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itfrw 'ERP, May 11?Arrived, etr Krcmlli
(? eis>, 'ialveaton.
tailed 11th, str Galileo (Br), New York.
BARI, May 10? Sailed, etr Italia (Br), New
MXI-'AtT. May 11?Arrived, str Artzonan
Dan Francisco.
BREMEN. May 3?Arrived, str 1 lallgiin
(Nod, Baltimore.
CJUIIST1ANIA. May ! Arrived, strs Iter
t juTJord' (Nor), New York; Western 1'rlle
I'tilt t inert v.
(WTe N H AG EN, Ma - 8?Arrived, str lvuj
il/aif). New? Orleans.
jT CiUHTOBAL, May 12?Arrived, atrs Uriel!.
/ tl,in,On lu,-L,n,ivl[l.< Mr Sh.ini'hnl tttaa
SclitiVint, San Francisco for Liverpool.
Salted 12th, strs Italia tSw). from Valpa
rutso for New Orleans; K J Luckenbael
tfroui Philadelphia). San Francisco; Santa
I; abjil (from Now York), do; Sheaf Meatl
" (Br). from Jacksonville for San Antonio
thirst W'lllhllo (from l'hlladelphiai. Seattle
l'FNDKIQ, May 13?Sailed, str Stanntort
flh i. New York.
?EaSGOW. May 13?Sailed, str Corslcan
(Uri, New York.
HALIFAX. May 12?Sailed, str Else Huge
NftrnWi (Uer), Hamburg; aclir l'leldwootl
ipn, Now York.
[HAMBURG, May 9? Arrived, sirs Callisto
( .hitch), Ualtlmore: Glenpool, Texas City,
Irdlan city (Br), Philadelphia; West I lardaway,
{Sailed !)th, str W 11 Tilford, Now York.
[HAVANA, May II. noon?Arrived, str
Mrosfcnd iNorl, New Orleans for riagua la
(irande (and proceeded).
palled 10th, r> PM. str Abangaroz, from
IS? w Orleans for Cristobal (not as before).
Sailed 13th, sirs San Bruno (Br), Limon;
l|lmi (Br), Cristobal.
tJIAVRE, May 10?Arrived, str llannington
Qnnrt (Br), New Orleans.
^Sailed Ittli, str La Touralne (Fr), New
ThONG KONG, May 12?Arrived, str EmIfess
of Asia (Br), Vancouver.
IllFKLVA, May 11?Sailed, str Ilford (Br),
{KINGSTON. Ja, May 12?Sailed, str Santa
Anna, tueno Liarrioa.
?l?OBK, May 11?Silled, strs Keystone
fcta'e, Seattle; Einpreaa of Japan (Br), Yaticl'Uver.
IKOLDING, May 0?Arrived, str I'rey
(Nor i. Baltimore.
JLIBAU. May. *J?Arrived, str Estonia (Han),
Mow York
JLIMON, May 13-SalIed, str San Ulna (Br).
LIVERPOOL. May 11?Arrived, str VYynat-te
i Br). Philadelphia.
iSailcil 12th. str Empress of Britain tBr),
0t John. XH
| LONDON, May 6?Arrived, sirs l.lasacr
domity (Nor). St John NU; 12th, BlrmlngItnm
City, San Francisco via Norfolk.
MELBOURNE, May 12?Sailed, str t'atmfan
Spinner (Br), Boston.
MONTEVIDEO. Ma- 11?Arrived. schr
Frederic A Duggan, I'ensacola tJan 26).
MOSSEL HAY. May ll-Arrlved. str Maieppo
(Br), New York.
MURORAN. May id-Sailed, etr Canadian
it.porter (Br). Vancouver.
NAPLES, May 7?At rived, str Taornilna
Ital), New York via Boston.
I PALERMO, May 4?hailed, str Capttalnc
ASaurlce Eugene (Fr). Philadelphia
{ PAUILLAC, May D?Arrived, str t.'ollatner,
iJlilSew York.
,.R|g3^;:niM. May 12?Sailed, str City of Bc.
i?<3rP" (Br). Boston and New York.
A.*iT SAII>. M?-v ll-Arrlved, str The
:*.vOPt, New York for Java. Ac.
fcOdir^RTO BARRIOS, May IS?Arrived, str
fame, New Orleans.
'T ERTO CASTILLA, May 13-Arrlved, str
lot- (Xor), New Orleans.
sradin krto Colombia, May 12-Arrtved, str
reveal 1,a- Cartagena.
)h? &. EE.NSTOWN. May 12-Salled. str
da (Br). New York.
I irstrt TTERDAM. May 9-Salled. str Hemland
into ii . uaiveuton.
'-1A, May 11. 7 AM?Sailed, air Fort
K Rtn (Nor). New York,
ne .MP TA MARTA. May 11 -Sailed, atr MetaBeratig
Kingston and New York.
>275;' (b/TIApO. May 11. I I'M Sailed, sirs 55aL'arfa.
' *St'w York: J2th- Soaua (Nor). Klng,d)
Oeo;Tos, May 10?Sailed, s\js I.afcomo,
Ey?n Orleana (.10.700 bag? eoffee) ; Otho,
?atlrelv onvtlle, Baltimore and New York (1,000
nlDTia *? ( "ffee for Jacks< tivllle. ti.lOn for Bal'
and 1.000 bags for New York).
(Umber. ELug, May 12?Sailed. Mrs Ulrk (Norl,
itocdt, 1 Hook; llaugcrland (Nor). Newfouinlrraded
lAIKDRK. May 11?Sailed, str Weal
....... Relawan
WOC/f HAMILTON. May 12- Sailed. Mrs l'lnroin
Antwerp), New York; Orduna
>. i, irpm Hamburg for do.
Sailed 13th, atr Aqult&nta (Br). New York
via Cherbourg.
SYDNEY. NSW, Mav 12?Sailed, atr Weal
Honahaw, San Franclseo.
TAMPIOO. May 12?Sailed, atr Camden,
New Orleans.
TELA. May 13?Arrived, atr Heredln. Cristobal
YOKOHAMA. May 11-Salled, str Golden
n-.ste. San Francisco.
| Sailed llth, str Tokiwa Maril (Jap). Sejftttle.
(By Mall.]
BALDOA, May 4?Sailed, str Cuba, San
Train iscn.
BATHURST. NB. May 10? Arrived, str
Lc.m (Nor), Newport News.
BURIN. NF. May 6?In port, achr Ethel M
Lartlctt (Br), for Oporto.
CHATHAM. NB. May !)? Arrived, str Phlllo
rx I lodge (Brt, Fortland. Me.
ENGLISH harbor NF. prior to May 4?
Sailed, sehr Armistice (Br), Oporto.
HA1.IFAX. May 11?flailed, sehr* Chautauqua
(Bri, Lunenburg; Donald L Silver
(Brl. Curling; Phyllis L Westhaven (Br).
Tort ati Port. NF.
LA HAVH. XS, April 11?In port, sehr
'{Ti N Itelnhardt (Br), from Philadelphia.
' MARV8TOWN. NF. prior to May 3?Sailed,
taihr Nellie T Walters (Br). Oporto.
* OPORTO, April 30-Arrived, sehr Bastlan
t(Dan), St John.
J PARRSBORO, NS, May 7?Sailed, sehr
Draftees Parsons (Br), Salem.
? In port 10th. sehr Henry H Chamberlain.
3 foi Boston or Sound port.
? PERNAMBUCO, May 1?Arrived. sehr
I Union Jack (Br). St John.
, RAMEA, NF, May 4?Sailed, sehr Edith
>1 Cavell (Br), Oporto.
RIVERPORT, NS. May !)?Sailed, sehr
Russel S Zlnck (Br), St Johns, NF (to load
lor West Indies).
ST JOHN. NB. May 11?Arrived, str Ml.ia
Brea (Br), Halifax (and cleared to return).
' Cleared llth. schrs Charles & Vernon
| (hr), Newport News E M Roberts (Br).
1 I urn , iir?i*r?i lieu u ihikk lurj, .trw
I York.
Cleared 10th, achr Quaco Queen (Br), New
ST JOHNS. NK. May 5?Arrived, schr
Harriet (Br), Oporto.
SWi.VRY, CB. May 11-Sailed. str Maridal
(Nor>, supposed Montreal.%
TAMP ICO, May H, 1 PM-Sailed, atr
Frederic R KelloRg. Boston.
[U;- Telegraph.]
j BOSTON, Maas. May li-Arrived. sirs J H
J Bevereux, Norfolk; Iivrrett, do; tug Atkln*
J Hughes, New York, towing bargo I I)
J Fletcher.
1 Arrived )2th, strs Bronte (Br), liueno*
_ Aires. Ac; Amolco, San Juan; suhr Win hi
1 Llichfleld, Charleston
f Arrived 13th, strs Ajax (Br). Hone Kong,
J Ac: Calvin Austin, New York. Klmspori,
4 l.otterdam and Antwerp; Rapidan (Bri,
} i.lasgow; Walwera (Br). Wellington, Ac. via
s New York; scjir Wpiteway (Br), rit John,
J Nil; tugs Saturn, tuning barge Blwabik.
J Mnrs, Newburyport, tiwlng barges Osceola
J anil Larimer.
J , Arrived J3th, str Prince tieorgo (Br). Ynr
7 nouth.
4 Arrived 12th, str Californlan. New York.
Cristobal and Port Llmon land railed I .
liaphlan (Br). Glasgov via Philadelphia and
M John, NB.
Sailed 13th. itrs Calvin Austin. New York,
< Ity of Atlanta, Savannah l>ela?are, New
York: J H Devereux, Norfolk. Juniata. Baltimore
via Norfolk; Nantucket, Philadelphia;
JaVvb Maersk ll'ani, Baltimore; Brandon,
.NorfiHk : tug* Confidence, Hantfwlnh (to return
with hargea Jamer Barton and Robert
Jiukhe*, from New York*; Atkln* Hughe*,
M'pixaied New Yor <, towing barge I ti
I'letrier; Kaatem, towing barg" Kugenla
Jl> opfr. New York for Barker* Plata: Harold,
Jowlng Itarge Hornet, for Portland
)latt<V 12llii.
Salit-d I3tli. atra Uelvernon tN'ori, Halifax
and at Johne, NV: Miraflores fBr), Tela.
Halw-ri 13th, atr Sar. (Ill (Br), Havana.
Pawned out Highland Bight 12th, II AM.
air tyathlamba (Br), Philadelphia for New
T'aaaed out Highland Bight 12th. 2:.",0 I'M,
tug Liberty, towing hargea Tenaa and ("In i
eea, Portland and Button for Norfolk; tl .'lu
I'M. ?tr Newton, for Bewail* Point; tug At
! latroaa, towing barge-, Annapoll* and Hartford,
for Norfolk.?Wlno 13th, VV, Id mlleM.
cloudy; amooth sea.
BABTIMOUR. Md. May 13 Arrived, alia
Cacique, Antofagaata Ac; Weat (.)uoehoe.
Liverpool: ''has II Cramp, New York. Kebo
l(Jw). Portland, Me; I ellx Tattsalg, Seattle.
Ac; Haute tNor). New York.
Cleared 1 litli, atra rtohtn Hood, Norfolk!
Pawnee, New York; Ragle, Boa Angulea, Ax,
Ma Philadelphia,
Salletl 3d, atra Mlehlran iBr), Antwerp
nnd Hamburg via Norfolk; Vulcan City (BrC
Manit'iirg Via New York: Cohaaaet, cdaagow
aipf Avoninouth via Nrrfolk; Vlctorloua, New
Orleana; Borgeatad (Nori, 'gitxpaia
Pa seed up Cove Point I3lh, 0:30 AM, aehr
!' Jcarle (I Noyea, Bora (Irande for Baltimore
nnUNSWICK. Oa. May 13- Halted <1r
I,ake l"?nnln, New York; achr I'uatin (!
I reaay, do.
PKVBKLT, Maaa. May 12-Arrlved, atr
(Itilfland, Port Arthur.
I MAftBICHTftN. HI . May I.V-Arrlvrrf atra
Porgtum (f>an). New Orleana. Sundance,
I Id rope; Nora, TamplCO.
bulled wh, ?tr Kntal dirt, New York.
( M'l flKNP.Y, Vs. May 13. 2 V*-epa .*rd
" "* fr'vmwood, BaBmibfe to'
Srgua Ue Tanumo; 7 AM, Ohio (Fr), do for
Havre, Ac.
l uMM.il in 1.1th. 8 AM. ?tr Plxlano, Fort
lurafu for Baltimore,
i Passed out llth. tug Wellfleet. llanti>tnri
Roads for New York, tow lug barges Falit.outh
unit Mount Hope.?Wltul 13th, E, ti
miles: cloudy.
CAPE COO rANA1-, May 1'.'-Arrived a:
. Wlugs Neck, tug Marguerite, with 3 mcowm
i morel.
bailed 12th. tug* Suemico. New York, tow
Inu barges Hughes Line, John T Hughes ami
, Catherine Hughes.
Pus <ii w.-ei 1211., factor barge Socony 0.
II.i.-ton for Providence or New \ork; torpedo I
boat Rodger*, do for Philadelphia.
ClAl.VESTON, Tex. May HI?Arrived, sirs
i K \|h:i, New York: H C Kolger, Philud. Ipt;ln;
II. fr i on, Baluinoro via l'ort Arthur
foi Kobe, Ac.
Hailed 12tli, strs Munplace, Wilmington;
i C A Canfleld, Tamplco; Matador tBrJ, Llv[
Sailed 13th. strs El Sol, New York; Henry
, If Mallory. do.
JACKSONVILLE. Fla, May 13?Arrived,
sir lilouceater, Baltimore,
i .-nihil 13th, dtrs Ilalto l Nor), Hamburg
uJi I Stettin; l?enape. New York,
i MOBILE, Ala. May 13?Arrived, str Pevoelite.
New Orleans.
Sailed 13th. str Ossabaw, Tampa.
NKWIHiRT NEWS. Va, May 12?Clear d.
Ms West Maximua, Mancheater via Boston,
i apulin. Lelth, London, Ac, via Norfolk,
l.obert I>oIlar (Bri. Far Eastern porta via
N rfollc and San Francisco.
NEW ORLEANS, La, May 13?Arrived,
, sirs Brazlller (Bri, Charleston; Kewanee,
Cuba: S B Hunt. Tarr pleo.
Sailed from Port Eads 13th, strs Absla
(Bri, Tamplco; Atlantic City (Br>. Anttieyy
Oansfjord tNor), Port Barrios; JanuilcK
(Nle), Kingston.
NORFOLK. Va. May 13?Artlved, strs
larlslana (Br), Baltimore for Liverpool;
Cuborc, Baltimore; Homestead, do for Rolterdant,
Ac: Corvalll*. New York.
Arrived 12th. AM. str Selwyn Eddy, Boston;
I'M, tug Storm King, towing 3 barges.
Arrived 13th, strs Iigremont Castle (Bri.
New York: Ikmls (Bri. do for Para, Ac,
lleraklea (Nor), Rotterdam; Opcllka, Phllauelphla.
cleared 12th, strs Moorish Prince (Br).
[ far eastern porta; Cornea Peak, Oalveston.
i bailed 11th, I'M, tug Leopold Adler. light;
12th. I'M. srhr Prank M Def ring, New
l Haven; tugs Peerless. with .'1 barges; Toiler, I
! v. 1th -; John K Lew la. with 2.
, Sailed 13th, atr? West Maxlmus, Munches-[
] tei via Hoaton: Monmouth (Br), Par Kast>
rn porta via I'anatua
Sailed from LamDcrta point 13th, atr
I Ccaatwlae, Portland.
PHILADELPHIA. Pa. May 13?Arrived,
sirs Manchester Port (Br), Norfolk; Chariot,
Copenhagen. &c; Lackawanna (Br). L!v|
erpool; Sunbeam, Antwerp; motor Bayonne,
New York.
Arrived 11th, tug Oermantown, towing
1 urges Ontelaunee, from Bar Harbor, Nebl.timiny,
from Stonlngton, Pocopaon and
I Ickering, from Augusta.
Arrived 13th, atr Spermlna (Br), Matanzas
via Baltimore.
J Sailed 13th, stra Opelika, Bristol via Nor|
fr.lk: Mundale. Baltimore; Paraguay, Washington.
DC; Haleakala, Buenos Aires, &c, via
Passed out Delaware Breakwater 12th, S
I'M, stra Port Antonio (Nor), Philadelphia
for Port Antonio; ti.50 TM, Manchloneal
(Nor), do for Tuerto Barrios; 10:30 I'M,
Melton ian (Br), do for Boston, &c; 9:30 I'M,
tug Providence, towing barge I'enn, for Nori
Arrived 13th, str Minot Wlle^x.
Passed out 13th, 12:10 AM. strs Opelika,
Philadelphia for Bristol via Norfolk; 2 AM,
Lake Klmhurst. do for Vera Cruz, &c;
2:10 AM, Santurce. do for San Juan.?Wind
5>E. 14 miles: hazy; smooth sea.
PORTLAND, Me. May 12, 7 I'M?Arrived,
rtr Maruba. Norfolk
Arrived 13th, )?tr Hampden. Norfolk.
Sailed 13th, str Matoa. Norfolk.
PROVIDENCE, HI. May 12?Sailed, strs
Harold Walker. Tanipwo: Dorchester, Nor- 1
folk and Baltimore: 3 PM, North Wind. I
| ROCKLAND. Me. May 12. 8 AM-Arrlved. |
iiivt-r. M-'xt 7(17, Boston (and tug left at
I AM tor New V'ork, towing barges 701, 741
! ai d 7(i"i, calling at Portland for barge 781,
j to l>e left at Gloucester, thero to pick up
Large 74-. for New York).
] SAN FRANCISCO. Cal. May 12?Arrived,
i str Hat tie Luckenbach. Port Angeles.
Arrived l.'lth, strs Hamer, Manila; Rcgu'
lus (Nor), Portland. Ore; Watkawa (Br),
! Vancouver, BC.
) Sailed 13th, strs Dorhra, Seattle; Katrlna
l.i.ckenbach. Portland, Ore; If M Storey,
Condon: President Lincoln (ex Hoosler
State), Hong Kong.
SAN PEDRO. Cal, May 13-Sallid, at.Oaaye,
SAVANNAH. Ga, Mav 13?Arrived, atr Naei
oehee, Boston.
Arrived 13th, str "Wolderlne" (Br), Nuevitaa.
Sailed l.'lth, stra Tafr.a (Br), l.nndon; City
o* St Louis. New York
; r r.ssed, strs Middlesex, weat; Coastw ise,
jenst: tugs Gypsum King, towing 3 barges,!
I Ilastport, Me, for New York; Chas P Green- j
l oindi. towing 2 barges, Boston for Norfolk
via New Bedford.
Arrived and sailed 13th, schrs Ervln .1
i Luce (from Port. Reading), Islesboro; Daniel J
(.etson (Br), from Brldgewater, NS. for
N?w York; Kllra Goreham (Br), from Port I
Medway, NS, for do; David K Akin (froml
I Octult), Greenport.?Wind variable; clear, I
[By Mall.]
1 BANGOR, Me, Mav 11, noon?Sailed, at.I
Briton. Norfolk.
j GALVESTON. Tex, May 9?Sailed, str E R
| Kemp. Houston.
HONOLULU. May 6?Arrived, strs Malta
j Maru (Jap), New York via Norfolk for Y >'
kohania, &o land proceeded); 7th, Manulail,
I Seattle.
I trilled fill), str Niagara (Br), Vancouver.
KETCHIKAN. May 4?Arrived, ahlp Star
I o Greenland. San Francisco.
| LOS ANGELES, Cil. May lO-Arrived, str
I Minn-sotan. San Francisco for Liverpool, Ac,
and Hamburg.
MANILA. May ?? Sailed, etr Went O'Hawa,
j SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. May 8?Arrived,
I itr Santa Rita, San Pedro.
( SABINE. Tex. May 8? Arrived, atr Sabine
Sun, Cheater.
Navy Orders
Special Dmpatch to Tub New Yobk Hbsald i
New York Herald Bureau. |
Washington. II. May 1.1. j
These naval orders were macie puonc to- :
Arnold. Commander Clarence L., to Third
Naval District.
Enochl, Commander John M., to command
F. s. S. ('liaumont.
l-'oote, Commander Percy W., to command
1!. S S. Patoka.
Butler, Lieutenant Commander William J..
In rumtsand of U. 8. 8. 8-2*1 when commissioned.
llosford. Lieutenant Commander H. W.,
' to It. s. S. North Dakota.
| Leu Is, Lieutenant Commander John W , to !
| Naval War College, Newport. R. I., und< i j
McClaln, Lieutenant Commander John F.. '
ttr Fourth Naval District.
- Dickinson, Lieut. Martin, to U. 8. St.
, rirldite.
1 Evans, Lieut. Krnest. to U. S. S. Cuyama.
| llefferman. Lieut. John B., to office of ,
I Naval Intelligence, Washington.
Murray. Lieut. Christopher, to IT. 8. 8.
' Lehrfcld. Lieut. Isadore, to V, 8. 8. ,
I Humphreys.
Polndexter, Lieut. Dale, on board IT. 8. 8. '
S-20 when commissioned
j Randolph. Lieut. Robert L., resigned.
Terlmne, Lieut. John A., to chargo high ;
1 power radio station, Annapolis.
Woodruff, Lieut. Julian L., to IT. 8. 8, ;
I Osborne.
Moloney, Lieut. James B., Medical Corps.
| to It. 8., Philadelphia.
Moynan. Lieut. William T., Medical Corps, j
to H. S.. New York.
' Bobbins, Lieut. John y., Medical Corps,
to navy yard, Philadelphia
' Wyckersham, Lieut. William W., Medical
Corps, to duty Naval Hoapltal, League ,
Barber, Lieut. John R., I>ental Corps, to j
It. H., New York.
1 MnCalr, Lieut. Patrick A., Dental Corps,
i lo It W.. Philadelphia.
[ PiLedmaii, Lieut. Albert 8 , Supply Corps,
] to disbursing officer naval air station, Pan
I I i"(to, Cal.
Itoyar, I.lent. Murray L., Supply Corps, 1
| 1o It. 8., New York.
Chauffeur Is Held in Bail fcr
One Accident.
Kalvatore ('anelr, I. of 200 Kast Houston
street, was sent to Belle vue llus|
jiltiil last night suffering from a fractured
skull ufter he had been struck
by a motor truck In front of 183 Mast
| Houston street. William (Jitter of 216
j Kldrldse street was driving the truck
when the hoy stepped In Its path.
Joseph Kerencj!, 12 of Yonkers. was
struck by an automobile at Green burg,
near White Plains, and sustained degression
of the skull and concussion of |
1 (he brain. He was taken to the White i
I'lains H'snltal. William Kelghley of
i 30". \\ est Klfty-fourth stsect, New York.
| the driver of the nutouioblle, Is being
held In bull pending th* outcome of the I
boy's Injuries.
? ' >
Wants Cost of nonlevar I Work
to 15c Paid by All Boroughs
in the Cit.s.
A targe dele.*; >' ion of i-cm V.
Queens appeared f<>r the !*.? > .!
Estimate last Weiineflaj to <
pr< posal of Chief Kn."liver Tu
seeks to saddle on them m >re
half the cost of Improving J,-. - .
yard from I.*>ng I Iand C-ty t"
and bringing it to its full wi'1
feet. The irate Queens y.h eit
were led bv Alrick if. Man, < 11 ..
tlte borough planning eon.mitt' 1 f tit
Queensboro Chamber f (". rtmen .
Tlte Queensboro Chamber . : t' er
merce, in urging that the pi p.. i
provement of the boub virrt be i
taken immediately, lie- n i en!
that the oost he made n r \wiih < <
A vehicular traffic count
recently made by tin Top- I.'
Bureau of the Borough ot Qt
that 74 per cent, of the traft' > .; tb '
boulevard originated out de . f tb B
ouglt of Queens. Ktirtl rue in v
the traffic originate) in X i". ml '
Suffolk rounli"K alone, the Queen :>?>
Chamber of Commerce mnk. ) ) )
tlenal recommendation tl it tlie St;
New York lie re.jUfiju I to Ik
of the coat.
In the report of the hoi It III IM V j
committee to the hoard > ; .
the Queensboro t'iiamh r .1' '*
the following statement ; r< m
"If tlie present extianrc7in.ua proje.
had not been deemed a neet s;(y. tl 1
State and county hefo a con- <i.11 i .1 < .
the city afterward, would cert n iy
edntrlhuted a fair share ? 1 the ' < 1
permanent improvement . 1': h-r >n r
conditions tip se streets wo .11'. d- v
veloped along ingi. al linos i local '
population increased and 11 lane! t
assumed metropolitan condition. in ?
at present the proj- . . ol the Im:1' v.u I 1
of more than three tine - v. i : 1 ..
the street required f< 1:1 n. r
prevented and will pr . :it any crdii t
or normal devclopim t. It 1 a
known fact, proven in every to 1 : ..1 i
stance of a street of extr ordinary |
width, that the abtittin.': pi"- 1
damaged rather than bcneiiied. ^
"There Is no other sCc'i in X
York elty which afford a < o?r; t. pi
dent or analogy for Queen t'ailcvard
It is estimated that not on- until of iV
vehicular trafllP 011 1 iiiun u
adjacent developments. All ordinary
rules as to the value of the traffic to the
abutting property fail in the; us
"Past experience shows that it t
a community nearly fifty > '
U, i 1 , 1.. n dr, |.| r> cx I . I '
and find suitable uses the :i butt In.:
property. The property \vn. > x
originally paid the enormous en.-:, ,n.
cither bankrupt or dead I ox b for. :.i y
commensurate appreciation e! \.11:i. ri
"It is unsuitable to ( rep -l He adjacent
property owner:- along Qn :
Boulevard to pay any < ; tin.- < \pei
grading, paving <r otic \v a improvin .*
the roadway ev ept tie ax taxpayers
of the elty of New Yor' . who I.
the act of consolidation haw l, mi p.,.
irig their share of the i r.'? x - and principal
on tixe bonds of It.- i n - r ci v
of New York, as well as i i
city of Brooklyn and The Br .
for the acquisition and improvi m n o
parks, concourses, water sv.-t ins, & in
which their Interest Is si,tall
"If the city at large, fxn'Iudlr Quo
Borough, bore the n> of tie- Win
Concourse 1" The Bronx, .why ! uld i
not pay for the cost of era l rq
paving Queens-Boulevard, \vl:h i ,ii..ip
access from Manhattan and Tin Br . '
to the country and b aches and fix i
the farms to the market
Former t . M. Marshal Heroines
Ttee-Chxi irnin n ??f Coin nil (t ee.
Thomas D. McCarthy, former t'nlted
States Marshal, has accepted the v eechalrmanship
of the New York State
founder.- coinmlioc of the Wood' iw Wilson
Foundation, it was yesterday
by .1 udg?* Martin T. ,M inton,
Mr. McCarthy is to eoopex ;< i.j tl "
direction of the i ninniltte. < n una
and women who are ssistinx I: ranthis
State's quota of $1)60,000 of tl" fund
of 11,000,000 or more that is "Mght i ' aendowment
of the Woodroxv Wilson
awards for publl- service.
Army Orders
Dispatch to Tiii: Nrw Yokk Hnr.xi.o.
New York .Herald linreaii, I
Washington, 1>. Mm I I. f
Tlieso army orders were nmde puhtir: today:
Terk, Lieut.-f'ol. Krneet H., to Co. nioi.?
I<evy, ('apt. Rdmond If, lo i 'amhrlrigc.
Miller, Lieut.-Col. John K.. to I a on:t
Kstin, x'apt. navis if., to si 11>> v-1ri. p i.
flrant. Cast. Joseph It., in l-'.ni fWnnttxfr.
Jones, ('apt. Ixnvls, to Camp In
Judkln*, Ca.pt. William, t-? \Vn ;in t ?n.
Thompson, ('apt. Harry K.. to l-'ort 8n?*n*
Kramn, Flint "Lieut. <\ K . In 'nmti Kiinti .
juiXiR ADVfife'ATK ki:ai. k nr: PARTMKNT.
Merrill, I.lout.-Ool. John If, to TVeMilnton.
Hinelalr. Major oiiarlr* o,., to ('amp Perry.
Tukey. Major William ti . v ui
Hawkins, Copt. Artlur to Wh'm 'own,
Dmitri. Major Jolin IT , to lie
Ijunpliy, "First Lieut, el nili 11., t?. lr ., '.
quartern ai*th Corps area.
Extraordinary Auction Sale
Of n IJirae ('ollertlnn of
Oriental Rugs
will . II
Wednesday, May 17th, 1922
at 10 .'10 A. M ui
552 B'way, New York City
A valuable and rare collection
of Kesbori, S in.ui ,
Kermanshali . T< u rat ,
1 Araks, 1 Icri/.. I. 'knars .
Bcloucliistans, Do/.ars. \I
souls, also Imperial C'liiur.r
,md man' n .
torpid ' ( i I
of var" i
Itlyjtrrl ir>r> '/rut' rt I ... f
T A ? ITn /X 4\ 1 T m T "k I r T i 11
Lending Expert Says Iimtpjimm
1?ui!?If 11 <? Activity Is Aiding,
(Jonoral Business.
"A- the s nson advances, i 11.1 v
.vi prevail in all departmen ts o'
":u 1 inn. and there is substantia
cvid' nee that predictions made sonii
time j<T-> that tlio year 1922 wiiuli
.abllsH r.ew building reeonls are bein.'
borne out," says S. W. Straus of S
\V St iv U-. ?< Co. "While there is at:
mpre -ed' tiled amount of residential
i re truet .n, there is activity in all
r ill. . including industrial plants.
"r e is : firm and well sustained
i< and for building capital. I'ricev for
" materials show tendencies tc
a:.'' up a Vreater activities get tindet
"Perhaps (he most salutary phase ol
lie tu ition lies in ttie effect which in i
- "ft building activity Is having or
i rieruI h>> n. s. An optimistic note it
o be In rd throughout the entire ren!tr
nf hir ;w- in thiu rtninf rv nvl.
of r< turning prosperity will unloubte
"ly multiply with the upward
rend i>r building operations. A new
' Tiding is the symbol of progress he.
*i?u: ill its construction there is in,'olV'
1 s ib tantlally every line of trade
Hid indu-' ry as well as Increased land
. al'e - : he vicinity where it is built
present extensive building pr<>;riun
now talcing place may lie viewed
is .e tangible manifestation of naV
- 1 . > :re s and prosperity, and lis
<-nt malign i. bound to have a st minting
effect on all departments of hush
> Mill. It It \I?V TO mo lIONOIttOn
Daniel M. Jlradv, long an expert on
latlonal. State and ioeal transportation,
v.' the ehief guest at a dinner of tin'old
guard of railway offiecrs and cxecitives"
at the Commodore on ^iav IS.
,1\ ! ir >.?1 \ < known as the father of the
Oew York Railway Club and has dole
nuoh w >rk for the Sixty-ninth Ueginent,
Yale and Rutgers universities and
1 . 1 nt ' orough Athletic Association.
Fire Record
1. M. Row.
1 V,S \v. ( .",0th ft.: A. Tims. . .Trifling
j i>- I'.eT I'.i It av., The Uronx
J. lew Trifling
" 11" 1 i >nh St., Glickman Co
On nr ' St. Nicholas nv.: Stole
I ' I d av. ami Kelly st . Tim '
Br' nv Max ' Ktoln Trifling
r.:tO h-i v <)?;<i?*!i av.. The Bronx:
Benjamin Meneros* Unknown
7:10 Wont 18th at.: Itlcluxian
YV! teat fit-Id Trifling
3."I 7th av.; 1'ollaek & Harast> .
10 Henry st.: M. Olannone... .Trifhi '
2 :tV. U;,st 13".th at.: T'atri. k
W iilon Unknown
1 2 k". W-st .VHh at.: unknown Non.li;h
:::?7 Past. 13.'?d at.: unknown,.Unknown
2:'" 13 Ha at 18tH at.: unknown. .Unknown
203 Uhureh at.: Kalph Kurt;.Unknown
" in front of IH.'i West Houston
s unknown . None
i:3.v- :.:40 Southern Boulevard, The
' mnx fence: unknowns Unknown
1 i" 2i ' (Ireeno International
U Uoiopany a ... .Unknown
4 :."0?2 H> VY'-st lOLM at.; Kdward
11 hurst, Unknown
r. 25~ls2(! . and Broadway: Van
Huron uompany Uuknowr
" ; .TV - Mount Kden and Webster a vs..
The Bronx: unknown Unknown
<i si: Brsidhtirst nv O. J. <'.ude. ,T? i!'l' .,
i 7< o Ten h av ; l ocker Bros. .Unknown
<; 2<>- -1 itft 1 U Perry ?t.: Klolochmnnii
Uompany Slight
(. V"4ith at. and Third av.. The
Bronx : unknown Slight
" "T755
x ?ri
( Appropriation of $513,911 Is
Authorized for System.
jf- iai Ditpat'li In Tub Nkw Yok Ukraih>! ?
York lli'iald Iturrau. )
Washington. I>. May 13. (
By ; vote of 4U to 41 the House to-day
antliorizdd the operation of pneumatic
ina.il tu-h jn New York city, including i
t! e in the Borough of Brooklyn. An
pprojn ialii?n of $513,911 was author1
P XV:i lc opposition developed against the
im re it was confined mainly to a re'
duct Ion ni $100,000 In the appropriation,
being a'aled that an allowance o<
I -17."in a mile should he made rathef
tha i >18,500, which, the bill reconi
: a ntative Kosadale < N. Y.), forn
emji ..yer of the Post Ofllce Depart|
men' in New York city and who at times
! m i ie'd th.' tubes, said the tubes ex.I
i.'i lite.| lii.s.ness and their operation was
a tremendous economy for the Govern
. |. | .inteit mil mat tne Uovernii..
nt u on Id saw (300,000 a year by
i i ; lb. tubes and discarding thirty.
\ i ti- . -k carrying surface mails, and
if i : iOn.ooo a year would be saved by
el mini I up expenditures for mail guards,
i ]:. el nt.itive Madden, chairman of
(I ii. ' mmittee on Appropriations,
! the mileage allowance and said
the appropriation for the tubes should
I., held within tin- lawful limitations
!'e f.i v.,red p..ration of tubes and said
'' i re justified their use in New
York city between the City Hall post
. .Iliee station and Forty-second street
w.s justilletl. '
I)r. 0'l,e:ir> starts n Scrutiny of
Cellar Dealer*.
i >r Ai liur J. O'Deary, Health Officer
of Ti IP ix, following receipt of contp.:.in
s relative to conditions surround;
the ale of Ice by Bronx cellar ice
d ih rs. has taken quick action. District
Altornev (llennon is cooperating.
1 "Then is no question hut that conditions
surrounding the sale of Ire by these
, cellar dealers is partly responsible for
t; . ill health and sickness that has nreVn
i led in this ennntv." said llr O'T.na-v
"f propose to eliminate this hazzard. T ,|
h: ve i rdered an immediate survey of all
'.ii: where ice is sold "
I >r. O'Ueary also said domestic animals
must not be allowed freedom where q
is handled. Inspectors employed by y
the Health officer have been Instructed tl
to issue summonses to violators and n
pre; cute them before Magistrates.
District Attorney Glennon has been 8,
iold that landlords sell the ice conees- 8i
as In dealers for sums ranging from 0'
$1,000 to $5,000 per apartment house. tl
Swiss Butler Calls Off Fight y
Started by Lawyer.
August I'nbst, the Swiss butler wbo
it .J recently be had been kidnaped
m the fashionable Uniting Rock Club!
car fitt.-.burgh, and railroaded to Ellis C
Island, yesterday contradicted his owl! I
lawver In saying he wishes to be sent ;
back to li s native land.
The isning man's story of having been ,s'
uta, aril.i dealt with because he had
held an attraction for certain women "
nnanbc of the club, caused his sanity '>
to h tested and ended with a reciuest '
for a.i ii-vc -ligation by District Attor- 1
i ney Uanton. 1
Pornard Sandler, the lawyer who a
t'otislit the ease for Pro bet, claimed his o
1 treatment was tin outrageous cotnin
sr\ on Justice. Yesterday, how
v. , Probst, awaiting deportation on I
Ellis Island, wrote to Byron H. Phi. s
Deputy Commissioner of Immigration, 0
tliiit any further "postponement of his n
de alien would be acralnst Ills wi.sbea t
Mr. T'hl .aid he would be deported on C
(In Maiiroluni.i on Aray 16. f
Cadillac L
We believe the follov
t not only to motoris
blic as well:?
Official records of ne1
jr months of 1922, for1
s Metropolitan Districi
Cadillac cars have be
mbined total of all c
ade field.
The wide span of Cc
realized by the fact o
any sales as any other
Throughout the Unit
ci n_ jin ? i ?
)'c u.l ^auniac nas ou
s entire combined fiel<
Detroit-Cadillac Mot(
1881 Broadway, N<
ilyn nridfteport New Rochelle N
The Standard oj
? ' ?????
I'll rents of Edward L. O'Neill
of Newark Get, Promise of
Inquiry by Denby.
An inquiry to dtermlne who if anybody
was responsible for the drowning
>n April 19, in Guantanamo Bay, of
Sdward L. O'Neill, a seaman of the
lattlesliip Wyoming, win De conriuciea
?y tlio Navy Department. Arthur B.
TNelll of 130 riane street, Newark,
mother of the drowned man, said last
light lie had received definite ussurnicos
from Secretary Denhy that a
omplote Inquiry would be made.
O'Neill's friends and relatives charge
rat ho wa.s sent to his deatlf by a
lieutenant who ordered him to dive ofT
he battleship Into rough waters when
10 know O'Neill could not swim more
ban three strokes. Arthur O'Neill snld
i.st nigh' that he intended to ascertain
;ow his brother met his death.
The fleet was going through its spring
i aneuvers and a swimming contest was
o be held. All the men on the Wy>ming
except O'Neill and two others
lad qualified for the swimming contest.
I'he official report on the drowning was
hat O'Neill voluntarily jumped into
in water to encourage two others to
ollow him, and that every precaution
'/as taken to prevent a mishap, hut that
o sank at once and could not he found,
li.-s hodv was recovered two davs later.
The other version of the drowning, as
pported to Arthur O'Neill and his stumpy.
William J. McFadden of Newark.
5 that the sailor, when asked if he
,-ould take part in the swimming eonest,
begged to be excused because he
as "no swimmer." When the Lieutennt.
insisted that he jump, and finally
hreatened him with court-martial if he
id not, O'Neill, according to informaion
in the hands of his brother and his
ttorney, jumped feet first into the sefl
iie navy eight years and had a clean
ie Navy eight years and had a clean
According to MS*. McFadden, Arthur
I'Neill went to the New York Navy
ard, where the Wyoming lies now, and
ilked to Capt. H. P. Price, who said
ie drowning was "most unfortunate."
te also talked to the Lieutenant who is
lid to have been in charge of the
wimniing division. Mr. O'Neill points
lit that in the official report it is said
ie sailor climbed down the side of the
idder and jumped from a height of only
few feet above the water. A dive from
considerable height is necessary to I
aalify for the swimming event. '
The sailor lias two brothers and two
sters. as well as his parents, living in I
ewark. ,
Connecticut and Rhode Island
Towns Are Menaced.
prrial Dispatch to Thb Nbw Yobk Hbhai.p.
Hartford, Conn., May 13.?Forest
res are sweeping the country south of
ere, covering a good part of valuable
imber land In Kxeter, Hopkinton.
Vyomlng and Arcadia, R. I. Twontyive
square miles at least has been left
. blackened mass of ruined timber and
prout land.
Thousands of firefighters have been
ept continually at work in eastern
'onnecticut and Rhode Island towns
aving farm buildings and other proprty.
In Windham county alone 8,000
ores have been burned over in the
owns of Thompson. Killingly, Plainfleld,
'anterbiir.v. Brooklyn, Hampton, Pomret
and Woodstock.
ring facts are of in1
>ts but to the gene
w car sales for the fi
Greater New York <
t, show that more T
en purchased than
>ther cars in the h
*dillac leadership n
f nearly three times
car in this field,
ed States, as well,
tsold and is outsell
d of high grade car
>r car corporation
RCU, President
?w York, N. Y.
Icwark Pnughkcepnle White T
rtK* World
\ HOUSE GIVES $1,900,000
Night Flights to Chicago Are
. . _ r
Special Dispatch to Tin: Nrw ihik mbiui.u.
Sfw York Herald Bureau, I
Washington. I>. f., May Id. (
Administration interest in the development
of commercial aviution saved
the air mail service to-day when the
House without a dissent ing vote adopted
the conference report reinstatinK an appropriation
of $1,900,000 for this purpose
in tlie post office bill.
This action means the l'ost Office Department
will move at once to establish
a night air mail service out of New
York for Chicago and establish a night
signal flying way clear across the continent.
The change of front in the
House, which had previously eliminated
the appropriation, is the result of the
activity by every branch of the Government
service to encourage commercial
This action is the result of realization
on the part of the army and navy that
the air service lias assumed proportions
as a military arm far beyond what had
been expected even during and following
j the world war.
I Two From West Virginia Here
Dressed in Calico.
Barefoot and dressed In calico two
littlo girls from the coal fields of West
Virginia arrived In New York last night
to beg 35,000 so that 50,000 striking coal
miners and their families will not
Gladys Persinger. 7. of Oak Hill, and
Ossie Leets, 13, of Thayer, W. Va., ac- i
companied by their mothers, and Lowell j
Phillips, 11, of Wtckham, will appear at
four meelngs, the first at Dr. Percy
Stlckney Grant's Church of the Ascension
forum to-night. They will ask for
bacon, corn meal and flour.
Gladys and Ossle held hands tightly
and were somewhat frightened when
they left the train at Pennsylvania
Station. The ooy?he is "the man of the
p*??ty"?told how his faher was blackhated
because "he wouldn't scab." He
said the greatest difficulty in his family
was getting medicine for the twins,
8 mohths old.
Placing of Pacific Salmon In Atlantic
Waters Bring* Protest*.
St. John. N. B., May 13.?Anglers are (
annoyed by the placing of 200,000 flngerlings
of the Pacific "cannery" type of
salmon in the St. John River by the
Fisheries Department to see if they
could live in Eastern waters.
Fishermen say that the Pacific salmon
are not game fish, and jthey fear the
Atlantic salmon, which furnishes much
sport for anglers, may be crowded out.
GO to ydur drug store and get the
The (itriiHeal water?In a concentrated
powdered form?which hundreds of
thousands of sufferers travel to Carlshad
rnrh year to drink, to he cured
of stomach trouble, constipation, liver ]
and kidney diseases, rheumatism, etc.
9'ahc no substitutes
Auents. ItO XV. 4'tnd St., >?<w York.
lay i
> as |
ing J
c i
o. ,
' 5"
1 '
t: ...
\ "Gets-It"
VU1 ill
This Corn Remedy Is Guaranteed.
Ni matter how tough or how stubborn
1* may have been, the corn or callus that
is touched with a few drops of "Gets-It"
^ V \
Iw ft
*** dfl B "rU-iif-tfjl
( ?T corns U
> jg!r J MCth?i|
is dootnod to a quick, easy, sure and
painless end. Never again can it pain
you. Soon you are holding in your fingers
Its entire remains?a single piece of
(U?R<1. shrivplffl skin thflt vnu rhrnurnufav
?forever. Hard corns, soft corns, any
Costs hut a trifle?and guaranteed.
Try It. E. Hawrence & Co.. Mfr., Chicago.
brings rest and a fine feeling
of ease and comfort to weak
Work-Strained Eyes
Cleanses and
Strengthens Eyesight.
Practice lesson, $0. Afternoons.
ENGINEER teaches" arithmetic, algebra,
geometry, trlgnometry, draughting, surveying
MONDELL, -'SO Madison av.
DAHLIAS?12 all different, labeled, $2 pn--.
paid. Cataloguo FREE ALT F. CLARK,
the Dabllnst, Neteong, N J.
'litis is the liftth yenr of
For Hoys 7 to 1U
On MalletUs Ha.v. Luke (hamplnln
Between the Green and Adirondack
Mountains. Up early In the morning after
all night In a t?*nt ? pine laden air?dash
Into lake?hearty breakfast and off for
the day's sports. Out all day fishing,
rowing, swimming, or land sports?
wholesome food, eampflre meetings, sing*
ing?nil under experienced men. "This Is
the life" at Camp Champlaln where
growing hoys get the kind of vacation
they want and .should have. Write for
boo lot.
President Berkeley-Irvinp School.
313A West H:i?l at. New York City. !
On Mallet!'* Hny. I.nke Chuniplitin.
Seventh Year
Ainrrlon's Kcnntiful "Inland Sea"
Among the pines of Vermont, where th.
air la a ionic and the very enrth a friend
?Oil, what a wonderful summer brimming
with fun' All land and watesports?Horseback
riding, basketball,
tennis, biking, motorboatlng, dahcing,
dramatic., Jewelry, basketry. Experienced
councilors. Trained nurse. Send
for booklet.
:<i:t.\ West KM St. New York City.
New York.
E. F. Kendall
New York
Spring Rates
:atskills?shandaken, n. y.
Private grounds, To acres; altitude 1 .." 00
't.; wonderful scenery; all sports, entertainnent*
nod dances; garage; Rood State roads;
>xi client table; open from May to Oct.
Moat beautiful Motel and vIpivs; large altady
awns, (lathing. Hunting, Flailing, Etc. Now
pen. Orchestra.
VOODL.EKSH, Townnda, Ha.?Also cottages
wltli electric lights and baths; large farm
dtarhed; excellent fruits, fresh vegetables,
ream, milk, fine drinking water; simple
Ife, good air, bathing, fishing, horses, autoMobiles.
Send for booklet. Miss EI..IZA
MOTH liAM 11.
Atlantic City.
Decoration Day Special
O Saturday Afternoon to VI O
I L Tuesday After Lunch I ?>
Vndcr Nfw Ownership Mflminiirnl.
Pacific and Illinois avc*., close fo Reach,
n the fashionable Trmymor* district; a modin,
moderate-rate family hotel; newly renoated.
(atest appointments; convenient to
hun-hea, amusements and elation*. ftpalons,
well fnrnlahed exchange and lounging
Dome. Large, cheerful bedrooma, single or
n aiilte. Private hatha.
Electric ltght*v Hoiiritlfiil table supplied
R'lth beat the market afforda, under personal
iiipervlalon of inanagenient. .Special Spring
ate*. American and European plana.
WAR V formerly of HPXHOHK HAM,.
| III 1 IIOI M . V-linn \ I e, tlpell Mm
Largo rooms, exceptional table, boardwalk
wo square*. Special June rate*.
'liiirmliig, modern lurtil, on New England's
nost beautiful lircen Mountain lake. Every
Hil'loc i 1! indoci ninuscmonl, I ,? eptlonal
*nl In. Very modcralc iat. i. ipens June I
16. N. V. Office, ills jth Ave.

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