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I ' '"
y cu Onondaga Disputes
m i > : nd Starts War on
i (i 's Candidacy.
: L< lers Insist iVfiller
t j Ci r for Governor
or -ienutor.
S 4 ' jo h . The New Yobk Herai.d.
13.?Open warfare on
'' 1 ' ( " William Randolph
J . or was declared tot
. tion Democrats, up
. in H. Kelley, Onon'
- i ! r and Tammany lieustatement
w * a chance in the
ed Governor," and
.)< Titement of William
i. regarding up State
H- ?r i.
. Anf nmnriff 11 n Ktntn
i said Mr. Kelly,
<i <v ,.lerable sentlmem
I ' f 1 ii e Mr. Conners is
!) v ,d make Inquiries
nent among Dem
tl'i i favoring the nom1
He'!'-', but he would
, . 7 ;1n",'n?|| ((
. :id: - to Mr. Hearst as
nm think he has a
- if being elected
'? statement is considered
drive in the Democratic
kill off the Hearst boom
zation Democrats are for
nlth, believing he would win
vliller. In Hearst they see
S - They?think he woqld split
i'i ien from one end of the State
' < .1 )r, not only at the conven1)!.
- 1 <0 on election day. They dc
ij,. t:<. he could hold the Demo,
v up State and they are con
{/ Cot
| c%
Smart, i
y ii peel
'( ?O.J0 $
I ^
f fiernoi
'rf 835 were
I j were $85 were
* 1
i' venini
45 *
re $69.50 were
I ' :~~
H5 a
were $67.50
V. ,
[p? -r "
| Oth.'i ishionable Fur Ch
at $1(
Closing Out
t Sweeping Pi
I j Abou
, ' r - 5 will be held for lal
V.I. HALL, 1
Fit* Roy 8707
I ? 'S
i w. H.
18 West 3
NEAR riff
Prison Bay
One Skin Sc
Two Skin Sc
vlnced that with Tammany lying down
on the Job In New York city, Hearat
would be snowed under by an appalling
The next move will be a demand of
Charles F. Murphy that Hearst be sidetracked
at once. They want Smith, who
they have been given to understand
will run if the party wants him.
Conner) Startles Lender*.
Hearst workers have been busy In this '
section for months while the Democratlo
leaders have sat still and said nothing.
Mr. Conners's statement startled and j
aroused them.
The Hearst element has aligned with
a number of former organization Democrats
and some independents, no one 1
seems 10 Know just now iu?nj, u?
much influence they exert.
? Renominatlon of Gov. Miller Is being*1
talked of as a foregone conclusion by
Republican leaders In this city and I
throughout central New York. His per- J
soWal friends here say he would prefer to
return to his law practice, which would
be more lucrative, but that it is probable
he will yield to Ward of Westches- |
1 ter, Aldridge of Monroe, Greiner of Erie !
i and Cowie and Wilkinson of Syracuse,
who infend to force him into the ght.
The only alternative, It has been pointed
( cut to the Governor, is to accept the ;
nomination for United States Senator
and bear the brunt of the State cam.
j paign with H. Edmund Machold or some
' other of the younger men of the party
1 1 as the Gubernatorial candidate.
The up State leaders, all of whom I
| want Mr. Miller to rut) again, argtie that <
1 j criticisms by the Democrats of his |
economy program must be answered. |
Mr. Miller, they declare, is the only man i
1 who can answer them, not as a private |
citizen, hut as a candidate for reelection j
1 1 for Governor or as a candidate for the1
| United States Senate.
Conviction of every leader In this section
Is that the Governor will accept a
' renominatlon. For the Senatorial nomination
In case Mr. Miller runs for Gov1
crnor, William M. Calder Is tho only
> candidate being mentioned.
' |
Denials Made by Hearst.
5 William J. Corners, Buffalo politician, i
who has sot out to nominate William
' Randolph Hearst for Governor on the !
i Democratic ticket next autumn, dropped
t out of sight yesterday. However, the
: objective of the former chairman of the
i Democratic State committee was the
theme of discussion In political circles
> generally.
John H. McCooey, who was for Hearst
openly in 1918 and has been credited
7ier of 8J "Street |
Dse Oat |
' ndividual ~ |j
Presses tj
35 *49-50 I;
re $55 "re $75 |
on fjpesses !
<?.5o $69M{
j?:1 were $ 105 j'
Gowns j
65 *79->u I
$98.50 were $125 |
j Gowns !
2-50 $65 j
$82.50 were $102.50 |
uudi Capes I !
nd $5950 J
were $89.50 y i
hed 1856
'8th Street
Sable Scarfs
arfs Now $45
?rly $75
arfs Now $75
rly $125
okers and Scarfs in this sale
) to $85
Entire Stock of
rice Reductions of
t 40%
ter delivery upon payment of a
posit ;
8 West 38th St.
formerly nth Ave. an<l 33<l Ht. J
with leaning toward him this year, /
smiled when he read the Connors statement.
"Let my friend from Buffalo do the
talking," he said. . "Too many cooks (
spoil the broth."
The Evning Journal yesterday, referring
to the "Interview" sent out from g
Chicago on Friday, used a statement
with this preface: "Mr. Hearst gave no c
interview to the United Press. He gave j,
thorn tn Chicago the roiiowing written j,
statement, which was largely varied In ^
the article sent out as an Interview." t
In the statement Mr. Hears spoke of ^
the "arrogant, un-American attitude on
the part of public servants owing al- n
leglance to the big interests.". He 6
added: "I am doing my vbest to tight
It in my capacity as Journalist. That a
would seem to me the best and most ef- j
feetlve way for me to carry on my ?
campaign In defense of the exploited c
and in defiance of the exploiters." t
Mr. Hearst said he was a progressive i !i
and not a radical, and explained "I 1
will do whatever the situation d~mar is, ?
but I first want to know what the gitua- J
tlon really does demand."
In developing this "situation" Mr. : p
Conners purposes bringing up-Staters I
down tp see Mr. Hearst In 500 Wts. I C
J SMay Is the Skfont)
of Imported
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Haider's Anti-Dry Attitude Is
Winning Support.
pedal Dispatch to Tub Nbw Yokk Hkrai.d.
Ai.jiant, May IS.?Gov. Miller Ik the
holce of the Republicans of the Captol
district for renomination at thq
tepubllcan convention next September,
ut should he not run again AttorneyJeneral
Charles D. Newton is conidered
one of the most likely candlates
for the place. Speaker H. Edriund
M'achold is also gathering
Former Speaker Thaddeus C. Sweet
lid Supreme Court Justice Wesley O.
toward of Troy undoubtedly will again
?ave their names presented to the
onventlon, and Albany county a second
ime Is expected to put forward as
is favorite son former Senator Henry
Sage. He also has been mentioned
or Comptroller to succeed the late
ames A. VV-endell, but It is not be ev'i
ho will reenter public life In any
icsition less than Governor.
In Albany, Troy and vicinity Senator
a der's outspoken advocacy of llberi
of Travel..
Cloths We
id smart
jjj | by (
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J1J<?* l
allzlng the Volstead act to permit light
wine and beer has gained for him a
considerable following among Itepubleans.
They seem to be glad that there
if a candidate in their own party wet
enough to enlist their support.
Little attention seems to be paid in
this district to Hearst. Xo signs of
his boom have yet appeared.
Former Governor Alfred E. Smith holds
the lead in popularity in the Democratic
party. The rank and file in this district
would back him for either Senator
01 Governor. The main question is,
would he accept?
Cornelius F. Burns, former Mayor of
Troy, is gaining strong support should
Smith uol run. Albany Democrats may
start a lxs-na for Representative in Congress
Peter G. Ten liyck. Former
Governor Martin H. Glynn of Albany
and Mayor George R. Lunn of Schenectady
are also in the field.
Nassau Man Announces His
' Representative Fredeiictt C. Tllcks of
I the First Congressional District will
? ???????????
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1 ' i 'i i 1 ?r
not be a candidate for reelection this
fall. He has notified his Republican
friends that he Is ready to step down ;
and give some other mtn a chance at 1
the office. William K. Luyster, the J
County Chairman, received a letter In
which Mr. Hicks thanked him for the I
many favors shown to him.
Mr. Hicks has wanted to retire as
tjr.e Representative from this district
for the last few months, but the dlplo- ;
matlc post offered to him In South
America did not appeal to him and he I
oecldcd to finish his term.
The likely candidate to succeed Mr. I
Hicks is Robert Low Bacon, son of;
Robert Bacon, one time Ambassador to
France. Mr. Bacon has been active in
politics. For the last two years he
has had charge of the Republican campaign
in XasBuu county and has pulled
it through a successful year each time.
George W. Meyer of 220 Hillside ave.
nue. Leonia, N. J., went to the morgue
yesterday and Identified a body taken
from the East River Tuesday as that of
his brother-in-law. Will lam M. Arnold, j
a retired merchant, who disappeared !
from his home at Leonla on Maryrh 28. i
' Arnold had been despondent over the ;
I death of his wife.
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yji V MAIN ^
Miss Florence Halsey Elected C
President at Trenton.
Tbbnto.v, May 13.?The New Jersey '
State Leaguo of Women Voters, meeting R
at the Stacy-Trent Hotel, vote.i to-day u
to adhere to the principles enunciated ut |,
the convention by Mrs. Maud Wood h<
Parks, national president of the League ! B
of Women Voters.
These principles are: To keep In- in
formed on all public questions ; to w- igh b
the qualifications of candidates and
study the policies of political parties ; to N;
vote according to conscience; to ole y '
every law, even if not in sympathy with ?
all: to support by all fair means policies
which the Individual approves; to re- n
spect the rights of those having opposing J
Thqpe officers were elected : President,
Miss Florence Halsey of Highland Park;
recording secretary, Mrs. Henry C. Richards
of Newark; corresponding secretary,
Mrs. S. H. Colvln of East Orange,
and treasurer, Mrs. Ard Dlx Kerlin of
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^ ^
P. P7C IaI^E POfcOrt
'onfined to Home, but May
Be Out To-morrow.
Senator William M. Calder in III
tomnine poisoning at his hom) In
rooklyn, it was learned last night. He,
as taken ill on a train from Washing.'
>n Friday night. Yesterday morningr
> had a high temperature. Dr. E. H
arclay, the family physician, who tj
i tending him, said Senator Calder had
nproved considerably and probably will
out attain by to-morrow.
The Senator was unable to attend the
ational Republican Club dinner to
harles D. Hlnea last night.
Phe Kensico Cemetery
America's Burial Park?460 Acres
Office 103 Park Avenue
Telephcne Murray Hill 1842
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