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3>;i nton Declares I . S. Act
Would Prove Greatest
( rime Deterrent.
"Hi-'infl I 'art; ?i?a flm Woaf i1
Branded Cattle, Is Idea ?
of Todd.
' i
Representative Opposes Fed-11
era I Law and Says States
Should Govern Cars. [j
__________ I (
fiprciat Di* patch to The >'ew Yoik Hbbat.b- ; |
New York Herald Knrran, ) | <
Washington. D. C.. May II. I
Prosecuting oftl' irs and representa- <
fives of State automobile associations 1
took opposite sides to-day at the j
House Ways and Means Committee's r
Iicarine on the automobile registra
lion bill of Represcntataive Mills of !'
S^ow York. The measure is designed ,
to cut down wholesale motor car j i
thefts by requiring that each car be '
stamped with a Federal registration :'
number at a cost of $2 to the owner, j,
As a revenue getter it would produce it
approximately $26,000,000 the first
year and $6,000,000 for each succeed- 1
ins year. ' '
.Toab H. Banton, District Attorney j 1
of New York county, speaking for the ,
bill, declared it would be the greatest ,
deterrent of bootlegging and major i
crimes which, he said, are facilitated
by the use of automobiles. i
"In New York city," said Mr. Banton. ;
"In 1921 there were 6.808 automobiles
stolen and In 1920 there were 5.129, or
i bout $6,000,000 worth of cars. Tills bill
would have prevented that loss. There
nr.- to-day in New York city automn- , |
bile firms that make it a regular bii3i- (
ress to manipulate stolen cars so that
they will not be identified. A machine i.* i
i tolen to-day and to-morrov you would ,
not recognize it. The engines and bodies ,
ere changed, numbers scratched out and
. . .1 1, fr,.m
< very iiieniiin iiiiun iu?t n ..........
the car as it was originally."
Ready Market for Cars.
Members of the committee sought to
establish the fact that the tntire matter I
could be handled by the States, but Mr. !
i-tanton said It would be Impossible for a j
state law to *caeh the offenders. The
automobile crooks, he said, lave a ready
market for the machines. Knowing that
i lie State laws cannot reach them. Tf a
federal law was passed under which it !
was possible to prosecute those having
machines whoso identification marks are i
mutilated the market for stolen cars
would be eliminated, be asserted.
Henrcsentatlve Watson (Ta.) asked
if the witness had much trouble with
"No, but In the upper tier States. I understand.
all the cars vised by bootleg- i
gers arc stolen cars," said Mr. Banton. |
Letters were received by the committee
from the District Attorney of Monroe
county and from Rochester. X. Y., i
urging the passage of the bill. )
Representative Ten Kyck (N. Y.) declared
the bill to be ?n "opening wedge" ;
for unlimited taxation upon automobiles i
, throughout the United States. Every
State in the Union has placfd a tax on
the motor vehicle and for the Govern- i
ntent to do so now would mean that '
automobile owners would pay a double
direct lax. lit? oixwira. i
\ H. M. Rowe, former member of the
American Automobile Association, opposed
the bill on the ground that fur- :
ther taxation upon the automobillat
and the automobile manufacturer
would become burdensome. He as- ,
rted that motor owners already had
-paid taxes aggregating $311,500,000. If
the District Attorneys and the courts
would attach heavy' penalties on motor
thieves. Mr. Rowe said, there wrould j
not be many ears stolen.
"You send n man to Jail for six years i
for stealing a loaf of bread, but you
give him sixty days for stealing a
car," he said.
Melvin T. Render, representing the
New York State Automobile Association.
also opposed the hill. He declared
It would create additional governmental
machinery and add to the red tape now
placed on the automobile owners by the
States in compelling registration, licensing
and titlihg.
*100,000,IIOO In Ian Stolen.
t Hiram C. Todd. 1'nlted Htatea Attorney
for the Northern District of New
York, asserted that during 1931 $100,000,000
worth of automobiles was stolen
In the United States and only a stnall
percentage recovered. At a roc-nt
meeting of the Kederat and State at:orne>s
of New York Stute. he said, it
v?s the sense of the attorneys that
next to the revolver the automobile
was the most useful aid of the crook !
In the commission of crime*.
"The horse thief wit* the menace of i
the rattle industry of the West In the
early days," sold the witness "hut lie '
has ceased his depredations. Why?
They branded their animals so they
could Identify them, and then strung up
the thief as soon It* they caught him. I
We can follow this excellent example
l?v branding our ears with u permsr'-nt
federal number, and althouah we
cannot hang a motor thief we can see | t
that severe punishment Is provided by 1
law and imposed by the rourtn."
"Your taxing proposals." said Reprssantntlve
Carew IN. V.), to the wit-'
neat, "Is a mere subterfuge, You have
stated yourself out of court. We enjinot
go before the Rouse with n revenue
nresKure which you yourself hsve stated
Is s measure for the stippi esslon of
crime. The purpose of this hill Is te
resist the police In ^nforrhig the law.
If you make the registration >2 and the |
term of Jail sentence for automobile '
thieves twenty years it seems to me
the States could end the crime wave." |
"Not only Is It an net of suppressing
criminals." said Mr. Todd, "but In protecting
the Innocenr pnrrha r of automobiles
from rfooked dealers. This ,
measure provides for n. registration of
the ear and necessarllt oarrlws with tit |
a history of the cur. If mortgages ai|e
tilsued against the property It could bb
easily ascertained. Now in some juris',
dictions It can't be told Viietlier .a oat y
purchased from n dealer Is under a chat-\ I
te| mortgage or not." \
wot i.n hoi.vth n*n rt imi.s.
^roKANr. Wash.. Ms 11.? Isolation
of "the contaminating element" In i
schools should lie given serious consideration.
said the report of a special !
Orsnd Jury which Investigated moral
conditions In Spokane high schools and
mud" public its finding" to-day. The
r |?C"t * 'I "I". ;,"r nhopr
t mi ph.
Continued (mm First Page.
my secretary. William C. Heinkel. the :
sum of $20,000.
"Section 2. 1 give and bequeath to
my wife's secretary, Levlna E. Oli- 1
pliant, the sum of >10,000.
"0. All the rest, residue and remainder |
or my estate, both -eal md personal, of
i. hat soever nature and wheresoever sit-I
uated, of Which 1 shall be seised and I
possessed, or to which 1 shall in any j
tvay be entitled at the time of n.y Death, j
including any lapse I legacies, I rive, ]
itvise and bequeath (o the Banker
Trust Company of the city of Xew ;
Vork, In trust, nevertheless, to Invest, i
reinvest and keen the same Invested j
*nd *o co'lect, recover and receive *h? 1
entr, issues, income, interest and profits
:hereof, and. aft"' deducting a.l yropot j
"harges incident u . > the administration!
sr tru> trust, :o a 'no ante 111 quar- ,
iorly installment* oi equal amovnls, or ,
is nearly equal as possible, to my wife, j
Kate Trubee Davison, :or and during 1
the term of her natural life.
"l?pon the death of said Kate Trubee
Davison I direct, that said trust shall j
thereupon terminate and the trustee*
shall assign, transfer, deliver and pay
>ver thp principal of said trust as follows
"(1) To my son, Frederick Trubee
Davison, the sum of $4,500,000 (which
at his option may be paid either in cash
sr in securities at their market valuaion
on the date <y delivery), together
with all shares of stock of Peacock Point
Corporation, a Xew York corporation,
which were held in said trust, and 1
give and bequeath the same to b'm ac"
-Ordingly. In the event that said ,
Krederlck Trubee Davison shall then he
Jeceased, I give and bequeath said legn- j
.'ies ,of $4,500,000 and said s tares of 1
itock of Peacock Point Corporation to ,
lis executors or administrators in their ,
"cprcaunuiiivt; i.:opav,,ino j<uvii.
"(2) All the rest, residue and re- i
nainder of the said trust fund In equal !
ihares to my threo children, Henry P.
Davison, Jr., Alice Davison Gates and ,
"rano-i Pomeroy Davison, or to such of ;
iiem as shall then be living, and to the |
ssuo of such of them as shall then be
ieceased. such issue taking per stirpes i
lot per capita, and 1 give, devise and belueath
the same to them accordingly.
"6. Inasmuch as I have otherwise provided
for my sister, Mary Davison L#e
liraz. and for my wife's sister, Alice
i'rubee Sallmon, 1 make no provision
Tor either of them under this my will.
"7. I have made no provision In this
ir.y will for my household servants an 1
mployees. Inasmuch ns T have expressed
to my wife and to my children my
wishes in regard to the matter of showing
my appreciation of their loyalty an J
faithful service to us.
Instructions to Executors.
"8. The provisions of this will in
favor of my wife. Kate Trubee DavlBon,
?re 'n lieu of dower and all Other rights
>r interest In and to my estate.
"9. I authorize and empower my
xocutrix and executors, or the survivors
>r successors of them, and my trustee i
is follows :
"Section 1. To sell, mortgage, lease
tnd convey ail oi any part of my i
state, both real and personal (except J
he stock of Peacock Point Corporation), j
it such times and upon such terms and
onditions as they may deem best in |
ny last will 4nd testament, giving and
rrantlng to said executrix, executors and
rustees full power and authority to
nake proper conveyances and transfers
if my estate, both real and personal.
"Section 2. At the risk of my estate |
ind without responsibility to my execu- :
rix. executors and trustees, to continue |
*nd in their or its discretion to turn j
iver ns part of the shares of my estate
lereinbefore given, devised and be(ueatfied
and in the erection of the trust 1
lerein created, any stock, bonds or other j
lectiritles in which at the time of my j
leath any portion of my estate shall be
"Section .1. In any case In which my)
xecutrix, executors and trustees are j
equired. pursuant to the provisions of \
his will, to divide any portion of my 1
state Into parts or shares, or to dls- J
ribute the same. I authorize them or"1t,
n their or its discretion, to make/such ,
livision or distribution irTklnd, or partly
n kind and partly money, and for the
lurpose of such allotment the judgment I
>f my executrix, executor and trustees
oncernlng the property thereof and the
elative value for the purpose of dlsrlliution
of the securities so allotted,
ihall be binding and conclusive on all
lersons interested In my estate.
"Section 4. At the risk of the trust
state and without responsibility to my ;
rustee. to continue to hold any stock,
>onds or other securities in which at
he time of my death any portion ot
ny estate shall be invested, although
he same shall not he of the character
luthorized by the laws of the State of
Mew Jrork for trust investment, and
ikewfse to have full power and author- I
ty to dispose of. call In nnd change any I
ind all investments < exceat the stock of 1
Peacock Poirvt Corpomtion) and to In- i
i-est and reinvest In any stock, bonds or !
jtlier securities which In Its discretion |
nay be deemed safe and for the beat in- i
erest of my estate, and said trustees \
hall not be restricted t.> securities of
.he character authorized b.\ the laws of ;
the State of New York for trust in- j
"Section ">. I hereby expressly direct
tiv executrix nnd executors to assign
and transfer to mv trustee hereunder
as part of the principal of the trust
rested under Article V. all shares of
itock of Peacock Point Corporation
wlilrh I may own at the time of my
leath. and 1 expressly direct my trps:ee
to hold such shares of stock during
the trust period and not on any event j
to sell or otherwise dispose of said
hares of stock, or any part thereof.
in?l upYin th* termination of the trust
:o assffen. transfer and deliver the stock
>f said corporation or the stock of any
ntccessor corporation to my son, I'red- i
rick Trubee Davison. or to his (XKU- I
ore, or ndmlnlstrntora to their rospec.Ive
rapacities a? such. a? provided for
n subdivision 1 of Article V. hereof.
tdlnatmrnl of All Claims.
'"flection R ' cvpresnly authorize my
xerutrlx and executors in (heir absolute
na uno mtrolled discretion to settle,
nompromler and adjust any and alt
:lslrr.? In favor of or against my estate.
"Tenth?My cxr utrlx. executors and
rust's are expressly authorized In their
>r its discretion '? ntlot or appropriate
iny funds or money belonging to my
state which may he allowed or pcrnltted
to remain i.i the business of J. P.
Morgan & Co. und??- agreements by and 1
between the partners thereof, or otherwise,
to the trust created under thla will.
"Eleven?Section 1. In ease of securities
taken or purchased for the trust
fund at premium, my executrix, executes
and trustees shall not be hound to
t aside >ny part of the Income thereof
ft* n sinking fund to retire or absorb
lurh premiums.
"Section 2. I further authorise my said
executrix and exceptors. or my trustee,
in their or Its discretion, to vote In per- \
son or by proxy upon ail stocks or other
securities held by them: To exchange
Hie securities ?f any corporation or company
for other securities issued by the
pa me. or by any other corporation or
iompanv at such times and upon such
terms and conditions as my executrix j
and executors or my trustee shall deem
proper: to consent to the reorganise Hon.
r oneolldatlon or merger of any corporation
or company, or to the sale or lease
of Its property, or any portion thereof,
to any nerson. cornoratlon or company.
' ' ' ' "> S"C persf! roepora
."it m>i.ip??mj of'hls or Its ptoperty oi
any portion therenr, to such corporation
or company and upon such reorganization.
consolidation or merger, sale or
lease to exchange the securities held by
it for the securities issued in connection ,
therewith: to pay all assessments, subscriptions
and other sums of money as j
the execiKrix. executors or the trustees ;
may deem expedient for the protection
of 'heir or Its interest as holders of any
stocks, bor.ds or other securities oT any |
corporation or company, and io exercise
any option contained in any stocks,
bonds or other securities for the eonver- '
sion of the same into other securities, or
to take advantage or any rights to sub- !
scribe for additional stocks, bonds or ]
other securities, and to make any and all |
necessary payments therefor, and gener- I
uily to exercise with respect of all stocks, j
bonds or other investments held by the
executrix, executors or trustee hereunder,
all rights, powers and privileges
as are or may be lawfully exercised by j
any person owning simitar property in i
his own right.
Interests In Morgan Firm,
"Twelfth?I direct my eyeeu't x and
executors to accept any statcrret.1 which
may be furnished or submitted by the
firm of J. P. Morgan & Co. of which I
a^n a member, as to any irteres*, which
I may have at the time of my death In
said firm of J. P. Morgan & O. or as
to any sums of money, if any, ti at maybe
due me from said firm.
"Such statement shall be fin,., conclusive
and binding upon rr?v sal- executrix
and executors and mv estate, and
any person or party interested therein,
and shall be accepted without question.
Such statement may be'ol such character
as may be determined upon by the .
eaid firm of J. P. Morgan '& < o. and
may In their discretion cover aril refer j
to any amounts which mav be due me !
either as a member of said Arm or other- 1
wise. |
"Thirteenth?The words ex eutrlx',
and 'executors' whenever used in this
will shall be construed to mean the ex- '
ocutrix and executors hereinafter named,
or the one or miw of them wl <> shall ,
qualify, or the survivors O' survivor of |
them, and their successors am! successor.
"Fourteenth?T hereby ncmlnr-1 . eon- j
stitute and appoint my wife. Ka'e Trubee
Davison, and my sons, Frederick
Trubee Davison and Harry P. Davison, j
.Jr., as executrix and executors ct this
my last will and testament
"I hereby nominate, constitute and
appoint the Bankers Trust Company of
the city of New York trustee of the *
trust herein created.
"I hereby give and grant unto my
said executrix, executors and trustee
the amplest and fullest powers to en- j
able them to carry Into effect and to
accomplish the purposes under this, my
will: and I expressly order and direct I
that no bonds or other security shall be
required in any Jurisdiction of my said t
executrix, executors or trustee for the r
faithful performance of their respective
duties hereunder.
"In testimony whereof, r have here- v
unto set my hand and seal this 27th R
day of April, in the year 1922.
(Signed) "Henpt P. Davison." 0
"The foregoing instrument, consist- y
ing of seven typewritten pages, was on
the day of the date thereof signed. w
sealed, published and declared by Henry
r. l/uvihuii, i lie ivsiaior incrern niuiwu.
as and for his last will and testament.
In the presence of us. the undersigned, j*
who. at his request, and In his presence, ?
and In the presence of each other, have ;;
hereunto set our names as witnesses. 1:
this clause having; been first read to
us. and wo now intending to certify T
that the matters herein specified took ;
place in fact and In the order herein "
stated. *
(Signed > J,
"Georoe B. Case, residing at Kngle- '
wood. N. .T.
"Leonard HULr, Smith, residing at
8t20 Eleventh avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
"James J. McDermott, residing at 1030 11
Hoc avenue. New York city."
. 0
Jc.rrt?s A. Hamilton Stays at'[
Head for Present.
Despite Charles F. Murphy's approval :
of Sheriff Edward J. Flynn as the Demo- i
cratic boss of The Bronx, the Demo- j ,
cratic County Committee in that section 1 j
of the city did not, last night, place the
coveted crown on the Sheriff's brow.
It met and decided to struggle along {
for the time being with James A. Ham- j
ilton, chairman of the executive com- ; mlttec,
as Its leader. it cleared the ! j
Democratic air to the extent of abolish- ! t
Ing the triumvirate rule set up after the ! ,
death of Arthur H. Murphy, who was |
the unquestioned boss of the party in ' r
The Bronx.
A committee was appoointed to make (
a survey of the leadership situation. t
Tills committee?Thomas O'Neill, John t
Daly and Charles Buckley?is expected
to decide which of the candidates for *
the leadership will be the most likely to
restore the wonted unity, peace and
concord to Bronx Democracy. Flynn
said after the meeting that he has the
ability, the votes and the backing and j
that it ts his candid opinion that the
next boss will be the present Sheriff of 1
Bronx county.
Rescued From Water Off
Tracers Island.
Something went wrong with the engine '
of a motor boat off the New York Athletic
Club's Travers Island float in Echo .
Bay. near New Rochelle. last night, and |
Charles Hllser and John Sullivan, United , (
States soldiers stationed at Fort Totten. |
lit a match and began searching for tfle 1
trouble. They found it when the flame
got too near the gasoline tank, and the
boat burst into flames. They tried to 1
put the fire out, and when they couldn't
they yelled for help and jumped Into the
river. I i
David Johnson of New Rochelle, a!
member of the Now York Yacht Club,
had seen the yacht nflro, and rowed
out and picked tip the two soldiers. Both
were almost cxltaueted. but soon revived
They were sent to the New Hochelle
Hospital. but neither Is In a dangerous I
condition. After the iwo men had been j
rescued Patrolman O'DeAl and Reissen-|i
berger towed the burning boat to the i
dock, whore the New Rochelle depart -1
ment put out, the fl^.
Finds Filling in Toward
Staten Island Practical. ,
Thomas A. Kdlson has Indorsed, as <
seeming to him practical from art en- 1
trlneerlngr Standpoint, the proposed ex- 1
mslon of Manhattan six inllea to the 1
routh toward Staten Island. In a letter I
to T. Kennnrd Thomson of New York <
Mr Kdlson says that the plan "beats my I
old suggestion of filling up the Kast i
River," I
The project contemplates filling In the
waters of New York Harbor, on the I
rinn" of " V'-h n model borough would '
be erected. 1
Some Driven Through Walls;
of Alcohol Company Plant i
in Newark.
Two one story brick buildings of the
factory group of the Alcohol Products
Company, on the banks of the Passaic j
River, foot of Blanchard street. NcwarK.
were wrecked last night by a fire and
x series of explosions that attended It.
rhe damage was estimated at $200,000.
The company manufactures guncotton
i.nd soluble cotton and the fire started j
in the building in which cotton Is dried. I
There were twenty drums of alcohol, j
nitric acid and gasoline stored In this1
building and the one adjoining It, anrt!
they exploded In rapid succession once |
the flames had come in contact with j
them. Some were driven through the j
brick walls and hurled 300 feet and
others exploded after they had been
forced through the roof and high In the
The lower section of Newark was illuminated
by the blasts. In a nearby
oulldlng several large drums of alcohol i
ind chemicals were stored and firemen !
protected these from the flames by play- j
ng streams of water on them.
William Wheeler, 27, of 14 Vesey j
street, was burned about the face and I
tody and Arthur Rogers. 18, of 4 Vincent j
dreef. injured his right leg when he j
.tumbled and fell in runninc- out of the
Five buildings on Dobbins street, j
Brooklyn, were swept las' 'gilt by a I
'Ire. The firo was discovc: d in the j
ear of a woodshed on the premises at
16 Dobbins street and spread to the four i
story brick rooming house at that adtress,
then to 64*4, 61 and 62 Pobbinr
street. The damage was estimated at
While firemen were fighting a fire
>n the top floor of a four story brick
juilding at 1204 to 1210 Broadway, near
rhirtieth street, early last night, another
'h* blazed out on the fifth floor of a
tine story loft building at 2 West
rhirty-fifth street. Traffic on Broadvay
and Fifth avenue in the vicinity of
he fires was interrupted for more than
in hour.
Principles to Guide Voters
Adopted at Meeting.
\fembers of the Association Against
he Prohibition Amendment held a
neeting last night in the association's
ampaign headquarters in the Pennsylanla
Hotel, with more than 200 or
rinciples to guide them in the coming
"If both candidates are wet follow
our own party.
"If one is wet and one dry, vote
/et. regardless of party. 1
"If both are dry put up a wet one."
I.ast night's meeting was the first
Ime the volunteer organizers for the
Hsociatlon have got together. They
ave agreed to make an effort to obain
ten new members each as part of
he drive for fiOO.OOt) members in New
'ork city before the fiext primaries,
gith the repeal of the Mullan-Gage act
he immediate work of the association i
n the State.
One woman was at the meeting. Miss I
'atherine Itose of 757 Second avenue, j
ItanlnViM. Howe was chairman. The ,
iiembers came from all pver the five !
loroughs, it was announced.
Some one reported that he could get
nany members if the dues were fifty
ents each instead of a dollar, and imned
lately Dr. F. C. Armstrong and
'harles L. Wendel offered $50 each to
>ay the other fifty cents for 200 new
The association announced that a sec- |
>nd meeting of the "anti-dry minute ;
nen" would be held next Thursday '
Two Hour Tieup at Evening,
% Rush Hour Results.
A Third avenue trolley car. bound tor j
Brooklyn, jumped the track on the Will- !
amsburg Bridge near Ridge street at |
>: 10 o'clock yesterday afternoon, when
lonicgoing traffic was heavy, and the :
Ine was blocked for two hours while
ail way mechanics and bridge workers
loiated the car to the rails. Passengers
>n this and several other Third avepue
:ars got off after they had been advised I
hat there would be a long delay and re- I
urncd to Manhattan, wher they availed i
hemsclves of other transportation facil- 1
ties In getting home. Only the one line
vbs affected.
Three hours later a lire broke out
iniong rubbish thrown Into a manhole
m the Williamsburg Bridge and dammed
several conduit feeder cables of
be B. R. T.'s Broadway and Canarsle
leveled line.
It was necessary to cut off power fr'Om I
he thin! rail while workmen repaired
he cables. Elevated traffic was held
ip for twenty-five minutes.
Brooklyn Rate Reduced to
*i.i o rrom
After the Public Service Commission
yesterday had ordered a reduction In
the price of gas furnished by the Brook- :
lyn Borough Oas Company from $1.35 t>j
11.15, Corporation Counsel O'Frier, Issued
r statement saying an Investigation the I
latter part of 1921 showed the rate then
should not have been more than $1.U.I
and that now the rate should be as low
ss "0 cents. Ho would ask the commie
slon tp make another Investigation.
This company which serves all ot Coney
Island. Uravesend. Hheepshead Bay and
Bensonhurst. Is one of the few In tho J
city operating under the B. 1. t*. standard
Corporation Counwl O'Brien asked th>
Hublle Service Commission not to clove
I ho case of tlm New York ami Queens
County Gas Company untII it had been
compelled to give the cltv ncc?sg to Its
plant and hooka.
Mayor I* Rosy and (iriiroil
Mori'hra A n n v A Brain.
"General" .laroh S. Coxey, who
marched on Washington thirty year.i
igo, called to aec Mayor flylan at the
"Ity llall yesterday, lie had no arm/
ivlth him. lie wanted to Interest his
Honor In a hill pending in Washington
for the Issuance of non-Interest bearing
hnnds by States and municipalities
ivhlch might be exchanged with the
'erratary of the Treasury for legal currency,
with the deduction of I per cent,
to cover costs
It was the same bill, he said, that he ;
lad tried to gel through more than a j
meetet' of e eenturv ego. The ,\fa>"*r '
nlug bui'j C'M) mar. lied unu; a gain.
3, FRIDAY, MAY 12,
(on tinned from First J'it ire.
"When a woman is dragged into a jarr
I'll do everything to drag her out."
When Chase's room was searched several
photographs of Mrs. Vardemar
were found. On the hack of one wer<
these words: "A minute with the worn
an you love is worth an eternity."
Chase met Vardeman in the Philippines.
where the latter was a Lieuten
ant. In the world war he became Captain.
Vardeman was discharged aftei
working five months for the Chase National
Bank for remaining away frorr
work without leave.
In case Chase is released in bail h<
will be rearrested on a Federal warrant
charging tampering with the mails.
Only $444,000 Bonds Found.
Special Dinpatrh tn Tim N'rw Your Herat d
St Acoustink, Fla.. May 11.?Just
$444,000 in bonds were found last nig,11
when, under the authority of court, th?
safe deposit box of J. W. Hollls in tin
First National Bank was broken inU
with a sledge hammer by detectives
Also found In the box was a passport
issued to Hollls, alias Vardeman, Apri
10 and delivered to him In New Yori
April IS, three days before the theft. It
Is said here that the first clew furnishes!
was when Hollls sent $500 to his wif
irf New York to meet him in Atlanta
lite meeting place being later changes;
to Savannah. The deposit box ws
taken on April 20. Hollls was here until
May 5. Detectives say the plot war
laid before the robbery and claim that
aasui-iuiun Ul xiuins rcilieu u small lltli
on Merrltt's Island, off the coast ol
Florida, in March and Hoilis and threcompanions
paid a visit there.
Savannah, May 1 f (Associates
Press).?A search of bank vaults am!
bank records of the financial district
was under way here to-dny in an effort
to locate $30,000 in bonds believed tc
represent part of the $500,000 loot obtained
in the theft of securities frorr
the Chase National Bank in New Yorli
The search, which had been without
result up to a late hour, was started
with the arrest yesterday of John W
Vardeman, alias J. W. Hoilis, and Mrs
Bertha Kern Vardeman, alias Fern Mollis,
on chnrges of grand larceny. Tim
woman to-day denied that sh<j had beer
connected in any way with the robbery
of the New York bank. A passport made
out in the name of "Fern Hoilis," whose
address was given as 1525 Broadway,
New York, which was found in her possession.
she explained by saying she had
intended going ubroad to travel and
"I am a professional woman and have
a right to use two names," she said.
Ain urro civc u/uiiriu
if V/ f ?jn I u rr
State's Reception Committee
"Not only a discourtesy to Mayor Ilylan,
tile cntys' chief executive, but also
the clumsiest piece of political folly J
have observed to date." was the characterisation
by Grover A. Whalen yesterday
of Gov. Miller's action in appointing
a State committee to receive distinguished
guests in New York city.
The declaration was made in a letter
to Lieut.-Gov. Jeremiah Wood calling
him to task for h speech he was reported
to have made in Precport ridiculing
Mayor Hylan's reception to Gen.
Diaz of Italy. Mr. Whalen continued:
"For four years Mayor Uylan and hi?
comnjIUea WifVo entertained distinguished
guest* from abroad, as well as
native sons. We have never asked for
any assistance or any aid whatsoever
from the State. On the other hand, we
have always been most considerate of
the State's represenaives and have Invited
them to all the city's official
When Marshal Foch made his tour
of America he accepted the invitation
to a dinner of Gov. Miller's committee
at the Commodore and declined that of
the Hylan committee for lack of time.
Detectives Unlatch Door From
Outside of Room.
Detectives of the Narcotic Squat
raided a room on the third floor of ?
Madison street last night and arrestei
fifteen Chinese. Including Ah Kon, IT
the proprietor, who was charged wlti
maintaining quarters for the smoklni
of opium. Six of the prisoners wer<
charged with having opium in theii
possession and the others with frc
quentlng a place where the drug wri
being smoked.
The detectives unlatched the dooi
from the tHJtside t.fter they had seei
several Chinese enter the place. The;
found three of th? Chinese smoking
they said, and the others loitering abou
the place.
Nearly 2,000 Try Them Or
Before One Is Fitted.
' The spectacle of two thousand yount
women and matrons trying to forc<
their feet into a child's size Cin
nerella Ripper wai one of the featun
attractions last night at the Masonn
Exposition being held at Madisot
Hijuare for the benefit of the Masottii
hospital project. Onl.v one of them su>
(ceded, Miss Violet MacMlllan of tin
Cumberland Hotel, who was the las
to make the trial. She was rewnrdet
with a, $100 pair of slippers, the gift o
I. Miller Company.
Trip Made in Dog Sleds anc
American Motor Tractors.
Copsnhaobn, -May 11 f Associates
Press).? lanugo Koch, the Danish ex
ploror, leader of tho so-called jubilee
expedition, has traversed the northern'
most point of Greenland, sayH the
Xafional Tlrfrndr to-day. thus aehicvlni
tha object of the expedition.
The trip lasted 200 days and wai
made lt? dog drawn sleds and America!
^notor tractors. There were no casual
tier. \
4,855,464 BIBLES PUT
Largest Annual Number Is
sued Since War Period.
The American Bible .Society has Jusi
issued Its annual report, showing thai
1,Mi.".4fiI volumes of the Bible were pui
olit in the last year?the largest numbci
to be Issued In a single year since th'
war period and more than a million li
excess of 1920 distributions. The In
creased demand from various countries
Including China, Japan, the Near Kas
and l.atln America, has hpen so grew
that the -orlety has not been nh'e ft
supply tl.
I Tells Pilgrims of Striving to J,
Aid His People. i
A plea for his own Irish people was f
the note of the address of Field Marshal -j!
teari French before the Pilgrims at the
> University Club last night. Klihu Root
presided. Lord French said:
"I am an Irishman. My home is in
> Ireland. My heart is there. It lias been :
- there and it will always be there as I
long as I have breath in my body. , tt
Some time ago I was Viceroy in Ire- "
land. The object to-day is to secure
obedience to constituted authority, to T
maintain law ancP order, to secure even w
' I . ? H.ln.l I,e?.. n II _? . 1. - K
i in.ui?v u juuwvc iui on OCVliUUfl UI uic I
population, to protect life, property and | "w
1 labor, and to strive with all the strength F
s ^mam.
* j
i that wei
! $12.00 h
;! ,
I Tan & Black Call
1 Black Norwegian Gr
1; & Black Scotch Graii
Black Cordovan, 1
Black Norwegian
Brogues, Tan Blac
van Brogues, Tan <
Vici Kid, Tan Calf E
THE ft
I (Vol-a-tility: the i
. '
? I
! *
Texaco gasc
gets the sparl
izes complete
> starts when 1
i greater powei
quicker pick-i
Texaco Mo
are distinguis
medium, hea>
all conditions
the Texaco r<
; Run it with Texaco
hat la In us for the happiness, welfare
nd prosperity of the Irlah people?my
wn people."
Among those at the dinner were
'rank I*. Polk, Sir Terry Robinson. Elert
H. Gary, Fredeidck Roy Martin,
rvlng T. Bush, Bainbridge Colby, 3.
'unliffe Owen. Darwin P. Klngsley.
lishop Manning, William McAdoo, Beiimin
B. Odell. Bishop James D. Peury,
'rank Preabrey, R. A. C. Smith. VVillim
C. Deniarest, Rhinelander Waldo,
lartln Vogel, Schuyler Warren, Ogden
I. Reid and Robert Undeiivood John011.
Earl French>will review the lOttth Inmtry
at Its \pniory in Brooklyn toIght
after a reception at the Brooklyn
lub and a dinner by Col. Falrservis.
he Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman will
elcome the British General at the
rooklyn Club. Citizens of Brooklyn
ill hold a public reception for Earl
rench at the armory after the review.
TKis P.ppa f Ann
hoe i
Is of Low and Hig
e formerly pricec
lave now been red
i i
F, Tan & Tan an
ain, Tan and Blac
i, Tan & and Black
"an and Tan an(J
k CordT Grain Bro,
fe Black Brogues, \
tlucher. Blucher.
Sizes?Round or Medium Toes
s McCreery 8
pixxjk? use the special, fifth
readiness with which gasoline gi\
)line Snaps into action
c. It is highly volatile
ly. Notice how etfsil
rexaco is in the tan!
and mileage on the r
up in traffic.
tor Oils are heavy-body lul
hed by their clear, pale c
rv and extra-heavv?thev fit
, You will find fhem where
;d star.
Texaco Petroleum Products
?Gas Save i
(A committee headed by Pr. Edward H.
Hick* will Choo^C the visitor while in
Mnn In Thrown Down In Trying to
Stop It a nn way.
Frank Lopopolo, aged 34. of ISfi Llni
coin avenue In trying yestc.day *o halt
his runaway home In Fast 138th street,
i The Bronx, was thrown to the pavement
I and the horse fell on him, fracturing his
I skulKund jaw. Ho <U?d a few minutes
! later.
j Patrolman Frank Miller of Traffic
[ Hqua'1 A and Patrolman Obermeyer of
. tlie Oak street station, were dragged for
| 300 feet along I.afayette strett yesterday
in trying to stop a team of-runaway
| horses. Millar received injuries cf (he
' legs and possible internal injuries.
tual Event
h Shoes
i up to
uced to
d Black Calf, Tan
k Cordovan, Tan
: Norwegian Grain,
Black Norwegian
;ues, Tan Cordovan
and Black Vici
V s up its power)
the instant it
, and vapory
the motor
c ? and the
oad, and the
)ricants and
olor. Light,
: all cars and
:ver you see
it with Texaco Oil

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