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IS i
Boats in London Service, How
ever, Han Behind in Last
Four Months.
The financial statement of the United
States Lines for the four months ended
December 31. 1921. shows that revenue
Tor all the passenger services combined
exceeded expense* by *535,269. The ex
Penses do not Include Interest, deprecia
tion. insurance or repairs made by the
fnfpptne' Board. Thoy include office ex
penses, but there Is no allowance for
administrative overhead absorbed by the
, T. H. Tlospbottom, general manager,
estimated repairs made by tho Shipping
Board In that period at $150,000 and de
acting this sum. J3S5.259 fs shown as
approximately the net surplus of voyage
receipts over expense#.
To obtain an approximation of results
?f operations as they would appear to
C sh'P?wner. a capital value of
,gr0S8 ton" 13 assigned to tho
lO?.S60 tons in service during tho four
"Tenths period, or a total of $10,636,000.
"curing Insurance at 5 per cenu a year,
qepreciatlon at 5 per cent, and Interest
h.e c?*>ltal at 5 per cent, an annual
of 91.701.1i0 is obtained,
or *?87,-63, for the four months' period.
Thi? If charged against the receipts
^sult ln a de?c?t of $181,000
?_The b*"1 tw? "hips in the fl?et, the
?wge Washington and the America,
aione earned a gross return of $7ia..763
tn the four months, without allowing for
??palrs made by the Shipping Board.
TOeir revenue was sufficient to absorb
?71 capital and overhead chargcs anu
?till leave a substantial profit.
Commenting on the statement ? vester
?ay. Mr. Iiossbottora pointed out that
the biggest lews was on the London serv
flSte i ?ith Ule Centennial
?*nhandle stat? and Old North
?averape 1088 a round voyage
^ was *2<>.000. All the ves
< State" typa hav? undergone
?r WiU soon be cf>anged
o accommodate more passengers, both
dJ*.n.ra?nH 8t,eera?e- Tbo line's freight
7 also being1 expanded.
(Losses were also sustained on most of
tte voyage of the Hudson. Princess
Matolka ami Potomac, described by Mr
2Z??U?m ,bpfore the Joint Congres
?Honal committee as the "Jackasses" of
3,.tT"n' b?P?les?ly antiquated and
Unfit for profitable operation.
Riiyments to Foreign Creditors
Stir Protest.
*;? -
_*h? Shipping Board, in paying some
mL^rn Sef. ot th? defunct United
States Mail Steamship Company, has
thf^m, ^^' 8TTent' thu* iW?ta?in?
affalnst ^0 estate
mat inducing the amount of any dlvl
<U?ds payabls to the remaining cred
*? froln trustees In I
committee represent
**.? ?Pe<Mtors. made public yesterday.
******* their dissent from this
PtfJcy, the trustees say: "Jf certain
because a primary
legal obligation on the part of the Ship
ping Board they are certainly not
chargeable against the estate, ir ?ther
qAUns are paid on moral grounds, then
thfr creditor* so paid recoive what in in
errect a preference?receive leo cents on
We. dollar, while the other creditors re
ceive a small dividend only."
. The committee, commenting on the let
%jr. said its previous fears had been con
?Wwed. adding: "The Shipping Board
? regained possession of its steamers
srfcer reconditioning:, in a greatly im
WOved state and at a greatly Increased
Valuation; they are at the present tlirit)
raapln* the benefit, while the. creditors
Tz? . . tha work and furnished the ma
tetial* in good faith see no prospect of
being paid. The Shipping Board paid
the foreign creditors?paid them a sum
exceeding a million dollars for 'moral
reaaons,' and is willing to let American
creditors get nothing. Why should
foreigners bo paid 100 cents on the dol
lar at our expense? There can b* no
Justification for such a procedure in the
eyee of ths American public, and If it
becomes necessary we shall carry our
Appeal to President Harding.*?
Offers to Settle for Use in the
War Rejected.
Two compensation sulfa * rata at the
Government were started yesterday In
tha Federal Court, Brooklyn, before
Judge Chatfleld. The American Ha
waiian Steamship Company seeks to re
cover (431,260 and the Prince Line, Lim
ited, asks $385,047. The Government
offered to settle the first suit for $31,700
and the second for (32,100, but the offers
were rejected.
The plaintiffs turned over to the Gov
ernment piers 4 and 6 of the Bush
docks for use during the war. The
Hawaiian company had rented pier 6 for
(1C5.000 when the Government took it
on March 9, 1918, paying (231,000 for Its
use until July 11, 1919.
The Prince IJne J-.ail leased pier 4,
taken over by the Government on May
1?. 1918, and held until May 1, 1919.
The line had leased the pier from the
Bash oompany for (70,000 and the Gov
ernment paid tha Prince Line (68,567
tor the time It ocoupled the pier.
There Is no jury sitting In tha e?rtt?
and It la expected they will he dosed
this week.
Felt Advertising Asset Lost in
Making Change.
Tn ordering Its "Stnte" boaf* ttramed
?fter Presides of the UnPcd states,
the Shipping Board wont contrary to
tha wUhes of its managing a<;?nta, it
was learned yesterday. If was fslt
th?t an advertising asset wao being iost
In consequence of the changes, particu
larly In the Instances of ahioi l.ke the
Tine Tree State, Silver Statu or Lone
Ft?r State, that had mnde tfcorda or
otherwise distinguished thcni?o!voB.
It was said that only the liunnon
Line's protest was liee'led. The Shlp
Board vessels operated by lliat line
ware renamed some months age and
ere now callnd the America I Legion,
Southern Cross, Pan Am>rtca.i and
Western World.
' WjHtmxnTrv*. April 11?.?The sugges
tion that 'the ftdirtl Government take
control of the port fix llltles of New
York hartoor, at i>resent Administered
Jointly by the States of Now York and
New .tersey. was presented to President
Warding to-day by P. H. W. Ross, j>resl
Tftt of the National Msrlno League.
Mr. Boys duttng a talk ?t the White
ffoWfe e^niated that (f!3,000.00n co4ild
f, v ? 1 by better port fa<llltles," an^
iU ii ' deral control would effect un
ln?i.e<flati! improvement In the situation, i
Foreign malls will close promptly as lndl< ated below at tiio General Post Office and
City Ha!! Station. Ordinary pi int.", sauiplcs, iiarcpl post packages and register* d articles
close two hours earlier, except that registered articles have to bo mailed between the hours
of 8 AM and 12 I'M. At the Foreign citation (corner of Monon and West streets) foreign
mall closes half an hour later than lit the General Post Office and City Jlall Station.
Supplementary mall closcs at the General PMt Office nnd City 11*11 Station, where doubts
pottage is required. SUPPLEMENTARY MAIL (double puaia?i. require^) clones at tha
Foreign .Station half an hour later Ik&n the ..upplertientaj-y dosing time shown below, except
that ."uppkinentary mall for European countries and for Central America, &c, via Cristo
bal, closets oco hour lau*r. Whenever mail vessels sail between the hours of 0 Ail and ft
I'M a supplementary mail pout office on the steamship pier is open to the public 1>,4 hours
before the scheduled nailing time and closes 10 minute- before the scheduled sailing time.
Double postage required, The steumers for which supplementary mall Is accepted on tha
pier at time of sailing are shown below by a dagger (T) following time of closing of mail.
4c), Nicaragua (except East Coast). Ama
pala City. Cholutaca (also prints, Ac, for
Namome, Tegucigalpa and Yusc'aran). in
Honduras, Cauca and Narlno departments
of Colombia, Kcuador, Peru (except Iquitus),
Bolivia and Chllu mother parts of Houduraa
ami litter mall for Salvador must be spe
cially addre^ed). via Cristobal, U 8 A T
SOMME, 3 AM (sup 10 AM).
Bermuda, via Hamilton, str FORT VIC
Jamaica, Guatemala (Salvador letter mall
oiuyl and British Honduras (Cuba and Tela
must bn specially addressed), via Santiago.
Kingston, Belize. Fuerto Barrios. Puerto
Caoullu and. Tela, str TURRIALBA, 7:30
Costa Rica tCuba, Canal Zone and Panama
must be specially addressed), via ? Havana,
Cristobal and Port Llmon, str CALA
MAltl!d, 0 AM (f).
Porto Rico. St Thomas and St Croix, via
9a.n Junn, str PONCE (sea post), 8:30 AM
(flup 0:80 AM t>- v
Curacao and Venezuela; nl*o specially ad
dressed correspondence for Porto Rico, via
San Juan, Curacao,. Laguayra arid- Puerto
Cabello. ?tr PHILADELPHIA, 8;S0 AM (sup
0:30 AM t).
Cuba (apeclally addressed only), via Ha
vana. str SIBONEY, 9 AM U).
Turlcs lalanu and Dominican. Republic, via
Turks Island. Monte Chrlstl. Puerto Plain,
Sanchez, Samana. La Romana, San Pedro de
Mai oils. Pan Domingo Ctty, Azua ?,nd Bara
hona, str HURON, 0:30 AM (sup 10 AM tX
St Thomas. St Croix. St Kltts, Nevis,
Saba, St Martina, St Euetatlus, Antigua,
Montserrat, Guadeloupe. Dominica, Marti
nique, St Lucia, Barbados and Culana (Gre
nada, St Vincent and Trinidad must be spe
cially addressed), via St Thomas, St Croix,
St Kltts, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica,
Martinique, St Lucia and Barbados, str
GUIANA. 11 AM (SUP 12 M t). .
Close at New York at 6 PM as follows:
Hawaii C) via San Francisco, str MA.
NOA. April 21.
Japan, Corea, China, Siberia, French Indo
Chlna, Netherlands Bast Indies (except Su
matra) and .Philippine Islands <t) via Seat
tie; also parcel post malls for Japan. Corea,
China, Slam, French Indo-Chlna and Strait
Settlements, str PINE TREE STATE. April
24 (?).
Hawaii (t). via Seattle, str MANULANI.
April 24.
Japan. Corea, China. Siberia, French Indo
China and Netherlands East Indies (except
fumatra) via Seattle, str KASHIMA MARU,
April 23.
Hawaii (t) and Phlllpplna Islands (J) via
San Francisco, str CREOLE STATE,
April 29.
Tahiti, Marquesas, Cook Islands, New
Zealand and Australia via Ban Francisco;
also parcel post malls for Society Islands,
Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia,
str TAHITI, April 30.
?Ordinary (unregistered) letters mailed up
to 5 PM the next day will, provided there
is no delay In tho overland transit, reach
Seattle in time for connection with the
steamer mentioned.
tSupplementary mall accepted on pier.
tAU classes of mall. Including domestic
parrel post, sent to Hawaii, Guam and
Philippine Islands by the above dispatches.
NOTE A ?PARCEL POST MAILS VIA ENGLAND ? To Abyssinia, Aden (Including
Perkn), Afghanistan (Kabul), Ascension, Belgian Congo (Katanga Province only), British
Central Africa (Nyasaland Protectorate), British India, British Soruallland. Cameroons
(British). Cape Verde Islands, Ceylon, Cyprus, Egypt, Egyptian Sudan. Falkland Islands,
French India (specially addressed), Gambia, Gold Coast Colony, Kenya and Uganda,
Labuan, Macao (China), Madeira, Malta, Mauritius, Mesopotamia. ?Jew Hebrides (Includ
ing the Banks and Torren Islands), .Nigeria, Nyasaland Protectorate, Palestine, Pemba,
Persia, Portuguese India, Portuguese Timor, Portuguese West Africa, Russia in Europe,
Including Ukraine; Russia In Asia, except Turkestan: St Helena, Santa Crus Islands,
Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Smyrna, Tanganyika Territory, Tibet, Togoland (British), and
NOTE R ?PARCEL POST MAILS VIA FRANCE ? To Algeria. Oameroun, Corsica.
Dahomey. French Guinea, French establishments in India, French Indo-Chlna (Anuam,
Cambodia, Cochin-China. Laos and Tonkin). French Post Offices In China. French Somali
land. French Soudan (Upper Senegal, Niger and Upper Volta), Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mada
gascar and dependencies (Madagascar. Ste Marie de Madagascar, Nosslbe, Comoro Islands,
Mayotte, Gde Comoro, Anjouan antl Mohell), Mauritania. Middle (French), Congo, Monaco,
Morocco (except Spanish), New Caledonia and dependencies, Niger Territory, Reunion,
Senegal. Togoland (French). Syria (French), (Beyrouth, Damascus, Aleppo and the West
ern and Eastern Zone), Tunis, Tur'.r?y (Constantinople and Brusa).
Azores Islands (Italy must be specially ad
dressed), via Pouta Delgada and Naples;
also parcel post malls for Azores Islands,
cir TAORMINA, 9:3U AM.
Italy (parcel post malls and specially ad
dressed correspondence), via Palermo and
Naples, str PROVIDENCE, 10:80 AM.
Europe, Africa and Wwt Asia, via Plym
outh, Cherbourg and Antwerp (mall must be
specially addressed) . aLo parcel past malls
for Belgium, Luxemburg and Belgian Congo,
via Antwerp, etr FINLAND, 8 AM (*up 9:80
AM f). '
Netherlands (parcel post malls and spe
cially addiwsed correspondence), via Rot
terdam. str WKSTERDYK. 9 AM.
Great Britain. Irelaml, South Africa.
Madeira and Cape Vurde Islands (Other
countries must he specially addressed), via
Plymouth aud Cherbourg; also parcel post
malls for Great Britain, Ireland, Franco and
the countries mentioned In notes A ana B
below, via Plymouth and Cherbourg; and
parcel post malls for Germany, Austria,
Czecho-Slovakla, Hungary and Switzerland,
via Bremen, rtr PENINSULA STATE (se*
post), 9 AM (sup 11:30 AM t).
Europe, Africa and West Asia, via Cher
bourg and Southampton: also parcel post
mails for Great Britain, Ireland. France and
the countries mentioned in notes A nnd B
below, via Cherbourg and Snuthutu^t?n, str
OLYMPIC. 10 AM (sup 11:80 AM TV
France and other countries (specially ad
dressed only), via Havre,, str LA TOU
RA1NE, 11:30 AM (sup 12:30 PM t).
Greece, Bulgaria and Rumania (specially
addressed only), via Piraeus, Varna, and
Constanxa; also parcel post mails for Greece,
Bulgaria and Rumania, str MEOALI
Yucalan and Campeche (Cuba and other,
parts of Mexico must be specially ad
dressed), via Havana, Progresb, Vera Cruz
and Tamplco; also parcel poet malls for tl)e
Mexican States of Campeche. Chlap&a, Guer
rero, Hidalgo, Mexico, Moreloe, Oaxaca,
Puebla, Tlaxcala, Vera Cruz and Tucatan,
?tr MONTEREY, 8 AM (t).
Haiti (except prints, itc, tor Cape Halt!
and Port de I'alx), Jamaica and Colombia
(except Cauca, Narlno and Magdalena de
partments), vip. Port eu Prince. Kingston,
Cartagena and Savanllla, str BOGOTA, 10
Trinidad, Clodad Bolivar and Guiana, via
Trinidad, Georgetown and Paramaribo, str
Bahamas (including Icagua and Fortune
Islands), and City of Nuevltas, Cuba (other
parts of Cubet must be specially addressed),
via Naxaau and Nuevltas, str MUNAMAR,
8 AM.
Canal Zone, Panama, Salvador (prints,
Arapahoe. Jacksonville
City of St Louis. Savannah...:....
Fort Morgan, Santiago, Ac,.:.....
Monterey. Havana. Ac
Walter D Munson. Matonzas......
Bogota, Port au Prince, to
Cayo Mambl, San Juan
Munamar, Nassau, Ac
Plnar del Rio, Havana
Providence, Palermo, Ac
Surinam. Trinidad, Ac
Taormlna, Naples, Ao
Apacfta, Charleston, and Jackson
ville .
Araguaya, Southampton
Calamariw Port Llmon
Cedrlc. Liverpool....! i...
City of Columbus,. Savannah
3:00 PM
11 rOO AM
8:00 PM
8:00 PM
2:00 PM
11:00 AM
8:00 PM
Claro, San Juan. &<?.
El Mundo, Galv*-etan .v..
El Hud, New Orleans
Finland, Antwerp
Fort Victoria, Bermuda........
Giyndon, Clenfuogoe, Ac.......?
Guiana. St Thomas, Ao.........
Hellas, San Domingo...........
Huron, San Domingo.
Ikala, London
La Touralne. Hn
Lenapo, Jarl'
MeKall He" . f-iractis. Ac.....
Nlnlan. L Ooo.
Olympic. Southam-'on
Peninsula Btat . re) ?n
Philadelphia, Ctirarao. Ac......
Ponce, San Juan
Siboney. Havana
Bomme (A T). Cristobal........
Turrlaiba, T' a.
Westordyk, Rotterdam.
1:0t) PM
>.? Noon
,., Noon
.. 11:00.01
.. Noon
... ?:OOPM
.. Noon
8:00 PM
.. 6:00 PM
,11 2:00 PM
... 1:00 PM
n. Noon
.. Noon
.. 4:00 PM
.. 11:00 AM
Steamer* Due in New York.
Steamer. From. Agent*.
Apache, Jacksonville 17th Clyde Line
Araguaya, Bermuda 18th Mall
Ft Victoria. Bermuda 18th..Furne?s-Bermuda
Hull is Olav. Copenhagen 11th Scand-Am
Lucia, Medina 20th Phelps Broa
Metafian. Santa Marta 13th United Fruit
Ohio, Paeage* 2d French Line
Prlnresa Mar, Jamaica 14th.Dl Giorgio A Co
Trlnculo, Southampton 27th R L Hague
Victoria Maru, Rotterdam 30th. .Suzuki A Co
City of Columbus. Savannah 18th.Ocean 88 Co
E. I.ago. New Orleaiw 15th Southern Par
BI VaJle. UalvMitoo 10th Southern Pao
Hannover. Bremen 8th North Oer Lloyd
Jebba, Sierra Leone 30t!i Daniel Bacon
I,'-nape. Jacksonville IStli Clyde Line
Lorn Star State. Bremen 12th U H Line*
Maid of fiyrn. Algiers 5th N A (ialano* |
Mauritania. Southampton 13th..Cunard Line
Morro Cattle, Havana 17th Ward Line
Norfolk Range, Dundee 7th.. .Furneas-Wlthy
Rochambeau. Havre 11th French Lino
Arabic, Naples 8th White Star Line
Cantlgny, Antwerp 9th 0 B A T
Haleric, Algiers 3d .Hoitlder. W A B
Montauk, Loudon 8th Atlantic Transport
N Amatrrdam, Plymouth 13th.. .Holland-Am !
Pari*. Havre 13th Frenoli Line [
Rtvolulc. Hamburg 11th .....United Ami
Yaaconla, London 8th Cunard Line i
Almanac for New York April 20. j
fun rliiea B 11 Moon rises.. '1 48 AM
Sun aete fl 39 Moon aeUi...l2 43 I'M
Sandy Hook 2 22 AM S 01 PM
Governor* Island 3 18 AM 3 W PM
Hell Gate (Astoria)... 5 28 AM 8 04 PM
Tlie time given In tha above table I* East
ern standard time and It furnished by the
United State* Coast and Geodotlo /Survey.
NEW YORK. April 19-The time ball above
the Navigation and Marine Engineering
School of the Seamen's Church Institute, 23
: South ?tre?t, dropped to-day at exact noon,
I 7!Mh meridian, or 6 hours flow of Oreenwleh i
I mean tlm<\ Ar.y one dealrlng oorreci Green- ;
w( h iiuan time telcphona Bowling Green ,
Str Olympic (Br). Southampton and Cher- i
, bonrg April 12, to the White Slar Line, with '
407 first, 212 second cahlu and 212 third j
i < la** passengers, malls and mds?. Went to i
pier r,(> North River.
Str Mexican, Hull March 31, to the Unite 1
American Lino*, with nides. Went to pier
6. Mush Do> K*. Brooklyn.
Str Winnebago (Dr>, London April 4. to
R L Hague. In ballast.
Sir Archlm rt?i ?I:t !. Mnnchea'e? April 8,
' to the White .-tar Lin-, with mdse.
i Htr Cragnet inrt. Tync April B, to the!
I United Statue Navigation Co. with mdse.
Htr RdrehOI, Witt, rdam March 31. to the
Black Diamond Atramahip Co (and sailed I
lor Philadelphia).
Htr Hantarem (Bra*), .Pantoe March 2S,
Rio Janeiro 27th, Italila 31M, rerlambuiio
April 2 and Harb?do? Uth. td tho Lloyd
Dra-.Hiiro, wltli 31 passenger*, malls and
tnriee. Wen! to pier r>, Hush Hock i, Brook
lyn. _ ,
Str Camamo iRra* . Santos Feb 2.1, Rio
Janeiro March 2(1 and FtarbadiM April 10, to
the Lloyd llraxUairo, with mdse. Went to
pier Hush Docks.
Kir Santa Isabel. San. Luis, <'*!, March 58
and C'ltstoh/il 'April IP, i o tli.' lefhmian
Hteaniehlp <'o, with ni<l u\ Went to Warner'*
Sagar Refiner#. Edgewater, N.I.
H?r l'fl Capltan, Sari Juan April 13, to the
W??t India Oil ' ok i i. hfillaat. Wc?t lo pier
2. Cor* table Hook
Str VUlula (Dan*), Loboa April 11. to
rtnhert f# Hague, wltB 2 pa?s#n?cra and
cruJa oil. Went to pur H, Constable Hook.
Str Princess May (Br), Jamaica April 14,
to EH Giorgio tc Co, with mdae.
Str Lake Oomo. Tanamo April 13 and
Cananova 14th, to the Atlantic Fruit Co,
with fruit. Want to pier '26, Ka?t River.
Str HuntlvaaRn (Nor), Clenfuegoa April 6
and Ouanlanamo 12th. to the West India
Steamship Co, with sugar. Anchored off
Str 6Iouz City, Guar) tanamo March SI,
Manzar.lllo April 8, Santiago 11th and Naa
?au 14th, to the Nfw York and Cuba Mall
Steamship Co. with mdM. Went to New
York Dock Co'o pier 16. Brooklyn,
Mr Kiowa. Ouant&namo April >. Manza
nillo RUi ana Juoaro 11th, to the New York
and Cuba. Mall Steamship Co. with mdsa.
Anchored off Liberty.
Str Antonio, Ttxax City April 11, to tie
Ocean and Inland Transportation Oo, with
oil. Went to Krle Basin Breakwater.
Str J A Moffett. Jr, Texas Oity, to Robert
L llague, with crude oil. Went to pier 6,
Constable Hook, NJ.
Str Ourrifr, Port Arthur April IS.
Htr Hilton, Norfolk.
Str ltayway, Paulsooi-o, NJ. to R L Hague.
Went to pier 4, Bayonne, NJ.
Str Kotonla (Dan), Philadelphia, to the
New York nrid f'uba Mall Steamship C"o.
Went to New York Dock Co'a pier 17.
Str Otarama (Br>, St John, NB, to Nor
ton. Lilly A Co.
Htr file*! Navigator, Poston, to the laOi
mlan Steamship Co. Will go to pier B,
Jersey City.
Kc-hr Mary Bradford Peiree, (31?rleeton
April 12. to Crowell A Thurlow, with lum
ber. Anchored off R?1 Hook.
Tug Virginian, towing 2 bargee.
Tug Bermuda, towlnv 8 bargee.
Str Arablo (Rr). Alexandria, Ac. for New
York. is expected to dock at pier PP. North
RUer. foot of Went 18tli street, Saturday
Htr Helllg Olav (Dan), Copenhagen,
for New York, is expected to dock at foot of
17tl? street. Iloboken, late Thursday or early
Btr Lone Star State, Bremen for New
York, 1* rupee led to dock at pier 1, Hobo
ken, Friday forenoon.
Htr Mauritania (Br), Southampton for
New York, 1* ?*p*cte<l to dof k at pier M,
North lUyer, foot of Wert 13th atreat, about
11 AM Friday.
fltr Roj<olute. Hamburg for New York, la
exp-H'tt'd to Hock at pier KH, North Illver,
foot of West 46th street, Friday afternoon.
fir Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch), Rotterdam,
Ac. for New York, la expected to dock at
foot of fiili street, Iloboken, Saturday after
Bf Independent Wirc-Ieaa Telegraph
Company, Inc.
[Distance given In mllce; position at noon,
unless otherwise epeolfled.]
Agwlmex expeota to arrive New York noon
Alaskan 410 N San Salvador IKfti.
Atlantic Maru 1?t 42. Ion ?7 18th.
Apache 28 SW Diamond Slioal 10th.
Arable 1.0*0 SB Ambrose 3 AM lMh.
Bolivar 788 fl KandyHooK 19th.
Oheaier Valley 7H.1 K Cape Henry nth*
City o/ Film |M> E Cape Henry 18th.
cialrton 1.22* K Cape Henry 19th.
Cokeslt .150 K Cap'' ib-nry 10th.
Currier 66 8 Pan>fy Hook 10th.
Dorr ncster 147 NR Winter Quarttr L V
19 th,
Diiqiti'sne 1st 27 10. Ion #5 H inih.
Far.il'.v 1,027 B Ambrose I, V l?th.
Glei,ridge -47 SI Cape Mcnry 19th.
Or- an 2 SW Fire Island l&tli.
Qui Tatar 1." K Hand Kev Mil.
<;urf!iarle 144 N Idamonil Shoal 19th.
duUVrtmr. 2U 8 Jupiter 19th.
Hilton W? a Scotland f. V 19th.
Iroquois left Samana for Porto Plr'a I
Lak" Fannin If Rootlurtrf 1j V ItitT*.
Li nnpe m SW Diamond Shoal fOih.
r. heitv Olo KKJ ?K ht ? ''Or J9tJl.
Merrlmsek 27 I' Fire Trtnnd 14*.
Mexico l-i \V Ha .inn 13th.
I 7 *V Diamond Shorn! 10th.
Mont auk 018 K Ambrose I, v 19th.
?>liased 3and K.-y 19th.
w2f r!2i i ,0U,!r^oiilft. K -Ambrow I. V inth.
West Ph?f^a 1 .S3? J?? k?onvllIe 18th.
I W? iintli ' , k Charleston ISth.
??!?; Ward??ay lat 37 10. Ion 69 25 19th.
ffl* Harehaw lat J0 13. ]0u 54 40 lBth
, W est Nomnin lat 30 53. Ion 30 13th!'
By the Radio Corporation of
^cm? 12? S Ambrose L V 19th.
Amelia 028_ S Ambrose L V l#th.
; America 1,-502 E Ambrose v loth
3!th Lcgl?" J'B4(5 se Ambrose L V
E Ambrose L, V 3:20 AM 19th.
r??.L??uint^ ttS 3 Cape Saole 10th.
Ctntentilal State 1.878 E Ambrose Li v 19th
Charles h, Harwood 330 .NW Tortugaa 19th
Chwiter Sun 105 N Diamond Shoal 10th.
10th anta 163 NNE *>l*?ond Shoal
City of Savannah 80 N Hatteras 10th.
19th ?n Andareon -?? 8W Block Island
?? '? Scofleld 580 M Colon 8 PM !9th.
I'ayld McKelw 200 XE Jupiter l?th.
S L Doheny 7 8 Block Island 10th.
l&h* " Tna,'er *?? sw Block Is! an J
Everott left Norfolk 10 AM 19th.
Frederic W KellogR 85 N Jupiter J0th.
Kredi \Y Ucller 211 SE South Paeu 10th.
1-relda 40 N Diamond Shoal 18th
Kreensan 9 *\V Kir" faland X. V 18th.
x( Oca thai* "SO s Ambroaa L V 18th
Heilig OJav 425 n Ambraae L v ii>th.
I.BSfi 8E Ambrose I, V 18tll.
i JJ BostwIeK 128 N Jupiter 18th.
J N Ptw 432 N Jupiter 10th.
Jcnancy 18 sw Barnegat 19th.'
lA>ne gtar State 890 E Ambrose It V 10th.
Maracalbo 017 S Ambrose L V 10th.
Mayaro arrived Trinidad 4 AM 19th.
Melroeo 42 NE Kirs Island L V 10th
l&tapan 450 a Ambrose L V 19th.
Middlesex 70 SE by E Ambroro L V 10th.
Mount Clav 200 E An>hroee L V 19th.
Munalbro 88 SE Fire Island 19th.
Nacoocheo 07 SW Gay Ilead 19th.
Nordstjernen 120 8 Cape May 19th.
Norfolk Range 120 E Nantucket L. V mid
night 19th.
Old North State 801 W Faatnet 19th.
19th Bcunett *7S SW Diamond Shoal
Penobscot 8 SW Block Island I9th.
Philip Publlclter 20 N Bird R<wk 10th.
Resolute 1,270 E Ambrose L V 10th.
Sagua 1,180 8 Ambrose I, V 19th
Samuel Q Brown 100 N Hatteras 19th.
Stlma City 1.008 6 Ambroae L V 10th.
Sutraneico 180 H Cape Henrv 19th.
Kwiftatar 148 SW Hatteras 19th.
Pwiftoure 415 SW Hatteras lfttli.
T J wnilama 1,128 E Amurose I* V 18th.
Topdalsfjord 400 E Ambrose t, V 19th
Trontollte 80 ENE Hatteras 19th.
w 9 lfal!!eol2i ?><y)Uer 18th
W L- Steed 21 S Carysfort 19th.
w?B?y<-'e Thompson 1,342 E Ambroae LV
j .*tn.
Zulia 1,143 S Ambrose L V 19th.
By United State* Naval Radio.
Ajprteun 105 3 Galveeton 19th.
A Inert rolite 60 E Sand Key 19th.
Argon 92 WNW Sand Key 19th.
Balsam 1,025 E Overfalls L V 18th.
Baltic (Danz) 19,! ENE Tampico 19th.
Bramell Point 852 E Cape May 18th.
Cartapo 90 W Havana 19th.
loth"" B Harwood 330 Nw Dry Tortusaa
Charles M Kvoneat 20 8 Jupiter 10th.
Clearwater 211 SE Tortusaa 10th.
Cody 12 SE Tortugas 19tli.
Comus 57 NW Tortugas 19th.
David McKelvy 200 NE Jupiter 10th.
Dauperata 18 E Jupiter 19th.
Dean Emery 2iH) N Jupiter 10th.
& T Bedford 00 W Tortugas 10th.
Eastern Sun 20 W Sand Key 10th.
Eastern Queen 080 S Hatteriu" 19th.
Edward t Dobeny III 84 W Sand Key 19th.
Elkhorn 857 SE Galventon 10th.
El Alba 43 NW TortuKas 19th.
El Valle 272 SW Hatterao 10th.
Fluorspar 250 HW Hatteras 10th.
Franklin 60 NNW Tortusas 10th.
Oargoyle 1,543 E by'N Cape Henlopen 18th.
Glenpool 78 from Sand Kev 19th.
Gloria da Earrlnaca 55 E Sand Key 10th.
Uranlte State 07 from Queenotown 18th.
Gulfmald 90 S Sabine bar 19th.
Gulfetar 15 E Sand Key 19th.
Gulfatrnam 20 a Jupiter 19th.
H C Kolger 10 W Tortugae 19th.
Hannover 1,718 B Ambrose L V Itth.
Harold Dalker 47 S Jupiter 10th.
llastlnga 22 SW Tortugae 19th.
Huguenot 240 E Tampico 10th.
"I ? 5?*tnlck 328 -N'E Jupiter 10th.
J E O'Neill 12 E Jupiter 19th.
J M Danzlger 1B5 8SW Galveston 19th.
18uf Farrel1 W Bishop Rock
J N Pew 123 N Jupiter 19th.
Joslah Macy 48 E Tortugas 19th.
Lake Falrlle 17 N Sagua I,a Grande 19th.
Nacata 251 E Hatteras 19th.
Narclsaue 89<; E Ambrose L V 10th.
Nora 440 E Tampico 19th.
Norman Brlifge 10 S Snnd Key 10th.
Orkild COO from Cuba 19th.
Panuco 207 NE Tuhiplco IHtli.
Paatores 3?0 t) Havana 19th.
Pipe stone County 522 E Ambroae I. V 18th.
Rayo 200 E Sabine bar 10th.
San Bias 075 S Nantucket L V 10th.
Santa Marta 02 E Barrio* 10th.
8ixaoia 4fl W Santa Marta 10th.
Swift wind 248 NE Jupiter 19th.
Tamaha 684 from Tampico 19th.
Texan 743 NE Tampico 10th.
Texaa 120 8 Hatteraa 10th.
Thomas H Wheeler 230 SE Sabine Film j?u?.
W C Teagle 100 ENE Sand Key 10th.
Warwick 138 NNW Havana 19th.
Waxahachle 6 from Fowey Rock* 10th
Weet Arrow 14j E Boeton 18th.
Weet Gotomska 180 E Boeton light 18th.
\\est Kebar lat 42 21. Ion 45 09 19th.
Weftwogo 1,136 E Ambrose L V 18th.
Wm Boyce Thompaoi 1,050 ?3 Ambrose t? V
Win Rockefeller 214 WSW Sand Key 19th.
Woodmansla 715 E Cape Henry 18th.
Yankee 240 W Tortugas 10th.
Bound South.
Sir Hoe Island, Alexandria March 20 and
Blzerta 26th, via Boston April 18 lor New
Ycrk, to the Export Steamehlp Co, with
Str Levlsa, Banes via Boston for New
York, to the United I'rult Co, In ballast.
Schr Morris 4 Cliff, Rockland, Ms, for
New York, to the Rockport Lime Co. with
Bchr Alice May. Block Island for New
Schr Blanche Ring, Nantucket for New
Schr John Bchmults, Bridgeport for New
fichr Athalle, Oreenrort for New York.
Tun Chae P Greenough. with S bargee
(at 5 AM); Booker No 4, with 1 (at 7:30
AM); Bpartan, with 2 Cat 4:30 FM).
Motor hnrre Pocony 5 (at 4:10 FM).
Eteam lighter A D McGUl (at 10:40 AMI.
Bound Eaat.
Bchr Hannah H, New York for Greenport. J
Tubs ttaehem, with 3 barge* (at 4:30 AM) ;
Bulley, light (at ^:25 PM).
6tr Dorlcstar (Br), Ru.??ell, Liverpool via
Norfolk (general)?WIIfor<l 4 McKay.
Htr Orcgonian, Ks'on (from Hamburg),
Baltimore (residue)?United American Llnm.
8tr Clan Kennedy (Br), CaJderwood.Cape
Town, Algou Bay, 4c (general) ? Barber
Bteamnhlp Lines.
Sir Katrlna Luckenbaeh, Hayes, l?oe An
geles. San Francisco. 4e, via Panama Canal
(general)?Luckenbach Steamship Co.
Str Toeto (Nor). DJorsct, Cartagena and
Puerto Colombia via Norfolk (general)?Ori
ental Navigation Co.
Str Mary, Goodman, Turk* Island, Puerto
Plata, 4e (generalI? A H Bull 4 Co.
Str Luksefjell (Nor), Funnemark, Monts
Clirietl. Puerto Plata, 4c (general)?Colum
bus 8team*htp Co.
Htr Vener.ueia, Moreno. Havana, Cristobal,
4c. via Norfolk and Pat.ama Canal (general)
-W R Grace 4 Co.
Str Monterey. Mclnnto. Havana, Progreso,
4c (general)?New York and Cuba Mali
Steomshlp Co.
Str K1 Orients, Delahanty, Galvsston (gen
eral)?rtouihern Faclfh! Co.
Htr Comal. Curry. Galveeton via Key West
(general)-Mallory Steamship Ho.
Htr F.I lsleo, Neville, New Orleans (gen
era))? Southern Pacific Co.
Str Arapahoe, Pevereeux, Charleston and
Jacksonville (gvnernl)?Clyde Bteamshlp Co.
Str Jefferson, florals?, Norfolk (general)?
Old Dominion Transportation Co.
Htr Asborg (Nor), Stark, Norfolk (ballast)
Atlantic Fruit Co.
sir Harriet (Nor), Tvedt, Norfolk (ba!
laet)?P Kleppe 4 Co. ,
Str I<iike Stirling. Whltehurst, Richmond,
Va (general)?Richmond aofl New York
Bt?amshlp Co.
Str Pawnee, Forrest, Baltimore (general)?
Clyde Hteamshlp Co.
Str Kdgetilll, Culver, Philadelphia (ballast)
?Black Diamond Steamship Corporation.
Str Blue Triangle, Coleman, Boston (In
transit) ?North Atlantic and Western Steam
ship Co.
Schr Nat I. Gordon, laverock. Newport
News (ballast)?Crowell 4 Thurlow.
Tlarge t.wl? H St John, Bennett, Windsor,
N8 (coal)?J F Whitney 4 Go.
fltra Cadillac (Br), Hull: Urblno (Br).
Manchester: l.lghtbtirne, Port Arthur; F Q
r>arstow, Texas City; Fort Hamilton (Br),
/passport PHOTOSN
if NKcewAnv.
I 335 riwny., nr. lAth s(.
^ 1 4.t? lies;., nr. 40th Ht. ^
Notice to Owners, Agent*
and Ship Masters.
The Herald publishes daily
reports of the positions of mer
chant vessels received through
the United States Naval Com
munication Service. Ship masters
of vessels with radio apparatus
may, without charge, report their
(TR) noon positions through the
following naval radio stations in
the United States proper? Bar
Harbor, Me. (Ottercliffs); Cape
Hatteras, N. C.; Jupiter, Fla.;
Key West, Fla.: New Orleara,
La. These position (TR) re?
ports must be addressed only ?*?
the radio station called, and they
will be forwarded to New York.
It is important that these re
ports should be sent promptly at
noon each day in order that they
will be received in time for pub
Position reports can also bo
sent through the stations of the
Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc., at New York
city CWCG); Babylon, L. I.
(WSE); Easthampton, L. L
(WSA), and New London, Conn.
(WST). No charge made far
medical or surgical advice, lata
news and weather reports.
Position reports will also ba
accepted through the stations of
the Radio Corporation of Amer
ica at Cape Cod (WCC), and
Siasconset (WSC), Mass.; New
London, Conn. (WLC); Capa
May (WCY), and New York
city (WNY). Requests for
medical or surgical advice will
also be accepted through tha
above stations of the Radio Cor
poration. This advice will ba
given free by the U. S. Public
Health Servicc.
Bermuda; Tar*:red (Nor), Manatt; Tlvlves,
Kingston, Ac; Comal, Galveston; Megantlo
<Br). I.lvsrpool; Carmanla (Br), ds; Sonta
Gertrudls (Br), Tamplro; Cornelia.
Juan, to; Perfection, Tamplco; Vandyck
(Br), Ulo Janeiro, 4c; Jt-rferson, Norfolk;
Wm G Warden, Texas City; Mlnnekahd*.
Hamburg; Hellas (Nor). Santa Lucia, Cuba;
Oregonlan, Baltimore; Lake Stirling. Rich
mond; Mary, Porto Plata, tc; Kstonia iUn),
Lil>au. &c; Chicago City (Br). Bristol,
Pawnee, Baltimore: Corvallto, Norfolk;
Luksfjell (Nor), Monte Chrlstl, &c.
Strs Asborg (Nor), Norfolk; Corsica, do;
El Isleo, New Orleans; El Orients, Galves
ton; Edgehlll, Philadelphia; Iteaper, Taru
pl(o; James McGee, Lobos.
Tugs RelcJiert Bros, towing R bargee
(passed out Quarantine at 1:08 AM); Chas
P (Ireenough, towing R (do at PiOTj AM),
Walthom, towing 8 (Sandy Hook at 8:30
Sailed 18th, str Soriand Olor), Bergen.
The corrected reading of the barometer
(reduced to sea level i at New York on
Wednesday. April 10, 1H2-, at 8 AM. as re
ported by the United Sr'tatefl Weather Buroau,
was thirty and thirty-four hundredths (30.34)
Inches. This closely approximates sev< n
hundred and seventy and six-tenths (T70.0)
millimeters. Captains of all vessels now
lying In or near the ports of New York and
Brooklyn can advantageously use the abov i
official data for observing whether their
own barometers require any considerable
correction or adjustment.
Wind at Handy Hook, 8 PM, calm; light
sea; clear; visibility, 10 miles.
CAPE BACE. NF. April 19-Barometer at
noon, 29.82 Inches; wind, Nff, a gale;
weather, fine; temperature, 42 deg Fahr.
Wind* Off Atlantic Coast.
North of Sandy Hook?Increasing southerly
winds, shifting to wosterly Thursday morn
lt:g; thick weather and rain.
Sandy Hook to Hatteras?Fresh shifting
wlnda, becoming strong westerly Thursday
rooming over north portion; clearing weather
Hatteras to Florida Straits?Moderate vari
able winds; clearing weather Thursday.
East Gulf?Fresh northerly winds; clearing
weather Thursday.
West Gulf?Moderate to fresh northerly
winds and fair weather Thursday.
Caribbean Sea and Windward Passage?
Moderate to fresh east to north wlnda and
generally fair weather Thursday.
Str Cadillac (Br), for Hull, went aground
In the Kills Tuesday. She waa 'ater floated
and passed out Sandy Hook at 2:23 AM
An overheated smokestack net fire to the
deck of *tr Caddo, lying at tlie yards of the
Staten Inland Shipbuilding Corporation, yea
torday and did about $25,000 damage.
BALBOA, April 19?Str Derblay, from San
Francisco for Valparaiso, before reported
stranded at Manta, Ecuador. was In uo dan
ger, according to advices received here to
cay; lumber cargo w a* b-nig unloaded to
| lighten the venae! sufficiently to float 1mr;
I salvage str Killerlg (Br)- was being held In
readiness to assist the atranded venae! If
nt< csaary.
BOSTON, April IS?Upon the recommenda
tion of surveyors about 650 tons of salvaged
cargo was left at Calcutta by str Polerlo
(Br) to be disposed of by ths Landale Clark
EDINBURGH, April 19 (Associated Press)
?Lord Anderson In the Edinburgh High
Court to-day disallowed the claim of the
Laird Line for {100,000 against the United
Ptatea Shipping Board a* a result of the
sinking of the Laird str Rovan last October
when she collided with the American str
West Csimik off tha coast of Scotland. The
Judge decided the collision between Um two
vessels was due to negligence on tha part of
the Rovan'* navigator*. The court reserved
Judgment on tiie (Shipping Board's counter
claim for ?800 against the Laird Line.
LONDON, April 19?A wireless message
from North Foreland reports that str War
Sudra (Br), from Port Arthur for Devon
port, has a serious leak and port bunkers
rivets loose.
MONTEVIDEO, April 10 (Associated
Press)?Bark Professor Koch (Kin), dis
mantled and abandoned 280 miles off Lobos
Island, was picked 'Up by str Junln (Br) and
U being towed here.
The whaling fleets, mostly Scandinavian
and British, which have been operating in
Antarctic waters, are arriving lie re to lay
up for the winter. They roport the summer's
catch totaled 1,400 whales.
MOBILE, Ala, April 19?Tha crew of schr
Boon L Murphy, before reported wracked at
Bahla de Cadiz, Cuba, April 14, has arrived
at Hagna la Grande. The schooner was
bound to this port.
SEATTLE. Wash. April 19-Tha Charles
R McCorrnlck Lumber Co announce they will
ship four hundred million feet of lumber
from Tacoma and southwest Washington
this year to California, Orient, Atlantic coast
and Chinese markets. The company moved
last year three hundred million feet.
Dangar* to Navigation.
(Reported to the Ilydrographlo Offlcs.]
April .1, lat 41 44. Ion 07 10, passed part
of a deckhouse painted whits?Str Lake
April 14, In (approximately) lat 40 24, Ion
89 27, passed a large empty cask with white
hoopa; might he mistaken for drifting mine
?Str Ninlan (Br).
April 13. laf 117 67. len 74 83. passed a
Continued on Following Tag*.
FOB HALE?Houseboat (without power),
steel hull, wood house, 130 feet long, 18 feet
wide, 4 feet 6 Inches draft, 8 feet free
board, 12 rooms, 2 baths, kitchen and pantrr,
all beautifully constructed, ready for occu
pancy: requires very little furnishings; most
of furnishings built In boat; promenade deck
on top of house 110 feet by 18 feet an'l
covered by awning. Address owner, JOHN
T. HUGHES. 44 Whitehall St., New York
rlty. Phone Bowling Green 4913.
2.R00 tons d. w.; 4 years old; classed A1.
F.nilpped complete, ready for sea, now lo
cated North Atlantlo Port. For further In
formation and particulars apply D 631 Her
ald. ^80 Tiros dway.
FOR Sali?Steam yacht Carmtna, located
I lialtlmofe. Mi',; full Information and prl'-e
i on request. ASSOC I ATI ON OF MA It VI, AN D
I PILOTS, 014 South Broadway, iialtimore,
t ITOR SALE?TlfG, built 18f>1. Engine 14"
[ square. Draft 7'. *3,500 McINTOSH
AGENCY. 11 Broadway. Bowling Green 7ft"<7.
KEEP clear of dredging plant. East River,
off North 7th St., over B. It. T. tuunel.
CAR float for sale. WARR8N GORDON.
1<3 Liberty st. R.-ctor 13V0.
"The Comfort Route"
By palatial r.ieamers?tho largest to Peru
and Chile, 14,:tr.O tons displacement?de
signed and built for the tropics. i'orlect
ventilation, flttud with every comfort and
luxury to maku your voyaso enjoyable.
EBRO .Juno 17
Special Reduced Fares for
I Round South America Tours
M Broadway New York
or local agents
By New American-Flag Steamers
Resolute May 2, May 30, June 27
Reliance May 16, June 13, July 11
Sailings every Thursday, by the popo
lar steamers Mount Clay, Mount Car
roll, Mount Clinton, Hum, Bay era,
Waerttemberg, with special cabin and
improved third class accommodations.
United American Likes, ing
Cruise de Luxe, February 6
by flpectall" Chartered New
Turbine Oil-Burner, 21,600 t< . |fi j
2 months, f?0? and up, inr.ladr'- all E
expenses and shore excursions.
Eg.pt, Holy Land, C n
st&ntinople, Greece, It* , .
Spain, etc.
Established 1875.
489 Fifth At*., \*w York. j
Phone Vunderbllt 7390.
Clark's 3rd Cruise, January 23,1923
18481 Gross Tone, Specially Chartered
4 MONTHS CRUISE. $1000 and up
fncludiag Hotels, Fsea, Drives, Guides, ete.
Clerk's 19th Cruise, February 3
Sumptuous SS "EMPRI? oi SCOTLAND"
25000 Grose Tons, Spaei^lly Chartered
fie DAYS CRUISE. *100 and up
Iaclodiof Hotels, Ftei, Drives, Guides, eto.
19 dsys birpt,Palestine, Spain, Italy, Greece, ete.
Europe stop-overs allowed on both crnlaee.
Eurf and Pastitn Pies Part its, S46t mp
Frsak C. Clerk, Times Buil<nn{, New Yerk.
M'JilCUA.L, bUl'lCti.
t/l's ?^t"e c?r?i/ ,1/fiil
lu S^!Sr0ers anu *a" Prompt
b I%<^DI,Zr& barCELONA
B. M. 8. Manuel Calvo About May 14
R \l *' iu^0n .About jftily 14
T UJ^UNLMMa' d " V?V.' Abo"t Ju'y "
R* m' ?' I??n Xm, About May in
1'nr fiirMiAK n<
? About .|?nj 10
w For
Pt?y W. K. ft. Telephone Rowling Green R1S0.
Famous "Santa" Steamers
' Via Panama Canal
r*rye new American uhlpn
offering moat comfortable
accommodation*. Direct
route to South America
Unexcelled CuUlne.
Rnata I.<ii?a M?y 3
Santa Terrna Mi)M
10 Hanover Sq.,N. v.
jUDSON river
mornl'nr ni?I^any.,8 o clock f""owlnK
k^- ^"?^ssr10 ail
rf """"- . onipnifnts received tor A
2PXitfS S33, Vs,*.y'??
btd?, %v?SS5f,ST^X
Mlddleton S. Borland. Iteeelv^r
????? '? scan"
?. ?. stS? khWm odwn
H. H. DlOTTVlirialiAT lii''' 'i-l y-? ?*u|J
8wdl?h American Line, 24*iSltJ fH.fy' V
-Tha PubHe
CmE? wJiL'z.' :*r S'jyfc?*** *1*1*
Wa Cap. Corf Canal
wTffAMftHU's, i ang mi j anr.AJiwwirB, cm ibmu.^b aaq TTftlia,
opring I rips
Three Steamers Each Week
8,9orl0 $*7 Q 55 Liberal Stopover and
DAYS / Q=== Side Trip Privileges
tad up. HMorlflm to atataroom aalacted
and numbar of daya ca route*
Tottr No. J?FIRST DAY?At See on large ocean steamer
affording highest standard cuisine and service; spacious decks*
lounging rooms, music room, smoking room, etc.
SECOND DAY?627 miles south of New York, steamer panes
Forts Moultrie and Sumter of Civil War fame, and arrives at
Charleston, 8. C.; ample time for shore visit at this historic city.
THIRD DAY?At Jacksonville, FUu, you may enjoy automobile
or trolley rides tfcfrough beautifuJ 3uBurba, and at 4.00 pan. yon
embark on the famous "Daylight and Searchlight" trip oo the
St. Johns River
Through the Heart of
SCENIC palm land
FOURTH DAY?340 miles of picturesque and luxuriant scenery
?most fascinating inland water trip in America?with gUmn?a of
alligators, birds of beautiful plumage, marvelous water milage,
overhanging Spanish moss, etc., to Sanford and return.
FIFTH DAY?Beck in Jacksonville 7.00 a.m., forenoon may be
devot \ to sightseeing. Ostrich Frrm, curio and souvenir shops.
Fetrn " homeward ocean eteatasr sails at 2 pan.
SI XT VENTH and EIGHTH DAYS?824 miles or three
days' oyage northward and the 2,000 mile tour is com
plet v. . your arrival at New York on the eighth day.
Tour No. 2?Same as No. 1 bat affording opportunity to spend
a day in St. August inr * ica's eldest city, with its Forts, Sieve
Market and st h architecture, returning within ntno
Tour No. but with privilege of txeaktaig the
trip eithei atiford, making side trips to any
points desi at any time before May 31.
To insure choi accommodations, reservation*
for these popular tours should be made in adxranoe
Write for illustrated folder
Clyde Line
Standard Coastwise Route to all points in the
Carolina*, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Florid*
New York Ticket Offices
Uptown?489 Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street
Downtown?Pier 38, Norlh River
Sailings Piers 68-62 North River New Tork.
At noon unless specified.
To fhirbounr?Southampton
Olvmrtte, 2 P. M Apr. 22 May 13 June 3
llvniut'lo' (n?v?) May ? June 10 July 1
Mu.te?ttc(i?e\TiB P.M. .May 20 June 17 3tr\y
T# Colili ?Jue?-n?town) and Liverpool
Cedrte Apr. 22 May 20 Juno 17
Cr\'\c ? Apr. 2fl June 3 Ju y 1
IMHo May IS June 10 Ju y 8
Adriatic May 27 June 24 July 2_
To At?rr>, Madeira. Olbrultar, Alt'"*,
Naples and Genoa
far.l'A*?N1:::::*nr:.'J5 ffi ??S
^,n!^.0n?^l,TOOaU,' ^pTfu^y^jTy 1
Apr. 29 Juno 3 July 8
Kroonl?nd 6 Jun" 10 iH!y JS
SSSSl . May 13 June 17 July 22
To Hambnrg, Llban and IHmuIk
Samland _ "
^American Line
MlnnoknhdaOd dU.).? P;M. May 24 Jun,
Mongolia 3 P.M. ?>?"*-1
International Mercintile Marine Companj
i'o "tea.ner.-UOO.000 Ton.
1 Broadwny. K. V.. or Loral Agents.
f AHtMt steamer to HAMBUEO
* 1 ' v?rl> rU Rn>(ntt
cjr-j'swa&t asc
1 Zaronia SSi
w T to Cherbourg and Southampton
?saiirkTANIA Apr. 29 May 16 Jane
^ntiTANIA .... May S May 83 Jone ...
bSkMOAMA May 34) Juno 80 July II
N v to Plymouth, Cherbourg A Hamburg
HAXoklA ? ? May 83 July 1 Aug. 3
CABONIA . J"?" 17 Julv n Au*' 31
k v to Cobh (Queenstown) and Liverpool
JP-VvfllAuSrlTApr. M May 84 June tt
&5a?u 31 y 8
i.a(?otKa *???) ' j?nr ? *J?n' M *Jnl? 26
?Sailing from Boston.
m T. t? t?ondondorry and Glasgow
5<a,mmb.av 5"?J*?
Alillliv ........l.ine 14 July 15 Aug. 2i
N. Y. to Gibraltar. Naples, Patras,
Dubinvnlk and Trieste jnn# 3
K'^to Londonderry^ Urwpjji
AbsYKlA Mar 84 July ? Sept. l#
Ouard and Arvrher Mm M
SI Broadway. New iolt.
Passion Play,
England, France,
Battlefields, Switzerland,
Italy, Belgium, Holland,
Germany, etc.
$5&n.00 and up
SB days and Jon*"- ?
Bend tor Booklet E.
Frank Tourist Co., 488 5th Aw.
(Est. mi*-) Phone Vanderhilt
and fortnightly thereafter
Cabin and 5rd Claw.
I naurpattcd cuiaine and terv'.c:
Phono Bon ling Green 17.13
Or any local steamship ageo'
Canadian rarlfle "t'am.blp. U*.
Fnr. Hid*.. MadNon Avo.. 44th H>.. N.
Cm. Pac. Blda
Why Not
South America?
A complete change from Europe
and the beaten paths of travel.
S. S. Vasari
of the famous V-FLEET, spe- *
ctally designed for tropical triivei
Sailing May 6th
for Rio de Janeiro?Monte
video and Buenos Aires
Provides every modern device fot
your safety and comfort. You
can travel in tropical luxury to'/1
the land of matchless charm and.,
scenic beauty.
Otbar Sailings?H. 9. Trabtn, 1
May 20th?8. B. Vinarl. July S?h
For full particular! and apodal rates
for the round trip. ?pply company's
office. 42 Broadway. New York.
Lamport & Holt line
$125 and up. Steamer la yourhoteg
for the entire voyagto A wonderful |
?hart vacation trip.
Alao 24 day eewlooo to TanuAju
and return $200 op. itfrfitw
fMt al Will Sim), Riw Tiri TaL Ma SM ,
Independent Travel KTerrirherr .
Bonk ahead???v?ro good reoorvutioi
103 Park Ave. <4i*t St.). VanderbUt
ootminy satisfaction
HlKbt-day Trip or Longer?All E*p., $W qp.
Ideal Trip* for April?Stay?-June.
10;< Park A?c. Ml?t !H.). Vqnderhllt 4?4.
AAlhF .CAN *lft van* for moTliin housohr d
furnHnrt Mw(*n Europe and Amcrlo* ?nd
between wiK? of the United Htatee; houna
to h'niee '-lthout boxing; only aafe. eaey, u.d
aenvlble r etliod. BOWL1NO GREEN smSl.
A OK *? VAN CO.. (MO Bridge at.. M. Y.
To rAiauiMO-NAruEs-oioioa.
for Balling? and Ratoe Apply to <t ?
MaBa-America Shipping < ar?V. I Stato
M Broadway. New York. ''
BUI A til AfLAii i^uie(*iuicpe,Uor?tt4^
E>. IS. tun vvaat Indlee.So.Auiei loa,H0W?
lulu,China.Japan. lU3Bwa>. Tal.?JQWatliUo
via Panama Canal. 10 Hanover Bq.. Now
If ark. '
Paooenger Office, ?7 Whitehall Si.. N. t.
Now York to Rotterdam.
Oeneral Pan?on??r Offlooi. 84 Stata 8t, N. T.
EOVPT-INDIA. American a Indian LW*.
Port Said. Bombay, Colombo, Rangoon, Cal
cutta. Norton. Lilly a Co.. IS Beavor St.. NfY*
New York?Plyinoolh?Havre faiil"
Company'* Oft>0, IS ?Ute Hi., If. T. -_
Norwegian American Line, Norway, <WO
den. Denmark. Office, S-10 Bridge St. >1
BEKMLDA?Ideal Hummer Vacatlono. Fur
Drio Bermuda Line. 31 Whitehall SI.. N. Y.
FAIIRE UNB to Mediterranean Porta,
Office. 17 Slate St.. N. 1. n/
fcuuKi open Europe I'aeelon flay ISM*
aiX)BO TOURS. 1M0 W. S4th St.. M.
Ave. Telepliene Madliea Sunait Ilia

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