill will be called within a day or
two by Samuel Gompera in accordance
with a request made by Commissioner
T. V. O'Connor of the Shipping Board,
it became known yesterday.
Mr. Gompera has declared his opposi
tion to the proposed legislation, whereas
the represent At I veil of deck and engine
room officers' organizations have been
almost unanimous In favor of the bill.
The reluctance of Mr. Gompe.a '
the conference led to a threat by -
lam 8. Brown, national president of the
Marine Engineers Ben'jftclal A "Op
tion, to approve the bill Independently,
It Is understood. The engineers, with
longshoremen and shipyards workers
uro to hold a meeting next Thursday, at
which a committee will be formed to
appear In Washington at the Congres
sional hearings and voice the sentiments
of these sections of marine labor.
Truck Driver Fonnd Dead In Baric
Room of Saloon.
Kalman Mescaror, 68. a truck driver,
wan eating lunch yesterday In the back
room of a saloon at 3C3 Magnolia ave
nue. Ellxabeth, N. J., when he choked
on a fish bone. He was dead before
Alexander Fador. the proprietor, found
h,Ui" Mescaras's pockets were a purs
containing *287 In cash and a bank book
showing deposits of ?6 0ou. M?scaros
was unmarried and lived at 339 Mag
rolla avenue, Elizabeth.
Thirty or more PC"ons crowded the
office of William C. lfecht. United
States Marshal for the Southern dis
trict New York, at the auction of the
Ate.mshlP Posnan scheduled for yen er
?i*v. Not one submitted a bid.
rrva for the creditors, Hunt, Hill *
Rrfts, will appear before Judge Hand
In the United States Court to-day and
?sk for a new date for the sale and
"JJ.t *1.0 ? Nwrln* or lb.M??
price. 1300.000, which waa set for the
Bale yesterday.
? -
\V. J. Tlirockmorton and Henry E.
lined have been appointed assistant
managers of the Atlantic marine de
partment of the Klremen's Fund arid the
Home Fire and Marine Insurance com
T,r,nlc? It was announced yesterday by
Charles R. rage. n\?nager of the depart
ment Mr. Throckmorton will have gen
? rral 'charge of underwriting and Mr.
Heed of Uie loss department.
Foreign malls will close promptly a* Indicated below at the General Post Office and
City llall Station. Ordinary prints, tarnplas, parcel post packaged and registered articles
close two bourn earlier, except that registered articles bave to be mailed between the hours
of 8 AM ami 1- I'M. At the Foreign Station (corner of Morton and West streets) foreign
mall closes half an hour later than at the General Post Office and Utty Hall Station.
Supplementary mail closes at the General Post Office and City Hall 8tatlon, where double
postage Is required. SUPPLEMENTARY MAII. (double postage required) closes at ths
Foreign Station half an ;;our later than the supplementary closing time shown below, except
that supplementary mall f_>r Kuropeau countries and for Central America. Ac, via Crlsto
i al, closes one hour lati'r. Whenever mail ve*?elj Kail between the hours of l> AM and t
I'M a supplementary mal! post office on the steamship pier Is open to the public 1H hour?
before the scheduled sailing time and closes 10 mlnuu-s before the scheduled sailing time.
Imuble postage required. The steamers for which supplementary mall Is accepted on th?
pier at time of sailing are shown below by a dagger (T) following time of closing of mall.
Belgium ana Luxemburg (specially ad
dressed only), via Antwerp; also parcel post
mails for Belgium, Luxemburg ami Belgian I
Congo, U S A T CAM I! R AI, tf AM.
Europe, Africa ami West Asia, \Ia Plym-'
outli, Cherbourg and Hamburg (mail must !
be specially addressed), str CAKON1A, S AM
(snp !? AM ,).
Great Britain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Neth
erlands, Norway, Sweden. Denmark. Ger
many, Austria. Hungary, Rumania. Bulgaria,
Czechoslovakia, Jugo-Slavla, Poland, Itiu
sla. Lithuania. Lettonla. Esthonla, Finland, !
South Africa, Madeira and Capo Ver#e Isl
amic (Miller countries nilMl be specially ad-!
dressed), via Plymouth ami Boulogne; also '
pa reel post mall.i for Orcat Britain and the ]
countries mentioned In noie A b. low, via
Plymouth, ami parcel post uialU for Nether- I
lands, via Rotterdam, str ROTTERDAM, 8,'
AM ixiip l>?;t0 AM t>.
I'r nci', Svvl! erland, Italy, Spain, Greece,
Portugal, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, I
British India, Kenya and Uganda, Persia, I
Malta. (Vibraltar, Siam, Cyprus. Ceylon and!
Strait Settlement* (other countries mu*t be
specially addressed). \la Plymouth and Cher
bourg. also parcel post mails for France j
and the countries mentioned In note B below, '
\la Cherbourg. and parcel post malls for
Belgium, Luxemburg and Belgian Congo, via
Antwerp, air LAPLAND, 8 AM (sup 0:30
AM t).
Ireland (other countries mutt be specially
addressed), via QueetMtown and Liverpool,
air ADRIATIC. 8 AM (sup 9:30 AM t).
Ireland (Germany must be specially ad
dressed), via Queenstown and Bremen; also
parcel post malls for Ireland, \la Queens
town, and parcel post mails for Germany,
Austria. Cxecho-Slovakia. Hungary and
Switzerland, via Bremen, air GRANITE
STATE. 1^:30 P.M.
Iettonla, Lsthonta and Finland (specially1
addrtv*sed only), via Riga. lleval and llel
slngfors; also parcel post malls for Finland,
str REDONDO, PJ:30 I'M.
Europe. Africa and West Asia, via Cher- |
bourg and Southampton; also parcel post
mails for Great Britain, Irelaud, France and
the countries mentioned In notes A and B
below, via Cherbourg and Southampton, str
AQIJITANIA, 8 AM (sup U:30 AM t>.
Italy (pariel post mails and specially ad
dressed correspondence), via Palermo and
Naplo.i, str REGINA D'ITALIA, 0:30 AM.
Lfttonla, Esthonla and Finland (specially
addressed only!, via Riga, Reval and Hel
? ingfors; aiso parcel post malls for Finland,
sir U ESTPOltT, r.':30 I'M.
North brazil. Iqultos, Cabedello and j
Macclo (other [>arts of Brazil must be spe
cially addressed), via Para. Ceara, Natal,
C ibedello, Pernambuco. Macelo and Baiiia,
str \ IRGIL, !> AM.
Jamaica. Guatemala (Salvador letter mall
only i. and Honduras (except Amapala City,
Choluteca, Departments of Colon and At
lantida and prints. Jkc, for Nacaome, Teguc 1
galpa and Yuscaran), via Santiago, King
ston, Puerto Barrios, Puerto Cortez, Puerto
Cast Ilia and Tela (Cuba and Tela mint lie
specially addressed), str SANTA MARTA,
7 :;;0 AM.
Bermuda, via Hamilton, atr FORT V1C
TORIA. 7:.10 AM.
Costa Rica (Canal Zone, except letter
mail), (Panama, except letter mailt. Salva
dor (print", &c), Nicaragua (except Kast
Coast), Amapala City, Choluteca (also j
punts, ?Lc, for Nacaome, Tegucigalpa and I
Yuscaran). In Honduras. Cauca and Narlno
departments of Colombia and Ecuador
(Cuba, other parts of Honduras and letter
mail for Salvador must bp specially ad.
dressed), via Havana, Cristobal and Port
Limon, str ULl'A, 8 AM (sup 9 AM t).
Curacao and Venexuela; alao specially ad
it readul eorrespondenoe for Porto Rico, via
San Juan. Curacao, Laguayra and Puerto
Cabello, str CAKACAS, 0 SO AM (sup U:SU
AM t?.
Porto ni'o, St Thoniw and St Croix, via
San Juan, str Pt)HTO RICO (sea pott), 8:30
.AM (."up !CoO AM t?.
Bermuda, \ la ltainilton. ?tr ARAGUAYA,
0 AM.
Cuba (specially addressed onlyl, via Ha
vana. sir SinONEV, 9:30 AM tt>.
TilrIts Inland and Dominican Republic. \la
Turks Island. Monte Christ!. Puerto Plata,
Sanchez, Sainana, San Pedro dc Macoris,
San Domingo City. A7.ua and Barahona, sir
IROQUOIS. W.'IO AM I sup 10 AM t>.
City of Nuevltas. Cuba (other parts of
Cuba must be specially addressed), via Nuc
vlta*. sir MUNAMAR, 12 M.
Mexico (specially addressed only), via Vera
Crux and Tamplco; alao parcel post malls
for the Mexican States of Chiapas. Guerrero.
Hidalgo, Mexico, Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla,
Tiavala unci Vera Cruz, str MCNDELTA,
1 P.M.
Trinidad, Cludad Bollinr and Guiana, via
Trinidad, Georgetown, Paramaribo, Cayenne
and St Laurent du Maronl, etr W M TUP
PKR. 1:30 PM.
Jamaica. Canal Zone. Panama, Salvador
(pi Ints, Ac), Nicaragua (except East Coast),
Amapala City, Cholutcca (also prints, &c,
for Nactonif, Tegucigalpa and Yuscaran). in
Honduras, Cauca and Narlno departments of
Colombia and Ecuador (other parts of Hon
duras and letter mall for .Salvador must be
specially addressed >. via Kingston and Cris
tobal. etr CRISTOBAL, 1 I'M tsup 2 PM t).
Crara. Bahla and Serglpe (other parts of
!3ra/il must be specially addressed), via
Ceara. Babla. Victoria, Rio Janeiro, lSlo
Grande do Sul, I'elotas and Porto Alegre, ctr
111 I BURT, 11 AM.
Grenada. St Vincent, Trinidad, Cludad
Bolhar and Guiana, via Grenada, Trinidad
and Georgetown, sir MAYARO, 8 AM.
Bahamas (Including Inagtia and Fortune
Islands), and City of Antllla, Cuba (other
parts of Cuba must be specially addressed),
via Nassau and Antilla, sir MUNAHGO,
12 M.
Close at New York at 5 PM as follows:
Hawaii (J) and specially addressed mall
for Japan. Corea and China, via San Fran
cisco: also parcel p^iat malls for Fiji Island.'*,
?sir SI 11N YO MA III J, April 8.
Ha\ ail (J) Fiji Islands, New Zealand and
Australia, via Vancouver and Victoria, BC,
str MAKURA, April 30 (?).
Japan. Corea. China, Siberia, French Indo
Clilna, Netherlands East Indies (except Su
matra) and Philippine Islands (f), \ la Seat
tle; also parcel post malls for Japan, Corea,
China, Slam, French Indo-Clilna and Straits
Settlements, str SILVER STATE, April
10 (*).
?Ordinary (unregistered) letters mailed up
to r> PM the next day will, provided there
Is no delay In the overland transit, reach
Seattle in time for connection with the
steamer mentioned.
1 Supplementary mall accepted on pier.
jAII classed of mail. Including domestic
parcel post, sent to Hawaii, Guam and
Philippine Islands by the above dispatches.
Malls of the following dates. Canton March
10, Horn? Kong 11th. Kobe 20th and Yoko
hama 21st, which arrived per str lxlon, wi re
dispatched east from Seattle on April 4 and
are oue In New York on the morning of
Sunday, April 9.
NOT*: A ? PARCKI. POST M AI I S VIA ISNblANU - To Abyssinia. Aden (Including
Perhn), Afghanis!an (Kabul), Ascension, Hcchuatmland (British), Belrlan Congo (Katanga
Province only), British Centra! Africa (Nyasaland Protectorate), British India. British
?omallian<l, Cameroon* (British), Cap.; Verdi: Inlands, Ceylon, Cyprus, Egypt, Egyptian
Sudan, Falkland Islands, French India (specially addressed), Gambia, Gold Coast Colony,
Kenya and Uganda. 1-abuan, Macao (Cldna), Madeira, Malta, Mauritius, Mesopotamia,
New Hebrides (Including the Banks and Torres Islands), Nigeria, NyaMland Protectorate,
Palestine. Peniba. Persia, Portuguese India, Portuguese. Timor, Portuguese West Afrt-a,
Russia in Europe, Ineludlng Ukraine; Russia In Asia, cxet-pt Turkestan: St Helena, Santa
Cruz Islands, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Smyrna, Tanganyika Territory, Tibet, Togo!and
(British) and Zanzibar.
NOTE B ?PAKCKI, POST MAII.S VIA FRANCE ? To Algeria, Cameroun, Corsica.
Dahomey, French Guinea. French establishments In India, French Indo-Chlna (Amtatn,
Cambodia. Co hln-Chlna. I.aos and Tonkin), French Post Offices In China, French Somali
land. French Soudan (Upper Senegal, Niger and Upper Volta), Gabon, Ivory Coait, Mada
gascar and dependencies (Madagascar, Stc Marie de Madagascar, Nosslbe, Comoro Islands,
Msyotte, Gde Comoro, AnJo((an and Molieli), Mauritania. Middle (French). Congo, Monaco,
Morocco (except Spanish). New Caledonia ?nd dependencies, Niger Territory, Kounton, Sen
egal, Togolaml (I rencli), Syria (French), (Beyrouth. Damascus, Aleppo and the Western
? nd Eastern Zone), Tunis, Turkey (Constantinople and Brusa).
Adriatic. Liverpool Noon Munamar, Antilia, Ac
Aiamo. Galveston Noon 8i.n._Ju*,i
Araguaya. Bermuda 11:00 AM
C?mbral (U S A T>. Antwerp 11:30 AM
Caracas, l.aguayra, Ac Noon
Caronla. Plymouth, Cherbourg and
Hamburg Noon
City of Savannah. Savannah 3:00 I'M
El Occident?, Oalvmton Noon
Fort St George, Bermuda 11:00 AM
Fort Victoria, Bermuda 11:00 AM
Granlto State. Bremen 3:00 I'M
Helen. San Juan, Ac
Iroquois, Pan I'otnlngo
Lapland, Antwerp
I.enaDe, Jackeonvllls
Menominee, Hamburg
Momus, New Orl?an*
Mongolia (Kw). Clenfuegoa, Ac....
Montana, London
Rotterdam, Plymouth,
and Rotterdam
Santa Marta. Tela
Slboney. Havana.. II
Ulna. Port Llmon 11:
Virgil, Para. Ac
W A Luckcnbach, Pacific Coast..
Leviathan, Newport Ncwa
Noon j Cristobal, Cristobal
No<>n Mundelta, Vera Cruz
Noon Iledondo, Ilelnlngfnre
? Tosto. Cartagena, Ac
Noon ] Tsushima Maru, Yokohama, Ac,
Noon via Norfolk
I W M Tupper. Trinidad, Ac
:to I'M
00 AM
Steamer* Due in New York.
S'eamer. From. Agent*.
Chicago City. Bri*tol 22d...Chas II111 & Sons
City of Yokohama, Hartlepool 24th,
Norton, Lilly A Co
Cosur d'Alene, Ltabon 2Ktli.,.. A H Bull
Delaware, Manchester 23d II L Hague
Doricatar. Algiers 23d ??
Eastern Dawn, Rotterdam 22d. Black Diamond
Frar.oe, Havra 1st French Line
Hytnthe*. Rio Grande March 1..R P Houston
Ktnowls, Buenos Alrwi 13th... .Munson Line
La Bourdonnals, Havre 28th... .French Line
! Mexico, Havana 4th Ward Line
i Morriatown, Hamburg 22d Kerr S3 Co
J Nenaian, Liverpool llth 1 M M
Old North 8tate, London 28th U 8 Lines
! Port Augusta, London 2fith......Funch-Eitye
' Somerset, Hamburg 20th R L Hasu*
K'eel Na% Igator, San Pedro 18th,Norton-Lilly
Stonewall, Palermo 18th Oarland SS <"o
Trlnculo, Southampton 27th.. R L Hague
Winneconne, Madeira 19th.. .Foreign M & D
Arropolto, Constanza Am BJack Sea
Arapahoe, Jacksonville 8th Clyde Line
Baltic, Liverpool 1st White Star
City of St Louis, Savannah....Ocean SS Co
Kdltor, Rotterdam 24th Cosmopolitan
Florlnda. Seville 20th Garcia & DIsjb
Giuseppe Verdi, Naples 22d.
McDonnell A Truda
Huron, Pamo? 2-d Munson Line
Maine. tendon Atlantic Transport
Mlnnekahda, Hamburg 30th. ..American Line
Ttyndam, Plymouth 31st Holland America
Sarcoxle, Rotterdam 23d Cosmopolitan
T J Williams, Copenhagen 23d R L Hague
Tanarno, San Juan 4th Atlantic Fruit
fltta dl Messina. Lisbon 22d Pelrc* Bros
f'oniue. New Orleans .1th Southern I'ac
I K?lantler, Immlngham 22d.Lloyd Royal Beige
Elger, Kingston Caribbean 88 Co
IVnchtircl). I^clxoes 23d ISIwell It Co
Ft Hamilton, Bermuda 8th. Furnas*-Bermuda
Gen G W Goethals, Port de Pals nth,
Panama RR
Maine, London 27th Atlantic Transport
Munargo, Nassau 7tli Munson Lino
Nueces, Mobile Bth .Mallory Line
Kan Lorenzo, Fan Juan 8lh N Y & P R
Tnloa, Havana 7th United Fruit
West ln?lilp, Antwerp 2,1th...Black Diamond
Yankee Arrow, Hamburg 23th....R L Hague
Almanac for New York April 8.
/?un rises R 2fl Moon rl*s*.. 2 88 PM
Sun set* Q 27 Moon sets... 3 21 AM
Sandy Hook 4 21 AM 4 57 PM
Governors Island 4 47 AM 8 27 PM
Hell Gato (Astoria)... 0 .'13 AM 7 10 PM
The time given In the above table la East
ern standard time and Is furnUhed by thai
United State* Coast and Geodetic Survey.
NEW YORK, April 7?The time hall above
I tho Navigation and Marin* Engineering
School of th* Seamen's Church Institute, 23
South street, dropped to-day at exact noon,
7Mh meridian, or ft hours slow of Greenwich
mean time. Any one desiring correct Green
wich mean tltn* telephone Bowling Green
Htr Aqultanla (Br), Southampton *nd I
Cherbourg April I. to the Cnnard Ntennvhlp 1
Co, Ltd, with 434 first, 489 Mcoiid cabin ami
300 third < liuis paescngcr*. malls and md??.
Went to pier M, North River.
Str Bayern <Ger), Hamburg March 23, to
the Hamburg-American Line, with 111 cabin
and 180 third clau pbmkiik'Ta, mall* and
rtidee. Went to pier SO. North ltlvcr.
8tr Orduna (Br), Hamburg March 25 and
Houtl.ampton and Cherbourg 28th, to San
derson St Son, with 40 first, 18ft aecond cabin
and 80 third cliuw passengers, mn 1 le and
nulae. Went to [iter 42. North River.
Str America. Bremen March 28 and South
ampton 30th, to the United State* Lines,
with pa/ieenaera, mails *nd melee. Anchored
In Quarantine.
Str Lord Ormonde (Br), London March 3
and Queenatown 21st, to the Amerlceu Metal
Transport Co. with md*e.
8tr Stanmore (Br). Lelth March 14, Pun
dee 16th and Philadelphia April fl. to Fur
ness. Withy / Co. with mdse. Went to
New York Pock Co'g pier 20. Brooklyn.
Str Urblno (Br), Manchester March 23, to
i the White fl;ar Line, In ballaat. Went to
pier 00, No'th River.
i Sir Frode (Dan), Clirlatlania March 8 and
Shl'lda 18th, to Punch. Kdyo & Co, with
mdeo. Went to foot of 17th atreet, Hobolicn.
8(r City of Durham (Br), Shanghai Jan
| 20, Hong Kong Feb 8, Singapore 20th, Port
8wettenliam 2!?t. Penang 24th. Colombo
March 1. Port Said IGtli and Algiers 2lat. to
.Norton, Lilly A Co, with mdiw. Went to pier
2, Bush Docks, Brooklyn.
Str Canadian Planter (Br), Newcaitte,
NSW. Dec 24. Melbourne .lan 7, ITobart 17th,
Sydney, NSW. 27th. Auckland Feb 0. Well
ington 14th, Lyttelton 10th, Dtinodln and
Bluff 20th snd Cristobal March 27, to Mll
ford & McKay, with md?c. Went to New
York Dock Co'e pier 30. Brooklyn.
Str Almaigo (Or), Guayaquil March 17,
Mnnta Iflth, L>meraldaa 22d, Buenaventura
?ld, Cristobal 2Mh and Porto Colombia 27tli,
to S.-xndorson # Bon, with mdae. Went to
pier 42, North River.
Str Wlllhllo, Seattle. Ac, to the William*
Steamship Co, with mdee. Went to pier 05,
North Hlver.
Str Cape Henry. Tacoma, ?c, via Jack
sonville, to the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific
Steamship Co, with mdse. Went to pier 80,
North River.
Str Blue Triangle, Ban Franclaen. Sr. to
the North Atlantic and Western Steamship
Co, with mdse. Went to pier 8, Army Base,
Str W M Tupper. Cayenne March 20, Para
maribo Ifith and Trinidad 2*th, to the Clyde
Htranishlp Co, with mdia. Went to pier 44,
North River.
Str Tancred (Nor). Guantanamo April 1,
to tlia Munsoti Steamship Line, with augar.
Anchored off Liberty.
Str EldavOld (Nor), Manxanlllo March 30,
to the Munaon Steamship Line, with augar.
Anchored off Liberty.
Str Norfolk, Santlapo March 25 and Guan
tanamo and Manxanlllo 20tli, to tlia New
York and Cuba Mall Bteamahlp Co, With
augar. Anchored off Liberty.
Str Kroafotid (Nor), Santiago April 1, to
the Atlantic Fruit Co, with augar. Anchored
off Liberty.
Str Matinleoek, Galveston March 30, to
1 Robert I, Hague, with oil. Anchored off
Sir i:i Sol, Galveston April 1, to the South
ern Pacific Co, with mdaa. Went to pier
40, North Rher.
Str Jletiry R Mallory. Galv*ston April 1,
to the Mallory Steamship Co. with ps.?sen
cra and mda*. Went to pltr 38, North
River. I
Str Mevlnla, Port Arthur, to Walker A
Paly, with crude oil. Will go to Gulf Ro- ,
firing dock, Rayomie, NJ.
Str Toplla, Port Arthur.
Str Kl Ksteru, New Orleans, to the South- I
r>rn P*c|f|e (*? ? Ifh na.?aengera and mils*. |
Went to pli i 10. Noi. i ltlvar. (
Str Thomas H Wheeler, New Orleans. to
R It Hague. Went to pier 6, Bayotme, NJ.
air City of ?Savannah, Savannah April 4.
to the Ocean Steamship Co, with patuiengera
and mdte. Went to pier 30, North Klver.
Sir Cristobal, Norfolk, to the Panama
Railroad Steamship Line. Went to pier I,
Str Dlrlgo, Norfolk, to the Tuai Co.
Went to Bergen Point, NJ.
Str Tloanoke, Norfolk, to the.Texas Co.
Went to Bayonne, NJ.
Btr Lake Arthur, Richmond. to the Rich
mond and New York Steamship Co, with
, indue. Went to pier 00, Ran* Klver.
Sti Philadelphia. Baltimore, to the Clydo
Steamship Co, * Ith mdee. Went to pier 44.
| North River.
Schr A Frneet Mills, Charleston March 28.
I to Crowell A Thurlow, with lumber. An
chored off Bed Hook.
Tug Battleboro. towlnjr 2 barges.
Tug Eastern, towing 2 barge?.
Tuk Liberty, towing :i har*e? (went Into
Sandy Hook Bay at 12:31 PMj.
1 Str Mauritania (Br). New Vork for South
j ampton, was 1,070 miles K of Arabrwui light
| shl|> at noon l'rlday. Averaged 21.74 mllca
| an hour.
Str Vandyck (Br). Buenos Aires, Ac, for
New York. Is expected to dock at pier 14,
[ Hoboken. about 8!30 AM Tuesday.
Str Acropolis. Piraeus for New York. Is
| expected to dock at pier 34, Brooklyn, Sun
j Htr France (Fr), Havre for New York, Is
expected to dock at pier 67. North River,
foot of West 13th street, about 0:30 AM
Str l.u Bourdonnals (Fr). Havre for New
York. Is expected to dock at pier 57, North
Ither. foot of West 13th street, Saturday
Str Ryndam (Dutch), Rotterdam. Ac, for
New York, Is expected to dock at foot of
5th etreet, Hoboken. about 9:30 AM Sunday.
?tr America, Bremen for New Y'ork, i?
expected to dock at pier 4, Hoboken. about
0:30 AM Saturday.
Str Old North Slate, I,ond?n for New
York, Is exported to dock at pier 1, Hoboken,
Saturday forenoon.
J Sir Baltic (Br), Liverpool for New York,
! expected to dock at pier 60, North P.lver,
foot of West UUh street, late Sunday after
St.- Mlnnekahda, Hamburg for New York.
Is expected to dock at pier 58. North River,
foot of \\ est 10th street, lato Sunday or
early Monday.
Sir (.Iluaeppe Verdi (Ital). Naples. Ac, for
New York, is expected to do'.-lt at pier 2">,
North River, foot of North Moore street,
about H:30 AM Sunday.
Sir Huron, Iluenow Aires, Ac, for New
York, Is expected to dock at pier 3. Hoboken,
about 11:30 AM Sunday.
St: North American (Br) pasted Castle
I.-imul 7 I'M 0th.
Sir South American (Br) uas .VIS miles
S of Ambrose lightship at 8 PM 6th.
Str Cltta dl Messina (Ilali, Naples for
New York, Is expected to arrive Monday. j
l*r Boswell (Br), from Buenos Aires, Ac, J
e.vtX-ctH to reach Boston 3 PM Sunday.
Str Mexico. Havana for Now York, Is ex
pected to dock at pier 16, Brooklyn, late
Saturday or early Sunday.
By Independent Wireleta Telegraph
Company, Inc.
{Distance given i?> tnlles; position at noon,
unless otherwise specified.]
A col lis 1,64?, b*i:: Ambrose I. V 0th.
Antinous 205 W Bermuda 7th.
Ardmoio .",080 rf Vancouver 8 PM Gtl?.
Arizonan 042 NI3 (Charleston 7th.
Beatrice expects arrive Boston 3 AM 9th.
Bolivar 1,1I>1 S Sandy Hook 0th.
Cameronta 340 from Ambrose 1* V 7th.
Chickasaw 570 N Overfalls L# V 7th.
City of Dunkirk 40 K Ambrose I* V 0th.
Devolente 420 KNfci Hole in Wall 7til.
Ka.it side 707 E Ambrose L V 7th.
Kastwlnd U."0 12 Cape Henry 7th.
K*peranza 273 S Scotland L V 7th.
Georgia. 235 K Diamond Shoal 7th.
union N Hatteras 7 I'M 7th.
Kashu Mam lat 37 50. Ion 09 31 7tli.
Kershaw 30 SW Fire Island 7th.
Lake Monroe 4."i S Scotland I, V 7th.
Mexico 41 S Diamond Shoal 7th.
Minnequa lat 30 14, Ion OS -0 7th.
Mutianro sailed from Nassau 6:30 PM 7thl
for New Y'ork.
Procyon *0 from F.asthampton, LI, 7th.
Saeo 1.280 K Hatteras 0th.
Sac Harbor 15 S Hatteras 7th.
Sarcoxle 010 E Ambrose U V 7th.
Slle expects arrive Hampton Roads Saturday.
Swlftnrrow 200 S Block Island 7th.
Tananio 486 S Scotland I, V 8 PM 7th.
Tiara expects arrive Casilda Monday even
Tuscaloosa City 1.3M) 10 Bahamas flth.
Vandyck 1.240 SK Ambrose I, V 7th.
Wales Mam lat 39. Ion 03 7tli.
Western Pride 3?r? RNK Cape Henry ah.
West Comak 2,438 SF Jacksonville 7th.
Wivit Inskip 713 F. Ambrose I, V <th.
West Nerls 1,080 13 Cape Henry 6th.
By the Radio Corporation ef
Acropolis 580 E Ambrose I. V 7th.
Aladdin 671 E Ambrose L. V 6th.
Andrea F I.uckenbach 458 S Boston 7th.
VnnR Sofle 145 H Scotland L V 7th.
]tutv?tttr lat ?> ."0, Ion (SO .'!7 7th.
('amotna "1 SW Winter Quarter 1j V 7lh.
diaries E Harwood 125 NK Hattera.1 7th.
City uI Montgomery 08 NE Diamond Shoal
7 th.
Clllfwood 583 E Ambror'e r. V flth.
Coldbrook lnt 32 58. Ion 52 I I 0th.
Eastern Ocean Int ."15 08, Ion M 25 7th.
Editor 2,W!9 W lloolt of Holland 7tll.
Freeman 2." ENK Barncgat 7th.
(iodanta 105 S Sandy Hook 7th.
Gltimppe Verdi arrives Quarantine 0 PM 8th.
(lien Whit*' 740 K Cape May flth.
Gi.lfqueen 225 S Hrenton Ilcef 7th.
II M Flasler 005 15 Delaware Capea 5th.
Huron 410 BE Ambrose L V 7th.
I O White l!Hi IS by N Bermuda flth.
Jonaney 23 S Barnegat 7th.
I .owls I.uclionbaeh 207 S Ambrose L V 7th.
Maracalbo 130 N MayaKU"7. 0th.
Mary 470 N Ttirka lslyand flth.
Nora 15 S Ambrose I. V 7th.
j Njan: a 145 8 Ambrose I. V 7th.
? 'Id North State ISO E Ambrose Tj A* 7th.
Oscar D Bi nnett, .142 SW Nantucket v 7th.
I'aulsboro 415 K by 3 Cape May 7th.
Philip Publlcker 42 N Diamond Shoal 7th.
"Plantler" pasred Nantucket L V 5 PM 7th.
Sabotawan 88 ESE Boston 7th.
Santa Malta 130 K Cape Henry 7th.
San T<'odoro 580 K Miami Otli.
Somerset 000 E Ambrose 0tli.
Steel Navigator 150 S Ambrose I. V 7th.
Stureholm 70 NE Cape Henry 7th.
Sunbeam 70 K Overfalls l? V 7tll.
Toplla 78 ri Scotland L V 7th.
tineas 200 BSW Block Island 7th.
Vancollte 02 K Nantucket I* V 7th.
W B Keene 42 K Cape Charles 7th.
VV I, Steed 43 8 Hatteras 7th.
Walter D Munson 155 S Scotland L V 7th.
Wlnneconne 205 H Ambrose 7th.
By United States Naval Radio.
Agwlmex paved American Bhoals 7th.
Affwlmootl 00 N Jupiter 7th.
Ala 741 K Ambroae L V 7th.
Raltlc (Dauz) 13 N Jupiter 7lh.
Bayou Chlro 14 W Sand Key 7th.
Byron D Benson 121' SW Sand Key 7th.
< 'aimValeria 820 H Cape Elizabeth flth.
Camden 8 NE Ilsnna 7tli.
Carlton 18 E Sand Key 7th.
fnrplaka 1,300 WSW Bishop Rock flth.
Castletown 35 3 Jupiter 7th.
Centennial State sailed fro> * Plymouth for
Ixindon fl :45 AM 7th.
O*rro Anil 04 W Key West 7th.
Charles Pratt BO E by N 8and Key 7th.
Collingsworth 75fl E Ambrose l< V flth.
Cornua 85 S Jupiter 7th.
David MeKelvy 30 W Hand Key 7th.
H T Bedford 102 NW Tortugas 7th.
Eastern Pawn 312 NE Cape May 7th.
Eastern Guide 1,318 E Ambrose L. V flth.
Eastern I.eadar 1,005 E Boston light flth.
Edward Pelrc* P8 S8W Block Island 7lh.
El Alba 110 NW Tortugas 7th.
I:s,>eran7.a 270 8 Scotland I? V 7th.
Ueorgo Washington lat 40 05 fi, Ion 24 01 B
Olenpool 57 E Hatteras 7th.
Onlfprlnce 30 W Sand Key 7th.
Fluor Spar 18 9 Sombrero light 7th.
Franklin 25 NW Tortugas 7th.
1! C Folger 250 NW Sand Key 7th.
Hilton 35 SSW Hatteras 7th.
Hudson 1.023 E Ambrose I. V 7th.
Illinois 327 N Jupiter 7th.
Italia 90 N Hatteras 7th.
J A Bostwick 77 W Band Key 7?h.
John D Archbold 8 HBW Hatteras 7th.
l.ake Kyttle 11fl N Watllng Island fitli.
l<outslana fl7 SE 8and Key 7th.
Maquan lat 25 58, Ion 74 47 0th.
Mexico 41 8 Hatteras 7th.
FOR Sale?Steam yacht Carmlna. located
Baltimore, Md.: full Information and price
ril.OTS, 014 South Broadway, Baltimore,
FOR SAIjE?200 ft. steel ocean-going eargo
passengcr aleatner, converted steam yacht.
MoINTOHK AGENCY, II Broadway. Bowling
f.teen 7057.
FOR Bala?Barge canal boat, 2 year* old. 108
feet long. 22 feet wide, 12 feet high on
sides. M. \V B A RTH, 24 State st.
SACRIFICE? Houseboat, 114x31 ft., suitable
for clubhouse or floating machine ehop.
COX < STEVENS. 25 Broadway. Phone 27(H)
Sail making and ringing loft. 50x150, for
rent; open for offers. P. O. bog 173,
WANTED?Covered barm; must bo In good
condition and cheap; Inside dimensions of
ccvered housing at least 28*80 feet. Write
full detalli to B. I?. 8., 370 Mvlngston it.,
Brooklyn. No brokers need an"wer.
W A NT BP? Deck scow, dimensions about 0Ot
30*10: gtvo full particular* and price. C
Ofl'* Peloid, Fulton st.
50~fo?? auxiliary fishing schooner, |2~Co7T;
can by appointment. WEIMETER,
2137 East 72d et., Bergen Reach, Brooklyn
Notice to Owners, Agents
and Ship Masters.
The Herald publishes daily
reports of the positions of mer
chant vessels received through
the United States Naval Com
munication Service. Shipmasters
of veGsels with radio apparatus
may, without charge, report their
(TR) noon positions through the
following naval radio stations in
the United States proper: Bar
Harbor, Me. (Ottcrcliffs); Cape
Hatteras, N. C.; Jupiter, Fla.;
Key West, Fla.; New Orleans,
La. These position (TR) re
ports must be addressed only
the radio station called, and they
will be forwarded to New York.
It is important that these re
ports should be sent promptly at
noon each day in order that they
will be received in time for pub
Position reports can also be
sent through the stations of the
Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc., at New York
city (WCG); Babylon, L. I
(WSE;; Easthampton, L. I.
(WSA), and New London, Conn.
(WST). No charge made for
medical or surgical advice, late
news and weather reports.
Position reports will also be
accepted through the stations of
the Radio Corporation of Amer
ica at Cape Cod (WCC), and
Siasconset (WSC). Mass.; New
London, Conn. (WLC); Cap;
May (WCY), and New York
city (WNY). Requests for
medical or surgical advice will
also be accepted through the
above stations of the Radio Cor
poration. This advice will be
given free by the U. S. Public
Health Service.
Mlnnekahda 771 E Ambrose L V 7th.
Mtwkogee S7 SW Hatterwi 7t.h.
Northern Star 760 B Ambrose I. ? Ttn.
nu North Statu ISO F. Ambrose L V 7th.
Panhandle Stat* 'M'< K Ambrose 1. \ itli.
Peter it t"rowcll III SB Capu Canaveral ;tb.
Prinveu Matolka 41.1 W Bishop Itock 7th.
S I; Hunt 211 W Sand Key 7th.
San Gil at NB Itatteras 7llt.
Sli*?lnawa 1d8 E Hahle Inland Oth.
Springfield tat 13 !on (VI 07 Otli.
Sun ?io ill B Ambrose L V 7th.
Tost i SO K Key U'e.st 7th.
Trontollte IK: NB Jupiter 7ili.
Vacuum 10'J S Key Weat 7th.
Virginia US SW lUtterus 7th.
V'ittcrio Emanuelo III 1,431 E Cap? Henry
Bound South.
Str North Land. Boston for New York.
Str Delaware, llo?1ou for New York.
Sehr favonlan 'Hr), J.lverpoo!. NS. for
New York, wltli pulp, to Tidewater Mills Co.
Sehr 11 Irani 1 > Mel.,-an (Br>. Liverpool.
VS. for New York, with wood pulp, to 1 Ide
Water Taper Mills: vessel to Gllmartln A
SSchr Gerlrudg rarson* (Hr), St John, N3,
'for New York, wltlj lumber, to lloman A:
Piildlngton: "versel to J F Whitney & Ce
aiir Livlnla M Ciiftw. Rockland. Me. for
"New York, with lyiifj, to the Uoekland
Kockpor;, I.ime Co; v*iicl to J A Elliot.
Sehr Lafayette, Bfoek Island for New
'^?ieh'r^pe11ajL?i "NjfrJuuket for New York,
iilMt- a'fcar8?" 'at ?**?).?
'J*faor?.wV,hl3^lnt fl-or, AM) : Spartan, w It
1 ("at 7:Ki I'M 0th>: Chas A McCaffrey, with
S tat i:30 I'M): Wyoming, with 0 (at 4:;k>
p\L) # .
Mo'toftr bargo Socony f>2 (at 2:30 PM).
p.. Bound East.
SchryKatherlne May, New York for Brldga
"'schr'^Annle M rreble. Perth Amboy tor
Lubec, Mr. ?
Ttiga Laborer, with 1 barge (at ?10 AM .
o l. HtHetiheck, with I tat 10:10 AM);
Peerless, with 1 (at 6:40 PM 6th); Sachem,
wltli 6 iat ti:4." TM (ith).
Str Adriatic CBr). David, Liverpool via
Quecnstowti (general)?White Star Elite.
Str Montana. Jensen. London (general) ?
Atlantic Transport Line.
Str Camilla (Mr), VJgg'*. Plymouth, Cher
bourg and Hamburg (general)?Cunard
Steamship Co, Ltd.
Str Thlstlemoro (Br), lrortunn. Newcastle,
Middlesbrough. Ac (general) turners,
%NJtr'V Oranlt'e State. Schofleld, Queenatown
and Brenten (General)?United States Lines.
Str Suriehco. Iverson, Riga (genoral)?
Transmarine Corporation.
Str Generslkonsul Palllsen (Dan), Niel
sen, Copenhagen and Aalborg (general)?
Fttneh, Edve A Co. _ .. .
Btr Rotterdam (Dutch). Baron. Rotterdam
via Plymouth and Boulogne (general)?Hol
land-America Line.
Str Htndford City (Br). Egerton, Ham
burg (generali?U S Navigation Co.
Str Western Scout. Duffy, Hamburg (gen
eral)?Kerr Steamship Co.
Str Lapland (Br), Bradahaw, Antwerp via
Plymouth and Cherbourg (general)?Red
Str Mentrmlnee (Br>, Hutchison, Antwerp
and Hamburg (general)?International Mer
"str ^Manchester Mariner (Br), Riley. Ca
diz, Barcelona and Valencia (general)?Gar
'Str'cVt'v of Glasgow (Br). I?111. Yokohama.
Kobe and Shanghai via Newport News and
Panama Canal (general)?Norton. Lilly A
Str TokiifuVti Maru (Jap). Yokoyama, Yo
1< oh a in a and Kob? via Norfolk (?cnera4) ??
HurH^, Matffll * Co. .
Str Virgil (Br). Collin*. Para, Ceara. Ac.
via Norfolk (general)?Lamport * Holt.
Str Barfond (Nor), Winger, Port Spain,
Carupano, Ice (general)?Caribbean Steam
SlStVVanta Tecla, Brennan. Puerto Colom
bla. CartHfjcna, ftc, via Panama Canal (c*n
era!)?W n Grace & Co.
Str Helen. Perry. San Juan. Ponce, Ac
(general)?A H Rull * Co.
Str Bethore, Moodle, Port Lobos (bailaat)
?Ore Steamship Corpoiation.
Str Annetta, Smith, Port Antonio (ballast)
?Atlantic Krult Co. ? ?. .
Htr Santa Marta, Blrks. Santiago, King
ston, tr (general)?United Fruit Co.
Str Lake F'oravlsta. Petersen, Naval Sta
tion. Santiago. Ac I general)?New York and
Cuba Mall Steamship Co.
Str Fort Victoria (Hr>. Cantllflhael. Ham
llton. Bermuda (geuerai)?Furnees, Withy
1 Str Araguaya (Br). Glllard. Hamilton.
Bermuda (general)?Sanderson ? Bon.
Str tJlua (Br), Towell. Havana. CrUtobal
and Port Union (general)?United Fruit Co.
Str Alamo, Smith, Galveston (general)
Ma I lory Stenmehlp Co.
Str Thomas H Wheeler. Purdy, I ort Ar
thur (I nllast)-R T, Hague. .
Str City of Savannah. Borum, Savannah
(general)?Ocean Hl?amshlp Co.
Sir Mohawk. Ingram, Charleston and Jack
sonville (general)?Clyde Steamship Co.
str Lake Fannin. Dow. Wilmington and
Biunswlck (general)?Clyde Steamship Co.
Str F.rholm (Nor), Johantiejisen, Norfo.k
(Vsllastt?J F Whitney A Co.
Str Alllsnea, Bond, Norfolk (general)
Old Dominion Transportation Co.
Str Careneo, Dodge tfrom Genoa and Leg
Grand Hotel du Louvre
Avenue de I'Opera &
Place du Palais Royal
400 bedrooms. 200 bathrooms.
Splendid Restaurant and American
Telegrams: "liouvre-Hotel, PARIS.
Grand Hotel Terminus
St. Lazare Railroad Station
In direct connection with the rail
way station platforms. 800 bed
rooms with bathroom or running
Telegraphic address: Terminus.
j J'.'0rn>* BaIt'rnore (rtaldut).c D Mallory &
I Str Philadelphia, Laek. Baltimore (geu
J craj)?Clyde Steamship Co.
Str Katrlna Luckenbach. Hayes, Phllade.
l> 'la (general)?Luckenbach Steamship Co
Schr Eveline Wilklc (Bri, wilkte. Liver
pool, N8 icement)- J F Whitney i Co.
Tam|?l':. Nora, do; Sta\an
I i<"fjord (Nor), Bergen. .<:-c; Sagua, San
Juun. ^c; Hararoa. Cav llaiil, 4c; Hethoio,
I *\or* Lobos; Georgia iBii. Dakar. Ae.
vlu Norfolk; GtiieralkonMil Pnlllgeu lUain.
I Copenhagen, &c. Alllam a. Norfolk; Lake
Florayista. Santiago; Surteho, Riga; Bristol.
Norfolk; I.ako Agoinak, Baltimore.
Str Krholtn (Nor), Norfolk.
Sa.led Uth. a us Model h (Nor), Porto
I lata; Walter D Munson, Matam:as:
The corrected reading of t!>? barometer
(reduced to sea leveli at New York on
I* rlday, April .. 1922, at 8 AM. as reported
bythe United Mates Weather Bureau, w an
thirty and twenty-eight hundredth* (30.28)
inches. This closely approximates seven
.mndnxl and sKty-nhte and one-tenth (TfW.l)
111 lllmeteiw. Cap I a In. i of nil vessels now
lying it ot near tho port* of Now York and
Yn "dvantageously u?n the above
0 ric.nl dots for observing w hether thi lr
own barometers require nny ctfislderuble cor
rection or adjustment.
Wind at Sandy llook. 8 PM, E 8 miles I
overcast; smooth sea; visibility. 11 miles. '!
< APR HACK, Nl", April 17?Barometer at 1
noon, 29.8."S inches; wind, NK, strong breeze;
weather, fine; temperature, 42 deg Fahr.
Wind* Off Atlantic Const.
North of Sandy 1 look?Fresh and strong
.?'?nth and southwest winds; overcast, show
try weather Saturday.
Handy Hook to Ilattcra#?Fresh south and
southwest winds; cloudy weather and proo- i
ably showers Saturday.
Hatteras to Florida Straits?Moderate j
southeast and south winds and fair weather !
Disturbance of considerable Intensity over
< ninrio and moving toward thu Gulf of St
1 ast <Itilf?Moderate southeast and south
v. inds and fair weather Saturday.
nt Gulf?Fresh southeast and south
* Imls; fair wither Saturday.
I arlbbcan Sen nnd Windward Passage
Moderate east to northeast winds nnd gci
ralJy fair weather Saturday.
Str Ituron, before reported a-horo at
?In ;o? U ami floated. stove a hole in her
BOSTON. April 7?Tho Trlnatlonal Steam
lil|> Corporation purchased utr Belvemon
Nor) for service between hei'e, Halifax and
St Johns, NF, and will engage In passenger
a: w^ll as freight bu.iIiK.i.s; str Bornholin
(Dan) will leave on last trip to-day.
GALVESTON, Tex, April 4?Contract for
I ? 1'ShtcrJof the cotton cargo from utr
Baltimore Maru (Jap) wa& awarded yestrr
?iny; an oil barge was also at work re
moving her cruue oil .supply, which Ls more
tl.un SOI) Ions; ve-viel is expedited to bu
floated Friday.
NORFOLK, \'a, April 7?Receivers for the
Northern Transportation Co will sell four
tin;.) and twenty-one barges on Mav Ju at
Wilmington. Del. Tug Norfolk and nine
barges arc here; the balance are at Wil
PANAMA, April 7?The master of sir!
Vvolsum (Dutch) has filed suit against sir'
West II tin rod for *100,000 damages, charg
"iK that the latter wad responsible for the
collision of the two vessels on April 2 at
ihe Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal
1 lie Wolsum If now In dry dock.
E?r Wlllpolo, New York for San Francisco
tietore reported with loss of propeller l".'i
miles off I'orlnto) has sent a wireless ap
peal for assistance to Balboa. The Canal
authorities are awaiting the owners' orders
before sending assistance.
SAN FRANCISCO, April fi?Motor Malahat
' Br >, from Newcastle, NSW. 4c, went
ashore nt Ahulklul and floated later, 'slightly
April 1?str Port Angeles, henre for
? eat.le, lost rudder; was towed back to this
I>ort by str Washington.
SEATTLE, Wash. April 7?Todd Dry
I locks repaired str Narenta fBr) In thlrtv
three ami a half days, eight and a half davs
ahead of contract; limit of cost was JI2.\rtoo
Ihe Naretila struck submerged reef off Sin
clair Island Feb 28; fifty plates were re
moved. twenty-two were repaired and re
placed; much cork Insulation nnd several
f.oors were removed and replaced. Narenta
to-day began loading foi Great Britain.
Danger* to Navigation.
* (i'r)TF' nAr^K< ^'? April 7?Scattered Ice
drifting south to-day.
fRcported to the Hydrograplilc Office.]
April li, lat 38 42, ton 74 18, passed a heavy
log projecting about 8 feet out of water, ap
parently attached to submerged wreckage?
Str William II Llbby.
April .1, lat 37 ."4, Ion 7.1 40, pssred a
broken spar about 2" feet long and 214 feet
in dameter?Sir Gulfcoast.
March 28. lat 41 jr.. Ion r>3 3S. passed a
spar or log about 3d feet long and 2 feet In
diameter?Str Londonlcr tTSelgi.
April 5. lat 41. Ion r.fl r>.">, partly submerged
wreckage?u SCO Tampa.
Ice Patrol cutter Tampn reports ns fol
,f,pr" 7'. Tampa's position lat 42, Ion ,
r.l HO W; no tee reported last twenty-four'
hours; searched locality of ber*s reported
yesterday nnd found no Ice; believe ber-e
were small and dlalntef rated in warm
water; have resumed previous warning to !
vessel* to keep south of 42, between Ion |
?y and ion D2.
? *"*; Vork?Main and Bay Ridge Channels?
TTio I.Ighthouss Servl.-e annources that an
chorage buoy A toff St George, SI, marking
northeast corner of anchorage 23A) has been
changed to first class spar, and Fairway
iismiel buoys c and n (fairway across an
chorages 21B and 21C) have been changed
to second cla?? ^?par<s.
. iN?Wi,Y?rk~,Iud"on ^'ver?Coxsackle Rast
Mats light and Mull Dike lower end light
rebuilt and relighted April R, 1922, having
been carried away by Ire.
New York?Hudson River-fltopkport light
was neb,illt and relighted April 4.
19.2, having been carried away by Ice.
New Jersey?Inside Route?Llttls Ere
waterway buoys 7. 9. 10, It and 12 were
i hanged to third class cone April 3.
r0Knn'h Rn 0?ult!ng white light
' . ^ vai,dle *?"?"?> visible 12 miles, was
established on Moto Point, Todos Santos
Bay. Mexico. In approximately lat 31 M SS
N, 'on "? 4ft .?? W. The light Is shown ?T '
White'house Rbove high water from a
Slilp Edward Bewail, N>w Orleane via Ral
boa for San Frmnctoco, April 1, 14S miles S
of San Salvador (by atr Puruna).
Dally ShHIiik' from l'ler III!, N ft., Foot
Canal St.. G P. M.; Wcat KlUnd 81.. 0:80
1*. M. Dil" Albany ?! o'flook following
morning. nlreet rail connections to all
tnlntit Noftki Kast and W?M.
rare. (i;i.no one way; fll Itound Trip.
rxrnr.ss fhkh;ht nfryhk?Autna
curried. Shipments rectived for Albany
Troy ami points on the Delaware A Hud
son R. R. and Boston <? Malno R. R.
T^l. t'nnal !>OOQ.
ninsoN navigation company
Middlcton S. norland. Receiver.
"Tht Public ht Pleosed."
?UtMUner idvM n?r M, N.M.(V1. W. ???
loo 0L> wwekdajrs and Santera a* * F. 4*.
Outside Stateroom*, 11.00.
and Cape Cod.
Leave Dally Pier M N X. Pulton St. 5 P. M.
The popular mute?Orchestra concerts
mw LONDON link?I^enve Dally except
Sundays Plor40 N.R. Hciston St.5.30 P.M.
I\Tlrkrtn at Pier* ?nd CotmlMateri Tlrket Offices a
N Telephones C'.W?llrysm tOO #
Newburgh, Poughkeepaie, Kingston
l.<-ave Franklin Bt.. Wi-akdays at 4 P. M.
I'hon* Wnlk> i (5731. ( ml ml Hudson l.lne.
CENTENNIAL STATE, ?t Plymouth 7th.
CONSTANTINOPLE (Br), pa.iseu Gibraltar
, '.IOTHLAND (Belg). at Antwerp Uth.
ITALIA tFIr). at Gibraltar 6th.
I'ATRIA (Br>. at Algiers ?<].
Arrival* at and Departures from
Foreign Port*.
AALBORO, April 8?Arrived, ?tr Uffe !
(Dain, Savannah
AL' ilEKS, April Z? Arrived, str I'atrla
(Fn. New York lor iUrwillw, At".
Sailed f>tb, ?tr Maid of Syru (Br). New
AMSTERDAM, April "?Arrived, atr Wear
bridge (Br), Phllado:phl*.
Balled :,th, sir Newyork (Dutch, tanl.).
New York.
AXTILI.V, April 5. noon?Sailed, str John
Blumtr iXur), Now York.
ANTWERP, April i> Arrived, str Goth
land (Belg), Ne.v York.
Sailed Ith, str Corslcan (Br), St John. NB.
AVONMOirrH. April 0?Arrived, Mr Mad
U< 'tm-t. New York.
BALBOA. April 2?I'al'.eiV str Celestial,
Ran Pedro.
11BLKAFT. April 0?Arrived, str American
I'lei*. Norfolk.
BREMEN, April 8? Arrived, stra Atalaya
(Sp). Galveston; Hawaiian, New York.
CAIBARIEN, April G-Salled, strs Sioux,
Nei>- York; Manzanillo (Cuban), Nnflvtta#.
OETTK, April Arrived, str Mar Rojo;
(Spi. New Orleans.
CEDTA, April .1? Ai t lved, atr Vllle do
Djibouti (I'll, New York.
CHAI'ARRA, April 6. 7 AM?Sailed, atr;
Gloiidoylo, New York.
OTRNFtrEClOS. April 4. 4 rM?Arrived. air
('HllHhas, New York via Norfolk (procaeds
to Manzanlllo ?nd Kington).
COLOMBO, April 0?Called, str Half Moon.
New York.
CRISTOBAL, April 0?Arrived, atr* Colom
bia, Havana for Sa:i I'ranclaco; Sherman,
Baltimore for Valparaiso; Gynierlc (Br),
l:elfHMt for San Frantlsco.
Arrive! 7th, str Calamares. New York ,
via Kingston.
Sailed tith, H'rs Metapan, Cartagena: Tar-|
lamina. Hocas.
Sailed fith. str<> Abangarez, New Orleans;
Tlvlvee, Now ^ork: Parlsmlna. New Or
1, n us : Liberator. Baltimore; Knox vllle City
<fioni Baltimore), I,os Angeles; Weat Hlm
rod, Vancouver; Mexico Mart! (Jap), from
New Orleans for Los AngoleS.
GENOA, April 6?Sailed, str Stcol En<t
n< or, Naples.
GIBRALTAR, April 1?Sailed, str Henrlk
Jjtiml (Nor), Sabine.
Sailed 6th. str Boeton (Dutch), from Co
ltnibo tor Koston and New York.
Arrived 6th. sir Italia (Br), New York via ;
Lisbon. 1
?Arrived lith, sir Ilford (Br), Baltimore for
Alexuinii In.
Plfllrt 3th, sir Constantinople (Br), New
Yorlc for Nawlea, Piraeus, A-r.
Paaaad Tih, sir Marie (Ital), Philadelphia
for Catania.
CtLASilOW, April 4?Arrived, atr Canadian
Navlcator (Br), St John via Liverpool.
HAMFAN. April 6?Arrived, atr Canadian
Forester (Br), Kingston.
Arrived 7th, alra Mnutrolite, Lobos; Corn*
l*'n Point (Br). London.
Sail'd Gili, ttr Canadian Seigneur (Br),
New York.
Sailed 7th, Lake Wlnthrop, Nerw York.
HAA1BURO, April ]?Arrived, atrs Joseph
Seep, New Orleans; Bchoharle, New York;
:;il. J l'l.'tchcr Karrell, New Orleans; i;h.
Marry Mount, Portland.
Arrived 4th, r.tr City of Weatherford, New
?Sdllril 4th. atr City of Flint, Baltimore
and Norfolk.
sailed ltli, etr Frlcfeld (?, new), New
in port ?th, etr Corson, for United Sta'.oa
(to sail Sili).
HAVANA. April 8?Arrived, etr Mama,
RlUkilelpMa for Vera Cruz, Tampico, T ix.
pain and Puerto Mexico
Arrived 7th, stt Maasdain (Dutch), New
failed "'tit, elr lleredla, N??w Orleans.
Sailed 7th, etr* To lea (Br), New York!
Sim l?:aH (l!r), from Bo?ton for Cristobal.
TIAVnE. April 6?Arrived, etr Suhoda.-'c,
New York.
l!ON<5 KONG, April 2?SaJI'd, n?r Porata
Maru (Jam. San Francleco via, Yokohama
am' Honolulu.
Sol!-rt 1st. sir Tenyo Maru (Jap), Fan
HUM., April 6?Arrived, atr Lepanlo (Br),
New York.
atJCARO, April 8?Arrived, etr Klo^a,
KOBE, April 1 -Palled, ?tr Harold DolUr
(Br), San Francisco.
Arrived 4th, str Canadian Inventor (Bri,
I,AS TALMAS. April 6?Sailed, str Kt
Condailo (Spi, 'l'ainpa.
LIVERPOOL, April C? Arrived, str Aah'a
bi'ia (Br), Philadelphia.
Sailed tilh, Htra Abi rcoa, GaJveston; Dmv
b lid jo (Br), Montreal.
LONDON. April 7~Arrived, atr Vennonla
(Br), Portland, Me.
Sailed 8th. str Wlaley fBr). Montreal.
MXNCHKSTER, April 7?Arrived, sire B'?.
channcsa <Rr), Philadelphia via New York;
Seminole (Br), New York.
Sailed 7th, sirs Novlan (Br), Galveston;
Manehoeter Port (Bri, St John. NB.
MEDIA I.UNA, April 3?Arrived, str S'o'UI
Citv. Manianillo.
MELBOURNE, April 6-Arrived, str City
o! Hankow (Br>, Norfolk.
NASSAU. April o? Sailed, str Mexico. New
ODE5NSF, April 3?Arrived, atr Slrlua
(Dam, Baltimore.
Continued on Following rage.
Travel in Luxury
and Comfort on thel
New S. S. Vandyck
of the famous V-FLEET, most luxurious
steamship plying to South c^merica
Sailing April 19th for otiier sallinos-S.S.Vasari,
Rio de Janeiro Montevideo J*?* 8* S# s* v??bon? May
and Buenos Alr'es *0, S. S. Vasarl, July 6.
''iinniodloua lojmgo, ?woUImk i ".? por fu)| particulars and special
muMo room, children R playroom, syii . , .. , . r ,
r.HMium, and ovrry modern, deviceY ?te? for the round trip, apply
your convenience t-nd comfort. company's office,
Lamport & Holt Line, 42 Broadway, New York
Palling* Piers !"?8-G2 North River, New York.
At noon unless specified.
To Cherbourg?Southampton
Homeric (new) Apr. 15 May 6 June 10 |
Olympic, 2 P. M Apr. 21' May 13 Juno :i |
Majestic!now)3 P.M..May 20 June 17 July 8
To t'ohli (IJuecnntown) ami Liverpool
Adriatic Apr. 8 May 27 Juno 24 j
Baltic Apr. 13 May 13 June 10
Megnntlc Apr. 10 I
< edric Apr. 22 May 20 Juno 17
Celtic Apr. 20 June :t July 1 I
To Azores, Madeira, (.ihraltar. Algiers,
Naples and <ieno?
Arable, 11 A. M Apr. 25 July 8 Aug. 20
Crelic, 11 A. M A us. S Sept. 23
^ Red Star Lms
To Plymouth. Cherbourg and Antwerp
(.upland Apr. 8 May 13 June 17 j
Finland ... Apr. 22 May 27 July 1 I
Zeeland Apr. 20 June 3 July 8
Krnnnland May <1 June 10 July 13
To Hamburg, Libuu and l>anzic
Samland May 9
^ American I,tm
To Haitibarjc \ia I*lymon<li ami tiierbourg
Minn??kii*icla (3d cltRi).1 P.M Apr. 10 May "4
Munrlturin .'I P.M. Apr. May
St. Pawl 3 P.M. May o June 7
Mongolia*... 8 P. M Juno HI
International Mercantile Marine Company
120 Steamers?1,300.000 Tons.
1 Broadway. N. Y., or Local Agents.
Fattest Steamer to HAMBURG
From New York \la Boston
Calling at Plymouth JSc Cherbourg
From N. 1 ? Apr. 8, June 17, .Inly 2!?
N. Y. to Cherbourg and Southampton
AtJFITANIA Apr. II May 2 May 23
MU RKTAMA Apr. 25 May 18 .lime 8
ISEItENGARIA May 30 June 20 July II
N. Y. to Plymouth, Cherbourg & Hamburg
PANNONIA Apr. 18 ?
N. Y. to Cobh (Queenstown) and Liverpool
CABMANIA Apr. 19 May 17 ?
SCYTH1A (new) Apr. 26 May ?4 June*!
KAMA It 1A (n?w) .. .-?May 10 June 7 July 5
?l/ACONIA (new) May 31 June 28 July 2B
?Sailing from Boston.
N. Y. to Londonderry and Glasgow
COLUMBIA May 27 June 24 July !1
AIXiFRIA June 14 July IS Aug. 2S
N. Y. to Gibraltar, Naples, Patras,
Dubrovnlk and Trieste
Boston to Londonderry, Liverpool A Glasgow
ALGKRlA ...' 4pr. 20
ASSYRIA May 24 July fl Sept. 15
Canard and Anchor Steam Ship line*.
23 Broadway. New York.
Clark's 3rd Cruise, January 23. 1923
Superb SS "F.MPRPSS of FRANC P."
IStfll Grose Tons, Specially Chartered
4 MONTHS CRUISE, <1000 and up
Including Hotel*. Fees, Drives. Guides, eta.
Clark's 19th Cruise, February 3
23000 Gross Tons. Specially Clisrtered
6E DAYS CRUISE. 9G00 and up
Inelndind Hotels, Fees. Drives. Guides, etc.
19 dsys Hflypt.Palestine.Spain, Italy, lireece.ete.
Europe stop-overs allowed on both cruise*.
Emr?H and Vc ltltn Play Partita. S400 ?p
Frank C. Clark, Times Builtfinl, New York.
Mmntnt tnwl Rviryirlnn,
Hook nt Onrr for Emtsr,
Hi'F.dAi, kastkr Tin rs.
10.1 Park Avr. <4Ut Nt.). Vundrrhllt 46*4.
ai,i, ahoi't tikrhitda nv native
Right-Day Trip or l?ong#ir?All Ktp., >!>!).
Book fit Onw for F.i?tT.
101 Park A?e. <4l?t St.). Vamlrrt.llt 4.W4.
KI'HOPKAN TOFR?with Kn?-i?i Racort?
Hailing May 2?l>y H. H. "Af|tiltanla," vl?lt
InfT Spain. L? Mlill, I'yrcnfn, France, Tlia
t.'hatteaux, Hmtiffltldl, Do I.uxn Tour,
everything the v?ry h??t. Frank Tourist t'o.,
4S!t Fifth Ave. VfjtulrihlH 73M.
new \oiiK-t'iii;nnorrio
2d Prnailway. Krw Tork.
To F.iiropp I ndff Iho American Flag.
Magnificent N?w Steamship*
im'Hfnn bill It. nwned, op crated.
INITKO mtatk.t I .INKS,
4fl nrna'lwa), N. Y. ?0."0 Whitehall.
Business men and tourists appreciate
the convenience of this direct route
Via Cape Cod Canal
"All the way by water ?<nd nlw?y? In sight
of land". Connections at Boston lor Portland.
Rockland, Bangor nnd Yarmouth, N S
8teamer leaves T'ler 18, N. R. (ft. Murray
Bt.), New York, dally Including Sunday* at
K P. M. Tel. Ban-lay 5000.
PARIS Apr, May -? June U
1I1A.NCK May 10 May 31 June 3*
France A|ir. 17
l.ii Tnnralne Apr, 2^ May L'."> June It
Ilwlmnihenii Apr. 27 Jane I Julv R
Iji Snvoie May ? .It'ne 10 July I".
Chicago ..May II June lo July m
Ijifnyette Mny !S0 June 24 July *1
Niagara Mny 23 July I ??
U llnurdoiinlti* Apr. If
By Kew American-Flag Steamer*
Resolute May 2, May 30. June27
Reliance May 16, June 13, July 11
Sailings every Thursday. by the porro
lar steam* rs Mount Clay. Mount Car
roll, Mount Clinton, Hanaa, Bayern.
Wuerttembarg, with special cabin and
improved third claaa aceommodationa.
I'nited American Links, inc.
For Sallluga and Kataa Apply io
Kalla-AmeHca Shipping torp? 1 State Up
via Panama Canal. 10 Hanovtr f>q.. N??
A(?WI l.lnea Meam<lilp Service?Florida, in?
Carolina*, Cuba, Texas, California, Mexico,
Porto Rico. Santo Ooinlngo. Apply 180 fith av.
C 11 IOW Aigt.Ali uii?t!uivpc,H*rmu^
K>. n. L.UW vv?.t Indlei, So. America,Hon *
lulu.Clilna.Japan. IIEIItway. Tal.8I)30Watklna
Scandinavian amkrican link.
DKNHAKK - norway ? SWF.IIKN.
Paaaenger Ofllee, fl Whitehall St., N. 1.
Now York to Rotterdam.
General Passenger Offices, 24 State St., N. T.
EtiYPT-INDIA. American A Indian Line,
Port Said, lloinhay, Colombo, Rangoon, Cal
cutta. Norton. Lilly A Co.. 20 Beaver St., N.Y.
HI HMl D Ideal Summer \acallon*. I'ur
nesa Hermndl* l.lne, M Whitehall St.. N. Y.
BuO?vo open Europe Vassion Play 1N1>
C1LOHU TOURS. 249 W. a-ltli Bt.. N. T.
r A I! Ill; LINK to Mediterranean rarts,
Office. 17 Slate St.. N. Y.
Canadian Pnclfle Steamship, Ltd.
Can. Par. Rid*.. Madl-on Ave.. 44th St.. N. T.
Ave. Telephone Mad'non_ Square Hit
VMF.IIK W IV I'll I ?s IK Will Its
f hi.oiks.
I.t'ls I I.ANSI). Agent, I'ler 8. K. R.
Swedishamkrican link. 21 stat* at.
Norwegian American Line, Norway. 8wa?
den. Denmark. Office 22 Whitehall St. .
New Tork to Bremen, direct, via

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