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I* expected to dock at pier 2 It Brooklyn,
Friday morning.
Str Colon, Cristobal for New York, la ex
acted to dock at pier 07, North River, foot
%it West 27th street, Friday forenoon.
Str Hoosac (Br), London for Philadelphia,
Jivas 250 miles fcj of Delaware Breakwater at
*J I'M 26th. Expects to dock Friday morn
Str Samaria (Br), from Liverpool and
Queenstown, vm 236 mllea from Boston at
11 AM.
[ By the Radio Corporation of
{Distance given In ml lea; position at noon,
unless otherwise specified.]
Anaconda 295 B Ambrose L V 27th.
Andrea F Luckenbach left Philadelphia 7
AM 27th.
City of St Louis 192 S Ambrose L V 27th.
Cold Harbor 85 3 Delaware Breakwater
Collamer 251 E Ambroee L V 27th.
Corson 261 B Ambrose L V 27tli.
4>eepwater 480 B Cape Henry 26th.
El Ketero 181 N Diamond L V 27th.
El Hoi 2150 a Scotland h V 27th.
15 Harrison Smith 78 >! Hatteras 27th.
iien (i W GoetliaUi left Cristobal 3 PM 26th.
Hog Island 174 H Ambrose L V 27tli.
Hudson 1.397 E Ambrose L V 27th.
J D Archbold 3i 8 liattera* 27th.
Kershaw 28 NE Winter Quarter L V 27th,
Lake Arthur 158 S Ambrose L V 27th.
M F 1011 lott 164 SW Hatteras 27th.
Matura 114 8SE Ambrose L V 27tli.
Munsomo 140 8 Ambrose h V 27tli.
Muskogee 143 NNB IMamond Shoal 27th,
Ossining 045 SHE Ambrose L V 27th.
Parla 737 SSE Ambrose L V 27th.
Philadelphia 1,053 8 Ambrose L V 26th.
.Samaria 238 E Boston 11 AM 27th.
Huruga 104 S Ambrose L V 27th.
Steel Mariner 455 E Cape Henry 27th,
Hwlftarrow 189 SW Block Inland 27th.
Swlftatar 14o ENB Hatteras 27th.
Tanamo 903 S Ambrose L V 27th.
Vllle d'Oran 200 E Cape Cod 7 AM 27th.
West Inflklp 1,012 B Ambrose L V 27fh.
AVoet Maxlmus BOO B Cape Henry 27th.
William A Mcivonney ? 264 S Ambrose L V
27 th.
Wlllsolo 575 S Ambrose L V 26th.
By Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc.
Absecon 150 ENB Cape Henry 27th.
Algonquin 845 S Scotland L V 26th.
ISraddock 1,241 10 Cape Henry 26th,
Bravo Couer 1.440 E Hatteras 26th.
Catherine 322 S Nantucket L V 27th.
Coeur d'Alene 160 B Ambrose L V 27th.
Concho 301 S ScotlanJ L V 27th.
El Capitan 260 SB Ambrose L V 27th.
El Sol 288 SW IMamond Shoal L V 26th.
Evergreen City 545 B Cape Henry 27th.
Henry R M.illory 185 S Scotland L V 27th.
Hoxie 100 NB Cape Charles L V 8 PM 27th.
Juanlta 5 E Fire Island L V 27th.
Maddequet 190 E Ambrose L V 27th.
Ontario 10 SW Fire Island L V 27th.
Opelika 245 E Capo Henry 27th.
Parla t'R< SSE Ambrose I, V 26th.
Ponce 206 N San Juan 26th.
Rochester 555 E by N Diamond Shoal L V
."ag Harbor 2G0 S Sandy Hook 27th.
Severance paused Nantucket L, V 2 I'M 27th.
Surinam 1,210 SB Ambrose L V 20th._
Western Glen 370 B Capo Henry 27th.
Western Spirit 10 E New l'ork 8 PM 27th.
By United States Navel Redio.
Agu Ibay 2B SW Sand Key 27th.
Agwlmex 15 E.N'E Jupiter 27th.
Agwiseu 1,122 WSW Flores tAxores) 27th.
American Star lat 37 09. Ion 00 27 20th.
Argus lat 40 39, Ion 00 52 20th,
Baldhill 90 WNW Tortugas 27th.
Bramell Point 39 NW Tortugas 27th.
capulln 420 E Ambrose L V 27th.
Clavarack 1,020 SW Cape Sable 27th.
Clement Smith 34 W Key Weat 27th.
Colccslt lat 40 05, Ion 32 40 20th.
Coldwater Kii8 NB Charleston 27th.
Comanelie 80 S Hatteras 27th.
Concho 301 S Scotland L V 27th.
Dauperata 965 E Cape May 26th.
lwlaware Sun 220 K Wey West 27th.
Dirlgo 37 W Sand Key 27th.
K R Kemp 100 W Nuevlta* 27th.
Eastern Exporter lat 33 32, Ion 61 11 27th.
eastern Glade 957 B Cape May 27th.
El EHtero 121 8 Hattieras 27th.
El Yalle 258 S Scotland L V 27th.
J'ohlenfjord off Hand Key 27th.
Franklin 38 WNW Tortugas 27th.
Fred W Weller 30 N Hatteras 27th.
Gedanla 43 NNE Jupiter 27th.
George W Barnes 32 SW Sand Key 27th.
George Washington 845 E Ambrose L V 27th.
Granite State 150 from Queenstown 27th.
Gulfniald 255 E Sabine bar 27th.
Helen 48 S Hattenui 27tli.
Italia 85 S HatterRs 27th.
J A Bostwlck 35 W Tortugas 27th.
J A Moffett, Jr. 320 ESE Galveston 27th.
Janelew lat 31 39. Ion 00 18 27th.
Japan Arrow 345 E Sabine bar 27th.
Josiali Mary 78 S Jupiter 27th.
Kenowis 342 8 Gulfport bar 27th.
Llgonler 9t> WNW Tortugas 27th.
Llo 080 E Boston light 20th.
Lombardia 220 ESE South Pass 27th.
Maquan lat 39 34, Ion 54 50 20th.
Meanticut 1,107 E Cape Henry 27th.
Meltne 40 W Sand Key 27tli.
Merrymount lat 41 14, Ion 51 25 27th.
Mtnnekahda 2,288 E Ambrose L V 26th.
iMontana lat 49 09, Ion 16 05 26th.
Mount Clay 2.663 B Ambrose L V 26th.
Panhandle State 1,059 E Ambrose L V 27th.
Quaker City sailed Halifax 2:30 PM 26tli.
Rayo 315 ESE Sabine bar 27tli.
salvation Lass lat 45 10, Ion 34 40 26th.
Samuel L Fuller 54 N Jupiter 27th.
Swlfteagle 175 from Key Wist 27th.
gwiftllght 77 NB Key West 27th.
Tamaha 122 W Sand Key 27th.
Vtacarbon 110 N Jupiter 27th..
Vacuum 88 8 Jupiter 27th.
Victrollte 33 HE Jupiter 27th. >
Virginia 30 WSW Sand Key 27th.
Ylttorlo Emanuele 111 676 E Cape Henry
W C Teazle 23 NB Jupiter 27th.
Wnxa'.iachle 036 E by N Cape Henry 27th.
West Hat daw ay iRt 45 10, Ion 34 40 26th.
West Harshaw 400 SB South Pass 27th.
West lnskip 7!H E Ambrose L V 2flth.
We?t Kedron 030 SW Galveston 27th.
Wni Rockefeller 49 S Jupiter 27th.
Yankee Arrow 457 SB Sabine bar 27th.
Bound South.
?tr North Land, Ronton for New York.
tichr Victory OBtlMJ (Br), Parrsboro fot
Jiew York, with lumber, tq Human A Puil
Tugs W>atern, with 3 barges (at 8 AM);
Jiulley, with 2 iat 1) AM): Laura M Kculor,
light fat 10:4.1 AM) . Albatross, with 2
(at 2;40 PM); Battler, with 3 (at 1:40 I'M);
jami'8 McWIlllam*. with 3 (at 12:40 PM>.
Steam canal boat* E Frank Coa (at l):2."i
AMi : Hlgglnson Manufacturing Co No 4
<a' 10:50 AM).
Bound East.
Kchr Wm Melbourne (Br), New York for
Liverpool, NS.
Turk Laura M Keeler, with 1 barge (at
(1:4.". AM;; American, with 1 (at 10:08 AMi;
Edmund J Moran, with 1 (at 12:40 I'M).
Passed cant 26th, tugs Augustine, with 8
barged (at 7:10 I'M); Otis Mack (Br), with
1 (at 5 PM).
etr Well* City (Ur), Threlfell, Swansea'
#nd Bristol (general)--Chas Hill A Son*.
Str Berneitafjord (Nor), Bull, Bergen. Sta
v.-ingrr ami Chrlstlanla (general)?Norwe
gian America Line
Hr hlefjord (Nor), Halvorsen, Trondhjem. '
Buvikken. Ac (general)?Norwegian-America !
Sir Ilocharnbeau (Kr), Rollln, Havre (gen
rral)?Compagnle Oa'nerale Transatlantlque. |
.sir Ohio (Fr), De l'ertat. Bordeaux via
Philadelphia (general)?Compagnlo Ganerale
Ti ansatlantlque,
Str Hera, WInberg, Rouen (oil)?R L
Str Fenchureh (Br), Johnson, Marseilles
mid Barcelona (general)?Jas W El well A
Str Tllthorn (Nor). Nyaard, Yokohama.
Kobe, *e, via Norfolk and Panama Canal
(genetat)?Kerr Steamship Co,
Str Calgarollte (Hr), Smeltier, Talara
Jballast)?ft L Hague
Htr Bethore, Moodle. Crux Grande (bal)aii'.)
?-Ore Steamship Corporation.
Str Hugua. I'ort, Han Juan, Ponce, ?e
(general i?Atlantic Fruit Co.
Mr Nora. Berg. Tan.plro (ballast)? llua*
teca Petroleum Co.
Str Stelnatad (Nor), f.venaen, Santiago and
f'unntaiiamo via Norfolk (general)?Atlantio
Fruit Co.
Str Munargo, Aaborn, Nassau and Antllla
(general)? Mtitison Steamship Line.
Str Morro CMtle, Blgekadder, Havana,
progreao, Ac i general)?New York and Cuba
Jlall Steamship Co.
Stf Trompenbrrg irutch). Teenamn. Nor
folk (ballast)?J II Winchester A Co.
Str' Rosalind (Br), Mitchell, Halifax and
i> Johns (genrral)--Bmvrlng * Co.
Sir Helvernon (Nor), Ingetiergtaen, Halifax
? rid 8t Johns via Boston (general I ?Trlmi
tlonal Steamship Corporation (cleared Iflth).
Str t'elaware, Robinson, Boston (general)?
Fniters Steamship Corporallon.
Schr General George C Hogg (Br), Haugh,
lerth Amboy (ballaat)?J F Whitney A Co.
fl?r* Paloma (Cuban), Porto Tadre.
Atlo. Tamplco: Fred W Weller, Texas City;
Lake Wlnthrop, Turks Island, Ac; Susque
hanna, Bremen; Joseph Seep, Stockholm;
Mihawk, Charleston, Ac; Helllg Olav (pan),
< hri.'tianaand, Ac; Manaqul (Br). Banes,
Ac; Liberator, Los Angeles, Ac. via Phila
delphia; Olilo (Fr). Philadelphia; Oily of
Savannah, Savannah: Rochamheau (Fr),
Havre: Morro Caatl*. Havana, Ac; Trompen.
berg (I'utch), Norfolk; Thomas H Wheeler,
l"?xas (Jity,
P?r* Stelnatgd (Nor), Santiago via Nor
folk; Tllthorn (Nor), Yokohama.
Hchr* Anna B lleldrlttar, Jacksonville;
? mills May Page, do.
Sailed 26th, strs Lllmae, Texas City;
Acropolis. Palermo and Piraeus.
The corrected reading of the barometer
(reduced to sea level t at New York an
Thursday, April 27, 1022, at 8 AM, an re
ported by this United States Weather Bureau,
was twenty-nine and eighty-nine hundredths
t'JU. 89i inches. This closely approximated
seven hundred and flfly-nlmi and two-tenths
(Till.'J.) millimeters, Captains of all vessels,
now lying In or near the ports of New York
and Brooklyn ran advantageously use the
above official data t'or jbserving whether
their own barometers require any consider- :
ablrt correction or adjustment.
Wind at Sandy Hook, H I'M, NW, 23 miles;
clear; light sea; visibility, 12 miles.
CAPE RACE, NF, April 27?Barometer at
noon, 29.50 inches; wind, S, light breeze;
weather, denso tog; temperature, 40 deg
__ Wind* Off Atlantic Coast.
North of Sandy Hook?Fresh and strong
northwest winds; fair Friday.
Sandy Hook to Hatteras?Freeh north and *
northeast winds; cloudy and unsettled Frl
Hatteras to Florida Straits?Moderate va
riable winds; generally fair, except showers ;
off Carolina coast.
Disturbance of considerable intensity cen- !
tral over the Oulf of St Lawrence, moving
slowly northeastward.
East Gulf?Modern to southerly winds;
partly cloudy, possibly showers over north ?
portion Friday.
West Gulf?Moderate variable winds; .
showers over north Friday.
Caribbean Sea and Windward I'Assncp? ;
Moderate to fresh east to northeast winds;
generally fair Friday
BOSTON, April 27?Burse Harraseeket, |
recently purchased by the Howard Line of
New York, vviillo tieu with short hawser to
tug Toiler uncliored at Quarantine, parted
hawser and drifted on Long Island and re
mains ; tug was unable to get anchor In
time tn assist barge on account of fresh !
wind prevailing; barge hail no anchors and
tugs will attempt to float her at high water
LONDON, April 27-Str Northern Star, :
from Baltimore, before reported aground
tear Nargen (Gulf of Finland), tloated after
discharging about 030 tons of cargo into ,
Str Ward, from Odessa, &c, for New Or
leans, lias arrived at Bermuda with boiler i
tubes defective.
Str Tlilstlemore (Br), from New York via
Shields for Middlesbrough, Sir, Is ashore
near Berwick; assistance Is with her.
NORFOLK, Va, April 27-Sclir Cumberland
Queen (Br) was yesterday righted with the
assistance of schr Marlon G Douglass (Br)
and proceeded to Sewalls Point to be pumped
out betore going to shipyard for repairs.
Ship Maria Borgia, before reported sunk
off Newport News, will be 'removed by the
OGDENSBUBG. NY, April 27?Str Joyland,
before reported aground near Little Round
Island, was listing badly to-night and the
greater part of her crew of 25 men had been
taken ashore. Considerable water was re
ported to be in her hold und wreckers were
summoned from Kingston.
Lighters wero alongside str Arabian to
night and it was heped that the vessel
would be floated to-morrow. This steamer
yesterday went aground In Swift Water, fojr
miles below Ogdensburg.
PHILADELPHIA, April 2.V-The negotia
tions between the Loekenbach Steamship Co
of New York and the United States Shipping
Board for the purchase by the steamship
company of four Shipping Hoard steel cargo
vessels have been concluded with the Board's '
approval of the Eastern Soldier, 10,623 dead
weight tons, built by the Japanese; the
Soutli Bend. 12,1,')0 deadweight tons; the
Marela, 11.870 deadweight tons, and the
Edellyn, 12,300 deadweight tons, now tied
up at Hog Island or a' local shipyards
undergoing minor repairs before being re
leased. Officials of the Board declined to
make public the prices at which the vessels
were sold.
QUARANTINE. April 27, l1:2.-> AM?Motor
lighter Nettle C Powell, with a load of
oysters, became disabled off here and was
taken in tow by tug Cornelia.
ST MICHAELS, April 2ti-Str Port de Caen
<Fr), Nantes for Montreal, has arrived here
with machinery damaged.
BAN SALVADOR, April 27?The Costa
Rican Government, according to a dispatch
received here to-day, has closed the ports
of the country to steamers from Sunto
Domingo. This action, It was said, was
taken because of the smallpox epidemic in
the Dominican republic.
ST JOHNS, NF, April 27?Str Winifredl*n
(Br>, with her disabled sister ship Oxonian
(Br) In tow, lias been fogbound 20 rnllej off
this port for -18 hours.
VANCOUVER. BC. April 27-Wlth h.:r
starboard bow crushed In from collision
with str Wolsom (Dutch), as before reported,
str West Mimrod, ("apt Throckmorton, Is n
port discharging her sugar cargo. < 'apt
Solomon of the Wols nn sued the West Hlin
rod for $100,000. The Shipping Board has
filed a counter claim for $30,000.
Dangers to Navigation.
Str San Juan at Ban Francisco April 7 '
received the following \vlreleas: "Obstruc-I
tlon at 3 PM March 20 passed by ctr Liber- I
htor, a derelict about 200 feet long, a i
wooden vessel, bottom up, in lat 20 01 N, i
Ion 10 If! W; very dunperous to navigation.'' |
Apparently this la tho wreck of the str :
Falrhaven, which occurred on March 23 In
lat 22 23 N, Ion 105 47 W; apparently wreck |
ii< drifting N\V, magnetic, contrary to re- I
ports of Mexican current, which sets SB. ;
It Is my belief that this current Is only i
temporary and that wreck will <1 rift 8E as I
per current chart*. It Is very dangerous to !
naxlgatlon. Signed C. Zastrow, master.
(Reported to the Hydrographlc Office.]
Ice patrol ehlp Seneca'* position 27th, lat '
43 4.1, Ion j<> SB, anchored; fog. Ice area '
as follow*: Lat 42 10, Ion 40. to lat 42 10, '
Ion .VI, then northward on 03d meridian.
April 22, lat 40 S3, Ion 71 20, passed a
mast projecting obou*. li feet out of water,
apparently attached to submerged wreckage:
lut 40 32, Ion 71 27, passed a epnr about .'Jo
feet lonn; lat 40 31, Ion 71 32, passed a
raft about 30 feet long and 6 feet wide,
projecting about 2 feet out of water?Str
Arabic (Br).
April 34, Naveslnk light bearing 298 tleg
^ miles (In approximately lat 40 20 12, Ion
73 80 30), passed a lurgo wooden float?S'.r
Betiiore. (Probably Hie same obstruction
previously reported In the vicinity of Am
brose Channel light vessel.)
April 23, lat 89 Bfi, Ion 71 14. passed a
black can buoy with an eyelet on top, ap
parently a channel marking buoy?Str Qud
run Maerak (Can).
April 10, Int 37 23, Ion 74 44, passed a
blpck cpar buoy marked No 7, projecting j
about x feet out of water?Str City of 1
Savannah. j
April 13, He aid Bank light vess> 1. hearing
Ho deg < In approximately hit 20 0.1, Ion1
114 12), observed an -iron pontoon?Str J E
April 2", lnt 27 4.1, Ion P0 80, passed a
cylindrical shaped Iron obstruction, about
30 feet long and H feet wide, with foyr
;a-gu wooden chocks attached by an lro;i
ting around tank, projecting about 0 feet
out of water and vlslple about 2 mile*?Str
Barstow. (Probably the same obstruction
reported by wir Saxon March IB In lat 27 M,
Ion 01 10, and April 13, In lat 27 04. Ion
ill IS.)
The stations of the Canadian Signal Ser
vice, tinder date of April 24. reported Ice
as follows: Money Point, heavy dona packed
Ice: I'lnt Point, heavy open Ice distant; Port
Hood, Ice scattering and moving awn}.
O't April It the following changes wera
made In the buoyage off West Channel. I
(treat South Hay, In approximately lat
to 30 N, loti 73 12 30 W: Fairway buoy, |
painted black and white In vertical -.tripes, i
une discontinued; inttance buoy I was
established In 3 fathoms of water; this buoy j
will be moved from time to time as required. ]
Rhode Island ? Nan agansett Bay ? Tha
Lighthouse Service announces Rrenton Reaf
light veesel will be temporarily n t lacsd by
relief light vessel about May 12, 1022.
Connecticut?Long Island Sound?Cornfield j
Point light vessel will 1* replaced on station
>? '.out May II u; d relief light vessel with- i
Main Channel?Long Island Sound?The
Cows gas buoy 24 wt.i Increased to 70 candle
power April 25.
The master of str Tt ne (Not) reports that
the wreck on tllrd Rock, Bahama Islands,
in approximately lat 22 .12, Ion 71 21, Is no
longer visible.
Wr. ' k, Cape Maysl, Cuba?The ma iter of
str Tune (Nor) rep.Trts that the wreck of a
steamer 'lies on the east coast of Cuba
about 3 miles northwestward of the wr.cg
shown on the charts near the lighthouse.
Approximate position of Cape Ma?-1 light
house, lat 2.1 1". N, Ion 74 OS W.
NEW HKDKORO, April 21?Sailed, schr
! VVm A 0ratal, Atlantic Ocean.
j CANAI>A (Fd, al Marseilles 21th.
I CM PRISMS or JAPAN (Brt, ?t f-hnngh il
I 2.1th.
I KKYSTONC HTATF, at Mnnlln 3Hth.
h'ORKA MARC Uspi. at Kobe 82d.
MEUANTlf (Br), nt QueenstOwn 27th.
MRIiPI'A (Br), at Ar.twera !Bth.
TENYO MARU (Jap., at Md.illa 33th.
Notice to Owners, Agents
and Ship Masters.
The Herald publishes daily
reports of the positions of mer
chant ves!> received through
the United states Naval Com
munication Service. Ship masters
of vessels with radio apparatus
mydf without charge, report their
(TR) noon positions through the
following naval radio stations in
the United States proper: Bar
Harbor, Me. (Otterclics); Cape
Hatteras, N. C.; Jupiter, Fla.;
Key West, Fla.; New Orleans,
La. These position (TR) re
ports must be addressed only to
the radio station called, and they
will be forwared to New York.
It is important that these re
ports should be sent promptly at
noon each day in order that they
will be received in time for pub
Position reports can also be
sent through the stations of the
Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc., at New York
city (WCG); Babylon, L. I.
(WSE); Easthampton, L. I.
(WSA), and New London, Conn.
(WST). No charge made for
medical or surgical advice, late
news and weather reports.
Position reports will also be
accepted through the stations of
the Radio Corporation of Amer
ica at Cape Cod (WCC), and
Soasconset (WSC), Mass.; New
London, Conn. (WLC); Cape
May (WCY), and New York
city (WNY). Requests for
medical or surgical advice will
also be accepted through' the
above stations of the Radio Cor
poration. This advice will be
given free by the United States
Public Health Service.
V /
NIAGARA (Br), from Auckland 23th for
ORBITA (Br), from Hamburg 20th for New
ROTTERDAM (butch), from Plymouth 27th
for New York.
Arrival, at and Departure, from
Foreign Port..
. ADEN. April 2?-8alled. str Steel Maker
(from ^'^"Vtr 'strer Maker. Calcutta for
Gaiv??ton and New Orleann (ana proceeded
^ALEXANDRIA. April ^Arrived, str Put-j
ney <Br). Baltimore. City. New Or
,is"s: <.Ar"KS sw..... ???
buy. ? ?'i?Arrlved. str. CjI-I
.^ MoWio Klh, Mellta (Br). St John.;
Called 22d. .tr. Carplaka. New Orleans;
^k^N^U^rrWea. .tr Ana-,
Ctru^KbArNik'NZ. April 23-Sailed. ?tr Nl
aEJfr0NM0iTTHa'TPHfia-8alled. atr Wcl.a
B>8211edBr2bth.h"uec?a:ier Hall (from San
FTTd^)i^n.dt0r":nHtl9h Judge (Br). New
Orleans; ^a'acia <BrK do- 20?Arrived, str
BANKri. April ?1 Arriv?.u,
NBAimoW. April 20?Sailed, str Hamlet
l?iri^AVlAUmApril 2".?Arrived, str Ensley
VHKl.KtsTUM"Aprl, 20?Arrived. atr Lord
^BELIZE. April ri?An'lved, str Coppcname.
NBOCA8?iAprll 26-Arrived, str San Pablo
a^,led'h2?tf!rIPStra AbanBare,. New Orleans
VlBOnr)EAUX. April 22-Arrived, str N-.
VlBREMEN. JAprll?r^-Ia,ailed. str Orleans.
C*I*KI?TTOL'apArrWed, .tr E-f.a
rl,VrEN?>SVHr.hEH April ' 20-Salled. ?hip
CA PIZ*Ap'r 1'' 20?Ar riv" 1. str Infanta l.a
be/.^pt/New Ort?a-.vla 1 avana
CA1HAB1EN. April
B<CAI-.C13TTa! AprU*22?Called, str Arcturu-.,
Ns:,led??th. atr Ctv of Benares (Br). New
VCHRISTIANIA. April 22-Arrlved. %tr
Aladdin, New York. f>e_s,.ned gtr City of
SlatP"- . .. Colled str Walwera
,SU0,S;?A?S!n&?*Sf's.? vo,k ...
Norfolk. . on_Airlved. strs Al
m'acVo T'nr). '^fOi^ckenbS'h. N?w' York
Orleans; ^atrlna '...m? uirkenb.ch, Ban
Frranc?snco fornCPblUd.:phla and New York;
KAbrAveda 27th. .tr liuahlw (Br). Southamp
t0palled S^rtr'San Francisco (from Se
attle), London- ^ r*i>reral George W Ooe
Salled 3t8th,, s ' (Br), Port Llmon.
^ FA LMOU"AVt ApTti ^j?Arr!v?'d. str Was
"nisOA. A$r"w?Arrived, str England
llnru (Japl.Norfolk. t NlnK
Won aml
N7rrlve?drki7?h. str Monro (Sp). Havana via
Called 25th.MsurSEk" rn Ocean (from Co?
S,r-lVoV1"ApHrV17-Arrrlved. bark Maid of
SSHfcw". Mr Puwt
^REEN^Tprll 20?Sailed, str Modesta
,HA.:n:AX:Vp^i-^,.ed...trs Canaan
Planter '?r,*n' , 2Hth. Ulensloy (Br).
Commander (Br). "?? '?
^SliW: S" UtulSlk (!>??). from
a1 * I ve d? 27 tn .*?tr?NevS"trt'*Ev?n
BprUwiirta. H??? ?"?
IrB'T ??'< *??
(Br'.,^?r?th strs Vetwaurta. New York
via'Norfolk ^?^^,10/^^^Yo,rkn7,O '
N.w Orleans j
*'sX??THCl'lr Manuel Calvo (Sp).
NR:,,ed0r^t,h0.rsTrrUloan,(Br). from Cristobal
' HANvnEY0Akpr.l 24-ArHvod. .tr Or.flammo
Si'rTwi:art* ??s
"hTELVA. April l?-Saliod. str Braddork.
*?mSiV?HAMWrtj 27 Sailed, str Gas
ccnler I Br). New Arrived strs Pelyo Mnru
n^^nC?rnon, Kong; Korea
Msru (Jap).
f7.A PALUcfi" Ajpr.l 21 -Arrived, .tr Lu
mLnElTHr>ApX^'ailed. . T Blgl (Mor).
JTn-KUPOOl.. April 27?Sailed, str Steel
VTX:<1 S6t?m?trhVal?more (Br>. Bait.
n or''- . ii nt_ Arrived str. Moflrtlan.
LONPON. April 2??Amvjd. s MU,or (Ur)t
Pan '?ranelsco. N v 0r)ranl
''ArHvef wth. str I'el^ar, (Hr?. New
Ygr.Vled 2rtth, str Kmll Oeorg v Btauss
(der), New* ^leana.-. a.iic(i ?tr KoMUtb
FeMrA^Tl^>^Cn,V?*for New or
"MA'nSBlM.EP. April 15-Arrlved. str T h
CMed"^thU."Vr Canada <Fr,. New York
VlMtm8n*N. April 21?Sailed, str Orldono
lean*, Charlest.m. jT_fiall??V ??'
NOV0I108HIPK. A? r,v. v.vrL
?,,r,n.teid lleath (Br). New York.
Ci ri'YNtoimiW AprU *27 Hailed. ?t
dam U'tlteh); from Rotterdam for N.w
PORT ANTONIO, April 22. noon?Sailed,
str Amelia. PhlladelrMa.
PORTLAND. En*. April 27?Arrived, str j
Honolulu. Baltimore.
PORT MOHANT. Arril 26, 3 AM?Sailed, j
atr Juan (Nor), Philadelphia.
PORT SAID, April 22?Sailed, str AJax
(Br), from Hons Kong, Ac, for Boston and
New York.
PUERTO BARRIOS. April 27?Arrived, atr ,
Nlcarao (Hon<!>, Mobile.
QUEENSTOWN, April 27?Arrived. ?tr Me
gar.tlc (Hr). New York for Liverpool (and |
ItEVAI,. April 12?Arrived, ?tr 3anta
Olivia, Baltimore.
RIO JANEIRO. April 24?Sailed, atr Caxlas !
(Brax). New York (2,000 bags coffee).
ROTTERDAM. April 24-Arrived. atr j
Bayou Chlco, Mobile; 23th, Comlno (Br), I
| Halifax.
Arrived 25th. atr Mr a* dam (Dutch), New I
Orleans via Havana.
Sallod 22(1, str* Heraklaa (Nor), Hampton 1
Rou-H; 2.11)1, Connejis Peak, Galveston.
Palled 24th, atr Bollnrbroke (Br), Montreal.
ST JOHN. April 27?Sailed, ?tr? Clan |
Buchanan (Br), Bu^noa Aires; Manchester
I I'ort (Br), nancheater.
ST MICHAELS. April 28?Arrived, atr
N'oorderdyk (Dutch), San Francisco via
Colon for Antwerp.
Arrived 28th. fctrs New England, Aberdeen
for Norfolk; Port De Caen (r"r), Nantes for
Mcrtreal (with machinery damaged).
FT NAZAIRE, April 23-Arrived, str Paul
Talx (Br), Philadelphia.
SANTA LUCIA. April 24. PM-Sailed? atr
. South American (Br), Chrome (wan 565
' mile* S of Ambrose 8 I'M 2Hth).
SANTA MARTA. April 26-Arrlved, str
I Carrlllo, Puorto Colombia.
SANTANDER, April 22-Arrived; atr Wlel
i drecht (Dutch), New York.
j SANTIAGO, April 27?Arrived, atr Turrl
alba, Now York.
SHANGHAI, April 25-Arrlved. etr Em-1
preaa of Japan (Br), Vancouver.
Arrived 20th, atr Wast O'Rowa, San Fran- j
SIERRA LEONE. April 22?Sailed, atr
l iDr), United States.
SUEZ, April 24?Sailed, atr Weat Mahomet,
i New York, tec, for Batavla.
SYDNEY, NSW, April 24?Arrived, s'rs
Austral li?d (Br). Newport News; 2fl*h, Yo
siblda Mnru No 8 (Jap). Portland. 'Ore.
i TANAMO. April 20. 11:.'10 PM?Sailed, strii
j Brighton (Nor). Port Antonio: 22d, Glen
I dola. New York (not previously).
TELA. April 26?Sailed, str San Mateo,
TIENTSIN. April 25?Arrived, str Standard
t Arrow, San FrancUtcc.
VALENCIA, April 20?Arrived, str 6ln
i slnawR, Philadelphia
VANCOUVER, BU. April 2ft? Arrived, strs
j Toyama Maiu (Jap), Seattle; West Isleta,
do: Canadian Rover (Br), San Francisco.
' Sailed 26th, atr? Harry Luckenbach, San !
i Francisco: I.ochkatrlne (Br), do.
I YOKOHAMA. April 23?Arrived, strs Kan
' dahar (Hr), New York for Kobe; 24th, Hako
date Marti (Jap), New York.
Sailed 25th, str Arabia Maru (Jap), from
Hons Kong for Tacoma.
*? [By Mall.]
ANNAPOLIS ROYAL. XS. April 24?Sailed,
achr Ronald C Longmlre (Br>, Nantucket.
HAVANA, April 21?Arrived, str Missouri
(Fr), Bordeaux, Ac; tchr John Francis, Port
I St Joe.
I Sailed 20th. atr Montezuma (Br). Kingston.
LIVERPOOL. NS, Apr!! 25?Sallod. sc'ir
! Ilvellne Wllkle (Bn, New York.
MARYSTOWN, NF. April 17-Arrlved, sc';r
General Smuts (Br), Irapani.
t In port 18th, schr Nellie T Walters (Br),
Oport >.
I QUEBEC, April 25?Passed In FatMrr
I Point, etr Cecil County, Texas City for
I Montreal.
Pasaed In Matanc 25th, str Cornlshman
(I'r), Avonmouth for Montreal.
Passed in Fame Point 26th, str Canadian
Navigator (Br), Glasgow for Mon'real.
ST JOHN. NB. April 25?Sailed, achr Abblo
Keaat (Br), Partsboro
ST JOHNS. NF, April IS?Arrived, bark
?Czarina (Br), Barbados; achr Over the Top
(Br), do.
In port 10th, schr Ingrld (Dan), for
Oporto. '
SHEI.BURNE. NS, April 23?Arrived, atr
Gyp (Br), Boston.
(By Telegraph.j
ASTORIA. Ore, April 2(1?Arrived, str West
Islip, Mukiltco.
bailed 20th. str Bratsberg (Nor). Japan.
Salted 27th. str Hektor (Nor), Shanghai.
BELL1NGHAM, \Va?h, April 20--Arrived.
sti Arakan (Dutch). San Francisco.
BOSTON, Mass, April 20? Arrived, motor
ship Mississippi lBr>. Philadelphia.
Arrived 27th, Ktra Gustavshoim (S-.v),
Stockholm, 4c; Arlington, Lamburts Point;
V a lac la (Br), London; Middlesex, Lamberts
Pi.lnt; Newton, do; Calvin Austin, Now
\ t rk ; Eastern Guide, do; Maruba, Norfolk;
Searonnot, Newport Ntfws; tug Juno, Lynr.,
towing barge BIwahik.
Cleared 27th, str C A Canfield, Tamplc.<;
sihr Stewart T Salter (Br), Parrsboro.
Sail-d 2Hth, PM. uti Arabic (Br), from
New York for Azores, Naples and Genoa.
Sailed 27th. strs Caittn Austin, New York;
Nor walk, do; Prince George (Br), Yar
mouth; tugs Ontario. Portland (to retur l
with barge Chas F Prltchard); Paoli. New
York, towing barges Pequest and Pocono,
from Rockland, and fehamokin, from Lynn,
lor .!o; Juno. Lynn, towing barge Musconet
OCtig, New York tor Lynn; Sadie Ross. tow
ing srhr A 4 W Oellvle (Br), Parrsboro
for Scltuate; schr Charlie & Willie, from
Rock port, Hwi, for Lynn (latter from be
lt ,-v the Castle during the night).
Paused out Highland Light 28th. 2:30 PM.
sirs Freeman, for Norfolk; Meteor, for
Newport News.?Wind at Highland Light
27th, NW, 20 miles; hazy; smooth sea.
BALTIMORE, Md. April 27-Arrlvcd, strs
Gov John L!n<l, 8an Juan; Charles Braley,
Tamplco; Santa ISi.sa, Mejillones via !
Charleston and New York.
Cleared 27th, strs Everest (Br), for Rlg.\.
Russia; Cubore, Norfolk.
! Sailed 2(>?h, schr Ar.andale, Norfolk.
! Sailed 27th. strs Ilowlek Hall, Los Angelr*.
San Francisco and Seattle; Soettdyk
(I>utch), Rotterdam via Norfolk.
Passed down North Point 27th, 2:30 PM,
str Taurus (Nor), for New York.
BRUNSWICK, Ga. April 2t>?Arrived, tug
Underwriter, Jacksonville (and sailed, tow
ing barge Smith ? Terry No 2. for New
York). x
CHARLESTON, .?c. April 27?Arrived, str
Comanche, New York (and proceeded foi
Sailed 27th, ?tr Gallic (8*), Rio Janeiro.
CAPE HENRY. Va. April 27. 10 AM
Passed In. strs Gloucester, Jacksonville, 4c,
for Baltimore: 11:30 PM, Bergsdalen (Nor),
Cutania for do.
Passed out 20th, strs Suruga, Manila, 4c,
via Norfolk for New York; Standard, Bal
timore for Baton Rouge; 27th. 12:;K> AM,
WlBtersvryk (Dutch), do for Bilbao; 1 AM.
Munsomo, do for New York: 8:30 AM, Hoxle,
do for Glasgow via New York and Halifax;
Nervier (Belgi, do for Montreal.?Wind NW.
7 miles; cloudy.
GALVESTON, Tex, April 27?Arrived, strs
Wm G Warden, New York; Lake Kyttle,
A i rived 27th, <>tr J A Moffett, Jr. New
Muled 27th, str F Q Barstow, New Y'ork.
Sailed 27th, strs Harold Wr.lVter, Tampli-i:
Freeport Sulphur No 6. do; Nlcolaos (Hal),
Genoa: motor ship Solarina (Mexj, Tamplco.
GUIFPORT, Miss, April 20-In port, sch
Rosetnary. for Tenerlffe.
GEORGETOWN, SC. April 27-Arrlved. tug
Undcru liter, Brunswick, with 1 barge.
HONOLULU. April 27-Sailed, str Talyo
Marti (Jap), San Francisco.
JACKSONVILLE), Fla. April 27?Arrived,
strs Maple, Miami; Charles 11 Cramp, Los
Arrived 24th, sChr Ma S Dow, Boston i
Sailed 27th. *trs Apache. New York; Santa 1
1-urbara, Savannah; Lake Klsmere, Bostiri.
LOS ANQKL138. Cal, April 20? Arrived,
sirs St.el Scientist. San Francisco; Steel
Age. New York; Uilnoco, do.
MANILA. April 21?Arrived, s?rs Hoyeisan
Maru (Japi. New York. 28th, Fushlml Maru
(Jap), Seattle; Tenyo Maru (Jap), San Fran
At rived 2flth. str Keystone State, Seattle.
MOBILE. Ala, April 27-Sslled, strs Wild- I
wood, Portsmouth. Bng; Venator (Nor). Port I
Harries; schr Netlio (' (Hr). St John. NB.
NEW ORLEANS. La, April 27?Arrived, I
? sti -< Blanfjeld I (Not), Tamplco; Dlxlano,
Cuba; llltiur. as (Hondi, Blueflelds; Janeta I
(Br). Savons; Morasan iHond), Celba. |
I Nordhavet (Dan), Nuevltaji; Olattcho
| IHond), Port GorteSi Santa Gertrudis (Brj,
, New York.
i Salleii 2fltlt, str <'art*m>.Cristobal and Ts'a. ;
! Sailed from Port Fads 27th, strs Anna ,
< (Ral). Trieste: Comayagtia ? (llond). Port,
cortex; Kastern Trad"t, Yokohama. Joseph]
i M C'udahy, Tamplco; San Jose, Tela; Selma :
(Geii, Santiago: Western Ocean, Galveston.
NKW1-ORT NEWS, Va. April 27?Arrived, i
h>i i Nieeto dn Larrlnaga (Br), Gibraltar;
Minnie de Larrlnaga (Br), Barcelona; Lake
Stirling, New Y'ork (ami proceeded for Rlo'i
Arrived 28th. tug Wellfleet, Fall River,
v !th barges Chatham (for Bewails Point)
an.' Clenfuegos (and will leave 27th wl'Ji
barges Chatham, for Providence, Fall River
and Cardan a*, for New Y'ork.
Sailed 27th, s'rs Amolco, Agulrre, PR;
Lutetian ilsr), Cette.
NORFOLK, Va, April 27?Arrived, str*
Mount Evans. Galveston for Liverpool, 4c
(and sailed); Eastern Victor, do for Havre
(anil sailed): Nieeto dn Larrlnaga (Br),
I Iiaeus: Albatme (Nor). New York; Cerlo
(Nor>. dn; Jacques Caitler (Frt. Baltimore;
Mnnrlo. New York; Sewalls Point, do; Co
roral, do; eehr Nancy Hanks, New Rngland.
\i rived 2ot li, tugs Peerless, New York;
Ba<t!ei>oro. do.
cleared 28th, str West Cellna, Newport
New ?.
.-??! id 25th. tUK Bermuila. tmvlng ^ barges,
for New York and Portland : i'lith, str Italia,
tugs T J fTooper, towing 3 barges,
Bathgate, 'owlnc .1.
!nl < d "J71h, strs Wlrjllng '?uIf. Consiantl
nople; New York city (Br), Bristol via New
York. Absecon. New Knglani; Wliernla j
( ,i i, Nantes; Surtigs, New Tork: Jonamy,
New Ktiglanci; Melrose, do; schrs K.lna
I! .\t. do, Mary II Dlebold, New Haven;
I', fey R Pvne 2d, st Gjnrie*
PORTLANDt Ore, Af 11 20-Airived. st(
Hankow Maru (Jap). Seattle; motor ahtp
IJtorge Washington (Dan), Man Francisco.
Arrived 27th, strs Mattle Luckenbach, Sin
Franclaoo; Jeptha, Ticoma.
Sailed 27th. str dytlic (Hw), Adelaide.
POHT ARTHUR. lex. April 23? Arrived,
sti I.igonlar, Galveston.
Arrived atlth, atrii Dlllwyn, Tamplco;
Lightbourne, New York.
Arrived 27th, atra Lake Flavla, Galveston;
Trtnldadlan, Tampa: New York, Charleston;
Pearl Shell, Thamsslmvtn.
Sailed 24th, atra Huguenot, Tamplco; Gulf
stream, Ulhaon Potnt; Texas, Hamburg; Ke
korkee, Mobile.
Sailed 27th, atra Oulfllght, Tamplco; Gult
trade, Bayonne.
PASCAGOULA. Ml* I, April 27-Arrlved,
schr M A Achorn, Havana.
SalUd 27th, str Nlka, Mobile.
TORT TAMPA, Fla. April 27-Arrlved, str
Kamesit, Glasgow.
Called 27th, strs Governor Cobb, Havana
Tia Key Weat: Roman Prince (Br), Bremen
and Hamburg; Wlnneeonne, Chrome.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. April 27-Arrlved.
atrs Hambleton Kangn (Br), Liverpool via
Boston; Lysefjord (Nor), Kingston. Amelia,
Port Antonio; Hoosac (Br), London; Gulf
king, I'ort Arthur; Sabine Sun. Sabine;
Alexandra (Dan), ChrWllanla, Ac, via Bos
ton; Kant em Importer. New York; cruiser
Olympla, Guantanama. schr Maid of France
(LrI. Turks Island.
Arrived 27th, str Heronspool (Br), Port
Cleared 27th, strs Port Antonio (Nor),
Tfl?; Kumerlc (Br). New York; Camamu
(Brax), Baltlmoru; plani Olty (Br). London
and Liverpool via New York: Wlllhllo, Pa
cific coast ports via New York, schr Albert
F Paul. Pone?. PR.
Sailed 27th, str Eastern Sword, Bristol via
Sailed 27th, atr Port Antonio (Nor), Tela.
Passed down Marcus Hook 27th, 1:10 PM,
strs Oregonlan, for Hamburg via New York;
2MB PM. Nile, for New York.
Pawed out Delaware Breakwater 28th,
midnight, str Boeton (Dutch), Philadelphia
for Boston.
Passed out 2#th, 4:30 PM, strs St Mary
(Br). Philadelphia fo:- Port Antonio; 27th,
12:10 AM. Gloucester, do for Jacksonville,
*c. via Baltimore: 12 30 AM. Juniata, do for
Boston; 3 AM. Bannack, do for Glasgow;
4 AM. Cold Harbor, do for Los Angeles, A?:
2 PM, Andrea F Luckenbach, do for Los
Angel'*, tic: 3:10 PM. Evelyn, do for Tam
pa?Wind N. 14 miles; light fog; smooth
PORTLAND. Me, April 27-Salled, str
Tafna, Savannah and Jacksonville.
In port 27th, str Blue Triangle, load'ng
for Pacific coast port* (to nail about 20,.h
for Boston to load additional cargq).
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal, April 2.V-Arrlved.
str IVnnsylvanlan, Seattle, 4c.
Arrived 27th. strs Lewis Luckenbach. Phil
adelphia: Henry S Grcve, Baltimore: Ma
nuka!. Illlo; West C'atanace, Philadelphia.
Sailed 26th. strs Kdgat F Luckenbach, New
York, St I.ouLs (Kr). Vancouver, BC.
Sailed 20th. strs City of Rangoon (Br),
Lelth. &c; Steel Seafarer, Portland, Ore.
Sailed 27th. strs Colusu. Tacomu; Paralso,
Portland. Ore.
SEATTLE. Wash. April 25?Sailed, str
Nanhok Maru (Jap). Kobe.
SAN DIEGO. Cal. April 25?Arrived. str
Dakotan, Vancouver, I5C, i-c, for Liverpool.
SAN PEDRO, Cal, April 26?Sailed, str
3nnta Monica. Eureka
SAN' JUAN. PR, April 27?Arrived, str
Ponce, New York.
Sailed 2"tb. PM. str Tanamo, New York.
Sailed 23d. str Helot., New York.
SAVANNAH, Oa, April 27-Arrlved. strs
Parthenla (Br), Brunswick; Essex. Jackson
ville (and sailed for Philadelphia).
Sailed 27th. strs City of Atlanta. Boston;
City of Columbus. New York. ?
TACOMA, Wash. April 28?Arrived, st's
Steel Voyager, Seattle: K I Luckenbach, do.
Sailed 26th. strs Thomas P Beal. San
Francisco; Suez Maru (Jap), Vancouver.
VINEYARD HAVEN. Maw, April 27-Ar
rlved. schr Mattle J Alles, New York for
Passed 27th, 11 AM, strs Everett, east:
Munalbro, west; noon. Gaute (Nor), west;
(I PM. tug Otis Wack (Br), towing barge
Wm B Fnnehcr, east.
Sailed 27th, schrs Wawenock (from St
John, NB), New York; Alice F Wentworth
(from Chatham), Creenport.?Wind NW.
moderate; clear.
Navy Orders
Special Dispatch to Thb New Yokic HrKat.d
?,Nr* Vorlc Herald Bureau. )
UuHhington. D. April 27. J
Commander Harold n. Stark, to Instruction
Naval War College, Newport.
Commander Edwin A. Wolleson, to duty
naval forces operating European waters.
Lieut.-Commander Howard JC. Lewis to
command TT. S. S. Young.
Lieut.-Commander Karl A. Mclntyre to
L. S. S. Altalr aN executive officer.
Lieut.-Commander Jefferson I). Smith to
command U. 8. SJ. FarQuhar.
Lieut. Abraham I)e Somer. to torpedo
training ships Thompson and Kennedy us In
structor In torpedo school.
Lieut. Hana Ertz, to naval station. Tutulla
Samoa. '
Lieut. Joseph Hell, to TT. 8. S. Bridge
8 8*0 14?hn H" J*nk,ns' ,0 command TT.
UL8Ut8 Krlu,Bcr' *? command
Lieut. John Vann, to U. S. S. Navy Yard
Boston. ' 1
Lieut. Frederick L. Schwartz, to R S
San I'rancisco, Cal.
Lieut. Carlton L, Andrus, to R. a San
Lieut. Clarence N. Smith, to IT. S S
W lllpple.
Lieut. Frederick L. Conklln, to Division .18
Lieut, oeorge W. Taylor, to hospital!
Canacao. '
Lieut. Henry C. Weber, to hospital.
Lieut. C,. F. Murphy, to TT. 8. 8. Rainbow. |
Lieut.-Commander Jacob W. Dodge It F
to R. S.. Han Francisco. '
Lieut. Arthur M. Clawaon. to R. S San
R.ar Admiral Edwin A. Anderson, to com- I
niand I nlted States naval forces operating
In European waters. ?
t i*pt Clarence A. Abele, to command
Squadron 12, Destroyer Squndrons. Pacific
I.leut. Robert K. Quigley. to receiving bar- ;
racks, Hampton Hnads, Va. I
f Army Orders }
Spccial Dispatch to Tirr New Yobk H?..r
... York Bureau, )
W ashlngton, D. < ? April 27. f
Alvord, Col. Benjamin, to Washington
Smith, Lieut.-Col. Clarence B.. u, Wash.
Gllmoor, Major Albert, to New York city
Johnson. Major li?ro>d B.. to Stale College
Pennsylvania. * '
D,-fn " ? to "Major Samuel
Ringgold, mine planter.
phVeys0"' c?p<- Samuel L., to Camp Hum
Yost, capt. Howard McC., to Camp Hum
phreys. r
Cibbe. Co!. Ceorge 8., to Washington.
I-Hir, MMit.-f'ol. John H., to Fort llouarri
Lent, Major Wlnfred F? to l'ls home
Slmotids, Col. George 8., to Washington.
Barnett, ( apt. Allison J., to Camp I,ewl?
D? Ware, ?'apt. William C., to San Fran
Bragg'1' Ma,'or ""'"P'lrey N.. to Cartfp
Sinclair, Major Charles o., to Denver
Gantt. ( apt. Harry B , to Washington.
^M.Dermott, Capt. Brenard A . t" Camp
Smith, Capt. William A., to Boston.
feivr;^u7J:"u,-f'01- <*>*? w.. .o jef.
^Chrlstophel. Capt. John C., to Fort llow
Etter, Capt. George. to El Paso. Texas
Johnson, capt. William 8.. to Fort Warren
ren s?". npt' (ill,)<,r' L-. to I ort War- 1
?BorfnTng"' F"PW C1"rl*" E- <0
conneii, First Lieut. John F., to Fort
Howard. ' "
ar.l"*' nr,t A,b?rt to Fort llow
Li"ut Jo-p,?. to |
Howard"*"' 1 U#Ut J?hn D '
IIowbrd*' rin,t U*Bl- KlCh"rd a- 10 r?? I
Howard.'1' f'r,t C?"r"' <" Fort
Howard. F'r,t L"Ut' Jo1"1 to
HuSchuca.Plr,t U*Ut' "'?"'?'y v< <o Fort
Or. Julius Klein, director of the Bu*
remi of Foreign and Domestic Com
merce. will address the members of the
American Manufacturers Export '
aocialion and their guests at the as
luncheon meeting to-dnv ?t
KRt Ho"1 "?? HMbjec?
will be Foreign Credits. Credit Infor
mntloTi and the Proposed l>0 nf In.
creaaed Qovernmeiital A^proi)rUtlon?.??
Continued from First Pave.
Watt headed, "The Statement of the!
United States -Steamship Company," !
which went on to say that an appraisal ;
of the Virginia Shipbuilding Company
of Alexandria, Va., and one of the Uro
ton Iron Works. Groton, Conn., had been j
made by a Arm of certified public ac j
countants and a valuation o fthelr prop- i
ertlrs had been placed at J12.500,000. i
Both of these corporations ?were de
scribed as subsidiaries of tho United
States Steamship Company.
Tho Virginia Shipbuilding Company,
according to tho indictment, owed
$1,000,000 to the United States Shipping
Board on advances. The Oroton Iron
Works was named as having owed to
the Shipping Board ll.63S.3J3. These
loans were to be extinguished by work
in the construction of ships on a
000,000 contract. Tho statement was
alto inado that there waa an oqulty
batance in the two concerns of 19,814,
Tho mailing of a letter by Glanbard
8. Foster from the offices of G. S.
Foster & Co.. 25 Broad street, was an
other ovart act mentioned. The letter
was dated May 26, 1919, and discussed
the advantage of Investments in the
steamship company. Another letter from
Charles W. Morse to Herbert 8. Holby,
1116 Pennsylvania Building, Phlladel
pHa. dated November 19. 1919, went on
at length regarding the affairs of the
companies. The indictment described
Mr. Holby as being "one of the clas3
who desired to Invest in good stocks."
Barber' & Gibboney were mentioned
in a long letter sent from the offices
of Barber, Watson & Gibboney, 16J
Broadway, to Henry Evans, at #0 Mai
den lane, on December 31. 1919. In this
letter the organization of the United
States Steamship Company of Delaware
was referred to. accorvding to ths In
dictment, and it was said the purpose
of this company was to acquire the
capital stock of the United States
Steamship Company of Maine and the
United States Transport Company of !
The letter was said to have suggested
that the new Delaware corporation issue
n.ObO.OOO shares of capital stock of nom
inal or no par value, and that 4.200.000
shares of this stock be u*sd to buy
twenty-four vessels, of 22Ti,0U0 net tons,
subject to a mortgage of $36,030,000.
These ships were described as belong
ing to the Virginia Shipbuilding Com
The United States Transport Com
pany. the'Groton ship yard, tho Noank
whip yard, a lease on pier 31, Hudson
River, and 4">,544 shares of the Hudson
Navigation Company also were referred
to in this communication, which placed
valuations of $42,CSS,000 on all of the
Immediately after the Indictment
Gibboiwy and Barber Issued statements.
Mr. Gibboney said:
"Any suggestion that I have been
connected with a conspiracy to use the
mails to defraud is preposterous. When
I learned that an Investigation wa?
being conducted by a Shipping Board
attorney who had been appointed a
special assistant to the Attorney-Gen
eral. I submitted myself to him for ex
amination and ofTered to produce every
paper and disclose every fact in my
"I further requested of him that I be
permitted to appear before the Crand
Jury, walva immunity and be permitted
to testify. This application, which 1
am informed it has been the practice
uniformly to grant In this district, was
d< nied, as was a subsequent request
direct to the Grand Jury, so that they
were not In possession of all the facts.
"I am entirely Innocent of the crime
charged and ask the public and my
friends to suspend Judgment until 1
have had an opportunity to establish
my innocence, and 1 shall demand an
immediate trial."
Berber made this statement:
"I have not read the indictment and
do not know what charges .ire made
against me. The law firm of which I
am a member has from time to time
appeared as attorney for the United
States Steamship Company and soma
of ita aubaldUry companies in specific
matters. We have had nothing to do
with tha aelling of its atock, and know
nothing: about it.
"The representative of the Shipping
Board who, as special assistant to the
Attorney-General has been before the
Grand Jury, knowa every fact about our
representation of these companies, and
I am aura If tha facta were submitted ;
fully, I could not have been included j
in tj* Indictment. When I heard of |
tliis Investigation I asked to go before |
the Grand Jury, waive Immunity and
be examined fully, but the request wad
"I shall seek an immediate trial, and :
In the meantime I ask my friends, my
clients and the public to suspcrid Judg
ment until the truth comes out. when it
will be shown that the indictment of me j
is wholly unwarranted."
More Transportation Needed,
State Official Says.
Tha commercial possibilities of the
Baarge Canal and at! appeal for lis de
velopment and use In preference to the
St. Lawrence waterways scheme were
discussed at a luncheon yesterday of the
Merchants Association at the Hotel
Marshal Joffns was a guest for a mo
ment. An ovatWn was accorded tho
Marshal, who left the dining room
amid cheers for himself and for France.
Charles L. Cadle, State Superinten
dent of Public Works, pointed out that
the Barge Canal has come to stay and
that a total of 1.200 freight carrying
vessels and 130 tugs are on the registry
In his offloa. Of these 743 freight boats,
ranlng in carrying capacity from 300 to
1.760 tons, actually were in service last
"The outlook for the canal is bright." j
he said. "No shipper need hesitate to
make use of the waterway. Kvery con- i
tract that may be entered into for the
carriage of freight will be carried out |
if the standing and caliber of the man
now in the canal field mean anything." I
More boats are needed. Mr. Cadle ."aid.
"The formation of more transportation
companies with adequate floating plant,
or a decided expansion of the opera
tions of those already in existence is
urgently needed if the canal is to secure
its proper quota of tonnage," he con- j
tlnued. "Here is an attractive field for
investment, and from this standpoint 1
present Its possibilities especially to
your earnest consideration." j
Among those at the luncheon were J. J.
Mantell, manager of the Erie Kailroad;
E. A. De Lima, president of tfie Battery
I'ark National Bank ; Lewis H. Pounds
of the Port of New York Authority, John
D. Dunlop, chairman of the New York
State AVaterways Conference ; J. Spencer
Smith, vice-president of the Port Au
thority; Robert Orler Cooke, president of
the Fifth Avenue Association, and Her
man A. Metz.
At a meeting yesterday the Advertic
ing Club of New York voted unanimously
to purchase the old Fifth Avenue
Church, popularly known as the Rocke
feller Church, at 2 to S West Forty
sixth street, us the site of a $1,200,000
ten story clubhouse. The purchase price
of the church property is estimated to be
$600,000. 1
Two resolutions were adopted by the
club at yesterday's meeting-?one au
thorizing the board of directors to exe
cute the contract and the other contest
ing of five amendatory articles to the
constitution providing for the financing
of the proposition. The plans for financ
ing the project include forming a build
ing corporation in connection wltli a well
known New York building finance con
The plan for the purchase of tho site
and the building of the clubhouse was
developed by <?eorge W. Hopkins, vice
president of the Columbia Ornphaplione
Company, who is a director of the Ad
vertising Club and chairman of the big
ger and better club committee.
To-day's Radio Program
Tune to 360 M?t?ra.
w ' j
Station WJE. Newark.
Musical program every hour from 11
A. \M. to 6 P. M. on the hour.
Weather forecast 11 A. M., 12 M.,
5 and 10:01 P. M. sharp.
Shipping iifws 2:05 P. M.
Oftlcla! Arlington time 9:52 P. M.
Agricultural reports 12 M. and 6
P. M.
J>rnal baseball scores every evening
at 7 P. M.
Program changes announced by radio
7 :00 P. M.?"Man In the Moon" stories.
<c) Newark Sunday Call.
7:30 P. M.?Concert by the Filipino
Orchestra from the SS L,one Star
8:00 P. M. financial letter, "The Trend
of Business Conditions," by Richard
D. Wyckoff.
8:00 P. M.?Recital by ?MlSs Bcrnadlne
Oratton, American foloratura so
prano, from McPherson, Kan., v ho
studied under Maestro Buxzi-Peccia.
Her program wifl consist of English.
Italian. French. Spanish, Herman and
Norwegian songs.
9:45 P. M.?Tsolr Fla ne.-lyric barytone.,
formerly of Munch Op<fa Company. !
Program: "Fruhlingsitlaube," Schu
bert ; "Fbrrelle," ScWubert; "Erlko- j
nig." Schubert, In German. "Sweet i
lv>ve, Now I Must Leave Time" In |
English. It. Strauss: "Dreaming In
the Twilight." R. Strnuss. in English; ,
"Rrnee's song from t'n BsMtj in Mas- '
chera." In Italian. Verdi; "Aria" from ,
"Rigoletto," Verdi, In Italian.
Mtatlun H'UY. Scheneotml > .
(General Electric.)
7:00 P. M.?Eastern time, stock and |
market reports.
7:30 P. M.?Fourth chapter of "All-e In
Wonderland." reading by Kolin
7:42 P. M.?Health tslk by Dr. Herman j
M. Biggs. New York State Health J
7:45 P. M.?- Fox trot. ,V\i?rie." King j
Jaaz fcnd his orchestra : a melody of
medley, piano solo, John Flnkfl; fox
trot, "The SlielkT' King Jarz and his
orchestra, featuring Henry Baker,,
saxophonist: "California," tenor solo,
John T^ane; medley of popular airs,
Ifnlon College banjo-mandolin quartet,
K. C. Sc.hroedel. '24 : J. B. MacKenxle,
?22; J. I. "Matthews. 26. J. R. Shee
han, '24; "Humoresnue," violin solo,
Frank E. Graves; "Spring Birds," a
lecture, with numerous Imitations of
bird calls. Horace Taylor, Brookllne.
Mans. ; "When We Shall Meet Again." |
wait*. King ,!ntr. and his orchestra,
featuring William Flnke, cornot solo- |
1st; "Stealing," fox trot. Union Col
leg.- hanjo-mar.doiki quartet: "llaba- j
nera," from "t'armen.'' piano <iolo.
Mr. Klnke; "Rag Pickings." banjo
solo. Arthur lawyer; saxophone and
cornet duet, with piano, Messrs.
Baker J Klnke and W Flnke; Brand
flnsle (introducing "Whispering," fox
trots). King Ja** and his orchestra.
11:30 P. M.?Special program: Medley
of popular airs from "Bonibo," train's
Cattle Orchestra, under direction of
11. E. MacDertnott. pianist; \V. j.
H>aly. violin: K. Von llyning. violin;
T. N'easier, cornet; J. Malv, cello; C.
Rowe, saxophone: Al Voight. saxo
phone, C. R Roberts, flute; K. E. i
Siieli bnss ; K. U. Shear, xyloi>hon?
and #rutn?. "VcmiUun JUiv? Muyji,''
Tain's Cattle Orchestra; "Kentucky
Blues." saxophone duet. C. Rowe and
A1 "Volgrht: "Good-by Shanghai," for
fox trot, Cain's Castle Orchestra:
"Teasing," Xylophone solo, K. O.
Shear; (a) "Sapphire Seas. <h)
"Angel Child," Cain's Castle Orches
tra: "La Campanella." piano solo.
Duo-Art. as played by Ferrucclo Bu
sonl; "No I'se Crying," Cain's Castle
Station KDKA. Pittsburgh.
8 :00 P. M.?"The Summer Vegetable."
by W. B. Nlaaley, professor of vege
table extension of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania State College. "Com
mercial Engineering," by Thomas
Htockham Baker, Ph. D., secr?'ary
Carnegie Institute of Technology,
Pittsburgh, Pa. From Pittsburgh
Post Studio.
3:50 P. M.?Varieties, by Lillian Wood,
soprano; Henry Relnert, pianist, and
Anna Elwell, reader.
Station WOI, Medford Hillside,
Ma as.
(Amrad. )
7 :30 P. M.?Latest news flashes ; base
ball scores.
7 :40 P. M.?-Police reports for cl:y of
8:00 P. M.?Code practice; announce
ment of amateur activities.
8 :20 P. M.?"Children's Hospital of Boa
ton," Mrs. K. W. Cumming.
8:30 P. M.?James C. McOonnlgal, tenor
soloist, selections. "The Snowj
Breasted Pearl" 'Irish love song);
"The Hebrldean Sea?Reivers Song"
(Va Benbulrean). translated from th*
Gaelic; "Molly Bralligan" (humorous
Irish ballad) : "An Evening Song"
(Abendlled), Jacques Blumenthal.
Station WBZ, Springfield.
< Westlnghouae )
8:00 P. M.? Program of classical selec
tions. played by the Amplco, loaned
by Forbes A Wallace Company.
Station WVP, Fort Wood. X. V. CM
siicnal Corps, I', S. A.
(Tune, to 1.450 meters.)
S :.">0 P. M.?Musical selections on the
Amplco. "Instruction in Radio."
ft :00 P. M.?Concert under the direction
, of Mr. Charles Isaacson "Whit I*
Oratorio," by the chairman; (a)
Recitative and air. "Ood's Created
Man" and "In Native Worth" (The
Creation), (b) "Every Valley Shall
be Exalted" (from "The Messiah).
(Jrey Roberta, tenor, and Miss Elisa
beth Jones at the piano: (a) ".-tadly
I Languish." <b) "My Father Ah
Methlnks I See." <(;) "Oh Sleep
Why Host Thou Leave Me?"
Miss Astrld HJelde, soprano, and
Miss Evelyn Thelan at the
piano: (*> "Draw Near All Ye
People" (recitative), (b) "Lord (Sod
of Abraham" (alra from "Elijah").
David Oeorge. barytone, and Miss
Jones at the piano; "Face to Face
With Hayden." bj Charles D. Isaac
son (author of "Face to Face with
Great Musicians) ; (a) "But the Lord
Is Mindful of His own" (from "Ora
torio St. Paul"), (b) "O Rest in the
Lord" (from "Elijah"). Miss B-sa
Powell, contralto, and Miss Augusta
Farrington Fenn at the piano; "The
Crucifix," duet, Air. Roberta and Mr.
U?ort?< *
Recommends Advisory Com
mittee of 12 to Assist Secre
tary of Commerce.
V?AIHU*OTO|f, April 27.?An advisory
committee of twelve to i>e appointed by
the President t<> assist the Secrtary of
i Con.merce in supervising radio comniu
! nic&tlon was recommended to-day In the
final report of the recent national radio
i conference, as submitted to Secretary
Hoover. Half of the proposed advisory
I board would bo appointed from Govern
I ment officials and half from civil life.
The final report recommended amend*
I ment of the radio laws to give the Sec?
i retary of Commerce adequate legal au
' thority for the control of the establish
! ment of all radio transmitting: stations
! except amateur, experimental and Oov
| ernment stations and the operation of
. non-'iovernmental radio transmitting
f stations, and stated the sense of the con
I ference to be that radio communication
| is a public utility, and as such should h*
j regulated and controlled by the Federal
j Government in the public Interest.
It also declared hat the types of radio
j apparatus most effective in reduc ing ln
| terference should be made freely avail
I able to the public without restriction.
! Among other recommendations was
| one that the Secretary of Commerce ln
I stltute an Immediate study of the best
Ideographical distribution of broadcast
i ing stations with a view to attaining the
best service with a minimum of Inter
ferences and in cases where congestion
of radio telephone broadcasting traffic
exists he should assign suitable hours of
operation to stations.
In cases of conflict, between radio
communication services the conference
recommended that first consideration
be given to the public not reached, or
not readily reached, by other communi
cation services.
Direct advertising in radio broadcast
ing service should be absolutely pro
hibited. the conference held, and indi
rect advertising should be limited under
regulations imposed by the Commerce
Relative to amateurs the conference
recommended that the status of the
amateur be established by law, that the
limits of the wave band allotted to the
amateur be confined to the 150 meter
1 and the 275 meter wave lengths and
j that the amateur continue to be under
the Jurisdiction of the Commerce De
The conference also recommended the
creation of amateur deputy radio in
spectors. to serve for $1 a year, for the
purposes of policing artiong amateurs to
obtain the observance of the radio com
munication laws and regulations.
The Secretary of Commerce should be
given authority, it was declared, to pro
| hlhit at any time the use of existing
j radio transmitting appartus and methods
which result in unnecessary interference
and the use of existing radio receiving
apparatus which caused the radiation
of energy.
The conference further ceommendert
that the operation of Government sta
tions be conducted In such a manner
as |not to interfere with commercial
traffic and broadcasting and that when
ever Government owned stations are
used for the transmission of commer
cial traffic and broadcasting they should
conform to regulations established by
i the Commerce Department.
Largest Ship Develops Unsus
pected Qualities.
The Germans In building- the largest
ship In the world, originally the Bis
marck and now the White Star liner Ma
Je?tlc, secretly Intended to recapture tho
speed laurels of the Atlantic, according
to private reports received yesterday by
international Mercantile Marine officials.
The popular impression outside ot Ger
man shipping circles was that the new
ship was to be of the Vaterland type,
comfortable and swift, but not a record
seeker. She was rated when turned over
to tiie Reparations Commission as ca
pable of twenty-three knots, with her
quadruple turbine engines developinc
64,000 shaft horse-power at 180 revolu
Since her delivery to the White Star
l,ine and while on her trip to Southamp
ton from the yards of her builders the
line's engineers found that her engines
were capable of developing nearly 80.00O
horse-power at 180 revolutlona and that
she made close to twenty-five knots. A
revision of the estimates of what the
great ship can do has inspired the pre
diction that she will beat or come pretty
clrtse to the Queenstown service record
of the Cunarder Mauritania of four daya,
ten hours and forty-one minutes at an
average of 26.06 knots.
The Majestic is scheduled to leave
Southampton on May 10.
PoRTi.A.vn. Me. April 27.?Kmployeea
of the l\?rtland Railroad Company and
allied trolley lines have volunteered a
10 per cent, cut for the yenj*. beginning
May 1, to enable the road to make up a
deficit. Their wnge scale is 55 cents an
hour. The deficit the past year was
i Fire Record I
v 1
*? M- i?ofs.
3:13?-'i-T 11 roiftwiy, Wooiwor :r
_ Building .. .. .Unkn.-w*
Ir? front of tr.7 W?t tftth st
automobile: Veaey Market... riikuown
i:00?.'.it M ftth ?t.: Dentil*
- ffr," ...Trlflhtt
, I ??4i. Oreenwteh st,; unknown Trifling
? :I5?JUir> *t. ami I.-**???? av., The
Bronx: vacsJM lot: unknown Unknown
* ??Tat 1st av.: unknown Trifling
h . ,j,t- \\ I3.MIi st., Kort I.* Perry:
rvblie flervict Cwtt-nlsslon of
. ?? ?''* ?'er"^ . .Unknown
J'? Bveifcg Post.. fnkt,o?n
:i i;th nv. C. I'eppetone. . Trlflm*
II 10-412 V\-?t mi, tT: K.n -ton !
Electroplating Comp.iny Unkilgwg
12:UV--tilli st. and Knst River; I??.
parlRMnt of Welfare I* . . . T, Ulna
12:30-;it?> 11. .it.i Ttie Oron-.
lioulse Kittle Unknown
12:35?* Waverlsy r>la'-e. Btichinder
* fo Vnkiiowti
12:83?24.*'. .Irrome av . The llrorr
unknown tTtiknown
12.45?405 Knst Mint St . ril? Re.WN ;
\?eanf lot. unknown Unknown
1.00?41P Ksst 100!ti st.; mbM-h In
tmnnt lot: unknown ..Nona
1:15?Wi 4th av , unoccupied. . . fnknown
1 :#<>?307T .Holly woo.i av., Hie fir..:'*:
Marf Connolly t'nkncun
1 50?-."754 Moahuln av . The Bronx:
Andrew Redmond Unknown
:s oo?11V. Hrosilunv A. <! mdman.Unknown
1 .'10?1 J/gkman ?t Speed w on . brush.. ,NVn.?
4:30?Ht. LawrrtHO HV. nnd Sound
view nv . The f'.-nnt: 1> f C Unkrown
5:1??221st at. ?nd llari m River
dock; city of New York l'nknc?n
?iflO?Knot of IHh st sml East Rivet
lighter Hand Iteach, Rockawsy
Sand Company Unknown
6: "3?15.1(1 ?t atvt Ttli av.: Mnco; tin
known . Unknot**
ttt$~2344 Arthur av.. The Broitt:
fence : unknown ... Unknown
(1:20~4?W Knit I'l'th St.. The Bene*:
l,orcttn !">aiii<l? ? ? Unknown
7 05-514 West 1 33d st ; Georgo
Tuft unknown
7:10? 27 Kliiabeth sr.. Cli?*l?s
tiuMton Unknown
7-20 Krott' st.; i'osmopolKso
C'rtlendnr Co Unknow n
t:?-11ll Wythe t.la< ??. The llron*:
N stlignhorger Nmte
7:?-IWIl. st sod HarU-tn River
Comet Warehouse tfnknowi
v t fv > *< West Md ?t unknown Unknown
j 4,v?1115th st. an<i Northern av.:
^ brush Mitt*
9.20?107'! Third iv.j unknown,?? ?TTnkno^w

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