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Plays Fine Game in High
Wind to Load Large Tour
ney Field.
Hoffner, Greer and Knight,
All of Philadelphia. Each
Makes Card of 76.
Social Dispatch to Tub New Yokk Hwai.o.
Tmwton', N. J.. April 27. ? Coming
through with a snappy 75, and this de
spite a bad 6 on the home hole, Horace
T. Cook was able to save the qualify ins
honors of the Trenton Country Club's
annual invitation tournament for the |
host organization and to spare a trio
of Philadelphians the trouble of play- i
tug off later to determine the owner- |
ehip of tbe prize.
TTntil the arrival of_Cook late In the
day George Hoffner of Bain, .Marcus [
C}reer of TJanerch and Fred W. Knight
of Whltemarsh Valley, all of the Quaker
< 'ity delegation, held the fort conjointly
* at 76. R. E. Knepper, the Princeton
star and runnerup last year to Charles
Evans, Jr., in the Western champion
ship, was considered to be the player
the leaders had to fear, but when Rudie,
with at least a tie In sight, took three
putts on the home gTeen and fell out
with a 77 there seemed nothing for It
but to chalk up one more success for
* the city of Brotherly Love.
L The cold, high wind which swept the
?tor links made a card of 7< look like the ;
result of real golf, hut Cook appeared
L. to consider it no more than the day's
value. Down the middle with unerring
aim most of the journey the home star
* found himself Just one over fours as he
stood on the eighteenth tee. That sort
I i; of golf should have given him an <-asy
I 5 for the eighteenth, but with his liberal
?- margin he could afford to take it easy
s at the finish.
Many -will recall Cook as the young \
?tar who came within an ace of beating
| Waiter J. Travis in the Lakewood final
probably ten years ago. On that occa
*lon it was only the unintentional mov
ing of the Trenton golfer's ball on the
seventeenth that saved Travis. Cook's1
Out 5 r, 3 r. 5 4 4 3 4?38
In 5 * 4 4 4 4 3 3 0?37?75
Sew Cobb'* Creek Star.
Of the Philadelphians who would have
marie a triple tie of It but for the bril- j
llance of the home star Knight and
Hoffner are the best known. The lat
ter is the brother of Charlie Hoffner,
the Philmont professional, and he came
to the front In the 1919 national cham
pionship at Oakmont. Knight special
ises in both tournament and marathon ?
golf and only lost the long distance :
"title" to Eddie Stiles.
Greer is a product of Cobb's Creek,
Philadelphia's public links, and last year
while resident in Canada he won the
championship of the Provence of Quebec.
Reginald S. WorthingUw of Shawnee
at one time challenged for the medal,
but in the long run he had to he satis
Tied to drop Into sixth place with a 78.
Jl. Sinclair of Trenton took seventh place
With an 80, heading off such players i
as J. Wood Piatt of Whitemarsh Val- j
ley. Philadelphia, and R.'A. Haight of
* I/ido. who were of a group tielng at |
81. Halght went out in 37 and had a
Klorious chance to land the honors for '
New York. For the last nine holes he j
took 44, finishing with a 7.
The Sporen .
Horace T. Cook, Trenton 38 37 75
Oeorfre Hoffner. Bain 37 30 7H
Marcus Oreor, Llanerch 37 3D ~K
F. W. Knlaht, Whltnniirth Val.. 37 3# 7H
R. K. Knepper. Princeton 37 -to 77
R. 8. Worthlnnton, Shawnee.... 30 311 7M
Jl. Sinclair. Trenton .TT. 38 42 mi
R A. Halnht, LMo 37 44 HI
W. B. Todd. Princeton 41 4f? XI
J. Wood Piatt, Whltemarnh Val.. 40 41 81
V. R. Pawley, Princeton 40 4t 81
C. H. Brampton, Trenton..... .. 43 38 *1
R. L. Wlntrlnter, Princeton 42 41 X!
K. B. Carrnth, Princeton 42 41 83
Frank Harper, Trenton 43 40 ?;(
II H. -Appear, Trenton 40 4:1 8:;
T. B. Wooten, Atlantic rity 41 4'> &?[
Norman Maxwell, WhlUmarnh V. 42 42 K4
T M. Bray, Princeton If 4] #4
P. Moore, Trenton 44 40 >14
F. R. "Kn. pper, Princeton 44 41 x:?
C. L. Ma*well, Trenton 4rt 42 to
J. J. Cable, Cobb* Creek* 4?; 39 8",
Bay I,amb< rt, Trenton...: 44 4) as
J. J. Beadle, Llanerch 49 4-( m,
Hetirjr Oarrlty, Princeton 41 45 M
F. S. P. Randolph, Jr.. Lakewood 41 4?i Hi
A. B. Campbell, Trenton 43 44 an
P. VV. Kendall. Deal .. ? 4" ?
P. A. Proal, Heal 43 4* "7
T Appleby A?hury Park... 44 43 H7
11. B. Newton. Whlfemarah Val.. 43 41 87
?*eor?e Bell, Trenton 4<i <,?.
R. Dickinson. Trenton ' 4-, 4'. 'J,
V*. Slack, Trenton "41 4,1 vu
J'lill Tatler, Trenton 44 1? J!!
**. S. Altken, Trenton 40 44 .u,
R. Perklna. Trenton 47 4.,
fi. H. CIa*mar, Wa?hln*ton....'.! 47 43 tx?
L. Deatrabat, Trenton 44 4,1
Frank Wetzel. Trenton,..,.;.: 48 4" ?
Dr. Scammel) .. :.t "J;
Jl. r. Burrowed, Deal 47 44 1,.
Joaeph nejtter, Philadelphia 4fl 4-,
Alec Cole*. Bhawnec.. ,50 41
Henry Yoiina Trenton ' 4- 7,.
It. R Johnaton, New York 44
Oua Dohm, Trenton 44 IC
?? M"*well, Trenton 4)1 40
J ". Vahey. Trenton i!!; : ?
Allan IValah. Trenton... ,N.... 40
B. Kuaer, Trenton ' 48 4
V' Jw Bulman. Philadelphia.'* no 43
W. M. Dickinson, Trenton 47 (A
J. A. Lelash. Trenton 44 40
?' Ml,rrfty. Trenton r.o 44
*'? ^ Adama. Whltemarah 50 44
J>. War.l, Trenton 4rt 4I ?
p. W. Scammell, Trenton 4r, 40 04
n Tlsne. Philadelphia ' 7? *'
'?? Deacon, Philadelphia 48 17 n."
A. C. Fordon, White Beeches .. *1 44 o-,
An Kl"U'T- Jr - Trenton -.0 4(1 Ml
A. K. Pendir*a*t. Trenton 48 4ft p*
w. I,. Eisner, Deal.,,,.,,,, *,?
J W. Barnett, Trenton 4" 5? 2
V. B. Prentiss, Trenton 48 .ia nc
M. J. Hcammell, Trentoti... 4-. r.? rj,
Dr. Cotter, Trenton ' 48 4? <r
Itarn; Maxwell, Trenton 48 40 07
w. Bacbv. Trenton -,i 4,1 n
R. M. Blakely. Trenton 48 In ft?
' Tt. W. Bradley, Trenton 4<i 48 07
II. K. Kodan. Trenton r.0 47 07
J. fonnor, Trenton 48 40 h?
Jda-ard Boae, Trenton r.0 48 08
f r;iVppr' Jr*s,on i4 i?8
I/ee Ward. Freehold Til 47 <ta
Z' i.' PhH?<lalphla. . 4<? -.0 <if?
F. Hooper. Trenton 40 ,%n 00
A M. Beea. Trenton 48 RI }*?>
A. B. romeii Trenton 48 RI mi
W. nheehnan. Trlnceton R2 48 ino
II. E. Norton. Deal r>2 -Is 101
II B Wllklnaon. Madiaon 48 iini
'?harlea Mctmrmot, Trenton Bl :a) ini
J, N. Barber, Trenton fi2 40 101
W. D. Kelly, Trenton 50 111 |0|
? JeorRe Adnrna, f,nlu n3 48 ioi
Carl llanaen, Trenton M 48 ioi
Ilanllnbeck, New York 34 48 in"
?1, R. Mitchell, Trenton ,48 ,-,4 jo"
F C. Allen, Trenton 4-.l 48 102
Ms tlardlner, Trenton r,0 %o 102
C. Slack. Trenton .14 48 102
Dave Rdnarrta, Jeraey City .VI .in '03
rieor^e Marnilre, Trenton 40 :>.! 104
rJ- ftiiddlford. Trenton.. 30 ,"4 |ft4
1 . Blglow, Trenton 33 104
? Tr"""" *'l "3 KM
.1 B. Bnrbcr. Trrnton 33 31 104
i'. C. Semple, Trentcn 48 m 104
? ' S Hilton, Trenton 33 40 104
H. W Zippier, Trenton 53 51 104
??9 IJaker, Trenton,..,/ 54 ftl 10.". !
41' L Harvey, Trenton 3fl !rf) irifl
? a tt r*'f. Trenton r.d r.i 1071
A. S. 11 tonea, Trrnton. 3* 50 108
' * - Harlow, Tt*nton 50 50 100 [
President Harding Joins
Correpondents' Golf Club
Hopes to Show Some of the
Younger Fellows Hon to
31ake Good Score.
Washington, April 27?President |
Harding is no dut> at golf, in hk) own j
opinion at least. For, in accepting n
challenge to-<1ay from nia colleagues M
the newspaper fraternity to defend his
record made last year at the annual
tournament of correspondents the Presi
dent promises "to show some of the
younger fellows how to make a good
score," in the forthcoming tournament
on Stay 2?.
When it was determined last year to
bring to a practical test some of the
claims nightly put forward by golfing
scribes gathered in the press club, th-j
President was invited to present the cup
to the winner. He firmly declined. To
those who waited upon him he said
something to this effect;
"It would not be becoming for itm?
to present the cup to the winner, be
cause I am going out to be that winner
myself. 1 am eligible to a newspaper
men's tournament and I shall take ad
vantage of that eligibility.''
The President played in the tourna
ment and won the third prize?a drive r.
After a year's tuning up. he now thlnk.i
the priae driver is ready not only to
defend his previous laurels, but Is cap
able of bringing him home in front.
Yesterday William K. Rrigham. presi
dent, and James D. Preston. Secretary,
of the newly organized Washington
Newspaper Golf Club, went to the White
House and invited the President to be
come a member. The application blank
left with him called for a remittance of
$1 for the first yearly dues.
To-day a special White House mess
enger arrived at the Senate press gal
lery, where Preston holds forth as
superintendent, and handed him an
envelope containing a letter from Presi
dent Harding, the application blank
filled out and three crisp one dollar
bills. The letter follows:
"My dear Preston:?I am enclosing
you herewith application for member
ship in the Washington Newsv>?per
Golf Club, and am enclosing also the
membership fee for the three year
period which I am yet to serve. I do
this in order to have a clear certificate
ar.d a closed account. I shall hope to
*>>? able to show some of the younger
fellows how to make a good score "
The President signed tire application
blank as "Representing Marion (Ohio)
Star," and gave his "mall address*" as
"White House."
In the space left for answer to the
question as to how many other golf
or country clubs the applicant belongs
to, he wrote: "Probably all of them."
Singer Wins In Extra
Round in Glencoe Tourney
Herman Singe ro fthe Glencoe A. C.
won a fast bout with Charley Markey in
a special attraction in the 120 pound
class, which featured the finals of the
amateur tournament of the Glencoe Ath
letic Club held in the Central Casino last
The judges disagreed after the three
rounds of fighting, and the referee or
dered another round. Singer forged to
the front in this final session with sev
eral hard blows to the head. The sum
loni. Glencoe A. ?C.. knocUsd out M. White,
unattached, second round.
V.-ircartlla. Roaming A. C., defeated Lt w
Maffla. Montauk C., three round*;
JudRe*' decision.
Nnbers, Glencoe A. C., defeated Frenk
Tambone, Avondes A. C., throe round*.
judges' decision.
vano, Mount Carmel Club, defeated Max
Lasher. Glencoe a. C.. three r-junda;
judges' decision.
man HlnKer, Olencw A. defeated
Charles Markey, Yankee Roys' Club, fuur
rounds; Judges' decision.
Miske Beats Burke.
Npw Orleans, April 27.? Billy Mlsk*
of St. Paul won decisively over Martin
Burke of New Orleans in a fifteen round
bout here fo-night. Burke showed game
,iess and stamina, assimilating a ter
rific body bombardment and keeping his
feet throughout under heavy blows to
trie head. Burke weighed -179 pounds
and Mlske 184. ^
Hawaii Considering
Davis Cup Default
OXOLI'LV, T. H., April 27.?
Hawaii probably will default
- - in the first round of tn?
Davis CUP matches. President Castle
of the Hawaiian Tenni. Aaaoetet ?"
announced to-day. because ot the
"m!istence of the National Associa
tion that the Hawaiian* pla>r the
C/echo-Slovakian team at 1 ^aKU?4
The decision to default has not
been reached, but may be at a
fng "n the near future. Cast'? added
that it would be impoHalbb foi the
Hawaiians to go to Prague.
Princeton Lacrosse Team
Defeats British Players
Tigers' Aggressive Play Check#
Oxford-Cambridge, 6 to o.
F?r*l Dispatch to The Nkw T?k Hbhali..
Prtncbton, N. J.. April 27. The tliir j
teenth contest of their American tour
proved too much for the Oxford-Cam
bridge lacrosse playera and they lo*t to
Princeton on University Field this after
noon, 6 to 3. I
Play during the first half was close
and the teams appeared evenly matched,
the score being 3 to 2 in Princeton s fa
vor at the end of the period.
In the second half the Tigers showed
an aggressiveness which overcame the
defense of the Britons and the latter
were put on the defensive.
A feature of the game was the work
of Capt. Hopkins for the visitors, who,
although playing his first game at goal
position, waved many hard shots from
becoming scores by his active stick wor .
Capt. Stinson, Dittm^ir and Hofi- j
man led the scoring for the home team
with two and Mee with ore accounted
with two and Mee ith one, accounted for
for the Oxford-Cambridge total.
The lineup:
Oxford-Cambridge. ^Kerlalno
Hopkins Cuard ' "laino
'ciark Point
Mei.nl.' Cover point sttU^on
Swltzer First defense
Coate* . Second defense KSrWS*
fuming Third defense ^Infield
Curie Center... ?
Gallop Third attack Manen
Neylau Second attack I
Mee First attack Hoffman
IVarson Outside home Stln??ri
Wansbrough ... .Inside home.........
Goals?Princeton, Stinson (2). Hoffman (2),
i mttmar (2.; Oxford-Cambridge. I>?"on ( )
Mee. Substitutions?Princeton, MtKte for
I Ferguson. Referee?Fries, Cornell. Time of
I periods?30 minutes, 25 minutes.
Knockouts Feature N. Y. A. C.
Amateur Boxing Tourney
Five knockouts featured the prelim
inaries of the New York Athletic Club s
amateur boxing tournament held last
night. One of the best fights of thoss
which went the limit of three rounds
was decided in favor of John Bunlck
of the Paullst A. C., who engaged In a
slugging match with Dan Meyer of the
Clark House. ^Several hard left hooks
In the final period gave the fight to
Bunick. The summaries:
] oh POUNO CLASH?Nick Pemas. Greek
American A C.. defeated Mack I'oley, un
attached. three rour.ds, Judges' decision;
Bob 3tenderly, unattached, defeated Pomi
nick Vitacco, Moorllsht A. C., three
round*., Judges' decision; Nick Pemas,
Grcek-Amcrli'?n A. C.. defeated Abe Lelb:i
*ltz. Marty Allen Association, three rounds,
j Judres' decision.
I lis I-OUNP CLASS?Ceorge lllsano. Trinity
Clul). defeated Louie Galea. Hosewyn A.
V., three rounds. Judges' decision: Fran*
I Sportelll. Christ Church House, knocked
out William Irxvln. unattached, second
I round. stopped by referee; Patrick Mooney,
St. Jf>hn's flub, defeated Augustus Rlsan.i,
Trinity Club, three rounds. Judges' de
' otslon; AI Flschelberg, Clark House A. A.,
i knocked out George Weybecker. unattached.
I third round, stopped by referee; Etmor
i Kre?*. unattached, knocked out WillUin
| Sussman. Clark House A. A., second round,
' stopped by referee.
126 POUND CLASS?A. Meyers, Clark House
A. A., defeated J. Alwith. unattached,
three rounds. Judges' decision; Dan
i Ah.arn, Union Settlement A. C.. knocked
1 out P. Mel lee, Pauiis't A. C., first round.
stopped by referee^ John Bunlck, Paullst
I a. C., defeated Pan Meyer, Clark House
A. A., three rounds, Judges' decision.
| 135 POUND CLASH-Sin Rose. Jerome A. C.,
knocked out Pe Witt Attlson. unattached,
third round, stopped by referee; Andy
Palmer. Young Men's A. C., defeated Joe
j Mttinan. Y. M. M. A., three rounds. Judges'
? decision.
Parwly Hook Princess
l'I he Horseshoe) .Hay .
A.M. I'.M. A.M. P.M.
. 9:15 HMll
.10:30 10 43 10 3*
11 25 11 42 11 JO
8 2ft
A 46
10 00
Jamaica Hay Governors \V 11 lets
t<"?n?rHlO) Island I'olnt .......
A.M. P.M. A.M. I'.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.
.9 Oft 9:36 8:37 8:47 11:50
9:48 1004 9:07 9:20 12 00 12:27
1010:40 0 27 10 8 12:40 1:07
11:16 11:38 10:27 10 43 1 24 1:54
? 12:10 11:17 11:43 2 10 2:43
Rlt Han lof Flounders by Lucky SfVM
( Inb?and OthfM,
A hunch of enthusiastic fishermen who fall
themselves the Lucky Seven Fishing Club
Went tn Babylon on Wednesday and made a
trip Willi ("apt. Clarence !>>garnio on the
jib. On the way out they tolil the Captain
that thle was their day and If he didn't
get ;heni a mens of flail there would be a
row In the llabylon Fishing Camp. De
garmo, who knows the l>ay like a book,
dropped anchor over one of hl? favorite spot*
i n 1 'louniters started to come a'winrd on tlie
double quick. There were some bin flounders
; in the lot. fo) the r>7* fish boated weighed
I Just .100 pounds. The party consisted of R.
? Porfman, A. L. Itlltchik, MorfW Abramow|t*. |
Mr. Wolfenaon and Mr. I'ffrln.
On last Saturday Andrew Keupp and John
I Korn of llook and Ladder Company 124 I
might more than a hundred nice sized i
flounders, some of which weighed over two
i pounds apiece. They left from Cowley's i
dorh'nt Heaford, L. I.
Fishing with J'hll Miller near the sloneplle \
off Manhattan we caught sixty-three flound
ers and some of theni weighed a pound and
a half. I saw aotne good catches that wer? I
made over at Pin Beach.
The Haul I<efferta Fishing Club on Ita
'hlrd trip csusht more than -?'K> flounders at
/iuiltyvllle find ."t.-iford. Abe dross was cred
ited with taking one weighing 4% pounds. !
Tills monster won the JMila for Abe. The
j hlph hook men were Mr. natron, 41: Mr. I
Wolff, 3(1, and Mr. Kaufman, 311.
i lood flounder fishing Kt Ttoslyn these days.
! savs Joseph Lechlelder, who says that he
| went out from Oiorxe Freiberg's fishing sta
tion and caught 12."> flounders himself that
I weighed over lev .'hty pound*.
Women Ian Hunt and Fish Wlthont a 1,1-1
cense In Jersey.
Women desiring to ftsh or hunt In New Jer
sey this year will not be required to tnk?
or! a fishing or hunting Itcenae. according ;
id an announcement mad* by the Htate Oafne i
j -tnd I lull Commlsalofi The 1K90-21 Lrcisln
? ture Intended toe*tend the license law to ap
| : i> to women, and nn MMtilmeBt Introduced
Ity former AssemblyttlMt Van S'ess of llsscx
l county provided tha wotmen should pay.
' I<qiiatl) with men, 'or providing for the prlvi
j I. nes enjoyed In these outdoor recreations.
In amending ihe law the word "male" was
stricken from the phrase "any male person"
In the second section of the license act, but
the Legislature failed to change the wording
of the first or governing section. The At
toroey-O'ieral therefore holds that there Is
still nothing In the law that would require
the women wishing to go hunting or fishing i
to first take out a license.
Pike Season Relayed; Opens Till* Ycnr In
Jersey June 18.
TTndor an nmendment to the general Fish
and Game act. passed by the last I^cgtsla
tul-e, the opening of the fishing aeaaon for
pike, pickerel nnd pike porch In New Jersey
Is postponed from Mny 20 to June 15, open
ing .simultaneously on the latter date with
the ba*s season. The change In the law will
delay the outings of thousands of resident
and non-resident anglers who find sport In
Jersey's pickerel .streams and lakea, but lta
advocates contend that aportsmen will be
well compensated for the delay through an
Increase In bass. The amendment Is In
tended to afford better protection to the
bass, which are breeding during May and
early June. Many bass. It l? charged, have
been hooked from their uesta during tills
period by ovensealous pike fishermen.
I Ing at the I.lghtshlp nnd at the Red Huoy.
Joe Moravec said yesterday that the ling
were at both the llghtahip and the hell huoy
nnd that tlm I'erry Velmont came Into
Hhecpshead Hay on Wednesday with a good
load of these fish. They also had quite ?
lot of cod that had been taken at the llght
There are many fishermen who wait for
the arrival of the ling before they atari th> tr
trips to the outalde grounds, for they like
quantity, and when ling aie biting It Is nn
easy matter to fill your hag In a liurry If
there la plenty of halt at hand. Roma of
the deep sea anglers look upon (hla fish
with disfavor and consider him more or leas
of a nutaanc*. He haa many admirers, how
ever. and when the fall run la on thure are
hundrcda of flahermun who catch and pre
serve them for use throughout the winter
and even epicures say they are the flnrit
kind of fish for fishcakes.
Codflshlng Is fieneral.
The Commodore ran outside last Sunday,
and her passengers picked up elghty-olght
cod on the grounds off Lo?s fieach. it was
the first trip to these grounds this season
for any of the party boats, nnd Hen Wright,
the f'aptaln of the CommMor*, l? con
vinced that there are plenty of fish out
there whan he could get anon a good first
trip catch.
Relit and Flounder* at Goose Creek.
Charles Noehren of Goose Creek says that
aome very good catches or eels have been
made down there of late by the flahermen,
and that for the early run the eels are
quite large. The flounder flshlnr In this
part of the hay has been good also, when
the cold weather and wind are tak.'n Into
consideration. The flounders are larger that)
usual Ihla spring.
Additional Sports on Preceding Page
Miss Clara Peck's Bay Ala re
Wins Two Firsts at
Spring- Show.
Though no championship prizes are to
be awarded at the New York Spring
Horse Show at Durlanrt s Riding Acad
emy, Miss Clara S. Pecks bay mare
W.nona virtually won this title for sad
tile horses last night by taking two more
first prizes in competition with Mie
best ones in the show. ~
In 'he swe<>P?ak*s. open to all. she got
the decision over Cherokee Princess.
Bohemian S.Ik and other winners, and
later defined another lot in <he class
lor vome >; fiorses.
.a csrir
far thto week -
h?r thoroughbred gelding
Lord Lucky Miss Miche.le Xewborg won
oi>en?d"tho C|aSN f?r junap*r?- which
opencil (he show Jast night. I
Defeat, d by the Fox Hunters on
sco^wbs i*2?W , k R,dins c,ub The
man. ?'nny and ?? 8. Cross
' l,e A Ivurria.
L-i^'VrT^red?#^' ^"borg's Lord
""?"nd: Barbara Mon.^r ? r'r,i'>K Up,
Mr*. A. C. r^lun Tl ,r,.01^,M,laM' ,l,h"
CLASS 43?Children's saddM^ ?a."dy. fourth.
Potb-s Never Bounce flr?. u 1. ' Corlmie
Tangerine. KrLlV,'
Gl rl, third; I>orothvTwJ*ownw* Cialety
fourth. l"y "?rniaii s iton Ton.
Clara S."Sp('ok"jf'\VInnn1*Z '*we*P"takes?.
CLASS 28^Worn!8 ?' "''k'' * ?' rt h" '"' L' S'
* In I<essk>rTe(Alice,1tor!*,8? Rrt"
flrst; C. E. Butler * . \T ' M' June I>ay,
Myml I (are, second ?^vP'-a*' ,I*nnl?y'?)
Onllght. third; MHdrnd rJ2ttter'." Mis"
?Puff, fourth. rt "edell a Powder
' The u?^rnor 'ft?' RJ?i'a'", B?"hnell's
Seronlo. second- F it i,L^ 11 Seaton
Pearl, third; Mildred' bSEp" M?n,P*"?r
ment, fourth. " Astonish
Clar'a 8 Peekv'uMnon^men's saddle horses.
r- A'
as& ??
Fred Wettach's Gotnl it m?t*. second;
vaney's Black Wst -h A, IP" M" J *>?
Dempsey's pair, fourth. Gerald H.
Ed*?r T. Appleby I, Victor
" P?gJreHbur* Cttp Tourney
tcrnafionaT aS? ^?T and in*
an easy vlctorv ov/r scored
A. ServatiuH in (hp ? vf. an koul*
play *ln the is ?> h-iun ?'
Memorial Cup" tonr^C P?K^"burg
run 'of 37n 'J*
in W n^JtVfp t*,?"?h^'l hy 77
the evening. Serv-HnT ' hl" be8t of
reach 125. The s7ore"" *" try'n* to
1 I""'1 Total, "oyj0 -j] *7 77 0 0 0 1 A n 13
14 12-17. H,gh ru". 77. average
SER\'ATirg-2 2 2 0 II n u
3. Total. 47 WlJ, 0 " 0 3 2 1 0 ] ()
2 15-10. H,Kh r,ln- H. Average.
In the night match 7 n t u
feated Charles t c'i', , Johann de
Sr c p,.;r? ^rsnrs.
JOHANN?0 1 7 3 fl n it i, n.
0 2 0 111 4. Total 121 r" M B ? 3 1 2
a?r?>. r, 5-20. H,?!l r?n, 28. Aver
20 3 2 0 1,| ? lllrota, 107 V* = 2 14 0
Average, 5 12-lf). High run. 20.
Hdouard Horemans. the Reia-ic*
expert, defeated Frances s a??Z
both blocks of ?v,?i Appleby in
France Beats Erne in
Eight Round Philly Bout
PHILADELPHIA, April 27.?Karl France 1
of Now York easily outpointed George
< Young) Erne of BufTalo at the Ice
Palace to-night, the lightweight from
the metropolis having thing* all his own
way throughout the eight rounds.
Prance dropped Erne two minutes
after the start of the first round, and
taking nine the BufTalo fighter got to
his feet, but this knockdown seemed
to have taken all the fight out of nlm.
A1 Wagner of Philadelphia won from
Johnny Iteialer of New York In an eight
round affair. Wagner's margin of vic
tory was slight.
McCoy Whips Diamond ,
Sunny McCoy last night gained the
Judges' decision over Young Diamond
in a twelve round bout in the 102d
Ttegiment. In a six round bout K. O.
lied O'Neli was given the verdict over
fTnrrv Robertson.
Fishing Tackle Exclusively
Salearooms and factory under ona roof.
IK! Fulton Street, New York.
p_ ? Hud?on Park. Nsw Rochtllt,
Nfifl r Pfiflfl ?? Hun- 8 ;w- p*1-* ,, M
UUU ? 15VUII nrlng halt. Pant FrankBauroann
n,,? Q leaven Wreck Lead Station dall>
11 flirt n . o*c- Mon. A Frl. B :42 train. Sun
UUIUIIl Q .(J,- ^ 0 .05 trainM. Launch** to I
hire. fl. nathman-Capt. Frank White. t
II n n II I leaves lllat F*>., Bast River,
II II 11 M A T A M dally. llrltig bait.
II U II ?"! H Plenty of fish.
lionill Ex-sub rhanar, lv?. Olason It. every
\NA Thurs., Bat. * Bun. at R A.M. Urine
UUUiin |,n|t Hrhm lilt r * Muetre. OwnerH.
n _ _ r? || leaves Catiarsle Thursday,
UnCpn II Saturday, Sunday 7 A. M. !
IIUU0 11 I I I ? Capt H1I-K I'KHSON
%/ftj fin 11 v ? A. M , exe. Mini. Sun. ,
EVELYN 7 A. M. < apt. ?T. MAUT1N. |
,flTi LL-J ivs. t.'lason Point dally exc.
Water Island -..
~g Lvs, nlyslde Hock, Sheepshead
a lirnra Hay, Sunday, * A.M., for Cml t
nUIVIH HlaekflHhliig ('apt .!?"? Keoek.
H|r Xf"("iy*ter liny for big Flounders. Hast
MAt H Hlv?r. Diet St.. dally e.xc. Fridays.
7 A. M. tiling bnlt. Capt. HKIti}.
nun 'v*- Purine's Dock, Bhcop*
Yankee Doodle H. 11 ;\A?M
Z_ ? _ Lvs. Canarsle Hat. * Him
O r a y ?7 A. M. Chpt. WM. MeAVOY
i MTRIPA I'n'lv* N M. !.?y 7. Slioep*.
XmcnibH jjjyj, J. MICHABL
nil AUC leaves *Snarsl? Thurs., Sat. A
UUAnC Slin 7 a. M. Capt. (). WIIITK.
n C|C 7 Iv Cla?en Pr. dally e*r Mon. and I
tlwt ??Frl..8 A M Hull..7 A.M. II ZUBB.
Bouts of the Week
(lrtwnth Regiment Armory?lt?AH Maun
rrs v*. Fmnklr Kit/.put rick. lSkrounds;
Joey Km vs. Vsuiik (Ml*. IS roitkidx.
I'ioneer Sjinrilnx Club?(imr(k l>uly v*.
l.ouK (auclleuiiai. IX round*; Frank
Johns ys. Joe l)ld?N, II rmxuftt.
Fortx-wventli Regiment \ niiory ? Billy
It.ickoff u. Mart} >iltfrii. 1% rounds;
t I'uultr Murk u. Jolinny Herman, 10
Itlderwood <?r?\p Spurtlne (lull?Freddie
ltcp?r v?. .for MiiiiiIpII. IS round*; Jack
Wurman ?*. K O. Jw Dm In. 10 rounds
Rlnli "imrtlnt < lnh- Mr<? N?|lhu ys.
Joe l .?-M?.>li|. u raxixS; Happy H?
liuwy <?. NIrk Full-) . 10 mmiUM.
Ninth Keffhnnit Armory?R?M>> Doyle y?.
Heutl) I utriw. It round<?: l.ee Wfdu
?*. Jerry Mntin, IS rounds.
( onimonneiilth K. ( .?Jnck Sharkey vs.
Rurrj l^imlon. IS round*; Mike Arra
vs. Johnny Cuoney, IS rmmds.
Pennsylvania Crew Has
Paddle on Charles River
Choppy Water Interferes
With Practice for Harvard.
Sj.fiial Dispatch to Tint New Y<*k Urrai.d.
Cambjmdux, Mai:.!., April 27.?The wind
blew on the Charles River this after
noon. preventing the Harvard and Penn- j
sylvanla crews from doing1 uny serious I
rowing in practice for the race Satur- i
Joe Wright was unable to send the |
Pennsylvania crew out until 6 o'clock i
nnd could attempt little more than a j
paddle. The crew rowed over the course i
at a low stroke.
Pennsylvania needs stiff work more 1
than Harvard, as th* crew has covered I
the Henley course only once since rac
ing Yale.
Coach Wright Is using native shells,
both built by Berney of Philadelphia,
and he looked over the homemade Har
vard shell rather critically this morning
while a guest of Dr. Mcber Howe, Cam
bridge coach.
This shell must vindicate its right to
a place in the varsity navy Saturday
or It will be. discarded. The new navy
shell used by the Junior crew seems a
bit more satisfactory, but the varsity
stick to the Harvard made cra^ and
hope to have it carry them to victory
Four members of the Pennsylvania
rowing committee, Including Chairman
John Arthur Brown and former Chair
man Thomas Reath. have wired that
they will attend the ra<?p.
Medical Companv Wins
Field Artillery Games
Athletes of the Medical Company won
the team prize at the annual games for
members conducted by the 258th Field
Artillery In Its armory at Kingsbridge
road and Jerome avenue last night.
They rolled up the winning total of 27
points. Battery K was second with 22
points and Battery B was third with 6
The star individual performer was C.
Belgel of Battery K. who won first prize
in the runnln* hitch Jump and captured
second prize In the quarter mile run.
The summaries:
lob YARD HASH (Scratch)?Final Heat? I
Won by Robert Fugla. Battery E; W. i
Hoblee, Rattery A. second; (5. Kell, Medi
cal Company, third. Tim", 11 13 second*.
a. Aryhle, Medlral Company; O. Wooster, |
Medical Company, second; A. Porett, Bat
tery E, third. flats, 2:17 1".
ORDER (Scratch)?Won by John l^eers.
Bnttery E: S. Charles, Battery C, sec
ond : J. O'Mara, Battery B, third. Time,
rv.l 3-3 seconds.
440 YARD Rt'N (Scratch;?Won by W. Fltx
patrlck, Medical Company; C. Belgel, Bat
tery E, second; J. Porloso. Battery B,
third. Time, r>7 2-."> seconds.
Won by D. Corhett. Headquarters Com
pany; C. Schilling, Battery B, second; C.
SchllchtmAn, First Combat Train, third.
Tlmo, .van.
RUNNING' HIOH JUMP (Scratch)?Won by
C. BelRel, Battery E, with a Jump of 5
feet 4 Inches: B. McKeon, Battery D, with
a Jump of 5 feet 3 inches, second; W.
Smith, Battery D, with a Jump of 5 feet I
2 Inches, third.
?Won by E. GreenbtrK. Battery C, with a
put of 42 feet 10 Inches; G. Kell, Medical
Company, with a put of 3# feet 1 Inch,
second: J. Buckley. Battery A, with a put
of 20 feet 7 Inches, third.
cal Company; Battery E. second; Batterv
B. third. Time. 3:M4-R.
TEAM SCORE?Medical Company, 17 points;
Battery E, 22 points; Battery B, 0 points.
When Do the Boys Get
Time for. Their Books?
To-morrow will be New York
University's busy day In the
sport line, the Violet's various
teams taking part In no less than
six events in the course of the day.
Starting at 10 o'clock In the morn
ing, the annual track meet between
N. Y. U. nn<l Wesleyan will take
place at Ohio Field, University
Heights, and in the afternoon the
baseball teams of the same institu
tions will meet on the same field.
While this is going on the tennis 1
teams of N. Y. IT. and Haverford
will be engaged on the courts at
University Heights, the lacrosse
twelve from the Hall of Fame will i
Journey over to New Brunswick to
play Rutgers, the Violet freshman
ball team will play Bridgeport High
School at Bridgeport and the New
York IT. relay team and Paul Cour
tois will go to Philadelphia to take
part in the Penn relay carnival.
Flonndrr Fishing 1'p the Ntiintl.
MADELINE S.?7 a.m.
lvs. H. 122d St. Snlurilny mid Sunday.
Bring l>nlt. A T.VO.NS. T-1. University
DAI T We have that, too, and. tike our
tackl?, It's first clan*. We
havt. all the Utile taekl<> fixing*. Repairing
n.,.;,. Jfc Liberty ?ve., Brooklyn,
uoenng & Co. Tel. ni?.nmor?- iwn.
Aulo for Babylon leaves Bridge Pla*a, L,on*
1*. City, 5 :,10 A. M. Sunday*. Pare 14 80. in
clude*, halt, boat JIU and return auto trip.
Tel. 2X21 Astoria.
Ull nvnil l?*ve? Saturday, Sunday,
nALuTUli 7 4r- A M- Paihom..
_ ? <'npt. F. HCHWARTZMAN
"Vei. .Mr. Frederlek*. using your worm glint
trout hooks, I niught more trout and larsrrr
trout." 00c. a do*, by mall. N-12 Broadway,
HOI'NI) l''l?hlna boat Oroyhound leaves
Muff's Unar-llouse. foot 9th av.. Htelnway,
Bvery Sunday, B A. M. CAIT. MITFF.
P?_i |AA || leave* Hheepshead Bay dally
(.Am Iflfi II exc. Mon. and Frl. H A. M ,
Vlnnrtilrn lvB- Hudson I'ark. Now Ro.|i?ll?.
ft I fin ill It R ll?'iy 0 ?*o*Pr Mon. and
?*1IJ1|U1&1 Wert, for flounders. Brine halt
Thut-sTi Sat. 1,1 leaves glu-eps.
? A.M., Bun- I]|f9inj) head Bay.
day 7 :.?l A M UU W1M<* Capt. D. MARTIN.
U/UITRV1 -to dally Men., Hun. 7.
nni ID* SftMpuhr a.I Hhv 11 A MM KB.
Fishing boat CAPTAIN JOB now leaves Ca
narsle Sundays & holidays. Capt. W. Burton.
un nriTV 1,1 "ay ually H A. M.
TLLUul Hun. 7 A. M. Capt. potlMAN.
Rr I IIfclfWleaves daily exc. Mon. H A.
? V. LUnU I m p,?i 7 TONY I.tlNDY.
CI K/tAD leaves Bheepshoad Bay dally
liLITIWn H A. M.. gun. 7. OTJB WAIT
BmaIiIwi, lvs. Hliei*p?ln>ad Bay dnlly to A.M.
prOQKiyn Himdays 8 A.M. Oapt.nHlBV.
Ml D III Pally exe. Mon. N A M.
, J. n. III. gun 7 A. M I.. HARMS.
Champion Postpones His Tour
of Fronch Battlefields in
Order to Cure Cold.
Special Cable t.t Tiie N?w Yobr Hbhai.d.
Copyright, J?3t. by Tmk New Yo?k Hbkai.u.
New York Hrrsld Iturrnu, 1
Paris. April 31. I
Jack Dempoay and hi* camp followers
left Paris to-night in ftret class railroad
apartments In their advance upon Ber
lin. They did not say how long they
would be away, but the champion de
clared that he would have to postpone
his tour of the French battle area until
It is stated that Dempsey's real pur
pose in leaving in such haste for Berlin
Is the Parts climate, which has been ex
tremely damp and made it difficult for
the world's champion to shake a cold
which is bothering him. He has learned
that the air in Berlin is more likely to
agree with him, and has expressed a
desire to keep In condition until he
knows definitely whether he Is to box
Carpcntier a second time.
IVmpsey wan ho?t at a farewell din
ner at Ciro's Restaurant. He was the
center of an admiring throng of Amer
icans. A number of Frenchmen at
tended. The champion looked well in
evening clothes.
Charles O. Cochran is accepted here
as the promoter who has made tenders
to Carpentier and Rempsey for a Lon
don mate". The French bo*er i* *aid
to be satisfied with the terms. Demp
my is waiting the outcome of Car
pentier'a match with Ted Kid l^ewis.
Some Britishers maintain that Bom
bardier Wells is the only man capable
of giving Dempsey a battle. The Brit
ish public are willing to back Bom
bardier at least once more. Bernard
Shaw is of this belief.
In the event of a match on this side
cf the Atlantic it is probable the train
ing ground will be near Deauville. The
champion has betn showing interest in
the north coast resorts during his stay.
Chaney Outpoints Hanlon
After Row Over Weight
Special Dlxpatrh to Tun New Yo?k UratAin.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 27.?Ueorge
(K. O.) Chaney. of Baltimore held up
8.000 boxing fans at the Ice Palace
to-night for almost an hour, arguing
over Denver Hanlon's eight ounce over
weight, but Anally agreed to fight. He
then defeated the Western lightweight
In an eight round bout It was almost
n.ldnlght when the two fighter* entered
the ring.
Chaney dropped Hanlon !n the fourth
and eighth round*, but could not put
the tough Westerner away. Seven ot
the eight rounds belonged to Chaney
end one was even. The crowd "razzed"
Chaney for delaying the flght.
Central Park Baseball
Grounds Open Saturday
The lawns in Central Park available
for baseball playing and tennis will be
opened to-morrow on the ball grounds
In the lower part of the park. Boys of
16 and under may play ball, though no
diamonds are marked out. The north
meadow on the line of Ninety-sixth
street can also be used for ball playing.
Permits are required for tennis, but
not for baseball. The tennis permits
are Issued for the season at a charge
of II.
Supreme Style and Quality
&\ imported Scotch Gran
/a\\ AND
Golf Shoe*?Special $6.95
Reduced from $9.00
An advertisement In the Lost and
Found columns of TBE NBW YORK
HERALD offers a real possibility of
recovering your lost property.
Light or Double
So lea
Light Color Calf
HAm TOO Kanr,
But he can't live forevecv
Remembrance of ADMIBATUM
Quality lives forever
ning flavor linger* in yonrmemocy
because ?ADMIRATION Clgan
are made to suit the taste of that
majority who don't like ?
but do Uke a mild
SUfJStT 8000
)fv?i$on Cord
Tires andTiibes
ON Friday and Saturday the Penn
Relay Carnival, the biggest ath
letic meet of the year, will be
held at Franklin Field, Phila
delphia. Many of the country's leading
college and school athletes and teams
are entered in these events. The meet
this year will see a greater aggregation
of stars than ever.
ftaniel, one of the most capable sporting
writers on the staff of The New York
Herald, will closely follow each and
every event. He will write many inter
esting sidelights on the games as well as
describe the keeiv competition. He will
lay special emphasis on the fortunes of
the local schools and colleges that will
interest followers of these teams.
Saturday and Sunday in

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