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12 V??
Kentucky Horse Favorite foi
Preakness?Society to Be
"Well Represented at Race.
Timlico TTace Track, M<5., May 12.?
Miss joy, tne speed marvei irom wjrntucky,
arrived at Pimltco this morning
!n fine shape and readv to take the leading
lady's post in the Prcakness to-morrow.
The little Ally showed no signs ol
her long Journey and when her box wa?
bedded down this morning she picked
out a soft spot, laid down and took a
long nap.
About 2 o'clock in the afternoon the
filly was saddled, brought to the track
and with Mack Garner up breezed five
furiongs in 1:02 3-3 fighting for her
head all the wav. The fractions were
0:24. 0:36 2-5, 0:48 4-3, 1 :02 3-5.
It was simply play for Miss Joy. This
one; will go to the post favorite to-mor?
row. Hephaistos is expected to win the
place. At the last moment Admiral
Grayson decided to start Ilea, and
Keogh will ride. Bull Dog Drummond
will not start, and Thompson will ride
June Grass. Marlnclli will have the
mount on St. Henry.
The management Is looking for the
biggest attendance of the meeting.
Visitors from out of town are here In
greater numbers than ever and there will
he more arrivals to-morrow. Some oi
the outlanders that have made reservations
are Harry Payne Whitney, Mrs.
Pavnc Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.
Salmon, It. T. Wileon, Jr., Willis Sharpe
Kl.'mer, Admiral Grayson, Dr. and Mrs.
Carey Langhorne, Major and Mrs. Percy
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carmen.
Mr. a nek Mrs. W. J. Armstrong, Philadelphia:
H. W. Maxwell, John E. Madden,
Mr. and Mrs. Gwynn Tompkins, Warrenton,
Va.; J. F. Flanagan Barton, Cornminder
I,igett, H. W. Sage, Albany:
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Riddell, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter M. Jeffords, Walter Johnson and
Montford Jones.
Athletes of P. S. 16 Win
Churchill District Games
Schoolboys Compile a Total of
Forty Points.
With the biK total of <0 points pupils
of Public School No. 16 of Brooklyn
won the team prize at the annual championship
games of the Churchill District
Athletic League held in the Eortyseventh
Regiment Army in Brooklyn
87 Pounds and Under (scratch)?Won 1?
J. McCutcheon. P. S. 122 of Brooklyn, with
a Jump of 4 feet 6 Inches; E. Barnes. P.
8. Id of Brooklyn, with a jump of 4 feet
7 Inches, second; U. tirylinger, P. S. 122 of
Brooklyn, with a Jump of 4 feet 4 Inches,
third; J. Heller, P. X. 122 of Brooklyn, with
s Jump of 4rfocf 2 Inrhes, fourth.
STANDING BltOAt) JUMP?For Boys Welshing
lie Pounds and Under (scratch)?Won
by H, Morris, P. S. ltW5. with a Jump of
8 feet s inches; A. Magarlno. P. S. KM! of
Brooklyn, with a Jump of 8 feet 7 inches,
second; A. Kroll. P. S. 50 of Brooklyn, with
a jump of 8 feet Wt Inches, third: A.
Ooldapperi P. 8. irtt of Bro< klyn, with a
Jump of S feet 2 Inches, fourth.
40 YARD HASH? For Boys Weighing 8.".
Pound" end Under (scratch!?Final heat
I./ s. Xparacclo, P. X. 1.77 of Brooklyn;
.1. Frederick, P. X. 122 of Brooklyn,
second: M. Qulnn, P. X. 70 of Brooklyn,
third: M. Itosner, P. 8. 16 of Brooklyn,
fourth. Time. .7 4-.7 seeonds.
4n YARD PASH?For Boys Weighing 70
Pounds and Under (scratch)?Final heat
von l>y I,. Hosenblum. P. 8. Ifl of Brooklyn:
H. Schwan. P. 8. 122 of Brooklyn,
srrond; G. Pulutsky. P. 8. 70 of Brooklyn,
third; 8. Pushkin. P. 8. 16 of Brooklyn,
fodrth. Time, d seeonds.
74! Y A (in Iv ASH?For Bo.vs Weighing 87
Pounds snd Under i scratch V?Final heat I
won l>> If. 8. I'Ri'ot. P. 8. 10 of Brooklyn.
J Seh'lachns. P S. til of Brooklyn, second; j
r. Daring. P. 8. 122 of Brooklyn, third;
R Zuyor, i?. s. 122 of Brooklyn, fourth.
Tlnio. <1 3-3 ?econd*.
CO YAItD DA8M?For Boys Welshing H?i
Pounds snd Under (scratch)?Final heal I
won hv I>. Sohnrf, P. S. ill of F.rooklyn:
II. .lacobs. P. 8. 10 of Brooklyn, second;
M. Kclstsln. P. S. 1.17 of Brooklyn, third;
.1 Bsnkus. P. B. 1? of Brooklyn, fourth.
Time, 7 2-3 second".
70 YARD DASH?For Boys Weighing 113
Pounds and Under Iscrafch)?Final heat
won by J. Mitchnik, P. 8. 122 of Brooklyn;
M. Teitler, P. S. 30 of Brooklyn, second;
II. Davis. P. S. 30 of Brooklyn, third;
J. Busman, r. S. 13 of Brooklyn, fourth, i
Time, k 4-:. seconds.
UK> YARD DASH?For Boys of Unnllmlted
Weight (scratch)?Final heat won by K.
Henderson. P. S. 186 of Brooklyn; B. W(iselowltz.
P. 3. 122 of Brooklyn, second;
A. Maatrocolo. P. 8. 100 of Brooklyn,
third; J. Jampolsk.v, P. 3. 13 of Brooklyn,
fourth. Time. 11 2-3 seconds.
TOTATO RACK (scratch)?Final heat won
by ,T. Sclinahel. P. 3. 30 of Brooklyn; J.
r.uarlno, P. 3. 122 of Brooklyn, second; V
Blot nick, P. 8. 122 of Brooklyn, third; M.
Ttablnowlt*. P. 3. 10 of Brooklyn, fourth.
Time, 3D seconds.
Teams Composed of Boys Weighing It."
Pounds siul Under '(scratch)?Won hy
P. 8. 1(1 of Brooklyn (L. Brealerman. 11.
Sehwarts, I. Epstein snd (1. Cohen); P. 8.
30 of Brooklyn (B. Blgler, K. floldhach.
II. Cohen and II. Dobular), second; P. 8.
122 of Brooklyn (B. Meyrowlt*. A. Wharton,
A. Teitler and .1. Evans), third: P. 8.
17 of Brooklyn (F. Rambrnso. J. 8curre|la,
(1. Mead and M. Brlgante), fourth. Time,
r.8 2 " seconds.
MF.I'REY RKB/CY RACE?For Teams of Unlimited
Weight?Won hy P. 8. 1(1 of Brooklyn
(Chrlstenfeld. Feldman, Kleinman and
Reltmnn); P. 8. 122 of Brooklyn (Castellarl,
Wcllenkamp. Chpron and Cronlch),
second: P. 8. 1HII of Brooklyn (H. Cant well,
M Korst. H. Stair and M. Krakmalowl,
third: 1'. 8. 10 of Brooklyn 'H. Hess. H.
Joachim, H. Blgler and A. Upshots),
fourth. Time not taken.
TEAM SCORE?P. 8. 1? of Brooklyn. 40
points: P. 8. 122 of Brooklyn, 33 points;
P. 8. 30 of Brooklyn, 20 points; P. 8. 1 HQ
of Brooklyn, 18 points; P. H. 10 of Brook^x.tyn.
3 points: P. 8. 137 of Brooklyn. 2
'bolnts; P. 8. 17 of Brooklyn, 1 poyi:
Louisville Entries.
First. RaCfr-Pursc 91.400; claiming: for
four-yea r-oMa and upward; furlemn;
lOiby. flfl: *Blun Parartlac, 101: 'Hadrian,
|0| 'Chai la* llNirjr, 101; Rapid Day. 10.1;
John fi. F-tardon, 104; Courtahlp, 100; Mlr'i
M triln*, lOfl; Top n' the Morning. lot;
Taenia. 10?i; lied l.ega, 10"? lllgh Coat. Ill;
Klaxa. 11H.
3,-. oncl Ilar(v_pnr!,e $1,400; for maiden twoyear-old
fUlea; four furlonga: Valta, IIS;
Hunny Dttsrow. 115; Hympnthy, IIS; Oul Otil.
110: B" ?Ja?.>:h\ IIS; BalphUonla, 113;
lilt; Toila Plum, IIS; Invert I.ady,
I|f : Prf.tf.jMf. IIS; Water Jo?ella. 113.
Tllr?' Rare Pur?r $1,300. claiming' threek
v. ? .i aid: mile; I lold Jr.
r>4; Coloaaua, 03; Navahona, ;<;? 'Tharon,
I 1 ' ! -I. 103; lift! Valet, 107; 'Darnler
1 Mop. 107; <"!(? ..let, 100; Rep. 100; Mvaterl1
one Ctrl. 117 Jowett, Ill Ynwell, 114.
1 Kour'h Ha< Ptirtut. *l.*00 the Hhelt>a< h
. lotel Hnndlrao; for three.year-old* and uptv
aril; "I* furlonga: Cfhaltarton, 06; fMoaa
Fix It. I!?. tilanelie Mac, 100. TKllaa F?
107; panne Rnwdre. 10S; Marvin May. 107;
Ilrothe* natch. 107; Klmcr K., In*; Mlnto
11.. Ill; Marjotic llynea. 111; lllgh Clmut,
117: Mil* Jemima, 1)7; JArarat, 114; Flrrhiand.
117; |l'r. Clark. 110; Centimeter. 173.
1W. C. Wcaitt entry. lM (loldblatt entry.
fifth Race?Ptirae, $30,000 added: the Kenfurkv
1 lathy; three >ear-old*; inlle and a
ma rter Startle. 121; tBet Moale, 126;
i ^Ranker Brow n. 170; tlty Hoali 12B; IBuai
American. 126; John Finn. 12$; .My Play,
123. Morvlch, 12H: letterman, 126. I>ca<l
lock, 120; Murf Itlder, 126.
.Idle llour Work Farm entry.
jjglh llnee?I'urae $1,300, iillownncr*; for
Two-year old.*; four ami a tialf fnrlnntfa : l>a i
17. O'Hiillhan, 100; Siailei Bugler, ton
ilueal of lienor, 100; Ruatem, 10U; Blue
Nn?e. 100; Doctor Glenn, 100; Larehmon',
Seventh Itatta?Puraa, $1,400; claiming:
three-vaar-old* and up; mile ami a alxfeenth:
Tepm*?1. 0.3; lluan. 10.1: Black Hackle,
10;;; Cut 1'P. 101; Marchant. 106: Mermen
J-'.lder. 10*; Itandel. 06; 'Bond, 103; *Intiitlry.
10$; PUi 103; War Winner, 10*; Ale*,
jr., 110
*.Vea liter raining; traek muddy.
'3tf- Aj#rcnli<;? aWonanca i;i4Uu?4.
l'S larger
\ Eleven Three
Named for
i '
j ^
Probable Starters,
llorw. Wright. Owner.
I MORVM U !'.?? It. Hlork
MY I'l.AY . 12# Mnim* ft Olivi
k 1W> U. H. Shitnnn
'III s\ AMKIUt'AN IS# K. It. Bradley
BUT MOSIK I'M K. It. Bradley
BY OOSII 126 K. K. Bradley
UANKKIt BItOWN IS# K. H. Bradley
STARTI.K. 121 II. H.tlenltt
1 KTTEKMAN 12# t.reentree Sta
MI RK III OKU .. IS# Montford J?n<
JOHN FINN 13# O.F.Baker
*E. It. Bradley entry.
Continued from First Piute.
' parents?Itunnymed.2 and Ilymir?and
' I branded as a selling plater less than a
1 ! year ago. he came East, bearing the
I name of a Russian waiter who had
. served A. B. Spreckles. lus breeder, frequently
at dinner. But he had speed.
. tremendous speed, and showed in race
after race that h; knew what thrt speej
was for?to win races.
. ;
Won rimlleo Feature.
And then he showed some stamina by
i winning the l'imlico Futurity at a mile
before retiring to winter quarters. This
, spring he came forth and showed more
I speed than ever, and In a recent trial
I here breezed over the full derby route of
a mile and a quarter in 2:08 In a way
to lead every one to believe he was a
i stayer as well as a speed marvel.
His opponents are good horses. All
of them have speed: all of them are considered
to be better bred than he, and
several of them have done better in
their trials over the derby route from
a time standpoint. But his great speed
and impressive derby trial have made
( the others tumble into insignificance.
Morvicli had a pipe opener, as a speed
IWl UJ UIOCIIK.-II, l.lin ...v..,,and,
and stepped three-eighths of a
mile in 3.'! 4-5 seconds. Then lie galloped
another furlong to finish the half in 49.
It Mas fast but nothing remarkable,
for Kobert Shannon's Deadlock came
out a little while later and duplicated it.
Deadlock's trial earned him a feufriends,
but men who have studied both
horses continued their faith in the New
York horse.
Deadlock and My Tiny.
Horsemen find handlcappers argu?
that if ho were in a handicap he would
be compelled to give at least fifteen
pounds to all of his opponents, and still
be the favorite. Therefore they ran
see no reason why he should not give
them at least a fifteen pound beating
Because of Deadlock's trial lie probably
will be the second choice, taking
that honor away from Edward SlmmsY
My Play, the full brother of the imi
mortal Man o' War, which is still con- j
Fordham Track Team Too
Fast for City College
Farrell Wins 100 and 220 in
Fast Time.
With the aid of Kd Farrell, former;
Brooklyn Oollefce star, the Fordham
track team defeated C. C. X. Y. yester- j
day at the Lewlsohn Stadium by the
score of 70 to 38.
Farrell was the highest individual 1
scorer, taking two first places and a
second. City College captured only two I
events, Bayer taking the 440 and Bar- !
nett the javelin throw.
The summaries:
100 YARD DASH?Won by Farrell, Fordham:
second. Factor, C. C. N. Y.; third. Hammer.
Fordham. Time. 10 8-5 seconds.
220 YARD DABH?Wow by Farrell, Fordham;
second. Hammer. Fordham; third. Factor,
r. C. N. Y. Tlnto, a4 3-B.
440 YARD RUN?YC* by Bayer, C. C. N.
1,; second, MoonH, Fordham; third, Dolder,
Fordham. Time, r.3 4-5.
SSO YARD RUN?Won by Nolan, Fordham:
second, Bayer, C. C. N. Y.; third, Dolder, i
Fordham. Time, 2:04 4-5.
MICE RUN?Won by Nolan, Fordham; scccnii.
whMrtv. Fordham: third. Walcott,
| r ~C. N. Y. Time. -4 :T>3.
TWO MILIC RUN?Won liy Whesrty. Pordham;
-econd, Bernhardt, C. C. N. V.j )
I third, Patent. C. C. N. Y. Time, 10:4:t 1-3. ,
[220 YARD HUItDI.KS-W?n by lians. l\?rdliam;
second, Kartell, Fordham; third,
Muttinovitcli, C. C. N. Y. Time, 2f> 2-3.
JAVEUN THROW?Won by Bnrnrtt, C. C.
N. Y.: aecond, Kearns. Fordham; third,
Meyera, Kordham. I lists nee. 122 ft. I In.
HIGH JUMP?Won by Kabrirant, Fordham:
aecond, Lleberman. C. C. N. Y.; third,
Maclalre, Fordham. Height 5 ft. H in.
SHOT PUT?Won by Koarna, Fordham: aecond.
Shapiro. C. C. N. Y.; third, Segal,
C. C. N. Y. Dlatanee. 30 ft. ? In.
RUNNING BROAD JUMP?Tie for flrat place
between Fabricant, Fordham, and Factor,
C. C. N. Y.. at 10 ft. 7 In. Fabricant won
jump off. Roaenwaaaer, C. C. N. Y.. third
DISCUS THROW?Won by K earn a, Fordham;
second, Roaenwaaaer, C. C. N. y.; third,
Kullck, C. C. N. Y. Distance, 108 ft. 3
Tilden to Face Johnston
in Pacific Coast Final
berkei.st, Cat.., May 12.?William T.
Tilden 2d. world's tennis champion, and
William M. Johnston, second ranking;
player, will compete In the finals for
the champioshlp of the Pacific coast, j
Each won his final match to-day.
Tilden defeated Irving Weinatein a j
local player. In straight sets, (I?4. 6?3,
6?2. Johnston won from Howard lilnsey,
thirteenth ranking player, f>?1, I
8?1, 6?2. Klnscy won a default from
Vincent Richards, third ranking player
and national Junior champion, yesterday ,
after Richards rpralned his ankle, j
Richards had taken one set at 8?8 from
Tilden went Into the finals of the
men's singles to-dny by defeating !r\!ng
I e?V.'V-'-S, *6?2.'
Kumagae Unable to Play
in Davis Cup Matches
Japan'* chances In the Davis cup piny |
thin summer received a severe set hack
yesterday when It was announced that
Ichlya Kumaaan would not be able to
represent hi* country In the International
tennis tournament. The information
was made public by the United States ,
Lawn Tennis Association after receiving !
cabled advices that Kumaaae's business
affair# would prevent, him from en- !
The loss of Kumarae, who ranked
No. 4 in 1920 nnd No. 7 In 1921. In the
American rankin* list while he was n j
resident of this country, leaves 7,en*o
Shlmlxu and Soiiohlro Kashlo, both of
whom are now in the United State*,
to carry the eolor* of the Far Eastern
nation. Kumatcae nnd
Schoolboy Crews Ready.
Nrw Havkn. May' 12.?The *even pre- 1
I pnratory school crews which will com- '
j pete In the Yale interscholastlc reaatta
! on the Housatonic River to-morrow afti
crnoon. all had workouts to-day. They ,
I used Yale shells and oars a* they will j
In the race.
I The crews entered are from (he following
schools: Choate of WalllnKford.
last yesr's champions: Kent School. New i
Rnchelle. N. Y., High School, Dewltt I
Clinton snd Stuyvesant lligli Schools of'
New York, the Episcopal Aerfdcnty of
Ovrrbrook, I'n., and the Aslicvllle School
| of Asbeviile, N. C, ^
Year Olds \
Turf Classic ^
s 2
Jockeys and Odds
Pout Probable
Jockey. PumUoii. odd". 'J
( V. Johnson) 4 It to ? I J
r-r (<'. llol:in?on) If .1 to 1 ;
n <>l. Mooney) U 4 to 1
(N. Ilurrct) ft ft to I ! J
<11. Iturke) 7 ft to 1
|H. Knrrie*) II "> to I pa
(No boy) )l ft to I E
(It. Connelly) t' (i to 1
bte (T. Hire) 10 Ift to t i
p? (K. Vuliie) H 50 to I i >)
(K. Poole) 1 50 to 1 ?
J ! Tn
jslderetl to be one of the foremost con- 1 2
tenders. ! ^
H. H. Hewitt's filty. Startle, had quite
some friends, but It is likely she will I ;
! not go to the post. She picked up a nail i
this morn-intf and suffered a ^painful If > ^
j not a serious lnjuiry.
Druillry Names Four. .)
E. ft. Bradley, the Kentucky turfman, ]
| who?-e two colts. Behave Yourself and :
Vllaek Servant, finished first and second In
i ii> the classic last year. Is under the i ,,
I impression that he will <arn .'k part of j >
uie purse, lie lias named imir, pnii i ^
$500 to name each. They arc Bet Mosie.
By Gosh. Busy American and Banker
Brown. He said to-day that he Is going
to send three to the post, to Include
Bet Mosie and By Gosh, hut lie is irv 2
doubt which of the others he will start.
Busy American is his favorite. He j
worked foster than any other colt on his in
prlvate\training track, stepping around J
the seven furlong: course for a mile In J
1 :40. But Busy American bucked his j
shins in a race last Saturday and since
then pulled up lame In a trial. Some (j
horsemen who saw him after that trial
said he bowed a tendon. Mr. Bradley P!
slid the tendon was hurt but not bowed 1"
and that he might start him. If not he al
will send forth Banker Brown, a
sprinter, which recently ran six furlongs C)
in 1:12 1t5. Mrs.
Payne Whitney's Letternoan is
still the dark horse In the race. He is .
an unknown quantity. He has raced and
displayed speed for six furlongs, but 1
except a mile and a quarter trial here (~
yesterday he never was asked to go a (j
route. His trial was exceptionally impressive,
especially so when he is con- Ti
sidered a bad work horse. His time for
j the De-by route shaded 2:08.
Surf ridor^s fart, but considered a i)
quitter and has few friends. John Finn 1 ?
: is considered outclassed.
It rained here this afternoon, but only i In
I enough to dampen the track. If the'
| track is fast, as it has been all week, :
Fred Burlew, trainer of Morvich. says
his colt will break the record In the
Do-by. The track is extremely fast and 1
safe. It has plenty of cushion and |
tends to burn a horse with sore feet or i
legs, but few horses bow or break down j ?
~ j
Long Island Women Annex *
Golf Cup at Piping Rock!
Defeat Westchester Players ' .
in Final, 24 to 10.
Brilliantly led by the former national
champion. Miss Alexa Stirling, tho
Dong Island team of women golfers
yesterday clinched the triangular championship
and annexed the Golf Illustrated
Cup by defeat lug the Westchester
team on the Piping Bock Club links
liv L't noints to 10. scored according to
the Nassau system. While holding the
lead at 6 to 5 after the first four Bi
matches had finished the Westchester th
team really was easily subdued, the Ja
next five Long Islanders adding no less 1
than thirteen points to their grand wi
total. Altogether only five of the Long ex
Island side failed to score, and one a
of these zeros represented a drawn jfl
game. ha
Westchester had to take the Held bn
minus the services of Miss Georgianna co
M. Bishop. This left Mrs. Charles of
Lturyea to face Miss Stirling. Piling up ra
a lead of 6 up at the turn the former |
champion had the match well in hand gj|
at this point. However. Mrs. Duryea ow
Improved very considerably in her play pr
coming home and for the last nine wiih [n(
able to hold her brilliant opponent even. W|
This left Miss Stirling with two points, a,,
one for the match and one for the first ai,
half of the course. The Atlanta star g0
was 43 each way for a total of 86. gtl
The sirtnmary: ot]
Miss A. Htlrllng.. z Mrs. t\ uuryea ,
Mr*. J. L. Anderson 3 Mrs. A. 8. Hossln. 3
Mrs. 15. K. Morrow O Mrs. J. J. Thomson 3 Pe
Mrs.J.II. Alexandre. 0 Mrs. H. A. Herzog 0 qu
Mrs J. C. Davles.. 3 Mrs. J. Moore.... 0 nri
MIhs V. I.oew 3 Mrs. W. 8. Illrd.. 0 f"
Mrs. H. C. l'litpps.. 3 Mrs.Ij.Wlmpfheimer 0 ta
Mrs. N. Toerge..., 3 Mrs. M. P. Paterson 0 rei
Mrs. Noel 2 Mrs. M. H. Frayne O fh
Mrs. A. Nowak.... 0 Mrs. Wolfe 0
Mrs. Richards 2 Mrs. C. W. Breck.. <l
Mrs. Ingalls 0 Mrs. .lurctzkl .... 2 *P
Mrs. Loew 3 Mrs. L. Ketcham.. 0 B<
Mrs. A. C. Sumner 0 Mrs. R. r. Thomp'n 2 of
Miss R. Knapp.... 1 Mrs.C.S.Waterh'se.. 0
Total .84 Total 10 ^
President Harding Accepts 01:
New Athletic Position tit
Xrw York, May 12.?Henry Breckln- .
rldgo. president of the National Amateur J*1
Athletic Federation of America, an- "
nounced to-day that he had been notl- co
fled by Commander C. It. Train of Washington
that President Harding- tiad ac- *'r.
cepted tho honorary presidency of the
new federation. His election took place . ^
at the organization meeting In Washing- .J
ton this week. _
A committee composed of Dwlght J*. ?
Pa via, I.Ieut.-Col. Wait C. Johnson and
Commander Train waited upon tho President
and learned that his Interest in the *"I
work of tho new organization prompted J
turn to accept the honorary office which i
It conferred. 1
Mr. Breckinridge stated tlint head- !
ouorters will he opened about'June 1 at
20 Broad street. ' j
Jamaica Entries.
First Race?The Boulevard; three-year- J
ohls; five ami a hslf furlongs: .
Index. Wt. I Index. Wt. i
r.7 Vln. -wi .1 ...lis; - Hheramlo ....107 ^
? Klfty-Flfty . I11| 220? Toll 118 .
? Astrollt* lis;
Second Race? Four-year-olds and upward; *'
claiming; mile and seventy yards: ]
Index Wt.| Index. Wt. 1
^-t Prummonit .11" 2:n? K-llher 1 in {
Allllrn 10..! AI*os 110 '
221 Wnlk hp 10."| 221 8-ottlsh ChlefllO
2<>l? rtmiKS II0| Tel I' y 110 .
Third Race?The Colorado Htnkes of 86,000.
lu'n.vtap.nlrtc five fiirlnnlm :
Index. Wt.llndrx. . Wt.
207 (Knighthood 1121(223) jAladdln ....IIS
? Rlalto 1121(210) (treat Man...ll5
(207) Hlii.' Hawk. .1111(198) (Whirlwind ..113
210' t'-'rochet ....lew,
tcoarien entry. ..
IRanrorns entry.
Fourth Race?The TCxrelslor Handicap ot
7,11(10; three-year-olds and Upward; mile and
n sixteenth:
Index. Wt.|lndex. Wt.
(211) Mad Hatter.. 120 j ? Damask ..,,,114
211' tiennlngs I"k.ll3 211' Audacious .. .122
211 Yrl. Hand...12(1; 217' Bedgefleld ...1(M y
Fifth Race ? The California High weight
Hunrilrap. three year oliD and upward; five
uid a half furlongs
Index Wt.| Index. Wt.
211' Audaeious ..140 224* Column 118
? Must'd Seed..lid! 11)8' tKnobble .... 1.11
? tThunderorp.1H8(
tliancoeaa entry.
Rlxth Race Four-year-old* and upward; <h
claiming, mile and eeventy yards: ,
Index. Wt I Index. Wt.
221" Armistice . ,.1I3| 30 *Tan II 103
? Mamlalay ... 110 (236) Orderly 120
21H The Nephew.113 I) Ranlry 110 ]
221 'Mervlee <4tarl03 ,
Wealher clear; track fast.
AppreuUcg aiioaauct; cialxnfd. + ^
The New York Her
00 FIRST RACK. Claiming. Two-year-old
n?r. ch. f.. 2. by Atlsellng II ?Minnow.
II. Tryon. Time, 1:00 1-5. Start good.
Off, 2:33.
de*. Horse. Wt. PP. St. >4 14 H !
? Lady Myra 100 3 3 I1 1" 1*
14'Osage 108 ? I 3'li3' 2?
001 Resale Letyhton. .104 4 2 4* 4' 3*
OP Eye 105 5 ? 2 2 4
Jolly Sailor 10H 2 5 ? ? 0
1273 The Muleeklnner. 112 11 5 5 0
Lady Myra, away taut, stole a long lead and
ime effort. Beanie Lelshlon outrun early part
gc early speed.
No scratches.
?(1 SECONH RACE?Tliree-year-olds and upw
iter. b. g., 3. by Broomstick?First FIIk
J. Rowe, Jr. Time. 1 :12. Start bad. Woi
idex. Horse. Wt. PI'. St. H % H
20= Rocket Ill 1 2 1' P 1'H
31- Billy Watts 1(M 3 3 3" 4? 3'
20'Elected II 116 4 1 21 2"A2'
HI 1,'Eclalr 1111? 5 4 5 5 r>
131 Ragamuffin Ill ti J> (1 0 pulled
Rocket ran un If hi; outclassed hi* field and
irly part, closed with a rush. Elected II. loll<
- en null l>ndly after showing early speed.
?crutched?Edgar Allan Pee.
Ill THIRD RACE?Three-year-old maidens.
Winner, eh. f., 3. by Harmonleon?Uau
W. H. Karrlok. Time, 1:12 2-5. Start
3:21. Off. 3:22.
idea. Horse. Wt. PP. St. K tt ?i 1
-- Many Smiles 115 .1 I I'lil- 1"
2(1 Nightmare 115 2 3 2" 2h 2"
15 Mount Hope 115 1 2 It* 3? 3?
15 Fa.velle 115 4 4 4 4 4
Many Smiles ran like a high class mare. 8h<
r entire trip and won easily. Nightmare ?M
,ce. Fayelle was running strong at the flnlsl
No scratches.
4 1 FOURTH RACE?Arizona Selling Handles
' *'1 and a half furlongs. Purse, *1.82183 :
Crittenden. Owner. RANCO^M STA1
1:03 4-5. Start good. IVon driving. PI
dex. Horse. Wt. PP. St. >4 Vi % 1
l>03 l.ord Brighton.. .120 f. 3 2' 2< 2?
nil Muskallonge 104 5 -4T 1" 1' 1U
120s Whisk 110 3 7 M> 3" 3<0
98 The Roy 105 2 1 3 4 4
122s Knight of the H..101 7 2 4 ? 5
03) Dan Rollings Ill 1 5 ft 5 ?
CO Shaffer 102 4 fl 7 7 7
Lord Rrlghton waited back of the pace to
night Musi.allonge at sixteenth pole and outgi
lie- ran a gfiod race. Whisk closed with a ru
i even break.
Scratched: Krower, Cohalan, Ilalu, Mercury.
J )? FIFTH RACE?Parkway rurse. Thrcc-yr
seventy yards. Purse gi.02tt.R3. Wlnnei
Owner, W. F. ORMSBEE. Trainer, O. 1
driving. Place same. Post, 4:15. Off.
lift Avispa 103 1 1 3>U 3>/s 3? 3??
04 Translate ..113 4 4 4' 4s 2* 2'
001 Title 11.". 2 2 1" 1" 12 l<t4
13= J>anlcl A 103 3 3 5 D 3 C
91) ?<1. Robin...108 3 3 2 2 4 4
AvUpa avoided the early pace, came around
analate held on well. Title tired making the
>od speed for six furlongs.
No scratches.
1 t? SIXTH RACE?Two-year-olds. Maidens,
ner. h. or br. e., 2, by Granite?Devor
Trainer, C. F. Clark. Time, 0:39 2-5.
Post, 4:43. Off, 4:48.
dex. Ilorse. Wt. PP. St. <4 Vi H 1
? r.orcl Granite 113 3 2 1= 1? 1?
25= 'High Chief 115 5 5 4>14 ye 2",4
? Homestretch 113 2 1 S? 3>.4
? Wmtk' It3 4 4 2 2 4
? 'High Prince....115 1 3 0 5 5
Coupied as Riviera Stable.
Lord (Irunlte showed great speed and never
f very badly, might have won with an even br
No scratches.
Jockey Earl S
Lord Brisk
I f
ancocfls Stable Veteran Wins
\rizona Selling Handicap at
Jamaica by Half Length. j
Jockey Karl Hande again proved lilm- > I
If tl?e best "Horse" in the Rancocasj i
able by piloting its veteran J>ord ! 1
ighton to a brilliant accounting of 1
n featuro Arizona Belling handicap at j
maiea yesterday.
I^>rd Brighton, who was conceding '
sight to all but Dan Boiling, required
pert handling to fight his way home j
half length in advance of Bud V.
sher's Muskallonge, while the weakly
indlcd Whisk was an equal distance '01
ck and In advance of four others who to
ntributed in some way to provide one
the brightest spots of a glorious bt'
cing day. j
n accordance with hpblt and pos- J:
)ly with the fear that J. F. Johnson.
rner of the Quincy stable, might bo bl
esent and take advantage of the sell- t *u
< conditions, the Rancocas stable j
thdrew Krewer again and placed Its 1 sl|
pendence in Lord Brighton, who was hi
to entered for $5,000, Johnson was ab- pr
nt. possibly attending; to his own da
ible's affairs at Plmillco, and no no
her halterman appeared to substitute W
r lilm. fil
Hars Cassldy had them away to a
rfect start and tho alert Sande Mi
ickly sent his mount off to avoid the *ti
ssible crowding. He was content to in
ke the son of Ballot under steadying
straint when Muskallonge stole fn
rough aTBng the rail to take up the th
cc while rounding the turn, with the st
oedy but somewhat outclassed The f|i
>y in third position and In advance
Knight of the Heather. fil
Pande bided his time and called upon- w:
>rd Brighton at the final eighth, wheye se
ranged alongside of Muskallonge and ]|f
fgamcd him In the closing strides. fn
Musknllonge'a early pace was terrific, ot
ned hy quarters In 0:23 2-5, 0:40 4-5, '
hlle the five and a half furlong dls- bj
nee was completed by Lord Brighton a
1:05 4-5, testifying the track's fast Jo
ndltlon. tu
The official timer evidently eonslded
tho track at Its best, because he W
edited Lord Granite, a speedy home- w!
ed youngster racing In the J. H. th
>uchhetm colors, with having equaled he
e five furlong regord when ho gal- ea
Pimlico Results.
rtHT nACB?For two-year-olds; selling; I
>nrs?, *1 ; flvo furlong*. Reap, liu (.(. ]|,
tow am, 17, $3.60 and 12.00. first; Lank, ml
loyal Oak. 100 (Dang), S4.U0. tlilnl. Time, +11
on. Soldier IX., Richard Murray, Grey ah
Sard and Don't Bother Mo also ran. Hi
1COND TtACE?Tho Emerson Steeplechase; ! f
or maiden four-year-olds and upward, <al
lurse, (2,000: two miles. Neap Tide, *XI tai
[Jones), JO, fO.SO and (3.V). first; Mou- 111
'nhnhnm. 140 (Brady), fll.M) and $3.in, Ve
iseotid; CJueereelt, 14" (Mnhoneyt. (1.00, 111
hlrd. Time, 0:0.13-5, The Virginian. St
Soyal Greens. Knthryn llarlan, Tied Start, fS
Irenadler and Tell Mo also ran. Coupled <\
/Irglnlan nnd (Josereek, J. K. Davis-Do- i clr
inrls Htahle entty, T!
Illlf) It ACE -Dor three year-nhls and up- W
vard| allowances; purse. (I,.100; six furonga.
Holly Ann, 115 (Morris), (3. (2.40 "h
ind (2.20, first: Trevelyan, 100 (t,ang<, Br
12 tit) a.id (K.iiO, second; Harry Maxim, 10,1 A
Miller), $11 .VI. third. Time, 1:14. (Julnali, 1
'Minima, Torchy and Dalton also ran. oh
'(julnny Stable entry. Cli
)URTH HACK?For three-year-olds and Or
ipnard: selling; purse, ft,300: one mile Ju
mil a sixteenth. Balustrade, ILI (Morris), 121
t.'l so, (.'I and (2.40, first; Srnarty, 10a 12
Woodstock), (4.10 and (2.(0, second; tr?
'onune CI, 110 (Lang), $2.1)0, third. Time, |H
:4( 1-5. Betarlo and Jacques also ran. 1
KTH RACE?The rimllco Graded tlandl- oh
bp (Class At : for three-year-olds and up- Ml
card: purse, $1,100: one mile. *R?lay, 101 Xfi
Mooney), $4.70, $8.70 and nut, first; CI
trldcsnian, HI (Csllahan), $3.00 and out, to:
mood; *Capt Alcock, 124 (PnneS), out, 10
hlrd Time, 1:40 2-1, Golden Sphere and A!
ifuttlklns also ran. 'Quiney Stable entry. f
KTH R AOB- The Plmlleo Graded Handicap tin
Class IB; for three-year-olds snd upward: By
luriie, (1,100; one inlle. Kl.vlng Cloud, 12.1 IB
Keoghl, *11.(0, (4.10 and $3.30, first; K\- sit
imr Mi . Ill (Lang), $11.30 and (4, second: JO
a'lght Raider, 110 (Woodstock >. (3.00, en
hlrd. Time, 1 :42. The Lamb. All Over, y
'artslan Idniuond, Fairway and Cromwell ws
ley rail. Ill
;\ F.NTM RACE -The Plmlleo Graded llan- -4o<
II.-an (Class O) ; for three-year-olds and Hi
ipwnrd; purse, (1,100. one mile. Tedd* *.h
I., 11s (Ponce), (7.10, (140 nnd (1.30, *Ti
list; Mayor House, 112 (Flstchei), $4.(0 11 <
ind (.". (o, second: clean (lone, 122 (M >r- Da
l?i, $1.00, third, Time, 1:42. CsmonfTeur, 1
llansmuo. Futm, Gsln d" Cause, Indian ?
'itnro, Hir Clarence, Saddle and Bouts sud
iaugiaJo also t au, ;T
aid Racing Chart) C
I.?Clean track fast.
Is. Purse 91.026.84. Five furlongs. WinOwner,
Mrs. M S. ALI.AN. Trmlner. L. \
Won easily. Place driving. Post, 2:30. j
Fin. Jockey. Open.High.Close.Place. 8h. ! P
l> Carter .... 0-1 7-1 ?-2 8-3 4-3
2?V4 C.Kuinmer 2-1 3-1 3 1 1-1 12 1
.S? Thomas ..(1-3 7-813-10 1-2 1-3 I
4 Parke ....11-1 15-1 10-1 4-1 8-3 I
5 Martnellt.. 6-1 8-1 8-1 8-1 7-5
? 8ap1tn ....10-1 15-1 15-1 5-1 2-1 i
easily held Onajf safe. Oaage madn a ]
made up ground but quit badly at ena.
ard. Purse 91.026.M. Six furlongs. Winflit.
Owner. 11.. P. WHITNEY". Trainer.
a eaaily. Place (frlving. Poat 2 :B6. Off 2.57.
Pin. Jockey. Open.High.Close.Place. Sli. pr
I'H Penman .. 3-5 4-3 4-5 1-4 ?
2' L. Fator . 4-1 4-1 7-2 4-5 1-4 KT
3? Frbrother 5-2 4-1 4-1 6-5 1-3 ii,
4 McAtce ... 8-1 10-1 10-1 3-1 4-5
5 -Kelsay V. .50-1 60-1 60-1 20-1 6-1 to
up J. Taylor..50-1 60-1 60-1 20-1 0-1 oll
won easing up. Ullly YVatts, outrun _
iwed early pace, but tired badly. Mavour- ' '
Fillies. Purse $1,026.83. Six furlongs. fl<i
ighaway. Owner. YV. It. COE. Trainer, , orl
good. Won easily. Place same. Post.
_ Wl
Fin. Jockey. Open.High.Close.Place. 8h. T>,
1" Fa-brother 2-1 2-1 6-5 2-5 ? l"
2? I., Kator.. 1-1 8-3 8-5 2-5 ? cr
3? McAtee ... 3-1 5-1 5-1 1-1 ? Uf
4 E. Fator.. 10-1 12-1 8-1 2-1 ?
s dashed Into the lead, was restrained ,
next best. Mount Hope ran a good , m
It. ! bl
p. Three-yenr-olds and upward. Five
ulded. Winner, cli. h., 0. by Ballot?Miss
dLE. Trainer, tf. C. Hlldreth. Time. pr
lace same. Post. 3:4!l. Off. 3:31. Hi
Fin. Joekey. Open.Hlgli.Close.Place. Sh. .
T.4 Sande .... 8-5 5-2 2-1 11-5 2-5 00
2H Penman .. 2-1 3-1 3-1 6-5 1-2
3'? Moore ... 8-1 10-1 10-1 4-1 7-5 tw
4 EKummer.lS-1 20-1 20-1 6-1 5-2
5 Thomas . .15-1 15-1 15-1 5-1 2-1 '*
tl McAtee ... 6-1 12-1 12-1 5-1 2-1 oil
7 Mnrinelli .. 6-1 fl-1 7-2 7-5 3-5 ac
bead of Stretch, where lie moved up, pt
lined latter In the final drive. Muskal- .
sh, was best, and would have won with m|
ar-olds and upward. Selling. Mile and j
r, eh. f.. B, by Rtinnymede?Napa fllrl. |
Zlegler. Time. 1:45 3-5. Start good. Won
4:18. 'In.
Jockey. Open-High.Close.Place. Sh. * '
IH K. K'mer. 12-1 12-1 8-1 .1-1 1-1 I
2" Sando 2-1 2-1 2-1 3-5 1-i fo
31 C.Knmmer 3-2 5-1 4-1 6-5 1-3 p.
4 I,. Fat or... 30-1 30-1 30-1 8-1 3-1
5 Thomas... 6-5 8-5 0-5 2-5 1-6 |rj
leaders on turn and won going away. Is]
pace. Round Robin quit alter showing Hi
I mt
Turso $1,020.83. Five furlongs. Win- , lot
isliire l>oily. tinner. .1. 11. 1X1UCHUKIM. | Inl
Start bad. Won easily. Place driving. wj
rln. Jockey. Open.High.Close.Place. Bit. to
l'? Mctcalf... 5-2 5-2 2-1 1-2 1-3 ,wi
2",4 Helnisch .. 1-1 1-1 1-1 1-3 ? at
3" .Sonde 8-1 10-1. 8-1 2-1 3-5
4 McAfee.... 5-2 5-2 5-2 3-2 1-2
5 Barel 1-1 1-1 1-1 1-3 ? ?'i
! in
left the result In doubt. High Chief was W?
eak. Homestretch ran a fair race. , .
ande Pilots |?
ton in First u
? it
\ of
Childs Cup Rowing th
Results Since 1879 j!,',
" j N?
Year. Place. Winner. ! cu
1676?Schuylkill Pennsylvania ; ve
I8HO?Schuylkill Columbia in;
1881? Schuylkill Princeton i ,,,
888?Schuylkill PennsylvaniH ; ,
8*3?Schuylkill Pennsylvania | Wl
1884?;Schuylkill Pennsylvania an
1885?Schuylkill Cornell cl,
1880?Schuylkill Cornell
1018?Carnegie l.ake Columbia
1014?Schuylkill Columbia
...? . .r?wr ?.??r ITinfM?n
1916?Schuylkill PrincrUn i ...
f?1H?Cnrnrgle Ulu l'ennsylvnnla ?,
919?(nrnetle labr Pennsylvania 11
920?Schu> lklll tT, Nnvy tU
911?Harlem Columbia un
J an
ped off with the final with ten lengths w,(
The official, however, was alone In his on,
lief, because twenty other reliable
itches on the ground caught the time j r,p
00 1-3 or 2-5, which does not ait?r the [
ct that Lbrd Granite will go down in Q}
story as the Joint holder of ihe five V1
rlong track record of 59 2-5 seconds. tfM
W. H. Coo's trainer, W. 11. Karrlck. "I,,
inallr.ed his employer's arrival from js;?
s Wyoming: stud by sending out a
omlsing homebred three-year-old
.ughter of Harinonlcon-Laughaway.
.med Many Smiles, to account for the .
atts, the Kancocaa stable maiden, , s
lies. Many Smiles left no doubt re.rding
her auperlorlty over Nightmare,
punt Hope and Fayelle, the only other pf
irtcrs, by jumping Into the lead and ra
creasing it to a final ten lengths. s
Lady ^lyra, a shifty recent arrival ev
?m Tlajuana, saddled by Lonny Tryon, ye
e former rider for Mrs. M. 8. Allen,
epped to an immediate lead In the pr
ye furlong opener and afforded the pr
estern rider, ,Roy Carter, his Ni
-st opportunity to pilot a metropolitan vtt
inner. Osage, who finished a distant wt
vvim, |/unni up imnr out nan any- lot
?ht to spare over the disappoint in*
vorlte, Bessie Lelghton, and three
rhe Harry Payne Whitney colors, worn
r Penman astride Rocket, registered
handy victory In the second-six furng
dash. Rocket dominated the j?
inning throughout hut was doing his 11
>st at the end to withstand Billy j
'atts, the Rancocas stable, maiden i
ho showed marked Improvement under j
e added equipment of blinkers, after i
iving been shuffled back through the I jn
,rly running. I _.
Pimlico Entries. j I |
'Irat Ttace?The Consolation Steeplechase I
indlcap; four-yesr olds and upward; two 11
iles atnt a quarter: Overmatch, 138; II
lulteeye, 140: JMInata, 140; Pastors, 130; I
reland. 138; tThe Trout, 138: Phoenix. 134; I
osl, 138; Vigilante, 138. tJ. H. Cosden- | |
.. n. vnm miry. I
lernnd Race?Two-yenr-oldt: maiden* mid |
nriera of on? rare; fivii furlong*: Antlein,
100; Pravu*, 112; Olarre.lOO; Jknn F.,
2; llalder, 112; tKH'.abelh Bean. 112; Ht.
dentine, Hr>; Wrangle, Ills Prudential,
1; 1 M'irarto, 115; Huckleberry Finn, 112;
Valentine, 115; 1 Elizabeth Bean, 112. '
I I la riling entry.
Tlilrd Rare?Three-year-old* and upward;
i lining. alJt furlong*: He Ihl Maid, 1(15;
ding*, 11* Viva M. Ilaa, 113; Tingling, 118; _
lid Flower. 118; Turnabout, 113; Pantalr, T
1; nao<|uetta, 10?: Helota, 103; Mlrarle 1
an, 110; L'Effnre, 118; Hidden Jewel, 118; 1
imulii*. 118; Hoimre, lip. Mount If ul, 105; I
,pproval, 118; Camoufleur, 118. ?
fourth Ilae# ? Tlie T'reakne**, three-year- A
ila; roll* and filllea; mile and a furlong; I
lamplntn, 118; tdalantman, 114; tPlrat* If
.1.1, 114; H pa ii I all MalM. 114, Oil Man. 122. II
ne (Ira**. Ill; Hiplial*toe, 114; Rebuke. VI
1; Ken, 114; fft Henry, 114; ?MI*e Joy. X
I; IHuperlatlve, 114: IPIIIory, 114. tflreen- lj
ir Rtahle entry. IMontford Jnne* entry, f
. T. W11*nn and Walter J. Salmon entry. i
Fifth Itare ? Selling handicap; three-year- I
I* and upward, mile and a alxteenth; y
ff llang. 101 King John, 111: Mayor i
luee, 108; Superlative, 104; tKlng'e ll
.amnion, 101: 'Frank, 103; (lain de Cauae, ? I
2; fernpla, 108; Super. 120; Excuae Me, *
I: I.unetta, 111; Slkhlm. 100; Railing I
ring. 104. td. W. Foreman entry, ,
llxtli Har e -- Tlie Monumental Handteap:|l
ree-yra r-ohla and upward; *lx furlong*; I
Jlmmlnv, 105; Exenao Me, 05; HeprleeI. ; ?.I;
f Wellflnder, 02. 'tfrank, 00. tM"" __
ie*. 10*: Hii|ier. 113: TtPrlde of India, 0T;
dole. 110. Klai .leater, 101. IFamurl Rota
trv. {J. K. t,. Rn*,i entry. R/
Seventh Race ? Three-year-old* and up.rd;
c'alniliig: mile and a furlong; Dan,
V; Romeo, 115; Clean done, 115; Fenhe,
115; drace Foater. 05: Hark 11111, 115;
Cliarlr* Well*. 115; finer Flo, 110:
nail of Are, 110; Rweet Hnuquet, 115; I
ury Kate, 105; 'Stanley, 110; Rmarty, ;
1; lleaverklll, 115; Chateaugay. 100: .
lighter, 105.
Veather, cloudy; traek, muddy.
Five pound a apprentice allowance r lalmed. | I
luec pound* ilalm.4 fui rldvt, (
1922. v i
Aimn (flmnn nnmii
UYE.Il UUEdl blUB.
enn an Outsider in Cliilds Cup
Race on Lake Carnegie ' !
Princbton, n. J., May 12. ? Three
tlcpnt rowing coaches, claiming and
edicting nothing but hoping a lot,
eeted those who this evening sought a
is on the seventeenth race for the hlsrlc
Chllds cup. which Is to be fought
it by the varsity crews of Columbia,
nnsylvania and v Prince ton on I^he
irnegie to-morrow. Jim Rice. .Toe
right and Dr. Spaeth expressed conlenoe
in their eights but declined to go
i record with a forecast of triumph.
Pennsylvania's leaving Its varsity i
liieh bent both Yale and Harvard at
lil&delpliia. and bringing its 150 pound!
ew to represent It In the big race has
iset all wagering. The Quakers are rerded
as being out of the race?that
spite of the fact that the light cornnation
has beaten the varsity and the ,
nior varsity. It is not reit tnat ine j
0 pounders will do as well as would j
e varsity?and there is a strong im. |
ession that Wright decided to use the j
tht eight because he feared his big i
atioad was going stale.
The race without doubt will be be een
Columbia and Princeton?and we
pect the New Yorkers to win. Columa.
is all set for a race of that charter?just
short of two miles?while
Inceton, still suffering from the beat5
of last week and still trying to get
1 bearings, is not quite ready for Rice's
Comparison With the S?Ty.
Columbia has the confidence born of
victory over Yale and the fact that It
is able to beat a fine Princeton eight
r the cup on the Harlem last May.
inceton in its first race last Saturday
tiled the Navy by six lengths, but Anted
a length and a half In front of
irvard, which was not a had crew. Totrrow
both the Blue and Whits and the
gers will get their real test, and folivers
of rowing will get a more or less
teresting line on the Navy's position
th regard to the company which it Is
meet at Poughkeepsie.' The race here
II be over the same distance as that
Boston?one mile and seven-eighths.
When the Tigers rowed on the Charles
th their Orange eight the supposition
some quarters was that Dr. Spaeth
?uld follow the policy of 1921 and send
niuMr orw nnt for the Childs cup
jwever. he "crossed" these predictions !
standing pat on the Orange eight I
roked ,by 81d Milne, a port stroked,
at, anh the only one in the history of
iving at Nassau.
Milne's crew worked with enough skill
d polish on the Charles. It showed a
w faults, but they were not glaring
es. It was beaten so badly because
couT'l not match the tremendous power
the midshlpment. Columbia Is not
lite as strong as the Navy, but we
ink it a bit more powerful than the
gers. Brodil of the Rice coached
jht is a smashing stroke. A a the
ivy rowed last week, with its stroke
t down to an average of 33. it rowed
ry much after the style of the Comhia
combination?a modification of
- * 1, r>o?o,llQ?u
e i> eu nn.IuaLI> r?n wnc ui U?v vv..?vi.?..n
Ith a Viapy combination of leg, arm
id shoulder drive. Prlneeton'B style is
>scr to the American ideal.
All Work on the Lake.
All three colleges liad their crews out
the lake to-day for double workouts,
le practice was not of a serious n?re.
The crews got their bearings,
limbered a bit, worked a lot at starting
d Ironed out a few rough edges. The
atlier was ideal?little wind, plenty
warm sunshine and hardly a ripple
the course.
The regatta will consist of three races,
eninjr with the freshman event, clost
with the varsity and featuring a
nior varsity race as the "sandwich."
le Junior race ought to be n hummer
i. The Princeton freshmen have ...
lend id chance to take their event as
ey rowed a pretty race behind the
ivy plebes last week.
Cop Presented In 1A70.
The Chllds cup Is th? oldest rowing
>phy In the country, dating back to
79. when the late Oeorge "W. Chllds
Philadelphia presented it for compeIon
among four oared crews from
nn. Columbia and Princeton. The
ca of 1985, won by Cornell, a guest,
is ths last held In fours. In 1889 the
ent was revived, after a lapse of three
ars, In eight oared shells.
Of the sixteen races thus far rowed
inn has won six, Columbia four.
Inceton three, Cornell two and the
ivy one. The mldshipment wePB Inled
to row In 1920, when the cup race
is hsld In conjunction with the Amerin
Henley on the Schuylkill.
Princeton Lacrosse Win.
PiUNcrroN, May 12.?The Princeton
'Clve defeated Colgate at lacrosse this
ternoon by the decisive total of 10
2 In a rather loosely played game on
llverslty Field.
Ohio State Wins.
Con'MBtTg, Ohio. May 12.?Ohio
ate defeated Carnegie Tech, 81 to 45,
a dual track meet here to-day.
125th St.?Edge water Ferry
between Manhattan and New
Jeraey operating on summer
schedule. Five baFts; short
headways; no long waits. Port
Richmond and Bergen Point
ferry between Statcn Island and
Bayonne. Extra trips Saturdays,
Sundays, holidays.
Tin Firries that five thi Quickest Service"
Limousines and Touring |
Cars For Hire j
Irand New Peerless Cars]
Driving per hour, $4. First hour, $5.1
Shopping or calling, $3 per hour. I
Rates for trips on application. .
t. & R. Auto Renting Co. | j
Ine. '
225 West 13th Street, |
Phone Chel.ea .tISS ^
To-morrow, 1:45 P. M.
City College Mtadlnm,
13SIU Street and Am*t*ei1*ni Avenue. I
HII.CY .TORdAN. Manager.
Ht Alnyelue CathollS Club V*.
St. Mark'* Colored Catholic Club.
Vurray Hill vs. Bridgeport
4Dark Horses'
Long Islan
\ ?1
Donald McKellar and H. W. |
Maxwell, Jr., to Play Off
for Title.
Or, ? In 1liviAll?W* n# ?Unf >
ha Thursday morning seemed certain to J
bo reserved for a pair of the higher upa j
on the Metropolitan Golf Association's
annual handicap list, Donald McKellar
of North Hempstead and Howard Maxwell,
Jr.. of Nassau yesterday afternoon
found themselves smilingly arranging
for the thirty-six hole meeting at Lido
which Is to determine the first championship
of the Long Island Golf Association.
Since golf was first played it is doubtful
if there has been such a thorough i ^
shaking up in any title gathering as has ?
occurred In this first canter of the Long ?
Islanders. With Gardiner W. White, the .
Metropolitan champion, and the runner
up of last year, Grant A. Peacopk, in the
chase, not to mention perhaps another
half doxen tournament regulars of re- '
nown, no one would have given more
than a passing thought to the pair who
were still undefeated at the er.d of the t
semi-final round yesterday. The upsets w
began with the qualifying round, when
White, Peacock. John M. Ward, John N. {r
Stearns, Jr., Alfred S. Bourr.e. James C. jji
Parrish, Jr., and others faileo to make .
the championship division. They continued
risht through every round of the
match play. In the second round A. C. si
Gregson of Belleclaire, the medalist, '
toofc a tumble, and later in the day
Greason's conqueror, Haml'ton K. Kefr
of Garden City, went) sp-awling in the
dust Just as it began to look as if this j
player had drawn the bfa?- ring. Sj
The peculiarity of th's particular
tourney is that while so many low handicap
men went sprawling into the discard
the final is left in Mio custody of ,
one player who has a seven stroke rat- j
Ing on the Metropolitan rating and I
another who lias no rating at nil. Maxwell
gets the sdfren strokes. As for
McKellar, he appears to have been ncg- !
lected for several years by the M. O. A. !
This may be the fault i-f bis club or,
again, simply because he lias furnished
nothing of recent years that could be
presented to the handlcappvs. It doej 1
seem, however, that Dona'd should be In
the seven stroke notch at least. Possibly
both he and his opponent of to-day i
could stand a stroke less. i
Winner* In Close Mutches. j,-|
The alibis and the Introductions over ;
it Is now permissible to say something ,
for the golf of the pair who have 1
knocked the "grandoldope," as It has J
been called, into the proverbial cocked
hat. Obviously there must be some lit- ]
tie degree of merit in the game of a
player who goes through to the final of
the championship of Long Island. And ]
bestowing honors where these are due, j
both Maxwell and McKellar have worked ,
their way around the bewhlskered Lido SI
links while the stormy winds did blow, j
not because they carried a larger load j
of horse Hhoes than any one else in the
tournament, but simply on their golf _
and on their nerve. E
As proving the spirit of Maxwell when
It came to the pinch, this player against
young Carl Tlmpsfrn of Roofcaway Hunt,
another of the newly discovered comers, ro
was 2 down with 4 to play. Unless a
player has the will to win that Is about
the time to throw up the sponge. Max- J1'
well had no sponge and a lot of will J*3
power. Such being the case he annexed tr
the fifteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth
and allowed a half at the sixteenth only nl
because Timpsou sank a long putt. J"'
These three successes and a half on the
last four holes left the Nassau entrant r
wk th. v... er
While McKeflar's case was slightly to
different It also contained that ehrnent oc
of dash toward the finish. He and fs
Kerr went on battftng the bunkers to "f
an even match on the first nine. Stert- *c
Ing the homeward half McKellsr threw ,
his golfing machine Into high speed j
with the result that he ran off with the F.
tenth, eleventh and twelfth, a couple J
of birdies aiding. Having failed to im- '
prove upon that position Kerr passed
out of the picture four holes further "8
afield. ce
There were two extra hole matches
In the morning round, Kerr beating P'
Gregson in the nineteenth and McKellar I
taking Don M. Parker of Garden Oity F
into camp on the third extra green.
Tlmpsqn won 4 and 2 from Dr. N. E.
Sprague, the conqueror of F. H. Hoyt, jj,
wiiile Maxwell eliminated Morton L. wo
' I
Best & Co. Spri
Look like expei
Fit like expensi
And wear like 1
But the resemb
There. Our pi
Democratic and
Three and four
Models for Spri
$35 t
' Fifth Avenue
Ctpyrigkt Ay 1Hit V C?.
Romp Into
d Golf Final
Leading Sporting Events
Scheduled for To-day
KArfKG-KealMcky Derby. at Churchill
|tunii->, Uilntlun, Ky.; Tin* Prmknnw,
at Plmlleo, Md-; The KvceUior Haadi<np,
at Jamaica track. I.. 1.
HOW I Nti?Child* cup race "Hi lake Carnegie.
Princeton. J.; Yale tnterftcholaotic
regatta, at New Haven.
(i01.y-I.m| l*lim<l championship tour- I
lament. at l.idcVtiolf ('lab.
llOXIMi?l.uis Plrpo re. Jack Herman
(twelve round*). at Bhhctn Field.
ATHI.KTICH?New Y'ork etty private
*chool* championship*. at Poly Prep
Field. Brooklyn; Dartmouth v?. Cnlpmbit.
at Koutli Field; Princeton Inter
aeholaaUc meet, at Princeton, N. J*.
TKNNIS?Open tonrnnment of the Harlem
Tennht Club; Steven* at Pratt In titute:
Harvard at Princeton.
SWIMMINO?P. S. A. I., tirot rear High
School ehamplunnliipa, in College City
of New York pool.
earey of Garden City 1 up after stands'
2 down at the ninth.
It wan rather interesting, and. one
ight add, almost pathetic, to find last
ar's Metropolitan fi alists battling it
it in the second round of the second
xteen. After standing all s<juaro at
re ninth Grant A. Peacock turned the
bles on Gardiner W. White of Nassau,
Inning by 3 and 2. In yet another
ateh. of this round and division Aled
8. Bourne of Garden City defeated
a clubmate, John M. Ward, by 3 and 2.
The summary:
ICON!) HOUND?Hamilton K. Kerr. Garden
City, beat A. C. ClreKSon, Bell*clalrc, 1 tip
stead, boat Don M. Parker. Garden City, 1
up (21 holes) ; Carl Tltnpaon, Rockaway
Hunt, beat Dr. N. K. Sprague,.. In wood, 4
mrt 2; Howard W. Maxwell, Jr., Naaaati.
:>eat Morton L. Kearey, Garden City, 1 up.
5MI-F1NAL?MrKeUar beat Kerr J and"^',
Maxwell beat Tltnpaon 1 up.
[RST ROUND-J. C. Parrlah, Jr., National,
won front Devereux Lord, Brooklyn-Forest
Park, by default; R. N. L. Church, Nassau,
beat A. Leopold, W'oodmere, 1 tip; John
M. Ward, Garden City, beat G. N. Owens,
North Hempstead, tl and 5: A. 8. Bourne,
Garden City, beat E. L. Heard, Oakland,
t and 3; 13. Pox, North Hempstead, won
from John Lelaah. Ocean, by default;
Arthur Willis. Woodmore, won front W. L.
Richard, Engineers, by default: Gardiner
IV. White, Na#au, beat W. L. Hicks, Nassau,
1 up (20 holes); Grant A. Peacock,
Cherry Valley, won from P. S. Danforth.
North Pork, by default.
2COND ROUND?Church bent Parrlah x
and 7. Bourne beat Ward 3 and 2, Pox
bi at Willis, 2 up, Peacock beat White ;i
and 2.
I RST ROUND?C. P. Barton. Rockawny
Hun, won from N. Chippendale, Forest
Park, by default; Dr. A. T. Height, I.ldo,
won from G. Mv Hackscher, Piping Rock,
l?y default; W. C. Stearns, Rockaway
Hunt, beat J. S, Kennedy, Lido, S and 7;
VV. L. Rail, Lido, won from H. Connett,
3t. Albans, by default; J. de Chadencdee,
Pomonok, beat Hal Fordo, Sound View,
" and tt; B. A. Hansen, Relleclalre, beat
I. B. Kopf, Marine and Field, 4 and 3:
IDr. E. McMendel, Engineers, boat Santucl
Allison, St. Albans. 2 and 1 ; C. W. Irwin.
Engineers, beat H. 8. Slelcker, Lido, 3
und I,
2COND ROUND?Barton beat Haight 1 up.
Stearns heat Ball 3 and 2, Hansen heat
Chadenedes 2 and 1, Mendel won from
Irwin by default.
dsrar T. Anolebv Wins
Poggenburg Billiard Cup
In the deciding matcn of the final
und of the Poggenburg cup 18:2 blllrd
tournament Edgar T. Appleby last
ght defeated Fiances H., his brother,
/ the count of 350 to 8fl, winning the
ophy for the second successive year.
Edgar, who Is the national and Interitlonal
champion, started in best form,
icking off 46 points in his first trip to
ie table, following with 68 in the sccid
inning. Frances was more conslstit
than his brother in that he failed
collect at least an point on only one
caslon, the tenth inning, but his hight
run was 21 in the first inning and
: soon was left hopelessly behind. The
T. APPLEBY?40, 58. 0. 0, 0. 0. 34. 0.
35, 11. 12, 5. 0, 8, HI, l~Total 250.
High runs. 58, 45. 35. Average, 14 12-17.
8*. AWLKBY-Si. 4, I. 12. 2. 3, 2. 0,
4. 0. 8, 10. 4, 3. 1. 1?Total. H!i Illgli runs,
11, 12. 10. Average. 5 11-16.
The tie for second place among Join
nice, Joseph R. Johann and Frans
44. Appleby was decided by the
ynrplc system of points, with the
ayers placing in that order.
Idgar T. Appleby, won 5, lost 1; Julian
:e, won 4, lost 2: Joaapli It. Johann, won
lost 2: Francos S. Appleby, won 4. lost 2;
J. Stelnhugler, won 3, lost 3: C. I',
atthews, won 1, lost 5; L. A. Servatiu*.
n 0. loat 6. *
ing Suits
isivc suits 9
ve suits
lance stops
ices are
bar no one.
at 35th Street

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