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1Secret of Suzanne'
Sung Only Time at
Opera This Season
Miss lJori Captivating as
Countess Gil in Wolf-Fer
rari's Work.
la>t subscription matinee but one
tt the Metropolitan Opera House yes
terday afternoon waa attended by a
Urge audio nee. The offering consisted
ot .Wolf-Ferrari's "Secret of Suzanne"
exd Montemezzl's "L'Amore del Tre
Re." The little work of Wolf-Ferrari,
made even briefer by cuts than It used
to be, was given for the only time in
the course of this long saasoo. This
is a pity. It may be true that only
ljTlc dramas of strenuous nature evoke
demonstrations of enthusiasm at the
MMropolltaln, but it has been pretty
clearly established that a delicate com
edy when wed to such delightful music
as that of "The Secret of Suzanne" will
give abundant pleasure to music lovers.
In this work the action moves with
vivacity and the music bubbles with
lively spirits and ha* enchanting mo
ments of lovely sentiment. The love
theme, heard first on a piano supposed
to be played by the young wife in an
adjoining room, might have been con
ceived by Mozart. All the music is sim
ple and fluent in melody and rich in
comedy moods. The orchestration, while
unobtrusive, contains admirable bits of
instrumental characterization. But all
the time the two voices, soprano and .
barytone, predominate. It is essentially |
a vocal work.
Yesterday's ptrltrnuAQf w* s excel
lent. Miss Borl as the Countess Gil,
?whoso awful secret Is that she smokes
unknown to ber husband, acted with
captivating alternations of light hearted
merriment and petulant wrath, while
she sang her music with fresh and
vibrant tone and with appreciation. Mr.
Scottt has long been admired as the
Count Gil. He is a comr?"tent comedian
aa well as a sinister 8oarr*fh and his
Jealous ragfs yesterday greatly amused
the audience.. Mr. Paltnn!eri as the
dumb servitor had conventional duties
to perform, and he performed them
accordingly. Mr. Papl caused the
orchestra to keep time wltn the slnsors
and not to overpower their voices. Some
other things which he might i ave caused,
were missing.
Montemezzi's work had Miss Muzlo as
Flora, Mr. Martlnelll as Avito, Mr. Picco
as .Van/redo and Mr. PMur ns Archi
baldo. It was not one of the most
Impressive performances of tl-ls opera
ever given at the Metropolitan, but it
eeemed to please the audience.
In the evening "Manon" wa3 pre
sented, with Miss Farrar for the last
time Jn the name part. Mr. Cbamlee as
Drs Grieux. Mr. Chalmers as Lescaut
and Mr, ?WTiltehiil as the elder Dta
Grieuw were the other leading singers.
After each act of "Manon'' there was
a great demonstration. Miss Farrar be
ing recalled five or six times and
deluged with flowers. In some of the
bouquets were Easter souvenirs.
Novel Costumes to De Worn at
Plata Tuesday Vlght,
TIip final meeting of the Saturday
Evening Dances, which were organised
by Mrs. T. J. Oakley Rhlnelander, will
l>e lield next Tuesday night in the Rose
Room of the Plaza, and it will be un
advertisement ball. The subscribers
and their guests have been requested to
wear costumes ronreaentlng advertise
ments, popular books orplay&. Costumes
while requested, will not be obligatory.
Mr. Francia W. Crownlnshle'd will he
one of the judges of costumes,, for whifli
prizes are to he awarded. The Russian
dancer. Ntnpka, will dance. Among
those associated with Mrs. Tthinelandcr
are Mmca. Edward C. Parish. J. Theus
Mundu, William Pitt Trimble, Donn Bar
ber, Henry Hall Forbes and Julian
Tronholm. ,
new YORK.
Mrs. New bold Le Roy Edgar has (one
to Tuxedo Park.
Mr. and Mr*. Gerald Livingston Hoyt
are at their house in Staatsburg.
Mrs. Oliver W. Bird has returned to
40 W'eat Fortj-flfth street from Ber
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Berwlnd hav
gone to Porto Rico for a stay of several
Mrs. rterpont Morgan is pawing
Easter at her country house ho Highland
Falls, N. T.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Thomas
have'returned from Costa Rica to 777
Madison avenue.
Mrs. Jerome N. Bonaparte gave a
luncheon yesterday at Pierre's for Lady
Mulr MacKcnsie.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy R. Pyne and
family are guests of his mother, Mrs
Moses Taylor Pyne, at Princeton, N\ J.
Mr. Snd Mrs. Clarence S. "Wads-worth
and Mr. Julius Wadsworth of Long Hill,
Mlddletown, Conn., are at the Rltt
t>r. and Mrs.-Norman E. Ditmnn have
returned from Bermuda to 449 Pari:
avenue. They will go to Southampton
late next month.
Major-Gen. Charles F. Roo, who had
been seriously ill with pneumonia at his
home. 33 East Thirty-seventh street. Is
Mrs. George Emlen Starr of Philadel
phia is at 53 West Fifty-fifth street wltf
her mother, Mrs. Charles G. Ayres, who
has just returned from Augusta. Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thornton Wilson
have left the Ambassador Hotel and are
at the home of his j>arents, Mr. and Mrs.
Marshall Orme Wilson, 3 East Sixty
fourth street.
Mrs. William K. Vanderbllt and Mips
Elsie de Wolfe have arrived in London.
England, and are occupying: a house 'n
Cumberland place. They will leave there
for Paris In June.
Mrs. William Jay Sehleffelin and Miss
Louise VanderbUt Sehleffelin will sail
from Europe for New York on June 3
and on their arrival here will go to
Tranquillity F?rm, Ashcville, Me.
Mrs. Harry Payno Whitney sailed fo?
Europe aboard the Aquitanla last Tues
day to remain abroad six weeks.
The Senatorial ladies who live at 2400
Sixteenth street will give a May day
breakfast in honor of Mrs. Coolidge on
May 1.
The Minister of China and Mme. Sie
entertained- at luncheon at the legation
yesterday. Covert were laid for sixteen.
Miss Katherlne Mackay, daughter of
Mr. Clarence ft Mackay, has returned
to New York after a visit to Mr. and
j Mrs. James W. Wadsworth and Mr. and
j Mrs. Lawrence Townsend.
Rear Admiral and Mrs. R. E. Coontz
etitertained the school net at a dance
last night at Wardman Park Hotel for
tVielr daughter. Miss pertha Coontx, and
her guest. Miss Lady Jane Raby.
Miss Alice Mann entertained at din
ner last evening for her brother, Mr.
William T. Mann, who la home for the j
Easter holidays.
Mr. Allen Walsh T)ijlles, who is suc
ceeding Mr. "Warren Delano Robblns as
chief of the Near East Division at the
Stale Department, has taken tho houso
2168 Florida avenue and will be joined
by Mr. Dulles the middle of next week.
Mrs. A. M. Blair will accompany her
son. Mr. Percy Blair, to Buenos Aires,
where h? will become second sccretaiy
of the American Embassy.
Town Clothes
Gidding presents Costumes that are
representative of the Spring Mode for
Luncheon or Tea at the Smart Restaurant
?a Brisk Walk on the Avenue?Dancing
and other Social Activities.
The Three-Piece Cos
tume Suits from Callot,
Jenny and Lanvin with
a short box coat or
flaring cape find their
bit of color in the
blouse and lining of the
jacket, which is of
flame, blue or green
For the Tea Hour?
Frocks of soft crepes
worn beneath their matching capes?are
long and slim according to the new
silhouette. Lace trimmed and embroi
dered they include reproductions from
Jenny, Lanvin and Agnes.
For Dinner and. the Dance?Dresses of
lace, ofttimes dyed as Paris wears them,
from Molyneaux and Renee?chiffons
with floating panels?crepes that arc
draped after the manner of Callot, all
with the simplicity which marks the
entire collection of Gidding imports.
The Correct-dint is found in the Gidding
Millinery Salons?timbo straw, felt, em
broidered Panamas or broad brimmed
Milans, resplendent ? with flo\vcrs and
ostrich si rands or adorned with but a
single pin.
56t/i Street "^7tlx Street
4East Side Frolic9
by Amateurs for
Fresh Air Fund
Animated Advertisements and
'Dance ef the Spring Flowers'
Among Features.
\ " ?
All the interesting events wllJ not be
crowded Into- Easter week. as there is
being arranged a decidedly novel onter
taiuuMot to be held in the grand bail
room of the Waldorf-Astoria on the
night of April 25. It will be entitled
"The East Sldo Frolic of 1922," and
the proceeds will be used for the Women
and Girls Clubs and for the Stephny
Fresh Air Fund of the East Side Set
In general character the fete will (
be a cabaret, but Its special feature will
be one hundred animated advertisements |
for the same .number of firms, each
being impersonated by a young mar
ried woman or u debutante. These ani
mated advertisements first will be shown
on a stage and later they will circulate
among the audience seated at individual
tables about the ballroom floor.
Amateurs who will participate in the
vaudeville will execute a "Dance of the
Spring Flowers.'' They Include ten of
the best dancers in society. Miss Elea
nor Parriab, la a com la costume, will
sing a song written for the occasion
by Jerome Kero. and Miss Marie Leary
will be a Spring chicken emerging from
an egg. Miss May Leslie will be in
charge of the professional talent and
Myer Davis, with his l>ellevuc-Strat
ford orchestra, will play during the
entertainment and later for supper and
The committee of tho fund was
formed after nearing the story of a
litt>e -child in an East Side school who
was in ignorance of country life, its
domestic poultry and animals. This
child was asked: What has feathers?"
It* a piping voice she replied: "Pillows
has feathers." Since that episode hun
dreds of children have b.een sent by
tho committee each summer for a whiff
of fresh air and to see what creatures
really have feathers.
With few exceptions the committee
is composed of young married women.
Miss Katherlne MacRay is chairman
on the committee of animated adver
tisements for the frolic, and many of
her friends will assist. Mrs. Christo
pher D. Smlthers is chairman of the
entertainment committee. Shi -./ill have
tickets on sale'at 14S East Fifty-fifth
street, as also will Mrs. Archibald Q.
Mcllwaine, Jr., 4 East Sixty-second
street; Mrs. George B. Carhart. 123
Ka3t Sixty-ninth street, and Miss
Mackay. 3 East Seventy-fifth street.
Other members of tho committee in
clude Mmes. Theodore Pratt, Barron
G. Collier, Sidney S. Whelan, Eugene
M. Moore, Georgo G. Bourne, Faris
R. Russell. Elmer C. Kerr. W. V. C.
Huston, William O. Rockefeller, Harry
M. Addlnsell, Howard Maxwell, Clifford
A. Dunning and Richard L. Davlsson.
Among those who have taken boxes
are Mr. Charles Smlthers, president of
the settlement; Mr. Clarence H. Mac
kay, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorse M. Pynchon,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hutton. Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Maxwell, Mrs. Fran
cis Smlthers, Mr. and Mrs. George
Bourne, Mr. Alan Corey. Mr, and Mrs.
Jonathan Bulkley, Mr. and Mrs. Francis
L. Jline and Mrs. William }-. Hark
Daughter of Former Anna
Could Sails on Paris.
Special Cable (a Tub New Yo*k Hkiui.d
Cotirriffht, jot!, bu Tin New York Hniui.D
New York Herald Bureau, )
1'urik. April 15. (
Mile, de Talleyrand, daughter of the
Duchess de Talleyrand, formerly Miss
Anna Gould of New York, sailed on
board the Pari# to-day accompanied by
a companion.
Others of New York taking passage
were Mr. and Mrs. E. Langdon Wilki*.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Crocker, Mr. an<l
Mrs. It. Cleveland, Mrs. Murray W.
Dodge. Mrs. Georce Waters, Mr. and
Mrs. G. Ebcry, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Holden, Mrs. J. A. Campbell and Miss
Muriel Maunders. Also Mr. Joseph C.
Brockenridge of Washington, D. C.
Sailing on board the Mauretania from
Cherbourg were Mr. and Mrs. F. It. Rus
sell, Mrs. E. F. Scott. Mr. Blcknell
ioung. Mrs. Edward Murphy and Mr.
and Mrs. William Payne Thompson, all
of New York, Also Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Lowell Blake of Boston, Mr. and Mrs.
Howard M. Chapin of Providence, R. I.,
and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Carpenter of
Composition for Quartet to Be
Played at Next Festival.
Sp'rtal Dispatch to Tm Ntw York I In* a in.
PtrrsnBi.B, Mass.. April IB.?The
fourth annual $1,000 prise offered by
Mrs. Frederick S. CoAlldge for the best
i hamber music composition submitted in
competition was awarded to-day to Leo
Welner of Budapest. Hungary. It Is a
quartet. Manuscripts wcro sent from
seventy composers representing eleven
countries. The Jurors who made tho
award were Pablo Casals, Hans Letz,
Henry Elcheim. Chgrlee Loeffler and
Lawrence Milman.
The pr1?e winning composition will be
played for the firftt time In public at
Mrs. Coolidge's September fewtlval on
South Mountain In this city and the
award was rnftde three months earlier
than ever before to gh'- more time for
rehearsal. Mrs. Coollise. who Is spend
ing Easter with lier so i nnfl daughter-in
law, Mr, and Mrs. Albert Sprague Coo
lidge, on South Mountain, will sail for
Kuropo early in May.
Mrs. Edwin Prescott Grosvenor of 118
East Slxty.flrst street, will give a dinner
to-morrow night for Mies Derothv Wern
ple, daughter of Mr. and Mrd. William
Yates Wejpple, who will be married to
M- Herbert T. Magruder on April JO.
Mr. and Mrs. .femes C. Barr have gono
to Boston for the wed<l|ng there to-mor
row of Miss Eleanor Abbott, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Abbott, to Mr.
Francis Paeon Lothrop.
Lady Henry, who 13 visiting her
brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick Lawlnohn, will sail on the
Olympic next Saturday. A dinner was
given for ber last Monday by Mrs. Wlll
l.ir.i H. Hirst of W5 Park avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 8. Spaulding of
Buffalo, who were In St. Augustine, P'la.,
for the winter, are at tho Vanderbllt,
where also are Mr. and Mrs. lfenry Uaf
bert Jessup of Greenwich, Conn.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. P. Pell enter
tained last night at the Pall Mall Supper
Club iri the gHlll room of tho Lorraine
Misses Nina Chatlllon, Margaret Ram
sey, Marjorie Hughes, Stxn Douglas,
Constance Matoh li<nks. Frances Mc*
Coon and Elisabeth Strong,
Col. and Mrs. .John H. McDonald and1
their dauichtfr, Miss H'te A, McDonald,
of Han I'rsnclseo at'e nt the Hotel Astor
to remain until May 3, when they will
A.itl for Europe.
Mrs. I'enten II. Turck of 11 East Fifty*
third ptreet will arrive liomc from the
West Indies aboard the Mcuantic, due
Daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Joseph H. Willard Mar
ried to Lieut.-Col. R. S. Hooker Following Family
Dinner at Which Rector Was Guest.
Special Dispatch faTni N?w Yoik Hmui.u.
Newport, R. I., April 15.?A surprise
wedding even to the family of the bride
took place to-night when Miss Dorothy
Willard, youngest daughter of Col. and
Mrs. Joseph H. Willard, was married to
Lieut-Col. Richard S. Hooker, United
States Marine Corps, now attending the
course at the Naval War College.
The wedding took place at 9 o'clock at
Fairhaven, the home of the bride's
parents in Catherine street. The license
had been obtained during the day, the
Rev. Stanley C. Hughes, rector of Trinity
Church, engaged to perform the cere
mony and invited to dinner, and then
after a family dinner, with no other
guests present. Miss Willard announced
that there was to ?be a marriage and
there was.
Miss Roberta Willard, a aister of the
To Be Married at Bride's New'
Orleans Home.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wilmot of
New Orleans announced yesterday the !
engagement of their daughter. Miss |
Maud Wilmot, to Mr. William Seward
Allen of this city. Mis3 Wilmot was
graduated from Miss Mastera'a School
In Dobbs Kerry and also from the Flor
entine School in Florence, Italy. She
has been prominently identified with
the social life In New Orleans since her
debut, several years ago, and at that
time she was queen of the carnival.
Mr. Allen is a son of Mr. Frederick
Innes Allen of 55 Bast Sixty-fifth street,
who was Commissioner of Patents under
President Roosevelt. Ills mother, now
dead, was a granddaughter of William
H. Seward, who was Secretary of State
In President Lincoln's Cabinet. He was
graduated from the Sheffield Scientific
School. Vale, in 1906, and three years
later from the Harvard Law School.
During the war he was an ensign in the
navy, serving on the U. S. S. Leviathan.
Mr. Allen Is a member of the law firm :
of Baldwin, Holt, C&lllard ft Fisher. The
wedding will take place at the bride's t
home In New Orleans In June.
Will Become Bride of Mr.
John 5. Burke.
Announcement was mado yesterday i
that Miss Helen Churchill, daughter of j
Mr. Thomas W. Churchill of 561 West
161st street, will be married to-morrow
to Mr. John Stephen Burke of tha board .
of directors of B. All man & Co. and |
secretary of the Altman Foundation.
The ceremony will take pla<c at the ,
Church of St. Rose of Lima. 165th street!
near Amsterdam avenue, at 10:30 A. M., ;
and will be followed by a reception at
the St. Regis at 11:30.
Miss Churchill's father, who Is a law
yer. waa formerly superintendent of the ,
bonded warehouses of the Port of New
York and waa president of the Board of
Education from 1913 to 191G.
Cloudesley Johns, advertising director
for the Second National Picture* Cor
poration. was married yesterday to Mrs.
Adelo May Alexander, art critic, by Dep
uty City Clerk J. .f, McCormick in the
chapel of the Municipal Building. Mr.
Johns was formerly h newspaper writer,
a cowboy and mln*r In the West. The j
?bride la the daughter ng "Walter Burn
ham of Baldywine, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd of 235 West1
Seventy-fifth street announce the en
gagement of their daughter. Miss J<?ssiQ
Boyd, to Mr. Walter Brett Smith. Miss
Boyd Isa graduate of the Veltln School
and Bryu Mawj- College. Mr. Smith Is
a member of thrf Lawyers Club and
Ardsley Country Club. iNo date has been
set for the wedding.
M \ and Mrs. Matthew Kano Miller of
191 Riverside Drive have announced the
engagement of their daughter. Miss
Janlco Adriance Miller, to Mr. Blair
Shipman Corney. eldest son of Mr. and
Mrs. Clarcnce Corney of 213 West Seven
tieth street. Miss Miller was introduced
to socicty a year ago. and now is a
student In the New York School of Fine
and Applied Arts. Mr. Corney Is a mem
ber of the senior class of civil engineer
ing at Cornell. The wedding will take
place in October.
Dr. Thomas Addison of San Francisco
has announced the engagement of his
daughter, Mrs. Mary Addison Whitlock, ;
to Mr. Sidney Alexander Mitchull of this j
city. Their weddiag will take place next;
Wednesday in thfe chapel of Ht. Bar- ;
t-holomew's Chuch. During the war Mrs.
Whitlock wan associated with Mrs. Her
bert Hoover In Washington. Mr. Mitchell
la the only eon of Mr. and Mr*. Sidney
Mitchell of this city. He served In
Washington and in England with Mr.
Hoover's Food Commission. He was
graduated frem Yale In 1&1*. and Is a 1
member of the Bankers vnd Piping Rock j
clubs, and also of the Interallied Club i
of Paris. For the last year Mr. Mitchell
has been connected with the Interna- ]
tional General Electric Company in j
Paris, where he will take his bride.
Mr. and Mr*. Clarcncc J. Lawsou of SJ
Landscape avenue, Yonkers, announce
the engagement of their daughter. Miss
Dorothy Bartlett Lawson, to Mr. Will
iam Robert Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jamas M. Stewart, of Scursdala, N. Y.
Mr. Stewart Is connected with the Brook
lyn fltand?rA Union. No dato has
been set for the wedding.
rr*nr| American ('atom for Open j
Air Krfcoola t? Meat April 24.
Due to the great Interest of Marshal !
Joffre in the work for the children of |
France he has accepted an Invitation to !
be present at ? small reception to b?
given at the home of Mrs. Wlllani
Straight, 1130 Fifth avenue, on the after
noon of April 84. by the French Ameri
can Union for Opan Air Schools. Tha
committee. which Is In cooperation with
the French Ministry of Education, i* in
trodueing open nlr schools in the publle
school system of France.
Another interesting entertainment for
Marshal Joffra will be given by Miss
Anne Morgan, wtio has taken over (lie
Forty-ninth Street Theater 'of the per
formance of "Chauvn Sourls," on tha |
jilght. of April 'is. Miss Morgan Is Invit-1
ins her friends In New York to inert
the Marshal, especially those who are
members of tha American Committer for
Devastated France, of which orguniKH- j
non nIic is t!ii head. Miss Morgan re
cently returnc'l trom a tour of the West j
an! South, whero site . poke in many
cities of the work being done. She will
address the gathering Invited to meet
Marshal Joffra at the theater.
bride, who was In New Tork, had
been taken into confidence and had
come home, ostensibly for Easter. Miss
Natalie Willard, another sister, hap
pened to be home at tbe time. These,
with both parents, were tbe only mem?
bers present, and they all acted as
witnesses of the simple ceremony, after
which Col. and Mrs. Hooker started for
a brief ho 'eymoon. They will return
to Newport to live until the cloao of
the present class at the college, when
they will go to Camp Benning. Ga...
where Col. Hooker is to bo stationed.
Col. Hobker comes of a prominent
Virginia family, and became acquainted
with Miss Willard only since his ar
rival with the present class. Miss
Willard lias been a most popular mem
ber of the younger set in Newport and
I* active in athletics and social events
of the colony h>^re and In N?w York.
10 Per Cent. More Visitors Ex
pected Than Last Year.
Atlantic Crrr, K. J., April 15.?Be
cause of exceptionally fine weather In
prospcct for Easter the entire .force of
the Atlantic City life guards volunteered
for service on the beach to-morrow. It
la expected that hundreds will take their
first dtp of the season in th? surf.
Crowded trains followed each other all
day Into the resort to-day. Railroad of
ficials say that the visitors by train this
Easter exceeded thoso of last year by 10
per cent., while hotel owners said that
the influx was .a third larger than last
Everything Is In readiness for the
great Easter parade along the Board
walk, and It Is predicted that more pin- i
mace will be displayed to-morrow for
admiration und criticism than ever be
Friends to Observe Death An?
niversary of War Nurse. {
Washixqtov, April 15.?-Friends and
admirers of Clara Barton will observe
the tenth anniversary of her death to
morrow by planting a centennial oak at
the house where s*ie died at Glen Echo,
Md., just outside the; capital.
Gen. Nelson A. Miles will be at the
head of the ceremonies and Mrs. John
A. Logan, widow of the famous civil war
volunteer General, will turn the first
The program al*o will Include the
planting of a bed of Clara Barton roses,
originated -toy the late Dr. "Van Vleet of
the Department of Agriculture, known
throughout the world as the originator
of many varieties of flowers. Mis* Helen
Fits Randolph, a lifelong friend, and Dr.
J. B. Hubbetl, physician to the celebrated
civil war nurse, will bo in charge of the
ceremonies, which will be conducted un
der auspices of the American Forestry
| The first anniversary of the Ascension
! parish houao In 103th street will bo
i celebrated to-night at the Hotel Penn
; sylvani* with a vaudeville perforniam-e.
i reception and dance. The United So
cieties of the Church of the Ascension
j have shared with the parish house In j
! arranging for the ccii-bration.
: Pungbkrrpiie Banker left Estate
of About 91,000,000.
Tlie will of Edward Atwater, banker,
of Poughkeepsic, who is said to have
left an estate of about $1,000,000, has
just been offered for probate in Dutchess
The residence in Poughkeepsie la left
to the widow, Mrs. Caroline Atwater.
The rest of the estate is divided among
the widow and four children. Morton and
Elliot Atwater, Mrs. Lucy H|!l and Mr*.
Evelyn Cummins. The widow is named
as executrix.
Brooklyn Woman H'?* Active In
Clob Affair*.
Mrs. Kate Flanders Buryea, widow of
Samuel Browne Duryea, who was a son
of Gen. Hermanns B. Duryea, died of
heart diseasA last night in her home, 48 ;
Kemsen street, Brooklyn. She wan born
in Milwaukee, the daughter of the late
Susan Greeley and Walter Powers
Flanders, and was graduated from Mil
waukee College in 1868. She took a
post-graduate course at Packer Collegi
ate Instituto in Brooklyn. She had lived
In Brooklyn fifty years and was a dlrec?
tor of tho Brooklyn Orphan Asylum,
vice-president of the Meld Literary Club,
0110 of the iirat presidents of the Colonial
Dames of the Seventeenth Century, a
member of tha Colonial Dames of New
York State, a charter member of tho
Twentieth Century Club, a pnember of
Fort Greene Chapter of tho daughters
of the American Revolution, tho Na
tional Arts Club and tho Woman's Club
of Brooklyn.
She was a member of tho Plymouth
Church. Several nephews and nieces
survive her. among them Mrs. Edwin
Carrlngion Ward and Mrs. llobert Low
Owner of (larden City I.and Com
pany la Pnenmnnla Victim.
Joseph Nathaniel Ely. grandson of
Joieph Nathaniel Ely and son of Mra.
Arthur Hayton Searlea and the late
Arthur Tracey Ely. died suddenly of
pneumonia Friday In the Hotel Savoy,
Ho waa born In Catakill, N. V., forty
four years ago and was a descendant
of an old Knickerbocker family. He had
lived In rarlt- for several years and also
had a residence at. Manhasset, L. I. Ha
returned from I'aria last May. He was
owner of tho Crescent Sand and Gravel
Company of Garden City.
Surviving him are his wife, hi* daugh
ter, Dorothy; his mother, and a brother,
Frank II. Ely.
.fOll.V I. RAYNOR.
John I. riaynor. aged 63, proprietor
of a wholesale floral establishment in
West Twenty?elghth street for muny
yoars, retiring ten years ago, died yes
terday in his home, the Hotel Teresa,
Seventh nvenno and 125th street. Fu
neral services will be h?*ld to-morrow In
the Campbell Funeral Church.
Ilt'fllAL OF lli;\HV M. MIRADY.
Fnnernl services worn hold in the
Churoh of the Holy Communion, Sixth
avenue and Twentieth street, yesterday
for Henry Meruin Shrady, sculptor, who
died Wcdn? Silay in St. Luke'* Hospital.
Bl'lvp Arthur H. Lloyd ofllclated.
. Burial was In Mt. Kensico Cemetery.
Among thbse present were representa
tive* of the Sculptors Society, the Army
and Navy clnbn and tho American In
nitrite of Art* and Letter*,
Dr. E. K. Dunham,
62, Pathologist, Dies
of Heart Disease
For JIany Years He Was a
Professor in Bellevuo Meili- j
e?l College.
Dr Edward Kellogg Dunhanv aged 62,
?f 35 Cast Sixty-eighth street, for many
years a professor of pathology In Belte
vua Medical College, died of heart dis
ease last night In his home. He was
born in Newburgh. He -was graduated
from the Harvard (Medical School In
1880 and encased In the practice of
medlclno from that time until 189S, -when
he became professor of pathology at
New York University. He waa married
In this ctty on June 4, 189S, to Mias
Mary Dow.
Early in hlo career Dr. Dunham was
bacteriologist for the Massachusetts
Board of Health. He studied bacteri
ology In Berlin under the tutorship of
the German physician aud .scientist. Dr.
Koch. Dr. Dunham was areeognlzeU au
thority on bacteriology and *us a lec
turer and writer. Among his close
friends were many prominent physicians
and surgeons iu the United States and
Dr. Dunham during the war visited
many army camps for the Government |
to aid the fight against disease. It
was announced recently that lie was
nearlng the end of an exhaustive an
alytical medical work bearing ehicfly
on the causes of empyema. The work J
was for the office of the Surgeon- Gen
eral of the Army.
Dr. Dunham was a member of the
Now York Academy of Sciences, Ameri
can Medical Association, also the Uni
versity Club. Century Association and
City Club. Besides his wife he leaves
a son, Edward Dunham, now at Har
vard; a daughter, Mra. Herbert Bod
man, and two brothers. Dr. Theodore
Dunham and Dr. Carroll Dunham.
Lehigh Valley Officer I.i Victim of
Heart Disease.
F. J. Woulfe, ased 57, of 233 Van Cort
landt avenue, Yonkers, assistant traffic
manager of the Lehigh Valley Railroad
Company, was stricken with heart dis
ease when in an elevated railroad sta
tion at Columbus avenue and Sixty
sixth street yesterday morning and dl< d
before a physician could be summoned.
His body was taken to the West Sixty
eighth street poiicr station and. Mrs.
Woulfe was notified.
Business associate.? said that Mr.
Woulfo was at his office all day Friday
and that he appeared to be in his usual
good health. lie is survived only by his
w lfe.
Funeral services for Miss Klla Cod
dington McMaler, who died Friday in
St. Luke's Hospital after a short ill
ness, will bo held to-morrow in tho
Chapel of the Intercession. 135th street
and Broadway. Burial will be in Green
wood Cemetery.
Miss McMaler was one of the best
known school principals in tho city. At
the time of her death rhe in ch&rgo
of Public School No, 168, lOGth atrect and
Second avenue, ^'he loaves a sister an l
brother, with whom sho lived at 203
Convent avenue.
Mrs. Mary 13. Bird, aged 70, *>r 2SS
Woodside. avenue, Newark, died of pa
ralysis yesterday in tho home of her
son-in-law. D. A. Ticliencr. Mrs. Bird
was< the wife of Matthew Bird, a son of
.T. D. Bird, a Now York hatter. The
funeral will he held to-morrow. Burial
will be in Greenwood Cemetery, Brook
StjiacusEj April 15.?Mrs. Olive Free
man, 104, and probably tho oldest
woman In this part of tho State, died
fo-day in the home of her non, Emmett
freeman, In AVllliamstown. Sho was
born in Orwell.
LOST?Wednesday morning, batween Plain
fl'ld and N>w York, bunch ot keys, on
cold chain. Suitable reward it returned to
It BT1> Herald, ysp Broadway.
LOST-In Capitol Theater, Saturday after
noon, black bag, silver top ;liberal reward;
no question* asked. D 2123 Herald, Herald
LOST?Bulck, No. M2707. liberal reward.
Plionw Sohu.vlar or.m. T'fUN't K. Ir, W. gd+li.
nKWARD?Lost. email orowr. sued*
leather vest nocketbook conlat.imH papars.
Initial! I. P. A. W.. Return to Mlsa Mfji.
LER. IS Broadway, rootn 1??0. Telephone
LOST -April R, 1n Cellinjtwoad Hotel, or taxi
pti route from there to 147 W. iVItt, email
pearl ring, small diamond ring with tnltlal*
M. II. from M. A. I,., also fraternby rlnn
?lth eighteen smalt pear|? and Greeklefter*
A I,. VindT please rail Vwnilorhllt S.'W
IjOHT?Diamond barpln, fhuredsv evenTnVT
between Weat Knd av. and JOJd ?t. nml
Broadway and 10Sd. 1,lher.il r<?urd If re
turned to 1". A. McALLASTEP, tii?2 West
I"nd av.
LOST?April 13 going from 90th at. grid Id
aw. to IWtth at. anil Park av., ellvr rosary
heads marked M. It., 1010; reward for re
turn. O 3111 Herald, Herald an
LOST?Sunday afternoon, April 'j. on Klver^
side Drive, near litllh at., a vanity case
bandhag, with diamond wrist watch Inside.
I,ib?ral r?ward. 4IO Weat lldth at.
LOST?Friday, amall oval shaped golo locket
and chain- $10 reward If returned to 383
Park a*.
L?RT?Thursday diamond pin; liberal
reward. Itetiirn MW A. WHITE, I",.} We.it
End av. Columb'tf 8?T7. __
LOST?Diamond bar pfii on Pannaylvanla
train arriving from rit. Louis Wednesda ,
April <'!: <.*'0 r?ward. AI,l.r:N * K. 7J<1 *t,
LOST?<iold button hraculet, # diamond*.
keepsake; 1100 r?*|rd. Melrose IrtJVi.
" |M0 RKWARn
for return of breoch containing 2 large and
numerous smell diamonds, with 3 pearls In
renter; lost between April 5 and April g.
DLAf'K. STARR * FROST, Mh av. ard <8th.
$13 reward, no questions asked, fnr'the re
turn or an "ny* and diamond veil pin low
Wednesday. PftEirBR k TO., r,KO .',th av.
Wearing Apparel.
LOST?Alaska n seal regt. silk JlnM, on
April 1 between 97th st. and Mth at.,
?rway and West Knd av.; a reward. Apply
TITOW * HAItPINO, N?l 1Mbj*v.
LOST.?~Da/k br??'n fa* n?rkplac?~ Thiira
day, April 13 at ti:30 r. M < on Broadway
rar. between 7/th and 89tli ats. l'hone
<! I i''lo4jWV _____
Cat*, (Ntgs *e.
LOST?April 4. Pekinese spaniel, msls, child's
companion; rewatd TRW^. 1MB Atlantic
av., Brooklyn. Phone I.afaystte IIg>.
LOST?Little white dog, nam?d "Teddy." be
twefn 1 .".8th, 141st and Broadway. Mr.
qftATtl. l>00 W??t I41?t at. Audubon IQgO.
LOST?April 13, dark seal brlndle do*, white
markings, answers to name "Pick"; re
ward; 1W1 Harrison nv^ Brnn*.
LOST?April 13, dark field brindte dog; white
markings. Atiswera to name "Pick," |l?
wsr<l. JAOi Harrison av.. Bron*.
LOST?8olld black - femalr Porrtcranlan, A
pounds; missed betwern Oth-IOtli sts , Klngg
HIgh; rewatd. WANPEW. Brya nt n?.r
LOUT?Yellow eatiarj.", with green rap. frem
103 Eaat 37th s' Finder "III b>- rewarded.
iACOBflOX.?Mr. ami Mrs. .Tooeph Jaco^agn,
M7n I,orln??r st.. HroMlyn, annouur* bar
rnltsvah of their s^n William at Temple
lt"th 131, at 110 Noble at., Oreenpolm,
S-ooklyn, Saturday, April 22, 10 A M.
At lionm Sunday evening, April ?2, after
7 P, U. Na c%r4m
tSAT'M ? HfRSCM.-Mr. and Mr*. Samuel
Illrsch of (Mi 7rti at.. an imuhcp the
engagement of thfir daughter. Frances,
to Mr. Benjamin Eauiu of New York.
FREI8TADTEL?ZIV."?Mr. anil Mrs. B. Zlv
of Portsmouth, Vs., announce the engage
want of tlielr daughter, Yatta. to Mr.
Aibert Frelatadtel o( Brooklyn. N. Y.
CiERTNER?GOODMAN.?Mr. ar<l Mra. ElUa
?;oodmun of 80S West End av.. New
York. announce the engagement of their
daughter. Elale. to Maurleo Gortner. son
of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gertnor, UIO
River?ldo Drive. New York.
Jamea W. Dickinson, Senior, of Port
Washington. E. 1., announc* the entraKe
ineiit of their daughter, Marguerite K.,
to Mr. Walter K. MeKnlght of Oregou.
June 1!4 te dale act for the wedding
NEW MAN?COM EN.?Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Cohen of -li Well ilStli at.. announc* tho
engagement of thetr daughter. E?tell?
Harriet, to Mr. Harry Newman, *on of
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Newmau, of this
Mra. A. Zwlabach announce th?j bvtrorhal
of their daughter, EateUe^to Mr. Abraham
Oestrelcher. Reception si l?8o 1st ave.,
Sunday .April 23, from 2 to 3.
PEKEMAN?EOEWY.?Mr. and Mrl, Ham
Eoewy of -W7 Vest 137tl? at. announce
the engagement of their daughter, Blanche
B., to Dr. M. Robert l'erlinan, ?on of
Mr. and Mra. L. Perlutau oi 0" j0 Ridge
Boulevard, Brooklyn.
FRATT-KARES.-Mr. and Mra. William
VareM announce the engagement of their
daughter. Merle Marlon Lares, to Edwlu
D. Pratt of this city.
SAXiZMAN?FISCH.-Mr. and Mrs. Abram
E. Klsch of 5TiO 4Sth at., Br >oklyii. an
nounco the engagement of their daughter.
Edith, to Mr. Samuel Sal/man, son of
Mr. and Mra. Morrts Salsman of 381
Highland Boulevard, Brooklyn. Reception
at Hotel Aator Sunday, April 20. after
fc o'clock. No carda.
M. Sllnian of St. Marys, Pa , announce
tho engagement of their daughter, Ri*r
tha, to Mr. Adolph Schochter of 6j0 West
111st st.. New York.
marrTag e s.
DICKEN?HORTON.? Aln.a I,a Due to Mr.
Walter E. Dlcken, on SaturdaApril 15,
1&-I, daughter of Spencer T. and the late
Isabella Bradley llorton.
JONSON.?Mr. arid Mrs. Julius Jonson of
Mount Vernon, N. Y., announce the crle
l.ia'Ion of their golden wedding. Monday.
April 17. Reception at. tlie Hotel Clarldgo
at 8 P. M. No cards.
Uacr. Henrv C. Eelb, Albei t
Beckle.v, Elizabeth O. I/enahan, Marjorle
Bird, Mary E. Mayer. laidors
Bosch, Peter McCarthy, Catharine
Carroll. Jame." B. NcshI, Uh'nrlco
Carstensen. John Pearce. Harry L.
foliar. Wesson O. To*t, Allco E.
D'Eacury. Mav _ Ciulnn. Rohert N.
Dunham, Edward K Raynor, John I.
Duryea. Francis W. Itosslter. Frank VI.
Earl, l-'recman B. Schley. James M.
Ely. Joseph N. Penclon, Oeorge E.
Gallagher. Graeo Slrovlcli, Ro*e
Gazlay. John C. Tracy. Antoinette C.
Grlnnell, Cornelius Vosburnh, V. W.
Hofhclmer. E?na Wagner, Edward C.
Ja.'kson. Caroline M. Whoeler, Asnes M.
Johnstone. C. U G. Whltesid". N. E.
Kaal. William Zellner. Hugo
Kelly. Mary J. Zucca. Aiuomo
Klrkpatrictt, Robert T
In Mcmorlam.
Poller. .Tacob Lawb, Louis
Glannie, M. A. Moll, Byrdle
Hanley, Margaret Schmidt, Fred
Kcuslus, Henry Worms, Abraham
BATCn.?On Friday, April 14. 1MJ, Henry C.
nn<-r. In the 71st year f.t his nge. Fu
neral from his late residence. 562 West
182iJ st., on Tuesday, April 18, at 2:30
P. M.
8BCKLEV.? A? Wan Fran'lsco. April ?,
Elizabeth Catherine. *l!l of ttve late
Pamuel Beckley, In the 84tti year of ln-r
aRf. Funeral serv^-es st t h o Trinity
Methodist Episcopal Church. Carroll at..
Pateraon, N. J.. Monday, April 17, *t 8
P. M. Interment private.
BIRD.?On April 15, 105"-. at her home, 2R6
Woodsldo av., Newark, N. .T., Mary B.
Bird, beloved wife of Mathe?- Bird and
mother of Mrs. David H. Tlchnor, aged
70 years. Funeral services will be held
at Unh-Wm4 cemetery Chapel. Brook
lyn, N. V., on Monday afternoon, April
17, at 2:30 o'clock.
BOS<"'H.?Peter Bosch, president of the
llcnry Tlosch Co., 483 n?li av.. N. Y.. April
12, In Chicago. Funeral .Saturday, at ~ '10
P. M., from the residence of f'harlca
Bosch, 1316 Fargo av., Chl -apo, III.
CARROLL?On April 12, James B. Funeral
chapel Stephen Merrltt Burial and Crema
tion Company., mt 8th av., corner 18th
at., Sunday, !! A. M.
CARSTENSEN.?On Friday mornlr \ April
14, 1922, John Carstensen, il'ir. beloved
husband of Adele Thacher Carstensen, In
the 68th year of his age. Funeral ser
vices will bo held at the Church of fit.
James the Los*. t-caradal?, N. V., on Men.
day, April 17. 1022. on the arrival of ths
3:S5 train from Grand Central ttiUon.
Interment private.
COLLER.?Wesson O.. suddenly, April in.
member of Gramercy l,odge, No. NT,
F. and A. M. Notice of funeral hereafter.
D'ESCCRY.?On April 14. May. Funeral ser
vices cbspel Stephen Merrltt Rurial and
Cremation Company. 161 9tb av., corner
lltli st., Huiida.), 2 r. M
DUNHAM-?At his residence. 33 East ?8th
*t., suddci\lv, of angina pectoris. April IS.
1922. Or. r.d^ard Kellogg, son of the late
T>r. Carroll and llarr'ete E. K- Dunham.
Notice oj funeral hereafter.
DL'RYEA.?Associatlon of ex-members of
Squadron A With sincere regret an
nouncement Is mad* of the death on April
11 of Malor Francis Wright Duryea.
Gen. Charles R. Roe. President.
Lieut. George E. Fahys, Secretary.
EARL??n April 15, 10^2. Freeman B. Esrl,
st his re?ld?nce, 1610 MeConibs toad.
Notice of funeral later.
JEliY.?On April 14. 102., at *110101 Savoy,
of pneumonia, Joseph N. Ely. , Funeral
services at Chapel of St. Bartholomew's
Church, fOth st. and Park eve., on Mon
day. April 17, at 1:10 P.M. Paris. Franco,
papers please ropy.
GAI'l.AOHER ?<;ra'-e. suddenly, on April |l.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
GAZI'AY.?Jolt'i C., beloved husband of Ma<
tllda l#ee of Bronxvlllo, N. }., suddenly,
;tt the honie of bis ristsr In Js'ewfcurgh on
April IS, Funeral services will bo held
Sunday, April 16, at 3 P. M? at the home
of his daughter.'Mrs. C. V. Hieh. Ridge
vsy road. White Plains, N. V. Interment
QRINNKLL -On Saturday, April 13. 1M5.
Cornelius, In his 83d year. Relatives and
friends are Invited to attend the funeral
services en Monday evening at 8 o'clock,
at Ms late residence, 1111 Dean St.,
HOFHEIMCR-At Atjantle City, April 12,
a.fter a short illnes.*, In her dTtn year,
l.ens, widow ef Nathan Hofhetmer and
dearly beloved mother ef Arthur snd
Letter Hofhelmer. Funeral from her late
home. WarrenvUle, N J., Sunday, April
16. at 3 P. M. Trains leaving Central
R a 11 r?s d of N J.. -3d f., at 12 30 and
Liberty >?'. at If'.rio will bo met at Plain
field station. Louisville and Denver papers
please copy.
JAf KHON -Carolina M.. ?? Ife of the t*?e
Edwin F. Ja'-kson, Jr., sudden!'', on April
1.". st her reridetiee, IT Eatt 76th St.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
JOHNSTONE.-Cornelia Le Grand. wldo?- of
Dr. Robert Johnstone of Hurts' llle. Ala .
and beloved mother of Hampden. Robert
and Margaret Johnstone, at her home, 06
Rldgewood av., (Ten Ridge, N. J., on the
15ih dsy of April. Services at her late
residence Monday at 4 o'clock.
KASL.?On Saturday, April !S, after a
lingering Illness. William K*al. beloved
husband o( Margaret Kasl f Weber), In
Ills Md vear. Funeral from his late rerl
don' i*, 207 Wast 112th ft., Tuesday after
noon at 1 ocloek,
KE1.I.Y.?Story Jane, wife of the lata Jo
seph T. Kelly, In her liem?. .".6 I'ro*
pec St., Nrark. N\ Y, Apr?t 14. to-.";
Funeral sefvloee st fe't. Ann* Church.
Nvach, Monday mornlp*?, April 17, at u SO
died, [y
KJRKrATRlCX.-On April 14, Robsrl Tu
tor. beloved husband of Florence P. Kifk
pa'rlck. Funeral service# private, i'mk
day, 1:20 F. M., 4333 Broadway (;><?>
LE1B.?On April 13, at his residence,
6*1 Kast 164th St.. Bronx. Albert, be
loved hu.ibaud of Rose (nee Dobilneri an!
uevoud father of Henry. Funeral frer*
chapel of Paul A. Rothschild, 1 r.? West
120th ?t.. Monday. April 17, at 3 P. Xf
LENA HAN.?On Saturday, April 15, IWr
jorie, beloved daughter of Richard F, and
Sarah Lenahan, in her 1 "tth year. Pole'nn
K'lulara Musi at St. Patrick's Church,
Alliens, N. 9 -SO A. M.. Tuesday,
April 18. Interment Kingston, N. Y.
MAYER.--On Saturday morning. C o'clock,
April J.*), Isidore Mayer, In his 55tli >Arf
husband of Bmma and father of Myron
and Jlr?. Myrtle Rabinor. Funeral e?r
vlcea at lsavld J. Rothschild's Funeral
Chapel, 2T2 trfwc av.. New York city, o*
Sunday at 2:30 P. M. ?Jv-1
MeCAKTHY.-On Thursday. April JS, 1??I.
Catharine McCarthy, in lier 81st yW.
widow of Thomas and mother of the Iat?
Thomas J. and Frank J. McCarthy. Fu
neral from the residence of her son, Jo
seph A. McCarthy, #0 Bayvlsw av.. Port
Washington, N. Y.. on Monday, at 10
A. M.; thenee to St. Peter of Alcanf-a
R. C. Church, where a Solemn Requiem
Mass w 111 be celebrated.
NE^SI.?'Uiderteo. beloved husband of M&ry
Nessl, April 14, 1032, after a long illn*"#.
Remains to be taken to Albany Monday
morning for burial.
PlfiAXlCE.?On April 9. Harry Lawrence, age
20. boh of Dr. Eugene F. Pcaree tdt
ceased) and Mrs. Emily 3. Peares. 5er> '
vices Monday, 18 Clinton at., Brooklyn.
Foreign papers pleaso copy.
POST.?At the American U? opltal. NeulWr'
France, Friday, April 14, 10'J'J. Alice Le?.
widow of Alfred S?ton Post and daugt^ac
of the late Henry Morgan. Notice of T'J'
neral hereafter.
QUINN.?On Thursday, April U, of ?nn.
monia. Robert Nicholas Quinn of Kneiy
wood road. "White Plains, N. Y.; beloved
husband of Charlotte F. Quinn and father,
of Helen M. Bascom and Robert N. QuIW.
Jr. i-uneral services at the Campbell
funeral parlors. Broadway and ?Hth >t-.
Sunday, April 16, at 2 P. M. It>terme?.?
Woodlawn Cemetery. Ll?rpool yapfrs,.
please copy.
RA YN'OR.?Join I., beloved huehand of< M.
Emma Radnor, on April 10. Funeral ae?r-'
\ices The Funeral Church. Broadway aqd
66th St., Monday, April IT, 2 p. M. - ,>?
ROSS IT EH. ? On Friday, April 14. 19SS.
Frank llerrlman. eon of the late Edw?rf
V. W. Roestter and Entell* Hewlett Roe#i?
t?r. in the 4">tli year of his age. Funerll
aorrlces at St. George's Church, Main fC,
Fluslllng. N .Y.. on Monday. April ,1J.
10rj. at 3:10 P. M. Train leaves P. R. R.
Terminal ttt 3:41.
SCllLKT.?On April 12, 1952, James Montffirt'
Schley, Jr., lato l.tautenant Sijtteentli la
fantry. First Division, U- S. A., t>ela??e4
husband of Kditli Tattle Schley of (.ymp.
Conn., at Columbia, 5. C., in his 42d yrar.
Funeral sen-Ice* at J0:S0 A. M., Tuesd*f.
April 18. St. James's Church. 71st ?: Mtk
hud Madison av.. New York, lutermcnt
Lymo. Conn.
SEN'CION?George E-, beloved husband of
Marie A. Morales, on Saturday, April i*.
ai his residence, 43S Washington el*r.<
Brooklyn. Funeral Mass 9:30 A. M., Tuoac
<iay, April 18, at Queen of All Saiai*'
Church, Uafuietto und VandcrbiU
Interment private.
SIROVTCH.?Rnee, wife of the late Rev. f>r.
Jacob SSirovich, mother of Dr. William I.
Klrovleh, Mrs. Nathan Breuer. Mrs. Jo
fp'i Roeenbauni, Mrs Frank Uosvtibauiu,
Saturday moraine. Funeral services -
day, 'I o'clock, at lier late resldert??.
S';n East dth st.. Mount Hebron Cemetery;
Kindly omit flowers. -
TRACY.?At Elisabeth. N. J.. April 14. 1?RI*
Antoinette Curtenins Traey. Funeral ??j>.
vices at tlie residence of her slJter. Mrs.
F. W. Sllllman, M| North Bread %r.e
Elizabeth, N. J., on Monday, April 17, at
11 A. M.
VOHBUROIT.?Francla W., In hli >7th year,
bolovfi father of Mrs. n. Q. Keasbev
and Frank Vosburgh. Funeral ser
vices lioyortown funeral chapel, *?A at.
uiid 8tl> av.. New York city, 8 P. M-.
April 17. Albany papers pl?aao ropy. ,
W 8GNBIL?April 15. Edward C. Funeral
Htephen M. rrltt'ji chapel, i23 8tH av., pear
?.list Kt., Monday 10 A. M.
WlIKELER ?On Friday. April 14. l?2?.
At?ue.i M-. widow of Or. Claude i
Wluvh-r and beloved molVr of Fat|?
Wheeler. Funeral from her late resldetire;
418 Kant Itith at.. Flatbush. r.rooWlylt,
Sunday, April 18. at -:.V> P. K.. th?nee t?
the Church of the Holy Innocents. Beverly
road and ISa.'t 17th at.. Flatbuah. Inter
ment Holy Cress Cemetery.
WJMTEHIOB.?Newton F... suddenly. Affrtl
13. husband of the late Ellisbeth Henkhi*
\Vhltc?ld? and father o( Norman N. a*d
Arthur D. Whiteside. Funeral sorvlCM
will b" held at the home of his eon. 11
F-aat 68th at.. New York city, at 4 er\?rt*t
Sundav afternoon, April 18. 1nt?r???at
11 o'clock Monday morning nt the Maui*
irtent f'emetelT. Philadelphia. phila^el/*
phla nnd Oxford lPa.l papers please copy
ZELLNTCR-Brnthla, No. 10, U. O. T.
are Hndly requeated to attend
funeral or Mr. H:i|fn Zvlluer, dearly b*?
?loved Ituaband of Sister Flora Zell*er,
frotn Meyers's Funeral Parlor. 'JSi Lena*
av.. Monday, at 2 P- M.
Clara La scoff. Prrm.
ZUCCA.?Antonio. beloved huanand of LORU
M. Zut-ra. father of Irma M.. c-n April. M?
Mtia at Church of the Itlo?s?4 Uai'.iamaiiU
7lft at. and Broadway, on Monday', Attn
17, at 10 A. M. Remains may tie vlew?*t
at The Campbell Funeral Church. Broa#
way and tSQUi at. interment private.
COTllCN.?Jacob. In memorlam of njy H??r
huvband and our dear father. * ho perjed
an ay to his eternal rejt April 14, J920.
GIANNIB.?M. A. In memory of my darMtij
mother, whoa* voice I? silent eleven
long years. limit'e.
1IA.NLEV.?-In loving mrm?ry of our MlM
Saret. Wlfa of Janee J. Mauley 9*4
aurhler of Amanda C. and the late Pur*
L. Whitaker, died April 17, 1010, aj? It
Heaven takes our le-.?a that *? ' "
Shall aeelt them In eternity. ? ?
KENS1NO-?In aad and everlasting inert*
ory of our beloved husband and father,
H?nry Kenalng. who departed this Ilia
April 18, 1051.
"There Is a link death cannot sever:
Love and remembrance life forever." .*
Wife and Children,
Lrwifi.?Lou^. beloved Ji'iaband of C?-9r
line Lewis, passed away April Id, 130#.
To live In the hearts of these we lugye
behind la net to die.
MOLL.?In levin* memory of Ityrdle MM
(nee Kwlnt), April 10. IW9.
?CIIMIDT.-In lovlnir ai'tnew of my 48*.
Fred, brother of Georte, wh* died April
18, ISIS.
WORMS.?The unveiling of tha headatoiwita
memory of our beloved father. Abraham
Worms, mill take jilaer at Mount 1 Tore
Cemetery (Cypraas Mills!, Sunday, April
2.1, at 4 o'clock. Relative* and frlenda ta
vlted. Weather Inclement. following ?t?u
LBIfHTER -The monument to the m?fnery
of my beloved wife and our devoiid
another, Julia Leichttr. will be unveiled
funlay. April ::0. 10SW. at 2:80 o'rtaafc
F', M., at Mour.t Hope Cemetery, CypseM
Hills. L. ?.. N. Y.
SCHfl'-NBRUN ? Relatives *n<! frlenda ate
invited to the urrv?IMnf of the monument
In memory of our beloved huaband and
tatlxr, Bernard S< lie< nbrun. at Un*M
Field?. Cypresa Illlla Hungarian fo-'ie^.
FtiiHty, April J3, at 3 o'clock ehsrp. Ta
case of rain postponed to followini: r'mi
dnv. *1r?. H H<ho?nhrmi.
woodlaWn CEMETERY. .
reasonable to o?ah buyer. Address I'ROBM,
Po* 2*8 Grand Central Statlnn, N. V. . -
The wooduwn_cEMETery'
IUd at., Jerome or Lexlngtaa SubwU*
Book ef views or Representattv* ?
Telephone Wiww"eern 1108
fWVl FALW?FmaTllot with monument ""in
Woe-tlaxn; ao?d offer <-on?ldered. V.
HAMILTON. 211 W. 107th St., V. Y. r|tj . .
f,R|WMf?VVn Phone Plnra MOO. -
Is Silent and Unseen yet Efficient
It is prompted by a sincere desire to
aid in every way to alleviate sorrow.
When Death Occurs,Call "Columbus 8200'*
Broadway at 66"St. Jl* Street at fl^Ave
Flower* for kit occ asions. Artixtlc Funeral Deflrns our Bpcrtalty
Illustrated booklet tent gratia on receipt of request.

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